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Ryu Tendo, Red Hawk

Ryu Tendo, 26 years old at the beginning of the series. He was a member of Sky Force, recruited along with four others for the J-Project.

Jet Hawk

Red Hawk in armor In the grand scheme of things, the charming young woman on Ryu's left, Rie Aoi aged 22, would have been Jet Swan. Ultimately she would have been Rie Tendo. But, it was not to be. For one thing, she died. Er, sort of. She was converted into a Vyram. Or was she possessed by a Vyram? That's where things got tricky. At any rate, she did die eventually.

In the course of events there was an occasion when Radiege had to go undercover as a human in order to survive. He teamed up with Ryu (who had no clue who this guy was) to make certain his enemy fell. And boy, did that enemy fall. Radiege finished him off.

Now, I believe I mentioned Rie dying. Before she died, Radiege had turned her into a blood-hungry vampiric creature, trying to burn the humanity out of her. Underneath it all was still her love for Ryu, and our hero forced her to remember. She chose to take back her humanity, but Radiege was not willing to let her go. Remembering both her life as a Vyram and her life as a human, she attacked him and he dealt her the blow which eventually killed her. She refused to let Ryu help her, remembering that she had been a murderer, she fled to die in Gure's arms.

Now, Ryu went a little mad after that, and he took on Radiege all by his lonesome. Radiege wasn't too sane at this point himself, and the two of them were really going at it, though of course Radiege was about to destroy Ryu, when Lyta, Ako and Kaori arrived. (Gai was off at that time fighting Gure, he joined them after Gure died) Kaori took a shot meant for Ryu, forcing him off the field of battle to both tend her and receive a lecture on his responsibility to humanity and Earth weighing more than personal revenge. Rie's ghost even came by to make the point. Ryu, strung out and vulnerable to both women, did indeed pull himself together, and with his teammates AND their mentor, together they destroyed Radiege, ending the Vyram threat.

Yep, they got married!

Three years later, Ryu and Kaori got married. Yeah!

In love in happier times

Unlikely alliance

I love you!