Gai Kaori Ryu Lyta Ako

Lyta Ooishi, Yellow Owl

Lyta Ooishi, aged 22, was a happy vegetable farmer. He loved what he did, he was mostly happy and content in his life. Then along came this yellow lightning bolt and the next thing he knew he was a hero who had to save the world. It was a novel experience for him.

Jet Owl

Yellow Owl in armorNow, I mentioned he was happy in what he was doing. He was not at all pleased to be told he was a Jetman and would have to leave his farm to fight the Vyram. But Kaori stayed to talk to him, work her way into his life and bring him into the team. He fell in love with her, though not in the way Gai did. No, to Lyta she was something unattainable. He knew in one meeting that she would never fit in the life of a farmer, so he simply put her up on a pedestal and dreamed of being her hero.

SafeLyta had a girlfriend. She had moved away when they were still very young children, but had corresponded for years. Her name was Satsuki. And she wrote him saying she wanted to visit him now that he was living in the big city. To his shock, she had dressed up in shiny clothes and tons of makeup to look like a city girl. She dragged him all over town while the rest of the team faced a monster, and Gai would not let Ryu call Lyta in, because he thought Lyta should be allowed this time to himself with the girl he loved. The girl eventually realized she did not have to put on a silly act to impress Lyta. He loved her just the way she was.

Just another dayWhen you have a monster that takes the decibals of female voices, leaving the women unable to speak without sounding like horrible distortions, what do you do? Well, you trick the monster into taking a man's voice, which shatters its power and restores the affected women to normal. Lyta volunteered to dress in drag for that one. I thought he looked pretty cool!

Remember what I said about life and wrenches? Well, Lyta was flung headlong back to the pre-agricultural age in Japan unconscious, along with the monster who sent him and his teammates, but they were seperated. He woke to find himself in a village, with the prettiest, smartest girl taking charge of him. And it so happened she looked exactly like Kaori. Her name was Rika. Here was a Kaori to whom he was Being Godeffectively a god, and when he could find no way home, for his bracelets were lost, he began to imagine a life with her. However, he found the others when they were fighting the monster, and a portal opened in the skies back to their own time. He could not change into costume to fly through the hole with his teammates and rubbed his wrists anxiously. Rika realized he needed the things that had been half-off his wrists when she had found him, and she retrieved them. But she hesitated just for a moment to give them to him, until he recognized that she was grieved, because she knew this would cost her him. She gave them to him, and he returned to his present time.

Three years after the Vyram were defeated, Lyta and his childhood sweetheart Satsuki had married. They came to Ryu and Kaori's wedding along with everyone else.