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Ako Hayasaka, Blue Swallow

Ako Hayasaka, junior at Miharakita High School and youngest member of the Jetman team, is featured in Little Lost Ranger, a Power-Rangers/Jetman crossover tale.

Jet Swallow

Blue Swallow in armorThe lovely Blue Swallow is the pilot of Jet Swallow. As the youngest she has her own life and interesting adventures. For example, ever since she was a little girl she had this terrific teddy bear she named Putan. Deciding one day that a High School Junior should not be carrying around a teddy bear any longer, she threw him away. But the teddy bear ran afoul of the Vyram, and was accidently used in the creation of a monster, Gomijigen. The monster, however, had the soul of the teddy bear, who thought Ako was his mother. He died saving her from Maria.

Later in the series, Ako met Dan, the youngest of a group of aliens come to Earth. Their own world had been destroyed by the Vyram, and they hoped to tip the balance in favor of the Jetman, and stop the Vyram. Dan pretty much had a crush on Ako from the moment he saw her, but the two of them were about equally emotionally mature (hahah), so he drove her up the wall. When his friends were killed by Radiege, Dan went into battle alone. He was mortally injured and died in Ako's arms. That was when she realized she loved him. It's easy to realize that about someone once they're dead. Have you told your wife/husband/mother/father/sister/brother that you love them, recently?

Three years after the Vyram were defeated, Ako had become an idol. She was a singing star, and made it happily to the wedding of her dear friends.

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