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"Sentai Kaisan" and "Tsubasayo! Hutatabi"
September 13 & 20
Radiege cannot make the vampire gods obey him. Kaori and Gai take off together and spend the day ignoring their teammates. Meanwhile, the vampires rescue several people from death, but not for a kind reason. They change these people into pineapples and drink them! Ryu is angry with Kaori and Gai for not helping them. Kaori apologizes, but Gai leaves, taking her with. Maria attacks the Jetmen but the vampire gods interfere. They are after a person who should be dead. They attack Maria, disrupting her power and shutting her down. Suddenly instead of Maria, Ryu's beloved Rie lies unconscious. Ryu springs to protect her from the gods' attack. He calls in the robots to fight. Radiege comes and restores Maria to herself. One of the gods is dying and the other intends to drain him. Radiege and Gure spirit away the dying one and seed it with monster makers. They return the body and win control over the other vampire. Ryu has lost his mind. Convinced Rie is with him, he refuses to leave her. Terror-struck, the others track down Kaori and Gai, begging them to help. Gai weeps when he realizes just how bad a state Ryu is in. They run to fight the distorted vampire, leaving Ryu in his delusion. Maria attacks Ryu for fun, but soon realizes he doesn't see her as anything but Rie. Enraged, she attempts to beat him to his senses. Only his friends need for help wakes him up. Still, he knows Rie is alive inside Maria. He hugs her tight, shocking the hell out of her and apologizes for having to leave her again, but it is his duty as leader of the Jetmen. The vampire monster is destroyed.


The scientists who created the Jetman technology died when the Vyram first attacked. One, Hakase Aizawa, had a daughter (Mika) who has dreams from which she brings scraps of technological blueprints. Ryu is assigned to watch over her and befriends her. It is difficult, for she resents her dreams and the government's need of her. When her father was alive, he was always working. On her birthday he sent some man to bring her a present. It was a music box of sorts. She never saw him that day though she had waited up for him. She broke it and Ryu sets about repairing it.

Maria creates the cockroach-monster. Ryu and Gai are drinking together when the signal comes. The Jet-Striker gets thoroughly glued. Ayachokan introduces the team to this really cool gun that's supposed to be able to shoot around corners, except they were never able to complete it because Aizawa died.

Mika meets her father in her dreams, it's been his ghost trying to finish what he hadn't lived to do. They make peace with each other. Chokan realizes that the scraps of blueprints have to be copied onto transparent paper and when laid over each other form the complete blueprint! The guns are completed and monster defeated.


"Uragiri no Ryu"
October 4

Ryu steals a disk detailing Tetra-Boy's technology and weak points. Pursued by his frightened friends, he slips away. That night, he signals the Vyram.. "I want Rie. I'll trade." Intrigued, Gure comes to talk to him. Before Ryu can give Gure the disk, Gai destroys it and attempts to stun Ryu, who escapes. He agrees to meet Gure in the morning. Ryu steals Tetra Boy and gives it to Gure who kills him and takes the robot back to the Vyram space ship. BUT... Ryu is not dead. It was an android lookalike. He was hidden in Tetra-Boy's foot. He sets off a signal which leads his relieved friends to him. The Vyram are able to expel the Jetmen from their ship before any serious damage is done.

"Hato ga kureta tatakau yuuki"
October 11

A sick girl, Eri, has a psychic bond with a white dove she nursed back to health after it was poisoned by exhaust fumes. Through the bird's eyes she witnesses dumping of toxic waste into a pond, and Radiege's creation of a monster rat. The child uses her bird to summon the Jetmen to her. She befriends Ako. The little girl is waiting for an operation, but she is terrified of it and the doctors are worried she might get a bit crazy if they can't do something to calm her down before they have to operate.

The rat-Monster's poison blinds Ako and Radiege enjoys himself pursuing both girls until a flock of pigeons comes to the rescue, distracting him long enough for the girls to escape. Radiege is fit to be tied. Eri helps Ako fly by standing behind her in the cockpit of Jet Swallow and telling her which way to go. Slowly, Ako's sight returns. The monster is destroyed. Having gained courage from fighting real and immediate dangers, Eri goes through with her operation and is fine.


"Aruku shyoku yoku! Ariningen"
October 18

One might call it, "The beginning of the end". Ayachokan takes our heroes on a vacation to a resort in the mountains. They have a lot of fun until Toran attacks them. He plays his flute and magic-contaminated ants bite people, who begin eating anything organic in sight. Live dogs, fish, etc. Kaori is bitten. The Jetmen wake to the sight of a field of cow-bones out their window. They have to battle hapless victims of Toran's magic, including Kaori. Gai nearly kills Toran, but Ryu protests that Toran is just a child. Enraged, Toran releases his human victims from the magic infecting them, and it forms itself into a soldier ant (bad pun) with a bazooka and fights the jetmachines. They defeat it. Later, the other Vyram appear and mock Toran about his being a child. He screams in fury and runs off to a cave where he performs powerful magic, forcing his body to adulthood and a magical high.

"Tanjyou! Teiou Toranza"
October 25

The Jetmen are puzzled by a handsome stranger who first trounces Ryu in hand to hand combat, then out-golfs Gai and lastly out-eats Lyta. Radiege attacks the Jetmen, but the stranger intervenes. He raises his arm, drags Gure and Maria from the spaceship then reveals himself to be Toran, now Toranza. He enjoys himself beating both groups. Back at the spaceship he establishes a new pecking order. Ryu and Lyta work to determine how to defeat one of Toranza's tactics, but Toranza kidnaps Ryu and nearly kills him. Ryu is saved just in time by Radiege's monster, meant to kill them both. The Jetmen destroy it. Toranza beats Radiege into submission, a foolish tactic considering the end result.

"Ikinari Hanma-!"
November 1

The Jetmen freeze a monster maker sent by Maria and take it to scientists to study. Toranza punishes Maria for allowing this to happen, and goes off to retrieve it with a monster that is a chameleon and a hammer. Its victims hear it, but don't see it. Ryu's old friend tries to steal the monster maker, but encounters Toranza. The chameleon monster is destroyed. It's hammer falls within reach of the other monster-maker, which recreates it. The Jetmen defeat it again and the two old friends make peace.

"Mawase inochi no Ru-retto"
November 8

Toran is bullying Maria and Radieege. Gure flips and coin and wins the toss. It's his turn (a two-headed coin). Gure creates the cat-monster. When it attacks, most of the Jetmen are turned into chess pieces and Gure picks them up. Gai manages to tear away a chunk of Gure's armor, and the robot needs it back. They deal to meet at a gambling casino and play the roulette wheel. Gai broke the chunk into four pieces so he would have four chances to win his friends back. Maria stands at Gure's side. Gure is able to gauge where the ball will wind up, and it looks bad for Gai. Ayachokan comes in and intimidates the Vyram. The last spin of the roulette wheel, and Gai wins! Jet Robo lifted the casino and tilted it. Cheating, yes, but they did win.

"Meirei! Sentai Koutaiseyo"
November 15

Radiege, Maria and Gure are becoming desperate to free themselves of Toranza. Radiege, with the other two to hold him up when he gets exhausted, reaches out telekinetically to an asteroid they saw and drags it down to Earth. The Jetmen are attracted by this activity and come running, but Radiege manages to create his monster first. It looks like a bat-being, with a clear bubble on its chest in which a duplicate of the original meteor is. In battle it drains the Jetmen's power and things are looking bad until a group of people in black outfits show up and blast the creature, chasing it off. These people are cyborgs of some sort. It would seem they were created by a crazy general who intends to have them replace the Jetmen. When the bat creature gets big, he sends them out in the Jet machines to fight it. Their lack of experience tells against them. The real Jetmen use Jet Garuda to rescue the new team. They destroy Radiege's monster. The crazy general is furious. Toranza has been watching all this time and snickering.
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