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"Henshinhunou! Kichikaimetsu"
November 22
Toranza shows the others how he released the mini-meteor before the monster was destroyed, and sent it up a robot's exhaust pipe. The bat monster is now in the Jetman complex. The new team shows off at the old's expense and throws the old team out onto the streets. The leader of the new team apologizes. They find the bat-monster and try to fight it, but the general locks them in with it when they try to retreat, while Chokan tries to help them. The old team hears their calls for help, as Ako had stolen her bracelet, and rushes in. They are able to briefly beat off the bat monster. The other team recharges the Jetmen, bringing them back up to full strength. The bat-monster is defeated, and things are back to normal.

"Ore no Mune de Nemure!"
November 29

Toranza amuses himself by creating a little yellow robot. Unfortunately, it isn't quite right. It's circuits keep shorting out and it has the mentality of a child. Radiege finds it hysterical, so Toranza beats him up and has the robot thrown away, allowing the faceless minions to attack and chase the poor little thing. Kaori is gearing up Gai for dinner with her parents. He is frustrated and they go outside the house, only to have Gure attack them. In the midst of the attack, Gure finds the little robot, G32, hiding in the underbrush, terribly suffering. In a moment of soft-heartedness, he assists G2. He replaces the bad power unit with one of his own, better regulated. In the ensuing battle with the Jetmen, Maria is injured and she and Gure retreat together. She is in shock, though at one point she takes a leaf from a bush and whistles with it. Gure takes her to a cave out of the rain. She is freezing, and though Gure tries to hold her, he is metal and so cold to touch, and she flinches away from him. She loses consciousness. Ryu finds them and manages to talk Gure into letting him tend Maria on the grounds that he can give her heat and Gure can't. In her unconscious deleriousness, Maria reaches for Ryu's warmth. Gure is injured in his heart. G2 comes out to try to be with Gure, but the other drives him off. Ryu goes out to gather firewood, and G2 comes in and takes Maria away. In the meantime, Gure battles the Jetmen and suffers great damage. G2 sets Mariah aside and fires and blocks the shot that might have destroyed Gure, and is buried under a rock slide. Maria regains consciousness and she and Gure leave the scene together, but in the distance they hear on the breeze the sound of a leaf whistle. She asks him what it is, and he says it's nothing. G2, buried under rocks, has picked a leaf and plays it like he had seen Maria do for Gure. Then his systems shut down, and he blows up.

"Chokan no Karada ni senniyuuseyo"
December 6

The dinner with Kaori's parents goes badly. While Toranza is busy with a robot he is creating, Radiege makes a tiny monster to attack the Jetmen. He has it delivered to Chokan in a bouquet of roses. It enters her bloodstream when she breathes in the scent of the roses. She begins to sabotage the team, first slapping Gai and Kaori for behaving irrationally about the dinner with Kaori's parents. Ryu has to hold Gai back from violent retaliation. Then gets them to let her tie them up and "test a new weapon." While they're chained up, Radiege and the minions attack. They get away, but next Chokan demands their bracelets. Reluctantly they give the things up, but Ryu catches Chokan putting them in a microwave. With wild madness she attacks him. He manages to knock her out. An examination of her unconscious body reveals the little thing in her bloodstream. They shrink Jet Icarus, down and go into her bloodstream to fight it, eventually coming out her tear duct. Which is good or they will blow up in her body, which would be really bad. (boom Chokan). Chokan herself flies into the fray in Jet Garuda, and defeats the monster.

"Majin Robo-! Beronica (Veronica, my guess)"
December 13

Gai broke up with Kaori, and she commiserates with Ako who affectionately encounrages her to make up with him. He is hanging out with a couple of girls for swimming, but his mind is on Kaori. Suddenly, a girl is snatched from her deck chair without anyone noticing. All over the city, people are being snatched away by the Vyram's minions. Toranza is hooking them up into his robot's circuitry and using their life forces as a power source. In the ensuing battle the Vyram manage to invade the Jet robots and capture Lyta, Kaori and Ako.

"Shyouri no Hotto miruku"
December 20

Radiege sabotages Toranza's robot. Toranza beats him and then patches him into the robot's power. Draining Radiege severely improves the robot's ability to fight, but it sucks him in, leaving only his armor held up by the minions and tentacles. In a very short time he comes back out again, ripping himself free of the tentacles. Gasping, he lifts his head and meets a panic stricken Lyta's eyes. With a hiss of total fury, he gets to his feet and cuts Lyta loose, telling him to fight. Because only Radiege can kill the Jetmen. Lyta frees Ako and Kaori and the other still living prisoners. Ryu manages to board the robot, while an injured Gai runs the Jetrobot's all by himself. Rotanza fights Ryu and is beating him, when the others join him. Radiege staggers off the robot, laughing insanely. Then the robot is destroyed. The Vyram are transported back to their ship. Toranza feels a trickle down his forehead and touches it to find he is bleeding. He laughs in shock.

"Tomato batake no Taimaoou"
January 10, 1992

Radiege powers down to his human form. He wanders the city, sufferings spasms of power which disrupt electrical systems all around him. Toranza creates a monster out of Lyta's childhood terror, the Tomato King. Everywhere Lyta turns he sees people with tomatoes for heads. Every power he imagined the Tomato King to have, it manifests. Ako and Lyta go to see his grandmother, who shows them drawings Lyta made when he was a child. It was so cute how afraid he was. He conquered his fear of the King by eating tomatoes. Each tomato he ate was another piece of the tomato king's power. The king's power has grown and it seems he really is turning people's heads into tomatoes. The Jetmen eventually turn the tables, Ako cheering Lyta on as he eats tomatoes. The resonant effect being that the tomato king is eaten. The other Jetmen come and happily eat tomatoes with him.

"Teiou Toranza no eikou"
January 17

Toranza is tired of fooling around. He will finish the Jetmen and Radiege with his great gun. Maria is worrying about Radiege. Where is he, she wonders, playing the piano. Toranza begins his attack, pursuing Ryu at Rie's grave. He chains Ryu to a cross and waits for the other Jetmen to arrive., In the battle, he fires his gun on Lyta, turning him into a framed picture. His blast sends the other Jetmen flying. Ryu falls down a cliff. Chokan urges the others to flee. They run. Toranza follows. Radiege arrives at the bottom of the cliff. He picks up Ryu, gently dressing his wounds. Ryu, when he regains consciousness, has no idea who this man helping him could possibly be, and he's frightened and sure he needs help. Radiege practically carries him up the cliffside, telling him that he also hates Toranza and wants to kill him. Ryu loses his footing, and Radiege hangs on, ignoring the tearing of his skin on his hands. Ryu tells him to let go, but Radiege refuses to give him up. Toranza has fun pursuing Jetmen around Tokyo, first catching Ako on a rooftop, then Kaori in a mall, and lastly Gai on motorbikes at an abandoned lot. That is where Radiege and Ryu catch up with him, just a moment too late. Toranza mocks Ryu, and asks him who his friend is, which only frightens Ryu more. But Radiege urges him on into battle. Ryu attacks Toranza, but soon is knocked over and Radiege surrenders to an impulse to come to his aid. But Toranza threatens to kill Ryu and Radiege stops, then begins laughing. And then he changes and attacks Toranza and Ryu. Ryu isn't an idiot, he knows Radiege. He fights them both. Toranza's power is disrupted, releasing the other Jetmen. They blast him. Radiege finds the bloody, burned and near-dead Vyram and torments him, forcing him to call Radiege his lord. We last see Toranza in an insane asylum, covered in bandages. The doctors say no one has any idea who he is, he was found in a quarry, body seriously burned. They have no idea who he is. But he is prone to violent fits.

"Shi o Yobu Kuchizuke"
January 24

If Radiege was ever sane, he's completely lost it. He offers to share his power with Maria, when she comes to ask him how he got so powerful. Out of his blood, he creates a starfish like creature and it affixes itself to Maria's neck. She stalks the streets and parks, drinking blood. Killing people. She eventually finds Gai at an amusement park with two girls. She is disguised as a human and he doesn't reccognize her at first. Then she almost gets him, but he realizes the danger when her fangs come out. He escapes, calling in the other Jetmen. There is also a huge gray monster that just appears and doesn't really do anything. Ryu sends the others off to check it out and remains to confront Maria. He shoots her and she collapses, appearing to become Rie. But when Ryu comes to cuddle her, she takes him and infects him with the starfish thing.

"Maria... Sono ai to shi"
January 31

On the Vyram space-ship, Radiege is still suffering power spasms. Gure worries about Maria, he tries to talk to her, telling her how worried he is about what this is doing to her. She, however, is feeling more powerful every moment. She knows she is getting stronger. She doesn't care that it's transforming her. Ryu returns to the Jetmen and they are repairing the robots when he attacks Kaori. The Jetmen are able to cage him, and he writhes madly, snarling, burning with a need for blood. An image of Maria in the park appears on their screens. Gai orders Kaori to stay there with Ryu, and takes Lyta and Ako out to seek Maria. They leave the base only to find Gure confronting them. He tells them what's happened, that this situation is destroying the humanity in Maria, whom he loves. He asks them to help her. Ryu descends into screaming madness. Kaori can't take watching him suffer, and goes into the cage, begging him to fight it. Ryu nearly dies to refuse the bloodlust. It is a very near thing, but the starfish thing detaches from his neck and goes after Kaori. Chokan shoots it. They go to the other Jetmen, who are fighting a losing battle with Maria. Ryu lets her catch him and draws her to him, holding her tight. He says that, though he looks horrible, he still loves her, he will always love her. And he kisses her. In shock, she tears free of him, her mind first then her powers disrupted as she remembers the life of Rie. The starfish thing detaches and goes after Ryu, but he destroys it. Maria transforms into Rie, who is awake and comes to Ryu, but Radiege comes. He blasts Ryu and demands Rie return to him. She does not become Maria in appearance, but she goes to Radiege. But Maria is no longer Maria, and Rie is no longer only Rie. The two souls have been fused, or something. Radiege goes after Ryu to kill him. But Maria grabs Ryu's sword and shoves it into Radiege's back. With a snarl, he spins and slices her. Then he realizes what he's done. With a sobbing laugh, he cries, "You are MINE, not Red Hawk's!" He staggers back and disappears to reappear on his ship. Maria won't let Ryu near to help her. She stands, blood dripping down her sleeves. She tells him that she cannot return to the life she had led. Her hands are drenched in blood. She tells him to forget her. Gure appears and she shrinks back into his arms. They disappear together. He carries her into the ocean. "Is this what you wanted?" he asks her. She tells him "No. I was lying. I wanted to live. And I wanted to stay with him." She dies in his arms, whispering Ryu's name. Her body disintegrates in Gure's tears. Ryu on a cliff weeps, somehow sensing her death.

"Sorezore no Shitou"
February 7

Gai and Kaori are semi-made up. They sit together watching Ryu and Lyta race in boats across a lake. Kaori says hopefully, "I think he's recovering from Rie's death." Gai says, "Do you really think so?" in a tone of clear doubt. Working on the Jet Striker, Ryu loses it and takes off to the place where he'd last seen Radiege. He is ready for the final battle, ready to fight to the death. The other Jetmen head after him, but they encounter Gure on the way. Gure and Gai stand together for a duel. The other Jetmen continue off after Ryu. Ryu and Radiege are in the midst of battle, their strikes even more vicious than ever before. No holds barred. Ryu tells the others to stay out of the fight. Meanwhile, Gai nearly dies in the battle with Gure, but manages to fire Gure's own weapon giving a fatal wound. Dying, Gure asks Gai to light his cigar. As his power fades out, his soul releases his body and wings its way to join Maria. Kaori is injured protecting Ryu. While Lyta and Ako fight Radiege, Ryu takes her aside to doctor her wounds in an abandoned shack. She lectures him with all her heart about how his thoughts and feelings are a danger to them all if he only thinks of himself. As she speaks, Rie's ghost manifests, taking over and Ryu turns to see her. Their conversation is sweet and sad, he comes to hold her, weeping, and she leaves, so it is Kaori in his arms. Together they come out to fight Radiege. Gai arrives. The team forms a firebird. Radiege tranforms into the giant monster that has been appearing and doing nothing for all this time. As the sun sets, they begin to fight.

"Habatake! Chyojinyo"
February 14

Jet Icarus is the first robot called in to tackle Radiege. They're fighting a losing battle when Jet Garuda arrives, piloted by Ayachokan. The two robots form together and the odds improve, but they are still losing. They call in Jet-Robo. The little blue robot punches Radiege in the back, and as his giant monster-self turns, the Jetmen see a raw, gaping wound. It is the injury from when Maria stabbed him. The robots separate. Ryu stays in Jet Garuda. Radiege tears one arm off of Jet Icarus. Garuda catches him by both arms and Ryu orders his companions to stab Radiege through his wound. They protest, knowing this action will destroy Garuda and possibly cause Ryu's death. When they finally obey, Radiege is destroyed. A slow, painful loss of blood, then a huge explosion as his form loses its integrity. The robots all go down.

With the Vyram dead (or permanently institutionalized as in Toranza's case), the Jetmen go back to living the life of normal humans. Three years later, Ako is a rising singing star, Lyta has married his childhood sweetheart, Ryu and Kaori are marrying each other, and Gai has become a successful businessman. While he is out buying flowers for his friends' wedding, Gai stops a mugger from stealing a woman's purse. But the mugger stabs Gai with a small knife. The wedding ceremony over, all guests come outside for photos and farewells. Ryu finds Gai sitting on a bench. Gai looks wan and exhausted, says it's because he overworked yesterday. They get their picture taken together, and Ryu goes off to join his wife and the others. Kaori asks, "Isn't Gai coming?" Ryu says, "He's very tired." Kaori and Gai exchange reassuring smiles across the distance. Ryu sees Rie's ghost one last time, smiling and waving farewell to him. Gai dies on the bench.


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