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Geki Mei Boi Dan Burai

Mammoth Ranger


Goushi, knight of the Sharma Clan and master tactician for the Zyurangers. He is the Warrior of Wisdom. Twenty-seven years old. When he was a child, he was the gentlest of souls. It took losing his older sister, the warrior Otome, to turn him into the fighter he is today.

He takes his responsibilities to the team very seriously. He loves them all dearly and would not see them hurt if he could prevent it. But when confronted with Geki losing it over Burai's fate, Goushi went to the greatest trouble of all to snap him out of it. For Bandora had released a monster that could restore the dead to life, Narushisu (Narcissus). All they had to do was let it mature, reach its full power, and then bring it in contact with Burai. But the process of maturing and reaching full power meant the slaughter of helpless people. Bandora offered Geki the choice of letting the thing live when it was still vulnerable, or killing it. And when Dan would have stabbed the thing, Geki whirled and caught the tip of the spear in his bare hands.

Narushisu got away, and when they faced it next, Geki, determined to prove himself, ignored advice and went up against it alone, losing them the battle and letting the monster escape again. He could not apologize enough to the furious Goushi, who refused to look at him. At last, Goushi hit upon an idea to snap Geki out of it.

He disguised himself as a black knight, a fighter on Bandora's side, and kept the monster from killing Geki by telling it that the boy was obviously about to defect to their side. Anyone who put his own needs before the safety of others was a candidate for such. High-handed, wasn't he? But he was right. He eventually forced Geki into a fight, and when our boy finally took it to heart that he had to defeat the monster and find some other way to save Burai, was very happy. He was also nearly dead, for Geki fought the black knight at his best until he broke through the armor and destroyed it.

And then found to his horror that it was Goushi standing there, smiling at him, before collapsing. Geki gathered up Goushi in his arms. Daijinju picked them up and, as Goushi recovered from the thrashing he had accepted to break Geki out of it, they fought and destroyed Narushisu.