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Goushi Mei Boi Dan Burai

Tyrrano Ranger
Warrior of Justice


Yamato Prince Geki was just one of those people who learned in life that there is nothing you cannot accomplish, if you have the will for it. But I think faced with the extinction of his people, he could do nothing else but run to the far future, to fight another battle and not merely win, but save that future. He was only twenty-four years old. He was raised well and deeply loved, but kept ignorant of several facts pertaining to himself. Those facts nearly got him killed when the truth came out.

The couple he thought were his parents had taken him, however legally, from his biological parents against their will. His foster-father had later killed his real father in a fair duel. But the seven-years older brother Geki never knew he had saw it happen, and was sworn to vengeance by their dying father.

Faced with the truth and his brother, Burai, so far into the future, Geki could do nothing else but want to have his brother, and give him peace and the familial love the man had lost, so long ago. And eventually he did win through to Burai's heart, but scant comfort was to be had, for his brother was dying, rapidly. Losing him was probably worse than leaving his dying people, and for a time Geki nearly broke under the strain. But Goushi reminded him that the most important thing of all was to save the future. If you lose sight of that in your despair, you become an agent of the enemy even if indirectly.