Time Shadow V-Rex Provider Base Equipment

The 3D Formation

The Five Time Jets

These five, lovely jets have very little action. They exist merely to fly beautifully through the air and then assemble into any one of three formations. This is one of the places they came up with their name.

Time Robo Beta and Time Robo Alpha

Time Robo Beta is the fast and agile one. Time Robo Alpha is the brute-force one. The third formation is the lovely:

Time Jet Gamma
Time Jet Gamma.

In flight our heroes hang about in here:

Now, when the jets form Time Robo Alpha, parts of Jet 1, 4 and 5 are used to make the Chrono-Shield. TRA also bears a lovely sword named Jikuuken, which can, er, open up.
Chrono-ShieldJikuukenDeadlier version

Now, Time Robo Beta has not been completely shorted. No, there is a beast called the Time Flier, which our heroes ride to get in their jets. TRB uses it differently, as the Flier Magnum!
another angle The Flier Magnum

3-D Formation V-Rex Provider Base Equipment

Introducing the Time Shadow

Stealth Mode
from the bottom from the top

It's 38 meters long, 66 meters wide, weighs 4000 tons, and travels at Mach 3. From the cannons comes the Shadow-blast. From the small bits that form the hands come the Pulse Beams.

Shadow Alpha Shadow Beta Battle Mode
The bloody thing weighs 4000 tons, and is 50 meters tall. Power=10,000,000 Horse Power. His left hand is the Lightning Shot. Below is the special weapon that comes back for them to use when they form together. It Escalates the enemy. The Chrono Divider attacks with the Blizzard-Slash.

Double Shadow (his Vector), a single one is a Shadow Sabre

Launching from Provider Base

3-D Formation Time Shadow Provider Base Equipment

The V-Rex

He is a marvellous big beast. He stands 76.7 meters tall, is 117 meters long, and weighs in at 8500 tons.

Now, he has 1600 ten thousands horsepower to Time Robo Alpha's and Beta's 1500, though he's beaten out by Shadow Alpha's 1800. The Time Robots' Blizzard-slash attack and V-Rex's Max-Blizzard attack are both at 1000 PP. The Rex-Laser outdoes the Flier Magnum at 800 PP to 600 PP.

He is controlled by Time Fire through the V-Commander:

F1 operates those huge cannons on his shoulder for the Max Blizzard attack. F2 signals the left hand's Rex Punch. F3 commands the right hand's Revolver Missiles. Now to command it, one holds in VC and hollers into the microphone. I'm reasonably sure the other three buttons are go, spin and stop.

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