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"Even if we can't change the future, let's change our tomorrows."

We learned about Tatsuya easily at first. He is a straightforward, good-hearted young man. He is a twenty-two year old Black Belt and recently graduated University. His first meeting with the Time Rangers is a confusing and frightening experience. Aside from finding them amongst burning wreckage and getting attacked by them, he is introduced to flying robots, attacking monsters, and guilted into helping them by Yuuri. However confused he is, he fights and helps them. And when the fighting is over, asks again for an explanation for what is going on. When they first tell him they are from the 30th Century, he doesn't believe a word of it. But he soon changes his mind and starts to get excited. He wants to know about the future, and about his future. But Domon tells him no one would remember anything like that, and they won't tell him what the future is like. And when he is told they will prevent his future from being changed, he gets upset and replies, "If the future's not going to change, then I don't have to be here. If that's it, then goodbye." For Tatsuya Asami has, almost his entire life, been told his future is decided and he can not change it. And he is determined to.

You see, Tatsuya's life was ruled by his father. Where he went to school, who he had to be nice to, what he would do once he graduated, it was all decided and he had no say in the matter. And he wanted a say, desperately. But when he learned that a mad bomber, one of the monsters from the future, was going to destroy the city, SOME of his attitude changed. For he suddenly realized that it was not his future personally that they were here about. He makes a deal with his father that he can go free if he can stop the bomber. He thinks, "The monster must be one of the bad guys I saw yesterday. If I get that bracelet, then the future of this city will stay the same. It won't be destroyed." Determined, he goes to the others and overhears them talking about how they have been told that they must remain in this time and recapture all the prisoners before they can go back. He hears their helpless anger and realizes that they are just like him. Their lives are ruled by other people and their wishes are as nothing. And so he tries to give them what he has always wanted. "You were also told that you can't do what you want to do. You can't return to the future. Even if you can't save the future, let's just save tomorrow. We can do it. How can we pick what we'll do the next second? We have to decide for ourselves." He took a stone and flung it as far as he could. "Like this rock! It's not the past, and it's not the future. You understand?" And they did, and accepted it heartily. They stopped the bomber and Tatsuya was allowed to leave his house, but his father cut him off completely.

It is with Sion whom Tatsuya bonds most immediately, for the boy is willing and happy to go along with anything he suggests. And who could resist that wide-eyed innocence and bright admiration with which Sion greets everything? Not Tatsuya, who takes the group in hand and spends a good deal of his money to secure them all a place to live together. He even buys jackets and makes a sign for their company. His second bond forms with Ayase, in Episode 3, and that is a hard bond to both make and maintain. Tatsuya has suggested they all work at assorted jobs and offers them what he can from what little he knows about them. Yuuri can be a detective, Domon and he can teach Karate, Sion can repair things. But Ayase will not admit what he might want to do and rebufs efforts to please him. "All I want to do is get the Dorunero, and go home. Just because we're living together, don't choose for me," says Ayase. And that attitude Tatsuya completely understands and feels for him. And later, Ayase admits that he used to be a professional racer. Tatsuya lets him off the hook, but wonders and wonders what had happened. And then he discovers what he can only think of as Ayase's death-wish. He will not let the other man sacrifice himself and in the end, the two fight together. And Tatsuya offers Ayase the idea of working as a driver, which warms the other man to him and they become fast friends. This friendship is further cemented in Episode 10, when Tatsuya becomes Ayase's only confidant.

Tatsuya is blown away when he finds out that Sion is an alien, and then that all the Londarz are aliens. He totally loves the idea, and spends some time rhapsodizing over it. This episode also shows another thing about Tatsuya. He is extremely sensitive. Bemused by Sion's intense wish to help, and also empathic over Domon's guilt for leaving Sion in the position where the boy gets kidnapped. I think he is also the first to insist upon calling the others his friends. And it is also he who introduces the concept of them doing large jobs together, rather than doing everything seperately. And at this point he thinks of each of them pretty much in exactly the same way.

In Episode 5, Tatsuya learns more about Yuuri and discovers why she is so seperate from them. And he feels for the woman orphaned at age 10, who knows only her mission to bring to justice her family's killers. While the others are willing to leave her to herself, it is Tatsuya who frets, "But she doesn't have to be alone." For she has the four of them. And she learns to accept that. However, it is very difficult for him to bond with Yuuri. He finds her confusing and difficult to understand, though he tries to be nice. He even gets on her case when he knows she is wrong. This is confusing for her, too. She has never had to deal with someone willing to care about her feelings or actions since she was orphaned.

Episode 6 brings us back to Tatsuya's father, and we also meet his mother. Tatsuya is extremely unhappy, for as a Timeranger, he must take the others and crash a private party using his family connections because they must hunt down a Londarz criminal they expect will be there. And for the second time we see just how bad it is between him and his father, though his mother and he are clearly at ease with each other. At last we know just how rich he is, too, for a toady tells the others, "Don't you know? The Asami Group family is number one in Japan! His father is the leader of the economic world and Tatsuya is his son, so everybody wants to meet him." Tatsuya's response later when they ask him about it is, "This is why I left my home, I hate this! I always have to present an image for my father's company!"

Tatsuya forms a bond with Domon relatively easily, but it becomes important in Episode 7, when Domon suffers a breakdown and amongst other things, attacks Tatsuya thinking he is Captain Ryuuya.

Tatsuya's first private feature is in Episode 13, when he goes undercover in a fight club and gets to show his karate skills to their utmost. And then in Episode 17 he has a student he must rescue from the darkness of rage that can overwhelm the young. In Episode 23, though, we see his own youth. Wanting to impress his friends, he lands them a job and supervises, only to end up nearly getting himself killed against a Londarz because he won't listen to them. Episode 25 he manages to get himself in big trouble, and we learn he tends to act silly trying to dispell someone's anger, and that when he's very upset about things he can't talk about, he tends to make foolish mistakes. His efforts to ease the tension only cause more problems, for Yuuri thinks he is mocking her and decides she cannot rely on him. Tatsuya ends up huddled in a corner, unable to expose Ayase's secret as the reason for his actions. We learn that when he was a child, his schoolmates bullied and envied him. It did not help that his father had bought off his karate teacher to give him a black belt and everyone thought he cheated on tests and got away with it because of his father. His grandfather had taken him in hand and taught him Karate seriously, as a way to dispell the pain and anger of all the things he could not say. It also is the first time he and Yuuri have to get to know something about each other, and when the two of them finally begin to form a bond, as he learns how empty and sad her life has been since her family was slaughtered, and how she mourns her baby sister. He stops seeing her as an angry person and begins to see her as a lonely, kind-hearted woman. And so he starts to make extra efforts to make their life together more homey for her.

Then, in Episode 28 we are introduced to someone who was vitally important to Tatsuya. Naoto Takizawa. The first thing that is clear is Tatsuya likes Naoto. However, it seems the feeling is pretty much the opposite of reciprocated. The two men had competed in the interscholastic athletic meet. They were the best and only in the end did Naoto win number one and Tatsuya number two position. During University, Naoto was the only person at school Tatsuya WANTED to talk to, but he had to still endure other students toadying up to him because of his father. And when Naoto had quit school, Tatsuya had been miserable for the last two years without this one honest person around. If it had been about money, Tatsuya would have paid to keep Naoto in college, but the other man never called him. So suddenly Naoto is back in his life and now he can not get him out of it if he wanted to. For Naoto wins control of the V-Rex, and becomes a Time Ranger. But Naoto is still cut off from him and very clearly by his own choice. He in fact tries, by virtue of his skills, to take the Time Ranger as his own team. This fails because they will not leave Tatsuya for the uncertainty of a power-seeking man (Tatsuya's father, not Naoto who is a stranger to them anyway). Tatsuya suffers a great fear at first that they will, but it is comfort and joy to him that they want him and not the power his father offers.

It isn't until Episode 34, really, that we realize Tatsuya's developed an attachment to Yuuri. He is being as circumspect about it as he can, but the others are not blind. And in Episode 35 we are drawn away from that and back into Tatsuya's somewhat confusing relationship with Naoto (Ayase, Yuuri, Naoto. He just has this thing about difficult people, doesn't he?). Tatsuya has gone to try to talk Naoto into helping comfort a little boy who is a BIG Time Fire fan. But things go awry. Naoto is behaving VERY strangely; knowing what Tatsuya will say before he says it and in utter terror. Tatsuya's instinctive reaction is to stay close to the other man, to try somehow to offer comfort and soothe him. Eventually, he has this to say. "We can change our fate, ourselves. If you are scared, if you let it make you crazy, you're only running down the river." Even Tatsuya does not know how true his words will prove to be, for someone quite different.

Tatsuya and Yuuri start to spend time doing little things together. He teaches her to make pancakes, for example. However, everything is interrupted when the rest of the group finally learn about Ayase's illness, in Episode 39. Tatsuya really assumes a leader-ship role for much of this episode. He guides the battle, keeps tabs on Ayase, restrains a tempermental Naoto. But all that is wiped away when the other three realize the secret he's kept from them. He cannot completely oppose Domon and Yuuri when they determine to send Ayase back to the 30th Century, but he lets them know in no uncertain terms that he does NOT agree. And every moment he shows his support and belief in his ill friend. "He hasn't given up. That's why he's still a Timeranger."

Episode 41 and Domon puts Tatsuya and Yuuri together on a mission, under the theory that the pair will admit at last that they have feelings for each other. But since he is not remotely subtle about it, having been teasing them for some time, it seems to backfire. Yuuri knows Tatsuya likes her, but she cannot admit to liking him back. She just doesn't know how. Being pushed by Domon upsets her, and her being upset frustrates Tatsuya, who has done everything he can NOT to push her. It might have ended very badly, if Yuuri hadn't gotten captured and Tatsuya almost used as an instrument to kill her. But he is quick enough to discover the danger and get both of them free. For one moment they have a breather, and he tells her how horrible he feels even to think that he could have killed her. Just maybe things would have been resolved, but there was still a Londarz to fight.

And then, at the end of Episode 42 and in 43 and 44, Tatsuya finally meets Captain Ryuuya, who does indeed look exactly like him, except hard as nails. And he learns that his becoming a Time Ranger was only what history said, and that now he must go and take over the Asami Group and command of the City Guardians, because his father would die today. Captain Ryuuya will take his place as Time Red. Tatsuya is forced to go, his responsibility to history over-riding his own needs. Though his team refuses to accept this, he leaves them at the Captain's command. He comes to the hospital and is begged by businessmen to promise to stand for the Group. While he waits to know his father's fate, he thinks miserably, "Even the thing I wanted was decided. So at last I'm on the decided path. You can't change tomorrow." It is his mother who offers him comfort, and teaches him things he had never known about his father. That his father was once young and had tried to win free of the family. Had been forced back into the fold and taken the family name and power to new heights. That she believes in both of them, and Tatsuya must never give up, any more than his father had. Eventually, he cannot bear the conflicting demands on his heart and his loyalty. When Takku comes to him begging him to help the team, he can only try and races to the battle. And when Captain Ryuuya tries to force him to turn back he says, "History is decided, remember? Useless or not." And Yuuri gets him the Time Red Chrono Changer back, and he joins the group in battle. It is he who implements a crazy idea which enables them to defeat the G-Zord.

After this, Tatsuya and Yuuri start to spend more time together onscreen, usually having serious conversations. But time is running out.... Episode 47, and Tatsuya is the only one able to go with Yuuri after Don Dorunero, when she sees nothing but her goal. Thus he is the only person there to hold her and help her when the Don dies and she is nearly mad with foiled revenge and grief. But he begins to have nightmares of his friends being sucked away into whirling vortexes. He fears for their lives and loves them all, especially Yuuri and Ayase. Thus in 48, he makes a fateful decision. Being more like his father than he knows, he decides that no matter what they want, they have to return to their own time. He knows they will not go on their own, knows they would stay and fight until time wiped them from existence, and he cannot let that happen. So he tricks them, traps them aboard the Time Ship, and sends them home. And after this, he races back into the fray. Takku had told them that Time Fire would die today, and he will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, Naoto isn't exactly cooperative. Badly wounded, he will not go to the City Guardians for he has been fired, and they will take the V-Rex from him. This Tatsuya can understand, and drags Naoto to an emergency medical station, fighting through the Zenitto. Thus it is that these two men finally have a chance to talk to each other.

"I'm really relieved. It didn't go the way it was supposed to go. You're not dead." "Why did the person who saved me have to be you," Naoto mutters resentfully. His hands clench in the blanket, the V-Commander only making his bare arms look more fragile. Tatsuya sees this and says empathetically, "Are you going to keep on, then?" Naoto reluctantly looks at him, then away. "Yuuri said you can't see the end. What happens after you get power?" He trails off. Naoto responds, "But it's certain you can't live only on power." Tatsuya doesn't really know the significance of this statement. Naoto turns his head to look at him. "You also said that, didn't you? Can you see your end?" Tatsuya gives a puzzled noise, and Naoto continues. "Just like I'm running from death, you're running from Asami. What can you see after the end?" Tatsuya drops his gaze away uneasily, then raises it again. "That means you and I are the same. Two that were relying on power." Naoto looks away and says heavily, "Well, you can't change your life now, because you won't be able to forgive yourself after that." And then a frantic man runs in and tells them the Londarz are nearby, everyone must stay hidden. Nurses and doctors quickly start calming frightened patients, and Tatsuya starts out. But he pauses to say to Naoto, who tries to sit up and witness this. "But I know one thing. You can change the way you live. That's for you to choose. I'll go home. If I live."

But Naoto doesn't live, and Tatsuya finds the dying man and is given the DV Defender by him with the final words, "Asami, try to change it." And the grief for Naoto's loss never leaves him. Indeed, it drives him to the end, he fights for the person he wanted to have as a friend. The person he'd done his level best to save. But his friends make their way back to him from the future. He finds them by his side just when he thought he would be next to die. Together, they stop the end of the world. He learns that the future has been changed, though never in what way. He has only a moment to say goodbye to each of them, until it is only he and Yuuri, and at last he can tell her he loves her. Words, and a poignant hug, are all there is time for. Tatsuya is left to live and he will. He does so for Naoto, he does so in the hopes that he and the others will someday meet again. He and Honami keep in contact and he will be uncle or foster father to her child.

From the Time Ranger article on Pgs. 38-55 of
Dengeki Tokusatsu Tsushin 2000 Summer Vol. 3.
Hyper Battle Time Ranger: Virtual Talk.

Bio of Tatsuya

Pg. 38

He is Japan Top Class Business President Asami's son and heir to everything in the popular Asami Group. 22 years old and for the majority of his existence he has been treated as an asset of the enterprise. The fact that his life always revolved about the Asami name repulsed him even from his childhood. But it seemed there was no way out.

Until he encountered Yuuri and the others, then became a Time Ranger. He is finally flying free of the Asami House.

The five started their convenience agency, Tomorrow Research. Tatsuya's duties for the business were teaching Karate, amongst other things. The people they became involved with. The things they did. The Karate his mother and grandfather had taught him. Karate being not related to the Asami name. That is its appeal. He has a great many students, Makoto Urawa and the others. His mother, Namie, and her father, Takamiya, taught him that Karate had no connection with something so shallow as a mere family name. Therein lay its fascination for him.

After high school, he went on to participate in tournaments and rallies, and when the overall championships were over, he was second place. He dreamed of winning first.

Now he demonstrates his skill in the all-important battles to stop the Londarz.

But now he is the only person who knows of Ayase's illness. He understands Yuuri's terrible loneliness. On the other hand, there are the local efforts like the unique armored vehicle, Raimei which was created to stand up to the Londarz. From then it was all a swirl of dramatic development for each person to be the center. And the way Tatsuya behaves can be rather odd at times. What will he become?

Time Ranger: Virtual Talk

Tatsuya Asami Interviews Masaru Nagai

Pg. 44-5

Masaru Nagai was born 5/20/1978. His blood type is O. He is 183cm tall.

Tatsuya: Masaru, you can do Karate, too. My grandfather taught me how. What about you?
Nagai: I learned from my father.
Tatsuya: Wow, your father. What kind of person is he?
Nagai: Well, he opened a Karate dojo. He's the Sensei.
Tatsuya: That's great! And so...
Nagai: So I began, around about second grade. But I didn't really start practicing it until high school, when I also played basketball and field-track. Oh, and when I was a 6th grader, I was 2nd place in Niigata-ken Jumping Rope Competition.
Tatsuya: With your father being a teacher, are you going to go the same path? How about it?
Nagai: He gives me a lot of advice and I don't just accept it meekly, of course. I always practice with my friends, you know. We kick into each other's mitts, we run together at night. I think it was because of my father's advice that I was able to do so well. I fought against my friend in the Prefectural Finals.
Tatsuya: Now you're not doing Karate, you've become an actor. What's your father think?
Nagai: Well, I made this decision on my own and so he cheers me on!
Tatsuya: Is that so? Yes, I suppose it is.
Nagai: But in the end, whether Father cheers me on or opposes me is really not a factor. Tatsuya, you aren't wrong. In the end it is you who must choose the path you wish to walk.
Tatsuya: Yes, absolutely. Gladly.
Nagai: Like during Battle Casino. Though the shouting of action-director Takeda (Michihiro) brought back memories of my father, it didn't make me hold back at all. Quite the reverse. If anything, it made me more intense and I loved every minute.
Tatsuya: Takeda expects a lot from you, that's why he pushes you so hard.
Nagai: Yes, I thought so. But I really enjoy these pre-arranged performances! I can truly feel things like "What an asshole!" without reservation in the heat of the struggle.
Tatsuya: Really..? Like Ayase, what do you think of that?
Nagai: It's not an ordinary secret. That's why he asked you not to say anything, I think. I know you worry because he's sick. So, what do you think of Yuuri?
Tatsuya: If she feels lonely, I want to do something for her. If you're asking if she's my type or not... um, well....
Nagai: That's how I feel, too. Because she's so strong you just can't keep up with her.
Tatsuya: But... therefore... well that time she showed me a little of her weakness... she's so damned appealing, of course.
Nagai: Tatsuya... what are you planning to do from now?
Tatsuya: Oh, well that. Um, I always wanted so much to leave home but.... But I don't have anything special I want to do.
Nagai: Ah. Well, take your time and look around. I'm sure you'll find something, even in the middle of all the fighting.
Tatsuya: And you, Masaru?
Nagai: Well, I'm really enjoying being an actor. In any case, I'm just going to keep trying. It's fun playing the part of someone other than me, trying to represent the way other people feel. I really admire Atsurou Watanabe. He can either play a callous murderer, or a humorous part!
Tatsuya: That's great. I want to become an actor, too.
Nagai: Oh, really it's fine. You can decide what you're going to do on your own!
Tatsuya: *smile* Yeah, that's true.

Japan 106-0031
Minato-ku, Nishiazabu 2-24-37
GC Biru
Junesu Kikaku
Attn: Masaru Nagai
Message from the actor, Masaru Nagai
Original posted November 5, 2000 at the bottom of
this Toie page.

Hello, this is Time Red, Tatsuya Asami's actor, Nagai Masaru. Are you all enjoying watching us every week? So when it's time to film the last ten stories we're going to have to really put our best into it, though how the story develops from here on is really worrying, it's really great working every day. When the Korakuen shows started, so MANY people came to watch us! It's incredibly stimulating. We're all really putting our best into it. To this point we've all discussed how our broadcast is going to be "The Last, Greatest Production of the 20th Century!" That's our theme anyway, and we're going to make it work.

Nihon League (Japanese Professional Baseball League) is in Game 3 now, so I'm a bit hesitant what to write on the computer. Wait, I've decided! I'll write a little about the secret, inside story! Let's see, my memories from the shooting. At first I had a hard time with my lines. I haven't really had a lot of experience with this. Filming on location, the first 40 minutes I was so tongue-tied, I think I gave the staff a lot of trouble. I've never been so nervous and stressed in my life. But I was surprised that I got totally lost when the director clicked the board to start filming. My lines were "Now we are in the same position. You were told you cannot return to your path, to keep the future from changing." But for 40 minutes I couldn't say this line straight! I was so upset!

The most painful memory is from filming episode 17. When I was doing the scenes of Tatsuya teaching Makoto (the student who had chosen the road of evil, and we Time Rangers saved him) at the karate dojo, he punched me in the nose and I had to go to the hospital. I learned a lot from that episode, from filming the fighting scenes. It was a good experience for me.

Today I asked the members which episode they remember best. Domon (Dehi) remembers "Domon Hospitalized" because in the scene where Domon was crying at the riverside, he practically froze to death. That's a very strong memory. Ayase (Yuji) remembers "Dream of Soba" best. He thought the scene where he and Domon talked in the Soba-shop was important. Ayase was being really chilly. (Domon was smirking behind his back) Of course, Ayase and Yuji are VERY different, so it's really interesting. Each member has their own memories and inside stories, but I have to keep this short, so I only talked about Domon and Ayase. My days are really busy, what with shooting and doing Korakuen shows. But I'll do my best in the rest of the Time Ranger episodes. So please support us!