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"There was a war on my world, too. And when it ended, there was only me left. So I understand how you feel."

Sion's homeworld was destroyed in a war in the year 2984. He is the sole survivor. His e-mail address is Sion@TR:future.pky

Affectionaly nicknamed "He of the ever-changing hair color," Sion is as friendly as a puppy, innocent as a child and more full of good will than sense, sometimes. He is a fan of Pro-Fighter Domon's, though he does eventually learn to see the other man clearly. Put in a stressful situation, Sion immediately becomes calm to work through things. He knows technology and can repair just about anything, even with his hands tied behind his back. He carries something that looks like a pen, but also seems to work as a laser probe, a stunner, and probably a flashlight too. I bet he designed it himself. He is sweet, and not above using his true angelic nature to trick an opponent. On the other hand, he is willing to believe the best about anyone. And I mean anyone. It is Sion who starts out as the peace-maker of the group, always putting himself between Domon and Ayase at first, when it looks like the two will come to blows. He sensibly urges they use their strength only against the enemy. It is Sion who is the only one not troubled by being a thousand years in the past, for in the 30th Century, he has nothing. Here in the past, he will happily live anywhere as long as he is with the others.

Sion loves Domon. He thinks he is the greatest fighter ever and wishes to be just as good as him. He loves being with him as a Time Ranger and learning from him and having, for the first time in his life, an older brother to watch out for him. He also loves Ayase, respecting the man's courage and intelligence. When he finds out Ayase is dying, his first reaction is refusal to believe it. And he gets angry with him for not allowing him to care. But he loves his friend. He loves and respects Yuuri, too. He knows exactly how it feels to be orphaned and alone, though the extent of her anger often bewilders him. He thinks Tatsuya is wonderful, for that one has come to take care of them and help them get along in this world, and is a darned good fighter, too. Just as Sion wants an older brother, Tatsuya wants a younger. Like Tatsuya, Sion calls Naoto by his given name. He also thinks Naoto is about the most wonderful fighter and shot in the world, ignoring his pricklyness because it is much less for Sion than it is for others.

The only person ever to earn Sion's ire is Captain Ryuuya. His cold-hearted lookout for his own interests drives Sion half-berserk, until it is Domon who has to hold our youngster back.

Sion's first feature is in Episode 4. He wants so badly to be useful to someone, and eventually goes to Domon where the other man is passing out fliers. Domon is only going to women, and when Sion questions him about it, gives him a big lecture about wanting to help women because they're so sweet but really loving everyone. Sion, who is as I've said a fan of Domon's, announces that he loves him. In the middle of a crowd, in front of a pretty girl. Poor Domon has never been so embarrassed in his life. But he manages to lose Sion, who wants him to teach him how to fight so he can be a good Time Ranger. You see, he feels like the least important member of the team. All the others are stronger than he is, all better fighters than him. He'd been chosen for the team by the criminal, Lira. He tends to overlook the fact that so were the other three. Therefore he goes overboard trying to help. When the others realize what kind of life he's had, they rally around him to make him as welcome among them as they can. That is when we learn that Sion's hair color is really only black. He's been dying it since he was three to make it look more interesting. And the very next episode we find out that he only needs to sleep once a year. Sion's eagerness to help is infectious, and the other members of the team pick it up. They often go together to do large jobs.

In Episode 12, Sion stumbles upon another alien, hiding on Earth to avoid a war on his home planet. But he has been discovered by a Londarz and forced to steal things. He is a teleporter, but only of inorganic objects. And Sion has to help free him from Londarz control. Our boy tries to do this alone, but the team notices his unhappiness, and eventually rallies to help him.

Sion is quicker to notice someone's emotions. Namely, those of Honami who fell in love with Domon. And he is all too willing to further her cause because he knows Domon would like her. So he gives her his e-mail address so that she can write to him. But even Sion's patience has its limits and he with the others turns Domon out to search for work one day. But he still loves his friend. It is he who notices most quickly what is really troubling Domon about his situation with Honami.

His next feature is Episode 21, when the rest of the group is under the influence of a liquid that makes them behave like happy drunkards. Sion, being an alien, is immune to the effect and must face a deadly enemy on his own. He quickly whips together a machine that will teach him the speed the other has, despite the chaos of his partying friends, and manages to modify the Time Suits to compensate with a special speed attack called the Accel Stop. When the others finally recover, they discover to their horror that Sion took pictures! Heheheh. Sion gets to invent again in Episode 23, a powerful weapon to turn a Double Vector from a slashing blade into a fire-arm. The Beat Up. One thing that is proven then is also that Sion can reconstruct a Chrono-Changer, even when it has been melted and twisted to bits. Sion also constructs practice arenas for his group to prepare for different types of assaults, and outwits the others more often than not. He's a sneaky guy!

In Episode 27, Sion meets an elderly man who has moved to the ocean and remade himself there. The man teaches Sion about making himself part of a place, making it his birthplace even when he is not from anywhere near it. And the man plants a young tree for Sion, making that place his, too. Like the tree, Sion can put down roots. This was also where we met Robota, the tiny blue robot Sion made to help Takku.

In Episode 32, Sion has to rescue a Londarz prisoner who is being forced into agonized fighting by Gien. He has to rescue it first from Gien and Lira, then from Time Fire who is intent to kill it. It is up to Sion to finally get across to Naoto that these are not monsters to be destroyed, but only alien criminals. Naoto wouldn't listen to the others, but Sion's sweet innocence and seeming hysterical determination get through to the man. And in the end, it is Naoto who moves in to help Sion. So afterwards Sion says with admiration to Domon's complaints, "He's not like that. He weilds the Defender PERFECTLY."

His next is Episode 38. Sion needs to sleep once a year... for about a week. And the time has come. And as he's just about to drop off... a most curious adventure begins as a mad alien director from the Londar Penitentiary takes control of their lives. Tricked onto the set of a movie, thinking it was really a ninja movie with his favorite actor... and Sion, so tired he almost cannot stand, is surrounded by his friends who act to protect him from the attacks, and Yuuri tells him there is no way he could be anything other than useful!

43 and 44 lead to Sion's first Christmas, and also our discovery that even he can be driven to bitter resentment. For Captain Ryuuya arrives in the past. Finding out their lives were saved by him and having him constantly ordering them leads Sion to comment bitterly, "It's like we've been ordered even to breath." And perhaps Sion understands more about Christmas than the others, for it is he who writes wishes and prayers, attaching them to the tree they'd bought asking Tatsuya to come back to them. And in 45, Sion gives Naoto a present he's made. Time Fire's very own arresting badge. Naoto has been adopted into the group despite himself.

Episode 46 features Sion and Takku's relationship. Our boy successfully repairs his damaged friend, only to find Takku is convinced he cannot be useful to them any more. Probably because he has found that any data they really need to know is not in his systems. Sion and the little computer have much in common, though, as Sion protests, "I don't have the power to help anyone. I'm not that strong! But I want to help. I want to help everyone." He and Takku succeed, thank heavens.

For Sion, there is never the least question. Try to save the 20th or keep the 30th as it is? He doesn't really ask the question. He frets because he wants to save the 20th and worries of that makes him a bad person. It doesn't because of course Sion's heart is in the right place. It is an impossible situation and he makes the only choice he can, wrong or right.

From the Time Ranger article on Pgs. 38-55 of
Dengeki Tokusatsu Tsushin 2000 Summer Vol. 3.
Hyper Battle Time Ranger: Virtual Talk.

Bio of Sion

Pg. 42

He was born on Habard Star, so he's a Habardian. He's extremely intelligent, and one of his characteristics is that he only has to sleep once a year. He likes to dye his hair, but that's not vanity. When he was only one year old, Harvard was destroyed in a war! He was put in an escape capsule, and landed on Earth. Because he was the only representative, he was extremely valuable, and so was raised in a research laboratory. He couldn't make any friends, and had to endure living in an inorganic environment. He left the research laboratory and joined the Time Police for a new chance in life.

He became a Timeranger and began to meet and make friends. He knew Domon was a professional Grapple player, he was a big fan. He doesn't really have any good memories of the 30th Century, so being stuck in the 20th Century doesn't bother him at all. Now he has friends and people to work with, and a very important fate in everyday life. He's really blossomed.

Sion is in charge of repairing all kinds of tools and machines for Tomorrow Research. He is the most trusted because his work is quickly and perfectly accomplished. He brings in the majority of the money. He made the Assault Vector and other things. He's 17 years old.

Time Ranger: Virtual Talk

Sion Interviews Masahiro Kuranuki

Pg. 52-3

Kuranuki Masahiro was born 12/20/1982. His blood type is O. He is 174cm tall.

Kuranuki: You really love Tomorrow Research.
Sion: Yes, it's wonderful.
Kuranuki: Yeah, because you've made lots of new friends, a great feeling. You have three big brothers and a sister. It's really terrific. Everything you ever wanted.
Sion: Masahiro, do you have brothers?
Kuranuki: I have two little sisters.
Sion: Really? Oh, it would be great to have little sisters.
Kuranuki: Yes. And working is fun, too. If I didn't, I would be unhappy. I have responsibilities, so I feel like I really exist.
Sion: Yes, that's exactly how it is!
Kuranuki: School, for example. If I'm not there, it doesn't matter as no one needs me there. You, Sion, are the number one source of income!
Sion: No, it just happened that my work is really easy for me. But Masahiro, it's like you said. I feel that this is really my thing. It's great. Masahiro, do you like mecha?
Kuranuki: Um, no not at all, not ever. When I make pro-models, I always lose important little parts. *smile* I never make it perfectly. Sion, you make neat things out of little spare parts. That's really great!
Sion: Well, I love it. Fairly, anyway. Shall I teach you?
Kuranuki: Oh, no, I'd never be able to. *grin*
Sion: But I think acting is even better than making things.
Kuranuki: Really? But when I have to remember my lines, and then someone gets angry at me, I get very nervous.
Sion: What do you do then?
Kuranuki: Well, I wander about. Usually I go to the riverside. I sit down and I read and memorize my lines. Having that time to myself is really wonderful. Strange, eh? *grin*
Sion: No. Even from the start of Timeranger?
Kuranuki: Yeah. I like to think about things by myself. Night and noon both are the same. I hate to lose.
Sion: When you're calm, you can consider things carefully, polish up your attacks and counterattacks!
Kuranuki: Like how?
Sion: I understand. Because I also am a bit like that. Like when we fought Hydrid. Whatever I did, he changed direction.
Kuranuki: That time, I had to be the grown-up, not that they were children but they were weird. The way you felt, I understand!
Sion: Masahiro, if you became a Timeranger and they said you had to protect Earth, what would you think?
Kuranuki: Eh? If they said that?! I'd protect it!
Sion: Really?
Kuranuki: That's why I want to change. *grin* I'd love to ride in the robot!
Sion: Oh, come on, please give me a serious answer!
Kuranuki: I'm really glad the spacemen are not like Gray (???). Even though you were born on another star, your thinking is just like ours. Now, Timeranger's future seems to be that people on every world will be in cooperation. All the spacemen use their power together. And Sion is among those. That is really fantastic.
Sion: Yeah. Masahiro-san, I hope you always remember me well!
Kuranuki: Oh, yes! Me too!

Japan 162-8555
Shinjuku-ku, Shirogane-cho 18
Tokyo Hoei Biru
Hoei Terebi Production
Attn: Masahiro Kuranuki

Message from the actor, Masahiro Kuranuki.
Original posted October 15, 2000 at the bottom of
this Toie page.

Hello, this is Sion's actor, Masahiro Kuranuki. Now I'm staying at a traditional Japanese hotel near Nikko Edomura while filming the Time Ranger X Gogofive movie. The place is beautiful, so I'm thinking what to write. Even when I was in elementary school, I was no good at writing compositions. I heard they would put my comment on the homepage, so I was really nervous. But I'll do it anyway! Recently, I decided I love the word "Kiai" (Spiritual Shout or GUTS). Why do I like it? When I went to Okinawa for an event, Nishioka-san (Matoi's actor) fought with the evil villain and he said Kiai a lot. And it was really cool. Those were great lines, he was just fantastically cool. I just love this idiom.

Tomorrow is October 3, and I will be filming the most important scenes for my character! I'm going to Kiai my action! I want to keep kiai all the way through the last day of filming, day after tomorrow, October 4. Timeranger will finish soon. I have lots of great memories from the ten months of work. The first thing is I was the youngest boy, so I was really nervous. But the others were all very kind to me, like family. I really loved it.

Magu-san (Tatsuya's actor) lives nearby, so he always gave me a ride home on his bike, and took care of me just like he was my big brother.

Yuji-san (Ayase) made me laugh all the time, even when I can't understand his gags (sorry, Yuji). But Yuji understands me very well! Just like another older brother.

Dehi-san (Domon) knows my favorite things, like clothes, music, stage or the models (Gundam) I like. So we have a lot of things in common and always go to town together. He's really nice and knows just about everything! Yet another big brother!

Next about Mika-san (Yuuri) I really have nothing to say! No, it's a lie *grin*. Actually, she's closest to my age and always teases me. But when I am tired, she is very kind. Just like a big sister.

Shinji-san (Naoto) is coming here for the middle of the film. His ideas and skills influenced me, I've changed because of him.

Because I've worked and been with them, I can overcome very hard, stressful times. In three months, Time Ranger will be finished filming, But I believe my memories and relationships, and Time Ranger, are the greatest!

今、僕は「タイムレンジャーvsゴーゴーファイブ」の撮影で日光江戸村の近くの旅館に泊まっています。景色がすごく奇麗な場所で、何を書こうか考えているところです。  小学校の頃から作文がめちゃめちゃ苦手でホームページに僕のコメントを載せると聞いて、どうしようかと思いました。ちょっと気合いを入れて書こうと思います。今、僕は「気合い」という言葉が気に入っている今日この頃です。それは、イベントで沖縄に行った時、ゴーゴーファイブの西岡さん(マトイさん)が、悪者と戦っている時に「気合いだー」っていうせりふがあってそれが「わぁーめちゃめちゃカッコイイー」と思ってお気に入りの言葉になった今日、この頃です。(今日この頃ではさみました。)


 しんじさん(直人)は、撮影半ばで入ったんですが、芝居やしんじさん自身の考えにすごく影響を受けて自分が変わったと思います。 こんな優しい仲間に出会えて僕はツライ事や悩んだ事も乗り越えてやってこれました。あと3ヶ月でタイムレンジャーの撮影も終了ですが、この思い出、出会い、そして・・・。