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"You're the one who brought us here! I'll never be able to see my friends or my people, or my family again!"

Tatsuya gave him the surname Tarou. He was born December 28, 2978. Blood type, O. He was in charge of teaching self-defense for Tomorrow Research, but I don't know if he EVER got any students.

Domon is a very emotional person. He has never in his life bothered to hold himself back. Emotion doesn't simmer within him, it simply breaks out. Unfortunately, this ends up with him giving a sort of "bull in the China shop" impression a lot of the time. The first thing that is clear about him is he is not taking this business of being a Time Ranger cadet with any seriousness. He watches the pretty girls, dozes during lectures, and tries to pick up Yuuri after a speech. Her brush-off gets him teased by Ayase, and a fight might have ensued but for a charming, starry-eyed youngster who popped up asking for his autograph: Sion. That was essentially how the group met. And that was where we first heard that Domon was a pro-fighter. It was a bit before we learned what that meant. He was a grapple-fighter, and the battles took place in a kind of virtual arena. But he had lost his job and was banned from the sport for being late to matches, usually because he was out chasing girls. Because he was a fighter, he's also very good at first-aid, and tends to dress the others' wounds after battle. He's also very conscious of certain social mores and is firm in demanding that Tatsuya not use the word "alien" to describe Sion, since they are really ALL aliens. All space-people.

The first thing I realized about Domon, was that he was totally flummoxed by this happening to him. He never expected to be chosen for the team. He was totally unprepared, and then he was essentially kidnapped (along with the others, but he's inclined to take things personally). Despite his confusion, he rallies when it comes time to fight. He is quick and really quite good. He is incredibly strong, and has been known to punch his way through a Zenitto. In a literal sense.

He has a difficult time at first understanding the behavior of the others in his group, all but Sion. Tatsuya's indignition at finding out the future is settled gets Domon to puzzle, "If our future changed, I wouldn't like it, would you?" But his attitude changes when he finds out they aren't going to be allowed to return until they catch all of the prisoners. He has been torn from his family and the life he had always expected to lead. He is somewhat aware of the number of prisoners in the Londar Penitentiary, and he just cannot see it possible that the four of them could recapture all of those. He protests to the others, "Are you all crazy? Even if we're all together, you think we can win?!" without realizing that Ayase is actually much of the same opinion. But it is easy for him to imagine fighting for the near future, for the sake of tomorrow, and his heart warms towards Tatsuya for this idea.

Domon notices right off that Tatsuya is a rich man, but he doesn't understand that the other man has cut himself off from his family and so is only using up the last of his money, hoping they can find enough work to live on. Domon is from a large, close-nit family and such a willing separation is beyond his comprehension at first. The only reason for leaving something you love is if it locks you out, to him. Not locking yourself out.

Domon suffers his most embarrassing moment when Sion declares he loves him. I mean, really in a way he set himself up for it. He'd just told Sion, "Look, I love everyone, except girls are so poor and cute, so I have to help them! It doesn't matter who loves who." And Sion, after thinking about that a moment, responded with "If that's true then I love you, Domon!" He knew exactly what the boy meant, the trouble was this announcement was made in a shout in a crowd of passing strangers, in front of a pretty woman Domon was trying to get to join his self-defense class. And none of them knew what was truly meant. But did he attack, yell or shout? Not at all, though he did drag the boy away to a quiet corner. Instead, he swore to teach Sion to fight and then managed to slip away before the youngster could catch him again. It was only when Domon learned that Sion was an orphan, the last of his species and had been raised in a lab, alone, that he realized the extent of Sion's need for friendship and was angry with himself for not being kinder to the boy. From then on, Domon pretty much took Sion under his wing.

Despite his tendency to rush in where angels fear to tread, Domon is very empathetic. He cares for Sion, he feels for Yuuri. And slowly he comes to understand Tatsuya. Ayase, well, he just puts Ayase in perspective deciding he's "too sensitive." He considers Ayase perfect, and bloody annoying at first. But eventually he comes to like him. We learn the most about Domon in Episode 7, for he suffers a sort of breakdown, complicated by the memory-download the Time Police had given him. He is lonely and lost, wanting to go home and be back with his family. He keeps thinking he is back in the 30th. He blames the Time Captain for what has happened to him. It is Tatsuya who suffers most from this, because his resemblance to Captain Ryuuya leads Domon to attack him. But he does not hold it against the sick man, and does his best to take care of him until he recovers. Domon spent the early episodes with a mild degree of interest in Yuuri, mostly by dint of a lot of wishing that she'd be sweet and say "please" and "thank you" and things like that. However, he did not resent her for not being that way.

And then Episode 11 brought us Honami Moriyama. And we never expected how things turned out. Honami Moriyama was an intrepid camerawoman in the dog-eat-dog world of news photography, and she was determined to find out the scoop of the century. The real identities of the Time Rangers. And while she pursued this objective, it never once occurred to her that if their identities were known, they might be endangered. When she gets in the way with her picture-taking and prevents them from destroying a machine that controls people's minds, that is the last straw and Time Pink lets her know in no uncertain terms what will happen if they cannot destroy the machine in time. Time Yellow is left briefly alone with her, long enough to see her fall to pieces. So he goes to her, to speak words of gentle reassurance, then leaves to fight the Londarz. His compassion, at the moment she feels she is the worst person in the world, draws her to him. She gets her pictures of their real faces, but as she cannot talk to them and has vowed to stay out of their way, no one realizes that she thinks Ayase is Time Yellow. In Episode 15 Honami returns. Rumors are flying that she knows the Time Rangers, and so an assassin sent out by Dorunero waylays her, finds her picture of Time Yellow and Ayase, and believes it true. Honami, held hostage, thinks only of the danger to the people around her, and the danger to Time Yellow if he should come. But she knows the Time Rangers will not come because they hate her. However, she is wrong. And it is only Sion who catches on to the fact that Honami is in love with Domon. He gives her his e-mail address so that she can write to Domon. For her, an e-mail romance is born. For Domon, it's just a matter of indulging a fan. But he enjoys each of her letters and always answers her. She is his only correspondant, after all. Eventually he realizes that she is deeply attached to him, and this troubles him because someday he will return to the 30th Century. For a while, he stops answering her e-mails because he doesn't know what to say. He likes her and cares about her safety, but he is attracted to sexy, beautiful women as a matter of course, therefore it takes him quite some time to realize he's fallen in love with her. It was in Episode 31 when he was tortured with a vision of himself murdering Honami, that he finally knew just how much he cared about her. She had asked him to meet her in the place they first met, and he at first would not. But after the vision, after they finally defeated the enemy, he raced to meet her except it was two hours too late. She had waited, but left just a few seconds before he arrived. He found her small picture-wallet where she'd dropped it and realized in painful irony that she thought he was Ayase. He could only laugh bitterly. So when he returns home, he asks Ayase accusingly if the man has anyone in their home time but gets an irritated negative. And so he spends a long time thinking about what is the right thing to do.

It wasn't until Episode 36 that this was resolved. Domon determined the only right thing to do was to give Honami Ayase, if he could convince the other man to go to her. He manages to get Ayase to himself after some quick and less-than-subtle maneuvering so he can make his request. And when he shows Ayase the pictures, and the other man gets an expression of miserable anguish, Domon decides for certain he is doing the right thing. He does not know what is really going through Ayase's head, in fact neither do we though we can guess. He only knows that Ayase is as terribly alone as he is. If Honami wants Ayase, then Domon will make sure she gets Ayase, for both their sakes. Unfortunately, Ayase refuses to cooperate with this self-sacrifice. Only when Domon is brought face to face with Honami, and ends up with her in his arms and desperate to protect her, does he realize he cannot give her up so easily. And only when he goes to her does he find out that it is not Ayase she wanted but himself, whatever face was his.

It was Episode 40 when Domon and the others finally found out about Ayase's illness. For the first time Domon understood everything about the other man. He tried to force Ayase to return to the 30th, where there had to be better medical treatment for his condition, even though there was no cure. The doctors of the 20th could not even tell Ayase was ill. However, when Ayase resorts to pleading to be allowed to stay and fight the Londarz, he is impossible to refuse. It breaks Domon's heart to know there is nothing he can do to save Ayase. In the end he can only love his friend, and be with him and believe in him.

By Episode 41, Domon has decided Tatsuya and Yuuri have been pussy-footing it around long enough. He is so happy with Honami, that he thinks the two of them should just admit they have a thing for each other and enjoy what time they have left together. So he reminds them that he is the "leader" of the team, and sends them on a mission undercover together. This seems to backfire though in truth it hasn't, and he remains frustrated for their sake while ecstatic for his own and Honami's. Eh-hem. Speaking of them, they have a very intimate relationship. It wasn't until the end that we realized quite how but it made perfect sense. Around Episode 48 Honami had started to demonstrate a marked interest in couples strolling by with babies. Domon worried constantly about her survival and her future. He was unwilling to return to the 30th Century because he could not know if she would be safe. It is therefore to his extreme horror and fury that he finds the choice taken from him. Tatsuya traps them aboard the Time Ship and sends them to the future, afraid for their lives. And they find the future has changed. Domon is no longer banned from the world of Virtual Fighting. Now he had been suspended for a year, and that year was over. He could return to what he had loved so much. But Domon has changed. What he loved so much was Honami, and she was a thousand years in the past. And so it is easy for him to choose to return and try to save her time.

From the Time Ranger article on Pgs. 38-55 of
Dengeki Tokusatsu Tsushin 2000 Summer Vol. 3.
Hyper Battle Time Ranger: Virtual Talk.

Bio of Domon

Pg. 41

From a family of seven, and if you count grandmothers and grandfathers that's one big family. He was a professional grappler in the world of virtual wrestling. He was very concerned about the rules for what kind of weapons one could use. He fought every day bare-hand style. And he always turned around to chase after girls, which often made him late for games. He missed a match and was banished from the industry. And so he joined the Time Police as a new step in life.

He became a Timeranger, and got the new problem of being left in the 20th Century, but he really wanted so badly to be back in the 30th, but there was opposition. He had to bear the burden of the mission to defeat the Londarz. He still felt a powerful desire to return to the 30th.

For Tomorrow Research he was to put his grappling to practical use and teach self-defense. Though he distributed flyers, he couldn't get any pupils. And then he became attached to Honami Moriyama. What will that mean for her? He's 22 years old.

Time Ranger: Virtual Talk

Domon Interviews Tomohide Koizumi

Pg. 50-1

Tomohide Koizumi was born 10/11/1977. His blood type is O. He is 185cm tall.

Koizumi: Hey, I went to see the "Hickson (Greats) VS Funaki (Seikatsu)" match! It was really intense! I would love to see one of your matches, I think.
Domon: Oh, that match wasn't so great. My matches are on a much higher level. Tomohide, you like combat!
Koizumi: Well, my college friends liked it. It was a tempting, OK scene, too.
Domon: Yeah, it's great!
Koizumi: Pro-wrestling can be perfectly enchanting. Last time I saw a pro-wrestling student.
Domon: But you didn't do it?
Koizumi: No, I just watched.
Domon: It's not that important. You're really tall.
Koizumi: Yeah, by Sixth in grade school, I was already 174 centimeters tall.
Domon: What kind of sports did you do?
Koizumi: Well, in those days I went in for swimming. But I hated practice! I'd just get my swimsuit wet and go home.
Domon: What did you do?
Koizumi: Well, I was really fast.
Domon: Really..? But that's like me! I mean, I only liked to practice a little. I really loved the grappling match! But because I was late.... Um, when did you swim?
Koizumi: I quit in grade school. In Junior High I took up basketball. I did great in the Kanagawa Prefectural championship.
Domon: Yeah, terrific! So you kept with it.
Koizumi: When I went to high school, it was recommended. But I really hated practice, and loved high school life. I went to another school to enjoy basketball.
Domon: So, what did you do?
Koizumi: Well, at that high school too, you had to practice, surprisingly. I wouldn't practice, I just cheered others on from outside the court, so they called me a "wall flower".
Domon: A what? Ah, but I understand how you feel. I'd hate that tightening feeling. It's more fun to pursue girls.
Koizumi: Well, I can't really handle girls. Which is funny 'cuz even an actor has to be able to handle girls. That's what everyone says, but I get shy.
Domon: Stop that. Really, stop.
Koizumi: But, aren't the gang-girls and the overmade ones a little scary? I really hate that look.
Domon: Oh yeah. It'd be nice if everything was neat and clean.
Koizumi: Good! 'Cuz it really matters how she thinks.
Domon: Yes, yes. But a woman like Yuuri is way too strong.
Koizumi: *snix* *twitch*
Domon: Tomohide! Um, so what do you think of Honami?
Koizumi: Eh? But... wouldn't it be better if you stop with her...?
Domon: WHAT?! Tomohide, how can you say that!
Koizumi: Wa! I don't say that now. By the way, Domon. You know, the road to peace, asking for the future of the world. I don't want terrible things to happen anymore.
Domon: Don't worry about it! Tomohide, what would you do for the sake of world peace?
Koizumi: Me? Um... me? I suppose I'd want everyone to pray for love and peace. I'd like to be the same as Yanagisawa Shingo.
Domon: Oh, now that's scary.

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Message from the actor, Tomohide Koizumi
Original posted November 12, 2000 at the bottom of
this Toie Page.

Well, I think it's fall now.

This morning we were so busy wrapping up everything. When we headed out the entry-hall the chill, weaving air made my body tense and my breath white.

I wore a lot of extra clothes and thought later I would be sweaty, especially with all the activity we would be doing, but when the sun finished rising it was still much the same. Just a month ago I only had to wear one shirt. But I prefer this season.

I like fall and winter best. With the cold we have to dress heavily, so it's harder to move. Winter is a very hard season for living, so we become gentle to each other. The leaves on trees wither and the cold wind bites us, and the season cuts to the heart and because it is heartbreaking, we feel tender. Like the warm light of a candle.

The scents of fall and winter calm the heart. The tensions and nervousness from work ease up. Certainly it isn't always this way, but the feeling overwhelms us to go along and touch someone else. There're quite a few people who understand everything I think. Ah, my memories of the time from when we began filming Time Ranger.

My existence, my place was of wanting to just plunge into this world. Just wanted to make myself known to all these other people. I wanted to stand out so I could advance in the world of show business. I was born a shy and easily worried type of person. This is why I yearned to be in this perfect world.

It's almost been one year since we began filming Time Ranger. I learned so many things just in this one year. Greeting and becoming close to people, my form of presentation, the importance of our helping people, and I think I'll continue to learn more and more about people. I want to establish my identity in this world. I want to delve deep into my own self.

Now I yearn to be part of the world, but also I want to feel optimistic about life. Now when I look back I realize I didn't want to look forward before. I had the opportunity to do that kind of thinking because of Time Ranger, and I'm grateful. I've thrown all my power and maybe my pride. I can cry and laugh, mourn and be glad while filming the last two months. If anything goes wrong I still want to go on. No, even if too much goes wrong I want to go on! Since filming began I've gained so many fresh feelings and memories.

The cast has given the greatest performance, the staff have given their best for everyone in the audience! I'm just so grateful for all the help and support!

This is Time Yellow Domon's actor, Koizumi Akihide.