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His elusive pendant
"I know what's important in life. When you said you could change tomorrow, I really believed you. If I am a Time Ranger, I can do this. Change tomorrow."

On his driver's license, he is named Ayase Shinnosuke. Birthdate, February 18, 1978.

When we first "met" Ayase, we had no idea he was ill. His usual expression I defined as "Why do these things happen to me?" without realizing how accurate it was. Every time he was required to do something, he had this resigned, put-upon expression. He always placed himself between people and danger, yet he was quite standoffish, yielding to Tatsuya's enthusiasm reluctantly. Ayase's resignation was puzzling. At first he was an extreme mystery. Why would such a young man seem so without hope? He said, "There're a lot of futures that you can't change." But when he was confronted with Tatsuya's belief that while you may not be able to change a thousand years from now, you can change tomorrow, that struck him to the core and from that moment on it was that philosophy that he lived for. This did not make him particularly more open, though. When Tatsuya was trying to help them find things they could do in the present, Ayase would not say anything about what he wanted to do. But he had sketched a picture of a car on a paper. Later, we watched with Tatsuya as Ayase stared wistfully at a very nice car. We saw him reach for the handle then withdraw his trembling hand. It seemed he had some sort of phobia about cars and at first everyone assumed he did not know how to drive, but wanted to. Then he admitted to Tatsuya that he had once been a race-car driver, and demonstrated his racing skills. And when he was afraid they would be killed, he threw himself between Tatsuya and danger with almost suicidal determination, until Tatsuya punched him out and lectured him firmly, "Ayase, don't give up! Even if the thing you love is gone, do NOT give up!" This, too, struck Ayase. Perhaps for the first time he looked at Tatsuya as a person who mattered, rather than someone he just had to put up with as a Timeranger. I thought maybe he had killed someone accidently in a race, and that was why he was afraid to drive, now. Haha, but no.

He and Domon, though, were like oil and water. His very first line was a cut-down on the tall man. "There's no way you could get a girl of our time. You could only pick one up in the stone age!" Sometimes, I thought he was surprised when something he said angered Domon, but he just waited through the storm. It was because of Domon, though, we found out that Ayase knows a startling amount about Soba (noodles), both the making and history thereof. They never elaborated upon it. The two men eventually became un-admitted friends, after Domon came to the conclusion that Ayase was simply over-sensitive and so his odd, defeatist attitude could be generally ignored.

Ayase and Yuuri, on the other hand, seemed remarkably similar. Both of them were generally calm. They followed one path, the one that would take them to recapturing the Londarz. They were the voice of reason to the other three's sometimes childish playfullness. At first I thought they might wind up a couple, but that never happened.

Ayase and Sion never had any problems. That probably had a great deal to do with Sion's innocent will to believe the best of everyone, and the fact that Ayase would have felt like a rat if he ever hurt the boy. I certainly would have.

So I was clueless about Ayase and his attitude for a very long time, though he grew on me. And then this happened:

From Episode 9

Tatsuya calls them to make a toast. Sion has orange juice, and gives Ayase his wine. But there is something strangled in Ayase's face, a pain he is losing control of as he holds the stem of the wine glass too tightly and his hands shake violently, the glass falls and shatters on the floor. The others move anxiously, watching him. His face is an unhealthy color, and he is having trouble speaking. He looks like he's about to throw up. "I'll -- I'll be right back." He makes his way shakily around the others. Sion asks softly, "What's wrong with him?" Domon says with some annoyance, "That's dumb, I figured it. He's way too sensitive." "Oh," says Sion. And perhaps Yuuri thinks so, too. But Tatsuya is sure there is much more to this than that.

Ayase pushes hard through the door out into the cold, night air. He clutches at his heart, with a sound of pain, and staggers down the stairs. He makes it around the corner to slide down against the wall, in obvious agony though he fights to muffle the sounds that escape his lips. Something in his chest hurts so terribly.

The others sit together at the table, again deeply into that magazine. While Domon and Sion are discussing the pictures, Tatsuya gets up, worrying. Yuuri watches him. He knows something must be very wrong, but if he knew that Ayase was way below them, in physical agony, he would not stay there. And Ayase's eyes bug out but finally the worst of the pain is passing. He lies half-conscious against the wall.

And in episode 10, the truth came out.
But only to Tatsuya

"I told you I wanted to be a car racer. And I had a physical checkup. In one or two years... I have Oshirisu Syndrome. And there is no cure in this time. Once the symptoms show, there's only a year or two left. The heart will stop. There's no treatment. When I first learned about my illness, I couldn't tell anyone. Not my parents, not my friends. And I let my life go to hell. Every day, every night, I fought because I didn't care when I would die. But one day I realized I really wanted to live. It's not such a self-sacrifice, to help other people."

And so we slowly learned a little more about Ayase. Back when he was still racing, he had a friend/competitor named Baron. After one race, Baron killed a pedestrian because of reckless driving. Ayase stood witness and got him put in the Escalator, but knew he was not evil for all that. Besides knowing a startling amount about Soba, our man is nervous and tense under test situations. He loves strawberries. He can play Othello (and beats Domon at it constantly). He is tremendously curious about a lot of things. He has a soft spot for children. He claims he likes really sexy women, but one time we actually do see his type. You see, he prefers businesslike, impeccably groomed women who won't take any lip. This was quite amusing when Honami was thinking that Ayase was Time Yellow, because she was so totally different from his type, however (he said himself) she is not the type he hates. Ayase was delivered the shock of his life when Domon asked him to go meet Honami. The fact that the woman thought HE was Time Yellow explained everything. Despite his best efforts to provoke Domon into changing his mind, Ayase eventually allowed himself to be talked into it. But though he did not dislike Honami, he had no interest in having a relationship with her and every interest in helping Domon get together with her. For he knew how lonely Domon was. I don't think Ayase has allowed himself to consider having any kind of love since he found out he was dying.

And then there was Ayase and Naoto Takizawa (Time Fire). From the first I think Ayase had an instinctive understanding of Naoto. For all we know, Ayase knows so much about Soba because his family was poor and made Soba for a living. Assuming something like that, through dint of his skill, Ayase became a racer. Probably he would not have liked it if some rich brat hung about him and offered to pay his way. This did not mean he was blind, either. He fully expected Naoto to behave coldly, but it was Ayase who went to Naoto for help in getting the money to pay Dorunero for the vaccine to save people from a killer virus. And it was to Naoto that Ayase turned for help again much later... but you'll have to read the summaries for that one.

Ayase had been dying for so long, that he was rather used to it. Therefore, when the Timerangers were told they could return where they belonged, he was the least concerned about it. When Domon asked him what they should do if they can figure out why the Earth would be destroyed in the year 2001, he said that for himself he would fight to stop it. He has lived in this time so long, the other has become something of a dream to him. Unreal, and therefore not as important as this moment. For Ayase lives in the moment. Even when he was offered his life, that idea was another thing too unreal for him to be bothered with. All that mattered was saving Tatsuya and his time from certain destruction.

From the Time Ranger article on Pgs. 38-55 of
Dengeki Tokusatsu Tsushin 2000 Summer Vol. 3.
Hyper Battle Time Ranger: Virtual Talk.

Bio of Ayase

Pg. 40

Ayase's goal was to be a racer. During the pro-test physical examination he was diagnosed with Orishisu Syndrome. In the delicate magnetic forces of the universe, after one or two years the disease would cause his heart to suddenly stop. The symptoms are pain. When he is too active sometimes his heart hurts very much. The Thirtieth Century medical care has not found a treatment for it. The mental shock of finding the race-road suddenly closed to him, sent him wild and living on the edge. But he came to the realization that he wanted to live no matter what. He recovered his mental balance. He joined the Time Protection force to advance on a new path.

He became a Timeranger, and in the middle of fighting the Londarz, Tatsuya learned both of his dream of becoming a racer, and his sickness. He did not want other people to be troubled because of his weakness, but that's pretty difficult to avoid when living with the other four. These days he has to thank Tatsuya's kindness.

He's an arm of Tomorrow Research, in charge of the driving. He's 22 years old.

Time Ranger: Virtual Talk

Ayase Interviews Yuuji Kido

Pg. 48-9

Yuuji Kido was born 2/18/1978. His blood type is A. He is 176cm tall.

Kido: Ayase, you're so serious. You didn't tell anyone even when you went for your driver's test.
Ayase: It can't be helped.
Kido: I know you must feel despair because of your illness, because your life's dream was to be a racer.
Ayase: .........
Kido: I started playing basketball, because when I was in Junior High School I read Slam Dunk. I really, really loved basketball, but in High School I injured my legs, fractured the bones. Because I'd jumped too far, overdid it. I used to have a choice daily, practice basketball or go on a date. Of course I'd go on the date. *smile* I had a driver's license, but it took one year to get because I was injured snowboarding, tore the ligaments and so I couldn't push the clutch in. But I had to rest and not put any pressure on my joints. It was such a long time. Going to the training institute made me depressed.
Ayase: And cars?
Kido: I couldn't take myself anywhere. I could only use the family car, but my big and little brothers were always using it! Do you have siblings?
Ayase: Um...
Kido: We really get along great, my brothers and I. We never fight at all. All of us love hand-sports, my brothers went in for karate. Well, you see, we feel things deeply. We cried when we saw "Armageddon." Afterwards we went to the toilet, stood in front of the mirror and cried.
Ayase: *snix* hahahaha
Kido: So, finally you smile! Ayase, put your trust in Tatsuya and the others. He's good, Tatsuya is. I know he's a greenhorn, but he wants to take care of people.
Ayase: But he's so interfering. He found that picture of a car I threw in the garbage.
Kido: And consequently, he learned of your dreams and your illness. I thought that might be good. When I read the script for that scene in the freezer in the warehouse, I was so glad. Reality is so unstable, but you can take it easy now because you've told Tatsuya. There's no meaning in you living with this despair all by yourself. By the way, your heart.... How much does it hurt? I've wanted to ask you for the longest time.
Ayase: Nobody can understand. They're not me.
Kido: You know, hips hurt when they're twisted, even more than legs. I think it is the most painful when hips are twisted. Your heart probably hurts one hundred times more than that.
Ayase: You..!
Kido: Okay, a thousand times worse.
Ayase: *stutter* That's impossible.
Kido: Haha. I think you must be the most difficult person to get along with of those five. But if they knew about your illness, I think Yuuri and Domon would change. For Kido (me), I think Ayase is the greatest.
Ayase: But I don't want to tell everyone! Not yet.
Kido: I understand. Next time let's go play somewhere. I can triumph over such a situation. When everyone travels they say "Of course, Kido." And I decide where we should go. If we want to go eat, I decide where. If I meet someone who seems depressed, I don't leave them alone, I just keep trying to cheer them up.
Ayase: Yuuji... I understand. Let's go wherever. I'm driving.
Kido: Right, that's settled then.

Japan 106-0046
Minato-ku, Motoazabu
3-6-9 Motoazabu-kan B1
Attn: Yuji Kido

Message from the actor, Yuuji Kido

From The bottom of Toei's page on the 10/22/2000 episode

Hello, I am Time Blue, Ayase's actor Yuuji Kido. I'm in a hurry, I had two days to write this little article. I should have done it earlier. *sweating*

Recently I'm working on the Time Ranger X Gogofive Vcinema feature, and on the Time Ranger shows at Korakuen. The days are great but too busy. The members of the Gogofive are really nice, and I was happy to get to know them.

The first day we did the Time Ranger show three times, and shook hands with the fans. It's really stressful and fulfilling. During the performance I didn't feel strained, but during the rehearsals the action hurt!

One hell of an adrenaline rush! There were SO many people coming to see the Time Ranger show, it was GREAT! Now, the second day we played four times, and so many people were here, I loved it but Dehi (Domon's) was ad-libbing and kept getting me, as I couldn't hear him well. We'll all cooperate to do another show, and please come see us.

Playing Ayase is an incredible experience for me. His life's dream was to be a Pro-racer, but in a health check he found out that he was was terminally ill from Osirus Syndrome. He is NOT a mild-tempered person, but he is very sad. That's why Ayase sees the other four being Time Ranger, and he tries to be more upbeat. He is always very quiet, because he is ill. I don't know what Ayase will be in the future, but at the last the group will be seperated. What will we do? I don't know.

Well, I'll introduce my buddies.

Magu (Tatsuya) is very like Tatsuya. We have a lot in common. When we met at the auditions, we just clicked. We went drinking wine together (they probably got quite drunk, he says they lost count of the bottles).

Dehi (Domon) is very gentle and healthy, and very fun. We're about the same age.

Kura (Sion) is much younger than us, but it doesn't seem to matter. We are very close and play together.

Mika (Yuuri) is really, really cute.

Shinji (Naoto) is older than us, and he listens to everything we say. I was impressed with his acting. But I like him, like he's an older brother.

Rin (Honami) is very pure-hearted, and beautiful. I know Honami looks stupid, but it's not true. I am of the same opinion as Ayase, I think.

I'm glad to know them all. Time flies. Filming of Time Ranger will finish in three months. We have to keep healthy and strong to finish filming. Root for us, everyone!

I'm really happy. These people will be my best friends for the rest of my life.

 最近は、Vシネマ(タイムレンジャーvsゴーゴーファイブ)の撮影、後楽園でのタイムレンジャーショーの公演など、楽しく忙しい日々を過ごしています。ゴーゴーファイブのメンバーはみんなナイスな人達で、一緒にやっててとても楽しかったです。  タイムレンジャーショーは、初日に3回公演と握手会をしました。いい緊張感を持って本番に臨むことができました。本番がリハーサルと違い、体を打っても不思議と痛くない。アドレナリンが分泌しまくりました。また、すごい人数のお客さんが観に来てくれていてとてもうれしく思いました。2日目は、4回公演でした。2日目もたくさんの人達が観に来てくれていてすごくうれしかったです。でひ(ドモン)のアドリブにもやられたし……。これからもタイムレンジャーショーをみんなで力を合わせてがんばっていきたいと思うので、みなさんぜひ観に来てください。