Actor: Arthur Kuroda

Itsuro Takamizawa. He is thirty-eight years old. We only ever saw him in the Thirteen Riders Special. He is head of the Takamizawa Group. Richer than sin, he lives a pastoral life where he can have anything he wants. He seems nice enough to his servants. But to the other Kamen Riders...? He is cruel and deadly. Indifferent to the actions of the monsters, he cares only to fight the other riders. Curiously, in the Special he seems well acquainted... with all the nasty ones. Aside from the fact that in that reality he murdered Tezuka, I just really, really hate the character. I cheered when he got blown to pieces! Boy, did that ass deserve it!! Just so you all know, though, Mr. Arthur Kuroda who plays him seems to be a total sweetheart and I'd date him in a second (hah, like that'd ever happen).

He became a Rider for the age-old power-mad person's reason. He wanted power. He probably wanted the world. Ren Akiyama as Knight killed him, but did not long survive his death.