Impaler was 얞 pronounced Mitsuru Sano, and played by Takashi Hyuuga. And it seems it really IS supposed to be "Emperor" *pout*. It's a scrunch-together of Emperor and Impala, of course. Apparently someone in the loop finally went to the trouble of looking up the correct spelling. Mitsuru Sano had a day-job as one of those guys in an enormous parking lot who waves you to a parking space. He parked rich businessmen, though. And they tended to put lots of extra yen in his grasping hands for him to do things like wipe bird-poop off their windows. I'd only actually seen this happen once.

He had these enormous eyes. He was very like his companion beast, the Gigazelle, I suspect in more than just those gazelle-like eyes. The gazelle travels in a herd, which made it a little disorienting when he attacked. While we know which beast is his from the cards, I think the other riders were unsure. With herd instinct, he tried to bond with a set of Riders. He came first to Shinji and Ren at Atori, handed them his businesscard which said Kamen Rider Impaler. They simply gazed at him in shock. But he was like a puppy, all wriggly and excited, and calling them his seniors (which melted Shinji's rather soft heart). Ren, on the other hand, was not remotely trusting. He chased the boy out and got an indignant pout for his actions. So then Sano went to Toujou and Professor Kagawa, who gave him quite the long, flummoxed stares. They eventually did bring him in, and he with them went after Yui. Kagawa died, and Shinji knew better than to believe in the boy. Toujou wanted nothing to do with him. He went to Kitaoka who was just as uninterested, but asked for a letter of recommendation to give the other Riders, and BELIEVED Kitaoka would do him good! He tried to align with Asakura, being blissfully ignorant of who the other man was, and got chased off. *sigh* And then he found Toujou, badly injured, and took him home to try to help.

Mitsuru Sano was naive. So incredibly foolish. I can't quite impress it on you enough. He believed money made the world go around. You can buy friendship and love. You can TRUST people if you give them money or make a contract with them. *sigh* I've ended up feeling sorry for him, despite how wrong he was in his choices.

It turns out his father was the massively rich president of some industrial giant. Two years ago he disowned young Mitsuru and cast him out into the cold world. We're told by his associates that he'd intended his son to learn to stand on his own two feet. At any rate, he'd willed everything to the boy. And he died. Suddenly Sano found himself rich, respected, kowtowed to. It was everything he wished for and the lure that had made him become a Kamen Rider. He'd become aware of the cost, and tried to quit. Haha. He tried to throw his deck back in Kanzaki's face but was informed that if he did, the herd of Gazelles would kill him. Terrified, he went out with a suitcase full of cash to try to buy the alliance of the other powerful Riders. He went to Shinji and Ren. Shinji was able to say angrily that one couldn't buy loyalty, while Ren stared dreamily at the money but let it leave without him. Kitaoka was all sugary sweetness with him and said he'd draw up a contract before sending the boy away. Sano figured he couldn't trust him (and that's accurate, as Kitaoka wasn't going to do it anyway). He thought the only person he could trust was Toujou. eh-heh. Heheheh. *ouch*

He was offered a girl, by one of those business associates. The man's lovely daughter. When they were alone she apologized to him for her father acting weird, but he said he was delighted and flattered, and asked if they could see each other. Luck had stumbled him into a sincere girl. Then the gazelle attacked out of a passing car. Mitsuru headed into the Mirror World, found his herd was hungry, and went after Ryuuki. *sigh* At any rate, Tiger turned on him and nearly killed him. Despite having been attacked, Ryuuki saved him and yelled to run away. He ran straight into Oja, who pretty much follows Tiger around planning to kill him. Oja's not picky. He took out Impaler. Once his deck was destroyed, Mitsuru staggered through the Mirror World trying to find some way out. He stumbled upon a mirror which showed him the girl drenched in rain, waiting miserably in the vain hope that he would come back to her. He died, holding a shard of mirror in his hands and staring in anguish at the life he could have had.

Gigazelle, Magazelle, Omegazelle
The Omegazelle is the leader of the herd.