Actor: Yuge Tomohisa
Played Kiyojiro Bando in Kamen Rider Gaim, October 2013 to October 2014.

First to state the obvious: We know practically nothing about his background besides what's been demonstrated on the show. He is one wonderful, bizarre person.

Goro appeared first to pull Kitaoka's butt out of the frying pan when some criminals were out to give him a lesson in respect. He has the moves, and it was quite easy for Shinji to assume he was really a Kamen Rider. He is twenty-five years old. He can cook, clean, massage, shave, take photographs, and is a very effective bodyguard for his fighting skills.

Devotion.He is devoted to Kitaoka. Utterly and completely, but not blindly. He'll do just about anything his boss asks him to, and fortunately it seems his boss will not ask him to do things that are fundamentally wrong. He has been known to disapprove and be clear in his disapproval of things Kitaoka gets up to. When Kitaoka will not listen to a little girl, Goro does. Goro applies pressure simply and gently when he wants to get his own way. He just states the facts, and then keeps staring at Kitaoka until the man caves. One of the things he comes to disapprove of is the fighting as a Kamen Rider. He knows what Kitaoka is going through, and once he saw what the fighting was like, he started to weep. For I think he does not believe his boss is strong enough to win, no matter how much he loves him. But he does not ask him to stop. He does at one point intently and with malice almost run Asakura over with a car, but Kitaoka prevents that and scolds a rather shocky Goro, pointing out that this is HIS business to take care of.

Goro does have a five-mile long playful streak. He likes Shinji, knowing the boy means Kitaoka no harm and wouldn't hurt a fly under normal circumstances.

But Goro did not survive the Riders either. He took Kitaoka's place as Zolda when his beloved boss died and was killed by Asakura.