Actress: Natsuki Katou

Miho Kirishima is/was eighteen years old. We only met her in the movie, but she was quite the character and left a decided impression on me. She only appeared in suit in the 13 Rider Special. We don't really know when she was chosen. I do know why she's fighting. She had an older sister, not so long ago. The girl was murdered by Asakura during his rampage a while back. Kitaoka knows about this. He knows about Miho. But he did not know she was a Rider. It was quite a shock to them all to find each knew the other. Miho's managed to get some New-Age con ar -- er -- scientists, and they've stored her sister's body in a cubicle in a dark room. Frozen it lies, waiting for the nebulous future when she can be healed, yes brother, when science progresses enough to bring back a dead and frozen corpse!

Miho is a con artist herself. She got a diamond ring out of a guy she'd tricked into believing she was the daughter of a wealthy, influential family. She tried to steal Shinji's deck because, as she pointed out, she had to do anything to win. And she grew to like the charming innocent he is, though five years older than her. She has a bit of a problem with Asakura, namely that he murdered her sister. I think she was rather surprised to find out he was also a Kamen Rider. When she had a chance, she went after him in a blind rage. Something no one in their right mind would do, but I think I've established that she isn't exactly in her right mind. Fairly par for the course amongst the Kamen Riders.