this is pretty blurry everywhere

Half the staff are accounted for. Kanzaki is living... well... that's another question. Eri Ogawa was in a coma since about August 2001. Ren eventually was able to save her at the end of it all. Hajime Nakamura studiously avoided any questions about the lab, Kanzaki and what happened there, but he ended up joining Professor Kagawa as an Alternative Rider. Professor Hitoshi Ejima wandered the streets for months, a Seal Card in his hand, muttering raggedly that it wasn't his fault. A monster pursuing him sucked up people in his wake. When he lost the card, he fled back to room #401, where he was found by Yui. Before dying, he told her he wished she'd never existed. Just what the devil went on in this room, besides the obvious? And where are the other two students, Tamura and Nishimoto? Though they provide a possible answer to the other raging questions people have. Three people. Three decks unaccounted for. Perhaps Professor Hitoshi Ejima, Tamura and Nishimoto were the recipients of the other three decks, and we KNOW what happened to the professor.

Wandering the streets Dying on the floor