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Stage 31: 凄まじき魔神 〜マージ・ジルマ・ゴル・マジガジン〜
Susamajiki Majin Ma-ji Jiruma Goru Majigajin
Threatening Evil Spirit

The new forms provide for a new "now it's time for the shows!" set. Hibiki red and Legend Magi Red back-to-back, displaying the KR new sword and the Dial Rod respectively. The other four Legend Magiranger stand before a glowing, golden pool, the water in front of a quite familiar place Sentai and KR episodes sometimes are filmed. Legend Red levitates out of the pool on his Sky Broom, and the others gesture him on. He swoops past Magishine, who throws his ticket out. One of the KR disc-birds swoops in and catches it with beak.We see Hibiki, Ibuki and and... what's the guitar-guy called? Later, in their natural forms, Hibiki with flaming drumsticks. That high-pitched woman's voice says gleefully, "Super Hero Time STARTS NOW!" while we get a view of all six Magiranger heroes and the KR Hibiki trio.

In our last episode: The Magiranger five achieve Legend form! All shiny, sparkly, and each having a Dialrod. Using 1 Kai calls for Magibolt, fielding a powerful blast through a magical circle. Kai is still ecstatic over that. Everyone has settled at the table but him, and they are all quite pleased. He bounces over. "Wasn't that great? Legend Power!" he indicates all of them and does a happy pirouette. He's so enthused he doesn't really notice that when he grabs Tsubasa, his power engulfs the guy briefly in flame. Tsubasa throws him off with a cry of pain. "What's you go and burn me fire, don't do that!" Tsubasa snarls and whacks Kai, generating a crackle of painful electricity. He doesn't quite register it, though Kai goes down and then up with the pain and yells back at him anger for getting shocked. The two end up on their feet, snarling and shoving each other. Makito leaps up and goes to break up the fight, while Houka pays it no attention. She's delighting in how this new power will enable them to defeat the Infershia. "Right, Sensei?" she turns to him. In her excitement, she slashes her hands and a whirlwind comes up, a powerful blast of air that whips Hikaru's hair into his eyes causing him to cry out and sets Urara gasping. Urara leaps to her feet and clutches her hands together. Water pours out from her clenched fist. She looks shocked. The boys are distracted from their fighting by this and one of them (Makito or Tsubasa) scolds, "Don't clasp your hands so tightly, Urara!" They come back to sit at the table. Hikaru, a little anxious himself, explains that the Legend power is, well, a litle out of control. Tsubasa moves his hands, and lightning crackles up to the ceiling from his fingertips. Kai opens his right palm. A ball of flame bursts in it, the bathes his whole hand.

Stage. 32 父の言葉 〜マージ・ジルマ・ゴル・ゴジカ〜 Chchi no Kotoba Ma-ji Jiruma Goru Gojika Father's Words

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Stage 32: 父の言葉 〜マージ・ジルマ・ゴル・コジカ〜
Chichi no Kotoba Ma-ji Jiruma Goru Gojika
Father's Words

We start with an announcement. "Everyone," an excited Mandora-boy greets us. This is a Super Hero Time Quiz Campaign! Kai thanks us for always watching. He and Tsubasa are holding up a fold-out poster for Magrianger and Hibiki, also Kai has one of the Dialrod toys. Tsubasa pos around with a Hibiko sword toy and tells us todays there's fantastic prezzies! Makito pops in with a toy of the new Magiranger formation and tells us the quiz is when Hibiki is over. Urara pops in with some small, black figure. Oh, no it's red, she and Houka both are holding disc-animals. "Wow!" says Houka. Hikaru steps in front to tell us to watch. Smoky shoves him out of the picture. A crab disc-animal has him by the finger and he's in pain.

Down in Hades and Meemy calls, "Me Zazare!" In his hands appears an orb, blackness contained inside green shell. It turns on his palm with a low grown and there is a closed large eye. Above, Nai and Mea peek around and look worried. They recognize it. It glows brightly in Meemy's hand, then releases a sickly, green gas. Above them, the Zobiru and High Zobiru alike writhe when the gas gets to them and fall, rolling off the ledges and landing in twisting agony on the bottom. Nai and Mea are unaffected and trot down the stairs. The fallen Zobiru and High Zobiru start to turn green. The eye opens, black pupil surrounded by a red ring then a golden one, two colors in the iris of an otherwise white eye. Light flares from the eye, and the afflicted Zobiru groan as they disintegrate. The girls look pained and even horrified. "Kinga no me kinjuu, Mold," they identify the thing in Meemy's hands. Meemy chuckles and looks down. The eye is closed again. "Looks like you're sleeping," he tells Mold tenderly. 冥箘獣 モールド He turns to Nai and Mea, telling them to go try it out on the humans, and they cry, "Yessir!" bouncing down the rest of the stairs. "I ask of you," Meemy says, passing Mold into Nai's hand. They grin and pull out the Wolzaphones enthusiastically, stretching their arms up. But before they can use them, Wolzard's hands close around the two items. He takes them and the girls wail. "Our magic!" protests Nai. "Magic!" echoes Mea. "I'm taking it back," Wolzard says indifferently. He turns his back on them and puts the phones together, returning them to a ball of magic power, which he pushes back into his chest. "Give it back!" wail Nai and Mea, tugging on his shoulder and pounding weakly on his back. He lets out of a pulse of black energy, knocking them away. He sounds excited as he says, "The five little magi hold the Legendary power in their hands. This will be a new match! You wait, five little magi."

The day is overcast, and Makito returns home with a wicker basket full of vegetables on his back. Throwing the gate open ahead of him he calls, "We're home, we're home!" With Aniki Farm's fall harvets. Houka is behind him with a load of what looks like cucumbers, and Urara behind her with a basket perhaps of carrots. On their heels is a weary Tsubasa, carrying another basket full of such things as Daikon. He is not happy with having been recruited for the harvest and complains bitterly. Urara steps back to buck up his spirits. Being a girl, she got to carry the light stuff. Radishes, potatoes, etc etc. Houka is wiping of the Green Onions. She suddenly starts whining because she's spotted an insect and she hates insects. This gets Makito grinning. He wipes a Sweet Potato on his sleeve and takes a happy bite out of it. "I'm home!" we hear Kai's voice. They are hanging out in the front yard and welcome him back. Makito notes Kai's a bit late. Kai is, however, steaming. "Brothers, sisters!" he growls, and throws the soccerball in his hands angrily down to bounce chaotically about. "Everyone listen up!" Presumably they do, for next we see them on the steps. The doors to the house are open to let the autumn breezes in. Makito sits behind an unhappy Kai. Urara next to him, and Houka leans against the bricks holding up a pillar. Urara says, "Is that so..." sympathetically. And something else. Tsubasa moves into the scene after tossing the soccer back to Kai, pointing out something about soccer. Sounds suspiciously like Kai is not having good grades. He goes to the baskets of vegetables and settles down, picking at the sweet potatoes. "Looks like I'll have to quit soccer," he says miserably. At that, Makito's hand sets firmly on his shoulder. Kai turns questioningly and finds Makito has a stunning enigmatic expression. Makito squats down next to him, sets a hand firmly on top of Kai's head and rubs firmly. Kai is bewildered, but Makito speaks. "Kai, get strong." Kai is embarrassed and moves to brush Makito's hand off. "What are you saying so suddenly?" he half chuckles. Houka whines too, that she doesn't get what he means. Makito chuckles and stands up. "Yeah, that's right," he notes, looking around at them. Then he explains, "The truth is, that's what Father said." Kai's eyes go wide and he asks, "Dad?" When Makito confirms with a sound, Urara also stands and notes that she doesn't really remember their father. He was hardly ever home. Tsubasa notes it's because they were still very small then. Kai wriggles and asks hopefully, "Please tell me more about Father!" Makito is quite willing.

Once upon a time, he'd been into baseball. And there he'd been, sitting on the sidelines, watching as other kids hit the ball. His adult voiceover tells us this was one of the rare times his father returned home. And his father had come to him while he waited miserably as other kids played. Tall, white slacks, brown shirts and dark leather vest. Man's silver watch on his left wrist. Makito had been startled to find his father standing behind him, and also enraged that he would come at this point. Makito yanked his cap off and slammed it onto the ground. "I'm gonna quit baseball!" he snarled, always the fiery temper. His father reached down, picked up the cap. "And when I said that, Father said this." His father put the cap back on him, "Makito, become strong." *cough**cough* It does sound like Wolzard's voice, yes it does, lending creedance to what we've though all along. All we see is his face beneath his nose. Makito relates the power and the kindness of his father to his listening baby brother. "Become strong," echoes Kai, entranced. "Right!" he announces gleefully and bounce to his feet. "I get it, big bro!" And he babbles on about greater levels, and Makito starts stuttering, for it seems he hadn't meant the same thing Kai thinks. Kai goes on, "I'm gonna keep practicing, and become stronger!" Makito raises his voice, "No, that's not it. That's not the meaning of Father's wor- " he is cut off mid-word by the call of the Magiphone. They check it. There's a monster up as Tsubasa notes and Kai leads the charge away. Makito calls after him, wanting to explain but it's too late.

From Vankyuria's hand, Mold sends its spores, the green cloud bathes walking innocents as she laughs. People collapse in agony on the streets. Vankyuria flies overhead, spreading the deadly poison. She lands with a grunt, and hears her name called. Whirling around, she sees the rushing Magiranger. Kai's still at the heart, yelling "What are you doing?!" Vankyuria utters a contemptuous snort and pretends to ignore them. Kai gleefully says he's becoming stronger to Makito and charges ahead. Tsubasa shouts the words the others are thinking, "Wait, hey!" Kai races towards Vankyuria who, amused, raises Mold and sends his spores towards the approaching boy. Kai is running straight into the cloud unable to turn. "Look out!" Makito cries and leaps. He grabs Kai just before the cloud touches his skin and yanks his brother to safety the opposite direction. Thus it is Makito who ends up engulfed. He cries out in agony and bats at the cloud. Kai gasps and cries out. The others tear forward as Makito falls. Green crusts his left hand and climbs up his neck, he sees this and shouts in terror. Mushrooms start to sprout. The others almost reach him when Magishine calls frantically, "Wait!" He arrives in armor, leaping between them and Makito. "You can't touch him!" he says urgently. He whirls with the Barrier card and calls the command. The magic bathes Makito in its glow, stopping the spread of the mold and rendering him unconscious. The others leap forward, but Magishine frantically holds them back. Oddly, he doesn't have to touch Kai. "Not yet!" Tsubasa asks frantically, "What's happening to my big brother?" "We can talk after! Hurry up and transform!" Magishine tells them. Houka starts to plead but he urges them to hurry. The four obey, and once in their armor he lets them go. Houka and Urara frantically touch their big brother. Kai demands explanation. He identifies the ball in Vankyuria's hands as Mold. "Meikinju?" echoes Tsubasa. He explains that it is an ancient weapon of murder for the Infershia. He explains a little more, and Vankyuria is amused and snorts at his anxiety. And they realize, Houka noting with horror, that this Mold has hold of their brother. Makito's breathing rattles as Magishine explains. The greatest danger is when Mold opens its eyes. For everything it has touched, Vankyuria clarifies cheerfully, will be destroyed. The Magiranger panic over their injured brother while Vankyuria cackles and Kai begs what they can do. Magishine confirms there is one thing. Stop it before Mold opens its eye. Kai is all for that, tired of the talking he starts to charge when blasts hit around them. He is staggered and falls, and familiar feet land on the cement. "Kai-chan!" yelps one of the sisters. Wolzard has arrived. "You're growth has been extreme, five little Magi," he comments with pleasure. "Show me the Legendary Power." He implies that's the only way they'll solve this plight. He cocks his head to indicate Makito. Vankyuria tells them there is only an hour before Mold's eye opens, and passes the green ball into Wolzard's hand. "This'll be fun!" she says gleefully. Kai goes at Wolzard with a cry of rage, frantically slashing with his blade. Wolzard easily avoids being struck and meets the blade with his shield. He kicks Kai in the gut and then body-slams him with the shield. Kai is knocked on his back into the company of his siblings and Magishine, who moves protectively between them and Wolzard. Sounding halfway disappointed, Wolzard notes that they are still helpless before the power of darkness. He and Vankyuria vanish with Mold. "Wait!" Kai screams and tries to charge through Magishine, who holds him back. Magishine says urgently, "You have to get Makito to Lunagel!" "BUT - !" Kai cries and Magishine answers with his name. Sense gains a foothold, Kai turns to see his brother, crusted over with fungus and breathing raggedly, sweat beading his forehead. "Ruma gon garujina," Lunagel's voice inside the Ozu household speaks. A sparkle of magic over the bodies of the four Ozu siblings, they utter little gasps. "This is immunization magic," she explains. And now they don't have to worry about the Mold any longer. But... Makito is already infected. Hikaru hangs miserably over the sickbed Makito lies in and says that his magic has only slowed the process. Houka utters an anguished, "Is he going to die?!" Kai chokes on that understanding. Urara sinks down. Tsubasa bites his tongue and checks his Magiphone, reminding them of the time limit Vankyuria had mentioned. And out there the city is being drenched in Mold's spores. There're only thirty-five minutes left. And the buildings are turning green. "This is terrible!" cries Mandora-boy. He and Smoky in the Magilamp hover in front of the mirror, where skyscrapers show sickly green. They hurtle back to look askance at the heroes. Lunagel steps forward, "Let's go, Sungel. There's no time." He agrees without hesitation. They are going to treat the city as best they can. He needs the others to take care of Mold. Kai leans down as the two Saints leave. "Makito-nichan, you wait okay? We're going to get stronger magic! And for that we'll fight Wolzard!"

Out to the popular spot, where the waves break against great stones, the edge of the ocean. The four Magiranger race over the rocks in their armor and Kai shouts, "Wolzard! Come out!" They look around anxiously. "Give it to us!" And a great magic circle appears in the water. Wolzard rises from it and settles on the stones. The girls gasp. Wolzard utters a contemptuous snorts and pulls Mold out from behind his shield. "I'm not interested in the five of you." Kai snarls in response, "Shut up! Brother doesn't have time! We'll fight you, and destroy the Mold!" The four call down their Legend power, which pleases Wolzard no end. "Ah, the new power. Let's do it!" He draws his blade and challenges the four.

Above the city on Scarpet, Sungel and Lunagel use their respective magics to retard the spread of the Mold. For most people it is too late to do more than let them sleep through it. Lunagel's hand is on Sungel's shoulder. She asks anxiously, "Will the kids be all right?" He sort of smiles up at her through the wind whipping his hair. "They'll be fine. They are Bragel's children, after all." Lunagel nods agreement, though her eyes are still dark with worry.

Kai dials in a 1 and attacks. The firebolt is scattered by Wolzard's shield without even staggering him. He seems less than impressed with all the yelling/fighting spirit. Kai is startled to see him unaffected, and not prepared when Wolzard counters with his electric wolfs' heads. Tsubasa strikes with his Dialrod, but Wolzard blocks easily and slashes him back and away. The girls dial in 1 and attack together. The whirling water sport flies at Wolzard, who meets it with his shield and easily negates it. The four siblings gather, the boys in pain from their recent experience. Wolzard calls up a lightning storm of his own, black magic he slashes at them and the four are painfully knocked away. Urara notes that the Legend Power isn't helping them fight. Kai staggers to his feet, snarling that he isn't out yet and he's going to become stronger. He makes his way into a clear shot at the waiting Wolzard, whirls his Dialrod and slams it against the ground, sending a powerful fireblast at the enemy. Wolzard braces himself with the shield and, after the blast hits, leaps through it at Kai. A few vicious swipes with his blade and Kai tumbles in agony.

Makito, shivering with shock, is being tended by Smoky, who places a damp towel on his forehead. Mandora-boy on the other side whimpers, "Makito-chin!" And within Makito's feverish head, the memory of his father stays and speaks. "Makito, become strong." "You're late," young Makito had replied, lower-lip puffed out. He moved away from his father, from the comforting hand on the cap replaced on his head. "I kept trying and trying, and couldn't do it." His father's voice, WOLZARD'S voice, is warm and comforting, "Makito, there is still something you can do." Interested, Makito turns and asks, "Can do?" His father's features are black with the sun behind his head. Two eyes, one nose, one mouth. "Mm," his father had confirmed. To that memory, Makito wakes, eyes stinging. He starts to sit up, which only sends fresh agony tearing through his body and he screams. "Makito-chin!" wails Mandora-boy. Smoky acts to hold him down. "Oldest brother!" he says urgently. And in the scrying mirror there is the sound of an explosion. They can see the other four being blasted, hear their screams as they fall. Makito twists and gasps, starts struggling to get up. Mandora-boy pleads with him to stop. Smoky, also demands he stop. But Makito, eyes wild, says firmly, "There is still something I can do!" He rolls out of bed, Smoky and Mandora-boy stunned and amazed. He falls on his knees before he gets more than a step. But he gasps out, "Wait... everyone." And he forces himself up.

They are still getting hit by explosions. Down they fall, and this time upon landing find they are returned to their regular armor. "The Legend form!" protests Houka. Tsubasa gasps something out about Hikaru's magic. Wolzard, seeming more than a little amused by all this, sheathes his blade as they pant and struggle. He pulsl out Mold, whose eye is slightly open, and sneers they'll need the legendary power to get this. Urara pants out that the eye is starting to open. There are only five minutes left! Kai staggers to his feet and snarls, "Not yet!" He staggers towards Wolzard. He builds up to a run, which does him no good when he meets only the shield with his blade and is slammed back with contemptuous ease again. He turns to find Wolzard's blade at his throat. "This is as far as it gets," comments Wolzard. Houka cries out Kai's name. Wolzard comments on how weak they are, and how they might as well go to join their mother. He raises his hand to deliver a killing strike. The blade comes down at a cringing Kai's neck. The other three shriek, but a length of vine whips through the air and stays the blade. Wolzard is startled. Kai takes quick advantage of the chance to slash the blade away from him and get in a strike to his enemy's vulnerable stomach. Wolzard staggers back as Kai rolls out of danger. "It's gotta be!" gasps Kai and turns with the others to look. Makito stands at the edge of the rocks, holding himself up with a looooong pole, his Magiphone held out. "Guys!" he cries. "Makito-nichan!" gasps Kai. Houka also gasps, "What are you doing here in your condition?!" Urara adds, "Leave this to us!" Tsubasa worries, "You can't fight yet!" Makito opens his hand, the one that is not covered in mold, lets loose a roll of gren fabric and gasps, "No, I came because there is still something I can do!" And he ties the bandana around his forehead. He asks the grass and trees for strength, opening his Magiphone. "Jiruma, Magika!" he cries. And the green responds, whirling power and substance to his call. The staff he holds elongates further, to hold an enormous green banner with the Magiranger M emblazoned upon it. They gasp as he heaves it up. "Guys! Keep going!" he cries. "Kai, everyone! That was what I was trying to tell you! The important thing is the strength of your heart!" And he clarifies, "That what father said! What 'become strong' meant! Not that you get big, get good at baseball," he says, echoing what their father had said so long ago, "Not that you become powerful wizards! That you become people of stronger heart!" "Makito-onichan!" gasps Kai. And is that what he'd come for? "Father told me, there was one thing I could do!" He could become the cheering section for his team, urging them all on to victory. Waving the banner he'd made to give them courage. Gambare Gang!" on the flag. "Right now I can't transform... I can't fight! But I can do this and tell you, you CAN do it!" and his call as he waves the enormous flag and calls them each by name. Wolzard is listening to all this with a complete lack of comprehension. "What meaning can that have?" he sneers. His voice attracts the sharp attention of the four fighting Magiranger. "What meaning can it?" Kai paraphrases with contempt. "Wolzard!" Tsubasa snarls, "You can't possibly understand!" The girls can agree that they are getting strength from Makito's passionate support. "He's giving us courage!" Kai shouts gleefully. "What?" puzzles Wolzard. The four get up and summon back the Legend forms, Kai thanking Makito for the courage. He nods as they charge Wolzard, who blasts them with the wolves' heads only to be shocked when that has no effect. Kai fights him, and this time the strikes are powerful and effective. He is certain, and so are the girls. Thunder Crash from Tsubasa staggers an indignant Wolzard, and he is further struck hard by Kai's firebolt. And he is impressed as he regains breath and balance with their suddenly effective use of their power. The four dial in 2 and touch the ends of their Dialrods together to fire a powerful Magi Bolt on him. He seems shocked, I tell you! He gasps before they call out, "Legend Finish!" The bolt of sheer power coming at him is tremendous. He falls, and Mold drops into the blazing sand in front of him. The eye was almost open, but now Mold bursts apart. And, with its destruction, the spores vanish from the city. Afflicted people wake to find themselves fine, and gets up, confused and relieved.

Flying above the city with Sungel, Lunagel smiles with proud relief and says, "They did it. All of them." He nods and utters an agreeing noise, too happy for words.

Makito, too, is clear now and delighted, as his siblings gather to thank him. He pulls off his headband and calls for the change into Legend form. Wolzard bounces back to his feet and it delighted to find all five of them in the running. He seems no worse for the wear. And he wants them to show their new power. So he calls for his formation, Wolkaiser. The kids oblige, Makito saying "Magi Legend!" He and the other three dial in 4, to form themselves into Magi Lion "Maaji jiruma goru go goru!" and Kai dials three to transform himself into Magifirebird. "Maagi goru majuru!" Flaming wings cut the air, the mountain rises under Magilion who runs through the fiery hoops provided by Magifirebird, "Magi Jiruma Gojin Majin!" as they form together. A fine, aching beauty, MagiLegend. They call out, "Let's go, WolKaiser!" He obliges happily. They are able to fight him back and strike, staggering him. They call in their weapon, he calls in his. Fire Tornado against the Darkness magic. Their blast pushes through his, hitting him hard. He is staggered back and driven to one knee. Kai is singing with joy that they are now more powerful than Wolkaiser. But Makito hesitates to say that for certain. As he starts to caution, a new power rains down upon them. The Dialrods glow. Urara notes that the courage Makito showed and the memory of what their father had taught him has summoned a new spell. And they reconfigure, to use it through him. "Maji Jiruma Goru Gojika!" They start charging at Wolkaiser, who stands to meet them. Bolts of fire fly from their chest in all directions. Wings of flame rise behind their shoulders. The bolts make him dance as they hit at his feet. He responds with wolves' heads attacks, the violet-white bolts fly. They are defended against those. They slash with their staff, Wolkaiser is hit hard and he falls, losing hold of his own weapon. Kai crows delight and starts to make another strike, when pain and feedback ripples through Magi Legend. They stagger, red lightning crackling in their souls. Wolkaise sits up to get a view of his staggering opponent. He utters a grunt of incomprehension as their staff falls to the ground. And then, vicious red mold starts to climb their legs. "What's going on?!" cries Makito. Tsubasa identifies the mold as it spreads on their bodies. Houka gasps that Mold was already... but then they hear Meemy cackling gleefully. He's come up from Hades to gloat. "Meemy?" gasps Kai. Meemy explains he'd done something special. He had, I guess, made sure Mold was still able to infect. And infect it has. Magi Legend topples. The red mold has reached its waist and climbs the chest. Laughing, Meemy turns and calls upon Wolzard to deliver the finishing blow. Wolkaiser gets to his feet with a grunt and marches towards Magi Legend, blade out. Unable to move, they still try in the cockpit lit red with poison. Is this it, wonders Makito. Wolkaiser stands above them and draws back his blade. They cringe awaiting the death-blow. "Zanda Uru Ugira!" (or something) he says, and N-Ma's eye in his chest glows. And the evil red mold is sucked into it Off of them, freeing Magi Legend. Stunned in the shining clarity of their souls, the Magiranger gape. So does Meemy. He stutters, "Wh- what are you up to?!" Wolkaiser whips around with a stern, "Meemy!" and a stern lecture about foolishness and scolding about useless acts. Meemy nearly has a fit, but in frustration can only return to Hades.

"What ARE you up to, Wolzard?" a confused Kai calls from Magi Legend. They are fine and are getting back to their feet, thanks to him. He turns back to them. "He got in the way," he explains, "of today's match." Kai utters a little gasp and Magi Legend takes an uncertain step. "Five little Magi," he suddenly says passionately, "Grow strong." All of them are stunned when he says that. But without further battle, he turns from them and vanishes, back to Hades. "Uza Ujira." They move towards where he was, confusion writ in the way they reach for him. Kai gasps, "Grow strong... from him?" Makito utters a stunned, "Same words as Father." Kai breaks out of it, hissing a protest. They have to be focused. "He's our enemy! He's MOTHER'S enemy!" he points out firmly as Makito stares at him. But still, Magi Legend reflects their uncertaintly in stance.

Down at the bottom of Hades, Meemy is furious. He whirls on the returned Wolzard. "What was that all about, Wolzard!!" he snaps, stalking towards him. Nearly screeching he continues, "We had a chance to destroy them and YOU saved them!" Wolzard doesn't seem to be paying attention and then... then he utters a grunt of pain. His vision flashes red, then he sees the sky, blue with a faint brushing of clouds and endless around him. He falls to one knee as the vision ends. He says something raggedly about it, and Meemy staggers a step back in sudden fright and asks, "You... could be...?!" he daren't finish the question. Nai and Mea watch with a total lack of comprehension, cocking their heads and uttering quizzical noises. Wolzard notes unsteadily either pain or question, for what's happening? He is quite confused.

Mandora-boy introduces today's spell! Maaji Jiruma Goru Gojika! The new magic for the kids, agrees Smoky. "Hey, Smo-chin!" calls Mandora-boy frantically. "Yeah?" "If we don't get you in the tub right away, you're gonna get moldy!" An arrow appears to make sure we don't miss the line of green mold under Smoky's collar. As Smoky is protesting, Makito arrives in an environmental suit and gas mask, in a war against mold! Smoky shrieks in terror, and Mandora-boy snickers into his leaf-hands.

Stage. 33 インフェルシアへ 〜マージ・ゴル・マジカ〜 Infershia e Ma-ji Goru Majika To Infershia!
Memory, or history? Sungel in his er... true form faces Raigel (who became Meemy later), and Lunagel is there. The Legend Magiranger are somewhere, grass green and brown and trees behind them. Wolzard is there demanding of them about Infershia. In the Magiroom, the two senior saints are in serious discussion with the five siblings. And is the demon of the day this blue, purple white-faces creatures with vicious fangs drenched as it were in blood? eeeeew. A battle between Raigel and Lunagel, long ago. And the five Magiranger hang by their wrists from cords down at the bottom of Hades. Oh dear. Well, this is gonna be fun! Meemy thinks so, anyway, he's dancing for joy. Kai, bathed in the red light of Lord N Ma's manifestation, is shaking with determination and pain. "I'm Father's - Bragel's son!" he screams. We see what is presumably Bragel's face. Red fire up in two horns, magnificent black ears... golden eyes... okay, it could be an Infershia monster. But I think it's Bragel as we see this fellow set upon by Zobiru and High Zobiru in blackness. Raigel also fights them... oooh. And so does Lunagel! Oh, this has GOT to be flashbacks to fifteen or so years ago! Before Raigel revealed his true colors! The three of them are fighting, surrounded, and Yeti is there!

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Stage 33: インフェルシアへ 〜マージ・ゴル・マジカ〜
Infershia e Ma-ji Goru Majika
To Infershia!

1989, reads the year on the book. Age 7. Kai is going through an Ozu-family photo album. He sets it on the table and folds his arms loosely to study its contents with a soft breath. Lunagel wanders over and looks, too. She asks gently, "These are Braygel and Kai?" He utters a confirming noise and she leans down to get a better view, charmed by the photos. "So sweet. And he was laughing!" Kai looks a little troubled and wriggles a bit. "You know, because I was so small, I don't remember a thing about him. The photos don't bring up anything. Makes me feel sad." He hangs his head slightly. Lunagel smiles and tells him kindly, "You may not remember, but you still have bonds with him." "Bonds?" Kai asks hopefully. She sounds like she's quoting almost when she says, "Kai's courage is from Braygel's determination. It's just like him, that courage." She gives Kai a tender gaze. "The bond of parent and child." Kai considers it. "Courage, my bond with father." He looks down at a picture of his baby-self in his leather and tan clad father's arms. They don't want to show us Braygel's face yet. Then, brightened up, he looks to the woman beside him. "Hey, Rin! Tell me about my father!" Then he turns his head to the other side of the room. "Hikaru-sensei, too!" Hikaru, Sungel, was standing with the others looking through some books and he turns towards Kai. "How did the two of you know Father?" Lunagel meanders past him, expression dreamy. "He was a magnificent, valourous man." Hikaru meanders over, hands clasped behind his back, and explains warmly, "Braygel never once used his magic for himself. He always fought for others." Standing side-by-side, Lunagel continues. "Fifteen years ago, when the Infershia came to the surface world" something. And Hikaru continues, "Braygel had his children living on the surface world. He went to fight for all of you." Hikaru turns slightly, his gaze taking in all of the siblings. Kai dazedly notes, "For our sakes." Lunagel and Hikaru both look at him, then nod and Hikaru makes a confirming noise.

They'd run to catch up with him, all in their Saint forms. Sungel called, "Braygel!" He was marking ahead of them, red and royal blue cape. Fall of frothing red hair down his back from mighty horns. He stopped and turned to them, carrying his sweet shield. His red face is featurless but for the gorgeous, golden eyes.

Magitopia... islands floating in the sky, disguised as clouds in a seemingly endless see of blue. Pillars holding up no visible ceiling in the place where Braygel stands with Lunagel and Sungel. Lunagel is sternly bringing Magiel into this. It seems she's said in no uncertain terms that they're not to fight on their own. "Do you want to die?!" she asks accusingly. Sungel adds anxiously, "The Infershia power is mighty!" and clarifies the danger of not making it back. Braygel turns slightly, silent rejection of their anxious caution. In the Magic Room and Lunagel turns to them. "And what do you think was Braygel's answer?" Makito is first to try, "Try with fighting spirit... right?" he offers. Urara tries next, with something that "If I have this, I can do it!" Tsubasa, being himself, offers "I will be back! Right?" Urara, holding Mandora-boy in her arms, tries, "It'll be all right!" Mandora-Boy suggests, "Don't worry!" Smoky puts in his two cents, "No, he asked what kind of souvenier do you wa-" but he's cut off because an amused Hikaru pushes his head down into the lamp and shaked his head with a negative mmm. "You're all just a little off." Lunagel says softly, "This was Braygel's answer...." He'd turned slowly to face them. "His answer was - " Kai says quietly, "This is a thing I have to make myself." ("No fate but what you make.") Lunagel and Hikaru both gasp and exchange wide-eyed surprised glances. They take a step closer to Kai and Hikaru asks, "How did you know that?" Kai hadn't actually been paying attention to what his siblings said. He is surprised by the question. "Um, somehow."

Down in stygian blackness, purple mists breaking the sea of night. Braygel fights a crowd of Zobiru, while Lunagel tells us how mighty and amazing a hero he was. Fighting for love and calling on magic with a courage beyond measure. Bringing down blasts of fire "Blazing Storm!" he'd cried and burned a path through the thousands of Zobiru and High Zobiru surrounding him. Kai can see it in his mind's eye. "He never gave up. And so he made it happen. (that's not accurate and possibly not remotely right)" His siblings nod agreement with whatever Kai said. He laughs, heart lightened and stands up with the album. "A great father!" He paces slightly away from the table and adds, "I want to become like him!" He closes the book and says with determination, "No! I WILL be!" Hikaru behind stands at attention and says with strength that startled Kai, "That's right." And because of that very thing, He and Lunagel had determined to fight by Braygel's side. But, unexpectedly, "Braygel!" had called a slightly scratchy voice. Blue and gold, spiked head. Tall and familiar to us is Raigel who would become Meemy. He comes to offer to join Braygel's battle.

And so it was that the four of them charged the advancing army of Zobiru. And how in memory stands the realization of why Raigel had come. They all fought, beautiful, valiant, strong. None knowing that Raigel was heading in to join the Infershia. Raigel had been hit, brought to his knees by High Zobiru, and none of them knew it was all an act. He'd cried out, and Braygel had come to his side. They'd stood back-to-back against the enemy, and Yeti was there in front of Raigel. Though no one had seen, Raigel had straightened up, given a nod of his head and stepped aside. Yeti had come in, swiping with his hockey stick and tearing a great gash into Braygel's left shoulder. Raigel made a big deal of his shock. The pain had driven Braygel to his knees. Lunagel continues, "That time," and something about how the injury had been gotten for or given by Raigel. That was the day, the first betrayal. "And I will never forgive Raigel!" she says, her expression cold.

Speaking of whom... down at the bottom of Hades, Meemy is laughing happily. He bounds to his feet and spins dizzily, delighting, "I can hear the bell of fate ringing!" Nai and Mea, uneasy by his behavior ask, "Lord Meemy..." "are you all right?" He drops his fans and glares at them, making the pair scuttle nervously back. He strides down the stairs talking about how they will gather human souls to make Lord N-ma reborn, and it's going to work! The girls get excited, but then Mea brings a little reality into this this. "Those Magi are going to keep getting in the way." Meemy allows that, but he's got a plan. And he whips around to Wolzard, who stands next to the glowing pool. "Wolzard!" Our wizard turns his head without speaking. "You're power is for Lord N-Ma's restoration!" and possibly an order as well. Wolzard heads right off to do what he's been asked. In mid-step he is caught again by a flash of red dissolving into an endless sweep of clouded blue sky. "Again?" he wonders, touching his fingertips towards his head. "What does this hallucination mean?" Uncertain, he clenches his fist.

A crackle of power across his inner eye and Kai reacts alertly. "Wolzard!" he gasps, and then goes to his siblings, setting down the album on the table. "He's calling the five of us!" "What?" the others gasp. But another crackle of power rings in Lunagel and Hikaru. They utter little gasps and Hikaru says, "Raigel!" Lunagel asks, "You felt it too, Sungel?" He nods and they both tighten their lips. They turn to our five heroes. "He's calling the two of us to a magical world." Makito is made anxious by this. That they and Hikaru should be seperated.... Urara is clutching herself around Smoky's lamp. Kai, however, is raring to go. The other three agree and they start to charge off. But Urara gasps out, "Wait!" When they look to her, she explains that she's seen something, something she doesn't understand but it's big. Hikaru sets a comforting hand on her shoulder and says softly, "Perhaps it's bad, but" and I'm unclear, but he indicates they must go. Urara wants to argue, but she can't find words. Hikaru takes the Magilamp and turns to them all, uttering a caution. Mandora-Boy sees them all off.

The Magiranger five in armor find Wolzard waiting for them on the dull green grass of a park. Kai calls, "Wolzard, what are you up to?!" accusingly. "So you came," he answers calmly. "I'm taking you to Infershia." Startled, they all twitch and Urara gasps, "To Infershia?!" "You will offer your new Legendary Power to Lord N-Ma." They all gasp and he adds, "And then Lord N-Ma will be reborn." Makito asks an outraged, "Our Legend Power?" "No one's going to give it!" snarls Tsubasa. And Kai intends they will use it to defeat Wolzard today. Together they call for the transformation to their Legend forms. "Come," Wolzard suggests, and they start to battle. He manages mostly sto stop their strikes, though some get through. He is pleased and impressed, which does not make Kai and the others happy.

An enchanted world. Pennants of black flutter under pale blue skies. Desiccated human and animal skulls are here and there. Even Travelion looks black in this light. And very large against the sky as Lunagel and Sungel traipse across the sands. "Where..?" Lunagel starts to wonder. It is Meemy who answers, voice echoing as he steps into this world. He appears, explaining to them that this is where rest the Meijuu and Meijuujin killed by Braygel. The shining ones of Infershia? Lunagel and Sungel move into fighting-ready poses, Lunagel hissing, "Raigel! You filthy - " she's ready to blast with her staff. Sounding frightened he cries, "Wait!" He gestures and assumes his original appearance, that of the sweet design, Raigel. He staggers to one knee, startling them, and starts to explain. He seems to be begging for forgiveness, with lines like "I know you hate me," mixed in. Lunagel glares and wants to know what now. "Oh," he wails, "I am such a weak being! Please forgive me!" He weeps into his hand. The other two eye him, brows drawn down. But he gives up the act in sudden motion and flings an electric bolt through the sand. They dive apart to evade it. Lunagel is back on her feet, growling "That's what I thought!" She transfers into her true form to fight. With his staff, he charges her and strikes, sending her falling into the still-human-faced Sungel's hold. "Raigel, damn you!" our man snarls, straightening up. Mockingly, the reply is "Didn't I tell you I threw that name away? Now I am - " and he sweeps his fan/staff across his body to show his current form. "Meemy." Sungel responds by transferring into his Magishine armor. He fires the Magilamp Buster, but Meemy brushes the bolts aside with his staff. Magishine leaps and they go at it. Meemy's pretty good with that staff, and soon hits Magishine with black lightning. He falls, rolling, only to be hit again. He can't help but notice the extremity of Meemy's strength. "This is the dark power given me by Lord N-Ma," Meemy explains prettily. "Lord N-Ma is great!" Meemy then cries to the sky. And then he recalls to the resentful pair how Braygel had said to use their power for people. And how they'd believed him. "But what happened? Braygel destroyed himself. And I am alive! Because of my desire for magic!" He has his staff pointed at the painting Magishine. "As for your precious surface world," something about taking it in his hands. He creates a magic circle which brings him to giant size. Magishine gasps at what he's now facing. Smoky pops his head up. "Master! Travelion!" Heeding the alert, Magishine clicks the ticket.

The kids in Legend form are engaged in battle with Wolzard, and are not faring... well, they're not winning. But they are fighting well, and I think he's having fun. He tells them that their Legendary power will go to Lord N-Ma, who will transform it into Dark power and return it to them. Houka shouts that they don't need that kind of power. Makito adds, "We don't want to fight for our own sakes!" Urara agrees with a sound, and Tsubasa adds, "We promised our mother, and that's why..." Kai fiercely finishes it "for the sake of the people of the surface world! I'll be just like Father!" He dials in 1 and calls for Magi Bolt. Wolzard braces himself, but is distracted by another flash of the endless sky. Puzzled, he looks down. However, he gasps when he catches Kai's leap, the sheer bolt "Legend Fire!" hits while Wolzard's guard is down. He staggers painfully.

So does Travelion. Magishine tries "Remote Liner, Go!" sending out the two small trains on their magical tracks. They sweep in on Meemy, who bashes them out of the air. Meemy is also having fun, pointing out that he's going to give them the dark power. His blasts stagger Travelion again, and a slash with his staff staggers them back. Magishine calls upon the memory of Braygel and tries the open chest fire attack. The enormous blaze slashes at Meemy, who catches it on his staff. Magishine and Smoky gasp in shock. Meemy says smugly, "This is what I was waiting for. Dooza Meru mejura!" or something like that. And the flaming power begins to suck into his staff. The substance and strength of Travelion is being pulled out! The gauges drop to zero and Smoky frantically alerts Magishine to the problem. "What?!" But it is already too late. Travelion disappears around them. Smoky in his Magilamp and Hikaru out of armor fall a long way to the sand below. Lunagel, also in her human form, staggers to his side. "Sungel!" Meemy lands on the sand, back to normal size. The fan at the top of his staff crackles with golden energy. He laughs at the pair. Hikaru pants out, "This was all a plot to take Travelion's power!" "What's he going to do now?!" gasps Lunagel. Meemy is happy to explain. He's going to use it for a mighty magic. His power alone in this world was not enough. But now... and he calls a spell. Power rolls out from the staff, turning the gray sand pale purple. Hikaru nearly shakes with realization. This power calls life, I think he stutters. Meemy sneers, "Fool. Dark power is not generous!" For around them, shadow forms are climbing out of the sand. Some are more humanoid than other, and they growl and howl. They fly up into the pale sky, the Meijuu and Meijuujin are being brought back to life, gasps Lunagel. "They're combining!" Into a ball of darkness above Meemy, who calls to them and summons them down to impact with the sand at his feet. Dust explodes in all directions. When it clears, there stands a mighty best. Two powerful claws on each foot. Stone and scaled lumps A white main face, but other faces on its body of other Meijuujin, female and male. Humanoid and non. Left shoulder has the face of a bull, right has some sort of fish (I think it's Siren). Great, vicious teeth everywhere. Meemy happily introduces the beast of a thousand eyes and so forth, the most powerful of all Meijuujin, 合体冥獣人Kimaira. Chimera. No light shines deep in the ruby eyes of the topface, the one which speaks first. The head on his right shoulder gloats with power, too. The monster bull's head on his left shoulder wants to fight, demands it! All of the mouths begin speaking, excited to get going. Meemy is happy to send them first at the two people in front of them. Sungel moves to protect Lunagel, but he is already weakened and Chimera barely has to slap him out of the way before grabbing the fighting woman and thowing her down. She tumbles into Sungel's arms and he helps her back up, again moving into protective position. Then Chimera blasts them with a bolt that sends them tumbling down the sandy hill behind them. They fall and roll swiftly down. At the top of the rise, Meemy happily tells them that now he's got Travelion's power, and what remains is to take the five little Magi down to Infershia and use their powers to revive Lord N-Ma. "What'd you think? Isn't that a lovely strategy?" he mocks. Horrified and enraged, the battered Sungel snarls "What?!" Meemy mocks back, "Your turn is over." He says more, and raises his long staff/wand/fan to put an end to Sungel and Lunagel. "Master!" cries Smoky. He in his lamp hurries towards the two as a bolt of pure, black power tears down at them. They scream as it engulfs them in fire, the Magilamp reaching them just after it hits. Lunagel's staff flies through the air and lands in the sand next to the skull of some Meijuu.

Wolzard lands rolling halfway back to his feet from Kai's blast. Kai comes at him, Wolzard is ready to defend when he notices something else. A ripple of magic. Something lunges out of a distorting portal and leaps between the charging boy, knocking him back. It is Chimera. Kai lands and the others gather around him. They get a good look at their new enemy. Houka gasps, "What is it? It's got loads of faces!" Wolzard knows what it is. "Meemy... he created a Chimera." The united voices of the creature snarl, "They are my food!" The Magiranger move into defensive positions. Kai is on his feet, snarling, unimpressed with the new arrival. He intends to show it the Legend Power. Dialing 1 again for the Magibolt he attacks. The blast impacts, the Chimera strains against it, and throws it back at them. The Magiranger go down with cries more of surprise than pain. Tsubasa gasps, "The Magibolt didn't work!" "Why?!" gasps Urara. Chimera laughs at the staggered five. And then from an alligator mouth on its right arm it fires bolts of yellow lightning at them. They fall and land rolling. Wolzard seems a bit conflicted about Meemy's new creation. Chimera speaks to him with only one of the voices, "Magic knight, take them." Wolzard calmly sheathes his sword in the back of the shield. He reaches out his right hand and says "Uu zazare!" To the staggered Magiranger's surprise, a magic circle appears underneath them. They gasp and yelp, and are pulled down.

Down, down they fall past rings and figures can be seen in those rings, Zobiru and High Zobiru. The magic circle pulses open at the bottom of Hades, and drops the five Magiranger out of their armor to the stone floor. Tsubasa lands first, all land hard, yelping. Before they can recover, violet centipedes crawl to their wrists and become powerful chains binding them. Before they have more than an instant to register this, they are pulled off their feet to hang in mid-air, struggling. Nai and Mea bounce in front of them. Nai calls happily, "Oh Five Magi!" and Mea finishes, "Welcome to Infershia!" Or something opposite, so to speak. The Zobiru and High Zobiru all around raise a happy cheer. Urara stares up and asks anxiously, "This is Infershia?" Makito notes all of the Zobiru and High Zobiru. Kai hisses and notes that these are all of them and all of them are here because their father sealed them in. Tsubasa seems to raise the issue of what if they die here. Houka tries to reassure him. "It's all right! Hikaru-sensei and Rin-chan will come and help us!" But Meemy is there and amusedly tells them what happened to Sungel and Lunagel. Urara challenges his statement, which only serves to amuse him. But he points out that soon they won't understand a thing anyway. Wolzard and Chimera walk out of a tunnel. Meemy happily tells them, just in case they've forgotten, that their power and all is about to go to giving Lord N-Ma the energy to be reborn. And so the glowing white hole at the bottom of Hades fills with Lord N-Ma's open, seething red eye. Kai gasps and notes that this is the thing Father had given his life to seal away. "N-ma." Makito suddenly shouts, "Stop playing around!" "It's not funny!" shouts Tsubasa as they all wriggle and struggle in the chains. Meemy is willing. "Yes, let's begin!" he says happily. After a comment about Legend Power and all, he utters the spell. "Doza meru meru mejira!" Sheer white blazes from his fan. The five begin to glow as their power manifests again, released from limitation. They struggle and cry out, their hearts thudding. Five colored streams of light slip down from them into the hole. Nai happily says, "The Legend Power is coming out of their bodies!" Mea notes "And going to Lord N-Ma!" Happily they clutch each other and become Vankyuria. She is nearly jumping for joy. "Just a little more and Lord N-Ma will be reborn!" Meemy, smug, comments on what happened to Braygel, something about running or so for life. Whatever he says makes Wolzard twitch and stare at him. The blue sky, a dim image of someone with red horns, fire blazing everywhere takes him. He puts his hand to his temple with a confused grunt of pain. His confusion is overridden by the screaming of the five Ozu siblings. He looks at them, and the streams of power from their bodies die out. The five go limp in the chains.

Kai's eyes are glazed, his face white. He hangs limp for an instant, then starts struggling to gain control of his body again. "That's something you made happen," he forces out. Ah, he's referring to Meemy's comment about Braygel. Meemy laughs and says, "Yes, that's quite possible!" Kai counters feebly, "It's not possible... I can make it myself." Oh, it's hard to be sure. *sigh* But what he says gets a startled reaction from Wolzard. And Kai pulls on his inner strength and snarls again, "It's not possible, I can make it myself!" He writhes in the chains, his startled siblings watching him. Then his body lights up with power, stunning Meemy. "What's happening?" Even Vankyuria takes a stunned step forward. When the glow dies down, Kai is in his armor. He has some comments for Meemy about his father's life, and calls a spell which sets his body aflame and sends out a pulse of white energy that staggers everyone around him. The enemies all cringe, Wolzard gasping as he holds his shield to protect his body. The flames shatter the chains holding all of them hanging and they fall again to the stone floor. Meemy, shocked, looks over and gasps "That's... that's Braygel's Blazing Storm!" Wolzard raises his own head, but finds his vision filled with extremely blurry images of laughing children, one a baby. The flames die down and Kai staggers, falling to one knee. But he's not finished. On his feet in an instant, blade out, he lunges at the red pool of N-Ma. Being Kai, he tries to stab down into it, but N-Ma responds with a blast of power, throwing Kai back. Black-red lightning engulfs the boy, breaking him out of his armor and trying to punish him. Meemy, relieved, gets back to his feet. He mocks the Magus for being unequal to Lord N-Ma's power. Not that Kai is likely to hear him over his own screams. "Kai!" scream the others and Urara gasps, "Kai's dying!" I can't make out what Tsubasa screams, but they aren't yet able to help. Kai grits through the pain, "I'm never giving up! I'm Father's - I'm Braygel's SON!" he screams, his gaze seeming to fall on Wolzard, who twitches again. Laughing children, voices crying "Father!" and images that were impossibly blurry become clear, so clear and brilliant. The boy screaming under the cruel, red power is someone he knows. "Kai!" gasps Wolzard. His right hand clenches into a fist. And he moves, placing himself with the shield in the path of the red lightning. He strains against Lord N-Ma's power. Stunned, Meemy gasps and Vankyuria cannot believe her eyes. The other four Ozu siblings gape. Kai lays limp on the stairs, recovering from the agony of a moment before. But he has seen what happened and he manages to shift and focus on it. "For me?" he pants out. Wolzard, still braced against the attack, draws his blade. With a shout of pure rage, he swipes down into the pool and a backlash of power whips out. And when the white blast fades, it is Wolzard no longer who stands there... but a powerful being, red and horned, purple cape flapping. His shield, his sword.... Meemy gasps in horror and covers his mouth, backing towards the wall. It is he who screams the name that we all know, but the Ozu siblings did link to this form. "BRAYGEL!" It is Kai's turn now to twitch, and to repeat in dull shock, "Bray... gel." All he sees is the back. The back of enormous horns, frothing red hair and powerful body. The back of a being who now moves into a more relaxed position. And now power shimmers white around him and he reforms within it. Human. Wearing a black cape, a ring of white fur hanging low on his back. The man turns to face them. His hair is short, he is older, mid-forties or so. Weary eyes, rounded nose. A gaze heavy with exhaustion that meets Kai's helpless expression of shock. But Kai's eyes go wide, for he's seen this face in photos. Of course, the face he saw was smiling and carefree. The other four Ozu siblings start pulling their hands and feet under them, eyes glued to the man standing there. Makito manages to force out the question, "Is it Father..?" with numb lips. Braygel's gaze turns to his older children. He looks at them, and the heavy gravity lightens just a little to one of surprised victory. "It is!" he answers them, and sounds surprised himself. "I am... your father." As though the knowledge is only slowly returning to him. At the bottom of a shocked and silent Hades.

Mandora-Boy happily introduces today's spell. "Maaji Goru Majika!" The same fire that Kai had used to free his siblings. "Braygel's Blazing Storm attack! And Kai-chin can do it!" The plant is so happy he spins himself off the table and falls on the floor.

Stage. 34 勇気の絆 〜ゴル・ゴル・ゴルド〜 Yuuki no Kizuna Goru Goru Gorudo Bonds of Courage
It looks like Braygel brings them back to the surface world. They still haven't recovered from their experience. Not to mention the shock. "You've all grown so big!" Braygel says, voice trembling with emotion. Houka and Urara are in tears. Makito and Tsubasa too stunned. Makito asks again, "Is it really father?" Kai snarls a violent, "That is NOT Father!" Memories perhaps, of Raigel and Sungel bound together by a chain on a chessboard, Lunagel ready to signal the start of a duel. Kai will ride a white horse, yes the Unicorn. Braygel holds something, in a chamber lit by sun through the roof. Kai has a death-grip on Wolzard's ankle, for it couldn't be that easy and the Infershia will get him back. Kai is crying, "Come back again!" In tears, probably above where Wolzard has sunk through a magic circle to Hades. "Father!" And it's going to be good to watch Sungel and Raigel dueling on the chess-board. Kai in armor will fight Wolzard. And the Saint Kaiser will face WolKaiser. And Kai will fight to his best against Wolzard, surely crying every moment for him to become Braygel again.

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