Toran wore a few faces himself. They all did, except for Gure. Toran might have been a nine-year old child, though it was indicated in the series at one point that Maria was the youngest of the group. However, when the Jetman began to suspect that there might be innocent civilians trapped within their enemies bodies, Ryu began to stop serious attacks, afraid of hurting the child Tran might be. This unfortunately led to the other Vyram teasing him. In a fury, because he had just lost a battle which he had really done a good job of setting up, Toran ran off and hid in a cave... and while there he concentrated all of the power he had.

take some growth hormones and...

Big gun See what happens when you leave the safety off? And he transformed his body into an adult. With it he had an incredible increase in power. He was able to do considerable damage to Radiege, Gure and Maria. He bullied them into submission, which did not sit well with them. It sat in fact very badly. And the three of them banded together against him. But when their first efforts created a monster that Toranza then improved upon and turned to his use, they were severely unhappy. But Toranze cared less and less, if ever at all, how they felt. When Radiege sabotauged on of his attacks, he took revenge by feeding him to the robot. But Radiege escaped and Toranza put him from his mind. He came up with a way that he knew would finally slaughter the Jetman. And it would have, except that Radiege came and saved them. Of course, he used them to weaken Toranza, and then destroyed him, leaving a burned, bandage husk which ended up in an insane asylum. And that was the end of Toranza's story.