This is an extra-nice fellow for a guy who played a blue-skinned homicidal alien. Back before I knew practically any Japanese (1992) a friend helped me write him a letter. Don't ask how much money and work it took to get a mailing address for him. At any rate, he answered! That was really nice. I think it was the shock of getting a letter from an American in America. I knew him for a few years, he sent me these pictures.

The play here was Edo-period and ran in 1994 or 95. The pregnant woman standing with him played White Swan in Jettoman and possibly married the fellow who played Red Hawk (but I have no proof of that. Tachi told me and I don't know it's true). And by the way, Tachi was the only man dressed as a man in this one. He had a role to play in the movie "Tao no Tsuki. One time when I was in Tokyo I met him and we saw the movie together. I enjoyed it very much. In the years that have passed since then he's gotten married, possibly become a father. That's when I stopped bothering him. It's rude to pester a married man. I do not know if he's still acting.

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