Saying Goodbyewas that a heart? Gure... Gure... What to say about him? He was, according to the Jetman book, a robot. He was the most mature of the Vyram. While he was not vulnerable to all the mortal hysteria the others were, he developed first a fascination with the music of this strange planet he had come to conquer. This led inexorably to a fascination with Maria, who could play classical piano. He fell in love with her, and before long they were an item. It wasn't a crush. This was real love. He would have given her anything, wanted only the best for her, and would have given her on bended knee to Ryu if it would have saved her life and sanity. When she chose death he was there for her, to make her passing as peaceful as possible.

He was the wise one of the Vyram. When Toranza and Radiege were going at it, Gure managed never to get involved in their posturing. Yet he revealed a tender spot that none of the others seemed to have. When confronted with Toranza's malfunctioning robot, G2, Gure gave the poor little guy a new power cell to replace the one that had burned out. However, he did nothing else, and left G2 on its own, aware even when the little guy was dying. But perhaps Gure would have said that the Vyram spaceship was no place for a child.

After Mariah died, Gure developed a distinct lack of interest in continuing on. However, suicide was not his way, not directly. Instead he challenged Gai to a final duel. The battle was fierce, strong and honorable. It was only by a very narrow margin that Gai managed to defeat Gure. When Gure lay dying, Gai lit his cigar for him. And as Gure died, his soul lifted off into a swell of piano music, that Maria used to play just for him.

Rest in Peace