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"Kikenna Asobi"
April 26, 1991
Gure studies past battles with the Jetmen. It is his turn to attack and he is formulating a plan. Our heroes are exercising in the gym under the bemused gaze of the Vyram. "What are they doing?" Radiege wonders. Well, they are working themselves into a heavy sweat. Gai begins to protest, and Ryu soon calls a halt. Meanwhile, Gure puts a biochanger on the juice machine, which snickers and adopts a normal appearance. The team buys drinks. Ryu drinks first. He hiccups and suddenly begins talking about how he does not like to work. He stops, confused by what he's just said. Lyta goes next, becoming belligerent. When he stops in surprise Gai comments that he's impressed. But Gai is affected too. He begins to urge the others to use teamwork. He falls back against a locker as Lyta stalks out of the gym. "What's happening?! Everyone's acting weird!" Kaori drinks and suddenly becomes horribly vain. She stands in appalled confusion. Ako is next, turning sensitive and emotional.

Chokan asks where Lyta is. Gai begins a smart remark but then hiccups and starts talking about how they all have to work together, teamwork is the key. As each Jettoman's personality flip flops, Chokan knows something is seriously wrong. Ako and Kaori are sitting together putting jewelry on every body part that isn't too revealing. Lyta tries to pick up some girls but his attitude gets him slapped. "Gai makes this look so easy!" he exclaims. Just then the juice machine monster attacks. It chases Lyta up a tree. The others arrive, practically carrying Ryu with them. Gai is the default leader, but every time the others hiccup they become useless. Lyta goes back up the tree, refusing to fight since Gai told him to. As Ryu's costume vanishes and he sits down in the middle of the fight, Gai frantically yells at him "You're the leader." "Oh, not right now. You do it, sweet Gai."

Chokan takes readings and discovers the chemical in their bloodstreams which is rendering their mental condition flip-flopped. She realizes that Gai is the only one who can be affective in either condition.

Gure sends the monster out again. With air raid sirens going off, Chokan searches desperately for Ryu, who she finds asleep in a helicopter. Ako is weeping over the brief life of a flower. Kaori couldn't care less. If she fights she might break a nail. Chokan throws Ryu out of the helicopter and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't get up. In the end she gets him back into the helicopter and as she takes off, the rest of them rush forward calling. Their connection strong enough to temporarily override the affects of the chemical. The monster arrives, and Gai has to fight it alone. Chokan gives Ryu a pistol and he fires on the machine. "You've got to change and go help him!" but Ryu refuses. Ako meanwhile is moaning about how poor Gai is fighting all by himself. Chokan finally shoves Ryu out of the helicopter. Terrified, he transfers into costume and riding the adrenaline rush is able to attack and seriously damage the Juice monster. With one last hiccup they are all freed from its influence. Furious with herself, Kaori strips the rings off her fingers and out of her ears. Ako frantically gathers them up, just being her normal self. They seriously damage the Juice machine and it goes big. They call in their planes, form Jet Icarus and manage to destroy the monster.

The image the Vyram are watching declares "Game Over" The other Vyram leave Gure alone.

The group gathers together. Lyta is mortified about how he had behaved. Gai thinks its funny, resting a friendly hand on Ryu's shoulder. Kaori apologizes profusely. Ryu wonders what Chokan would have been like if she had been affected. She says, " Oh, I don't think you want to know. I would be terrifying." The team does a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to fly the helicopter, then they all rush for the pilot seat.


"Jigokuiki Basu"
May 3

It is early morning, the moon is high. There is a place in the mountains where arcane doings are evident and human skulls litter the ground. Kaori and Lyta are riding a bus up into the mountains to go hiking. Kaori daydreams about doing this with Ryu, feeding him treats she's made herself and him praising her talents. The bus enters a tunnel, honking to alert anyone who might be going the opposite way. The bus goes dark, and a man screams for help. As they leave the tunnel, a woman begins screaming, pointing at the pile of clothes with foam all over it. One of the other passengers is a detective. He is here to investigate recent disappearances. Lyta looks at the clothes and says "this looks like the work of the Vyram." Frightened, two of the men start to fight, but the others make them stop. The detective says no one can leave the bus. He does not think it is the Vyram, but some sort of bizarre hoax. Toran watches from the Vyram space ship and snickers, identifying White Swan and Yellow Owl amongst his victims.

The detective eyes the bus driver, who wears a hospital mask on his face. "I see you have a cold. How long have you been driving this line?" "About six years." Another man tries to take the woman passenger hostage, but they get him away from her and then the bus enters another tunnel. Coming out, they find the man who had grabbed the woman has turned to foam. The woman thinks it must be the other male passenger who did it. Lyta starts to signal the other Jetmen, but Kaori tells him they should not until they know for sure it is the Vyram. Toran thinks this is just too good.

The woman passenger is chug-a-lugging a flask of wine. She hears Kaori and Lyta talking quietly about their work as Jetmen. Her purse falls and the medication she is supposed to be taking rolls down the floor of the bus. She is a woman who has given up on life. The driver pulls the bus over and runs out, trying to jump off the bridge. The detective catches him, ripping the mask off and identifying him as a criminal who disappeared into the mountains six years before. The other male passenger accuses him of being a Vyram, which he denies hysterically. They force him back to the wheel and handcuff him to it. Lyta, Kaori, the detective and the other remaining male passenger join hands and cling together as the bus approaches the next tunnel. The woman laughs, calling death to come for her but when they enter the tunnel she clasps her hands and prays.

They come through the tunnel, everyone's still there. But the driver is foam! The bus is out of control! They dive to the floor as the bus heads on a collision course with a car, but the car swerves and the bus winds up stopped in a pile of gravel. Suddenly the bus fills with organs that appear to be things like hearts and lungs. They realize it was the monster all along. The driver of the car runs to help but is caught by the tentacles and consumed. Lyta is trapped in the bus. Kaori gets the others out and comes back to get Lyta. The bus transforms, extending arms and legs and opening huge yellow eyes. Kaori realizes there is no way to handle this on their own and signals the other Jetmen. Flailing around the bus knocks boulders toward the helpless civilians. Kaori protects the drunk woman with her own body. They get the others away but Kaori is lifted in the monster's hand. The other woman cries out, wanting to somehow help. Kaori gets away to join the others in their planes. They form Jet Icarus. Kaori mainly directs their portion of the battle, though Ryu calls in the Flaming Birdnic Saber and they destroy the bus.

Another bus arrives to pick up passengers. The woman, now sober, has found her will to live again and thanks Kaori for it. The team stands together after the bus leaves. Lyta apologizes to Kaori for the fact that their trip was all spoiled. She reassures him it is all right. Ako and Ryu beg to join their hiking excursion. And while Gai does not ask to join, he does join them as Ako gets a piggy-back ride from Ryu and they start to hike up the road.


"Ai No Meiro"
May 10

Ryu is 26 years old today. Kaori prepared a delicious birthday meal all by herself. The others all compliment her. She is especially flushed when Ryu does. Gai finds her response irritating. Meanwhile, photographers are doing a shoot with a fashion-model in her bathing suit. Maria observes this and places a bio-changer on the camera. It fires a beam at the girl. The photographer turns and throws her a towel. All stare in shock as the towel falls through her fading form. She appears in a photograph in Maria's album.

Kaori is determined to make something special for Ryu. So she is knitting him a red sweater. Her butler comes in and praises her, but seeing her poke herself and draw blood tries to suggest that she have someone else do it. She wouldn't dream of it.

Gai is playing pool at the bar when Ryu arrives and orders hot milk. Gai decides now is as good a time as any to ask Ryu how he feels about Kaori. Ryu responds that she is a soldier just like he is. Gai snarls that soldiers are human too, and need love. "I bet you've never been in love!" he snaps. He suddenly grabs Ryu's arm, spins him and pins him against the pool table. After a few snarled remarks about Ryu's heartlessness he releases him and stalks off. All Ryu can do is shudder with the memory of Rie slipping out of his hands, his failure to save her. "Oh Gai, you don't understand." He remembers better times, when he and Rie played lovers' games together. Of their apartment and her grand piano. She could play classical and he would stand beside her, amazed and proud of her beautiful playing. "Oh Rie, why did you die? I'd give anything to hear you play again."

Maria gloats over the panic and confusion caused whenever her monster photographs people and they vanish. She's feeling her oats, sure that this monster will destroy the Jetmen. Radiege makes a snide comment about how she's just a woman, is she sure she can do this? They are distracted from their petty carping by a peculiar sound. Gure is trying his hand at this new things he's brought home. A piano. He can make sounds with it, but is still trying to figure out how to make more complex music. Toran remarks sarcastically on Gure's playing, so the robot stalks away. But Maria is drawn inexplicably toward the instrument. She sits down, lays her hands on the keys. From the first waterfall of notes the others are transfixed. Especially Gure. In the midst of the song Maria stops playing, to gaze in bewilderment at her hands wondering where the music came from.

Kaori holds out a box to Ryu. "For me?" "Yes, it's a birthday present." Ryu draws out the red sweater, delighted by its softness until he hears Ako ask Kaori, "Did you make it yourself?" He glances over and sees the bandages on almost every finger. He realizes that the sweater represents a depth of feeling he cannot reciprocate. He will not play games with her heart and with a pang of guilt, tells her he cannot accept the sweater. Stunned, she takes it stuttering "I was just being friendly." Then she breaks, throwing the sweater aside she runs from the room in tears. Gai is furious with Ryu, but wastes no time in going after her, leaving Ryu to an angry Lyta who grabs him by the lapels and shakes him, "How could you be so cruel to her?!" Gai catches up with Kaori, demanding that she look at him. When she won't, he spins her around and kisses her. Kaori slaps him with all her strength. He backs up and demands, "Why? Why don't you care about MY feelings?" He reaches for the sobbing woman again but at that moment the Vyram attack.

Gure, alone on the ship, is able to indulge himself with the piano. Slowly at first, then with increasing confidence he plays the classical piece Maria played earlier.

Kaori and Gai are fighting the faceless minions. Gai takes a few shots meant for Kaori and calls for help. They are getting heavily blasted. Maria directs the camera monster to fire, just then the other Jetmen arrive. Ryu tells Gai and Kaori to run, but Maria catches Kaori, putting her directly in the path of the camera monster which shoots her. Kaori falls into Gai's arms and fades away. Maria gloats, showing them Kaori's photo in her album.

"Ai No Hitsusatsu Bazuuka"
May 17

Gai blames himself for Kaori's loss. The team sits together at base, Ryu tells Gai it's not his fault. On the Vyram spaceship, Maria and Radiege are at odds, as she is very smug about the capture of White Swan, and Radiege has his personal vendetta about the Jetmen. Gure watches their posturing alertly. Maria sends the camera monster out to cause more havoc. Gai catches up with them and shouts, "Give her back to me!" "Beg for it, boy." Gai goes to his knees and Maria kicks him. The other Jetmen arrive only to hear Maria tell Gai if he wants Kaori back, he'll have to fight his teammates. To their horror, he does attempt to attack them. But he cannot really fight, hysterical as he is he knows, as Ryu points out, "they won't give her back to you!" They return to the Sky Camp, where they analyze the readings they've taken of the Camera monster. There is a weakness, if only they have a gun powerful enough to shoot it. Their guns are too small. The robot is too big.

Maria attacks the city again to draw out the Jetmen. When they arrive she sets the Camera monster at them. They fire their guns together and the monster's beam is losing ground against their combined attack. Gure comes between their shot and Maria, preventing her from being injured in the melee. However, the Jetmen are knocked out of their costumes in the blast, and the Camera gets Lyta and Ako! Chokan shouts into her communicator, "Ryu! Gai! RUN!!!!!" They flee as fast as they can.

Maria asks Gure why he helped her out. He explains that he really enjoyed her piano playing. On the ship, the other Vyram consider this to be a curious development.

Gai and Ryu are working on Ryu's Jet-Speeder, the small dragster Ryu drives to battle. They are turning it into a cannon, but the initial plan was for it to be held by all five of them, and they must adapt it to the situation as it currently is. Maria accesses their screens and shows them Kaori's photograph. She threatens to burn it, animating the photo so that they can hear Kaori crying for help as the flames sprout up around her. Gai cannot bear it, and he races out to answer the Vryam challenge. Chokan orders Ryu to stay put and work on the cannon.

Gai meets with the Vyram minions at a dump-site. Maria keeps him semi-helpless by threatening to destroy Kaori's photo if he changes into costume. He fights them valiantly, but eventually is on the verge of collapse when Maria tells the Camera to take him at last. Ryu arrives in the dragster just in time to see Gai vanish. Ryu ignores Maria's threat and aims the cannon at the Camera. When he fires, the backlash throws him against the hill behind the cannon. Gure again protects Maria from the shot, but this time the impact is powerful enough to knock both of them for a loop, leaving her unconscious and Gure with an arm to put back on. The photos vanish, and the some dozen + people appear. The Jetmen hustle them away and turn to fight, Gure is able to inflict considerable damage even one-handed. Ako manages to hit Maria a few times. Lyta and Gai do some double-teamwork to inflict serious damage on the Camera monster. When they all fire the weapon together, the monster is badly damaged so that it has to go big. They call in their planes to defeat it, forming a fiery phoenix.

Gai tosses stones into the lake. Everyone is thanking Ryu. When Kaori does he insists that actually Gai did much of the work. He moves over to where Gai stands, offering him a handkerchief to wipe the blood and dirt from his face. But Kaori chooses that time to come out and say that she really LIKES Ryu. (As if we hadn't noticed) Furious, Gai jumps on his motorcycle. He throws his helmet on the ground and rides off recklessly, but he can't outdistance the pain. He crashes his cycle, and lying on the ground, crushes a tiny daisy crying, "Why don't you think of me?!"

Gure gathers his arm up and restores it to his body. Then he gathers up the unconscious Maria and carries her back to the Vyram spaceship.


"Kookoosei Senshi"
May 24

Singing class at high school. The girls sing like angels, their voices sweet and pure. Especially Ako's best friend. Their teacher informs them that most of the class will be competing in a concert with choirs from other schools. But Ako might not be able to go, as she has been neglecting her practice. After school she is with her friends and her absolute best friend Kyoko offers to practice with her. Just then, her communicator beeps. Ako tries to blow it off and pretend it's nothing, setting a time to practice with Kyoko. "Tomorrow! I promise!" Kyoko takes it in stride, finding her buddy's behavior odd but not offended.

The Voice-monster sneaks quietly around, until it hears the excited sounds of women's voices. It absorbs the bell-like tones, leaving behind a distorted version of the truth. Confusion reigns among young women whose voices have suddenly become harsh and strange.

Ako is practicing alone in the music room, her voice a touch too tremulous, for she hasn't quite memorized the notes and words. As she sings, another voice, sure and strong, supports hers. She falls silent to admire Kyoko's singing. They are just about to begin practicing when the Jetman beeper goes off. Kyoko wonders, but Ako cannot explain, becoming more distressed as she is unable to share this huge part of her life with her friend. "But we always said we would tell each other everything!" protests Kyoko. Ako arrives late to help the others, seeing the Voice monster turn the energy it has stolen upon buildings, generating mass destruction. But now it needs more power, so it races around terrifying women. But when a young man falls at its feet, it chases him off. Ako worries about Kyoko and eventually finds her practicing outside. She warns her to keep silent and hide. However the Vyram attack, and Ako can't change into her costume in front of her friend, so when she is injured, Kyoko runs to help, calling her name. The monster takes her voice. The monster chased off, Kyoko retreats to her rooms, sobbing because her life has been ruined. Ako outside the door vows to find the thing that did this and make it better. When she runs out and shouts for the Vyram to give Kyoko her voice back, they take Ako's voice, too. She changes into costume to fight, only to find that Kyoko had followed her and witnessed it. The Jetmen chase the monster off again. Chokan takes Kyoko in hand.

Lyta remembers the man whom the machine had rejected as a donor. A plan is formulated. The machine needs more power, so it searches for women's voices to power it. It sees an old lady in a kimono by a river, tiptoes up behind her and gets her to turn around. Sure enough, she screams. But the monster's microphone shorts out. This is no woman! It's Lyta! Everyone's voices return to normal. Kyoko arrives with Chokan to cheer Ako on. Heartened, the young girl leads the fight against the Vyram.

At the concert, as they sing, Ako's beeper goes off. Without missing a beat, Kyoko shifts position. This allows Ako to slip off unnoticed. Riding away on her motorcycle, Ako cheers herself and her friend.


"Kamigami No Hanran"
May 31

This is Toran's work. Both Radiege and Gure can't see the use of it, but they are all amused when the Jetmen come to the park and find themselves under attack by deadly airplanes off the cover of model planes' boxes. And two flame-spouting Godzilla heads. Now they meet the origami monster, who catches them in long strands of magically enhanced paper. It is about to blast them when a sound of eerie beauty cuts the air. A piping. The sound paralyzes the monster. Toran pops in to shatter the pipe. The monster vanishes back to the Vyram space ship, where Toran scolds it.

Ryu finds the girl wandering in traffic. She seems unaware of her surroundings, walking aimlessly and yet with some strange hint of purpose. He follows her into the amusement park. She gets on the merry-go-round and as she rides round and round begins to look distressed. Suddenly Ryu recognizes her. She is the girl from the pictures Chokan showed them. A museum painting brought to life.

He takes her to the hospital where the painter is comatose in intensive care. They learn from his diary that on April 12th, his daughter Shizuko's birthday, he gave her an Okarina, the beautiful ceramic pipe she was playing that drove the monster away. They swerved to avoid hitting a dog on the road, and the girl died in the ensuing accedent. She weeps on her unconscious father's chest. His fondest wish was to hear her play the Okarina again.

To their distress, she vanishes. Really she went home and found the real Okarina at her father's. As she leaves she is attacked by the Vyram who pursue her into the park. Ryu arrives, trying to protect her. The others arrive shortly and tell Gai tells Ryu to get Shizuko out of there, they will keep the Vyram busy. Ryu takes her back to the hospital. She stands at her father's bedside and plays the flute, and the sound calls him back from death, to live again. Knowing her father will be all right now, Ryu leaves them there and goes to help the others. However, just when they are winning, Toran points out that they don't dare kill the monster, because Shizuko will die, too. The monster is the only thing which sustains her.

But Shizuko herself arrives, bravely playing the flute. The monster desperately shoots her and she falls into Ryu's arms, vanishing before his eyes. Furious, Ryu attacks the monster. They call in the Jet-Striker and the damage is severe enough to force the monster to go big. So they call in the JetMachines. Eventually they kill it.

Ryu goes to the museum to admire the portraits of Shizuko. He keeps the Okarina as a momento. "You're father's all right now, Shizuko. You did it," he thinks. And he leaves wistfully.


"Futsukatsu No Jiyotei"
June 7

The girls are out shopping for bathing suits. The boys have come with and are practically collapsing with boredom. Kaori sees one suit she likes and shows it to Ako, who says it's sexy, so the other girl immediately puts it back. Gai, fed up, suddenly grabs Kaori and drags her into the nearest elevator, with the others in hot pursuit. Inside the elevator, Gai says to Kaori, "Did you know that a man is like a wolf?" which sets her into nervous giggles. She leans into the wall as far from him as she can get. The conversation descends into cheap insults about Ryu. She says he is a strong man, and Gai says no he's crazy. She tells Gai that he is too bad, too wild for her.

In the meantime, Lyta is panicky on the other elevator. Ako is going on about how romantic it was, the way Gai dragged Kaori off. Lyta tries to explain how he feels about Kaori, something inbetween romantic love and brotherly love. Ryu is sympathetic, while Ako looks somewhat confused.

An asteroid is falling through fields of color towards Earth. Radiege, innocently standing against a pillar while Grey seems to be playing chess with himself, is suddenly wracked with convulsions as bio-lighting plays over his body. He knows what's coming. The asteroid hits Earth outside of Tokyo, causing a blackout and stranding our heroes in their elevators.

Eventually the blackout is over. Both elevators arrive at the floor they were going to, Lyta rushes out, catches Kaori's shoulders and says, "Are you okay? He didn't hurt you?!" Gai is furious at the suggestion and a fight might have ensued but for Ryu's intervention, and Chokan's call to go to where the asteroid crashed.

Radiege arrives at the crash site and hears a familiar voice speaking from inside the asteroid. He raises his sword to smash the thing, when the Jetman arrive. "We might've known YOU were behind this!" Ryu accuses him.

"Get out of here, this is none of your concern!" he snarls back at them. But then the asteroid splits, and a tall woman in white stands there. She looks at Radiege and smiles. Then she sees the Jetman and blasts them.

On the Vyram ship, she takes the throne reserved for the winner of their challenge with the Jetman. Mariah protests as the three males kneel in front of the woman and Radiege snaps that Mariah is too young to know, but this woman is their queen. The queen tells her own tale, of the destruction of the Vyram home world to gigantic crystals and her overthrow and imprisonment within the asteroid. But she has found a new power source. She is going to birth an offspring. Radiege eyes the "fruit", wanting the power for himself, somehow. But the queen needs something else. She needs to feed her baby on pain and suffering. So she peers at the human world through any reflective surface and begins choosing random targets. A blast from the jewel on her head, and her victims begin to writhe in agony, screaming as their very bones pulse with agony.

The Jetman find the queen wandering about blasting people, and they challenge her. She is having a fine time trouncing them until she knocks them out of their costume. Seeing Kaori, she aims a blast and fires. Gai dives in front and takes the blast himself. As he screams and convulses in sheer agony, Radiege arrives, blasts the Jetman and takes the queen back to the Vyram ship. She sits back in the throne and he kneels and kisses her hand in a very courtly gesture. She smiles and tells him it's cute. Unfortunately, Radiege has reached the end of his rope with this. In a fury he attacks her. She turns the attack with ease, deeply outraged and demands to know the meaning of this. He says, "Your time is OVER! Die!" and things like that. The others hide behind a pillar to watch the battle.

The queen transforms into her "real" I guess, form. A really ugly fanged creature. Actually, it's obvious she and Radiege are of the same kind. Her power sharp and high, she simply snatches up Radiege in an energy field. Spinning him, she folds his mind and folds it until he is crushed in blackness, empty of memory and thought. She says, "You hate humans so much. Now you shall be helpless among them." She drops him onto black stones. When the mist clears, Radiege's armor is gone and a very handsome human man lies unconscious upon a rocky beach.

The Jetman drag Gai to the infirmary. On the way, a crystal erupts out of his wrist. This is a continuing process, and once they GET him to the infirmary, they can't keep him there as he realizes, this is just going to continue and there is NOTHING his friends can do to help him. He runs, Kaori on his heels for she knows this would not have happened to him if he hadn't tried to save her.

"Gai, Shisu!"
June 14

The first thing he feels is fear, waking in a place he does not recognize. Panic-stricken, he turns to a soft, sweet-faced girl sitting watching over him and asks her where he is. When she answers, his fear grows for he has realized a continuing emptiness in his thoughts. "Who am I?!" he begs her. Later, he has had time to calm down and he walks out to join her where she sits at a veranda table. Her name is Saki. "Have you remembered anything?" she asks him. He says no, but wonders if going near where she found him might help. He notices the garlands of paper cranes strung together over the chairs and asks her what they are for. She tells him that legend has it if you make 1,000 cranes, you will be cured of your ills. Her classmates made these for her. "Are you ill?" he asks.

Saki takes him to the beach where she found him, and plays in the surf while he watches her. Her enjoyment warms him, though he still has no memory he feels better just being with her. She picks up a delicate white seashell and tells him that another legend says with such a perfect shell you can make a wish. She says she wishes he gets his memory back, and throws the shell into the sea. Then she collapses.

Back at the seaside hospital, they have tucked her into bed. Her doctor tells them that Saki needs to rest. The young man asks what is wrong with her (I never did quite figure that out), and it turns out that she is terminally ill, and doesn't have long to live. He returns to her bedside. He remembers how she wished for his memory at the beach, and he asks her why she did not wish for her own health and life. She does not answer him, as she really cannot explain. She has grown used to the idea of her death and it no longer frightens her. And perhaps she doesn't really believe in the power of wishing anymore, as hers have done her no good. She closes her eyes and drifts off. "Don't die! I need you! Saki!" So the young man closes his eyes too, and prays with all his might. Something is engaged within him, and power shimmers from their clasped hands to bathe her body in blue light.

Kaori finds Gai and they join the other Jetman to fight the queen. Gai makes it through her blasts only to have her knock him away. About to re-join the fray, he sees another man, huge crystals sticking out from his stomach, suddenly turn into a gigantic crystal. In horror, Gai flees. The others search for him, but it is Kaori who eventually finds him, huddled under a tree, staring up at the sky, fighting pain that sometimes makes his limbs shudder and jerk. She tries to get him to come back with her, but he laughs and says there's nothing anyone can do. He is dying. He loses his battle against the fear and pain, and for a moment huddles over in her arms. "I don't want to die!" Then a new wave of agony overwhelms him. He realizes he is about to change, and he tells Kaori he loves her. He runs, but doesn't get far, screaming as the transformation is completed and he becomes a giant crystal before Kaori's eyes. The Jetman catch up with the queen again, this time desperate to defeat her for Gai's sake. Their battle might have been brief....

Saki has gone through complete recovery. The doctor marvels as he and her mother watch the girl and the mysterious young man playing badminton. Saki trips and falls, laughing. The man comes to her, echoing her amusement in his smile. She tells him he has a great and wonderful power, to heal someone like her. He could do a lot with it. She offers to be with him. Touched beyond words, he wraps her in his arms. He whispers, "Maybe it's better if I don't remember." Just then, pain stabs through him, brief but overwhelming. Is it the pain of the queen using her power, or the pain of the people she is attacking, having finally come close enough to reach him? Who knows...?

The pain draws him to his feet in blind rage and agony, he staggers away to grab the motorcycle and trace it to its source, not knowing why he is doing what he is doing. He arrives, leaves the cycle and tears around a building to see the queen. He dives back round the corner in an agony of confusion and Saki catches up with him. She shakes him, and he shoves her away. He sees Red Hawk fighting the queen, and that finally does it. His mind is filled with images. Fighting Red Hawk, fighting the queen, rage and hatred blinding him to everything. His memories flood back and he pulls away from the wall he was cringing against. "I am Radiege! A Vyram!" he snarls, eyes wild.

The Jetman are getting trounced when a helmeted guy on a motorcycle rounds the corner and knocks the queen. The man jumps off the cycle, throws his helmet down (his back to the Jetman), and transforms into Radiege! On the Vyram ship, Mariah, Grey and Toran see this and shout effectively, "Now the ***** is gonna get it!" They come to join the fight.

Seeing the queen and Radiege going at it, the Jetman stop in surprise. Lyta says, "Well WHO do we fight?" Radiege and the queen blast each other, but she is worn with fighting the Jetman, and he's had rather a long vacation, of sorts. Realizing he cannot defeat her, Radiege sees the Jetman and tells them to fire at the crystal on the queen's head. That is her weak spot. Ever flexible, the Jetman obey. When she knocks aside their combined blasts, Kaori pulls out her sword and saying, "For Gai!" leaps at the queen. Her strike cleaves the stone in two, and the crystal Gai had turned into vanishes, leaving him standing in the middle of the infirmary. He races to his plane and comes to join the fight.

With everyone against her, the queen is being badly bashed. The Jetman bring out the Jet-bazooka and she disappears in the blast. They return happily to base, believing they've killed her. But actually she teleported away. Powered down, bleeding, she goes into labor. Rather anticlimatically, the fruit breaks off the stem, and will soon hatch. She is smugly congratulating it on its birth when Radiege arrives, having known she wasn't dead all along. He throws his sword and it lodges in her throat, destroying her in a flare of light. He gathers up the egg when someone calls him. SAKI! She stands and begs him to come back to her, to be human. He was the most wonderful, good man she has ever known. She loves him. He is badly shaken. Her proximity draws him and he begins to power down, his face shifting from blue to human color. Then he comes back to himself. "Thank you, fool!" he snaps at her. "I am Radiege of the Vyram, and I don't believe in love!" He throws out a sheet of blue fire and it consumes her. Then he sits on the beach and watches as the tiny baby monster breaks open the egg holding it. Looking like a gigantic caterpillar in Radiege's hand. "Grow big and strong quickly!" he tells it with a mad laugh.


June 21

Kaori and Ako try out a fortune teller. The woman tells Kaori that she will be hit by a car, a doll will cry, and she will be killed. Indignant at this fortune, Kaori stomps away. But after several close calls with falling posters of cars she decides she is afraid to get in the car when the family butler offers to drive her somewhere. Then she gets hit by a small child in his plastic car. She's getting very frightened. She walks into a room in her mansion and sees a doll with tears on its face. The butler finds that a water pipe in the ceiling has developed a leak. Curiously, a card with a picture of death on it was wedged in the pipe, but vanishes when the butler gets up there so quickly he isn't sure he saw anything. Kaori goes back to the fortune teller, who gives her a vision of being killed by Maria during a battle at the waterfront. Kaori believes, and returns home and hides out in the house. But the butler, Jiya (Jeeves?) calls Gai. Kaori is so upset she just gets on the cycle with him and holds on tight. Unfortunately, he happens to take her straight to that waterfront. As she runs off in terror, he is attacked by the faceless minions.

Kaori hears the others calling for her as they are getting beaten pretty badly, but she cannot go. Then the doors of her room opens, and there stands a demon in a black kimono with a boken (wooden sword). It chases the frightened girl around the house and out into the garden, shouting things I don't know what. Then Kaori realizes who the demon is. It is Jiya, who apparently largely raised her as her parents were busy rich people. She remembers that she has courage. She goes to join the other Jetman, who have been trapped inside a deadly illusion by the fortune teller monster, a being who seems to have been created by both Grey and Maria. Together, the Jetman defeat the monster.

Radiege watched the battle from the hold of their ship, where he is watching over the growing baby as it feeds on their power source. He was uninterested in the battle, though. He waits for the baby to mature.


"Kekkon Soujiki"
June 28

A little girl, Michiru, is taking photographs at her sister's wedding. All of a sudden, big sister walks out on her groom and tells everyone that she doesn't love him or for that matter anyone anymore. The shock is profound. When Michiru develops her photos, she sees some sort of fanged thing, like the end of a vacuum cleaner, in the background. She starts haunting wedding chapels, searching for a trace of the thing again. She sees it and chases after it, running out in front of a truck. Gai happens along at that time and stops the truck, but Michiru, overwrought, faints.

They eat lunch together and she shows him the pictures. He shrugs and says its not unusual for a bride to get cold feet. He doesn't believe her and leaves. Later, the others call him to see a news report. A little girl is stuck up in a high place and refuses to come down unless Gai Yuuki comes to talk to her. Stuttering in fury, Gai and the others come and get her down.

Forced to listen to her, they go to meet her sister. The girls' parents are dead and the sister is even colder than anything the Jetman have ever seen. They begin to believe Michiru. They make a decision to lay a trap for the monster. Gai and Ako will pretend to get married, hoping to attract the creature. Sure enough, it pops up. Lyta and Ryu are about to jump it when Michiru comes screaming into the chapel to stop the wedding. She's developed a serious crush on Gai. The monster sucks the love out of her. But she's only a little girl, and she collapses into a coma in Gai's arms.

Furious, Gai turns into costume without even touching his clothes changers. He leads the charge against the monster. Once it is destroyed, all the women are restored to normal. Michiru will live with her sister and brother-in-law. She asks Gai to wait for her to get older. (Isn't that sweet?)


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