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Rie and Ryu, before Project J

"Senshi o Sagase" "Search for the Soldiers"
February 15, 1991

A wave of energy called "Birdnic" is discovered and scientists develop a way to harness the energy and bond it to humans. Odagiri Ayachokan (Chokan for short) has to recruit five people for the project. She comes upon Tendo Ryu and his lover Aoi Rie working for the ground forces, rescuing civilians from a malfuntioning laser-robot. She invites them to join Project J, and Rie accepts upon her reassurance that their personal relationship is not a problem. Ryu is the first endowed with the Jetman link. It is an excrutiating experience. Just as they finish with him, the Vyram arrive. Their leader, Radiege, broadcasts his image in the sky, through mirrors and other surfaces announcing the Vyram as Earth's new masters. With the space-station under attack, Chokan and Rie drag the recovering Ryu towards the launch bay. However, a hole is torn in the wall and Rie is lost, her fingers slipping out of Ryu's weakened hold. Chokan knocks him out and escapes the space station dragging him with her. The damaged machine sends out the other four beams randomly. A young woman dressed in a kimono, standing on the balcony of her family's mansion, a farmer out working his small vegetable patch with a hoe, a girl walking home from high-school, and a young man out on his motorcycle are hit.

A strange, gigantic insect-monster is prowling around ingesting people, leaving only their empty clothes behind. Each time its thorax grows. Later it seperates from the thorax, and the Vyram draw forth their bio-changers, created with the life energy of humans. These things transform everyday objects into creatures.

Chokan has to break harsh reality to a semi-hysterical Ryu that Rie is dead. "Pull yourself together, man!" The Jetman monitors are registering the other four people and Chokan takes Ryu with her to claim them. First they find the young lady in the mansion. Rokumekan Kaori is a sweet woman, and very patriotic. Despite Ryu's odd behavior she is enthusiastic about being a Jetman and defending Earth from evil. She accepts the bracelets that will let her communicate and change into costume. But she is the only easy one. When the three of them find the farmer Oishi Lyta, he reacts with irritation. This is too fantastical for him, a down-to-Earth kind of guy, to believe. He refuses to go with them. Kaori offers to stay and talk to him while Chokan and Ryu find the remaining two. Lyta, whose farming life does not attract women of her caliber, enjoys giving her a tour of his greenhouses and sharing healthy fresh cucumbers with her. Just then the farm comes under attack as the Bairamu drop their faceless minions onto a furious Lyta's vegetable garden. Chokan and Ryu are flying their jets over the city when Radiege uses a bio-changer to transform Chokan's jet into a living creature. She is able to eject before it can ingest her. Ryu comes to help Lyta and Kaori, giving Lyta his bracelet and the two change for the first time. The aliens are amused by this trio of amateur fighters and wait to see what develops. The Vyram are Radiege, Maria, Gure, Toran and the faceless minions.


"Daisan no Senshi"
February 22
Yuuchi Gai is a gambler and a card shark. Winning a game with a young woman, he gives her money back and invites her to his place. As they are leaving, a bouncer accosts Gai, accusing him of cheating (and probably he was). Gai punches the man who goes flying down the alley. The shocked young man runs off into the night.

Hayasaka Ako is walking past the athletics team when she stops to stare at the high jump. Following an urge she doesn't really understand, she gives her friends her briefcase and runs to take a flying leap over the high jump. The coach is ecstatic and begs her to compete in the meet after school that day. The girl is willing... for money. Kaori and Lyta arrive in her family car just after the meet, and talk Ako into going off with them. Kaori explains about the Jetman and Ako's new powers. The girl finds it astonishing, but hints strongly that she'll do it for money (she's rather a greedy teenager). Kaori writes her out a hefty check. As Ako is gaping at her ship come in, Kaori puts the bracelets on her. It is at this moment the Vyram's faceless minions attack.

Gai is playing saxaphone at his day-job, his thoughts dwelling upon the events of the night before. While he's distracted, he accidently crushes his sax. Then a hand falls onto his shoulder. "We have to talk," the stranger, Ryu, says.

Having explained the situation to him, they find he wants no part of it. This doesn't involve him, he has better things to do. While Chokan watches in exasperation, the two men get in a fist-fight, smashing up the garage, car windows as they generally try to beat each other. Just then the communicator warbles with Kaori and Lyta's distress call. Ryu and Chokan race off to help. Gai scrambles to his feet. "Hey! I'm not finished with you yet!" and pursues them on his motorcycle. Without realizing it, he is able to follow them because of the Jetman link. But he is captured by the Jet-monster, which carries him into the air. Under Ryu's attack it drops him, and Ryu is able to get him the bracelet so he changes and flys.

Lyta and Kaori change into costume. Ako wants to follow suit but doesn't know which bracelet to use. "The RIGHT one!" Kaori tells her. The five together fight. Ryu is able to destroy the jet-monster by setting fire to oil leaking from a damaged hose on the thing. Gai is forced to help defeat the insect monster, which is destroyed by their combined firepower.

Ako returns Kaori's check to her. She will be receiving a government paycheck anyway, and now she really wants to be a Jetman. Gai punches Ryu in the gut and tosses the bracelets back to him saying he's not a freak like them. He rides away on his motorcycle. Ryu knows they have to have him with them. Throwing away the bracelets won't change what he now is.


"Itsutsu no Chikara"
March 1

A man is woken in the night by the sink-faucet dripping. He tightens the handle but as he turns away it starts to run. Suddenly the puzzled man is sucked into the water faucet. When it runs again, blood comes out. Toran watches and laughs.

Ako, Kaori and Lyta train learn karate with Chokan, who is wiping the floor with them. "How come Ryu isn't here getting trashed?" they whine. "He's off trying to bring in Gai," she responds. Kaori says desperately, "Let's go help him!" The others are all for it, but Chokan vetoes the proposed evasion of practice.

Later, they are dragging tires up a hill. The girls fall behind Lyta and sneakily tie their tires to his. He reaches the top and rolls back down, exhausted. A water fountain appears behind him and he scrambles for a drink, but draws back in horror when blood comes out. The three are occupied for a time with fighting. It is not a serious attack, however.

Ryu chases Gai across town on motorcycles. At one point he disrupts Gai's attempt to pick up a pretty cop. Exasperated, Gai finally makes a deal. They will have a motorcycle race. If Gai wins Ryu must leave him alone, if Ryu wins he will join the team, not without complaining every step of the way. Their race is interrupted when Ryu turns to help three children under attack by a hose. Gai believes he's won and mouths off, but when he tries to leave finds a hose has twined itself in the wheel of his motorcycle. The hose turns into a large water-faucet froggish being and Ryu saves Gai from being strangled by it, only to get caught himself. Seeing many Bairamu creatures bearing down on them, Gai flees. The other three get back to Sky-camp rather bruised from their experience, to see Ryu on the monitors getting thrashed and calling for help. They rush off to try to help. Their inexperience and fear tells against them. As Gai rides away he can't keep from thinking about the things Ryu has said to him, and the guy left all alone to fight. He half-feels impacts as Ryu is struck, and before he really realizes it, he has turned around. He collides with the faucet-monster, freeing the others from its hoses. They are ecstatic to see him. He drinks in their praise and doesn't even flinch when Ryu closes the bracelets on his wrists. They change and destroy the faucet monster.

Later, Ryu welcomes Gai to the team. Gai ignores his friendly overtures in favor of introducing himself to the girls, when the Vyram appear. It is really just a projection, the four of them snickering when Gai attempts to attack. They hit him with an electrical bolt and the rest of the team gathers 'round him. It seems the Vyram have decided to let the team improve so that they can enjoy a good fight for their new world.

They made a deal with each other: The one who defeats the Jetmen gets to rule Earth.

"Tatakau Hanayome"
March 8

Kaori is having trouble learning to fly Jetswan. She crashes during the training sessions. When Chokan and Ryu insist that it is absolutely necessary for her to apply herself and not think of herself as a debutante, she leaves in a huff. While she is at home pouting, her butler ushers in a bunch of servants carrying bouquets of flowers. Her long-standing psuedo-boyfriend has arrived and takes her to dinner to ask her to marry him. "Your parents like me, we'd be uniting the two richest families in Japan."

She tells him that first she has a job to do, protecting the Earth. He bursts out laughing, thinking it a great joke. As he drives her home she insists it's true and he salutes her cheerfully. On the way back they encounter Radiege's traffic-light monster. Kaori calls in the team and they manage to drive it off for the time being. Her boyfriend is horrified at their insistence that Kaori come with them to fight. He is offended that Ryu has the temerity to lecture her. Gai asks, "just what is your stake in this?"

"I've asked her to marry me!"

When Ryu tells her she can't be selfish and she has to come with them. She gets angry and tells her boyfriend she wants to get married right away. Just then Chokan signals them saying they have to go now to fight the monster. They start to dash off when they realize Kaori isn't coming. Ryu turns and says to her, "We'll wait for you. We know you can do it."

At the church she can't concentrate on the wedding. Her mind is filled with Ryu's words and the ghostly echoes of her teammates' injuries as they fight. In the midst of the ceremony she realizes she has to be with them. Her boyfriend tries to get her to go through with the ceremony, revealing himself as an elitist when he tells her she's much too good to be involved with these low-class people anyway. She's becoming hysterical, the urge to go overpowering and finally she lashes out, connecting her foot rather firmly with his family jewels. In front of the church she crosses herself, tosses the bouquet aside and steals someone's motorcycle to beeline for the fight. The others are ecstatic to see her. Then they call in the planes which they would not do without her. She is doing okay with the flying until she takes a direct energy blast from the monster. The crash is a bad one.

"Ore ni Horero"

March 15
Kaori's nerves are in shock. She cannot use her legs and is confined to a wheelchair. She must force herself and her legs to work, but that is far easier said than done. In practice flights she cannot operate the floor pedals though she tries gamely. The others follow her around semi- discreetly as she attempts to walk and fails. Gai finds it agony to watch her struggle. When she falls out of the chair one time and is struggling to get back in, he rushes to help her. Ryu makes him back off and encourages Kaori to try. Just then they are attacked by Toran and Gure. Ryu sends Gai to get Kaori out of the battle area. The wheelchair is caught on a train-track, but he gets them across in time.

Gure comes after them, and Gai grabs his motorcycle and collides with him, but this has little effect other than to injure Gai's hand and show that Gure can just stand up from a small explosion. They hide out in a warehouse and Kaori uses her kerchief to bandage Gai's bleeding hand. The conversation about whether or not Kaori can live being crippled generates a remark by him which leads her to slap Gai and then apologize profusely (I think he must have said "Well at least you can still have sex", or something like that). Gure almost gets them until the traffic-light monster causes a small earthquake as it frees itself from the underground cave it's been hiding out in while recovering from the last battle.

In pitched battle against Maria, Ryu discovers the Bairamu woman looks exactly like Rie. A second quake breaks the ground, and Kaori falls through the crack. Ryu catches her hand and hangs on for all he's worth. Maria takes advantage of his position and tries to strangle him with her whip, since he can't fight her and hold Kaori at the same time. Kaori finally forces her legs to work, jumping out of the crack and striking at Maria to get her away from Ryu. The team defeats the traffic-light monster by first-time formation of Icarus-Haaken.

After it is over, Kaori thanks Ryu for his faith in her. They are about to shake hands when Gai shoves his way between them, giving her back the handkerchief. Lyta asks Kaori what happened to her fiancee. She demonstrates on him. (ouch)


"Ikare Robo!" (Ikarus Robot)

March 22
Radiege turns an apartment building into a people-eating monster. The Jetman are learning to form Jet Icarus but Gai is having difficulty subordinating his control of the ship when he must for the planes to form together. After arguing with Ryu he takes off, followed by Kaori. They go to an outdoor cafe where, despite her efforts to discuss teamwork, the conversation deals with Gai's opinion that he could have any woman, so why won't Kaori go out with him? He turns and picks up the pretty waittress and leaves with her when Kaori refuses. The waitress lives in a nearby apartment building. Of course the one that Radiege used a bio-changer on. Gai is nearly eaten by it. Ryu frees him, but is kidnapped by Radiege for one-on-one combat. The Bairamu leader hates humans passionately, and when Ryu manages to slice his face, in a fury Radiege transforms into a monster.

When the others realize Ryu is missing they nearly panic, but they must call in their planes and Gai becomes de-facto leader, using automatics to form Jet-Icarus. In the middle of the fight, Gai leaps out and smashes his way into the apartment wherein Radiege has trapped Ryu. Gai rescues Ryu, tells him he owes him one, now. They destroy the building monster.


"Ryu no Kekkon!?" "Ryu, Married!?"

March 29
All over town, people are getting sucked into mirrors while staring at their reflections. A young boy primping his be-bop haircut, a woman trying on new clothes at the department store...

A little old white-haired lady hurries onto the rush-hour train. When a young man will not give up his seat to her, she starts whacking him on the head. Off the train she is hurrying by a tennis court when a ball falls and hits her right on the head. A tall young man comes rushing out to see if she's all right, and the frustrated old lady grabs his hand and flips him. Then she takes a good look at him and calls him by name.

This is Kinuyo Tendo, and she is Ryu's old grandmother. She has decided it is high time a responsible young man like him should get married. So she has come with a picture of a sweet girl from a good family to introduce Ryu and the girl to each other. Ryu cannot find a way to beg off without deeply offending her. Chokan finds the news nothing less than irritating. Gai offers to help Ryu get out of this, prompting Lyta to check his temperature to see if he's ill

Ryu, looking extremely uncomfortable and irritated in a nice suit, is having dinner with the demure young woman and his grandma. Lyta, dressed sleazily, arrives at the table and demands Ryu pay his gambling debts. Kaori arrives in a slinky red dress claiming Ryu's her boyfriend and how dare he leave her for another woman. She gives the other girl quite an offended glare. In the midst of their act a scream outside sends them running to see a girl getting sucked into her pocket-mirror. They battle against the mirror monster which grabs Ryu, and Kaori karate-chops its tentacle. They manage to drive it off for now.

Grandmother Tendo makes the Jetmen all a fine traditional Japanese dinner, as Ryu tries and TRIES to explain to her that he does not want to meet women,he is too busy with dangerous work for that right now. She pays him no attention.

She watches from behind trees as Ryu walks with the girl, Emiko, next to a lake. Ryu is explaining that his job makes it impossible to get involved just at this moment. The girl counters that she already has a fiancee, it's just that there is no way to politely refuse the old lady, except to go through with the meeting and then say he was not satisfactory. Besides, she thinks there is someone closer to him who loves him (thinking of the look on Kaori's face, which Ryu did not see). A moment later the mirror monster sucks her up.

The Jetman fight the mirror monster, and Maria warns them mockingly that they cannot break its surface, or the people trapped inside it will die. Caught between a rock and a hard place they get the worst of the battle. When all seems lost and the monster is about to blast them, Grandma Tendo steps out from the bushes and uses her pocket-mirror to reflect the monster's beam back away, catching Maria, who must release everyone to get herself free. The Jetmen defeat the mirror-monster.

Walking together some days later, Ryu shows the others a letter from the girl, saying she's getting married. They are delighted, and he is relieved he won't have to go through that again. However, Grandmother Tendo comes running down the path with pictures of several more girls she wants to introduce to Ryu. He runs.


"Warau Daiya" "Evil Diamond"

April 5
A very rich Japanese man has brought his famous "Bloody Diamond" and several blue-bloods are coming to see it on display. Maria thinks this is deeply amusing, so she sets a biochanger on the diamond, which suddenly increases in size.

Kaori comes to view the diamond, bringing Ako with her. When they arrive, the man flirts with both of them. Then one of the security guards comes screaming out of the back room and attacking people. Ako hands Kaori her purse and knocks the man unconcious. They tie him up in the back room when screaming and shouting breaks out in the display room.

When they take the cover off the Bloody Diamond and see how large it is, everyone is delighted except the owner, who wonders what happened to the real diamond. Thus he is looking away when beams of light shoot out and send everyone into berserk greed. Kaori and Ako tear in, make the connection between the diamond and people rioting and throw it outside, where it assumes its full size as the Diamond-monster. Just as the other Jetmen arrive, Ako takes a blast full-on. Regaining consciousness the first thing she does is attack her teammates. They are forced to tie Ako up in a room, where she screams and threatens them.

They take the owner of the diamond aside to demand if he can shed any light on what's happening. He relates the Bloody Diamond's bloody history. During the French Revolution men and women slaughtered each other to gain possession of it, the greed for its shining beauty overriding all else.

While the others fight the Diamond monster, Kaori comes up with a scheme she thinks will work to free Ako. To the family butler's distress, she sends him all over town to buy up all the jewelry in the shops. She brings Ako to her house and literally drowns her in jewelry. Ako is gasping, unable to decide which way to turn with all these shining jewels, but it takes a sharp slap from Kaori to finally break the monster's spell. Ako blinks up at her teammate, "what'd you hit me for?" Together the team is able to defeat the monster.


"Doranco no koi"

In the darkness of night at a department store, Toran places a bio-changer on a sewing machine. A security guard, attracted by the sound comes in but sees nothing. Suddenly the sewing machine gathers material together and constructs a suit which it magically places on him. He stands almost mannequin-like dressed as a mafia hitman, before he begins shooting the mannequins.

The team comes in to find Lyta loading his hair up with mousse. Gai remarks on the picture of a pretty high-school girl. This is Lyta's childhood friend, Satsuki. Now that she has finished high school, she is coming to meet him here in Tokyo. They haven't seen each other since they were little children, but she always cheered him on. He remembers the last time he saw her: he was in an obstacle race. He was keeping up rather nicely with the slimmer more fit chidren when they reached the muddy rice-paddy being used for the race. Determined to win, Lyta hopped through the mud like a frog, ending the race covered from head to toe but with Satsuki's enthusiastic encouragement and everyone's applause ringing in his ears.

When they meet, though, he is dumbfounded. She is dressed in a slinky green mini-dress and has put sexy make-up on. She proceeds to drag him around Tokyo, following all the suggestions in the "Tokyo Date Book" and driving him half-crazy.

The others find themselves fighting people dressed as ninjas and pirates. They are unable to fight effectively as they cannot hurt innocent civilians under the Bairamu's control. When Ryu thinks to summon Lyta to help, Gai demands that he not. "He needs this time, let him enjoy being with Satsuki." Ryu concedes and they continue to do the best they can.

A young businessman buys Satsuki a drink. Trying to be sophisticated she takes a sip and finds the taste nauseating. Lyta takes her to a fountain to steady her, and in frustration tells her he doesn't like this person she is dressed up as. This is not the girl he's exchanged letters with all this time. She runs off, sobbing in the rain. She had done all this, trying to look sophisticated and less the country bumpkin. She runs into Toran and his Fashion-monster, who turn her into a sniper and set her to attacking the Jetmen.

Lyta, recognizing her, faces her by himself. In his Yellow-Owl clothing, he leapfrogs through mud-puddles and this childhood memory breaks through the spell of the Bairamu. She falls unconscious and Lyta gathers her in his arms. Toran is astounded that she broke free of his spell. Lyta tells him that the human heart is stronger than his evil magic.

They defeat the Fashion-Monster, and Lyta sees Satsuki off to the train home. She has changed into a dress that is cheerfully yellow and has no makeup. She tells him she is wearing yellow because she loves Yellow Owl, meaning of course that she loves Lyta. He waves madly, running alongside the train until he cannot do so anymore.


"Kappumen" "Ramen-cup"

While walking home from school, Ako is called by Tatsuta, who is either a senior or a graduated student of her school. He is designing a new Ramen-noodle product and wants to use her to promote it. At first she refuses, but the thought of the royalties tempts her. While the young man is working on his recipe and logo, a creature steps into his small apartment. It looks adorable, like a puppy transformed into a cup-o-noodles. It tells him it is the kami or spirit of Ramen. Together they complete the recipe and logo, once getting so involved in their work that the kami forgets to refresh its water, and the young man does it for him. And one day, Ako looks up and sees to her horror a commercial playing with Ako-chan Ramen. Everyone buys it. Ako arrives at the Sky-camp to see that her fellow Jetmen also bought some and are singing the theme song.

What no one knows is, Ako-ramen is contaminated with Toran's magic, and the song he plays on his flute sends everyone who ate the ramen berserk. A little girl waiting with stoic patience in line for the merry-go-round suddenly shoves her way through and ends up standing on the attendant demanding to be let on. An office worker grabbing a bite to eat instead of going out to lunch suddenly starts smashinig up the office in a fury. Gai has to knock out a woman waiting in line at the bank (or is it the post office) because she starts attacking everyone.Of course it doesn't end there. Lyta suddenly goes berserk, wanting to fight the Vyram right NOW.

And in his apartment, the young man is horrified when he turns on the news and hears that these cases of violence have been linked to his Ramen. Ako comes in to demand an explanation. Laughing, the kami arrives and then transforms in a cloud of steam. Ako fights but is temporarily caught by the kami. It needs water, though, and the young man captures the kettle and races around trying to keep the kami from gettiing it. Ako breaks free and she and the other Jetmen finally destroy the Ramen monster.

Afterwards, they sit together and she tells him she forgives him for causing all this trouble, whereupon he announces that Ako-chan 2 is already in the making. She threatens to whap him one.

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