Hurricanger | Goraijer | Shurikenger & Gozen


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Shurikenger wore the Protect Armor and bore the Shurikenzubatto. It was a bat. As in a baseball bat. It also had a sword mode, though. He had lines like (in English) "I am Ninja of Ninja!" and more hilariously: "Everybody! Me ga help ni kitaze! (mangling Japanese AND English "I've come to help!")" His name was Shurikenger and they kept his identity hush-hush. He was prone to disguising himself as other people, which lead to some confusion on the fans' parts as we kept thinking this was the guy who played him. Following the tradition of slimming down to a more powerful fighting form begun with Sempujin, he did the same. He carried his own Shuriken Ball that we believed was for transforming into the armored form. He piloted the Tenkuujin, which is a helicoptor of the bird-like persuasion. The upper backside of his helmet was the front of the other form. Shurikenger's real identity... was Shurikenger. He had no other face. Ten years ago he was a member of the Hayate Way, expected to become a Hurricanger, but he dropped out of sight and there was some confusion about what had happened to him. What had happened was that he'd found, contacted or something like that Gozen. He chose to surrender everything, even his humanity, to become her soldier. To become Shurikenger. Abandoning human body, his name, everything. The only thing he seemed to keep was a healthy appetite for tasty food which, I'm guessing, perhaps he ate through osmosis.

Shurikenger was nearly killed by Sandaru. The only thing that kept that from being was that he lived long enough to put himself, in the Tenkujin, to stopping Satorakura. He gave the Shuriken Ball to Yousuke. And he blew up himself, Tenkujin and Satorakura.


Gozen-sama, or Lady-worshipped Gozen. Played by the lovely OւЂƂ Hitomi Miwa, she was five-hundred years old. I'm a little unclear on the how and wherefores, but her father decided his daughter made a good place to hide the mysterious spear-stone. Thus it was there, in her head where her third eye would be. Her father had a tree planted, and it was the only thing left from her childhood until it was set on fire during the battles. In the wars between ninja clans, her entire family was slaughtered and she ran off to safety to protect the stone. The stone sustains her, she doesn't need to eat and so generally doesn't bother to. Gozen, and the Spear-stone (Nageki no Yumi Medal), was a hub for both Ikazuchi and Hayate Way schools. They did not know who she was, nor that she was even female her identity was held so dear. From the stone and from her is where both schools get their technology, which is why Ikazuchi had a Karakuri system compatable with the one Oboro designed for the Hurricanger. She is dead, now. She died after Sandaru used the medal's sibling stone to pull it from her head. The power sustaining her ran out, and she vanished from the Hurricanger's arms.