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巻之四十一 メダルと漫才
Medaru to Manzai
Medal and Comedian

Night on the Centipede, and Satorakura is up to no good. Er... well, as to be expected. He peers out from behing a pillar until he sees Sandaru coming. Delighted he says, "He's coming, he's coming!" And pops out with a book. Pretending he hasn't seen Sandaru, he walks out reading aloud and laughing, deliberately crashes into the other and lets himself fall on his back. "Hey, sorry sorry, gotta watch where I'm walking!" and is on his feet happily ready to move on. Sandaru is no feel. He grabs Satorakura's shoulder, pulls him arond to retrieve the Seal Stone. *tsk* Sticky fingers. Demands to know what he's up to and Satorakura is going "Oh, how EVER did that get into my hand? How strange!" Sandaru is having none of that, though. They will find out the true power of that stone soon enough. Satorakura makes a grab for it, Sandaru keeps it well out of reach. It shimmers green in the dark night.

Morning, Hurricanger base. Oboro is working with Shurikener on the Tricondor, but she won't let him touch her computer. He seems a bit taken aback by that. She's still angry about the solution Gozen had given them that temporarily froze her people in place. Shurikenger says "But he HELPED!" and Mugensai supports that statement. The Hurricanger watch this exchange with troubled confusion. Oboro, however, had her feelings hurt and she's not going to stop being peeved so easily. She tells Shurikenger to go back where he came from irritably. Yousuke and Nanami bounce to her side trying to sooth her, though Shurikenger rubs his helmet in distress. They talk to her and she tells them she intends to repair the Tricondor by herself. Shurikenger, somewhat put out by now too, heads out the entry-way though the pair call to him. They look at each other, then at Oboro. Mugensai is quite exasperated. But then he wonders where Kouta is. Yousuke says Kouta's meeting his little sister. Nanami grins with delight and says that Meiko has returned to Japan (possibly to renew her visa).

Meiko is waiting inside a cafe. She's probably ordered a coffee. She looks a bit more mature. Her brother is racing through the city to meet her. Unfortunately he runs across the latest Jakanja menace. Tsukko Miina. I tell you this one looks bizarre. It has big puff pink balls of fuzz on either side of its head and it's singing. Kouta quickly calls the others. Saying sorry to his sister, he changes into his armor to fight. Meiko waits and wonders just why her brother is so late. He'd PROMISED! But the sounds of battle and screaming outside reach her ears. Kouta is battling Tsukko Miina. The others finally arrive and the Jakanja greets them happily, telling them what it wants to do. It has a bowl full of some sort of food. They're a bit confused, but Isshu pulls them back to focus. And then a wind so cold it cuts through their armor blows. And suddenly they are hit and fall, explosions on their torsos. Tsukko Miina covers his mouth and laughs. Shurikenger gasps in English, "What's happening?" then continues in Japanese. For they are confused. What has hit them, they do not know. It behaves like a resonance effect. It has to do with what he'd said and the bowl of food he'd held. Ikkou is very angry. Tsukko Miina is one of Satorakura's, and happy to fight for him. He hits them next with something he summons from the sky, it looks like a heavy pipe. They fall. It is to this scene Meiko arrives. She sees them fall and ducks out of sight, then peeks out to watch the battle, wondering who these people are. She quick registers that they are ninja. Boy, Oboro's robot is sure good at keeping the situation secret. Tsukko Miina attacks with Nan (Indian bread). When they don't answer his riddle right, pans drop on their heads (this being a play on words. Pan is the Japanese word for bread). They scramble back to their feet, beginning to catch on. The Goraijer lead the charge, furious. Something they say gets pans dropped on their heads, too. They are knocked from their armor and cluth at themselves in pain. Kouta calls their names. He doesn't see his sister pop up. She sees everything. And Satorakura calls his man and tells him to leave the scene. Tsukko Miina tells the Hurricanger they'll meet on/in the next stage. "Sayonara!" he says, and dances away.

The Hurricanger sheath their weapons and go to the still pretty stunned Goraijer. "You all right?" Yousuke asks anxiously. Ikkou rubs his stiff neck and glowers towards where Tsukko Miina had been. "What is with that thing?" he growls. Isshu, Nanami's gloved hands bracing his shoulders briefly, grumbles "What did he mean by next stage?" Meiko is still watching intently. Then she nods to herself and heads down the stairs. Nanami breaks the tableau. "Kouta, what about the time?" He nearly squawks. He wants to go but is uncertain. The Goraijer are back on their feet, rubbing at their bruises. "We're all right," Ikkou reassures Kouta.

Meiko returns to the cafe, but Kouta is of course still not there. Unhappy, she turns around. But just then he arrives, apologizing profusely. Meiko drags him out the door to show him what she'd found. "There they are!" she whispers to him. The Goraijer are blissfully unaware of anything going on, heading away from the area of the battle. "Those two men are ninja!" Meiko tells her rather flabbergasted brother excitedly. He is in a quandry. "What are you talking about? You had a dream or something?" "No, I saw their real identities! Come on, bro!" and she starts running after them. "Meiko!" he protests, pursuing. She catches up with them on a bridge, racing around to get right in front of the two. "Hey, what are your names?" she asks them. They stop and stare at her blankly, before exchanging puzzled glances. She continues excitedly, "I saw you two. You are so cool! And - " about that point Kouta is catching up, looking more than a little terrified. "Cool?" repeats Isshu in confusion. Ikkou rubs his sore neck. "This is a bit sudden - " he starts. But Meiko reaches up and catches his hand, pulling it down so she can see his Goraichanger. "Ah, is this what you use to change into ninja?" Kouta squawks, "Oh, this is bad." Blissfully ignoring protocol and even all forms of politeness, Meiko touches a button on Ikkou's bracelet causing the wings to open. He reacts about as you'd expect, snatching his hand back and snarling, "What are you doing?" Kouta dives between them just in time. "Now now now now," he stutters helplessly. Isshu glowers at him and demands, "Kouta, who is this kid?" Kouta really is stuck, especially when his sister aks, "Brother, do you know them?" "Um, no, don't know them, no!" He turns away, in quite a state of how-am-I-going-to-get-out-of-this. "This is the first time I've ever met them." The Goraijer are now quite perplexed themselves, and stare at the brother and sister in confusion. Meiko is not slow, though. "Then why did he call you Kouta?" Behind her, Kouta makes all sorts of begging and pleading hand signals for the Goraijer to help him out, here. They look even more confused. In desperation, he leaps past his sister and points up at the sky. "Oh, a UFO!" "Eh?" she says and turns to look. Then he acts disappointed. "Oh darn, it's only an airplane." She glares at him and he glances behind her. "HEY!" having taken his hint the Goraijer used the opportunity to vanish. Kouta pretends to be distressed and confused by their sudden absence. "Oh, those guys are gone!" He rubs the back of his head. "That's too bad." Meiko is starting to sigh when she notices the foolish mistake he's made. His Hurricane Gyro is in plain site on his wrist. She stares at it, but then the smile of discovery fades from her face as her brother turns, realizes what she's seen and he pulls his jacket down to cover it. "Oh, man! It's cold out!" and starts off around her. Meiko is both confused and hurt. Her eyes have a faint sheen of tears.

They go to a shrine to ring the bells and pray. Meiko keeps turning her head to look at Kouta, eyes full of questions and he cannot avoid her gaze. But darnit, he CAN avoid the questions. Forcing a smile to his face he says, "Let's go, " and leads her away from the temple. She follows a bit unhappily. They walk together in a beautiful park, across a red bridge. Finally she says, "Bro, what are you hiding from me?" "I'm not hiding anything," he says, and leans over the barrier to look down at the water below. "I think you're doing something dangerous! I'm worried about my big brother!" Hmm. It's one thing for a stranger to be a world-saving ninja, but another for her brother to be doing it. When he looks deeply troubled she smiles and says, "So, hurry up and tell me about it. You can say anything, we're family." He turns quickly and says "Whatever are you talking about? Oh, I have this for you." And he hands her an envelope. Then he starts off along the zig-zagging bridge. He wants her to call him again. He races away, leaving her. She watches him go with more than a little frustration.

He returns to base to explain the problem to Mugensai, who is just as troubled about it. It's hard when you can't even tell your family what you're doing, he sympathizes. Oboro, meanwhile, is having a hissy-fit. She can't get the programming for the Tricondor right. And she reacts extremely badly to suggestions that she accept help, growling and baring her teeth at her father.

On the Centipede, Tsukko Miina is shuffling in front of a flaming brazier. Wendinu is extremely puzzled by his behaviour and asks Satorakura about it. She wants to know why they didn't take out the Goraijer. Furabijo points out about that really being the reason why they're here, after all. And Sargain is furious with him. Finally, he dives behind Sandaru, "Help me, San-chan!" He's willing to distract them. He wants them to look at his stone. Furabijo is first to come close. She wants to know about the stone. But then Satorakura's Tsukko Miina comes to him. They're ready to start the next stage.

Satorakura's distorted face appears on Oboro's screens. She leaps to her feet and sends out the Hurricanger. They arrive in armor with the Goraijer. The setting is a open stage. When our heroes get there, no one is to be seen. But the banner on the stage reads "Bakushou爆笑! Satarz Talk Live", as Kouta reads for us. "Hi!" Satorakura and his man come out to greet their audience. The heroes respond to challenge. And Meiko, who for plot reasons only is passing by, hears their voices and goes to investigate. "It's them again!" she exclaims in delight. And this time she gets to hear them introduce themselves. She repeats, "Hurricanger? Goraijer?" and approaches to get a good view of the battle. Ikkou and Yousuke are the first to hit and be knocked back by Tsukko Miina, then Isshu and Kouta. Kouta does quite well, actually downing a very indignant enemy. "Wait, wait!" he protests as the group gathers together to fight. They aren't doing what Satorakura wants. But the pair make a pun and apply it's twists to their power. Our heroes fall painfully for reasons unknown. And the Jakanja drop heavy objects. Kouta tumbles towards where his sister is peeking out. She sees the Hurricange Gyro on his wrist and brightly realizes who she's looking at. He is staggering back to his feet, and then all five are attacked. The explosion peels out and frightens her into ducking and a small scream. Small though it was, Kouta heard it. "Meiko!" he whispers, getting to his feet. He goes to the huddled girl. "It's dangerous here, get up and go somewhere safe!" "Brother! It's you, it's really you!" She stares up into his mask and he is paralyzed. She says she knows everything now. And she is upset with him. But then someone cries, "Meiko!" And it is Kouta, running up to them (for those who are a bit slow, read Shurikenger). "What are you doing here? It's dangerous, you know?!" he touches her shoulder anxiously. The real Kouta is a bit dumbfounded. "But... you're not a Hurricanger?" "What kind of crazy thing is that to say?" (and he says crazy in English, which is a dead giveaway) "We gotta run away from here now, baby!" "Baby?" she repeats the English word, staring at him. But he's pulling her up before she can concentrate. He starts away with her, but she twists her foot. The real Kouta watches but is called by a very irritated Satorakura, who fires on the girl. Kouta quickly dives to take the shot, crying his sister's name. He lands hard. She gasps in horror but he shouts at the pair to get out of here now. Shurikenger as him tells him they will, and kneels down saying "Get on big brother's back, now!" Meiko stares at her real brother, when he screams at her to go, she climbs on. As Shurikenger takes her away, she stares back, knowing the truth, but for his sake allowing the pretense to go on.

And Sandaru has arrived. He uses his stone to suck the energy from the five heroes until it is full and they are released. Nanami knows he is nearby. Shurikenger returns, still wearing Kouta's face and voice, but tells him Meiko is safe and all right. Kouta thanks him, and now Satorakura and Tsukko Miina face the whole group. Kouta figures out the real focus of this Jakanja's power, his hands or gloves, and starts firing on them and then hitting with his Hammer. By his lonesome he takes Tsukko Miina down. And our five form the Victory Gadget, with which they destroy the very angry Jakanja. He blows up and they dance with delight. And Meiko watches her brother proudly. And their stolen power is really working out for Sandaru. It changes the stone, finally, into a new Medal. The Raging Arrow Medal. The others are a bit confused by it. Then Satorakura and Sandaru take off together, leaving Tsukko Miina in giant to fight the three mecha. Oboro says she's finished the programming all by herself, and sends the Karakuri medals to them. Shurikenger tells her she's great. They call in the Tricondor and reassemble. Their mighty form stands. Tenraisempujin. They are huge, towering over Tsukko Miina. His strikes don't even shake them. Kouta tells Yousuke to attack, and they do, their greatest attack literally shreds Tsukko Miina to pieces.

The airport again. Planes outside taxi, or wait. The wide clean floors. The message boards telling where which flights are going, switching back and forth from English to Japanese. Flight attendants walk along cheerfully. People of various nationalities pass by. Meiko is headed for the escalator, her brother practically walking on her heels he is so reluctant to be parted from her. He is anxiously dispensing advice. Yousuke and Nanami watch the pair and smile fondly. "Don't catch a cold!" he starts. "'kay." "Always take your medicine!" His fretting sets her to giggling at him. He at last says "And don't you ever stop trying." He looks at her desperately, there is so much more he wants to say. "I will," she tells him. "Brother, you are a very cool guy." And she smiles warmly at him. She has a final point, and a dawning pleasure. As she gets on the escalator she says happily, "Don't give up, Hurricanger! And give my regards to the pretend-you!" Kouta, realizing finally that her remarks actually meant she knew the truth, squawks, "Meiko!" Yousuke and Nanami react with similar squawks. And then Oboro's hypnotizing robots pops up behind them. They grab it quickly and hang on Meiko is safely gone. It protests, just trying to do its job. And Kouta watches until she is gone, waving to her and grinning ecstatically.

File 41 on Tsukko Miina.
巻之四十二 鎧と怒りの矢 Yoroi to Ikari no Ya Armor and the Raging Arrow
The Seal Stone having been changed to Raging Arrow Medal, Gozen and Shurikenger's secrets again become an issue for the Hurricanger and Goraijer, who are aligned in being bloody annoyed about it. There is a man fishing on the rocks of the bay. For those who wish to know, same actor who played Daigo in Dairanger. Heheheh. And there is another enemy to fight, another of Sargain's powerful creations. And Tenkujin has to protect Sempujin from being destroyed by it. In their armor all, the group gathers around Shurikenger. Yousuke grabs his shoulders and says firmly, "We're your friends. We want you to talk to us!" And he looks half-helpless with distress.

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巻之四十二 鎧と怒りの矢
Yoroi to Ikari no Ya
Armor and the Raging Arrow

Nanami stares restlessly out at the sea. She talks about the stone Sandaru has. The five allies are together. Kouta frets about the stone's power and how now it's a medal. The Blazing Arrow Medal. "I think it's a Shinobi Medal," frets Yousuke. "It must be," agrees Isshu. "But they didn't seem to have such things before." He steps closer to his brother. Nanami joins them and says worriedly, "Yes, so why now?" "We don't know," Ikkou says gravely. And that there's only one person they know who still has a great deal to hide. Kouta bounces up to agree. And Nanami adds that he'd made a slip of the tongue. Grimly, Ikkou agrees and Isshu goes over to the sitting third Hurricanger. "Yousuke, do you know anything about this Gozen?" Yousuke tosses a rock in his hand and gets to his feet complaining, "I don't know, and the boss hasn't even told Oboro anything about him." He paces unhappily. "We don't even know where he is. It's not necessary!!" and he tosses the rock towards the sea as hard as he can. The waves crash. For a moment they all stand silent, then Ikkou speaks again. "Shurikenger. He's the key." They all listen grimly to him. They're building up to indignant resentment again.

Out under the rocks closer to the water, below their line of sight, there is a man (early thirties, perhaps) sitting with a fishing pole and all kinds of gear. He's overheard their conversation. He stares miserably out at the waves and whispers, "Gozen."

And on the Centipede, Tao Zanto is telling his people something they didn't know. That there are two of these powers birthed. The other is a Spear. Hmm. A Spear and an Arrow. Mighty power to the hands that hold them. Wendinu and Furabijo are intrigued, and Satorakura bounces over to the with the Medal they already have in his hands. But they stare at him, having no idea what he's on about. He tries to avoid their interest when Sandaru takes it from him. But Sargain asks for the right to be the first to use the Medal, much to Satorakura's annoyance. And Tao Zanto is willing. Sandaru holds out the Medal, and Sargain snatches it indignantly. As he is snarling at Satorakura, Wendinu grabs him and pulls him aside. "Wait wait wait wait," she whispers to him. She seems to be worried about him. He is not pleased with that, and snaps at her. If he doesn't do this, how can he call himself Sargain? And he races off. Tao Zanto sends Sandaru off to find the other Medal. He goes gladly.

Still at the seaside are our heroes. Nanami comes up beside Yousuke. "Shurikenger, he's not bad, we know that," she comments. He nods and grunts agreement. He recalls their recent adventure when Gozen's invisible chainmail armor had frozen them in place, and Shurikenger scared them half to death when he used his baseballs to free them. Their relief when they'd realized he'd helped. They are cooling down, but Kouta points out that he still hadn't told them anything, even about the mysterious Gozen. They are still blissfully unaware of unhappy fisherman listening to their indignation. As he hears an angry comment from Kouta, he twists his hands on the silver rod.

Ikkou suddenly stiffens alertly and snaps, "Who's that?!" He's tensed into a fighting stance and the others, startled, follow his fierce gaze. A man comes up over the stones, putting away his fishing gear. He cocks his head and looks at them. "You guys are scaring all the fish away, you know?" he says innocently. They stare suspiciously at him.

Sargain is in the cockpit of another giant robot. He sets the Arrow Medal in a slot and scans it. And what it shows him is both startling and impressive. Contained within this Medal are the code signatures for all six of Earth's defenders own Shinobi Medals. This is the Hurricanger, Goraijer and Shurikenger's stolen power. Sargain is startled enough to open his own cockpit and say in his shrill little voice, "So that's what it is!" And the Arrow medal sits.

The supposed stranger continues putting away his fishing gear, complaining as he goes about their babble. "I think sometimes there's something you want to talk about, but you can't say it." As they stare at him in dismay, he sheepishly apologizes saying he couldn't help but overhear. He turns his back to them so they can't see his troubled face. "You were talking about one of your own," he comments. Yousuke repeats, "Our own?" Then he walks up to the man and around so he can see his face. "As you're ours, then I want you to tell us." The man stares at him in surprise. "Isn't that true? If you're really friends, why would you have to keep secrets?" "Well, the fish are all gone so I guess I'll go find a better spot."

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巻之四十三 超合体と大激突 Chougattai to Daigekitotsu Greatest Union and Enormous Clash

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巻之四十三 超合体と大激突
Chougattai to Daigekitotsu
Greatest Union and Enormous Clash

In our last episode, Sargain had GainGain use the Blazing Arrow in a Full Moon slash *sigh*. Face armor glowing red, he swooped the weapon in a mighty circle before striking Tenraisempujin with all its power. The fedback caused the pilots all agony. And the mighty formation fell hard on its back. Oboro cries out to them as GainGain approaches. Sargain, with a crow of victory, raises his weapon to destroy them while our heroes cry out in terror. Shurikenger is on the ball, though. With the Ninja Misen he summons the Revolver Mammoth. It comes and fires a Karakuri ball, which impacts on GainGain's back and prevents his strike from connecting. They are able to use the brief chance afforded to punch him back. He turns furiously towards the Mammoth and sumons all his power into the Blazing Arrow. He strikes with it, while our heroes get theirs back to its feet. The power that hits the enormous Mammoth halts it in its tracks almost on top of GainGain. Shurikenger's response is "Jesus!!" (No, really, that's exactly what he said!) But our heroes try to defend with Ultimate Storm. Sargain's weapon is proof against that, AND his return strike breaks the giant mecha into its components! At Oboro's urgent suggestion they call in the Tri Condor and use their Ninja gifts to make themselves and the robot parts vanish from the field of battle. This leaves a furious Sargain in his GainGain, framed against the backdrop of the gigantic Mammoth. And then, it too vanishes in a puff of smoke to his frustration. "They're gone!" And with them gone, his medal pops from its rest into his hands.

On the Centipede, Tao Zanto praises him and Furabijo shows him his points. He shows Tao Zanto the medal, for now he knows what it means. Sandaru explains it. The glowing power. They'll be able to prevent the Rangers from using the Karakuri systems.

And all the robots are in for repairs. The Hurricanger hover over Oboro, the Goraijer watching from behind as she keeps them updated on repairs. She knows Tenkujin is having the same things done. Shurikenger cries out in dismay over what he reads. And Mugensai has gone to see Gozen, who is covered in the cloak, a single light glowing red beneath it.

Isshu, leaning against the unever surface of the wall, is tired and worried so he finally sits on the arm of the couch, next to Yousuke who agrees with his worries. But Ikkou reminds them that there's another mystery to find. Mugensai has found out from Gozen's strange, distorted voice that the Jakanja are out hunting for the other stone. He is being told some of the history of the gleaming stone, of a black clad ninja who'd found it a thousand years in the past, battling the white and brown clad ninja's of another school. This is ancient history, from the days when little spikes still looked like little spikes and things were still handmade. They fought. Of how a white-clad ninja turned on the others. They all turned on each other... it's a bit unclear but none of them were together. Confusing. Suddenly the black and brown clad ninjas caught the white one in their chains and hit him with throwing stars, but he was gone and reappeared to excape with the stone. And this stone was resposible for the two schools. For Shurikenger. Set on a purple velvet pillow and locked away.... This stone is what the Jakanja need. And the medal they have will lead them to it. Sargain keeps a firm grip on it, having no intention of giving up the only thing that's keeping him in his place. He hates Sandaru with a passion. Satorakura knows that trouble is brewing.

In the city, Sargain loads up the medal, calls out the Arrow and uses its power, blasting the city. He summons the Hurricanger. But before all five of them can go, Oboro worries. They tell her they have to go, and Yousuke directs the group out. Our trio are on their Hurricane Wingers, our duo on their bikes. This surprises Sargain, but they have no mecha and so he decides to equalize things, coming out of GainGain to fight them himself. Tao Zanto is witnessing, and he has other intentions involving Sandaru.

Oboro has an idea and programs frantically while the battle is going on, and our heroes are getting the worst of it. They fire on Sargain with the Triple Gadget, Breakdown, and he cuts the dropping weight in half, then blasts them all. But Oboro completes her programming and sends out the repaired Shinobimachines. Sargain quickly boards GainGain, and our heroes follow suit to their machines.

Face-off. Goraijin and Sempujin get knocked back, but Tenkujin arrives and they all call out the Tricondor to form Tenraisempujin. Sargain is unimpressed, he expects things to go as before. And it seems at first as though they will. The Blazing Arrow is effective, and when they try to strike back, he vanishes to reappear and hit behind. He gets them again with the powerful FullMoon attack, then mocks them. Yousuke calls in the Revolver Mammoth, but it doesn't answer. For it would appear Gozen has his own plans. He is programming the Revolver Mammoth. He signals Shurikenger who tells the others they have to hold on until it gets there. So they continue. Mugensai comes to Oboro, who snatches him up for explanation, which he reluctantly gives something like. The Revolver Mammoth is almost finished, dark and shining underground. Mugensai asks her to believe in Gozen. She says she will believe in her father, not Gozen. They signal the others to explain some of what is going to happen. That only with their hearts united as one will they be able to do this. And so all six close their eyes and concentrate their power. Sempujin stands at rest and Sargain is quite confused, but loathe not to take this chance. He starts slashing, and they ignore it, concentrating, while he tries to slice them apart, calling Tao Zanto to witness. And suddenly something very strange happens. When he raises the Blazing Arrow to strike again, feedback rains down into GainGain's body. Startled, Sargain searches for explanation, attempts again and strikes out. The blasts hits, but they are focused though shaken. To protect the world, they will keep fighting, every one of them with one heart. And their concentrated will sets off the Ninja Misen, which plays a powerful summons. It is answered by the Revolver Mammoth, to their deslight, which rolls out and through Sargain's strikes without suffering any effect. Sargain is stunned, and finds them towering over him aboard it. Out come the many Karakuri Balls, all of them at once. There is a new and tremendous amount of power here, notes Oboro. And Sargain is suddenly afraid and justly so. On the Centipede, Sandaru says "It's over," and goes into action. And our heroes attack with all their power. GainGain is destroyed, and the Blazing Arrow returns to medal form. The medal hurtles through the air and Yousuke leaps from the cockpit to catch it in his hands. "Got it!" he hollars to the others. Everyone is delighted (except of course the Jakanja). Even Gozen nods calmly. It looks so small. Wendinu says "Well, that's gone." Furabijo complains critically that of course now Sargain is back to zero percent. And Tao Zanto is enraged. There is still the other medal.

Sargain has survived GainGain's destruction. His robot suit is venting hot steam and he is making his way back to the Centipede. He is having trouble controlling his suit. Makes it to the edge of a cliff and calls for the Hurricanger. "I'm still alive! Come out and fight me, Hurricanger!" he shouts. But he is not answered by them. It is Sandaru who appears, walking quietly towards him. He recognizes the other with surprise. Sandaru stops and says firmly, "It's bad of you to be a loses, Sargain." Sargain snarls at him to stay out of his way, but Sandaru is amused by his fury, and blasts to destroy his blades. And then Sandaru uses the broken blades himself, to stab deep into Sargain's robot chest in a move too fast to be blocked. The feedback is hard on shocked Sargain's small body. He should have given it back, says Sadaru. He leaves the blade stabbed deep in the other's robot body, then spins and bisects him. All of him. The real him. Sargain falls at last, the robot exploding and leaving nothing but one of his blades stabbed deep into the ground.

File 43 on GainGain
巻之四十四 御前様と凶扇獣 Gozensama to Kyousenjuu Gozen and the Terrible Fan Beast
The Hurricanger have at last changed clothes to reflect the winter weather. But a furious Furabijou and Wendinu are after them to avenge Sargain's death, which confuses them. The actor who played Oh Red is guesting, helping fight the latest menace. He goes up against Satorakura, proves to be the latest Shurikenger. And our heroes fight Sandaru's enormous demon again. A brown eye in a faintly distorted face opens. Something happens to make a very startled Shurikenger call Gozen's name. And our trio faces Sandaru on a bridge. Yousuke gets pinned in his armor, and it looks very much like pinioned on Sandaru's blade!!! There is a girl, and Sandaru's gonna take a bit of a fall. Don't ask me if there's a relation there, yet. Hey, maybe she's Gozen.

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巻之四十四 御前様と凶扇獣
Gozensama to Kyousenjuu
Gozen and the Terrible Fan Beast

In our last episode, Tenraisempuujin rode the Revolver Mammoth into battle, our heroes pooled their hearts and called out all the Karakuri balls, which opened up and assembled at command riding the Mammoth. Every one of them fired at once, power in light, forms of the balls within. The combined power struck GainGain and destroyed it.

Satorakura stands beside Furabijou, who starts to sniffle about how sorry she is for poor Sargain. She wipes the tears from her eyes. Satorakura is also surprised by the course of events. Wendinu is with them in front of Tao Zanto, and she picks up a white rod from the table. To me, she sounds a little bit suspicious about how this happened. Sandaru wanders past them. He comments on sorrow for the destruction of Sargain. But he remembers all too well who really killed the other. Himself. For getting in his way. That one final slash. Tao Zanto suddenly says his name, and Sandaru turns to him, stiff with sudden fear. But Tao Zanto, whether he knows of his newest general's duplicity or not, only has an assignment for him. Now we see what the other three were staring at on the table. A tiny coffin in which they've placed Sargain's remains. His snapped blade. Another thing, I don't know what is is. Wendinu stares hard at Sandaru. I wonder if she has any suspicions. She just might. But Tao Zanto instructs them to retrieve the stolen stone. Sandaru says to leave it to him. He takes a CD and puts it into a player. Wendinu asks alertly if this is the data Sargain had gathered on the medal. He confirms it, and starts the process.

In a dark place, in a chamber sheltered by semi-opaque green tinged bamboo blinds, with green trimming... sits someone inside a heavy cloak. It is Gozen.

In the Hurricanger base is Yousuke, discussing the medal with Mugensai, who currently stands atop the case they've put it in. He intends they take it to Gozen. The trio fret about how to get it safely to him. The others ask if Yousuke has any ideas, but when he says no they are quite disappointed and rather floored. But how to get past the Jakanja? There is an idea which they discuss. Let's use the Shinobi Machines! Oboro points out that the Jakanja would figure that out right away. Mugensai is worrying, but Oboro confidently hands the case off to Yousuke.

And so our young heroes walk through the winter city. They've changed into clothing more typical of kids their age. Wearing high school uniforms in the typical black. Nanami has one of the sailor suits for girls, skirt ending about halfway up her thighs. Kouta has glasses, Yousuke wears a big gray hat. He carries the medal over his heart. They pass a red telephone booth. A tall young man in a pale gray business suit steps out, wearing rather odd glasses. It is Isshu, whose appearance is so different in this it feels really bizarre to see him. He watches them walk on. A tall, slim man in a Santa suit and beard is handing out toys with kindness to happy children, who are not at all disturbed by his not matching the pictures. They thank him and move on with their mothers. It is Ikkou, and he exchanges reassuring glances with the passing Hurricanger. They wonder where Shurikenger is, having found their other companions. But then a man on a bicycle comes riding towards them. They suddenly waylay him, forcing him to stop, yelping. "What is with you kids?!" he sputters. The bike he is riding has banners on it that say things like "Home Run Soba" and other things written in bright green with red stars. He points out indignantly that his house's soba does not taste bad. They oblige him with frowns and then start searching to find his Shuriken Ball. The man himself is totally bewildered by this trio who flip up his apron and start getting into the case he carries. "Stop it, hey, stop!" Then a shrill voice calls from above, very puzzled at why he's still there. "Yes, wife!" he calls up to her, looking more than a little embarrassed. "I'm on my way!" Then to the trio he tells them sternly he doesn't know what they're fussing about, gives Yousuke a firm, annoyed but not really painful whack in the gut, tells them high school students shouldn't act this way towards adults and pedals away as they apologize sheepishly. He mutters something to the effect of "Kids these days," as he rides off. They mutter to each other, "He's a real Soba-shop guy."

The Jakanja device has picked up the medal's signal and pinpointed our young heroes location. Sandaru alerts Tao Zanto, who sends the four Jakanja off to retrieve it.

The Hurricanger continue down a road under a road (yes, I mean that) wondering where Shurikenger might be. Then giggles herald the arrival of Wendinu and Furabijo. Wendinu greets them amiably enough, but Furabijo is furious with them for the death of Sargain. Predictably they have no idea what she's talking about. Their surprice gives Wendinu pause, and she frowns as she processes their reactions. But Furabijo isn't fazed and starts to attack, stinger blasts from her mouth. Wendinu joins her in the attack. Hilariously, the Goraijer arrive to help still in business and Santa suits. They tell the Hurricanger to leave these two to them and continue. The trio obeys, Yousuke telling them please do as they run off. The pair change into their armor to fight. And our trio continues along their path, Kouta wondering how the Jakanja knew about them, Yousuke telling him to worry about it later. Then they are under attack by a floating, maniacal laughing head, Satorakura's (as if there was any doubt). He blasts them, finally attacks with head attached to his body, laughing. He says they can't run as the medal sends out a signal. But before he can get them, he is attacked by the man on the bicycle. If he wasn't before, now it IS Shurikenger, who greets the others happily. They are relieved. He was carrying his Shinobi Ball in the soba bowl. He battles Satorakura and tells the others to get the medal to Gozen, HURRY! They race off.

Wendinu and Furabijo are doing quite well against the two Goraijer. And the Hurricanger are about halfway to their goal when Sandaru waylays them on a bridge. He tells them the medal isn't meant for the likes of them and to give it back. They change into their armor to fight. Eventually he knocks the other two back and pins Yousuke underfoot, taking up his own Hayate Maru intending to stab him through the heart. But it hits a barrier, saving his life. A blast of energy knocks Sandaru back and gives the kids time to get to their feet. They check and find that the piercing blade had struck the medal, which remains unmarred though the case holding it is terribly cracked. The very weapon their enemies are after saved Yousuke's life. Sandaru calls out his mighty Badougi, and our heroes signal Oboro to send out the Shinobi Machines.

The battle is joined yet again, but the Sword Slasher is no use, Badougi can grab it. The Goraijer try to leave the battle with the furious girls, but Wendinu catches them in her energy beam. Furabijo says there is no escape. Satorakura tosses Shurikenger down hard and jumps on him. The Hurricanger, meanwhile, call out several of their Karakuri balls to use them in combination, Hurricane Suisen, Hurricane Spiral, but their blasts are sent back at them by Badougi, and they fall. Sandaru calls his monster to destroy them. It comes in and starts stomping on the mighty Sempujin. And suddenly Yousuke has an idea. He uses the new medal. Much to everyone's shock it goes in smoothly and the Arrow blade is firmly in their hands. The energy backlash does serious damage to Badougi, to Sandaru's shock. Wendinu thinks she's gotten Ikkou, but he vanishes and then gets her. Isshu has similar luck with Furabijo, and Shurikenger has managed to turn the tables at last on Satorakura. So the other mecha finally join our heroes. Everyone's feeling quite smug when suddenly there is a terrible feedback from the Arrow. And suddenly they are out of control and Sempujin starts attacking Goraijin and Tenkujin. It cuts them up badly, while they struggle for control.

Gozen, recognizing what's happening from something that happened five hundred years ago... we start to see enough to realize we are looking at a woman. She leaves the shelter of her home. Everyone is in shock, but Sandaru uses the opportunity to have Badougi attack. And then a shining light appears between them, driving Badougi back. "Gozen-sama!" cries Shurikenger. And Mugensai's mouth drops five miles down in shock, for he was as clueless, perhaps more so, than the others. Gozen tells our heroes to combine and they quickly regroup to obey. They are able to destroy the shocked Badougi. And the Jakanja are not at all happy. Tao Zanto sends Sandaru at Gozen, who manages to hold up a barrier against him. Yousuke goes quickly to help, and the two start to battle. Sandaru calls out another monster, Dezargi, and manages to retrieve the space-born Shinobi Medal and escape with it. The heroes are left with Gozen who speaks to them. Shurikenger remains on his knee at her side, while Yousuke apologizes for having failed to bring the medal to her. But she reassures him, thanks him for helping her. He can't help but note that she is beautiful, which gets him smacked by Nanami. And then they learn that the other medal is inside... inside her body, inside her head, probably. She's been alive for five hundred years. Alone. The glow fades. "It's been a long time," she comments absently. She has come out now, to bring the power of the medal to bear in protecting the world, to defeat the Jakanja. She asks them to join their power to hers, and then becomes a glowing light and leaves, Shurikenger goes with her a blur of green. And our heroes vow they will keep up the good fight.

File 44 on Dezargi
巻之四十五 隠れ家と大掃除 Kakurega to Oosouji Refuge and the Yearly Cleanup
Our heroes come to a temple, finding an annoying priest who loves sweetbread. They have to fight a catlike monster and protect Gozen from attack. The priest proves to be Shurikenger.

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巻之四十五 隠れ家と大掃除
Kakurega to Oosouji
Refuge and the Yearly Cleanup

Earth, and Sandaru stands on a boulder beside a flowing river, his reflection rippled by the currents. He is deep in thought, and speaks aloud to himself. "The Hurricanger called that woman Gozen." That woman, who had appeared in shining white light. Deep brown eyes, luminescent skin. A strange, shining human in white and red with the power to turn back Badougi. And something in that woman, he feels, had the depth of old grief. Something so haunted. He is certain of it. Now he turns and opens his fan, speaking a spell that summons a flaring light from the Jakanja symbol on it. The light lands below and in front of him, a sweet creature, red-skinned with a curling tail. Madoogi (I perceive a pattern, here. Badougi, Dezargi, and now Madoogi). She is a cat-being. Red exoskeleton, great golden eyes, silver face. He sends her off to investigate and she meows at him.

The Hurricanger are happily trekking up a steep trail past boulders, slightly out of breath. They babble together as they walk and finally reach the bottom of a long stone staircase up to a temple. "This is where Gozen-sama lives!" exults Nanami. Yousuke grabs their shoulders, calls encouragement and they jog up the stairs together. They reach the top, pass under the gate, up a short flight of stairs and jog into the temple courtyard. Stopping at the steps to the building, they call out to Gozen. Kouta says the three Hurricanger are here. Only the song of mountain winter birds breaks the stillness. The temple bell is silent. Nanami says in surprise, "Why, it seems like no one is here!" Puzzled but determined, Yousuke slips out of his shoes and trots up the stairs. "Gozen-sama?" he calls. Behind him a paper door slides silently open. There is a stern man there, staring at him and Yousuke notices suddenly. They all gape up at him. His mouth twiches a moment, then he shouts fiercely at them and the startled trio all fall backwards, poor Yousuke tumbling down the stairs. The pigeons who were cooing in the yard fly off. (for the trivia-obsessed, I am not an expert on Sentai I've never seen. Is this Denji Blue?) He seems to forbid them to come inside. Shyly they gather together at the foot of the stairs and ask him who he is. Almost innocently he tells them that they are here to help clean up the temple. An English phrase slips in as he speaks. Nanami points out that Gozen-sama had called for them. He stops and glowers down at her with a twitch. Then he utters another one of those powerful shouts, which sends them tumbling backwards. He lectures them sternly and they stare at him in bewilderment. But it seems he gets his point across. When next we look, Kouta and Yousuke are wringing out cloths to wipe things down with. Nanami is sweeping the courtyard. They talk as they speak of the adventures they've had since becoming Hurricanger. Their self-introductions with the umbrellas. Yousuke using electricity to fight, twisting out of being pinned in the ground. Nanami using water to drive off Magerappa, and getting Wendinu a good shot with her Hayate Maru, then Furabijo. The battle with Furabijou's robot. Kouta leaping out from underground, using his duplicating spell to fight the Magerappa. Slamming the enemy with his Quick Hammer. Them flying in on the Hurricane Wingers, dropping from the sky. Fighting in the silhouettes. Firing the Triple Gadget, pooling their power together. Their teamwork which won them battle after battle. They grin at each other in delight, then freeze as they become aware of the priest behind them. When he stands and glares above their heads they hunch down and giggle nervously. Whereupon he's gathered his strength and hits them hard with his voice. Kouta and Yousuke tumble over the railings, while Nanami is able to use her broom to keep herself on foot. The priest issues a well-deserved scolding to them. They salute and get back to work cleaning as best they can.

The Goraijer are wandering up a steep trail headed for the temple. They've been called by Gozen, too, and Ikkou points out they should hurry. Isshu agrees amiably. But they've reached a point where two small statues of Buddhist priests stand on opposite sides of the trail. Both statues have red kerchiefs about their necks. The pair stop, stare and make little thoughtful noises. Ikkou looks to his brother. Isshu lifts his Gorai Changer and touches a button. A flash, then between and past the statues comes visible a glowing, crystalline green forcefield. The two exchange glances, then move together. A hum in their throats, they gather their strength of will. Focused on this task, the normally hyper-alert pair does not notice Madoogi watching them with interest. Someone else is also watching them. Only Sandaru is still at the riverside. He watches through Madoogi's eyes. "They'll collapse it?" he wonders with a laugh. He tells Madoogi to go. She agrees and sinks down into a pool of living shadow. The shadow hurtles across the forest floor and slips inside Isshu's shadow. They've gathered their strength, a shove of their will and the statues shift. A door opens in front of them and they calmly walk through it. It closes swiftly behind them. And no one is the wiser to the passenger carried in Isshu's shadow.

The priest sips tea with a sigh. The Hurricanger are still cleaning and Nanami takes a brief break to whisper to the boys, She wonders if cleaning the temple was all they were summoned here to do. They are also wondering that. Yousuke suddenly asks why Isshu and Ikkou aren't here, with some indignation. And what about Shurikenger. They peer around suspiciously.

Around the corner, the priest is now eating a pastry. "Oh, delicious!" he says in English. He is nearly bowled over by an excited Yousuke. "Sir!" Kouta hits from the other side. "Hey, do you know Shurikenger?" Caught in the midst of a bite of bread he has to swallow before he can answer them. "Yes, I know him." Nanami bounds up from in front of him. "Oh, oh tell us please!" All together they say, "Who is he, really?" He stares at them in a kind of panic and tentatively holds up the sweet bread he was eating.

The first time they'd met a person they were led to believe was him. The young man in black suit with bright red shirt, the wannabe detective (Megaranger's Red). How surprised they'd been when he'd proven to be Shurikenger. Then when Shurikenger had proven not to be him, but only to be wearing his face (and clothes, and body and...). And he'd wished them well and taken off. Then as the drummer (Gogofive's Red). Then as the famous young actor (Megaranger's Blue). Then (but they never knew of this one) as the priest and healer who was trying to help Ikkou (Um... Sun Vulcan's first Eagle? I don't know). The very distressed young grocery clerk (Car Ranger's Blue). The world-famous Shamisen player (Car Ranger's Red and SO much better looking now). The TV Food Fight champion (Time Ranger's Yellow). The fisherman (Dairanger's Shishiranger). The Soba-shop delivery guy (Ohranger's Red)... and ALL their puzzlement never knowing where he'd come from yet (I guess they can't count when he appeared as Ikkou or as Kouta).

He always came to help them, he is a very important friend to them, they declare firmly. And he's a great fighter. Gathered around the priest, Yousuke takes a big bite out of the man's lunch and asks who he'll be next. The priest stares thinly at him. "Whaat?" he says in English. Then with concentration sticks to Japanese. "Oh, that, well..." (I have to admit the Hurricanger are a bit slow on the uptake at times) He scrambles to his feet. "Whoops! I have to go, Gozen-sama is calling!" Light on his feet, he gets clear of them as they protest. "See you again!" he says in English, before slipping inside the temple. "Oh, he got away!" grumbles Nanami. And then they hear a voice calling. Kouta yelps, "They're here!" and the trio nearly trip over each other trying to get around to the front of the temple and meet the Goraijer.

"Ikkou!" calls Kouta scoldingly. "Isshu!" Nanami also has some ire. Yousuke says sternly, "You guys are late!" Ikkou apologizes with dignity. No one sees Isshu's shadow suddenly develop a bulge behind him, and part break away. "Where is Gozen-sama?" Ikkou asks. The shadow, now hiding in a tree's shadow, wants to know too. Madoogi's head peeks out of the darkness. Yousuke is still finishing off the priest's bread. The trio are explaining they haven't seen her, and settling themselves on the steps. Sandaru waches this through Madoogi's eyes and laughs deeply.

Isshu has decided he, too, can make himself comfortable on the steps. He sits down, hair falling into his eyes under the bright sun. He is not really hiding his amusement as he notes they've missed the cleaning. "Do you really think that's all Gozen-sama called us here for?" But Ikkou doesn't hold his snickers in so much. He thinks they were set to cleaning by you-know-who. "AAAH!" yelps Nanami. "That was Shurikenger!" And Kouta recalls the man's parting English, "See you again!" practically groaning. The three groan again together, and Yousuke tries to quiet down while the Goraijer pretend not to be amused, but do so badly. Then Isshu brings them back to seriousness by pointing out that Gozen probably has something for them. "A new lead," Yousuke agrees. They continue talking quietly together, their thoughts drifting back as far as one of the first Jakanja creatures they'd fought. The frog-monster and its waterborn tadpoles sucking liquid from everywhere. The tropical flower monster. Their intent to take over the world. The Cicada monster. The time when the whole city was in flux. The giant monster rippling over them as the Goraijin and Sempujin fought. Ikki Kasumi, Isshu and Ikkou's father, fleeing the death of an Egyptian city and seeing meteors turn the sky into a river of light. The message that had driven him to brutalize his sons and force them to try to kill each other. The battles of the Goraijer and Hurricanger. The world trapped in a frozen ice storm under Tao Zanto's hand. The time when Chuzubo came to confront the hostile Goraijer with the information that they were to fight each other, and Ikkou attacked Isshu. When Isshu had learned of the cruel message from their father, and the Hurricanger had poured their heart into helping the brothers. When they'd forced Ikkou to choose to free himself from his father's control. The thoughts bring a sort of wistful gladness to the five. They are together now, as they should be. But Ikkou continues to remember.

When he'd almost died to Manmaruba's death scorpion. And the meteors had rained down. The wolves who ate people's shadows and turned them into monster. Who as three became one. When they'd given Shurikenger their Shinobi Medals and he'd returned them, bringing with him the Revolver Mammoth. They finally destroyed the wolf demons, working together, using the knowledge from the spaceborn message. But it wasn't over. And Manmaruba, against his will, became a giant monster with little thought and mighty power under the power of the meteors.

They've reached the part about the new medals when a rusty, soft voice cuts in. "Yes, that is the path." The others go into a mild panic as they assemble to greet her, except Ikkou, who holds his place but stands at alert. They kneels before her. Sandaru sees this and alerts Madoogi to be ready to move, and to listen hard. He has to find out where the medal is. And Gozen greets the five calmly. There is an odd cadence to her words, an older style of Japanese. She tells them of the message, and they listen. She comes down the stairs, explaining that the two medals may be brought together to form a tremendously powerful weapon. That's what needs to be done. But the Jakanja part of the message told of the world-destroyer, Sandaru. Who came at the speed of light and attacked them. Too fast, too strong for them to face. The seventh Jakanja, Sandaru. They'd punched out the butterfly, and Sandaru had stolen their power to help him use the mysterious stone and turn it into a Shinobi Medal. When Sargain had used it to bring out the Blazing Arrow. A sweet weapon that could also be used as a blade and he'd cut them at their most powerful, cut them down. The medal had come to Sandaru's hand.

Yousuke points out that there is some concern for protecting the medal that resides inside Gozen-sama's body. She nods gravely at him, and the medal shines through the skin of her head. Sandaru sees it in shock and delight. "The medal's in that woman!" He sends Madoogi into battle without a second thought. Shadow becomes solid, a leaping cat-like being. She is targetting Gozen and the five are already assembled to stop her. The Goraijer's hands catch hers just before it can connect with the ducking woman. Isshu forces Madoogi back, but she smashes him down. She also smashes an attacking Ikkou. When Madoogi goes after Gozen again, the Hurricanger tighten around her. They use the Gyro Shuriken, which she simply bats out of the air. With a meow she starts towards them, when someone comes flying at her. It is the priest, whom we all know to be Shurikenger. He does rather better against her, but she still hurts him with a hard kick. The Goraijer recover and join the others. They know it's him fighting and all pause to admire his style. He manages to pin Madoogi and shouts at them angrily, "Get a move on, get Gozen-sama to safety!" They obey. He is tossed up the steps, and finally pulls out his Shuriken Ball. "Say bye!" he snaps in English. And then he is Shurikenger, and the others return to hopefully help him fight. She's fast, he notes when she knocks him. But the battles does not continue. For Sandaru has found out what he wants to know and calls Madoogi back to him. Our heroes are both relieved and deflated when she is gone.

Back at base, the Hurricanger get yelled at by their fiece hamster-boss. "You IDIOTS!" "We're really, really sorry!" they tell him sincerely, bowing deeply. Now the Jakanja know the stone is Gozen. They apologize again but before he can start yelling more, a soft voice cuts in telling him to forgive the trio. They nearly jump out of their skins, for Gozen has appeared out of nowhere, and looks unbelievably out of place in Oboro's office. Mugensai sheepishly says he will. The Hurricanger edge forward to ask why she's here, when Oboro pops up with cleaning gear and starts handing it off to them. She's here because her former hiding place has been compromised. She will live here with them, and they must make the place appropriately clean for such an august personage. They react as expected, but when she snarls at them, get to cleaning right away. Yousuke trips on Gozen's sleeves and grovels in apology while Oboro swats him over the head.

File 45 on Madoogi

巻之四十六 おせちと三巨人 Osechi to Sankyojin Osechi and the Three Giants
Our heroes (yes, all six) have gathered for the traditional New Year's Day meals... Nananmi is responsible for the cooking. Everyone except Shurikenger (and Mugensai the hamster) dresses in kimono and yukata. Gozen says it looks good, to Nanami's delight. Unfortunately it seems it TASTES terrible. There seems to be friction between the two, Nanami is heartbroken by Gozen's disapproval. And there are three giant mecha, one seems to be one of Sargain's, one of Furabijou's and one is definitely piloted by Wendinu. We see Oboro talking to Gozen in front of her computer, possibly about Nanami but who knows yet? Shoves her away from the computer to get to work. Battle of three mecha versus three mecha.

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巻之四十六 おせちと三巨人
Osechi to Sankyojin
Osechi and the Three Giants

It is safe to assume that in this world the date is January 1, 2003. All sorts of traditional New Year's decorations are up, and Yousuke in a dark yukata (that's very like a kimono) greets everyone, "Happy New Year!" They are all gathered at the kotatsu, a low table. They are on their knees, sitting on pillows. Their knees are hidden under the blanket and their sandals lined up along the edges of the carpet. Oboro is at one end of the table, Gozen at the other. On Gozen's right are seated Nanami, Yousuke and Kouta. On her left are seated Isshu, Ikkou and Shurikenger (as always in his armor). Mugensai is in Oboro's hands. "Let's have a great year!" says Yousuke after all of them bow and so they bow again. Oboro sets her father at his mini-table (on the table between herself and Kouta) and announces that they should eat this delicious food Nanami makde. They take the lids off the serving boxes which prove to be chock full of all sorts of delicious foods (half of which I can't identify). Shrimp, carrots, fish cakes, etc etc etc. Nanami presents the dishes with delight and pride, her teammates happily applaud while Gozen sits motionless. They all close their hand together at Kouta's prompting for "Thanks for the food!" and dig in (except Mugensai). Kouta and Yousuke get their first bites, take a moment and then as one turn to Nanami and crow, "It's delicious!" She is utterly delighted by their praises. Shurikenger, somehow eating by osmosis through his helmet, says his is delicious. Ikkou beside him nods agreement. Isshu pauses in eating to exclaim with shining delight, "You really made this all, by yourself?" Ikkou adds warmly, "It's astonishing!" Nanami is practically swooning with the praise. Mugensai, by the small servings on his table, adds his praises and so does Oboro. Yousuke steals a choic piece from Kouta's plate, and they fuss at each other for a moment. "Hey, don't eat mine!" grumbles Kouta. But suddenly Nanami notices Gozen's lack of reaction and looks at her in question. Nervous and worried she says, "Um, Gozen-sama, please also eat." But Gozen only stands, not looking at her, and quietly exits the room. The others are too busy enjoying their meal to notice, but Nanami is chagrined. She nervously wrings her hands, finger slipping absently over the bandaid on her left index finger. "Gozen-sama," she wonders....

On the Centipede, it is dark and night has fallen. There is a book, and someone with a flashlight is reading the strange symbols (but not strange to them). It proves to be Wendinu carrying the book and Furabijo with the flashlight. They are in the depths of the Centipede, checking into Sargain's Development labs. They find a control panel and activate the lights. The first thing they see utterly delights them. It is a tall, sweet robot of feminine design. In fact two more stand beside it. One is purple and very much designed to Furabijo's style. Another is heavier, more like a beaked kangaroo. The middle has Wendinu written all over it (not literally). Furabijo identifies her Furabijen in surprise. Wendinu reads from the book and finds Sargain had made Megatagane Mark IV for her. The violet robot is Furabijen New Robo is for Furabijo. And for himself was Giant Musasabesutaru. They are each Karakuri machines. (It may be noted that the suit actors aren't holding themselves quite as motionless as they should) She reads further that he'd intended it to be a three-person team. Furabji skips happily. "Cool! I wanna ride!" Wendinu stares up at hers and her face twists in dismay. "Megatagane Mark IV has no style. Ah! Megatagane Sexy!" she delights. Their joy is interrupted by the arrival of the excited Satorakura. "I found you, I found you!" he gloats. Then he turns and sees what they've found. "Whoah! What in heck are those?" "You're so late!" Furabijo scolds him. Wendinu stares up at the machines, in her mind already having christianed hers Megatagane Sexy. Determination on her face, she turns to the other two. "We can't do this with Sargain, but we can do it together. Are you with me, Furabijo? Satorakura?" Furabijo happily salutes her. Satorakura is quite astounded to find himself included and then throws a fit because he doesn't want to be just there taking Sargain's place. Then he runs away and Furabijo takes off after him. Ignoring them, Wendinu casts her eyes upwards. "Are you watching, Sargain? We're going to do just what you wanted. We'll take your mighty machines and use them to destroy the Hurricanger!" and she cradles her book against her chest.

The heroes have finished their delicious meal. Oboro sits back happily, "Oh I'm full!" she says. Shurikenger points out something about the time to Miss Oboro, as he likes to call her. She and Shurikenger take off together. They've got things to do, work to discuss. He's taking her home. The others call farewell. Yousuke makes a lunge for the last shrimp only to find Ikkou's gotten it without even appearing to have rushed for it. Ikkou snorts at his indignant expression. "Not fast enough," he teases. But for Nanami the joy of the occasion has soured. She is stuck at the point, that Gozen had left the meal untouched. Isshu, across from her, has another choice bit he is praising to his brother. It was designed just like he'd used to each at a child, something for warm memories. For some reason this attracts Nanami's attention and she grabs his chopsticks and eats the thing he holds, causing both brothers to stare at her in surprise. Yes, she has to admit there's no reason to doubt it IS delicious. The brothers are exchanging confused glances when the door opens. Gozen walks back into the room slowly. In relief and delight Nanami brightens up, thinking she's come back to eat. But it is not to be. She's come to alert them to the fact that the Jakanja are attacking. All of them utter the same groans of dismay and the boys leap from the table to rush and get a better view. Kouta grumbles, "Don't they know on New Year's it's vacation?!" Yousuke calls them to go and they dash for their sandals. He pauses long enough to call Nanami to come with. She pulls herself together and joins them.

Wendinu is getting frustrated in Megatagane Sexy. She folds its arms and complains, "What's taking them so long?" But they have finally arrived, oddly dressed to her eyes but I don't think she's seen them. While she raises the mecha's hand to it's visor to peer at the horizon, our heroes call for change into their armor to fight. Yousuke calls Oboro to launch the machines, but there is no response (she went off with Shurikenger, remember?). However, Gozen is putting an apologizing Mugensai back in his house. As she is needed, she accepts that she will have to send the machines. She goes serenely to the computer and answers Yousuke's worried hail. "Launching Shinobi Machines." They are startled to hear her voice, but Nanami is dismayed knowing she's not eating. The three mighty machines, whose launch we haven't seen in a long while, well they launch and we have a new theme for this. It's been so long that the footage almost looks fresh. Neat! Ourheroes leap into their cockpits and form their mighty giants, Sempujin with the Sword Slash and Goraijin with the Plant Axe. And when they announce their readyness, Wendinu counters from her cockpit that the Megatagane Sexy is ready, too. Kouta comments that this is the fourth Megatagane, and he alerts them all to go into attack. Enthusiastically they do, and she meets them strike for strike, holding off both with powerful slashes. Suddenly the Dolphin arm lowers heavily to Sempujin's side. Alarmed, Yousuke asks "Nanami, what's the matter?" She is off in her own little world, though. "Why wouldn't Gozen-sama eat?" Wendinu takes her chance and blasts them. Gozen calls an alert from base and the frantic Nanami apologizes and pulls herself together. The two hero formations on either side of her, Megatagane Sexy is ready to battle them. Kouta pulls out a Karakuri Medal. He's sent out the Gatling Leo and starts firing. Megatagane leaps and rolls aside, thus the Goraijin is hit full-on by the blasts. The Gorajier take quite a pummelling as sparks fly through their cockpits. Goraijin falls and the Hurricanger are thoroughly chagrined. Megatagen attacks them again. While they fight, the furious Goraijer find their systems have locked up. They can't get Goraijin back on its feet. Isshu furiously slams his fist on his control panel and busts something, getting a face full of steam as punishment for his temper.

Gozen is watching the battle from base, and says with a breath, "Mazui koto ni natta!" (You're blundering) "Mazui?!" (It tastes terrible) Nanami, who is currently obsessing over the food she'd worked so hard to make, misunderstands. But she seems to pull out of it as Yousuke calls for Sempujin Hurry Up and their heavy machine slims down to its high-speed mode. They are more of a match for Megatagane in this mode, while Gozen watches the battle critically and with concern. They are able to slash Megatagane and drive it back, while Wendinu cries out in alarm at the impacts. She is sent tumbling onto her back. When the Hurricanger leap in to deliver the final blow, they are blasted back and land tumbling. For Satorakura and Furabijo have arrived in the other two giant robots. Wendinu gets Megatagane to her feet and hears a cheerful, "Hey Wendy, sorry to keep you waiting!" from Furabijo, who waves at her. She is very relieved to see them until Furabijo mentions how she managed to get Satorakura to come help. Then she is furious and indignant.

On the Centipede, the arguing between the three pilots can be heard in the background but Sandaru has taken advantage of their absence to approach Tao Zanto and tell him about Gozen. Tao Zanto is pleased with the knowledge. But they are also running out of time. He approves Sandaru's expressed plan. Sandaru takes a contemptuous look over his shoulder at the robots whose pilots are still arguing. As if these three imagine they could beat the Hurricanger. He sneers under his breath.

The three Jakanja seem to have finally settled things. Furabijo fields her Elegant Beam through her mecha and blasts Sempujin, which cartwheels out of the path. Satorakura goes after them as fast as he can. He flies in and hits, bashes them back. Gozen, getting worried, comments that they're not doing well. The word she uses sounds the same as the word for sweet, and Nanami thinks she's saying the food was too sweet. Her distraction doesn't help when Wendinu kicks them. The Sempujin lands hard on top of the Goraijin, knocking their systems back into order. "That was good luck," comments Gozen. Nanami, obsessed, thinks she's saying something among the food was very good. She tells Gozen to try the other things. Gozen, innocently ignorant of what's going on in Nanami's head, tilts hers in puzzlement. When Nanami clarifies, still puzzled Gozen points out that this is not what she's talking about. She wants them ready for when Shurikenger comes. But while Nanami tries to talk to her, the boys are focused and both mecha get ready to fight again. Shurikenger has, indeed, arrived. In fact, the sky is full of Tenkujin! "What in?!" yelps Kouta and Yousuke. Shurikenger apologizes for being late, but he is very smug as he lands, and then his two copies land beside him. "Three Tenkujin?" stutters a startled Ikkou. Eyes alight with pride, Gozen explains that they can make three formations with these. Shurikenger explains that Miss Oboro had done all this programming. "So who's piloting the other Tenkujin?" asks Isshu. Well, two of Oboro's robots. One has a flue face adn the other has a golden one. They salute the heroes. Oboro comes rushing into her office and semi-politely shoves the chair Gozen is in to the side so that she can direct the battle. Her people happily obey, Tenkusempujin formed, then Tenkugoraijin. And with one more Tenkujin to go! Oboro is very pleased and Gozen's eyes smile. Shurikenger speaks to Nanami, but she is gone. (after all, Tenkujin has taken her place as Sempujin's right arm). The Jakanja are ready to fight. Wendinu calls the others, and they race into battle. Three against three, the struggle is fierce. A very enthusiastic Oboro cheers them on. No one notices the figures sneaking into the office to take a look at the table, where Gozen's serving remains untouched. Nanami stands and stares at it for a long moment, her face-plates open. She is most hurt. Finallky, she looks at Gozen's unaware back and clenches her fists miserably. Mugensai notices her in surprise. He only has a chance to open his mouth before she sees him seeing her and runs back to the battle. Very confused, he says her name in alarm. His tone catches the other two's attention and they both look at him. "Huh? Father, what'd you say?" asks Oboro. "Oh, oh nothing." "Well stop interrupting!" and she is back to happily encouraging her team. Mugensai looks at Gozen's place at the table, and now he understands what's going on.

Satorakura's, then Furabijo's, is knocked down. The pilots cry out. And now the Tenkusempujin team will use Dynamite Tornado. The Tenkugoraijin team will use Tenshorai...jo? The blades of the copters spin. Both tremendously powerful blasts strike the two mecha, which blow dramatically. Their pilots are ejected, their seats taking them high to safety. And our heroes crow in delight.

But that delight is short-lived, for energy is feeding back where the false Tenkujins join the great formations. They stagger and are unable to control their machines. Their cockpits fill with smoke and sparks. Worried, Gozen looks up at the other woman. "What's happening, Oboro?" Oboro sheepishly explains that they've overheated. While her friends cry out and struggle with their machines, Nanami still waits in the wings. She is very depressed. But she hears them, sees them strugging and unable to get the Tenkujin off. So she decides to go join the battle. For Wendinu is managing quite well against Tenkujin. She knocks him down and is about to take him out when a very enraged Nanami arrrives, Dolphin barrelling nose-first at Megatagane Sexy. The Dolphin opens its jaws wide and chomps down on the enemy mecha's waist. Wendinu is unable to shake the big mecha off. "Leggo! Leggo!" she snarls. Then she utters a startled gasp. Nanami has climbed all the way up to her cockpit window. "Hi!" she says cheerfully when she's on level with Wendinu. Wendinu is too stunned to do more than stare at her. "You're kidding me," she says. And then Nanami punches through the window. Wendinu sits motionless and shocked in the shower of glass, unable to believe this is happening. Nanami has a black marker and uses the moment to paint Wendinu's face like a puppy with black around one eye, a ring around the other and black nose and whiskers. Wendinu pulls out a mirror, sees what's been done and protests the humiliation with a whine and a wriggle that succeeds in getting the Dolphin off of Megatagane Sexy. Nanami bounces her dolphin, laughing, and rejoins the others, telling them to assemble all three together. They stutter and obey, calling out the TriCondor so they can form Tenraisempujin. Nanami has the Ninjamisen and calls in the Revolver Mammoth to help. It's a bit of overkill, *chuckle* but she's angry and happy to pull out all stops to rid them of Wendinu's new mecha. And Wendinu, in the meantime, has been wiping the black marker from her face. She's gotten about half off when she sees what's coming at her. "Oh no!" They hit with Ultima Rainbow, and Wendinu escapes with her life as her mecha blows to pieces. She cries to the heavens, "I'm sorry, Sargain!"

Sandaru watches her parachute open from the Centipede. He is both amused and perhaps just a trifle sympathetic. But I wouldn't count on it. He laughs and turns from the viewer. "Next it's my turn."

But with the battle over, Nanami races from the cockpit, her very bewildered teammates chasing after her. Oboro is somewhat annoyed. Her two robots have returned, sporting bits and pieces popped out and jittering still from feedback. She takes them with her to repair, and Gozen watches them go with a faint smile. She gets to her feet to leave and sees something odd. Pausing, she reaches down and pushes aside Oboro's notes to see a cookbook underneath. A beginner's guide to making New Year's dishes. Mugensai speaks, then, explaining about the book. Explaining how long and hard Nanami had worked to make this meal. How she'd even accidently cut herself and refused to eat until she was finished making the meal. Gozen listens quietly, and what he says brings her to turn her head and look consideringly at the food remaining on the table.

The team is returning to base at a fast jog, Nanami in front with Shurikenger close beside her, and he is amused for I think she's actually explained what's upset her. He suddenly hops in front of her, holding out his arms wide. "Don't worry," he says in English, still laughing. "The truth is, Gozen-sama doesn't eat." The whole group skids to a halt to do a double-take. "Why?" asks Yousuke. "Well, she doesn't need to," he explains. "The power of the stone sustains her." "Oh, wow," Yousuke mutters. The others all fold their arms, understanding now. And Nanami can't help but laugh slightly. "So that's it," she says softly. And now everything's all right. The trio returns to base, Kouta at their head when he stops suddenly and pushes them back. Whispering, "Nanami, look!" he points. They all cautiously peek around the corner. Then they gasp and very silently watch. Gozen is in her place at the table, using chopsticks to delicately pick morsels to try. And Nanami smiles in delight.

File 46 on Megatagane Sexy, made by Sargain to please Wendinu.

巻之四十七 封印宇宙統一 Fuin to Uchutoitu Seal and Space Unification
Sandaru is really pulling out the stops to try and get to Gozen. She is in great danger, for he can track her. The five try to help and Shurikenger protects her as best he can. The two stand together, tall and proud, for they have an idea. And Gozen rides with them in a new formation, a new cockpit for perhaps her power has lent them this form.
She takes them to her home. To the huge tree that may be as old as she is. Memories of playing with her family when she was a child, under the loving gaze of probably her father. Shurikenger blasts Sandaru, hopefully doing enough damage to protect them both. One of his mighty monsters is out to fight. And Gozen says firmly that this is where the Space Ninja END.

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巻之四十七 封印宇宙統一
Fuin to Uchutoitu
Seal and Space Unification

Straight into battle against Sandaru's mighty bird-demon, and getting pretty well banged up by it. It flies in and hits Sempujin first, then Goraijin, then Tenkujin. The shock causes the six pilots to shout in pain and anger. It lands and spins to attack again, Yousuke fretting they aren't strong enough. A laugh echoes through his communicator. Sandaru has tapped in to mock them, and the angry group becomes more determined. As a unit they attack, but the bird takes to the air and as it flaps its mighty wings, blue-white lightning hurtles at them from the crown of its head. The lightning hits them badly as it swoops by. "It's too fast!" snarls Ikkou. Too fast? Well that calls for Sempujin Hurry Up! And Yousuke changes modes. They leap to attack. The bird knocks them out of the sky. When they fire on it, it flies through the blast and hits them, they fall hard. Intent, they race back into battle. Mugensai shivers at the punishment they're taking and says to his daughter, "This is bad, Oboro. What will help?" She is programming madly, as always, while the fight continues. The kids call her, Yousuke starting "Oboro, this one is really, really strong!" Kouta adds, "It's too fast for us!" and Nanami puts in, "Oboro, isn't there anything you can do?" Gozen-sama sits watching, flinching and worrying about the battle. Oboro answers that she is trying but cannot think of anything and they beg her to. Gozen is tensing and anxious for them.

They call in the Tricondor and form Tenraisempujin. The bird seems amused. But our kids are feeling their oats and attack with the Ultima Storm. As the whirling winds come at it, the bird spreads its wings wide and flaps. The attack is turned and hits our heroes! They cry out in agony, and Oboro gets frantic as her computer reads all the damage done. Gozen leaps to her feet, listening.

On the Centipede, Satorakura mournfully pulls his mask away, then puts it back on. "We were defeated!" he says sadly. Furabijo and Wendinu are huddled with him and they agree sadly. Sandaru goes wandering by them, pauses and says "Would you like to see something?" The girls turn anxiously, but Satorakura rubs his hands and says, "Oh, yes!" in excitement. He bounds past them. Furabijo's eyes light up and she points out that Sandaru's Dezargi is at 110 points. Wendinu is a bit confused as the two bustle happily around Sandaru. They are all excited but then he explains that actually Dezargi isn't there to defeat the enemy. He's there to draw Gozen out so they can get the Spear Medal. He walks away from them. The two stare after him in surprise for a moment and then get gleefully excited. Wendinu tries to remind them of more sober things, asking if it isn't too soon. But they can't help it, they are terribly happy. Wendinu sighs in exasperation, then turns her ear to listen to Sandaru. He is asking Tao Zanto to give him the Blazing Arrow Medal. With it he will be able to get to Gozen and take the Spear Medal. Tao Zanto agrees and releases the shining medal into Sandaru's hand.

Gozen manages to make herself sit back down again. The battle over for the moment, Oboro is working on all the data they've gathered on the bird, Dezargi. About that time the two teams arrive and all five of them are very upset that Oboro hasn't pulled an answer out of her bags of tricks. Shurikenger is there, too, but he is on bended knee to his commander, Gozen, and doesn't involve himself in their indignation. Oboro points out that if their highest form can't stop it, it's not that easy to find a solution. They pout, and Yousuke utters a furious cry. Mugensai puts his two cents in and gets a very indignant response from Oboro. But then Gozen cuts in firmly to tell them that they've reached the limit of their powers as Earth Ninja. They do not react well to that. It seems the two schools have pooled their power and cannot do more. She indicates that they will have to learn to surpass their limits. Shurikenger leaps up to anxiously defend them and she whirls. He goes to his knee and falls silent stunningly quickly. They must think of something, perhaps, to show that they have grown? Oboro, with a smug grin, tells them to do as she says. Shurikenger scurries frantically to Mugensai's small house while the two teams group together and consider. "Mister Mugensai," he pleads. "Eh? Me?" asks the hamster running on his wheel. "We got it!" crows Nanami. The trio have come up with an idea involving them all together, and Oboro delightedly okays it. She pops over in front of the Goraijer, who've caught the spirit of the Hurricanger. "And these guys," she invites. Ikkou, eyes gleaming, says something about all of them soon getting it. Oboro grins. Gozen, however, looks at all of them with an expression bordering on open horror. "Mugensai!" she says sharply. Shurikenger is nearly quivering as Mugensai starts to beg off, "Um, well you see they're only second-year students." Shurikenger quickly adds, "Um, um, the kids are um... tired -- " Oboro's eyebrows climb. The Goraijer frown at him and the irrepressible Hurricanger respond eagerly, Yousuke saying, "Oh no, we're not tired!" But then he starts to consider something else and all five of them start muttering thoughtfully to each other. Gozen, however, has had about enough of this. "Everything you're saying is total nonsense!" she says with some force. They stare at her, then Nanami comes eagerly forward. "Will you teach us, then?" But Gozen sweeps up her sleeve, knocking Nanami back into her teammates' arms. This action gets every single person in the room to stare at her in bewildered confusion. They do not understand her anger, or this sudden violent reaction. Looking very disturbed, she lowers her sleeve and explains grimly, "If you don't find it out for yourselves it will have no meaning." She heads towards the door, Shurikenger gives her a wide berth respectfully. "I need you to believe me. I've lived five hundred years."

Yousuke chooses to continue the debate. "But don't you think the secrets have changed over five-hundred years?" She turns, looking white and blinks at him. "There are things that don't change" she says. Yousuke starts again, "Well, in five-hundred years -- that was so long ago..." but he stops himself and gives her a resentful look before turning away. "It just might no longer be." He turns his back to her, head high. She stares at him then says, "It is." She turns and exits the room. "Gozen-sama!" cries a distressed Shurikenger. He whirls and snaps angrily, "What's with you, making her angry?!" He bounds out the door after her. They all stare. Then Yousuke whirls away, somewhat sheepish but still resentful. "But we've tried so hard!" All of them nod agreement to him. They certainly are of one mind, even the Goraijer, on this. Just as Oboro is starting to explain to them, a panicked Shurikenger hurtles into the room. "Guys! Gozen-sama is GONE!!!" There is immediate frantic worry from the group.

High in the skies is the might Dezargi, flying at unknown speeds. On its back rides Sandaru, the Arrow Medal in his hand. "Where is she? I've looked everywhere!" He cranes his head and looks around below.

The winter valley is damp from rains, the grasses all brown and withered. Six people race out to search for Gozen. The Goraijer will go one way, Shurikenger another, the Hurricanger another. Nanami suddenly points up. "Look!" The shadow of might Dezargi encloses them just an instant before the giant bird skims overhead. Yousuke growls they're going to fight but Nanami stops him. "We have to find Gozen-sama first." Shurikenger agrees, and they all head off.

The city. Full of cement, busy humans, cars. In the middle of a sidwalk stands a figure that isn't there. No one can see this strange, delicate beauty. Gozen-sama, dressed in white and red. Not really there, she lifts her gaze to look at the city. The buildings are seen through a watery haze. The cards are noisy, and so much, she has to agree, has changed. She stays a while, but cars start passing through her and she teleports away.

Some time passes when the Hurricanger fetch up against a fence of an overpass in the city. The Goraijer meet them there and each group confirms the other is still clueless. Ikkou wonders if Shurikenger is still looking. Kouta grumbles that they have no idea where she is. Yousuke leans back against the fence and stares up at an office building. He thinks back to when Gozen had said, "There are things that don't change." He blinks, and then his eyes widen with an idea. "Maybe..."

An ancient tree, top high, oh so high in the sky. The enormous tree sits in front of a home. It is silent here. A notice board explains the local history, something about the year 1350. 朱泉城跡 Shusenjouato, is a main heading. In front of an old shring covered in green moss sits a transluscent, glowing woman no one can see. She is praying delicately. She lowers her hands and says softly, "My father, it's been a long time." She gets to her feet and moves away from the shrine to sand in front of the enormous tree. She tilts her head back to stare up at the crown. "You've grown so large," she says wistfully, leaning back against the trunk. And she hears a noise and looks around alertly. The five have arrived and look around. She hides herself further, wary of their sight. Nanami trots forward first. "Gozen-sama!" she calls. Ikkou also calls but the place remains silent. Yousuke says, "Huh, I thought for sure this'd be the place." Kouta asks him curiously, "Why here?" "Well," Yousuke explains as he stops to gaze up at the tree, "this tree is five-hundred years old." His teammates bounce up beside him to also stare in wonder. "The same age as Gozen?" asks Nanami to be certain." "Yeah." Ikkou and Isshu join them with interest. Kouta considers and says, I wonder what it must be like to be five-hundred!" Yousuke counters, "Well, Gozen-sama doesn't have any friends. There must be people she misses very much." He turns and leans back against the low fence surrounding the old tree. Behind him, there is a shimmer in the trunk. "Whozzat?" he snaps and whirls, throwing a shuriken. But of course it bounces off an invisible blade just the instant Gozen and her blade become visible. She seems somewhat wistful now they're here. They all stiffen to attention in surprise.

In the skies far above, Sandaru stiffens and holds up the Arrow Medal. It shimmers brilliantly in reaction to Gozen's signal. They are far above thick forests and he calls to Dezargi. The giant bird-monster changes course.

The Hurricanger boys approach her first as she explains that this was where she had lived, five hundred years ago. "Here?" asks Kouta. Nanami joins them and looks around. "So after that they build a temple here!" All of them look at the place with new eyes. Gozen quietly explains to the listening group that she's not sure they can understand what happened because of the need to protect her or something. Only this tree knows. She reaches out her hand and lays it gently on the broad trunk. She cloese her hand, and after a moment's hesitation, the five come over and they also lay their hands flat on the tree. Thus they are pulled into her memories.

No temple but a home, of ancient style, powerful with the strength of samurai. Laughter. Gozen as a young girl, playing ball with three of her father's tall retainers while he lovingly watches. "Father!" she calls back to him. The Hurricanger and Goraijer are disoriented by this sudden sucking of their thoughts into Gozen's memories, but it happens. The men dig a hole and place a very young tree inside to grow. Gozen watches, solemn at this moment. The home is a castle, many levels. Her father's men finish planting the tre, and they kneel to him respectfully as he turns with a request about his daughter. He lectures her gently about the tree and its meaning in her life. The retainers listen, three men in their thirties or possibly older. The kimonos they wear are heavy. Rich burgandy, pale gray, off-white. As her father lectures, she agrees with what he says. The powerful medal they've put in her glows.

Night falls. Men hurry silently past the freshly planted tree. One of the retainers (burgandy) is out and shouting alarm just before he is grabbed, his throat is slit. A jerk, hand reaching frantically up and then he falls flat, dead. His assassin races on. Gozen gasps when she comes and finds his body there. She heads on, past where the off-white retainer is getting cut down. To where an assassin kicks through the fragile, paper wall and flees. The last retainer is there, dying, and alerts her. Past him is her father, also dying. "Father!" she sobs, kneeling beside him. "Don't cry," he tells her. He struggles to lift himself from the pool of his own blood, reaches out to the scroll nearby and hands it to her. A remark about the tre, an effort at smiling, he gives her the scroll and tells her to go. She starts towards the door, pauses and looks at the little tree. Clutches the scroll to her for comfort and courage. Outside there are still people shouting, and a fire has started. She flees as her home burns in mighty flames behind her.

The badly shaken five are released from Gozen's memories. They leap back from the trunk so fast that Kouta stumbles and falls on his back. Nanami recovers quickly enough to ask Gozen, whose eyes are full of pain. They are all badly shaken, staring up at the tree and at what this had meant for her. She'd never had a childhood after that, realizes Isshu. She's spent the last five hundred years protecting the medal, she agrees. Ikkou is glad to offer to protect, but she tells them they should forget it, please. Before the discussion can continue, Dezargi lands behind the temple. The group gathers protectively in front of Gozen. Yousuke calls Oboro to send the machines, and Nanami points out they haven't found the mysterious thing Gozen wants them to find that will allow them to beat Dezargi. Yousuke is uncertain, but they have to do their best to protect Gozen.

Back at base, Mugensai is in tears over Gozen's story. Oboro is wiping her eyes and blowing her nose, but she sends the robots out.

Sempujin and Goraijin face Dezargi with the Gatling Leo and something-Cannon. They fire and Dezargi takes the blasts, then comes running at them. It hits Sempujin, then Goraijin. Punch after punch and the sparks fly. Gozen watches the battle from the temple grounds below, eyes concerned. "Oh, you," she thinks worriedly. But with the battle in full swing, someone else has a different focus. "Now! I'll get the medal!" crows Sandaru, and he leaps for her. She turns and raises her sleeve. His blade hitssomething and rebounds, he falls back and is smoothly on his feet. Shurikenger is there. "Gozen-sama, I'll protect you!" he cries, placing himself between them. Sandaru laughs low in his throat. "Out of the way!" he says, and fires a blast. Shurikenger is hit and falls with a cry of pain. Gozen has shielded herself with her sleeve, but lowers it to watch in empathic horror as her protector rolls to a halt. Sandaru takes a swaggering step towards her. "Give me the medal," he commands and moves forward more. "The medal has power," she responds and raises a finger in a power-command gesture. The medal flares in her forehead and when Sandaru fires, protects her with a golden barrier. He is surprised and most annoyed, but then she shows her power, a shift and left hand forward palm flat towards him, he is hit by a burst of power that hurts him badly. He lands among the boulders of the mountainside, the Arrow Medal falls to the dirt. "WHAT is that power?!" he gasps in a rage.

This battle is being observed from the Centipede with interest. Satorakura was watching with his hands on his waist, and he and Furabijo both leap forward in surprise to get a better view. "What was that?" "Isn't that the power of the medal?" wonders Furabijo. But Wendinu, who remains as she was and watches, says "But the Hurricanger aren't defeated." "HUH?!" they gasp. And it's true as they turn in wonder.

Dezargi flies in and hits Sempujin again. Yousuke calls encouragement to the others. Ikkou answers with "It's not over 'til it's over!" Dezargi fires feathers from his wings at them, both formations are getting pretty cut up. Flames everywhere, the feedback is agony and suddenly a bolt of flame falls from the giants and hits the old tree. Gozen turns in dismay. The tree burns horribly and falls over. Gozen closes her eyes on this destruction of the last remnant of her past. Her distraction affords Sandaru the chance to recover and snatch back the Arrow Medal. "What is it?" he grumbles. But then he senses something. For the gem in Gozen's body burns brilliant before fading. And now he understands what he didn't before, getting to his feet. She doesn't merely HAVE the stone. The stone is inside her. Furious that he'd misunderstood, he comes at her. She ducks his strike and tries to hit back, but her power fails her for the first time and she is in dismay. He laughs, for he understands the nature of what's going on. But Shurikenger arrives to stop him from getting her, and the two face off. Shurikenger hits with fire. Sandaru calls for Dezargi. Shurikenger is carefully backing himself and Gozen away, staying as close as possible to her without stepping on her feet. Dezargi blows white flame down at them and Shurikenger leaps to cover her body with his own. Fortunately, Sempujin's giant hand comes between them and death. They ease up and hear Yousuke call "Are you all right, Gozen-sama?!" But Dezargi is leaping at them. "Look out!" screams Shurikenger. Dezargi hits, but they do not fall for Goraijin is there behind them, holding them up. With snarls of rage, the two formations grab ahold of Dezargi's body, keeping the monster off the ground. All they are thinking of is protecting Gozen, and she watches in tearful appreciation as they try to tear the monster apart. It flaps its wings madly, each brush of the heavy feathers sending fierce jolts through their systems. "Where does the power of your strongest feelings come from?" Gozen says urgently, staring up at them. They reply logically that this comes from inside, and Yousuke shouts something about eternity. She repeats it, then says, "What you cannot see, that is the Hayate Way." The Goraijer may feel left out, for Ikkou snarls through the sparks that they are fighting to keep their friends from being hurt. Isshu agrees. She repeats the word "hurt," and again she seems to swing another direction. The remarks following seems to be that this comes from the heart of the Ikazuchi Way, and that the two ways have united. She turns suddenly, purpose and focus intent. "Go, Shurikenger!" Excited, he leaps to take her orders. The two formations finally toss Dezargi flying. When he gets to his feet, Tenkujin is there to cut him down. Then Shurikenger, Gozen-sama in the cockpit with him, tells the others to take formation with him. They obey, everyone quickly sticking the command medals into their control panels. Out comes the Tricondor, and quickly they assemble as Tenraisempujin.

Gozen is there with them and speaks to them of the two ways, and their merging. She gathers her power to support their strength to protect the world. Tenraisempujin is being turned to a far higher potential with the help of Gozen. Oboro gasps in delight as the specs on her computer screen fill with light. They attack with Ultimate Storm Maximum which utterly destroys Dezargi. And the whole team rejoices. It seems as though a great weight has been lifted from Gozen, she smiles and her eyes dance.

But the battle over and done, there is one last thing to say goodbye to. The mighty tree lies on its side, now, trunk a charred mess. Nanami says sincerely, "We're so sorry, Gozen-sama. That tree was with you five hundred years." Gozen turns and reassure her that it's all right. She gently tells them it was worth it to see their power. Isshu hoarsely tells her though that they feel the same about her, and Yousuke beside him bows his head. Shurikenger forces himself to sound cheerful and encourage them, and Kouta leads them in the swearing that they'll protect the world. The Goraijer nod firm agreement, and she nods back at them with a slight smile. But the kids can only handle such seriousness so long. Yousuke gets carried away and starts to babble about the Jakanja. Nanami tries to stop him, and they start to roughhouse. The other three have to pull the two apart as they argue (and yes, Yousuke IS fighting Nanami but not seriously). Ikkou and Kouta hold Yousuke back, Isshu and Shurikenger block Nanami. Gozen turns away from the playful tussling, smiling slightly as she goes to the shrine, to kneel again and think a smiling prayer to her long-dead father.

But an enemy still alive should not be discounted, especially when he's learned what he needed to know. Sandaru plots to take the medal from Gozen. He laughs and heads off.

File 47 on Furabijo

巻之四十八 永遠の命 Wana to Eien no Inochi Trap and the Never-Ending Life
Terrified civilians are under attack... by the Hurricanger themselves?!? Oboro groans. Hurricane Red fires on Gozen, who leaps down from a big tank among blasts. She comes to the fallen group and Yousuke is trying to strangle her, except he's not as he cries out "No, it's not me!" his poor face torn and bleeding. They have strange collars around their necks. Gozen has out a blood-flecked blade and the Hurricanger cry out as she races at Madogi. The six face themselves, one group with collars and one without. The collared group is knocked back. They bring out the Victory Gadjet and Shurikenger the Ninja Misezn. Sandaru has Gozen by the throat, the Arrow Medal out as though to strike her with it.

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巻之四十八 永遠の命
Wana to Eien no Inochi
Trap and the Never-Ending Life

written by Time Capsule's Gerald Conde

Tao Zanto makes his usual threatening speech to Satorakura, Furabijo and Wendinu about their failure to get the medal. Sandaru comes and vows to get the medal. Wendinu's face shows that she isn't very happy about this. Furabijo and Satorakura ask him what he is going to about Gozen and they cower when he responds but they then cheer for him. Satorakura then repeats what Furabijo said and they playfully fight over it. Sandaru and Tao Zanto are left alone and a glow comes out of the master giving Sandaru the Raging Arrow Medal.

Meteors gracefully fall toward Earth. Gozen's voice narrates about the seriousness of the impact. A glowing light from the imaginary impact earth becomes the glow from the medal in Gozen's forehead. The whole team is gathered in the Hurricanger base. Isshu is standing at the left. Gozen seated at the big couch with Shurikenger kneeled next to her facing her side. Kouta seated in a chair at the far end of the room and Yousuke on the black chair facing that is facing Gozen. Nanami is sitting on the armrest of Yousuke's chair. Ikkou is seated on a small footrest next to Yousuke. Oboro is leaning on her computer desk at the right. Ikkou then says, " ." Oboro then responses "," moving toward Isshu. A close up is imitated when Isshu speaks squaring off a shot of Oboro and Isshu. Mugensai then comments. Nanami and Yousuke ask Gozen something and she answers, standing up and placing her left hand on Yousuke's left shoulder talking about ninjas. Kouta, Nanami and Ikkou stand talking about being ninjas and fighting Jakanja. They all cheer up, Kouta and Nanami giving each other high fives, Ikkou seemed to find it delighting. Oboro gets busy working on computer. Yousuke breaks the mood by asking Gozen something, causing Shurikenger to be concerned. Gozen moves toward the door. Yousuke brings hope. The kids swear to save the day including the Goraijer. "That's right!," Shurikenger sounds in relief and shakes Oboro's hands. While everyone cheers, Gozen looks weary away from them and breaks the mood. She opens the door and goes through, closing it.

It is foggy in the city. Sandaru looks at it up from a building roof. He pulls out his fan calling for the feisty kitten Madogi. He gives her six feathers. She pulls them out three in each hand and as she meows, she throws them out. The six feather leap into the air and glow bright lights becoming clones of the Hurricanger, Shurikenger and Goraijer who jump into separate parts of the city.

Yousuke screams out from a forest area. Our trio is angry and throws rocks from an area of winter-weathered trees. The Kasumi brothers come in and join in the conversation of Gozen as well as throw rocks into the distance. Isshu studies his rock before throwing it away. They face the left. They get a signal from Oboro. A hysterical newscaster reports the attack of the evil clones upon the city but of course they think they are the real ones. Oboro growls in disappointment. The five race toward the city. There is fire and fallen debris. Yousuke picks up a woman and asks her what happen. They hear ringing bells. The five climb up stairs to a huge platform. They look around. They hear echoes of their voices. The evil Hurricanger appear to the trio's surprise. They just say "Sanjo", not "Asanjo." The Goraijer and Shurikenger come along. Yousuke tells them a hero speech and they transform. The evil teams have a collar similar to Madogi's and carry bells. Shurikenger appears in his helicopter to Oboro's relief. Oboro calls shots from her sheltered space as Gozen enters the base. She has a solemn 'so it has come to this' face. like The two teams prepare to fight each other until Sandaru and Madogi approve them in a pentagonal stairwell. They turn in shock of Sandaru's appearance. He pulls out the Raging Arrow medal sand dollar. A red light ray comes out of it and tints the whole area in a wine tinge. The two teams fight. The bad ones beat up their counterparts, they all have deeper voices except for the Goraijer who are deep as they are. Oboro checks on the variants in the power field on her computer saying that the evil clones have more power against the good. When she turns around to look at Gozen, she is gone to her surprise.

The evil ones bring together the Victory Gadget and blasts out the good. Just when they are on the floor and they think it is their end with their counterparts racing against them, the wine-tinted force field is lifted magically. The bad one's attack is blocked by the good ones. They all stand up and run to Gozen who has made an appearance. "Everyone!," she calls. "Thank you," Yousuke says. She nods. Sandaru watches. The good fight the bad and defeat them. The six clones blow up and become the flying feathers. Gozen proudly nods. Oboro slaps her hands together, stretches and yawns. Satorakura falls to the Centipede's floor in disappointment at the defeat. Wendinu is quite pleased. "Sandaru down one point," Furabijo says stamping on her board. Tao Zanto says it is not yet over. "Hmm?" the three hum in curiosity. Sandaru orders Madogi, she throws down the feathers once again and they wrap around the six heroes' necks. They try to take them off in a struggle but all they did is jingle. "Oh no," Shurikenger exclaims. Sandaru laughs. Gozen protests. At a wave of a paw from Madogi the heroes are turned against Gozen disobedient to their will. Mugensai gasps at the circumstances. Oboro is already at rest on the long brown couch thinking the fight was over and is awaken to her father's gasp. At sight of the occurrence, she is simply astounded.

The six circle Gozen with their swords (Hayatemaru, Ikazuchimaru and Shurikenzubatto) toward her. Shurikenger is in deep regret. Gozen pulls out a short sword and fights them with agony in her voice. Goraijer are the hardest to fight and they are short tempered in their unwilled actions. Ikkou kicks Gozen to the ground. "Gozen-sama," Ikkou yells as he aims his Ikazuchimaru toward her. All six hit her while she is down. A big glow from her repels them off. Her glow causes smoke to pop out of them. It piles them down but the Goraijer quickly get back on their feet. Gozen points her left fingers to her forehead calling upon her medal's powers blasting them with yellow energy. The Goraijer de-transform into her yummy selves, badly bruised and still wearing those kitty collars. (Meow) They cry in agony. Gozen regrets this. She then fights off the trio. She pleads to Yousuke to stop but dodges his attacks. She leaps up using Yousuke's left shoulder as a boost, landing on a huge water cylinder. She pleads them to control themselves. The trio shoots her off the cylinder. She lands on the ground. She clinches her fist and blasts the Hurricanger with her power. The trio de-transforms and cries in pain. The Jakanja up in the centipede watch idly by. Gozen comes in distress to the aid of the Hurricanger kids but is shockingly strangled by Yousuke. Yousuke protests in his actions. Gozen cries in pains and looses herself from his grip. She is truly distraught and holds her neck in shock. Madogi waves her paws around again and the six gather. They come toward her with hands in strangle mode but yell her name and they struggle to stop. Shurikenger blasts fire at her. Oboro backs away in disbelief at the events. Gozen looks up at Sandaru when he laughs in amusement and puts his hands on his hips. He reminds her of her past in which she found her father and his protectors dead. Gozen thinks. Then all of the sudden is strangled once again by Yousuke and he says he doesn't mean it. She nods in understanding. She closes her eyes and glow comes from her medal. It creates a rainbow prism force field in the shape of ball that pushes the six away. A blast occurs pushing the six in the air landing them roughly on wooden boxes and containers. (Isshu was the only to land on a fence.) Gozen snaps out of it and is surprised at what she has done. She runs to them but Yousuke yells her to stop. They all say they own little phrases. Gozen grips her lips in sadness.

A bright light once again comes from her forehead. She remembers the moments she has share with them: Her first appearance in front of the Sempujin, her talking to them on the rocks, her eating Nanami's new year food in the Hurricanger's delight, her bashing away Nanami causing her to fall but caught by her male team members, and in the cockpit of the Tenraisempujin. The glowing light dies down and Gozen holds her tears. Sandaru's medal shimmers and he orders Madogi off. She leaps in a meow to fight the lady in the clown dress. Gozen readily puts her left hand on her forehead to call upon her power and not happens. She tries again repeatedly but apparently her power has died down. Madogi fiercely charges toward Gozen. Gozen knows she has a fight on her hands and pulls out her sword. Yousuke and Shurikenger shout for her. Madogi and Gozen run toward each other, passing each other and a slash has occurred. A cloth piece of Gozen's outfit flies in the clear blue sky. It falls to the ground in the heroes' dismay. Gozen is standing with her sword in hand in a warrior's pause but she falls down. It seems a slash was stricken on Madogi and a blue electricity energy flows through her collar. Her bell falls down to the ground. The heroes' collar fall off as well and disappear as soon as they hit the ground in a red light. They stand up and Ikkou is happy in his freedom. They ask Gozen is okay, she replies yes. The heroes transform and fight Madogi. Shurikenger goes to fire mode. Shurikenger calls upon his Ninja Misen. The five call upon the Victory Gadget. All six blast from their weapons onto Madogi who is destroyed in an explosion. They are happy.

A quake wipes Gozen's pride smile off. Sandaru's huge shark fin head rips out of the ground and comes toward the fearful Gozen. The shark head devours her and then goes down in the ground becoming Sandaru strangling Gozen and spinning around. He shakes her around and she tries to pry him off her two hands. The six come to the rescue. Sandaru sends a blue ray on them as they run. They are thrown off course. Sandaru growls and pulls his Raging Arrow medal out falling forth her medal. Gozen's eyes open wide. A yellow glow comes from her forehead and it then becomes red when the medal is pulled out. Her medal magnetically links to the sand dollar and glows when united in Sandaru's hand. Mugensai is stunned. The standing Oboro then kneels to the base ground in shock. The six try to get up from the ground. Sandaru is no longer in need and pushes Gozen off. Her white ribbon symbolically looses from her hair, letting her hair go. She yelps and then everything goes silent. The silent is slowly pierced by music as the ribbon lands on the ground and Gozen faints in slow motion. Shurikenger is the first to yell Gozen's name. Sandaru laughs and shows off the two medals. He then teleports out.

Back at the Centipede, Furabijo has her mouth wide open and Tao Zanto laughs contently.

Shurikenger falls on his knees in shock. The five de-transformed ninja students run past the saddened green hero to the fallen Gozen. They pick her up and she says she is dying and gives her hope. Ikkou quivers. Gozen gives them advice. The others mourn with bruises all over their face. Shurikenger falls on the floor hands first and begins to sob. Gozen brings her face up and tears run down her face. (The tears may be Yousuke's) She magically disappeared in white glitter. The heroes astonished. Shurikenger pounds the ground. They all mourn in their own ways. Kouta sitting with his head on his knees, Nanami cries to the ground on her knees, Ikkou, Nanami and Yousuke bended on his hands on floor. Isshu standing around looking at everyone like a child in need to know what to do. Shurikenger continues to ramble on and yells at the end when we see the left behind white ribbon.

File 48 on Sandaru
巻之四十九 使命と天空忍者 Shimei to Tenkuuninja The Mission and the Sky Ninja
Shurikenger soars between the Hurricanger and Goraijer, hitting them with his weapon. The trio and the Kasumi Brothers face Shurikenger as he speaks. I believe Shurikenger blames the others for Gozen's death. Satorakura has a new weapon. He blasts at the five. Sandaru fights against Shurikenger. Yousuke looks at the Shuriken Ball in hand. Tenkujin fights a huge Satorakura. The five heroes scream for Shurikenger. Shurikenger swears revenge against Sandaru.

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巻之四十九 使命と天空忍者
Shimei to Tenkuuninja
The Mission and the Sky Ninja

Daylight in the woods, and four people spar. The Hurricanger are attacking Shurikenger and he is easily knocking them flying. The Goraijer stand aside and watch the unequal struggle critically. Isshu glances at his brother, but neither speaks. Shurikenger takes down Nanami, Kouta and then Yousuke. Angry, he snaps at them, "What is this, what is it, eh? Is this how you plan to defeat the Jakanja?! Is this how you're going to protect Earth?!" Yousuke reacts with a painful snarl. "We want to defeat them! We want to protect but we..!" as he speaks he gets painfully back to his feet, and his armor vanishes. Nanami continues what he started, her armor vanishing, too. "But Gozen-sama's been taken from us!" she cries. Kouta is next, armor vanishing as he grieves, "We couldn't protect her. We COULDN'T protect her!" The Goraijer listen and lower their gazes sadly. Shurikenger stares at them, thinking of Gozen. She of the shining, ageless wonder. Their grief is echoed in their hidden base. "Gozen-sama," whispers Mugensai. Saddened, Oboro looks at him. "Father," she says softly. Nanami says with heartbroken softness, "There was so much we could have learned from her." Ikkou comes forward now, Isshu trailing behind him. "Yes, and now the Jakanja have that medal in their hands." Isshu speaks hoarsely, "So what can we do? How do we end it from this?!" he demands a hope. Shurikenger stares at them all and responds firmly, "With the strength of your arms, with your skills! Do you think that's nothing?" He tries to encourage the group but they look so disheartened. So he challenges the Goraijer. They are still unsteady, but gather their fighting spirit and rush at him with snarls.

Meteors rushing towards the shining, blue planet from afar. They hit the atmosphere and start to burn up. On the Centipede, Tao Zanto is telling his waiting four that having the stone, now he understands the whole message from space. Not merely the future of Earth, but of the whole universe he can see now. Satorakura questions him with curiosity, about the Karakuri Systems. But Tao Zanto says with the medals he knows everything. The girls ask for clarification, Furabijo asking if he'll get big. But Sandaru steps forward to ask for favor, to use the stones. However, Satorakura moves quickly. "Hold on a bit!" For he wants to go and asks. Tao Zanto gives him permission, to his shock and delight. He bounces all over the place, you know I just realized he reminds me of Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh. Wendinu and Furabijo find his behaviour more than a bit unnerving. Tao Zanto ignores all this and tells Sandaru to open up the data Sargain had gathered on the medal. Sandaru kowtows in response. Out he brings the shining CD.

Oboro paces her office, worrying about the Jakanja having both the medals and what this will mean for them. Her father worries with her about Tao Zanto. They are both concerned, watching the Goraijer and Shurikenger for a moment on the screens. But then they note the meteor shower and quickly start downloading data.

Perhaps it took longer, but I don't know. Shurikenger soon cuts the Goraijer down and send them tumbling into the anxious Hurricanger's arms. As always, it is Nanami to Isshu, Yousuke and Kouta to Ikkou. Shurikenger snaps at the group to stop coddling each other or something. He shouts about taking orders, about himself. Yousuke gets angry and snaps back at him, that they are not machines. Kouta snaps, "We feel anger, we weep!" Nanami adds pointedly, "We don't have Gozen-sama any more, but how long will you blame us for that?" The exhausted Goraijer, sweat dripping from their faces, glare at him but offer no words. They support their younger friends. Shurikenger lowers his gaze, then mutters, "How sweet." Then he snaps furiously, "Too sweet! FIGHT!" and he blasts the group with fire. They change into their armor even as it hits He flies at them and runs through them, a furious attack running on air. Seeing this Mugensai yelps, "Shurikenger is using Hayate Way tricks!!" "Father, will you shut up!" Oboro says angrily, for he's disturbed her concentration. Sheepishly he silences himself. However, he is still thinking about what he's seen.

Satorakura has a new weapon. It looks like a big fish, this cannon he holds in his left hand. He is impressed. This was made from Sargain's data, Sandaru tells him. And Tao Zanto tells him they need him in a voice which has more sinister undertones than usual. Satorakura notices nothing and bows, "Leave it to me!" he cheerily says. Very excited he repeats it as he races away.

Shurikenger has taken down the five again, and he is trapped in memories of a time. When he knelt before Gozen-sama, and when he wore different clothing than now. When she had spoken of the cost for his decision. "You'll have to give up your name, your face... even your life." She paced away from him. "From this day, this moment on... Kagura Asuka (that may be his name or not)." He'd gotten to his feet, already decided. He would be her messenger, her link, her servant.

Mugensai asks suddenly, "Do you remember, Oboro?" Focused on her task, she only gives a cursury response. And he reminds her how ten years ago one of the Sky Ninjas of Hayate Way had disappeared. How he was slated to become a Hurricanger. She lets on that she remembers hearing about it. He continues and Oboro stops working, folding her arms to wait with some impatience for him to stop his rambling and get to the point. But he can't come out and say it.

The air fills with cackling in the city. Satorakura has arrived with his new cannon. He starts firing on people passing by, and the beam is much like the light that Sandaru used from the Mysterious Stone, the light that had drained all of the Rangers and allowed him use of their power. The people bathed in that light fall. One is Nanami's manager, who loses a grip on a flier of Nanami, Bijyocco 7, New Release. His power is being sucked away, and grieves he won't be able to help her more. Another is Yousuke's boss, caught in the beam and losing everything to it. "What is this?" She falls.

Oboro calls the group to answer. Shurikenger is the only one in decent enough shape to answer her, he's pretty well laid out the others. "Let's go, guys!" They snarls and scramble to their feet, racing after him to help.

Satorakura is very happy. His machine storage pack is filling with human energy. Next he will go after children. But the Goraijer reach him first and demand the energy back. Instead of fighting them, he takes off, cackling madly. But he ends up cut off by the Hurricanger, who leap down from their Wingers. The Goraijer behind, Hurricanger ahead, a steep hill on his right he makes a break for the left, but there is Shurikenger. He is quite trapped. "Oh, this is bad," he says. But Tao Zanto on the Centipede sends out red lightning to attack the heroes and give his man enough room to escape. "Thank you!" Satorakura hollars. He gets clear and Tao Zanto asks him if he's accomplished his task. Yes, he has and now they can use it. "Oh, that's not what it's for," Tao Zanto replies. And then the gun glows brightly and changes, altering and finally becomes one with an extremely startled Satorakura's arm. He is frightened and confused and accidently fires it, while the heroes watch with equal confusion. In fact, almost everyone is quite surprised. Tao Zanto brags about this energy being for him. Wendinu, Furabijo and Sandaru turn to stare at him. "I'm scared," whimpers Furabijo. "Tao Zan-sama!" stutters Wendinu. But Sandaru is shocked and turns away, "Anyone will do?" he asks himself. "He gave this to Satorakura, and not to ME?" He finally turns his head to glare at Tao Zanto. "Damn you," he hisses quietly. Tao Zanto may know what he's thinking, for he's laughing.

Oboro's worked hard, and she says she finally understands the message from space. And she says, as they see the galaxy revolving on her screen, that the message makes it that anything can grow to enormous proportions. Mugensai gasps. The Hurricanger hear, and Oboro says it's about a Black Hole. The world will be wiped out, and that Tao Zanto is probably the cause. But there's another message coming, and if they can't stop the writhing Satorakura... He's finally adjusted, though, and starts sucking in power from his weapon. This pisses off Tao Zanto, who'd intended that energy for himself. Sandaru offers to go take care of Satorakura for him and teleports away.

Satorakura multiplies himself and races to attack the Hurricanger. He fights each of them, one on one on one hahah. And he is trashing them. He blasts them out of their armor and they fall painfully. He is feeling his oats and fires again, but this time it is the other way, for he starts to suck their power into themselves and the drain is agonizing. When he stops, they crumple to the ground, faces white. Well, we have to assume for Shurikenger. The power he's taken fills the last reserves in his tank which has become part of him. "I'm full!" he crows happily. He doesn't notice Sandaru appear behind him, stalking towards him. "Satorakura!" He turns. "Oh, Sandaru!" and bounds over to greet him. Shurikenger remember too well what had happened. Gozen caught by her throat, the shining stone within her glowing brightly in reaction until Sandaru had removed it. How Sandaru had shoved Gozen away, she had staggered, her hair-piece came undone, releasing her long, black heair and she'd fallen...

Satorakura is happily continuing to greet Sandaru, then turns to attack the heroes again. Sandaru raises his blade and slashes down. The storage pack falls to the ground and Satorakura turns, surprised. Sandaru gathers it up. "Thanks, Satorakura," he quips and starts away from the stunned other. When Satorakura whines that he wasn't done using this yet, suddenly Sandaru turns and slashes viciously down. The somewhat innocent villain is too shocked to move. His mask is split in half and he utters a cry of pain before he falls. Our heroes stare in shock. He wavers, then falls on his face. But Shurikenger has recovered enough to attack Sandaru furiously, snarling. He's lost it enough that he isn't even slipping English in, and the rest of the group feels sympathy for the pain Shurikenger is in. He changes to Flame mode and attacks furiously, even scaring Sandaru. But then the ground quakes and Sandaru cuts him down with giant fin formation. When the others run to help him, Shurikenger makes them stay back. Sandaru laughs. Shurikenger attacks with the yellow baseballs, but Sandaru meets the attack and neutralizes it, capturing one if not all of the balls. And now he lunges and bisects Shurikenger viciously. The green clad warrior falls on his back. With a final remark sneering at his loyalty, Sandaru teleports away.

And now the Hurricanger and Goraijer can race to his side. Isshu and Yousuke are at his head, holding him up. "It's okay," he tells them painfully. He tells them a bit about having become Shurikenger ten years before. Mugensai goes into shock with his guess confirmed. He tells them a speech as he is dying about who they are and should be. And he can still remember the scent of the flowers. Gozen, in the glowing light and falling cherry blossoms, told him not to forget them. Not to forget their beauty. And she had taken one flower, and turned it into the Shuriken Ball for him. She gave him the ball, and it changed him from human into the Shurikenger. From now on.

Tears on their faces, the group takes it to heart. "The scent of flowers," chokes out Yousuke. "Their beauty," manages Nanami. "Believe in people," ends Kouta. Shurikenger nods. "But," and he looks to the Goraijer, "Don't ever stop fighting. To live." They looks pained, tears in their eyes but too stoic to let them out. "This is what I learned from Gozen," he tells them. He reaches up his hand for theirs and they grasp it, whispering the only name they know him by. He answers them.

But the moment is broken by Satorakura, who is in a fury that his mask has been broken. The mask had been hiding enormous, fiercely glowing red eyes. Three of them. Tow huge ones and one small in the middle. Now he gathers the power and makes himself giant. "Goraijer, Hurricanger, Shurikenger, the Jakanja too, I hate you all!" he screams. Shurikenger gets to his feet and tells them to leave Satorakura to him, to go and defeat Sandaru. He throws the green Shuriken Ball to them. Yousuke gets it and gapes. With this they'll be able to do it. Off he runs to fight and the Hurricanger start after him with wailing cries. "STOP!" snaps Ikkou firmly and they stagger to a halt and stare helplessly at him. He gives them a nod and starts off. Isshu heads after him after an instant, and they follow.

Shurikenger boards the Tenkujin to face the infuriated Satorakura. He races into battle, hit by red lightning from Satorakura's eyes and ignoring it. He grapples with his fellow giant. The heroes pause in their running to stare at the confrontation. For Shurikenger begs them to save the world even as his mecha explodes. He has died, taking Satorakura with him.

Seeing his end, the group gapes in shock. Isshu falls to his knees first, weeping. Yousuke is next, then Nanami. Kouta and Ikkou stand stoic in honor of him.

On the Centipede, the others see the flames and Furabijo starts to cry. "Satorakura is dead!" she wails. Wendinu only stands stiffly. Her gaze is sharp on the returning Sandarau with suspicion. When he strides towards Tao Zanto she tries to stop him with a hiss. "Hold it, you -- " but he only shoves her fiercely out of the way. He has brought back the filled pack. "It's finished, Tao Zanto-sama." "Wendy!" cries Furabijo, rushing to her fallen friend's side. Tao Zanto is most pleased with what he's got. The girls stare in dismay and an edge of fear as he cackles.

Boulder-strewn sea-side. The Hurricanger and Goraijer stand together in homage to the passing of Shurikenger. The waves break against great stones. Yousuke gives a quick speech over the Shuriken Ball. His group and the Goraijer are glad to go together to make sure Shurikenger's death means something. They transfer into their armor and Yousuke calls in Hurricane Hawk. Together they all ride in his cockpit, on their way out to the Centipede. It is time to take the battle to them. For Shurikenger.

File 49 on Tao Zanto himself

巻之五十 暗と新世界 Ankoku to Shinsekai Darkness and a New World
Nanami fights on rocks, on the Centipede, they've been aboard and Sandaru happily introduces them to Tao Zanto, who is steaming. Wendinu looks somewhat dazed. Tao Zanto becomes a giant, incredible bing. He uses both the Medals to make both the Arrow and the Spear, and aims to fire. Wending and Furabijo walk down a road, Sandaru between them, with weapons at ready. THey seem quite cheerful as they face the fighting heroes and the Victory Gadget. Sandaru is sent flying by a blast. Sempujin goes up against Tao Zanto. The Goraijin is busy in battle against Sandaru and the Goraijer shout their battle cries. Will we lose them next?

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之五十 暗と新世界
Ankoku to Shinsekai
Darkness and a New World

Shurikenger's final battle with Satorakura. The explosion that took him from their lives. The two teams on the beach, determined for the sake of the world to take the battle to The Centipede. And Tao Zanto, concentrated on the power pack, with the yellow baseball embedded in its side, the baseball that is drawing the heroes to the island. The power starts to go into Tao Zanto, when Yousuke hits the device on the Shuriken Ball, and it draws them in. The Jakanja realize what's happening just an instant too late, as Sandaru yanks the ball from its place on the pack.

They resort to crashing into the Centipede. A huge hold cracked in its side, and the Goraijer have their memories of the last time they were there. Yousuke puts them on point. The Jakanja are a bit stunned, but Tao Zanto, bathed in the red lightning, warns them to stop the team, who are hurtling on. They've found the Copy Giant in its bay. But his words are heard by the heroes, and through their communicators by Oboro and Mugensai. He speaks of the future, and his words make Sandaru, Wendinu and Furabijo quite pleased. Our heroes run into a crowd of Magerappa, whom we haven't really seen for a while, and start cutting through them. They make short work and the Goraijer continue to lead the others in. But they will arrive too late. They are welcomed by the amused Jakanja. Sandaru presents Tao Zanto to them, and then he oes giant. Bashing through the ceiling, bringing it down even on his own people. The Centipede is sinking, and the heroes barely make it back to Hurricane Hawk in time. Wendinu and Furabijo escape to the shore, wondering if Sandaru made it, but that wondering is diverted by the arrival of the giant Tao Zanto, who calls out the two medals in arrow and bow form, then pulls the weapon and turns. Where is he firing? Down into the Earth! To destroy the planet. He fires the arrow into the bed of the sea, and the water erupts. Oboro frantically responds, programming madly. But then Sandaru attacks! Sandaru attacks Tao Zanto, stabbing deep between his eyes. The girls are rather stunned, but he explains his reasoning to them, and then points out that he'd also killed Sargain. Wendinu and Furabijo are suitably shocked, but then he threatens them and they back away anxiously. And then Tao Zanto falls, into the ocean.

The girls stop backing and start giggling. Sandaru is confused until they offer to join him. They point him at the Hurricanger and Goraijer, and at his side, they attack. Their blasts stun the heroes, then Sandaru grabs them im energy whips and bashes them into each other. Stunned, the heroes lie as their enemies mock and approach them. But our heroes have a lot to fight for, not merely revenge for the loss of their own. When Sandaru attacks, they switch into their armor, startling the Jakanja. And the battle is joined, our heroes doing quite well against them. A final blast takes down all three. Sandaru looks up at the remains of some of their weaons. In fury, he uses his fan to make himself a giant.

But our heroes call in their Shinobi Machines, which roar out of their secret hiding places. They form Sempujin and Goraijin. Then they call out the Furaijin to become Goraisempujin. Sandaru snorts at them. They roll into attack, he blasts at them, but those blasts appear ineffective. However, he is effective with his blade and takes them down. Of course they get back up again and attack with Rolling Thunder Hurricane. He is able to deflect their attack, so they call out the Revolver Mammoth. Pooling their power for the Thunder Hurricane-whatever, but he makes it through the blast. In the meantime, the sea is still boiling and Oboro is still desperate to know what's happening. Well, a new space is being born. A new world. Sandaru tells them this and cackles. They've sperated into their two forms and Yousuke calls to pull them back together, but the Goraijer have another plan. The two of them in Goraijin will hold Sandaru. They know they may not survive this, but it doesn't matter. They call out their Sword Slasher and, to the Hurricanger's horror, attack on their own. They manage to pin Sandaru, and Ikkou calls the Hurricanger to use this opportunity. They've managed to thoroughly pin Sandaru, and Stabe their blade through him and their own mecha. Sandaru goes up in flames, and the Goraijers' armor is shattered. And then they blow up. Nanami screams and races from Sempujin to where she can see the fires with her own eyes, then fall weeping as her partners come to her side. They all weep, for the loss of the Goraijer. "Ikkou-chan! Isshu-chan!" gasps Oboro. But then a new sound cuts the air. The weapons go up, Tao Zanto's body goes up into a whirling vortex. Power fluctuates in the hidden base, and horrible lightning strikes the world, leaving fires in its wake. The new reports and the streets are littered with corpses, or people who are dying. Oboro signals the Hurricanger. And they stare up into the whirling, white vortex. Oboro anxiously takes Mugensai into her hands, and the ceiling starts to cave in. She dives for cover and then calls the others. Mugensai shreiks a warning and they both scream as the ceiling collapses above them. There are only the Hurricanger left, and not enough tears for this loss.

Nanami comes between them and clutches their arms for support. There is no one to help them, and they think of the Goraijer, and the Shurikenger, and Gozen, Oboro, and human Mugensai. And Yousuke pulls them all together. They grasp their courage and decide they will face the disaster and stop it. And they utter as they haven't for some time, the pronouncement of who and what they are, and leap back about Sempujin. They pick up the bow (of the other medal) and get ready to fight.

File 50 on Tao Zanto

Episode 51: 大地 Kaze to Mizu to Daichi Wind, Water and World
Under the blue sky, our heroes declare themself. And the Goraijer are with them.

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之五十一 大地
Kaze to Mizu to Daichi
Wind, Water and World

A head-count of those they've lost. Not merely Gozen-sama and Shurikenger, but the Goraijer as well. And perhaps, to their horror, Mugensai and Oboro Hinata crushed under debris, the glass of their photo together shattered! Lightning raining down from the whirling light in the sky, leaving roiling fires in its wake! And our heroes themselves, the Hurricanger, determined to fight. They board Sempujin, pick up the fallen bow, once the mysterious stone hidden inside Gozen-sama. Steeling themselves, they Hurry Up and the slimmer form leaps into the vortex.

And the Beginning credits are short this time.

It is liquid space (shut up about Voyager), light flashing, movement hampered in the spray of colors. They peer sharply and Yousuke calls, "Nanami, Kouta, look!" Ahead of them is the Arrow, motionless in the distance. They hurtle towards it, but the space reacts with lightning, throwing them back, a voice speaks in the madness, angry with their interference. They are attacked again by the terrible lightning and are not sure what they can do, but Yousuke pulls them together and heads Sempujin for the arrow. "We have 20 more seconds!" Nanami warns him. They reach out, closing on the medal and are hit again by lightning, it tears holes in their armor but they are finally able to grasp the arrow firmly. With snarls of rage, they nock it and turn, then fire at the hint of a face in the madness. Hit, it screams in rage. The bow in their hands disintegrates as they stand there, and the strange space around them is being eaten up by white light. Shaken, they are ejected as the extra dimension is destroyed. They land hard, and Sempujin Hurries Down. Stunned, they lie there and then look up. The sun is shining, the sky is brilliant blue, and they gasp in relief and joy. "We did it!" crows Nanami.

On the streets of the city, those people whose life-energy was sucked by Satorakura begin to recover. Nanami's manager opens his eyes and blinks away. Yousuke's boss. Everyone is stunned to find themselves surrounded by steaming rubble. Nanami's manager gets frantic, he has Nanami's debut to work out. Yousuke's manager has similar business to attend to, unaware that they have a link between them. They dash off in opposite directions.

But it's not over yet. The skies turn dark, lightning crackles. Sempujin is on its feet to face Tao Zanto, who whirls out of the remains of the vortex in an utter fury. He'll never forgive them for ruining his plans. They are shocked that he is alive, but speaking in many voices, he gathers his power and blasts them. They refuse to be defeated. He has the power of the stones within his body. Kouta remembers when Sandaru had attacked Tao Zanto, stabbing his blade deep between the giant form's eyes and done terrible damage, destroying the one stone, perhaps? They scramble to their feet. This is the same, they realize, they can get him at that weak point. But he grabs them with long claws and starts blasting them. He is furious, and punches deep into Sempujin's chest, then blasts them with flame from his mouth. He chuckles and approaches the fallen. They cannot get Sempujin back up, but they refuse to be defeated, and manage to roll over to face him. He raises his claws to stab and slams downward. Before he can connect, Yousuke releases a Karakuri Ball, I think it's One, and the impact of it hitting Tao Zanto knocks him back a step. The ball whirls above them. The Sword Slasher falls into their hands, and they get up, quickly stabbing him right between the eyes. He isn't doing so well, but he grabs them, and they struggles. But our heroes know what's going to happen and they quickly abandon ship. Sempujin and Tao Zanto explode.

Nanami, Kouta and Yousuke land out of their armor on a sandy beach. They check each other, and watch the fires and black smoke, thinking they've surely finally won. They get back to their feet. But then there is laughter, menacing, and a surge of blackness breaks from the fires to land near them. The blackness coalesces into seven forms. The Jakanja. The Hurricanger gasp in horror. Sargain. Sandaru. Wendinu. Furabijo. Manmaruba. Satorakura. Chuzubo. Each chuckles evilly as they approach the heroes. Each introduces themselves. Furabijo is number one, Chuzubo two, Manmaruba three, Wendinu four, Sargain five, Satorakura six, and Sandaru seven. The Jakanja, 7 Warriors of Darkness. All they had defeated are alive and back. This is quite a surprise. And they exist now, the seven of them, to defeat the Hurricanger. They pool their power to send it through Chuzubo's staff... Wendinu and Furabijo are at the front, holding it. (thank goodness this is a kid's show, I think the parents must've about died laughing when they saw this). "Target," says Wendinu, "lock on!" says Furabijo. They shoot an enormous power blast towards the Hurricanger, who cringe and dive but the blast swings around as it reaches them and comes back at the startled Jakanja. And then... and then two dark blurs land on the beach. The stunned Hurricanger turn and stare at two, all too familiar and beloved silhouettes. Ikkou. Isshu. They don't dare believe it at first, but it is them. "Ikkou!" gasps Yousuke. Kouta grins and utters a strangled laugh. "Isshu!" cries Nanami, and the trio dash to their friends. Yousuke begs explanation, and Ikkou tells them that when Goraijin blew, they thought they were dead, too. But instead they were ejected in lightning and left in the dead leaves and green stems of a late winter forest, singed. And they've come back to help the Hurricanger, to fight the Jakanja together. They are deeply welcomed. The Jakanja, on the other hand, are royally upset. Chuzubo makes a remark about facing kids, but the Hurricanger counter that they may have been kids before, but they know what they are now. They are the Hurricanger! Yousuke leads the change into armor, tossing his Hurricanger jacket high into the air (not cloths this time), they stand in their blacks, which they look so sweet in. The Goraijer follow suit, beautiful and confident. (escaping certain death will do that to you) The two teams complete their change into armor and defiantly attack their enemies. Yousuke goes against Satorakura and Sandaru, hits them with his Gyro Shuriken. Nanami gets caught between Furabijo and Wendinu, who think they've got her but she fakes them out and defeats them. Isshou takes out Chuzubo. Kouta fights Sargain by making himself many (or three) and Ikkou battles Manmaruba, who is the toughest of all but they are a good match. Now they attack together, bringing out their blades. First is Sandaru to Yousuke, then Furabijo to Nanami, then Wendinu to Kouta, then Sargain and Satorakura to Ikko, then Manmaruba and Chuzubo to Isshu. And these are the final blows. It's over, they are happy and leap into the air. But the flames reconfigure again into the standing form of a most pissed-off Tao Zanto. Seven lives, ya know? "Again?!" gasps Yousuke. Snarling with fury, he stalks towards the five. "No mercy!" And he blasts. He knocks hero after hero out of his way, and finally takes Yousuke for some tossing. The group assembles around our boy and they get hit by flames. "He's strong!" gasps Yousuke. The battle is head elsewhere. One of Oboro's monitors is still working. She at last manages to shift a boulder out of the way and crawls out from under her desk. Coughing, she sees Tao Zanto on the monitor and comments in surprise. Her voice coming through their communicators gets an automatic response from Yousuke, "Yes, it's - " but Kouta yelps into her changer, "Oboro-san?!" "Is it true?" begs Nanami. Oboro's found the microphone and tells them not to give up. She hears her father agree behind her and turns. He pushes a boulder out of his way, his human, long haired heavy-faced way. Deeply focused he says, "Now it's time for you to show him your true power!" Oboro reaches out a hand to touch his back, stunned. "Father!" He lifts his gaze to her. "You're back to human!" He hadn't even noticed. He blinks, looks down at his hands, at his clothes. "Eh? Oh... Oh!" They pull each other into delighted hugs. The news filters through to the Hurricanger, who are delighted. Tao Zanto is not too well, but the team with their successes have their focus and courage back. The hearts of Hayate, the hearts of Ikazuchi, they'll show him. And they attack, doing considerable damage, before forming the Victory Gadget to attempt to finish him off. This time he goes up in white-blue lightning. HIs face forms in the fire, but now it disintegrates. Oboro and Mugensai cheer their success from the base. The Hurricanger bounce for joy while the Goraijer watch them more soberly.

Sun playing on the ocean, afternoon arrived. The five stand together, helmets off. They've come to pay their respects to those who didn't make it. Nanami says softly, "We defeated the Jakanja, Gozen-sama." Kouta adds, "The evil is gone." Ikkou speaks to Shurikenger, "We'll protect this star, this world." Isshu more bizarrely says, "Keep us safe, Gozen-sama. Shurikenger." Or something like that. "Well, it's over now," says Yousuke. "We don't have to fight anymore."

Two months later... Mugensai watches as two of Oboro's robots hang up a banner. "Well, I'm not a hamster anymore," he comments, and continues on about what's happening these days. Oboro joins him. "Talking about that AGAIN, Father?" she scolds gently. He begs off. But he is still excited, and she teases him fondly about their youngsters who've grown up so. She has a fond smile as she looks down at the Shuriken Ball set up on the small shrine. Her father nods and grunts firm agreement. To the blade in its sheath he says, "It's good to see them graduate, isn't it, Gozen-sama?" A flare of light runs along the weapon. He grins and chuckles. Their spirits are still there.

But the kids are not! Five seats are waiting there, and Mugensai bristles at their emptiness. He snatches up the five scrolls and stomps off.

Echoes of the first episode. Yousuke, Nanami and Kouta sit near the falls. They are quietly sharing a persimmon between them, and look very sad. Yousuke takes a bite and says, "So, we're graduating." He tosses it to Kouta, who comments on the other students who should have been there. He takes a bite and tosses it back to Yousuke, who hands it off to Nanami. She stares at it a long moment before setting it in her lap. Then she gets to her feet and moves a bit away. "I miss them so," she whispers. The other two nod sadly and lower their gazes. But the Goraijer are there, too, and come to them. Ikkou tries to speak encouragement, "But from today we'll be finished." And Isshu adds gently, "From now on, it's the real work of ninja for us." Nanami meets his gaze, and ends up with a slight smile, "Yes, that's true." She steps forward, and Yousuke and Kouta join her. From today on they'll protect the world, and the people. This is what they'll really fight for. And the Goraijer have warm smiles for them. The five place their hands together. "Ikkou, Isshu, Nanami, Kouta," Yousuke calls to each, who meet his gaze firmly. They will work as one. They all nod.

"Idiots!" comes a shout from the sky above. Mugensai arrives in a bit of a snit. He has a demon mask on. He pulls it off as they move to challenge him in surprise, but he tells them if they want to graduate, they're going to have to get their diplomas from him. They all stare in shock. And then he takes off. Yousuke defiantly flicks his nose, and all five, eyes shining wickedly, take off in pursuit of Mugensai. He races deep into the woods. Ikko gets to him first, suddenly Mugensai finds he faces a giant who stomps down at him, and he ducks but the giant Ikkou vanishes. Starting up in surprise, he's not prepared when the real Ikkou dashes past, snatching a scroll from his hands. Isshu takes advantage of Mugensai's distraction with his smirking brother to snatch him. Life, the brothers still working in construction, and Isshu having fun teasing his brother. Kouta manages to get his next. Physical therapy for young kids, encouraging a little boy to come after him and his puppet, while Kouta's sister applauds and a doctor grins appreciation for this success. Nanami uses her jacket as a distraction, tossing it on Mugensai's face, she kicks, snatches and gets hers. "Yay, yay, yay!" Music, in concert, singing for a crowd in which we see the lovely women who played Furabijo and Wendinu. Her backup musicians, young men, wear duplicates of her Hurricanger jacket. Yousuke leaps in, a sky attack, knocks Mugensai back into a tree and gets his. Yousuke helping clean, knocks down the others helping him and gets scolded by his boss.

After a long day at work, they all meet for a meal at a restaurant. But to their shock the center table is taken by many familiar faces. The drummer, the fisherman, the young handsome clerk, the soba seller, the musician. They leap at these people accusing them of being Shurikenger when a frustrated waiter shouts, in English, "STOP!!" All five wheel on him. They chase him out of the shop calling, "Hey, Shurikenger!" while the men whose faces he's worn come out after them, more than a little confused. (only the man who played Domon seems to be missing)

They graduate and toss celebratory streamers into the air.

"Say Bye Bye!" they tells us, mouing faces and blowing kisses at their audience.

File 51 on the Magerappa.

Three heroes, Red, Blue and Yellow. An angry Tyrannosaurus on the rampage in the city night. A young man in black trying, it seems, to reason with the beast. An elderly man and young woman, seem to be trying to transform. Three young people with bracelets trying to transform. A bright green eye in red skin opens. Really cool, the white marks on their outfits open out to be fighting spikes.

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