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巻之三十一 流星と三匹の狼
Ryuusei to Sanbiki no Ookami
Meteors and Three Wolves

Meteors, perhaps dozens, hurtle through space towards the innocent blue planet. Tao Zanot is aware of them, and he is excited. They herald a new threat to humanity.

Ikkou in his armor battles Manmaruba and is getting the worst of it. The golden being has him by the throat, lifts him, punches him in the chest several times and then tosses him aside. He lands, rolls, gets up again and pulls out his Horn Breaker in a voice made raw with pain. He fires, but the shot has no effect. Manmaruba's return blast of lightning hits him badly. And then the pain in his chest is overwhelming. He twists, staggers, falls out of his uniform to land in thick, cold mist covering the floor. Writhing, he hears Manmaruba delight, "At last! At last the time has come!" And something about a most powerful being. Ikkou's entire body shudders. Sweat streams on his skin, tendons corded as he throws his head back painfully. And then the red scorpion burns its way out of his chest and he screams as the world turns to red fire.

He wakes on his pallet, strangling the scream as it emerges from his throat. His wide eyes show the dark ceiling above him. He sits up, gasping, and realizes he is all right. "A dream..?" and he turns his head to look. Isshu sleeps just a meter away, a blanket covering him. Blinking the sweat from his eyes, Ikkou gets up and pulls his jacket on. The traditional house they are in is open this night to let late summer breezes pass through (and mosquitos, but maybe those are afraid of the pair). A full moon hangs in the night sky above. Ikkou takes a troubled look up at it.

On the Centipede, Manmaruba also gazes at the white and gray moon out his window. He laughs deep and proud. He turns from the window to stare at the great, glowing green cocoon. It seems empty, but a heart can be heard beating inside. "This is great." The time is coming, and more.

Tao Zanto wants to know what Satorakura has up his sleeve this time. Proudly, Satorakura says he's going to call them to Tokyo. He pulls out a whistle and starts blowing into it, making a terrible off-tune sound. And suddenly the air is filled with ghostly movement all around the Jakanja. Startled, the girls back up to the dubious protection of Sargain and Manmaruba as howls fill the air. Then they are surrounded by three snarling, growling beings. White, brown, black. Eyes glowing an eerie orange yellow. They appear and disappear in the blink of an eye, then reappear again. The other men, rather startled, identify the Space Wolves. Satorakura is quite pleased. At his whistled command, the three assemble for inspection. The Space Wolves, Fangurlu. This pleases Tao Zanto, who gives the go-ahead. Delighted, Satorakura whistles again and they howl back to him.

Ikazuchi's Valley, the deep night before morning under a death's head moon. And Ikkou stands, gazing up at it. He turns his head. Yousuke is approaching shyly, and asks why in the world Ikkou is calling him at this time of night. He looks away, then back with quiet stillness, gravely controlled anger. "We've always insisted that the Hayate Way was too lenient." "Huh?" understandably asks Yousuke. Ignoring that, Ikkou tosses a boken to land at Yousuke's feet. Then he hauls out his own and calls challenge. Yousuke skidaddles back without even reaching for the weapon at his feet, confused and asking Ikkou to stop as he evades the fast thrusts. He eventually tumbles past and gets the other boken, starts using it to defend himself. They are surprisingly equal as yet, growling at each other over the locked wooden blades before springing apart.

Isshu stirs, waking from his own restless dreams. The first thing he notices is the absense of Ikkou. "Bro?" he calls worriedly, sitting up and tossing the blanket aside. "Where would he go at this time of night?" Ikkou focuses his power in the blade. Yousuke races at him. He flashes into movement, the blade carrying a stream of dirt into the air as it sweeps up. The sand is carried on a ninja-generated breeze into Yousuke's eyes and he stops, trying to clear his vision. But Ikkou leaps at him in a stream of blue-white lightning first kicking hard and then he swipes his boken down on the boy's head. Yousuke falls heavily on his back. Ikkou stands straight and tall. "You see, Yousuke? This is what Kabuto of Ikazuchi can do. Don't forget it." Rubbing his aching head, Yousuke sits up and glares at him. "Now let's go again," and Ikkou lunges. Yousuke rolls out of the way, never losing his blade and manages to catch Ikkou's hands in his. "STOP IT, Ikkou!" he demands. "I know all that already! Why are you doing this?!" Ikkou bares his teeth in determined fury and snarls back, "Because there's no time left." "What does that mean?" But Ikkou wrenches his blade free, knocking Yousuke off-balance. He gets in a solid punch that tumbles the younger man. Yousuke is straight back on his feet, tasting blood in his mouth. In a fury he cries back, "Ikkou! I'm of Hayate. Ikazuchi or your brother, what matters?!" and he throws the boken to the ground and races away, refusing to continue the fight. Ikkou watches him go, somewhat discomfitted. Then he glances up and finds Isshu standing on the rise above him, he feels even more off-balance. And his little brother has some things to say about how much what's happening hurts and how holding his brother's fate secret is killing him. In the distance, Shurikenger listens to them and his shoulders sag.

Morning has come, people are on their way to work and school. The air ripples, blurs. A wolf's howl gets startled attention. The black wolf finally lands atop a walkway. Terrified, the people cringe and back up. He vanishes again and reappears behind them. Terrified, they whirl and run the other way. He doesn't touch them. His shadow only launches itself out and starts taking bites out of theirs until nothing remains. They cry out, gasp in pain, choke and strange and then sink to their hands and knees. The humans howl, for their humanity has been taken from them, replaced by wolf. Oboro sees the people racing around on all fours on her screens, and she and her father summon the Hurricanger. Nanami and Kouta rendesvous with Yousuke on a bridge, and are puzzled when they see his bruised head, but he just says he was contacted last night. They race into the danger area. There is only silence. No movement. Nothing. Yousuke indulges in little protesting complaints of pain, grumbling "Just what was up with him, anyway?" "Ikkou called you?" Kouta double checks. "Yeah. But what is going on here with the Jakanja? How come there's no one around?" They look left, right, behind them.

The brown wolf waylays some people, a young man is altered, then more. The white wolf catches a woman, and of course everyone around.

The streets are empty, no traffic at all. The lights change as always. "The people of this city, they're all gone! But where did everyone go?" frets Yousuke as they run along the streets, searching for someone, anyone. Then there is a hum in the air and they look up to see Tenkujin. "Shurikenger!" they call. "Good morning," he calls back. "Hey, I found them." And so the Hurricanger race to the woods. The silence is just as deep here as in town. "Everyone's here?" wonders Nanami. "It just doesn't seem possible," answers Kouta. Yousuke leaps alertly around. "They're here." They start to creep out from behind the trees. A huge pack of humans with the minds of wolves, they growl low in their throats, hands curled into paws. One's eyes flash yellow as he growls, and several of the others whimper nervously and belly-crawl back into hiding. "What's wrong with everyone?" asks Nanami, alarmed. "What on Earth is going on?" wonders Kouta. And then there is a whoosh. Something with fangs and claws, long black hair approaching. Yousuke calls warning and they duck as it dives over them. "What IS that guy?!" gasps Kouta. "A wolf?!" exclaims Nanami. And then the white and the brown ones arrive. They stalk slowly around the Hurricanger trio, who stand backs braced to offer each other as much protection as possible, noting that there are three of these things. Shurikenger arrives and calls in alarm, "Be careful, Hurricanger! If they get your shadows, you'll be just like all the rest!" So, while fighting, the trio strives to keep out of the light. They change into armor and stay under the trees, with Shurikenger they fight the three wolves.

Their battle cries echo in Ikkou's ears through his Shinobi Changer. He straightens up away from the railing and turns to Isshu. "Little brother, let's go fight together. This'll be the last time." Isshu's face twists in pain and he turns away. "I can't take this. I don't want to hear it!" Stepping closer, Ikkou's voice is soft though no less stern. "Enough, Isshu. We knew as Goraijer we always had to be prepared for this." Isshu whirls to look at him, eyes wide with horror. And Ikkou cannot face that wounded expression and moves away from him. "I'm prepared to face my fate. The Goraijer and Hurricanger have to face the darkness." He looks back over his shoulder, "From now on you'll have to do it by yourself." And he walks away. Isshu practically staggers, strangling on feelings too powerful for him to express. Finally he cries, "Brother!" Quite a ways up the path now, Ikkou pauses. "Little brother, what is your fate?" Struck silent, Isshu finally makes the decision and moves to join his brother. Ikkou nods. "Let's go. Be Goraijer."

The wolves leap through the dappled air. Fast and furious they hit the four heroes hard and stagger them badly. They wipe blood from their jaws. Yousuke gasps, "They're fast!" and Nanami agrees in fear "They're too fast!" "We're too weak!" gasps Kouta. "But," starts off Shurikenger in English, then switches to Japanese, "if we don't stop them, what'll happen to all those people here in the forest?" And suddenly the wolves are being hit. They turn in a fury to face the two Goraijer, whose names are called by the Hurricanger. Startled by the additional people, the wolves decide to run for now. The group gathers together, worried. Together they race off to continue the battle.

This is being watched with interest on the Centipede. Tao Zanto is very pleased with what's happening. Satorakura is doing a happy jig. The whole crew is quite pleased. And then four go to help the battle, leaving only Tao Zanto with Manmaruba. He asks for a report, perhaps. Something is left in the golden one's hands.

Our heroes are hit by lightning, to find the four Jakanja have arrived. Satorakura dances forward. "So, what do you guys think of my sweet wolves? Aren't they strong? And so fast?" He is utterly happy. But each has chosen his or her opponent. Satorakura wants Red. Wendinu chooses Yellow. Furabijo starts, "And I'll fight..." "You'll fight ME!" snaps Nanami angrily. That leaves Sargain with an all-too willing Shurikenger. But the wolves have returned to the city, and Yousuke asks Isshu and Ikkou to take care of those. But before they can get far, they run into Manmaruba. He will fight them. And the battles are engaged. Everyone is getting pretty badly hit by the villains, and Isshu keeps trying to protect Ikkou. Ikkou scrambles up to launch himself at Manmaruba when the pain hits with such violence he's sent into a staggering spin, choking. He finally falls from his armor onto the cement. Trapped in their own battle, Yousuke can still spare a frantic eye for that drama. Isshu races to his writhing brother, tries to soothe him and help him up. But once almost sitting, Ikkou shoves his brother away and makes it to his feet, eyes fixed on Manmaruba. Tilting, he still snarls, "Come on, Manmaruba! I'll show you how I die!" Manmaruba laughs at that, "Interesting, you just go ahead and do that." And the two of them take off together, heading over the high cliffs and away from the battle. "BRO!" screams Isshu. And he races off. Yousuke breaks from the battle, asking Kouta to handle it, and pursues. Now only Nanami, Kouta and Shurikenger remain and they are getting very badly hit. Blasted by the villains, they leave their outer clothing behind and vanish. Satorakura cackles like a maniac, loving all of it. They all are quite pleased with themselves, knowing the world will start to rot now and be theirs.

A bridge across a river. Isshu crosses it at a dead run, Yousuke on his heels calling him to wait. Finally, Yousuke resorts to a headlong body-tackle, fortunately landing them in the sand rather than on the hard stones. They struggle, rolling, and Isshu cries frantically, "Lemme go!" "Isshu!" Yousuke snaps back and finally manages to pin him. "Lemme go, please!" Glaring down desperately into his eyes, Yousuke says, "I know you know what's up with your brother!" Isshu's eyes are screaming, and he forces his gaze away, struggling for breath.

Ikkou has returned home, to Ikazuchi Village. Abandoned since the attack by the Jakanja, the banners are fallen, shrines unattended. The air is heavy with mist. He staggers along the path, clutching at his chest, his heart beating unsteadily. Sometimes he stops to fight for control over the searing agony.

"Manmaruba implanted an egg in Ikkou..?" There is no mist where Isshu and Yousuke stand, explanations finally drug out. "Well what are we going to do about it, Isshu?!" Half-staggered, Isshu looks away and says hoarsely, "We have to stay out of his way." He moves away from Yousuke, saying angrily, "That's what he wants!!" Finally Yousuke shouts, "That's totally idiotic!" and Isshu is unprepared when the small man suddenly grabs his shoulder and decks him with a right cross. (I'm beginning to think the Japanese invented the concept of beating sense into someone.) Too dazed, barely on his feet, Isshu touches his pained jaw, but Yousuke grabs his shoulders again and forces him to meet his eyes. "Is that really how you feel? Is that really all right with you?! Isshu!" And this breaks him. Trembling, he sinks to his knees, little gasps torn from his throat as the tears fall. And when no other response comes, Yousuke screams again, "Idiotic!" and tears off. He weeps as he runs, repeating the word like a curse. Remember all those moments. When they first saw Ikkou and Isshu. The battles, the pains and struggles. The madness and few conversations he'd managed with Ikkou, the alliance formed, working together at last. And the terrible thing they'd perceived rendering Ikkou helpless. "Are you really all right?" "It's nothing, leave me alone." The strange, seemingly pointles fight the night before. "You see, Yousuke? What Kabuto of Ikazuchi can do." "Why are you doing this?!" "Because there's no time left!" Faster and faster he runs. "Don't die! DON'T DIE, IKKOU!"

Manmaruba finally arrives at Ikazuchi Village. In the heavy mist there is no movement he can see. But he doesn't need to see far, for Ikkou is waiting for him. Ikkou glares up at him, and Manmaruba chuckles deep in his throat. Ikkou transfers into armor, determined to fight.

Another has explained things, Shurikenger to Kouta and Nanami. "But," he tells them anxiously, "Yousuke's dealing with this. We have to protect the city." They are still in shock, then turn to go after Yousuke. "Remember!" Shurikenger calls and they halt in their tracks. "If we don't stop those wolves, we won't be able to save the people." Finally they turn and head with him into the city. The wolves are gobbling up people's shadows. A newswoman is reporting on the incidents, then her cast is interrupted bya wolf. We see its shadow eat hers, see her become wolf-like. And then the wolf goes after the camerman, and the screen turns to static in a house with no people.

Night has fallen. Ikkou and Manmaruba are still fighting. There is no mist now, only them under the moonlit sky. They hurtle at each other, fast and deadly. Manmaruba gets in a shot to Ikkou's chest that triggers a deeper pain, then blasts him while he's still reeling. He falls on his back, armor gone. Manmaruba stalks towards him, but he is helpless to move. There is a glow seen even through his shirt, flaring bright and flashing. He twists with the pain. Manmaruba reaches his side and slams a cruel foot down on his chest, making him cry out. Manmaruba mocks him about his fate. Ikkou gasps out his tormenter's name. "You forgot one thing," gasps Ikkou. For he's lured Manmaruba in and now his Ikazuchi Maru materializes in his hand and he stabs at his enemy. Only to have the weapon caught and his strike rendered harmless. Keeping Ikkou pinned, Manmaruba tears the weapon from his hands. "And now it's time. Death-God, come! Show this man his inevitable fate!" Despair is sinking in. He's tried so hard. And Manmaruba raises the Ikazuchi Maru to finish Ikkou with his own weapon. Before he can, though, there is a scream from above. Yousuke has arrived and he launches himself at Manmaruba, knockking him off of Ikkou. "What are you?! A person's life is not a toy for you to play with!" Ikkou struggles to raise his head, bleary and surprised. "This man... Ikkou... is not going to die! I'm not going to let him die!" Still shocked, a tear most likely from pain slips from Ikkou's eye. Blood is drying on his swollen lips. "Yousuke." "BROTHER!" comes a scream from behind him. He shakily turns his head to find Isshu racing to him. Isshu pulls him around, gathers him in his arms, "Oh bro, you gotta be okay."

It's hard to tell if Manmaruba is annoyed or amused. He tosses Ikkou's weapon aside. "And just what do you think you can do?" Yousuke snarls back, "I can beat YOU!" And Yousuke changes into armor and goes madly on the offensive. He's getting knocked back but just springs up again. "Yousuke," gasps out Ikkou. "Bro?" "Yousuke, use what I taught you." The boy is clinched with Manmaruba, pins his arm. Gets kicked over, tossed aside. Rolls and brings his blade down. Just like Ikkou had done to him the night before, and it works wonderfully. Manmaruba ends up flat on his back even worse than Yousuke had been when Ikkou did the same trick to him. Impressed, Ikkou murmurs that his timing was perfect. But then... then the pain he's in impossibly flares. Blinding, murderous pain. A glow in his chest as the egg hatches, what's inside reforms into a scorpion-shaped red glow and fixes every one of its clawed feet into the walls of his heart, squeezing. He writhes in sheer agony and Ikkou is hard-pressed to hold onto him. And finally his body goes limp and his head falls back lifelessly. "Ikkou!" screams Yousuke, and starts to run towards him. But Manmaruba's laughter stops him and he whirls. "Soon," that one mocks. "Soon!" and he teleports away.

Yousuke drops his armor and hurries to the brothers. Isshu sits numbly next to Ikkou's too-still form. Crying Ikkou's name, Yousuke shakes him. Ominously, a nearby Ikazuchi pennant falls to the grass. "This can't be happening! I won't accept it!" Yousuke cries. He pulls Ikkou up, cradles his head and clings to his chest. "Ikkou, it was really great. Your house. Your life, the way you wanted it." There is no response from the man. "You can't let it end this way." Isshu still sits, face empty of thought, of life, of anything but grief. Yousuke suddenly grabs his collar and shakes him, "We were all going to fight together!!" He releases Isshu, pulls Ikkou's still form up and practically wraps himself around him. "Alone we'd only be defeated." Vaguely, Isshu begins to respond.

And the stars rain down. Oboro is caught between scenes on her screens, the painful one with the boys and the alarming meteor shower. She has to track it, find out what it means.

And Mugensai's cellphone rings. He moves quickly to answer it. "WHAT? Is this really true, Gozen-sama?!"

Shurikenger, Kouta and Nanami race along a valley floor. The stars raining down even draw Yousuke and Isshu's attention. They gaze up in confusion.

File 31 on Satorakura's Fangurlu.
巻之三十二 死神最終奥義Shinugami to Saishuuougi God of Death and the Last Heart
A hospital room. Ikkou lies in a bed, sensors plastered all over his body as it occasionally jerks in pain. Isshu agonized about him. So are the others, faces white. Yousuke is desperate to somehow same Ikkou. Isshu, Nanami and Kouta have to face the wolves without backup. Yousuke fights Manmaruba, who asks "How do you like the god of Death?"

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巻之三十二 死神最終奥義
Shinugami to Saishuuougi
God of Death and the Last Heart

In our last episode, Ikkou fought Yousuke, showed him a truly sneaky move. Showed him by doing it and leaving him with a nasty bump on the head. "Why are you doing this?" demanded while holding Ikkou at bay. "Because there's no time left!" Fanged shadows taking bites out of people's shadows. Wolf-monsters gobbling up the shadows. Victims starting to act like wolves. Manmaruba calling the God of Death. Yousuke standing protectively before a fallen Ikkou. "Ikkou's not gonna die! I won't let him die!!" Ikkou writhing in agony, while Isshu tries to hold him, then falling limp as though he's died.

The sky is filled with falling stars. Mugensai is on the phone with Gozen. "Is that true? This is the meteor shower in the message?" This had happened before. The day the Goraijer's father, Ikki Kasumi, had been integral in the torching of an Egyptian city. When he'd stood in the desert and his eyes had filled with the streams of light. So what could all this mean? And Tenkujin hovers under the falling stars, slowly it settles down. Shurikenger is there to take readings. He sets up a spinning device, turns on a small screen to record the numbers scrolling up it. Turns on another small screen to keep an eye on his erstwhile companions, "Sorry," he tells them sadly. But this is something he has to do and he cannot help them, now.

Morning breaks and the fighting is still going. Like the Energizer Bunny. The wolf slashes Kouta. He and Nanami tumble, face the three wolves alone, confused by the absence of the Shurikenger. But they are not alone, for Yousuke has arrived with Isshu on his heels, and they blast the wolves back to give them some breathing space. Both scream challenges and leap into the fray, Isshu slashing madly. As he fights Nanami calls, "Yousuke, what's happened to Ikkou?!" But no one will answer, even when Kouta calls to Isshu. And the exhausted pair are afraid. Satorakura puts in an appearance, materializing on a park bench with his whistle. Oh these poor things crying and weeping for their friend... boy he just loves that. Furious, the two challenge him, and he offers to give them more trouble. All four snarl and race at him.

Ikkou lies on a hospital bed, sensors on his chest. His heart beats at 45, his breathing is ragged. He twitches sometimes. Mugensai says softly, sadly, "It's almost time." "I'm afraid so," agrees the doctor, holding the little hamster in his palms. He sets him down on the desk in the next room. He sits, and they can see on the computer an image of Ikkou's heart, the Space Scorpion sitting clenched on it. "Only the strength of his spirit is keeping him alive now." But he needs an influx of something new. He wonders if Gozen had any ideas. But Mugensai worries about them all. They are fighting, and falling, and bouncing back to battle more.

The Jakanja know Ikkou will be dead soon. Tao Zanto says, "Hurry, it must come quickly!" but he is not talking about Ikkou. Wendinu, Furabijo and Sargain bow, while muttering to each other under their breaths. "What the matter with him?" asks Wendinu. "I dunno," Furabjio answers. Sargain ponders, "Maybe it has something to do with the war." "Faster... faster!" gloats Tao Zanto. Shurikenger's Intron Analyzer is doing its job. He types in codes on his special keyboard, keeps an alert eye on the proceedings. He's starting to get information back. But the others still fight, Satorakura calling Yousuke a little dog. He's caught him by the neck and the wolves block the others from coming to his aid, Isshu snarling with fury. A hard smack across the face sends Yousuke tumbling into his friends' midst, head ringing. Satorakura blasts the four, but they leave only the shells of their uniforms behind. "Hey, cool, they ran off!" He laughs and the wolves howl. And Tao Zanto is getting even more excited. Their time will soon be born. And his people nearly bounce on their toes, even Manmaruba.

A particular word is highlighted on Shurikenger's readout. "Oh no!" he clutches his head in dismay, then goes back to typing. "Gotta do this again!"

43, says the heartrate monitor. Ikkou's body has a sheen of sweat. He arcs his neck back, even being deeply unconscious is no escape from the pain. A clear, plastic curtain protects his bed. In hospital whites, heads in plastic, white masks on their faces, white gloves on their hands... the other four stand and watch him. There is nothing they can do. As his legs bend in feeble agony, they gasp. "Bro," whispers Isshu, "You are my big bro." Nanami adds breathily, "You helped us so," and Kouta says with tears in his eyes, "You became one of us." Yousuke is next to whimper about this star, moving from the sick room in helpless strides. "There's gotta be something we can do!" The others turn their heads but can offer nothing to this grief.

The doctor takes a quick look up and down the hall, then closes the door. He and Mugensai continue their conversation. "Erase it? Can you do that?" Mugensai asks. "No." The doctor tries to explain, "Actually, it's obtaining it that's the problem." He sits in his chair so he can talk to the hamster sitting on his books. "You've explained to me about the darkness." Mugensai sighs and crosses his little front legs. The doctor continues.

Yousuke, heart breaking, is walking slowly through the halls when his ears catch the doctor's words. He stops in mid-step. The doctor is explaining how they might be able to wipe out the Space Scorpion, unaware of a young man listening behind another partition. An influx of fresh energy to cancel it out. Mugensai is relieved to hear that. Just like snakebite vaccine. The doctor nods. However, for that to work they'd need to have someone else get infected. That is not a happy thought. Yousuke listens, hearing that the person infected would probably die. But he is beyond caring about that. "Wait, Ikkou!" he thinks. The scrape of his foot as he is leaving catches Mugensai's ears, but they don't know he was there.

And he runs across a bridge to a rocky outcrop, an isolated stand of stone and plants surrounded by wild, crashing surf on the ocean. He stands atop it and shouts to the sky, calling Manmaruba. "You may think you've beaten Ikkou, but we're still here! So come and see if you can put that damned God of Death in me! Right here!" He pounds his chest in invitation. When nothing happens he lowers his voice and little and mocks with a hysterical edge, "Oh, what, are you afraid of me, then? Don't have another God?!" He folds his arms and laughs. Just then, Manmaruba materializes the other side of him and punches him. Yousuke falls, wipes his mouth and scrambles back to his feet. Into his armor he goes on the assault.

They have left their hospital scrubs and stand, faces plastered agains the window of Ikkou's room. Dark blue, light blue, yellow. Mugensai sits on the table and watches them sympathetically until the absence of red registers. "Where is Yousuke?" His two people turn and blink at him. "I don't know," Kouta answers. Nanami asks, "Wasn't he with you?" "Oh, no! That must have been..!" starts Mugensai. When he breaks off and says no more, they close on him. "What's the matter, sir?" asks Kouta. "Yes, where did Yousuke go?" wonders Nanami. Isshu turns his head slightly, a troubled frown marring his brow.

Yousuke fights, powerful and young. He's doing well, though eventually Manmaruba beats him down. "So, you think you can survive a God of Death, do you?" he says, curling his hand lightly. "I just want to see you do it! But it's a long time until the next full moon!" Amused, Manmaruba says, "Ah, but you see it's like being in Hell!" and he holds out his hand. There is a red scorpion in his palm, and he throws it. It lands on Yousuke's chest and stings him, the terrible poison going in. Yousuke staggers, rips the scorpion from his chest and tosses it down so he can stomp on it. But then the pain staggers him and he weaves drunkenly, then falls to his knees. His vision blurs as Manmaruba approaches, laughing. "So, is it everything you wished for? And now for the coup de grace." But as he steps closer he is hit by an explosion. Isshu has led the others here. Manmaruba is fallen, while the three gather and pull Yousuke into their hold. Kouta asks in dismay, "Why did you do it?!" Isshu protests, though not angrily, that this is what HE was going to do. He's the little brother. Yousuke answers, "You've gotta beat him." For Manmaruba is recovering from their first shot, and quite angry. "That's it." Oboro signals the four of them, telling them to come in and fight the wolves. They don't want to leave Yousuke, but he tells them to go, that he'll be all right. Something Isshu has trouble swallowing. "But..!" "Leave it to me!" Yousuke answer his uncertainty, giving him a thumbs-up. "All right then," Isshu says hoarsely, pleading. He leads the others away. Yousuke gets shakily to his feet to confront Manmaruba again. "You fool. What can you do alone?" But Yousuke's pain-filled voice also has a heady victory in it. "Thank you, Manmaruba!" "For what?" is the understandably confused response. "Later!" says Yousuke, and he takes off. "Just what was that about?" wonders the confused villain.

The others fight the wolves in town. And they are getting pretty well beat at first. The wolves are fast and furious, animals more than beings. They get Kouta down and start tearing at him. Nanami fires on them, knocking them away and they assemble together again. Satorakura is gloating from above as the three try to figure out what to do. He blows on his whistle, sending the wolves to finish them off.

Shurikenger is still hard at work, and beginning to get answers he can use. These words are written in distorted Roman letters, by the way, but they are Japanese.

The door to the science lab opens and Yousuke staggers in. His legs are braced, he's barely standing. "Yousuke!" gasps Mugensai. The boy takes a step forward, nearly topples but braces himself. His eyes are glassy with pain and his knees start to buckle. The doctor leaps to catch him as he pleads for them to make the cure. "Doctor!" Mugensai says anxiously. And he asks about the process. The doctor touches the crumpling boy's clammy skin and says in panic, "But we won't be able to restore him to normal!" They can start the process, but it is reliant on Yousuke's stamina, and the boy in his arms is past the ability to hear what they are saying. Yousuke clutches feebly at his chest, breath shallow. His face has gone white and his hair is sticking to his damp skin. "He might very easily die!" worries the doctor as the boy loses strength and slumps against his chest. Delirious, Yousuke says, "Hurry. Give it to Ikkou." They cannot help but stare at the dying man on the hospital bed, and the newly dying man in the doctor's arms.

Mugensai makes the decision. He will believe in Yousuke's strength to return from this. They have to do it. He begs the doctor to start. They lay out Yousuke's fragile form on a bed next to Ikkou's after they've put him in hospital clothes. He lies, gasping. A monitor is set to watch his heart too. The doctor types in commands and they can monitor both hearts at once as they start the process. A flare of red light travels up the tube in Yousuke's arm. He gasps in increased pain. His heartrate leaps and doubles. Mugensai whispers encouragement as the boy twists on the bed. The doctor hits another button and now a green glow travels down the tube going into Ikkou's arm. They watch anxiously and then... then Ikkou's heartrate returns to normal. The pain is lessening, and the Space Scorpion in his body disintegrates. "YES!" cries Mugensai.

Isshu is surrounded by the wolves. They hit him and toss him to the others. And actually, he's observed something about them. They always attack someone alone. The others agree, they are just like regular wolves in that way. And a plan forms. The trio takes a step back, then turns and runs. The wolves pursue. The three round one corner, Nanami and Kouta head on while Isshu moves over and waits. When the wolves single him out and attack him, he calls his friends and they fire. This gets the wolves very well!

Ikkou wakes while the doctor is pulling off the sensors. He touches the skin above his heart in wide-eyed suprise and asks the man, "You helped me?" The doctor smiles warmly at him and answers in the affirmative. He leaves the room as a weary Ikkou lets his head sink back down. And then the soft gasps of pain from the other bed catch his ear. He looks to see who is lying there. "Yousuke?" He sits up and stares. "But what's wrong with him?" And he knows, suddenly. "He did this to help me! That's it, isn't it?!" Yousuke's lips tremble and Ikkou shivers. "I don't understand." He mutters a while about things and plans. "It was supposed to be only ME! Why, Yousuke?" And Yousuke, though delirious, hears that question and answers in his pain. He had to. He could not let it end that way. He had to help Ikkou. He wanted so badly to fight by his side with the others. "No way, no way I could let you die." Shaken, Ikkou gazes about. And Mugensai has come to speak. "Yousuke loves every living thing in the world. And you, Ikkou. He had to do it." Ikkou gets gravely to his feet and says grimly, "It's stupid not to distinguish between things. We can fight together, just as easily die together." But the small whimpers of pain are hard for him. He knows this agony all too well, and he sinks down by Yousuke. That Yousuke has done this for him is more than he can bear, and he screams in protest.

Nanami lays the trap this time, Isshu and Kouta fire on the wolves attacking her. Hit, the wolves struggle to recover. They've taken a lot of damage since our heroes figured out how to trick them. Satorakura is furious with them for not being smarter, and blows the attack signal again. Much to his shock, they start attacking each other. Now the three heroes are able to finish off the wolves. And together they race to the hospital. Satorakura chuckles. "So you think it's over, do you?" and he vanishes. For, in the woods, the townspeople are still affected. Only now they straighten up. Less like wolves and more like demons they head into town.

Ikkou is near frantic. Yousuke has been getting weaker and weaker. "Yousuke, come on, open your eyes. You're not going to die alone now!" he pulls the limp form up, jogging the sounds on the monitor. It is to this that the others arrive. Isshu's joy at seeing Ikkou on his feet is rapidly dampened when they see Yousuke's condition. His heartrat has dropped to 30. And then... then the monitor registers flatline.

They all scream his name. Mugensai sits, shaken. Oboro from her office cries, "It can't be true. Father, say it isn't!" Ikkou is only just recovered and he sways on his feet now, gripping Yousuke tight. "Damnit, don't let this happen, Yousuke!" They are all in shock. "I can't have one more death. You have to live! So we can all fight together! You promised! Damnit, open your eyes, Yousuke!" Isshu closes his eyes on this scene, fighting tears. Nanami lets hers run, and Kouta is beginning to sniffle. "Come back to me, Yousuke!" cries Ikkou.

Oboro's machines pick up activity in the city. The people coming back in have fangs now, and they catch and bite others, spreading the infection. The change in instantaneous. Shurikenger has completed his readings, but it's not over yet and he's starting to get frightened.

Satorakura is very pleased with the success of his plan, and gooses the startled girls. The humans are becoming theirs. And there is still something to be born. Furabijo cuts his gloating short by pointing out that the Hurricanger are not dead yet. Wendinu agrees that is a point, and wonders what will happen without the wolves. "Oh, but that's all right. Don't worry!" Satorakura replies, and he blows on his whistle. And they reform only as one giant, three-faced, three-tailed wolf creature. Fangerosu. Oboro watches it on her monitor, not certain whether it is the monster or the people under his spell that are more horrifying. Tao Zanto is really gloating.

In the hospital room Yousuke lies, face ashen. The others have all turned away. They do not see his fingers twitch. Ikkou slumped by the side of the bed. Isshu retreated into a corner. Nanami has her back turned so she can weep privately. Kouta is curled near Isshu's feet. Something makes them look at Yousuke. His fingers twitch again, accompanied by a stutter from the heart monitor. And then it is picking up a steady heartbeat. They are gasping his name, practically climbing onto the bed when suddenly Yousuke's eyes blink open. A moment and then his face twists and he sits up. "I'm STARVING! I want some ramen!" Isshu and Ikkou stare at him, stunned. Nanami and Kouta exchange delighted, victorious grins. They pat him on his shoulders and he turns around to find the Goraijer behind him. He grins up at... "Ikkou, so we did help you!" To his shock, Ikkou suddenly falls on him and hugs him tight. Yousuke struggles in his hold, confused. "Hey, need to breathe here! Leggo!" Ikkou lifts his head slightly. "Once. Twice is too much don't ever do that again." Yousuke, puzzled, tries to see his face. Finally he pushes him off and says, "You crazy guys. I'm not dead or anything. Right? Right?" he asks, looking at each of them. Isshu starts to grin much like Nanami and Kouta are, then all four say, "Idiot!" and grinning, whap Yousuke upside the head. He is very annoyed by all this and waves his hand threateningly.

In Tenkujin, Shurikenger sees the giant Fangerosu, and doesn't know if he's free to join the others fighting it. But he is relieved that a project he's been working on can go ahead now.

And at the top of stairs, under arching sculptures, arrive the five heroes. Ikkou and Yousuke look at each other and nod firm agreement, their friends still smiling happily at this new, strong accord. Together the five transfer into their fighting uniforms. Mugensai and Oboro happily send out the Shinobi Machines. Seeing this in their viewscreens, Furabijo and Wendinu suck in startled gasps. Manmaruba pushes past them. "WHAT IN? He's ALIVE?!" Behind them, Tao Zanto utters a low, menacing rumble. Sempujin and Goraijin are formed to fight. They face the three-faced wolf monster. It howls menacingly. To be continued.

File 32 on Satorakura's Fangerosu.
巻之三十三 マンモスと6人 Manmosu to Roku Nin Mammoth and the Six People
The battle with the mighty Fangerosu is too hard, too much for them. Yousuke is surrounded by the wolf-demoned people. And Shurikenger asks them to trust in him. The wolf demons seperate into their trio of lesser entities, and there is a handful of Shinobi medals they all give to Shurikenger, for he is bringing out the mighty Mammoth to them. He goes to collect the Mammoth guitar from its place of honor.

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巻之三十三 マンモスと6人
Manmosu to Roku Nin
Mammoth and the Six People

Glowing sparks of color form together into one gigantic wolf-beast. The Shinobi machines, all five, come to face it. On the Centipede, Manmaruba gasps in shock. "Kabutoraijer is still alive?" As though he's heard the exclamation, Ikkou snarls into his microphone aboard his machine, "I'm coming, Manmaruba! And you've failed to destroy me." Something further than shocks the golden alien. And then Yousuke's voice cheerfully cuts in, "Hey Ikkou, after this you want to eat Ramen with me? I'm practically starving, here." Manmaruba's eyes shine brightly in shock as he hears the boy. Ikkou responds with an agreeable grunt and says that's fine by him. "Right, it's promise, then!" says Yousuke eagely. "Yup." Goraijin and Sempujin face off against Fangerosu.

"Hurricane Red did it!" growls Manmaruba. He starts out of the room, shoulders drooping, muttering how Hurricane Red had tricked him. He is in such a rage that the girls take a step after him, Wendinu saying his name sympathetically. But Satorakura cuts them off, trying to reassure them. His cute wolves will make short work of the combined team. He blows on his whistle and the wolf snarls. It is more than a match for the two powerful mecha, blasting them with blue lightning. So Yousuke calls Ikkou, asking to combine. They call out the Furai Maru and become the mighty Goraisempujin. They call confidently for their Rolling Thunder Hurricane attack and blast all out at Fangerosu. Flames rise and smoke billows all about it. Yousuke starts to cheer happily, but he's gotten ahead of himself. For when the smoke clears and the flames die down, he is still there. They are shocked, and not able to prevent him from bowling them over. He starts slashing at the heavy mecha. Mugensai turns frantically to Oboro, but she is out of ideas. And Satorakura is quite delighted. He starts blowing on his whistle again but, in his excitement he blows too hard and the small instrument slips through his fingers to hit the far floor hard. It breaks! He is so embarrassed.

Without the whistle egging Fangerosu on, it stops fighting and comes apart into the three wolves, who howl. They run off. Satorakura falls over on his back in dismay. Sargain has contempt for this, and Furabijo points out that this was very stupid. But Tao Zanto is more than a little furious. It seems they are running out of time. This being the first they'd heard about it, his people gather close to ask for explanation.

Oboro calls the group to make sure they're all right. They've gotten Goraisempujin back on its feet and look around, puzzled by the absence of their enemy. They grumble and worry, but Yousuke decides it's over and starts to relax. However, the air is cut by the sound of a helicopter. Tenkujin has arrived, Shurikenger is here to tell them what Tao Zanto is telling his people. About the message that came with the meteor shower. Tao Zanto shows them. The city is full of wolf-people. And time is running out. Shurikenger explains all this to the others. He is very worried. The Goraijer are worried, too. A rather quiety annoyed Ikkou states the simple fact that even their power combined isn't enough to stop this. But Kouta suspects another way. Shurikenger agrees. Yousuke tries to wrap his head around this and says something that gets agreement from him. "Yes. It's about your Karakuri Medals." "WHAT?!" and they move closer to him anxiously. Someone had made something, something that required all six Karakuri Medals to get it going. They are still digesting this when he pleads anxiously, "There's no time! Lend me all of your Shinobi Medals, PLEASE?" He holds out his cupped hands, begging. Yousuke lifts his hands to do just that when Kouta points out anxiously that they cannot change without the medals. That fact troubles Ikkou as well, who stares down into the dark waters. And Tao Zanto is demanding that Satorakura get a move on repairing his control device for the wolves. Yousuke, meanwhile, takes his Shinobi Medal from its place on his wrist. "I understand." He holds the other man's gaze behind the mask and says firmly, "I'm relying on you." The others gasp softly when he puts the medal decisively in Shurikenger's palms. "Yousuke!" Kouta protests. But he won't be deterred. "We'll help the people of this city." Kouta reluctantly parts with his medal, telling Shurikenger, "Just hurry about it, please?" Nanami places hers in his palms with a cheerful grin and a please of her own. He turns, but Ikkou and Isshu are already coming to hand him theirs. "Okay, baby! Leave it all to me! See you later!" Off he runs. Oboro is really, really curious about what sort of new Karakuri thing he's going to bring them. She heads off to do some research while Mugensai heads off to call Gozen.

A frightened school girl finds herself under attack by two of her friends turned wolf. Nanami arrives to push them away and send the girl to safety. Kouta has gathered up two frightened children and races away from the attackers as fast as he can. Isshu and Ikkou tackle two who are attacking an elderly couple. Yousuke is being stalked by a small group, "Oh man, stop! Can't you understand?" He backs into a woman in a blue coat. "Boss!" he exclaims, recognizing her. "It's dangerous here!" Well, it's too late for her and she attacks him. They all pile on him.

Manmaruba is in his chamber near his pot. The fumes help him see the future. He frets that he'd boasted too soon of Kabutoraijer's death. He sits and decides he'll search for a new vision. And what he sees is immediate. Himself, bisected by Kabutoraijer's attack under orange light. Falling. He swipes a hand through that image and it is gone, but he's already seen it. He is on his feet, still shaking. "What?! Kabutoraijer will defeat me?!!" And he hurries out of the room away from the cocoon that pulses with green light.

Satorakura skips happily through the woods. Laughing, he blows his whistle and then calls, "Hide and seek is over now! Come on out, little wolves!" He blows again and they come to him. Wild and howling, they gather around. Suddenly helicopter blades can be heard, and Satorakura looks up. Tenkujin is passing overhead. Inside, Shurikenger is speaking. "Master Gozen, I got all six medals!" And he is off. Satorakura blows his whistle. The wolves form as one giant, and they smash a stunned Shurikenger out of the air. Tenkujin lands badly, its pilot crying out in pain. Smug in such a first success, Satorakura sends Fanerosu to fight elsewhere.

Shaken and still reeling, Shurikenger nevertheless makes his way through the woods until he stumbles and falls. Staggering back to his feet he says frantically, "I'm too far away, there just isn't time!" To do it the slow way. But he powers up to Fire mode. The burning is much a part of him, giving him a new burst of strength and he encourages himself as he races off at high speeds.

Yousuke has managed to get himself and his boss away from the crowd of wolf-people. He's tied her hands and for good measure roped her to a large, strong pillar. Her huge fangs jut out as she tries to jerk free. "Boss, I'm so sorry. You just wait here, okay?" he tries to talk to her as though she could understand him. A powerful rowling catches his ears and he looks up. Fangerosu. Swallowing, Yousuke races to join the others. Nanami notes Shurikenger isn't back yet. Ikkou frets, "What'll we do if we can't change?" But Yousuke, though worried, thinks hard and then calls Oboro. She's deeply engrossed in an old book and doesn't hear him calling at first. Nanami adds her voice. Finally, Oboro breaks out of the book, tells them that they can't form together without the medals. They tells her back they just have to hold the monster until Shurikenger gets back. And so they face Fangerosu in their five mighty mecha. Each one has an attack it can do, but as they are unable to join together, they only seem to annoy him.

Shurikenger makes it into a clearn, dry cavern. There is a chamber sealed by a heavy door. A control pannel on a stone stand nearby. There are six places, color-coded, and he places each person's medal in its place. The chamber opens to reveal a guitar-like machine, the Ninja Misen. It is a rather sweet-looking beast. He gets it, pulls off the end, turns it around and uses his medal like a guitar pick. As he places the music, somewhere a machine pulls in the symbols, the major Karakuri Balls for each of the other five and probably Shurikenger's as well. In the meantime, Fangerosu is bashing and slashing at the five mecha trying to hold it. Nanami's is sent spinning to land heavily beside Kouta's. But finally Shurikenger arrives with apologies and he summons out the Revolver Mammoth playing a rather cool guitar riff. And buildings start to sink into the ground to make room for the enormous thing. Obviously quite a bit of planning has gone into this as entire blocks go under the surface, and the Mammoth comes. "COOL!" delights Yousuke. The others stare intently, though Ikkou points out that this is the Karakuri Mecha. "That's right!" Shurikenger happily answer, spinning in a circle. Oboro flips through her book to find the illustration of the plans for the Mammoth. Furabijo seems impressed. Tao Zanto is pissed and started to sputter blue electricity. Satorakura tries to reassure him that it's not over yet, while Sargain and Wendinu cringe. Manmaruba stops in the hall to watch for a moment.

Shurikenger returns the Shinobi medals to their proper owners, and the happy five bring their mecha together as Goraisempujin. And Shurikenger dances with the guitar, calling out the first three Karakuri Balls for them to use. The Mammoth fires them out. Now Fangerosu is out-gunned and they pound him down. Shurikenger tells them to ride the Mammoth's back, they happily oblige. And now it sends out dozens of Karakuri balls in response to their pounding on its firing mechanism. They are able to do the Thunder Hurricane Strike, and Fangerosu is destroyed.

Tao Zanto is furious, blasting around. The others cringe in terror, though Furabijo ignores it and just marks off the latest loss. Manmaruba leaves. And people start recovering, staring about in surprise. Yousuke suddenly races off, for he has someone he is responsible for. "Somebody help me!" she is wailing. And when he gets there she greets him with relief as he starts untying the fizzing woman. I think he asks for a raise and she snarls at him. His friends giggle and run to help him untie her, when Isshu notices that Ikkou is gone.

Gone to a beach draped in gold by the setting sun. Gone to face Manmaruba. An Old West standoff. This will be it, for Ikkou draws his weapon slowly. Manmaruba raises his powerful blade. "Come." Ikkou walks towards him, but Manmaruba can't stand it, and rushes him. Thus Ikkou slashes him, and with a might kick, slices him down the middle. He falls. Ikkou walks away. Manmaruba is steaming, gets back to his feet. Reaches out towards the leaving man, then finally just falls and explodes.

Dark evening, a street vendor has four customers, the happy group there to enjoy ramen. Yousuke sits slightly apart from the others, fingers twined as he waits. The vendor hands him a steaming bowl of ramen, then another that he sets gravely beside him. The others watch, then Nanami frets, "Where did Ikkou go, anyway?" Isshu looks around. Kouta stares mournfully at his bowl. "Oh come on, can't we just start eating?" "No! I promised that we'd all eat ramen together!" Yousuke says stubbornly. His stomach growls in protest and he hangs his head, staring longingly at his bowl. Fortunately, at that moment a spirited Ikkou arrives. "Bro!" exclaims Isshu. Grinning, Ikkou settles beside a very happy Yousuke and pulls apart chopsticks to start eating. "Hey, you're late!" protests Kouta. "Yeah, he's late!" Yousuke adds. They are searching for explanation, but Ikkou is already stuffing his face with ramen. With a yelp, Yousuke starts eating so fast he practically burns himself. Laughing, the others cheerfully start eating, too.

File 33 on Manmaruba. Aaaaaawwwwwweeee. NOT.
巻之三十四 キノコ100点 Kinoko to Hyakuten Mushroom and 100 Points
Wendinu greets us happily. She seems to be trying out jobs. Huh? A worker in a convenience store, several rather bewildered customers, a doctor with five-mile long legs. Kouta and Yousuke practically drooling, is it over her? A teacher, pink hair short. Shurikenger seems to have taken the identity of another teacher this time. And Wendinu fights as a giant, lifting Sempujin over her head. She stands with her monster (a mushroom-type of course) outside the store she's working at briefly.

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巻之三十四 キノコ100点
Kinoko to Hyakuten
Mushroom and 100 Points

Kabutoraijer takes out Manmaruba, who explodes. Aghast, those on the Centipede watch. "No!" gasps Wendinu. Furabijo starts to cry, "Manmaruba's been beaten!" Sargain utters a strangled snarl of rage and snaps that they've lost another. Satorakura whirls and tries to tiptoe out of the room when Tao Zanto says his name with total fury. "No, see, it wasn't my fault. I was trying to help Fangerosu and then -- " but Tao Zanto isn't interested in excuses. He catches Satorakura in blue lightning, punishing him. Sargain snorts and thinks this is entirely justified. Furabijo agrees, staring at the form writhing. She asks for agrement from Wendinu, who turns around. Wendinu starts to glow red. Flames snort from her nostrils. "Oh, I will NEVER forgive the Hurricanger for this!! I'm Fourth of the Darkness, Wendinu!" And the flames engulf her and pulse out, knocking Furabijo and a startled Sargain off their feet. Wendinu stares at them, her face dusted in ash. "Sargain." He sits up quickly. She wants him to do something for her. Whatever it is leaves him shaking, he opens his armor and agrees in his true voice.

The Revolver Mammoth is one bloody huge mecha. Oboro is reviewing the notes about it in her old book, glancing at the images from the recording she'd made of its debut. She comments to her father, who busies himself washing his face. "Could Shurikenger really have made this by himself?" she wonders, standing up. "But he's never said anything.... Father?" "Huh?" He opens his eyes wide, the picture of innocence in hamster form. "What do you know?" When she asks that, he sputters and spits out two cheeks full of sunflower seeds. "Why would I know anything?" The seeds have stuck to Oboro's face, and she is quite annoyed and thus distracted from her line of questioning. While she goes to wash out, Mugensai mutters to himself that it's not quite time yet to expose Gozen.

Still night, and the kids have finished their ramen. Isshu, Kouta and Nanami are quite the trio, laughing together and pleasantly full. Yousuke, however, is in hot pursuit of Ikkou who's heading off with rapid strides. "Ikkou, wait!" He's quite upset that Ikkou went to face Manmaruba alone, something which, to his shock, Ikkou acknowledges sheepishly was wrong. But Nanami bounds in to point out with delight that there are only four of the Jakanja leaders left. However, Isshu points out that there are five, and Ikkou brings up Tao Zanto, who the Hurricanger had never really known about. Kouta encourages them, for with the Goraijer they'll surely be able to stop the Jakanja. When they all nod thoughtful agreement, the seriousness gets to Yousuke, who touches his two's arms and says they'll do it. He bounds off ahead of them. Kouta and Nanami bounce to catch up with him, while the Goraijer follow with wry smiles.

Another brilliant, beautiful day. Down under a nice building there is someone writing. He sits patiently, a creature whose hands are too large for the pencil he holds. Golden mustache-like arcs under his nose. His teacher is ahead of him, and she is Wendinu, looking striking in the clothing she wears, her bright pink hair bob-cut around her face (she gets a lot of the same wigs Lira used to wear, obviously). Her monster is Jukukinoko (oh JOY! Cram-school Mushroom!). She has detailed his assignment and he says he know what he's supposed to do. He is supposed to hijack Juku students. And he is utterly besotted with Wendinu, going all puddly under her approval. He'll do it for the beautiful Wendinu. But he protests, "Where are the children?" Angry, she stamps her mid-heel clad foot on the table in front of him. "They're going to be here!" she snaps at his ignorance.

But for now, some of them are quite elsewhere. There are lovely mothers waiting their turn at a tennis court, discussing what kind of cram school they should send their children to when they are waylaid by a lowly stranger in pink tennis shirt and white pleated skirt. (hair is not pink, but hennaed red) She knows of this fantastic cram school. She's even brought a flyer and shows it to the ladies. Wendinu is spreading the news everywhere. Next she makes an appearance as a lady doctor and MY, this woman has lovely legs. She's telling a patient the woman has a cold, while the poor patient is trying to explain the problem is her hurt head all wrapped in bandages. Wendinu is writing out a perscription for medicine. She hands out a flyer. Sargain is watching all this in the viewscreen and bursts out laughing. "Just what the heck is she doing?" Furabijo explains that it's easiest to gather the children if one gets the parents to help. Sargain isn't quite sure how this can possibly work, while Satorakura is convinced the plan will be a bust. They shove him away. But this adventure will involve Sargain and he is shy when reminded of it. Satorakura, who is currently suffering from being ignored, keeps trying to put his two cents in. They don't want him to help.

Wendinu is now playing a check-out lady at a grocery store, handing out flyers to very tired ladies in line. One is there with her child, and Wendinu comments on his cuteness, but his mother wants to get her groceries. The manager, I think, arrives to try anxiously to get Wendinu to work. She shoves his fingers off her collar, irritated. He is a strikingly handsome man, but startles back from her glare. However, she is distracted from that. Because she takes a good look at his wide eyes, um... bow-like lips and fine face, and he shines to her. "YOU are CUTE! What's your name?" She touches his chest possessively, startling the man who turns bright red and starts backpedaling, while intrigued customers watch. "Um, um I'm Hashimoto but -- " "Well, Hashimoto-kun," and she pulls out the flyer to show him. "How would you like to work for the Cram School?" "Eh?" He is trying to beg off, and she has him backed against a flyer-stand, when his wide-eyes fall on something behind her. "A monster!" he cries, and turns to run. Confused and her feelings hurt, she gapes after him. "A monster? Me?" Then a voice behind her clears things up. "Mistress Wendinu!" Jukukinoko is there with an armload of flyers. "I'll hand them out! You go ahead and take a break!"

All customers and clerks run screaming. Wendinu stands dejectedly in front of the empty grocery store, her monster beside her. Furious, she turns on him and he falls to his knees as she scolds, "Just what were you THINKING?" He apologizes profusely as she mourns that Hashimoto is also gone. Furious, she kicks the lovestruck monster. And at that point the Hurricanger arrive to challenge the Jakanja. Yousuke wants to know just what is going on. Kouta, however, is puzzled for it looks like their enemy is already down. Jukukinoko lies somewhat stunned on the ground. Wendinu takes a startled look at her fallen man, not quite tracking to what is going on. Yousuke and Kouta both start rhapsodizing, "Wow, you're so beautiful and you beat up a Jakanja!" "Hey, are you a ninja like Shurikenger? One of us?" "EH?" Wendinu logically replies. "Me?" But she's started to track and smiles at them, which makes their knees go weak and turns the boys to jelly. Nanami grabs them and whaps their heads together. "That's Wendinu! WEN - DI - NU!" She points, glowering accusingly. The boys are on their feet again. "EEEEEH?" for they had been totally clueless. "Well, that's a pisser," grumbles Winednu. She calls her man to his feet and he sets up a golden fire-light field, the two vanish together. Furious, Nanami shoves past the boys and glares around. "Well now they've run off!!" The boys are still rubbing their ringing heads when Nanami notices the flyers left behind and picks one up. Together they study it. "Wendy shingaku Juku?" "Huh?"

Time is passing. In the building Wendinu waits, Jukukinoko massaging her shoulders and that feels good, she acknowledges. He asks why they'd left, not stayed and fought. But she has other things to do first and is annoyed by his questioning. He frets and she shocks him, so he falls down. Just in time, too. For Hashimoto has arrived. He comes through the sliding door and Wendinu rushes to greet him. He wears a nice suit and looks shy and a bit fearful as he comes in. She thanks him for coming, runs her hands along his shoulder and chest admiring how he looks in the suit. She can't keep her hands off him but it is somewhat innocent, though he does seem quite jumpy as she directs him up the stairs to the classroom. His necktie, he smells good, her touch is invasive and he keeps shying from it. Jukukinoko, seeing how she fancies the young human, starts to weep. "Why, why?" he whimpers, punching the floor.

The Hurricanger arrive, masks across their faces (I don't see why they bother, it's not like they changed the rest of their clothes). They are being covert, sneaking into the Juku. They're so cute. They see Hashimoto below them, but are too far away and don't know him anyway. So they don't see how his body language and expression has changed to one of stern alertness. He is now at the information booth, waiting. Wendinu has her first class comprised of about thirty boys and girls who greet her respectfully. She is gentle with them and introduces Jukukinoko Sensei, whose appearance panics the children until he drops glowing fire on them and they writhe, then fall under his control. He leaves, and the children turn and sit obediantely when she tells them. Unaware, the Hurricanger arrive at the classroom. And inside the monsre is lecturing. He gathers the kids, handing each one what looks like a magnifying glass. They all politely thank him. The Hurricanger try to sneak in the door only to find the handle electrified. We get the amusement of watching them all foolishly get shocked. They take off their masks and glower, then decide to try the next classroom. This time they are more cautious. A quick Rocks-Scissor-Paper and Yousuke is the loser who has to try the handle. He steels himself to do it when a hand falls on his shoulder. With a startled yelp, he grabs the door handle at the same time as he shies back, and once again all three are engulfed in electric fire (we even get to see their skeletons!). It is Hashimoto who holds a finger to his lips and gazes at them pleadingly, "Shhhhhhh!" They get loose of this predicament and he leads them below the building. "Over here!" They are unsure, but they follow him anyway. He eventually leads them to a room with a window overlooking the classroom. Nanami starts to ask him what he's doing here when Yousuke says in delight, "Oh there's that pretty lady!" Kouta reminds him scoldingly, "Not a lady, that's Wendinu!" Not surprising he's so focused. She's got like five-mile long legs. She has the kids reading, or rather listening since it's written on the board in Jakanja script, that they're to defeat the Hurricanger. They're quite agreeable. "Louder, and beat the Goraijer." They are being programmed, even to fight Shurikenger. She is quite pleased. "Oh that's far enough!" comes a cry. They've pulled off the barrier, and the trio lands in the classroom. Yousuke snarls, "Wendinu!" Suitably unimpressed she minces, "Oh, so you found me." They demand she let the kids go. She's unimpressed and then asks, "Hashimoto-kun, what are you doing?" Well, when they landed, he'd hit badly and is pinned under the grating he'd brought down. She shoves past the startled Hurricanger to help him out. She whirls on them once he's free and tells him over her shoulder that it's dangerous here and she wants him to go someplace safe. Kouta is furious. "You led us here! You're with the Jakanja!" Hashimoto is frantically trying to signal no, but they for logical reasons aren't paying attention. "Oh, you're in deep shit!" snarls Yousuke. The trio change into their uniforms, and Wendinu happily calls on her students. The poor trio finds themselves attacked by a crowd of small, helpless assailants. They cannot hurt the children, and cannot break free while Wendinu uses the opportunity to strike them. And then Hashimoto pokes his finger in the small of Wendinu's back. "What is it, Hashimoto-kun?" she asks, turning around to gasp when she finds the Shurikenger's orb in his hand in front of her face. And he changes into fighting uniform to her shock. Horrified she asks, "Hashimoto, you're Shurikenger?" But he tells her he'd simply waylaid the real Hashimo while he was on his way here, and taken his place. Furious with him, she changes into her fighting armor with dinosaurs in the background.

Today, Ikkou and Isshu are working in gardens. They wear heavy blue smocks. Ikkou pads the sweat from his face with a towel, Isshu carries bags to their truck. He looks up when two young children approach, fairly startled. He asks them what they're doing and points out they should be careful. Ikkou turns and looks at the scene. The two children hold up the magnifyer-like tools the Jakanja had given them. Isshu grumps that if they're looking for bugs they should still be cautious, and the two men get back to work. One boy pinpoints one of the men in his scope and charges it. The sound gets the very alert Ikkou's attention. Then when a beam of red fire blasts out, he is looking as it hits and send him tumbling from his ladder. "BRO!" cries Isshu. But the other boy has him targetted. He barely dives out of the way of the blast, hits the inside of the truck bed painfully hard. Ikkou is with him and they stare in confusion at the two boys who approach them, faces expressionless. "What's with these kids?" wonders Ikkou. But the sound of more explosions catches their attention. They turn to see Hurricange Red and Blue in flight, uniforms marred by showers of sparks. Shurikenger and Yellow are similarly having fun hahah. The four land hard on the cement, and Isshu and Ikkou race to help the Hurricanger to their feet, looking kind of funny with their straw hats hanging off their backs. Isshu has Nanami, Ikkou has Yousuke and demands explanation. Yousuke braces himself and quickly explains what's happened to the children in a voice fraught with conflict. But the children are approaching, now, directed by their very pleased controllers. Each child holds one of the small, powerful lasers in his or her hand. And they will use their as they've been programmed, to kill the Hurricanger, Goraijer and Shurkenger. The Goraijer join their companions in uniform, thus all six are blasted. Wendinu is quite smug that they cannot attack the children. And so Jukukinoko sends the groups to physically attack our heroes. Yousuke points out that he is the one doing the controlling. Well, what can you do but go after the real problem. But they cannot get out of the group without hurting the children, and are getting pretty well squashed down when suddenly the children go silent. They stand up and turn to face their controllers. "Hey, what's going on?" protests Jukukinoko. The children part. All that lies are the outer costumes of our heroes. "They got away?!" gasps Wendinu (I don't know why she's so shocked. If they can escape the Jakanja that way, why not the kids?).

Isshu comes out of thin air to grab Jukukinoko and slam him against a tree. He lands shaken only to be hit pretty badly by a furious Ikkou. Jukukinoko is fallen, rolling, Shurikenger is next to strike with his new toy, the guitar-weapon being used in Gun-Mode to fire a missile. Then the Hurricanger hit him with their Triple Gadget, Nanami's to the forefront. He calls out to Wendinu before he explodes. His spell over the children is broken and they drop their magifying glasses, then stare about in confusion wondering just where the heck they are.

Furabijo watches this plan fall to pieces in dismay. She expects the Copy Giant to go out, but as she's waving her hand dismissively and walking away, Sargain starts to whimper. This gets her attention. For Wendinu is again aglow with red fire. The startled children shy back, and our six heroes come between them and her. Wendinu suddenly begins to distort and warp, and then she becomes the giant. A sweep of her hand sends the six shocked heroes tumbling. Furabijo is gaping and Sargain has to shove her out of his way so he can see. Satorakura is also there, anxious to find out what will happen, but his mouth has been taped shut to keep him from babbling. Furabijou whaps him in the back of the head with a red bat to get him out of the way. Tao Zanto comments that it seems as though Wendinu's gone mad under the stress. Furabijo finds that strange. But is this good or bad. Wendinu is Gojira, blasting the city. She snarls and physically takes on Sempujin, lifting it into the air and throwing it at the Goraijin. She's gone totally mad, stomping and cracking the ground. An impressed Furabijo, as everyone on the Centipede struggles to keep their footing, says "Earth is breaking!" And Hashimoto wakes from his long slumber, staggering out to see what's going on he falls, and somehow she hears him. She looks down at the confused man, for suddenly the quaking is over. He looks about, trying to get his bearings. "Hashimoto-kun!" she delights, clapping her hands together. And then she realizes how big she is, and in shy confusion covers herself. Pink smoke rises, sparks and light as she begins to shrink down to normal size. Nanami gasps in surprise, "She's back to normal!" They are clueless, wondering what's happpening.

Hashimoto stands up and looks around, innocent of everything. "Why, what am I doing here?" "Hashimoto-kun!" calls a voice. It is Wendinu, and she is in her normal clothes so he has to be forgiven for being shocked. "It's a monster!" he cries, and makes a run for it. Again she is left with injured feelings and confusion. "A monster?" She pulls out her mirror and takes a look in it. "Oh, I'm perfect." She smiles at her reflection. Then her eyes clear and she calls in the Copy Giant. And Jukukinoko is happy to fight for her. She thanks him and trots off after Hashimoto. Heart-broken Jukukinoko starts to protest, but while he's distracted, our heroes call out Furai Maru to combine both giant mecha. Goraisempujin faces the very outraged monster, who hopes to impress the love of his life. He is powerful, and so Shurikenger summons the Revolver Mammoth, reconfiguring the entire city to allow its passage. Goraisempujin rides it in, the size of them frightening Jukukinoko, and they attack with Thunder Hurricane Strike. As he dies, he calls her name.

But they wonder where is Wendinu. She is still searching for Hashimoto, who is hiding from his strange stalker. Furabijo marks the passing of another plan, and Satorakura bravely keeps the face mask on that shuts him up. Tao Zanto thinks about Manmaruba, and the cocoon in his quarters I guess he knows about. For there is a new Manmaruba being born, and he looks like the old larval form. He is starting to cut his way through the cocoon. Heeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaack!

File 34 on Jukukinoko
巻之三十五 キラリと三味線 Kirari to Shamisen Flash and Shamisen
All five of them together on rocks, learning to play Shamisen (this is something like a banjo. It has three-strings). And there is another man here, I think teaching them. They are fighting yet another Jakananja. And they learn to use their weapons in combination with the Misen.

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巻之三十五 キラリと三味線
Kirari to Shamisen
Flash and Shamisen

Shurikenger summons in the Revolver Mammoth with the Ninjamisen. Yay! And we're up to today. Our heroes are all in their armor. Ikkou holds the Ninjamisen with his Ikazuchimaru plugged into the hilt. A green-clad hand sets a yellow baseball on a rock. Shurikenger is in lecture mode to the gathered Goraijer and Hurricanger. He's trying to teach them to use the Ninjamisen. Isshu watches critically with folded arms, while the Hurricanger stand more inquisitively. The idea, it seems, is to control the movement of the tennis ball. Ikkou starts using the special pick to pluck the "strings" of the instrument. He has firm control and the ball rises, to the Hurricangers' amazement. Isshu is impressed, but when the ball settles delicately back in place on the rock, Shurikenger clucks his tongue. "No, no, Kabutoraijer!" and he goes on as he abruptly takes the weapon from Ikkou's hands. He pulls out the Ikazuchi Maru and plays the misen strongly with his medal, firey, hard tones of acoustic rock cut the air, reach the ball. Soon it is hurtling madly through the air, but under his complete control. If they can't get it moving like that, they won't be able to get the Revolver Mammoth moving, he tells them. The others duck as the ball whizzes around them. He soon replaces it on the boulder and then hands the Ninjamisen off to Yousuke to try. Our boy is excited at the chance.

And roll beginning credits! (Yes, they've changed the order)

However, his eagerness is no help. When he starts strumming at a rapid pace, there is no response whatsoever from his target. Nanami also fails to move it, to her distress. And though Kouta plays ferociously and demands it move, it remains in place. "Oh, no!" grumps Shurikenger. He jerks the Ninjamisen abruptly from their clumsy hands and remarks they've got to go back to ninja-school and re-learn how to play. His next remarks are unclear, but whatever he says successfully angers the trio. They are practically spitting when he gets a signal. "Wait," he says. He pulls out his baton to answer it. "Hello?" Then he gasps, "What?!" and bounces a few feet away from them to ask for more information. It seems Gozen is calling him. He has to go, and whirls to find they've closed on him with immense curiousity. He hands them the Ninjamisen with a demand they practice and starts to race off. "Hold it!" Yousuke calls. But he is gone in a blur of green light. The three together say, "Darnit!" and stare at the Ninjamisen in confusion.

On the Centipede is the larval Manmaruba. "I can see!" he cries. He can see a rain of shimmering light from the heart of a spiral galaxy, probably the Milky Way. He can see a tremendous shining fire at its source. "But it's still so far away," he says, as he builds another coccoon around himself. "I have to sleep."

Tao Zanto is talking to himself, each mask in his body opens its mouth to speak. For the message from space... and Sargain arrives with a new, powerful tool in tow. "Musasabisutaru," he identifies the heavy-duty, shiny being. Satorakura arrives with signs and too much energy for his own good. "Oh wow, hey, Sargain is this your most powerful toy?" he asks, after poking at it and the annoyed critter trying to push him off. He snickers and comes to mock Sargain, but Tao Zanto is having none of it. "Satorakura!" he snarls furiously. Brightly, Satorakura quickly makes himself scarce. Sargain goes to his new robot and opens his mask. He leaps the meter across into the cockpit of the new model. This one moves faster than his previous one. And when Wendinu and Furabijo comment, what he tells them gets one to huff and the other to giggle. Tao Zanto sends him down with interest in what he might accomplish.

Thus he swoops upon the unsuspecting town. He drops sweet, amber-colored crystals over a crowd of people on their way to work. "Oh, how pretty!" those below remark and all reach down to pick up the crystals, wondering if they aren't some sort of precious gem. He'd allowed them a minute to get really intersted, and now the crystals flare brightly. The humans holding them are sucked inside, first two women and then the others who'd picked them up. Sargain lands Musasabisutaru, summoning all the crystals inside his master crystal. The people trapped cry out in agony as their very life-forces are tapped to power his robot. Laughing, Sargain continues on his way. Someone is privvy to the incident. A lone man, walking, sees what happened and dives for cover with a gasp of terror. He holds the instrument case in his hands protectively. "A monster!" he whispers to himself before poking his head out to see what's happening (for the benefit of the curious, this character is played by the same fellow who played Red Racer in Carranger).

Oboro has picked up the attack, too, and she summons the others. Mugensai tells them to hurry, and the Hurricanger, Yousuke still holding the Ninjamisen, comply. They ride into battle on their Hurricane Wingers. Seeing Musasabisutaru from the sky, they shout demands that the humans he's taken be returned. He blasts them out of the sky and they land hard. He shouts smugly to tell them he'll show them his mighty power. On their feet, they recognize Sargain's voice. In the cockpit he snickers smugly (the true voice they don't know). He spreads his arms and swoops at them like a gliding squirrel. Kouta snarls and leaps into the air with his Katana to strike, but Musasabisutaru catches the blade in its hand and uses him to smash against the other two. Then to smash against a pole. Then to toss and tumble together with the other two. Musasabisutaru blasts the trio and they fall. He stalks at them, but then a blast comes to stall him. The Goraijer have arrived, and Ikkou (who'd shot Musasabisutaru) tells Yousuke to make the Victory Gadget. With a crow of delight, he obeys. The powerful weapon formed, they fire and Musasabisutaru sends their blast straight down, then smashes all five down. When he stalks at them, Shurikenger arrives as a green blur and forces him back, joins the others and tells them to use the Ninjamisen. As Yousuke hauls it out, the too-inquisitive musician has been watching and sees the weapon, correctly identifying it as a Shamisen. When Yousuke uses it like a gun and fires on Musasabisutaru, it has no effect and he is blasted back. "No, no! That's not how!" yelps Shurikenger as they all rush to Yousuke's side. He scolds him for using it like an ameteur, which really raises the hackles of the Hurricanger. Ikkou snatches the Ninjamisen up, plugs his Ikazuchimaru in and prepares to use it. The watching musician gasps in surprise. Sargain turns Musasabisutaru with interest to see what's going to happen. The discordant sounds Ikkou strums send out a red wave which staggers Musasabisutaru. The others are delighted by his success. Shurikenger, though... he's quite peeved at them for not being up to his standards. He snaps that they can't possibly protect the world this way! Yousuke is only saved from tearing his own hair out by the fact that he's wearing a helmet. The five gather around Shurikenger, peeved themselves, now. Musasabisutaru takes advantage of their distraction and blasts them. The musician watches them fall with a gasp of horror. Shurikenger gets back up quickly, though. Together the six throw smoke bombs and disappear. The musician swallows and thinks quickly, then nods to himself takes off.

"They've run away!" delights Sargain. He is being watched from the Centipede. "I beat them!" he crows, and then laughs. Wendinu is pouting slightly and rubbing the back of her neck. Furabijo tells him, "You're great, Sargain! You've got 100.4 points now!" She holds up her score board for him to see. Wendinu states her doubts, and Satorakura, the mask with its red cross in place, puts his two cents in and then cringes when they turn and glare at him. Tao Zanto ferociously gives him what for in a tone that sends him skittering backwards. And the peanut-shaped coccoon in Manmaruba's quarters still waits.

In the valley, under the clear blue sky, Shurikenger is back in lecture mode. The other five watch, no longer in armor. He wants to show them what you can do with the Ninjamisen. "Shuriken Trick!" he calls, strumming. There is a massive wave of light that blasts a boulder to pieces. "I'm great!" he sings to himself. Then he turns back to the impressed group and holds out the Ninjamisen for them to try it. But Yousuke has his arms folded, and turns away slightly. In fact, all of them turn their heads stubbornly and he is quite confused at this unanimous action of disapproval. "What's the matter, boys and girl?" Yousuke is their spokesperson for their displeasure, stepping forward to challenge him angrily. "Why should we listen to you? We don't even know who you are!" Flummoxed, he stutters, "What?" With a pained glare Yousuke explains, turning away from him. "We don't know you. You call 'Showtime' and we have no idea where you're popping in from. We really hate that, you know!" he snaps. The others lower their gazes unhappily, while the confused Shurikenger turns. And then Kouta and Nanami go to join Yousuke. Poor Shurikenger is quite confused, but the three together pass him some last displeased remarks, before turning and running off. "Hurricanger!" he cries plaintatively. Then Ikkou puts his two cents in, though less harshly than young Yousuke had. Isshu adds that they understand how the Hurricanger feel. They walk away, while poor Shurikenger bats his head in confusion. "Oh, what am I gonna do now?" Slips into scattered English, "Me wa (I'm)" when a sound behind him turns him around.

The musician is on the ridge and preparing to set in for a spell. "I really don't understand what's happening," he says as he sets his instrument case down, "but that doesn't matter. They need to learn the soul of the Shamisen." He has one lovely modern instrument, white with yellow-golden sides. He takes in lovingly from the case, stands up and gracefully puts the strap over his shoulder. "If they learn that, they'll be able to do it." And, his back turned to the rather startled Shurikenger, he starts to play. With no electricity behind it, nevertheless the sweet sound of the shamisen fills the valley, echoing slightly. The perfection of sound temporarily stuns the watcher, who is then galvanized into action. "Yes!" he hisses in delight, and bounds forward.

Mugensai is taking the news about as you'd expect. "Why? Why are both the Hurricanger and Goraijer against Shurikenger?!" Oboro is off on her own tangent, wondering why Shurikenger has been able to pop up with all these nifty-cool new things. When she asks her father, it turns out he's gone from his little home. "Dad?" She bounces up and looks for him. "Where'd you go?" He is on the phone, presumably with Gozen. I don't know what they say, but timing is a matter of concern.

The Hurricanger have gone to the ocean. They sit together on some huge boulders while waves break against the stones. They are grimly unhappy with things as they presently stand. While all in agreement, they know their limits and it does worry them. Before they can discuss it more the sound of a Shamisen being played strongly moves the air. They turn to see, far below them, a man on the rocks walking towards the surf. He carries a Shamisen and plays it strongly. Nanami says, "Hey, I know that man." "He's been on television!" gasps Kouta. Yousuke knows, too. "He's a world-famous Shamisen player!" As he spins around, hair blown on the sea breeze, they say his name but I didn't catch that. Yousuke says thoughtfully, "I can't stand Shurikenger's lessons - " and Nanami breaks in to continue the thought "But maybe he'll teach us if we ask!" grinning. Kouta adds, "Anything we learn on a real shamisen can apply to the Ninjamisen!" and with happy agreement the trio tears down the rocks.

When he finishes the song, he nods, grunts agreement to their request and tells them they are great. He turns to stare out into the surf and tells them he also wants to protect this world of ours. When they scream in delight, he sternly shushes them. What he says gets them pouting and whining (I think it may have been about a lesson fee... or maybe just that they should be wearing proper shamisen-studying clothing), but then he discusses with them about the soul of the shamisen. Yousuke gets all excited again, which throws the other two but he is eager to learn. He apologetically tells the man he doesn't have a shamisen or the clothing and asks for a loan. Kouta and Nanami both sort of tilt in surprise. And so the lesson begins. The trio are now dressed in appropriate traditional clothing, each having a shamisen to play. He admonishes them about heart and soul, and they close their eyes as they play, concentrating. Their playing gets smoother and smoother. The Goraijer are watching, and Isshu gives his brother a verbal push. They arrive to join the other three, with their own appropriate clothing and shamisen in hand. The musician accepts their arrival without a qualm. He smiles and nods slightly. Yousuke and Nanami stand to welcome them, then rearrange so Yousuke can sit beside Ikkou. The five play while their teacher tells them about the song of five. They'll be able to do anything together. Their music becomes stronger and stronger, unites and smooths together as they mesh their style and hearts with the world around them. They know it when finally it all comes together. They are humming inside, like a powerful instrument themselves. They open their eyes as one to see their teacher looking quite proud.

Sargain is also quite proud. The lives trapped inside his crystal are a powerful force to tap. And so he does, jsut to see. Out he sends a powerful blast that cuts into a mountainside. Oboro sees and calls the Hurricanger. Everyone tosses aside their student clothes. Yousuke turns, eyes blazing. "Let's go." "WAIT!" snaps their teacher. "You need a little more time." But Yousuke turns calmly to him. "Thank you, Sensei." A brief speech with warmth that they won't forget what they've learned, but they still have to go. Ikkou puts his word of agreement in. Yousuke adds to that, "This was sure different from Shurikenger's lesson." This ruffles the man's feathears, but they don't notice. Kouta says softly, "I don't know if we'll really be able to use the Ninjamisen, but..." and Isshu adds, "We don't know if we can beat the Jakanja." Though their shoulders start to droop, Nanami says firmly, "But we still have to go." Each team nods to itself, casting sheepish glances to their teacher who straightens up. "I understand." He turns and moves quickly to his instrument case. He opens it and there is the Ninjamisen. When he lifts it to them, their mouths drop open in surprise. "Then you'd better take this." Yousuke takes an instant to pull himself together. "The Ninjamisen! But why do you - " Their teacher is in no mood for questions and quickly shoves it into his hands. "Don't worry about THAT right now. The only thing you have to remember is to access the soul of the shamisen!" He accidently slips some distorted English into that sentence and Yousuke tilts his head, starting to focus on that but the man is quick to shout, "Go, already! HURRY!" pointing sharply. Galvanized and a bit startled, the Hurricanger race off. The Goraijer are slower to move and he shouts at them to go before they finally obey.

Sargain is gloating when the five arrive. They are back in action, courage and firm rage alive in them. They leap down to face him, introducing themselves again. He takes to the air to fight them and blasts them painfully down. "How's that?!" he shouts. But they get back up and Yousuke pulls out the Ninjamisen. He puts his Hayatemaru in his playing is firm and uses the Red Sonic. The blast is powerful and grand, he quotes his very pleased teacher. Nanami takes it next, using Blue Sonic. Her blast is just as powerful to the already damaged Musasabisutaru. Next is Kouta with Yellow Sonic, and then passed on to Ikkou with Kabuto Sonic, and then Isshu with Kuwaga Sonic. The five powers have done a lot of damage, but not enough and he strikes back. But then their teacher races between them with an English "Don't worry!" He will use the Final Strike. To their astonishment, he proves to be Shurikenger. And his powerful Shuriken Sonic is the final straw that destroys Musasabisutaru. Sargain is blasted from the cockpit, and all the captured people return from whence they were taken. On the hillside next to his instrument case, the musician wakes. He is quite at a loss, not remembering how he got there.

Shurikenger apologizes to the group for not having shown more sensitivity to their feelings before. Hey, he can really bow and scrape when he has to! They feel a little sheepish too, but he happily tells them they have so much power now that they know how to use it together. Sargain, however, is hanging from a tree branch and utterly pissed off. He calls to Wendinu before he loses his grip and falls. She, still slightly annoyed herself, sighs and sends out the Copy Giant. Musasabisutaru is giant, and Sargain gets into his regular suit to fight. Shurikenger quickly hands off the Ninjamisen to Yousuke, asking him to call out the Revolver Mammoth. It comes and Shurikenger sings his praises as it responds to his commands. It begins firing Karakuri balls to knock the flying Musasabisutaru from the sky. They call out their Shinobi Machines, form the Goraisempujin. They leave the Ninjamisen with Shurikenger, who uses it to enhance their power and at last Musasabisutaru is destroyed, to a highly furious Sargain's rage.

But on the Centipede, Manmaruba comes out of his coccoon. He, too, is enraged. He is still steaming as he walks, and he crackles with excess, painful energy.

File 35 on Musasabisutaru
巻之三十六 リングと復讐 Ringu to Fukushuu Ring and Vengeance
Manmaruba is back. He takes out the Hurricanger and has his sights on the Goraijer. He says he is immortal, and they face each other on their motorcycles across an industrial lot.

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巻之三十六 リングと復讐
Ringu to Fukushuu
Ring and Vengeance

Manmaruba's coccoon opens in a fall of white-gold light. He peels out and stands, adult again, and enraged.

The Hurricanger races over stones as fast as they can run (in armor). On each one's chest is their medallion holder, medallion itself gone. Yousuke's foot hit a round thing on the ground and fires erupt around them. They roll and land, only to find spears flying at them and they roll and dive to avoid the sharp, deadly weapons. Suddenly chains snake out and catch them by the throats. It is the Goraijer. Ikkou calls out his Horn Breaker and fires on the pinned trio. They fall, but it proves only their uniforms are caught, bound to straw dummies. The Goraijer are only surprised for an instant, turning quickly as someone comes burrowing through the ground kicking up a plume of dust behind. All three of the Hurricanger leap into the sky and plummet down, striking the Goraijer with their katana. But the Goraijer pull the same trick our trio had and vanish, leaving straw dummies behind. And then they come rolling out of nowhere on their Bari Thunders. The trio is quite startled. Also quite hit. And hit again, and now they fall, their medallion holders taken into Ikkou's hand. "What are you using the bikes for?!" complains Yousuke. "What do you mean? We're fighting!" growls Ikkou back. He tosses their medallions back to them and they seem quite disheartened. For this was merely a game to hone their skills. One the Hurricanger lost.

War game over, the five assemble together. The Goraijer stand straight and tall, while the Hurricanger shuffle and pout slightly. Kouta complains that they sure feel like weaklings now, which triggers teasing by Isshu who says they have to get faster. Yousuke marches to the Bari Thunders, and Nanami quickly joins him. "Well, you guys were on the bikes. That's cheating!" He pats Ikkou's bike, while Nanami circles Isshu's possessively. She, too, accuses them of cheating. The brothers will have none of that, though. They can't be blamed for being better equipped. This ruffles Yousuke and Nanami, and Kouta quickly tries to cool things down. He tries to get them to go off with him, but instead both of them have started the Bari Thunders' engines rumbling. The Goraijer and Kouta are equally dismayed to see the two on the machines. "Hey, what are you doing? Get off!" Yousuke and Nanami both say innocently, "Oh, just give us a minute." They rev the engines, kick the stands up, and immediately lose control of the powerful machines. It's to their credit that they don't get thrown off immediately. They are misbalanced, and send the two bikes into spinning. Yousuke cries out to Ikkou how to stop, Nanani calls out she's getting dizzy. The Goraijer are distressed more for their machines than for the two nitwits struggling with them Finally the Bari Thunders end up on their sides, Yousuke and Nanami still rolling and quite thorougly dizzy. Isshu and Ikkou are furious at the pair, who get somewhat unsteadily to their feet and stand straight, arms stiff at their side like little children caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Both bow deeply and utter sincere apologies.

On the Centipede, Satorakura is mourning his grounding to the less than sympathetic gazes of the two women. When Sargain gets at him, he shouts "Loudmouth!" and preaches that he is Satorakura. Sargain walks off on that indignant tirade. But then the sound of footsteps gets his attention and he turns. "Oh, hey, lookitthat!" he exlaims. For the hooded figure coming into the room is a surprise. When he recognizes Manmaruba, Satorakura utters a terrified screams and dives to cower behind Sargain. He peers from between the widespread legs and gasps, "It's Manmaruba's GHOST!" Not that Sargain is any less surprised. "You..?" he stutters. But the returnee introduces himself as the creation of the late Manmaruba. He is the Reborn Manmaruba! The girls have no trouble with this. They stand on either side of him, curious. Furabijo asks, "So, you're Manmaruba's child?" "A ghost?" adds Wendinu. But Tao Zanto is firm that this is Manmaruba. He demands a prediction. And what Manmaruba sees is the Hurricanger and Shurikenger destroyed in deadly, golden fire. The Goraijer, too. But things must be done to make sure that happens, and he laughs.

"One, two, one, two, one, two!" Isshu and Ikkou are teaching a group of youngsters Kendo. All dressed in heavy blue robes, the children wearing white tunics. The Hurricanger envy them the things they've found to do in their spare time. When the excercise is finished and Ikkou praises one of his best students, his smile is warm as summer and expression so kind. He sends them off to eat lunch. The Hurricanger remark on the fact that it isn't only the kids that adore them. The mothers do, too. We see these lovely young women pressing towels on their children's sweaty teachers, gathering around just to touch their handsome faces. One brushes a lock of hair from Isshu's forehead. He's a bit shy of their attentions, though he bravely stands still and clings to his boken for dear life. The women also bring refreshements and drinks. The children tear back with gifts and almost overwhelm the pair. It's unbelievably cute. The Hurricanger want in on this adoration.

Oboro is programming, eyes intent on her computer screen. The Hurricanger race in and Yousuke asks, "Oboro-san, tell us! Why do Ikkou and - " he starts fake punching at Nanami, who equally faking holds up her fists in defense. Ah! I think they want to have FUN learning with the Goraiger. Mugensai cuts them off. "No, no. Now is not the time." Oboro hasn't even noticed them, she's so involved in her work. They look at him but Oboro exclaims, "Whoop! That's wrong." Though they ask her, she just keeps on with her work. Kouta leans down and asks her gently what's up. This time she takes notice and looks up with innocent question. When they press her, she informs them she's getting ready for that kid, and gets back to work. "That kid?" wonders Yousuke. They exchange confused glances. Then a strange voice says happily, "Hi, my honey!" And a bouquet of red roses and white carnations is held around the corner of the entrance. Oboro gasps in delight as the Hurricanger whirl around. Humming, BADLY, the show's theme song, the bouquet proceeds towards them. "I'm sorry I'm late," he says, mixing English and Japanese. He pulls aside the bouquet and it is Ikkou standing there, eyes warm and laughing, looking appallingly cute. "Were you waiting?" And he throws her a kiss. "Ikkou!" stutters the Hurricanger. Oboro springs from her seat into his arms, "Oh yes, I was waiting, my darling!" They are happily hamming it up, but the trio are floored. They gape in horrified confusion as Ikkou and Oboro wrap their arms about each other. Mugensai can't bear it and turns away, growling. Nanami is quickest to move forward and shove the two apart to demand an explanation of the tall Ikkou. He looks up, touches his chin gleefully, then smirks down at her. "No, no no. You guys don't get it yet, do you?" The mixing of English and Japanese should have been a blatant clue, but the Hurricanger can be quite dense. He bursts into laughter, clapping his hand over his mouth then says, "I am I!" "I am I, Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha...." He swoops the bouquet before his face and they find he is Shurikenger. Mugensai's relief is profound. Kouta, a touch huffy, asks "Why'd you come looking like Ikkou?" It looks like that was Oboro's idea. She pats him on the shoulder and he is happy to agree with her. He gives her the flowers, and they settle happily at the computer. They are making something new for the still rather shocked Hurricanger.

Wandering away from the classes they've been teaching, Isshu and Ikkou agree that young children have a lot of energy and power. The sound of a horn wildly honking catches their attention. Some very rude driver coming up a hill has frightened a little old lady, and she stumbles. She loses her hold on the small hand-cart she is pulling and it falls. Apples roll down the small hill. Isshu and Ikkou hurry quickly to help her.

Down in an underground tunnel, Manmaruba walks. He carries in his hands several strange items with blue stones. He is menacing, for certain.

The Goraijer see the lady home, carrying her bag and making sure she's all right. Though she tries to make them stay so she can serve them tea in thanks, they head off as politely as they can. She is delighted by their etraordinary helpfullness and sees them off. The pair next hear children shouting. They see a little girl in a red shirt. She is crying, and some boys are running away from her. They look up and see the boys had tossed something of hers high up in a tree. Without a second thought, they come over to her. Ikkou touches her back lightly and smiles reassuringly at her when she looks up. Isshu sets a friendly hand on her shoulder while Ikkou leaps up into the tree and brings her bag down. He hands it to her, and the pair head off. She cradles her bag and stares after them, eyes shining as she says thank you. The pair are feeling pretty good, having changed their whole outlook on life since they began working with the Hurricanger. And then the girl screams. Startled, they whirl and race to investigate. The girl lies on the cement. Isshu pulls her light form onto his lap and says "She's alive," in relief. But then they see the strange torque around her neck. When Ikkou reaches to pull it off, it cracles with red energy that runs down the girl's body until he removes his hand. There is another scream, this of a female adult. "You take the child!" Ikkou says, and dashes off. Isshu gathers the girl up. It is the little old lady, and she also lies unconscious with the same kind of torque on her neck. Isshu arrives, having seen the girl to safety, to find his brother helplessly holding the old lady. And it occurs to them that this seems deliberate, targeted at the people they've touched. In a panic they race down the streets. And when they arrive at the temple they'd been teaching at, they find an ambulance already there. For indeed their students were targeted. They stare in horror at the torques, and they recognize the design as that which Manmaruba would make.

On the Centipede, Furabijo is really bewildered by his actions. She protests that he's already alerted the Goraijer to his return. But Wendinu assures her it's not over yet. This is all part of his plan. Sargain is curious. Satorakura is managing by great effort to keep silent, though he practically quivers.

Shurikenger and Oboro sit side by side, she is studying the Tenkujin combination system. He agrees with what she says and they clap hands, only to find to their surprise that, while they've been working, the Hurricanger have gone off to do other things. They are practicing with each other, trying to improve for their next tourney with the Goraijer. They struggle with each other, Kouta and Nanami targetting Yousuke. They are having a good time beside a river. But they are well matched, and can't really challenge each other. They whine about this, when laughter echoes in the air. Manmaruba appears, to their shock, but before they can fight him he's caught them, his cruel torques about their necks. They struggle to get free, and he attacks with his curved blade. They are badly shocked and fall unconscious. With a snort, he leaves.

The Goraijer finally find the unconscious trio. Ikkou goes to the men, "Yousuke! Kouta!" and Isshu to the woman. "Nanami!" he carefully lifts her head, but there is no response. Not from THEM. A voice echoes ghostly in the air. "Goraijer, do you want to help them?" Isshu is first to say furiously, "That voice! Manmaruba!" Ikkou is in distress and gets to his feet. "Why?! I destroyed you!" The response is mocking, "I am immortal." Isshu shouts, "What are you up to?!" And he responds, "Those rings will destroy their life energy." So, they will die and if someone tries to take the torques off, they will die. Holding Nanami, Isshu gets an expression of terror matched only by his brother's. But he tells them the only way to get rid of the torques is if they can defeat him. They don't have a problem with this concept. Their eyes blaze with determination.

Manmaruba walks on a desert under an orange sky. A sky filled with fire. White trails of meteors falling and he is struck by painful energy surges. He weathers the attack, and the visions it brings. "It's come." The city in flames. A mountain erupting furious fire in the skies. The ground cracking apart, more fire. And Manmaruba laughs. He has seen the message.

"What?!" exclaims Oboro. She is being signalled by Ikkou. They are at the hospital. A room full of the people whose lives are at threat from Manmaruba's torques. They lie, bandaged, oxygen masks over their pale faces. And it's not just the Hurricanger, it's also the children, Ikkou tells her. She gives them encouragement. But now Manmaruba pushes, making the pain start. Unconscious though they are, the torques cause their wearers to writhe in pain. Doctors and nurses try to help. These people who are linked to the Goraijer, who race off to face their enemy.

Tao Zanto is quite pleased with what Manmaruba reports. But there are some indications that this may hinge on the deaths of the Goraijer. His lord is pleased. They are the Jakanja, they can do this. And so he goes down to Earth on his cycle. The Goraijer find him in his place of challenge. The morning mists are rising. And their battle begins. They hit, miss, pursue and flee. He is behind them, they split and he gets Ikkou a few good ones, blasting him. Ikkou brings out the Horn Breaker, but it is no use against him. Isshu is next, gets hit badly and lands, chest on fire. Manmaruba mocks them, tells them they aren't fighting very hard for the lives of those they profess to care for.

The pain wakes the Hurricanger, who struggle out of bed and call Oboro. She tells them what's going on. The Goraijer are crashed, and in grave danger. The Hurricanger tear lose of their hospital to help. But the Goraijer are down. They get back to their feet, and the battle continues into the night while the Hurricanger run, searching. The torques open eyes and suck power, bringing our heroes to their knees. But they won't give up and fight the pain, back to racing for their two friends. And in the night, Ikkou and Isshu are being beaten down. Manmaruba is about to destroy them when the meteors reach the skies and leave white trails behind. He is hit by power that catches him in his own pain. It's time. The power rains into his body. He is not ready. He has not finished. "Stop! STOP!" he cries. But it is too late. He is changing. This was unexpected. Even Tao Zanto is surprised. And now his body reforms into a gigantic form. Mad, violet eyes. It is oddly like a squid with an exoskeleton. A blast hits it, and it turns. Shurikenger has arrived in Tenkujin and calls challenge to Manmaruba. It simply blasts him. He is fallen, unable to handle this power. And suddenly the hole in Manmaruba's head opens and he sucks. Metal, cans, things are sucked in with red lightning. The Goraijer cling to anything they can grab for dear life. But they are headed into the air along with a car just as the Hurricanger arrive. They are sucked inside Manmaruba's giant body. And all our heroes can do is stare in horror.

File 36 on Wendinu
巻之三十七 三の槍と大脱出 San no yari to Daidashitsu Three's spears and the Great Escape
The Goraijer hang, unmoving, inside a dark chamber full of liquid. The Hurricanger are desperate to help. Kouta and Nanami ride the Bari Thunders. They will go inside, past Wendinu and Furabijo. And Tenraisempujin will debut on the series.

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巻之三十七 三の槍と大脱出
San no yari to Daidashitsu
Three's spears and the Great Escape

In our last episode: Manmaruba returned and targeted the Huricanger, catching them unawares and putting terrible torque that drain their life-energy around their necks. And not just them. The children Isshu and Ikkou had been teaching, their mothers, a little old lady and a girl they'd helped out. All lay on hospital beds, writhing in agony and clutching at the torques sucking their lives slowly away. The Goraijer had only one choice, to fight and somehow defeat Manmaruba if they want to save these people. But in the middle of their battle with him, he was hit by power from the falling meteorites. Despite his own objections to it, his body was remolded, mind lost, into a giant beast. He sucked the Goraijer and assorted other loose things around into his body, just when the somewhat hobbled Hurricanger arrived. "What can we do?!" cried Yousuke. Shurikenger arrived in Tenkujin and used the Spinning Bee, but Manmaruba only bashed it back at him. "Unbelievable!" he cried. And the Hurricanger leaped into battle, determined to save their friends.

The giant manmaruba lashes out with tentacles and catches Tenkujin, pulling it in to him. Shurikenger can't break loose but help is here. With the Sword Slasher, Sempujin frees the other mecha. Yousuke calls the others, they will fight to save Ikkou and Isshu, and everyone else too. They lunge at Manmaruba, who defends himself with blue-white lightning. But they catch his enormous head and struggle with him in the midst of the city. He opens what appears to be his mouth, a giant cap on top of his head, and they can see inside to blue liquid, thick. But they see nothing in there and suddenly he grunts and blows out steam at them, forcing them back. Kouta notes that the gas is toxic and Nanami utters a frightened question about how the Goraijer are, in there trapped. Yousuke anxiously calls for combination, Tenkusempujin and Shurikenger responds without hesitation, bringing the Tenkujin to join with them. They try the legs with the Dynamite Tornado, but again their powerful blast only comes back at them. So Yousuke uses the Ninjamisen to call out the Revolver Mammoth and strikes with the Mammoth Beam. This does damage, but angers Manmaruba who blasts the machine. The feedback hits Yousuke badly, doing serious damage to his wristband with his Hurricane Gyro. Manmaruba attacks them, now, and they are blasted from their cockpits to land hard on the cement below. Shakily pulling himself together, Yousuke sees crashed ahead of him, "Bari Thunder." He curls over his pain and sobs, "Ikkou... Isshu!" for he cannot help them. Nanami starts to get the boys to their feet, for Manmaruba looks down at them and then sends blue lightning to attack. They are hit badly and Yousuke's wrist is hurt most, for his armor is breached there. And then the torques on their necks open eyes wider. Agony pierces through them. Shurikenger races to their sides but can do nothing to help. Fortunately, at that moment Manmaruba's eyes shutter closed. The pain is over, they lie uncertainly and turn over, wondering what helped them. Shurikenger calls them to look. Manmaruba topples over. He snores in deep sounds that echo in the night. "Huh?" Shurikenger mutters and then he understands. "After he eats, he goes good night!" The weary Hurricanger make an attempt to get up, but then slump to the cement. Yousuke says wearily, "And while he's sleeping he's not draining our lives." Then the agony in his wrist strikes him anew and he curls over it. Shurikenger pulls out his microphone signalling Oboro, I suppose. He tells them while Manmaruba's sleeping he's going to take the Hurricanger to the hospital, and then go. He puts a comforting arm on the pained Yousuke's back and gets to work.

On the Centipede, Furabijo is a bit put out by the fact that Manmaruba is sleeping now. Satorakura is bewildered while the others are quieter about their surprise. Tao Zanto, however, is not. He knows what's going on. And that Manmaruba will never return to normal. They are distressed by that, but Tao Zanto comments on secrets only Manmaruba knows.

Morning. Emergency sirens continually shriek in the air. The sleeping Manmaruba burps and spits up some of the metal girders and other things he ate the night before. They land on the cement, corroded and half melted, acidic slime dripping from them. Oboro sees this and takes readings quickly, worrying about the Goraijer. Mugensai frets, "He defeated Tenkujin. And Tenkusempujin. Even the Revolver Mammoth was no good against him. Shurikenger arrives at that moment to fret that they need to get the Goraijer back in order to do the new formation. Oboro points out frantically that Ikkou and Isshu are still inside Manmaruba. And then Yousuke's voice comes through the loudspeakers. "We're going to help them." "Yousuke?" asks a startled Oboro. Mugensai frets that they're supposed to be in the hospital, but Kouta answers that they're okay, and Nanami adds that they will be able to help. Yousuke thinks the pair are still alive, and Mugensai asks their reasoning. But Yousuke wants Shurikenger to agree to keep working for this new formation. "Okay, sure!" he agrees readily. Oboro agrees that the Goraijer's suits would be protecting them, but points out that there is only so long it can work. They've about four hours left before the suits are breached, and they'll die. It is 8:05 AM. "We understand," Yousuke says. He breaks off contact and slumps wearily to the cement. His arm is in a soft-sling. Nanami and Kouta also are panting where they sit. Yousuke gets back to his feet, grieved that with his arm hurt he cannot ride in. They assure him they can. Kouta is on Ikkou's Bari Thunder, Nanami on Isshu's. They are going to try to learn to control these machines. Yousuke quickly reviews the plan with them, after begging them to carry it out. They are ready, they put on their helmets. He drops the red flag and they start their engines. The vehicles go into drive immediately and their two riders struggle to keep control, weaving wildy. Both lose it and spin out, sent tumbling painfully. Yousuke calls to them, but they are going to try again for the other two's sakes.

Hanging from clear tubes inside Manmaruba, the Goraijer wake. They are deep in the fluid and struggle feebly.

And Tao Zanto is also deep, but in thought and concentration, muttering mantras as Manmaruba used to do. "What is he doing?" wonders Furabijo. Sargain answers her, telling her that he thinks Tao Zanto is trying to do what Manmaruba used to do. This intrigues and worries the others. But their lord is concentrated. Wendinu starts out the door and Furabijo asks her where she's going. Since Tao Zanto is occupied, she's going to make sure nothing goes wrong. Furabjiou happily goes to join her.

Oboro and Shurikenger are hard at work, designing a new system. The bird image on her screen is lovely and familiar. She glances worriedly at the clock. It is now 10:28.

Yousuke drops the flag for the others. "Go!!" They're getting better. They head straight for the car, lift their tires to jump. The two bikes rise into the air... but they land too soon and start to lose control, turning sideways to slam against the car. "Nanami, Kouta! Are you all right?!" cries Yousuke. I'm impressed. Kouta remembers how the pair controlled their machines, making it look so easy. Nanami thinks about the helpless people dying in the hospital. They imagine the Goraijer trapped inside Manmaruba, armor disintegrating as they struggle to break free. And they are all there is to save the two. Again they go, determined, and this time they make the jump and land without losing control. And they can do this again, and again. For they will need this to get inside.

Oboro grins as her programming yeilds great results. It is 11:43. But then an alert signal goes off. Manmaruba's stirs in his sleep and brushes against an office building which's windows break and the glass rains down on alarmed policemen. This happens again and again.

Yousuke sends them over more cars. Manmaruba wakes as the torques cause them all agony and they fall, again losing control. But then he falls back asleep. They are a bit confused, but then Oboro signals them, telling them what's been happening. He's asleep again, and they are out of time. Once more, Kouta and Nanami take the drive. They suceed in the two-car leap. No losing control. It's time. "We did it," they both say. And then they faint, falling limply to the cement. "Oh, oh wake up, Kouta, Nanami," Yousuke gasps. He staggers towards them, then loses his footing and falls. He loses consciousness, too, muttering.

Manmaruba still snores. It is noon, the clocks strike. Furabijo and Wendinu are out and pleased that this will be the end of the Goraijer and the Hurricanger can't help. But then they hear heavy steps. They look around in suspicion and confusion. It is Sempujin. "Hurricanger!" they gasp. As Sempujin walks towards their sleeping champion, Wendinu wonders, "What do they imagine they can do?" Together the pair call, "Wake up, Manmaruba!" and send blasts from their hands. He jerks awake and stands. Sempujin attempts to pin him, and he bashes with his tentacles. And we see Yousuke is alone in the cockpit determined to save Isshu and Ikkou. Oboro is confused, where are they? Well, they are nearby on top of a building with the Bari Thunders, preparing to launch. Wendinu and Furabijo see them, find this clearly suspicious and get ready to intervene. They go after the two. But our heroes change into their armor. Yousuke has pinned Manmaruba and calls them. They hurtle forward only to find the two Jakanja women in the way. But they ignore their blasts and charge right between them. He has the mouth open, and they leap and fly up, into the hole. They land in the liquid and start searching through the blue darkness for their missing companions. The Bari Thunders are already starting to steam when they find them hanging unconscious. Kouta goes to Ikkou, Nanami to Isshu, they race along the slimy floor, use their Gyro Shuriken to cut the men down and try to get them awake. Their poor armor is literally melting. As they feebly get up, Ikkou asks about the children. Nanami is helping Isshu and urgently tells the pair they have to defeat Manmaruba to help the kids. Manmaruba's body shakes and Yousuke screams that there's no time. Yousuke holds open the mouth and Kouta and Nanami ride out with the Goraijer as passengers. Much to Wendinu and Furabijou's fury. Now that the two men are safe, there is no longer any need to pull punches. Tenkujin arrives, happy to fight, and Shurikenger tellls them to try out their new item. The recovering Goraijer are all to happy to help. Kouta and Nanami head for Sempujin. Goraijin, Sempujin and Tenkujin are ready. Shurikenger calls them, and Oboro sends one new Shinobi Medal to each. Together the pilots put in their new medals. Shurikenger has the green 15, Sempujin the red 16, Goraijin the blue 17. And those part to reveal the pieces of a bird-shaped mecha. At Yousuke's startled question, Shurikenger tells them it is a Space-Karakuri System and invites them to say its name. "Tri-Condor?" they stutter hesitantly. Oboro calls them to combine, and they obey. The machines part to assume their new configuration. The bird becomes head and fists for the Tenraisempujin. But Wendinu and Furabijo are quite peeved. Manmaruba sucks in power from his victims and the Hurricanger writhe in agony. Isshu calls to Nanami. But Yousuke hisses that they'll show the power of six, and they go on the attack. They are able to protect themselves from Manmaruba's attack, and use their powerful wind-storm attack to catch him and blast him to pieces high in the sky. It is over. Furabijo gives a grieved cry. Sargain and even Satorakura stand in shock. But Tao Zanto has broken through and sees... fire. Blazing fire. World-destroying. A rain of meteors on a city, the world breaking apart. He can see, he can see the secret...! And he laughs cruelly, almost madly.

The torques vanish at last, and everyone begins to wake. Nurses are relieved, parents and children are reunited. And Oboro shouts into her microphone the news that everyone's fine. Then Shurikenger, on a hillside, hisses "Shhhhh!" "Eh?" She asks and then says softly, "Why?" He tells her softly they're taking a well-deserved rest and whispers, "See you, my friends," before taking off himself.

They are on the green grass of a hillside beside a river. Isshu and Ikkou are sitting, leaning back and just enjoying the sun. Yousuke is sprawled out on Ikkou's right. Actually, we soon see that he has appropriated Ikkou's thigh as his pillow. Kouta has done the same with the man's left leg. They lie on their backs. Nanami, on the other hand, is half curled up and she sleeps with her cheek on Isshu's left thigh. The two Goraijer stare reflectively down at their sleeping friends. I'm not sure if they are comfortable with this. Isshu asks what they should do, but Ikkou says it's quite all right, for now. "Yeah," says Isshu with some relief. Then Ikkou look over and grins almost evily. "Yeah, you got the best deal." Isshu takes a moment to catch on, looking down at Nanami's face, then turns several shades of red before spluttering indignanty at his laughing brother. Realizing he's being teased but still thoroughly embarrassed, he looks out at the river. The Hurricanger are deep asleep, unaware of anything else.

File 37 on Manmaruba's most recent final form.
巻之三十八 魔剣 Maken to Fusen Demon Blade and Balloons
Isshu stands, staring in horror at a new and deadly Ikazuchi Maru. For he remembers when his father taught him as a child, how alone and beaten he'd been. He takes that weapon and Ikkou, in armor and with the Hurricanger and Shurikenger, shouts at him to throw it away. It looks as though he's attacking them with it, and taking them out pretty well. Whether or not their father is actually present, or only in memory... But he attacks a Jakanja with it, and yes there are balloons everywhere. And it looks like the adult Isshu faces his father in the chamber where the weapon lies, and prepares to attack.

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巻之三十八 魔剣
Maken to Fusen
Demon Blade and Balloons

Manmaruba's pot simmers, steam or incense rising into the air under the Jakanja's symbol of the Centipede. Planted in the center of that symbol is a photo of him, lovingly framed in lace. His former companions stand wake. Furabijo speaks her grief and Wendinu agrees. She says they can't do it without him. Satorakura begs to differ, bounding forwards with a box and a plan. He waves the photo of Manmaruba away in sparking light, scandalizing the others. He gets pouted at by an angry Furabijo and Sargain whirls furiously on him. Satorakura tells them to calm down and he pats the box he holds. He sets it on the floor, unties the string holding it shut and opens it. Out comes flying a vaguely humanoid blur of color. It lands, delight and humor as it takes it's full form. It is a bizarre greature seeming to be made up of rubber ears and hair of balloons. Red, orange, purple, blue, white with blue spots. It's eyes glow yellow, the body is black, blue and red. It's name is Gomubi Roan, and it greets them happily. Wendinu and Furabijo are a bit floored by its appearance. Satorakura whirls to give introductions. They start dancing together, and it seems that Tao Zanto is, for once, amused rather than annoyed when Satorakura puffs up and asks to be allowed to go. He chuckles deep in his throat.

Tenkujin hangs in a great, blackened chamber. Shurikenger is much aggrieved as he runs checks in his cockpit. Both Tenkujin and the Revolver Mammoth had suffered damage, but are finally repaired, he comments with relief. He sits back heavily with a fretful sigh. The Tricondor is not perfect yet, he grumbles.

He's not the only one fretting. For the Tricondor's Shinobi medals are each shattered and Yousuke sees them in their display sheet, mourning that they won't be able to use it for quite some time. The Hurricanger and Goraijer are both there in the base, gathered behind Oboro, who says that the Tenraisempujin simply has too much power. Something must be done about the combination. She starts considering, opening up schematics for the two combinations. Then she says that it looks like the problem really lies in the Goraijin. Ikkou closes his eyes wincingly. Oboro rubs her chin thoughtfully, but Isshu reacts to the slight against his machine. "Why?!" he growls. She doesn't really respond, one-track mind that she has. "We just have to improve it," she says, programming already. She's got ideas that some parts which aren't needed for the combination can be taken out, and this she shows on the screen. Isshu's reaction is a bit over the top. His face goes white and he shifts angrily repeating what she says, but Ikkou accepts it with weary calm. "We don't need them." "Bro!" Isshu protests. Oboro continues, "And this Kuwagata joint." When Isshu starts to get quite vocal Ikkou tells him softly to leave this in Oboro's hands. It is with great self-restraint that Isshu manages to hold himself silent. But then Oboro says with delight, "Ah, I get it!" She turns to them to ask about the lightning energy, something about it conflicting with the wind energy, being altered? She turns to the pair excitedly. Isshu loses his hold on his temper and responds with snarling fury, "How dare you?!" To their shock, he grabs her and tries to shake her. She protests that she was only joking, but it is with great effort that Nanami and Kouta manage to pull him away before any harm is done, but he looks like he's about ready to burst into tears. Ikkou very deliberately refuses to get involved. "Don't take it so personally," Kouta scolds, pushing firmly at his shoulder before going back to join the others. Isshu jerks his arm from Nanami's hold.

Night. A torn Ikazuchi pennant lies beside a flickering fire. Still very upset, Isshu picks it up. He runs his hand over the tattered remnant of his school's existence, looking miserable. "Is all of Ikazuchi Way to be lost?" As if in answer to his words, an enormous bolt of lightning screams down and grounds on the hill far above him. The sound breaks him from his mourning, and he gets up. Something attracts his attention. He heads up the hill to find the lightning bolt has exposed the entrance to a hidden cave. Curious, he heads in. Through a dark, damp tunnel, into a cavern where stand statues of ferocious gods, backlit by light through steam. There is one statue with a ferocious scowl. Something about it draws his attention and he reaches out. The wind stirred by his hand is enough to shake a precarious balance. The head and right shoulder of the statue slides off. It has been sliced by a blade so fine it sat there for years never parting. Isshu stares in shock. "A Katana?" he wonders. But then he sees the true answer. There, in front of the statues, is an Ikazuchi Maru. But this one is not like the ones he and his brother use. At both ends are golden, jeweled blades. It flickers suspiciously. He hurries over to it and stares, mind drawn back to an unpleasant memory. He's seen this blade before.

He was a child, nine or ten years old. He fell with a snarl of pain and glared furiously up. He was alone fighting his father. And it was his father who held a long, deadly weapon on him. Who brought one of the ends of that weapon beside his face as though he intended to kill the wild-eyed young boy. "This was Father's katana. The Kirai (Hate) Maru." Isshu reaches to touch the hilt, hesitates, then steels his resolve and grabs it firmly. The off-white wrapping around it glows brightly, before that glow flashes in opposite directions into the blades. Isshu tears it out firmly, and the candles flare into light in response. The giant statues of Ikazuchi gods gaze down at him. Isshu whirls to follow the light as candles lining the walls begin burning one after another. He finally turns back to the two statues frowning down at him. "Father was here," he mutters to himself, stepping towards them. He raises the blade, then moves and swings it, feeling the tremendous surge of power. The wind it raises sets the candles madly flickering. He turns his attention on an enormous boulder and starts slicing pieces off of it. Soon he is doing nothing but that, expression twisted with fury.

Terrified people flee. There is no escape, for Satorakura appears in front of them with rice ball-shaped things of rubber bands in his hands. "Hey, folks, these are yummy delicious gummy snacks!" The frightened group mills and tries to reverse together. They are cut off by Gomubi Roan, who also holds the same odd "snacks". The two quickly get into the whole crowd, stuffing one of these into each person's mouth. When they finish, they come together and Satorakura asks, "How are they? Delicious?" The people are even more in a panic now than before, if that's possible. They practically run each other over trying to get away. The two Jakanja laugh their heads off and get ready to go do more, but the Hurricanger are there, along with Ikkou, to stop them. As they assemble, in front of them, Satorakura starts to mock and then pauses and asks, "What do you think you can -- hey, aren't you down one?" The Hurricanger hadn't noticed but now they do, and Nanami anxiously asks Ikkou why Isshu isn't there. "I haven't seen him," he answers her unhappily. Kouta, however, gets ready to race into battle. Yousuke stops him and says if anyone's attacking alone it's him. He strikes and gets hit back by the long, rubbery tentacle, landing painfully at his group's feet. Before they recover from the shock, Gomubi Roan attacks with his balloon missiles. The four find themselves being hit by this mass of explosive rubber balloons. Satorakura and Gomubi Roan laugh themselves silly over the fallen group until another firm voice cuts the air. Isshu has arrived. He hits them with his electrical blast funneled through the symbol on his helmet, sending them jumping. The others quickly assemble around him, very relieved. "We'll show you what we can do when we pool our powers!" Yousuke shouts happily. Ikkou grunts agreement and they quickly assemble the Victory Gadget. Except that Isshu isn't helping. He stands feeling his oats between them and the enemy, arms folded. Yousuke asks in confusion, "What are you doing, Isshu?" "I don't need Hayate Way's help," he says smugly. They all straighten up in surprise and stare at him. "What are you saying?" asks a startled Nanami. When he answers, his voice is tinged with joy. For he's going to stick with the Ikazuchi Way. "I have THIS!" he says gleefully. And he brings out his new weapon. It shines in his hands, long and powerful. Curious, Satorakura starts, "Isn't that..?" The Hurricanger are perplexed. "What is that katana?" Kouta asks Ikkou wonderingly. But Ikkou's answer is rife with shock. "That - that's Father's Kirai-maru!" Satorakura is whispering in his man's ears. Yousuke calls Isshu, but the younger Goraijer is focused and not willing to be reined in. He springs into battle against Gomubi Roan. He slashes with the deadly weapon, and Gomubi Roan stands against the impact. Satorakura teleports away while Isshu continues his vicious attack. Knocked back, the Jakanja tumbles with a stutter of pain. "Oh, you're too powerful!" he says. Isshu growls smugly. "I'm getting out of here!" says Gomubi Roan, and he runs a few steps before teleporting away. "WAIT!" Isshu snarls and races forward to suddenly find Ikkou in his path. "Just what are you planning, Isshu?" Ikkou says hoarsely. And he drops his armor to confront his brother sternly. "Why didn't you join your power to ours?" Yousuke, whose left wrist is still sore from injuries suffered two episodes ago rubs it as he complains they'd needed to use the Victory Gadget. The others move in his support. "We could have beaten him together!"

But Isshu is very pleased. He sounds all too smug as he struts past Ikkou, the Kirai Maru braced on his shoulder. "Big Bro, I'm keeping this katana." He drops his armor and whirls, burning eyes meeting his brother's worried gaze. "Recently you've started to drift to the Hayate Way. BRO!" he now protests with fury, "We should return to the more powerful Ikazuchi Way!" Ikkou turns and meets his eyes with equally burning rage. "Now is NOT the time!" he snarls back. "It's because of the Jakanja! And that Katana - " he starts, but Isshu snarls it off. "It's mine! It keeps me with Ikazuchi Way!" The Hurricanger gasp in startlement. He glowers at them, sends a deeply resentful glare at his brother and starts backing away, before whirling and heading off at speeds so high they cannot see him. Ikkou cries his name painfully.

They are back in the base, the Hurricanger at least, sitting near Oboro. Yousuke is confused and upset. He wonders why now, and why is it so wrong for the two ways to work together. What is making Isshu so upset. Nanami stands up. Her feelings are hurt and it is clear in her voice, "Yeah, we've helped Isshu a lot!" Kouta, however, says softly "But that's what I don't understand. Why is Isshu now so worried about protecting Ikazuchi Way?" But it is Mugensai who answers him, saying that inside Isshu sleeps the spirit of his father, Ikki Kasumi. "But he resents his father!" Yousuke protests. But that is something Oboro understands, that resenting your parent doesn't free you of their influence. Their thoughts dwell on Isshu.

He is in the cave again. He uses the Kirai Maru against the mighty bolder, whittling it down with the fury of his strikes. The air is filled with smoke caused by the sparks he is generating with his strikes. The boulder is all but rubble now. With each furious strike he sees the past. How his father forced them to fight him, treated them so coldly. Telling them to hate. The hate would give them power. Isshu's face is drenched with sweat and tears. The boulder is no more, and he turns his attention to the scowling statues. With a snarl of mad fury, he spins the Kirai Maru, building up a powerful static charge he uses on the statue. And suddenly the air ripples and someone steps out of it in front of him. Ikki Kasumi. His father. "FATHER!" he screams in rage. The room is, for the moment, still. The man regards him without emotion as he holds the powerful weapon to strike, body trembling. And then Isshu snarls and leaps into battle. His father meets him strike for strike, holding an identical weapon. Ikki pins Isshu's blade and tells him emotionlessly, "Isshu, it is impossible for you to fight me." Mad with fury, Isshu breaks loose and forces his father back, attacking madly.

Ikkou is at their school's buildings, hip deep in books. He is researching about the Kirai Maru and what the consequences of having it might be.

Gomubi Roan is happily dozing on the Centipede. The girls come over to him, "What are you doing back here?" Furabijo asks. Wendinu adds her own comment, pulling at the rubber of his ear and letting it snap back into place. "You're made of rubber?" she says in surprise. Furabijo wonders if the rubber is proof against the Ikazuchi Maru. But she is pleased. Satorakura has more plans of his own. He pulls out a book of ancient weapons. This thing is famous and even draws an eager Sargain over to check it out. Satorakura opens wide to a page he wants them to see. They all gather together to read. "Ooooooooh!" the girls and Sargain all agree in delight.

Isshu is still fighting, the long blade held over his head. There is no enemy to fight. But this time he whirls the blade and the lightning gathered within pulverizes the statue he aims it at. He has it under control. His father's image appears, wavering in the rising dust, and approves of him.

Research is a wonderful thing. Ikkou has finally found the information he needs, and it makes him gasp in horror. He closes the book with dread. "That Katana...."

Gomubi Roan is back in town. Now the function of the rubber-band filled snacks is revealed. For he starts his magic going. A woman walking to work finds her body suddenly ballooning. Before she has much of a chance to do more than give a shriek of confusion, that becomes literal. The people down whose throats those snacks were forced become giant, brightly colored balloons, with heads, feet and hands sticking out. They rise into the air, crying in terror. And they will explode soon.

Oboro calls for the teams. Isshu, still shaking and sweating, hears. Everyone will come together to fight. The Hurricanger are closest, and first in their armor. Shurikenger arrives to help them. The four attack with Hayate Maru and are simply bounced back. So they try the Gyro Shuriken. These don't bounce back, but they are ineffective and fall to the ground. Shurikenger moves to fire mode, pulls out his yellow baseball. He attacks furiously, only to have all the balls bounce off and come back at him and the other three. They are fallen, and Gomubi Roan approaches, laughing. "Wait!" shouts a furious voice. Startled, the Jakanja turns. There is Isshu at the top of a nearby stairs. "Now you have to face ME!" he snarls. "Oh, you've come?" replies Gomubi Roan.

Ikkou in armor has also arrived, but he joined the other four. "Isshu," he worries. But his little brother is essentially ignoring them. He will use the powerful lightning attack of the Kirai Maru. Interested, Gomubi Roan waits. Near panicked, Ikkou starts forward. And Isshu leaps high into the air to battle. He races at Gomubi Roan. His brother calls out to him as he leaps again. Blue-white lightning grounds on the deadly blade. But when Isshu strikes at last, the lightning only courses through Gomubi Roan and strikes the five heroes nearby, horribly. Isshu's head turns to follow the surprising developement as all of them fall heavily with cries of agony. "Impossible - " he gasps in confusion.

But Satorakura appears in front of Gomubi Roan to laugh and gloat. "You don't know anything, do you! You don't know the true power of that Katana!" But Isshu is only confused until Satorakura explains that this weapon, supposed to be used to fight enemies, has been changed because of his father. And horror dawns as Isshu stares at the weapon in his hands. He drops it like a hot potato when he realizes it can only be used to fight his companions. "It's for the people you're joined to," gloats Satorakura. Isshu holds his hands as though he's been burned. Even Gomubi Roan gets in on it. The weapon hadn't done him the least damage in the first place, he'd simply pretended. Isshu is about ready to fall to pieces. The other five are recovering from the strike he'd accidently dealt them. But while they are still weak, Gomubi Roan tosses the rubber-band snacks at them and all are brought under his spell, turning into bright, colorful balloon people. Oh, not exactly. Their bodies are encased in these balloons, and Satorakura fires darts to pop them, sending all five careening through the air into walls and other hard surfaces. "Bro!" Isshu cries in dismay. "Everyone!" But Satorakura's laughter draws him from his shock. "Let's go!" calls Satorakura, and he and his monster quadruple-time off, laughing happily. They are gone, and the other five are trying to get back to their feet. They can't so easily. Between Isshu's attack and getting smashed into walls, they're in pretty bad shape. And mentally, Isshu is in much the same condition. His falls to his knees, gasping. "Oh, oh you guys, I'm sorry. I thought I knew what I was doing with the Kirai Maru." He slams his hand on the cement. His eyes fall on the weapon, he hears his father's voice speaking his name. Wearily, he picks up the weapon. Ikkou looks at this in horror and snarls, "Isshu, throw that thing away!" But he answers his brother gravely. "Brother, it's in me. It's in my body. What Father wanted. I can't turn my back on the Ikazuchi Way." Ikkou stares with agonized sympathy at him. "Isshu," he says sadly, shaking his head. Yousuke, Nanami and Kouta all speak their pieces, trying to reassure him, trying to keep him with them. That it isn't destroying the Ikazuchi Way. But he clenches his fist and calls for Shinobi Change.

Under a sky filled with the cries of people floating in balloons, Gomubi Roan gloats. The roar of an engine cuts through the crying. Isshu has arrived in his armor aboard his Bari Thunder. He hits Gomubi Roan, and then launches himself into battle. He has the Kirai Maru, but this time Gomubi Roan isn't pretending it will work. Isshu is thrown back into memories of fighting his father alone. "When you get bigger, perhaps then you can beat me," Ikki Kasumi had told him as the bruised and battered child came furiously off the ground. Those memories drive him now. He slices and is kicked back. Hit by the balloon missiles, he salls. The others catch up to the battle, still favoring their own bruises and cracked bones. Ikkou knows all too well what drives his little brother. The memories are cold and brilliant. Hate will give you strength, Ikki had insisted. Hate... the Kirai Maru. "FATHER!" Isshu screams. And now he raises the Kirai Maru... and snaps it in half over his knee. This action startles Gomubi Roan in the extreme. Even Ikkou gasps, mouth dropping open in shock. And suddenly Isshu tosses one of the ends of the weapon. It pierces straight into Gomubi Roan's body. He is pinned, and the otherweapon, it's power halved but fierce, can be used to attack the now vulnerable monster. He is destroyed, and the people sink back to earth before the balloons pop, freeing them.

Satorakura uses his mask to remake Gomubi Roan giant, but the teams are ready once again to fight together. Isshu stalks purposefully to the others. Yousuke is glad to call them together. Sempujin is formed. Goraijin. Nanami calls to Isshu for approval of combining, which he gives with all his heart. Oboro calls to him, too. "Isshu, I'm sorry. But I promise the Goraijin is 120%!" And the two mecha reassemble together with the Furai Maru. A couple pieces ply off, not needed for the combination. They find themselves attacked, the heavy formation encased in dozens of giant balloons. They are damaged and fallen, but Shurikenger calls in the Revolver Mammoth to help. It's shots are effective, and Goraisempujin rides in. But he laughs at them. They try their combined attack. Many of the Karakuri Balls bounce off, but enough get through to destroy him.

"Gomubi Roan, Zero percent," says Furabijo, marking off another death. Satorakura is expecting punishment that doesn't come. Tao Zanto laughs low and with true amusement. They all turn and gaze at him in shock. But he tells them the last, the most powerful, has come.

The sea, the waves on great rocks. Isshu stands, staring out as he is wont to do. The other four race across the rocks to him. He turns sadly to them, stepping down to thank them. The Hurricanger chuckle their relief and firm attachment to him, Yousuke murmuring his name. Ikkou chuckles and casts him an affectionate smile. He hunches up shyly, then smiles back at them, basking in their welcome.

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巻之三十九 七の槍と謎の石 Nana no Yari to Nazo no Ishi Seven Spears and the Mysterious Stone
He has come, indded. Tall, powerful. Blade with jagged edges. Purple, white, green... A shark-headed Jakanja whose attack is deadly. With the other four he fights the startled heroes. Perhaps he is a machine, for the eyes in his mouth are mechanical. Our heroes are in a pinch. And Shurikenger enters a vast, white room. At the center is a chamber translucent, with green and pale mosquito netting. Inside is a figure he kneels before. Someone pursues a man with strange, gentle dignity. A man in a Humphrey Bogart-style hat and trench coat. A man who tosses that aside to reveal a rocker with hair dyed golden.

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巻之三十九 七の槍と謎の石
Nana no Yari to Nazo no Ishi
Seven Spears and the Mysterious Stone

A white flare in the black depths of space. A blazing light hurtling this way. Down. Down it comes to the Earth. On the Centipede they wait. Furabijo stands, Satorakura lies on his side on the floor, bored out of his skull. Sargain paces impatiently. Wendinu touches up her makeup. But Sargain is the one who breaks first. "This is annoying!" hs snaps, slamming his fist against something. Satorakura sits up to comment, when the light reaches the Centipede. For a moment it shines with blue light. Inside the throne room, Wendinu is first to hear the rising pitch of a sound. Then the whole structure shudders and they struggle to hold their balance as lightning courses through the area. Wendinu and Furabijo hold onto each other's arms. Satorakura tumbles against Sargain's legs, yelping. Tao Zanto is the only one not worried. And the lightning dies down. "What was that?" wonders Furabijo. Wendinu checks her hair, but then they hear footsteps. Alertly, they listen and the girls clutch each other, unnerved. But he that arrives is tall, graceful. Metal and bone, a strange elegant power radiates from his form. He is the Seventh Spear. He is Sandaaru (Sand Dollar! Sunday!), he introduces himself. And Tao Zanto expects much of him.

Shurikenger is wandering thoughtfully down a road, seemingly unaware of the Hurricanger trailing him. They are being somewhat careful. Finally he stops. They dive behind a pile of garbage bags. He doesn't even look around. He simply turns into an opening in the nearby wall. They pop out quickly but almost as fast as he'd gone someone steps back out. With little whimpers, they dive behind the garbage again. It is a tall man in an off-white trenchcoat, who puts with calm grace a light gray fedora on his head. Our heroes are less than subtle. Unable to get behind cover fast enough they try desperately to act as innocent as possible, but he seems unaware of them. He sighs and heads on. They see him going, and hesitate before deciding that he is, perhaps, Shurikenger. Off they go.

Oboro has a slide-show out, talking about the Karakuri system coming from the stars. The Tricondor. And let's not forget the four remaining Jakanja warriors. The message that had come with the meteors. The Ninja Misen in Yousuke's hands. The Revolver Mammoth. Shurikenger himself. She wants explanations and she wants them now. It is her father on the hot seat, and he tries to beg off. "Oh, come on, Daddy!" and she scolds him while he keeps stuttering that he doesn't know anything.

No rest for the weary. Isshu and Ikkou are practicing against each other. They are also more than a little curious about the Shurikenger, but it has been left in the Hurricanger's hands to follow him all over the place. Or at least the man they think he really is. They track him until he stops in front of a stadium and stares up at it. They are beginning to wonder, perhaps, if they really found him. Yousuke says it has to be him. His real self. He can imagine the man tearing off his trenchcoat to reveal a baseball uniform underneath. A baseball star, he is sure. Hitting home runs and cheered on by a team. Surely. But Kouta says "Well that doesn't appear to be it." For the man shakes his head and starts away again. They eagerly trail after him, Yousuke embarrassed. They cross a park, have to hide behind a lovely statue of a naked woman. He stops and stares up at a shining building. Kouta decides Shurikenger has to really be a world-class businessman. Imagines him tossing the trenchcoat aside to reveal a stylish, perfect business suit and put on a pair of power-glasses. "Nice to meet you," he says. A globe-trotter, going all over the world, even to New York. London. "Hello! How are you doing?" China. Russia. "It's a wonderful world, yeah!" *chuckle* "Looks like that's not it, either," says Nanami. "Eh?" replies Kouta's imagined Shurikenger. The man sighs, shakes his head and moves on. "Why?!" protests Kouta. They continue tracking him. Past a sign that says lunchtime, where he pauses in front of a music store and stares with approval at the electric guitars lined up. "Oh, yes this must be it!" says Nanami happily. She can picture him as a rock musician with screaming fans (and he sings horribly in her imagination, too). Oh, maybe he's her rival! she gasps in horror. The boys say she's wrong. And she're quite relieved at that. She doesn't want him for a rival. The boys pout slightly at her easy acceptance of being wrong. He continues on, and so do they.

The four Jakanja are not pleased by the new arrival. This time they react strongly. Satorakura ducks for cover. Furabijo attacks him with her stinger spears. She is fast, but he ducks and leaps aside from her attacks. Wendinu is next to attack, with extra-sized hands and claws, blowing red lightning at him which he evades. He leaps and catches her head, and then the two are wrestling, struggling with each other in a low swirl of power. She after him with her blade, furious. Finally he stops and straightens up, impressed with her. Sweating and panting, she says, "Ain't I, though?" Furabijo seems more surprised, also panting though not sweating. He wants to know who's next. Satorakura gets set to go, but it is Sargain who pulls out his two blades and attacks. He pins the new man against the wall and Tao Zanto says firmly that this has gone far enough. The girls approve tremendously of Sargain's work. Satorakura is also pleased, saying they are the better. But the newcomer says "Look." His blade is there, under Sargain's armor. He would have killed the other. Sargain has to concede and is not at all pleased.

Our trio still trail behind them man. "Where is he going?" grumbles Yousuke as he rounds a corner ahead of them. They peer around to find he's vanished. "Hey!" they protest and come out onto the street. They take off, hurrying after him but can find neither site nor sound. Worn out, they stop on a corner, panting. Then their eyes fall on the store across the street from them. It's a ramen shop. Yousuke says, "You don't suppose he went in there..?" and the others giggle at the idea somewhat hysterically. But when they go to look, there he is enjoying a bowl of ramen. He comments that this is really good gyoza, and not at all expensive. They are starting to remember all the places he'd stopped. There'd been a food-stand nearby with a price menu. He'd been looking for a cheap lunch! They hang their heads. Then his cellphone rings. "Hello!" he answers it. "Sorry, my lunchtime (in English) - " Then he stiffens, eyes bright and intent. "Gozen-sama," he breathes. This alerts Yousuke, who listens intently. "Gozen?" he repeats. The man gets up, wiping his mouth talking in the phone. Words like "Yeah, yes. Sure, why?" can be made out as he hurries to the toilet. The Hurricanger carefully come in the restaurant and stake out the bathroom, trying to hear through the door. It opens abruptly, scaring them half out of their shoes. The man has paper in his mouth and stares in surprise at the trio. Then he continues on his way until Nanami calls in a slightly shaky voice, "Hold it, Shurikenger!" He pauses in mid-step, repeating the phrase in innocent bewilderment. Yousuke folds his arms and glares accusingly at the man's back. "We know you. What was that phone call?" he demands. "Who is Gozen?!" The man listening folds the paper in his hands. "So that's what this is about." He whirls, hands in his pockets, and grins at them in utter delight. "You guys are from television!" "HUH?" they respond, flummoxed. He goes on about that and points to his picture up on the wall. He is the seven-times Champion, Nihon Ramen something or other.. TV FOOD FIGHTERS! There he is, wearing the very clothes he wears now. Posing for another picture who opens the torso of his trench coat to show off that same t-shirt. The Hurricanger stare at the photo in dismay, tuning out his happy babbling. When they finally look at him again, he smiles with utter friendliness at them before heading on his way.

Tao Zanto is lecturing his five servants gathered on their knees in front of him. Sandoru is ready to go, but Sargain shoves him out of the way and makes a play for this assignment. The girls and Satorakura scold him, but Sundaro encourages him to go. Sargain is quite peeved at the interloper.

Our heroes job along the damp walks and finally stop. "Where did Shurikenger go?!" whines Kouta. They're back to considering whether the guy at the shop might really have been him. But then Nanami is the first to notice something strange. The air is filled with golden sparkles, falling like snow on surprised pedestrians. "How pretty!" people comment, holding up their hands to catch the drifting specks. (You'd think people'd have learned by now, but noooooo) The golden flakes land in their palms as they ooh and ahh. And then they vanish in a flare of light. Into the bare skin. Suddenly the people's skin is coated or become the golden substance, and they cry out, writhing in agony. The Hurricanger run to them, trying to help but the people cannot even communicate what is happening. But a strange sound in the air catches our trio's ears and they know immediately, "It's a Jakanja!" Yes. A Moth Jakanja, ears like wings, flying through the air. They chase after it in a fury. Fushokuruga is it's name, and it is a lovely thing. Our heroes change into armor to fight. Yousuke kicks it back, and it identifies them happily before attacking with its dust. They roll out of that attack, then hit it together. And then it bursts into golden dust. They comment that this one was weak. But then they notice something strange. The golden dust moves across the city, dropping on crowds, and the pieces of the Jakanja reassemble together. Regular size, not giant. It laughs at them, saying it is Immortal. And now it attacks again. The Goraijer arrive to help in the fight, change into armor and attack viciously. The Hurricanger scream at them to stop, but they are unaware of the danger it presents. Again it burst apart and its dust bathes helpless people. Again it reassembles. Sargain, in response to Ikkou's startled realization that they cannot destroy it again, explains. Our heroes race off, retreating to find another mode of attack.

The tall man they'd tracked into the Ramen shop walks in a blinding white light. He kneels and takes off his hat, shifting as he does into the appearance of the Shurikenger. He speaks to someone behind curtains. To Gozen, whom he answers to, explaining that the others are trying to find out his true identity. Though we hear no response, he reacts to it. "That's so? I understand." He is loathe to argue, but then edges closer and responds in shock to what he is told. Something about the stars going out. This must have something to do with the Jakanja. Stars going nova.

Sundora finds that the other three are pouting because Sargain went off without them. They chatter and then are startled by a sharp sound. Sundora has slammed his fist into the wall. He frets that they should pool their power together, fight as allies. The idea sinks in and gets the trio all excited. They dash off to help Sargain. And Sundoru shows Sargain something he's brought. Something that looks like a meteor, but I have the feeling is a very dangerous explosive device.

Indeed, it is probably exactly what Shurikenger is finding out about from Gozen. Or whatever he's listening to. He races off in a near panic.

Sargain's creature is cutting through the group and they still cannot think how to fight it. But then the other three Jakanja arrive to announce that they are going to help. Sargain is royally furious with their interference, but they tell him happily that they are going to work with him. He is not happy, even when they start fighting the heroes. And above is Sundaro with the strange, deadly device, knowing what Tao Zanto wants. And Tao Zanto knows the future Manmaruba saw. Sargain, though, has had enough of their interference and is just about ready to fight the other Jakanja himself. But then Shurikenger in Fire Mode arrives. He has his baseball and uses it against the moth, but that one only sends the balls back at him. The others gather around the fallen one. When the moth would continue his attack, Sargain calls him away. He isn't happy, but obeys his commander. Our heroes call in the Victory Gadget to aim at the four Jakanja, but before they can fire in comes Sundora and goes through them like a knife through butter. He is fast, and asks the people he considres his if they're all right. Sargain is still not dealing well with this, but the others practically worship him. He identifies himself, but Shurikenger knows what his presence means. And then he catches the six in energy whips and bashes them against each other, drops them, and then concentrates on Shurikenger, bashing him into the ground until he hangs limp at then end of his arm. Tosses him away to land rolling. Our heroes are frightened, and call out their blades to fight Sundoru. Even Mugensai reacts in horror, and Oboro watches on her screens with trepidation. Tao Zanto laughs, and in a dark room is the mysterious Gozen.

Our five heroes race to attack the waiting Sundoru.

File 39 on Fushokuruuga.
巻之四十 オトリ忍の掟 Otori to Shinobi no Okite The Decoy and the Rules of Incognito
Sundoru fights our heroes, brings out a deadly fish-monster. Yousuke confronts a badly shaken Shurikenger, who has orders he must obey. And the mysterious Gozen waits.

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巻之四十 オトリ忍の掟
Otori to Shinobi no Okite
The Decoy and the Rules of Incognito

In our last episode, our heroes meet and get beat by Sundoru, the seventh of the Jakanja leaders. He isn't a normal Jakanja, and trashes even Shurikenger. He tells them he is only warming up and brings out his blade. They take out theirs and foolishly obey his call to fight. He cuts each one of them out of the air and onto the ground. They get back up only to be attacked by his Shuriken. When they vanish, he soon finds them. Isshu attacks, but Sundoru pins him and when Ikkou fires, turns him so the shots his Isshu in the back. Sundoru tosses the younger brother onto the older with a snort. He vanishes, and then the ground shakes. And a shark pulls out of the ground and runs over the Goraijer. They are knocked pretty badly, and the Hurricanger and Shurikenger race to their side. Sudoru appears and chuckles at the group. The kids don't take well to being trashed. All seven gather and attack at once, but then the stone in Sundoru's hands signals to alert him. He leaps to a high place and uses its light against the group. Shocked and delighted are the enemies. "What is that stone?!" asks Mugensai. Oboro doesn't know, but is able to tell what it's doing. It's sucking the power/life from them? Shurikenger is at the back of the group, and Yousuke determines to protect him. They all link arms and stand up straight in the beam, blocking it and allowing Shurikenger to escape the effects. He's a bit dazed but anxious to help. Sundoru's weapon runs its course, and the beam goes out. The other five start to collapse. Shurikenger leaps frantically to help them. The stone in Sundoru's hand glows brilliantly, there is a beating sound as if it has a heart. Sundoru snorts in smug delight. He opens his fan and sends out Badoogi, a giant demonic dragon/fish that knocks at attacking Yousuke from the sky. The others are totally impressed and worshipful of him for this. Our heroes fire at it, but it hits them back. Shurikenger throws a smoke bomb and gets them all out of there.

They stagger, out of their armor. They are very weak, bruised and pale. Kouta has Nanami tight and helps her walk, though he can barely manage himself. Ikkou is near frantic over his injured brother. Shurikenger is also in bad shape, though of course still inhis armor. They cannot walk any farther, and all stagger and fall in their places to knees. Well, Yousuke on his face. He lifts his gaze and asks Shurikenger what he knows. What he knows about Sundoru. Shurikenger hunches slightly. They all are asking, now. Ikkou is particularly angry, for Sundoru is not like the other Jakanja. Isshu comments on his speed, for one. Shurikenger gets to his feet and tells them that's not the only difference. This guy, on his lonesome, has the power to destroy stars. Oboro and Mugensai react to this information with shock. The Goraijer want to know how Shurikenger knows. Yousuke gets back to his feet, now. He is hurt so much, and asks about Gozen. Oboro turns to her father, and when his phone rings she answers it. It is Gozen, I think.

And on the Centipede, Sargain is still throwing a fit. When the girls defend Sundoru's actions, Sargain is still furious. But all this is dependant on Tao Zanto, and Sargain finds them all against him, though Sundoru is trying to make it seem as if they all will help him.

Yousuke demands to know the truth about Shurikenger. He is frozen. But Oboro calls. The moth is attacking again. They gather, scolding and Yousuke gives Shurikenger an angry slap on the chest. He is shaking and terrified as they leave. Oboro sends off her robots with new tools for her people, and explains to them how to use it. Shurikenger supports them, and they gladly take the cylinders. All five enter into armor and the Goraijer are first to waylay the moth. They lead him a merry chase, Sargain enjoying it, unaware of a trap being laid. The Hurricanger bring out their Hurricane Wingers and spray the air full of the gas. Shurikenger sprays the city from Tenkujin.

The other Jakanja watch and puzzle over these activities. Sundoru thinks he gets what's going on, and surely he does. Sargain sees them in the air and calls down his moth, who responds to the Goraijgers challenge pointing out that he's immortal. But they've found the way. Shurikenger is ready to join the battle when Gozen signals him. He is not to spray himself with the protective armor. Shaking, he drops it on the cement. The others are now proof agains the moth, and they can tackle him with joy and bring him down to fight. After such awful incidents, it is a relief. It is Ikkou who sees the power center of thte thing, and knows what they'll have to do to keep him from repairing himself, perhaps. While they fight, Gozen or whatever he is waits. But the shielding stiffens up. All five of them cannot move. The moth takes this chance to destroy them. Now Shurikenger knows why he was told not to use the spray. Oboro realizes what's happened. It's coagulated. This was Gozen's idea. She feels like an idiot for having listened. And Shurikenger, while they are trapped, gets up behind the enemy. He remembers how they protected him from the beam that was sapping all of their strengths, and the rare moments when they'd smiled at him. No he whispers "I'm sorry," and leaps, striking at them with his balls. They cry out in terror, but the balls have destroyed the shield, and at last all of them are able to move again to fight the monster. Shurikenger attacks with the balls again, but this time he hits the power center. The moth cannot repair itself and they use the Victory Gadget to destroy him. Sargain is not pleased. And all the affected people are at last returned to normal. The other Jakanja sigh in frustration. Sargain calls to Wendinu, who sends down the Copy Giant. And so they have to continue the fight, as always.

They call in the Shinobi Machines. Sempujin is formed, Goraijin too. The Furai Maru is called out to have them form Goraisempujin. They pool their power and run to attack. It isn't an easy mark, though they punch it back nicely. Sundoru calls out his stone and the whole machine is caught in its light. Unable to fight, they are hit cruelly by the moth. Shurikenger is still tangled, and he calls out the Revolver Mammoth. He hits the moth with the Mammoth Beam. The shaking of the ground frees the giant mecha. Annoyed, but pleased with the increased power in the stone, Sundoru takes off, leaving the giant-size moth to its fate. Combined with the Mammoth, they take it out.

Mugensai is still trying to beg off on questions about the Shurikenger and Gozen, but Oboro's decided to let it go for now. Shurikenger takes off and they wave goodbye. "Thank you, my friends," he whispers so they cannot hear him. Isshu asks, "So who is Gozen?" Ikkou points out that Shurikenger can't tell them yet. Yousuke adds that this is all right, after all. Whoever he is, is a good person. And Nanami adds that someday they'll find out. Kouta almost chuckles as he adds, "Let's not worry about it, eh?" The Hurricanger turn hopefully to the brothers. A half-reluctant smile from Ikkou is their answer, and they enthsiastically leap over to the pair. Yousuke drags Ikkou by the arm, Kouta and Nanami put Isshu between them and tussle as they walk. Nanami manages to knock Kouta over and then Ikkou has to prevent the playful battling from slowing them down. They are off to eat, preferably ramen as far as Yousuke is concerned.

File 40 on Badoogi, Sandaaru's (I'm probably going to call him Sundollar).
巻之四十一 メダルと漫才 Medaru to Manzai Medal and Comedian Kouta's little sister is back to visit! And all heck breaks loose again. Looks like someone else is acting as Yellow while Kouta has to save his sister. Especially as she's demanding to know who those people he's hanging about with are. Satorakura has a monster in this attack. The group get hit by everything and the kitchen sink.

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