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巻之十一 夢喰いと再出発
Yumekui to Saishuppatsu
Dream-eating and a New Beginning

Kuwagataraijer flies at Hurricane Red and knocks him badly. Kabutoraijer cuts down Hurricane Yellow. Kuwagata uses his Stag weapon to lift and blast Red. Goraijin cuts up Sempujin with the absconded Plant Axe. Our trio writhes in agony as electric backlash snakes through their cockpits. Sempujin falls. Kouta wakes, panting and terrified. He is in a hospital bed, in a white gown, pristine white bedding on his, and the two cots next to him. Thin, white curtains filter sunlight coming into the room. Yousuke is in the next bed, and Nanami in the farthest. "Where am I?" but then he knows. And he hears small sounds of pain from his two friends. They both toss and turn, trapped in dreams. He leaps out of bed and starts shaking Yousuke, calling his name. When that has no effect, he goes to Nanami. "Nanami, wake up!" he cries frantically. But then Nanami becomes Ikkou, the older brother of the Goraijer, sits up almost zombie-like in the bed and looks at Kouta, who falls back onto the other bed, whose inhabitant sits up proving to be Isshu, whose silent menace is almost more frightening that Ikkou. Kouta flees and ends up back pressed against the door. The Goraijer throw off their sheets and with it step into their armor, and walk towards him. As he cringes and struggles to open the door, they begin chuckling evilly and pull out their Ikazuchi Maru weapons. There is no escape for him as their chuckles become nasty laughter and he screams.

It is a nightmare, and he has not woken. Bandaged, tossing and sweating, he is indeed in a hospital room with the others, white bedding on their weakly writhing bodies. "Kouta! Wake up, Kouta!" calls Oboro, shaking him by the shoulder. Mugensai is perched on her shoulder, watching worriedly. "They've been unconscious for three days..." he frets. "But we don't have to worry because we're at this hospital. They'll recover." On the opposite side of the room are the other two, Yousuke being attended by one of Oboro's robots. Oboro tries each in turn, but they are unaware of her. "Oh, I can't bear to watch." Mugensai worries that the Jakanja will find out what's happening, and start their campaign again, will the machines be useful? and Oboro tells him the Auto-program is repairing the machines. But it's going very slowly. And Mugensai addresses the puzzle of the Goraijer's Shinobi Machines. There are many mysteries like: who the heck made Shinobi Machines in Ikazuchi Way, and when? Oboro grumbles, "Even with the kids out of commission, mysteries keep popping up. We just don't understand the precedent is yet." Mugensai will return to base to do more research, and asks Oboro to keep an eye on the kids.

On the Centipide, Tao Zanto addresses Chuzubo, who stands slightly nervous in front of his lord. "Are you ready, Chuzubo?" He confirms that he's got one of the best of his men from mid-level is on it. He'll make this planet rot in an instant! Sargain is listening to the goings on, Wendinu watching with a disapproving frown. Furabijo and Manmaruba are playing with a bubble-blowing toy. Sargain makes a point that the Hurricanger are out of the picture, so there's no excuse if Chuzubo fails this time, pointedly. Wendinu adds a point that if he runs afoul of the Goraijer, they'll kill him. "Shut up already, I know!!" Furabijo wonders where they are, anyway. She wants to welcome them into the fold.

They are at home, or at the base, the remains of the Ikazuchi quarters. Ikkou is doing laps across the swimming pool. Isshu is in the weightraining room, toning his muscles. He is concentrating, his eyes cold. Ikkou suddenly rises from the water, it running in rivulets down his chest. He sits in the lotus position on the water's surface, eyes closed as he meditates. Both these men are quite fit.

A house in the city, clean and bright in the morning light. "Rika-chan, wake up now!" calls a woman's voice. Rika wakes reluctantly, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Yeah!" she answers tiredly. She sits up and sighs, "I don't want to go, right Sherry?" and lifts from the small table next to her bed the photo of herself and her small, white dog. Then her mother comes into her room and settles down beside her. "Rika, sweety, you don't have to go to school today." "Eh?" inquires the startled girl. Her mother brushes the hair out of her eyes tenderly. "Instead, how about you take Sherry for a walk." Rika stares, dumbfounded, at her mother and starts to protest that the dog is... then Sherry runs to her. She drops the photo on her bed and gets down to cuddle and love her sweet pet. "Oh, Sherry, you're alive! Sherry!"

"Rika? Rika, wake up now!" her mother demands, patting the little girl's chest. Rika has a small, contented smile on her face. Her mother is starting to frown when she sees charcoal-like stone beginning to coat her daughter's fingers. It quickly moves up her arms and the mother gets frantic to wake her child, but there is no reaction at all. In the yard behind the house is the fresh grave of the dog, Sherry.

Somewhere outside, someone cackles gleefully. It is a Jakanja, YumeBaku. Waving his staff he calls, "Sleep, sleep, good little boys and girls!" His black eyes are filmed with white. He is based on a Baku, a creature out of Japanese folktales, it eats dreams. "If a dreamer wakes from a dream of ill-omen or a portent of dark things, the dreamer may invoke the Baku, and hope that the Baku will eat the dream, and take it and what it foretells away." -- Quoted from pg. 34 of "The Dream Hunters" by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano, copyright 1999 DC Comics. Well, this is not a helpful Baku. It's a Jakanja. It sends out a wave of light from its staff to bathe all the local houses.

in the hospital there is panic as the little girl with stone arms is brought in, followed by other children whose mothers cry their names in distress. They are all smiling contentedly as they sleep, lost in happy dreams. The noise rushing by the Hurricangers' room attracts Oboro, who steps out the door and stares at the wild goings ons, grumbling about all the noise. A doctor reports on what they can figure out "Every child is in a very deep sleep. They're dreaming, very happy dreams. But we don't know why this is happening, so we do not know how to reverse the effects of the disease." But why stone? Oboro, listening, knows it must be the Jakanja.

The Jakanja are amused by this turn of events. "Yumebakufuji created a way to make humans fall asleep and dream, never to wake," Tao Zanto is even impressed, and Chuzubo basks in his praise. "And while they're sleeping, they turn to stone!" Manmaruba flies about, singing "It's a dream, it's a rock!" while Furabijo continues blowing bubbles. Sargain is actually impressed with Chuzubo's plan. Furabijo has her doubts. Tao Zanto issues an order, "Start planning your next offensive." Chuzubo bows and scrapes happily.

But back at base Mugensai hears his daughter's reports. He says to her, "I've secured permission from the hospital. Start your investigation!" and she at the hospital puts bands on every child's head and on the Hurricangers'. "From this moment on, I'm sending you into the children's dreams," she tells them. They are not having happy dreams, after all. She has set up a machine in the middle of the room. "I'm probably putting you in danger. You may never get out. I know you're injured, but...." And she starts the machine going. "If this is a Jakanja attack, then you are the only ones who can save the children. All right, go!" Green lightning runs between the three, then to the machine and then through it to each of the children.

Yousuke watches the scenes of his battles with the Goraijer fall into little blocks, while he falls, falls through a sworling blue, yellow and many other colored tunnel. And then the three of them land together on cement, stumbling and losing their footing. "Where..?" he starts, but then he hears the thin crying of a baby. They are still not together, though they are right there. A pram rolls to a stop in front of him, and it is full of a cow's bones. The building above Nanami ripples. "Where am I? Why?" and her attention is drawn to bouncing balls. Kouta wonders, "Why are we suddenly here?" A clock nearby has hands that twirl rapidly backwards, and some kind of tentacle moves near him. He watches this in bewildered confusion.

YumeBaku rounds a corner and stares in surprise at the new additions to his dreaming worlds. "Why, it's them!" he gasps. The Jakanja are just as surprised. Manmaruba: "Eee!" Furabijo: "Aah!" Sargain: "The Hurricanger are alive?!" Wendinu is more annoyed. "I can't believe it. You sure this is true?" Chuzubo tries to defend his man, who's delived his report in the view-circle. "YumeBaku sent this message. He's not wrong!" Tao Zanto growls his name and Chuzubo takes the hint. "This time I'll have them destroyed!" He turns to YumeBaku. And so that one closes his great eye.

The puzzled Hurricanger are rubbing their heads in confusion. Yousuke disappears first, to the surprise of his two companions who look around for him. Then Nanami vanishes before Kouta's eyes, then he is pulled away, too. Yousuke appears in a gold and red chair fit for a king. Gaping about, he hears "Welcome!" Whirling, he first looks straight at a woman whose Chinese dress shows a lot of long leg, and who waves a pink feathered fan. It is Wendinu and beside her is Furabijo, in a short, red Chinese dress and they are both giggling at him charmingly. Yousuke is quick to get ready to fight, but Furabijo backs him into the chair, handing him a glass and pouring him a drink while Wendinu gets ready to feed him by hand (well, by chopstick). "Oh, don't worry about it. Eat!" He accepts the food she gives him, then sees the string of tables loaded with lovely Chinese dishloads streatching out to infinity. Wendinu tells him poutingly that it's time to stop all this rough fighting and just enjoy. And Furabijo offers him delicious juice. He gladly goes along, grinning like a happy loon.

Nanami appears center stage, dressed in a green and yellow kimono, singing to a cheering crowd. It registers that she is world famous, and then she sees that Magerappa are interspersed in the crowd, but no one is disturbed. "Wow! My song has brought peace to space, too!" Absolutely delighted, she throws herself into the singing. A group of Magerappa come on stage to sing backup. When she finishes, the crowd goes wild with joy.

Kouta appears in a mountain field. There are children playing, gathered in a large ring a bit away from him, laughing with joy. The mountain breezes are fresh and joyful. Even the wildflowers are dancing. Kouta grins happily. "Great, everyone's having fun!" and he goes to join the kids.

The nightmare is over and a happy smile spreads across Kouta's face. Similar contentment appears on Yousuke's and Nanami's faces. But their arms begin to turn to stone. Oboro says in horror, "Oh, they're going just like the kids!" She frets that they'll have to get out of these dreams, somehow! "If this keeps up, they won't escape their dreams and return to our world again!" Determined, she says, "I absolutely believe I'll get them back to the real world. They are Hurricanger!"

Kouta is dancing with the kids when he suddenly finds a bunch of refridgerators in front of him. Puzzled, he comes over to see. A chubby boy opens one freezer and it is chock full of ice cream. The child picks one out and goes back to playing. Kouta stares after him, dumbfounded. He takes a few steps, thinking hard. "Why, is this a dream, then? But whose is it?" Ahead of him someone says, "Sherry!" One little girl, off by herself and playing with a small, white dog. Kouta stares at her, puzzled. "That's Rika-chan." Then he is even more puzzled. "How come I know her name? This MUST be a dream."

And in the waking world, the contented smile on his face becomes a troubled frown. Oboro notices this right away and comes to his bedside. "Kouta, you're the only one different. All RIGHT! You do it, Kouta!!" she crows.

Yousuke and Nanami have joined the laughing children. Hand in hand, they come bounding towards Kouta. They both tell him what wonderful things have happened. They're at peace with the Jakanja, the fighting is over. They bounce up and down, so full of joy. Then they dash off to play with the kids. Kouta gapes after them and cries out, "What is WITH you two?!" Even when the Jakanja, YumeBaku, joins the dream to dance with all the others, only Kouta knows what he's seeing. And he snarls, "Jakanja, of course you took these kids..!" "Eh? Well yes I did, but isn't it great? The fighting is over!" and he dances. Yousuke and Nanami join him. Nanami calls Kouta to join them, and he says their names in dismay. The children link arms and make a ring, dancing in circles under the shining sun.

The stone effect is spreading up the others' necks and covering their chins. But Kouta is not affected further than his arms. Oboro watches and says frantically, "Kouta, hurry up!"

While the laughter and dancing continues, Kouta tries the only thing he can think of. Rika, who is playing by herself with her dog, may be the key. He takes her aside and kneels to stare seriously into her eyes. "This... this is a dream, Rika-chan. We have to wake up together." She protests, "You're lying. It's nice here. Sherry is here!" and she hugs her dog tight to her chest. Petting the dog sadly Kouta says, "I know, but Sherry is dead, isn't that right?" Rika raises her gaze and stares at his serious face, then shakes her head determinedly, hiding her face. He persists, "If you stay here, who's going to take care of the real Sherry's memorial?" This brings her gaze back to his. "Rika..." "You're lying! Lying! Sherry's NOT dead!" She does not want to accept this and runs to hide behind the Jakanja. Kouta gets to his feet gravely. "Rika, I hate facing hard facts. I'd like to only do things that are fun. But if I stay here, the REAL fight is not over!" She stares at him from the dubious shelter behind YumeBaku. Yousuke and Nanami stop bounding, their smiles fading as they gaze at their friend. "I can't protect the world, and I won't forgive you, Jakanja!" He says fiercely now, "I'm going to fight! I'll tear this dream apart, so everyone can get OUT of here!" And he changes into his armor to fight. Rika gasps in surprise. But the Jakanja calls in images of the Goraijer to fight. The rest of the group cringes back. Nanami and Yousuke are terrified by memories of their failure against the pair. Kouta is surely no match for the strength of this bad dream! As the battle goes underway, and the Goraijer cut into Kouta, Rika clutches her dog close and cringes back. "I'm scared." The Goraijer pin Kouta down, but he calls to her. "This is a dream! If you're frightened, then wake UP, Rika-chan!" Yousuke has fallen to his knees, trembling. Nanami has her hands clutched over her hammering heart. They remember the speed and strength of the Goraijer, the terror of those attacks. The pain. "This is a dream! Only an illusion!" Kouta cries. "I'm not going to be defeated by a dream!!" And then he grabs the Ikazuchi Maru pinning him and throws them up, then cuts into the Goraijer, knocking them back and down. And away he goes at YumeBaku. The others gaze in amazement as he fights. This Jakanja is fast, heavily armored and strong (for this is his dreaming). And when Kouta is struck down, Yousuke and Nanami pull themselves back together. With cries of fury, they race to his side to help him up. They apologize profusely for letting themselves stay in this dream, and now the three are completely focused, and they face YumeBaku and his phantom Goraijer in their armor, furious with courage and truth that burns out even the prettiest lie. Under the sun they bring out their lovely scarves, and present themselves for battle. Red: "The wind cries and skies rage! Sky Ninja, Hurricane Red!" Blue: "The water showers, the waves dance! Water Ninja, Hurricane Blue!" Yellow: "The Earth shakes, the flowers sing! Earth Ninja, Hurricane Yellow!!" "We're here!!" The Jakanja sends in the Goraijer, but as dreams they are no match for the trio. They are destroyed instantly, and YumeBaku is horrified. Kouta cheers his two comrades.

Rika stares about in surprising mildness. "This place is a dream?" She turns her attention to her dog. "Sherry... you're also a dream?" The dog whines and wriggles in her arms. "A dream. And if I don't open my eyes, I can't leave." Her knowledge breaks the dream. The dog bursts into light in her arms, which are suddenly empty. She utters a gasp of pain. The other children makes surprised noises, having seen them. And then Rika begins to week. "I want to go back! Momma! Momma!" she triggers the others. They all weep, and the warm, comfortable place they've been dreaming together begins to show its true face, a rocky battleground. Dead winter grass. The Hurricanger hasten to reassure the children that they can return to their mothers and fathers. As the background becomes stone, they turn to face YumeBaku. Kouta goes up against the Jakanja in a delighted fury while the others stay with the kids, revealing talents that we've not seen him use before and it's really cool. He hammers the creature back, and leaps away from explosions, catches him by the feet and tosses him about. He pretty well wipes the floor with him. And they haul out the Triple Gadget, Kouta's weapon at front, and squash the Jakanja. He pulls out of the dream and staggers about. "This is the dream! It's a dream!" he gasps, but then he falls down dead.

The watching Jakanja all sag with unhappy sighs. And Furabijo pouts, "That was bad," and marks off the death. Wendinu calls to Chuzubo for the device to send and make it giant, which he gives with a disheartened "Yeah."

And now the stone coating withdraws the way it came, down the bodies lying on the hospital beds. When it is gone, everyone wakes. The children stir and rub their eyes sleepily. Oboro greets the Hurricanger with joy, and they similary come to her. She says their names and tells them she believed in them. They nod in somewhat confused thanks. Rika tosses her sheets off and gets up, calling excitedly for her mother, and the anxious waiting parents hear their children's voices and rush inside to greet them joyfully. The room is full of babbling, joyful parents hugging their children, who leap into their mothers' and fathers' arms.

And then the paper reacreates YumeBaku as a giant. The resulting power surge rocks the hospital, parents crouch and hold their children protectively, and the Hurricanger are racing out when Oboro stops them, pointing out the window. YumeBaku is out there, a giant. "Are we dreaming again?" asks Nanami, but Kouta says this is the real thing and asks Oboro to send out the Shinobi Machines. "I'll tell Father!" she says, for he is at base. And he sends them out. Forming Sempujin at once, the Hurricanger face off against YumeBaku. He tries to set them on fire, but they are unimpressed by the flames. They want to call for the Sword Slasher, but Mugensai has to tell them they can't use it yet, repairs aren't finished. So Yousuke says "Well, we'll go Hurrier Mode!" "Um, you can't do that yet, either." "Well, what CAN we do?" asks the startled boy. But Kouta knows. He calls in the Goat Crusher and Nanami calls in the Tortoise. They will attack with the Goat Hammer. It works quite well! They take him out without any difficulty. Oboro cheers them. But the Goraijer have watched this, and are amused that the Hurricanger are still alive. And Ikkou says "I'll make them regret coming back so soon."

Rika stands at Sherri's grave and prays, then talks to her puppy. "I'm sorry. I forgot about the real Sherry. It's okay now. I'm going to school again. I promise." She has released her grief and will get on with her life. The Hurricanger listen to her speech and leave, content. Dreams have a place, indeed they do. But we must live in the waking world.

File 11 on Yumebaku
巻之十二 テッコツと父娘 Tekkotsu to Chichimusume Tech and Father/Daughter
It looks like Oboro and her father have a day of confrontation. Hard to say.

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巻之十二 テッコツと父娘
Tekkotsu to Chichimusume
Tekkotsu and Father/Daughter

A skim of light in the night skies above darkened buildings, golden flash that hits the ground and shapes into a being. Metal Ninja Tecotsumeeba. He straightens up quickly, strange and bizarre. What resemble monstrous eyes and a mouth in his chest glow yellow-orange. Muttering parts of his name to himself, he looks about cautiously. Then he jerks alertly, seeing something behind him, and takes off at high speed skittering aloud into the air. For he is pursued by blurs of sky blue, yellow and red. The Hurricanger.

Back at base, there is a 3D graphic of the city on Oboro's computer screen, shown in green and black. One symbol tracks the Jakanja, another points to the location of the Hurricanger. Mugensai is watching and frets, "Oboro, are you being lax?" A slight tensing of her shoulders and she answer back, not taking her eyes off the screen, "I'm not being lax, I'm being very, very careful." She continues to work, but he is not satisfied. "No you're not careful, your instructions are too slow!" She is beginning to look exasperated, and with an annoyed sigh concentrates harder. "Shut up and just watch."

Tecotsu is still moving at high speeds, still a flash of golden light that sometimes slows to be seen. He stops in a gazebo and picks up a metal bar that he then bonds to him, making it part of his body and weaponry. He then waits, hiding against the side of the gazebo. And a blue blur comes out of the nearby water with a cry. Startled, he dives for cover but she is too fast for him and slashes with her own blade. He falls, rolling, then seems about to attack but what he does is turns and makes a run for it. A manhole cover in the street ahead of him suddenly flies up, and a yellow-costumed man erupts from it, bringing a startled Tecotsu to a halt. "You aren't getting past me!" Kouta says, arms wide. Then he pulls out his blaster to fire. Tecotsu is hit hard and falls tumbling onto a car, but then rolls onto the roof of it and becomes a mass of black substance covering the top. "Damn you," he snarls at the Hurricanger. He has control of the car and hurtles towards Kouta who shouts, "Whoops! Look out!" and ducks down into the manhole. The car passes over him. Kouta pops back up and grumble, "Blast it!" but Nanami is there and says excitedly, "Kouta, let's get him!" He's quite willing and leaps after her in pursuit of their enemy. "Ossha!" Tecostu in/on his car is hurtling down the silent street towards a group of tall apartment buildings. He says gleefully, "If I get in there, I'm home free!" The two puzzled Hurricanger pause in their pursuit. Kouta asks in puzzlement, "Is he planning on driving through those buildings?" Hearing him, the Jakanja cheerfully answers, "Exactly!" There is the hum of engines, and Yousuke is there on his Winger, swooping down on Tecotsu. With a shout, he slices down on the frightened creature, whose driving suffers from the attack. The car swerves out of control, busts some road-work equipment and goes over. Tecotsu cries out, "HEEEEELP!" as it turns and then he's in a bad position, as he's on the roof which is now sliding along the cement. "Ouchouchouch," he protests. And then the car explodes. The Hurricanger gather nearby and watch alertly. Good thing, too. Tecotsu has made it through the explosion, complaining of the heat. They draw their weapons and Yousuke calls them to attack. They get him very good, he is fallen on his back. "Let's use the Triple Gadget!" cries Yousuke. Oboro speaks quickly into her microphone. "Nanami, you take the front." Nanami gleefully affirms and they assemble their combined weapon. They are ready to fire on the Jakanja, who has made it back to his feet although staggering. Yousuke happily calls, "Don't try and suck up the returned Hurricanger!" And they fire. The blue bolt catches Tecotsu and raises him high into the black skies. He cries from inside, "It was a short life, but goodbye!" And then he explodes. Like firworks raining down in pink, gold, orange, blue. The Hurricanger are startled and appreciative. "That's so great!" comments Kouta, pointing up. Yousuke pulls at Nanami's shoulder. "That's new! Wow!" "It didn't get large?" Kouta asks wonderingly. Oboro's voice over their earphones is smug and delighted. "When you destroyed him, he burst into billions of pieces. I knew it was right to tune up the Gadgets." Her father, however, is worried. This went over too easy. He doesn't believe the Jakanja is destroyed. Oboro sighs in exasperation as he demands they stick around and make sure it's over. "Again," she hisses, glowering. She's had just about enough of this, her fingers tense and curl into angry claws. And the fireworks continue, impacting and being absorbed into buildings.

In the sunrise, everything looks clean and bright, except for the pollution haze on the skyline. The bright trio lands atop a building and they look around for any sign of threat. Still nothing. They are pleased with themselves and Yousuke speaks Oboro's praises, which the others happily agree about. They stand still a moment and stare around them. "It's all right now," Kouta says. Oboro calls them in for breakfast, and they enthusiastically answer. "I'm so hungry!" they agree as they happily bound off down the stairs from the roof. They don't notice the two who wander out almost innocently from behind a satellite dish. Isshu folds his arms and frowns after them. "The Hayate Way folks sure are sweet," he criticizes. He may be envious. Ikkou gives him a look and says let's go. They head off. No one notices a building which suddenly ripples.

On the Centipede... "What what WHAT were you thinking?" grumbles Furabijo as she marks of Tecotsu, glowering at Sargain. "I thought you said he'd win," Manmaruba complains. "Yeah, you did!" scowls Wendinu, popping over to Sargain and glaring at him. "But he wasn't even a little threat!" Manmaruba bumps her aside. "Of course, you couldn't do it." As Furabijo gets back up, really annoyed, Chuuzubo says happily that it's his turn again so very soon. He starst off to collect his next man, but Sargain suddenly says sternly, "Wait." Startled by the note of command, Chuuzubo turns to look back and complains. "It isn't over. I haven't been defeated." The audacity, when they just saw his man destroyed, annoys Chuuzubo. And he explains about Tekotsu's special skills, even having to defend himself to Tao Zanto.

Meanwhile, the Hurricanger are getting a major treat. Oboro wants to take them out to a hotel/restaurant and basically have a fun day. They are all very excited, and happy to go. Games, Karaoke, and anything they want, she tells them, and they shake her in happy thanks. But there is someone to rain on their parage. Mugensai sternly says they can't go, and when Oboro questions his protests, he explains that they have a lot to do. Not only are there the space ninja to deal with, but Oboro needs to ferret out the secrets of the Goraijin. Oboro gets down to glower in at him and demands they need a day off. But he says the Hayate Way ninja are all dead and that's why they need to do all the work. The trio shifts uncomfortably at that. But Oboro straightens back up angrily. "You would say that, Father." She hauls open a drawer, in which there are two halves of a ball. She grabs Mugensai, ignoring his startled protests, dumps him in one half and closes the ball around him. She is seriously pissed. A touch of a control and a clear tube with an entrance bay comes down from the ceiling, startling the Hurricanger. She puts the ball inside it, and gets ready to send it off. Confused and a bit frightened, the trio start to protest but she shrugs them off. There is a string as of a bomb in the bottom and she lights it. Mugensai, voice muffled from inside the ball, protests against the heat. Oboro watches critically, ignoring his voice. "See ya!" she calls mockingly. And then the ball rockets up the tube. They all watch in amazement, the trio a little uncertain and Kouta asks, "Um, is he gonna be all right?" For a moment, Oboro's glee fades and she looks sad, then she turns cheerfully to them and takes them with her.

And Mugensai is airborne, flying over the city in the spinning ball, getting dizzy as all and frantically hoping his daughter will remember.

Sargain walks calmly across a roof. He stops and says, "Tekotsume, how are things?" And one tall building responds, side rippling. There is Tekotsu's face. He is part of the building. And he will follow his commander's orders.

The ball hurtles, coincidentally towards that very part of the city. In fact, towards Sargain. He hears it coming, pulls out his katana and deflects the tiny incidental missile. Bemused, he heads away, realizing this is not his enemy. And so the ball flies towards an apartment building and finally comes to rest on someone's veranda, breaking open opon impact to release a very dizzy hamster, who staggers out of the bottom half. The sound attracts the attention of a little girl inside the apartment. She takes one look at what new item has flown into her life, and in the way of a child does not question it. "A hamster?!" she delights. She gathers up a still dizzy Mugensai and greets him happily. He gapes at her from her hand, and chooses silence as the best course of action as she cuddles him. She introduces herself as "Yuriko Oka," and he is her hamster.

Oboro is having a grand time, pouding on mighty traditional drums to the applause of Yousuke and Nanami. Kouta, though, watches with clear misgivings. Then she and Nanami right fake racehorses in a pair of games. Then she fires toy guns at targets on a screen. Through all of this, Kouta considers and considers, not joining in their fun. "Let's do Karaoke next!" she says when they've finished at the game center. But Kouta has had enough. "Wait a minute, please!" he demands anxiously. Startled, the other three turn to him. When Oboro gives him an innocent bewildered look he says, "You know this isn't right. This isn't the real you." She looks more than a little discomfitted by his statement, and doesn't meet his steady, wondering gaze.

In the white apartment there are glass tables, a nice phone, a pale brown plush chair. A phot of mother, father and daughter. And Mugensai the hamster, put in a makshift cage which resembles a bread-guard of dish-drying tray. He is doing his best to get the cover up, but it's pretty well down there. Yuriko arrives with a dish of food just in time to see that he's managed to get his head out and is looking perilously close to getting free. Dismayed, he pulls his head back in saying, "chu, chu." Oboro's ball is next to the cage, but gets no notice as she settles down and gazes at him in hurt. "Hamster, don't run away. I don't want to be all alone again." She trails off pensively. Startled, he listens with a questioning, "Chu?" He speaks this, which is humorous.

A playground, and the Hurricanger listen. Oboro speaks from the top of a slide about the puzzles of the Goraijer, and her own frustration with the constant confusion. She slides down, mourning that it's always hurry hurry hurry. Nanami understands and sympathizes. "And Father's always nagging, nagging. I mean he's always been that way as long as I can remember. He doesn't care how I feel."

In the apartment, Yuriko has taken Mugensai out and holds him in her hands. He wriggles uncomfortably. She talks to him, for she is very lonely. "Poppa and Momma, they're always away at work. They just always tell me do this, do that. All by myself. Every day there's nothing to do." Mugensai pauses in his wriggling and we can see that he is indeed being played by a male hamster. Yuriko gets to her feet sadly and says, "Poppa and Momma say I'm the most important thing, but I know it's me they hate." Mugensai can stay silent no longer, "That's not true." Stunned, Yuriko falls back onto the sofa. "Hamster! You can talk!" And he replies, sounding a bit stricken as he does. "You are the most important thing in their life. Don't you know that from them?" Her eyes are drawn to the row of framed certificates on the wall nearby, all hers from school. Mugensai continues speaking with gentle affection now, "The number one thing they love is YOU, Yuriko-chan. To parents, children are more important than anything."

Down at the playground, Oboro gets to her feet. "He's really annoying. Don't you think so too? He's always nagging and nagging. That's all he cares about. Right, so let's go do Karaoke!" and she starts off, rubbing her hands, determined to have a good time. But suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Yousuke leaps after her. "Well that's not really true!" When she turns to him in surprise he says hesitantly, "Well I... kind of saw it by accident." He swallows and takes a deep breath. "The boss' diary." Now this catches their interest, and Oboro's eyes turn bright and intent on his face. "Father's...?"

Late at night, and Yousuke had wandered into the black office for one reason or another, posssibly wondering at a light being on. Not a light really, but the computer was on, and Mugensai was asleep, curled up in front of the keyboard. Yousuke found himself looking down on his teacher with a fond smile, then he looked up at the computer screen. A calendar to mark the day, and the entry which Mugensai had fallen asleep before completing. Centered around Oboro. About the daily fighting. About what he wants to do. About how much, every day, he dreams of seeing his daughter in her wedding dress. And Yousuke gazed at the hamster, seeing the quiet rise and fall of his breathing, and wondering at the fragile humanity now caught inside an equally fragile body.

Oboro has a tough time believing this, and turns her back on them shakily. Hurt on Mugensai's behalf, Yousuke starts towards her protesting, "Oboro-san!" but Nanami catches his arm and holds him back. They instead watch her, and she clenches the hem of her shirt and sobs softly. But then the ground shakes and quakes. Startled, they all whirl to look. Across the river the buildings are moving, as though they are waves instead of solid objects. "What is?!" gasps Oboro. And then they see him, for he shifts to look out of one building and announce himself. Tekotsu is rightfully pleased. They gasp, and Oboro is quickly all business. She will send out the Shinobi machines. And Yousuke heads the change into battle armor. The three are ready in no time.

Inside a building that suddenly shakes violently, Yuriko leaps to her feet with a gasp of fear. "Earthquake?!" "Yuriko-chan, run away," Mugensai tells her. She nods agreement, and starts to move. The shaking causes the ball Oboro had cast Mugensai out in to the floor. It splits open and he sees it has a microphone inside. This they need. Yuriko looks out the window and gasps. There she can see the giant enemy as it pulls buildings to it. Tekotsu is using the buildings as mass for his body. Mugensai (the hamster cleaning his face) frets and knows what he's seeing. And on the Centipede, a very smug Sargain is telling the other Jakanja exactly what he's doing. Wendinu pokes some figures into her little mirror-case/computer and points out what will happen if Tekotsu gets to full mass. The size he will reach when they make him giant... hehehhe. Furabijo can't wrap her brain around the mathmatics, and bonks at Manmaruba in frustration. And our heroes race beside the moving buildings. They are speedy, but they too have imagined what will happen. Tekotsu will be five hundred times the size of Sempujin, and squash them like a bug. The idea is terrifying. But what can they do? Oboro tells them they'll have to do it, and she sends in Sempujin. As the three mecha vanish, a voice comes through over the loudspeakers. "Oboro! Can you hear me, Oboro?" It is her father's frantic call. "Dad? It's Dad!" She looks stricken and says softly to him, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that to you." "That doesn't matter. At this moment I'm in the middle of that sea of buildings!" "WHAT?!" They've been unable to escape. Yuriko huggles terrified at the top of a flight of stairs, weeping. From her pocket, Mugensai tells Oboro of their situation. "You're kidding!" she exclaims.

Sempujin has been formed, and they look up at their enemy, still growing as buildings are sucked towards him. But when they try to step in to fight, they are hit by electric lightning. They turn in frustration, and guess who's come to interfere. Yes, the Goraijer are there in their Shinobi Machines. They assemble Goraijin immediately. The Hurricanger are more annoyed than upset. Kouta calls out the Goat Crusher and then the two giant robots go at it, while Tekotsu gets larger and larger, and is amused by those beneath him. Goraijin punches Sempujin back, our trio are stepping in for more action when they hear a thin voice cut the air. "Poppa! Momma! Help!" And she cries. They see her briefly, and stare down in horror. "I'm scared," she weeps. Yousuke signals Oboro, "There's a little girl in one of the mansions!" "I know," Oboro replies to his shock. "Father is with her." All three are shocked. But she tells them to keep fighting. She will take care of the other two. And Goraijin closes in for battle. They are hit and staggered, but not able to concentrate fully on this battle.

Oboro has indeed entered the fray, on a bicycle, carrying a weapon and all dressed in light army fatigues. She fires a hook and gets herself up into the moving apartment building. Sempujin uses mists on Goraijin, whose pilots look around suspiciously. They aren't going to be stopped that easy. They cut through the mist with their claw, and finds the Dolphin and Lion Shinobi machines flying at them. Isshu is on the ball, though, and manages to knock them away, they go spinning. "Red's not there," Ikkou says in surprise. They start to turn. The Hawk is arrowing down at them. Both utter a shocked, "What?!" as the giant bird-machine bursts into flame. But they are not his target, and he tells them so mockingly. Tekotsu is. The giant conglomeration finds itself wreathed in the Hawk's fires and shrieks a protest. The flames are enough to start melting him down, and Yousuke flies out of the blaze. Goraijin stands there, reflecting its pilots' startled frustration and Isshu has some nasty things to say about being ignored. "They aren't interested in us," says a rather disconcerted Ikkou. Rather peeved, they march Goraijin out of there. And the three Hayate way machines assemble, pilots searching the area with eyes, hoping to find Oboro and that little girl. "We're all right!" they hear Oboro hollar. And she comes racing out of the flames, Yuriko clutched in her arms. She bruised and somewhat sooty, but just fine. Yousuke leans back in happy relief, and all three makes happy noises. Mugensai adds his praises from the girl's pocket.

The sun is starting to set when Yuriko finds "Poppa! Momma!" They have come searching for their little girl. The family is reunited, both parents weeping with joy and clutching her between them. The Hurricanger and their two elders watch with pleasure. And Oboro speaks to her fuzzy father. "I'm sorry, Dad," she says so softly. "No, I was bad," he answers her, rubbing his face sheepishly. They are silent for a moment, then he adds with embarrassed affection, "You've really become pretty." She can't help but laugh slightly at that. Awkward, they are, but loving. And she teases him back. Their famililiar bickering soon gets the trio laughing, and finally everyone heads home, while jumping for joy.

File 12 on Sargain's Tekotsu.
巻之十三 ヒゲと婚約指輪 Hige to Konyakuyubiwa Mustache and the Wedding Ring
Our group finds themselves on a mission to help a man, interrupted by the need to fight a Jakanja ninja. It looks like the man and a woman he loves will live happily ever after. And Gatling Leo makes its appearance.

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巻之十三巻之十三 ヒゲと婚約指輪
Hige to Konyakuyubiwa
Mustache and the Wedding Ring

Yousuke and his boss have arrived at a bakery, and they've been hired for the day. There is a promotion going on, and they are to make sure to give out these cookies with every purchase. The man then gets a phone call from Reiko, who wants to meet him at a nearby park. He goes off, and is abandoned at the job by his boss, who was supposed to work WITH him. She has a date, too. The Goraijer are aboard the Centipede, watching with interest while the next soldier is chosen to head out. Chuzubo is the butt of their sneering comments, but Tao Zanto gives permission anywy. And Mugensai is having fun running on his rather noisy wheel. Kouta is helping a very old man, cleaning up, taking care of the home, when he is signaled. Yousuke has a bilion customers to deal with and he begs Kouta for help. But Kouta can't. He suggest trying Nanami, whose work starts at 3. And so Nanami comes to help. She scolds Yousuke, but just when they think it's over, a slew of customers have come in. Higerappe, a rapping Jakanja, is waylaying passersby. Nanami has run out of cookies and there is one last customer. Yousuke goes looking and finds a promotional bag which had been set aside. Nanami is about to go, when the owner races in searching for that. He tells them in dismay that there was a bag with his precious engagement ring inside. This was Reiko's birthday! They find another bag, but it isn't the right one. He can't replace the ring. He had designed it himself, working late into the nghts, until is wasw a precious work of art fit for a queen. He sits miserable and depressed. But Yousuke volunteers the two of them to go search for the ring. This is a problem for Nanami, who has her own work to worry about. But she goes with him. They're pretty sure its the last three girls. And Higerappa is still waylaying people. Kouta and Nanami stumble upon one of the girls, but her bag is not the one. Her friends had gone off to a game-center. They fine one, but hers only contains cookies, too. But Sae has gone off to a bookstore. Yousuke goes into temporary hysterics about why the three friends aren't together, but Nanami drags him off. They are temporarily paused when they see the Goraijer hanging about above them on a walkway, but Yousuke says furiously that he hasn't time for them, he's got to go find someone. Again the Goraijer find the Hurricanger running off and ignoring them. The two seem philosophical about it, wondering who Yousuke is searching for. But so far, they've failed to find the third. And Nanami is really worrying about being late for work. A woman with a little girl settles beside them, and Yousuek gets his drive back, thinking of it. Nanami calls her boss, who goes into an utter fit upon finding out she won't make it on time. The two continue their serach through every bookstore, getting really worn and tired. "She's not anywhere!" gasps Yousuke. But just then she's right across the road from them. They tear off to catch up with her, but unfortunately Higerappa finds her first. Waylaid, she's caught under the spell. And our two change into armor. Kouta is signaled just as he's leaving work. Go join the others. And Oboro tells him she's adding new functions. Nanami and Yousuke are trapped in front of many controlled humans when Kouta catches up with them. These people suddenly carry weapons. Our trio must be careful, to get these people back to normal. They vanish under attack, the startled Higerappa looking around frantically. It's scarves this time, as the trio announce themselves. Nanami and Yousuke bawl out the Higerappa for interfering in someone's proposal. Kouta, out of the loop, keeps protesting he doesn't get what they're talking about. But the pair lead the battle against Magerappa without explaining further. They do quite beautifully and congratulate each other, while Kouta stands and watches in admiration. Nanami calls him to help form the Triple Gadget, and they destroy Higerappa. Wendinu quickly sends in the scroll to make him giant, and after a dive behind a small tree, Yousuke calls in the Shinobi Machines. They form Sempujin and attack with the Sword Slasher, first. Again they are interrupted by a blast. Yes, the Goraijer are here, having no purpose in life other than to harrass the Hurricanger.

Goraijin assembles, and Mugensai tells Oboro to hurry with their new weapon. The Goraijer attack with Plant Axe. Caught between them and Higerappa, our trio are feeling more than a bit nervous. Oboro quick sends off the new Karakuri ball, which Kouta snatches fast. Out comes the Gatling Leo. "Well, this is new," comments one Goraijer. Higerappa goes straight into battle, prompting "He's an idiot," from Ikkou. The Hurricanger slice and dice him, and it's over. The Goraijer retreat from the field to think about this.

People are released from the Jakanja's spell, and find themselves confused. But our heroes collect the all-important engagement ring, replacing it with a bag of cookies for the girl. They get back to the bakery, but it's closed. They go hunting for the owner. He is in the park with Reiko, apologizing for not having a present for her. But she doesn't care, she's just enjoying being with him. He starts to go off miserably, when a little parachute floats down with the ring. He gapes and then hears whispered encouragement, turns to see his temp worker and two others waving at him. Utterly ecstatic, he goes off and asks Reiko to marry him, presenting her with the ring. After a moment of astonished staring, she leaps into his arms. The Hurricanger watch gleefully. At least, they do until Nanami's boss finds her and drags her frantically away with him.

File 13 on Higerappa, one of Chuzubo's.
巻之十四 泣き虫とあめ玉 Nakemushi to Ametama Crybaby and the Ame Ball
Yousuke plays in a tree like a child, which is bad because he's been turned into a child! Nanami and Kouta have to watch out for him. She tells him, "You're Hurricane Red, you're our friend!" The boy rescues a pot from danger, and he's still Yousuke.

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巻之十四 泣き虫とあめ玉 Nakemushi to Ametama Crybaby and the Ame Ball

Late spring, and Nanami stares up at... Yousuke, who is up a tree. She frets, "Yousuke, that's dangerous. Kouta's gone to get a ladder." He happily responds everything's all right, he's a ninja, after all. Kouta arrives with the ladder and looks up in concern. Yousuke is very carefully putting two small, white eggs in a nest and whispering encouragement to those inside. Finished, he leans back with a sigh of contentment, grins down and flashes them the peace sign, then loses his balance and falls out of the tree. Flipping to control his fall, he lands on a barrier post across from them. His balance is precarious and he sways, wildy wind-milling his arms. Then his foot slips and he lands straight in the lake. Kouta and Nanami are of one mind. They groan in exasperation.

Oboro is completing yet another program, and she's quite pleased with herself. She's made a new Karakuri ball and she does a little happy dance, when she hears their voices in the hall. She quickly assumes a more dignified position. They come tromping in, Yousuke still dripping, though he's only in his blacks and is drying his hair, complaining of the cold. Kouta scolds him, setting aside the bundle of his clothes. Nanami does the same, hanging up his jacket to dry. They've been going on like this for a while. He is exasperated and tells them something like he isn't a child to be afraid to do things like that. They sigh in frustration and fall back on the chairs. Mugensai, listening, has a remark on him missing water and childhood or something, it's probably a proverb, because Oboro winces. Yousuke is still very damp and looks young, glowers in fury. "I'm not a three-year old!" "Oh, that was stupid," mutters Oboro.

Meanwhile on the Centipede, there is a fire blazing. The Goraijer are there, standing together and listening. The girls are there, and Sargain is being sent on assignment, much to Chuzubo's chagrin. He bounds over and begs for one more chance. Sargain is not too pleased about the horning in. But then Manmaruba pops in to say with excitement that something is coming. Fireballs that waft over the Centipede. They all turn, wondering. One of these fireballs hits and bashes through into the throne room. It looks like a lovely pot. They all shriek (except the Goraijer) and jump back. When nothing happens Wendinu takes a look and says, "Oh, it's a pot." Furabijo says, "I wonder what's in it?" and pulls the lid off. Glowing green smoke pours out and reforms into a being. Bakuto Ninja Octo something. Chuzubo greets him with grateful relief. The others stare on in confused interest. He's come in a hurry, and this is his cousin, who thinks Chuzubo is a lord which amuses the girls. After a moment's consideration, Tao Zanto agrees to let Chuzubo make the next attack. Chuzubo takes this opportunity to make a little pointed mocking remark to the Goraijer, setting his hands on their stiff shoulders. And the fireball weaves out of the sky to a lonely beach. On impact the fire dies leaving only the pot, whose lid shakes. Chuzubo teleports to the beach, and he calls out Octo. Off they go to start their attack.

A woman is getting a makeover foundation etc demonstration by a skin-care saleswoman at her home. She steps away to answer the telephone. The saleswoman waits, considering if she's using the right foundation, when someone says, "Oh, miss!" she turns to see this weird creature (Octo) standing there practically bouncing for joy. She screams, but before she can move, he splurts black ink in her face and leaves her blinking and confused, face slick with ink. A doctor setting up x-rays to study. "Doc?" calls a voie. He turns and gets squirted. When he looks again, his assailant is gone. An older, dignified helicopter pilot is waylaid next.

The Hurricanger leap to their feet. "A Jakanja in the city?" they say as one. Mugensai nods and grunts confirmation. When they ask what's going on, there is nothing to tell, but the trio head for where the Jakanja's been and see people fleeing with faces gray and black with ink. They run down into the tunnel system, past fleeing police officers. They get to a corner and peer around it. Clear. Yousuke leaps forward but Kouta holds him back wanting to be sure before. Yousuke throws him off flips his nose in defiance and heads out into the center of the open area. "HEY! Come on out, Jakanja!" When nothing happens, he looks about stubbornly. "Where is it..?" Well, it is right above his head, invisible against the ceiling until it appears, laughing. Yousuke whirls to see it and gets a faceful of black ink. He leaps away and lands rolling, the worried Kouta and Nanami come to check him but he seems all right otherwise. But Octo is out and the two change into their armor to fight. Yousuke does not follow suit while the enemy marks Yousuke. Yousuke challenges him furiously, and he laughs. Then he does his spell. "Space Ninja magic! Back to the child!" Yousuke gasps, when suddenly he glows, his eyes wild with surprise. The glow fades taking the ink with it and suddenly he shrinks, his features shift and reform themselves. And a very surprised child stands there with wide, innocent eyes, and stares at the huge clothes hanging on his slight frame in confusion. Kouta and Nanami gasp. And then all the other people Octo had hit with his ink go through the same thing. The pot waiting on the beach receives glowing balls of light that solidify into hard candies. Kouta and Nanami leap protectively to the child, wondering what to do. Octo blasts them and they fall. The little boy lands on his face and starts to whimper, "ouwie," in a tiny voice. And Chuzubo comes to join the trouble. Kouta stands protection as Nanami pulls the terrified child into her arms and holds him tight. He hides his face against her stomache whimpering that it's scary. Chuzubo is pretty darned pleased that Octo managed to turn one Hurricanger into a child. The Hurricanger try Gun Mode, but their shots comes back at them painfully. In the smoking flash of the explosion they vanish, leaving only their colored clothes behind. Octo picks up Nanami's and snarls, "They got away!!" Chuzubo calls in the Magerappa and sends them off a-hunting. From outside, those two troublesome guys are watching as ever. Isshu is even quite amused and tells his stern brother so. But Ikkou doubts this venture will end any better than Chuzubo's others.

Nanami and Kouta run into a dead end, trying to hush the sobbing child. Kouta gently turns him around. "Hey, what's your name?" The boy lowers his arm enough to whimper, "Shiina Yousuke." He has wide eyes, a bit of an overbite. Kouta takes a moment to digest this and then breathes in and asks, "How old are you?" The boy sniffles and holds up his open hand. He is only five years old. Back at base, Mugensai receives their report. "Yousuke's been turned into a child?" Oboro responds, "It's not just Yousuke. Everyone who's been hit by that ink is a child, now." The makeup lady (child), is amusing herself writing bright red X all over the face of the sleeping woman she was working with. A frantic nurse is trying to keep up with the child her doctor has become, racing through the halls in oversized greens. She catches him and asks "But what are we to do with the operation?" "I donnu what operations are!" he answers her. And a man has to get the small child his pilot has become out of the helicopter. The boy struggles furiously as the man he is too young to know tries to get him under control.

Nanami gently bandages Yousuke's scraped back-of-hand. The boy is still whimpering and she tries to convince him that boys don't cry. She's not getting anywhere with this argument. "But it hurts!" he protests. Exasperated, she stands up and glowers at him. "How come kids are so scared?" she grumbles, moving away to Kouta. "He's never gonna stop crying!" He is on edge, too. "Well there's nothing to do about it." He turns and heads for Yousuke. He takes a breath as he settles down in front of him and pastes on a smile, tousling the child's head. "Okay, no more crying now. You're a ninja. You're strong, you know?" This statement distracts the boy. "Ninja?" he asks between sniffles. But just then the voices of a number of Magerappa are heard. Nanami goes to look around the corner. Chuzubo, Octo and their corp are nearby. Chuzubo says menacingly, "They can't get far with that kid. They've got to be somewhere nearby." Kouta quick huddles down with Nanami and they whisper to each other. Yousuke has stopped crying, but he tilts his head to regard them with luminous, curious eyes. And the enemy is approaching. They round the corner our heroes were behind, but there's nothing there and head on. And when they've gone, the white fence darkens in a rectangle. A moment later and Kouta drops the cloth he'd been holding up. It falls at their feet like liquid silver. This was Chameleon Magic, and Kouta completes the spell with a Kabuki-like swing of his had. Young Yousuke is utterly amazed and impressed. A bus comes to a dangerous halt. The driver had been turned into a child, and fortunately there weren't many people on the bus. But now that he's stopped, those who had gathered near the front breath sighs of exhausted relief. The child has been having a grand time, and is about to start the bus going again when his passengers leap to get him away from the controls. The three Hurricanger watch this in surprise. Nanami and Kouta duck down, and then have to pull Yousuke down with them. And the Magerappa are still hunting. They pass the hidden trio, who creep out only to witness a panic-stricken police officer trying frantically to keep the child his senior officer has become under control. They continue on with Yousuke, but he's exhausted and starts crying softly again. "I can't walk anymore," he sniffles. Nanami kneels down and tells him softly, "Yousuke, don't cry. You're Hurricane Red. You're our strong friend." When he keeps sniffling quietly she adds, "The three of us, we're the great Hurricanger." This distracts him from his tears and he raises his gaze to hers in innocent curiosity. She smiles when he gazes at her. Then he says, "Carry me," and she is dumbfounded. "Huh?" But then Oboro signals them with quick information. Six hours ago all this started, and she's used her computer to track the wave of people turning into children back to point of origin. So they will go, and Nanami lifts Yousuke into her arms. They glance around the corner and start very carefully wending their way. But Magerappa are everywhere. Eventually, Kouta decides to provide a distraction and heads out to mock the group of Magerappa they are near. They chase after him. Nanami is about to take off with Yousuke, but he's gotten excited and yells, "Lemme go!" and stomps on her foot to get away and go watch Kouta. Nanami heads after him, and the little boy is watching in amazed delight as Kouta fights and takes down Magerappa. Nanami catches up with him, scoops him into her arms and heads off before he can protest again. Thus he misses Kouta pulling a disappearing act. The enemies aren't very bright. They toss down his jacket in frustration and don't notice him hanging from the rafters above them.

Kouta has taken over Yousuke-carrying, has him piggyback as they race down the streets. They'Ve made it to the beach Oboro sent them to, and look around. They soon spot the strange pot sitting lopsided in the sand. "That must be it," says Kouta and Nanami agrees. They race towards it when things explode in front of them. They fall, Kouta over Yousuke protectively. Yes, Chuzubo and Octo are there, along with some Magerappa. The two young adults move to protect the child, Nanami holding him tightly and Kouta between them and their enemies. Octo happily explains how these things are done, and he takes the cover off of the vase to reveal it is full of sugared candies. Each one a person's adulthood. He takes out a blue one. But they know if Octo is destroyed, all the children will revert to their natural state. When they are fired on again, they roll behind a boulder and Nanami assures Yousuke determinedly that they will get him back to normal. She tells him to wait, and the pair race off towards their enemies, changing into armor as they run. Yousuke gasps in amazement. While they fight, and get hit pretty badly, the small child calls out to them and then says furiously, "I'm a ninja! I'm a Hurricanger!" And he leaps out and runs towards the mighty vase. The others don't see what's going on, preoccupied with the fight. He gets to it and lifts it, then calls, "Hey, I got the vase!" Octo is surprised and Nanami calls warning, but the boy is defiant to the enemy, "I'm keeping my cool!" he calls and swipes his thumb under his nose in a gesture he sometimes made for them as an adult. Kouta calls, "Great, you got it now RUN!" and the boy happily obliges. The enemies fire at him, and he races bast fireballs. They call his name, but are pinned and cannot get free to help him. Chuzubo in a fury tries a more vicious approach, and blasts the child with eyebeams. A huge fireball comes up behind Yousuke, who cries out but keeps running through all the smoke and flames. They scream for him when the explosions engulf him, and next we see only his red jacket lying in the scorched sand. Chuzubo starts laughing. Shaking his fists at the skies he calls "I beat one of the Hurricanger!!" when a child's voice calls, "Stuuuupid!" Startled, he turns and sees nothing. And then Yousuke pops out of the sand clad only in his blacks (which hang really loose on his small body." He pulls his lower eyelid down and sticks out his tongue, "Making faces," he says (which is the same as "Nyah nyah!"). Kouta and Nanami grin and laugh their approval. Chuzubo is understandably annoyed, but then Kouta gives him a faceful of Gyro Shuriken, which explode after embedding in his skin. They race to the boy, Kouta gets there first and kneels to put a warm hand on his shoulder. "I'm glad you're alive." "Hey, I'm a Ninja!" the boy tells him happily. Nanami kneels, too, "You are all right. Little Yousuke is just as much as big Yousuke." Now they open the vase, and Yousuke takes the shining red candy that is his. He puts it in his mouth and blinks rapidly. The other two step back a little, watching anxiously. And Yousuke's body expands and shifts. He is an adult again, and he looks down at himself in surprise and relief. Then he looks at them. "Yousuke!" breaths Kouta in relief. "You're back," adds a delighted Nanami, they both step closer to him.

Yes, he's back, and now he changes into his armor. Chuzubo and Octo are not really prepared to face our trio. The battle is joined and the Hurricanger make pretty short work of the pair. Though Chuzubo manages to use his pike to slam Yousuke against a far cliff (it telescopes), what falls is only a straw dummy in Hurricane Red's fighting uniform. Chuzubo looks for the real thing, and manages to catch Yousuke's blade and flip him past. Yousuke lands, turns and uses a ninja spell. Next thing the astounded Chuzubo knows, he's getting blasted by a small red tank. Octo has Nanami and Kouta in his tentacles and holds them still as he strikes with Shuriken. Yousuke gets in to cut them free. He cuts Octo up pretty well, and finally the tentacled Jakanja falls. The trio uses the Triple Gadget, Yousuke's at the front, and that destroys Octo. The candies then shimmer into energy, and suddenly children all over the city are returned to their adult status. All look around in surprise and relief.

And Chuzubo weeps over Octo's remains. Wendinu and Furabijo watch this acticivity with frowns from the Centipede. "Well, this is too bad, isn't it?" says Wendinu. And Furabijo marks off Octo as a zero. She's going to put another zero on Chuzuobo's list, but they've run out of squares and she complains of this to Wendinu. But Chuzubo is not finished yet, he tosses his paper into the skies and Octo is recreated as a giant. And Oboro sends in the Shinobi Machines. "Ninpu Gattai! Sempujin, Suisan!"

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巻之十五 タガメと争奪戦 Tagame to Soudatsusen Tagame and the Scramble Battle

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巻之十五 タガメと争奪戦 Tagame to Soudatsusen
Tagame and the Scramble Battle

Summary by Gerald Conde. I have fixed some of the larger inaccuracies.

A full moon perfectly in the center of a black sky. We hear giant stomps and its coming from two robots. They are walking at night through a clearing in a forest. The robot walking behind the first one is recognizable, it's Gouraijin. The one in front has its arm out in front of it. It has blades sticking out of braces around the wrists. This robot is known as Megatagame. It pauses. Gouraijin stands next to it. A familiar voice speaks, it comes from inside the new machine. It is Sargain, piloting Megatagame. It's ironic, a robot (Jill says: I think Sargain is an insect) piloting a robot piloting a robot. He says they found something. The two giant robots turn gracefully 45 degrees. Four red lights signal one by one in a line under Megatagame's wrist brace. Gouraijin walks toward a spot in a hill. The Gouraijyas use the Plant Axe to slash the top. A big burst of smoke and rocks uncover. A rock sparkles blue. Sargain opens his face to reveal his true ant form and his squeaky voice is heard.

In the Centipede, Gouraijin is seen walking past Sargain's robot in the viewing circle screen. Another squeaky voice is heard, it's Manmaruba. He seems angry. He is hovering around in front of the head boss, Tau Zanto. He flutters about. When his master speaks, Manmaruba returns his attention to him. Tau Zanto mentions Gouraijya. The floating gold bug becomes a unhealthy color of red and steams up. smoke comes out of his sides. Wendinu comes from the left, she speaks more of Gouraijya and the gold one has another hissy fit. Furabijou comes from the right and praises Gouraijya again making Mammaruba scatter off in rage. She looks at him with misunderstanding confusion, she quickly forgets it as she smiles and puts her arms together in glee. She asks Wendinu if she agrees with her and the pink-haired one gives a approving "Mmm-hmm". The girls' small moment is interrupted when Tau Zanto diverts their attention.

The Gouraijin places the stone on the ground. Megatagame blasts a big laser beam out of its eyes. The laser is place upon the rock pulling it upward into the sky. When the laser was done, the ball of light falls to the ground. A blue crystal shard falls is revealed. The two Kasumi brothers jump out of their robot. Isshuu picks the shard up, Sargain walks aside the Gouraijya. Sargain wants them to be loyal. Ikkou smart mouths something and the two brothers leap back up to their robot. Sargain likewise zips off. The Gouraijin stomps off first with the Megatagame following it. Amongst the dust collected from the stomping, Chuuzubo scoots into the screen, out of breath as if he wanted to tell them something. He must be snooping about. His eyes look rather sickly.

The next day, our heroes soar in the sky with their respective wingers. Stock footage from the ending sequence. They look at the wreckage. Mugensai is startled by the news collected by his apprentices. He tells Oboru to bring up information on the computer. Mugensai says "Shinobi", grabbing the attention of the four. He explains about the crystal. Yousuke is ready for anything.

At a laboratory research center, two scientists in white lab coats are walking upward a staircase with red carpet. The lead scientist has a glass case with a blue crystal in the center of a black pillow. This crystal resembles the shard of before but is shaped differently. It's a hexagon. It has two layers. The top layer being smaller than the bottom. At the top of the stairs, the two men are startled to see a stranger in flattering black and (maroon/burgundy/ruby red) leather in their path. They say they won't give him the crystal. Ikkou smirks and walks toward them in a threatening manner. It must be threatening since the lead scientist irks a sound, ducks and walks swiftly down the stairs with case in hand. The second scientist backs him up as they walk down. They bump into another young man. This one, in a bad need of a smile, coming after them. The two scientists are now sandwiched between the menacing Kasumi Brothers. Our plucky heroes race to the lab. They hear attacking sounds. They get inside but they are too late.

As Yousuke and Nanami try to wake the two knocked out scientists. Kouta races outside to the backdoor. He spots the two fugitives running from the premises. Kouta calls his teammates and they race out. Yousuke tells a scientist there to take care of the unconscious. The three Shinobi Change and leap out in front of the brothers. They say that the brothers won't get away with it. Ikkou walks forward with gem in hand with talky defense. The kids talk their mouths off with threats. Red in fury, runs out to get their unwanted rivals. Ikkou blasts him with electricity from his Gourai Changer. Red struggles in blue electricity but eventually falls to the ground. Yellow and Blue come to his aid. Yellow looks for the rivals but they are gone. Red swears they will get them.

We hear dripping. The two brothers are walking into a huge cave. Ikkou pulls out the gem and places it into a handheld mirror (without actual mirror) device that looks like it would belong to Ikazuchi Way school. Isshuu hands his big bro the blue shard and he places it in the device. The gem and shard shine quickly and disappear. Ikkou closes a hatch and the symbol on the cover is two lighting bolts---the Ikazuchi symbol. He then points the device in front of a cave wall. The device gleams a blue light. Over on the left, in a hiding place, Chuuzubo is observing. He is startled by what the two are doing. A blue-tinted hologram is projected, it's a dude in a knight armor with some cloak over his head. The guy has nice boots. Isshuu gulps. Water drips from the cave. The brothers take in the message. Suddenly, the message is interrupted. It is some how distorted. The hologram disappears. Isshuu is the first to be shocked. Ikkou quickly looks at the device to see if something went wrong. A yellow light races around the twin lighting bolt cover hatch counter clockwise. The hatch opens revealing a black hole with a bit of smoke. The smoke surrounds a blue glowing light. A ripple of blue light hovers around the item. The Gem pops out of the hatch onto the ground and breaks into small pieces. Isshuu is astounded. They don't know what happened.

Meanwhile, the three talk to one of the scientists. He tells them that the crystal the Goraijer stole was a fake. They still have the real one under lock and key. Yousuke tells his teammates that it is time to go against the Gouraijya. They are Ninja. They have to stop being nice people and do something. They band together. They change again into Hurricangers.

Chuuzubo awakens Tau Zanto in his sleep snitching on the Gouraijya in the Centipede. He whispers the whole thing he witnessed a bit closer.

Then at another place, called the Energy Laboratory. There's the real blue crystal, this one guarded heavily. It was shaped with a gelatin mold! No, um, it has five sides. It has a long height but basically like a blocky crystallized Jell-O mold. Hurricane Blue is guarding it at one door. She asks red what they are going to do. Red says that they have to be ready. The plan is to have Blue 'woman' the SenPuuJin and the guys battle the Gouraijya. Blue asks Yellow what he thinks. Yellow thinks about this. They are interrupted and rustled about by a rumble. From a window they see a now familiar robot emerge from what seems to be the ground. Megatagame parts its arms. The Hurricangers are now in for it. Four red exhaust gasses pour out of Sargain's new toy. He readies in the cockpit. In his scope, it scans for the crystal within the Energy Lab. He pinpoints its location.

Yellow wonders if the Gouraijya will be around. Oboru sounds a beeping sound on their Changers. She calls forth the Shinobi Machines. Megatagame readies for Hawk, Dolphin and Lion. Crowds of people scream and race away as our heroes leap into their machines. They form the SenPuuJin. Yellow sets up the systems. Sargain tells the Hurricangers to meet their maker. The protractor shaped headband of the Megatagame charges up red electric energy. It emits a powerful charge upon our heroes. Yellow places his Shinobi medal and teleports it to Blue. She is amazed at it. Red says he will also send her a special little something. He teleports a gold coin. She says "what's this?" It's chocolate. "Yousuke", is all she can say. Sargain tries the same old red charge upon the SenPuuJin. The robot pulls a string on the Lion's ring mane and it blasts light missiles at Sargain's machine. The boys wish Blue good luck while they go face off against the bad boys in the Lab.

Red and Yellow race the halls as the lab's alarm sounds. It is again too late, the brothers already broke in and have a big hole in the wall that is in no way the shape of the two but oh well. Yellow and Red race against the two but are blasted by the Gourai Changers. As the Hurricangers are on the floor, the brothers escape past them. Red wants to get them but Yellow reminds him Blue is alone. Talking about Nanami, the bad robot hits the good one pretty hard. Blue is shaken. SenPuuJin falls to the ground. The two bad boys are running towards it but are stopped when they see Yellow and Red. Ikkou smirks as always. Blue is down but not yet beaten. She stands the SenPuuJin up. The brothers Shinobi Change into the Gouraijyas. Kabuto's transform sequence is now on the left.

The Gouraijyas and Hurricanger boys race toward each other and disappear. They both fight each other. Red against Kabuto and the other with Yellow. Meanwhile, Megatagame seems to have beaten SenPuuJin which is on the floor. Sargain sees the Dolphin arm. Nanami is in there. He points the claw towards the Dolphin and breaks the window. Blue ducks. The cockpit is pretty damaged. Red and Yellow turn in concern for their favorite girl as the bad boys take advantage of the distraction by unfairly attacking them with their weapons. Red and Yellow are hit. Megatagame blasts Blue. Oboru watches in horror. Red and Yellow barely can get up from the blow of the Gouraijya. The two cowards back away. Sargain declares victories. Blue groans in pain. Megatagame uses its blade to pull the fallen SenPuuJin up. Blue unwraps Red's gift. She eats the Chocolate. She has a good chew and is ready to battle. She grabs the handles and swifts them. The Dolphin arm is purged to touch the bad bot.

Red leaps up and Yellow grabs him. Red is lifted at Yellow's side. Blue does a war cry and Dolphin emits blue water spit lasers that pushes Megatagame away. It gets pretty fuses popped out of it. Yellow pushes Red in the air, he comes toward with his right leg out, kicking Kabuto. The eldest brother is of course, startled, as he is pushed in the air by Red. Red lets go his kick, having Kabuto slam unto the ground releasing the stolen gem. Red grabs the Jell-O gem and runs off. Kuwagata picks Kabuto up. They decide to put together their weapons to blast the good boys. Kabuto is weak and can't go on, he falls back a bit. Kuwagata is worried about his brother. Kabuto tells him to go after them.

Megatagame swaggers. It tries to regain its balance. Sargain isn't easily beaten either. Blue asks, "Really?" SenPuuJin pulls a string that makes the Dolphin's ring spin radiating a blue swirl that makes the bad bot again loose its balance. An orange fire flare pops out. Blue gets Yellow's Shinobi Medal and calls for Gatling Leo, she gets her Squid Attacker and they merge. It is then called Gatling Attacker. "Hurricane Spiral" is the attack. Yellow Lion roars, his mane spins. Gatling Leo's mane spins. The spinning makes windy dust. Yellow light escapes from it. Missiles are turn out of the merger in a whirlwind. It attacks like a machine gun. Sargain is being hit by sparks coming from the cockpit. As a blue electric force field makes Megatagame fall down to explode. Sargain is thrown out of the explosion to land who-knows-where. Blue sighs in relief at her accomplishment.

(This part needed some serious editing)Yellow and Red cheer to Blue at their reunion. A job well done. Red shows Blue the crystal that now looks like a clover. Kuwagata comes out of nowhere at this happy reunion attacking all the Hurricanger. A weak Kabuto has the Double Gadget in hand. Kabuto aims the gadget. Then he hesitates and lowers the weapon. But soon he raises it again. Blue warns her friends. they look out. Kuwagata sees and cannot stop himself from jerking in fright. Yousuke (Red) says something about firing on his own brother. Kabuto emits a blast that hits all four of them. He gets the clover gem. Kuwagata is badly hurt. Red watches from the ground in astonishment as the little brother apologizes. Kabuto simply says he shouldn't be in the way. They walk off. They vanish. The Hurricanger collect themselves. Upset that the baddies got away with the gem.

Mugensai mentions something that frightens Oboru into deep thought. Ikkou reveals in his accomplishment of getting the gem, marveling at it in his hand and smiling as if it was his job well done. Ikkou smiles too but a certain childlike revealment. His face turns stern when Chuuzubo walks in the cave. He says the gem belongs to the Jakanja. He laughs. The brothers look at him seriously. Ikkou closes the gem in his hand and bites his lip. Places his arm by his side. The green chubby dude keeps laughing.

File 15 on Megatagame
巻之十六 霧と予言装置 Kiri to Yougensouchi Mist and the Prediction Apparatus
Kabuto Raijya with the twin lighting handheld projector device. Lips. An old man's eyes. Gouraijin ready to attack with its plant axe. SenPuuJin ready to attack with its Sword Slasher. The two weapons meet. Isshuu turns around. Ikkou turns around. Gouraijya running toward the Hurricanger. Yousuke's fists in marvel. Kabuto blasts the three with his gadget. Tau Zanto's face. Kabuto Raijya in his cockpit putting his head down. Kabuto shaking the device.

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巻之十六 霧と予言装置 Kiri to Yougensouchi Mist and the Prediction Apparatus

Summary by Gerald Conde. I have fixed some of the larger inaccuracies.

Analyzing gem in computer screen. It rotates round and round. The kids surround Oboru at the computer. The logistics are explained. Mugensai says something. Oboru wonders what the Gouraijya will do. At the mention of Gouraijya Yousuke pounds his hand in the wall in anger. Nanami and Kouta tell him to claim down. Oboru sighs in comprehension and sympathy. Yousuke tells his teammates they must do something about the Gouraijya.

The projector device comes to our view. It is in Kabuto's hands. The Gouraijya are in the Centipede with the Jakanja. Kuwagata walks closer to his brother. Kabuto points the projector affront to project. A brilliant white light emerges from the center. It projects the image of the old dude from the last episode. His image rotates. The aliens watch in amazement. Furabijou gleefully runs to the image. She observes it from top to bottom and puts her hand through the rotating hologram. "Ahh," she says in somewhat disappointment and turns around back to where she was. Wendinu asks something and Manmaruba floats around. Chuuzubo tells him to shut up. The hologram speaks. A man in knight armor with a cloak on his head. Sargain plays with his fingers and comes up to the Gouraijya. Light buttons blink on the device. Kuwagata remembers. He takes the stolen "Jell-O" gem from his invisible ninja pocket. Kabuto takes it from his hands and places it in the projector. It glows a pretty blue and Kabuto closes the hatch. Sargain is amazed. Kabuto blocks Sargain's vision by standing in front of him and projects the rest of the message. The hologram appears in front of the serpent Jakanja symbol.

The old man says something that frightens all the Jakanja. Sargain moves startled. Zoom in to Tau Zanto's face. The Gouraijya turn coyly to Tau Zanto. His eyes glow red and he zooms into the device Kabuto is now placing on his hostler. He and we see a grainy image of the old man's face. We look deeper into his eyes. Red and Blue lasers zoom across his face in various directions and explode upon impact foretelling a rivalry between the Gouraijya. (Jill: He got into the device and saw the rest of the message) Tau Zanto tells the Gouraijya something. The Gouraijya say they will take care of the Hurricanger. We see Sargain, Chuuzubo, Furabijou, and Wendinu nod in separate occasions. Manmaruba is hiding behind a column listening in. The Gouraijya walk away in their usual manner. Leaving Sargain upset and the girls longing for their idols. Tau Zanto calls Chuuzubo intriguing him.

The Kasumi brothers walking in the forest having a conversation. Suddenly a loud annoying male voice calls the Gouraijya. Chuuzubo twists into their place, walking to them and talking. Ikkou unimpressed as always, scoffs and folds his arms. He says something that makes Chuuzubo shift in disposition. Isshuu says something. Chuuzubo hugs Isshuu. He kneels in front of Isshuu. I guess he wants to serve the Gouraijya. Ikkou nods. The brothers walk away from Chuuzubo. Chuuzubo is up to something.

Somewhere else, we see a snail. We see a girl and boy playing with a soccer ball. They seem to be related. The girl is older and taller than the boy. The girl with the pigtails kicks the ball away. They go after it. They see in the street a fog. Three schoolgirls, a lady with a grocery bag and a gentleman on a bike are standing around trying understand where this fog is coming from. The fog seems like steam and it is hissing. Suddenly the schoolgirls start laughing. The others too. The gentleman falls off his bike. The children hide behind a bush in awe. A dude with a shell on his back appears. The boy and girl are scared and duck. Kirikirimaishi is amused with what he did. Two guys run from him. They get into a van and roll up the windows. Kirikirimaishi sprays steam in their faces. The steam goes through the van doors. The laughing people's energy escapes, its yellow. It all leaks out on to the eye receptors and go into the back shell. A blue light wave passes circular-motion over the shell.

Kirikirimaishi is seen on a monitor in our heroes' lair. Yousuke asks, "Another Jakanja?" The three race to Oboru to view the screen. Oboru explains. Mugensai tells them to go. The three say "Right!" They race off. Oboru turns from her chair and to the computer, checking on a file on Kirikirimaishi. She sees that his power source is the back shell. The energy goes through the top receptor and into the shell.

The boy and girl watch as Kirikirimaishi steals the people's energy. They hear a noise and turn to see on top of a building two energy beams land. It's red and blue, Ikkou and Isshuu. "Whoa! They are ninja!" The little boy says. He walks off, his sister chases after him. The three Hurricanger get there. "Jakanja!", Yousuke says. The monster says, "Hmm?" The three say their speech and then transform. Ikkou is unimpressed. On the top of the building, the boy with soccer ball appears and says, ‘wow!' The girl comes right behind him and grabs him. She excuses herself to the brothers. The boy seems excited to see the brothers. He runs to Isshuu. "Ninja!" Isshuu pushes the poor boy on the floor. His sister comes to his aid but he is stirred due to this experience. Ikkou calls for his brother attention and they jump off the building. The boy is upset and races away. The sister goes after him.

Kirikiri blinds the Hurricangers with fog from his nose. They are confused. They get hit. They are now cornered by Kirikiri. The three are up for anything. They get knocked down by red and blue lightening. The two bad brothers appear on a bridge linking two warehouses together. The Hurricangers acknowledge their presence. The Gouraijyas transform. The girl and boy watch. The girl says, "Hurricanger?" the boy says, "Gouraijya?" The two teams fight each other. Kabuto against Blue and Yellow. Kuwagata against Red. Kuwagata stops an attack from Red and pushes him off to a wall with his Stag Breaker. Kabuto slashes Yellow with his Ikazuchi Maru. Yellow splits into two. Kabuto is confused over which is the real Yellow for a moment. Both Yellow flip onto different directions. They then flip upon Kabuto striking him with their swords. They both strike Kabuto from different sides, one at front, one at back. Suddenly there is nothing but Kabuto's suit. Yellow is amazed and picks the suit up. The other Yellow searches for the real Kabuto. A big foot stomps. Yellow falls to the ground. It's a giant Kabuto. He puts his hand down smacking Yellow to the ground. Yellow is deep imbedded in the ground, face first. It looks like when you mush an action figure into a birthday cake. The illusion of giant Kabuto disappears and the true one is satisfied with his deed. Blue does a water attack on Kabuto but he blocks Engetsu no Kata shield. The water jumps right back at her. Red picks her up.

The three gather. Gouraijya walk maniacally to the Hurricanger. Kabuto blasts his Horn Breaker at the Hurricanger. They get hit and then leap up to what seems to be a raise embargo pickup. Kirikiri appears. The three run away. Kirikiri turns himself into mist and follows the trio. The trio runs from Kirikiri. He sounds like he is saying, "Kitty kitty". The monstrous fog follows them. The trio are at a dead end, they are engulfed with the mist. Kirikiri hits all of them. They fall from a banister. They fall to the first level.

Oboru calls the kids. Mugensai tells the Hurricangers that they must succeed in defeating the monster to save those poor victims. They pick themselves up. Kirikiri threatens. The trio teases him in an amusing way. He goes down to them. He sprays them but it has no effect on them. Red, Yellow and Blue band arms together. They begin spinning. Everything in the warehouse starts blowing and spinning. Some hitting the monster. The Hurricangers throw ninja stars at Kirikiri. He is pushed outside by Red's sword attack blast. They gather the Dry Gadget. Explosion. "Say Bye-Bye," Red says. Kirikirimaishi is destroyed. The boy and girl watch in amazement. The Gouraijya come by. Kuwagata is about to attack but Kabuto stops him. Kirikirimaishi of course is enlarged. The children are afraid. Blue notices the kids. Yellow tells the kids to get to home. Red calls Oboru to get the Shinobi Machines.

The Hawk appears in the sky. As the little sister was dragging her bro off, he stops her to awe at the Hawk. SenPuuJin is formed. The children are amazed. Kirikiri first squishes himself, then folds into the back shell. The shell spins toward the SenPuuJin. It pounds the machine to the ground. The Gorai Beetle and Gorai Stag appear. The kids see this too. Kabuto in his cockpit gets an alarm from the projector device. It makes a sound. He presses a gold button on the bottom left side and the center makes a light that projectors onto his helmet visor. It's the old man again. He says something. He possesses Kabuto. Gorai Beetle comes to a searching halt. It skids sideways to a complete stop. Kuwagata worried about his brother, stops as well. The two machines are face to face. Kabuto is acting strangely. His hand is quivering as he holds the rusted device.

Tau Zanto watches Kabuto in panic through his round viewing screen.

Kabuto raises his head, he is angry. He slams the device on the control panel. Kuwagata tries to get through to his brother but it is no use.

Meanwhile, the shell is slamming onto the now-standing-SenPuuJin. The kids yell as the shell bashes them. Kirikiri becomes himself again. The Hurricangers try the "Hurry Up!" SenPuuJin Harrier shows himself and is battle ready. Jumping to and fro. Kirikiri balls up again and Harrier jumps up in the air. He rockets up, a matter of fact. It has its Double Hurrier Swords in hands. Suddenly stairs fold down unit by unit. Harrier spreads itself out in circle mode. The Double Hurrier Swords extend and unite. It is the Wheel Crusher attack! He rolls down the stairs. An explosion. Harrier "Hurry Down". They call upon the Sword Slasher. The SenPuuJin splits into three and has the final blow on Kirikiri. He falls down in anguish and explodes. Kabuto is alert. He tells his brother to attack. They combine machines and form the Gouraijin. SenPuuJin turns to see it. They call out the Plant Axe. SenPuuJin does the triple slash. The Plant Axe and Sword Slash both clash making a big surge of energy. Both robots back away. The boy and girl watch as this is happening. Questioning why they are battling each other. Gouraijin ready to attack with its plant axe. SenPuuJin ready to attack with its Sword Slasher. The two weapons meet. Another power surge. This time, they hold their swords together trying to see if the other will budge.

Tau Zanto watches this. Chuuzubo down on Earth pulls out his staff and sends a big surge of electricity. Out of the rubble comes out Kirikiri's shell! It blasts the SenPuuJin and the Gouraijin. The Gouraijyas don't understand. They turn Gouraijin onto the shell. The shell is energized by blue energy. Chuuzubo tells Gouraijya something.

Mugensai says something. Oboru asks, "What?" She is now concerned, she turns to the screen.

The Kirikiri shell now becomes a bit bloated. It gets to the point that it is a bright white light. It explodes into small pieces, emitting the energy collected onto the two robots. The orange air entraps the two robots. Blue energy surges occur on the robots weakening them. The Hurricanger and Gouraijya scream in pain. They vanish. The little boy and girl are amongst this. Electricity is around them as well. With their pilots transported to who knows where, the robots are helpless to the orange energy. They shut down. They glow orange but an eerie white wing-like air soar upward. There are five of these strange wing-like airwaves. They soar into the dark clouds in the sky.

Oboru stands up from her chair. She doesn't know what has happened. Then the lights flicker. There must be a power shortage. Worried, Oboru looks around. Mugensai gives Oboru advice. Oboru is now really worried about the kids. She runs to the monitors and says their names. On the screen is the SenPuuJin's face.

White bright light. We see a hand. It has a black glove on. The fingers grab the grass. It's Yousuke. He is on the ground, lying on his belly. His vision is blurry. He tries to focus. It seems to be he is in a forest. It seems unfamiliar. His eyes open wider. He stands up. There is a mist all over the forest. He wakes up Kouta. He lifts his friend up as his friend wonders where they are. Yousuke turns around and sees a frail girl on her side. He walks to her and tries to wake her. "Nanami", he says as he shakes her. She speaks, he shushes her. They are both on the alert. They look at the mist, they hear an ocean. They run fiercely through the forest. They are shocked when they see among the rocks, the ocean. They are on an island. The island has mist emitted from it. Nanami turns. She sees the Kasami brothers on another part of the island. Nanami alerts her own 'brothers'. Yousuke is on his guard. Ikkou is not happy. Elsewhere, the boy and girl wonder where they are. They are on the island as well. As the five watch the ocean by the shore, we hear laughing, it's Tau Zanto. To end the episode, they split the screen in five ways but in an odd manner. Ikkou at top left, we only see his eyebrows to his lips, half of his lips. Kouta at bottom left, we see his whole face and a bit of his bad perm. In center is Yousuke, we see all his face. At top right, we see Nanami from head to top of jacket. Who has less of the screen is Isshuu who is at right bottom, we only see his eyebrows to his nose, a little bit of his hair.

File 16 on Kirikiri
巻之十七 暗闇と死闘の島 Kurayami to Shitou no Shima The Island of Darkness and Battle to the Death
Chuuzubo says "Gouraijya". Kabuto Raijya is hurt by the steam that comes out of the island and is in horrible pain. Kuwagata with the projector device in hand, shakes his head. Kabuto strikes his own brother! Then we see Isshuu's face in anguish. Kuwagata falls down on the ground. The Hurricanger kids staring at the water from afar. Tau Zanto close-up. Kabuto aiming to hurt Kuwagata who is on the floor.

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巻之十七 暗闇と死闘の島
Kurayami to Shitou no Shima
The Island of Darkness and Battle to the Death

In our last episode: The giant shell left over after the destruction of Kirikiri burst apart and its energy bathed both the Goraijin and Sempujin. The five pilots were all caught in painful, blue lightning and cried out, then vanished. Without direction, the two robots stopped moving, their arms falling useless to their sides. The red glow engulfing them consolidated. Two ribbons of light rose from Gorijin, three from the Sempuujin but... more than three. Those ribbons of light made for the darkending, cloud heavy skies and faded away. Yousuke and the other two stand on a beach and gape out at the blue gray ocean under the cold skies. "Where are we?" he asks in fear. "Isl -- Island?!"

In Oboro's office, the power flicker off and back on. She gasps and races to her computer to type in frantic search commands, and calls the kids but they cannot answer. She leans back fretfully. Mugensai in his little house frets, for heat is being stolen from the planet. And Oboro frets, "Where are you? Be careful."

The island, dark gray boulders being hit by the constant surf. "So this is what Chuzubo was talking about," comments an amused Isshu. He turns back to seek his brother's agreement. Ikkou is staring around, slowly turning his gaze straight on Isshu but very blank. "Here we can beat them!" Instead of getting approval, he gets only Ikkou's silence and distance. Ikkou looks down. Puzzled, Isshu starts to ask, "Big brother?" Then there is a shout. "HEY!!" Isshu turns to find the colorful young trio there to confront them. Yousuke starts it. "What is this island?" Nanami demands, "What does 'battlefield' mean?!" Kouta gets his word in edgewise, "Explain it!" Isshu directs half his response bemused response to his motionless brother. "This is what we've been looking for, right brother?" he smirks. Then he moves to confront them. "Listen! We fight to be the best. The Goraijer fight the you Hurricanger. That's what this is about. Becoming the greatest ninja." He smirks as he says this, and Yousuke glares back without losing his puzzlement. "The greatest ninja?" he asks. "That's what this is about?" Nanami adds her quesiton. Kouta says, "So for that, you fight us..?" and his is less a question than a statement. And the waves break upon the rocks. Suddenly there is a green light there, and gas is expelled into the atmosphere. This goes unnoticed. Ikkou looks sick with indecision as his gaze falls on his brother standing in front of him. Listens to him say, "That's right! That's why we are here!" Still looking confused, the trio responds "Battlefield?" People are blissfully unaware that something is up with Ikkou. He finally moves, stepping over to his brother's side and breaks his silence, voice hoarse perhaps with fury as he calls for change into armor. And now the two teams will fight, without anyone around to be endangered. Yousuke calls the others to change into their armor, and it is umbrellas this time. The battle is joined. Isshu says they will beat the Hurricanger, but our trio are not going to just let it happen. Nanami says "Because of YOU, we will not be defeated!" Kouta adds a remark about how they aren't forgiving allowing the world to be endangered. Yousuke adds something about still not getting what drives the pair, but he will not let these two defeat them. The five meet in the air. Yousuke fights Ikkou blade to blade, gets knocked back but fires with his Dry Gun. Ikkou responds with the Horn Breaker, getting Yousuke pretty badly. Nanami and Kouta face up against Isshu. Kouta uses the Gyro Shuriken, but Isshu deflects them so they hit Nanami, then dumps him into the surf with a rather neat attack directing blue lightning from the horns on his helmet. It's kind of hilarious. The Hurricanger are getting the worst of it.

And in the woods a small voice asks, "Where are we, big sister?" "I don't know," she answers him. The two children walk hand in hand between the trees, stepping high to clear their ankles from the underbrush. They feel very small. Then steam comes out ahead of them in a hard drive against a tree, which seems to either start freezing or turn to stone. The frightened children run for it.

Ikkou strikes with his Horn Breaker, taking down our trio who glare up shakily from the hard boulders. Isshu mocks them from his brother's side. No one notices how Ikkou lowers his gaze, too aware of Isshu so vulnerable to him. The waves crash again, but Yousuke gets back to his feet. For the sky, the water, the land, they will fight. Kouta launches himself at the pair and Isshu meets him, catching him in the the Stag Breaker. Ikkou is still, watching the battle unhappily, slowly lowering his weapon. He is remembering the terrible message that had frozen him earlier, and now his strange behaviour is finally noted by his brother, who looks back and asks a stern, "What's the matter with you, bro?" But Ikkou's stillness has cost them, Nanami and Yousuke hit Isshu with their Gyro Shuriken, sending him flying off of Kouta and into his brother so they fall together with gasps. Before they can recover, the Hurricanger fire on them with the Triple Gadget, using Sonic Gadget. The blast is a good one, felling the pair who stagger back together. Three working together are more effective than two when one is unable to quite bring himself to fight. Several kicks and the Goraijer are fallen into muddy pool. Yousuke and the others are less than subtle about having beat them, too. But an amused Chuzubo watches from above. "You're only human, after all, Goraijer. I guess you need my help." He calls in his man. Girigiri Gaishi. There is an explosion to herald his arrival. The Hurricanger turn in surprise. A caped being whirls out of the flames, head a mighty horned shell. His eyes glow read and he used fire magic at them. They fall, unable to pay attention to the fact that the Goraijer are starting to get back to their feet. Yousuke shakes himself groggily. "He reminds me of -- " he starts. Nanami adds her agreement, "The other one!" They are snails, you see. The previous one had a white shell with only a few spines. But this one is a more advanced form of the one they'd fought before. He explains that they had fought his son. Kirikiri. And that because of his son, the planet is being bathed in minus energy. They are on Earth, an Earth caught in a terrible storm.

Tokyo is plunged into darkness, but ice coats everything. People have taken shelter inside and on huge outdoor TV screens a newscaster tells about this terrible global phenomenon. Oboro hears this in her office. The man begs the gods to know just what is going on. Oboro's teeth are chattering as she tries to warm herself up, rubbing her hands. She's brought in a heater and preps it. Her hands are shaking so badly it's hard to light the match. Mugensai hides under his tiny Kotatsu, teeth chattering so badly he can barely be understood. He sneezes and the tiny table shakes over him. Oboro blows on her hands as the lamp glows for him. The lights flicker, then go out. Only her stove remains proviging a glow for the room.

On the Centipede Wendinu huddles, rubbing her arms and freezing, "What are you doing, Chuzubo? It's cold!" she shudders. Furabijo bounces happily to her side, singing Chuzubo's praises. Wendinu gets to her feet and mutter, "You aren't cold?" "Nope, never cold!" replies the other girl.Manmaruba floats by a rather annoyed Sargain, also pleased with how things are going. The insect, however, is not so pleased. "The Goraijer had better hurry up and destroy the Hurricanger!!" he snarls angrily. Sargain finds there are plans within plans, and no one knows what is really happening except the sinister Tao Zanto, who laughs and laughs.

Magerappa and Girigiri are attacking the Hurricanger. Isshu is about to head into the fight, annoyed with this interference in their battle, when Chuzubo comes to speak to them. "The Hurricanger are already finished. Now you have to destroy your REAL target." Ikkou startles when he hears that, more in fear than in anger. Chuzubo takes a step closer. "The world is slowly rotting. Because of the destruction, you do what you have to do." Ikkou looks away at that. Isshu is understandably ignorant. "I don't know what you're talking about. The Hurricanger are OURS! Defeating them is OUR bus -- " "You're supposed to fight all right. But the Hurricanger are not who you're to fight. Isn't that right, Kabuto Raijer?" he mocks. Isshu moves between them protectively, but it's too late. Chuzubo's words are sinking into Ikkou rather than Isshu, who turns for explanation to the silent man. "What is this, big brother? What is this ass talking about?" he snarls towards Chuzubo. Ikkou raises his head slowly to look at the blue back turned to him. He coils his hand into a fist, then attacks with his Ikazuchi Maru and a scream of pained determination. Isshu turns and the strike hits him in the chest, while he is still too startled to even attempt to defend himself.

And in the woods: "I want to go home!" The little boy has curled up in the brush and sniffles. His sister rubs his shoulder. "Shouhei, don't cry. Boys don't cry," she tries to reassure him. "It'll be okay." "But I wanna go home!" And the sound of battle catches their attention. "What was that?" the girl says. Shouhei's tears dry up instantly, for curiosity is a great distractor. He says, "That way!" and they follow the shounds of battle.

Isshu lands barely on his left hand, gasping in pain and confusion. He rallies and asks, "What are you doing, brother?" His brother's answer is torn from a throat tight with anguish. "Come! Understand, Isshu. FIGHT ME!" and he races in with the Ikazuchi Maru and slams it down at his brother's head, sending him tumblin out of the way. Isshu manages to pin the weapon under his arm and while they struggle, demands explanation. "SHUT UP!" Ikkou's voice is so distorted by tears it's hard to understand him. He tears his weapon loose and is able to badly slash Isshu several times. All these goings on attract the battling Hurricanger's interest. Yousuke is the first to notice, pausing as he's pinned a Magerapp to wonder what's going on. Nanami also wonders, "They're fighting?!" and Kouta, who is tangled with Girigiri himself, says "Why?" Girigiri who is fighting them is understandably surprised that they aren't focused on their own fates. He manages to throw Kouta tumbling, and Nanami and Yousuke get to his side to protect him while he recovers. But then the gas hisses out from between stones around them. They avoid it, knowing only to be suspicious of a new danger, and Girigiri laughingly explains that he made this weapon on this island and hints at what it can do. The Magerappa flip in to attack our trapped heroes, who pull a vanishing act leaving only their uniforms behind for the startled enemies. One Magerappa gets a faceful of Yousuke's boot, and falls into the gas pouring from a fissure. It cries out and then pulls itself up, voice now distored and snarling, animal-like, its face covered in green strands. Mad, it starts attacking the other Magerappa furiously. Even Girigiri is startled by the ferocity of the attack. The Hurricanger watch and utter dismayed comments about what could happen.

Largely unaware of anything but their own fight, the Goraijer are still engaged. It isn't a fight so much because Isshu is only defending and that not very well. Ikkou forces him to his knees and then notices in surprise the other battle going on. But Chuzubo has a speech both for Girigiri and the Goraijer about the Jakanja. He's sure learned from his previous failures. Obeying the hints, Girigiri attacks. But Ikkou is not interested in following Chuzubo's orders, and continues slashing at his brother. Isshu ends up on his back, cringing as the heavy Ikazuchi Maru descends to pin his shoulder to the ground. "Isshu," his brother says, staring down at him, "Prepare yourself!" and raises the weapon to deal the final blow. Isshu crosses his arms desperately and pleads, "Wait..! Please wait, brother!" Against all the things he must do, Ikkou stops, panting, frozen. The other battle goes on beyond them, our Hurricanger still sparing a moment to watch and worry at the terrible tableau. They don't know what's going on, but their sympathies are with the helpless Isshu. And perhaps the soft sounds we hear are both men's sobs. Chuzubo is watching from a rise and shouts, "Do it, Kabuto Raijer!" and more things about this being a good thing fullfilling destiny blah. Ikkou pants, shaking badly, and Isshu pleads, "What is he saying, please explain!" he screams. It is not easy to kill someone you love.

But then Shouhei and his sister arrive. They are in a line of sight that only allows them to really witnes the struggle between the Hurricanger and Girigiri, and see Chuzubo watching from above. "Oh wow, those are the guys who were the ninja before!" He starts forward for a better view. His more sensible sister grabs his shoulders to keep him out of harm's way but agrees, "They're here to save us!" Their excited voices attract the attention of all five human combatants, who turn to look towards them. The children start to call encouragement when suddenly streams of gas erupt all around them. They cringe away, not knowing what could happen but knowing to be afraid. And Ikkou moves suddenly, as if he hasn't thought. He leaps to shove them out of danger's path. Unfortunately, he's still shaky from the effort of will he had to engage to try to kill his brother. He stumbles and gets a massive dose of the gas. He screams as the madness takes him, his mask becoming heavily layered in green slime. "Big brother!" gasps Isshu, struggling to his feet. Yousuke cries out empathically, "Kabuto Raijer!" Nanami says "His body!" and Kouta wonders "What's going to happen?!" The last scream is terrible and choking. Ikkou falls to the ground, body jerking as though he's having a seizure. "Mister!" calls the little girl (actually, she says big-brother-type-person, but the closest reference in English would be mister). When he raises his head to look at them, they race together to his side to see if he is all right. He's not. He knocks them to the ground and raises his Ikazuchi Maru to kill them. Kouta and Nanami get to him just in time to stop him, pinning his arms as best they could but he writhes madly in their grasp. They yank him away, Nanami demanding if he knows what he's doing. Kouta calls to the kids, "You two, hurry up and get out of here!" They obey quickly. Ikkou manages to throw the pair off, and they tumble in the direction of Yousuke, who is still tangled with Girigiri. He can't really break from his fight to help them, but Isshu tries to stop his brother, leaping into the fray as Ikkou tosses Kouta and Nanami around, pinning him by the shoulders from the back. This only serves to get him hit again, but now he is more determined in defense and uses the plus-form of his Maru to defend, briefly holding Ikkou. He keeps trying to get through to his brother, but this madness is harder to counter than the earlier horrified attack. Ikkou flips him head over heels, but the targeting device falls even as Isshu does. Seeing it, the younger brother comes to a realization. "You received a message from that thing. You saw something that told you to do this. Isn't that it, Brother?!" As Ikkou comes screaming at him, Isshu stands his ground.

Tao Zanto is laughing his head off at developments. Sargain is still bewilderd and even Manmarabu is confused. Wendinu pops up and says with dismay, "The Goraijer? The Goraijer lords?" anxiously to Furabijou. "Wow, unbelievable," responds Furabijou in total astonishment. Tao Zanto's laughter fills the room.

And the fighting Hurricanger, knocked down and looking to be destroyed by Girigiri, remember when their schoolmates were taken. They remember all the fighting and the loss of the potential of the Goraijer. Isshu snatches up the strange device and continues getting his ass kicked by Ikkou. Yousuke and the others are getting their drive back. They will fight no enemy but the Jakanja. Isshu lands on his stomach. He is exhausted, in agony and still confused. He rolls over and says mournfully, "I'm fighting my brother. I don't want to fight him!" Unfortunately it's fight or die. The maddened Ikkou comes at him and pins him down, blade across his neck. Isshu is choking to death, too tired to put up much of a fight. Yousuke screams, "STOP!" and races towards them. He manages to knock the focused Ikkou away and assumes a protective position between him and Isshu. Kouta and Nanami join him quickly. Yousuke utters a quick ninja spell for vanishing. They disappear in puffs of golden-red fire, blue yellow and red smoke the only thing left. Ikkou grunts and gasps in madness beyond humanity. Girigiri comments in surprise, "Well they took off." Chuzubo shouts, "Damn you, Hurricanger!" On the Centipede, Furabijo and Wendinu are impressed. "They escaped!" but Tao Zanto is not troubled. "Don't worry about them. They will do what they have to do no matter what."

They make it to the outside of a cave on the rocky beach. They've shut down their armor, and Yousuke is trying to hold up Isshu, who suddenly pulls away only to fall on his side with pained gasps. The trio hurries to comfort him, but he's hysterical. He frantically backpedals away from them. "Don't touch me! I never asked for your help!!" He crawls away from them with the device he holds in his hand, brushes sand from it. "Brother! Brother!" he whispers frantically as he activates the thing and holds it up. The Hurricanger watch as the hologram forms in front of him, blue-white light. And the man imaged speaks. His message is short. "The warriors reborn of the same darkness will have no choice but to fight with each other." (Okay I'm not sure) The hologram vanishes. The Hurricanger gasp in dismay, but Isshu's reaction is more of a panicked, strangled cry. He drops the device like a hot potato and it smashes on the rocks, sending sparks everywhere. Isshu starts to crawl back from the thing, as though he's afraid it might leap out and possess him. Then he scrambles to his feet and runs towards the water with a cry, but soon stumbles and falls. He screams again, in agonized protest. Kouta stares wide-eyed at him. "Those reborn from the same darkness," he quotes the message. Nanami adds, "The same darkness... the same parents?!" She looks in horror at Isshu. Yousuke gets to his feet. "They're brothers," he breathes in sympathy. The Hurricanger hadn't know the two were brothers, and now they understand. Isshu speaks painfully, perhaps answering them or perhaps only answering himself. "My brother did everything. He even threw away his humanity." He starts to huddle up in the wet sand. "And his little brother... me... he's trying to kill." Isshu has broken, shattered on the pain of his brother's attack. Kouta takes a step closer to him. "Chuzubo must have known. That's why he told Girigiri to make this battlefield." Nanami steps around him and closer to the broken man. She is angry, but not at him. "All this, just for brothers to fight." And Yousuke whispers his name, "Isshu...." Who responds with another pained cry and punches the sand helplessly. And the surf rolls in, quietly here upon the rocks. For these stones have already been worn smooth.

Nanami speaks again, angry. "You spoke of the Ninja's greatest skills!" Hmm. Maybe she IS angry at him. Yousuke steps closer to him and snaps sternly, "Did that guy tell you this? Who is that scummy old man, anyway?!" His words stir Isshu, who moves as if to glance back at him, but doesn't and gets to his feet shakily. His voice is hoarse with tears. "Father... ours." Suddenly unnerved, Yousuke asks, "What?" Nanami whispers in dismay, "Your father." She sinks down. Kouta adds, "Your family...." Isshu was shaky on his feet and pained. "Even before the Jakanja, Father demanded us to battle. He wanted that more than his sons' lives!" He is sobbing, and then he screams, "Big brother!"

Ikkou is still insane from the gas, but he has enough brain left to scream his brother's name in a rage.

And the two children continue to search the island. "What'll we do?" worries the miserable Shouhei. "Let's go this way," says his sister, and they skip off in that direction.

Oboro huddles in the blackened office, surrounded by bright candles and huddling as close as safe to the stove, a blanket around her shoulders. "Oh, it's cold," she stutters out. She has Mugensai wrapped in her hands, trying to keep him warm. They can barely speak to each other, and the world is bathed in ice. There is no more power out there for the traffic lights, or the televisions.

Tao Zanto knows he's won this one, as he watches the mighty snow storm engulfing the planet. "Rot, Earth. Rot. Turn into a planet for us to live on!"

File 17 on Girigiri Gaishi
巻之十八 父と兄弟の絆 Chichi to Kyoudai no Kizuna The ties that Bind Father and Sons

"You don't understand anything about us!" Isshu snarls on the beach. A memory of someone, perhaps him, racing all in black from someone else who pursues in a heavy utility vehicle. Getting shot in the back. Walking over the fallen flags of the Ikazuchi school. Them as children, being trained by their ruthless father to fight together. They'd done everything they could for their father. On the beach, out of their armor and Isshu holds Ikkou tight against the madness. Yousuke in armor watches what? The brothers battle, in armor and out. Hard to tell which state is which they keep switching. "Don't do it, Isshu!" cries Yousuke. Isshu has Ikkou pinned, and the older one is shouting madly "KILL ME!" They are now in armor, the green slime all over Ikkou's mask. They are out of armor, screaming at each other and Isshu raises his blade to strike, again in armor (so confusing). And the next episode won't air until June 23rd because of GOLF!!!

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巻之十八 父と兄弟の絆
Chichi to Kyoudai no Kizuna
The ties that Bind Father and Sons

In our last episode: Isshu tells the Hurricanger, "Even before the Jakanja, Father demanded us to battle. He wanted that more than his sons' lives!" Then with a sob he raises his chin and cries, "Big brother!" at the sky, sea, the wind.

Ikkou is totally out of his mind. There is barely enough left of him to speak. He wanders, without an outlet for the madness, searching for Isshu. His breath is hoarse, muscles too locked up. Sometimes he swipes with his weapon at the air. Chuzubo watches him stumble and snarl past, snorting. "The warriors reborn of the same darkness will have no choice but to fight with each other." On the Centipede, Manmaruba floats over to the others, "They'll fight, how surprising!" They gather together a small distance from Tao Zanto to discuss this new twist on the Goraijer in small whispers. Wendinu comments somewhat wistfully, "Well, if they fight, which of them will we be left with?" then Furabijo pops up. Looking distressed she says, "It's like for everything." Sargain edges in to whisper his worries about what Tao Zanto will do next. They nod fretful agreement.

Underground in a black cave lit only by the flames of small candles, Oboro huddles in her blanket all pale and freezing. She shudders and then notices her father is gone. Worried, she gets to her feet and calls to him. He has gone through a small hole with a cellphone and worries that he cannot get through. He sits up on his hind legs and sneezes.

The waves sweep over worn stones. The broken navigator tool sits abadoned on the rocks, no longer crackling. It is a dead item. The cool wind blows on Isshu, who tells his story with weary, pained words. "Father had nothing on his mind but making the Kasumi family into Goraijer." He sits on a rock as he tells them of the past. A story of his father all in ninja covert black, fleeing armed men in a heavy car. Hit at last he falls and rolls until he fetches up against a tree. Two men with machine guns firing at him still. He throws an explosive that detonates just in front of the vehicle. So he could kill and fight without fear. And he'd wanted them to be the same way. Fighting his father as a child, possibly only eight years old. Wearing a light silk jacket with the Kuwagata symbol on the back. Father's hand twisted deep into his collar, lifted painfully off his feet to meet his father's contempt before the man tosses him onto the river stones. "Stop!" cries his older brother. The boy has a live blade, and steps protectively between father and little brother. He leaps into the air, slashing down, but his father catches the fine blade between two hands and delivers a cruel kick to the olders son's abdomon. The boy falls beside his brother, and both clench their blades but the older is furious, lips twisted in a teeth-baring snarl. Their father encourages them to attack, but easily catches both descending blades by their hilts, closing his hands over his sons' small ones. He is deliberately fanning the flame of their hatred for him. If they can harness this emotion, it will become their strength. But for now they are still powerless to fight him though they may try. These are his instructions.

Isshu shudders, pulling out of the memories. And pulling into others. Their father tended to leave a trail of death everywhere he went. In Egypt, a city aflame and probably from his work. He leaves behind what he's done, stops the other side of the Sphinx. Turns once and pulls off his mask. He's about to head on when a startling event takes place. Stars rain down from heaven. He is caught, and suffers some sort of epiphany. Quite a guy. The Hurricanger all sit, eyes focused on Isshu as he speaks like children being told a frightening bedtime story. Their attention shakes him, but he goes on about how their father designed the Goraijer armor and downloaded the information about the mecha into the navigation tool they'd been using. And then he had gone and died. Leaving them to finish the task he'd set them. The story is a frustration to the Hurricanger. Yousuke leaps to his feet and leads the others over, the trio surrounds Isshu. "But you don't have any friends! You don't care about the Earth!" Nanami from behind adds, "But you don't have to be that way!" Kouta lays a firm hand on his shoulder, "You can change and be what you should be!" Isshu holds out only so long. He throws Kouta off and punches Yousuke, who Nanami moves to help. Standing defiantly he cries, "What do you fools understand?!" As he speaks, he half staggers back towards the water. "That's the way it is. Our father's dead and nothing will change!" Finally he walks into the surf and spins back at them to shout, "What ARE we?!"

And the two children are walking away through the woods. Shouhei stops and says sadly, "Hey, let's go back, sis." She only pauses in her walking and turns back to him. "If we go back, we'll be in danger." Shouhei answers, "But where else is there to go? What'll we do here?" She comes over to him and scolds him, shoving his forehead. Offended, he shoves her back, and the pair stomp away from each other with indignant huffs.

Ikkou is in aweful shape. He's burning up with the fever of madness. He holds his Ikazuchi Maru in a death grip as he climbs up rocks to a higher path, breath ragged and voice hoarse.

In the small cover, Isshu still speaks. "That's the only reason we exist, so Father always said. To get stronger. To fight! To someday beat HIM!!" He is ankle deep in the water now. Perhaps the tide is coming in, the small waves are larger than before. As he continues to tell his tale to the three who sit where they'd gone down in his last fit and watch him, he starts to laugh with pained grief. I think he's had no one to talk to besides Ikkou in his life.

The children are still trekking through the woods, in opposite directions now. Shouhei hears a huge bird cry loudly and fly away. Nervous, he turns and runs the other way. His sister walks carefully through the woods. Suddenly gas bursts out in front of her and she jumps back with a small cry of alarm. She stares at the gas plume, still and thinking. "Sis!" cries a voice behind her and she turns. Her very alarmed brother is racing to her. With a sigh of relief she says his name and goes to him, settling her hands on his shoulders and squatting so she can look up into his face and be sure he's all right. Not sure what she says, but he nods enthusiastic agreement to it.

Ikkou, snarling and growling, slashes through brush with his Ikazuchi Maru. He is deep in Isshu's thoughts. "My brother, he's just like our father." The bruised young man continues to shiver. "So I have to kill him. I have to fight him!" he screams out at the sea. Nanami, who has been keeping comforting hands on Yousuke's shoulders, stands now in frustration. "So that's it, you will also become more and more your father's vessel?!" Kouta also gets to his feet, urgently. "That can't be all you were born for, just to fight and fight anything -- " Isshu whirls and snarls at them, "I know that! But... but it looks like my brother doesn't." He adds raggedly, in a small voice, "So it looks like there's no choice." Yousuke has listened, heard and understood as best he can. Now he gets to his feet, eyes fixed empathically on the broken man. "That's not true. There is another way to do it. Your big brother -- " Isshu lifts his gaze to stare unbelievingly at Yousuke, who continues gravely. "You won't be able to kill him, will you?" And now Yousuke approaches calmly, and Isshu looks like a deer caught in headlights. "You'll let him kill you. You grew up together, how could you bear to do it?" Isshu is looking a bit wild, wavering on his feet. "But... my brother -- I have to..." "He'll KILL you! That's been the plan from the start!!" The words are as bad as any blow and Isshu staggers, then his knees buckle and he falls into the water, sand stirred up by the impact. Broken and weeping, he twists around. "Brother... me. Oh god BROTHER, WHY?!" Yousuke watches him with pained empathy, then steps forward to stand right behind him and asks softly, "Is it all right if I call you Isshu?" The other turns and stares blankly at him. "Call me Yousuke, will you?" he says with a warm friendliness, hands on his knees. Nanami and Kouta bound into the surf to join him. "I'm Nanami! Call me Nana-chan!" "My name's Kouta," says that one, reaching a hand down and pulling the still-stunned Isshu to his feet. "It's nice to meet you, eh?" They've put him at their center. Yousuke says determinidly, "Your big brother, Ikkou, we'll help you get him back!" They all look at him with enthusiastic, determined smiles, and he can muster nothing but stunned schock at first, meeting each of their bright gazes. "You...?" for it is hard to believe after everything that's happened. But he finds he does. "You'll be able to save Ikkou," says Yousuke enthusiastically. Nanami adds, "You'll open his eyes." Kouta adds with a firm nod, "We'll be your backup." Isshu's been alone so long, but he finally accepts their help with a dazed nod.

But Ikkou is in bad shape, fallen and dealing with the poison within, begging raggedly inside for Isshu, his little brother, to kill him. But Chuzubo has come, and speaks with extraordinary gentleness to the fallen man. "Why, Kabutoraijer, Kuwagaraijer has to come, doesn't he? So you can kill him. Fill yourself with the gas, let it wipe out your weakness." Ikkou weakly reaches for Chuzubo's staff and manages to lever himself onto his feet. For a moment he weaves, gazing at Chuzubo, but then gas hisses from the rocks behind him. He turns and staggers to the cloud, breathing it in. It is no less painfull and his cries of agonized madness are heartbreaking.

The Hurricanger move slightly ahead of Isshu, protective of him as they head for the beach. Gas spurts here and there. They call caution to each other, covering their mouths and staying close together. They reach the melted stone beach and look around. "But where IS he?" wonders Nanami. Isshu moves ahead of the others, scanning the area intenly. "Bro... where are you?"

He is not terribly near. He's lost his footing and fallen tumbling down a high beach towards the waves. Reaching bottom, he clambers back to his feet and staggers on, stumbling on the stones washed up at the edge.

The hurrying four come under attack and dive for cover from explosions. It is Girigiri, returned to fight them. "You're mine," he mocks them. But as they all get to their feet, he stops bit surprised. A half-moon ring they sand. Kouta, Isshu, Nanami and Yousuke. It is he who says, "Can't you see?" with a sneer. And Nanami adds to it, "There are four of us, now!" and Kouta snarls, "It's going to come out differently than last time!" "What?!" Girigiri returns. He is not alarmed, but still puzzled. And it is Isshu who leads the change into armor. The four together transform. Their styles do not mesh well, but it doesn't matter as they haul out their weapons. When Girigiri attacks them, Isshu calls the defense plan and all four cut their enemy up. The Hurricanger hit him with the triple gadget finally (Yousuke's weapon at front), and he is destroyed. But the sound of the explosion attracts the mad Ikkou, staggering in the surf. He heads towards them.

And with Girigiri's death, the freezing clouds clear. The minus-energy is gone and electricity comes on. Oboro gasps in relief as the lights blink on. Mugensai crawls out from under his kotatsu, relieved and content though of course the room is still cold. The television flashes back on. The reporter from earlier, still wearing his heavy coat, races to his seat to announce with happy delight, "It's the sun! We've got the sun back!" and Oboro is back in the saddle, signalling her people. Yousuke cries, "It's Oboro-san!" and they all crow in delight. "You're all alive?!" calls Nanami. Yousuke shoves at her and shouts, "We're great!" showing off for Oboro. She winces and closes her eyes against his antics. Mugensai shouts into the microphone, "You IDIOTS!" and they flinch dramatically back. Isshu comes over to them, a bit puzzled by all this overacting, and Yousuke straightens up to explain, "Well, um, he's mad -- " But then they hear a mad scream and turn. Isshu gasps at the sight. The Hurricanger try to run interference, but he doesn't even seem to notice they're in his way, he just runs straight through them at Isshu, who tries to ward him off. Isshu suffers two strikes before managing to pin Ikkou's Ikazuchi Maru under an arm. "Brother, you have to stop! Father is DEAD!" He tries putting his hand on Ikkou's shoulder. "The price is too high!" Ikkou tears loose and tries to strike, but Isshu's getting a lot better at ducking. Yousuke cries, "Ikkou, stop!" and the Hurricanger race to help but Chuzubo has come to prevent them from doing so. "Well, what joy! You are MINE, folks!" he announces, and charges at them. Ikkou strikes hard, Isshu blocks with his crossed arms. He is still crippled in defense by love for his brother, calling him, but Ikkou kicks his legs out from under him and now he's pinned. The fighting Hurricanger can see this and feel distress, but can't get away from their battle with Chuzubo to help. The Ikazuchi Maru across his throat cuts off his air. He reaches up to push Ikkou off, but is too weak and his hand slowly falls. He is losing consciousness. Weary, giving up, he closes his eyes. And now their souls touch. They are not in armor, and Isshu blinks his eyes wide open and stares into his brother's maddened eyes. "Fight me! HATE ME!" Ikkou screams. Isshu can't, and he says so. "No! I can't do it! No!" Ikkou raises the Ikazuchi Maru to strike the final blow. The Hurricanger see only the two armored and desperate fighters, and that is bad enough. Isshu moves to defend himself in the moment of hesitation before Ikkou stabs the blade down, shifts and catch it so it slides on his shoulder armor rather than into his throat. He manages to throw Ikkou off him and rolls away to try to get back up, but Ikkou has out his Horn Breaker, fires on Isshu who falls painfully. He is weeping as his brother races towards him. Isshu gets back to his feet. He's had enough, and seeing Ikkou in this madness is too much for him. "It has to stop," he weeps. And he pulls out his own Ikazuchi Maru, and this time the two weapons meet and clash. And Isshu strikes hard and true ones, twice and Ikkou begins to fall. He lands on his back, and this time it is the other brother whose blade is at HIS throat. And Isshu's gasping pain is as bad as Ikkou's madness. Again, their souls touch. "DO it Isshu! Do it!" Ikkou cries. Isshu screams wordlessly back at him. And when he raises his Ikazuchi Maru to kill, there is no flinching this time on either side. "Stop!" calls a thin voice. Soul seeking any excuse, Isshu is frozen for a moment. Everyone turns to look. There are the two children. It was the girl who called, though Shouhei is ahead of her slightly as they race towards the brothers. "Mister don't kill him!" she cries. Isshu would rather do anythign but. Ikkou, though, grabs him by the throat and throws him aside. Isshu's focus has changed. "Don't come any closer!" he cries to the pair, who freeze obediantly. As Ikkou gets to his feet and lurches vaguely in their direction, Isshu screams at them, "RUN AWAY!" But the children don't move. The girl says, tears in her voice, "Mister, we were really scared, but you got caught by that gas trying to help us!" Unbidden, Ikkou remembers in painful brightness seeing the two children crying out, surrounded by the gas. His action to leap, shove them out of danger and use the gas himself. But that was not what they know. They only know... the girl continues. "You got gassed because of us. Saving us." He towers over them, weapon raised to strike. Isshu, hearing them, weeps again. Voice ragged he says, "That's not the truth. It wasn't to help you he breathed in that gas." But the two children link hands firmly, their attention focused on the tall figure too close to them. "But you did save us. So we can still play together." They hold up their linked hands for Ikkou to see. He stops suddenly, gaze fixed on those tiny fists. Remembering.

They were little children. They played in the river perhaps in Ikazuchi Valley. One of the few times their childhood was like anyone else's. He had a net, Isshu carried other things. He caught his brother's hand to keep him from falling in. "You okay?" "I'm okay!" his brother had replied happily. They continued on, eyes sharp and bright with joy. "I don't see any," he had said. Fish or crawdads? Ah, fish! Isshu raises his small spear to strike. And Ikkou's breath is starting to clear from the insane snarls to painful weeping. He staggers back, dropping his weapon and crying Isshu's name. Now his knees buckle and he falls, out of his armor by the time he reaches the hard stone. He is ashen, perspiration covers his skin and his body continues to shake violently. "Big brother!" calls Isshu from several meters away. Chuzubo is less happy. "Dang!" The Hurricanger are quick to attack while he's distracted. Together they kick him and use their blades. Chuzubo goes down in a series of explosion. The kids rush to Ikkou's side. They kneel and touch him with their tiny hands, calling in soft bird voices, "Mister, are you all right?" Perhaps the touches help ground him, but he is still in awful shape. Maybe he is trying to answer them but seems incapable of it. "Brother..!" comes another ragged, soft voice behind him. He twists his head. It is Isshu, out of armor now, calling him. The children sit silently, their hopes on the two men. Ikkou pushes himself up and staggers around, motor control slow to return to normal. He makes his way towards the waiting Isshu, fighting to stay up on buckling legs. He ends up clutching his brother's shoulder and slowly falling to one knee. Isshu braces him with a hand on his elbow. "I'm sorry, Isshu." Just to say this takes all his energy, and he nearly falls, clinging to his brother's legs. "I get it now. Father sent us out to get stronger, but not to live. What a pitiful excuse for a man." Pained by this, Isshu joins his brother on one knee and holds on to him. There are no more words to say, all Ikkou can give is his tears. Isshu nods his acceptance of this, and wraps his brother in his arms while the Hurricanger and the two kids watch in relief.

This turn of events pisses off Tao Zanto, who sends lightning bolts throughout the chamber. His people are hit and dive for cover, feeling most put out. He is particularly peeved at the Goraijer. And now Chuzubo uses the scroll to make Girigiri's remains into a giant. The Hurricanger call for their Shinobi Machines, and the recovering Goraijer follow suit with a sudden realization of their freedom. The kids cheer as the two giant robots stand side by side. Oboro and Mugensai are similarly delighted, Mugensai remarking in delight, "This is the first time the Goraijer and Hurricanger have faced the Jakanja together!" Oboro snatches him up and cradles him in her hands in delight. The Goraijer are no longer their enemies. Girigiri strikes is not impressed. He uses his ninja magic to send a fireburst at them. Our heroes are caught in the terrible flames, flinching back from the fires, but Kouta says they won't be defeated, Nanami says they will fight together, and Yousuke calls the Goraijer to join them. Ikkou answers that he's sorry it's been late, and Isshu cheerfully bids them go on. Both robots go into a spin, dissipating the flames. Goraijin arms with the Plant Axe, and Yousuke calls for Hurry Up. The two formations wait for Girgiri's charge, Goraijin the first to strike back. Hurrier mode leaps into battle off Goraijin's shoulder, bounces back, gets another push off from Goraijin and delivers the final blow. It's over at last.

Except for the quake. The island is sinking. The kids are frightened for only a moment, then the giant robots look down at them. And Goraijin reaches down and collects the two kids. Yousuke sighs in joy, then claps his hands. "Let's go home, now!" Nanami adds, "Yes, together eh?" And Kouta says, "Yeah, let's get back. It's been too long." Isshu shoves his viewfinder out of his way and say amusedly, "Yup. After all this I'm pretty darned tired." In Ikkou's cockpit, the two kids are at his shoulders and he invites them to go home. They are glad to agree. Both robots wade waist-deep back through the ocean as the island sinks behind them. Tao zanto is really, really pissed. He spends some time engaged in electric contact with Chuzubo, and we don't know what will happen. Sargain is worried, Wendinu and Furabijo duck behind a column, shivering in fright and then Wendinu wonders where Manmaruba is. Furabijo hasn't seen him for a while. He has hurtled into a chamber. There are four rocky pillars and he centers himself between them. Spinning filaments like webs go out and soon he hangs there. "Sleep," he says. "Sleep." And Chuzbo continues to stand in the fires.

File 18 on Manmaruba
巻之十九 大箱と風雷巨人 Oobako to Furaikyojin The Big Box and Furaikyojin

Chuzubo faces the five, and Oboro tells them to combine. There are the new Karakuri balls, a head and fist formation to join Goraijin and Sempujin. It looks pretty darned good, actually.

The first movie is coming! Our kids will be on horseback in their armor. Yousuke rides a white horse, Nanami a black with a star, Kouta a chestnut with a blaze. Yousuke meets a beautiful princess (this explains the white horse) Tao Zanto and his four people (one of whom does NOT look like Manmaruba does now, so it's probably what he will be) are either meeting or sending out two deadly creatures, one of whom looks like a monkey in keeping with the hints of Buddhist background.

Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger: Shushutto The Movie.

Oh, and there will be a Ryuuki movie. August 17 Road Show!

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巻之十九 大箱と風雷巨人
Oobako to Furaikyojin
The Big Box and Furaikyojin

The battle is over at last. The world is safe again. And the Hurricanger are bounding with excitement and joy, anxious to go back to Oboro and introduce their finally friends. Ikkou cuts them off with a quiet glower. "That's not going to happen. Do you think that, just because we fought together, now we're friends?" He folds his arms and regards them coolly. Yousuke is not at all pleased and moves forward to ask with some hurt, "You're still gonna be like that?" Ikkou turns his back, but Isshu continues to face them as his brother speaks. "Well, now we'll fight the Jakanja." Isshu begins to follow suit, saying haughtily, "We'll fight. You just stay out of our way." The two brothers start to walk away. Kouta and Nanami furiously whine at each other in protest over the Goraijer's behaviour, but Yousuke watches them go wistfully. As they walk away upon the rocks Isshu asks, "You think it's going to get boring, brother?" And his brother answers with a small, wicked smile, about how they'll be taking care of the Jakanja first. *tsk* These two.

The cocoon hangs suspended in webbing between pillars on the Centipede. It looks like a big, cotton-covered peanut. Wendinu asks, "Is that really Manmaruba in there?" She is in the chamber along with Sargain and a grinning Furabijo who says, "I want to take a look inside!" and reaches out to touch the webbing. Wendinu is quick to scold her and pull her back. Sargain snarls angrily, "I will never forgive the Goraijer!" Wendinu agrees and Furabijo grumbles, "I never thought they'd go over to the Hurricanger side!" "Yeah! I'll sure NEVER forgive them that!" agrees Wendinu. Sargain utters a snort of laughter and reminds them mockingly, "Yeah, you were the ones going on 'Oh, Goraijer Lords!' before!" They pout at him indignantly and he adds, "And where has Chuzubo got off to, anyway?" Wendinu leaps on the change of subject. "Yes, yes, where is Chuzubo?" Sniffling, Furabijo whimpers, "Lord Tao Zanto really got him good, didn't he?" "Yes, he sure did!" agree Wendinu. They utter fretful thoughts about their lord, and even Sargain looks disturbed.

Where is Chuzubo? In another chamber. He is opening a rather artisticly decorated black box. Inside, there is a heavy scroll all wound up in chains. He gets it into his hands and studies it for a long moment. Then the doors behind him slide open. Sargain steps inside and stops in surprise. "What are you doing?" he asks. Chuzubo says nothing, only turns. The sight of the scroll in his hands truly startled, perhaps even frightens, Sargain. "THAT'S -- " he begins, then utters in horror, "My god, you're serious!"

Oboro watches the videos she's recorded of the battle with or against Goraijin. She is judging, being impressed, comparing her design with the other. Her father comments, I think, that it's almost as if the two schools were meant to join. Oboro is happy to agree. She points out that Sempujin and Goraijin have basically the same systems. She hauls up a computer schematic of the two giants. As they study, Mugensai comments that both systems using the same Karakuri balls was rather a surprise, or something. She sits with a sigh. Then as she looks at the screen, inspiration hits. "Wait. Just a little!" and she is leaning forward, eyes glued to the screen, as she works.

Waves break upon the rocks. The Goraijer have returned to the place they were perhaps first taken to the Centipede from. Isshu bends and turns a barnacle. A small black panel appears, and he pushes the button on it. A red light blinks, and the great orb pops up from under the water. They exchange nods and soft grunts. They do not know that Yousuke is watching very cautiously from behind some rocks. He realizes they intend to take on the Jakanja by themselves. But as they step towards the orb, they hear a strange sound. A beam of light touches the orb and it explodes violently. Flames reach out to engulf the pair, but they leap with ninja speed backwards, out of range and land alert and ready to fight. A laugh on the air and they turn. It is "Chuzubo!!" Isshu snarls furiously. The great green one steps forward and utters challenge. "The two of you are not getting to the Centipede. We aren't going to forget what you did!" But they aren't fazed. They change into their armor, but even as they do, Chuzubo uses his own magic to activate the box on his back. It opens and out come two elongating arms. Before the Goraijer can move, they are caught by these huge fists, and as Yousuke cries out he sees them yanked into the box. He races forward, calling to them, and it is with some surprise that Chuzubo see him. "You give them BACK!" Yousuke demands. "Demanding sort, aren't you? Well, no!" and Chuzubo slashes out with his staff and knocks Yousuke flipping back. But when our boy straightens up, Chuzubo is gone. Yousuke looks around frantically, but there is no sign anywhere.

Dark blue area, mist in the air. The Goraijer look around themselves in some alarm. "Where are we?" wonders Ikkou. "At the end," murmers Isshu. And then they are hit by a green blur, Chuzubo striking them several times until they fall, and he steps back to laugh. The box always on his back is gone, for they are inside of it. The mist has vanished, too. They are in a black night, on plain grass beside a lake. There is a distant, brilliant light shining on the water. Chuzubo tells them that here in this place, their power is halved. And here... well, here he will kill them. But Isshu and Ikkou believe in each other, and they will not forgive him for trying to get them to kill each other. "Shut up!" he tells them, and they exchange some insults before Chuzubo transforms into a giant, floating disembodied head and blows them away. They cry out, tumbling.

Chuzubo is beside a waterfall, under hanging green forest plants, muttering a Jakanja mantra over and over again as he focuses on his internal battle. "Jaborajakanja" just repeating.

The Goraijer fall and land hard atop a car, denting the machine seriously. Isshu tumbles painfully to the cement. A hand on the hilt of his Ikazuchi Maru, he gets up cautiously. Then there is the sound of tires screeching. A motorbike hurtles almost silently out of the darkness. He is hit before he can draw his weapon, and the motorbike is his own, ridden by himself. Ikkou calls out to him, but then is also hit. They fall together and when they look up, they see themselves with manic eyes and smiles, coming to ride them down. When the pair tries to strike back with their Ikazuchi Maru, they find their doppelgangers intangible. Soon they are attacked from behind, wheels laying down blazing fires which engulf the two men. They are still being mocked by Chuzubo from outside. He guides these visions and has them. But then... "CHUZUBO!!" comes a shout from above. "Huh?" He looks up to see a red and white wedge crossing the sky above him. It is Yousuke in armor and on Winger. "I found you!" the boy shouts down. He has not come alone. The three leap down from their Wingers and confront Chuzubo, Yousuke shouting, "Give back the Goraijer!" "Oh, you're a little late, boy," replies Chuzubo. He hooks his thumb back towards his pack. "They'll be dead inside this box, very soon." The Hurricanger react with horror. "And I think the Magerappa are just what you need to play with." He calls them out, and the Hurricanger respond by quickly drawing their weapons. They race into battle.

The Goraijer are recovering from one attack when another begins. This time it is Goraijin, striking down at them with the Plant Axe. They are hit badly, and lose their armor, crying out and gasping in pain. Chuzubo appears to mock them. Isshu snarls, "We're not beaten yet!" Ikkou quite agrees, both men bruised and scathed. "We'll get out of here!" Chuzubo starts towards them, amused by their defiance.

And Magerappa just keep popping up. The Hurricanger are surrounded by a horde of them. They are not phazed, just keep fighting, but they're getting a bit overwhelmed. The Magerappa manage to thoroughly pin Kouta and Yousuke. Nanami leaps up into the trees and uses her Sonic Megaphone. Her first command turns the Magerappa around, her second is to raise their hands and they obey, only to end up disappearing into the ground, leaving the boys to half-stagger to their feet. Chuzubo is startled to find them facing him again. They are quick to bring out the Triple Gadget, Yousuke's at front. Chuzubo is no slouch, he calls for giant size and hits the trio hard with the butt of his staff. He laughs when they cry out, thinking he's squashed them.

But inside, he's really getting the best of the Goraijer. He's beaten them down and has Ikkou pinned in agony. Isshu tries to reach him. And Chuzubo laughs and laughs.

Outside it's not over yet either. For the trio are like cockroaches and back to the attack. As one, they strike the box on his back with their Hayate Maru. It has immediate effect. The image of him the Goraijer face cries out in pain, then shatters like glass. They stagger to their feet, once again in blue and black, with purple fog eddying around. They stare in confusion but then the mist behind them is broken as though someone is punching through paper, they whirl and gasp in surprise as brilliant, white light eats away at the blackness. Ikkou leads Isshu into a mighty, upwards jump....

The box on Chuzubo's back opens suddenly, releasing two blurs of light. The Goraijer land with gasp on their feet some distance away. They straighten up somewhat painfully to hear Yousuke shout from behind, "You all right?!" and turn to find the Hurricanger, in armor but with face-plates open, running to them. Ikkou is more than a little shocked. "It was you..?" But Isshu grins at them, laughter in his voice. "Now we have to do something to save you." Yousuke laughs happily, brushing his thumb past his nose in his characteristic gesture. The trio teases the Goraijer lightly and Isshu's grin turns into a real laugh. Even Ikkou is forced to a reluctant smile. Then his gaze shoots beyond them and he is alarmed. The two brothers assum a guard position beside the turning Hurricanger. A very pissed off Chuzubo is not finished yet. The Goraijer change into their armor, with fury and determination. The Hurricanger will not be left out, uttering their characteristic challenges this time with the paper umbrellas. The Goraijer finish with them, and all five are ready to fight. Chuzubo attacks with fire breath, but all five vanish leaving only their armor like a shell. He looks for them frantically, but is still not ready when Kouta attacks from behind, or when Nanami and Ikkou come together to strike, or when Isshu hits with his weapon, or Yousuke spins around him slashing. And then they bring out their respective weapons, the Double and Triple Gadgets. "This is IT!" cries Yousuke. Chuzubo does not agree. He snorts and asks how they imagine so. When they huff at him, he says they haven't seen the extent of his power. Now he strikes out with ninja magic again, thin cords of power that wrap around the Hurricanger and vanish, then he pulls them in like fish on wire and they end up facing the Goraijer, Triple Gadget ready to fire. Ikkou is not happy. And Chuzubo tells them to fire. This is not an option, for he has taken control of their bodies. But Yousuke fights to resist the force closing his finger on the trigger. Ikkou stands, the Double Gadget uncertainly raised, then brings it down with a growl to brace on Isshu's shoulder. A small sound of alarm, Isshu turns to look up at him. "Big bro?" Though they cannot see each other's expressions, I'm sure it's clear. Ikkou gets ready to fire. Chuzubo snickers. "Come on, Hurricanger. You wanna be first to fire." But they still struggle, and we are at a temporary impasse. Isshu stands, watching his brother, not helping brace the weapon. He has made his decision. It is Ikkou's turn. His eyes are wide inside the mask, and then soften with painful reluctance. He lowers his finger from the trigger, then deliberately throws the Double Gadget to the ground. While the Hurricanger still fight though motionless, Chuzubo snorts and he is sure he'll get the Goraijer now, using our trio as his tools. He mocks them as having become weak. They react to that, stiffening in indignation. But Nanami is the one to defend first. "They've not become weak, but strong!" Kouta adds, "True strength doesn't lie in physical power!" and Yousuke says determinedly something about the strength of the person, and the Goraijer. "And I can't be forced, either!" Chuzubo tries shocking them to force them to fire, but though they cry out in agony, Yousuke pulls his finger away from the trigger. "Now!" cries Ikkou as Chuzubo reels in surprise. He grabs up the Double Gadget, rolls and fires. Then Isshu leaps off his shoulders and hits Chuzubo hard, tumbling him back. They assemble together now, and Nanami happily thanks them. "You helped us, Goraijer," agrees Kouta. Yousuke says something thankful to them which triggers the kind of response Ikkou usually gives Isshu, a snort of laughter and he says, "We can't take all the credit." But before conversation can continue, Chuzubo starts to get up again. And he faces both sets of Gadgets. "Fire!" shouts Yousuke. "Thunder!" calls Ikkou (now we need Freezer and we'll have the trio of Pokemon gods from the Lugia movie). And the two powerful blasts hit Chuzubo dead on. But they don't detroy him, to the five's astonishment. He is staggering, though, and gives a short speech about dark power. Then he shouts to the skies, "Do it for me, Sargain!"

The call is heard on the Centipede, where Sargain finds in himself a strange kind of sadness. He lifts the black scroll grimly, then turns determinidly to Wendinu. "This one," he says firmly, holding it out to her. This request in unexpected. "This?" and he explains to the two women, and Wendinu realizes what will happen. With some trepidation she agrees and sends out the scroll. Now our five heroes face him as a giant. Furabijo is impressed and delighted. "Wow, Chuzubo is really big now!" But Wendinu and Sargain watch the going-ons grimly from their places in front of Tao Zanto.

The Shinobi Machines come at command, and our heroes form Goraijin and Sempujin. Oboro is frantically trying to finish the programming for the new Karakuri Ball. And the battle in joined. Chuzubo is no pushover, he acquits himself well, gets in quite a few good shots to the Goraijin before a slash by Sempujin distracts him. Yousuke cries, "You all right?!" and Isshu confirms they're just fine. Ikkou calls out the Axe Cutter, and they have Chuzubo between them as they slash. But he starts spinning and strikes both giants with his staff. They are hit pretty hard and staggered. Goraijin falls. Yousuke tells Nanami to call out the Gatling attacker. They fire on him, but he whirls his staff and deflects each giant bullet. The Goraijin moves to Sempujin's side, thus both robots are caught in Chuzubo's return attack. This time both fall. "Hurry Oboro!" Mugensai says frantically, climbing her shirt to get a good position on her shoulder. "I got it!" she gasps in relieved delight. "Karakuri Ball Number 7 and 8! Go!" The blueprint on her screen vanishes when she pushes the send button. Two brilliant tokens assemble. One appears in Yousuke's cockpit. "Thank you, Oboro-san!" he calls. Then in puzzlement, "But there's only one..?" For the other appears in Ikkou's cockpit. He takes it in surprise. "For us?" She explains quickly through the screen that these two Karakuri Balls will enable them to use their machines together. This is a new concept for all of them and they react with immense surprise. "Yeah, you can combine. Furai Gattai." Isshu and Ikkou are as one when they say, "Combine?!" Oboro is getting exasperated. "Look, I don't really have time to explain it all right now! Just use the damn balls!" "I understand," Yousuke calls happily, "It's great, right, Goraijer?!" Isshu mutters in shaky astonishment, "Hayate Way and Ikazuchi, combining?" Ikkou only utters a scandalized gasp. But Chuzubo is above their two formations, and he is probably getting tired of waiting. He hits the fallen machines with fire. Isshu suddenly says "Brother," firmly. It is the push Ikkou needs. "We'll combine!" and now the two robots stand, and both teams use the Shinobi Medals. Gold from Sempujin, Silver from Goraijin. The two orbs bop each other, open and their contents combine into a smaller robot, the rather nifty looking Furaimaru. It explains its purprose to them, then starts the process that parts the two robots and reassembles them into one combined formation. The small robot comes apart into their helmet and fists. Oboro and Mugensai are delighted to see the results of her hard work, and to dream of the two schools finally coming together. And when Chuzubo attacks, this time his strikes have no effect. They are astounded and delighted when his staff shatters. Yousuke calls to Ikkou, for the Goraijer control the feet and they roll into rage, punching out Chuzubo. The Goraijer are quite impressed with their combined power. Furaijin communicates with advice about a newly available combined attack. And they happily comply with the "Rolling Thunder Hurricane!" Chuzubo is hit badly. He staggers towards them, but then it's too late. He falls and explodes. His battle is over. And the five heroes shout in delight.

But other people are not happy. Furabijo stares from a ridge. On her face is an expression no longer the amused pout of watching their servants fail. "Chuzubo's dead," she comments. Her expression now is the kind of bewildered sadness of a person who doesn't know quite how this terrible thing happened. She tears off Chuzubo's sheet and tosses it into the wind, then turns and walks away. On the Centipede, Sargain and Wendinu are side by side to mark his passing, grim and stiff. Tao Zanto is silent. And Manmaruba remains in his cocoon, which is beginning to pulse orange.

On the lonely, rocky beaches, the Hurricanger call. Yousuke calls Ikkou's name, Kouta calls Isshu's. "They're not here," protest Nanami sadly. Kouta comments equally sadly, "You don't suppose they still hate us?" But Yousuke cheers them up by pointing out, "It's all right. As long as they're not working with the Jakanja anymore, I'm happy!" The other two grin in agreement. "Let's go home!" The three head back in together. They do not see the two men watching them go. The Goraijer aren't exactly hiding, just not coming when called. Finally, they turn and walk away themselves, Isshu trailing.

File 19 on Chuuzabu
巻之二十 パンチと好敵手 Panchi to Raibaru Punch and Rival. THEY chose to use rival, but the actual Japanese pronounciation is: Koutekishu

Yousuke and Ikkou have at it. Possibly not so literally. Ikkou is busy challenging Yousuke, also fighting a Jakanja critter, and possibly feeling like he's gotten a whole other little brother (but one he'd have less urge not to hurt). There is someone new at the Centipede, possibly besides Manmaruba.

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巻之二十 パンチと好敵手
Panchi to Raibaru
Punch and Rival.

A lot of the legwork on this one was done by Gerald Conde. I've filled in a lot of the details. See, when people offer to help me, THIS is the kind of help I need. People should stop wasting their time trying to be the first to tell me rumors.

A new day, the sky brilliantly clear and blue, mountains etched against it. The mist rising in Ikazuchi Valley. The Kasumi brothers stand on a rise, enjoying their freedom and the beautiful weather. Ikkou, though, asks the important question. "So, where do we go from here?" And Isshu answers him firmly, "I'll continue being a Goraijer. Fight the Jakanja. Show this hand to be the strongest in Ikazuchi." He looks at his clenched fist. Ikkou stands with his arms crossed, deep in thought. "So, we have to keep fighting." Isshu is somewhat startled and turns to look at him. He is troubled by the Jakanja, by the idea that they'll end up protecting the world. He gives an offhand shudder, a small wincing smile. Isshu watches him intently and asks, "Bro, you gonna get off, then?" Ikkou seems half-surprised by the question. "I'm not saying that. Whatever happens happens, that's all right. We'll do whatever's necessary. Be prepared." Now he meets his brother's eyes, in his own his troubled determination spoken. Isshuu shifts his gaze away, down into the valley. "Be prepared," he repeats worriedly. Ikkou's dropped his arms, stares down with his brother, speaks of the mission of the Goraijer, glances at his bracelet and Isshu follows suit. "Be prepared." Isshu shifts his gaze to the sky above, or the trees, "Prepare. That's the way it is. So what is my big brother going to do to prepare, be a space-ninja?" he asks, glancing sideways. This gets a soft snicker out of Ikkou but he says seriously, "Well, now I know that's not the answer." Isshu almost chuckles back, but he has too much seriousness, too much to worry about to hold it. "Oh, so why'll you do it, if not to protect the world?" Ikkou utters again a soft sound of agreement. They both gaze into the distance, puzzling out the meaning of their existence.

Meanwhile, in the base office undergound, our dear trio is celebrating their victory against Chuuzubo and fighting alongside the Gouraijya for once. They clink three glasses full of orange juice and ice together, "Kampai!" (cheers) They drink, and Yousuke sets his glass down happily to point out they've defeated Chuzubo and now there're only four of the enemy. Nanami picks up a snack and thinks aloud, "Yeah, those two, Sargain... um, who else?" Kouta remembers. "Um... I think his name is Manmaruba. Might be strong." Yousuke is feeing his oats, stands up and whaps his chest saying "We can take whatever they throw at us!" Nanami and Kouta confidently agree. "CUT!" comes a sudden shout from the irritable Mugensai. Nanami protests, "Boss, stop shouting at us, okay?" They head over to the indignant former human. He has pointed remarks on their over-confidence. He reminds them the war is still not won. He calls to Oboro for her support, but she's watching the results of her programming recorded into the machine, showing the combination of Sempujin and Goraijin. Justifiably proud of the powerful combination she's enabled to occur. Mugensai is somewhat pole-axed to find her just as not concentrating on future dangers as the children. "I'm a bleeding genius!" she says happily. The trio happily admires her work, when she turns her head and says warmly, "Father, what were you saying?" He is just too furious to even speak. He makes a little strangled sound of protest and she innocently asks, "Huh?" Sensing the coming explosion, our trio makes a run for it. Yousuke starts it. "Oh, RIGHT!" Nanami says quickly, "Oh, we all have to go to work!" They shout their goodbyes, grabbing up their packs as they tear from the office. Mugensai lets out a sigh of quiet exasperation.

Meanwhile, aboard the Centipede, Sargain strangles on his own tongue. "Lord Tao Zanto?! What do you mean?" His lord explains coolly using words involving the number six. The girls are at Sargain's back as he pleads with his lord. Are they there as moral support or guarding? They have to wait, they are told. With nothing else to do, they go to wait in Manmaruba's chambers, Sargain throwing a hissy-fit because he really, really wants a chance to prove his mettle. Wendinu and Furabijou comfort him. Furabijou indicates Manmaruba's cocoon with a wave of her hand. We can hear his heartbeat as the peanut shaped thing glows.

At the city harbor, air full of the scent of water, the sound of boat horns, men in gray are unloading brown bags and piling them out in the sun. No one stands out, not even the tall man who sets a bag down. This proves to be Ikkou. I guess the Hurricanger aren't the only ones who need an income. He's removed his working jacket and wears only his white undershirt. The day is brutally hot, he sweats under his yellow helmet, a blue towel across his shoulders for when he needs to wipe that off, his Shinobi Changer on his wrist. He is also wearing a pendant with a green gem. Nearby, one of the foremen bellows, "Hey, we got a new part-timer to introduce to y'all." It is Yousuke, standing shyly and presenting himself humbly yet with enthusiasm. They greet him, and he gets straight to work, putting his yellow helmet on his head. The boss gives Yousuke a little push towards the brown bags, and our boy goes to move them like everyone else is doing. The man handing out bags gives one to the content boy, and as Yousuke turns around, he finds the next man here to get a bag is... "Ikkou! Wow, what a coincidence!" and stares at him in wide-eyed amazement. "You're not with your little brother today?" Surprised and a little embarrassed, Ikkou decides the best action is to just go on with work like nothing's happening. He gives Yousuke an annoyed light shove and collects a bag to carry. Yousuke has a slow recovery time. He gapes and then follows after Ikkou with his bag like a puppy. They head across the bridge to the dock they're piling the bags on, and as they walk Yousuke asks shyly, "So, um, where are you guys living? Ikkou, how old are you? You seem so... severe and proper." He prattles on, about trifling things. Ikkou determinidly tries to ignore him, but almost at the spot of the other brown bags to drop his off, he says something probably a bit insulting. Yousuke becomes upset and suddenly dashes past him, dropping his bag on the pile before Ikkou does. He dashes back to the pile they're transferring, pulls two pags onto his shoulders and comes hurrying to set them down just after Ikkou's left to get more. He races past Ikkou, who wisely paces himself, and in short order is passing again with two bags. He sets them down heavily and turns, eyes burning with angry determination, only to find Ikkou walking confidently towards him, carrying three bags. With a grunt, Yousuke races off and comes back this time with four bags. He nearly topples over as he dumps them onto the pile, eliciting a concerned noise from the man there to make sure they're tidy enough to work with. Yousuke turns, and both of them gape. Ikkou is walking calmly towards them, and now he is carrying five bags seemingly without difficulty. Yousuke ends up tying his jacket around his waist, staggering under the weight of six bags that you can barely see his head between. Ikkou walks calmly past him, seeming to ignore him. He makes it to the pile and sets them down, turning, he nearly falls on his butt. Ikkou is returning at the same even, calm pace... carrying ten bags. Yousuke staggers past him with a resentful glare. Ikkou is, of course, not remotely ignoring him. When Yousuke is out of sight, the older man's face lights up into a deeply amused smile despite the sweat.

A trio of young men are walking together through an empty area of a mall, or something. One youngster has orange hair, wears coveralls and a pink shirt. Another wears jeans and a black shirt, the third a white t-shirt and jeans. They suddenly find themselves surrounded by Magerappa, who corner them against a pillar. There is a new Jakanja come to challenge. Kangaroo Rat. "Roulette start!" he announces. For on his chest, he has a gambling wheel with six symbols. Earthquake, lightning, fire, angry man, hot lava, a bomb. Each symbol lights up clockwise. He points at the young men and orders them, "You stop the roulette!" and they are understandably frightened. The Magerappa push them towards him. A remote control with a wire on it floats to hover in front of them. "Push the red button!" he commands. Two of the boys aren't going to push anything if they can help it. They struggle in the grip of the Magerappa, trying to push themselves back from the big alien creature. The orange-haired boy snarls defiantly, "Yeah, I get it." He takes the remote and pushes the button. The lights go around on Kangaroo rat's wheel. The bottom symbol lights up, it is an angry man's face. Kanga's red line visor glows and the angry man's face appears. "OLD MAN!" he shouts gleefully, and blows steam out of his nostrils. He shakes his fist and tells the three to sit down. Uncertain, they obey as the Magerappa clear the area. He sternly makes them sit seiza, a more formal position. They obey quickly. Then he bops each one of them painfully on the head. "Yup, this is an old man's fist!" he shouts happily.

At the Centipede, Wendinu questions Kangaroo Rat's abilities. Furabijou walks up to Sargain to ask if this guy really can be a threat to Earth, but he reassures her that they should just watch.

Things have calmed down a bit at the shipping yard. Ikkou and Yousuke are both carrying two bags on one shoulder. Yousuke stays close to the older man, asking worriedly, "You're really not planning to fight with us again?" Ikkou is sounding mildly exasperated. "Would you just forget it?" "But it's really important," Yousuke almost whines. He thinks a moment and then asks, "But you are going to fight the Jakanja, right?" Ikkou sets his bags down and turns a gaze of dry exasperation to Yousuke. "The bad guys? Don't make me laugh. You guys are the Hurricanger. That's YOUR business." Yousuke gazes back with wounded eyes, "But we need you." He puts his heart into the plea, stopping to stare across the some two meters between them. "No, you don't," Ikkou replies. He passes Yousuke by, touching the rim of his hardhat possibly in mild salute, possibly just because. Yousuke stands looking miserable.

A man presses Kangaroo Rat's red button and the wheel lights up, it lands on the image on the bottom right side, a house on fire. The alien ninja's visor glows. "Fire!" he crows with delight. The man in the suit cowers in fear, but the rat shoves him aside and fires his glove down the road. It becomes a fireball and impacts at the far end of the street. A tremendous explosion and a wave of flames comes towards them. The man in the suit is on the ground and desperately looking for a way to escape. As the flames approach, Kangaroo Rat announces happily, "The city is in flames, and it's all YOUR fault! Don't forget that!" The man flees, weeping hysterically. Kanga's lights go round and round again. It lands on a symbol on the left bottom side. It's a tidal wave. He shouts, "Water!" Water spouts from his right fist over the two school girls he's forced to push the button and flood the city streets. The girls stare in horror. Sargain is understandably pleased with his man. Wendinu and Furabijou giggle together over their new idol, Kangaroo Rat.

Ikkou finds Yousuke in front of him, looking desperately into his eyes. "Bug off, you," he growls and uses his free hand to shove the boy aside. He's working hard. "I'm asking you again." Half-startled, Ikkou pauses in his steps. Yousuke continues somewhat raggedly. "Maybe asking for the last time. There's just so many alien ninja to fight! We'll be overwhelmed!" Ikkou just doesn't care. "That'd be good," he snaps back and continues on. Yousuke is stunned and dissatisfied. Out of nowhere, everything begins to shake and rumbling sounds fill the air. "Earthquake?" mutters the still-stunned Yousuke. Ikkou snaps, "Something weird's going on!" and races away, dropping his two bags.

A skyscraper shaken by the quake. All the glass windows shatter and shards rain down. Kangaroo Rat is slamming his fist into the ground, joyfull shouting, "Earthquake!" three times. The terrified woman who'd hit this symbol on the roulette wheel gets to her feet and runs for it with a scream. Kangaroo Rat looks around in surprise but before he can move on, two dark-clad people have arrived via the escalators behind him. Yousuke and Ikkou who somehow took the time to change into their uniforms. "Of course, a Jakanja," snarls a wide-eyed Ikkou. "What are YOU?" asks the surprised creature. Ikkou calls his brother on his changer while Yousuke calls Nanami and Kouta on his. The enemy starts again to pound on the ground, now with both fists, staggering them. He does one fierce blow that knocks Yousuke and Ikkou into the air to land hard on the cement walkway, Ikkou on his stomach and Yousuke on his back, both seriously in pain. Yousuke gets to his feet, snarling that they'll have to hold him until the others get there. To his relief, Ikkou's all for it. Together they start the sequence. They jump in the air, Shinobi Change and both hit Kangaroo Rat with their Keitaininto and Ikazuti Maru respectively. Kanga's ‘house on fire' symbol lights up and he sends a fireburst at the two. They land, Yousuke rolling and back on his feet but Ikkou hit too hard to get up quickly. Yousuke attacks with his Hurricane Shuriken. This triggers the bomb symbol and Kangaroo Rat gets both of them pretty badly. He's having a grand old time. Yousuke and Ikkou's suits are both smoking from the blast, but Ikkou is the one who's caught on to how things are working. "The Routlette Wheel! Of course!" Yousuke strikes with the Dry Gun. This triggers the Lightening Bolt on Kanga's wheel of misfortune, and he gets ready to hit them with his Kaminari Punch, red lightning flaring around his head. Shaking with fatigue and fright, Yousuke gets ready to fire again but Ikkou moves to stop him, grabbing Yousuke's wrist and twisting until his gun falls to the sidewalk. His wrist aching, Yousuke pulls free and slaps the man's hand down, grabbing for his nonexistant collar. "Ikkou! What'd you do that for?!" he snarls in protest. Kangaroo Rat finds this all totally hysterical. He attacks with lightning bolts, blasting Yousuke away but Ikkou defends himself with his Ikazuti Maru. He pushes forward, grounding the red lightening and making his way close to the startled enemy, then attacking with the blade-staff formation. A sweep of power, angry and confident, Kangaroo Rat is unable to defend himself, and is hit badly, falls. Yousuke comes to Ikkou's side with a gasp of amazement. They watch their enemy run from... well, from Ikkou, at least. Yousuke crows with delight, then spins, dropping his armor in a flash to look with bright-eyed innocent admiration to Ikkou, still in armor. "You are SO strong!" he delights. Ikkou drops his armor, and Yousuke approaches asking shyly, "But why did you stop me before?" Ikkou explains mildly (with some insult) that, after all, lightning IS the Goraijer's field of battle. Yousuke glances back at their battlefield, then feels hurt and expresses it, getting a snort of amusement from Ikkou who then has a few remarks. So Yousuke asks seriously if Ikkou really means that sort of thing. A glance back over his shoulder, and he says he doesn't usually answer anything that isn't true. This is getting on Yousuke's nerves because Ikkou's made several pointed remarks already. Finally he's had enough and throws a punch, but Ikkou catches the flailing fist effortlessly and looks down into the smaller man's angry eyes. With a slight smirk, he kicks the boy's feet out from under him. Yousuke goes 180 degrees, landing on his feet and throwing another punch which this time connects solidly with Ikkou's chin, but only serves to get Yousuke punched in the gut. He lands hard, painfully and angry, and loses it. He leaps to attack and fortunately Kouta comes from behind him and grabs him around the waist to stop him. Isshuu and Nanami also arrive, and Isshu's call to his brother is somewhat reproving, even as Nanami helps hold Yousuke and cries protestingly, "What is it with you two?! We're supposed to be fighting the Jakanja!" Ikkou defiantly straightens his collar. Yousuke is down to incoherent snarls as he struggles in his friends' arms and Ikkou gazes fiercely at him, uttering a sound of frustrated exasperation.

Meanwhile at the centipede, Manmaruba's cocoon glows. There is a crackling noise. The top layer begins to split, letting out piercing light. In the throne room, Kangaroo Rat shows off his gloves and explains about his encounter with the Hurricanger and Goraijer. Wendinu and Furabijou come in, happily offering their help to defeat the two hero teams.

Yousuke is sitting on a bench, Kouta and Nanami hovering in case he goes wild again. Kouta gently scolds Yousuke and wonders what the heck is going on. Why are they fighting, he asks. Our boy himself is keeping a fierce eye on the Goraijer across the way. Nanami adds angrily, "You listen, Yousuke!" On the other side of where they are, the brothers at standing. Ikkou with his hands on the rail sullenly looking towards a building and Isshuu leaning on the rail, facing the Hurricanger, with his arms crossed. He is actually enjoying himself teasing his brother. "Well, this is a bit out of the ordinary, isn't it for you?" Ikkou glowers at the building in his line of sight. Their attention is suddenly caught by the alarm coming from the Hurricane Gyros. Oboro tells her trio urgently that the Jakanja are back!

Down at the docks, Kangaroo Rat waits. He is confronted by five but he's been expecting them. "Came did you, Hurricanger and Goraijer?!" He has quite the challenge for them. Isshu responds first, "Yeah we came," and Yousuke is happy to follow his lead, calling for change into armor. They all change in brilliant fire and lightning, but Kangaroo Rat is not impressed. He uses the fire symbol and blasts them, sending Nanami and Isshu into one wall, Kouta and Ikkou into another, and Yousuke into a third to land in front of him hard on his belly. Yousuke calls quickly for the Triple Gadget. They are ready to fire. Not to be outdone, the Goraijer assemble their Double Gadget. "Thunder!" cries Ikkou. "Fire!" cries Yousuke. The two blasts merge together as they approach, but Kangaroo Rat put up an energy barrier that tinkles like bells, and the blast rebound off it, to hit our heroes pretty badly. Staggering back to their feet, Yousuke growls, "Dang, what was that?" and Ikkou responds, "A barrier!" (these kids ARE observant) From behind them comes Furabijo's cheerful giggle. "Yup. That's the space elegant barrier!" She stands next to Sargain, Wendinu opposite. And Sargain laughs furiously. Today is their last, he tells them, and then the three Jakanja race into battle. Our heroes are caught between angry enemies, and suffer the attacks. Yousuke gets punched by Kangaroo Rat, falls back rolling over the hood of a car, gets to his feet, kicks, is blocked and beaten down, but manages to roll out from under his opponent's stomping foot. Sargain forces Nanami back, blade to blade, then tumbles Kouta painfully. He fights with two blades, and the pair are not able to match him. Kouta is in danger of being beheaded, except that doesn't happen of course, Sargain just throws him against the wall of a cargo car and tosses him flying. Wendinu is up against Ikkou, and giving him hell. She is stronger than he imagined, and knocks him onto a car hood, he glares back at her, we assume. Furabijo is after Isshu, with a remark about facing the terrible wrath of women. Her gem-eyes above her human eyes flash, and send out a beam of solid light, like a rope it twines around Isshu and lifts him into the air giving him quite a few painful shocks before she drops him. He lands hard, sparks still flying. Ikkou turns at his brother's cry of pain only to find Wendinu's blade hovering in the air behind him. Wendinu gestures, and it attacks sending him tumbling. He uses his Ikazuchi Maru in cross form and blasts at her, but she goes intangible and fades away with a low laugh. He looks frantically around, then ducks when her giant foot kicks out at him. Her laughter fills the air eerily. Then he has to dive to avoid her hand, then her face swings down at him and she blows a stream of air that is deadly. He cries out as his suit crackles and spits sparks. Yousuke is still battling Kangaroo Rat. He's like one of those weighted dolls, you know, everytime you knock them down they just straighten up again. He gets smashed through the window of a car at about the same time as Wendinu (in normal form) is getting her anger out by smashing Ikkou on the trunk of another car repeatedly. Yousuke falls on his back, perhaps he won't be getting up again. But he slowly pulls himself over gasping, "We became the Hurricanger," and gets back on his feet, "But that's NOT the only reason we fight!!" His words are heard by the distressed Ikkou, who lifts his head to witness Yousuke stagger back into battle. Kangaroo Rat hits him with a punch that gives out a blinding flash, and the boy falls again. But he gets back up, continuing his speech. "I've got it deep in my heart! So the world won't die! I'll fight, I'll NEVER be defeated!" Brave, strong words, but Kangaroo Rat is strong and deadly.

Oboru watches the battle worriedly, "Oh, Yousuke's in a pinch!" She's been programming, that's what she does, after all. New functions and command codes for the Hayate blades. Yousuke is starting to get back up again when he sees a new symbol appear on his blade. He reads it in half-surprise. Kangaroo Rat announces, "Now for the Thunder-lightning Punch!" and starts his boxing moves. Yousuke makes it back to his feet, blade lifting slower than before, but still lifting. He moves into position, and when the lightning hits, simply shatters the attack. Kangaroo Rat is understandably shocked. Blue lightning rains around Yousuke's blade, evidence of the new power he holds. When Kangaroo attacks, he stands no chance. Yousuke simply cuts him to pieces. He falls rolling. And it is time to hall out the Triple Gadget, Kouta's hammer at the front. The Goraijer are ready with the Double Gadget. Their enemies gather, the three lead Jakanja to support their man. Furabijou glares defiantly and then grins, forming the rainbow-tinted Elegant Barrier again. Nanami utters a frustrated protest about that, and Yousuke agrees worriedly they probably can't break through. But Ikkou turns his head to them and snaps, "Then let's put all the Gadgets together!" After a surprise so brief it almost doesn't exist, Yousuke enthusiastically agrees. The Goraijer brace the front of the weapon, the Hurricanger the back with Yousuke at their center. Furabijou is unimpresed. "You think that thing can break our barrier?" she asks laughingly. "Victory Gadget!" calls Ikkou. Yousuke cries, "Charge!" and energy crackles up the weapons to pool at the end. And together they call "Victory!" The ball of energy that rolls out is powerful, looking like a water bubble somehow containing a fireball, trailing red lightning as it goes. The Elegant Barrier doesn't stand a chance, and all go up in flames. The Goraijer straighten up alertly, while the Hurricanger go into happy victory dances. The three Jakanja leaders are staggering back to their feet and look down in shocked fury at the wreckage of Kangaroo Rat. "Wendinu!" howls Sargain. "I know, I know," she answers, and opens up her case to call in the Copy Giant.

Yousuke calls to Oboro, and the Shinobi Machines come quickly. The two teams form their respective robots quickly. Kangaroo Rat bounces up and down like a boxer. Both Sempujin and Goraijin call forth their Sword Slashers. Yes, they both have that weapon, though the Goraijin's SS Karakuri ball is number 10. They both use their Sword Slashers. Kangaroo punches them back, calls upon his Fire power and hits them badly. Oboru tells the leaders to form Goraisempujin. They obey without hesitation, calling for Furai Maru. With full enthusiasm, they do the "Rolling Thunder Hurricane!" attack and destroy Kangaroo Rat.

Manmaruba's cocoon cracks open with shining, white light. First out comes what looks like the twisting tail, but then is clearly a humanoid shape. Taking his hissing, first breath he bends backwards out of the cocoon. He walks unsteadily, goo still dripping from his newborn form. He leaves a trail behind him as he walks into the throne room to present himself to Tao Zanto.

Our five heroes walk away on a road from the scene of the battle. Our young, energetic trio is in front, still bouncing for joy. The Goraijer walk behind them, steady and disciplined. Kouta stretches and congratulates Yousuke. Yousuke talks through his changer saying, "Oboro-san, thank you." "Huh?" she says. Yousuke says she helped him. She says she didn't. He is surprised. Oboru is sassy. It seems that the new symbol hadn't changed anything. Yousuke himself had simply believed it, and therefore fought harder. The trio is dumbfounded. Ikkou, listening, smiles with startling warmth and hides his silent laughter. The brothers walk past the trio. "Later, Yousuke," Ikkou says in passing. Isshu glances at the trio as he and his brother pass. They walk away. Isshu takes a hopping step to walk beside, rather than behind, his brother. The Hurricanger are still gazing dumbfounded after them, then realize that they are being appreciated. Kouta and Nanami are very excited. Nanami notices the expression on Yousuke's face, which is akin to hero-worship. "Yousuke, what's with you?" Utterly happy, he answers her, "That's the first time he's called me Yousuke!" Ahead of them, Isshu asks almost accusingly, "Bro, why are you being nice to Yousuke now?" Ikkou can't help but grin and laugh. "Because it's fun," and something else I can't figure out, that thoroughly flummoxes Ikkou. "HUH?" and Ikkou only smiles and walks confidently on.

Sargain arrives home, to find a stranger in brown cloak who mocks him mildly. "What in heck are you?!" Then it occurs to him they've got a new member. Furabijou comes up to the robed intruder to check him out curiously. He steps forward and takes off his hood to reveal his head. He is golden, and blue embossed, wavy horns. Golden white glowing eyes. He is the third in their group, "Manmaruba." All three are thoroughly stunned. Sargain's opens his helmet so he can see this with his own eyes, the little wasp. "Manmaruba?!" he asks in amazement. Wendinu stares at him in astonished shock. "This is what you have become?" He confirms. Tao Zanto speaks, something about the need for six. The four kneel before him. Tao Zanto re-states his determination to rule the Earth.

File 20 on Kangaroo Rat, Sargain's man.
巻之二十一 仮面とナゾナゾ Kamen to Nazonazo Masks and Riddles.

Our heroes are trapped. Bruised and battered, the Goraijer face a new enemy they are more startled than alarmed by. The wily, silly, totally obnoxious Satorakura who is the sixth of the head Jakanja, and prone to practical jokes. Oboro is pissed off no end. This episode will bring us the sixth ranger, Shurikenger. But only at the end.

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