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Racing in the setting sun under the red skies, on their hangliders. Appearing as silhouettes against backdrops. Red, Blue, Yellow. Tirling umbrellas, fighting beside water, a brief glimpse of other actors, including the hamster, and shadowed appearance of the other two rangers' helmet. A brief glimpse of the villains. The other two rangers standing in the crescent moon. The great formation attacking. The jumbo jet that becomes the Hawk. The Dolphin leaping from the waters of a sea-world type place, the Lion trudging out of who knows where, and the great formation fighting. I like the music.

Someone walks in the darkness, carrying a flash light and a small homing device. It is a woman, in blue long shirt and red pants, black shoes, walking carefully in the soil of a cavern. She finds a bizarre machine, makes surpised noises as she notes that lights are glowing on it. This is disturbing. It suddenly moves, opening up what seem like two eyes. Its lights reflect in her. Then it sends out two beams of blue white light up into the sky. Out into space where they connect with a huge object approaching Earth.

Two Months Later

Black clad legs, someone racing through the woods. Trees devoid of leaves because those blanket the forest floor all reddish brown. A man in a red shirt and strange metallic cap throws a red rope, then swings with a delighted shout through the air. Hits stone and climbs up it rapidly. He is entering Shinobi Valley. He makes his way to the top of a cliff, to a small shrine. Opening the door, he quickly snatches out the scroll inside and delights that he's got it. He races off, but the wind picks up a breeze of dust behind him, and suddenly another man springs from the fallen leaves. This one wears yellow and drops down on the startled man in red. They tumble together then fight, and the yellow one makes off with the scroll. But as he passes a pool and waterfall, a woman springs from the water with a cry. She races towards the man, running on the surface of the water, and gets the scroll from him. At bay she turns only to find the one in red racing through the air to snatch the scroll from her. He gets it back and turns to confront the two of them. Narrator: Ninjutsu, as it has been from long ago. A secret from most people because it is the art of the shadows. Jumping. Vanishing. Fighting warriors." Suddenly he sounds doubtful. "But... these three are...?"
They are up against each other fighting happily when someone else joins the fray. Someone in a green kimono, with a bit of purple. He wears a devil's mask and jumps into it with a staff. Startled, they are sent tumbling back by a wind blast. "... are still only half of what they should be." The man they face removes his mask. He is much older than them, fiercely lined, hair long and thick down past his shoulders. He glowers at them. "You idiots," he growls.

The trio start taking off their masks. The boy in red, very young and sweet faced, whines, "High priest!" The girl is lovely and just as whiny. "Teacher!" The yellow boy is fluffy compared to the others, and looks quite chagrined. "Forgive me, sir!" Their teacher, though, is royally pissed. A move of his hand, a "Ho" for power, and the scroll is yanked from the red boy's grasp into his teacher's. The teacher then becomes airborne and the three dive down as he swoops around them. "What kind of moves were those? Hayate Ryu (Way) and Ikazuchi Ryu are starting their traditional school battle!" He lands atop the falls and glowers furiously down at them. "If you fight like this you can't beat the Ikazuchi and will never be Hurricanger!" Red is not terribly impressed. "That again? The Hayate Way's legendary warrior team? When I hear that name, I feel like I have a wart in my ears." Blue snickers at him. "Yeah, I get that YOU can't make it." Yellow nods and then blinks and glares indignantly, "You can't talk to us like that! There haven't been Hurricangers for over two hundred years, anyway!" Red folds his arms and nods justified agreement.

Their teacher is getting quite annoyed with them. "Look, you! The way you speak, that's why everyone says you're only half the ninjas you should be!" He tosses the scroll back to them and it falls into red's hands. Glowering furiously down at them, he says "Tomorrow, same time. Morning practice!" And then he utters a special set of words. His DNA unwinds and, with a poof of smoke, he is man no more but an owl, which sweeps low over the trio who duck, and heads off towards the distant castle.

Red watches him go, lower lip stuck out stubbornly. "Awe, man! Why does he pick on US every day?" The other two make sympathetic agreeing noises.

Kaze to Ninja
Wind and Ninja

At Hayate Way Ninja School, the Ninpuu Kan. In a gulley beneath the castle an area has been set up, the back sheltered by red silk cloths. Pennant flags in white wave in the wind. There are five lines of people. One line is in dark gray, almost black. Next the yellows, then reds, then blues, and lastly the whites. They listen patiently to the high priest who lectures. He stands before a shrine, two men in black standing sternly at his back. He is Mugensai Hinata, their teacher and leader. There are white signs set up, one bearing the number 253. The symbol of the school is on the red silk.

Down by the waterfall, the fuzzy young yellow is standing with an expression of disnity, eyes narrowed. He holds his sheathed blade as he knows his teacher is holding a staff, and is speaking the words he knows his teacher is saying in mimicry. He has red and blue in stitches. Red takes a bite out of a persimmon as blue congratulates yellow. Finished, yellow steps closer and mourns, "Our grades are always the same, so the High Priest always gets angry at us." Red tosses him the persimmon, so he takes a big bite. They are number 507. Yellow is Kouta Bitou, of the Land Ninja Group. He tosses the persimmon back and red takes his own big bite again. He is Yousuke Shiina, of the Sky Ninja Group. "All they said was we had some good talent for ninjitsu, so we get scouted." He passes the persimmon on to the blue girl. She is Nanami Nono, of the Water Ninja Group. "I thought Ninjutsu would sure come in handy," she whines, and bites into the persimmon. Then, grinning, she bouces up and says, "This is all just so vague, right?" They all say the right with her. She tosses the persimmon back to Yousuke, who bounces up and tosses it high into the sky. "Yeah, but until we graduate, we've got this hanging over us. We can't get away." Far up in the sky, the persimmon hits an invisible barrier and is electroctuted.

"And just as they are talking about that, someone else is worrying about something actually important."

In a mysterious room within caverns, full of televisions and computers, there sits a worried woman typing away on a keyboard. She is Oboro Hinata, graduate of the school. She is older, though not as old as their Priest. She growls, "Hey, you stupid centipede. What are you trying to bring to this world?" She has the mysterious artifact she found on one screen, watches it with much suspicion. And in space:寄生要塞センティピード there is the Parasitic Fortress Centipede, with long wiggly legs. It is a coiling object, and inside there are very excited... people. Two humanoid women. Two non-human male creatures. One really weird guy flying around. They stare in delight at the blue world in their viewport. A red wave of scanning and soon round bubbles fly out, full of images of the world below. People waiting for busses or trains. "Be quiet," growls a deep voice. This is a great unmoving being behind them, all spikes and short legs. It is the leader of the Jakanja... Tao Zanto. He has a speech for his three. Just call it we will take over the world. And on Earth, Oboro has picked up the signal of the approaching ship.

"Oh, this is bad! I've gotta enhance the barrier!" She quickly moves to a panel in the wall and starts flipping switches. Outside, the barrier over the island becomes visible like green crystal. And on the alien ship, Tao Zanto says, "There are people just like us, called ninjas." Startled, his command crew moves anxiously. The great green man says he has put a barrier breaking machine on that world already. His commander is pleased and says he wants to see what'll happen.

They come falling from the sky, like red bits of paper they waft around the barrier and then form in ranks ouside it. Kekkai, with feathered headdress, blue skin and golden armor, he leads a troup of Magerappa, who dance around saying, "Mage mage, gerappa gerappa!" Kekkai narrows his one long eye, then with a collection of power, sends flying red paper-like things to collect on the barrier. And that barrier begins to shatter.

Alarms go off. Oboro watches the barrier disintegrate in horror. The wild sounds attract the attention of our young trio. When they see the barrier disintegrate above them, all those people start to panic. The young people at the ceremony mill about nervously. Mugensai Hinata is not panicking, he is only furious. But before anything can happen, he gazes in startlement at the group approaching them. The leader says, "So are you their leader, old man?" in mocking coldness. The milling group of youngsters part before their teacher. Hinata says sternly, "I'm not going to let you destroy this tribe!" Kekkai is suitably unimpressed. "What a weird thing to say." Hinata has out a clawed fighting weapon, and the battle should be joined. He takes to the air and sweeps into the Magerappa. He is impressive and fast, cutting through them with ease and strength. He uses a wind attack. No one knows of the young trio racing this way. "Not bad, old man," comments Kekkai when Hinata finishes driving the Magerappa back. "But your fate is still that you're done from this world." And he hurtles out an attack of papers that stick to every person they touch, and they do touch every person. "What in?" gasps Hinata. But Kekkai strikes out again, "Feel our power!" with red fire. A paper that grows and covers the castle. Voice deep and snarling, Hinata asks, "Damn you, what've you done?" "You'll find out soon enough," replies Kikkai. He calls his lord in the skies. And Tao Zanto exerts his power. The first four people swirl and vanish into black vortexes. The others behind them, men and women, cry out in shock. More and more vanish until only Hinata is left under a whirlwind, hearing the cries of his students. He stabs the blades of his hand claw into the rock, trying to keep from being sucked away. Having a moment, he starts an enchantment. "Pazara pi chu!!" and his body ripples and shrinks down. With nothing to cling to, the paper is swept away. And on the ground where he stood human before is a small white and brown hamster. It squeaks anxiously and scutters away.

Just then our errant trio reaches the scene. They are in time to see their castle sucked up into the whirlwind, and can hear the screaming of their classmates. They gape in shock. "What's happening?" cries Nanami. And out in space the hundreds of papers reach the mighty Parasite ship. They whirl around it, then burst as though they've been destroyed. (any bets?)

"Oh, how CUTE!" The girl from space, young seeming, with great round fuzzy balls on her head, picks up the scurrying hamster. "Can I have it?" she asks. Kekkai comes over to her. "Did you see, Furabijou?" She grins at him, "You did it!" And then our trio arrive. Yousuke exclaims in shock, "The school, everyone's vanished!" Kouta gasps, "So that last thing was -- " Nanami leaps forward to heave the clawed hand weapon from the ground. "This was the high priest's!" She is about to break into tears. They gather close to her and Yousuke takes the weapon gingerly, agreeing whose it is.

"Oooh," says a surprised voice behind them. They jump and turn. "There are still three little animals alive." Furabijou and Kekkai are walking towards them, and she looks mildly put out. Kekkai says sternly, "You kiddies, I'll send you to join your friends."

The trio is determined to fight. Yousuke shouts challenge for the loss of their people. Nobody notices the hamster poke his nose out Furabijou's glove and watch anxiously, squeaking. Kekkai is not impressed with them. He took out the first group so easily, these three aren't any problem. The trio loses their temper and hauls out their blades to attack, but every time they strike, he is elsewhere. Finally Kouta attempts to explode him, but his body vanishes and only his head flies in to strike at them. He takes them down with yellow lightning from his eyes and they fall, one blade at least lying on the ground. They are outgunned, and know it. Yousuke leads them into retreat, terrified. Kekkai pursues but they race down into underground caves, their retreat taking them into an area where the light flashes red warning. They come to a dead-end and look around in panic. Kekkai has them cornered, and notes that there is nowhere left for them to run. Kouta leaps to attack again, but is thrown back to land with the others, and Kekkai prepares to kill them, rather than go again with the same method he used to get rid of the others. They scream in terror as he pulls back his weapon and slashes down.

Oboro has this all on her screens, and she leaps to the keyboard. She hits one special key with the Hurricanger symbol, and Kekkai is surprised when his mighty blade hits nothing. They have been teleported away. "Where'd they disappear to?" he wonders. In a dark cavern, light swirls and three huddled figures appear. Oboro gets up from her computer to sigh in relief that the three are successfully there. They bound to their feet, confused and grateful to see her. They come from the cavern into the lighted room anxious and excited. They babble excitedly about what they had faced, Kouta saying, "They're space-ninja, Jakanja!" She counters with some explanation for them. About finding the machine two months ago, having no idea what it was doing. But now she knows, it was bringing the enemy here. There are so many things she still doesn't know. Yousuke holds up their teacher's weapon he now bears on his right hand. The long claws of hard metal seem too strong for such an easy defeat. "The High Priest is gone, too. All there is is us," he practically sobs. The job seems so daunting for the frightened trio. But Oboro turns and studies them with an empathic gaze.

The hamster squeaks to itself as Furabijou trails along behind Kekka. Down into a little valley, near a waterfall. It's so lovely here. He grumbles, "Where did those kids go?" Finally he turns and shouts, "COME OUT!" Furabijou pets her hamster and says, "Hey, stop moving around so much." She doesn't see the little red eyes suddenly glow brightly. And in the hidden chamber, the emblem on the back of their teacher's weapon glows, and then power crackles up it. "What the?" gasps Yousuke. And then it falls to pieces, dropping hard to the floor. They lean down in dismay, to the pieces, "Oh, High Priest!" cries Nanami. But Oboro is not so concentrated on that. "Yousuke, Nanami, Kouta! Listen to me. You have to fight them!" She kneels down to them. "You have to protect the world from these invaders!" They turn their heads and look at her, dismay written on each young face. Yousuke says, "Us?" Nanami says, "How?" And Kouta says, "Those guys...." She takes a moment to answer them, and then it is sternly. "We knew you could get higher grades. You may still be only half what you can be, but you do have the talent to be Hurricanger. That's why we wanted you to have morning practice."

Yousuke responds hoarsely, "The High Priest... thought that much of us?" Nanami bites her lips. Kouta is more dismayed. "But how can we defeat the enemy even HE couldn't stop?" She looks at them steadily. "My father is safe." As they gape at her she pickes up some pieces of the broken weapon. She seems rather pleased as she gets up with the largest piece. For her father had used the power contained in here, so he has to be alive. The trio, realizing it's surely true, slap each others' hands in celebration. While they do that, Oboro goes to a table and pulls open something from one shelf. She calls them and they silence themselves, coming quickly. She opens the silver box and inside there are three lovely devices. Yousuke peers in. "Those are..." Nanami, peeking over his left shoulder, says it. "Hurricane Gyros!" Kouta on the other side adds, "Yeah, they are. Wow!" Oboro, pleased with their reaction, informs them that with these they can transfer into the Shinobi suits and there's a lot of extra power herein, too.

The trio are recovering their usual spirits. Yousuke starts, "Us, we're the" together "Legendary protectors?!" Oboro names them, the Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger. And they stand tall, young and proud. Yousuke says they will use this power to help their high priest. And Nanami agrees that's what they'll do from this point on. Kouta excitedly adds, "Let's do it!" and the trio whirls and heads out the door. Oboro calls after them to take the Hurricane Gyros. They skid to a stop in the hall and hurry back for them. Off they go, her waving them away, and wondering to a picture of her and her father if this is really going to work out.

Kekkai is still looking for his missing targets, shouting to them. "Jakanja!" Someone shouts back. Well, that was Yousuke, but the trio stand together, grinning, on a low cliff above their enemies. Kouta says, "By kids, you mean us do you?" Nanami adds, "Well that's not what we think of ourselves!" Yousuke, excitable as all of them, finishes it. "We're the legendary soldiers!" Oboro shouts at them to hurry up. And at last they put on their Hurricane Gyros and call into them "Shinobi Change!" As the startled villains watch, in falling cherry blossoms the heroes transform. Someone is bonking on wood for sound. Suddenly they are on a stage, with colored umbrellas bearing their symbols. Their two enemies are quite puzzled. "You're what?" asks Furabijou. The trio introduce themselves, name and school. Yellow has this utterly bizzare voice, have I mentioned that? But they're going with a kind of kabuki-style movement here.

Furabijou is unfazed. She calls in the Magerappa and they come. Our heroes draw their blades and flash into battle, walking on air through their enemies. Yousuke uses the Gyro Shuriken. Nanami uses her weapon in gun-mode and runs on water to attack. Down go the Magerappa. She uses a water spout attack. Kouta goes through the ground to attack, and multis himself, each one a deadly attacker. He sends a power blast through the ground. And Oboro, watching, decides these kids are not losers, after all.

But Kekkai uses his own Ninja magic. He vanishes into a crack in the universe. The trio look about for him, but then a flash and a new crack opens beside them. Out comes Kekkai's hand and he catches them, pulling them inside with him.

In a red-lit swamp, they are attacked by his flying head. When they fire on him, there is nothing there. Then he punches the ground and they fall, then he blows exploding leaflets onto them and finally they are back in the real world, stunned and fallen. Kekkai expects an easy kill. Laughing, he comes at them. But they are pulling themselves up, swearing not to be beaten, they are the Hurricanger.

Far above them atop a cliff, there are two figures watching the battle. One is in blue and black, the other red and black. When blue makes a move to join the fight (on whose side?) red puts out a quick hand to stop that one. Red is the taller. A shake of the head, blue nods agreement. They step back, away from the struggle below.

"This is the final blow, Hurricanger!" shouts Kekkai. A rain of red leaflets coming down on the frightened trio. They are hit badly, but that is only illusion for they fly from the smoke and flames on their Hurricane Wingers! Kekkai is most surprised. They shout down that no one is going to defeat them. He tries to fire on them, but they evade his shots and Yousuke swoops down on him, picking him up and punching at him as they glide. "LEGGO!" shouts Kekkai angrily. "Hai Hai!" Yousuke answers cheerfully, and lets him drop. "Bye Bye!" Kekkai crashes through the trees and lands heavily. He is utterly furious and is going to get them for this humiliation. They are off the Wingers now and gather together to attack as one. They keep cutting, flipping and slicing. Kekkai is losing, and now they pull out their weapons, identifying them for us. The Dry Gun. The Sonic Megaphone. The Quick Hammer. Kouta pounds the ground with his hammer, and Kekkai is sent bouncing by the shockwave. "I'm next!" cries Nanami. She calls into her megaphone, "Round and round you go!" and Kekkai is caught in the wave and spins and spins in the air. She lets him drop, and now Yousuke has his turn, to hit the enemy with a fire blast. And now they put their three weapons together, Yousuke at the center and the other two channeling their strength into him. The Triple Gadget. And when they fire on the still-stunned Kekka, he is utterly destroyed.

Now their helmets open to reveal their bright young faces inside and they bounce and crow their win to the skies. Oboro, watching on her television screen, is equally joyful. Furabijou, however, is rather disappointed. "Well, he's dead." But then there is a burst of golden light and the hamster in her hands starts speaking. "Well done, Hurricanger!" It is hard to say who is more astonished. For the voice is their teacher/high priest's. They whirl and gape up. "At last, I can speak!" he says. Furabijou is studying her pet with great curiosity, not particularly phazed by this new development. He must be the first hamster she's ever met. Nanami starts it. "You've gotta be kidding." Kouta gapes, "That hamster is -- " "This High Priest?!" gasps Yousuke. At that moment the area falls into shadow and the ground shakes violently. Furabijou looks up at the darkening sky and smiles innocently. "Ah, it's here."

Yes, the giant Centipede ship is landing. It breaks the atmosphere and Oboro's computers all go wild. The ship docks in the sea, surrounded by mist and dark clouds. "Now, over here!" calls Furabijou cheerfully as four red beams of light head her way. They impace on the cliff on either side of her. She is no longer alone. Deep laughter from the male being who comes. Shriller laughter from the strange, floating being. No real laughter but only amusement from the lovely woman with the pink hair. And the last is a strangely samurai-like being, dark and menacing. "We're all here now," says Furabijou happily. Five of them, three Hurricangers. Well, well. And they laugh. And this sight remains frightening.

A brief file on the enemy they just fought. And now the ending credits. The red Hurrican Winger cuts the sky above mist-shrouded valleys. Huurcane Red in his armor. Then Blue, then Yellow. They fly along, watching the world below and waving to each other. Let's go. They circle. I want to go hanggliding. Scenes from the episode of courage and distress, of play and fight. One for each hero.

Next episode: for the first time in years, our heros are out in the world. And Kouta entertains a little girl, and their is an enemy vaguely like a magnet to face. Yousuke has to fight him alone, and Oboro covers her eyes anticipating the worst. a great claw reaches over his armored shoulder. 巻之二 巨人とカラクリ Kyojin to Karakuri

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巻之二 巨人とカラクリ
Kyojin to Karakuri

Like fire they rained down from heaven, heralding the end of the world. But it'll still probably be most of a year. The heavy, green being steps forward to say in gruff condemnation, "This is a puny planet." "But it's nice," comments an even stranger being, like a round ball hovering in the air with a minimum of two red eyes. A woman steps forward next, hair a pale pink, long fingers and sharp nails. She says, "It'll take no time to conquer." A being in heavy black armor with pointed shoulders says, "Pretty good." "Isn't it, though?" comments the child-like bizarre innocence of the girlish being who was there first. Speaking for the Hurricanger, Yousuke shouts, "Who are you?!" In the backlit red they are answered proudly by all those who stand above them. "We're the Jakanja. The darkness from Sphere 7." Unnerved, the trio shies back. Nanami repeats, "Darkness from Sphere 7?" a phrase which means nothing to her. The hamster is struggling to climb out of Furabijou's gloves. She carefully pulls it back to safety. "Excuse me," it mutters, struggling. The pink haired woman stares at in in intrigued confusion. "What is that thing?" Furabijou frowns as she says, "I don't really know what it is, but it just now started to talk." Nanami cries out from below, "Hey, you let go of that hamster!" Kouta adds, "Yeah!" Unimpressed, the green one bellows back, "You little worms! I'll teach you a lesson!" and speaks the words of a spell. When he hits the ground with his staff, a giant staff appears and pounds at the ground where the trio were, knocking them tumbling. "These guys are just too strong!" gasps Yousuke, favoring his strained shoulder. Furabijou grins and moves as if to wave at them, but then a flick of her fingers and a fierce expression, and explosions go off all around them. They cry out and... among the flames are only piles of colored clothing. "They disappeared!" gasps the group as a whole. But then a blur of yellow fushes past them. "Give back the high priest!" they hear in passing as he snatches the hamster from Furabijou's fingers. Kouta rolls to safety and the othr two are there to protect him from blasts. They move quickly and set off colored smoke. This time they really ARE gone. Furabijou is utterly furious. "They took it!!" The mighty green one is pissed. "They ran away," he complains. The heavy black armored being says, "Don't worry about it, they're an easy mark."

In a miniature room a hamster stands on its hind legs and grimly lectures from near a photo of its true face. "A week has passed. We know the enemy is working on some evil scheme. Don't make any mistakes with the equipment we need, Oboro!" His daughter gives him a quietly exasperated glance. "I know, I know. I'm running the last tests on the navigation system now." She is typing fiercely. On her computer screen are graphic outlines of a dolphin, lion, and a hunting bird. She takes a brief breather to look at the new photo she has on her workdesk. The trio of rangers, right after their first encounter with the enemy. Their young, shinign faces visible in the open helmets as they post in their armor. "I never imagined these three would become the Hurricanger so soon." The hamster says critically, "But there's still so much they don't know, so much they MUST learn!" Oboro gives him a stern look and wags her finger. "Then why don't you stop being a hamster and help me, father!!" She moves from the computer to settle in front of him, and we can see he is living in a kind of glass cage. There is a green habitrail wheel, miniature furniture and all sorts of things. He looks back at her, attempts to keep his dignity while admitting unhappily, "I want to go back, but so far all that's come back is my voice! I made a mistake and forgot a word in the spell!" Her eyebrows shoot up as he admits that, but she comments as she returns to her computer, "Be that as it may, are they doing it properly? Those kids."

Properly? Oh, I rather doubt it's quite what Oboro has in mind. But Nanami is out in the world, in shops. There are so many cute things and she's trying to take in everything. "This is cute!" and this, and that and this shirt and these earrings. She heads tiredly outside, wandering down some stairs. "I haven't been off the mountain in forever and there's all these things I want... and there isn't any kind of good part-time work." She says this as she reads a help-wanted sign on what appears to be a cafe door. Then a stranger pops up almost literally. Excited, the man starts moving around her. "Oh, you're good! You're so good, you're like perfect!" he prattles on and on and she isn't certain at all what this crazy man is up to. "I found you!!" "Huh?" "Come on, this way, this way!" he starts hurrying the confused young woman off. Bewildered as she is, she lets him. And they are riding along in his nice, large van down the city streets. Nanami is being made up, and is still stunned. "Wow, it can't be, I can't believe it! Is it really ME you want?" She is dainty and innocent, her clothes and equipment are being exchanged. The man, driving, says to her happily, "It's okay, because you've got star quality!" The light turns green and he says happily, "And now we've got to hurry!"

A man in blue is scaling a rather stout pipe up the outer wall of a building. There is a delecate kerchief far above him and that's what he's after. Two women are watching him. One is a very worried looking office lady in pink and white, the other is a sterner loking woman with pink-rimmed glasses and a blue jacket who nods approval as he reaches the scarf. He pulls it from where it's caught with a flourish and races to the waiting women. "Thank you, Shinji," says the lady in blue, snatching it from him. She turns to the office lady with much delight. "Here you are." "Thank you! Here's the five-hundred yen." She sets the golden coin into the older woman's eagerly waiting palms and heads off as they bow to her, the woman asking for repeat business and making sure with a hand on the back of her employee's neck that he bows properly. Yes, it is young Yousuke Shiina. He protests that getting a scarf for someone isn't exactly what he thought they'd be doing in this business. She counters that they're just starting out in business and so they have to do just about anything. He watches her head off in weary exasperation. Then he gets on with his work, digging window-washing equipment out of the back of the work-truck. He pouts that nothing's happened for a whole week with the Jakanja. As he keeps putting things into a bucket, a white car stops in front of the kindergarten just a little away from him. One of the teachers is already out to greet the man who's arrived. The smiling man bowing in greeting is all too familiar. The teacher is calling, "Kara-chan, that nice young rehability man has arrived!" Yousuke stares dumbfounded as Kouta heads into the kindergarten grounds.

One should be very careful of wishing for some action. For, somewhere out at sea there is an alien fortress hidden is mists, looking like some gigantic fungus with a too-long centipede coiled around it. And inside the multi-armed, double-faced Tao-zando is not a happy camper. He gives off purple ether or power which becomes lightning, until you can see the mask beneath what appear to be giant eyes. Of the minions waiting around him, one steps forward. Sargain is making his bid to start an attack, Chuuzubo steps forward to his side to argue the point, but then Sargain helmet opens to reveal the real face. A tiny being with a tiny voice operates this robot body. Oddly, it seems to be an ant (Gao Ant! No, just kidding). While they argue and bluster, Manmaruba moves between them ignored. Tau Zando is willing to give Sargain this attack. And so at his summons a being appears in the city. It folds out and grown on a rooftop until it is mature. Jishakkumon, a magnetic enemy.

The little girl walks, trying to take a step for every encouraging call. "One, two, one, two!" Kouta calls to her. She looks painfully determined on the metal supports she has to use to hold herself up. Kouta has a bear hand puppet he uses to wave at her, enticing her to take just a few steps more. "You can do it, just a little more!" And Yousuke watches in awe. A woman stays beside the girl, either mother or teacher. The girl makes the steps that were their target for this session. Kouta swings her up high into the air in victory, the woman helping lending her voice to the praises. "Let's rest a while!" says Kouta, and sets her down. But then a voice intrudes. They look in startlement at the young man in a blue jacket, who tells Kouta with a certain clear pride and awed amazement how nice he is. "Yousuke!" Kouta greets his friend in delight. The teacher takes the little girl with her while the two men talk. Kouta asks innocently, "Why, what are you doing here?" Yousuke indicates his jacket and explains briefly about his work, but then notices something that alarms him. Kouta isn't carrying his Gyro! "Oh, yeah. It's right over there in the car," explains Kouta, pointing. Yup, it sure is. Yousuke whirls on him angrily. "Kouta, you -- " but he stops when they hear a sweet singing from inside the kindergarten building. The voice is incredible, and so out of place that they decide to go look and see what's going on. There is a picture there of an older woman, who must be a famous singer. But the woman dressed in the same clothes as that person wears is not the same person. The children sit in their chairs and listen atttentively to the voice which fills their classroom. Kouta and Yousuke arrive at the open sliding door and gape. Kouta points. The lovley woman with this incredible voice is none other than their Nanami. The scout who'd picked her up is utterly delighted with his success. He smouth the words as she sings, his assistant nodding approval. Kouta and Yousuke look at each other. Their jaws are about hitting the floor.

The three manage to get together. Nanami starts to excitedly explain how the scout had said he's make her an idol... but she hadn't exactly had singing Enka to kindergarten kids in mind when he'd told her that. She sits down, sighing unhappily and crossing her hands daintily in her lap. This draws Yousuke attention to her bare wrist. He raises the issue of how this working is only to support them while their REAL duty is to face the Jakenja and them being Hurricanger. Nanami glares stubbornly back at him. "I know that!" Kouta starts, "But I -- " Yousuke cuts their arguments off furiously. But before he can lecture at them, a crowd of tiny children surrounds them. Kouta and Nanami are drawn away to play. They do not look back even once at Yousuke. He utters an indignant comment after them.

And the first attack has started. Jishakkumon coms to the edge of a building and looks about below. It is time to get in some ruin of this little world. Putting his hands together in a ninja gesture, he says the words to start the spell. A surge of green lightning from his shoulders sweeps down on the unsuspecting people below. North and South, N and S appear briefly on walking people, and suddenly the green lightning pulls them together. They scream, and then are lifted into the air to be pulled into piles with other terrified, struggling people. A second spell turns the piles into dark gray stone, the people reaching desperately but mute in mineral.

Oboro has seen this and calls the kids. "The Jakanja are taking people and turning them into oject de art!" but only Yousuke hears where he is washing the walls and windows of a building. He is excited to become Hurricane Red. But the sound of singing cuts into his concentration, and he looks down on the playground where his two friends are singing with a circle of children. He looks both indignant and aggrieved.

He races through the city streets, having abandoned his work uniform for his red Hurricanger jacket. He runs past the fused stone piles of people, ignoring them for now. There is a place where panic stricken factory workers flee, men and women screaming wearing white hard hats. "Next is you!" gloats the being that is terrifying them. "Jakanja!" screams a voice behind him. As it turns, it is hit by a flying, red-clad body. Having diverted the enemy, Yousuke goes through the motions. "Ninpu! Shinobi Change!" he cries. In a moment he is surrounded by golden fire and soon he announces himself from his armor. "Hey, I heard there were three Hurricanger," complains Jishakkumon. "Hey, I can beat the likes of you by myself!" Yousuke mocks back. But the enemy is not impressed. It channels power and strikes Yousuke with golden fire. An S appears briefly on is body, and then he is being dragged by magnetic forces. He is helpless to stop himself, and hits hard agains the side of a car. A bicycle slams into his chest, a heavy barrel rolls into his legs, and a loose support strut for the factory slides at him. He is thoroughly, painfully pinned and his laughing opponent starts towards him.

"OOOH, what are Nanami and Kouta doing?" Oboro asks anxiously. She has an all too clear image of what's happening on one of her tv screens. Her father the hamster has a suggestion. "Try the maximum emergency code, Oboro!" "Rodger!" she tells him with a salute, and hits the Hurricanger symbol on her keyboard. In two seperate vehicles, the small Gyros go off with bells and whistles. Nanami and Kouta react instantly, whirling.

"This is the end," gloats Jishakkumon, his blade aiming for Yousuke's neck. Oboro utters a cry of dismay. Yousuke cannot move to escape the slashing blade, and Oboro covers her eyes, unable to bear it. But before the blade strikes, things explode between the two. The startled Jishakkumon finds small, sweetly elegant shuriken fallen at his feet. Then Kouta comes in, swinging on a roap from a higher level of the factory. He hits Jishakkumon hard and sends the being flying. Oboro sinks into her chair with a happy laugh of relief, her father grunts pleased agreement. And the magnetic field holding everything against Yousuke's body fails and he is able to bound to the others. "Why'd you go out alone?" Nanami snaps. He opens his helmet face so they can look in his eyes. When he apologetically tells them he didn't think they wanted to be Hurricanger, Kouta is first to scold him. They may be developing lives, but foremost they are Hurricanger, Nanami points out. Kouta issues an apology for not wearing their Hurricane Gyros, and Nanami adds her own. Yousuke smiles at them in dazed relief and joy, saying their names. And Kouta agreeably says they will defeat this enemy together! Speaking of whom, he's recovered and he tosses metal struts at the small group. Then he hits with a magnetic shuriken and they cry out. He is feeling all smug as the smoke begins to clear and... then cherry blossom petals fall all around him.

Confused, he looks around. Blue, red and yellow, slim figures backlit under silken wraps. They spin around, moving in time to the sharp beat of the wooden blocks, the Hurricanger. And they announce themselves, tossing the wraps into the air. Did I mention the Kabuki theme in body language chosen for these? I could like this, but will they come up with fifty-one stage-transformation sequences?

I guess Jishakkumon is not culturally inclined. He thinks he can beat them easily, but red runs through the air and kicks him out of the factory. The battle is joined outside, but their enemy hits them back. "Shashasha" says Jishakkumon, And Oboro has been scanning it and trying to find its weakness. She finds it is a robot, and tells the kids that they must destroy its energy center. She relates what she's learned to Yousuke. They figure out the shining gem in its chest must be their target, for green electro-magnetic energy surges up into that. They quickly assemble the Triple Gadget with Kouta's weapon at center. It creates a floating ball metric weight 100t. Jishakkumon looks up in horror at the thing, and then screams as they slam it down on top of him. It explodes. Our trio open their masks and jump for joy. All that is left of their enemy is a pile of scrap metal.

Furabijou has witnessed this from a point above the battle. Pouting, she notes the loss and stamps her pad with a death symbol on the simple sketch of Jishakkumon. His name is written below in strange, alien script! Chuuzubo mocks Sargain for this failure of his first tool. But Sargain is not finished yet. "Wendinu!" he barks. She is lovely. She moves into their space with soft laughter. She opens a small case containing a mirror and buttons. "Copy Giant, go," she half-sings into it. She presses the left circle, right square then center triangle buttons. Out from the er... ship is fired a huge gold and silver missile. It homes in on the battle, and the Hurricanger gasp when they see it coming. But it is not what they think. Before it hits, it suddenly develops legs and collides with the ground standing, staggering them. In moments it develops arms and a head as well, towers high over their heads. "What IS it?" cried Nanami. Its eyes glow brightly, beams from them scan the remains of Jishakkumon, symbols in the alien language flit across its screen, and so it reshapes itself into a giant duplicate. Wendinu, shown in a heart as this goes on, explains that her precious copy-giant does just that. Becomes a giant copy of the destroyed tool.

Alarmed, hamster sensei calls to his daughter. Oboro is quite smug that they finally finished all this programming. She decides this is the time to send out their secret weapons. "Huuricane Hawk, Hurricane Dolphin, Hurricane Leon, Standby!" The tremendous machines are hidden somewhere. The great works that hold them in place are pulled away now. "Go!" And they are teleported from the bays into the world. A jet liner is taxing out onto a runway when golden fire runs quicly from its nose down, transforming the plane or merely replacing it... with Hurricane Hawk. The Hawk kicks in its turbos as it launches screaming inot the air, leaving a turbulant super-heated trail behind it. an innocent cruise ship probably out in Tokyo Bay is passing under a bridge when the white fire rolls across it, changing it with the great Hurricane Dolphin. Korakuen Amusement Park next to the Tokyou Dome, where a new roller coaster rujns between the turning wheel of another ride, and red-gold fire unites the two rides until they are replaced by the mighty Hurricane Leon. Leon by land. Hawk by sky. Dolphin by deep sea.The dolphin springs from the sea over a sea-world type aquarium doing shows. Leon tromps through the city, his shoulder vents occasionally sending plumes of steam into the skies. The Hurricaner themselves gape in delight. The huge, heavy mecha are frightfully intimidating, and their enemy is startled. Leon's collar whizzes into action and Oboro calls the kids, telling them these things will answer to them. So our young heroes close their masks to fight. "Let's go!" calls Yousuke! They leap high and land in their cockpits by benefit of just falling in. Our little ninjas don't even need open doors. We are allowed brief glimpses of the inner workings of these mighty machines. The trio call challenge to their enemy. Jishakkumon responds with a powerful attack, but it doesn't slow down the giant machines. Yousuke uses Hurricane Hawk's Firebird mode attack. He swoops down on the terrified enemy, surrounding him in blazing hot fire. Nanami is next, and she uses Tsunami mode to attack, pulling in a mighty tidal wave. Jishakkumon is still burning, but the dolphin hits him, stands on its tail in the water and bounces him on its nose. Finally he is sent flying into the hills. She and Yousuke are congratulating themselves, when Jishakkumon catches first hers and then his mecha with magnetic grappling hooks. For a bit, Jishakkumon is able to have the upper hand, smashing them against the ground. So Kouta uses a whirlwind attack. Leon braces itself, roars, then begins swinging its head in a gesture reminiscent of a rabid dog. The whilrwind is called, created, sent out and my does it cut up the ground. The impacts of boulders knock the other two free, and Kouta attacks through the whirlwind vortex he's created. But when they smash their enemy to pieces and are celebrating, it reassembles. They are horrified. And so Oboro tells them to combine their mecha. "They can do that?" asks Nanami. And so they obey. Senpuujin is assembled. We get to see through the machines as the parts assemble, did I mention that? See the working inside for brief flashes. It's really quite neat. The enemy's blasts are ineffective against the mighty Senpuujin. And at Oboro's instructions "Use the Karakuri ball!" our trio take out their Shinobi medals and put them into slots in the cockpit. And the first weapon forms from his capture ball. "Sword Slasher!" They use a trio of images, and slice and dice the enemy. And this time, it stays down. Our youngsters can really celebrate, this time. The Karakuri ball. Oboro tells her father the hamster how pleased she is and a bit more about their history. They are in agreement. The hamster she holds is a real one and no funny business this time when he talks about his pleasure that the Hurricanger did it.

File 2 on the magnet robot they faced. Ending credits are this time a blend of scenes from this episode and our kids hang-gliding about. I wonder will they do this for every episode? Nice. 巻之三 ニセモノと60秒 Nisemono to Rokujuu byou A Forgery and 60 Seconds
Nanami is really getting into her business as an up and coming idol. But either she's dreaming, or the attack is going to come to them next ep. Again. Performers, including Nanami, are trapped in black darkness.

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巻之三 ニセモノと60秒
Nisemono to Rokujuu byou
A Forgery and 60 Seconds

Nanami stands, singing, dressed in a lovely kimono. Her scout is nearby, a table set up. He is eagerly doing his best to promote her, but at this moment there is no one to listen except a tiny girl who stands, entranced, until her mother collects her saying they need to go.

And on the hidden base of the Jakanja, someone is quite upset. Sargain shifts tensely and asks accusingly, "What's up with Chuuzubo?" Manmaruba answers him in its shrill voice, "He's missing," and Furabiijo, who is marking off personnel on her chart, answers him musedly "Yeah he's gone." But Tau Zando interjects to silence and tell them to wait. "He's searching for something." Wendinu steps in and says that it is something of strategic importance. Certainly it must be, for he has entered a room full of junk (including a familiar device from way back in the Jetman days!). "It's gotta be in this room, somewhere," he grumbles, tossing things over his shoulder as he searches.

Yousuke and Kouta sit opposite each other on the plush, low leather chairs and couches. They talk across the coffee table. There is a stuffed blue dolphin on an empty chair. They are mournfully discussing the fact that they have to keep themselves secret. Never to appear on the news, they mutter dejectedly. And inside the tiny house that they've made for him, Mugensai washes his hamster face and comments quietly that people just would not understand and it's better that they don't know. Yousuke comes over to ask what he'd said when Oboru comes in through the wooden doors. "Why, where is Nanami? We have to discuss this!" Kouta stands and replies, "She's working." "Ha?" And Yousuke points out that Nanami has some good work. But just as he finishes saying that, she marches into the room with packages hanging from her hands and a somewhat outraged expression. "Who says it's good work?!" she complains. "Every day it's the same thing, just standing around and singing and I wish I had better work!" Her agent had gone into a mad sneezing fit and wondered just where Nanami had gone as he cleaned up his efforts at promoting her work. But she herself is getting excited. She turns to the others. "Hey, why don't we get cash for being Hurricanger?" Yousuke bounds to take her shoulder, the idea delightful. Kouta is a little bit confused until Yousuke elaborates that they could be famous and they start chattering excitedly. Oboro exchanges significant glances with her father the hamster. He mutters that they need to be a secret. Nanami tries to think where they can show off their talents. They turn to Oboro for advice, but she is trying to beg off on this discussion.

In the meantime, out in the sunny world a little girl pulls her friend to see the flower beds they'd planted that day. The other girl stares emotionlessly down, then suddenly bends and starts pulling the plants out. In an office, a manager appears to have gone mad, dragging books and files off of shelves and starting on his people's desks. They try to restrain him.

Oboro is not too happy to be dashing the kids' dreams, I think she's trying to avoid the conversation completely. But then she points out that her devices are picking up Jakanja activity. Nanami gets excited when she sees a television studio on the computer screen. While she's there they can get famous. Yousuke is just as interested as she is, while Kouta appears to be trying to knock some sense into the proceedings and Oboro tries to lecture about Hurricanger responsibilities. They are all talking at once and finally Mugensai has had enough and shouts at them to shut up. They all stare at their hamster-commander. And he orders them off.

JMP Terebi sutdious, innocent people walking by. Yousuke enters the building through a service entrance and gapes up at the huge lights on the ceiling, then ducks for cover as some people walk by, talking. Kouta comes in through another path and walks past the backsides of scenery props. Nanami pauses at a room wherein girls about her own age are getting made up by professionals. A passing man turns to her and asks where she's going. She apologizes, saying this is the wrong room, and heads on. He watches her go in puzzlement. She passes two posters that look suspiciously Morning Musume-like, and these are announcing auditions for new members of a singing group. Nanami is pulled back to it like she's on springs. "Audition?" and she turns to see lovely young girls all sitting around behind her. They are all clearly waiting for these auditions. Some are practicing their songs. A woman comes out and calls one of the girls in. Nanami's attention is rivetted and so she does not see Furabijo crossing the hall behind her. But Furabijo sees her and stops to get an eyeful. "Well look who's here."

Nanami leans down and peers through the window. She sees the man from the poster looking quite official as he gestures for the audition to start. Turning away, Nanami dreams of being one of these girls. She dashes across the hall to stare in through the door to the recording studio with wistful dreams at the young woman in there singing. She moves away and says sadly, "How I wish I was a normal girl." Just then, the other door opens beside her. She's about to continue her search when the talent scout steps out, glances at her and says, "You're next." "HUH?" "You go in there and sing. We're giving you an audition." Other girls waiting to audition are just as stunned as she is. While Nanami practically wets herself with amazement, the girl behind her glowers jealously at the floor. When she still hesitates he says sharply, "I'm the director. And I decide everything." Too stunned by this dream come true, Nanami finally goes in. He encourages her from the editing room. She greets them politely as the sound engineer gets the track going, and finally she starts to sing. They listen happily as she sings, and then the director calls "it" to come. The microphone suddenly changes shape into something rather fly-like and flares light. Nanami covers her eyes in shock, thus unaware of the glowing figure appearing behind her. The glow dies to reveal an identical copy of her. She turns and sees herself. Before she can say anything, she gets sucked into the microphone. The director is quite pleased with his work. "Got her." Furabijo is also quite pleased, and says a line to Chuzubo about hurrying.

He is still quite deep in the junk room. The others are still hanging about Tau Zando, trying to kiss up I guess. He wants to get on with the conquering of the world. Wendinu is quite interested in showing this group of young Hurricanger what they're really worth.

And in the studio, Yousuke and Kouta have met up and are wondering why they've seen no sign of anything strange. Suddenly uneasy, they whirl but nothing is behind them. And then Nanami steps out in front of them, greeting them by name. They are relieved to see her and ask what she found, but she says nothing, and then asks if they want to sing, too. Startled by the question, they "Huh?" her. And in a crowd of very frightened, worries people who stand under lights and some sort of whirling, glowing thing... Nanami lies face down in the mist covering the floor. An anxious man hovers over the young woman. She stirs, lifting her head. He puts his hands on her shoulders reassuringly. "Are you all right?" When she looks up it is into the face of a worried stranger. There are other people also watching her anxiously. They form a circle around her as she gets up. When they see she's all right, they go back to their nervous moving. She asks where they are, and the man has no answer for her. She looks up at the glowing white orbs hovering above them. One suddenly shows an image. The man behind her is at his office, and he's gone mad. His co-workers are grabbing him to keep him from taking a dive out the window. "That's YOU?!" Nanami asks the man frantically. But he has no explanation for her. Another orb shows the little girl destroying the flower bed her friend had brought her to see, while her friend cries out to her "Stop, oh stop! Why are you doing this, Kana?!" Nanami stares at the milling people around her and hears soft sobs. There is the child, huddled on the floor and weeping. She starts her own aimless worrying "How did this happen to me?" and bumps shoulders with the producer. Yes, he has also been removed from the world to this strange place. And he doesn't know her from a hole in the wall, though he is not mean. He explains grumpily that he was one of the first brough here. And she looks up and sees in one orb her doppelganger, leading her two excited friends. "Oh no. I'm going to betray them. I should have known it was too good to be true!" and she sinks to her knees starting to sob. "Nanami, you're so stupid!" she tells herself.

"This way," the other Nanami says. Funny the boys don't notice anything odd about her. She is emotionless and still. They are very excited. Nanami watches this and bounds to her feet beside the producer. She snarls, "What's with them, can't they tell that's not me?!" When her dupe brings the pair to the dopp-producer and asks if it's all right if they sing, he gives a thoughtful rumble and declares it's quite all right. The boys grin happily. The real producer rubs his chin unimpressed, and then is knocked out of the way as Nanami cries up, "Don't do it! Don't get near the microphone!!" But they cannot hear her and follow her dopp into the room. They are delighted and awed by the studio. Nanami tightens her lips, then stares up into the swirling light above her. This has to be the way out. Determined, she will try to leave by it. Then she turns anxiously to the others and urges them to please cover or close their eyes. The already disturbed people take it like good sports, though they grumble a bit. Most people do as she asks, including the producer. Some watch. She steps back and moves through the motions that should change her into her armor. Nothing happens. The producer takes a look and sneers at the lines she'd spoken and her stance. He scolds her for such silliness. Nanami knows much more than how to switch into armor. And she pulls from the years of training she's had. "Nimpo Mizumashira!" she says commandingly. And it works. Her power summons up a waterspout driving her up into the whirling light. The people around gasp in delight and envious amazement. "Everyone just wait here!" she calls before she vanishes. The stunned producer is trying to adjust to this new development, and finds himself impressed.

Nanami, meanwhile, falls out of midair to land hard on the floor. She is right outside the studio, and races in as fast as she can, hoping she will be on time. The dopp-producer is revving the boys up to start singing. They are not good, as one might expect, though the producer dances to the music. And then the microphone mutates. The boys shy back in surprise but the true Nanami has arrived just in time. She knocks the microphone over before it can flash them. It hits the ground and completes its transformation into a Jakanja. The boys are flabbergasted (as well they should be, the blind twits).

A girl in blue runs out of a building and down stairs, risking quick glances back at someone identical to her in pursuit. The pursuer shouts, "WAIT!" and leaps high to flip over her prey. "Gyro Shuriken!" and sends several sharp weapons flying into the other's chest. But the shuriken fall to the ground with her prey's clothing. Now the tables are turned, for the other has a long rope with a climbing hook at the end. Snarling, she throws the hook and it is a struggle for the woman to prevent herself from being spiked and choked. She is tossed rolling and then against a column. And the two young men in red and yellow are catching up, they witness this battle from a walkway above. Kouta frets, "Which one is which?" "I don't know!" But their attention is soon taken by the approach of Copy Ninja Kurisotsu. He is dressed largely in purple and challenges the pair. A blast he shoots sends them flying off the walkway. In midair they use their Gyros to change into armor. They leap back up to fight him, and drive him back along the walkway.

The two young women battle. "You're not beating me!" one says, and she changes into her fighting armor. This is the real Nanami, of course. And those who are trapped in darkness watch and witness. The producer is delighted. "Now THAT'S new!" he shouts appreciatively. Nanami hauls out the Sonic Megaphone. Her dopp is caught in the soundwaves and lifted spinning into the air. Finally she swells like a baloon and bursts. Nanami is quite pleased, and her two teammates bound up beside her to cheer. And the watching producer declares happily, "Boys! I've DECIDED!" Their enemy is not defeated with his creation, though. "You think you've won already?" and he blasts them. They are knocked about a bit, and he laughs happily. But then the area falls into shadow and he gapes around in puzzlement. The stage appears (or is it merely metaphorical?). As shining violet petals fall around her, and someone's hands bring brands of wood down for sharp rythym, the trio appears with spinning paper umbrellas to announce themselves one by one. Red, Blue, then Yellow. This is the same change sequence as in the first episode. Kurisotsu sends a troupe of Magerappa at our trio, and the battle is joined. They make short work of the minions, attacking with happy enthusiasm. It is over quickly. Kurisotsu shies back, but when the trio leap to slash him, he vanishes from under their attack. "Where'd he go?!" protests Yousuke. He appears a bit away from them, the air rippling with his power. He means to do them serious harm, but hasn't learned exactly what he is facing yet. For Nanami takes the attack, and summons water. It is as though they are suddenly standing on the surface of an ocean. Kurisotsu is stunned as he sinks, while Nanami goes down deliberately. She attacks before he can recover, and does quite lovely damage, using at last a water blast. He lands on the cement with a splash and flops a little, like a dying fish. Nanami has command of this battle, and orders the assembling of their combined weapon. She holds the hilt, and the boys settle down to be the tripod holding the weapon up as she readies to fire. A ball of blue light catches him, brings him up into the air and then he bursts, destroyed. His remains drop flaming to the cement. And our heroes are very happy campers. With Kurisotsu destroyed, the kidnapped people are freed from their prison. They appear just a meter from where their doppelgangers were. The little girl lands in the destroyed garden patch, her friend weeping. An office manager gone made has his terrified subordinates huddled against a wall, when he burns away and the real man falls onto the table next to where he had been. The four copies resting in the recording studio vanish and the originals fall into place, gasping. The producer is unfazed, grunting as he gets back to his feet.

Furabijou is annoyed as she looks at her sheet and says, "Chuzuubo, hurry up will you?" Sargain is just making snide remarks when Chuzuubo finally makes it back into the throne room. He has found it! This will aid them in the conquering of this world. "Uchuu Ninpo!" Chuzuubo summons. The box opens and a red and white rod forms shooting out of the vapor within. It fits firmly into his hand and he turns with it and tosses something like a broken board to sit in front of him. And the thing he has turns out to be a giant brush, fur he starts drawing letters in the air with it, in some non-earthly alphabet. Around the writing forms a paper, glowing sinisterly. When he completes the words, the paper rolls up into a cylinder which he holds in his hand and gives to Wendinu. "Leave it to me," she says, and loads the cylinder into her gun. She fires if and the cylinder flies away from the island. The whistle of its passage attracts the startled Hurricanger's attention. When they turn, it is already too late. The cylinder lets the paper within down, and the glowing writing brightens. Paper and cylinder vanish, and the writing hangs in the air sending down red lightning that crackles onto the broken pieces of Kurisotsu. Wendinu explains how this works. For suddenly the lightning pulls the pieces up with it, until the writing in the air becomes the fallen warrior. He reaches for them and they leap back, but they are not afraid. "Well, gone big again, eh?" comments Yousuke. Nanami calls Oboro, who with happy enthusiasm calls out the Shinobi Machines. Thus the stray plance becomes the Hawk. The cruise ship becomes the Dolphin. And the huge rollercoaster becomes the lion. (note: this roller coaster is not at this moment a reality but it WILL be. It is currently being built) Our heroes board their mighty machines, and Nanami calls for the formation of Senpuujin. Kurisotsu is slightly surprised, but takes it well. Suddenly he spreads himself out. They face not one, but a dozen of him. Too confused, they are getting hit rather badly from all sides. Nanami frets about needing help, and Mugensai tells Oboro that now is the time. This is a bit earlier than she'd planned, but she is prepared. She speaks to the team and tells them if they use Hurry Up, they'll be able to fight with Senpuujin Harrier. Yousuke repeats her phrase in confusion. She tells them urgently that they only have 60 seconds before it'll Hurry Down. If it's on too long, the damage will be pretty bad. Nanami says "Okay. Guys, let's do it!" and they quickly use the emblems from their Gyros as they'd been told. And the mighty Senpuujin goes on an abrupt diet. Everything trims down until the formation is a slim, trim fighting machine! It looks GOOD. Graceful, fast, when attacked he tumbles out of the way and leaps high for kicking attacks, while Oboro anxiously does the countdown. Sempuujin Harrier tears through and destroys all the copies and finally gets to do serious damage to the original. But time is up and Oboro announces, "Sempuujin, Hurry Down!" And he just bloats. Hahah. But it's good. The tro use their Sword Slasher, and triple themselves for attack. Their enemy doesn't stand a chance. They become one being again, and Senpuujin stands at rest.

Furabijou sticks her lower lip out grumpily. "Well, that was no good." She stamps off this one of theirs as dead. Oboro cheers the kids, but Mugensai asks her to do something for him. And, outside the JMP Terebi studios, our trio are walking and happily stretching their legs and shoulders in the aftermath of battle. Yousuke is ahead, turning to tease Nanami who dashes forward and shoves him indignantly. Then she starts getting at them for not being able to tell the difference between her and the copy. Kouta manages to calm things down a bit, but Nanami and Yousuke start getting excited again at the prospect of their getting tv jobs because their battle had been witnessed! Even Kouta starts to straighten up his collar. Just as they finish, someone is shouting, "You! Hey you! You!" They gasp together, "It's come!" It is the producer, racing towards them as fast as he can and specifically after Nanani. "Yes, YOU!" He grabs her eagerly by the shoulders practically shaking her. "Stick with me, kid, and you'll be tomorrow's star!" Nanami is floored. "Wow. Um, the real me or the fake one?" she asks in a trembling voice. He releases her arms and looks at her tenderly. "The real you." The smile he gives her is warm and kind. "I'm the boss." Nanami positively glows. All three of them are happy and delighted, as he turns to the boys and giggles, knowing who they are. But the excitement is short-lived. A speedy black ninja arrives, and throws back his hood to reveal a robot face. A flash of light and a cloud surrounds the producer's head, he gasps and tries to fend it off. They move to help him but he doesn't fall. And the trio watch helplessly as the robot flashes here and there, hitting all the people who had been witness to what happened. A rise of puzzled voices. The producer shakes his head clear, stumbling slightly. "Hey, what am I doing?" he wonders. Nanami comes to him hopefully. "You're going to make me a star?" But he stares at her with a frown, her features do not hold his attention. "Why, who are you?" But then his nature focuses. "I've got auditions to see!" He races back into the building, leaving the Hurricanger to realize miserably that everything they'd just done has been erased from the memories of the people they were fighting for. And on his green, plastic wheel, Mugensai chuckles. "That's very good." Nanami sinks to her knees on the pavement. But her two teammates sit down beside her to reassure her. She brightens up quickly at their attention and teases them back.

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巻之四 トンネルと兄弟 Tonneru to Kyoudai Tunnel and Siblings.
Kouta has a crisis, involving a lovely girl. He and Yousuke are even fighting. And the next ball is brought out, the God Hammer.

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巻之四 トンネルと兄弟
Tonneru to Kyoudai
Tunnel and Siblings

The ground explodes as something tunnels through it. Finally something very pleased with itself leaps out of the shower of stone and dirt. He is 穴掘り忍者モグドラゴ Ana Hori Ninja Mogudorago (Hole Digger Ninja, Mole Dragon). He does look a touch molish, especially the drill on his nose. But his happy gloating is interrupted by explosions and he turns to face the trio of Hurricanger. Yousuke demands to know what he's up to, and Kouta demands an answer. He answers, "Oh, so you're the Hurricanger. If you want to know, you'll have to catch me first!" They are slightly outraged, and then he goes spinning into the ground with a nimpo command. They stay close together, back to back. Yousuke is worried and Nanami wonders, "Where's he hiding?" "We'll have to figure that out," growls Kouta. But then Mogudorago bursts out in the midst of them knocking them badly. Gone below ground again to their outrage, but Kouta says to leave it to him, and he uses his own Ninja power to go spinning underground. The others watch as dust flies up, marking the passage of two in the ground that strike head on, only Kouta goes flying through the air with a cry of pain, he lands hard and the other two move quick to make sure he's all right. Mogudorago comes out and introduces himself and tells them they can't stop him. But they will try. Nanami and Yousuke start to assemble the Triple Gadget, but Kouta doesn't join them. He tells the startled pair, "We can't guess where he'll go, if we just fire he'll dodge and we'll be vulnerable." The others are angry at his hesitation. Mogudorago is amused by their arguing, and attacks with a blast that knocks them onto their backs. Furious, Yousuke grabs up Kouta's Quick Hammer to assemble the Triple Gadget and fire. But the two end up struggling for control of the weapon. Nanami tries to break up the fight, and their enemy heads back into the ground, very amused. Now they realize they've lost him. "Where is he?" snarls Yousuke. "You're kidding, he's run away?" asks Nanami. Well, not he's just tunneling at high speeds through the ground. Kouta comes to the edge of the hole between them. "Did he run off?" Their visors open to talk and see each others' eyes. Yousuke is furious with Kouta and so is Nanami. He explains his reasoning to them, how they cannot fight well without knowing HOW to fight the enemy. The brash pair pretty well pays no attention to his words. Yousuke shakes him by the shoulders in indignant fury, and finally Kouta turns away with an exasperated sigh and closes his visor. Back in their home, Mugensai frets about the goings on. "This is NOT good. Their teamwork is terrible." He discusses this with his daughter, who answers him around a mouthful of food as she continues her work on notes and diagrams in front of her computer. She's a computer geek all right. Bags of junk food litter her workspace. She's working on a second Karakuri Ball but then she gets a massive error reading and glares at him. "Look! You started talking and distracted me, this is your fault!" she accuses. He is quite embarrassed and apologizes, backing up.

And the kids are still worrying about where the Jakanja has gone. Nanami comments that they'll probably have to go into this darned hole and search. "That's no good," snaps Kouta firmly. They glare at him sourly. He tells them he has something private to do. He runs off, a flare of golden yellow light surrounds him as he deactivates his Hurricanger armor. "Kouta!!" Yellow yells after him. But Nanami grins and says, "I think he has a date." "Yeah, but this mistake was HIS fault!"

There are clothes hanging to dry in the spring sun. A lovely girl in a dark pink sweater is hanging up more. She also wears an apron. A tiny girl runs to her, "Reiko-san!" She bends down and takes the child's hands. "Sa-chan, what is it, what's up?" for the little girl is crying. This is Blue Sky um... Country? It's a children's home. She calls the other children. It is to this scene that Kouta arrives, carrying a box full of stuff in his arms and he watches it with a smile. Reiko starts to gather the girl and the empty laundry basket, when she sees him. "Big brother!" she bounds to her feet to greet him, leaving the mournful little girl behind. "Reiko-chan, WAIT!" the girl cries, running after her. They both look at her, but she collides with a ladder a man is atop, painting. It is just enough to throw everything off-balance and Kouta leaps to cover the girl with his body as the ladder and man fall. It looks like she would have been perfectly safe, but the man hits the brick walkway hard and Reiko goes to make sure he is all right. The man is fine, but Kouta scolds his little sister for not keeping a better watch on the child. She gathers Sa-chan up and reassures her. "Hey!" Kouta is starting to protest when they look at him and Reiko giggles. "My big brother looks funny, doesn't he?" Sa-chan agrees happily. Red paint has smeared all over the side of Kouta's face. He is quite dismayed when he finds out.

Outside the building, he cleans all the paint off with water from the school's fountains, when Reiko comes out to him. She looks somewhat reluctant to speak, but finally she does. "Um, big bro? I'm thinking of going to Africa." Kouta reacts as anyone would. He stands up straight and gapes at her. "AFRICA?!" She explains with a kind of determination she shares with him. "There are a lot of orphaned, homeless children, so I want to help them. Volunteer." He scrambles over to stand in front of her. "But wait!! This is the first time I've heard of this. Are you going by yourself?" As she answers, she hands him a towel to dry his face. "Of course! And Enchou-Sensei said to work hard." He takes the towel numbly. "But you really should think more about this!" She turns her back to him and brushes her hair back from her forehead with quiet exasperation. "Here we go again." She turns to confront him. "Look, I haven't even heard from you in a whole year!" "But I was scouted by the Hayate W -- " he shuts up quickly, but has already caught her attention. "Hm?" she looks inquiringly at him, but he starts drying his face, trying to cover. But then the children start calling. "Reiko-chan, the snacks are disappearing!" Another teacher is inside the classroom, waving at her to come in. "Coming!" she gathers up the remaining boxes of snacks and starts carrying them inside, throwing over her shoulder, "Thanks for everything, bro! Everyone enjoyed it! Bye!" Kouta stutters helplessly, "But I gotta talk to you!" She is already gone inside the building, and he is at a loss. He grumbles in exasperation and turns, catching sight of a blur in the corner of his eye. He looks up and there stand the very thoughtful Yousuke and Nanami. They've witnessed the entire exchange. He stares at them with quiet frustration, and Yousuke sheepishly greets him.

They walk along the beach in the early sunset, the waves tumble as unstoppable as forever. More or less. Kouta walks along about two meters in front of the others, explaining quietly. "Just after my little sister was born, our parents died in a car crash. So we were raised there." He stops and they stop with him, listening. He walks closer to the surf and then sits on the damp sand. "I've always looked out for my baby sister. But twelve years ago I was playing around and I got her hurt."

A little boy with a soccer ball rubs the head of a tiny girl affectionately. "Reiko, wait here!" She nods obediantly, but as he trots off, gets up to follow him calling him to wait. He wasn't listening, though, and pauses to kick his soccer ball. It is a good, strong kick and the ball hits the trunk of a nearby tree, rebounds off it, hits one of the pair of men putting pipes up on a building and puts everything teetering. Reiko is happily running towards him and stops to look up at the falling scafford. She doesn't have a chance to scream. Next thing he knows she is lying under the heavy pipes and crying out for him. And next we see that she is having rehabilitative therapy. A tall, male nurse is helping her take steps and move in a walker. Her brother watches, looking horribly guilty. "She was so little, she doesn't remember being hurt anymore. She got better pretty fast. So from then on I really, really watched out for her as best I could." Yousuke says, "Yeah, so that's why you became a nurse." He settles down beside Kouta on the sand. Nanami sits beside him and adds, "I can see that." They gaze quietly at the setting sun.

Dark night around the alien island. A few lights glow in the heights. Manmaruba and Furabijo are playing, him floating and her trotting along with him. However, Chuuzubo is in discussion with Wendinu and Sargain. "Make a Jakanja subway...." Wendinu turns to Sargain. "So that's why you told him to make tunnels?" He stands tall (or as tall as a bug in a robotic suit of armor can) "We will ride the Jakanja subway and get IT in our hands!" Chuuzubo and Wendinu are briefly distracted as Furabijo and Manmarabu run past. But Tau Zanto says sternly, "Sargain, tell Mogudorago to go much faster."

He's going pretty darn fast as it is. Yellow eyes glow in the dark hollows he makes underground. He passes under a hospital and his activities shake the whole building. Concerned nurses outside hasten to reassure patients. In an operating room, worried doctors hover around the patient they are about to operate on. Everyone thinks it's an earthquake. Mogudorago stops briefly when he finds a great pipe in his way. "What's this? Well, I'll just get it out of my way!" and he slashes it in half. It is not a pipe, but a huge cable and electricity fizzes madly in the wake of his actions. There is panic in the operating room as it is plunged into darkness. Mogudorago goes his merry way, soon coming across another obstacle, this time a larger, heavier pipe. He considers it and identifies it. "Oooh, next is it a water pipe?" Smash! He laughs as he is drenched. But on the surface there is a raging fire in an apartment complex, and firemen have hoses trained to put it out. Suddenly the water pressure drops and then they have none at all. Horrified, they cry "GET MORE WATER, NOW!!"

Back and the Hurricanger hidden base, Oboro is watching the news. The lady doing the newscast goes on for some time about the problems before saying, "We're shutting down all electricity for the state of emergency." At that moment, everything in the room shuts off and they are plunged into pitch darkness. Both Oboro and her father gasp, "Whoah!" With crashes and bangs Oboro makes her way across the room. "Gotta get the backup generator going!" Once the lights are on, she utters a relieved and annoyed sigh. "It's gotta be the Jakanja. Oh, Father!" Not only are things tumbled all over the room, but her father is hanging halway off the roof of his miniature house, hanging on with tiny hamster claws. "You're surely right," he says. Frustrated, Oboro musses her own hair. "If we only had a hint..!" she races back to her computer. Mugensai says firmly, "Time for the Hurricanger to move!"

Window washing with two other men, Yousuke responds instantly to the summons. He turns to the other two very humbly. "Um... uh, I really really gotta go do something now, sorry but could you do this for me?" They are quite puzzled, but he dashes off before they can argue. Nanami is trying to race off, clad in a dark green kimono. Her agent is trying to stop her as she says, "Sorry, sorry, I really gotta go LET GO!" she finally manages to shake him off, throwing him to the ground. The poor man calls after her frantically, but she's already far away. He is having a devil of a time promoting her what with these little disappearing acts. And Kouta, heading to join the others, passes by a major train terminal. He skids to a stop in dismay. Across the way is his sister, just getting out of a taxi. She sees him and stares with annoyed determination back at him. "Bro," she murmurs.

Mogudorago comes flying out of the ground. He is panting and happy, but a bit worn out. "I just gotta take a little break, here." He finds a comfortable spot and lies down. Then a young, male voice shouts, "Hey, Mogudorago!" It is Yousuke, with Nanami at his side. They race towards the prone Jakanja and skid to a halt. "You can't rest here!" Nanami adds, "We'll beat you this time!" He scratches his head and regards them. "Huh, you again." They change into their armor to fight.

Reiko walks away from her brother, towing her small suitcase behind her. He stands stiffly then starts a few steps forward, voice shaking. "Nothing I say is gonna stop you, is that it?!" She turns to him stubbornly. "Now bro, listen -- " He snaps back, "No, YOU listen! What do you suppose I was just thinking?! Answer me!" She is as frustrated as he is, but she won't let him stop her. She says back, "I'm certain -- I've totally decided." She meets his eyes with all her heart. "When you need to fly, you fly. When you see something you gotta do, you do it. You're so self centered, but just being hurt once won't stop you." Anxious with worry Kouta says, "But I can't let you get hurt!" He turns away from her miserably and starts, "You may not remember but --" "I do remember," she states firmly. Startled, he turns to gape at her. She goes on, "I remember what happened twelve years ago and it wasn't your fault. You were looking out for me. I went after you when you'd said to stay put." The memories are sweet and tender, and she smiles slightly as she paces, recalling that day so long ago. "You were my big brother whom I adored, and I went after you. So I was never mad at you that I got hurt, ever." He doesn't know what to say and hangs his head. She cannot help but smile and continues, "Now I'm going. I'll write." And she turns away and heads for the long stairs. Kouta breaks from his numbness and takes a step after her, but she carries her case up the stairs and doesn't look back. "I don't understand, Reiko. I just don't," he thinks miserably.

Yousuke and Nanami are hit badly and land on their backs. They scramble back to their feet. Mogudorago calls from a hole, "I'm over here!" and then vanishes. "Where is he?" cries Nanami. They can hear him beneath them but are unable to figure out where exactly. "Don't let your guard down," Yousuke cautions. Mogudorago pops up behind Nanami, "Here I am!" and grabs her legs, pulling her down into a hole with him. She struggles, clinging to the edge. Yousuke uses his weapon in rifle mode and raises it to fire. Before he can, Mogudorago pops out of the ground behind and upends him by the ankles, then tosses him flying to hit the ground next to Nanami. Mogudorago comes all the way out of the ground, snickering. "This is all the Hurricanger power? It's laughable!" Yousuke is determined not to be beat, and the pair make it back to their feet to fight. Kouta, meanwhile, is racing towards the battle. He hears his friends cry out. He gets to the top of a rise and stares down. They are fighting, by the way, in gravel pits. Kouta shouts, "Yousuke, Nanami, don't be reckless!" They are getting beaten down, though. Frantic, he calls more advice. "Steady yourselves, and when you've figured out his moves... " The two get side by side and start flinging dozens of Gyro Shuriken at Mogudorago. He knocks them out of the air and hits our heroes with golden lightning. They are knocked flying. But they have used all of this to learn, and Yousuke gets back on his feet with a determined snarl of, "He's hit us pretty bad, but I think I've got him figured out now!" Nanami is also getting back up. "Me too, I get it!" They have not heard Kouta shouting from the hill, he is too far away. But their courage as he watches brings to mind his sister. Her determined expression when she'd said to him, "When you need to fly, you fly. When you see something you gotta do, you do it." And this finally sinks in and he understands her feelings, and he understands his own. And now his will is overwhelming and he utters a battle cry. The shout catches Mogudorago's attention and he turns. Nanami and Yousuke open their visors and exclaim in delight on seeing Kouta way up there. But now he leaps into battle, changing into his armor and attacking. Mogudorago goes underground, but Kouta stands, lisenting and aware of the rumblings under his feet. And he raises his Quick Hammer and starts using it to pound the ground. He hits here, there, there and here again and the shockwave from that last strike knocks Mogudorago into the air! The startled Jakanja lands heavily on his back. Nanami and Yousuke call Kouta's name in delighted admiration. Mugensai is impressed and somewhat stunned. "Oboro!" he says. She, who was moving his house, sets it down hard surprising a grunt out of him. "Hey, that's just what we need to configure into the new Karakuri ball!" She bounds to the computer. Kouta is whaling on Mogudorago with the Quick Hammer. His friends are starting to get worried. "Calm down!" cries Nanami. He keeps going and they are quite impressed. Mogudorago finally breaks free and dives into the ground. Kouta quickly turns to the others. "Guys, watch and tell me what he's doing!" They stand at attention and salute. "Yes SIR!" The enemy pops up, mocking Kouta, and starts popping up every meter, making the rounds of our boy. Yousuke sees the pattern and tells tells Kouta where to expect the enemy next. When Mogudorago pops up, it is straight into the Quick Hammer strike. "Next behind you!" cries Nanami. Thus again Kouta is there and two more times he catches the enemy whose head is now reeling so badly it cannot keep going and tumbles to the ground. Yousuke and Nanami cheer. And Kouta is satisfied and calls his teammates to form the Triple Gadget. His weapon is the command this time. They brace behind him, as he uses his 100t attack and drops the ball on Mogudorago's head, destroying it. Yousuke and Nanami jump for joy.

Up atop a pile of gravel, Furabijo looks down and pouts. "Hey. Now we can't ride the subway! Sargain, do something!" Sargain is almost trembling with fury himself. He turns and snarls, "Wendinu!" She doesn't hesitate a moment. "Copy Giant." She puts the code into her small mirror-controller, and the cannon fires. The machine arrives, and rebuilds. "My cute copy giant just makes a giant copy of Mogudorago," she explains. Our trio gasps, but is ready. "Obobo!" they call. She is nearly pulling her hair out. "Not finished yet! But anyway, here goes!" She sends out the Shinobi Machines. Kouta calls for the Nimpu Gattai. He is in command. Senpuujin stands tall and strong. Mogudorago says mockingly, "Can you keep up with me, eh?" He dives into the ground and comes up behind them. The lumbering Senpuujin is no match for the speed of this other. They can't figure out where he'll come up, so Kouta commands the Hurry Up. The slender form will fight, but their enemy tumbles them, and when they leap to attack, he dives into the ground. He catches them and pulls then down, effectively trapping them while he bashes the great robot. "This is bad! We don't have time!" cries Yousuke. "What'll we do?" And Kouta calls to the base, "What's the plan?!" Mugensai turns anxiously to his daughter, "Oboro?" She is married to her computer and completes the program. "DID IT" she crows, leaping to her feet in victory. "Kouta, look at your monitor!" And he quickly obeys. There is a new symbol shown there and she tells him it means a new Karakuri Ball, one he will surely be able to use to beat Mogudorago. He calls Yousuke and Nanami to work with him, and they are able to shake Senpuujin free of the enemy and out of the hole. They Hurry Down while their enemy pursues. "All this resistance is a pisser," complains Mogudorago. "So what are you going to do?" Kouta challenges back. Happily, Oboro sends out the new Shinobi Medal. It appears in its place at Kouta's station and he takes it out quickly. Placing it in the slot, he and the others call for their new Karakuri Ball. What comes out is yellow, shapes like a head, with silver-white coiled horns. "Goat Crusher!" they identify it. They hold it like a mighty hammer. Mouradorago is unimpressed and dives into the ground, but they use the Goat Crusher to hammer and eventually knock him out. And now they are able to destroy him at last. All three crow their pleased delight.

"Darn. Just as I thought, we couldn't ride on it." Furabijo pouts unhappily and stamps the paper of Mogudorago. Anoter one bites the dust.

At the airport, there are people walking out, foreigners and Japanese chattering together. There is the important one to us, the slim young woman heading for outbound gates. She passes a JAL sign and pauses, takes a deep breath and continues on when she hears her brother call her name. Startled, thinking maybe she imagined it, she turns and sure enough, there he is. "Bro..." she says softly. Then with determination, she turns and keeps going. "Reiko," he calls again and jogs to catch up with her. She says without looking back at him, "Big bro, stop trying to stop me." "That's not why I'm here!" he says urgently. Startled into turning, she stops and looks back at him. He stares earnestly into her eyes. "Go fly free. In your way. I'll fly too, in my way." The hardness she's had to hold disappears in her relief and delight. "Thank you, bro." They grin at each other in silly delight. Eyes dancing, Kouta tells her, "You go, girl!" (well, that's not what he said but it has the same feeling. He said "Hang in there!") Laughing, she says she will.

Her plane is going, and Kouta watches and waves. The other two assemble eaither side of him, and he looks sad when they glance at him. Then Yousuke's mouth twitches and he says to Nanami, poking his head in front of Kouta, "Hey, my stomach's empty! Let's go eat ramen!" She answers back cheerfully, pressing in and forcing Kouta away from the fencing, "Oh I want to eat hamburger!" "Yeah, that's great!" he says and Kouta, a bit annoyed, shoves the two out of his face. "Wait a minute!" he says sternly. He turns from the fence and folds his arms. "Now you should think more about things," he tells them sternly. They grin at each other behind him, then both grab his head and shove him over.

In his glass home, next to his small table and on the tiny tatami mats, Mugensai frets, "They're not changing. I'm permanantly worried." Oboro is snacking again and says, "That's why I told you. But isn't it nice, that those kids have their own ways of thinking?" "They have to learn to be clever and fast in battle." "I know, I know, I got it Father. Here," and she drops one of the flakes she was snacking on down for him. This is hilarious. There's a tiny tea kettle, and tiny blue pillows and everything. He gets a look at what she's tossed down and protests, "Hey, that's chocolate! Give me a sunflower seed!"

File 4 on Mogudorago, Sargain's.
巻之五 館長とお風呂 Kanchou to Ofuro Director and the Bath
Next ep, there is a flower being, and the world in danger if the Hurricanger can't find it in time. They have to clean a bathhouse by their lonesome, and Yousuke is taking out his frustration on a photograph of hamster Mugensai. Oboro is attacked by a wildly growing flower.

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巻之五 館長とお風呂
Kanchou to Ofuro
Director and the Bath

On the Centipede, Manmaruba is steaming mad, making furious noises as he hovers in the air. The others gather around, Chuuzubo asking whatever is the matter. He is more literally steaming, too. "Manmaruba, are you okay?" Furabijo asks anxiously. Parts of his body are sliding open. "I see the future." Wendinu steps forward and turns to Chuuzubo explaining that it's been a long time since Manmaruba has done this. Chuuzubo wants clarification and so does Tau Zanto only what he wants is to know what Manmaruba is seeing. They all listen intently. He speaks of two tremendously powerful warriors. This excites Sargain. The prophecy is over, but all are curious about what he said. And the Magerappa are out hunting in the night, bouncing over hedges. Two stop and dig in the ground, dropping seeds while someone watches. But then the trio of Hurricanger arrive. When they challenge the Magerappa, they are led away. But in this midst of battle, Red is caught by his ankles and dragged into the embrace of a rather interesting looking creature. 毒花忍者ハナサッカ道士Dokubana Ninja Hanasakka Doushi (Poison Flower Ninja Hanasakka Priest). Red fights free and tries to attack, but the flower ninja is too fast for him and soon blasts all three of them. When they get up and glower, he backs away and vanishes. Then their teacher calls them in. They have brought in soil samples. She digs through the bucket and then tells her father that they were right. He is near a tiny kotatsu and agrees with her. Nanami and Kouta peer down curiously into the bucket, wondering what Oboro is seeing. Yousuke, however, is apart from them and bandaging his poor forehead where he sits on one of the leather plush chairs. They glance worriedly at him. He winces at his wound and flops back against the wall, hitting it too hard and jarring loose the picture above him, which falls and hits him square on his bandaged cut. He ends up huddled and snarling in indignant pain. They make some sympathetic noises, but then Oboro takes the bucket and heads out to investigate. But their sensei has a job for the three of them. "Yousuke, you come over here too," he says gently. Eager, our young red does. But to their dismay, he has a part-time job for them. When they ask if this is about the Jakanja, he hesitates and they realize it is not. Yousuke is having none of this and says so, and gets kicked in the face and knocked down for his troubles by the ninja hamster. (Small, but deadly) He is lectured sternly and they are sent off.

Their job is to clean and repair around a huge bath house, and they are doing it with calmness. Well, except Yousuke who is doing it with great indignition. In a huff, he goes stomping towards the exit to find Nanami (who was cleaning there) blocking his path. He eventually snarls his way past her and out. And in their base of operations, there is a clear case with a heat lamp. But in another room, Mugensai Hinata is sending a message on a cell phone. To whom? Oboro, meanwhile, is working on the soil sample. The case she has made is sterile, and she reaches into it through gloves in the side. She begins pulling bulbs out of the soil sample. They look a little bit like tulip bulbs, but are clearly not. She brushes the dirt off of one. She sees her father wandering along the boards of the room and asks him where he was, but he begs off on her question. She continues, scolding him offhandedly for his secrets, but he has located things on the computer. She is not particularly happy with not explaining things to the kids, but Mugensai protests that Yousuke is foolish to question him so because he is a hamster. Oboro seems to be on Yousuke's side, but as they are talking, they are unaware of the figure sneaking into the room. It is Yousuke with what appears to be a golf club, and he is after Mugensai. But our hamster is alert, and leaps at a spoon sending it flipping into the air to hit Yousuke in the nose. The hamster lands next to his tiny table. Yousuke lands on his back on the floor, clutching his poor nose in pain. Mugensai scolds him fiercely, and Yousuke protests that he's a ninja, not a cleaner. And Mugensai responds that if he can't do as he's told, he's OUT of the Hurricanger. And Yousuke runs off, wounded in the heart. He has Oboro's sympathies.

But back at the Centipede, Chuuzubo and Sargain are blustering at each other. For this is Chuuzubo's attack. In a darkened room there is a pool filled with steaming water from pipes. In the pool there is a plant, growing from a bulb like the one Oboro has. The rich, green stems look strong and a touch slimy. At the tip on the major one is a bud, that will open into a striking red flower. And the enemy they fought, the Hana Ninja, comes to praise is flower, and how soon it will mature. A giant, poisonous flower that looks sweet and innocent at first. Then it will become larger than city buildings, and thorned vines will take over the world.... He sits in the tub with his flower, pouring water around it.

Yousuke wanders the city unhappily. However, Kouta and Nanami are still at work. So Kouta heads to an amusement facility. One thing is a punching bag and he affixes a picture of hamster Mugensai and starts amusing himself by punching it, wearing boxing gloves. But his friends are trying to trace a strange reduction in water pressure. Nanami finds a pipe that is brand new, and they follow it, follow it down until they find the tub under the building and the growing, lovely plant. "What is that?" wonders Kouta. "It's probably a Jakanja thing!" Nanami answers him in startlement. They stare at it in the light of their flashlights. And then suddenly the two buds open wide, sweet flowers. And dark green vines hurtle out of the shadows at our heroes' feet. Kouta and Nanami are both thoroughly twined, and a laughing Hana Ninja tells them what they are facing. So the pair change into their armor and try to fight free, but the vines are stronger than their blades. And suddenly, the flower burst through the roof of the bathhouse and opens above. Oboro frantically calls the two while her father wonders why in heavens name Yousuke isn't back with them. Thus they are distracted when the bulb she'd been working on suddenly becomes huge, almost the size of a bowling ball, and stems are stretching up from it. The bulb puses with golden light.

Yousuke is now pounding on little alligators, when Mugensai calls him and tells him the other two are in a pinch. Yousuke doesn't hesitate and races off to help. He goes as fast as he can. Nanami and Kouta are outside the bathhouse, too, being turned, tumbled and twisted and totally unable to break free of the vines holding them. As Yousuke runs, he hears things behind him and turns. The buildings, the city, all are being overrun with bright green vines and giant red poisonous flowers. Electrical shocks eventually shut down the Hurricanger armor. Kouta and Nanami are having a hard time of it, and Yousuke continues his race to them, determined. He gets their finally, hearing their cries of pain, and decides all of this was HIS fault. But in the office the plant finally activates. And the first thing it goes for is Mugensai. Yousuke in the meanwhile attacks the vine holding Nanami with the Dry Gun. Though where he fires turns red, it appears ineffective. A heavy vine strikes him, and he calls the others for help. But Oboro is trying to to get her father from the clutches of the smaller plant in the office. He tells her, however, to use the scramble for Yousuke. She heads for the computer and tells Yousuke there's a new function to try on his blade. He downloads it and activates it, and his blade glows with power, enabling him to cut the vines and slice the flower to pieces. Destroyes, its tendrils holding Nanami and Kouta vanish. Oddly, this works on the plant in the office, too. A weary hamster lands on the desk and almost falls off, only to be rescued by Oboro.

Yousuke (still in armor) runs to his friends and falls to his knees, huddling over in chagrin and apologizing miserably, but Nanami smiles warmly at him. All is forgiven, and was never resented in the first place. Kouta doesn't hesitate to agree. But their angry enemy attacks. He thinks he has them, but the other two join Yousuke in uniform, using the scarf transformation sequence this time. Their enemy is annoyed but not impressed, and the battle is joined. Yousuke gets twined in vines and used to hit the others. He tumbles free, and no one knows the deeper red and blue who watch critically from above. "Finally. Today we can watch the end of the Hurricanger," comments the taller red one. "Yeah, that's something to enjoy." But our favorite trio are not going down easily. They assemble together. Flower Ninja hits them hard, only to find their outfits around straw dummies lying there. And the three hit them. Yousuke uses an air attack, and then they use the Triple Gadget (Dry Gun) first. Hana Ninja is fallen. Furabijou marks him off and goes with a pout, but there is no hesitation on Wendinu's part. She sends out the words to make it a giant. And our heroes call for the Shinobi Machines. Senpuujin is formed to fight, and they immediately call for "Hurry Up!" and the Senpuujin Harrier. Er, Hurrier. They use an entertaining wheel attack, and then Hurry Down. They face the badly stunned Hana Ninja, and use the Lion to attack, a turbine, wind that severely injures their enemy. Then they call out their blade. Sword Slasher, triple themselves and strike. One two three and Hana Ninja is destroyed. As our young heroes cheer, Chuuzubo throws a fit. But Manmurabu is interested in the two they know will come. While our heroes congratulate themselves, the two who were watching exchange glances and laugh mockingly, before heading off.

And the Hurricanger return home to Oboro's happy welcome. Yousuke thanks her. All his resentment is gone and even Mugensai wonders about it, but Yousuke says something stupid and ends up with hamster in his face for his troubles.

File 5 on Hana Ninja, Chuuzubo's.
巻之六 ハサミとクノ一 Hasami to Kunoichi Scissors and Girl Ninja
Wendinu and Furabijo attack Blue, and the monster of the week is almost cute. Nanami announces that they will never defeat her.

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巻之六 ハサミとクノ一
Hasami to Kunoichi
Scissors and Girl Ninja

Day, night? No meaning in an underground base with no windows. However it is likely day, and the two young men sit on the leather chairs around the table and search through books. Oboro is at her computer station, but she is crossing off lines on a printout. She looks up at Nanami's protesting remarks. Quite a discussion to be had with a hamster. He is sending her to the mountain. She has an assignment in order to get to the next level. Somewhat shyly, she heads off but as she passes the boys, Kouta turns anxiously to her. "Nanami, are you really going to be okay going alone?" he asks. She tells him she will be. Yousuke gets to his feet and tells her they will go with her, but Oboro is having none of that. They have a report to finish and will stay here and do it, darnit! Unhappily, they settle back to work. Just as unhappily, Nanami turns to go. But Mugensai has a final soft lecture for her. He loves them dearly, I think.

And on the Centipede, Sargain has brought one of his before Tao Zanto, to approve a new attack. He presents Shirarnsu, a ninja of scissors. But his introduction is overshadowed by a soft argument. Two young female voices whose converstion attracts Chuuzubo's attention. When he goes over to find out what they're arguing about, Wendinu tells him it is about which of them is the best female ninja here. She glowers slightly at the younger girl, then starts listing her accomplishments. But Furabijo knows all about that, as she keeps tracks. While Wendinu plays with her long pink braids, Furabijo pouts like a child. The continuing argument draws a very annoyed Sargain in, and he opens his armor to protest in his true voice. Chuuzubo, slightly embarrassed, removes himself from the girls' argument. But Furabijo whispers to Wendinu, "Why don't we have a contest?" "Oh, that'll be fun!" replies the other woman willingly. And that is what they will do.

Ah, ye old Korakuen Amusement Park. There is a young couple settled down at a table for lunch. The woman made the lunch herself and is presenting it to her dear boyfriend. He is all praises as she opens each offering. Last is a foot-long sandwich wrapped in aluminum foil. They are unaware of the watching Shiransu, who laughs. "Mai-chan, you eat first!" the man tells his sweetheart as they hold the sandwich up together. She shakes her head and leans closer to him warmly, "Oh no, you Taro." As Shransu approaches, Taro says "Let's eat it together!" and she agrees. They open their mouths to take big bites. Just as they bite down, Shiransu clips the sandwich in two, severing a less physical bond. The two open their eyes wide and glare at each other fiercely. "What IS this?" protests Taro. "This tastes horrible!" Mai grabs his collar, about ready to throttle him. "What are you saying?!" "Let me go!" he growls and slaps her hand away. He stalks off with a nasty remark back which she counters, and she heads the opposite direction. Shiransu is deeply amused.

Kouta and Yousuke are having a tough time concentrating on their work. Kouta worries about Nanami conquering that mountain hike. It was a tough one. He and Yousuke discuss it, and Oboro enters the conversation about Kurosawa mountain. Yousuke tells her the tale of how, shortly after they came to this school, they were all scaling the mountain together. Young, energetic people dressed in blues, yellows, reds, whites and blacks, climbing the mountainside with ropes. Another part of the hike where they had to go up a steep incline littered with boulders and scrawny trees, but one girl in blue was falling behind. Then, climbing one rock, her foot slipped and she had uttered a cry of pain as she began to fall. But a hand caught her wrist. The long-haired boy in reds pulled her up and stayed with her, while other students passed them by, and worried if her leg was all right. She insisted it was, but she could not walk on it. So he helped her up, draped her arm over his shoulder and moved with her up the trail. And then another student came back for them. This boy had kind of frizzy hair and wore the yellows. Together the two helped her on up, up a staircase. The three of them were so far behind, and as they walked they talked about the school and she worried about them messing up their chances by helping her. They did not worry about it, though. They got her to a temple way-station, where someone took care of her ankle. She thanked those and walked carefully on her bandaged foot to the corner of the veranda where the two boys were waiting for her. "How is it?" the yellow-clad had asked her, while the red remained seated. "I'm not gonna be able to do it," she said sadly. The red one got to his feet. "Hey, we'll explain about it to the boss." She is not looking forward to facing that. All blustery, the red is ready to go have it out with the guy in charge, but the girl grabs his shoulders and holds him back from such foolishness. She thanks them for their help, and introduces herself. Nanami Nono of the Water-side of the school. The red grins happily and introduces himself as Yousuke Shiina of the Sky-side. The third is Kouta Bitou of the Ground-side. Best friends forever.

Oboro is delighted by the story. Now she understands why her father has sent Nanami off. The young girl is going to get a chance to complete the climb and graduate to a higher level. The boys are relieved, but worry. Oboro reassures them that this is important. And Nanami is indeed scaling the climb. She is actually going quite fast, and is amazed herself at how easy this is now compared to that time. She makes it to the top, to the tiny shrine that is there. She pauses to pray briefly and then does as Oboro had asked her. From the shrine she takes a curious, turtle shaped stone and puts it in her bag. Closing the shrine again, she starts back.

Shiransu is going his merry way. He sees a mother and daughter leaving the park, happy together. Well, he can't have that. He heads quickly, moving at invisible speeds, to sever their bond. The mother asks, "What do you want to eat?" "Spaggheti!" is the answer. A snip of his scissors between them, they blink in surprise and then jerk thair hands from each others'. Their eyes go hard and cold. They sniff in contempt and turn from each other, heading off in opposite directions. Next victims are an old man and woman walking along, and at this point Oboro picks up his signal through her earphones and alerts the boys. She explains what's going on to them, and Yousuke heads off, Kouta happily following at his call. The streets are in chaos. Pairs of people are fighting, and generally being outright nasty to each other. A police pairing of a man and woman are battling, the woman beating the man over his head with her clipboard. Kouta and Yousuke come upon this noisy, distressing scene and stop to gape. They head into a building, a man and woman are fighting their way down the stairs and our two part to let them pass. It is a wedding hall, and at least two marriages have been interrupted in mid-progress as brides and grooms try to throttle each other. There is a pair of security guards (possibly one male one female, hard to tell), and one has the other by the nose trying to pull it off. Kouta and Yousuke walk past them, gaping about and totally stunned.

There is a room, the part of the sign I can read says "Asia-Oceana somethingsomething Tokyo Meeting in 2002" and inside are a crowd of foreigners. One dark-haired European man, a man possibly from India, a few other types represented. "How did you like Japanese food?" asks a Japanese man (yes, in English). "Oh it's great, the sushi is wonderful!" answers the dark-haired man. Another native English speaker says "Yes, that's true. The tuna was terrific (and all this is subtitled in Japanese!)" There is a gray-haired man with a gentle smile. A possibly Japanese person says to him, "I hope this meeting will be satisfactory for all of us," and the man nods pleased agreement. No one sees the scissors that snip between them. The Indian man says wryly, "Satisfactory like tuna." The scissors snip between them as the room erupts into amused laughter. Then between two security men in their dark suits and sunglasses. Then between two laughing, gray haired foreigners. Shiransu heads towards the exit, all amused. The gray-haired man formerly with a gentle smile leaps to his feet. "Oh, I'm getting upset for no reason!!" (who wrote this dialogue....) The Indian man is next, snapping firmly in careful English, "Me too, I hate everyone of you here!" And while the politicians spit words, waiters and security guards come to blows.

And Shiransu continues on his wicked way, laughing his head off. On his tail arrive Kouta and Yousuke, who gape at the brawling guards and snarling politicians. Yousuke worried and Kouta signals Oboro and tells her what's going on and that they've been unable to locate the Jakanja. Frantically, she signals Nanami who says she has got the item she was sent for. Nanami is on her way down the mountain and speeds up, using a grappling roap to swing through the trees. Once past useful trees she runs down the forest path until long, silver spears pierce the ground just in front of her and she slams to a startled stop, diving and rolling out of the path of more spears. A green glow flashes down and hits nearby, filling the air with green smoke. Nanami ducks and then looks into it alertly. Wendinu and Furabijo walk out of the green cloud of smoke, both looking hellbent on her. "Jakanja?" she says in surprise. "What are you doing here?" And Furabijo introduces herself cheerfully. She is of the Darkness, one of seven, ends with her left hand held up as if in hello. Wendinu is of the Darkness, four of seven, ends with her left hand curled near her face. They've come to meet her. "You won't beat me!" snarls Nanami. "Oh, now that's not what this is about," Wendinu teases her. Furabijo steps forward to explain that they are going to fight Hurricane Blue to determine which one of them is better, herself or Wendinu. Doesn't that sound fun? "HUH?" asks a logically befuddled Nanami. "It's going to be me first." Poor Nanami is still quite confused. "Game, start," says Wendinu, and she snaps her fingers. Furabijo becomes focused, raising both hands and darting forward.

And in the building, the conference is in full fisted swing. One man is trying to push apart two who are at each others' throats. "Please stop, don't do that!" Most of what they shout is incomprehensible, partly because it's not English though it has been subtitled in Japanese. The battling security guards sometimes say things like "What's going on? What are you up to?"

Kouta continues talking to Oboro, while Yousuke watches him anxiously. She has reported about the attack on Nanami, which worries them. But Mugensai cuts in to tell them they'll have to stop the Jakanja by themselves. This is vitally important. The two take another quick look at the titanic struggle the conference has become, pull back to allow a battling pair of waiters th dash between them, and Yousuke says they'll go out. Kouta is in full agreement, and the two are off. Nanami runs, too, from the buzzing Furabijo who starts singing, "Boom, boom, boom, the bee flies!" and then starts firing pink stingers from her mouth. "Bees fly in circles," she continues singing as Nanami is blasted off her feet by the stingers, rolls, turns and strikes with the Gyro Shuriken. Furabijo just bats those aside. This time her stingers embed in Nananmi's chest and she settles to the ground, grinning, as Nanami falls. But what lands is a straw dummy wearing Nanami's jacket. Furabijo sees this and grins her appreciation. "That's neat. You're over there." And she turns and begins firing the stingers again from her mouth. As the area explodes, Nanami comes hurtling out of the ground and high into the air in a strong, determined jump. From the air she strikes with Ninja magic (or grenades) and explosions go off all around a frightened Furabijo. Nanami lands, but it's not over yet.

"Now it's my turn," says Wendinu from behind her. She whirls. Wendinu raises her left arm, sivler nail-polished finger pointed like a gun, "Bang," she says. And it is Nanami's turns for diving while explosions occur all around her. She rolls back to her feet and changes into her armor.

Shiransu is laughing his head off on a street full of struggling people, when his scissor is caught by a red rope. A yellow rope twines around his right wrist. Hurricane Red and Yellow are there, in their armor, to fight. Shiransu identifies them, blows them away, and Kouta calls Yousuke to do a combination attack with him. Just as they start to move together for it, Shiransu gets between them and cuts the ties that bind them. The effect is instantaneous. Red stares at Yellow who snaps angrily, "What are you looking at?" and bops him on the head. Red protests this treatment and bops back, and things go downhill from there, to Shiransu's delight. The two men are soon clinched together, trying to throttle or break each other.

Nanami continues to fight in her armor, Blue against Wendinu. They are blade to blade, and Wendinu is giving quite a good accounting of herself. Nanami is staggered back. Wendinu says firmly, "Snake Nimpo. At will sword!" and sends her blade flying towards our girl. It gets in a couple of good shots, swings back to Wendinu who sends it in again, and this time it explodes at Nanami's feet, and dear Blue lands hard on her back. Wendinu laughs. Furabijo comes over and says, "Wow, that was really good, Wendinu! But I'm still the better one." And now she folds her arms together at her chest, and calls upon Bee Nimpo. Out from her wrist spring silver stingers. She leaps into the air and comes buzzing in, moving too fast for the still-stunned Nanami to keep up, and does quite a bit of damage, looping in figure eights all around. Wendinu calls in her snake nimpo again, but for a different mode of attack. A staggering Nanami is suddenly diving to avoid Wendinu's giant claws which scratch at her, and then the deadly Death-Breath! Nanami lands rolling, and the item she'd retrieved from the mountain lies where she had first hit in its bag. Wendinu is immediately attracted to a new mystery. She picks up the bag and pulls the turtle-shaped stone out. Puzzled, she turns it in her hands. "Why, what's this?" Frantic, Nanami calls "Give that back!" Furabijo and Wendinu both look at it, then at her. And Wendinu says, "Ah, so this is something special then." Nanami pulls herself back to her feet, "Shut up! Give it back!" and raising her blade she leaps into battle.

Oboro is also getting frantic. Nanami's lost the stone, the boys are trying to kill each other. She relays this to Mugensai, the wise hamster. Unfortunately, all he can say is they have to believe in the power of these three. But he is afraid. Kouta and Yousuke are at it with their blades, trying to slash through the suits. Shiransu has stayed to enjoy, and since they are so thoroughly distracted, decides to fire on them. His blast sends them headfirst through the side-windows of a four-door car. While he laughs, they retract themselves from the broken windows and slide heavily down side by side, rubbing their heads. But this misfortune proves not to be, for their heads have cleared. They see him laughing and Kouta shouts that he'll beat Shiransu and go to help Nanami. "Why, that's what I want to do, yellow guy," exclaims Yousuke. "You betcha, red!" Kouta says and throws a brotherly arm over his shoulder. Their enemy is dismayed, but when they both turn to him, answers their challenge with a rush. The pair make short work of him.

Sargain sees his creature's destruction in dismay and wonders what the heck Wendinu is up to, so does Chuuzubo. Well, she's still up to fightning Nanami with Furabijo. But Nanami has finally got the drop on the two. Her shots knock them back and the stone turtle to the ground. She snatches for it but Furabijo gets it first, mocks her and then goes suddenly giant to kick her away. The two alien woman get to opposite sides of her and catch her in their crossfire. As she falls, the others arrive. Nanami is back on her feet, only to be cut down by Wendinu when she hears the boys calling her name. She calls back to them, and her enemies scowl at the approaching men. Furabijo strikes first, remarking indignantly that they're getting in the way and they fall hard to the soft ground. But they get up quickly and all download a more powerful command code for their blades. Nanami is able to cut the two quite badly with the enhanced power of her blade. They cry out in pain and are hit by explosions. The stone flies through the air into Nanami's hands. She holds it in relief and comments, "I got it back." Wendinu gets back to her feet, looking half annoyed and half amused. She asks Furabijo how it went. Furabijo looks more annoyed, getting back up. It has been some fight. They agree on this, give Nanami a haughty, indifferent glance, and then turn and walk away into vanishment. The trio get together, their masks open, and Nanami tells the boys that she's improved a lot from the year ago!

Back on the island, Wendinu sends out the missile to use the Copy Giant. Our heroes call for their Shinobi machines. Oboro tells Nanami to shatter the stone turtle. Bewildered, our girl goes to obey anyway. She smashes it against a large boulder and finds inside a tiny scroll. She holds it up to look at, and Oboro sees through her visor in delight the instructions written thereon. Now she sends out the mighty Shinobi Machines.

Nanami leads the boys aboard and calls for the Nimpu Formation. She has command of this battle. They bring out their huge Sword Slasher, but it is ineffective against Shiransu's scissors. He's hitting them pretty hard. Oboro, though, is using the ideas she got from the scroll to input a turtle-shaped weapon. She sends the medal to Nanami and tells her what to do with it. Instand obediance, and the new Karakuri balls, Tortoise Hammer, comes out into their hands. Flung on a long chain, uses like a wrecking ball, it is truly effective. They knock him down, he gets up again, and then they build up for a powerful shot. The Tortoise Hammer goes right through Shiransu, and he is finally destroyed.

Atop a building, Wendinu at her side, Furabijo marks the score. "Shiransu, zero." She stamps the dead angel symbol onto the simple sketch of him. Turns to the next page. "Sargain, zero." Calmly she adds, "Wendinu is also zero." Wendinu turns with an expression of bewildered indignition and asks, "What about you?" Furabijo grins at her and answers happily, "Oh I'm zero, too!" Giggling, she turns and walks away to teleport home. Wendinu follows stuttering at her to wait a minute.

And the peace conference has ended wonderfully. A small horde of photographers snaps shots of the five, smiling men as they all shake hands for the cameras. Weddings go off, couples are back together all cute and cuddling, mother with daughter, old man and woman, the people who'd been fighting on the bridge. And back at the Hurricanger base, Mugensai tells Nanami that she has passed with flying colors. She bounds happily to celebrate with the boys. They are all ecstatic! But Oboro interrupts the gleeful bounding to point out that they haven't completed their report yet. They are STILL only first-year students. The boys wince and shake themselves, dashing back to complete their report. Nanami lacks any sympathy, but she and Oboro cheer them on with delighted grins.

File 6 on Sargain's Shiransu.
巻之七 雷とニンジャ Kaminari to Ninja Thunder and Ninja
Our heroes find themselves battling two darkling rangers. We all know who they are, but let's pretend we're little kids in Japan who don't have this insane obsession I d... er, some people do. "We are the hidden darkness!"

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巻之七 雷とニンジャ
Kaminari to Ninja
Thunder and Ninja

Early morning, dawn's light behind a mountain backdrop. Someone speeds through fallen leaves. Kouta, and then Nanami comes at his call, springs onto his outstretched hands and then races across the surface of the lake. She and Kouta arrive together near a hay dummy, link their hands and wrists, then call for Yousuke. He leaps into action, lands on the spring they've made of their joined limbs, and goes flying at the dummy to cut it up. He hits ground on the opposite side of it happily. The dummy has been smoothly cut in half, and the trio gather together to congratulate themselves on their fine teamwork and developing talents. Then they add mockery towards the Jakanja, which ends up with Oboro, who was watching, giggling.

But on the Centipede in the falling night, Manmaruba opens his angry eyes and says something is coming. Chuuzubo calls him to wait. Everyone wants to know what is coming, but perhaps he cannot be more clear. What he says though does worry them and they duck as he careens about the room until a stern snarl from Tao Zanto sends him hiding behind a pillar. They all bow their heads to their lord. The discussion probably relates to their thus far failures to take over the Earth. And so there is another sent on the attack. Futabuta. He is piggish (buta) and has broken pieces of pottery making up his armor, or perhaps his body. Atop a building he starts his Ninpu magic. Red light flies down. A man driving along, fretting about something in his car, suddenly sees a giant pot in front of him, end opening into a flaming tunnel. The car is too big for the entrance, but that is no matter, it ripples and is sucked inside. Another man is unloading boxes from a delivery truck. The pot appears nearby and opens up. Out hurtles the car that had been sucked in, and the terrified man dives for safety just an instant before the car hits the boxes where he'd just been. By some miracle, the driver brings the car to a stop without crashing into the truck, but the furious man who'd been unloading had not seen the pot and starts shouting angrily about this poor man's careless, dangerous driving. The driver is still whimpering and trying to explain, when the pot reappears and lets out another car, then again another, all with panicked drivers hitting the brakes. A motorcycle, a group of people on bicycles dropped out of the sky. All stare about in confusion, some recovering from bad landings. And Oboro seeing the goings-ons calls for the Hurricanger.

Our heroes race to answer, transferring into their armor and summoning their gliders into existence. They home in on the enemy, meeting him atop the building. He is not impressed. And he calls in his pot/portal, mocks them and challenges them to come after him. He leaps inside. They hesitate, Kouta asks what they should do and Yousuke says they should try it. And so the three leap inside. They land on a sidwalk full of people who just walk by them. No one seems to notice them at all, and also there is no sound. The trio shifts nervously and speaks to each other in uncertain whispers, wondering where they are. Then Yousuke, turning, notices a group of small boys on bicycles heading their way with eerie precision. Before the trio realizes to react, it proves the children are armed with metal clawed contraptions on their hands, and our heroes are cut down pretty hard. Adults continue to walk without reacting. The three recover and stare after the bicycling children, who vanish and other figures appear in their place coming back. Magerappa on the bicycles now. This our heroes know. They scramble up but are not fast enough and are knocked flying to land... in seats? In darkness and there are other people waiting, indifferent to the trio, or unaware. We hear the horns of ferry boats. Yousuke looks frantically around asking what's going on when it proves the men nearest to him are NOT unaware. The one behind bops him atop his helmet, and the ones on either side hiss and hold their fingers to their lips. "Oh, sorry," he whispers and holds still. The others are in front of him. They are in a movie theatre, and the show plays. The screen shows several Yakuza-like men who turn and fire their guns. The title of the movie shows, "Hurricanger's End!" Panicked, they leap to their feet. The screen in front of them fills with images of the men firing. The bullets are real and our trio is hit. Kouta falls and lands hard on firm ground. They are still together, in a large, bare plain. A sound and Nanami pulls the others to look. Tanks! And the tanks fire on our heroes, who fall tumbling. Their enemy comes to mock them, only to find they have not been dioriented by his little games. In fact, they have things they'd like to do. Kouta would like to see pro-wrestling. Nanami says it's like a theme park. The trio are delighting in their little adventure here. This confuses their enemy, as they make requests and he is furious with them for enjoying temselves. He calls in the pot and summons them after him. They do not hesitate to go.

Manmaruba careens through the mountain passes, past clear blue lakes and spring vegitation. Where is what he had sensed? But then he runs across an obstacle. Red and blue lightning strike the ground ahead of him, creating a false darkness. But when the smoke clears, there stand two imposing figures. They look like devils in silhouette. One says, "Looking for something? Us?" Manmaruba isn't quite sure what he's found. He is, in fact, almost terrified.

Our trio still fights their enemy of the day. Back atop the building now. He blasts them through his nose and tells them they aren't good enough. He will finish them off. But they fire their guns on him and take him down. He had not expected that and cries out, then feels himself being taken away and thanks whoever is responsible. Our Hurricanger happily delight in having driven him off.

Chuuzubo has a lot to say about Futabuta's incompetence. They are aboard the Centipede, and his servant pleads for forgiveness on his knees. Chuuzubo whaps him one with his staff and he runs away. Just when Chuuzubo is about to pursue, Manmaruba comes hurtling in. "I found them, I found them, the two of them!" And then he raises high into the air so his startled companions can see what he has brought withn. The two figures stand in deep darkness. It is most likely the taller one who speaks first with a mocking snort on his opinion of their skills. The other adds a comment as the two dark figures step forward into the light. When a stunned Chuuzubo asks them who they are, the wine red one responds they are called Goraijer. They are sweet, shining perfection in design. Sargain repeats their name. The indigo-clothed one coolly offers what they will do, and Furabijo repeats his word in confusion. Wendinu asks if they want money, but the red replies that is not what they're here for. They're ninja. The two brace themselves and seem to be getting an eyeful of Tau Zanto. Chuuzubo and Sargain, their differences for once forgotten, hurry to stand before the two strangers and demand greater explanation in uncertain confusion. Suddenly, Tao Zanto has something to say. His voice as ever is deep and scowling. "Goraijer. Why would you want to work for us? You... humans." The reaction from his people is immediate. "Humans? Earthlings?" Chuuzubo is first to say he doesn't want any humans around. Sargain is in enthusiastic agreement. But the two answer, red first. "That's too bad for you, we'll go back then." The blue adds, "We're better than you. You don't want us against you." Tao Zanto growls in offended irritation. His men snarl and Sargain turns his back. The red says to his companion that they may as well go. Indifferent, blue precedes him. They walk away and a furious Chuuzubo makes a move after them, only to have red turn and throw something that explodes. When the smoke clears, the pair are gone as though never there. And Tao Zanto finds himself intrigued.

Oboro and our trio are celebrating their easy victory. Mugensai is not willing to celebrate, he knows it isn't over. And it's not. Chuuzubo petitions Tao Zanto to continue his assault. For the pig has learned about the trio now. And permission is granted. So Futabuta goes down to the island and calls out the Hurricanger. Our kids react with happy enthusiasm, and Yousuke leads them out. "Come out!" Futabuta is shouting and finds to his surprise they have, arriving atop an outcrop behind him. And they switch into armor to fight. It's the umbrellas again as they announce themselves. He is not impressed. The trio leap into battle as one. He tumbles Yousuke aside and they fireon him from all sides. He vanishes and reappears above them, calling in one of his pots and when it opens the Hurricanger find fireballs raining down on them. A startled Oboro goes to work to figure out where this is coming from. Her scans reveal that the other side of the pot is near the sun. The fires are those of solar flares. Our heroes are getting hit pretty hard. Futabuta mocks them. Far above, the Goraijer are watching and exchange comments on the battle. Our kids are still getting trashed, then are attacked by exploding pig snouts. And when he moves in to finish them off, they get back to their feet. Now he attacks with a large, rotating pot lid. Taking a move from their earlier practice, Kouta and Nanami link arms. Yousuke leaps off their joined limbs and lands atop the whirling lid. He manages to get control of it and rides it like a surfboard back to Futabuta. Yousuke dives off before impact and the lid explodes. The Goraijer make impressed noises far above. And then our kids use the Triple Gadjet, Yousuke's at front. Futabuta explodes, but simultaneously there is a flash of movement and the trio are hit hard. They fall in pain, but quickly get back up again (which makes me think of a song...). They turn to gape at the destroyed enemy only to find... two tall, vibrant red and blue figures stand there, backs to the Hurricanger. Yousuke, the others at his back, demands to know who they are. The one in red answers him coolly with a remark about schooling. The blue adds a remark on extended such. Offended, Yousuke and the others snarl, "What?!" Then the two strangers complete their turn and start racing towards the Hurricanger. Suddenly their speed is incredible, and they mostly can't be seen as they tear in and cut the trio down to size. Eventually our youngsters fall. Yousuke gasps, "They're too fast!" "What ARE they?" Nanami wonders. Kouta asks, "Are they Jakanja?" But the two shining ones chuckle low in their throats, staring down at the trio. Yousuke calls in his sky Nimpo and hurtles at them in the air. The blue clad one tells the red to leave it to him, and meets Yousuke with a kick in mid-air, pinning him against the side of the cliff.

All this is being watched by the Jakanja. Wendinu and Furabijo are quite excited and impressed. This puts Sargain and Chuzubo into a huff of indignition. Tao Zanto is intrigued. And our heroes are still getting trashed. "They've got incredible power!" sputters Yousuke, as they've all been downed again. "Why are they doing this?" asks Nanami. "What ARE you?" this time it is Kouta who asks. And now they stop, resting their long, red and black blade-like weapons. This allows Oboro to get a good look at them. She gapes and turns to her father, who is just as stunned as she is but they both know who they are seeing. And the red-clad one says, "Shall I tell you? We are the Goraijer." And the blue one adds, "Of the Ikazuchi Way School." The Hurricanger make it to their feet in amazement. But now the two strangers speak to the Jakanja, telling them to see how much better they are. They attack with the long weapons while our trio are still reeling. "Crazy!" says Mugensai. "You're Ninja of OUR world. Stop!" calls Oboro to the screens. But the Goraija have taken our trio down with ease. The red flattens Yousuke. The blue has Nanami and Kouta pinned. They are about to deliver the final blow. They raise their blades when lightning comes down. Yes, while they were busy, the Jakanja sent out to make Futabuta a giant enemy using the scroll. He attacks, sending the rather surprised and irritated Goraijer for cover. Red concludes the Jakanja don't want them stealing the defeat of the Hurricanger. They take off. Yousuke calls after them, but then there is an enemy to face, and so they call in the Shinobi Machines.

Yousuke attaches with firebird mode. Nanami comes in on the tsunami. Kouta uses the mighty whirlwind vortex and leaps his lion through it. And while their enemy is down from all that, they call for formation. Sempujin is ready to fight. Futabuta wants to show them his true power and starts flinging exploding lids at them. They just walk through it, to his horror. And then they set the lion's mane to spinning, the electric whirlwind hits him hard. And they call out their Sword Slasher. Taking on their trio-form, they give him the one-two-three slash attack, re-combine and watch him explode. It's over.

Below, the Goraijer utter a sneering snort of laughter and turn to walk away. But this time the Hurricanger know then and race after them. From below Yousuke calls them pleadingly to wait, and they stop at the least. "Why do you attack us?" Yousuke cries. The two men slowly turn their heads. Then, in a crackle of blue and red lightning, they shut down their armor in sight of the gaping Hurricanger trio (who are out of armor, by the way). They seem tall. Their clothing is black leather with dark blue lining for the one and brick-red for the other. Symbols on their backs of the beetles whose style they use. The blue has shoulder-length, wavy hair. The red's hair is short and spiky. They turn their heads and we get a good look at their faces. The red is identified for the watchers as Kabuto Raijer, Ikkou Kasumi. He is grim, with a finely balanced face though his brows make him look darker even than his personality. The blue is Kuwaga Raijer, Isshou Kasumi. He looks indifferent, and substantially contrasting his brother, he has large bags under his eyes. They are both years older than the Hurricanger. In response to the trio's gaping shock, they smile slightly and make contemptuous huffing noises. Then they walk on, ignoring the protesting cry except to toss back a small explosive. And the trio stand alone and wondering.

File 7 on Chuzuubo's Futabuta.
巻之八 疾風と迅雷 Hayate to Ikazuchi
Beside a beach, the wind blowing their hair back, stand the Goraijer. The Hurricanger are calling them to join up together to fight the Jakanja. The pair mock with sneers a battle they witness, and come to join it.

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巻之八 疾風と迅雷 Hayate to Ikazuchi

We see our heroes fallen in battle against the two newcomers, who identify themselves as the Goraijer or Ikazuchi Way's school. Who mock the Jakanja for failing to defeat these youngsters. Who change from their armor and walk away.

In the base, they discuss this with Oboro. And Mugensai remembers when all those there for the meeting were sucked into the skies. Oboro thinks about the Dark Shinobi. Mugensai relates the history of the 500 year rivalry between the two schools. Oboro points out that these two have tremendous power, and they remember their ineffectiveness against them. Yousuke getting bashed into the wall. "They're so fast," he comments wistfully. They get some advice from Mugensai, and Oboro wonders what they can do. But our trio happily gets excited over the idea of ending the long rivalry between the two schools. When they race out for that purpose, Oboro comments the kids are sweet but this is just not going to be easy.

The Jakanja's new attacker is a frog-type, and it sends out metal tadpoles that suck up all the water. Oboro gets one to analyse. And the Hurricanger run across the Goraijer, who are quite non-plussed at the trio's invitation, before then expressing a note of contempt for it. The Jakanja's frog comes to fight them, and the trio suit up happily to fight. This time they introduce in the scarves. But he caches them in a length of chain and lifts them into the air, exploding the chain and dropping them into the water. They come out quickly and blast him, but he disappears. Yousuke senses/sees him before he rematerializes, but it's too late to stop him and he tosses tadpoles all over them. Those explode. The Goraijer watch the battle thoughtfully and exchange comments. The frog blasts them, stomps on their chests. Oboro calls them worriedly and Mugensai wonders what the Goraijer are up to. Well, I guess they've gotten bored. Isshu, eyes twinkling, cues his older brother and the two leap down. In blackness, lightning and thunder, they change into their battle armor and introduce themselves. There is an enthusiasm to their voices that was absent before. They rush into battle and the Hurricanger think they are the targets at first, but it is not so. They attack the frog and do considerable damage. They manage to destroy him, and the Hurricanger are happy to cheer. But Oboro and Mugensai are a bit doubtful.

Sargain is not happy with the destruction of his personnel. Wendinu sends in the Copy Giant, which does its job. The great frog is ready, and the Hurricanger are too. "Now it's OUR turn!" crows Yousuke, and they call for the Shinobi Machines. He hits them with exploding tadpoles, which they did not defend themselves properly against, and they're getting pretty well trashed. Oboro is fretting how to help them when her glance falls upon the children's toy the robots had been playing with earlier. And a light goes on! This is IT! A simple modification of the program, combining the Goat Crusher and the Tortoise Hammer to produce the Goat Hammer! She picks it up in smug delight, and sends the modifications to the kids. Yousuke calls them to go, and Kouta puts the token in. Out comes the Goat Crusher. Nanami sends out the Tortoise Hammer "Set!" she cries. And the two weapons come smoothly together. YES! Their enemy is not impressed, but this time when he launches the exploding tadpoles at them, our heroes smach them out of the sky and send the frog alien down. He gets back up again, only they deliver the killing blow. He goes up in flames. Destroyed, his tadpoles vanish too and the places which had lost all water re-fill.

Our heroes head for the beach and find the Goaraijer there to their delight. "Thank you, Goraijer!" cries Yousuke. Kouta bounds forward to the stiff pair whose backs are turned, telling them the five-hundred year seperation is over. Nanami agrees happily and so does Yousuke, who's really delighted at the prospect of protecting the world together. The Goraijer steadfastly refuse to look at the trio, though the younger glances towards his older brother. Yousuke bounds around in front of them. "We'll wipe out the Jakanja!" he tells them. But now the pair react at last. "We're not here to be your friends," says the older brother. He steps forward and passes a bewildered Yousuke, squinting his eyes against the wind. He makes his way to the edge of the reef. His brother soon joins him. They lecture that it would have been bad for the world to be without water, and that was the only reason they had fought against the Jakanja creature. They weren't made to protect the world. When our heroes demand a better explanation, the two give one. Tao Zanto has been listening, and he thinks he understands them now. Intrigued by the pair. But our heroes are only confused as the two continue speaking of the rivalry between the schools. The younger says something that makes his brother snicker. They will continue to fight the Hurricanger. Yousuke is bewilddered and anguished by what they say. He protests that he can't understand them. Nanami says she can't either, and Kouta adds his voice to the wounded chorus. Before conversation can continue, though, another voice speaks from the distant horizon. "I understand." Startled, the Goraijer turn. Tao Zanto speaks across the lake and sends out a huge transport orb to bring the pair in. While our trio gape in anguish, both men change into their armor, and then they board the transport orb. Yousuke screams at them, but it is far too late. They are gone.

File 8 on Gamajakushi, who was one of Sargain's.
巻之九 雷兄弟と砂時計 The Thunder Brothers and Hourglass Yousuke is badly hurt, fighting the blue Goraijer and refusing to change into armor. He falls off a cliff. There are bodies under spider webs, a gloating Jakanja alien. And there is a huge hourglass....

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巻之九 雷兄弟と砂時計
The Thunder Brothers and Hourglass

The Gorajier are again in the Centipede main hall with the Jakanja all around them. Tau Zanto is identifying them, and gets it slightly wrong perhaps. When Kuwagata say something less than respectful, Chuzubo furiously tells the pair to respect Tao Zanto and takes a swing at them with his staff, which Kuwagata easily blocks. Our blue boy is about to fight when Kabuto lays a hand on his arm restraining him. Kabuto wants to be left alone. Tao Zanto is courting them, wanting them to work for him. Manmaruba points out that the Jakanja will rule the Earth. Kabuto asks Tao Zanto to answer one question. Which are to rule, Jakanja or Goraijer. Tao Zanto says that can be decided when the time comes. Kuwagata sneers (or we assume as they are masked). Kabuto says this is interesting and they will listen. So Tao Zanto hands an assignment to a dismayed Chuzubo. To keep the Goraijer unmolested for a while. When Chuzubo argues, Kuwagata cuts in and you can hear the laughter in his voice, "You said you shouldn't talk back to Tau Zanto." Chuzubo pratically stutters. Grumbling, he stomps off with a nearly as annoyed Sargain. The girls, though, are of quite a different opinion. Wendinu pulls Furabijo to the side and they exchange delighted assessments of the Goraijer, giggling like teenage girls.

Our trio are back at base, and Kouta and Nanami are playing cards against Mugensai and Oboro. They intersperse the game with discussion on the Goraijer and Ikazuchi Way School. Oboro has a rotten hand and begs out of the game, however, before protesting can be completed, Yousuke jumps up from where he's been sitting, thinking. "AH! I don't understand!" he cries. He bounds over to Nanami and peers anxiously into her confused face. "Why did they do it? Why aren't they our friends?!" She leans back, clutching her cards to her chest, looking very saddened and confused by his need to ask her a question she can't answer. "But we're all humans of Earth," he mourns, turning away and clutching his arms. Then he grabs at Kouta, "Why do they wanna be with the Jakanja - " Kouta clambers to his feet, trying to shake his arm out of Kouta's painful grip. "I don't know either, darnit, you know that!" Startled to have his hysteria thrown in his face, Yousuke blinks and draws back. Then Nanami cries, "Oh gosh, I have to go to work!" and Kouta is fast on her heels out the door. Yousuke stares dazedly after them, but oh dear he has an idea. Mugensai peers over the back of a chair, wondering what the boy has in mind.

And Chuzubo is setting up an hourglass. The sand falls and he tells it to please be enough time. Two girls walking home from high school part, "See you later!" "Bye-bye!" The sun is setting, air tinged red. Cicadas sing in the trees. We follow one girl, who pauses beside temple grounds. Why does she pause? Simple. "Cicadas?" for this is not the season. And something large and black flashes by over her head. She turns and perhaps sees the strange face that opens its mouth. And suddenly a cicada-like creature almost as big as her hand flashes from it and appears on her neck. She is conscious long enough to reach for it, then simply topples over. Her body is snatched up in alien ninja magic, leaving behind only her school bag. A woman walking out the exit of a subway tunnel suddenly is overwhelmed by the sound of cicadas, "What in?!" she gasps, covering her ears in pain. She glances up and sees the strange creature making the noise, screams and turns to run. But the flash of light touches her neck and she's also down. A drunken man weaving home from the train station sings a song about cicadas, when one appears on his neck. He sort of spins around before falling. Their attacker is Kuttsuku. He is very pleased with himself.

And the news about missing people is on. The male newscaster says "If you have any information, please contact the police." Mugensai watches this grimly. "This has to be the Jakanja." Oboro enters the office through a door, carrying armloads of books. "Hey, father, I thought you'd be asleep by now." She sets the books down and the load overbalances. She leaps to keep them from falling on the computer keyboard. He explains he was watching the tv and then protests as she turns it off.

Night beside a river. The two young men in black leather have made themselves a fire and are sitting on two flattish, larger stones eating roasted fish. The younger, Isshuu, has contemptuous comments to make about Chuzubo. Ikkou agrees with a snort. They discuss it, not exactly quietly. Isshuu is openly angry, more obviously emotional than his brother. Ikkou keeps his eye on the prize. His voice is calmer and rational, however his intents.... He says that in the end it will be them, not the Jakanja. They exchange agreeing little smiles. And Isshuu leaps to his feet and kicks rocks and dirt over the fire to smother it.

Dawn breaks over Ikazuchi Valley. There is volcanic activity here, the air is filled with steam and the scent of sulpher. "So this is Ikazuchi Valley..." says Yousuke. He comes here, clearly in search of the Goraijer. The poisonous fumes keep plant life down right where he is. A bedraggled crow caws from the branches of a dead tree. Yousuke sees something and rushes forward. It is a banner, torn and dirty. On it can be made out yellow lightning bolts contained in a circle. And Yousuke has to dive shuriken that suddenly fly at him. He looks up. There the two stand on a cliff far above. "That was dangerous!" protests Yousuke. "But I'm glad to see you." Isshuu snaps coldly, "Why are you here?" "I came to meet you guys!" Isshuu glances at his stiff brother's face as Yousuke continues. "I just want to talk to you. I have questions." He holds up fingers adding per question and gazes imploringly up at them. "First, what is this? Second, what's very important to you? Third, is it really so important that you'll join the Jakanja?" The Goraijer are a bit nonplussed, and Ikkou says to his brother, "Let's go." When they start away Yousuke cries desperately, "Wait!" and starts after them. He races halfway up the cliff before leaping quite a distance to land just in front of them. "Answer the question!" he demands. Isshuu responds by stepping forward and catching his right shoulder. "The answer is YES!" and he punches Yousuke, hard, sending him falling to the ground far below. Quite a punch, that. Yousuke lands hard on his back and rolls over. Isshuu adds a snide comment and the two brothers continue away, but Yousuke shouts, "I still don't understand!" They stare down at him in faint surprise as he stands and shouts up, "Does Ikazuchi really belong with the Jakanja?!" A bit more in that vein, he picks up the fallen pennant and tosses it up. It lands at their feet and their eyes are drawn to it, then back down to the insistant boy. "It's a terrible thing to fight with the Jakanja," Yousuke continues, "You have a lot of pride in your ninja skills but - " Isshuu has had quite enough of this. "Damn you, I'm sick of your song and dance!" His brother lays a firm hand on his shoulder, "Isshuu!" He gives him a fierce look. "Big brother, this kid doesn't know anything. I'm going to show him the Hayate Way is no match for us!" And with this fit of anger, Isshuu leaps from the cliff to go after Yousuke. Ikkou watches. Landing in front of Yousuke, Isshuu grabs him by his jacket and hauls him close. "All right, listen if you can!" There is pain in his eyes and a desperate rage.

The young warriors in front of the symbol of their school fought, men and women cut and beaten down by a horde of Magerappa. Kekkai uses his ninja magic, sending the papers flying everywhere, taking out the students and the building above. All of them sucked up, screaming, to vanish into the skies. And in the wake of the attack, only two remained. Isshuu and Ikkou exploring caverns beneath where their school once stood, flashlights on. All that remained in the flooded chamber were the two Shinobi Changers that would turn these last survivors into the Goraijer. Isshuu's voice is harsh and bleak as he tells this tale. His school is dead. There is nothing to fight for. Nothing worth anything, he says painfully. And Yousuke says in shock, "Ikazuchi is dead?" With a frustrated snarl at the boy's ignorance, Isshuu shoves him away and he falls on his back again. Isshuu turns away, perhaps he is weeping and does not want this stranger to see. His brother listening above turns his head slightly and swallows his own pain. Isshuu says harshly that after five hundred years to end so ignobly etc. Yousuke gets to his feet, trying to counter the misery, compassion in his voice and stance. "You have to find your own purpose. You need friends to work with you." He approaches the stiff man as he also loses it. "A purpose like defending the world! A purpose like saving people!" In his own passion he strikes at Isshuu's shoulder, forcing him to face him, and grabs his collar as the other had done to him earlier. Isshuu strikes quickly, a left hook to the cheek, and now changes into his armor. Yousuke blinks up at him and says rationally, "Hold on a moment. I'm not going to do that." Ikkou watches all this from above, not willing to interfere. Isshuu snarls, "All there is to do is fight. Become a Hurricanger!!" Above them, Ikkou snorts amusement and sits down to watch the show.

A man delivering boxed lunch becomes victim of the cicada creature. A woman, and then he tosses it at someone dressed in black, who from behind looks like a nun. But it is no nun, it is one of Oboro's robots, carrying a child's toy (the one they designed the Goat Hammer attack from). The cicada falls from its back, and the creature heads off quickly in confusion.

Kouta is leaving a house where he has performed physical therapy on an old man. The wife, a tiny old lady, sees him off. Just as he is leaving, his bracelet goes off. One of Oboro's robots holds Mugensai up so he can see everything, not to mention nag his daughter who is calling the kids. She explains to them about the Jakanja's latest attack. Once more, Nanami has had to run out on her job. But Yousuke is too busy being Isshuu's punching bag to answer. Thrown to the ground he says into his bracelet, "I'll come as soon as I can!" and rolls out of the way of a pouncing Isshuu. "I haven't finished talking to him yet," he pants unhappily. He is bruised and quite battered-looking. Isshuu is having a bit of trouble figuring out what is driving him. A kick to the solar plexus sends Yousuke flying back to land painfully on his butt. "What's with you?" asks Isshuu. "Do your Shinobi Change." "That's not why I came here," Yousuke counters. How, oh how will he get through? He grabs Isshuu's arms and cries into the mask, "Don't you get it I don't want to fight you guys!" Blood on his lips, he's trying. But Isshuu is having none of it, grabs him back and punches again.

On the Centipede, Chuzubo is getting excited. They'll need only a hundred people to complete this attack. Wendinu and Furabijo peer around the corner to see and wonder at his activities. Wendinu stares at the hourglass and asks Furabijo what it's for. She counters that whatever is going on must be on a time-limit. The hourglass is about halfway down. And their man is collecting people, people and more people. He laughs, but then suddenly finds his wrists twined in blue and yellow ropes. Nanami and Kouta are there, and change into armor to fight. They hit him with the Gyro Shuriken, he gets them back sending an electric shock along their own ropes. Chuzubo wants him out of there and so he goes, but squirts them with liquid mostly hitting Kouta. Though Kouta whines, Nanami gets him up and going in pursuit of their enemy. He flies, and they follow on their Wingers. Chuzubo is worried. Time is short. "What are the Goraijer doing?" he snarls furiously.

Well, at least one of them is busy holding Yousuke in the air by his collar over a steep drop. "You really aren't going to change?" "I came to talk to you!" "You talked. And now it's over." And he tosses Yousuke down... down... Yousuke falls helplessly. Out of his armor, Isshuu goes to look over the edge grumbling, "Just a weak kid..!" when his brother's hand catches his shoulder. (which one of them will be first, I wonder?) "Let's go. We're done here." He glances down, then heads off. Isshuu glowers down, then slowly turns and heads after his brother. Yousuke lies unconscious, far below. He landed luckily on the ground between boulders and barely seems to be breathing.

Nanami and Kouta race through the woods, ground heavy with moss. Kouta frets, "Where'd it get to?!" Nanami counters it must be here somewhere. Then she gasps his name. For they have found the missing people. Each person is bound in webbing up against a tree. Their skin is ghastly pale, and they do not move at all. Our heroes go to investigate, and cannot get them out of the webbing or figure out what the bugs are. Their enemy arrives to tell them they are too late, and explain what is happening (life force sucking, blahblah). One hundred people, the source of energy for their eggs. And so our sweet duo fights him. They take him down easily and are about to destroy him, when they are knocked back from him by two black blurs. Yes, the Kasumi Brothers have arrived. They are not in their armor yet, but they land dramatically so Nanami and Kouta will know who they are facing. They challenge the Hurricanger, and then switch into their battle armor. I like the way this is done, just so's you know. They look good. Chuzubo calls on his man to get back and complete the spell before they run out of time. And he goes to obey. The hand-sized cicada become about a foot long.

Kouta faces Ikkou, who counters his multi-self attack by giant-sizing himself. How much is real and what is illusion? For when the giant Kabuto Raijer steps on Kouta, our boy's body is smashed into the ground and his dopplegangers destroyed. Ikkou laughs and stands, a foot on one leg. Nanami is fairing no better against Isshou. They are matches on water. She tosses a water attack at him and he flings it back to her. The frantic pair face the confident duo and wonder where Yousuke is. Oh, a smug Isshuu is happy to answer that one. "He won't be coming here. He's back in the valley." "Oh, I AM here!" comes a loud voice. Yes, to their surprise on their opposite side Yousuke makes his way through the trees. He cradles his injured arms and staggers on stiff legs, but he's coming anyway. "Yousuke!" call Kouta and Nanami. "Ooooh. So you lived," comments Isshuu, moving a step or two towards him and sounding rather bemused. "I don't like being called a kid," Yousuke responds angrily. And then he adds, "Goraijer!! This time I've come to FIGHT!!" This catches their interest. Especially Isshuu, who seems to be taking this personally for some reason *cough cough*. At his snort, Yousuke adds, "And I'll beat you!" Now he changes into his amor, with enthusiasm and energy he announces himself. "Stupid. And you think this makes you an adult?" "Shut up! I tried to talk to you." And now he hauls out his blade, and he and Isshuu go at it. But this time it is Yousuke who kicks a startled Isshuu back and pins him against a tree. "What do you think of THAT?!" "Oh, that's a little better." "I got more!" "But it's not enough!" and Isshuu flips him away. Ikkou calls out his Horn Breaker, and does damage to Kouta and Nanami. Isshuu goes along, calling out his Stag Breaker. He uses it to catch Yousuke around the waist and sends terrible electric charges into his body. Lifts him, explodes him. The cicadas start to develop glowing wings, they'll be born soon. And the Goraijer bring out their Double Gadget. They are about to fire, when the voice that has been singing in the background suddenly falls silent. Ikkou turns his head in surprise. For the bug has run out of time. It falls to the ground, dead. With that, the developing cicadas die, too, and the webbing loosens. The people fall out and regain consciousness. They are all frightened and confused, having no idea where they are.

The hourglass is finished, and Chuzubo staggers away from it in misery. But Tao Zanto demands an explanation, which the unhappy villain gives. The creature he'd send down had only a short life. It had failed to mature the cicadas in time. Sargain mocks him, and he says his man died. Furabijo pokes at the husk with a stick, then she remarks that Chuzubo is on zero points and heads off. The combatants, distracted from their battle by this mystery, arrive together and wonder just what has been going on. Kouta turns to the others, "Well, I think it's because cicadas have such a short life span when they mature." Nanami agrees. The Goraijer look at all this and decide all this trouble was for nothing. They dash off and vanish, while the startled Hurricanger call after them.

Tao Zanto is royally pissed at Chuzubo, who quickly begs Wendinu to make his creature giant. She loads her gun with bored agreeing noises. Out goes the scroll, giant grows the bug ninja. But Sempujin has just completed his combination, and they punch out the bug. They put in their Shinobi medals, call out the Sword Slasher, and attack with the triple blade strike. Boy, his life was even shorter as a giant.

In the stting sun, they settle down on the cliffs. Yousuke tosses stones off into the far distance. They talk quietly about the Jakanja and the Goraijer. But Yousuke tries to buck up their spirits and starts dragging them with him.

File 9 on Kuttsuku, who was one of Chuzubo's.
巻之十 雷神と滅びの谷 The Goraijer are back and fighting the Hurricanger again. Or more like beating up on them. They have motorcycles, and a giant formation that astounds a delighted Furabijo.

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巻之十 雷神と滅びの谷
Raijin to Horobi no Tani
Thunder God and Ruined Valley

They are in discussion, Nanami sitting on a turning chair, Kouta on the arm of a leather chair, and Oboro on the leather couch. Nanami asks, "What did you understand?" But Oboro answers that she didn't really understand any of it. There were old documents she wanted to look at, but.... Nanami faces the other way unhappily, whining that they just can't figure this out. Yousuke crosses into the scene, wondering if they're the only ones who don't get it, this joining of the Goraijer and the Jakanjar. He suddenly grabs Kouta and musses his hair. Kouta leaps out from under the assault, glowers at Yousuke, then turns to Mugensai. "Sir, please send us to Ikazuchi Valley." The request startles the hamster. Yousuke comes over to Kouta, puzzled, wondering if anything can be done and what Kouta thinks they can do. Pouting slightly, he listens to the answer. But Kouta thinks there's more to be learned than just about those two. He points out sternly that Yousuke did not manage it alone. The three begin to get excited. I think they have plans to salvage the valley. And off they race, Oboro calling after that they should be careful. And she settles down to make a new Karakuri Ball, exchanging mischievious grins with her father the hamster.

And the kids have reached the valley full of drifting mist. Kouta hesitates and wonders about security systems, but Yousuke (who really didn't get far in) is blithe about it. He puts on his mask and races in. The others consider and watch him go. And underground the two Goraijer are still searching through caverns. Ikkou is using a computer to trouble shoot and he's figuring out how to get the power back on down here. Everything lights up, and lightning crosses the skies, darkens the valley. The energy of the lightning is harnessed into the underground generators. The room the two boys are is seems inches deep in dust (surely not THAT bad). They look around, then head farther into the caverns. Meanwhile, Nanami is inching her way across a river. She doesn't agree with Yousuke's assessment that there's no security system. But then there WAS none. Now the power is back on and when Nanami slips and her feet touch the water below, the energy backlash is strong revealing a grid below. Her boots are steaming and she frantically pulls up to keep from being fried. Kouta races across a valley and passes something that shines a red light. Startled, he stops and it's a good thing he did. Slabs covered in dead plants and deadly spikes raise up. He dives and rolls, narrowly avoiding becoming a pincushion. He'd known there would be security. Yousuke has chosen swinging through the trees like Tarzan. Naturally, he swings through a laser security grid. The next thing he knows he's being hit by barbs fired from hiding below. In the BUTT! He falls and lands on his feet, pulling those things free. They were a nice inch deep, too! Furious, he heads on.

The Hurricanger aren't the only ones heading into this area. Sargain is tromping along, Furabijo behind him looking slightly put out. She's carrying a small basket. She too speaks of literature, then holds of the basket with a grin. "I brought snacks!" He stops in his tracks and looks back at her, "What is it with you, have you forgotten what we're here for?" He lectures while she looks again put out, "I KNOW," she says and comes to catch up with him. Just as she gets to his side, he holds out a warning hand. "Wait." She is startled. But below them in the plants there is a small box with a red light. Sargain looks around and sees the other one. He and Furabijo leap high into the air, avoiding the beam. After they land on the other side Furabijo asks with a suspicious stare, "Aren't we going to shake hands with those two? We're not going to betray them?" He shifts to look at her hard, then moves on sounding both amused and shaky, making a few truthful statements, I suspect. She tilts her head and comments that she really thinks highly of the two. Then the air rolls with thunder and she cringes, covering her ears. "I hate thunder!" "Will you BE QUIET!! Shhh! We need to be silent coming in here!" "Don't come near me!" "Huh?" She is pouting, her feelings hurt, as she complains. He counters that it is surely safe, opening his mask so she can see his true body and hear his true voice. He turns gallantly about and continues on. She sighs and follows in his tracks.

Wendinu, watching all this back with Chuzubo and the others, mourns that she wanted to go, too, oh Goraijer. (They certainly seem to have the ladies' interest) "Why did you send Sargain?" Chuzubo wonders. When he isn't answered right away he turns and whines, "Lord Tao Zanto!!" Tao Zanto figures that Sargain probably will be beaten.

Nanami finds a cave, but thinks it can't be the right place (which of course it surely was). Kouta speaks into his communicator, watching lightning hit the distant ground. Yousuke answers him from the lesser valley he'd run across the Goraijer in before. Here is the banner for the Ikazuchi Way. He knows he's there. Sargain and Furabijo arrive atop a cliff. She wants to go back to the Centipede, and sits grumbling. Relatively nearby, the three Hurricanger come together. Only by some coincidence, they and the Jakanja have come to the same place. The scene is set for confrontation, as Sargain challenges them. He figures he'll wipe the ground with them. However, Furabijo glances back over her shoulder and waves, chuckling, "You're gonna get you butt kicked." (not sure which side she's referring to, but I bet it's Sargain). And so our trio changes into thair armor to fight. Scarves this time. Sargain is unimpressed, and pulls out his double blades. The four combatants challenge. The trio tries their first join attack, only Sargain tosses them back like so many flies. They are startled by his strength as he stalks them. Furabijo, though, settles down to eat her lunch and enjoy the battle. "Hurry up, Sargain, so you can come eat with me." Hmm. Maybe she meant our heroes getting beat, after all.

Down in the caverns below, the Goraijer are finishing up and feeling quite smug until the distant sound of an explosion above them startles them. "That noise..." wonders Ikkou.

Sargain is feeling smug, when he sees the two coming and quickly goes to Furabijo up above. She is contentedly eating the goodies she brought. But he pulls her up and drags her into hiding while she complains about being taken from her lunch. "Why'd they run off?" wonders Kouta, when the trio are hit by explosions. They look up to find the two stern, leather-clad Goraijer approaching, glaring. "You , Hurricanger," says Ikkou. Isshu adds that they shouldn't have come, and there will be no talking, oh sneak-thieves. "Sneak-thieves?!" protest Yousuke. "Yeah, sneak-thieves!" Hmm. Folks are trading insults. Lovely. But Ikkou adds they aren't going to talk now. Isshu, who always keeps a close eye on his big brother, waits for his cue. And now the cue is for them to change into their armor. The darkling power are ready to fight. The Hurricanger are suitably unimpressed, until the Goraijer pull out Shinobi medals and call in their Bali Thunder, two motorbicycles. They roll into battle on them and knock the trio flying, then ride circles around our heroes. Not ready for such attacks, our dears are getting pretty nicely slashed. Nanami and Yousuke fire on Isshu, but he strikes back with blue elecric fire. As they fall, far above Furabijo bounces up from behind the rock Sargain had pulled her to. "You Goraijer are so strong, so great!" she enthuses, clapping her hands. Sargain grabs her quickly, covers her mouth and pulls her back down with a scolding. But it seems all that went unnoticed as the Goraijer continue to beat on our heroes. Gracious they know what they're doing. They ride through the trio and leave them on the flaming, smoking ground. They stop and look back over their shoulders, watching with interest as Yousuke is the first back on his feet, barely, then falls again. The Hurricanger are frightened and confused, still looking for answers. The Goraijer dismount and explain coolly the whys and wherefores of what they are doing. While the trio are reeling, Ikkou calls out to the two who are watching and hiding. Furabijo is one happy camper. The Goraijer are happy, too, to show off what they can do. And they bring out their Shinobi Changers to summon down the lightning, terrifying Furabijou. But then the two call "Gorai Beetle!" and "Gorai Stag!" and those two mighty machines come at summons. "Shinobi Machines!" exclaims Yousuke. Yes, machines with strange goggles. And the several watching groups are quite impressed. But Oboro is angry, and she sends out the Hurricanger Shinobi Machines. Our trio board theirs, grumbling that they are the senior group. But the Goraijer are all ready to wipe the floor with them. Yousuke calls for fire, and flies circles around the Gorai Stag. "How's THAT!?" snarls Yousuke. Ikkou responds by breaking out of the fireball, and using his powerful cannons. Yousuke's bird is bacly shaken. Nanami calls to him, and then a warning to Kouta. Gorai Stag leaps and lands atop him, but he calls for his wind tunnel and the Stag is tumbled away to end sliding along on its back. Isshu grunts in annoyance, but when the lion moves to stomp on him, he teleports the Stag out of danger. Unfortunately, he is now after Nanami where she is settled on the ground in the Dolphin. He fires the Stag's horns and catches the Dolphin, raising it into the air and spinning it until she's dizzy. Oboro is working hard on the new Karakuri ball, and now the three face the two. The only thing they can think to do is quick form Sempujin. Ikkou says contemptuously, "The Hurricanger aren't the only ones who can combine. Ikkou!" "Right, Ikazuchi Formation!" And now the two instect machines move together. Spinning, energy pulls and reshaps them until they stand, Goraijin. They are as big as Sempujin. The watching Jakanja are suitably impressed, Furabijo's mouth hangs open in delighted surprise. Goraijin and Sempuujin are both heavy giants, and they start punching each other, but Goraijin has the upper hand. The Hurricanger call out the Sword Slasher and start slicing, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Goraijin catches the blade, forces it down and tumbles Sempujin. Kouta gets set to call out the Goat Crusher, but Oboro aborts that action and tells them she's sending them a new ball. Ball Four, the PLant Axe. She sends the medal in, but just as Yousuke reaches for it, it vanishes. It vanishes because the transmission has been intercepted by the Goraijer. They have the Plant Axe now, their first Karakuri Ball. The Hurricanger team is quite astounded and horrified. What is it with these guys and children's toys? Goraijin takes Sempujin down, and hits them hard. Electric bolts do serious pain to our trio, and the great Sempujin falls. While Oboro calls their names in panic, the trio lay askew in their cockpits, masks open to reveal unconscious faces. And the Goraijer are quite pleased and walk away from their fallen competitors.

Furabijo and Sargain bound over to stand near the great, smoking crackling machine. They are astounded and impressed. Furabijo has out her tally sheet to mark down another win for the Goraijer with a major score. She is utterly pleased. And so are Wendinu and Manmaruba, who dance together crowing their delight. Even Chuzubo has to admit he's impressed, and leaves the room in a huff. But Tao Zanto is deeply thoughtful.

And Oboro calls the three who do not answer, can not answer, unconscious in their cockpits. Helpless.

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巻之十一 夢喰いと再出発 Yumekui to Saishuppatsu Dream-eating and a New Beginning A friendly Furabijo and Wendinu are serving Yousuke from tables full of gourmet food. Nanami sings on stage. Both are playing with a strange creature. But Kouta cries in pain on a hospital bed, and he fights under a cloudy sky, even fighting back the Goraijer. Even fighting the strange creature. And Oboro stands over him in a hospital ward calling to his unconscious face, "I know you can do it!"

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