Spell Master Pierre

Top left: Golem Increase Golem Card.

Bottom left: Saramandesu's Life-absorbing card

Top right: Giganticize Resurrection Card

Bottom Right: Giganticize Demon Battle Card

Salaman's Mugenrensa (Infinity Chain) Card

Kaosu, who lost his life trying to save Salaman in Hell, Episodes 42 and Forty-Three.

The demons trapped in hell, yearning for another shot at life.

Everyone here is under a whole seperate category. For example, Venus' Imp Bodyguard Corp. I mean, where do baby imps come from, after all? And the Familiar Demon Imps, of course.

Episode 35
with tails and horns, these imps are dangerous

Top: That one was draining Matoi of his life.

Bottom: That one was pouring Matoi's life into Jirufiiza.

Grand Dame