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GogoFive Machinery
January 19, 2001

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1st Stage BraceletsVictory Mode Bracelet
Go Blaster Normal Mode
Fire Blazer Gun Mode
The Vehicles
Command Attacker
Victory Robo
Victory Rob w/arms extended
Victory Walker
The Go Liner coming out of Bay Area 55
The Grand Liner
Max Shuttle
Max Area
Liner Boy
Max Victory Robo
Mars Machines
Beetle Mars
Victory Mars
Big Douser
Machines. Everyone should have them. You need them to go places quickly. You need them to fly. You need them for such mundane tasks as cooking food. Well, a fire will do nicely, but a machine with a timer and controllable heat is quite useful. The Gogofive had an astounding number of machines, when you think about it. They were all made by the team's father, Tatsumi Mondo Hakase. The man was a genius. He also was quite willing to believe in magic. Some of the equipment was used far more than others.

The first Gogofive machine our heroes met was Mint, a computer with the personality of a child. At least this one was not humanoid. I get so tired of these robots with breasts and hips. He was adorable, too. Playful and urgently determined to help defeat the evil bad guys.

One of their most used tools was the Lifebird. It separated into useful rescue tools, such as the Clawanchor, Wingsplitter, the BirudodeisuCharger, the Beakdriller and the Tail-Injector. Very good for climbing, great for opening closed doors, quick for applying emergency medical care. And it flew better than a bird.

Their father also made them bracelets so they could change into armor. However, then he had to add a sort of "power-up" bracelet. They also had guns. Three types, sort of. There was the Go Blaster (normal mode), and the Fire Blazer Gun Mode, and then there was the V-Lancer, which went together with the guns for some pretty awesome firepower.

The 99Machines (is that as in 1999?). A lot of information on the proper names and talents of vehicles came courtesy of Michael Robinson. Our heroes also had at least one nice motorcycle and sidecar, the Command Attacker.
The proper names of the vehicles. If you look at the picture provided, top is the Red Ladder, so named for its extension ladder-arms. Next the Green Hover, then the Blue Thrower, and the Yellow Armour (that's the British spelling, or Armor if you prefer), and of course Pink Aider (don't even ask what I thought when I read that). They joined together, of course, to form the usual giant robot (Victory Robo) whose arms extended like firetruck ladders (okay, that was new. I liked it)! Besides that, it also had a half-form, the "Victory Walker". They really did not use that form often.

The vehicles were kept in an undersea base (which came up out of the water, by the way) called "Bay-Area 55". They were inside gigantic train cars which were faster than the Bullet Train and did not need tracks to run on. These cars could also form into a totally different robot!
That robot was the Grand Liner: Assembled it had 10 Engines (the 5 engines from the 99Machines, and the 5 Tatsumi-type 2 99R Engines of the Go Liners (I have no idea what that all means)). It was 80m tall to VictoryRobo's 55m, weighed 14,000tons, which would mean the Liners alone weighed 7,000tons as Victory Robo was 8,000tons

1-1-1. ModeChange Grandliner's shoulder cannons were actually weapon containers. To finish a Golem-Saima Beast. Grandliner made the ModeChange (removing shoulder cannons and then mounting them on its fists). 1-1-2. A few names for the attack strategies: Grandstorm, Grandfire. After ModeChange, Grandliner usually finished the Golem-Saima Beast with Grandstorm "punches". Now, the Grand Homing Crash was where the left fist guard (left shoulder armor of Grandliner, head part of the Blue GoLiner) opened to launch a bizillion missiles. The Grand Gatling Crash was where the right fist guard (right shoulder armor of Grandliner, head part of red GoLiner) shot Gatling guns. Grandfire was when they fired all Grandstorm weapons without ModeChange.

But they weren't done there! Nope, they didn't have enough mecha. In desperate times a new addition was created, the Max Shuttle! This gorgeous blue beast was made with the help of Kyoko (she was a shuttle pilot, after all). It could launch into space from its very own bay, Bay Area 55's Max Area, absorb radiation from the sun, dive back into the atmosphere and transform into Liner Boy! And he was a character in his own right, let me tell you. Now, Liner Boy joined together with Victory Robo to form Max Victory Robo. Excellent fighting, there. You think we're done, don't you? But we're noooooOOOOOoot!

A gigantic negative energy asteroid approached the Earth! It had to be destroyed before it hit, but what could we do???? The only thing Mondo could think of was to break out another set of robots! And he did. The Mars Machines! Yes, these beasties were meant for deep space work. But to make matters more interesting, they of course formed into larger robots! Like the 99 Machines, they had two stages. One was Beetle Mars, and the other was Victory Mars! The last robot to come through was not one of theirs, and only had one episode. It was the Chemical Firefighter Brigade's Big Douser, rather a simple robot compared to Mondo's creations, but excellent for dousing fires and things like that. Unfortunately it was kidnapped by the Saima and possessed by a demon. It had to be destroyed, which was a total shame.