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Kyoko in New Year's Day Kimono This is Kyoko Hayase, and I think she's supposed to be about Matoi's age. They totally do not say. She is one of the brightest, most courageous people on the show. She is a shuttle pilot, and one of Shou's senior officers. She also figured out who the Gogofive were practically the moment she first encountered them. Of course, since she was flying a shuttle that had been damaged in the first Saima attack, and they were broadcasting on her bandwidth and talking about being a family of five siblings, there were some clear clues leading her to them.

More than anything else, she wanted to be a member of Gogofive. Mondo had not made his team for six, though, and it was impossible. She dreamed of being Go Red. Now, I think she would have made a GREAT Go Red. But she did not let the impossibility of joining them make her bitter. She helped them in every way she could, was instrumental in gettling the Max Shuttle up and running, never got in the way in a battle and in fact helped get people away. And when Gogofive had their first movie, KYOKO was the heroine, who saved them all. Click the pic to read the movie summary.

Kyoko in armor
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