I've always loved shows that are character-driven. And Gogofive certainly qualifies. The first one here is the most important of those who were actually in the series only rarely. The others are in order of appearance.

Ritsuko Tatsumi

The mother of our heroes, and the most important person-in-absence in their lives. It was her words that always ran through their heads and kept them going in the greatest trials and tribulations of their lives. "The five of you are one family. When you forget your power, no matter what happens, I believe in you. And, my wonderful children, believe in your father. Family is to believe in each other." Those were pretty much her last words to them the day she got on an airplane that then crashed. She spent the next eight years at an island hospital in a coma. When she finally became conscious, she remembered dreaming about her children, fighting terrible monsters. Her five children encountered her soul when they were trapped in one of the Saima hells. She guided them out. Or did she? She wasn't dead, after all. But perhaps her soul was still free to watch over her children. We saw her briefly in Episode 42, and then at last in 49 and 50!

Kyoko's Page
Kyouko Hayase, whom we meet first in Episode 2, is a shuttle pilot, and Shou's superior officer. Goodhearted, brave, determined. She wanted to be a member of the Gogofive, but that was not possible. So instead she helped them in every way she could. Tough as nails, she could break a man's arm if she wanted to. Pointed out to Matoi that she was no ordinary woman. She dreamed of being Go Red, though. Her major appearances were in Episode 3, Ep. 5, Episode 21, 45, 49 and 50! Oh, AND she was a prime mover and shaker in the first Gogofive Movie.

also played Ryo on Dairanger

Jiku appeared only in the first Gogofive Movie. An alien monster-fighter, he was obsessed with defeating the being who had slaughtered his entire team, leaving him the only survivor. And it happened that his commanding officer looked exactly like Kyoko. Wow. Dying, he passed his powers to her. Sadly, she did not keep them.

The little old man with Matsuri is Mr. Juukichi Takabe. Age 65, he was being treated at the hospital she works at. He had this plant his daughter had given him, and was obsessed with taking care of it. Matsuri adored him and went to a great deal of trouble to save his life. She also sounded him out on his opinion about having family gone for ten years suddenly come back into your life. He was in Episode 4.

This is Tatsuya Inomata, age six and his father Shinya, age thirty-six. They were out hiking one day, and the father was bullying his son along, calling him a wimp, when they ran into some imps, and the monster turned the father into a tree as part of a spell that would cause an earthquake, destroying a dam and causing other major disasters. Young Tatsuya tried to take care of his father, responded well to Kyoko's encouragement and assignment, and was instrumental in helping the Gogofive get together. At age six, too! This was in Episode 5, with Kyoko.

Shou's friends, Nakamura and Sugiyama, won the coveted position of guards over the Triple X, a deadly fungus that must NOT be released. Unfortunately, Venus and the imps came after it, and the three men were trapped in a room, with Triple X spreading all over their bodies. This was in Episode 6!

Mondo Tatsumi had a rather interesting youth. In fact, he played in a rock band. One of his fellow band-members who, like him, went on to become a great scientist, was Professor Bill Robinson. Fifty-five years old, and supposedly an Englishman (though he sounded Western U.S.A. to me), he never forgot tea-time, and was pretty sneaky. He showed in Episode 7.

Kenji Inui, age 50. An old... er... well. Ever since the Edo Period, the Inui and Tatsumi families have been rivals. And ever since they were young, he and Mondo Tatsumi have been rivals. When he returned home and suddenly found himself, to his delight, in charge of the Gogofive project, it was better than Christmas! But he and Mondo finally managed to put aside their differences to protect Earth from the Calamities. He first showed up in Episode 8. Interestingly enough, By Episode 37, his daughter prevailed upon him to introduce her to Matoi in a VERY official possibly-leading-to-marriage meeting. If these two hit it off, the two families might join by marriage. He was also in 49 and 50.

Mizuki Kido, Matsuri's dear friend, who had been injured and looked to be crippled, showed up in Episode 9. An accident with the monster of the week transferred Matsuri's powers to her, and she had to fight as one of the Gogofive, until she was successful in returning her friend's powers. The episode reawoke her own courage, and she went at her rehabilitative therapy with a new gusto.

This is Daigo Satonaka. This kid is quite a guy if he says so himself. He loved soccer, but he was not a team player, and so none of the kids would use him on their teams, so he didn't get enough real practice to be any good. He saw GoYellow injured in battle and made fun of him for being weak, which led to Daimon meeting him and befriending him. And when he finally learned that Daimon was Go Yellow, well the whole sequence led to him discovering that being a part of a team is very important to succeed. This was Episode 10.

Shouji Numata, aged 27, was a criminal. He had stolen some vital equipment. When Matsuri saved his life, knowing what he was and what he was doing, he discovered that he wanted to be something different. And he became a hero.

Professor Masumi Igarashi, age 42, was an old friend of Mondo and Ritsuko Tatsumi. It was she who needed that equipment Shouji had stolen, and it was she who was key to our heroes finding the monster who was attacking in Episodes 11 and 12.

From top to bottom we have Tamie Umeno, Hitomi Matsuzaka and Sayori Takeda. This trio comes from Tokyo. We met them in Episode 15 and so, much to his dismay, did Shou.

Here we have Eiji Nagase (or Reeji) and he was featured in Episode 16. He was a homeless street kid with more wits than was strictly good for him, and got his kicks out of harrassing Daimon, the neighborhood cop. He stumbled upon the Saima hiding an egg and stole it. Up there is his ransom note. But he came out good in the end.

Little Erika, who met Matoi in the grocery store, is a darned good cook for a nine-year old. Her mother works and so she learned to help at home. She gets quite a crush on Matoi, who eventually really proves to deserve it. Episode 17.

Yumi Nozaki and her baby, Tatsuya, appeared in Episode 19. A year ago, our heroes rescued them from a fire, and were there for Tatsuya's birth. They are very attached to this sweet woman and her son.

Episode 23 was one of the saddest, and yet sweetest, episodes. In my opinion, of course. Eight year old Mikao Saeki was horrified when his deceased grandfather, Ryuunosuke (65 year old illustrator), was used by the Saima against the living. There were other souls of course, but for him only one was important. Of course, there was a little secret about Mikao.

This charming quartet of little boys are actually familiar faces. The Tatsumi brothers were turned into children by the Zairen. And they were very worried about their sister, having no clue for some time that she was with them. This was Episode 24.

Nine year old Katsuya hid behind a bush while the other kids ran from a battle between Go Yellow and the Saima Doguru. He ended up getting blasted by Daimon, who in the heat of the battle did not notice the little boy behind the enemy. Katsuya's parents were furious, and Daimon blamed himself. But Katsuya recovered, and encouraged Daimon. Those who follow Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue will note this plot was used almost exactly, except it was Red, rather than Yellow, and actually there were more differences. This was Gogofive Episode 27.

Professor Kagami, aged 39 and recent father, is also the programmer of Liner Boy's AI. The Saima kidnapped his baby son and forced him to put Liner Boy under their control. Shou saved the baby, and Kagami saved his "other" son, Liner Boy. This was Episode 28.

Professor Sayuri Iwakura, Nagare's high-school sweetheart. She had told him she wouldn't get involved with anyone until she realized her dream of discovering a new star and getting it named after her. What she discovered first, though, was the coming of the negative-energy asteroid. See Episode 29 for details.

Doctor Yuuji Takai (age 27) and his wife, formerly Haruka Hayashi (age 21). Matsuri was in love with Doctor Takai, but gave him up for love of her best friend, Haruka. She made darned certain neither knew how she felt about it, until her idiot brother let it slip in Episode 32.

This charming group we only see once. Shou is *cough* suckered by the lovely Miyuki Saito into letting a group of kids visit the base, with only the team as supervisors. Er... unfortunately they have to go fight an attacking Saima, leaving Mint to deal with the wild group. Episode 33.

Ittetsu Banta, Daimon's old teacher, shows up to train our boy to be a more effective fighter. He trashes a Saima by himself and ends up teaching that one. With an obsession with drinking milk ("It does a body good!") which would have seriously impressed the Dairy Farmers of Washington, he was a wonderful presence. Episode 36.

Sugumi Inui, daughter of Kenji and Shizuko Inui. With the age-old rivalry between their families set aside, she prevailed upon her father to arrange an Omia (marriage-introduction-meeting) with Matoi Tatsumi. The girl is a fighter in her own right. Bizarrely, an accident caused some serious entertainment in that episode. Tune in to see Episode 37!

Kiyoshi Houjou, aged 25, always wanted to be a pilot. He'd known Shou. But he washed out of the program and bitterly turned to a life of crime. His grandmother, Mine Houjou, never knew that this was where he was getting all his money, and why she hardly ever saw him. But Kiyoshi helped our heroes in a vitally important battle, after overhearing the Saima talk about a card that would be used to make an invincible monster! This was Episode 38.

One of the sweetest little boys in the world. Nine year old Nobuhiko loves trains more than anything. A year ago he was hit by a car crossing the street. Daimon and Matsuri adored him and involved themselves in his rehabilitative therapy, and when he was finally all better, brought him to Bay Area 55. What they did not know was that Venus had snuck a monster into his camera. Episode 40.

Yuuji Kudou, aged 28 and based with the New York City Fire Department, comes to visit his junior officer Matoi. The competition is hilarious! Episode 41.

Two years ago, Keiko Oohashi was forced to leave her daughter in an orphanage. On each Christmas day, Azusa faithfully waited for her mother to keep her promise and come get her. Now aged 29, and Azusa aged 5, she finally was able to take care of her daughter again. Unfortunately, the Saima got there first. Episode 43.

There were almost no pics of this guy. This is Kato, Shou's friend and the guy in charge of operating the Big Douser. He showed in Episode 46.