Kyuukyuusenshi! Tatsu!
Rescue Soldiers, Stand up there!

February 21st, 1999. Lava boiled out of the ground and caused expected chaos. Emergency teams converged on the area to evacuate people. Five young people in several different fields, brothers and sister, worked hard to save lives. Matoi, the eldest, a fireman. Nagare, the next, a chemical expert. Shou, the third, a rescue-helicopter pilot. Daimon, the fourth, a police officer. Matsuri, the youngest and only girl of the family, a nurse and ambulance driver. Then they looked up and saw this monster rising out of the lava! The Magma Golem.
It started throwing magma bolts, and our heroes cringed, sure they were about to die. Everything went black.

They heard a strange, little voice shouting at them to wake up. When they opened their eyes they found themselves staring at a cute, floating, green robot named Mint. They were inside a mysterious house, which had mystical symbols carved on the outside over the doors.

To their surprise, they heard their father's voice. To which their logical response was "But Father is dead!" But they were wrong. Mondo Hakase Tatsumi was not dead. His face appeared on a computer screen and he explained to them briefly what was going on, and opened a door in the wall, inviting them in to see his base. Mint gave them each a bracelet. To their amazed delight, they found an undersea shuttle that took them through a tube to an undersea base.

Over the bracelet communicators, their father instructed them in turning into the battle armor he had designed for them. Following his directions, they boarded a train, the Go-Liner. The base rose from the sea to allow them to take the train out. The speed of the thing was awesome, passing even the Bullet Train. Stopping at the point of contact with the lava, the heroes took for the first time their individual machines out from the train cars. The 99Machines. Red Ladder, for Matoi. Blue Thrower for Nagare. Green Hover for Shou. Yellow Armor for Daimon. Pink Aider for Matsuri. Matoi heard voices crying for help! A woman and two children were trapped in an elevator in one of the burning office buildings! And its foundations were starting to go. Yellow Armor and Pink Aider joined together with Blue Thrower to form the Victory Walker, which sprayed water to cool the lava so Raider could go in.

Raider fired its extension ladders to hold up the building, then punched a hole in the walls and delivered Matoi, Daimon and Matsuri. They had to call in the Lifebird to use their tools to get to the civilians. But the Magma Golem was coming! They got out of the building and took the civilians to safety just in time.

The Golem destroyed the building, and Raider was trapped under the falling debris. Green Hover pulled it out just in time. Following radioed instructions from their father, they joined Raider on top of the other three, and Hover formed the head! This was the Victory Robo. The Magma Golem, not expecting resistance, was ill-prepared for the extension ladder arms and they were able to destroy it!

Tatsumaku Saima Ichizoku
Tornado, Calamity Demon Family

February 28. The villains, the Saima, were outraged that their first monster was defeated so easily. They turned to Pierre to make a better one. He threw a monster card into the mouth of Hell (so to speak), and out came.... Torunedusu! He was one of Jirufiiza's, of course.

Shou was on his way to the mysterious house. Their father had called them in and he was tearing through the streets in the early hours on his bicycle. And if this weren't a kids' show, he'd have been cussing a blue streak. He arrived to find the rest of his siblings already there, eating breakfast. Shou was very angry, then their father came into the room. They gaped at him because, after all this time, it was still hard for them to believe he was really alive. He went and sampled the Miso soup, declared it delicious. Shou was about ready to attack him. Their mother had disappeared years before, gone to search for their father, whom she believed was not dead.

Mondo turned on the TV and remarked with delight that the footage was of the space shuttle, one of whom's pilots was a woman Shou knew well, Kyoko Hayase. At that moment, the window broke when a couple of fish hit it. Our heroes raced out into the street.

Dead fish everywhere, and out in the bay a great waterspout. The kids headed out to investigate it while their father went to Area 55. The whirlwind was kicking up something terrible. Things were getting sucked into it only to come spinning out, a danger to hapless civilians. Our heroes evacuated the area.

Jirufiiza projected his image in a flaming halo over the bay (but did everyone see him, or only our heroes?) and announced that the planets were aligning to form the Grand Cross this year, and Great Witch Grandiene (Damajo Gurandiinu) would come to the Earth. I suspect after that the speech was the standard evil overlord's "There's no escape you are all doomed muahahahaha".

So, our heroes fought Torunedusu. That did not prove difficult. After Matoi ran it over with a car, they were able to kill it. It fell apart into hot, organic-looking pieces. However, the storm it had created damaged the space shuttle. Our heroes got going to somehow help. They plotted the trajectory, it was going to crash on a crowded freeway which the demon had already broken part of, so no one could get off. While Shou took the Green Hover and used his magnetic grapples to alter the shuttle's trajectory, so that it would land rather than directly crash, Matsuri took the Pink Aider and told the trapped drivers to board it. The big vehicle had two levels and was able to contain all of the cars (how, I'm not sure) and get them out of the path of danger.

Daimon brought the Yellow Armour onto the freeway at top speed. This enabled the shuttle to effectively land atop it, but they had to cut their speed before they reached the area where there was a big hole rather than the road, and this had to be done carefully or the shuttle would simply slide off the top of Yellow Armour. Shou's superior, Kyoko, listened in astonishment, since they broadcast on her airwave and were less than subtle about calling each other by name, not to mention commenting on being a family of five siblings. They weren't terribly concerned with secret identities.

In the meantime, Pierre came, cursing the GoGoFive. He dropped a special card on the remnants of Torunedusu. The broken pieces turned into vampire bats which whirled up to form the Torunedusu as a GIANT! It went to challenge our heroes. They formed the robot and fought it, but when they knocked it down, the thing just got up again. Matoi complained, "What is this thing, immortal?!" But their father got on the line and told them it was a matter of how much power they had versus what it had. He told them to pull out the sword. So, they did and they killed Torunedusu. Boy, were the villains pissed! They were angry before, but....

Bakuhasareta Kizuna
Dynamited Love for Older Brother

March 7th episode! The Saima home was like a Mayan pyramid, except for the funny castle on top. Jirufiiza was seriously peeved at the destruction of his first monster. Diinasu and Baron Koboruta argued, but Diinasu won the right to decide the next demon, and Pierre obediantly created it. A bizarre looking rocky creature with orange bumps on its shoulders. Gasgill.

A woman in red, wearing black leather gloves, approached the house of our GogoFive. She snuck in, crossed a laser-beam intruder system and out came these little toy vehicles. The fire truck shot stringy stuff that startled her, the police car tripped her, and a net dropped from the ceiling. The boys started to arrive, Nagare and Daimon first. They had the remote controls, and were delighting in catching the intruder, when Matoi came down with a baseball bat, followed by Shou and Matsuri. He told them to untangle the woman. Shou was indignantly demanding who the woman might be, when she called him an idiot and took off her glasses.

To his horror, she was his superior, Kyoko. Matsuri remembered that she was the pilot of the shuttle. "It's a pleasure to meet you," Kyouko says. Everyone was excited and introduced themselves (there was the "A pretty girl, not a family member" attitude. I think).

Mint came to announce another attack underway. The kids tossed Kyoko out before she could do more than marvel at the cute little robot, so she was most peeved. As a building burned, our heroes arrived in the trains. Seeing the wreckage, they drove out. Yellow Armor went down into an underground parking lot to start lifting debris off crushed cars so they could reach the people trapped underneath. They loaded survivors into a regular ambulance. Just as they were congratulating themselves, Gasgill arrived with the Imps.

Daimon pursued him. Though Nagare told Daimon to wait for the others, he determinedly followed Gasgill into a building and was crushed under falling debris. Matoi was furious with Nagare, blaming him for what had happened.

Daimon was unconscious and Matoi shouted at Nagare, who hung his head and said nothing to defend himself, though tears were in his eyes. He was put on suspension, and he left the room. Matsuri and Shou were upset by this turn of events.

Gasgill was very pleased with himself for seriously injuring Gogoyellow. Diinasu was pleased, too. She anticipated little trouble with the next attack on the city. Poison gas appeared to be the way of things. The imps attacked a gas station and the monster drank the fuel. Under direction from Mondo Hakase (Professor Mondo Tatsumi), the team wanted to go out, but Matoi was uneasy because there were only the three of them, with Daimon and Nagare both out.

Daimon remembered when he was 11 and they had been fishing. Nagare, aged 13, gave him a lure to use and he had run off to fish from another place, despite hearing his brother call out to him not to go there, it was dangerous. He accidently bumped a rope holding a log, and the log came rushing down towards him. Daimon was bumped badly and had a cut on his forehead. Nagare tripped running to him, and Matoi arrived and shouted at Nagare for not taking care of Daimon.

Anguished, Daimon snatched up the lure, which he had kept ever since then. It wasn't Nagare's fault! But it was from that incident that Matoi's anger came.

Gasgill, its poison sacks filled, was about to start its attack when the three heroes arrived. Mint was worried about what might happen, when Daimon arrived to tell his father it was not Nagare's fault, that it had all been his own fault. Mondo nodded to acknowledge the words. Daimon gave him the lure. Mint gave Daimon the "Command-Attacker" motorcycle and sidecar.

Our heroes were getting thoroughly beaten up. Mondo went to Nagare to tell the boy that he knew Daimon had spoken for him. Knowing he had to go help, that it really wasn't his fault, Nagare ran to join the others, telling his father "Thank you!" and leaving the lure with him.

Daimon arrived in time to release his brothers and sister, to tell them it wasn't Nagare's fault. Nagare arrived right after him, still anguished. But Matoi affectionately lectured him that they were the Gogofive. Gasgill came back to challenge. Nagare changed into battle armor, and together our heroes would fight!

They attacked Gasgill with lassos, Matoi riding the cycle, Nagare in the sidecar, and it fell back before their attack. They blasted it apart with the Livebird. Furious, Pierre arrived and regenerated Gasgill large. Our heroes called in their mecha! They formed the great robot, but Gasgill was no easy kill. They summoned their sword and cut it in half. Yeah!

Arriving back at base, the boys sat down and Matoi asked Matsuri to make tea. Their father arrived with a bucket full of fish. He had taken the lure and gone fishing, while they were fighting, much to Daimon's indignation. But I think he lost the lure!

Hanabirani Ijoukshou
Flowers in Extraordinary Weather

March 14th. Matsuri worked at a hospital. One day she was spending time with a favorite patient, a little old man, Juukichi Takabe. He had not seen his family in a long time, and when she asked him if he missed them (or was it if he didn't think they missed him?), he told her that he took comfort from raising his favorite plant. His daughter gave it to him, perhaps. It made Matsuri think of her father, and how long it had been since she saw him only to find he was really alive.

A new demon was in the city. Drop's Sorugoiru started a heat wave. Matsuri and Mr. Takabe were just packing his things when the room abruptly became dangerously hot. Matsuri looked at the thermometer. It read 30 celsius! And then Sorugoiru changed the weather, to freezing cold. The old man wept as his poor plant crumpled under the changing extremes. Matsuri called her brothers, who were already trying to figure out what was going on.

In the meantime, the hospital personnel decided the only thing to do was to take their patients out of the affected area. Mr. Takabe fell and scraped his knee, so Matsuri stayed behind with him and then helped him continue on his way. But her brothers were getting the worst of it in this fight and called her to join them. She was forced to leave Mr Takabe, cautioning him to stay in hiding. However, he realized his poor little plant desperately needed water, and went searching for a tap or something.

Sorugoiru withdrew, closing the ring of his power and restoring temperatures to normal. But Mint told them he was not defeated, and they had to find him. Matsuri, however, remembered the helpless little old man and ran to search for him. Her brothers went with her. She reached the hiding place and found only the cloth she had used to bind his injured knee. They heard a noise, then saw the ring of power. It formed a lens, sunlight or merely the creature's power funneling through to set the city ablaze. It struck at our heroes and hit the building behind them.

Matsuri heard the old man's scream as rubble came tumbling down. She ran to the now-blocked entrance and, realizing he must be dead, fell to her knees weeping. She thought it was surely her fault. Her brothers gather around, trying to tell her not to be stupid, the old man might still be alive. We would soon see. I'm not sure of the entire conversation, but they offered her their support. Then Sorugoiru arrived.

Matoi tossed Matsuri his own orange fire-retardent jacket, and she entered the building to search while her brothers held off the monster. She heard Mr. Takabe, rappled down the stairs and found him on the floor. The plant was next to him, its pot broken. Furious, she determined to get both plant and man out. A blast from Sorugoiru devastated the building, and the brothers were afraid for Matsuri. Just as the monster was about to attack, Matsuri fired on him, then came out of the building with her charges safe in her arms. She sent the happy old man off with his plant and the heroes continued to fight!

Sorugoiru was doing quite well, dropping fire blasts on our heroes. They fell, seemingly unconcious. He laughed and prepared a major blast. But our heroes jumped up (they were playing possum) and summoned the Livebird. They destroyed him. But of course, as they walked away, Pierre sent in a card, and Sorugoiru regenerated large.

Matsuri called in the train and they boarded their vehicles. They formed the great robot, which stood in the burning city and attacked Sorugoiru. Those extension-ladder arms came in quite useful. Matsuri activated the sword and they cut up Sorugoiru. Yah!

The heroes walked Mr. Takabe to the train station. He was going back to his family. As a gift, he gave Matsuri the plant he had protected so. They all waved and said goodbye to him. That evening they were walking together, very hungry, when they saw a Takoyaki van selling its goods. Their father used to make Takoyaki (octopus rolls) and they decided to buy some. It only turned out that the driver was their father. They were half-indignant, totally surprised to see him. Nagare was stuttering when his father popped a Takoyaki into his mouth. The taste was absolutely delicious, and our heroes gave up their indignation in favor of happily enjoying the treats their father had made.

Hiiroo ni Narutoki
Time to Become a Hero

March 21st, 1999

Matoi was out to go hiking and found Kyoko had hidden away in his car with every intention of going with him. Forced to take her along (and complaining every step of the way), he learned she had every intention of joining Gogofive. Which would make them Gogosix. That'd be fair, they need another woman on that team. However, back to the point.

A 10 year old boy, Tatsuya, was hiking with his father, Shinya Inomata. And he was not happy. His legs hurt, he was tired, his father was being nasty to him. The man went stomping off, forcing Tatsuya to rush to keep up with him. However, Mr. Inomata walked straight into a group of Imps.

The demon of the day looked like a tree. He was Koboruta's Kueikurosu. What he was doing was gathering people he found and stuffing a seed down their throats, whereupon they turn into gnarled trees. Kueikurosu then had access to the magical power within the humans, and would use it to destroy! Tatsuya witnessed him turning his father into a tree. After the monster left, he ran to the tree and saw his father's eyes staring out of the trunk. He heard, "Water, please!" and poured some into the wooden mouth, but soon his father could not speak anymore.

Kyoko and Matoi saw the little boy huddled weeping at the foot of a dead tree. Kyoko recognized Tatsuya, and the boy told her his father was dead. Then they saw the staring eyes and the wooden face in the tree trunk. Horrified, Matoi put his head to the trunk. He could hear a heart beat and he had Tatsuya listen. "Your father's still alive!"

Kueikurosu arrived with his detector. It indicated Kyoko as an excellent subject. Matoi changed into armor to protect her and tried to call in the others. Oh no! The demons had set up a barrier and he could not get through! He told Kyoko to take Tatsuya somewhere safe and she ran with the boy. The imps followed her while Matoi fought Kueikurosu. It went badly. Alone he was no match for the monster, who threw him over a cliff and he fell hard.

Kyoko and Tatsuya stumbled upon another person-tree. When one imp caught up with them, Kyoko smashed its head in with a heavy tree-branch. Hiding behind another tree, she pulled out a kerchief and wrote the Gogofive contact number on it. "They're after me," she told Tatsuya. "Run, call this number. The others will come." She went and fought the imps, giving really well until they finally managed to knock her out. Tatsuya ran the other way.

Tatsumi Hakase, the father of our heroes, had noticed both the barrier and the fact that his eldest son was somewhere inside it. He alerted the rest of his kids, and they rushed into the area in the Goliner. When communications blanked out, they realized they would have to search on foot. They saw Tatsuya across a gorge. He was in great danger of falling, but had been ignoring injury and discomfort in his intense need to find help. Daimon rappled across the gorge and brought the boy to safety. Tatsuya told them everything he could. They left him there and went where he had indicated, finding Kueikurosu just in time to stop him stuffing a seed down the unconscious Kyoko's throat. He told them he would kill them, just as he had killed GoRed. (Uh-oh!) And the fight was underway!

Tatsuya, determined, was making his way back into the danger zone when he stumbled upon Matoi. Our poor hero was on his back, lying on the rocky bank of a stream, bruised and battered, unconscious. Tatsuya tried to wake him up. In the meanwhile, our heroes were holding their own but beginning to get the worst of it, demoralized because they had no idea what had happened to Matoi. Just as Kueikurosu was about to deliver a devastating blast, an orange coat came flying out of nowhere and hung up on the branches around his face. Yes, Matoi arrived! Together our heroes defeated the demon, and he went big, of course. But with Victory Robo they easily defeated him again. Once he was destroyed, the three people he had turned into trees returned to normal. And boy, were they relieved.

Mr. Inomata held his son close, thankful the boy was all right. Tatsuya told him the Gogofive had helped. He started to thank them, but Matoi came forward and informed him his son was very brave. That Matoi would not have been able to fight if Tatsuya hadn't found him in the valley. The father held his son and apologized for being nasty earlier.

When Matoi tried to thank Kyoko for her help, it became clear she would not give up. She intended to join their team, and they backed up, not knowing how to convince her that it was impossible. (why was it impossible, darn it? Just cuz she wasn't their sister?)

Kabi ga Kuru
The Coming of the Mold

March 28

Straight into action. Our heroes helped rescue people from a burning hospital. They called in Green Hover, which knocked them over in a low pass before dropping fire-retardent bombs on the building. Matoi was peeved at Shou for such reckless flying. Thus began the standing argument of why should Matoi be the leader? Matsuri shut them up.

They arrived home with Matoi and Shou still arguing, to find their father reading a paper. It seemed Shou had been given a promotion among the group he worked for before all this Gogofive business started. However, he might have to choose between professions, and his father voted Gogofive, of course. Shou stomped out of the house and Daimon mourned, "Gogofive'll be Gogofour!" Matoi whapped him upside the head.

Slyphe had plans. So did Diinasu, and they involved something called "Triple X." Koboruta asked, "What the heck is Triple X?" and Diinasu called out a lovely monster named Jeruuda (Zelda?). She asked, "Do you know what Triple X is?" Apparently it did. This thing looked vaguely isect-like. It also dribbled slime. It walked off to get the Triple X.

Matoi was upset at the dangers of losing Shou. He said, "Everyone sit down. Family conference!" It seemed that Nagare is definitely on Shou's side. The boy had always dreamed of being a pilot. Everything he'd done since childhood had been towards that purpose. They remembered celebrating when he got his job. (They were so cute. Matoi sang Karaoke to him, then he ran out of the room to thank God for getting his wish.) Matoi, remembering, is feeling more than a little grieved. "Daimon, give me a pen and paper!"

Shou hung out in the park in front of the house. A paper plane landed at his feet and he tossed it back to the little boy who had lost it. He headed back into the house, but there was a sign posted on the wall. It said "Pilot" and something about protecting the city. Matoi and family had been making the signs. Their father brought them Shou's changer. They teased him about forgetting anything that did not involve him.

Shou arrived for the testing to see two young men, Nakamura and Sugiyama, friends of his, being ... rejected or what? He asked them what it was about and they said it was to guard something called "Triple X." Which of course triggered that lovely question of what the heck is that? Some kind of poison. The stuff was contained in test tubes, a deadly biohazard. A lab got exposed to it and the people all died, their bodies caked in a green, fungus-like substance. Boy, Diinasu was sure up on these things!

Jeruuda arrived and spit acid to destroy the sign that said Helicopter Brigade. Alarms went off and Shou's friends said "We've got to get the Triple X before anything happens to it!" Jeruuda went straight to the lab. Shou, Nakamura and Sugiyama arrived and fought him. The two non-Gogofive grabbed the case of Triple X and ran with it. Jeruuda blasted them and tried to get it, but the rest of Gogofive arrived. They got him out of the building and Shou tried to hold off the imps while his friends ran, but an imp got in front of them and blasted the box. A fountain of green Triple X spurted out, and Shou's friends got a faceful. They started to cough and dropped to the floor. Shou ran to them and sealed the box, then hit the containment alarm. Great metal doors came down, sealing his friends and him in with the Triple X.

It was starting to affect him. The green stuff was growing up the walls. It was all over his friend Nakamura. "Are you all right?" I'm not sure about the conversation, but an antidote was also contained in the box. But he had to get the box open, and he could not. The Triple X was growing all over his arms. Shou imagined it getting out of the isolation room and killing everyone. Matoi called him, telling him he could do it, but he was terribly weak. "You're the greatest pilot! It's your dream, don't give up yet!" Shou heard them crying out in agony under the attack of the monster. "I always wanted to be the greatest pilot," he told them. "I also want to be with you, my family."

Jeruuda was about to attack them, feeling their demoralization, when Matoi started laughing. He had thought of an attack that would work, and they destroyed Jeruuda. But Pierre made it big!

Our heroes called in the GoLiner. Shou was in bad shape, but he heard them call him, telling him, "Don't give up!" He crawled towards the door and saw a small pool of Triple X boiling out from under some shelves. Sitting smack in the middle of it was the Emergency Key Card that would open the box and release the antidote, but Shou lost consciousness. Matoi started singing to him through their communicators. His voice gave Shou something to hold on to, and our boy crawled to the Key card and got it in. The gas was released and immediately destroyed the Triple X, saving Shou and his two friends. He got out to find his father, who handed him his communicator and told him he was proud of him.

Shou changed into battle-costume and raced to join his siblings, who were losing the battle. But the war was not over yet. They did one really entertaining tumbling move and called in the sword, with which they destroyed the monster!

Afterwards, they ran to their father, who was waiting outside the Helicopter Brigade building. Matoi said Shou could do both GogoFive and be the pilot he'd always dreamed of being. Their father agreed with almost shy reluctance. Annoyed with him, they said in exasperation, "Let's go home." He let them go a few steps before running after them.

Utsukushiki Saima no Wana
Beautiful Saima Woman

Sunday, April 4, 1999.

So, Nagare and Matsuri had charge of Professor Bill Robinson and his lovely assistant, Kiyomi Inoue, whom they were taking to meet their father. Mr. Robinson had special information on a disk, and the big fear was that the Saima would get it. So, Shou and Daimon were also nearby, guarding the Rescue vehicle. Little did they know Ms. Inoue was really Diinasu! She was waiting to get the disk, yet when the professor opened his briefcase, it proved to contain only a tea-set. He offered them all tea. Exasperated, Diinasu telepathically contacted her brothers and they agreed to arrange a distraction so she could be alone with the professor. Koboruta sent the imps to dump a large boulder off a mountain. It rolled into a gas truck and knocked down a telephone pole. The sparks started a fire!

Matoi had this picture, it came in the mail or something, that was of his father and Professor Robinson when they were young, in a rock group! His father had a wild youth, I guess. Then the alarm about the gas truck on fire came in, and Matoi radioed his siblings. Shou and Daimon had to go, leaving Matsuri and Nagare alone with their charges.

Diinasu was acting so sweet to our boy. She was being demure and told him she was sure they would be safe with him. She took his hand and squeezed it. The poor boy turned to jello. When she went back into the van, Matsuri teased Nagare mercilessly! Meanwhile, we saw Diinasu had done something to knock out the professor. "Come quick! Something terrible has happened!" They ran to her, saw the professor. Matsuri jumped to check his pulse, yes he was still alive! They needed to get him someplace safe! Diinasu said she knew a hotel not far from here.

Daimon pulled the bleeding driver from the truck, and Shou dumped fire-retardent atop it. A police car arrived and they could leave the man safe, but when they tried to contact Nagare and Matsuri, all they got was static! Oh no.....

The imps were burning a magical incense all about the hotel, but of course it just looked like a light fog. The incense was blocking communication. Our heroes brought the professor and Diinasu into the hotel. Matsuri ran to the check in, but no one answered the bell. They looked around. Coffee was steaming in cups, a cigarette or two was still burning in an ash tray. Children's wind up toys were still moving. Nervous, the two heroes decided to search the building. Diinasu took the suck - er, Nagare's hand and told him to be careful.

Nagare walked into a hall and saw the door at the other end swing shut. He ran to go through it and found he was in the dining room. It was so still. But when he turned, he was startled to find two men standing behind him. They were dressed as hosts, in black suits, and looked like twins. He approached them apologetically only to have them strike at him with lovely knives. In a moment, they dropped their disguises. Yes, they were imps! Matsuri, meanwhile, ran into a woman mopping the floor. Of course, the woman attacked her right away. Matsuri dumped the woman over a table, and THREE imps bounced back up. (the woman wasn't that fat, hah)

Diinasu was desperately searching through the professor's clothing, and at last was sure he didn't have the disk. The only conclusion she could come to was that the GogoFive had it. Koboruta, meanwhile, had gotten sick and tired of waiting around. He collected his demon, Moruguuru, and they went together to attack. Nagare and Matsuri ran into each other in the halls when they heard Diinasu scream. When they found her, she was chasing after a group of imps who were carrying off the professor! She chased them outside, where they knocked her down. Nagare arrived to ask if she was okay. She said yes, but they were all in danger if the imps found the disk. She said to please give it to her so she would know it was safe. Nagare started to say, "But...."

Then Koboruta arrived with Moruguuru. Diinasu took one look at him and scowled. He started off with how there were really four in the Saima clan. Then he told Diinasu that she sure looked pretty as a human woman. Nagare did a double take. "You?!" She stood up and called Koboruta an idiot. Then she started walking away. She said, "I was going to string you along a little farther, but I guess it can't be helped." She changed and introduced herself, Diinasu of the Saima clan. Hello, you idiots.

The professor was conscious when this happened! He whined, "You tricked me!" and stomped on the feet of the two imps holding him. He ran to Nagare and Matsuri, who hovered protectively in front of him. Nagare stayed to hold off the Saima, sending Matsuri to get the man to safety and summon their brothers. He told the Saima that their little trick would not have worked anyway, as he did not have the disk nor did he have a clue where it was. Koboruta and Diinasu together wiped the floor with him, and he lost consciousness as they laughed.

Matsuri and the professor raced across a bridge and made it out of the jamming zone. Matsuri contacted Matoi, who changed into costume and took the trains out, passing a shinkansen (bullet train) on his way to meet his sister. Shou arrived at about the same time. Matsuri took the professor on with her. Shou and Matoi faced the Saima who were crossing the bridge. They had Nagare, and offered to exchange his life for the disk. Nagare said, "Don't do it! I'm only one man!" Matoi stalled, cursing the Saima and making fun of them. Shou asked what the heck he was doing, and he whispered back that he hadn't the faintest idea where the disk was. Daimon, meanwhile, arrived with the cycle. While no one was looking at him, he launched its mini-hover, which dove down and picked up Nagare, dumping him at Matsuri's feet. They changed into costume and joined the others. Furious, Koboruta sent the monster and imps to attack, but Diinasu was bored with it all and knew the heroes were just going to destroy Moruguuru. She walked away.

Moruguuru went into the ground, came up and snatched Matoi, dragging him down into a pit it had made, like a sand lion would an ant. The others got him out and Matsuri called in the Livebird. They fired it and Moruguuru shattered to pieces. Annoyed, Koboruta called Pierre to make it big, and he did! The usual battle ensued between the giant monster and the robot, and as usual, the robot defeated the monster! This meant that pretty soon the monsters would actually get tougher.

So, Nagare, all bruised and battered, sat with his siblings while they made the tea. The professor was praising their courage and resourcefullness to their father. He invited them to drink. Sipping, Matoi popped up with, "Where is that disk, anyway?" Shou and Daimon echoed the question. The two older men looked at each other and chuckled. Mondo Tatsumi pulled out the picture of he and Robinson when they were in the rock group. The disk was hidden inside the frame all along. It had already been there. His children sputtered indignantly about being sent on a wild goose chase, though someone had to pick up Professor Robinson from the airport!

Kyuukyuu Sentai Katsudou Teishi
Rescue Soldier Action Stop!

April 11, 1999.

Kenji Inui arrived in town to much fanfare. He went into his office, he and his aide grumbling together about the fact that they had NO idea who the GogoFive were. When he looked down at a roll card he saw the names of all the Tatsumi kids listed. It only took him a moment to make the connection. "He's BACK!" he shouted and went running out the door. His poor aide was left thoroughly bewildered.

Our heroes were doing some spring cleaning. Then this man came rushing in the door demanding to talk to the head of the Tatsumi family. They recognized him as one of their highest bosses and saluted. Matoi stepped forward as head, but the man knew better. "Not you," he said. Kenji Inui, he was, and the Inui family were traditional rivals of the Tatsumi family ever since the Edo period. So perhaps for four-hundred years! Mondo Tatsumi chose that moment to walk in the door, looked at Kenji and said, "Oh, hello."

"Where the heck have you been for ten years?!" and other more insulting terms were probably used as the kids had to pull them apart.

Meanwhile, Drop was crying. His family was trying to reassure him that the Cross of the Planets was still going on and their mother would come soon. Finally, in order to stop his crying, Pierre called in an especially dangerous monster over the barrier and sent it down. Raima.

Our heroes responded to the call, and their boss realized that these kids were indeed the GogoFive. He was royally pissed at their father, though. Both men started shouting orders to the kids and the end result of the conflicting commands was disorder and chaos. The attack ended, but all the kids were injured and in the infirmary. Peeved at Mondo, Kenji Inui sent him an order to shut down the facilities. He had to obey but did it under protest.

Raima attacked again, and Mondo Hakase Tatsumi (the father) was out on the streets trying to help people run to safety. Matoi, finding out their equipment had been shut down, went to plead with Kenji Inui. His sister and brothers went to try to fight the monster, without access to costumes or weapons. Matoi's pleading did not seem to be working until the attack reached where they were. The boss saw Mondo struggling to lead people out of the area while the kids distracted Raima. However, the imps came after Mondo. Matoi ran interference. Inui had to admire his old rival's courage and had the base re-activated. He joined Mondo leading people out of the area. Our heroes were at last able to call in their weaponry, the usual battle ensued and Raima was made large, then defeated.

And after four hundred years, the Inui and Tatsumi families put aside their rivalry for the common good.

Nusumareta Chikara
Stolen Capability

April 18, 1999.

Matsuri was walking with an old friend and superior of hers, Mizuki Kido, who was crippled. They were talking together when Matsuri received the call to fight the monsters. She ran off, and Mizuki followed, confused and wanting to somehow help. Banpaira, the monster the Gogofive were fighting, flew and they saw it destroy a helicopter, killing the pilots within without a thought. They changed into armor to fight it.

Mizuki arrived on the scene and, moments later, GoPink was hit by a terrible blast, which took her power and energy from her, creating a crystal Banpaira held in his hand, laughing. They all knew what had happened, I think he announced it, bragging. Mizuki recognized Matsuri as GoPink, and rolled her wheelchair at the demon. She wanted to help Matsuri, to get her power back to her. But when she knocked Banpaira down and snatched up the crystal, the power was discharged into her. Banpaira and the imps retreated for the moment.

Mizuki found she could walk again. Our heroes took her to their home, and Mondo explained to them that she had inherited Matsuri's power as GoPink. She was going to have to take Matsuri's place. But Mizuki was afraid, and refused. While the others went to fight the demon, Matsuri tried to convince her to fight with them. But realizing Mizuki was terrified, Matsuri, limping on crutches, went to try to help her brothers.

The boys were losing when their sister arrived. However, she was both crippled and powerless, and Banpaira and the imps thoroughly enjoyed themselves beating on her. Mizuki came at last to help. She did her best, obeying Matsuri's shouted suggestions and working with the brothers. Banpaira, furious, tried to take her power away. The end result was it became a crystal in her hand, and she shouted at Matsuri to quick, take it! Matsuri reclaimed her power, and headed the attack against Banpaira. They destroyed it with the Livebird, and of course it became big.

They fought into the night, in the middle of town. Mass destruction, buildings smashed and aflame. They destroyed Banpaira.

Mizuki had her heart and spirit back. She was no longer content to sit and hope her legs would get better. She struggled to walk, and did not give up even when she fell and had to drag herself to sit against a tree. Matsuri was happy to see her and they encouraged each other. Mizuki could do it, though it hurt and she was very unsteady on her feet. She would recover. They would run together again.

Hokori no Ieroo
Yellow's Pride

April 25th.

In a non-Saima related incident, an apartment building was in flames. Matsuri and Daimon were there in their armor helping to evacuate, but wait! A panic-stricken mother told GoYellow her baby was still in there. He scanned the building and, sure enough, got a life reading in a high apartment. Determined, Daimon rushed into the building but was injured when a fireball hit him. The building was beginning to sway, masonry fell on top of Daimon. Matoi, GoRed, arrived with his vehicle and used the extension-ladder arms to both hold the building, and let him get inside on the floor the baby was on. He brought the little girl to safety. A boy, watching all this, cheered GoRed on, admiring his heroism. Then, when Matsuri helped her stumbling brother Daimon to Matoi's side, the little boy mocked GoYellow as being a weakling and ran off. Daimon was seriously offended.

Eating later and being scolded by Matoi for not waiting for the others and trying to go in by himself, Daimon stalked out of the house in exasperation. Matsuri would have gone after him, but Matoi reminded her that they were a team and must work like one.

Daimon walked along until he was hit by a stray soccerball. There was a boy playing alone on a soccerfield. Daimon recognized him as the same child who had mocked him as GoYellow. He returned the ball to him and started trying to talk to the kid, when three other boys arrived, dressed in team clothes, on their bikes. They were angry with the first boy, and soon it was easy to see why. The boy, Daigo Kitonaka, thought himself the greatest thing on the planet, so he would not play with other kids. Instead he would show off and was no fun, so they got very angry with him. These three told him to get off the field. He did not play soccer well enough to make up for the fact that he acted a stuck-up brat. It descended into punching and Daimon waded in to break up the fight. He snatched up the soccer ball, demonstrated kicking it into the goal from a backflip. The kids stopped fighting to admire and told him that was fantastic.

Having broken up the fight, Daimon was ready to leave when Daigo rushed over to him and begged him to teach him how to play soccer. Daimon, whose pride still stung over the boy's mockery, agreed because he wanted to impress the child. In teaching him it became clear what the problem the other kids had with him was. The boy would not pass the ball to anyone else, preferring to make the goal himself. This would not be so bad if the child had a little humility, but he did not. That was why the other kids were so annoyed with him and why he was always playing alone. But he told himself it was just because he was so much better than them and they were jealous. (fancy that) Daimon was trying to get Daigo to see that he should play with kids, not always against them, when he received the summons. He told Daigo he had to go and ran. The boy, naturally curious, tried to follow.

Jirufiiza had Pierre summon another demon. Chanbaan arrived in a cloud of poisonous gas. This tall creature had what appeared to be gas pipes sticking out all over his body. Pierre got a faceful of the gas and spent some time hacking and coughing. Jirufiiza sent Chanbaan off.

He poisoned a crowd of people with the choking gas. GogoFive arrived to fight him. They were coordinating the attack when Daimon saw the boy, Daigo, watching. So, Daimon determined to attack Chanbaan on his own. Though he did get quite a few kicks in, the monster blasted off a cannonball of poison gas that knocked Daimon badly, and the gas drifted over onto Daigo who collapsed, coughing. Matoi was able to fire a blast which busted one of the monster's pipes, and Chanbaan returned to base. Our heroes, meanwhile, took the injured to the hospital. Daimon was agonized over Daigo.

Matoi issued a scolding to Daimon for not working together with them when they needed him. He must not let his pride get in the way of saving the world. Daimon went and picked up Daigo at the hospital. The boy was fine. They walked together and Daimon told the boy he was sorry. Naturally Daigo had no idea what for. He had not seen our hero change, after all. The boy went on about how strong GoRed was. Daimon just sighed to himself.

Somewhere in all this, Mondo arrived and took Daimon off to a camping trip, where he reassured the boy that he was a good kid. That he was strong and it was no shame to need help.

Later, Daigo was playing alone when he saw purple lightning come down. He just had to go investigate. He climbed a fence and peered into an abandoned warehouse. He saw Chanbaan and some imps. The demon was on an autobike, fusing it to its arms in order that it could spread the poison gas. Daigo accidently knocked a box down and the imps went after him. He ran straight into Daimon, and the imps caught up a moment later! Daimon tried to drive them off, promising to protect Daigo, but it was not going to happen so easily! He changed into his battlesuit. Daigo was astounded. Daimon was GoYellow all along! When Chanbaan came in on its cycle, and Daimon alone was being beat up. Daigo tried to get him to run away. "You're not strong enough!" "I have to protect you," Daimon answered.

The others arrived, and together the five drove the imps back. Daimon told Daigo to go to safety. This time, when the demon fired its poisonous ball of gas, Daimon flipped over and caught the cannonball between his feet. He called on Matoi to kick the ball back at the demon. That was a perfect play! Together they knocked Chanbaan for a loop and congratulated each other on the teamwork. Daigo was watching, and began to realize that people working together were far greater than alone. Daimon called in the Livebird and they fired on the monster. It fell apart, so Pierre made it biiiiiig... Our heroes summoned their robot. Now, this was a good battle. The robot, once formed, turned arrogantly and mocked Chanbaan with a summoning gesture. They fought. The robot got Chanbaan a good one and he fell, lying as if insensate. Thinking him dead, they turned away. He jumped up and returned to the attack. Daimon summoned out the sword, and the demon died this time.

Afterwards, they walked out to that soccer field. Daigo played happily with other kids, and so was accepted onto the soccer team. Our heroes waved to him and shouted encouragement when he helped his teammate make a goal.

The villains were furious with the loss of yet another monster. Their mother, shown as a blurry white face that would appear clear when the Cross was formed, encouraged them. Maybe. But you see the ending words changed:


Second set of episodes