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Gogofive VS Gingaman

4/2 Some changes via Kei

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It's Japanese, some pictures here are from there.

It is night, and the city is alight with electric fire. All seems still and silent.


An amusement park, the slow turn of the wheel. Lightning flashes in the sky and rain begins to fall. Through the darkened streets walk hooded figures with glowing, yellow, round eyes. Somewhere, someone in white boots is running. The creatures gather, their voices a strange, distorted hum. And someone confronts them with feline grace. They startle, but bring out their weapons to fight. Their enemy bears a weapon too, a sword with a golden tip. A sword familiar from Gingaman. And with a shout he attacks, his sword striking sparks from their bodies. He fights fiercely. But above him, standing in the rain, is someone else watching. Someone with mad yellow eyes and fangs, heavy horns on his head. He growls when one of the yellow-eyed creatures manages to get a strike in to the armored man it is fighting. He turns and walks away, but we see his feet, and the heavy chains manacled to his ankles.

Grand Deimos sleeps, but then her yellow cat eyes open and she straightens up. She is beautiful, half frozen in stone. She knows what is happening.

Roll beginning credits. The Gogofive are at the beach, practicing for rescue operations. Matoi tormenting his siblings by making them work past their tolerance. He stops them and tells them next (they stare at him in dread, some collapsed) it's LUNCHTIME! Happily they settle under a beach umbrella with their boxes of lovely food. But then Matsuri sits up and sees something surprising. A little boy is nearby, settling down with a book and looking about. She wonders about the child and Nagare turns to look.

The boy looks somewhat thoughtful, sitting beside his bag. He holds a book in his hands. "Hoshi no Densetsu no Senshi" and on the cover are pictures of a gorilla, a wolf, a cat... he opens the book and at that moment, the young woman in orange comes to him to offer him some fruit (oranges or Mikan). "You can eat with us if you like, are you by yourself?" He tells her no, he's waiting for his friend. The others are gathering around him and Matoi asks who is this friend. "This guy!" he says cheerfully, showing them a page in the book. The first page is the sketch his father had made of Ryouma, falling through the Ginga-forest shield with Bokku, and meeting Yuuta. "That's Ryouma, and that's me," Yuuta tells them.

Shou settles down and notes that this is an illustrated book and Yuuta agrees cheerfully. "Yes, my father wrote it." He stand and looks about, for his friend is late. The Gogofive are in fact doubting his tale, when a voice calls him. Yes, Ryouma has arrived in his traditional clothes, and the two greet each other with delight. "Sorry I'm late," Ryouma says, affectionately tousling Yuuta's hair. Shou is stunned. "This is a joke," he grumbles indignantly. Daimon is equally shocked. And Yuuta and Ryouma are paying them no attention, the little boy holding up the book. "I brought it, just like I promised!" Ryouma is about to take it and see, when piercing agony strikes through him and gasping with pain, he sinks to his knees. Frantic, Yuuta tries to find out what's the matter. The Gogofive gather around him and Matoi tries to brace him, only to withdraw his hand from Ryouma's abdomen, covered in blood. "What in -- " he starts. Ryouma pants out, "No, I'm all right, it's only -- " but then the yellow eyed demons appear on the beach, and in the sunlight their skin is gray-blue and they approach rapidly. "They've come again!" Ryouma gasps, scrambling to his feet. And from their mouths comes beams of white-green light.

The Tatsumis change into their armor just in time, but are hit. Ryouma gasps, "Gogofive!" And gets to admire the fight as our heroes blast the demons, who fall. "Yes!" crows Daimon. But he is ahead of himself, for the enemies are on their feet again. Ryouma watches in distress, trying to hold himself protectively in front of Yuuta, as Go Red leads the attack. Again the demons fall, and again they are on their feet and they tumble Go Red and are about to swarm him. The others gather around and Ryouma calls on his Earth power, flaring fire at them. This time they seem to melt and disappear. Go Red turns in amazement, but again Ryouma falls in agony. Matsuri and Yuuta are fastest to his side. But Go Red stares at where the enemy was. "These weren't Saima...."

What else is there to do but take their new friends home? The warded house and inside, Matsuri is binding Ryouma's wounds while Daimon is thumbing excitedly through Yuuta's book and the others are watching. Daimon has opened to a page showing Ryouma doing his fire-blast. When he shows the illustration to his brothers saying, "Power from the Earth and Stars," Matoi whaps him upside the head lightly. "You're very observant! Our first concern is that guy!" It is clear that Matoi and Shou, at least, are having trouble swallowing all this. Ryouma looks at them resignedly and says that he and his are also fighters. But these monsters are new and are unlike anything he has ever faced before. Nagare is also thoughtful about this. Ryouma listens intently as he speaks his thoughts. Matsuri has finished the binding and Ryouma thanks her, but Daimon asks, practically bouncing in his seat, "Do you still have the Star Beasts?" He has opened to the beautiful illustration of the fighting animals. Unhappily, Ryouma answers that since the stars aligned, the beasts cannot come. Yuuta exclaims in astonishment. But Nagare thinks it is because of the Grand Cross. Matoi nods agreement. Ryouma is distressed, for he is still anxious to protect the Earth. He sees Yuuta's frightened expression and says it'll be all right, his big brother is searching for the answers. "Hyuuga?" confirms Yuuta with relief. Daimon flips pages as quickly as he can. "Hyuuga, Hyuuga," and crows with delight at finding a gorgeous illustration bearing that name, of a handsome man in black and red. "Kurokishi!" Matoi snatches the book with irritation and whaps his brother again. "You're a soldier, not a kid!" Daimon snatches it back. Then Mint signals them.

Imaged on a computer screen, the little robot calls them in anxiously. "Sorry to interrupt, but is this person a friend of Ryouma's?" Mint asks. A news report shows Gouki standing uncomfortably, surrounded by reporters and a young woman (Tsukako Masaka,a real reporter^_^) is talking about him. "Gouki!" shout Ryouma and Yuuta in surprise. Their blushing friend is standing outside a hospital not certain what to make of all this attention. On the other side of the news trucks, hidden under the trees, Hikaru is watching with serious exasperation. He mutters to himself, "You were too slow and got yourself caught!" The Gogofive watch the blushing young man who looks like he isn't certain which way to run. Ryouma is scrambling to his feet, bruising his leg on the table and anxious to be off and find out what's going on, sure it has something to do with prosecution, when his bracelet signals him.

"Hear me, Ryouma." The deep voice is Moku's, but there is something infinitely tired in his tone. He is there, the huge tree in the forest. Ryouma frowns and focuses his attention absolutely. "They may be the Grim Reapers," Moku says. Daimon meanwhile has found the illustration in the book. "Moku!" he crows, and shows it to his annoyed eldest brother who glares at him and snores. "This is different, please be careful," Moku says. "I will," Ryouma answers and turns to Yuuta. "I'm sorry, but I'll contact you later," he lays a firm affectionate hand on the boy's head. "I know. Just be careful," Yuuta tells him. He nods his intent and looks to the Gogofive. Then he races for the door. With an indignant squawk, Matoi snaps, "I'm going too!" and hurries after Ryouma, his siblings on his heels. They snatch their jackets, Daimon last and pausing long enough to give the book back to Yuuta. "Thank you!" he shouts, and races out. Just about that moment Mondo comes hurrying into the room with a computer and starting to talk about the legendary Star Beasts, only to find there is no one here but the little boy. "Only you?" he stutters. "They've gone." an anxious Yuuta replies. Perturbed, Mondo wheels the computer around, grumbling that he's gotten through. "There were things I wanted to check out!" Delighted, Yuuta confirms he's understood correctly, and Mondo nods seriously.

The sun is round and white throught the thin clouds. The land appears dead, but there is green in it as we focus and see small, moving figures. Ryouma, running, with the Gogofive fast behind him. It is hot here, the air distorted by waves of heat. And here lies an ancient artifact with the bright colored ribbons twined about it and flowing in the wind, like some Maypole abandoned and forgotten. Ryouma eyes it nervously. And above them the clouds are bunching, dark and menacing. Lightning flashes and they look up anxiously. "What's going on?" asks Matsuri. Shou tries to answer her. And then another voice calls. The two men who arrive are in blue and yellow. Gouki and Hikaru. Gouki says anxiously, "I'm sorry it took so long... who are those people?" he asks in surprise. The Tatsumis are staring at him with equal amazement as the suddenly cold wind whips through their hair. Matoi answers his question with pride. "We're the Gogofive." Hikaru steps forward and eyes them. "Oh, YOU guys," he says dismissively. Matoi grinds his teeth. "Where are Hayate and Saya?" Ryouma is uneasy with Matoi's clear fury, but has to anwer his people. "I haven't seen them yet." And Gouki is anxious as the wind pushes at him. "You don't think anything has happened to them,do you?" It is fierce and then fireballs fall from the sky, knocking our heroes down. And he has come.

Brilliant blue skin, heavy spiked manacles and strong chains hanging from them. A strip of that blue flesh torn in a ring around his leck, baring red muscle beneath. Another heavy, spiked manacle hanging partially broken around the base of his neck. His chest marred by an x-shaped red scar. "So you've come," he says. Our heroes scramble to their feet, the Gogofive angry and the Gingaman distressed. "What is this new guy?" Nagare asks. Even his mad eyes are distorted. He has another scar down over his left eye, marring his features. This creature is a fighter. And has all the un-healable marks to prove it.

And Grand Deimos remarks in surprise. "Gill, so you're still alive." Cobalt and Venus are there to question. "Dearest mother,do you know this creature?" asks Cobalt. "What is the meaning of this?" Venus asks. And then another voice cuts in, arrogant and knowing. "He's one of us. He the real first-born." It is Salaman, strutting in. "WHAT?!" gasps Cobalt. And Venus asks in shock, "The REAL first-born?" And Grand Deimos confirms it calmly, telling the story of throwing the baby, chained and bundled in a bag, screaming, down a deep hole. She doesn't say WHO did the throwing. The baby peering through a hole in the bag, screaming angrily. "Why?" asks Venus. "Because he tried to take my life." Pierre hides his face. "It was terrible!" It was HE who threw the baby away!!! But Salaman is thoughtful as to how they can turn this to their advantage. "He could outlive Dark Hell. Then this present darkness will be removed." His mother closes her eyes, tactful approval of his plans.

Gill stands beside the ancient maypole and raises his hand. A shimmer of errie, blue light and the strange demons rise from the ground. "Soon,the Earth will be destroyed," With a determined cry,"No you don't!" Ryouma leads the charge, and Gill is unimpressed with the human's bluster. Ryouma and his two companions into their armor. The Gogofive follow immediately. But for all the ease with which these creatures fall, they get back up again in less than a second, and the Gogofive are surrounded. Ryouma has out his fire-sword and uses his Earth power, which destroys the creatures. Gouki and Hikaru follow suit, and all that is left are the black cloaks and steam. As the three gather protectively with the stunned Gogofive, it is Shou who furiously demands how they can do that. Gouki echoes the question, but Ryouma has his suspicions as he stares at his sword. "The Earth Power! The power of the Earth and stars is proof against them!" It is Nagare who reminds them, "Uh,we still have an enemy to defeat." But Gill is chuckling, low and menacing, from where he watches. Furious, Matoi launches himself into attack, but Gill catches him by the hands and brings him to his knees, then kicks him back to fall in front of his anxious family. Gill's voice is a growl from that scar, as he gloats, "You can't fight me. You don't have the power." Ryouma and the others dive between them. "Gogofive, we'll hold him off. Run!" and leaps into battle with his fellows. But Gill's blast sends them back, for he is far more powerful than his demons. Matoi shouts, "I just can't leave it to you!" The Gogofive rush to help, but the next blast sends all of them back, falling down into a crevasse. "Idiots," mocks Gill.

Grand Deimos sends Salaman off with her approval. He is sure he can succeed. Venus is not so sure and questions him on it. He answers, "With Mother's power, Dark Hell will be removed." But Cobalt protests because this is the same one who tries to kill their mother. He will just have to see. And Grand Deimus tells them they have to give their power to this venture.

And in the mortal world, at a rich hotel, Hotel Scat, a little girl is looking at a paper when her mother and a bellhop come to her. "Yuka," her mother kneels beside her, "We'll see your Papa soon." The child is waiting willingly, and studying the paper she holds. Her mother admires Yuka's picture of herself held lovelingly between both smiling parents. "Your father will be proud. He'll never be lonely with this picture." And elevators go up. A bellhop leads the pair to their room saying, "This is a special room." He opens the door for them and then as they step forward, shoves them inside. They fall to damp cement and gasp in horror, and a man is above them, lit in blue light looking like some mysterious monster himself. "What are you doing?" cries out the mother, arms protectively around her daughter. But then she sees his fangs and gathers Yuka quickly. Around her there are dozens of cages, each holding a curled, human body. They look dead, or deeply asleep. And then one moves, a man, who calls weakly, "Yuka!" His wife races to him, Yuka clenched tightly in her arms. He gasps out, "Hurry, run!" But she does not, calling to him, wanting him out. Beyond the door, Gill watches this scene play out, as the fanged bellhop moves and reveals itself as one of the demons. Before the mother can do aught but jump up and stare in horror, the creatures blows gas on them and they slump unconscious to the floor, the mother never letting go of her child. Yuka never letting go of her picture. Satisfied, Gill closes the door. He walks away towards the blood red steps that become white, and the clear pyramid he has at the top of it. "Eldest Brother," a voice greets him. Salaman has come to ask about Gill's plans. Has the Dark Beast appeared? It won't be long now, the blue one says. We see now his wings are tattered and limp, unlike Salaman's proud ones. Has Salaman fooled Gill? I do not know. But the youngest Saima leaves through an open door. "Eldest brother, is it?" growls Gill, low. He spins to where the cords hanging down are bringing fresh blood, and the red in the steps to the clear pyramid is slowly getting higher, going for the goal. "Saima blood courses through me."

The Gogofive stumble together into a cave, the three Ginaman behind them. They all sink, weakly, against the wall. Matoi has plenty of strength for a fierce glare, though he drops it quickly. "Is everyone all right?" Nagare, a nasty bruise on his forehead, gets to the root of the problem to ask about what they face and Gouki attempts to answer him. They had helped this young woman. And Shou recalls seeing him on TV and asks about that and if they live at this place. No, says Hikaru angrily. And Gouki leads the explanation of people who have vanished from this hotel. The Gogofive are quick on their feet, wanting to hurry and help, but Ryouma grabs Nagare and holds him back, for he is closest. "No. We'll go to the hotel." Nagare stutters and says, "Just the three of you?" Ryouma nods gravely. The Gogofive are hurt and Matoi says, with firmly controlled anger, "Is it because our attacks aren't strong enough?" Ryouma stares at him, distressed. "You can't, it's too dangerous for you." Matoi meets his eyes not with anger, but with determination and his own distress. "Dangerous? You told us to run away. You don't trust us!" Ryouma's face twists in sympathy and resignation but then he says painfully, "That's not what I said!" But Matoi is fierce. "Ryouma! You and we are different, we fight differently. We are professionals, and as such the fighting should be left to US!" Ryouma winces at that, his eyes hollow. Gouki is distressed and Hikaru's lips are a thin line. Matoi continues, "You guys aren't going to make it." The two young leaders gaze at each other, both determined.

And Mondo Hakase follows a signal, with Yuuta riding the back of his motorcycle. They stop at a beach. "Good. It's here." "What is this place?" asks Yuuta, dismounting. And then they hear a horse call. Yuuta turns and sees Hyuuga approaching on a big, dark-coated horse at a gallop. He is searching and the boy calls. The man sees him. "Yuuta!" he cries in delight. The boy is grinning, Mondo is watching with odd feelings. And riding in a boat, he takes them and explains about Grand Deimos, he and Hyuuga on the same wavelength as Yuuta listens. They approach an island. A demon watches them come.

Back at the hotel, demons hover over a dead body in a cage. And in another cage, Yuka's mother stares at her tiny daughter, who whispers for her father, the picture still clutched within her tiny hand. And the blood has reached the base of the clear pyramid and is starting to fill it. Gill gloats. And Yuka's hand finally loses strength and the picture drops to the damp floor.

And people are still arriving at the hotel. The Gogofive are watching intently from atop another building, focused through binoculars. The three Gingaman are with them, but are not happy about it. They are going to go in, and Matoi is planning his attack, with a reassuring smile. "Leave it to us." He is a very sneaky man when he wants to be. A firetruck arrives, siren wailing, at the hotel. The group of firemen that comes out heads rapidly into the building and urges people to evacuate. Matoi hits a fire alarm and people in the building come rushing out of their rooms, including one pair that look suspiciously like a john and a hooker. Small panic as people begin to leave the building. And Hikaru is with Shou and Daimon, who has all sorts of tools and the young Gingaman is beginning to feel a lot more enthusiastic about this operation. He gets a flare and rushes into the building, delighting Daimon and Shou, who follow him in. Ryouma is chafing and tiring under the equipment Matoi has forced him to wear, and gets a scolding for it because they have to hurry. He says, "But that's dangerous." "What?" Ryouma points at Matoi's untied laces and our poor Go Red has to groan in exasperation and stop to tie them. Cheerfully, Ryouma bounds past him. "I'll be first!" "Hey!" he protests, then hurries after. Matsuri confirms for Nagare they have people out, and Gouki arrives with two little boys in his arms. Nagare has to calm him down as he tries to put both down the escape chute at the same time and he apologizes.

Matoi and Ryouma arrive on the danger-floor. They look around, and Matoi sees one room with door handles that make him think of the Saima. "There," he whispers, and leads the way. But the demons appear and Matoi pulls out his blaster quickly. Before they can get up again, Ryouma flames them and they are gone. The two men lose their excess equipment and hurry into the room, to find a few cages of people, with tubes running down. And some of these bodies are mummified, to Matoi's horror. "This is awful," he murmurs. Ryouma turns in distress and then something grabs both of them! Gill! "You should know better than to get in my way," he tells them. "WHAT are you trying to DO to these people?" snarls Matoi, then is choking as Gill has him. Nagare and Matsuri gather Gouki and search the bulding. Heading up the escalator they find themselves facing Venus and Cobalt. "You won't go a step further." And the challenge is issued. Hikaru, Shou and Daimon race through an area only to run into Salaman and some imps. "You won't interfere with the Dark King," announces the red one, and he sends his imps at them.

And Gill stalks towards the two men, stepping on the picture on the floor. And the little girl whispers for her father. Ryouma and Matoi have been left there, and Matoi leaps to his feet, determined to rescue the girl, he attacks Gill, who slices his face and pins him underfoot. Ryouma is unable to get up to help, but tries his Ginga-boomerang. It distracts Gill long enough for Matoi to get free, join his friend and start firing in an attempt to break open the cages, and to break a window. The explosion and falling debris lets sunlight in, and with a scream, the two heroes launch themselves at Gill, knocking them all out the window. Falling, they catch each other's hands and Matoi fires a grappling hook. He and Ryouma bounce safely, while Gill hits the ground rather hard. And there is a huge hole in the building. Ryouma wants Matoi to let go and get up there to save the kids. "I do believe in you!" he shouts to Matoi, who grins back at him. But Matoi won't give him up and they get back to the hole, to find they are facing the demons. Before the lead one can slice them, it is blasted, and then it turns out that two of their number are not them at all! After downing the monsters they throw away their cloaks. "Hayate! Saya!" cries Ryouma in relief. They smile and apologize for taking so long. Just as they are all congratulating each other, a breeze stirs the child's picture, catching Matoi's attention. He moves to the little girl's side. "Wake up, little one. We've come to save you." They are about to break her out of the cage, when there is an explosion, a quake, and they go flying. They land on a lower level to find the rest of their companions there, fighting imps. They all gather together and find Pierre and the other Saima are there, with Gill. And he explains what he has done, used the power of human lives. The two teams will fight together, but Gill rather doubts their effectiveness. The Gogofive are first into armor, then the Gingaman follow. The imps are somewhat alarmed to be facing an unknown team, but you know that won't stop the fight that follows.

Gill sends the imps to attack, and our ten heroes fight their way through them. They team up very well, complimenting each other in style, and even playfully mimicking each other. But there is nothing playful about their intent to defeat their enemies. And the reds break free first to race for the building, but Gill is in their way and intends to kill them. And somewhere the girl is dying. They must get through. Salaman faces Hayate and Nagare, while the others fight Cobalt. Gill gets the reds down, but they won't give up. Matoi uses his greatest power, and when Gill tries to blast him, makes it through to punch him out and commit serious damage. Gill falls and they think they've killed him, but the pyramid up top finally stops filling, with a very tiny space left. Furious at the possible failure of his plan, Salaman faces the other eight heroes, Pierre, Venus and Cobalt with him. But after our heroes blast them, Gill gets back up. Horrified, they watch as he stabs himself through, and his own blood drips from the blade when he pulls it out again. He throws the blade up into the building even as he explodes, and it lands in the pyramid. This last bit of blood is all that is needed. Explosions, purple flames and the air burns with a new demon. He is back, half formed, alive and far more monstrous than before. Horrified, they all face him. Venus and Coblat agree with delight, this is the end of the world!

And he is blasting, flames and darkness. The death-toll is appalling. Matoi calls in the Mars Machines. The launch sequence begins immediately, Max Shuttle taking them up into space to charge, and bringing them down to Earth to fight. Forming Victory Mars, and with Liner Boy, then face the distorted, roaring creature Gill has made. The Gingaman are forced to stand by and watch. "That beast is too strong!" Saya says as she watches. Fretting, Ryouma says, "Big brother, it's up to you now! Find the Star Beasts!" And the boat lands. They are sure they've found it, Mondo and Hyuuga planning their next move. "They are at the bottom of the sea." A slimey hand moves behind them. Hyuuga hears a noise and turns to find nothing there, but he is troubled. "Professor, you stay here." He runs off, leaving the puzzled Mondo and Yuuta behind. He is soon facing the demons. And in the city, the two robots are not able to do much against the giant monster they face. It throws them around. On the boat, Hyuuga is doing his best. Yuuta comes out and stands at the edge, shouting for Ginga Lion and the others. They are somewhere at the bottom of the ocean and his voice can be heard far below, where they rest like great stones. They are unmoving. And the fight goes on. Hyuuga can see nothing for it, getting a clear moment, he sends his power down into the ocean and it charges the five beasts. But he is attacked again, and this time uses his power to destroy the demons. And a sound, the water shakes and quakes. They gaze in hope and fear.

The battle continues, and then a cry, the voices of the Gingaman's companions. Kurokishi arrives, to the group's delight, and so do the Star Beasts. They join them and take on Mecha mode. Hyuuga joins Gao Taurus. They are able to slice the Gogofive free of the monster's tentacles in their Gingaeo form. But what next? Hyuuga leads the attack and Gingaeo slices and dices. Victory Mars uses its Jet attack and they think they've won, but then the backlash knocks our heroes away, and the Gingaman are thrown from their companions, to lie insensate on the cement. Matoi calls them, "Can you hear me?!? The fight is not over yet! Don't any of you die!" The giant demon is not dead, still moving and regenerating. Shou sees it and calls the others. "It's immortal?" But the Gingaman are not moving, perhaps dead. There is only one thing to do. Fight themselves. For the sake of the world. For the sake of their friends. Matoi shouts to Ryouma, "Listen! We'll fight to the end!" And they gather up their friends in their palm and hold them up, but just then, the Gingaman begin to stir. The Gogofive's relief is profound. With a sigh of total joy, Matoi tells them to do this last fight with them. Ryouma and the others will, but then their GingaEo bracelets begin glowing bright golden, and pour down them, into the robot who holds them. The light fills the robot and sings within even the pilots, who feel it entering them and slowly, the Gingaman are transported into the flight cabin to join their counterparts. And Victory Mars gains the Eo armor. They are together, now, and will fight as one team. With the support of the Gingaman, and the new power singing within them, the Gogofive face the monster and use their combined strengths. They are all ecstatic when they destroy it, and Hyuuga joins them.

And now below the hotel, ambulances converge to get the survivors out to needed medical attention. Our heroes are releived to see that little girl and her mother are alive, and well enough to walk. The mother may never let her daughter out of her arms again. Matoi goes to them. "I'm glad you're better," he says to her then, "This is yours," and gives the girl her picture, which he had kept, and apologizes for the water damage. The father is alive, too, but barely able to walk. The family clutches together and Matoi swallows a lump in his throat, watching them. And then Ryouma is at his side, also watching with relief and grave calmness. Matoi smiles as they watch the girl give her father the picture she had made for him. "Fantastic!" the father says.

And Matoi turns his head slightly to his fellow hero. "Ryouma, when I used the Gingaman power, I understood. I felt what you feel, the star-power." Ryouma nods slightly, "And I know what it's like to be part of a Rescue-force." Surprised, Matoi looks at him. "Yeah? One hundred years behind..!" "Well I only..." But Matoi laughs and takes off his jacket. He tosses into Ryouma's arms and says, "This is yours, now," and heads off. Stunned, Ryouma stutters, "But it's ORANGE!" "It's all right," Matoi answers him without turning around. And Ryouma accepts it at last, chuckling.

And the other Gogofive meet with the other Gingaman, to watch Matoi pretend he isn't aware of them as Ryouman shows off his new coat, laughing.

Mission Complete

Ending. Matoi once again has his poor siblings under his thumb, working out on the beach, and has also hijacked the Gingaman for this, who are much less efficient at pushups than his own team. Matoi is shouting Gouki on, who apologizes and tries harder. Shou says, "I want to see this," provoking an indignant look from Gouki and a laugh from Ryouma. Yuuta, Hyuuga and Mondo are watching, deeply amused by all this. But Matoi gets down and tells them next they have to run a sixty kilometer course! Ryouma shouts for joy, only to have the other eight turn and glare fiercely at him. And they race each other down the beach, all dressed in rescue clothes. Gouki gives Matsuri a ride. "There's still a long way to go!" quips Matoi. They are a rather good team, the ten of them.

Amusingly, it ends with the "This was a work of fiction" disclaimer. Isn't that hilarious?