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09/03/99 at 8:10 AM

New thank you to Kei for fixing much of the translation. The dialogue contents of this summary have increased because of him. And a special thank you to Skully, who helped me by changing the pictures from bitmaps into reasonably sized good-looking jpegs. They're still too big, but what the hey. Click the small to see the large.

A ball of fire falls to Earth and lands outside the city, leaving a sword in the ground. Solid rock grows up around the sword, hiding any trace of it from human eyes.

A small child, walking with her mother, is the first to see the energy blast that then destroys a building and causes panic. Mint calls in the heroes, their father seconds the motion. They head to the base, all five of them. Changing into costume, we go to the opening sequence! (I want a wav of this music to put on this page. Skully has a midi, but... Anyone?)

Matsuri evacuates the roads and Daimon begins searching for injured among the flames and debris. Matoi rescues people from a flaming building, Shou drops flame retardant. The team assembles to report to each other. Matoi has picked up a strong energy reading, and the team is on its way to check it out. Kyoko arrives wanting to help, but all Shou says is, "Well,the machines have a stench that won't go away,scrub it down, won't you? I leave it to you, Kyoko Senpai!" Frustrated, Kyoko calls him an idiot. He is already too far away to hear. The team arrives at an abandoned construction site. Matoi says, "There! I can feel strong energy readings!" The clouds darken, lighting strikes. They come to face a monster in the debris. It is a white, beautiful demon creature, with glowing yellow eyes. It is somewhat less than attentive of them, saying, "I can feel it...the Shadow sword is crying out. The Dark Sword is on this planet!" Our heroes accuse it of being a Saima, which only annoys and amuses it a bit. It blasts them for a loop and, wondering who this thing is, they call in the Livebird.

Their blast cuts a hole in its gut, and pisses it off no end when it gets back up again, the wound healing as if it never was. Our heroes are shocked. Outraged, the demon says, "Why you.... this is unforgivable!" This time it is out for business when it blasts our heroes, and approaches to kill them. But, just in time, someone else arrives and shoots the demon! Yes, it is the man in gold and black. His name is Jiku. He fires a rocket at the demon, which just knocks the blast aside with its shield, and the second blast hits the car Kyoko was hiding behind. When the continuing deflected blasts cause massive damage all around, the Gogofive holler to stop him, and it looks like a showdown between the heroes is imminent. However, after blasting them and being mocked by the demon, Jiku pulls out a biiig gun, which in two blasts shatters the critter's shield. Just when things look exciting, the Saima arrive and take off with the demon. Jiku, pissed at the Saima AND at our heroes, is all set to have it out with them. Showdown once again imminent, when Shou points out to Jiku what happened to Kyoko. Jiku is reminded of a woman, Riria, who happened to look just like Kyoko. Shou draws his gun out,but Jiku fires at the team first, then vanishes.

Meanwhile, the Saima have tied the demon, whose name is Goruma, hand and foot and are mocking him. He says he has come hunting for the Dark Sword. Venus asks for an explanation and he gives it. Basic whine about losing his power and gosh he would just love to help the Saima if they only helped him find his missing sword. The four Saima are somewhat less than sympathetic. But they are intrigued. So Sylphe releases him and gives him his sword back. Cobalt is not sure what he thinks about all this. He whispers to Venus, "I don't trust that guy...if he regains his strength, won't he get in the way?!?" Venus replies, "Once he has the two swords, we'll kill him with them, dear brother." Cobalt considers that a worthy task.

Matsuri has put Kyoko in her own bed, and tells the others our shuttle pilot will be all right. Then Mint calls them to explain what the machines have analyzed about the two newcomers. Meanwhile, Jiku appears in Kyoko's resting room, calling her Riria, and caressing her face. And about that time, they pick up his presence in the house and rush to Kyoko's room, where he is trying to heal her. But since Matoi has no idea what's up, he and Jiku retire to a boatyard and go at it. Matoi demands to know if Jiku is ally or foe. Jiku replies, "I have only one goal, to defeat Juma Goluma. That's it!" They end up guns to each other's face masks. Matoi says, "If that's so,why don't we team up to defeat him!" Jiku snaps angrily, "I don't need your help!"Just in time, Kyoko and the others arrive to point out that she is all right. Jiku sheaths his gun and is walking off, when Kyoko steps forward and asks who he is. He powers down, back turned, says he is "Juma-Hunter Jiku. Goluma has come to this planet.... You do not know how to defeat him." When he turns at last, he is a man with a long face, troubled, pain-filled eyes, and basically human. He tells them only, "I will say this, do not interfere! There is no time. If Goluma regains the Dark Sword,it will be invincible!" They try to stop him from leaving, but he goes.

So our heroes discuss this business of the Dark Sword and Jiku. Kyoko points out that he cannot be exactly a bad guy, as such. He saved her life, after all. And then Mondo calls them, to tell them he's found an odd energy signal from last night. Yes, it is the Dark Sword. Jiku sees an energy beam going out. He uses his green gem to change and goes to find the source of the energy beam, but it is only the Shadow Sword. The beam is from it, as Goluma says, "The Shadow Sword is crying. The Dark Sword is close." They are about to go at it when the Saima form a guard about the demon with their imps. Jiku demands why are they working together? And he tries to fight his way through the imps to get to the demon. Sylphe answers, "Juma is our ally. You will not interfere!" The imps are beginning to overwhelm him when the Gogofive arrive. He is less than grateful for their help, but Matoi says tough, "If the fight involves our world,we can't stand aside and let some alien fight our battles!" (I'm playing a little fast and loose with the dialogue, here) Jiku is beginning to feel a grudging admiration for the Gogofive's spunk.

They go into armor to fight, Matoi starts the traditional announcement, "One life is the future of the Earth!" And the battle is joined in earnest. Nagare and Matoi hit Sylphe, only to find they've killed Matsuri! Being somewhat stunned, when she falls they are not prepared for the explosion because of course it was not her. But then they look up to find they are under attack by THEMSELVES and their brothers! But they've caught up now, and they hit their attackers, which of course was really Sylphe. They catch him in ropes, but are not able to stop him. And Cobalt is beating on Daimon and Shou, but they aren't taking it lying down, no. They spin him for a loop and throw him. Matsuri faces Venus, who is also doing quite a job on her, but they are almost even. And of course, Jiku is going one on one with Goluma, who catches him by the throat. Jiku gets in a few good shots before he gets blasted, but they still fight.

And then.... they battle one on one, and manage devastating damage. And the demon runs Jiku through. Matoi cries out in horror, but Nagare tells him what he can do. He goes. Meanwhile, the demon tosses Jiku down a cliff, saying, "Chase after your friends!" and begins again following the signal leading him to the Dark Sword. Jiku is clinging to the wall of the cliff and about to fall when Matoi catches him with a rope and tries to rescue him. Mad with the pain and hate, Jiku tries to cut the rope and let himself fall because they are enemies. Matoi grabs Jiku's hand, and despite enemy attacks, is able to get him up. Brings him to a place of quiet and tells him to stay. Matoi is running off to join the others, but Jiku opens his visor and blasts around to stop him, and tells Matoi, "Take me with you! By yourselves, you will die!" Matoi answers, "You're in no condition to fight!" Jiku is half-delirious. "If I die, that's enough for me. All of you will not die. My life was lost with my friends who died. If I'm alive by myself, my life has no meaning!" You see, Goruma killed all his friends and must be destroyed, but Jiku does not want the Gogofive to be killed in the attempt. That would render his existence meaningless. He tries to rise, but collapses. Matoi runs back to him and tells him to believe in the Gogofive, they won't let themselves be killed. They'll carry his soul with them.

And then Kyoko arrives. Matoi tells her to protect Jiku and takes off, ending up facing Sylphe. Kyoko leads Jiku away from the fight. She tells him the five of them really will be able to stop the monster. But Jiku is really bleeding badly. And Goruma is getting closer and closer to the... he finds it! He uses his Shadow Sword to release the Dark Sword. The power! The power he has retrieved reaches him and turns him into a giant! The Saima see him and cheer. But he tells them off and blasts heroes and villains alike. This pisses the Saima off, and they teleport away. And Goruma sheds his skin to become the blue skinned devil. Our heroes call in the GrandLiner and form you-know-what.

The demon is trashing the city. In Jiku's name, our heroes pull out the Liner Gatling and start Grand Fire! Well, it laughs at them through the smoke and is very pleased with its power. Meanwhile, Jiku is dying in Kyoko's arms, but he's starting to think more, and he tells her about the destruction of his homeworld. Only he and Riria survived the attack, of all the Juma hunters, and she died in a suicide run to get the Dark Sword from the demon. That was because it just took one sword removed from its hands to render it vulnerable. It stabbed her, and she ordered Jiku to fire, to disarm the demon, though she would be hit first by the blast. Kyoko is trying to keep him from giving up. Not much point, he knows he is dying. But it is at this point that he starts to talk about passing his life-force... his power, on to her. "I ask of you Kyoko. My life... I trust only you." What can you say to that? They clasp hands and he closes his eyes. His body disintegrates in glowing light, leaving only the green stone in her hands. And then the imps arrive. And Jiku calls her, tells her to use his life force. She does, and becomes clad in gold, black and white. And she looks good. She makes relatively short work of the imps, and hears Jiku's voice. "Tell the warriors of Earth, your heart is stronger than anything else. That is what power is." Instinct takes over. She runs to channel power, to help in the fight against the Juma Goruma.

The fight is going badly. Goruma has severely damaged the robot and is about to bisect it when... a green blast hits him between the eyes. Kyoko arrives and tells them quickly what they should do. "Everyone, listen to me, form Victory Robo. The Braver Sword. That's the only way to destroy him!" After taking a moment to recover from the shock, and understanding her quick explanation of basically wearing Jiku's life-force, they call in their vehicles to form the Victory Robo. And when they haul out the sword, Kyoko channels Jiku's power, saying "Take Jiku's life!" and melds with the robot's sword. The fight is joined again. The demon blasts them doubly, but they just walk through the fire, their power for the moment exceeding his, even with the double swords. In Jiku's name they go into a rolling attack, and BOTH the Dark and Shadow swords are broken! Kyoko runs the show, saying, "Call forth the light!" calling for the "Victory Prominence" attack, which destroys Goruma!!! WHEW! Yeah!

And she disengages from the sword. She goes to the sea with Jiku's gem. His spirit thanks her. The Gogofive join her, Shou first. He says, "You were right about Jiku. He was a good man." Matoi adds quietly, "His spirit was the same as ours. He was a warrior." Nagare says gently, "If we only knew earlier." They could have been friends, maybe even have saved Jiku. Daimon speaks to the lost hero, "Jiku,no matter what, we will protect our beautiful Earth." Matsuri finishes with, "He gave his life to protect our Earth." And then Kyoko opens her hand, and the stone floats up, up into the sky and shatters apart. One tiny glowing fragment lands in Kyoko's hand, and this she will keep. She closes her hand and says, "Thank you, Jiku." Together they watch the sun set.

And the ending credits are joined. Our heroes play at a water park, and Kyoko has had the stone made into a pendant, which I suspect she will always wear. Giving plenty of future opportunity for using the power again! I hope, anyway.

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