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"The five of you are one family. When you forget your power, no matter what happens, I believe in you. And, my wonderful children, believe in your father. Family is to believe in each other."

Mrs. Ritsuko Tatsumi, the mother

Mrs. Ritsuko Tatsumi, mother of all five of our heroes.

1990, and Tatsumi Mondo Hakase disappears, leaving his wife to raise their five children on her own. 1992, and Mrs. Tatsumi goes to search for her husband. She makes her children PROMISE to watch out for each other, and her daughter gives her a charm, a ringing protective bell. And the airplane she boards crashes, or explodes. Her body is never found. 1999 to 2000....

Matoi Tatsumi

Matoi's work

Matoi was 24 years old. He was born on January 21, 1975. He worked for the Special Rescue Brigade, of the something-something Fire Department. As the eldest brother in a family of five, it fell to him to take care of the others when they lost both their parents. This only lasted until they were old enough to move, and move they did! But when the circumstances of becoming Gogofive forced them to live together in the same home, he drove his siblings up the wall. He would walk in on his sister in the bathroom, accidently break something and just shrug and say "You can fix it," to whoever's thing he had broken. He rose to the challenge of being the leader of the group admirably, and drove the others to more exercise and dicipline than they would ever have done left to their own. He loved them all dearly, and would like to have protected them and not had them battle if he could, but that was not a choice. He had been somewhere between a father and an older brother when he had to take care of them, and it was a hard role to adapt away from.

He had a great deal of pride and would rise to almost any challenge. Once when his complaining about their lunch drove his siblings to challenge him to make his own, he went out and tried to make curry, only to learn from a tiny girl that he really had no idea how GOOD curry should be made! He handled that all right, and they became friends. He had a friend, a senior to him, whom he competed with and who was quite capable of rescuing him when it had to be done. Eventually he just accepted that he and his friend both had incredible strengths, and matched each other. Himself, he was very courageous. The only challenge he ever wanted to run from was when his father arranged a potential-marriage meeting. And he discovered the girl was just as competitive as he was. He liked her, though. Perhaps something will come of it after the Saima are defeated.

Nagare's work Nagare was 23 years old and worked for the Chemical Fire Fighter Brigade. He was born April 5, 1976. He was the technician, the smart one. Why, in 1998 he designed the Big Douser. Not to mention he was the best looking male on the team. I have to tell you, I've noticed this. There's always one REALLY good-looking guy on the team. Gai was on Jetman, Dairanger had Daigo, Kakuranger had whoever Jiraiya... skip to Gingaman who had Hayate. Time Ranger seems to have THREE good-looking guys. An excess of riches! Ooops, I've gone off track.

Nagare and Matoi are only about a year apart, which creates for some really interesting family dynamics. Matoi both treats him as a younger brother to be disciplined, AND as someone equal to be just as responsible for, say, Daimon and Matsuri, as Matoi feels he has to be. Nagare has suffered from this over the years, getting yelled at when he wasn't fast enough to prevent Daimon from getting himself hurt in one foolishness or another. With his particular areas of expertise, none of his siblings can compete with him. However, that leaves his father. I would be hard-pressed to say which of them was the more intelligent, but in an episode wherein the Saima turned back the clock for all the boys AND the father, Nagare behaved like a young boy. However, the father behaved like a walking computer, drawing equations everywhere, and even figuring out how to fight the monster that had taken him and a number of other children hostage.

But I have to say Nagare was probably just as good as his father. He just had a more normal life.

Shou's work Shou was 22 years old and worked for the Helicopter Brigade. He was born on August 19, 1977. Being a helicopter pilot was his life's dream. He had a deft, sure hand. He could fly anything! He studied, he worked, he flew any assignment handed him. It became a problem at one point, for working as a Gogofive got in the way of postings that he was given. And he was largely unknown. This can be heartbreaking for the third child of five, constantly over-looked. Not the youngest, not close to the oldest... so he was as competitive as the others. His siblings, though, understood that he wanted his work with the Helicopter Brigade to continue, and so supported him and helped him back his father down, when the man attempted to force him to choose between them.

He had a senior officer named Kyoko, who knew him well enough to recognize his voice over her shuttle's com units, and therefore be the first person to track down and identify the Gogofive. He was also putty in a pretty woman's hands, but was well-behaved about it. His most annoying adventure had to be where he was stuck with three, bratty high school girls who tried to turn him into a pack camel. But that's a story for another day.

Daimon Tatsumi

GoYellow Daimon's work Daimon was 21 years old and worked for the Capital Police Department. He was born on November 5, 1978. It must have been hard, growing up the youngest of four brothers, with only a sister younger than you. By the nature of women being women, she was always more mature than he was. Daimon breezed through life with an easy-going nature, most of the time. Like the rest of his family, he wanted very much to protect people. But being both the youngest and... well, not the brightest, he became a neighborhood police officer while his siblings went into more demanding work. Policemen are well-respected, though. Except by that one kid....

Daimon was a disciplined fighter, though. His siblings had an annoying tendency to be over-protective of him during danger, but also to take advantage of him in daily life. He would often get saddled with housework and dishes while his brothers ducked out of it. I'm certain Matsuri was grateful for the help as, being a woman, she never ducked out of her duties however much she might have wanted to.

Daimon had a teacher who considered milk the food of the gods, and vital to your physical condition. Certainly they could both put away a carton of milk in a few gulps. It tended to pour down their necks, of course. He loved children, and would go out of his way to help and protect them. I predict he will have a great future, when he gets around to meeting a woman and settling down. He'll be a great father.

Matsuri Tatsumi

Matsuri's work Matsuri was 20 years old and worked for the National Seaside Hospital. She was born on December 21, 1979. She was an ambulance driver, a nurse, and in the heart of the action at all times. She had a best friend and they were very close. They both fell in love with the same doctor. Matsuri did the only thing she could think of as right. She stepped aside and left the field for her friend, though it nearly broke her heart. She made certain neither of them had a clue as to the depth of her feelings for him. Until her brothers unwittingly exposed the fact to the doctor in question. But things were settled, and they attended the wedding and wished the couple well.

It is safe to say, that as the youngest and only girl among the siblings, she was the one the others had always looked after. But as they became adults it went the other way around, more often than not. When they lost heart, she tended to be the one to remind them of their mother's words, that if they stuck together and took care of each other, they could overcome any obstacle. Those words carried them through many a hard time. Still, it was Matsuri who was the most determined not to forget their mother, the hardest put to accept the fact that she was dead. And ultimately, it turned out that she was right.

Tatsumi Mondo Hakase

Mondo the Leather-clad biker

Mondo playing the triple-guitar as he sings Now here is a man who is a tricky guy to explain. We are talking super-genius here. On one occasion we had a glimpse of him as a child of perhaps 12 years of age. This boy was grabbing plans, diagrams and papers. He knew nothing else, not fear or anger, only that there were intriguing problems to be worked out. And he did it, too. As an adult, he once met a wonderful woman and married her, in 1973. They had five children in quick succession, but I suspect if their fifth had been a boy, the mother would have said, "Enough." However, he loved his children, that was clear.

He had noticed at some point a great many signs that something would cause a dangerous level of negative energy on Earth, and that this would be something, some beings, that would come. He could not get support for his efforts, being as most people naturally thought he was just another one of those mad geniuses, who had probably better NOT be allowed anywhere with lots of money. The danger he believed was coming was just too much and at last, he went into hiding, to complete his work in utmost secrecy.

The most painful aspect of this was, of course, that he had to leave his wife and children. He could tell them nothing, which was something his children found appalling and infuriating, especially Shou.

Mondo as a boy.