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First the roll into Super Hero Time. Geki Red, Jan, stands side by side with our hapless hero from Den-O. The two change into their armor to fight off their enemies. Shots of fighting, shots of the train, etc. But aside from that first show, they're not filmed together. And the show begins.

Sunlight streams through a canopy of leaves. A lovely blue and black butterfly flaps along past some bright red poppies. Lots of birdsong in the background. Suddenly we hear someone cry "Ugaaaa!" and pandas start dropping from the trees. They all look pretty stunned, especially the one who lands with a human on top of him. A boy dressed in an animal skin skirt and booties, and naught else visible. He and the panda wrestle, the panda manages to roll on top the boy grabs its nose and it squeaks in protest. The other pandas have settled down again to watch the match. Next we know he's got the panda on its back, and opens his mouth wide to bite its nose. The panda whaps the leafy ground with its left paw, signalling surrender. The boy happily bounces off of it and goes on about how wonderful he is. We get our first clear view of his face. He's rather grimy, hair tangled and matted a little. He has wide, red-rimmed eyes and a sort of flat nose. "I won!" he crows. Hello, Peter Pan. Man, he's got big teeth. Really big teeth. Especially his incisors. The pandas start to head off. Mind, these are people in fairly good but obvious panda suits but that's NOT the point! "We'll play again!" the boy calls, waving to them with both arms. He's got some kind of band on his left bicep. And then something strange happens. The boy's smile vanishes and he looks around, puzzled. He starts sniffing the air. Darn, I can't make out what he says but he is really confused. "Zawazawada!" which, according to my dictionary, means "noisy, sound of people talking" however, in the boy's speak it means "something awful and horrid". "Zawazawa smells!" He leaps up into the branches of a tree and very faint we can hear the roar of an engine, then leaps again until he is climbing a cliff in hops and jumps, strong, long fingers clutching to keep from falling. Sometimes he utters a "nya!" (as in "meow")He makes it to the top of an outcrop and gasps in surprise. The roar of the engine is loud for a moment. A plane passes over his head, flames and smoke from the tail and a very brief scene shows that there are black shapes like bodies all over the top of the wings. All the wheels are down and the plane is heading towards a trio of tall trees painted on p - er, in the far distance whose tops are grown together. Again, it seems like he says "zawazawasuru!" He is alarmed and discomfitted. But he sniffs the air and finds to his surprise that there is yet another, this smell... He identifies it with joy. "A nikiniki smell! (possibly something good)" The plane doesn't get as far as the trees. It goes down in the forest. With a flare of utter delight, he heads that way.

Opening credits. A great tiger running, and the boy's face. "A heart like a beast, the Kempo power of beast in your hands. ケモノを心に感じ、ケモノの力を手にする拳法 獣拳. Juuken. The image of one person over the kanji. 獣拳に相対する2つの流派あり。Images of two people over the kanji. 1つ Three shadows against a backdrop of flames. 正義の獣拳『激獣拳ビーストアーツ」。The three are the armored Gekiranger, and we close on Red's eyes. 1つ、邪悪の獣拳 two shadows male and female and a long line of shadows appear to light as the enemy group. 『臨獣拳アクガタ」The enemy pair and hero trio rush at each other. 戦う宿命の剣士たちは、日々、高みを目指して Geki Red and the Lion leap high to punch at each other 学び、変わる! And the three Gekiranger proudly stand together. Into the music, starting with Gekired in battle against Rinshy in the forest. To Gekiyellow fighting on the hills. To Gekiblue fighting them in a shallow river. The three seperately, then together. The show logo roars for us. Red again, flames around him forming the shape of the tiger so we know who he is and who plays him, Hiroki Suzuki. Yellow, much the same, Mina Fukui. Blue, played by Manpei Takagi. Each has lovely gestures and poses very individual. The three stand under a sky black and purple with clouds, blue-white lightning threatening the city below. Master Sha-fu- is voiced by 永井一郎 I think.... Hey! The Narrator's name is given as Kei Grant! Lightning strikes the roof of the villains' base home, a frightening-looking building. A blue room full of Rinrinshy and the lesser Rinshy, with a strange green creature dropping down in front. Oh, it's only Mele in her monster-form, the lovely Yuka Hirata. To Leo, cloaked in purple light as he whirls his cape. Too-pretty Hirofumi Araki, it's almost certain he'll become one of the heroes. Now he tosses off the black cape under a cloud-bank broken by light. Three linked silver rings get a brief appearance, and our heroes are out of their armor and switching in, now fighting the Rinshy. Their Master in the base, with him his trusted Miki Masaki, who probably trains the kids. Our trio in their armor on a New Zealand beach, they send colored fire into the air that becomes their beast-forms. Gekito-ja moving into position in a city, our heroes inside a mysterious place which might as well be called the cockpit (Maaagi magi magi-iro...) as they move, so does Gekito-ja. Gekired and Leo in his armor fight, the others fighting Mele nearby. Joining fists, behind them the New Zealand landscape. The beast light-forms run at us, and we see the trio and their beasts against fire. As a final, while we get the list of who has paid for advertising on this show, we see each hero in a different, lovely spot going through their katas, armor clad. No wonder they filmed in New Zealand.



1つ 正義の獣拳『激獣拳ビーストアーツ」。
1つ、邪悪の獣拳 『臨獣拳アクガタ」


With the senses of the beasts, the Kempo of the beasts' power in their hands


There are just the two Juuken schools.
One, the Justice Juuken. GekiJuuken Beast Arts.
One, the Evil Juuken. RinJuuken Akugata.
And it is the fate of these swords to fight every day, to aim high,

to study and change!

Gekiranger TV Opening Theme
そうさ劇気!劇気!カゲキにGang-gang ゆこうぜ!



そうさ劇気!劇気!カゲキにGang-gang ゆこうぜ!

どうだ激気!激気!シゲキをBang-bang 感じて

獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー ゲキレンジャー!

Sousa Geki! Geki! Kageki ni Gang-gang yukouse!
Moeyo asu wo kaerutameni Gekiranger!

Kono daichi kizanderu kodouni ima
Izanaware me wo samasu
Gekiwaza wo kitaeage akuni idome
Seigi no kemonotachiyo

Migakinuita yasei no Power kokoro to waza to karadakara

Sousa geki! Geki! Kagekini Gang-gang yukouze!
Tsukame sora ni todoku yume wo

Douda geki! Geki! Shigeki wo Bang-bang kanjite
Dare yorimo imayori mo tsuyokunarunosa

Juukensentai Gekiranger Gekiranger!

Shugyou Sono 1: Nikiniki! Gekijuuken
Discipline 1: Nikiniki! Power of the Beasts

(it's not a good translation, but oh well)

There are strange beings, humanoid in black with brown and white tunics a-hopping through the forest. And I do mean hopping, like enormous bunnies. They all look the same, with frozen white faces covered in black cloth and a brown and black cap. They keep their arms largely straight out in front of them. there are many, and they surround the wreckage of the small plane. "Well, this is a bugger," comments the woman who's come out of the plane. She holds a silver-colored case under her left arm and wears a black business suit. "So... you want this, do you?" she says mockingly. The creatures lunge at her. She cuts one aside and gets in a better position to fight. "But it's useless," she says. "I'm not handing it to you." She is utterly determined, and moves smoothly into another fighting position. "Gekijuu Leopard-ken" she calls it and in the shimmer of power around her appears the image of a roaring leopard. She makes a claw with her hands and punches it into the chest of her nearest attacker. Hard strikes and kicks, she evades their efforts with little "Hai!" calls for each solid strike. She calls them Rinshi "corpses given brief life", and they burst into purple smoke after she's finished. She holds the case protectively. And then above her someone screams "That was great!" She looks up and finds a boy dropping down from the tree tops to land in front of her. At first she thinks he's going to attack her, but he nearly runs her over in his appreciation of what he's seen. "Now that's great, great that is! What was that?" She's realized he is harmless and pulls a smile across her smile. "Who are you? What are you doing in this mountain-country?" He joyfully replies, folding his arms and looking about, "This is my forest. My home!" She edges forward and asks, "You mean this whole sea of forest? Are you alone?" He confirms it with a happy, vacant grin. "I'm Jan. Jan Kando!" He wipes under his nose and adds, "Child of tigers." Bouncing forward nearly into her face he asks, "What was that you did? Show me again, will you?" She has him as a mystery, but for her there are more pressing concerns. Her gaze darts nervously around. Suddenly she slams her palm against his chest, knocking him back and herself the other way to evade a blast that bursts behind them. He cries out in surprise. The forest seems to shriek. Ah, no. It is the cackling laughter of a being standing above them. Not unsimilar to the ones she'd just destroyed, but it wards a red robe with gold and black trimmings. Its frozen face is not covered by cloth, and there is a mantis-head sticking out of his forehead. And this one knows her name. Miki Masaki. She banters coldly with him when he leaps down to meet her. He wants the case in her hands. He toys with her verbally, trying to decide whether to eat her first or take the case, and she refuses either choice he's given. The boy is back on his feet and takes note of what he's looking at. The strange being we know to be a Rinrinshy says he is going to have fun destroying a strong woman. He gathers power and a mantis shapes in the magic cloud around him. Masaki calls upon her own strength to battle him. The boy utters an amazed "Wow, that's a Praying Mantis!" But he is ignored by the combatants. He introduces himself as a Mantis-fighter, Makirika. And he says now is the time for her to say her prayers. He charges her, she blocks. They fight and she's on the defensive, but it proves she was injured in the crash and is, unfortunately, favoring her left arm. Makirika is amused. Knowing her weakness, he is able to use it against her and cut the case from her hands. It lands and opens, letting its contents spill onto the forest floor. Three linked silver rings. They land between Jan's feet. Masaki is horrified, but the confused boy picked them up and stares. "What are these?" he wonders. "Bracelets?" Makirika notes that they are Kenma-bracelets. And he goes after the boy. "Run!" cries Masaki. The boy, slow on the uptake, is hit and goes flying back against a tree and the bracelets land near Makirika. Jan (the boy), lands hard and, in a fury, digs his fist into the ground and roars at Makirika. A tiger image appears within/around him. The roar has a physial force, staggering Makirika with its wind. Irritated, he slashes out and the trees above Jan fall on top of him. He blacks out. Satisfied, Makirika snatches up the bracelet and takes it with him, dematerializing into the group. Masaki cannot stop him. She looks anxiously towards where Jan lies under the cut trees.

black, dark. No color in this rain-stricken night. Brief flashes of lightning illuminate dead bodies in the mud. Three... but there is a boy standing, hair plastered to his head by the rain. The bodies are ringed around him, five altogether their heads pointing towards the listless boy. Two might be children. He clenches his fist as water streams down him. Then there is a sound, a deep, dull roaring. He raises his gaze. Something, something black at the heart of a strangely alive mist is looking his way. The deep roaring sounds again. The boy's face dissolves into a young man's. He wears a cloak of fur and, though appearing to try to meditate, his face is troubled by memory. He sits in a room and near him on his right is a chinese lantern. We hear a gong and he opens his eyes, face smoothing out. He raises his gaze to the altar he kneels before. Golden dragons are painted twining on red pillars. Two soldier-forms stand to the right and left of a triangle, point down, elegantly designed with a strange oval gem in the middle. Behind the man, the air shimmers and soon resolves into something green and female. She opens her mouth and a tongue like a sword pierces at him. He just barely bothers to tilt his head. With casual annoyance he grabs the blade and forces her to flip over or have her tongue ripped out. He releases the blade edge and her tongue returns to her mouth. He speaks in odd tones perhaps about how pathetic her attack was. He doesn't even turn her way. "Mele," he suddenly addresses her with a critique that she just wasn't good enough to even get his interest? Well, hahah. She drops her monster-face for a human one, adoring and graceful and seems to be saying she's in love with him and wants to slake his thirst. He turns his head away from her. But then she gets down to business and calls Makirika. We draw out on the building... on its location. Good heavens, it's in a scarey place and the stairs leading up to it are frightfully long. Hidden among jagged mountains.

Out in front of the building are a huge number of Rinshy are running through katas in training. "Rin juu ken" they repeat, their voices sound dead. Makirika walks proudly towards the entrance to the great castle. On a tray, sitting on a fine, blue cloth with silver triangles on each corner, sits the three-ringed bracelet. The doors swing wide for him to present to Leo the bracelet. He says its name reverently. "Kenma 拳魔 Bracelet!" Mele answers a breathless, "Yes! All the greater Leo, soon it will be your time! Soon your world begins." He pretty much ignores her and addresses the rings of the bracelet he's put on his wrist, telling it to speak to him. The bracelets responds by glowing brightly, causing Mele and Makirika to shield their eyes. And the bracelets respond to him, speaking, asking what he wants of them, first a wavering male voice. What does he want that he disturbs them. He answers, "I want to be strong. That's all." Then a female. She wants human screams. The third is male, too, deeper than the first. He says they draw strength from the despair of weak beings. "Despair of the weak," the man echoes firmly. Their glow flares. Lightning hits the roof. Now when he turns he glows with golden fire, with the shape of a lion. And it's time to follow their road.

And in a bed, the boy Jan wakes up. Confused, he wonders where he is. It seems he is in the scrtc (all lowercase) building of what appears to be a sports-clothing company. Masaki is wandering through the cubicles, ignoring the young man on the phone who doesn't notice her anyway. She is on her cellphone. "I'm terribly sorry, Master Schafu." The Rinjuuken found her, and the time of the 500 year lunar eclipse is approaching, their one chance to seal away Kenma's Bracelet forever. Master Schafu responds to her, and I cannot go through as I'd like because I promised my son I wouldn't hog the screen forever tonight. Master Schafu is interested in the boy who called himself "Son of tigers." Masaki says it's strange. The boy'd had a bunch of trees fall upon him and emerged without any broken bones.

Speaking of whom, Jan has wandered out of the infirmery and into a weight-training room. Masaki is talking about him with Schafu while the boy is curious about these strange machines and tugs on them playfully. He runs to see something and collides with a window. There is a court below him, and there are two people, a man in bright blue armor and a woman in bright yellow, sparring powerfully. Jan is entranced. He watches them catch each other, flip each other, then call upon fire. "Cheetah-power!" "Oh, a cheetah!" yelps Jan, and to the other's call, "A jaguar!" The fire-animals fight as do the two who've summoned them. "Fantastic! Both are fantastic!" yelps Jan. And the battle is interrupted, for the boy has leaned too hard against the window and it breaks. He lands safely amidst the falling shards of glass and the fire animals fade away as the combatants stare down at this stranger in surprise. "Who is this?" dropping her armor to reveal a lovely face, the woman asks. The man is just as confused and has dropped his armor, too. Dropping meaning it just faded away. Jan pops up and looks for the animals, but they are gone. He notices the others and bounces to his feet, begging and grabbing the very surprised man to explain about those things. The woman pushes him off, still confused herself. He is making them very confused as he demands happily "What were they?" But a deep voice interrupts this. "Juuken." "Juuken?" Jan echoes quizzically. Puzzled, he turns to see a tall cat-like being wearing dark red and carrying a triangle which it dings. The two behind him come to immediate attention. They punch their right fists into their left palms. "Master Schafu!" Jan, however, is spastic with glee. "CAT!" he squeals and bounds towards the Master. The other two completely lose their composure. The woman tries to explain, "Master Schafu is our resourceful general. He is not a cat!" Jan has a one-track mind, though, and doesn't hear her. He is petting and touching their general. Schafu catches the excited boy's face between his forepaws and holds him still. Jan gazes up at him, wide-eyed. Now Schafu opens golden, leonine eyes and considers him. So Jan reaches up and strokes Schafu's jaw. We see Schafu has a long, striped tail. "Purr, purr!" Jan entreats him, and tickled, Master Schafu laughs "Nice technique."

Things have settled a bit. They've got Jan in front of a bowl of ramen heavily laden with green onions. He clearly has never seen the like before. There better be a good backstory for this, I tell you. He takes a whiff and finds it smells great, so he dips his fingers in and ends up hopping back with a whimper of pain, sucking on their tips. Across from him, in front of cat-grass, Master Schafu tells him amusedly not to touch it. The woman in yellow is standing there, having probably brought the food, and cocks her head at Jan. "Cat, it's HOT!" Jan protests. The woman turns and goes to join the man in blue. "It's like he's still a child," she says. Masaki tells her that's because he's like a tiger. We see in the background an orange and black robot who will be part of the series, though not today. She talks about children and the power. We can see that Master Schafu is trying to show Jan how to use chopsticks. Masaki says something about special circumstances. The man in blue comments that he guesses the boy's gonna need to learn how to use chopsticks. Jan suddenly squeals and bounces to his feet, looking to all of them. "What's juuken?" to Schafu he asks, "You said juuken." Masaki comes over to him. "Juuken is the burning energy. The Kempo that uses Beast Power." "Geki?" Jan asks, tilting his head. She proceeds to explain. We get to see images of an elephant, a gorilla, a rhino, a penguin, perhaps an elk... all the animals, all of whom are the basis for the style (and in this case the power) of this martial art. Ran and Retsu have been training in the Beast Arts for year. The woman in yellow smiles at him. The man looks huffy. "Master Schafu is the teacher." Jan looks back at the great cat. The woman, Ran, gets up and explains that this company was created to support them. It's called scratch. (scrtc for those a bit slow) "And Masaki-san is the highest executive." Jan listens, looks confused, then hits on one thing he does understand. "You said fight! What do you fight? Pandas? Hippopotamuses? something?" He's getting all excited and whirls around to Schafu, "Or maybe cats!" and goes to try to wrestle him. Schafu is pretty much immovable. He stands up and explains to the listening, wide-eyed boy about the two Beast-power schools. The evil arts. And those evil ones are who they fight.

Speaking of whom... Leo is out rallying the troops who watch him with hungry eyes. The time has come for them to head out to conquer the human world (yes, I'm making that up on the fly). To bring despair and horror upon the helpless! To gather power for the Rinjuuden. They salute and kneel to him.

And then Master Schafu's ears twitch. Jan flinches and hunches down, eyes wide and confused, for there is nothing to focus on. He feels something terrible. "What is it?" he wonders. Schafu is impressed. "He can feel it." Masaki says "Master Schafu, it must be..." "Yes, the Rinjuuden are on the move." Ran looks alert, but Retsu looks rather disturbed. "So this is our day of baptism." "Are you scared?" she asks him innocently. For a moment he looks wide-eyed. "I'm not scared!" he snaps and starts forward. He shoves a startled Jan out of his way and goes in front of Master Schafu. "I'll go!" "Me too!" says Ran, at his side. Master Schafu stands, nods and turns to Jan with the box in his hands. "I want you to go with them and see." The other two are shocked. Jan is too confused to be shocked. Schafu opens the box, in which are two long black and orange gloves. He puts them against Jan's wrists and they reshape themselves to be his size. "Oh! What are these?" he asks. Masaki comes to his side and explains with a kind smile, "The Gekichanger." They will enable him to use it to the best of his ability. It seem they were quite the technological development. Ran pops forward to protest this. She points out logically that Jan hasn't a clue what to do. Retsu adds, "We don't even know what kind of animal - " but Master Schafu cuts them off. His main issue is if the boy has a righteous heart. Geki won't be born in the heart of someone who doesn't have it. "Do you understand?" he asks, resting his right paw on Jan's left shoulder. "Righteous heart?" asks Jan innocently. "What is that?" Ran and Retsu are not pleased. They sigh. "Well, I don't understand, but I'm gonna do it!" Jan crows and starts to bound towards the door. "Watch me, Cat!" Unfortunately it doesn't open and he has a rather painful collision. As he rubs his smarting forehead, Schafu brings him the red uniform to don. "You shouldn't be running about half-naked." The boy takes the bundle and stares at it in wide-eyed confusion. Schafu hits the button to open the door and Jan immediately charges out. "WAIT!" calls Ran. Retsu adds as they bolt after him, "Don't frolic about!"

Out in the city, there is a horde of Rinshy hopping along. They smack down terrified people. A pair dive through a car, one into the window and one into the engine. The car blows up and people nearby scream and fall. The Rinshy seem less about killing people than about terrifying them out of their wits. The Rinrinshy, Makirika, is absorbing the bite of their terror, feeding off of it. His heart glows and beats. And now, he sucks in his limbs and head, then bursts out of his old form into his adult one. A mantis type, after all, for a moment he looks like an enormous mantis, then his arms head and legs break out. He is green and he has mantis claws. Great orange bubbles on his shoulders were the eyes and spikes are on his head. He cuts an entire overpass in half with his claws and it falls. Heck, one car and a truck were bisected. We hear screams, but no sign of the people. Fire, fire everywhere. The Rinshy are still there, still attacking everyone. Ran arrives at the scene first. "Hey!" she hears behind her. Jan's voice. He is trailing behind Retsu, struggling still into the clothes Schafu had give him. "Boy, you're really fast!" he tells her. Retsu is still fretting about what they'll do with Jan, when a sound pulls his attention around. The Rinshy have noticed them and head their way. "Let's go!" says Ran. They move and gesture, calling upon their Beast Power. "Beast ON!" they cry, slamming their right fists into their left palms and closing their fingers down upon the grey back of the right gloves. Light flares. In a moment the energy animals encase them, and they are beautifully armored. Ran says, "Hibikoreshoujin, kokoro wo Migaku!日々是精進、心を磨く! Honest Heart! Gekiyellow!" Retsu's moves are almost like ballet, and he calls "Wazaga irodoru tairinno hana!!技が彩る大輪の華!! Fantastic Technique! Gekiblue!" Jan is amazed and watches as they charge into battle.

They do well. Yellow uses her Cheetah to cut down several. Blue is sweet, too. He twines several spears with his limbs and calls upon his Jaguar to roll tumbling through the enemies. Jan is all excited and he tries to transform, but he has no clue how. And then buildings start blowing up. Screams fill the air. Jan sees a litle girl crying in the rubble. He shouts, "Hey, what are you doing? It's dangerous there!" The girl barely registers him. "Father... mother..!" she whimpers as she cries. Jan is confused and decides he has to go and get her. But where he is gets blasted and he has to avoid being crushed under flaming cars. And between him and the girl arrives Makirika. "Ooh, I found a little girl!" he crows happily. She whimpers and cringes back until she falls. Jan shouts, "What are you doing?" Makirika sees nothing wrong with explaining. The misery and horror of human beings makes them strong. And that is Rinjuuken. He takes a swipe at Jan. The boy is blasted back, and the little girl yelps. Her fear feeds Makirika, and he picks her up, threatening to slice her. But Jan's awake and alive and yes, angry. He slams his right fist into his left palm, fingers depressing the gray area but he doesn't even know what he's done. As Makirika draws back his arm to bisect the girl, Jan roars. The sonic impact startles Makirika and attracts the attention of the others. So when Jan calls for the tiger, this time it comes to him. Channeled through the changer, it armors him in red and black. Flaming heat around him, he punches Makirika away. Yellow says, "That's a might Geki!" "Unbelievable!" gasps Blue (in Japanese, not English). Makirika digs himself out of the rubble and charges Red. They clash, but Red is able now to fight. He springs off a wall, bounces back and flips high, giving good and not being hit once. And the surge of his power attracts someone else's attention.

Leo, back at the Akugata base, notes that this is the Tiger Power. "It has to be..." he says....

It certainly is. Red calls his tiger, and it leaps and bites Makirika and tosses him away. Red is ecstatic, bouncing and loving the Juuken power. As Blue and Yellow come to him, they are still fairly unbelieving of his energy and innocence. But Makirika is not finished yet. In fact, he's quite angry. He will show them his power! He bubbles out to become a giant. They are all quite surprised and nearly get hit. He knocks them down and then is about to slice them when his claw is caught coming down. Master Schafu has appeared, as giant as Makirika, but not completely there. His form shimmers and ripples. They are surprised. Red leaps to his feet and crows, "Cat, you're great!!" Then he cocks his head and wonders, "But are you all right?"

The ending credits, I think. Gray city buildings. A jet flies over. We see the three colorful heroes in its shadow. They turn and this looks like a commercial. Yes, for the Beast Arts Acadamy (scrtc). Masaki is telling us Geki is the power of Juuken, and by the way this here (on her right hand) is a Geki Changer. It's rather an important all-function item for the group. We see the robot in the background, but the image changes to some of the gloves functions, such as channeling the energy power of the Beast. She amuses herself by gathering power and blasting the robot, who bounces about the room. And now the song begins. Our heroes are the only color in the city, running around looking for... Master Schafu! He keeps being behind them, around the corner, on the opposite side they look. The only color besides them. And a flashing red light. But when they find him at last, everyone goes color. At this point they credit the New Zealand unit, which includes such non-Japanese names as Mark Harris, Steve McQuillan, Gavin Stroud, Rewa Harre, Gary Illingworth, Phil Totoro, Shanne Warren, Luke Robinson, Ylona McGinity, Janine Dickins and Janet McIver. Lots of dancing in the background, the cats too. Last scene in the credits is Schafu sitting in a park across from that famous New Zealand city which the Magiranger sort of lived in, hahaha.

In our next episode they will form Gekito-ja to fight in the city. 修行その2 Retsu has to learn to be a little less indignant about Jan. Masaki has a little talk with him. To teach the boy how to use weapons. They'll be in the control area, fighting Makirika. Wakiwaki! JuukenGatai. ワキワキ!獣拳合体

Gekiranger TV Ending Theme

Bang! Bang! ぶつかっても
More! More! 知りたくなる

Just feel it, Don't think 'bout it

Go for it, Don't give it up

Hito ga nani ka wo mezasu tokini ha
Soko ni kanarazu michi ga mierusa

Daitanfuteki Johnny
Bang! Bang! Butsukattemo
More! More! Shiritakunaru
Sarani, tsuyokunaru tameni

Just feel it, Don't think 'bout it
Kimi dake no Tao!

Go for it, Don't give it up
Kiwame Tsuzukete... Gekiranger!

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In our last episode... The jungle boy, Jan, meets Miki Masaki after watching her use the Leopard Beast Art against enemies. Dressed in... Gekiranger Red's uniform, he followed Ran and Retsu and watches them fight Rinshy. But when Makirika terrorizes a little girl in the rubble of their attack, Jan finds his own power and transfers into battle-armor. But Makirika goes giant and attacks again. Before he can slice and dice them, Master Schafu appears in giant, shimmering form to hold him off. Jan cheers ecstatically but wonders if this is all right. Master Schafu opens his golden eyes wide, blinks and flips Makirika over. Enraged, Makirika goes at him, but he has become solid now and easily evades the great claws. He elbows Makirika hard in the stomach, sending him flying out of the city to land in the distant woods. "GREAT!" screams Jan from far below, the three remain in their armor. And now Master Schafu's form shimmers and diminishes in size. It was like an astral projection, sinking back into his body as he breathes a sigh. "Cat, great! Great cat!" cries Jan. The others charge past him and he catches up quickly, still stuttering about how great Schafu is. Ran salutes her master respectfully and thanks him for helping. Retsu grabs the excited Jan's shoulder and yanks him out of the way to ask Master Schafu to teach him this technique. Schafu calmly walks away explaining that this is the method to make a warrior a giant with the Geki. Well, Retsu dashes around in front of him and begs respectfully to be taught it, Ran definitely wants to learn it, too. Jan bounces around behind them, "Me, too, me too!" But Schafu isn't inclined. They need a test or something? While the others seem to understand, Jan utters a few bewildered "Eh? Eh?"

修行その2 ワキワキ!獣拳合体
Shugyou sono 2 Wakiwaki! Juuken Gattai
Discipline 2 Wakiwaki! Beast Arts Combine

A rather beat up Makirika stumbles through a heavily overgrown woods. His power fades and he is merely a Rinrinshy again. He curses them. And then he hears his mistress' voice. He looks around for her, but is grabbed by the throat and thrown against a small tree then dragged back up and pinned against the trunk of a larger one before she finally lets herself be seen. She is in her human face. "Mele-sama!" he gasps. She is about to, perhaps, kill him, but he pleads that he hasn't been defeated yet. That he could still take out Schafu. She doesn't seem inclined to believe him. Schafu's power is legendary. Well, Makirika points. In the distance is a great dam. She lets him go and smiles with great pleasures. "A dam, eh?" she says, transferring to her chameleon armor. He sinks down and she carresses him with her tongue. She comments on his flavor thoughtfully. Then she says she'll help him out.

In the meantime, in the scrtc building... Miki Masaki leaps to her feet, ablaze with fury. "Master Schafu, what were you thinking?!" Dismayed, he covers his head with his paws as best he can. She moves out from behind her desk and tells him sternly, "You can't go out and fight." She points out there is some sort of non-participation clause to his Juuken. As she approaches we see that Jan is mimicking Master Schafu's ear-gesture. He joshes her, not willing to agree or disagree but he had gone. She looks annoyed as he passes her. Ran comes down on Miki's side. "Please, you have to leave fighting the Rinjuuden to us." Retsu steps forward to agree with her. Jan loks at him as he says grimly, "We'll have to fight Leo, too." Jan asks, "Leo?" being completely ignorant. "That's the name of the Rinjuuden leader," says Miki, and goes on to explain how he had resurrected the Rinshy, encouraged them that they would become strong. "In order to protect people from the Rinjuuden, we've formed you into the Gekiranger." They nod, Jan in some ignorance. Retsu, however, steps towards their general, begging again to be taught the technique that will allow him to fight as a giant. Master Schafu seems to pay attention only to pouring a cup of tea, the others listen as he points out he has his GekiBeast. Then it seems to occur to him what the Master had said earlier. That human bodies can't become huge, and he mutters fretfully, "Then how?" He moves around the Master's other side as the great cat sniffs his tea and begs to be taught. He's a good begger. Schafu points out that it's a bit too early for the three people to do this. "Three people?" echoes Retsu in surprise, following him across the room. "But they're subsidiary!" And he goes on that he alone can do it, as Jan picks up what's being said and makes a confused sound. Ran steps forward to stop him. "What do you mean by that?" she says a bit stiffly. Jan pops forward, wanting to know what subsidiary means. Retsu, annoyed, grabs his shoulder and shoves him away. She and Jan are both tussling with him right now, and Miki sighs behind them. But Master Schafu, seeming to have paid them no heed whatsoever as he sipped his tea and considered, has made a decision. It seems he will teach them this. The trio, who are still struggling with each other, pipe down and stare at him. "Eh?" asks Jan. But the other two grin with joy. "Yessir!" Then, to their horror, he assigns them to teach Jan the Beast Arts together. Jan is ecstatic. Ran and Retsu look appalled. Retsu gets on his knees to plead, "Wait a moment, please! I don't understand at all!! I mean, what relation does HE have to all of this?" Behind him, Jan looks delightedly at Ran and points to himself. She sighs. Schafu replies, "Before you see if you can climb a mountain, before you see if you can swim an ocean, you have to understand." And that's his final word on the subject. He drinks his tea and poor Retsu looks miserable and confused.

Out in the woods, Mele repeatedly spears Makirika with her tongue. As he sinks to his knees she point out that she's put infinite something in his cells. She's given him the power, and wants him to use it to drown the city. He feels it, channels it, and restores himself to his full power. He's raring to go!

Ran's put Jan on the robot. Robotuff. It's a very cushy orange and black and she's got him alternately punching the round hands. "This is the training droid Robotuff." And she says something about everyday a thousand times. Jan pauses to check the meaning of the word she used. "Senkai, does that mean ten times ten times?" "Ten times ten times ten times," she informs him. "Do it every day and your heart will be strong!" Jan counts on his fingers, but has no grip on just how large a number it is. "That's so boring!" he whines. Leaning against the wall behind him, Retsu sighs. Jan grumbles about being hungry while Ran sternly tells him to keep practicing. Retsu is bored, too, and turns to take one of the weapons from its rack on the wall. A handsome red and black Nunchaku. We hear Ran say sternly, "Really do it! Right, left!" Obedient but rebellious, Jan continues punching, but catches sight of what Retsu's doing and leaps on that as a distraction. He hustles over. "What are those?" "What, these?" asks Retsu, surprised. "Gekinunchuku." "Wakiwaki!" crows Jan. "I want to learn them too, me too - " but he stops speaking when Retsu walks away from him. Retsu says quietly, "They aren't ordinary Nunchuku." He adds another comment, but poor Jan whines, "I wanna do the Gekinunchuku!" Ran pushes him back. She tries to tell him he's not able yet, but he resentfully pushes her out of his way. He makes a snatch for the nunchuku as Ran calls him, but ends up stumbling into Robotuff's chest. His fingers hit the robot's screen and accidently set it to maximum. Ran and Retsu utter dismayed gasps. Suddenly, Robotuff starts punching hard at Jan, who makes a quick run for it around the robot. It bops him on the head, knocking him down, then trips over his feet and falls on top of him. Retsu and Ran hurry to push it off of him, her asking with some exasperation, "You all right?" He pops up as soon as they get it off and hisses at them, startling them into shying back. This gives him a chance to snatch up the nunchuku and he bolts for the door, colliding with it. He quickly hits the button and it opens, out he goes at a run. "HOLD ON!" shouts Ran and races after him. Retsu gapes after them and then says sullenly, "It's incomprehensible." He is not happy, for to him Jan is just impossible, hopeless and quite possibly in the way. At that moment the other door to the room opens and in comes Miki. She hears him mutter "I don't get it," sees him kick Robotuff and studies him. "What don't you get?" she demands. He says her title in surprise. She stretches the kinks in her neck and points out affectionately that she's hungry. "Let's go," she tells him with a smile.

They've gone to a place with sliding glass doors under a red noren. While they get ready to eat their ramen, she speaks to him reminding about Master Schafu's asking them to teach Jan the Beast Arts. He expresses his unhappiness with the assignment quietly. She asks him if that's his final word on the subject... perhaps. He looks at her, at her small, enigmatic smile, and doesn't know what to say. She addresses the cook who accepts what she's said, and then asks Retsu what he thinks is important for the Gekiranger. "Well, for Ran it's the heart." She asks, "For Retsu?" He replies quickly, "Technique-sense." She smiles. "That's just like you. So, what else is there? It's something very easy...." He doesn't answer, trying to think. She has mercy and says, "What you like, the Beast Arts, yes? Jan wants to be a Gekiranger. And shouldn't that be enough for us to teach him?" And for him to get what makes him happy, perhaps. Retsu looks struck.

And so it is that later he finds Ran and Jan, up on a late-winter hill in the city. Jan is beating up the ground with the nunchuku. When Retsu joins her, Ran says "He's been doing that the whole time." Like something. She seems to be almost affectionate about it. Then poor Jan hits himself in the forehead. "Ouch!" he whimpers, rubbing the hurt spot and squatting down. But he straightens up again right away and tries. Retsu looks quietly thoughtful as we hear Jan injuring himself again in the background. Finally, he steps over to Jan. He says something about getting a feel for the weapon, causing Jan to stop and listen. Jan stubbornly glares and says, "Not giving these to you!" Retsu takes them from him easily, jerking Jan off-balance and says "Watch." He starts spinning them around his waist and says quietly, "It isn't POWER you need to handle the Gekinunchuku." He picks up speed and Jan watches, entranced. "Wow, you're so steady!" He pads around Retsu, amazed. "Great!" Retsu stops and tosses the nunchuku to him. "Try it and see." Determined, Jan clutches the ends in his hands. He starts out slowly, mimicking what Retsu had just shown him, and picks up speed rapidly. It goes without damage and he gasps in delight, stopping. "I did it!" he tells Retsu eagerly. He starts again with a crow of, "I can do it!" Ran joins Retsu, watching with a small smile. Jan crows, "So wakiwaki!" Retsu notes that with a faint furrow of his forehead. "Wakiwaki means this is fun?" he asks Jan. Jan stops the nunchuku again. "Yeah. How about you? Is Gekijuuken wakiwaki?" Ran cannot help but smile. "Of course. I love Gekijuuken." For a moment she looks at Jan's incomprehending face and then clarifies for him, "Wakiwaki!" He nearly wriggles in delight, then hops excitedly towards Retsu. "And you, too?" he asks hopefully. Looking away, Retsu says "Obviously." Jan grabs his hands and says "You have to do it more wakiwaki!" He starts bouncing around, pulling Retsu in a circle and cheering "wakiwaki, wakiwaki!" Retsu finds himself smiling despite that and turns his head to Ran, "He's a bit weird." She giggles. Jan calls, "Hey, Ran too!" and grabs her hands to bounce her in a circle calling wakiwaki, too. So the three are together, observed from a short distance away by Master Schafu, who is clawing a tree. He gives a sigh of pleasure that the three are starting to get along.

But the enemy is not sitting around either. Makirika is up to full power. He tosses out a powerful pair of energy bolts at the dam, cracking its walls. While the pressure of the water behind quickly shatters the cracks open, Makirika and Mele step out of the way, he smugly anticipating the human terror that will only feed his power.

The sound of the damn bursting reaches other ears. Master Schafu turns and opens his eyes wide. Jan whirls around, suddenly stiff and alert. The other two haven't heard it, though. Ran asks, "What's wrong, Jan?" "Zawazawada! (something awful!)" he answers with a gasp. The "real" meaning of zawazawa is "the sound of people talking". In Jan-speak it obviously means something slightly different. He charges off, and they follow him, Ran calling him to wait. They race down into the city and stop when they see what's coming at them. A wall of muddy water hitting the streets with considerable force. Ran is the push that drives them to high ground, jumping off the roof of a car which is washed away an instant later. In this case, high ground is a third or so floor landing of an apartment staircase. They leap farther up to the roof, and watch the water roll by below. Retsu notes this seems like the Rinjuuden's work. Jan cries out and points upwards. Makirika is back, giant, and wading through the water several blocks down. He roars for the humans to empower him with their screams. And people certainly are screaming as the water catches them. Ran, Retsu and Jan are fairly shaking with anger. Just as Jan roars and they are about to leap into action, a woman's voice from behind them says "It's useless." Startled, they turn. Clinging to a girder above them is a being clad in green armor (or that's just her body, it could be). We know who she is, Mele. Do they? "Useless," she says again in an almost tender voice. She drops down amongst a group of Rinshy who've come with her. The trio move into battle positions and Ran calls, "What are you?" Mele shimmers into her human form. She says happily, "For love of Lord Leo I live! For the love of Lord Leo I fight, Love Warrior! I'm the Rinjuu Chameleon-type. Mele." She smirks at them. She is grace and sweet beauty (and flat as a board, but this is Japan). If he had cat ears, Jan's would be flat in outrage. "You aren't something!" he growls at her. Together the three move into their pose to call up their armor. "Beast ON!" Standard self-introduction. Finishing line is "燃え立つ激気は正義の証! Moetatsu Geki ha Seigi no Akashi! Blazing up Geki is proof of righteousness!" Hmm. Mele watches with some amusement and says, "That was cool but, not cool enough to interest me in fighting you. Rinshy, you have at them." She gestures, and the horde hops forward.

Ah, the poor Rinshy are out of their league here. Retsu calls out his Geki Tonfer. They appear in each of his hands and he uses them with speed. He takes a tubling dive to a lower rooftop and uses the energized Tonfers to beat back the Rinshy. "You're warriors but ushiro MINUS!" Don't ask, I'm not sure it's even ushiro. Oh he is a sweet fighter. And so is Ran. She calls in her Geki Tonfer, too, but uses them connected back-to-back as the Long Baton. She is smooth! Jan uses his new toys, the Geki Nunchuku, forcing the Rinshy back and tumbling them. Retsu calls to him, suggesting a different method and he obeys, spinning the numchuku around his waist and over his shoulders. Power roars through them, through him, and now when he slashes their energy wave reaches farther than their physical presence, and the Rinshy go down quickly, bursting into ash. But with them gone there is another matter to attend, Makirika. "You're next! Wazowazo dekadeka!" cries Jan. Makirika smashes a building and the pieces fly at Jan. He goes down with a cry. Ran and Retsu race to where he lies in the rubble. "Jan," Ran calls. "Hey!" Retsu calls. They start to pull pieces of cement off, but Jan is already sitting up, shaking himself off. Taking note of them he complains, "He's just too big!" (dekadeka off dekai=huge) He thwaps the cement in frustration. With a hiss of the same frustration, Retsu stands up. "If I could only - " he starts to say when their communcators sing. Master Schafu tells him, "You can do it." Startled they all listen and Retsu replies, "But you haven't taught us anything yet!" Master Schafu tells him that it wasn't just about that. A sort of triangle. "Triangle?" repeats Retsu. Jan folds his arms across his chest and cocks his head. "It has to be with three people?" Retsu clarifies. At the scrtc, Schafu stands next to Miki and explains, "The true meaning of Gekijuuken is 心技体 of the triangle. Only with all three can they unite into one. "Shin... gi... tai. Ran is the Heart." Ran adds, "Retsu is the ability. So then Jan is - " Retsu finishes, "the body!" Schafu explains, "Before you were too disconnected, but now you can do it. You can unite your emotions together." Ran asks uncertainly, "United emotions? What does he mean?" It is Jan who provides the answer. "I got it! Wakiwaki!" he claps his hands on Ran's shoulders and turns to Retsu. "Gekijuuken is wakiwaki!" Picking up his phrases, Retsu confirms, "And when that wakiwaki overlaps, anything can happen!" Joy surges into his tone. Ran says, "Right! Then let's try it out!" Jan cracks his knuckles, and then together they call for the Juuken Gattai. They leap up, becoming their light beasts, which attack Makirika briefly before becoming completely solid and coming together. The Jaguar forms the left leg, the Cheetah the right, and our Tiger is the mighty body of Gekito-ja. Our three heroes find themselves in a chamber with a misty floor. Four claws beind them, and between the claws a pillar in each of their colors. Gekito-ja lands in the water covering the city streets. Miki is relieved that this made at Gekibase is finally in use. Master Schafu always expected it. And in the Gekito-ja, Ran calls them to fight.

This new development is greeted with some amusement by Mele, who watches from the safety of another roof. "Juukengattai, huh? Well aren't they spectacular!" Suddenly, she finds herself sort of choking, and after a moment of struggle, she transfers into her Chameleon-form and coughs up a big fly. He buzzes her, delighting in the new development before settling and allowing us to have a good look at him. His fly-head is designed to look like a microphone, and since he means to be the commentator that's quite fitting. He has four black arms and two legs with fat feet. He wears blue jeans and suspenders. It's oddly hilarious. He seems to be on the Gekiranger's side. Mele is pissed that he's come out, and she grabs at him angrily but he evades this first snatch and flies about her. Finally he settles in front of her again, and this time she squashes him. But the battle beyond is just beginning.

As the Gekiranger move, so does Gekito-ja. The fly's name is Bae, and he crows their first charge. Retsu moves and To-ja elbows Makirika in the gut. They do a spinning kick next to his head that sends him falling into the waters. "How do you like them apples, precious Mele?" "Shut up," she grumbles. "Who are you commentating to?" and turns her back on him. Makirika head-butts To-jo, a move appreciated by Bae. They duck under his next strike but he manages to get them a couple of times. "You cheat, you cheat, Makirika!" screams Bae over Makirika's cackle. "The Geki are in a pinch!" as Makirika forces them back. He goes after them with a double strike, and they backflip out of the way. His claws punch deep into a building and he finds himself stuck. "Gekito-ja did it!" They are up atop another building and free. "Ooh, he can't move. Now's your chance, Gekito-ja!" Mele looks unhappy. They flip over Makirika's head and land behind him. A spinning back kick takes his legs out from under him and before he recovers, they've pulled out a weapon. Mele leans forward to get a better look. Made up, I suppose, of the cats' tails is three-section staff called a Sansetsukon in Japan. "Geki Setsukon!" cry the trio inside. Retsu has Jan drive the next attack. As they fight, Bae asks "Can the Gekiranger really use such a difficult style?" Makirika jumps away from the swishing weapon, but then they use it lined up and slam it into his gut. They're really fond of gut-shots. This time when he falls, they aim to finalize this. They spin in the cockpit... chamber. "To-ja is spinning!" gasps Bae. With their torso whipping around but not their legs or head, they charge towards Makirika who has just gotten back on his feet. Shocked by the apparition approaching, he stumbles back. He is struck in the head multiple times before their momentum carries them past him. Retsu calls, "Juuken is courage's proof!" Ran adds, "It's burning righteousness!" Jan adds, "And a definite win!" punching the air. Poor Makirika. He suddenly turns to stone, which cracks, begins to disintegrate and then blows apart. We hear his scream. "Gekito-ja, win!" cry the three within. Bae confirms as the commentator on this bout. "Well, they've made a new triangle! It's big together a - " he is cut off. Mele's tongue twines around him and pulss him back inside her. Hey, she can do that not in her Chameleon form. "Do you never shut up?" she complains bitterly, then walks away and vanishes.

Back at the Rinjuuden base, the symbols on the bracelets glow for Leo. He raises his arm to look at it. "The power I demanded," he says grimly, "is not yet enough."

And in scrtc, Miki comes into the room where we hear as background noise what amounts to Jan cussing up a storm. Miki goes to Master Schafu, who is playing with a cat-toy, to report their findings on Jan's examinations. He's measured up as a fine athlete. Schafu thanks her. We hear Ran telling Jan, "No, that's wrong." We see she has the nanchuku. "You hold the two like this," she says. Retsu snatches them from her hands. "You have no sense. I'll show you." He starts to use them when Jan leaps onto his back, trying to get them. He manages it. "I'll do it!" he crows, bouncing back to his feet and races off, the others chasing after him. Miki watches this with a smidgen of doubt in her tone. "So, these are the Gekiranger...?" She sits next to Schafu. "Will the world make it?" Schafu chuckles at that and assures her. She smiles agreement, then he holds up his triangle and dings it. The three are wrestling in front of Robotuff, and have bumped it pretty hard, knocking it over before Ran and Retsu leap to try and tackle Jan.

Today they introduce the Gekichanger. Miki indicates the three Gekiranger behind her, Jan grinning like a loon as they show off their changers. It seems they pull the suits and weapons from the Sai-Center something pocket. Hahah, Miki makes a bowl of ramen appear from Jan's Gekichanger, to their shock. The three gasp, "Ramen, too?" "Itadakimasu!" Miki laughs and snaps her chopsticks apart to eat. Jan is hoping she'll give him some.

In our next episode...
Rinshy clump together, beating up on one which lies curled up on the floor. That one wears a red band on its head, which it soon tears off to reveal that it's become a Rinrinshy. The triangle pointed down in its forehead is still black and featureless, but it looks like this one is a bull, for we see such a monster charging armor-clad Jan on the streets. It drives him with deathly power back into a road support pillar, which gets the worst of the deal. So Jan's learning something new... but it seems to involve him cleaning the ground by hand with a thick towel. The bull keeps most of its head on its chest, breathing out steam. It challenges Gekito-ja, who has taken its red cape. It seems the cleaning idea was Master Schafu's, and Jan didn't like it at all. He is the charging in type himself.

シオシオ!そうじ力 Shioshio! Souji Ryoku. The power of Clean!

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Michael Robinson says:
To help with the translation on Leo's line, here's the quote from episode 4 I translated. "Being purely fierce as a lion, as powerful as a lion. I am one destined to rule the world. I am the Black Lion...Leo."
To ask, do you like me to help out with the Lesson 4 summary? I watched it too and like the plot it had.

As for the Lesson 3 Beast Academy, to correct a bit, Miki was explaining about the GekiWazas, the Gekirangers' special attacks, using GekiTohja's "spin-based" Gekiwaza finishers as a prime example.

Lesson 4: Robo-Tuff
Lessons 5: GekiTonfa, Part 1

There is more than one plateau on the strange mountain/peninsula where the Rinjuuken are based. Far below the main building there is another, sweet and elegant under the gray-cast sky. There are even trees here, in this dead-seeming place, around a building. Below that building is another, smaller one set up on a stone base, and Mele paces, grumbling in building frustration. She stares at a door set in the stone base, and we see inside. Rinshy are fighting, a group against a lone one with a red cloth on his head. He is doing well briefly, but then they get through his guard and he falls, spinning. They descend upon him. Mele hears his choked, dying scream outside and she sags with disappointment. "Another no good," she complains, rubbing at the headache building in her head. She turns and demands, "Who's next?" Another Rinshy bounces up to her, a red band on his head. "You?!" she says in surprise. "Well, do it then!" He hops bravely in through the door and she glares sullenly when it closes behind him. Pouting, she sits on the steps and complains of no one coming out at all. And then HE comes down to see what's going on. Leo. "The Rinjuuden trials," he comments. Ecstatic, Mele is all smiles for him. He seems to comment that without these, the Rinshy cannot become Rinrinshy. And, inside the building, the latest Rinshy faces his fellows with confidence. Leo completes his explanation for the benefit of the audience and Mele jumps to her feet, to tell him how wonderful he is. Possibly in response to her, but more likely to the opening door, he says "Look." And what steps out is what had gone inside. The Rinshy utters a cry of victory, posing for them. The floor behind is littered with the other Rinshy. Mele bounces for joy.

Back in the main building, where we get a good view of the two statues behind where Leo likes to stand enough for me to think their armor is designed to be Kabuto and Kuwagata... or possibly something totally different, but this it today's impression, Leo whips around. Mele happily performs the formalities, telling the Rinshy to reveal his face and asking his name. He quickly obeys. His face is like all the Rinshy, but at this time, the triangle in his forehead is a black void. He tells them he is Gyuuya. With this proclamation, the triangle reshapes into an image resembling a buffalo. Black fire ripples about him, and Leo seems mildy impressed. His face is white and eyes are crazed, but voice is calm as ever. "Get out into the world... get the Gekijuuken's."

Shioshio! Souji Ryoku.
The power of Clean!

In scrtc we find Ran in training mode, punching the hands of Robotuff. She talks to herself, it seems. "Gotta be faster. Gotta be better'n the Rinjuuden." She ducks under Robotuff's return punch. Retsu is also in training mode with his tonfers. As they practice, Jan comes into the room. He gives a cry of joy and bounds forward to watch them. "You're doing nikiniki again?" Retsu says stiffly, "This is not nikiniki. This is lessons." "Me too!" crows Jan, and charges in to shove Ran aside and go against Robotuff. Ran utters a startled yelp. Robotuff delivers a one-two punch that sends Jan back against a brace and he slides down, stunned. A little dismayed, Ran dashes forward to stop the robot. Retsu tells Jan coolly, "Robotuff's busy with Ran's lesson right now. It's too fast for you." Jan pushes himself back up, wincing slightly, when he hears a ding and looks around. Master Schafu has wandered in and starts talking about the morning menu (and he isn't meaning food). Ran and Retsu leap immediately into salute postions (stand tall and straight, punch right fist into left palm, remember?) and greet him. "Yo, Neko!" says Jan with a friendly wave. However, Master Schafu tells Jan he has a special studying plan for him. "Special?" Jan asks, cocking his head over the word. Ran and Retsu, though, look mischievous and grin at each other. "Studying?" Then with utter joy says he'll do it. But I don't think he anticipated anything like this.

Jan is charging across the floor of the gym pushing a white cleaning cloth under his palms. In the exercise room above, Ran looks down at him, amused. Retsu is on a cycling machine. "He's doing it," Ran says, "With just a dust-cloth." Retsu gets off the bike to take a look. He steps over next to her and leans on the railing and starts talking about what Master Schafu always says, but the Master himself has stepped forward to say it. About learning/studying. His words are lost as Jan continues charging back and forth and then comes to him and complains, showing him the cloth, "But this isn't a lesson! This is cleaning, isn't it?!" "Yes, that's right. It's cleaning." On about how the cleaning helps while poor Jan gapes at him in shock. As the Master continues about how great learning how to clean will make him. Jan follows as best he can and crows, "Is that so? Yay, then I clean-learn!" But before he can get back to it, he hears/feels a disturbance in the F- er, well, you know. "The bad things've come!" Ran and Retsu above nod to each other and charge off. Jan gives the cloth back to Master Schafu and bolts after them.

And the Rinshy are in the city again, bouncing ahead of Gyuuya who strides in his red robes. He can feel the power of their horror feeding his strength. But a woman cries, "Rinjuuden!" and he turns. The Gekiranger charge towards him, stop and Ran says firmly, "This is as far as you get." He isn't impressed, and watches them change into their armor with interest. He snorts and sends the Rinshy at them. Ran cuts those in front of her down with her Cheetah. Retsu with his Jaguar, and Jan with his tiger. Gyuuya snorts again and says, "Like children. But now you face the real thing." He channels his power, folds in and metamorphoses to his poweful form, great horns on his head. Pawing the cement, he lowers his head and charges them with a buffalo's low. Jan snarls and runs to meet him. Chest fitting perfectly between the bull horns, he braces himself and tries to push Gyuuya back. "You cow!" he snarls as he is in turn pushed, and they end up facing the opposite way. And then Gyuuya gets the upper hand and charges Jan into a great pillar at speed. And another, and another until they hit a red car that rocks at the impact, windows shattering. Gyuuya flips Jan high into the air, then tosses him flying headfirst into another cement block. This actually is enough to stun Jan. Ran and Retsu run to his side to make sure he's all right. "That's my power," gloats Gyuuya. Jan snarls, but it is Retsu who pulls out his tonfers and charges. "Buffalo soukakuda!" shouts Gyuuya as he races to meet the boy. Retsu calls out the Jaguar-ken, and leaps spinning over Gyuuya's head. Startled, Gyuuya wheels to a halt. Retsu bounces off a wall and comes back, spinning and dealing quite a blow to Gyuuya. Jan gives a startled yelp of appreciation. Ran decides she's getting in on this now and charges in. Gyuuya has been knocked off his feet, but leaps back up. However, he finds himself being rapid-fire punched by the woman in yellow. Her last punch knocks him off his feet and sends him rolling. Jan gets to his own feet with a cry of appreciation. Gyuuya gets up, too, rather impressed with the two of them. But before he can start fighting them again, the power-charge he'd gotten runs out, and he is only a Rinrinshy again, though that is still greater than a mere Rinshy. He decides discretion is the better part of valor, and burrows away through the ground. Jan screams, "AH! Wait!" and lunges. Retsu and Ran grab his arms trying to stop him. "He got away!" protests Jan. "It's not over yet!"

Back in the base, Robotuff has been programmed to simulate Gyuuya, and Jan calls to start. Robotuff paws the floor and charges. Jan glares and snaps, "Maimaida!" (he could be saying "straight") Snapping his feet together he leaps up, only to catch his foot on Robotuff's head and fall on his face. With a discomfitted snarl, he sees Robotuff charging towards him and leaps up, punching. Robotuff blocks him and strikes back, sending Jan into a wild spin before he hits the floor. Ran moves in quickly to shut off the robot. Lying on his back, the world spinning, Jan asks mournfully, "Why? Why can't I do like Ran and Retsu?" He throws a brief kicking fit lying there. Retsu is standing next to Misaki, who is in a brown business suit this time. They watch the unhappy Jan. Misaki smiles fondly and her comment causes Retsu to raise an eyebrow doubtfully. He wanders around her to sit down, commenting that it's probably impossible for Jan to get as accomplished in the Beast Arts as they are. Ran, settling down, points out that the Rinjuuken they'd fought today had the same type of power as Jan. Brute power to brute power without experience.... Jan sits up, but the sound of the door opening attracts his attention and he cranes his head over his shoulder. Master Schafu wanders in and Jan runs to him. "Cat! Please teach me how to defeat that cow!" We see the Master is carrying a cloth behind his back. Now he holds it up to Jan. "That lesson menu is this." Jan looks at it with dismay and hurt. "I don't want to clean anymore!" he snaps and smacks the cloth from Schafu's paw. It hits the floor with a clink of metal. Retsu eyes it suspiciously while Ran gets up and reaches down for it, only to find the cloth is suspiciously heavy. "Eh?" she wonders. She lifts it with both hands and asks in surprise, "What's with this dust-cloth?" Schafu takes it from her without really answering and brings it back to the pouting Jan, who is studying the ceiling. "You got to get every nook and cranny, until everything shines," he says, putting his free paw on the back of Jan's collar. He drags the protesting boy out the door. Misaki nods firmly.

Out in the woods back at the villains' base, Gyuuya is bursting stones with his power. "Gyuuya," says a woman's voice. Mele appears behind him as he turns to look. She's come to him, interested in giving Lord Leo joy. She takes out a little pocket mirror and puts on lipstick. She keeps talking about Leo and giving him joy, blinking her lovely eyes, thick with sparkling green powder, as she comes to Gyuuya. She wants him out and after the Gekijuuken users. He is glad to be asked. So he charges, and charges out of a building wall in the city. People scream and run. Gyuuya is in full beast-mode. He slams into a light pole and it falls. It hits a car just as the driver and passenger make a run for it. This image is on the webcam owned/monitored by scrtc. Masaki is horrified. Retsu and Ran, looking over her shoulder at the screen, exchange glances. Ran says "Retsu!" he makes an agreeing noise and off they bolt. Jan, meanwhile, is still in the gym. Schafu is calling to him, "Jan, put your back into it!" and something more. Jan answers that he's not fooling around. He wants to learn how to defeat the cow. The cloth under his fingers abruptly tears apart and Jan goes tumbling. "Ouch!" he complains on his back. "You aren't finished yet!" Schafu tells him. "Huh?" Schafu is picking up the two pieces and tells him to go get a new dust-cloth. "Eeeeh?" yelps Jan, sitting up. He gets to his feet and takes the two pieces, complaining every moment in misery. But off he goes to where Masaki is, in full pout. "A new dust-cloth, thanks!" he says huffily. She's typing on her computer and she grins. "Ah, what a sad face!" she says. Frustrated, he puts the two pieces of cloth on the table. "I hate this lesson!" Still amused she answers, "What are you saying? These lessons are basis of the Gekiranger." "BUT," he snaps indignantly, then lifts the two pieces of cloth and shakes heavy, metal bars out of them onto the table. "This can't possibly help defeat the cow!" She looks at him steadily and he unhappily says, "I want lessons to have technique like Retsu and speed like Ran." He patters around to her opposite side and she smiles. "Hey, Jan. What catch-phrase did Master Schafu give for you to call?" He looks confused, but then recalls, "Eh, um... Karada ni minagiru mugen no chikara. (In the body overflowing infinite power) Unbreakable body." He hesitates. Masaki stands up to talk to him. "That's right. That cannot be broken, that is tough and strong. Overflowing with mighty horse-power. And that is what is in you." She puts her hands firmly over his heart. "You aren't the Fantastic Technique or Honest Heart." Jan starts, "But I..." he hangs his head miserably, "was run down and beaten by the cow." The memory stays fresh and strong, of being pushed back and smashed, smashed, smashed. He trembles and clenches his fist. Masaki smiles and tells him, "Master Schafu's menu lesson for you is to keep you from being defeated." "Eh?" Jan asks. At his innocent confusion she smiles and chuckles. Moving away, she goes to one of the boxes piled up against the wall and pulls out another dust-cloth. As she brings it to the table she explains about his body and the power he must learn to believe in and harness. With sudden understanding, Jan turns to look at the word painted in sweet kanji on a large painting. Geki. He thinks about Schafu, waiting for him in the gym. "His lesson menu is the greatest," Masaki says. Jan turns to see her opening up a case full of metal bars. They are labelled 15kg. She puts three into the pockets of the cloth. "Master Schafu is trying to make you the best you can be, please believe that." She pulls the cloth up with a panted, "Heavy!" and hands it to Jan. He nearly sinks under the weight. And to what she further says as he adapts to the weight and straightens up he replies, "The cat's lesson menu won't beat me!" "Hm?" wonders Masaki. But Jan lifts his gaze to her, bright and shining again. "I'll do it!" he crows.

He charges through the scrtc halls back to the gym. Schafu turns as he comes to a sliding halt and sees the new light in his eyes. "What's the matter, Jan?" he asks mildly. Jan holds up the weighted cloth in his right hand. "Cat, I'm gonna beat this lesson!" he crows. Master Schafu chuckles and dings the triangle. Jan dunks the cloth in the blue bucket of cold water provided, rings it out, drops it on the floor and then throws his hands down on it, charging across the gym. "Beat the lesson! Beat the lesson!" he repeats, remembering the low of the bull as it charged. And he goes across and around and Schafu watches, musing that he is going to make this all clean, shiny, and develop himself at the same time. They amuse us by having Jan do the floor in a triangle to fit the one in Schafu's paw. Finally, the Master dings it and Jan, charging towards him, crows, "I'm finished!" but then adds "Oh wait, whaddo I do?" for he's forgotten how to stop going. Master Schafu calmly hops over him and turns to watch him collide with a cage full of basket-balls. Panting, Jan pulls himself out of the resulting pile. "All done," he breathes. And Schafu turns to agree, for the floor is so frightfully shiny it might blind the eye. "Well then, you must go and fight now." Jan is too startled to just go, and Schafu has to explain to him that Ran and Retsu are out there. That Jan should show them what he's learned. Ecstatic, Jan charges away.

They are indeed out there in their armor, and getting bowled over by Gyuuya. He comments, "You're weak." Then three Rinshy grab Ran by her arms and neck. They hold her while Gyuuya leaps and comes down for a powerful kick. Ran is smashed back into a metal container. Retsu cries her name, but they've got him too. Four have him, one clinging to his legs, and Gyuuya comes at him. He slams his head into Retsu's gut, and hero and Rinshy go flying. "This is the end for you!" gloats Gyuuya, sliding his horns around Retsu's waist and tossing him to Ran. "Retsu!" she cries, and helps him. He is all set to run them down when someone cries, "STOP!" Of course it is Jan arriving at a run. "You zowazowa (stinking) cow!" "Jan!" both Retsu and Ran cry. Gyuuya mocks the boy facing him, but Jan grins and snickers. He calls on his armor, the Tiger comes to him. Gyuuya expects the same as last time. He paws the ground and charges at Jan. His Buffalo attack. But Jan holds up the dust-cloth, "Gekizoukin!" and lets the three metal bars drop out. The cloth itself he tosses onto the cement. Then he places his hands on it, and charges, talking all the while. Ran and Retsu watch in confusion. Together they ask, "Only a dust-cloth?" Jan and Gyuuya charge towards each other, one low and one high. But Jan finally seems to have grasped what Unbreakable Body means, and his power catches fire. His head hits Gyuuya in the gut, and it is the Rinrinshy who goes flying. Laughing, Jan spins the dust-cloth on his fingertips. Gyuuya staggers back to his feet, refusing to be impressed he charges at Jan again. Jan dashes forwards and grabs the bull by the horns, literally. "Geki-technique!" he crows, twisting Gyuuya's left horn up as he'd wrung the cloth several times while cleaning the gym. "Where'd you get the power?!" gasps Gyuuya. But Jan just grabs him and lifts him up, tossing him over his head. "That's just from a dust-cloth!" he laughs. Now he grabs Gyuuya again and starts swiping HIM across the cement. Towards several red barrels cut off and marked "Danger". Jan lifts Gyuuya and tosses him into the barrels. An instant later there is a tremendous explosion, blowing Jan out of the warehouse he'd run Gyuuya into. He lands rolling. He recovers quickly and gets up, as Retsu and Ran charge over to him. Ran says happily, "You did it, Jan! That's was great power!" Retsu adds something about the lesson paying off. Jan agrees happily, that is was just as the two of them had told him. "If I learn the lessons, I get great!" They chuckle in relief. However, they are interrupted by Gyuuya. "You filth! You thought it was over, but you were greatly mistaken!" he huffs as he staggers out of the warehouse. He calls on the power and goes giant. Jan crows, "We go too!" and he leads the change into their beast-powers, and into Gekito-ja. Thus Gekito-ja faces Gyuuya down a rather wide city street. There is no traffic, only a few cars as tiny as toys partked along the road. I'm afraid the buildings are too regular and, well, they ddn't try hard but that's not so important. For, flying above the battleground is Bae, out to report on this battle as he'd done the one before. He hovers near where Mele sits, kicking her legs, and introduces her. "Here you go again," she says boredly. Then she brightens and hops up. "Ah, but too bad for you. This is the day your precious Gekito-ja is finished." The traffic lights below the titans turn to greeen, and they charge each other. Gyuuya ducks as Gekito-ja leaps at him, and rolls over his back. He spins to meet their strike and they stagger him. "Hey, they've pulled his cape off!" crows Bae. He notes the fluttering of the red cape as Gekito-ja challenges Gyuuya. Puffing steam from the nostrils on his chest, he accepts the challenge. "My cape!" he snarls. Down to all fours and he charges. Hey, this is an 8-lane road! Gekito-ja stands like a bullfighter and sweeps the cape mockingly. They let it go as Gyuuya hits and, blinded, he crashes into a building. Flames billow up. But he's not finished. He's on his feet and has his cape back on his shoulders. He is also enraged. "Oh, you foolish cow!" laughs Bae. Gyuuya charges and Gekito-ja leans forward to meet him, but at the last moment he sprints left. They are unprepared as he speeds around on the streets near them, going so fast that he's only a blur. "Wow!" gasps Bae. They turn and finally are not ready when he changes course again, going straight through a building and slicing them as he passes. They fall, sparks flying. They land on their back and Gyuuya stops and turns. Bae calls that this is a foul. They are shakily rolling over onto their front. Mele is jumping with delight. Bae notes that they don't seem able to recover.

Inside, the Gekiranger themselves are also fallen. Retsu pants, "That one has some clever tricks!" Jan says, "Retsu, it's all right! I learned!" Ran pants, "Right! What Jan just said. The three of us make the triangle." She reminds them how her speed had allowed her to injure Gyuuya and Retsu's technique had given him the same. Retsu remembers how Jan's power had tend down Gyuuya just a little bit ago. Jan happily agrees, "Ran and Retsu, to nikkinikki and wakiwaki!" They agree, not needing to understand his words as their feeling mesh together. They whirl onto their feet, bringing Gekito-ja up smooth and sweetly. Bae greets this joyfully. Mele watches anxiously. Then Bae asks, "Now what are they doing?" For Gekito-ja is grace and challenge, flicking its left fingers in a come-hither gesture. Furious, Gyuuya charges them. They charge him, too. "Gekito-ja is running!" cries Bae. "Running, running, running!" It is Gyuuya who goes low, grabbing Gekito-ja's legs and throwing them high into the sky. Bae utters a cry of dismay while Mele says "He did it!" with joy. Gekito-ja is spinning up, up.... Retsu cries "Technique!" and he flips strongly. Gekito-ja follows suit. Bae is amazed and interested. It occurs to Mele that this might not come out in her people's favor. "Power!" sreams Jan, and he leaps, kicking. Suddenly, Gekito-ja's lower body starts spidding. "And more speed!" calls Ran. So Gyuuya finds a golden whirlwind topped by a tiger-torso coming down at him. They cry out "Gekigekigekigekigeki!" as they hit, tearing into his head. Mele's mouth drops open in shock as she watches them land, far beyond a smoking, crushed building which is almost equally far from poor Gyuuya. Justice has won out again, as Gyuuya turns to stone, cracks and shatters apart. Bae flaps his wings wildly as he cheers their defeat of Gyuuya. Suddenly, Mele grabs his head and tells him sternly that he is not to talk about whatever it was he was talking about. Dismayed, he quiets down and then she tells him there is something to look forward to next time. "Why?" he asks. She leans in and presumably whispers in his ear. And whatever she says shocks him. "EH?! Those five?!"

Back at Rinjuuden, the three dragons coil in the inverted triangle. As usual, Leo sits below, meditating. And the doors behind him swing open wide. There stand five Rinrinshy, introducing themselves and bowing to their lord. Leo huffs in amusement and opens his eyes. "Godokuken," he identifies them. Five of them, so Go, and poisonous ken. "You can cure my thirst," he tells them, sweeping around. And he smiles, looking less crazed and more pleased. In his eyes we see the purple mist reflected, and the five dark figures standing there.

Back at scrtc, we see Ran is charging across the gym floor pushing a dust-cloth. Wearing a skirt. You know, that's really annoying. Master Schafu is there to give her instructions as he had Jan. That she's to get every nook and cranny shining clean. "EH?" she asks in horror. "I'll keep at it!" she gasps, wheeling around and starts to charge again, but her feet slip out from under her. "Owe!" she protests, for her right elbow had taken the brunt of the fall. Retsu is in even more unfortunate a position. He's got a dust-cloth under each foot and one in each hand, and Schafu wants him to use them all. But he'll try. Although he gasps out as he struggles across the floor "Rather getting minus!" and nearly sprawls flat. And Jan, who's completed this training, is laughing. He's watching this on Masaki's computer screen, and she is just as amused. "Oh that was henyohenyo!" Jan gasps, pointing. Just then, Ran and Retsu come into the room. Their giggling alerts them and Ran asks, "Show us what you're looking at, Miki-san." Much to their horror, Ran and Retsu see themselves when they collided in the gym, rubbing their heads. Ran covers Jan's eyes with her hands and Retsu looks like he'd practically rather die. Masaki clears the couch and Retsu moves in quickly to get the data off of her computer. In the end he turns it off before Jan can see Ran smacking him for running into her. Jan, however, snatches up a dust cloth and bounds over to where Schafu and Masaki are drinking tea. "I'm still pursuing lessons!" he announces gleefully. He whirls, "I'll beat the lessons!" and drops to the floor, charging across it pushing the dust cloth ahead of him, colliding with the boxes on the other side of the room. Schafu and Masaki utter dismayed noises, but Jan is on his feet and looking furiously around. "Beat the lessons!" he announces again, and now he charges after Ran and Retsu. With happy enthusiasm, they cry out and bolt ahead of him around the table, so he hops over it to cut them off. As the trio passes him, Schafu murmers about the next lesson. Masaki nods anxiously beside him and he taps the triangle. We get a brief image of our three, grinning heroes. Jan is the top of the triangle, Ran the lower right corner and Retsu the lower left.

Today Miki Masaki is introducing the spinning attack. She stands with Retsu on her left and Ran on her right, Schafu beside and behind Ran. In the fore is Jan, spinning on the right and Robotuff on the left. As she explains about the attack used in this episode, Ran and Robotuff have both spun themselves silly and fall over. Masaki trots down a few steps and asks them, "So aren't you horribly dizzy now?" Jan's eyes roll up in his head.

In our next episode... It seems we're going on ice. A lovely woman in a white coat, black slacks and ice skates. They are in a skating rink. I don't see Jan, but Retsu and Ran stand behind Master Schafu. Mele leads the five Rinrinshy in to Leo's meditation area. Each one wears a different colored sash. Green, red, blue, orange and white. And in their most powerful forms they do look mighty. The green is a gecko lizard, I can't see what the red is clearly but seems female and is a scorpion. The blue is a snake, perhaps cobra. Orange is a poisonous toad... white is a centipede. Finally, Leo is going to come out to fight the Gekiranger himself. He sweeps off his cloak, perhaps for transformation into fighting form. He will announce himself with his catch-phrase. There will be much trashing before they can turn it around.
ゾワゾワ五毒拳 Zowazowa Godokuken. The Five Poisonous Ken!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

At Rinjuuden, there is their symbol. In front of it, five colored candals. Green, red, blue, yellow and white with steady flames. We have the introductions of our five poison creatures done by a gloating Mele. "The Five Poison Ken. The special darkness. To bring to everyone fever, pain, cold, numbness, and nausea." Flashes of each in monster-form silhouetted against a fog in their color. Red, green, blue, gold, white and then all together in a purple mist in Rinrinshy form. The greatest five. Here, in the lower level of Rinjuuden, the same building as seen before only this time from the back, Mele walks inside. A hall, cells with barred doors. In each cell a different one of the five is practicing. The first door she goes to shows the chamber to be Centipede, Kademu, who tosses perhaps a dozen plates high into the air and shatters each one before any can hit the sandy floor. His is speed, she comments on what he can do in a mere second. The lights in the hall sit atop little dragon-shaped sculptures. Mele goes to the next cell. The light is blue. This is the room of the Snake, Burako. She watches him putting himself through his paces, hands like striking fangs. With one he slashes at seven blue candles set up on a bench, cutting them in half and the tops go flying. Next to the Scorpion's cell. Sorisa. She tumbles over and hits the floor with such force it buckles under her feet. She is the dancer. To the Gecko, Moriya, who is bouncing around the room sticking to walls. He vanishes and she looks for him. Then he pops his head down from the ceiling right over the door and Mele utters a startled shriek, shying back. He flips off the ceiling onto the floor. To the Toad, Maga, who is working with orange balls. She says his is a lead body, and he is as serious as lead (metal, I think she is saying). We see him toss the four balls at a wooden, human-shaped target. They come back to him and he turns, sending them at the door. The bars shatter, scaring Mele which I suspect was intended, hahah. And so Mele brings the five of them to the main building, probably to Leo. With a last remark which I'll work on later. "You know what'll happen if you fail," perhaps.

Zowazowa! Godokuken
The Five Poisonous Ken!

We're at an indoor ice-skating rink! Couples are skating together. Beyond them, clinging uncertainly to the fence, are Retsu and Ran. Ran has black leggings on, and both are wearing heavy padding on their knees and elbows. Ran is not happy, and Retsu reasons that he can get a sense for this. So he bravely lets go and heads out onto the ice followed by Ran. The poor kids are really, really not ready for this. Retsu falls on his palms, and a laughing Master Sha-fu crosses the ice with grace to meet them. The previous lesson is over. Today's lesson is skating. Retsu gingerly joins Ran to stand and salute their Master. He skates circles around them. "Today's lesson is the Kareido Spiral Jump!" he tells them. Ran repeats it with a mix of excitement and trepidation. "Kareido Spiral Jump is a Figure-skating thing, not a good technique!" Retsu is quick to agree with her. He is not moved by their white faces. A scream across the rink catches their attention. Jan is terrified as the skates take him towards his group, for he is not in control. Towards and past, in the direction of a woman in a long, white sweater. "WhaddoIdo?" Jan yelps. "Look out!" cries Ran. The woman, who was gesturing warmly to people, whips around, sees the wind-milling boy on a collision course towards her, and leaps. She clears him, spinning in an unfortunately too-obvious not-actually-there. But we all pretend it's real. Retsu and Ran are suitably impressed. Retsu starts, "That's - " and Ran finishes, "The Kareido Spiral Jump!" Poor Jan hits the clear barrier around the rink and gets flattened. Master Schafu chuckles as the lovely woman graces the ice, backwards and then goes towards Jan, who is chilled. She holds out a hand to help him up with a warm smile as Schafu explains about her. Junko Yaginuma, a premiere figure-skater. We see scenes of her skating in traditionally skimpy outfits to show off her form (skating form, gutter-boys). Here she is, she adds to his explanation, the director of the Skate Club. Schafu is already with her, while Ran and Retsu wobble over. Schafu, after the awed greetings pass, tells them they saw it, that magnificent jump. Jan, who didn't really see it, is excited to try. Junko gestures with him encouragement, and he starts to charge off. He's balancing all right now that the comic part is over. Retsu is a bit confident, when a signal comes through his Geki Changer. Ran, hands o her hips, watches curiously as he answers. It is Miki telling Master Schafu in an anxious voice that he should come back really soon. He makes an agreeable noise.

Again the dark of that long ago night, when a young Leo stood at the center of five probable corpses in pouring rain and looked down at the nearest. Again, the dark, growling mist that bore towards him. "Leo-sama?" asks a timid voice. He looks up. And opens his eyes, startled out of memory. "Leo-sama?" asks Mele again. She's come to check in on him, concerned if he's all right, if his stomach is fine. She kneels next to him. She has brought him a mug. Oh, but Leo's face is a study in irritation. He reaches for the cup and takes it, staring in. His voice is tight as he says, "I had that dream again. The crash. The temptation. The sudden meeting and answer." He crushes the mug in his hand, startling Mele as he stands. "Godokuken," he says authoritatively. The gathered five salute quickly and go down on one knee each. "The Rinjuuden have heard the voices of the Kenma (bracelets of Evil). It's time to cut this world down. But the Gekijuken have destroyed two of the Rinrinshy." (we see the previous two) Maga stands and takes a step forward. "Maga has not been defeated yet," he says in a deep voice. Red-sashed Sorisa gets to her feet quickly and tells him in a grating voice that he's a bit of a thick-head. "I could beat you." She makes a spinning kick and mocks his slowness. Moriya, the gecko, is amused and adds to her point, checking in on maga who is rubbing his head where Sorisa had kicked him. But the next voice, that of the centipede, Kademu, is panting and breathy, eager. But it is the snake, Burako, who points out that their behavior is foolish, in front of Lord Leo. The camera swings to our man. The other four quickly assemble in their places, but burako at their center remains on his knee in honor. Leo is cold. As the other four drop to their knees with salutes, he gets to make a decision, Mele comes close to him, eager to help. Leo sweeps back his cload and says, "We'll pay the Gekijuken back."

Miki has found a Rinjuuden symbol painted on the side of an office building. She is studying it on her computer. "What are they planning?" she frets. Eyes open wide, Master Schafu looks at the symbol and identifies its meaning. "The Godokuken are coming." Miki looks askance at him. "The Godokuken?" She thinks about it, then is more troubled. "If that's the way of it, those kids are still too weak!" She is on her feet, anxious. Schafu turns from her and closes his eyes, a troubled sound in his throat.

Back at the skating rink, Ran and Retsu have got their skating legs. They skate around Junko Yaginuma, who stands at the center of a circle. They each try cautiously a backwards spinning jump. Retsu ends up sliding on his back, and Ran's balance has become precarious. Junko tells them she wants them to slow down and tighten up (or "at the least"). "Tighten up?" quieries Retsu as she helps him back on his feet after checking Ran. Well, if they think they can't do it they'll never be able to fly. If you give up, you're on the road to defeat. Ran gapes at her. "That's what Master says, too!" Junko nods firmly. "You give up and everything you learn'll just disappear." And if you never give up, then the future opens wide for you. Retsu starts the echo, "If you never give up..." and Ran finishes, "The future opens wide." Junko nods, then looks beyond them to comment on their third, the determined Jan. He approaches skating like he approaches everything else in his life, with a growl and hurlting forward. He leaps and makes a few spins, but landing is still out of his reach as he slides on the ice on his hip and snarls. He's complaining about the smooth, frozen surface. Then he goes into a thrashing temper tantrum, but this doesn't bother the watchers. They get to master the Karedo Spiral Jump. Then a building is blown in a rather spectacular way. Jan stops thrashing, opens his eyes and sniffs the air. "Something terrible!" he exclaims, sitting up. The others know better than to doubt. Ran says, "Let's go!" Retsu grunts agreement. They gravely thank and salute Junko Yaginuma-san. Retsu says "We'll do our best." She nods, and off they go after Jan. She salutes back at them. "Gambatte."

Building are aflame. Our cobra, Burako, stands atop the building they'd painted their symbol on and gathers into his heart the terror of the fleeing civilians. But his business is interrupted by the arrival of the armored Gekiranger. Jan shouts, "This is as far as you go, awful thing!" The three tumble through the air. They land atop the roof and Jan calls challenge to the bemused Burako. But he is not alone, for Sorisa asks how they'll stop them, as she and the other three leap onto the roof, forming a ring about the Gekiranger. Ran utters a startled, "There are five of these Rinrinshy!" Sorisa notes the chicks have never met them before. Moriya, who seems to like her, adds that Leo has personally empowered them. Maga says nothing, but Kademu has mocking, for they will see. The five move together now, and manifest their power. Jan snarls as the Gekiranger move into fighting poses. We are allowed a good look at each of the Godokuken as they introduce themselves starting with Kademu, then on to Burako, then Sorisa, Moriya and finally Maga. "Godokuken?!" the Gekiranger echo incredulously. But Burako snaps his fingers (more villains copying the Boukenger!) and his people charge. The Boukenger meet them with weapons whistling, and Miki back at scrtc watches events unfold on her monitor. Really worried, she looks to the man beside her. "Master Schafu!" His eyes are wide open. He is no less worried than she. Retsu is thrown off the building, and Kademu follows him down to fight. Before Retsu can defend himself, Kademu is throwing punches at a speed beyond his capacity to defend. Finally, Retsu is punched away and hits a wall like a rag-doll. Retsu fights Sorisa with her long tonfar, but she can't hit the other female until it pleases Sorisa, whose hide is as hard as metal. Sorisa uses her kick attack and spins Ran off her feet! Jan fights Moriya, who springs and bounces, and climbs walls out of reach. Moriya mocks Jan as weak and then attacks the snarling boy with bombs shaped like geckos. Jan's subsequent fall is softened by cardboard boxes. Snarling, he starts to get up to attack again, only to find that he hasn't time. Descending in a jump upon him is Maga (the toad). Jan rolls out of the way of Maga's slashing blades and charges, punching Maga in the mouth. Only to find that this one also has a hide as hard as steel. While Jan whines in pain, Maga is able to butt him off his feet. The Godokuken happily toss Gekiranger to end up landing together at the base of a bunch of plastic, colorful seats around a stadium of some kind. Burako tells the Gekiranger this is the end for them, as his other four gather around. Now he leaps to finish the exhausted trio off. They cry out and cringe back, but in the instant before he connects, a brown blur pulls the Gekiranger out of immediate danger. We recognise Master Schafu in the form spinning like a whirlwind out of the city to the deep woods. Out of their armor now, and a wincing Jan looks up to see "Master Schafu!" whirling to a stop. Schafu tells the trio (center is pouting Jan) that these ones they're facing don't use NORMAL ken at all.

Michael Robinson provides this, and I've fixed as many typos as I caught but he did a fine bit of work:
You got 75% now.

Back at the skating rink, Ran & Retsu are overdoing it as Junko tells them not to overwork themselves with fear of failure. Junko explains that by giving up on something, they lose the experience to fully master it. Ran notes that Master Schafu always says that, too. Junko uses Jan and her own experiences as examples, despite the former's recklessness. Just then, a building explodes and Jan senses a Zowa-Zowa. The trio leave as Retsu & Ran thank Junko for her words of inspirration. We head to the building marked by the Rinjuuken insigna, were Braco takes in the suffering of the people below. The Gekiranger arrive, only to see the rest of the Venom Fists. Both sides were shocked. Sasori asked "These young fledglings are our prey?" Moriya commented "Lord Leo shouldn't underestimate the power of the Five Venom Fists!" Kademu replied, "We just have to smash them, yeah?!" With that the five gather and assume Beastman form and introduce themselves. Then Braco, the writers choosing as they did with Bokuen Red, snaps his fingers for the attack while Miki and Sha-Fuu are forced to watch. GekiBlue was outsped by Kademu's "100 Chops", GekiYellow by Sorisa's "Finale Kick" move, GekiRed by the teamwork of Moriya & Maga. Braco soon makes his move, "If that is the limit of Juuken, then prepare to...die!" With that, he jumps at then with his Ringi, "Youja Cutter".

But Sha-Fuu whisked the trio out of harm's way into the woods. "The Five Venom Fists are trouble. There are no mere Juuken users." Suddenly, Shafuu dodged out of the way of Mele's attack. As she reverts to human form, she gloats over the Gekiranger's crisis. "It's the end of Geki Juuken and the start of Rinjuuken's World. Along with his greatness." With that a big thunderstorm and wind occurs, alerting Jan to a BIG Zowa-Zowa. Just then, the Five Venom Fists arrive in Rinrinshi form. As they were joining in a group formation, Jan tells Retsu the sensation of horror is not from them, but proves to be from Leo who explodes out of the ground and lands on the throne formed by the Venom Fists.

Leo breaks the silence by saying to Sha Fuu that they are to fight as in his dream. By then, Mele gives a proper introduction for Leo. "Finally, the world WILL revolve...around Lord Leo!" With that, Leo's Rinki blazes with Ran comparing it to a desert wind. Sha-Fuu express his dissapointment in Leo's choice to take the place of evil. Leo replies, "If you still think I am your apprentice, you are a fool." Jan was shocked to hear that bit of info. Ran explains Leo was once a member of the Gekijuuken Beast Arts and a student under Sha-Fu. Retsu commented that's Leo's nothing more than a traitor. With that explaination to Jan settled, Leo tells Sha-Fu that he'll use his former mentor's head as founding stone in his new world order, jumping off his throne and discarding his cape. Though the Gekirangers moved to protect ShaFuu, their master told them to stand down. Despite pleas and remaining of his vows, Sha-Fuu stepped forward. The fight soon began with a test of whose energy is stronger. Then the actual fight begins with Leo evoking the Ringi "Rinki Gaisou!", with his lion Rinki aura forming into armor. "Being purely fierce as a lion, as powerful as a lion. I am destined to rule the world. I am the Black Lion...Leo."

Leo makes the first move with a energy ball that Sha-Fuu dodges. The fight escalates with Leo attempting to kill Sha-Fuu, who only dodges the blows while Jan watches with a vexed look in his eyes. But Leo managed to finally lay a hit on Sha-Fuu, knocking him hard. Leo then proceeds with the death blow, "Rinki Gouyuu Kouha!" sending his RinkiLion aura to rip Sha-Fuu into pieces. But Jan jumped in the way as GekiRed and counters with "Gun-Gun Bullet". Soon, the auras of GekiTiger & RinkiLion were locked in combat, damaging each other and reverting their projectors to normal. Jan challenges Leo, though Mele protests and demands Jan to go away. "Lord Leo has no time for a nobody like you!" But Leo disagrees, realizing his pre-destinated rival was never Sha-Fuu, but Jan himself. But Jan retorts to that revelation, "Even if you're a big bad Zowa-Zowa, I'm a Niki-Niki...And..I'll beat you! So fight me now" Soon we get a split screen of Jan & Leo staring eachother down.

At Leo's call, Moriya jumps at Jan with grab him by the neck. From there he infects Jan with his paralysis toxin. Leo tells Jan to earn the right to fight him, as the Venom Fists enlarge, he must win the Poison match. Mele mentions Moriya's poison will kill Jan in five minutes, unless they win the match by getting the antidote from the Venom Fists. With that, the Gekirangers change and form GekiTohja. Bae states the severe nature of the bout and GekiTohja's disadventage in the five on one battle before mentioning the special guest commentators for the fight are Leo & Sha-Fuu, honored to be in their presence with Mele bopping the fly on the head. Soon, the fight begins with Kademu & Braco attacking Gekitohja and knocking him into a cliff wall. By then, Bae noticed the black smoke oozing of of Gekitohja. The Juuken Fusion's sympathic nature is double-edged, as the poison infecting Jan is beging to infect Retsu and Ran. Ran suggested the Big Gan-Gan Fist, but Moriya attacked them from the cliff above with his shurikens to hold them down as Sasorisa kick Gekitohja upside the head and Maga then tossed his orangish bombs at Gekitohja, taking him down.

Leo gloated that the Gekirangers failed to meet Sha-Fuu's expectation. But Sha-Fuu assures Leo it's not over yet. They have something he never had. "Something you never will have." While Leo was shocked, the Venom Fist gathers around GekiTohja as Ran & Retsu took Junko's words in heart. Jan refuses to give up too and the three will get Gekitohja up. Braco was unimpressed, "The Poison match shall end with your destruction!" The three, defiant, having GekiTohja spin in the air, with his waist begining to whip around. All five Venom Fists gather to stop him, but the Gekirangers suceeded in mastering the Kaleido Spiral Jump, using it in a new variation of the Big Gan-Gan Kick, "Big Bun-Bun Kick", as it knocks all five Venom Fists down all at once. With them down, GekiTohja gets the antidote and takes it. Mele, vexed, starts to strangle Bae as he pointed out the obvious. Leo was impressed as GekiTohja fades and the three heroes are exhausted. This is bad as the five Venom Fists are still large and extremely P.O'd. But before they can retaliate in revenge for the embarassing defeat, Leo commands them to draw back to their annoyance. With that, Leo turned to Sha-Fu and asked "Will your pupils continue to win against my Rinjuken?" Sha-Fuu answered, "As long as they don't give up, the path to their future stays open." The two stared down until Leo smiled and left parting words, "Then I'll let you live for now, until you see your dream gone sour." With that, Leo flies off with Mele runing after him, yelling that Sha-Fuu was lucky. The Gekirangers soon get to their teacher as another storm starts with the Rinjuuken insigna.

Today they give info on RoboTuff, the Juuken Trainer Robot developed by SCRTC. Miki indicates RoboTuff has three mode settings: Beginner Mode (Jan sparring with RoboTuff), Expert Mode (Rapid punching Jan into submission), and Cat Mode. In Cat Mode, RoboTuff joins Sha-Fuu for some scratching at the scratching post.

In the next Lesson, Jan is suffering "Juwan", anxiety. To solve it, Jan's new lesson is to learn... from Ran. But Kademu's appearence soon leads to a battle between the two high-speed martial artists.

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I continue to thank Michael Robinson, for actually helping. People often offer to help and then never, ever do anything. Michael provides this summary (at least from where I'd found the time to write but he's added some corrections to dialogue in there) as well, and I have done my best to correct spelling errors.

Armor-clad, an angry Jan challenges Leo. "I'll fight you! So you fight with me!" he snarls. Leo in armor stares at him. The Five Venom Fists stand behind a fallen tree behind Leo. Jan charges and Leo moves with calm assurance. "Rinjuu Lion Fist...Ringi: Gouryuu Kouha!," he says indifferently as his Rinki Lion aura races to grab Jan in its mouth and toss him away. He lands without his armor, a grunt of shock as he rolls on a foggy surface in a dark space. Blood in his mouth, on his lips. When he looks up it is to find the Braco, above him. The snake Rinrinshi pulls him up by his hair and punches him in the gut. Helpless, he rolls and ends up being attacked by a cackling Moriya who kicks him in the face and passes him on to Maga who passes him to Sorisa and finally he ends up in front of Kademu. He tries to punch the Rinrinshi, who simply catches his fist and twists his wrist cruelly, mocking him by declaring he's boring. Kademu then speed-punches him until sending him flying. The five gather together and mockingly be snide at him. As Jan's voice cracks with pain, armor-clad Leo arrives behind the five. They salute him immediately. "Never are you to say that you want to fight me again?" Leo asks, slipping out of his armor and approaching where Jan lies on his back. He also says that Jan has no right to refer to himself as Leo's rival, remarking "You don't deserve to master the Juuken" with his mad eyes. Then Leo summons his power, eyes on fire with real emotion, body cloaked in golden flame as the lion manifests around him. Jan cries out in terror. The lion leaps at him and he screams.

He wakes screaming and clawing at the air. When he knows he is awake, he stares around his white room with wide eyes, sweat dripping down his face. He sleeps on a low bed beside a shaded window. There is another window. His shoes are messily dropped next to his bed, his tunic draped on a table or something next to the little end-table where a lamp illuminates the room. Jan shudders violently, trying to shake the dream away with a frightened sound.

LESSON 6: UJA-UJA! What should I do?!

Dead leaves blow through the tree outside scrtc and Master Sha-Fu inside is pleased, though worried the spring wind would mess up his fur. Miki is amused as she brings tea over to him, pointing how there's someone more troubled than Sha-Fu. Jan is really upset today, Miki explains the trouble as tiger-boy bounces through the room, scratching his head. He flips into the training room where Retsu is boxing with Robotuff. Poor Jan lands on his back. He then leaps high enough to touch his fingers inside the hole where the light is and lands roughly. "Me Uja-Uja!" He goes freaking out on what to do when Leo & the Venom Fists return. Miki realized Uja-Uja is anixety, a feeling Jan's not familar with. Since he's massively upset, Master Sha-Fu suggest he go learn from Ran, giving Jan a broom.

Jan heads out and finds Ran in front of a temple where she is training, standing motionless. Suddenly, dead leaves whirl through the air and all around her. She gets moving, plucking leaves out of the air until she's got a handful. Her speed amazes Jan, who attempts to get the last leaf and falls down, whining. Jan soon explains his crisis, just as Kademu comes to town in his Rinrinshy form and causes destsruction to obtain a vast supply of Rinki from the depair and anguish. When the three Gekiranger catch up with him, Jan remembers his dream. Despite that, he is unprepared when Kademu assumes Beastman Form and comes at him with speed-punches. "You'll have lots of openings! Rinjuu Centipede Fist! Ringi: Harmful Toxin Punch" He is about to get finished off, when Retsu dives at him and pulls him from Kademu's hold, only to recieve the punch on his leg and that brings him down, out of his armor in agony.

Mele arrives to state that Retsu is infected by Kademu's pain-inducing venom. Kademu resumes his attack, but Ran counters and the two knock it off. Kademu comments on Ran actually keeping up with him. "Since we both take pride in our speed... let's have a match to see whose fists are faster: Mine or yours? I challenge you to Senkenmanda!" he says, causing a stone stab score-plate to raise between the two of them. Mele explains the Senkenmanda is a duel that puts the pride of speedy Juuken fighters to the test. The plate will count the number of punches within ten seconds. While the one who punches the most in that time wins, the loser has the stone slab tumble over in his direction. With Jan cheering her, Ran accepts the challenge with Mele as judge using her fan to start the test. They are a blur, but at the end of it Ran has hit 999 times. Kademu beats her by one punch, with the slab landing before Ran. Jan was shocked as Kademu was bad mouthing "girly" until Mele order him to kill Ran.

The two assumed fighting positions, until the wind almost took off Kademu's bag/mask. Ran took adventage of the situation, punching him in the face. In a snit, he goes off much to Mele's annoyance, telling Ran they'll finish this at the beach at sunrise. The whole incident makes Jan more Uja-Uja. Back at Rinjuu Hall, Mele was vexed with Kademu and his mask obsession. "Still not enough" said an equally vexed Leo. Hearing that, Mele hoped that her master doesn't mean her love for him, offering to help in any way. But Leo give her his command, "I want to master the RinJuuken. For that to happen... I must hear more from the Kenma." Mele wants to help, but Leo says that to hear the Kenma once more, he needs 'Madoku.' Mele was confused as Leo explains, "It's been said that one of the Five Venom Fist had mastered Madoku, the Secret Ringi.... The Ultimate Poison." Mele is vexed that someone among her group refuses to help Leo and give this Ringi secret. Leo state the identity of Madoku user is not even known to the higher ups of the Rinjuuken, stating that the Ringi is well-guarded secret. Mele accepts the mission to find the one who use this Ringi.

Back at scrtc, Retsu is in the infirmery, recovering slowly from getting his poor leg injured and the centipede venom still in his system. Jan is on the treadmill when Miki comes in. She advises Jan to see Ran again. Ran is still practicing with leaves until dawn. By then, Jan finds her and they talk. But Ran is explaining how to rid oneself of aniexty, seeing an early bloomed cherry tree. She tells Jan how she almost quit Gekijuuken out of anxiety, but Master Sha-Fu had managed to teach her not to give up, and put her heart into it. The memory ends with Ran practicing her skills on cherry blossoms, assuring Jan it's OK.

So she goes to meet Kademu on the beach as he scoffed, "So you showed up? I was almost tired of waiting for you girly." It's clear he wants to end this quickly. But Ran tells him that won't be happening as they both change. Kademu explains that they start fighting with the tide reachs their feet. While that, Kademu perpares his "1000-Billion Palm" Ringi while Ran uses her Strike-Strike Bullet Gekiwaza. The fight soon starts as Jan arrives, seeing Ran & Kademu in a display of rapid-fire punches out of DBZ. With in three seconds, Ran knocked Kademu's block off to Jan's surprise. Kademu was equally shocked, demanding how she got faster then him. Retsu brings the Senkenmanda slab, with Kademu's side facing up. At Retsu's request, the Venom Fist flipped to see that his silhouette was punched out on Ran's side. Retsu exaplains, "You only hit to get a full score. You carelessly hit just to get numbers. In contrast, Ran imagined she was hitting only her opponent with every punch." This meant Ran had learned of Kademu's limits in accurate hitting, and where to punch that he could not guard. That Ran's fist are not only fast, but accurate as well: Her pride as a Gekijuuken fighter. Therefore, Kademu lost before he even started. Jan now gets the reason for Ran snatching leaves and petals out of the air as good practice for aim. Ran also explains it's also her faith in herself, her Heart.

But Kademu is ticked off and charges at Ran, but she whips GekiTonfa Long Baton mode and takes him out with Shin-Shin Strike. Now EXTREMELY pissed, Kademu rips off his mask to reveal his real face. Jan freaked out as Kademu's true face is the coiling body of a centipede. Enlarging, Kademu yells them that his face will be the last thing they'll ever see. They form GekiTohja quickly with Bae's happy commentary on the battle, starting with a battle of high-speed punches then a grappling match. But suddenly, Kademu reveals his secret Ringi! The "Chou Castle Whip", with Kademu's head unraveled into a centipede's tail that rips into GekiTohja as Kademu gloated, "Let my true face burn into your eyes. Carve the image unto your hearts as you die!" While Bae freaked out, an impressed Mele wonders if that's the Madoku Leo spoke of. During that time, Kademu has Gekitohja in a constriction hold, crushing the Gekiranger. But refusing to accept their fate, the three scream in heart and the tables turned with GekiTohja grabbing Kademu's head and swing the Venom Fist in a hammer throw. With that, GekiTohja was able to destroy Kademu with Big Gan-Gan Fist. Bae cheers for Gekitohja and attempts to cheer up a depressed Mele. But Mele's really dissapointed, "Kademu's not the Madoku user...I must look at the others." While Mele walks off with Bae in her cluches for an after-fight snack, Jan feels relived as he loses his Uja-uja thanks to Ran. Back at the cherry tree, Ran trains some more with the others watching. Sha-Fuu comments "If you take a break from a day's training, you'll know. Take a break for three days, those close to you will know. Take a week's rest, the enemy will know and win." With that, Jan grabs Retsu so they can train with Ran.

Today they give info on the GekiTonja, which has three modes. Jan and RoboTuff are playing with paddle ball in the background as Miki begins to explain. The mode Miki tell today is Ran's favorite mode: The GekiTonfa Long Baton. Other than combat, it can reach "hard to reach" spaces like the birdy on the rafters, with it landing on Jan's face.

The next episode follows Retsu, and he will battle the wall-crawling Moriya and devise a means to scale walls. He must also deal with the rather strange art dealer from his past. Next time Lesson 6. Juwan! What's that!?

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We start off with Rinjuu Hall, where Sorisa holds in her hand the mask of Kademu, stating that the Centipede's impatience cost him his life. But this semi-grieving is turned into utter mockery by Moriya, calling Kademu a moron for dying and having a 'stupid ringi'. "The weak are nothing but fools easy to rid ourselves of! Isn't that what Rinjuu Hall stands for?" he asked Maga if he's right. But soon Moriya gets kicked off his pedistal by the cloaked Mele, who asks if Moriya think he's no fool. Moriya answers with confidence as Mele commented, "Then you must have some awesome secret Ringi at your disposal." With that, Moriya assumes BeastMan form as he gloats that he does, "My secret Ringi will amaze you!" With that, he climbs up the wall. "But, I don't know if you would every see it." As Moriya leaves through the ceilling, Mele questioned if Moriya's the Madoku user...

LESSON 6: JUUWAN! What's that?!

We open to scrtc, where Jan is finally winning against RoboTuff until he smells something strange. Following the scent to the entrance outside, he opens it to see a strange mustached man in a pink shirt with glasses, scarf, and beret. Jan is nearly suffocating from the odor of the "mustache man" as he states with a semi-French accent, "I heard this is Mr. Fukami's reception room." Jan asks who Mr. Fukami is, with the mustach man answering that he's the most precious thing in the world of art. Jan asks what 'art' is, with the man a bit confused as he exaplains art as "the pulse in humans called Kandou"(emotion). When he asked how Jan doesn't know something simple like that, tiger-boy answered he does by showing his ID with his full name, "Jan Kando". The mustached man was a bit annoyed as he said, "Puns are not art..." By then, Ran arrives and soon Jan realizes "Mr. Fukami" is Retsu. We head to the top of the scrtc building to see Retsu painting a landscape as the mustached man skips to Retsu, who identified him as Mr. Pierre Fujishiro. After bowing before Retsu, Pierre noticed the painting and asked if Retsu can give him the picture. Jan soon learns from Ran that Retsu was going to be a master painter prior to joining scrtc. She also explains that Pierre's an art dealer and wishes to have the painting Retsu's working on. But Retsu refuses, telling Pierre the picture's not done yet and he has no intention of giving it away. Jan asked why not, Retsu explains it's lacking something. But before this could be resolved, Jan smells a zowa-zowa. At another building, we see people working until a lady saw Moriya standing on a window. Everyone freaked at the sight and ran off as Moriya enjoyed the their shock. He was about to pursue when the Gekirangers arrived on the scene, though Jan was shocked like the other people by Moriya's skills.

"So the three stooges finally showed up?" Moriya gloated as he jumped off to face them, telling them they'll start things on "their world" out of pity. The gang changes, but the fight lasts until Moriya jumps back on the building. Though Jan demands Moriya to fight like a man, the Venom Fist told him to be glad that he even soiled his feet on the ground while saying with vigor, "From now on, you'll fight my in MY domain!" Jan accepts, only he misses and he falls back down to Earth. Ran wonders how Moriya is even standing on the wall and defying the laws of physics. Moriya gladly answers it's his Ringi, "Delicate-Hair Legs", transfering more of his Ringi into his feet to cling on any surface. With that, he turns his back to the Gekiranger and goes with "kiss this" taunt while saying no one can outdo his technique, getting Restu's attention. He jumps up, clinging to the edges for dear life as Moriya acts impressed, "You got guts coming to my turf!" With that, he flung a shuriken at Retsu and continued his taunting, "You're just a gravity-bound fool, who'll never leave your stupid world!" With that, he managed to get Retsu to lose his grip. But Retsu grabbed Moriya's leg, with Jan & Ran cheering him to drag him back to the ground so they can beat him. But Retsu refuses, saying it's not his style, "It's pointless to win any other way but fighting his style." And like that, Retsu releases his grip and hits the ground. Though Jan demands the power to get down, Moriya tells him to be fortune this was just playing, saying "Bye-Bye" as he walks off. Jan is confuse on Retsu's decision.

Back at scrtc, Retsu looks at his painting thoughtfully, 'Belief...Principle...Style.' Just then, Jan and Ran come in, still arguing about how to fight someone as unpredicable as Moriya. Jan's confident he won't blow it like Retsu, but Miki explains that the way Retsu fights is like how he paints. Sha-Fuu arrives with the training gear needed for their next lesson: Window washing gear and bungee cords. Though Ran was a bit confused, Sha-Fuu explained, "There is training in every life-style," and that by making the windows of the scrtc building brighter, so should their determination be brighter as well. Retsu, eagerly starts the lesson. While watching him clean, Jan's curious if winning is important. Ran explains that it is, but not everthing. She's sure Retsu's looking something other than victory. By then, Pierre arrives with a briefcase and freaks out seeing Retsu 'in danger' and faints. Back at Rinjuu Hall, Sorisa enters Moriya's chambers, asking her comrade why he returned. Moriya anwered that it would be boring to finish them off like that. Moriya's not buying it, thinking he ran back here with his tail between his legs. But Moriya explains that he is messing around with jaguar-boy. By then, Leo arrives and the two Venom Fists kneel before him. Leo spoke his thought, "Geki Blue... Gekijuu Jaguar-Fist Artist... HIS little brother." He turns to Moriya, telling him to kill Retsu, revealing that Retsu himself may be more trouble then he's worth. Moriya assures Leo the boy's as good as dead.

We resume to see Pierre waking on a park bench overlooked by Ran before got up and ran to Retsu to see if he's okay. Retsu wants nothing to do with the art dealer and walks off with Jan pleaing him to let Pierre have it. Pierre attempts with have Retsu change his mind by offering the massive number of yen he has in his briefcase. Again Retsu turns him down, much to everyone's shock. Pierre was shocked asking if Retsu wants more, but Retsu tells him the painting is still missing something. But Pierre, not conviced of Retsu, decides it's not worth hanging around and leaves. Jan then asked what's missing, and Retsu explains it's Kandou, leading to Jan thinking it's him until Ran corrects him. Retsu soon explains, "Without Kandou, neither art nor Juuken would have a reason to exist. That's what I think anyway" With that we get a flashback to Retsu's final art show. It was there he was with Sha-Fuu, wanting to become his student in the Gekijuuken Beast Arts. Sha-Fuu, looking at Retsu's work, soon turns and tell him, "If you desire to learn the Gekijuuken in order to avenge your brother...Than I shall not teach you." But Retsu explains that it not his inten, "As you knew, my late brother favored his solitude. Though he was a lone wolf, he was interested in the Gekijuuken Beast Arts. I think the Gekijuuken deely moved him. I wish nothing more than to be deeply moved as well." With that, Sha-Fuu agrees and tells Retsu to use what he learn to move others so that 'kandou' in him would bloom like a flower. Jan's a bit impressed by the story, but soon smells the Rinjuu Hall are back. Ran asked if Retsu's ready, answering her by jumping up a archway much to Jan's delight. Retsu then says, "This time I'll beat him."

We arrive on the building wall as Moriya awaits the Gekirangers, seeing Jan and Ran have arrived with Jan yelling for the Werido poser to get down. Moriya soon noticed Retsu's not here, until he turned to see Retsu behind him at the top of the building, clinging on the wall to Moriya's distain. "Say what! Braging in my turf again!?" With that, Moriya attacks with intent on making Retsu flat as pancake. But Retsu is dodging the attack at the same time he's holding on to the building. Ran wondered if Retsu's now found fighting is the result of refining his balace during the training. But Moriya's not really impressed with the improvement, remaining Retsu that he's still bound by gravity. But Retsu replies by telling Moriya he's bound to the 'gravity of jumping to conclusions.' Flipping kicking Moriya and performing his speedy "Dance-Dance Dash". While Jan and Ran cheered Retsu on, Mele is shocked by Retsu able to dance on the wall like that. "Even though it's Moriya domain, his perfect's truely a thing of beauty." By then Mele realized she's pining on Retsu, snapping herself out of it and reminding herself that she loves Leo. Back to the fight, Moriya is on the ropes by Retsu as he said, "Moriya, when two Juuken fighters clash, equal in strength and tenchnique...What do think decides the winner?" Moriya was astonished to hear that as Retsu answered it's the one who can deeply move others. "A burning passion is just not enough. That flame must also heat around your surroundings. When I do that, everyone's kandou give me power!" With that, he lets up of the ledge and runs at Moriya, punching him to let go and the two pummel with Retsu continue his flurry of punches and kicks while telling Moriya that Kando can't be taken to win, it must be given after you won. Soon, Moriya hits the ground hard, leaving a mark on the pavement with Restu standing tall. "If you can't feel Kando, then you can't obtain it." With that, he jumps off Moriya and land a bit away, telling Moriya to take a nap.

Ran and Jan ran to Retsu to congradulate him, with Jan saying it made him feel "Juwan" which he was what it was. Retsu answered with a thumbs up, "It's Kandou, Jan." Jan mimic the thumbs up and the gang enjoy their moment unti Moriya got up in a hiss fit. "This is the first time someone dragged me to the filthy ground!," Moriya said as he launches his shurikens with Retsu countering with GekiTonfa Baton Mode. The two charged with Retsu wounding Moriya to use his Bloom-Bloom Bullet Gekiwaza. Mele watched it, commenting that's Moriya's all talk. But Moriya is enjoying the "fun" of his fight, enlarging to continue it with Mele hoping for his sake he has the Madoku. The gang quickly form GekiTohja, with Bae mentioning that without buildings to cling on, Moriya seems to be at a disadventage. GekiTohja starts the fight with a uppercut, double hook, and two kicks; All which Moriya dodged to the gang's annoyance. In moments, GekiTohja got Moriya in a armlock...Or so it seemed, until Moriya disconnected his arm like a lizard with its tail. The shocked GekiTohja is attacked by he arm clinging to hid face as Moriya reveals his secret Ringi, "Rapid-Growth Arm." With Gekitohja blinded, the Venom Fist jumps behind to deliever the final attack. But Retsu managed to will Gekitohja to fall down to deliever a mule kick before Moriya could strike before getting back up and rip the arm off him. Retsu reveals that Moriya's attack aura was exposed, a 2nd class move, as he's convince the Venom Fist had to kandou. With that, GekiTohja finishes with Big Gan-Gan Fist with Bae commenting that this attack had a flowery look to it. Mele soon comments that Moriya's Ringi is no Madoku while adding, "Losing in such a shameful way, Rinjuuken's better off without him."

Back at scrtc, Retsu has finally finished his painting with flower as the subject, declaring his work complete. By that time, Pierre enter the room excited to hear the news. Though Retsu was shocked, Pierre apologizes for yesterday as he sees the finished masterpiece and asks for it as he grabs Retsu in a bear hug. Retsu begs for help from Jan, as he walked off picking his nose. Sha-Fuu tells his pupil, "Kandou pieces deeply into the soul. That's training, Retsu." Hearing that he's on his own, Retsu pushes Pierre off him, only to be tackled by the happy artdealer. With a close up of the painting.

Today they give info on the GekiTonja's other mode that Retsu uses: The GekiTonfa Baton. Requireing great skill, it can be used in a multitude of ways like a sickle or as Sha-Fuu showed: A back-scratcher.

The next episode opens with the debut of Miki's daughter Natsume and the big musical number by the Venom Fist diva Sorisa. In order to fight her and her army of Rinshi back up dancers, they have to learn some dancing moves themselves. Next time, Lesson 7: Shuba-Shuba Dancing!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten Michael Robinson, who's helped me supremely to get caught up, has these desires:
Well, a few ways to show appreciation I guesse are to let me help refine some of your pages, especially where villians are concerned (past & current). Another is to mention the seiyuu, especially if they have prior Tokusatsu roles or are MAJOR figures in their profession.

As for Gekiranger, I think you should update the main page to hold current Gekiranger news like the future debuts of the GekiBazooka, GekiSaber, GekiHammer, GekiElephant, & GekiElephanTohja. As well as start up the summary for Lesson 8.

We open with Mele watching Leo sparring and trying to join him in training, attempting to mimic his style. But Leo is too deep in thought to even notice her, no atter how she babbles. He's got of Braco, Maga, and Sorisa on his mind. "Only three of the Five Venom Fists remain. Which of them is hiding the Madoku?!" Mele attempts to get Leo's attention, but in vain though he happens to share with her a horrific revelation. We switch to Sorisa, chiding Maga by telling him it'll be a cold day in Hell before she'll let him fight by her side. Maga apogolizes, saying that if they join their fighting style together, they could make a great- "Beastman Jashinhen!" Sorisa transforms to kick Maga, who follows pursuit though he doesn't fight back as she kicks him on the head. She soon walks off in a huff with Maga putting his head down in shame.


We opening to scrtc, were our gang is in a argument: Ran wants Chinese takeout while Retsu wants a business luncheon. Jan just learned to use chopsticks and wants to eat pizza, soba, and curry with them. The other two both say no and resume arguing to the point of solving it with rock, paper, scissors. Sha-Fuu comments on this, "Our triangle has a long way to go." Jan runs to Sha-Fuu and pleas to eat curry with chopsticks, only to be told that a spoon is used for curry. He notices a girl entering the room and introduces himself. The girl tells him she's looking for her mama. Jan tells her there's no one by that name as Miki comes in, addressing the girl as Natsume. Jan's a bit shocked that "Mama" is Miki, with Natsume hostilely saying it's not a nickname. While Natsume cuddles Sha-Fuu, Miki settles the argument between Ran and Retsu by stating it's going to be Chinese. Ran is most pleased. She asks Natsume if she's going to dance class. But Natsume tells her she left the class, stating her dancing's perfect and the rest of the class are jealous. Miki's worried for her daughter as she pretends to take a nap on the sofa and Jan smells zowa-zowa.

Sasorisa begins her attack, Pop-star music video style with the Rinjuu Hall theme song in the background, as the Gekiranger arrived with Jan calling her a Zowa-Zowa. She soff at him, saying, "Don't address in such a wierd way! I'm the Terrifying Dancer! Rinjuu Scorpion-Fist Mistress Sorisa!" Retsu mocks her dancing abilities while Ran yells that her dance number's over. Sorisa vows that her Scorpion Dance Ringi will fill them with terror, sicking her backup dancing mob on them. The Gekiranger are unable to fight the dancing Rinshi, leaving them open to Sorisa's Flying Shuben Kick, knocking them to the ground with a shockwave before kicking them a few feet away. With Maga watching her, she walks toward Retsu, grabbing him by the neck. But in Maga's eyes, the two are making out. It drives him into a jealous rage as he blows himself up, intent on killing Retsu, ruining the mood for Sorisa so she and her backup dancers take their leave. The Gekiranger quickly form GekiTohja to fight Maga, as he charges them head-on with Bae on commentary. Bae asks Mele why Maga interfered in Sorisa's attack, she tells him she has no idea before slapping him to the ground. But overhearing Maga's intent to make the Gekirangers pay for touching HIS Sorisa, Mele realizes he's in love, much to Bae's shock. Maga's jealousy drives him to his strongest, as he jumps on Gekitohja who uses Big Gan-Gan Fist to knock him back. But. to everyone's shock, Maga jumps back up. Bae freaks out on the unprecedanted event. But what shocks Maga is the fact that Sorisa is nowhere to be found. But once Mele tells him she walked off in a huff, a horrifically depressed Maga runs off crying with GekiTohja the winner by default. But Bae says that Maga is going to be a tough foe in the future before Mele grabs him by his head and he pleads for mercy.

Back to scrtc, Retsu admits that Sorisa's dancing is truely hard to counter. Ran and Jan were also as devastated, having no way to fight back until Sha-Fuu comes to them and says, "The four of you just can't see it." The Gekiranger are a bit confused as Sha-Fuu was refering to Natsume as the fourth. Miki gets it, walking to her daughter and getting her out from under the pillow where she's hiding with her music to ask if she can take the Gekirangers to her dance class, shocking all four. Natsume doesn't want to, though Sha-Fuu askes her to teach the Gekiranger her wonderful dance. They are a puzzled, thinking that this may be a piece of cake, until they get to Ho-hou Dance School and are in aew of the dancing there. But Jan and Ran are a bit confused on why Natsume left if her dancing good as she says, but Miki thinks her daughter's dancing has nothing to do with it. The dance ends and Natsume's teacher asks the Gekiranger to try it now. Retsu and Ran bow in thanks, dragging the clueless Jan to bow to.

Back at Rinjuu Hall, Leo summons Braco to tell him of the Madoku and that even if he demanded to know the identity of the figure, he would only go into hiding. Braco asks why he speaks of this, as Leo assumes Black Lion form to deliver a both physical answer and a statement, "Unless that person is cornered... he won't use Madoku. Am I correct, Braco?" With Leo's fist still in front of him, Braco comments that if he were a writer of a story similar to this, he'd pick the unlikely "buffoon character" to hold that power as a plot twist. Leo lowers his fist to ask if the user is Maga. But Braco responds that the answer who will be revealed in time, taking his leave. We switch to Maga's chamber, where he's ramming his head into the pillars in a "stupid, stupid" fashion until Mele tells him to knock it off, asking him if he's calling it quits and revealing she knows of his feelings for Sorisa. She tells him she loves Leo because he was the one who brought her back to life, hence her reason to fight and live for him in the hope that someday he would, no, that he WILL realize her feelings for him. With that, Mele urges Maga to go for it by adapting a stronger persona to keep Sorisa's attention. These words move Maga who grabs Mele in a bearhug to show his gratitude.

Back at Hohou Dance School, our heroes are having a hard time dancing though Miki is more focused on her daughter. But soon, thaks to Jan's Shuba-Shuba dance cheer, the Gekirangers are able to get the hang of dancing. After they, they join Miki to watch Natsume's class practice. Jan soon gets a Muzu-Muzu feeling when the gang notices that Natsume is not dancing like the others, until Jan can't take it and stops the practice. He yells at Natsume that she has no "Shuba-Shuba" or feeling in her dancing, stating it as what the rest feel about her too. Realizing he's right, Natsume calls him stupid and storms out with Miki running after her. Natsume is confused about what's up with the others, that's she the best dancer. But Miki tells her daughters that being the best is not enough, with Natsume not getting it as Sorisa comes into the scene. The Venom Fist says, "What a cute girl. Your screams must be delicious." Intent on making Natsume cry, she sicks the Rinshi on her. But Miki uses her Gekijuu Leopard Fist style to fight the zombies off until Sorisa attacks Miki herself, easily beating her until Jan knocks the Venom Fist away from the pair as Ran & Retsu arrived. With mother and daughter out of harm's way, the Gekiranger change into battle suits. Sorisa scoffed the Gekiranger, deciding to give them another taste of the Scorpion Dance. Natsume's worried as Jan and gang are still beginners in Gekijuuken. Miki agrees, but assure her daughter they'll be alright as she yells to the gang to "dance for a dance" by remembering the song they heard during class to go with the flow. It soon worked and the Gekirangers dance-fight as Natsume commented on their synch. Miki explains that it's their Shuba-Shuba, telling her daughter to expand her horizons like they have.

Soon, the Gekiranger defeated the Rinshi, leaving Sorisa by herself. But before they could get her, they are pelted by bombs thanks to a 'new and badder' Maga as he walks to Sorisa while proclaiming he'll protect her. Though she acted defiant, Maga told Sasorisa to knock off the act, telling her she needs him. Retsu, not caring charges with his Dance-Dance Dash attack, only to get knocked off by the hard body of Maga. Ran tried with Shin-Shin Bullet, but with no effect as the toad knocked her away. Jan tried then with Gun-Gun Bellet, only for Maga to counter with his secret Ringi, Oily Body-Armor, which created a liquid covering to negate the GekiTiger's attack on him. Everyone was shocked as Maga told Sorisa, "While I am your shield, fight to your heart's content. You have ultimate offense and I ultimate defense. Let's work together for here on." Sorisa agreed as Restu and Ran unleashed their own aura attacks that were negated by the Oily Body Armor. With the attack subsided, Maga signals Sorisa to get them with her Crimson Shuben Kick, kicking the heroes out. Mele was watching, referring to the couple as the ultimate lance and shield. Natsume's frightened, as is her mother while the Gekiranger get up with difficulty and Sorisa and Maga laugh in their victory.


In today's Beast Arts Academy segment, the spotlight is on the GekiNunchaku which uses its swinging combined with Jan's Geki for powerful attacks. Jan practices, only it slips from his grasp and he falls down attempting to get a hold of it.

To counter the Rinjuu power couple Maga & Sorisa, the GekiBazooka needs to be used despite still being incomplete. However, to perform the "Geki-Geki Cannon" Gekiwaza, it must be charged for at least two minutes, leaving the Gekirangers open to attack. Thus Jan must train so he can hold off the two Venom Fists at once while Ran and Retsu charge the weapon up with their Geki. Next time, Lesson 8: Koto-Koto…Intently Koto-Koto.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten In our last episode: Sorisa danced the day away with her Rinshy. She used her attack to down the Gekiranger and laughed her head off about it. The Gekiranger engaged in training to dance in sync, having it rough until Jan got into the groove of things and led the others on their merry way. With their bodies in tune they were able to counter and defeat the dancing Rinshy. Sorisa was all set to be furious about this, when her secret admirer arrived on the scene. Maga, who defended Sorisa from attack by the Gekiranger spirit-beasts, encasing himself in an impenetrable field of - er - maybe slime. When Jan's tiger attacked, Maga not only stopped it, but threw it back at our heroes. "Ninju Toad-ken Nidanrin!" His bold declatartion of his power impresses Sorisa, who looks at him with new eyes. "Maga!" she gasps in amazement. "You've changed." Chest puffed out, he does his best to appear cool under her gaze. But his tone is still slightly tentative when he asks, "Do you have a strong man?" Going coy and flirtatious she immediately reassures him that she likes this in a man, and takes his arm in her hands. He gasps in amazement and looks at her and the SUIT actors are amazing, I tell you. "Well aren't you happy, Maga?" asks Mele, coming over to the pair. She is delighted for him, it seems. "Now, for Lord Leo's sake, put an end to them!" She sweeps her finger towards the stunned Gekiranger. Nobly he replies, "Nope." Startled, Sorisa releases his arm but he spins to her and with a loving voice says, "Everything I do is for Sorisa!" She turns to putty in his arms. Mele is stunned. It's quite an expression she has. She turns to find Sorisa gushing at Maga and calling him "darling." "Huh?" Mele stutters. Maga goes on to say "If all I ever do is fight them, somethingsomething" he turns all of his attention to Sorisa, "Then yours and my combination is born!" "Yes!" she agrees, as they link arms and go skipping off down the road, giggling. Mele, floored, yelps, "Hold it hold on wait!" and runs after them. Thus the three Gekiranger are left to recover from their painful defeat by Maga. Jan snarls and punches the cement. Natsume leaves her mother's side for our boy. "Jan! You okay?" Miki is thoughtful and says to herself, "We're accumulating techniques, little by little, and it isn't enough to win. It isn't Gekiwaza."

修行その8 コトコト…ひたすらコトコト
Lesson 8: Kotokoto - Hitasura Kotokoto
(sound of boiling) - Intently boiling

Back at Rinjuuden, Mele is thoroughly pissed off. "Maga is the type to suddenly get all confident?" she nearly spits as she paces. She really hates that in a man. She pouts, chin on the curved fingers of her right hand. Her gaze turns to the center of her life, Leo, who sits as always in front of the great inverted triangle. She turns to puddles, dreaming of slaking Lord Leo's thirst. She sort of tip-toes towards him, tranferring into her battle-appearance, before realising that he is paying her no mind at all. In fact... "But why is Lord Leo asleep today?" she wonders, moving closer and trying to get a look. "And if he wakes, poor thing!" she worries, and returns to her human appearance. She blows him an affectionate kiss and leaves the room. She never notices that Burako is hiding outside the other doors, spying on Leo.

At scrtc, Jan is in a snit because they've mastered a new technique and still ended up being beaten. Natsume, who has discovered how to be a bright and friendly person in the wake of her mother nearly getting killed to protect her, says "Here, this'll make you feel better, Jan!" She has a small container in her hand and offers Jan with chopsticks what seems to be a hunk of meat dripping with sauce. He sniffs it cautiously before taking it. After a second or two of chewing, an expression of wonder crosses his face. He makes noises of utter delight, and Natsume has no trouble understanding him. When he finally finishes swallowing he cries out happily, "It's delicious!" Squiggling around he asks her eagerly, "This is what? What is this?" She explains that it is pork. There are still four or so pieces in the container, and Jan is virtually drooling over them when the door opens. "Pork," he is repeating. Miki walks in, pushing ahead of her a strange thing. Red, black and silver, with ear-like projections. She gives her daughter a look of mild exasperation. "You've come again, Natsume?" Natsume gets to her feet, Jan automatically following suit, and complains about her mother saying that. She's just gome to give a snack to Jan. He happily nods and crosses his arms, not understanding. Master Scha-fu, who got up at the same time they did, notes happily, "Ah, Miki you did it? You made the Gekiwaza Gekigekihou item?" She smiles warmly and says, "Yes. It's the Gekibazooka." We get a full view of the pretty thing she pushed in on the cart. Top is red, bottom is blue, yellow waves along the sides. Sweet. Retsu, Ran and Jan all repeat eagerly, "Gekibazooka?" and dart over to look. Miki warmly explains that they've made this especially with Maga's wall in mind. The three will have to charge it up, I guess. When all three put equal energy into it, the blast will be its most powerful. Blue feeds in on the left, Yellow on the right, and Red at the back. Then he would shove the handle in and it would fire! She finishes the explanation and Scha-fu clarifies that if they can pool their power together, their Geki becomes stronger. "That is Geki waza Gekigeki Hou." He adds a bit about how this they learned in their youth (he and Miki?). Retsu repeats the words, getting excited. The other two agree with him happily. Miki, though, has more to say. "But there's just one problem." She explains that as things stand, they need time to charge up the darned thing. "How much time?" Ran asks, they all turn their full attention to Miki. "At least two minutes," she replies. Retsu gasps, "Two minutes?" And he pushes past Ran to point out what they all know. That two minutes is a very long time in the midst of a battle. Miki knows it, and says that two of them will have to charge it, while the third keeps the enemy busy. Retsu and Ran glance at each other and Jan thinks hard. Ran asks, "So who's the one who'll do the protecting?" Behind her, Scha-fu says happily, "Why, Jan." "EEEEH?" startles Jan. Looking utterly hurt he whines, "Why ME?!" Miki explains gently that the other two have more experience (with pooling their strength? With patience?) ah. With controlling their Geki. To Jan's trembling lower lip she points out, "You are still just a beginner. This is very hard." Jan snaps at that. "BUT - " he starts and can find nothing, "BUT, but!" he starts yelping, stamping his feet and pumping his fists in frustration. Miki puts her hands on his shoulders and firmly explains it to him. "You're the one with the Unbreakable Body anyway. You're the best suited." Immediately his expression clears and he delights. "That's right! I'll do it!" Then we hear a sound as of bells and Jan sniffs the air alertly. "It's a zowazowa!" he tells them urgently. Well, they are ready. And they are ready to try the new weapon.

Yes, Maga is back in town terrorizing a crowd. He smashes two young men's heads together. Sorisa cuts off their escape and grabs a girl by the throat. They are having fun when Jan leaps into the area at Sorisa. He kicks, but she blocks with her arms and skillfully tumbles to join her man. "Zowazowa!" Jan shouts. "This time we'll beat you!" Maga is happy to off them for his princess. And the three transfer into their fighting armor. Ran and Retsu pull the Gekibazooka out of their pock - er, summon it into their arms and Jan moves to protect them while they charge it up. "Leave it to me! I'll protect you." And so he fights. Miki, back at base with Scha-fu and Natsume over her shoulders, speaks to Ran and Retsu. They do their best, hands firm on the bazooka, to channel their energy into it. This makes Sorisa suspicious and she starts at them, but Jan blocks her. "You aren't going there ever!" he yells, and holds her off. Maga body-slams him. Jan is trying, but they are slowly pushing him back. "I'll protect!" he snarls firmly. Maga soon knocks him tumbling near his friends' feet. They call his name, but their voices are already hoarse. Jan darts back to his feet shouting, "Fight!" and charges away. Ran cries, "Wait, Jan! It's not charged yet!" Jan runs at Maga and punches him in the chest ineffectually. Sorisa stands back to watch with amusement. Miki tries to get through to Jan, tries to warn him. For, while Jan fights Maga, what's Sorisa doing? He tries to argue with Miki, and Ran calls to him. Retsu gasps, "He can't hear you!" So he can't. And Sorisa steps right in front of them, laughing. Now she attacks, getting them painfully in their defenseless chests. They fall, and the bazooka drops. Maga slams Jan on both sides of his head, staggering him, and then body-slams him again. Jan goes flying. He lands beyond his partners, rolling. Maga happily tells Sorisa how amazing she is, curling his hand about her... dainty curvacious waist. The battle is forgotten as she cuddles at him and these two need to get a room. Overwhelmed by emotion, Sorisa leaps into Maga's arms. He scoops her into a cradle telling her how beautiful she is. "Let's go home!" she says. The battle completely forgotten, the pair walk away on clouds. Retsu, realising only the fact that they'd been forgotten saved them, turns his fury on Jan. "Why didn't you follow the strategy?!" he yells. Ran staggers to her feet and adds her voice. "Yes! You got angry and you forgot all about us!" Jan hangs his head where he sits. "But, but I tried so hard!" he starts to get angry. He's frustrated, confused and hates to have to be the one who tries. "I hate this!" he cries out, and runs away from them. They call his name.

Back at the base, Miki sits back from the computer and says sadly, "Of course Jan's the problem." "No, it's only that he doesn't understand yet," Scha-fu says softly. Natsume, who feels for Jan, looks up at Master Scha-fu. "What?" Perhaps he will explain.

In the meantime, Retsu and Ran walk along and Retsu says angrily, "Jan really messed up that strategy." Ran agrees. "We needed more time to charge up the thing." And we see a pair of paws hovering over a piano keyboard. When Ran and Retsu enter the main room, it is to Master Scha-fu playing a strong song on the piano. He finishes and Miki applauds. The pair gape. Ran says, "Master, Miki-san!" Retsu asks, "Why are you...?" Turning to them, Master Scha-fu gets up from the piano bench. One lesson is apparently over, and another must begin. They haven't enough time and Miki gets to teach them another sense. He passes the duty on to her, and she nods. She settles down silently in front of the piano. Retsu and Ran exchange confused glances. She starts to play, and the song is an all-too familiar tune which is NOT chopsticks but I can't remember what it's called. Ran and Retsu are so surprised they nearly fall down. Miki's eyes are laughing and she tells them to look. They turn around to find that Master Scha-fu is hanging onto a strut near the top of the ceiling, his tail all puffed out. "Master Scha-fu!" gasps Ran. "What are you doing?" Retsu also gasps. Trying to answer them, he loses his hold and falls to the floor. Miki happily explains as she plays and gets all kinds of hilarious reactions from Scha-fu that this song has that effect on cats (not MY cats). But then she points out there is another way. And suddenly she is playing the same melody, only it is so sweet and soothing. The song sends Scha-fu to a very happy place. He is nearly purring on the floor. Retsu and Ran gape at him, look at each other, then choose more gaping.

Outside, Jan resorts to frustrated pacing around a fair-sized tree. He thumps his head against the trunk. "I want to fight. But I just can't take any more! But if I keep trying then bokoboko!" He moves away from the tree, searching for understanding in the sky. "I hate bokoboko!" He resorts to running around the trunk again. And then someone else speaks. "You know, if you keep running around like that you'll turn to butter." It is Natsume, and she giggles when he gapes at her. "Miki's child!" he says. She cheerfully comes over to him. "Are you hungry?" she asks.

And so she takes him home. Her mother's apartment is in a complex, and Natsume is simmering fatty pieces of ham in a pot of water with some additional flavoring. "Thanks for the food!" Jan cries cheerfully and gets set to go at it with his chopsticks. Natsume firmly bats them away. "It's still not good." To his confused expression she adds, "You can't yet." She goes to the sink, rolling up her sleeves. Jan peers into the pot and whines, "But it looks so good!" He decides to snag one anyway and deftly puts it in his mouth. Seeing this, Natsume is dismayed. Jan finishes the piece and then is really surprised. "That didn't taste good," he says in dismay. Abandoning the chopsticks, he turns and hunches down miserably. "It's nothing like the ones before." "Of course it's not," Natsume replies calmly. "The flavor hasn't permeated it yet." Coming over to sit next to Jan, Natsume gently explains about how the fat has to soften up and etc etc yes, darnit, I'm not a cook. At any rate, Jan gets to watch the process by which she makes this delicious snack. Now we can hear that the water in the pot is boiling. Jan cautiously peers at the pot. AHAH! "Kotokoto?" he asks, the sound of the boiling water. "Yes! Kotokoto!" Natsume says, and pats him kindly on the head.

Back at scrtc, Master Scha-fu is undergoing much torture in order that his students shall advance. For they must learn to play that song and sound pleasant. The poor pair keep staring at the sheet and back at the keys. Master Schafu even scratches at Robotuff trying to drown out the horrible sound. He's nearly begging, as Robotuff tips over from the mistreatment. Retsu and Ran are having a tough time. Neither of them have done piano since a long time ago. With a silent sigh, Miki comes around behind them and tells them they're putting too much power into their playing. "You gotta have more fun!" With a devilish gleam in her eyes, she starts using the cat-toy to tickle Ran. Ran is so surprised, her fingers slip and allow one smooth, sweet thread of music. She and Retsu gape at each other in surprise. Then, with realization dawning, they cheer up and begin playing together with gentleness and a sweet tone that brings relief to poor Master Sha-fu.

Jan is doing his best to hang onto his patience. He keeps the pot, now covered by a clear lid, visible in the corner of his eye and paces back and forth, now chewing on his fingers. When he breaks and sort of falls towards the pot, Natsume calls a sharp warning. "You remember what it tasted like?" He freezes and stares at her, a problem because he's taken the lid off. With great self control under her stern glare, he returns the lid and hunches back, watching it and clinging to the belief that he will get out of this the same delicious food she gave him before. "Boil, boil."

Sorisa and Maga have powered down to their Rinshyshy forms, and she pours him a cup of sake from a polished, possibly wooden decanter. He stares at her worshipfully. "Sorisa, you're amazing." She shyly ducks his gaze. They are all romantic and playful at the table when Mele comes in and snarls at them, pushing them apart. They glare at her, not at all afraid now. She snarls, "We need the humans' screams, their despair!" Maga tells her sternly, "Stop being so noisy. It's nothing to do with us." "Say what?" snarls Mele. Furious, she smashes their pottery off of the table, even frightening them a little as she climbs onto it. A puff of purple fire and she's in her beast-form, they shy back. "Act properly!" she says furiously. And more. A bit intimidated, Maga tries to cool her down. "I know, I know. We'll go out and defeat the Gekijuken, right?" Sorisa is happy to get up with him for this adventure. "And while we're out, we'll go see the cherry blossoms!" and she hangs from his arm as they leave the cell together. Mele doesn't know what to think.

Retsu and Ran are getting better all the time. They've even started playing in a rather jazzy subtone. Miki observes that Schafu now stands motionless and goes to see what's on his mind. The kids round off the song and he playfully moves with it. Miki grins and tells them, "You've passed." They are delighted.

Jan remains miserably intent upon the pot. "Boil, boil," he repeats to himself again and again. He is still repeating it when Natsume takes the lid off and checks. She makes a satisfied sound and takes out a piece, telling Jan he can eat it now. Ecstatic, he bounds to his feet. Chewing, he soon comes to the happy realization that it is just as delicious as he remembered. He pretty much falls apart, sobs clogging his throat as he asks why, needing to understand how it could be so good now and so yucky before. At her encouragement, he goes for another piece. Laughing to herself, Natsume asks him if he understands yet. When he blinks at her, she explains that he'd had to wait, to make himself hold out for when it was finished if it were to taste good. "That's the answer to making pork be delicious." "Because I waited? That's the answer?" And now Natsume points out just in case he hasn't made the connection, that he has to do the same with his team. And that these are Master Schafu's very own words, for Jan's happiness. Now, he does understand. And he has mastered the boiling lesson. Natsume smiles happily back at him and makes a confirming sound.

Out in a gray place, lots of ash around. Maga and Sorisa come to a cliff edge, skipping and giggling. Sorisa says happily, "Oh, that mountain'll be good!" Maga agrees enthusiastically. He has three of his orange bombs in his hands and tosses them towards the mountain. But Gekiblue puts in an appearance and bats one out of the air with his Tonfar. Yellow and Red do the other two, and the three bombs collide and explode harmlessly, to the Rinshyshy's surprise. Sorisa says irritably, "So you've come again?" and together they transform into the beast-forms. Maga mocks them, for the last two times they'd fared poorly. Jan replies that this time they will win, and Retsu at his question agrees. They tell him they're asking him to do it this time, and he replies that they'll get the time to boil. They agree, and summon in the Gekibazooka. While Jan cracks his knuckles confidently, Ran and Retsu rolls their fingers into place to charge up the bazooka in a motion reminiscent of playing the piano. Sorisa leaps to attack Jan, kicking him in the chest. He is staggered back only a little, and has to brace himself for Maga's slashing attack. He manages to keep the two from getting closer. He ends up fighting them from his butt in the sand, grabbing at their feet as they kick him. "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down!" When he does manage to bounce back up, they knock him several feet and he slides on his back. Retsu and Ran concentrate on charging, their fingers tapping in their energy. Jan knows that tapping (also kotokoto) needs to be finished before they can fire, so he leaps up and keeps fighting. Maga mocks that he can't do anything and charges him. Jan returns the favor, but this time twists his body so that, rather than getting hit by Maga's slashing claws he manages to safely pin his arm. Maga can't get past him, but Sorisa is smug to point out that with Jan locked against Maga, she can take care of the two behind. She strides towards them and they don't seem able to notice. Jan frees himself from Maga's hold and leaps onto Sorisa's shoulders, grabbing her head and covering her eyes. She manages to whip him off. She tosses her head in irritation and starts towards the others again, but Jan lunges and grabs her ankle. She is unable to move dragging him along and he digs his toes into the dirt. "I'm never letting go!" he snarls. Maga is furious, and starts stomping on Jan's butt. "You let go of my honey!" Equally furious, Sorisa kicks Jan in the head with her free foot. Man, he's going to have quite the headache after this. They forget all about Ran and Retsu and rain down blows upon Jan. Jan holds to the memory of how delicious the pork was after it had boiled. Sorisa and Maga drag him to his feet and really start whaling on him. "Kotokoto!" Jan keeps repeating. And the power in the bazooka is humming stronger and stronger every moment. Sorisa delivers her kick-blow to Jan's head and he falls. Maga then leaps and body-crushes him. Sand and chips of rock fly, but Jan grabs onto Maga's head. And we know that it is almost time. Retsu runs his fingers down the side of the bazooka as he'd run his fingers down the piano keyboard. A final tap from each of them, and the power is complete. Ran calls to Jan to let him know. He cheers and peels Maga off of his chest, kicking as soon as he has enough space. Maga goes flying back to land in Sorisa's arms so they go down together. Uh-oh. Jan happily leaps over his partners to get in his place at the back. Sorisa and Maga are back on their feet. Maga confidently moves to the fore, sure whatever they're doing can't possibly be a threat. He creates his liquid wall, confident. And Jan happily grabs the handle and pulls it out, pouring his own Geki in to charge the bazooka with his fire. The jaws at the end open wide. And now he shoves the handle all the way in to complete the circuit. And out of the mouth comes a ball of super-charged energy, that impacts against Maga's shield and starts burning through it. He feels the shield burning to his horror. And then the part closest to him cracks, shatters, and the ball of fire engulfs him. When it is gone, he has only an instant to reach towards Sorisa before he turns to stone and shatters. Sorisa cries out as the overflow hits her and sends her tumbling. On the rocks behind him, Mele watches in shock. "What is that? Gekiwaza gekigekiho?" She looks small, staring with dismay. Sorisa gets back to her feet, in a fury for Maga's destruction, she grows herself to giant size. For hate of them, she will fight. And they crack their knuckles and call in the beast, forming Gekitoja. When Bae gets out to comment, a furious Mele grabs him and tries to silence him. But nothing shuts him up. Sorisa attacks, a wave of scorpions cover Gekitoja like a blanket. Inside, the Gekiranger struggle to throw them off, but they are about to start stinging. Unfortunately, something Sorisa says gets them to know what to do, and they start their torso spinning sending scorpions flying. When the top is clear, they leap up and start their bottom going, throwing the rest off. The scorpions hit the ground and burn up in purple flames. "My darling scorpions!" Sorisa objects and goes after them for vengeance. She tries her kick but they leap to meet her with spinning legs and kick her violently from the sky. She is finally destroyed, to Bae's cheer.

But... back at Rinjuuden... Leo is still seeming to sleep when Mele arrives to report in anguish, "Maga and Sorisa have been destroyed." She kneels and salutes his back, bowing low. "Of the five Poisoun-ken, only one remains. He must have the Madoku - " she blinks and stares at his unresponsive back, not knowing Burako is hiding behind a pillar and listening. "Lord Leo? Lord Leo?" she asks anxiously as he continues to not react. His mind is still there, in the darkness of the past. Under the rain, water-logged. He opens his eyes. "Mele." It is a question, though not in his tone. She responds in a very quiet voice that he's been sleeping so much. He gets to his feet, not unsteadily but very slowly as though a great weight rests on his shoulders. He's still having that dream and it's getting stronger, he says. Something about perfection, that gets Burako really thoughtful and gloating. Burako thinks "I've found it. Leo's weakpoint!" Watching, he chuckles low in his throat.

This episode references the book Little Black Sambo and the Tigers

Today we introduce sctrc's new product, the Gekibazooka! Miki stands to show it off, Ran in front on her right and Retsu behind on her left. She briefly clarifies how the three of them pool their power to fire it. Then we see Master Scha-fu sitting in front of it, and Jan hunkers down beside him and asks innocently, "Why does it look like a cat?" Miki comes over and tells him, "We modelled in on Master Scha-fu." Chuckling, Master Scha-fu rubs the bazooka's chin.

In our next episode, Buraco goes up against Leo, attempting to assassinate him. Possibly he has to get Mele out of the way first, for we see him go over to her while she sitting outside, thinking. Mele will be out fighting the Gekiranger, and losing. I highly doubt she's going to be killed off, but oh dear. ケナケナの女 Kenakena No Onna She will be fighting Buraco, both in and out of her beast-form.

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It is dark here. Dark, and a moon lit with purple can be seen beyond the mountains. Here in this place where stones stick out like grave markers in a dead field. A crow sits upon one stone and looks up. We hear what we know to be Mele's voice as Leo walks into the area and the crow flees, cawing. "Cold. Black. And so sad. Despair. No forgiveness." Leo passes near one stone. Under the stone is blackness, like a tunnel filled with shimmers of green and blue. An awareness that bashes angrily at the dirt above, which fountains up. The awareness is surprised to see someone passing, someone who pauses in mid-step. "Who?" she asks. As a Rinrinshy bashes her way out from under her gravestone and stares up at him, the distant crow squeaks. On her head is the elegant shape of the chameleon, her beast. She addresses the still man. "I opened my eyes. Because of you?" He replies quietly, "A deep sorrow. He turns to her, a face pale and perfect under the moonlight. He speaks of her heart and its response to despair. How that had made her strong. She looks down at herself and wonders why her heart is like this. "Your heart resonates with mine," he replies, turning away then back. And he invites her to go with him, to put her strength with his. He reaches out his hand, palm up, for her. In this graveyard she silently takes it and gets to her feet. Power flows up and around her, and she looks like a Rinrinshy no more, but like a human woman and stunningly beautiful, her expression one of loss and exhausted confusion. For an instant he stares at her, then his gaze flicks away with the tiniest impression of shaken emotion. He lets her hand go and moves away from her. She pulls her hand in, touches her fingers and notes in amazement, "Warm..." and stares after him, struck. Nearby, the crow lands again upon one of the stones.

Rinjuuden. Mele sits on a veranda, her feets stretched out in front of her, absorbed in memory. She remembers, raising her right hand that he'd taken and staring at is with a lingering smile. "The light of that moment. Lord Leo's words." It was from then that her life now began. Steps on the veranda. Burako has come unnoticed though not hiding. "Lord Mele," he says and his tone borders on insolent. "We have to talk." She eyes him suspiciously.

修行その9 ケナケナの女
Lesson 8: Kenakena no Onna
Brave Woman

Retsu and Ran are team-sparring against Robotuff. Jan is crawling across the floor on his knees and elbows, looking like he's having fun. As the others fight, it turns out he's sneaking up on the food. He starts to pull the lid off of one wooden container, but Master Scha-fu is standing guard and bops his hand. "Not yet," Master says firmly. Jan whines in protest. "I hate this!" he protests, curling up to lean over the food. Behind him, Miki is working at her station, the Bazooka beside her on the table. She glances up and chuckles softly at Jan's behaviour, but doesn't let it distract her. She's programming the Bazooka. Probably trying to do something about this two-minute charging period. She's finished adjusting! But they'll have to keep up their gambare. Ran pauses to say she will. "So, shall we take our snack?" Miki asks cheerfully. Jan, as expected, is ecstatic. He pulls off the top of the container in which there are at least three Nikuman (meat-filled sweet bread). Master Scha-fu stops him from snatching them by grabbing his bangs and asking him a pointed question about Gekiwaza gekihouhou. "Huh?" he asks, then sets his chin on top of the lid and thinks hard. But Ran, having tossed a towel over her neck, answers "Now it takes about a minute and fifteen seconds." He restlessly says that's not good. He sips his tea as Retsu comes over to ask, "So how much is good?" Jan twists his head up to look soulfully at Retsu. Scha-fu probably wants no time at all, but what he says makes Jan forget food and scuttle backwards in alarm. He runs and hops into a chair, whining, as Miki walks past him. Miki joins the others, expressing that it can't always be Jan. Uncertainly, Retsu asks what are they going to do about it. Side by side, together Miki and Scha-fu say something about a lesson. Miki grins. Jan has no enthusiasm for another lesson, even though the others have started eating. Retsu tries to point out to him the dangers to both him and Ran with Jan only to protect them. He pushes the chair and Jan braces himself and pushes back growling that he can, indeed, gambare thought the kotokoto. Ran comes over and stuffs Nikuman into each of their mouths, shutting them up. "After you eat these, we go to the lesson," she tells them firmly. Then she starts eating her own while they stare at her over theirs and then nod obediently. Scha-fu and Miki eat theirs from the second case.

The dream... drowning in rain. Black night, water pouring down, surrounded by corpses. The snarling black smoke pouring towards him in the dark. A distant gong does not really disturb the flicker of distress crossing Leo's face.

"You're the only one left of the Godokuken," Mele points to Buraco with her fan as they stand under the eaves outside. "So, what is it you have to say to me? Have you decided to tell the secret of Madoku as a gift for Lord Leo?" His response is a mocking laugh. "Lord Leo? That child isn't fit to learn the legends of Rinjuuden." "What?!" White with fury, Mele spins and attacks him. But she finds herself with his finger pointed at her throat, and freezes. "Oh, Lord Mele," he says coldly, "No, just Mele. You have one chance. Join me in toppling Leo and returning the Rinjuuden to their glory." Furious, she bites out his name. But he has a focus on Leo and her relationship with him. She would defend her lord, but Burako is unimpressed. "I don't forgive!" Mele snarls and takes on her beast form, stabbing him deep in the chest with her tongue. He grunts and is staggered, indeed, frozen, by her attack. She pulls out and away from his hands, which drop. As she mocks him for her lord, his torso begins to turn to stone and he staggers, falling to his knees. But, before he dies, he forces out of his thumb a strange, glowing violet thing and points it into his chest, where it goes inside. So, though he falls and she thinks she's killed him, she doesn't think that more than a moment, as his proud laughter fills the air. She turns in surprise. His stone corpse shimmers, becomes soft again and he vibrates to his feet, changing into his beast form. He steps towards her, stiffly like the monster he is and she gives ground in shock. "What is this? How?!" But now he attacks, stiffness gone in speed and grace. Confusion puts her at a disadvantage and he knocks her into the sand in the courtyard. And he points out the blindingly obvious. That it is indeed he who has the Madokusha. He continues to mock, showing his right thumb which is gray instead of blue. He stalks towards her and she tries to get back up, but is still in shock and weak from her attack as he brags. He speaks of his real life, and she repeats the phrase shakily. He points out that her life is only temporary, a transient thing. But his... and he kneels in front of her... his is real. He grabs her chin and makes her look at him. "Remember," he says sternly, "how wonderful it is to truly live!" But she moves with her weapon and slashes at him. He hops back, untouched. She tries throwing her sai, but he bashes it aside and leaps backwards to the roof. With a mocking laugh, he turns and leaps away. Furious as before she goes after him. A sai in each hand, she chases him into the forest. Looking around she cannot find him. "Where are you!" Not far, for he comes from behind and gets a good slash in with his blade. Sparks fly from more strikes and she gets into the battle, they are matched in seeming, but I think he is better than she is. He takes her down and laughs. Perhaps he says he would have shared with her true life, but now she is only getting in his way. "Shut up!" she snarls. But he will use his attack now, "Rinjuu Snake-ken!" and more words. Now he hurls at her from between his blades a ball of violet flame. Mele gasps and catches it on her sai, but it is too powerful and blows her back. She lands at a place where sand is visible between dry grass and powers down to her Rinrinshy form. Buraco laughs at having exposed her true form. Mocks that she hasn't really changed from when she was buried in the dirt. He stamps his food down her her chest and she struggles. We can see the ocean beyond. She is at the edge of a cliff, and it's a good fall. "You may have defeated me, but you can't defeat Lord Leo!" she says defiantly. But he mocks that he's observed, and all he need do is attack when Leo is meditating. When he hears and sees nothing. And now she is afraid. But he kicks her off the cliff and she cries out as she tumbles down. He laughs and leaves her to her fate.

So Mele lies among boulders at the bottom of the cliff, having assumed her human face once more. She appears unhurt, but pants and a low snarl of rage escapes her throat.

And in Buraco's chambers back at Rinjuuden... he has two white vases full of black rocks. He takes one stone from each and sets it on the table. Crossing his arms, he calls on his Snake-ken. two claws on his right hand become long, not like claws but like fangs. They are his Madoku, and he spears them into the two stones. The stones start pumping like hearts and liquify. He knocks them off the table and stares down at them. They squeak and snarl, then reform into two of his missing friends. Centipede and Gecko, for what would he want with the star-crossed lovers? They know what has passed for themselves, but not why and Kademu asks in shock, "How'd you do it?" Moriya stutters, "My body is warm! Buraco, did you bring us back to LIFE?" He stares at each of them, then says firmly "Kademu... Moriya... the Madoku has granted you new life." He stares at three candles, then chuckles. "To take down Leo." "WHAT?" yelps Kademu and he leaps around to a fighting pose, while a shocked Moriya clambers up a pillar. "You - you said -" he gaps, pointing at Buraco. "Listen," Buraco says, turning to his frightened fellows.

But we don't get to hear what transpires yet. For the beach is attacked by waves from the sea. On the beach are the Gekiranger, Ran moving them to practice in this place where they can do no harm with the Bazooka. Jan stands at the back, and tells them "Geki tamero!" The two start tapping in their power. The charge starts pouring in, humming. Jan yelps indignantly that it must go faster. They tell him they know and he doesn't have to say it. Indeed, the charge fills and he can pull back the handle to open it, then to shove it in. The blast goes harmlessly into the sea (as long as you aren't any creature swimming near the surface). "How many seconds?" Jan asks excitedly. Ran checks and says they've managed to get it down to eighteen seconds. Jan, who carries the bazooka, is all excited but Retsu tells him to cool down (and also to stop referring to the pork). But he's very happy because he can do it with them now. When he again calls out about the pork, they sigh in exasperation and tell him not to say it. He is perhaps about to pout when he senses something and looks around. "What... is it zowazowa?" he is confused by what he's smelling. Retsu asks, "What's wrong?" Ran clarifies, "The enemy?" Action seems to answer the question, for they are blasted. They yelp and fall. Mele stands at the top of the ring of stone, mocking them. Jan scrambles to his feet with the others. Retsu yells, "Mele!" and Ran asks, "What are you doing here?" Well, she's just come just because, she seems to say. And she leaps into the air while they are still confused. Landing amongst them she starts hitting in all directions. She takes them briefly down, but her mind isn't entirely on them. It's on getting back home with the truth. Angry, the Gekiranger summon the bazooka to their hands. It charges quickly while Mele watches them. "Pork cook!" snarls Jan but they have no time to tell him to stop now. Ah. So, Mele braces herself as the power snarls towards her. This is practice for Buraco's attack that took her out before. This is why she attacked them. She braces herself to catch the fireball, but it sends her tumbling as Buraco's had done before. Staggered, she gets up and challenges them again. Retsu is startled, but Ran willing and they charge it up again. The blast knocks her back into a tide-pool this time. "How was THAT?!" yells Jan. Seemingly unimpressed, she gets to her feet. But Jan is puzzled. "But she's... somehow different from zowazowa. Courageous?" he wonders. But for Lord Leo's sake, she starts at them again.

Back at Rinjuuden, the doors creak open. Leo sits in his accustomed place, seemingly ignorant of who steps quietly into the chamber. Buraco is not completely confident. He cracks his knuckles carefully and creeps right. To Leo's right, Kademu tumbles past, rolls behind a pillar and peeks out at him. After crossing the roof comes Moriya, walking down another pillar with a soft cackle. Buraco has his two blades at ready. Kademu bunches himself to jump. Moriya has his shuriken out to throw. The lamps beside Leo flicker.

Mele is challenging the Gekiranger, and only one has uncertainty about what is going on. Jan. "Courage?" he asks himself. Confused, he scratches his head. "Why? Courage?" Retsu notes the odd behavior and turns to him. "Jan!" he says sharply. Jan focuses on the bazooka. Again they fire, and she waits for the ball of power anxiously. This time she catches it an holds, golden light circling in front of her. "For Lord Leo!" she thinks, and is finally able to coil the power about and deflect it aside. The Gekiranger gasp in surprise. Retsu says "She deflected the Gekihou!" Mele herself is exhausted and almost in shock. She stares at the flame and then staggers around. "I did it," she whispers. Falling to her knees, she powers down to the human face she wears. The Gekiranger drop their armor, too, and charge forward a few steps. "Mele!" Retsu says sharply. Jan calls out, "Hey!" and then he asks hesistantly, "Were you... training?" Mele is rather surprised to be addressed with a real question. Scrabbling in her heart she folds her arms and snaps, "Hey, I'm just wasting my time as usual." With a huff, she turns away and vanishes. The Gekiranger are startled and confused. Jan says in amazement, "She's truly courageous." Retsu blinks at him. "She's not zowazowa!" Jan adds happily. Retsu comes over to him. "You said that. What do you mean?" Frantically waving his finger Jan tries to explain, "It's because... she's courageous! Courageous is she!"

And she needs to be. For at Rinjuuden, the seemingly sleeping Leo is surrounded. Buraco and the others creep ever closer. At Buraco's signal, Moriya and Kademu attack. But they never even get to touch him. A whirling invisible blur (yes, I know) knocks them away. Mele has returned, and she has Leo's back. Buraco is understandably unimpressed but surprised, "You're alive?" She strides confidently forwards. "I live for Lord Leo's love," she says in a voice hot with knowledge. "For love of Lord Leo, I am the Love Warrior." And it doesn't sound ridiculous as it did before. Now it sounds of passion and rage. "Rinjuu Chameleon-ken user, Mele." Buraco is in a rage to fight Mele. But while he does, Kademu and Moriya leap at Leo. "Lord Leo!" Mele screams. He opens his eyes and reacts, both hands shooting out to block his attackers. Startled, Moriya gasps "He's awake!" Kademu says "It's not what he said!" and then they are both blasted away from him. He sweeps to his feet and asks where something is. And he is quite annoyed with them trying to get in his way. Mele is so relieved he's up, she smiles. Moriya and Kademu cringe back, but they're in the frying pan now as he summons his Lion power, sweeping his cloak away to replace it with golden fire. Into his beast form and his standing speech. He is the Black Lion, Leo. "Kademu, get him!" snarls Buraco. Oh, he tries. But Leo sweeps a kick around that brushes Moriya and destroys Kademu. Moriya flees in such terror he collides with anything in his path as he makes for the door. Leo is not interested in him, for it is Buraco who is locked weapon in weapon with Mele he addresses. Buraco breaks loose and flees. Mele goes after him in hunting fury.

Out in a human city, Tokyo in fact next to the Tokyo Dome, Moriya is still in a panic. For the sin of going up against Lord Leo. Now he decides to use his shuriken to do what he believes he should. Create terror in the humans. He needs to get their power into him. Terrified people flee, and the Gekiranger charge in. They stop in surprise and Retsu gasps, "That's Moriya! What's going on?!" Jan shouts, "Why are you alive?" "Shut up!" Moriya screams back at them. He leaps down to their level and tells them it isn't going to be as easy as it was last time. If he were human, his eyes would probably be mad with fear. So the Gekiranger change into their armor to fight. And he isn't doing badly against them.

But Buraco is in a fix. Fleeing out into the stony grounds around Rinjuuden, he curses Mele. But she catches up with him in her beast-form, firing silver spears at him from her tongue. He falls and says he can't run. Ah, he points out that he doesn't have to. Leo isn't here to save her. They fight. He flips her down but she kicks him away. He starts slicing her, and she pulls out her sai. He gets her pretty bad. When he takes her down, he laughs, mocking that his life is better than hers. And now he throws his blast at her. She is ready this time, he does not know what she has done. And again she catches the power, weaves her own aroudn it and returns it to him to his shock. And she has no difficulty acknowledging where she'd learned to do this, either. I think she says his isn't as powerful as the Gekigekihou. She stamps down on his back, kicks him over, and mocks him. But atop the rise above them she senses her lord before she sees him, and calls his name in warm love. Buraco is in even more trouble. Having made her salutation, Mele asks Leo to wait, while she deals with the traitor and collects the Madoku for her Lord. When she's about to kill him, Buraco begs her to wait. She gives him a moment, interested to see what he'll say. "If you beat me, you'll always be dead!" he tells her confidently. She asks, and he clarifies that there are three Madoku left. He lets them appear in his claws, and Leo's eyes flare. Only three more ken can be brought back to life. There won't be any for her. Atop the cliff, Leo makes eye contact with mysterious nothings. Mele glances up at him. "Surely you want to live forever," Buraco continues. He tries to lure her with the promise of true life, wiggling his fingers with the Madoku. She straightens up, takes a few steps back as though she considers it. "True life," she says softly. Buraco gets up and closes on her, sensing victory. "That's right." He touches her shoulder, shifting her towards him. "You can live, like long ago." Lips moving, lips actually moving, Mele says, "That would be nice." "Wouldn't it?" he smirks. He tilts his head to look at Leo, who is not watching the scene. "But," snarls Mele, whipping around and slashing the Madoku from Buraco's fingers, "you know nothing about me!" Or too much. Or has done too much. This time she pierces him with her spear-tongue and this time... he isn't going to be coming back, I'm sure. The three Madoku fall into Mele's hand as she says that for her, to be near Lord Leo is life. This time, Buraco goes up in flames instead of turning to stone, crying out to her if she really thinks this is going to be good. Up top of the outcrop, Leo smiles in smug delight and chuckles approvingly. Mele looks at the Madoku in her hand.

And Moriya fights the Gekiranger on the red and blue benches of the Sky Theater stage (I just love it that I know exactly where I'm looking). Suddenly, he gasps, his head is steaming but that may be coincidence. "This feeling! Buraco's burned up! Mele destroyed Buraco!" When he says this, the startled Gekiranger stare and Jan asks, "Mele?" Retsu asks, "What do you mean?" Ran asks what's up with the Rinjuuden, but Moriya snarls at them to quiet down. He attacks with his shuriken, and Jan says Moriya is not courageous, but zowazowa. They call in the Bazooka, and the fire hits Moriya. He spreads his arms out as though welcoming his destruction and when he's gone, Jan is still uncertain it's over. That the smell of zowazowa is still present, just far off.

Master Scha-fu has some line, it seems, into the events at Rinjuuden. What he says makes Miki anxious. Something really terrible is coming.

Mele, grinning with joy, comes to the top of the cliff and apologizes to her lord for being late. She kneels and offers him the Madoku. And with them she says he can bring back to life three Ken. He takes them and stares at them, "Well done," he says. Then he reaches out his right hand to her and she stares at it in surprise. Still stunned, she takes his fingers in hers and lets him draw her to her feet. Just like after he'd found her, his gaze slides from her and he walks away. She is in ecstasy. He remarks that he's on his road to becoming yet stronger. She smiles proudly at his back. "Let's go."

Again, it's about the Bazooka and how they have it on such a short time now. How it destroyed Moriya. We think. The three Gekiranger stand with it in their arms and utter a weary, "Gekigekihou." Even the weapon seems exhausted. Miki sits at its nose and sighs.

Lesson 10, is it an armadillo-ken? The three are sent out into the forest for their next training. They fight something which may prove not to be their enemy, but it's hard to be sure of these things sometimes. Jan may be jungle-boy again. ジャラジャラ襲撃!はじめてのおつかい Jarajara Shuugeki! Hajimete no Otsukai

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