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31. Princess Training

Pastel pink and pale orange skirt floating even as the wearer runs in sensible, flat-heeled shoes. A deep red sash billows behind, over a top of pale green and white. There are veils and scarves. The running person, a woman, pants and makes a quick decision to go left. There is someone chasing after her, a thick-bodied male in grey suit, white cloves and a red sash like hers. He looks left and right, then jogs on anxiously. She runs past a park, holding her skirt up to keep from tripping on it. The man is tracking her path. She makes another left around some bushes and huddles down. She peeks up very carefully, and we see she wears a crown and has a purple gem centered in her forehead. She sees the man looking around and freezes. When he continues off to his right, she takes off the opposite direction. As she runs, she keeps looking behind her. It is inevitable that she nearly runs into a flatbed cart being pushed by a random guy, and has to go through all kinds of gyrations as she knocks the boxes off and the man loses his grip on the handles. The cart heads straight for the edge of the road. When it hits the curb, the girl is catapulted into the air. She shrieks and curls as she goes into an uncontrolled fall. Fortunately, Deka Red has noticed and leaps to catch her. He has her safely in his arms and lands easily. He sets her carefully down, while Jasmine gets out of the car and comes to join them. "You all right?" Ban asks the girl. Head hanging, she nods wearily. "Yes. Thank you." She looks up and now he can see her face. "Eh?" he gasps. Jasmine comes in close and bends down, equally startled and they both say, "Umeko?!" Ban's uniform shuts down in a blur of light. The girl is understandably nervous and trembles, "Myself?" she asks in rather delicate Japanese. Amused, Ban reaches out and pulls her face around to look at him. "What's up, Umeko?" he asks and pokes at the gem in her forehead. Now frightened by that intimacy, the girl looks away again. Jasmine says teasingly, "You're really overdoing it." As they grin at the back of her head, the Machine Bull pulls up on the road. The girl is breathing a nervous, "I don't like this," when her two assailants look quizzically behind them and she glances suspiciously that way. Then they are startled, for out of the passenger seat steps Umeko. Sen is driving, after all. "Ban, Jasmine," Umeko asks, eyes wide, what's the matter?" She and Sen hurry over. Jasmine is stunned, Ban perplexed, and the girl sitting next to him bewildered. "Are you really Umeko?" Jasmine asks. Umeko is understandably confused. Ban yelps and gapes back and forth between the two girls until he decides to dramatically keel over. Umeko stares at the girl in realization, who gapes back at her, nervously raising palms to touch her own face.

At Deka Base, the girl sits as motionless as possible on a chair between Sen and Hoji. Kruger paces in front of her, taking careful glances. When his gaze meets hers, she makes a quick study of her knees. He utters a disquieted growl and gives his head a shake, then turns to study Umeko closely. She stares back at him, the picture of confused innocence, Jasmine and Ban standing on her right. Tetsu is working at the computer nearby. He finally allows that he'd never expected to find her identical twin on Earth. He folds his arms and bends to get a good look at the other girl, who scrunches down nervously. "Just like her," he mutters. Ban lays a hand on Krugers left shoulder and stands on his toes to peer over it at the girl. "Truly a surprise!" he pouts. Kruger agrees. Tetsu's work bears fruit, and he comes over with a printout. What do you know... she's a princess. Princess Io, of Tokarse Star. She's on Earth for traditional princess polishing. Hoji looks doubtful as the girl flinches at something Tetsu said. "A princess?" Hoji asks. Then he smirks and teases, "Well then she's nothing like Umeko." Triggered by the aimed barb, Umeko pouts and snarls, "What's that?" Jasmine affectionately brushes Umeko's hair back and points out it's just reality. Ban, though, is curious. He curls down in front of Princess Io and asks her gently, "But what was a princess like you doing there?" She is very nervous of his sincere gaze and stutters, pulling words weakly out but unable to make herself form a sentence. He makes encouraging noises and tilts his head. "Um, uh, the truth is, there's all kinds of..." Ban is all perked and nearly having a fit waiting for her to spit it out, but she stumbles back to, "that...." Frustrated, Ban utters a squawk and then tells her, "Just SAY it, please!" She nearly hunches into a ball, her gaze rising briefly to his. "I'm sorry," she whispers, then drags out, "But, the truth is... I was scared, and I ran away - " her tentative explanation is interrupted as Umeko flops her full weight on an already precariously balanced Ban's shoulders. Umeko yelps, "Is it that someone's trying to hurt you?" Princess Io gapes back at her and utters an uncertain, "What?" Sen follows the train of thought. "Certainly because she's a princess, people want all kinds of things from her." He casts a wry glance to a thoughtfuly Hoji. He agrees and stands straight, telling the princess not to worry. They'll assign police protection and make certain she's safe. He finishes off with a small, courtly bow. The princess looks considerably shaken, and then gasps, "Oh no. I don't want to go back there." Umeko utters a puzzled note, then Ban pops back up as her hands are still on his shoulders. "Eh? Why not?" he asks. She struggles with what to say to him, almost chewing her lips. Fortunately, Umeko provides her with an answer, shoving Ban down again. "Is there someone threatening your life?" The princess seems too shocked to say anything, as the Dekaranger chatter around her. Kruger agrees there is probably an assassin. As they start to discuss plans, Tetsu points out that if the princess doesn't go back, that'll look strange and the assassins might clear out. Shaking, Princess Io says, "To return...." Kruger rubs his chin thoughtfully. Umeko pops up in front of him, grinning. "Boss! I'll be the princess!" Sen gasps. "What?" asks Kruger. The princess also gasps, wide-eyed at the pace things are moving. But Ban recovers first and leaps to his feet. "That's it!" he cheers. Kruger agrees. Umeko will take Princess Io's role in the training proceedings. "Really?" Princess Io asks tentatively. A very happy Umeko salutes and says "Leave it to me!" and puts her hands on her hips with a smug, "After all, I'm the Dekaranger Leader!" Hoji snaps angrily, "You are not!" But Umeko is feeling her oats and will show them. She'll become a princess. Jasmine seems to have her doubts.

So it is that when the Dekaranger return the "Princess" to her people's embassy, they return one who is grinning and holding her head high. Umeko precedes them into the massive, expensive building with marble floors and gasps at the richness around her. "This is soooo great!" she cries gleefully. Princess Io, wearing Jasmine's uniform and a large bandaid covering her gem, as well as sunglasses, keeps to the back of the group. "It's so gorgeous!" yelps Umeko. "This'll be the Royal Life!" Ban sternly hushes her. When she gives him a puzzled look, he points out that a princess would not act like that. "A princess is retrained!" Reminded and chagrined, she fights to rein herself in. Thus she has the Princess' expression of tired dismay down when the two people at the other end of the room recognize them. The man, certainly the same one who had chased after the princess earlier, and a woman dressed the same as he. Tetsu bends down and whispers in the real princess' ear, "Those two?" "Chamberlains," she whispers back, "The right is Gorcha. The left is Machika." That is the one who wraps her arms about Umeko-Princess and hugs her. Gorcha is worried about her physical condition, and very stern with her. Umeko, toned down, notes that they were worried. Sen watches with intent eyes and wonders which of them is the traitor. The real princess eyes him uncertainly. Machika thanks them for bringing her back. Hoji says calmly, "It's our job, Ma'am," and bows. He goes on to suggest that they move out of this building, but Gorcha vetoes that. They all look startled except the princess. There are things they have to do here. He assures them that the people here, "We are more than enough." He bows and leads the Princess away. Ban nervously almost goes after them, while Umeko suspects this elderly man of being the enemy. Walking down the stairs, she slips into her more natural bouncy mode, but no one notices. Her male teammates stare anxiously after her. She automatically goes into excited mode, misses her footing and trips on the stairs. The boys yelp as she falls, and Gorcha anxiously asks if she's all right. Irritated, Tetsu grumbles, "Nonsense," as Umeko whines below. Ban is reconsidering the wisdom of letting her stay in this role. Jasmine is amused and Hoji exchanges frustrated glances with Ban and both hand their heads. The princess slowly relaxes.

The day proceeds. Umeko sits before a purple-draped something in an old, small building. She looks dismayed. She asks tentatively, "Is this really traditonal princess training?" Gorcha confirms it is. Machika also bows to the question. Gorcha goes a little into the history that led them to decide Earth's system was the way to go, and that they start now. "Oh, really," Umeko says. And now we see why she's asking. There is a large pot on her head, AND she's tied hand and foot so she can't move. "But why is this pot here?" she asks. "Because it's the custom," Gorcha replies with an apologetic bow. Umeko breaks into a whine, "Why do I have to sit seiza?" Again, because it's the custom. Frustrated, tone rising, Umeko asks "And why this, too?!!" meaning the ropes around her arms. The same answer, of course. And she's got to sit like this for four hours to be a true princess. And if the pot falls, she has to start again from the beginning. "WHAT?!" "It is the custom," he replies again, solemnly. Umeko pouts, but chooses to keep the rest of her whining in her head. "We start now," says Gorcha, and in her shock Umeko lets her head fall, so the pot tumbles to the floor. "You mean you hadn't started already!!!" He apologetically tells her they have to start again and Machika moves to get the pot back in place.

The others are hiding behind the bushes, with sticks up to provide a form of camoflauge. Hoji stands and says quietly, "Unbelievable." Sen ponders that this is certainly a good chance to attack. Tetsu seems to agree, but perhaps an assassin wouldn't strike in so obvious a place. They agree. Princess Io is watching spellbound and whispers, "If not for this, that would be me." They can hear Umeko's restless whining as the pot is placed on her head again. "Thank goodness," she breathes. The word catches Ban's attention and he whips his gaze around, wondering. "Eh?" he asks. She startles and puts her branch between them, begging off. An hour passes. Umeko's starting to sway. She thinks unhappily, "My legs are asleep. I can't feel a thing! Oh, if the enemy attacks now, I couldn't fight!" Machika is lookin at her watch, which attracts Gorcha's attention and he asks her what's up. She explains that since the Princess just returned, it's been about this long... but he cuts her off, pointing out this is the standard pattern. She unhappily bites back her protests and nods. She looks at the false princess with sympathy. Umeko is starting to look mutinous. "I hate Gorcha!" Umeko thinks angrily. Three hours later. Sen is yawning. Ban is eyeing Princess Io thoughtfully. Jasmine pokes Sen and whispers his name scoldingly. He apologizes. Umeko is in a daze, able to twitch her toes and eyes glazed over. The four hours are up, Gorcha takes the pot off and says, "That's finished." Umeko topples over with a happy sigh. Sternly, Gorcha points out, "There's no time to rest." Machika anxiously checks on her princess. The next activity sitll involves the vase. Umeko must balance on one foot, holding the vase in her right palm and her left foot with her left hand, while Gorcha drums a beat. When he beats it fast, she must go into a spin, or does she just do that? She also gets the lovely experience of having to stand armpit-deep in freezing water next to a fall, holding the vase on her head. When she wants to come out, they apologetically bow to her and she sinks back down. And now there's is standing, holding the vase above her head, with a large apple sitting on a red cloth ON her head. Gorcha takes aim with an arrow. Umeko closes her eyes when he fires. Bullseye, the apple goes flying. It lands with a splash under the bridge of the river near them. Gorcha is there and tells her that what they do next is like flying. There is an enormous rope tied to the poles of the bridge, and Umeko looks over the side, white. She straightens up and turns to Gorcha, "You're kidding, right?" No, he's not. And he hands her the... sharply she demands, "Why the vase again?!" "It's the custom," he replies. Machika passes the rope over. "Why is that?" Umeko snarls. This behavious startles them and they pause, puzzled. Gorcha asks her uncertainly what's the matter. "Eh?" she asks. He points out that today she's been nothing like her usual self. He points out that she always does exactly what a princess should. Umeko realises she's come perilously close to blowing her cover as he clamps the fastener at the end of the rope around her left ankle. She is so puzzling over it, she doesn't even notice and the deed is done just after she ponders in frustration how the girl just endures and endures. She manages to sound nervously dainty as she protests this. And far away, on rocks, Princess Io is watching with the Dekaranger. "Oh, this too," sighs the princess. But Hoji is worried about the rope. It would be an ideal thing to tamper with. Ban goes into frantic grabbing at each of the others' shoulders. "This is bad, this is bad!" he worries. Jasmine is clinging to the pot and shaking like a leaf, eyes wide, trying to behave like the princess and still protest. But Gorcha pushes her over the side. She screams as she falls, but of course she hits the end of the rope, which doesn't break though I'm surprise her hip isn't pulled out of its socket (but this isn't reality, folks, don't try this at home). But the recoil springs her back up and she must frantically grab to keep the vase from falling into the river below. The Dekaranger all sigh in relief that she's perfectly fine, if quite noisy. The princess twines her fingers together and can't help but let a tiny giggle escape her lips. "That's a lot of spring," she says softly. Her words catch Ban's ears. His eyes narrow slightly and he asks, "Why are you laughing?" She freezes and utters a startled sound. But Ban sets a firm hand on her shoulder, forcing her to face him. The others all turn to watch, relying on him. "When is the assassin going to attack? Umeko is really trying not to be indescrete." Princess Io starts to show signs of hyperventilating. "Um, that's - " she starts then stops. Ban sternly points out that Umeko is risking her life, here. She responds quickly, "Oh no, she's in no danger at all!" Hoji's mouth drops open. "Eh?" Suddenly she's the object of a fiercer concentration. Ban clamps his hands on her shoulders and snarls, "What does that mean?" She sags under his grip and won't meet his eyes.

Next it's flaming hoops. "I have to go through that?" Umeko asks shakily. "It's the custom," he responds as always. "What if I touch the flames?" The two older people glance behind and Gorcha acknowledges, "Your clothes will burn." "Not just my clothes!" yelps Umeko, taking a step back. Gorcha turns to give her a startled look. "Oh no. We are Tokarians. We're strong with fire." Umeko stares whitely at him, then looks down miserably and thinks, "But I'm not a Tokarian...." Unhappily she says, "So I really have to do this?" He bows and starts to say "It's the cus -" But she cuts him off and tromps towards the flaming hoops. "Custom, yeah, I know already!" Relieved she isn't arguing, he waits. Machika holds the vase beside him. Umeko suddenly comes back. "Without the vase?" she asks suspiciously. Yes, this test doesn't need the vase. Machika sets it aside and Umeko bounces back, "Ah, how nice!" She stands at the end of the row of hoops and steels herself. The flames fill the air. She thinks, "This is gonna be tight!"

The Dekaranger are now confronting Princess Io. "WHAT?!" Hoji demands. "You're life isn't in danger from any sniper?!" Miserably, she meets his gaze, lowers her and confirms it. Then very sheepishly says she just went along with what they all were saying. She'd realized that if they believed it.... Jasmine has her arms folded, but still says gently, "Just so Umeko would take your place in these trials?" "Nonsense!" Tetsu says sternly. Ban grumps, "Guess that's it, princess." She lowers her head farther and apologizes. Sen grins and pats Ban's shoulder, pointing out that at least they don't have to worry now. Ban grumps, then comes and tells the princess she's going to have to come clean with her chamberlains. She sighs and accepts that. Umeko is stealing herself. Gorcha calls her to start, when she notices something strange. Machika has taken off her glasses and tilts them so the sun flashes off of them. Umeko quickly searches the nearby hill and sees an answering flash. Just then, she hears Ban shouting, "Umeko!" The others are charging over. "It's okay!" Startled, she gapes at them. "Guys, what are you doing?!" Gorcha is also shocked. "What are they doing here?" Machika puts her glasses back on and stares in surprise. The Dekaranger skid to a halt and Hoji makes to explain, when a flare of light comes down from the hills and strikes Umeko solidly in the chest. She crumples. The Dekaranger all gasp, the princess as well, as Umeko hits the ground. "Princess!" wails Gorcha, charging to her. "Umeko!" shriek her teammates, but Ban and Sen charge to her, too. Tetsu, Hoji and Jasmine have the presence of mind to group around Princess Io, guns ready. Io is starting to hyperventilate as she realizes an attempt really has been made on her life. "There really is an assassin," Hoji snaps. Tetsu gasps as he sees a flash in the woods up the hill. He charges in pursuit. Sen follows. "Jasmine!" Ban shouts, "Watch the Princess and Umeko!" He and Hoji are also on their way. The princess is shaking and whimpering, with only Jasmine there now. Jasmine grabs her shoulders and tells her sternly, "The lie was a fortunate accident! Because it turned out to be true!" And had saved her life. But Princess Io is still shaking like a leaf. Certainly I would be.

The kids flip to the place beyond the trees, where a rather startled alien assassin, clad in black with silver anr red trimming, notes that they are Space Police. Tetsu identifies him, as a Bukosian assassin named Ja-kill, and demands to know who hired him. Ja-kill nearly howls with laughter at the question. I think he says he's doing this for fun. "WHAT?!" snarls Ban. He snatches out his guns to start firing. "Yahoo!" yells Ja-kill, and evades the bullets. He is thoroughly enjoying himself, and shoots down the Dekaranger.

Umeko still lies in Gorcha's frantic arms. "Princess!" he cries pleadingly, Machika pleads in echo. The real Princess chokes, "I'm sorry." Startled, Gorcha turns to look at the seeming Dekaranger. She falls to her knees and stares at them in guilt. "It's my fault..." she pulls the glasses from her face and Gorcha's eyes go wide with realization, "Umeko-san is - " She doesn't get a chance to continue. Gorcha and Machika are doing dumbfounded double-takes. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she owns up and pulls the bandaid hiding her gem off. "I'm the real Io." Naturally, the stunned Gorcha drops Umeko and lunges for Io with relief. "Princess!" She apologizes, and he puts his hands on her shoulders crowing his joy that she is alive. He hugs her tight. "I'm so relieved!" But then Umeko suddenly sits straight up. "THIS IS NOT GOOD!!!" she shouts furiously. This sends everyone back in shock except Jasmine, who seems not the least surprised. Umeko hops to her feet, spitting mad. She pulls open her shirt to reveal that, like an intelligent police officer, she's been wearing a protective vest this whole time. "You..?" gasps Gorcha. She glares down at him and informs her that she is a Space Police Officer, by name of Koume Kodou. Then she turns an accusing finger to Machika, who is too stunned to gasps anything but "Yes?" Pointing out angrily that Machika had signalled the sniper. Gorcha stutters, "Why?" Princess Io gasps, "Machika? You...?" But Machika is silent, her ruse uncovered. Umeko hisses that an evil woman doesn't need a reason, does she? And she is under arrest for arranging to have the princess assassinated. Jasmine pulls the still-stunned woman up by the hand and shows her the cuffs. Defeated, she confesses that as the nearest female relative... something I guess about being in line. Then Umeko whips around and points that accusing finger at the stunned Gorcha. "And YOU!!" she snarls. He gasps and startles backwards. "Being strict is fine, but all this ceremony?!!!" He gathers his feet under him, shaking and stutters weakly, "Well but it's tradition...." Umeko bares her teeth. "Tradition, tradition, I'll tradition you!" Jasmine grins and sighs behind her. She yells at him about just what he thinks this is really going to accomplish, and the poor man nearly melts into a puddle. When he yields, Princess Io behind him climbs amazed to her feet whispering, "She's great!" She gapes and adds, "She made him back down." But then Umeko's accusing finger points at her. "AND YOU, TOO!" Panic-stricken, Princess Io stands at attention, rigid, "Yes?" she whimpers. Umeko is practically shooting lasers with her eyes. "You just put up with and put up with it, and NEVER told them no or argued!! You have got to assert yourself!!!" Io whimpers, "Yes," and Umeko glowers. Then a hand pats her shoulder. She whips around to find a smiling Jasmine who asks, "You finished?" Umeko makes an affirming grunt. "Well then, change standby." For they must go fight the assassin with the others. Dismayed, Umeko yelps, "Oh, right!" but turns stern again quickly. "Chamberlain, you watch out for the princess!" she orders. Off the two dash. Gorcha climbs rather shakily to his feet and puts a comforting arm around Princess Io's shoulders. They watch as Jasmine and Umeko transfer into armor.

The battle is still going, and they find Ja-kill is matching them well enough, until a furious Umeko arrives with Jasmine. She's had a bad day, and he's the perfect person to take it out on. He can't even touch her, and she kicks him in the chest. He's having trouble keeping up his laughter now. Umeko sends the group in, and together they beat him down. In a fury, he hits a button on his wrist and leaps. A new mecha appears in the city and he lands in the cockpit with a whoop of joy. It is the Cannon Gladiator 3. Jasmine notes this, and Sen comments. But Umeko is ahead of them all. She calls Swan for the Deka Machines, and Swan sends them out. They arrive aboard the Deka Bike to fight. Umeko has control and command of the team, who are following her lead without question. They recombine into the Super Dekaranger Robo. When the Cannon Gladiator fires, they are not touched, and Jasmine has him in the Judgement Field. It's not like there's really a question. "You're serious?" he whines at the end. Oh yes. They punch in the Cannon Gladiator, and finally it falls and explodes. Jasmine announces the mission is complete and then says wearily, "Today I'm as SO tired!" Jasmine teases, "That's Umeko!" Umeko laughs and peace-signs her.

Afterwards, Princess Io is thankfully back in her real clothes, and the Dekaranger six come to say farewell. Gorcha tells them this is over, holding the horrid vase in his hands. Princess Io bows deeply and also apologizes. Umeko shakes her head to dismiss it, and the rest of the team grins. Then the princess says that she learned something from Umeko, who is quite surprised to hear it. To be honest and say what she feels. Calmly, she turns to her chamberlain and tells him when they return home, there's going to be a lot to talk about. About things to protect and all. He accepts that, bows to his princess. Umeko is pleased with this result. And she wails to the others that she sure didn't want to do those darned traditional activities. They look carefully at each other and mutter sheepish agreement. Ban bounces over to Sen's ears and whispers, "That's right, Umeko doesn't know it was all a lie!" Sen realizes that. Unfortunately, the apologetic princess decides now is the time to come clean. "Umeko-san," she says, there's something I have to tell you." Umeko smiles and asks what. Well... "How the assassin suddenly appeared... at first it was a lie." When Umeko stares at her uncomprehendingly she adds, "I didn't want to do the traditions. So I had to." She bows very low to Umeko, who actually is a little slow to register but then turns away with a grin, "Ah! So that was it!" But then the realization hits her and she whirls, but her teammates know her well and grab her before she gets a chance to lunge at Princess Io. They drag her back, and that little girl is a tough act to hang onto in a fury. She throws them off, but chooses chasing them around over the princess, who watches with mild amusement. Her chamberlain beside her actually smiles and they exchange laughing glances. The five group together to lead Umeko in circles.

This being a girls' episode, they do Girls In Trouble again. We see Umeko and Jasmine in the Base office. Umeko is unhappy with her souvenier of the adventure. The Princess had given her the horrid pot. Jasmine wonders if there's anything in it or what to put in it and peers inside. Kruger and Swan wonder if the kids have learned anything from this. They picture Gorcha bowing and think they've got it.

Episode. 32 Discipline March
Ban has to deal with an alien in cuffs in the interrogation room. He thinks he's doing better than he proves to be, for other aliens are tearing into the Dekaranger. The team gets beaten down, and their attackers crow smugly. And our heroes are sent away, to a faintly gorilla-like alien dressed in fatigues. Why? To be trained to the point where they can handle the SWAT mode. Hoji makes some points to Ban, who listens intently. They get blasted down the rise of a sandy beach. Being stalked deep in the woods, and Ban gets waylaid by a gun in his back.

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32. Discipline March

A riverside, and someone snoring. We find an alien with a hat on, dressed in red clothings. He mutters incoherently. We see the inside of what appears to be a shop nearby, and in there is a very annoyed blue alien, Sanooa, of Karakazu Star. Sharp pattern here, his is a mouth full of sharp teeth. He wears a black suit and thick, gold necklaces. "He's late!" he complains, standing up and pacing. "Promised two o'clock...." The door slams open on the other side of the room and Deka Red rolls in, ending upright with both guns trained on Sanooa, shouting "Freeze!" and a few more lines. Sanooa doesn't turn around, just raises his hands. "Space police?" he inquires calmly. Ban gets to his feet, never lowering his weapons, and demands confirmation that he's dealing with "Sanooa, a Karakazuian in the Space Mafia." The other Dekaranger barrel through the door at that point and join him. The five have their weapons trained. Sanooa comments idly that he's been betrayed. Ban demands that he hand over something? Sanooa answers that unfortunately that's not the case. "What?" snarls Ban. Well, Sanooa has a tiny remote in his right hand. He presses a button on it and a green light goes on. In response, a Hunter Jet rises in the city. It's arrival shakes the building and the Dekaranger stumble, giving Sanooa a chance to make a break for it. Ban is first to bolt in pursuit. Sanooa boards the Hunter Jet and takes the controls. Ban comes out the window, ready to fire, sees the mecha and recognizes his guns aren't going to do any good here. "Gotta do this," he says as he holsters them. He calls for the Deka Machines. He boards his machine before the others have quite recovered, and Umeko is slightly annoyed but Hoji snaps that they must go, too. So everyone boards their machines and they form the Dekaranger Robo. He blasts at them, so they evade and start firing immediately, and Sanooa in the Hunter Jet is shaken badly. Alarmed and annoyed, he shouts into his communicator, "Zootaku, what are you doing?" His shouts wake the alien who was deeply asleep. Another sea-type, with a mouth full of teeth but these are blunt as opposed to the sharp fangs Sanooa sports. To his dismay, he realizes he's in trouble and frantically gets up, grabbing the communicator. Sanooa has pretty much given up by now and tosses his on the ground. He's making a break for it in the Hunter Jet. Before the Dekaranger can pursue, Tetsu calls saying he's coming to join the fight. They race and leap onto the Deka Bike, pursuing the Hunter Jet, which fires back at them. They shoot it down, then assume another configuration, the Super Dekaranger Robo. Sanooa is no slouch as a pilot, he goes head-to-head with them, but the Super Dekaranger Robo is a far more powerful machine than a Hunter Jet, and they soon have him down, firing the Catch Rope to keep him there. Ban is quite smug about it. Sanooa seems like he's gotten motion-sickness, groaning in the cockpit. And Zootaku is dithering about in a panic.

Back at the Dekabase, our six are considering something on their computer. It is an image of a lovely crystal. Jasmine notes, "So that is Gyuutanium." Tetsu paces away and says unhappily, "We were sure Sanooa had it." The door to the room slides open, Kruger comes in followed by an officer in black who pushes a cart, on which are three clear baskets full of the junk they confiscated from the place they'd found Sanooa. There's all kinds of things, including a fake Jack-o-Lantern, and they hope they can find the Gyuutanium hidden amongst them. Umeko covets a little thing she finds in the top box, Hoji scolds, "Fool," and Jasmine adds a gentle, "That's wrong." Umeko pouts and puts it back. Tetsu says he'll do the sorting, which Kruger is fine about and he heads off after the man pushing the cart. The Boss has another assignment for them, related to Sanooa's confession. Ban is excited and asks the boss to leave it to him. Umeko teases him affectionately, digging an elbow into his ribs, that he's being especially energetic today and something interesting must have happened. Well, he explains about something number one in space. When she puzzled, he says he'd gotten a letter yesterday from the mother of "that child." The other four gather around, intersted to get a look. "Today would have been his birthday," the letter says. He remembers how the child, in his arms, had feebly said he wanted to be the greatest Space Police Officer. And the mother's note implored Ban for her son's memory to be just that. It is a kind of sad pride that he swallows, as he carefully folds the note shut. Jasmine notes, "That's quite a responsibility." And Ban is determined to live up to it.

But he's not the only one with things to live up to. Zootaku has problems of his own. He's frantic in the confines of a building full of what seem to be sculptures of plants. They could be alien plants... Tables with spider-web designs holding them up. As Zootaku dithers about, we find Agent Aburera is also there. He finally says, "Zootaku?" who freezes, points at him in dismay, and as he speaks toadies over. "What do I do?" he whimpers. Aburera points out that it's pretty bad that the Space Police got Sanooa. Zootaku frets over the money, and Aburera says coolly, "That's not what I'm referring to." He opens a breifcase in which there are two... armbands, I guess. One is gold, the other silber. Both have red gems set in them, and there is a warning label in an alien language. "What's that?" Zootaku hunches up and down nervously. Aburera explains slightly, clasping the silver one onto Zootaku's left wrist. Upset and confused, Zootaku hits the jewel and is engulfed in shimmering light. The light fades and we find he has been changed, enhanced into armor that appears biological. He is ecstatic, "Man, this is so cool!" he crows. But Abureru is not finished, and explains what he wants Zootaku to do. Tells him the Special Police won't be able to stop him, and leaves. Zootaku is giddy with power and thanks Aburera.

In the Dekabase, Ban is getting up close and personal with Sanooa. Slamming his hands on the table, he leans in angrily until they are nearly butting heads. Unhappily, Sanooa says, "Yeah, yeah, I understand. I can talk. We do have the Gyutanium." Smugly, Ban leans against the two-way mirror and demands to know where it is. The other four watch through the other side and Sanooa drops his head on the table. They are impressed. Sen says, "Ban's really good," Jasmine and Umeko are happy to agree. Hoji gives the faintest of nods, and Ban whirls to them with the victory sign. And so they get in their cars, bringing Sanooa in Ban and Jasmine's. Hoji rides in the back, so Sanooa is pinned between him and Jasmine. Hoji says mildy, "You're never beat." Ban, driving, gloats back "All's safe! That's because I'm space's number one - " "Special Police," Hoji ends for him, sounding amused. Ban pouts slightly. "I knew you'd say that." Huffily, Ban replies something which makes Sanooa snort. "What?" Hoji asks. Well, Sanooa is curious. "Which one of you two is the boss, and which the follower?" he asks. Hoji is not even annoyed. He says simply, "We're neither boss nor follower." Ban happily adds, "We're comrades! Buddies!" Sanooa is unimpressed. "How naive," he says. Again, this attracts attention and Hoji eyes him, "Why?" Sanooa points out that in a battle for something important, even people on the same side can't be intimate friends." Ban utters a little sound of annoyance and the car suddenly stops. Sen has to wheel around them to keep from colliding. But it seems things are not simple now, either, for the car is starting to lift off of the road. Ban gapes in frantic shock as it goes up. Sen leaps out of his car and also gapes. The car goes several feet up, and then starts to come down. It lands with impact enough to cause something to crack. Smoke rises from under the hood. "Danger! Get out!" yelps Ban, throwing his door open. Ban and Hoji grab Sanooa's arms, the other three cover them as all move away from the cars. Placing Sanooa behind them, Ban calls for change into armor. They follow him without hesitation. Though they've changed, Sanooa utters a small laugh of contempt. The air fills with a strange, bubbling laughter. The team moves, Ban and Hoji keep Sanooa between them. The sound comes from all around and suddenly, Sen is attacked! He falls painfully and they yelp his name, but what attacked him?! The strange sound continues and this time it engulfs Jasmine and Umeko, who tense just before they are struck by something invisible. They fall. Hoji and Ban are getting frantic. Sen is starting to recover. Ban snarls and pulls out both of his guns. "Where are you?" he shouts. Nearby, the air ripples. He sees it like water rippling from an impact. "There!" he charges towards it. "Ban!" Hoji cries in alarm. "Don't let the seperate us!" he keeps a hand between the cuffs binding Sanooa's wrists. Ban doesn't seem to hear. He fires on the ripple in the air. Finally, the ripple clears up to reveal a laughing alien, Zootaku. "You're late!" Sanooa scolds him. Zootaku is delighted to have them all here, he laughs. Ban is confused, but Zootaku clarifies he's come to help Sanooa. Ban charges and we see that Zootaku is shorter than him. Of course, Zootaku has been enhanced with powerful weaponry, and soon does a bit of Ban-bashing. Before he can really get into it, though, he is shot at from behind. He turns. The three he'd hit earlier are recovering, but it was Hoji who'd fired. Hoji fires the Sniper quickly. Zootaku runs through the blasts unharmed. He gut-punches Hoji, then lifts him above his head and scolds him for being in the way. Hoji struggles, but it is no trouble for Zootaku to throw him towards Ban where he lands rolling. Sen, Umeko and Jasmine get to their feet and throw themselves at Zootaku. They form a ring around him, but he is a match for them, too. He soon punches the girls over to Hoji and Ban, then kicks and grabs Sen, throwing him by the throat to join them. He bounces over to Sanooa in ecstacy, but his boss is still rather pissed and uses cuffed fists to slam Zootaku in the jaw. He kicks him down, yelling his fury. Zootaku gets to his knees and apologizes profusely. Sanooa holds out his hands. Zootaku, not entirely an idiot, quickly chops the cuffs apart. The Dekaranger still lie on the cement beyond them, struggling to recover. Sanooa smirks and asks, "Did you really think it would be that easy to get me to give up something as valuable as the Gyutanium?" He has something insulting to say about them for that. His toadee happily echoes him. "Let's go," Sanooa says. Zootaku takes his arm and leaps away with him. "Boys, boys..." says an all-too familiar mocking voice. Ban turns his head and sees Aburera standing above them in the shade of a building. "You!" he yelps softly. Hoji adds, "Agent Aburera!" "You let your impressions blind you to the truth," he mocks them. And he is quite amused that they'd been rendered helpless so easily. Off he goes, and they continue to struggle back to their feet.

It is a most glum team which returns to DekaBase to report in, heads hanging. Hoji claims spokes-rights, to say he deeply regrets what happened. Frustrated beyond bearing, Ban slams his fist onto the table-top. "It was the threat's fault!" he mourns angrily. Swan looks at him with some sympathy, but she moves to Kruger to make her point about things. With her gaze imploringly upon him, he folds his arms and brings up Aburera as the cause of a lot of troubles. Swan suggests/inquires if there is anything they can do. He makes an assenting noise. Then he straightens up and tells them they're going to another planet. They all straighten up and stare in suprise. "What are you talking about?" Hoji asks. He means they get to go in for a special curriculum. To assume SWAT Mode. He snaps his fingers, and a hologram opens on top of the table. The hologram shows a SWAT Vest and a D-Revolver. The Dekaranger watch with wide, eager eyes as Swan explains, "Special Weapon and Tactics. In short, SWAT." Umeko gets over to get a better look at the D-Revolver. "This is great!" she whispers in awe. Jasmine is pleased, too. "SWAT support, SWAT solution." But Ban is very upset. "We don't have the time to go off for special training now! We need those now!" he protests. "We have to arrest Sanooa and Zootaku!" Kruger is not interested. Getting frantic, Ban tries "But if we're not here on Earth - " "Tetsu will be back soon," Kruger calmly points out. "He and I will take care of things here." "But - " Ban nearly whines. "Ban," Kruger says sternly, "if you truly intend to become the best Space Police officer, you have to be trained for SWAT Mode." Ban unhappily accepts that and salutes.

So it is that the team boards a 星間航行用大型 Seikankoukouyou (Space Cruiser) Shuttle and leaves Earth. They sleep as they wait, sitting up in the seats they've been buckled into, but finally the cabin lights turn on and they wake. They unbuckle themselves though Umeko is faster than the others. She opens the cabin beside her seat and pulls out a big bag. Then another one. Sen blinks sleepily and leans forward asking, "Umeko, why'd you bring all that luggage?" Of course because she had no idea where they were going. She's brought all of her bathing supplies. Ah, Umeko. A pillow, too, which she tosses over her shoulder and it lands behind Sen on his seat. She's also brought a deck of cards, which she passes over to Jasmine. "And snacks!" she says smugly, showing them the little boxes of treats. Jasmine scolds that she only brought about 300 yen worth of snacks. Umeko pouts and pulls out, "Bananas?" a bunch. Jasmine is a little peeved. Hoji sighs and leans forward to Umeko, "We're not going to play, you know." "So you don't have to eat," she snorts. But quickly the three reach out and ask nicely for one. Umeko smiles and starts passing them out. Ban has been quiet, for he's re-reading the letter from that child's mother. He looks disheartened when he folds it back up and considers the very small object he holds in his hands. The boy's medallion he's always kept. Behind him, the door slides open to reveal an alien with a heavy, black face, bright reed hair and beard, find white markings. The Dekaranger are on their feet quickly, hiding their bananas behind their backs. He calmly identifies himself in a gruff voices as Instructor Buntar. He is of Torto Star. He intends to see to it they qualify 100% for SWAT Mode, he says as he steps into their midst. Ban steps forward and says alertly, "Greeting, Instructor!" Buntar turns and considers the tall drink of water through narrowed eyes. He accepts the blaze in Ban's gaze and turns to consider Umeko, who's hunched her chin to her chest to hide a mouth full of banana. There is one left, unfortunately, atop her duffle-bag, and with a gruff noise, he picks it up, eyes never leaving her face. While she is sure she's about to get the scolding of her life, he lifts the banana to his nose and breathes in deeply. "A banana?" he says in surprise. "This is something special!" Startled by his obvious appreciation, Umeko uncoils and stares up at him. Realizing he's being too informal, he whips around, banana clutched in his fingers, and paces towards the front of the room, "We'll get to the purpose of this shortly," he tells them, patting Ban's shoulder as he passes. "For now, you should rest." They salute him respectfully, Umeko switching hands when she realizes the one she'd used is full of banana. They sigh in relief when the door closes. Hoji breathes out and then says, "He looks to be a Tortosian." Jasmine agrees, saying he must be quite strong. Umeko nods agreement and adds, "He likes bananas, so he must ge a good person." Sen is slightly unhappy and points out, "But we only have one instructor." He takes a bite of his banana. Ban eyes burn and he says firmly, "I'll take any kind of instructor I get, if it makes me a better Space Police officer."

Sanooa is really having at Zootaku for not keeping him from getting caught by the police. Zootaku is getting tossed all over the room and continuously whimpers apologies. Sanooa demands the Gyutanium, and finally the whimpering Zootaku pulls out that briefcase given him by Aburera from under the couch. He opens it, to reveal the golden band waiting inside. Sanooa wastes no time, putting it on and activating it immediately. He has every reason to be smug, for his body has become powerfully armored in yellow-gold. And he gloats that they'll return to Gyutanium to the Earth Special Police all right! Zootaku is thoroughly with him on this.

The Dekaranger are deeply asleep, when suddenly their shuttle jerks wildly. Naturally, the kids weren't buckled in and they tumble willy-nilly. "What happened?" cries Ban. Buntar's fierce voice explains through the intercom. As the shuttle shakes, they tumble again across the room and sparks fly. For the shuttle is going into a spinning crash-langing, smoke billowing out behind it. It passes over a sandy beach, a nearly-dried lake, and in the distant sky hangs an enormous moon. The shuttle lands, bouncing across the sand. The Dekaranger have wound themselves around the chairs and each other, hanging on for dear life. The door slides open as Buntar shouts at them to get out. Ban leads the charge. And behind them, the shuttle is a mass of flames. They run for their lives, reaching some stone out-croppings in the sane and diving behind them. The shuttle explodes and they pant. But they find their instructor is there. They are on a world names Kada. He explains to them what will happen at night, and tells them they've gotta book to dubious saftely, ten kilometers away. Startld, Ban says aloud that'll take one or two hours. He's telling them there isn't anyone around to help, when suddenly they are blasted. They dive for cover. They do not see their attackers, but when Buntar shouts, "Run!" they quickly obey. Blasts hit just behind their churning feet, and they dive over a rise as an explosion goes off behind them. They roll tumbling down the hill and Ban shouts to go this way, but a dismayed Sen points out they seem to have lost their Instructor. They glance around quickly and Ban pants, "This is not good." He starts to charge back up the hill, but Hoji grabs him. "Wait, Ban!" He points out they have to get moving. Ban's lower lip sticks out stubbornly. "We've got to find the instruc - " "No!" Hoji snaps firmly. He points out that they have to do what Instructor Buntar told them. They can't stay and search for him, and Ban unhappily accepts that. So they charge on, but are blasted again. "What kind of enemy IS this?!" snarls Ban. They get the way they're going, only to find themselves facing an ocean. And the sun seems to be going down. Ban pulls out his badge and they find a map. Hoji glances at it, tells them it's just a little farther. Just as they're getting ready to go, there is a signal on the badge. It is Buntar. "Instructor!" yelps Ban. "Where are you?" "In the forest!" he answers. And facing the enemy. The Dekaranger gasp as they hear the sound of weapons-fire. "We have to help," Ban gasps and turns to charge. Hoji, grabs his arm quickly. "No! We're almost to the target!" Ban turns a restless, haunted gaze to him to say they can't leave a man behind. Hoji counters he can't be the best, but Ban snarls that he has to help. And he changes into his armor. Hoji shouts after him, then gruffly says "No help for it." He leads the others into their armor. Sen and Umeko he sends to the right. He and Jasmine go left. And our Ban, well he goes straight. Into the woods, where Sen and Umeko take shelter at some stones. "Ban, can you hear me?" Sen tries his communicator. There is only static. Well, that's not good. "Can't hear a thing," he tells Umeko softly, and puts his badge away. But they startle, for there is a sound to be heard in the woods. Something rushign through the brush. "Did you just hear something?" Umeko asks nervously. "Nothing..?" Sen tells her. But there is another noise behind them, and they turn. A red glow. They quickly take aim at it.

Hoji and Jasmine are hearing noises, too. They place a tree at their backs and turn alertly. Hoji snaps out his badge, identifies himself into it and asks what's out there. Ban, who is sneaking through underbrush, says he hasn't found anything. Jasmine asks, "What about Sen and Umeko?" Well... they haven't answered. Hoji calls for Sen, asking what's the matter. They do not know something is watching from the underbrush. Off they start to charge, but Jasmine senses something and stops. There is a growl from the bushes. She aims. She sees something silver, with purple eyes and strange markings. I can see the SPD Police badge on its head. So can she and she asks uncertainly, "Murphy?" But the purple eyes glow.... "Not him!" she gasps as it rushes her. Hoji finds the stones. "Sen-chan?" he worries. With no answer he tries, "Jasmine?" But it is another voice which answers him, horribly distorted and threatening. Something pops up behind the stones and the camera feed moves to Ban. Ban is entering underground chambers, recognizable as the place probably used for filming the Dragon People's hidden base in Abaranger. He crosses a ledge, takes cover behind a wall, peers cautiously around the corner and sees a pair of feet sticking out across the way. "Instructor!" he whispers. He heads straight for the booted feet, which are attached to legs in army fatigues. But those legs are attached to a black body and Ban gasps, "A doll?" But then someone starts firing on him, and he dives for cover. The person who'd fired disappears in a narrow aisle in the walls. Ban charges firing, and keeps fighting until he can't. His weapons have run out of power! My, he is surprised. More when the barrel of a gun presses between his shoulderblades and he freezes. It is Instructor Buntar himself, very annoyed, saying the boy can't possibly be Special Police, and a disheartened Ban lowers his arms. "Why?" he says miserably. "Because the game is over," Buntar answers.

Early evening, and fires going in braziers. Buntar has brought them back to the crash site, and is telling the disconsolate group that it was all a test. His K9 sits nearby. And he is partly amused that they were so easy to trap. Ban is not at all happy with this, and challenges Buntar, grabbing him by the shoulders. Buntar grabs Ban's wrist and twists, rendering him helpless, then punching him hard in the chin. Ban tumbles to the sand and sits up, white with shock. Buntar shouts angry points about facing the enemy and pulls Ban back to his feet to stand in line next to Hoji again. So he tells them that the five of them are items for Clarence to play with. His K9 unit growls and barks. He continues to pace in front of them, lecturing about how easily they could be destroyed. If they can't pass his test, they don't get SWAT Mode. If they can't pass his tests... the SWAT Mode would be useless to them. He thinks they've come ill-prepared. He's all set to stop when suddenly Ban says firmly, "Don't stop." The others stare at him, Umeko looking stunned. "What'd you say?" Buntar demands. Ban calmly, except for his burning eyes, request the training. "Make us the best Space Special Police!" he finally demands. Buntar repeats the request thoughtfully. Then he reaches up and twines his fingers on the nape of Ban's neck. "Then you only get one advance warning," he says grimly. "It's impossible." Ban's eyes widen briefly. Buntar shoves him back, and then goes to each other the others to let them know the same thing.

Aburera speaks to us this time, from where he is with the two aliens he gave Muscle Gear to. Sanooa and Zootaku, sort of dancing behind him. He is telling us about the power it gives them. He is quite pleased that he'll be able to get us, now!

Episode. 33 Swatmode On
They sleep in a tent. Umeko sprawls on her back across Sen's back, her right hand laying on Hoji's left shoulder. Ban is not asleep, glaring at the top of the tent unhappily. SWAT training begins, they jog along behind Buntar. Ban races through an obstacle course in the woods with explosions going off all around him. Beside the tent, they all do pushups under Buntar's glare. They charge away from a jeep. Umeko stumbles in the sand. Ban hangs by one hand above a flaming pit. The team shouts, "Sir, yes sir!" Sen is screaming something, and they are all diving as explosions go off around them in a cave. "You can't become the greatest Space Special Police!" Buntar shouts at them. But they will, we know. The team gathers around Umeko, fallen again in the sand... except, Ban who continues on full-tilt.

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33. SWAT Mode On

In our last episode: Sanooa, whom the Dekaranger had arrested, is broken free by Zootaku, who's been given Muscle Gear by Agent Aburera. Kruger decides to send the kids off for SWAT Mode training, in order to get them up to a level where they can deal with the Muscle Gear and its wearers. The shuttle they ride in crashes in the sand of an alien world. Our heroes flee the explosion and an attack by unknown assailants, only that assailant proves to be their instructor himself, putting them through their paces. Ban is determined to be the greatest of the Space Police, but words are not going to do it against such a tough test. Their instructro, Buntar, with his K9 Clarence, is going to give them Hell.

Morning, and the kids are dressed now in camo gear. There are two tends, one larger and green, one smaller and blue. Buntar paces in front of the Dekaranger and tells them, "From today, you are no longer Special Police." To emphasize this, Clarence is dragging their uniforms into the green tent, growling. They stand at attention in the clothes he gave them. He tells them they are now ordinary grunts, shoving each of them back slightly, and if they don't make it through this, they have to quite the Space Police. Umeko winces when he swats her with his whip. They salute and say "Roger!" "Not roger!" he tells them. "Say, Sir, yes sir!" They obey and stand now with hands clasped behind their backs. He makes them shout it a couple more times for good measure.

On Earth, Tetsu comes rushing into the Deka Room to tell Kruger that they found the Gyutanium. He shows him on the computer. It was stashed inside the pumpkin. He points out that Sanooa surely thinks the Gyutanium is still in the Dekabase. Agreeing with his assessment, Kruger decides to command putting the base on Level Three alert. Swan thinks he's getting a little ahead of himself here. Somewhat sheepish, he growls softly. And how are the others doing? Swan wonders.

Jogging under pale skies filled with an enormous moon, obediently shouting "Sir, yes sir!" to anything Buntar says... following behind him while he drives a jeep along a beach, the ocean rolling in to stone breaker walls, broken by a gap that lets a tiny inlet form... Buntar rolls to a halt and they charge past him as he'd told them to, Ban pulling ahead. And then Umeko's feet slip in the sand and she falls. The other three halt and turn back for her, she apologizes as Sen closes in and gets on her feet again. "Oh, my head hurts!" Umeko mourns, but she keeps going. It seems this has been going on for some days now. "Every day, endurance training..." comments Jasmine. Hoji's beginning to wonder what this has to do with gaining SWAT mode.

They settle down to lunch. Looks like a big pile of fried rice along with mixed meat and vegetables. Umeko sets her chin unhappily on the table and pushes her plates away from her, untouched. Jasmine picks at her food without enthusiasm. Sen has fallen asleep, almost looks like his face is in his dishes. Hoji is eating and considers them. Finally, he sighs and points out, "If you don't eat, you won't have the energy for training." Ban, beside him, is silently wolfing down his own serving. Umeko lets her head fall over. Sen stirs and snorts a breath. On the rise across the lake, Bunta waits a few seconds before bellowing at them to come.

This time it's a 20km Mission. He's got a white board, used a black white board pen to draw an outline of the coastline. The sea, the mountains, the basecamp. The small lake. They've got an hour to make this run, he tells them. And if they can't do this, SWAT mode will forever remain a dream for them. "Sir, yes sir!" they cry and bolt off at his command. Ban charges ahead, thoughts full of his determination to make this. "I'll make it for that child!" Hoji leads the other four, but twists his head around as Umeko falls behind. And then she stumbles on her face. Sen and the others turn back to help her up, but Jasmine has lost her forward momentum and sink to one knee, Hoji wheels to her. He and Sen start to help the girls up and Hoji shouts, "Ban, wait up!" But Ban keeps on and Hoji says, "No good, he can't hear us." Ban runs on, the others vanishing behind him. In the jeep ahead, Buntar is waiting. Clarence starts to whine. Buntar blinks and opens his eyes to see only Ban charging towards them. Ban makes it to the jeep and staggers to a halt with four minutes to go. Buntar gets out of the jeep, thumping his whip on his shoulder. "So, what's with the other four?" he asks coolly. Ban straightens up and pants an uncertain, "Other four?" He turns around stares blankly at their complete absence. Buntar has mild comments for him being the only one. "Well, until the other four get here, I want you doing pushups." Ban slumps briefly, hands on his knees, but quickly yells "Sir, yes sir!" and gets down to oblige. Buntar watches him a moment, then squats beside him, "So you really want to keep on being a Space Special Police officer?" "Sir, yes sir!" Ban replies. "You think you can get used to this?" is the next challenging statement. Ban affirms that, too. "What is is that makes the greatest Space Special Police?" Ban starts to respond "Sir, y-" when he realizes that's not the appropriate response, causing him to pause in the pushups but he continues quickly. And Buntar gets to his feet to lecture. "I'll tell you one thing. There's no quick answer for you." He goes on about how as soon as something then it disappears. "You understand?" he demands. "Don't understand!" Ban answers. "Well, if you don't understand, you can't be the best Space Special Police." This halts Ban, and Buntar says something about the future. Ban decides to just continue his pushups. He can't see the others approaching, Umeko stumbling badly. Clarence's barking heralds them, though.

Back on Earth in their junk-ridden area, Sanooa and Zootaku are getting ready to raid the Dekabase for the Gyutonium. They touch their armbands and disappear. Agent Aburera steps out of the shadows. Before they go, he warns them that it's not that easy. He has something he wants them to do, and they reappear, Zootaku quite nervous. He wants them to take something important from the Space Police.

Night again. Distant moons in the sky over the tents. We can hear snoring. I think it's Umeko. Jasmine is lying on her left side. Umeko is sprawled on her back across Sen's back, open right palm resting on Hoji's left shoulder. Sen sleeps on his stomach. Hoji on his back. And Ban... well, he's on his back and wide awake. "What is it that makes the greatest Space Special Police?" Buntar had asked. Ban's thoughts are interrupted by a pounding as of a spoon on the surface of a pan. Buntar is calling them awake.

Mission Three. They have three hours to get to a cave in the big mountain. There is the forest, the small mountain, some sort of toothy barrier... all to get through. And it seems they are to return, as well. Clarence yelps as Buntar gets up and eyes the five in the morning light. When his lecturing finally sets Umeko to protesting, he snaps, "Is that a problem?" and she miserably grabs hold of herself and says, "No." Ban takes a step forward and says smartly, "We'll do it, sir!" And they charge off when he tells them. They run into the woods, reaching the stones. Automatic systems react, blasting lasers at them. They dart behind cover, laying covering fire for each other. Ban decides he's not letting these things slow him, and bolts on. Hoji calls him to wait, and he does duck behind more stones as the others catch up with him. "Don't leave yet!" Hoji tells him sternly. "Jasmine is still back there!" Ban points out that they need to do it. Hoji agrees he gets that, and Ban snarls, "So we have to go FASTER!" Jasmine catches up, apologizing for taking so long. "Right, then we go," commands Ban. Hoji affirms and they move out, guns at ready. They make it to the edge of a cliff. Quickly they pull off their packs and dig out ropes, which they anchor and toss the free ends over. Down they rapple. Ban hits the ground first and charges into the cave, Hoji, Sen and Umeko fastest on his heels. Hoji is unfortunate, for his foot catches on something and triggers automatic systems in the cave. "Look out!" cries Sen. He shoves Hoji out of the way, ducks down and first at the thing firing at them. "Thank you," breathes Hoji. But then he sees a laser target light focus on Sen's right knee. He doesn't have time to shout warning before the blast hits, and Sen goes down with a cry of agony. The other three leap to him, calling his name in panic.

A building on Earth is blasting into flaming debris. Crowds of terrified civilians scream and run. Zootaku is having a grand time causing destruction. Kruger and Tetsu see him on their monitors and decide angrily to go do something about this.

A white kerchief for Sen's knee. Hoji double-knots it and Sen whimpers a sad, "I'm sorry. Now, you all go on." "But - " yelps a dismayed Hoji, the others starting to whimper. Ban gets over to them and snaps, "There's no time! We're almost there!" Jasmine's gaze snaps up and burns at him. She says firmly, "Then you be on time." Ban looks startled. Hoji agrees and says, "You have to go on alone." He raises his head and meets Ban's gaze with an encouraging twist of his lips, keeping a reassuring hand on Sen's shoulders. "You'll be the greatest Space Police Officer." Ban is too tired to smile, but there is warmth in his gaze. "Got it," he says gruffly. He charges off.

Zootaku is taking out skyscraper after skyscraper with his Muscle Gear's blaster. But a sound draws his gaze up. Dekabreak and Dekamaster have come to fight him. He is not impressed. The pair announce themselve, and he laughs at them. Zootaku is a rough fighter, but with the Muscle Gear he's a match for Dekabreak, who tries the Lightning Fist. Zootaku blocks every punch, then catches Break's hands in his and squeezes, crushing them. Finally he kicks Break back, and our boy falls. Master leaps between them and pulls out his lovely D-Sword in Blade mode, leaps to slash. The weapon proves ineffectual. He's down now, but Break is back on his feet. Zootaku is having a grand time. Tetsu charges in and leaps to punch, but is suddenly himself hit by agonizing pain and thrown to the ground. Zootaku looks around, then happily waves saying, "Ah, Mister Sanooa!" The invisible opponent's slashes tear holes in the Deka Break suit, which shuts off due to the damage and a helpless Tetsu fall on his back. "Testu!" cries master. But held tight in powerful arms, Tetsu is hauled to his feet. Finally, Sanooa lets himself become visible. He holds Tetsu hostage, demanding Dekamaster to surrender and shut down his armor. Tetsu cries out in protest, but Kruger is willing. He holds out his badge and utters the shutdown command. The tuft of hair on his chin is blown by the wind as he faces them calmly. The two are quite pleased with themselves.

Ban staggers up an incline in the artificial cave. He turns a corner to find an altar lit by golden light. On the altar are seven lit candles, flames burning steadily. At their center is an object atop what may be glass, ice, or glasses of water. "Right, that's it!" Ban whispers, grinning. He lopes wearily forward. But as his foot his one block, it drops beneath him and he falls with a cry. He's quick, though, and manages to get a grip on the far edge. He cautiously looks down. He is hanging over a pit of fire. With a squawk of alarm, he struggles to pull himself up. The flames rise, and something else is happening above him. "Help! Buddy?" he hopes. "Sen-chan?" he pleads. "Jasmine? Umeko?" but what pops its nose over the edge comes as a shock. Clarence. The K9 growls and ducks back. Ban holds very still, realizing. "It is only me who got here, then." He feels desolate, for he'd felt in his heart that they'd catch up. But he hears Buntar in the distance, telling him that he isn't there yet. Or is he remembering that? Determined, he hauls himself up and finally gets to the surface, rolling wearily across the floor. For a moment, he lies on his back, panting. Then he take a good look at the thing on the altar. Remembers Buntar saying how things would just disappear when he can't see them. He gets up, and realizes something. He takes a good look at the thing on the altar, then whirls around and bolts back the way he'd come.

Buntar lies, smoking a stogey, Clarence with him. Clarence utters a noise of alert and Buntar turns his head up. The five are returning. Ban nearly carries Sen, Jasmine staggering on their right. On their left, Hoji is helping Umeko who is barefly on her feet. "Y'all right?" Ban asks Sen, who affirms it. It is fifteen minutes to four, or something like that. Buntar greets them smugly. "You're forty-five minutes too late!" he sneers. "You know what that means, don't you?!" When they stand at attention and say nothing he asks, "DO you?" and they calmly respond, "Sir, yes sir!" With a snort, he comes over to Ban. "You could have made it alone. Why did you go back?" he pokes at Ban's chest. Our boy responds, "Because I found the answer, sir." "Oh." Flopping his whip on his shoulder, Buntar asks, "What is it that makes one a great Space Special Police?" Ban says quietly that it isn't about himself. Never about himself. He glances at each of the others, more to assure himself he has them with him. "Why are there five of us?" he asks rhetorically. And he bellows in traditional army style that what makes a Space Special Police is the ability to be and work as a team. The others shift and glance at him, silent affection and pride. And Buntar talks around it, finally telling them that they've earned the right to SWAT Mode. Ban shrieks that they've done it, and the five huddle and hug each other. At that moment, Buntar's badge signals him. He pulls it out of his pocket and even as it opens, Swan's voice is already coming out. "Buntar," she says anxiously. "Is that Swan?" he says with delight. "It's been a long time!" She's nearly bouncing with nervousness. "Buntar, we don't have leisure right now!" she overrides his recollections of the last time they were together. "Sanooa has captured Doogie and Tetsu," and something more but she needs the kids back home. "Hurry back!" she urges the team, "Come and help them!" Buntar slaps his badge shut and turns to the five to tell them he will load the SWAT Mode programming into their badges. They must return to Earth and give the enemy his nose in a sling! The Dekaranger stand at alert and shout, "Sir, yes sir!" "No, no!" he tells them in some amusement, "it's roger!" Grinning, they return to the past with a happy, "Roger!"

Anaroids and Battsuroids stand on the balconies of a building. Oh dear. Sanooa has chained Kruger and Tetsu to an enormous bomb and starts the counter. He chuckles and asks them what they think. "The bomb will go off in two hours, if the Space Police don't deliver the Gyutonium to me, you two are dead." Tetsu glowers and says, "Nonsense. My seniors will be back soon." Irritated, Sanooa kicks Tetsu in the chest, starts to lay into him but then changes his mind and laughs. What he's saying attracts Kruger's curiosity, and gets a question while Zootaku dances around in front of the mecha men. As he giggles, suddenly several holes open in the wall beside him. He and the Anaroids turn in surprise. When nothing more happens, Zootaku rubs his eyes wondering if he's imagining thing. "What - " he starts, when suddenly the wall is blasted in. He falls against the Anaroids right behind him, and they all struggle to recover as the dust settles from the blasted wall. The figures in the thick air look powerful. And then they charge in. Zootaku and the Anaroids are startled. SWAT mode is an enhancement, suits lined and supplemented by thick, black armor and new double-barrelled weaponry. The five Dekaranger brace themselves. Zootaku, noting the glowing numbers on their chests, counts. "One... two... threefourfive?" He's flustered. They announce themselves, just in case the SWAT armor confuses us. Zootaku gestures the Anaroids forward, and they start firing with their Beam Guns. The Dekaranger return fire, the D-Revolvers working overtime. Zootaku stares in shock as one round destroys the Anaroids around him. He quickly hits a button on his Muscle Gear, turning himself invisible. Ban calls the others, and together they charge forward. An order, and Sen with Umeko dashes left, Hoji with Jasmine dashes right. Ban continues ahead. Anaroids boil out of hiding behind him and he whirls. He fires, wiping them out quickly. Hoji and Jsmine charge down a hall, around a corner where the lights suddenly go out. Jasmine says calmly, "Safety system, on." Her helmet changes to a lighting that allows them to easily see in the darkness. The door at the other end of the hall opens, Anaroids swarming in. "Target lock," Jasmine says. Her visor obliges. She and Hoji starts firing, and the startled Anaroids all fall. Sen and Umeko reach the top of the building and find themselves facing a Battsuroid who fires on them with its Batsushot. They blast it together and it falls. At Umeko's urging, Sen engages the SWAT search mode, which shows him Sanooa pacing in front of Tetsu and Kruger. It also shows him the bomb. He signals Ban and reports in. "Roger!" says Ban, switching his mode so he can see, too. Ban is closest, reaches the room and kicks in the door. Sanooa whirls in surprise. Tetsu utters a delighted, "Senior!" Kruger looks and gasps, "Ban!" The SWAT Mode makes Ban a match for Sanooa's Muscle Gear. Ban takes a bead on his and snaps, "Freeze!" Sanooa plays humble, keeping Ban focused on him while Zootaku sneaks up behind him. "Good, Zootaku," Sanooa says softly. But he had not anticipated that Ban is not alone. A blast knocks Zootaku back. Jasmine and Hoji have arrived, and one of them did that, if not both. Furious, Sanooa leaps up and takes a swing at Ban, who ducks. Ban blocks Sanooa's punches with his D-Revolver, knocks him down and then snorts and tells him he was a fool for assuming Ban would come without backup. "SWAT is S - W - A and the T stands for Tactics!" he says happily. Much annoyed, Sanooa gets up, taps his bracelet and vanishes. Hoji says firmly, "Thermal System on!" Sanooa and Zootaku show up brilliantly in his vision. "Oh, I can see you, Sanooa. Zootaku," Hoji laughs. He and Ban start firing until the two fall, no longer invisible. Together they bolt for escape, only to find Sen and Umeko rappling down the outside of the building. The pair kick in the windows and their feet collide with the two Alienizers' chests, knocking them back. Sen mocks and Umeko adds they can't get away. And Jasmine has gotten Kruger and Tetsu loose, not to mention disarmed the bomb. Furious, Sanooa sends Zootaku at Umeko and Sen. He goes, swinging wildly. Jasmine joins the struggle to help. She and Umeko easily beat him back. They kick him through a wall and out onto the rooftop. He and Sanooa find themselves out their facing all five in SWAT Mode. Sanooa blasts them, but they are proof against his blast, and the team keeps blasting. Ban happily says that they were taught to work as a team. And thus, they can accomplish anything. And so Ban announces to the two that they are to be judged. Out with his badge, the pair caught in its field. And the judgement is delete. The kids load their Licenses into the D-Revolver to maximize power. And now, they fire. Sanooa and Zootaku are obliterated. The Dekaranger slap hands and do little victory dances.

Agent Aburera is most furious. "Curses, you Dekaranger!" he snarls from semi-hiding. "Now you have this SWAT Mode." But soon... well... he seems to think of something and takes off. Hoji and Ban agree "Perfect!" and clap hands. But then they see Kruger rounding the corner of the rooftop with Tetsu. He greets them and tells them they did it. Suddenly, his badge signals and he opens it. "Yo, Kruger!" "Oh, Buntar." Buntar half-mockingly tells him the kids did it, and from where he stands puffing on his cigar, he hadn't been worried about a thing. They exchange a few pushy, Alpha remarks. It seems there are some minor Swan issues between them *cough*. Tetsu steps up beside Kruger and looks warmly at the others. "That is so cool, SWAT Mode." They shift sheepishly. Sen looks to the others, "We did it." Umeko looks up at Ban, "And now you can really say to that child, you did it." Jasmine adds, "You're really becoming the best Space Special Police officer." Ban agrees warmly, adding "But I'm not doing it alone. All of us are the greatest team, right?" They happily affirm. "Right, buddy?" he asks when Hoji remains stubbornly silent. Hoji stiffens, hooks his D-Revolver on his shoulder and pokes Ban scolding, "Don't call me buddy." "But I wanna call you buddy," protests Ban. Hoji ignores it and calls them to go. Off they charge together happily.

Swan in Kruger's chair turns and starts to tell us "SWAT is - " before the camera pulls back and we find the five are their with her. Ban leans on Swan's chair and says "Special Weapon, " Hoji continues, "And Tactics." Jasmine tells us, "The Special Weapon is the D-Revolver." Sen adds "Tactics means senjutu (戦術)." Umeko tilts her head sideways and asks curiously, "What about And?" Kruger, who was passing by, hears this and nearly slips in surprise. Hoji leans over and huffs, "とだよ." (It's to in Japanese).

Episode. 34 Celeb Game
Sen is supping a a cook your own meal restaurange with an orange and yellow cat alien. Three giant mecha, a Million Missile, an Enbarnes and an Ultimate Evil, appear to be hunting the pair, who hide and gape up. Sen meets with three aliens who offer him a pile of money. Umeko appears to be hiding behind an overgrown fence. There is a huge, English Sheepdog. Umeko is not at all pleased and pops up with a serious glare at Sen, who tries to keep her out of the way of his possibly accepting what looks to her like a bribe. Since he's not undercover, I can see where she would think that. Sen accepts the money, but we see him yank the cat alien out of the path of a blast. They hide together, and someone is aiming at the little alien. Sen appears to have decided to place his life on the line to save the poor thing. They will be fighting in SWAT Mode again.

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34. Celeb Game

Episode. 35 Unsolved Case

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35. Unsolved Case

Episode. 36 Mother Universe

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36. Mother Universe

The five, lovely mecha sit in the bay. Something swings across the top of the bay. Swan sits in the cockpit of Ban's mecha, working the controls thoughtfully. She starts the engine and puts it into gear, then puts the peddle to the metal. The wheels spin. Standing by flashes on one of the round readouts. She shuts it down and pulls out her clipboard with a thoughtful noise. She's just ticking off or making a note when someone calls her name excitedly, muffled through the door. Then clearly as Tetsu yanks it open and bolts through. "It's extra important!" he pants, out of breath. "Eh?" she asks, with a faint what-now expression on her face.

What now is a letter, with a golden police badge symbol on it, and presumably Swan's name, plus the local SPD address. It's written in the alien script they may have developed for the series. They are in the main office, and Tetsu is practically dancing. "It's got the gold SPD seal!!" He watches eagerly as she turns the envelope over. Nonplussed by all the excitement, Ban drops a hand on Tetsu's shoulder and peers over to see. "Gold seal?" he asks, standing on his toes. "Yeah!" Tetsu confirms. Swan, looking at the letter, kindly passes the envelope his way and he snatches it up to display. "Look!" "Oh," says Ban, grinning. Tetsu whirls and displays it to each of them, "They only send it to really important people!" "Oh," someone echoes again, but they are all starting to grin with joy. Umeko gasps, "That's great!" Jasmine clarifies you need to have had five Silvers to get a Gold, or something like that. "Ooooh," Umeko says somewhat uncertainly. Swan decides to read the message aloud. It says she's to come and get a medal. Her smile goes broad and shyly delighted. Tetsu wriggles like a puppy. Only the best will be there at the conference whatever. But Swan, grinning, says "I can't today," and tosses the envelope high into the air. Tetsu dives to catch it as it swoops towards the floor. Umeko and Ban hang over his shoulders, excited to read and congratulate Swan. Umeko clasps her hands prayerfully together imagining the gtreatest of hot baths. Offended, Tetsu stiffens and glowers at both of them. "Nonsense!" he scolds sternly. He shrugs them off getting to his feet and they start chasing him around the room, trying to get the letter from his hands. Swan laughs as they pass where she's sitting. With the noisy trio occupied, Hoji comes over to give Swan his contratulations, Sen with him. He wants her to go to it. She's hesitant, but Sen adds his voice about being busy and all. Jasmine had left the room unnoticed and now pads back in proudly with a cup which she sets proudly in front of Swan. The wrestling trio swings by again, a spurt of chaotic noise. But Kruger comes over now. "Swan," he tells her gently, "you should go. Don't worry about this for just a while." "Doogie," she says reprovingly, "don't say things like that. I mean if I go or not..." she trails off, and seems a bit at a loss. Tetsu comes over quickly and says, "Leave the care of Earth to us, okay!" Umeko at his shoulder agrees firmly and he holds the letter out to her, reverently. Swan cautiously takes it. She stands up and gives them a stern look. "All right, but if anything goes wrong with the Dekamachines, you contact me right away!" They all nod eagerly. Walking away, she is still muttering about the fact that she's in the middle of maintenance. She turns and adds, "It's absolutely important!" then waves at them with a warm smile.

Another world hangs as jewel-like as Earth in space. Fuzzy white clouds wreath the skies over bright green-clad continents and deep blue seas. This is Nyuueru Star, to which Swan comes in a heavy frigate. And on the planet, in a room where the dog on the police badge is displayed proudly framed in gold gilt and lacy patterns, Numa 0 comes to present Swan Shiratori with a plaque honoring all of her accomplishments. And she is in a lovely white dress, hair styled in sweet curls and held back by a fancy piece. Other senior members of assorted species watch with pride. Cat-headed, Ocotopus-headed (possibly Ban's former commander), humanoids with horns... Numa 0 says gruffly, "Congratulations, Swan." She answers with a solemn, "Thank you, Commander." When he holds the plaque out formally, she smiles and utters a soft laugh as she takes it in herhand. The symbol is golden, with red and blue jewels inset. She bows, and the audience applauds enthusiastically. She holds the plaque for all to see and calls, "Thank you!" to everyone, laughing softly. Numa 0 asks her what she will do now? She should return, there is a commander's chair waiting for her. Though she holds the plaque protectively against her chest, she gently declines. He says with amusement, "I knew it was useless," (to ask) and she laughs warmly again.

Pictures of swans all over the wall, and someone is humming a song happily. A hand uses a white cloth to wipe the surface of a terminal. That hand is Tetsu's, and he seems completely content. His coat tied at his waist, he is cleaning Swan's office. He swings around, playing for his own entertainment. He dunks the cloth in a metal SPD bucket of water and wrings it out. Then suddenly he hears Ban's voice outside in a shrill whine, "Miss Swan!!" and on its heels the voices of the others calling her, too. All five of them rush in. Ban seems to have a tooth problem, Umeko seems nearly in tears over a bath-related problem (she's still dressed in her fuzzy pink robe), Hoji seems to be worrying about repairs, Jasmine and Sen just look quite distressed. Tetsu whirls between them and the door and shouts, "STOOOP!" sweeping his hands out dramatically. They obediantly fall silent and stare at him with wide eyes. He straightens up and coughs into his fist. Ban approaches somewhat tentatively fingers held out in a miniturizing gesture, "Oh that's right, so Miss Swan is...?" Tetsu tells him sternly, "That's right, she's not here now." He strides forward to the others. "Seniors," he scolds, "I know you like Miss Swan but..." they are uncertainly shifting and quick to pout. Sen apologizes and takes the cloth from Tetsu's hand, folds it and sets it on his head. Umeko whimpers, "I hope you hurry and come back, Miss Swan." Jasmine nods with a soft agreeing noise. But then the alarm claxons blare.

Kruger alerts them to the place of attack. There is a Devil Capture, this one being #6, out blasting buildings. Umeko shouts the demand for it to stop from her place in the Deka Robo. It waves its arms at them. In Tetsu's Bike Robo, he calls out they're going to make an arrest. "Search and Scope!" he commands. His visor homes in on the thing's cockpit. But it's empty! He relays this information to the others, But this fact doesn't stop the Devil Capture from blasting them, and they are staggered by the impact. Ban shouts a furious challenge, and they get ready to charge. They are unaware of being monitored by a strange being with pink and white striped face, evenly spaced rectangular teeth, red eyes and a maniacal giggle. This fellow is controlling the robot. Tetsu charges in, and their enemy cackles as he gets a thorough reading on the Deka Bike's capabilities. "Mode Tornado!" shouts Tetsu, bringing the mecha spinning down on the Devil Capture. Ban calls for the Signal Cannon and gets ready to fire. Their opponent goes down easily. While they are congratulating themselves, their enemy clearly is having the time of his life. He is Hymal, of Pobben Star. His head looks a bit like a crescent moon from the side. And he has gathered data on both machines. Crowing with smug joy he jeers that they'll be the ones on the run next time.

Swan wanders the room with a wine glass in her hand, looking for someone. Cat-headed elderly creature greets her and she responds with an affectionate, "Long time no see!" A horned creature congratulates her. Eventually she walks practically into a tall alien in a handsome suit, who is the one who trained the Dekaranger to achieve Swat Mode. "Swan," he greets her in a rough voice. She calls him by name (yes, I don't remember it and she didn't say it clearly) and says "My it HAS been a long time!" She thanks him for taking care of the kids. "How are they doing?" he asks. "Oh, they're grand!" she tells him. "They've really grown up!" (huh!) He laughs. Then she looks around and asks, "By the way, where's Hymal? How's he doing?" He has to think about. "Hymal... oh that's right, you two used to work together all the time." When she nods and stares at him hopefully, he tells her, "Well, I'm afraid he quit the Space Police a little while ago." Swan's lips part and she stares at him in wide-eyed surprise. "He quit? Why?" He looks away from her, and answers with some reluctance, "His exact reasons he said..." well, it seems Hymal's a bit peeved that Swan was assigned this award and not him. I think that's what the fellow said. Swan is shocked. "Is that ALL?!" The fllow sets his empty glass down and picks up another. Grimly he tells her, "I don't think so." He comes over to her and explains, "He's always wanted to show you that he can build better machines than you. That's what he told me, anyway." "So..." she asks sadly, "Where did he go?" He sighs, "Don't really know, where or why." But it has occured to him that Hymal might get into something bad. Swan thinks about this grimly.

Well, yes. Bad enough. "How is it going, Hymal?" Agent Aburera walks into the cavern Hymal is working in. Hymal doesn't seem to notice him, only giggling. "WELL?! What are you doing next?" Aburera snaps sternly. Hymal, an artist at work, startles and shrieks, "You're noisy! Stop bothering me!" Startled, Aburera takes a step back. Hymal is still designing. On his screen are images of assorted mecha the Dekaranger have fought and defeated. On a basal image Hymal is cobbling together a design from their parts. And in the lower, left corner of the screen, is something else. This will be in the chest of the new mecha. The image looks powerful dangerous and he mutters as he works about no one understanding. Aburera utters a contemptuous snort and turns away. And at the very center of the machine, he is putting his Hymal Reactor. Did it! And he sets the program in motion. Crowing as the image vanishes from his screen, he heads to look out into Aburera's bay, where the mecha materializes amidst gurneys. Frankenzaurus. Hymal is crowing that this will be so much better than Swan's mecha. Aburera watches him, tapping his helmet thoughtfully.

Episode. 37 Hardboiled License

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37. Hardboiled License

Episode. 38 Cycling Bomb

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38. Cycling Bomb

Episode. 39

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39. Reqium World

Running feet to a speeding beat down a darkened corridor. It is Umeko, tearing around one corner to find the hall littered with the bodies of her fellow officers. For an instant she freezes in horror, then leaps to check one fellow sitting up against the wall. But before she can touch him, his body falls to the left, dead weight. Alarms blare in the distance and Umeko stares numbly at the corpse. "What happened?" she whispers raggedly. "Why did this happen?" But her distress is interrupted by her badge ringing. She flicks it opens and hears Kruger telling her frantically "Umeko! Deka Room ni kurunaaaaargh!" Or in English unfortunately you can't pull it off grammatically, but we can guess he's trying to say "Don't come to the Deka Room!" but how it's cut off in Japanese leaves one open to presuming he might have said "Come to the Deka Room." Shaking, Umeko clutches her badge in both hands and calls, "Boss! What's the matter? Boss? Boss!" Given no answer, Umeko has her gun out ready to fire and makes her way cautiously through the corridors to the Deka Room. The doors slide obediantly apart for her. Gun ready to fire, she is still in no way prepared for the horror of the scene that meets her eyes. Jasmine flat on the floor, Sen also but with blood on the corner of his mouth, Hoji with blood as well on his back. Tetsu slumped against the wall. Ban on his back on the floor, blood at the corner of his mouth and on his temple. Kruger, slumped over his console, jaws slightly parted. Eyes are all closed, don't want to upset the kiddies too much. Draw back to the stunned Umeko, letting her hands fall. We see that chairs have been knocked over in the room, while others just pushed aside. Umeko walks numbly, jerkily into the room. Past the threshhold and she loses the strength in her legs, falling limply to her knees. "It's not true," she whispers. Behind her, the doors slide shut. "This is just..."

As her chin drops to her chest, Ban suddenly twitches, back arching in pain. The sound he makes pulls Umeko to him. She puts her right hand on his chest and with her left leverages him up. His skin looks burnt in this lighting. "Ban!" she calls. Then shakes him slightly and tearfully calls again, "Ban!!" He opens his eyes and meets her gaze glassily. "Was bad," he manages to say weakly. "I couldn't do it." He has to swallow and force more words out. "Afterwords, need you to..." he trails off. In tears, Umeko gasps, "What are you saying, Ban? You gotta recover!" He smiles, with no strength to move but to almost laugh. But then the life in his gaze twists to sudden pain and with a gasp he breaths his last, head falling limp against her arm. She cries his name again and clutches his body to her in agony. But she accepts what has happened and releases him carefully, sitting up. Through the tears her eyes blaze with a hunger for vengeance, and she gets to her feet. She looks around and sees something lying near Jasmine's hand. It is the other girl's badge, open and showing a reading on an Alienizer. Umeko identifies it, "That one did everyone..." she utters shakily. Her fingers curl on the holster of her gun and her lips go tight with determined rage. "Pin-pon," announces a voice and as Umeko whirls she finds there is already a deadly weapon at her throat. The enemy is a female Alienizer, insectoid with pale, blue-white face under enormous, segmented pink eyes. Her sleeves are black silk with red flames on the immense cuffs. She happily gloats to Umeko about the ease with which she took out all of Earth's defenders. "Than you, and bye-bye!" she sings as she strikes. Umeko backflips out of range. The alien seems startled, and now Umeko switches into her armor to fight. The alien escapes by leaping down the tube to the launch bay. "You can't get away!" Umeko snarls and jumps feet-first in pursuit. But she finds herself engulfed in liquid bubbles and gasps, crying out, struggling.

Struggling from the depths of the bubbles in her bath. Water must be in there somewhere. She sits up, gasping and realizes, "It was a dream..?" but there is a tremor of uncertainty in her voice. "Thank heavens," she sighs, rubbing the bubbles out of her eyes. Then she is puzzled and studies her fingers. She isn't all wrinkly? Dressed, later she heads for the Deka Room still puzzling at her little finger. When the door opens she is deeply anxious and the sight of the other gathered at the central table makes her breathe in relief, despite Kruger scolding her for taking so long in the bath. "I'm so sorry," she says happily. "I fell asleep in the bath and had a dream." Ban glides over to her and scolds playfully that she must have drank too much. "That is NOT true!" she pouts back at him. Tetsu comes over, too, and listens as she explains that in the dream an Alienizer had killed all of them but her. This amuses and annoys Hoji, who points out "That didn't happen," and comes over to her. Tetsu also poutingly growls, "Nonsense!" and Sen wanders over. All this time, Jasmine hasn't turned around. She stands facing Kruger who is working at his desk. Sen asks, "What kind of Alienizer was it?" Umeko folds her arms and says thoughtfully, "Well, it was a woman - " but Jasmine suddenly says her name. She looks up quizzically and Jasmine asks, "With this face?" and turns around. Jasmine's features shift and become those of the Alienizer. Umeko staggers a step back and breathes, "Not everyone!" but they are suddenly pressing in around her and her back hits Ban's chest. She cannot see their faces as they push at her. "Hey, guys, what are you doing?!" she gasps. It seems they are stealing her badge. No, not them. The Alienizer. Her teammates are gone. Says something about the game being no fun is Umeko has this. Laughing, the Alienizer heads for the hall. "Hold on!" snarls Umeko and charges after her. The Alienizer's clothing is very similar in design to Aburera's. But when Umeko rounds the corner, the female is gone.

Umeko finds herself charging out onto a crosswalk in the city. She is rather startled, considering she was just in the Dekabase Hall. "What the - ?" she gasps, looking all around. Then there is a jinge behind her. A staff with metal rings on the end hitting the ground hard. Umeko turns to look in puzzlement. Two monks heading across towards her. Another pair is coming behind her, and she soon notices. She is between them. She sees they are bearing down on her, and hesitates, looking back and forth between one pair and the other. They have her surrounded, one man with a thick mustache. They have come to fight her. When they make their first strike with the metal staves, she ducks and now, with blissfully unaware people crossing the intersection, they all fight. Umeko gives quite an accounting of herself, blocking their strikes or dodging, and hitting back. She tosses on over her shoulder, but when the other three charge she decides discretion is a good thing and makes a run for it. But after a few steps the cement suddenly collapses beneath her feet.

Again she finds herself in the brimming bubble bath, but this time she is fully clothed. She sits up, wiping the water out of her eyes and realizes where she is. "Eh? Another dream?" Okay but why is she dressed, then, she wonders. She looks at her fingers and recognizes certaintly. "That was no dream!" she snaps. She picks up her biggest duck and stares at it intently, demanding "What is going on?!" To her surprise, it suddenly starts expanding in her hands. A moment and the head becomes a lava-filled balloon which suddenly pops. The flames drive her back and she cries out.

She lands again, this time on the floor of a room. Her hair is done up in pigtails. She is in pink pajamas and she has fallen off of her bed. The room is full of a startling variety of teddy bears, though at least one appears to be a stuffed dog. She clutches her futon around her and squeezes the fabric. "Oh, of course it was a dream," she assures herself. Then, staring at the bears she snaps firmly, "But this is NOT my room!" Just then, the teddy bears erupt. There is one among them not a regular bear. Human sized and sounding very bearish, it makes a grab for her. She evades its clutches and glares at it angrily. "Now what?!" she gasps and then evades its attack. It seems to jump from side to side without crossing the space between, and tries to smother her beneath the futon. She struggles furiously.

In a fury she tears the blanket off and yells her head off about this, ignoring the fact that she is now back in her work uniform and aboard a city bus with green seats. Then when she realizes it and looks around, she finds at least two of the passengers glowering and hushing her with fingers to their lips. The folks further back do the same. Sheepish and dismayed, Umeko whispers apologies and tries to return to her seat. The man behind her gazes irritably out the window and seems to pay her no heed. Umeko is very confused, and does not register that the man behind her now has a white mask on his face and is moving to attack. His large hands close tight around her throat. Suddenly, the other passengers also wear these masks and are getting out of their seats to attack her. Umeko manages to break free of the first guy with a few strikes of a well-placed elbow and leaps from her seat. The others tumble into it before they can switch gears and lunge again for her. More good elbow work, and a clutch at the lapels of one attacker whom she tosses aside. Ducking another's strikes, well-placed kicks taking out yet another. But the bus comes to a screeching halt, almost giving her whiplash. She ends up rolling towards the front where the door opens for her. Out she falls onto the cement. Then she realizes it is not cement. She has been dumped in a pile of garbage. It hasn't been there too long, the bags are not torn. "What in - " she ghasps again. She puts a hand to her forehead and wonders just what the heck is going on. Then once again she stares in puzzlement at her right hand. At the pinky that persistently sticks out in the ancient "I promise" gesture. A dim memory, her pinky linked with someone's gloved one. She gasps. "That's right! Someone promised me something utterly important!" She sits up, only to realize she still has no idea whatsoever of what she's going to do. She makes herself comfortable in the bags and looks around. Her gaze falls on a torn poster on the wall nearby. She straightens up to study it. The image is of a shadow figure standing, and another as that figure's shadow but it is a strange image. The message on the poster says something about finding. She realizes as she reads it that she'd promised Jasmine something about when they found a good place. But before she can follow that train of thought, a pale hand lunges out from among the garbage bags. Umeko is grabbed by the head over her nose and mouth and yanked backwards. This time when she lands it is on painfully hard cement. She rolls to her feet and looks around. A strange place, I don't recognize it. Lots of cement walls. Looks a bit like a power-station. Umeko is trying to get her bearings when someone blasts her and she falls. When she looks up, she finds her attacker is... herself. In Dekaranger armor. Her dopp giggles softly and gets ready to fire. Umeko bolts for it. She dives out of the path of the shot and fires back. But her dobb drops and rolls just as well as she does. Umeko takes cover behind a heavy cement barrier and keeps firing. Her dopp manages to shoot the gun from her hand but decides to come at her with the rod. Umeko ducks the swipes it makes. Blocks one, gets kicked, keeps fighting. Gets kicked again, and again until she falls. For the enemy is the Alienizer, and now it has Umeko by the throat and lifts her bodily. "Well this has been fun," the Alienizer comments. "I've taken your soul." Umeko snarls with fury a demand to be told where her soul is. The Alienizer threatens her, but Umeko is not fazed at all. She demands the information, and the Alienizer is slightly offended. Who has the power here, after all, she wonders? "Do you think you can defeat me?" she offers amusedly. Umeko grabs her ankles and climbs up her, snarling again the demand for where her soul's gone. Bemused, the Alienizer strikes her away. Umeko lands painfully. As the Alienizer approaches, she realizes her gun is very close. She lunges, just avoiding a shot from the other, grabs and is on her feet in a spin. Firing at the alien's head-horns she demands the information again. The Alienizer charges her and manages to knock the gun from her hands. This time the enemy stands on the weapon. Umeko is gasping in pain over her bruised chest. Again, the Alienizer picks her up by her throat. Umeko won't give up her damands to know where her soul is. Bored and annoyed, the Alienizer gives her a few hints about people and gods. And then gets ready to shoot her through the heart. "G-double-o-bye," it mocks and fires. The blast becomes the world, white and hot. A stream of blood trickles from the corner of Umeko's mouth and she collapses bonelessly, falling backwards to the cement. A cry of pain in a world gone gray. She lies on the hard ground in a pool of her blood, protesting this end weakly as the camer pulls up, up and away. She reaches up, whispering to Jasmine. "Aferwards, need you to..." she whispers, hand coiling but for the promisory pinkie. Eveyrthing blurs to black.

Black, black hair streaked with brown and eyes closed. A familiar eye opens. Jasmine, her bare hand tenderly on the forehead of a sleeping Umeko. They are all there, gathered around the infirmery bed. Umeko is still, tiny under the white sheets. The others gasps as Jasmine reports. "I can't feel anything from her!" Jasmine whimpers as a beeper goes flatline. She takes her hand from Umeko's forehead. Kruger wrestlessly frets about this soul thing. Swan is deep in sad thought. Ban is shuddering and Hoji stands with agony in his gaze. Sen's lips tighten. Tetsu looks around at them. But then Jasmine lifts her gaze and tells them there was a hint in the middle of Umeko's dream. A hint about the location. "Umeko trusts me." And she raises her bare hand, pinkie-promised. For it all started two weeks ago....

Young girls all over the city fell asleep and would not wake up. A girl whose panic-stricken mother shook and callled her name. A suspicion connection it with a new drug, elements contained in a blue and white capsule advertised as balancing and making a girl beautiful. BCAA1300mg pills. The Dekaranger had been sent to investigate. Ban showing girls his badge. Tetsu tearing around on that bike in CG. Umeko and Jasmine connecting with one girl who gives them the packet of pills, not one taken yet. Jasmine holding it and the two Dekaranger exchanging grim glances. A pill broken open, contents to be analyzed. Swan in white lab gloves testing it out in various solutions. Jasmine laying her bare right palm on the forehead of one sleeping girl. Umeko watching from behind her arm. Jasmine seeing an Alienizer in the girl's mind. Hearing that the Alienizer is using this medicine to steal the souls of young girls. For that one talks to her and then slashes. Jasmine opens her eyes in horror. And they identified the Alienizer. Iyulewanian, MeevmAme. Jasmine lecturing him that this one goes into people's dreams. She takes their souls. Hoji's grim comment and Sen's thoughtful one. Swan calls Doogie from the Mechanic Room and explains what she's learned by testing two capsules' contents. He clarifies what she's said, and she counter-clarifies, that it's like tuning in to a radio channel. Tetsu grimly accepts this, that is the method by which MeevmAme is stealing souls. But the only way to stop her is to find out where she really is. Kruger clarifies some points about where MeevmAme would have to keep the souls she steals. But how can they figure it out? Then Umeko surges to her feet. She says she wants to do it. "HUH?!" is the uniform response. She bounds to his desk in utter cheer and tells him that she wants to take the compount, and dream. She's sure in her dream she'll be able to find out where the others are. Jasmine shakes her head, but it is Tetsu who hops to his feet and snaps anxiously, "Nonsense!" He starts lecturing her about why she can't do it and what a waste it is, which gets a pretty predictable reaction. She folds her arms pretending to be thinking. Then, with a smirk she waggles her finger and says, "Now that's really nonsense!" While Tetsu is stuttering she trots over and tugs Jasmine back with her. She is eager to go in, help the other girls and sure Jasmine can help. Jasmine is not at all pleased with the idea. "It's just too dangerous, Umeko!" she says sternly, and points out that maybe they'd never be able to get her back. Umeko counters grimly that this enemy is targetting young women. She'll have to go, and only Jasmine will be able to really tell what's happening. She points out that this is what they're there for, and the others really can't argue with that, however much they grope for something to say against it. So she promises that she will be back, and urges Jasmine to promise with her that they will go and eat, and Jasmine will have a triple ice cream cone. And Umeko pulls Jasmines hand to her and hooks their pinkies together in promise. She'll come back, and they'll have ice cream together. As Jasmine slowly lowers her hand, Tetsu reiterates the clue Jasmine had badgered out of MeevmAme. About gods and lots and lots of people. Ban, frustrated, complains that this tells them nothing. Hoji helplessly leans on his palms, head hanging. "I don't have a clue!" complains Ban. Hoji wonders aloud, and Jasmine comments as Sen moves away to the wall, "I believe." When they look askance at her, she tells them firmly, "This is a very important hint." Sen has upended himself so he can think. Hoji straightens up slowly and watches him over hunched shoulders. "I get it!" Sen says suddenly. Onto his feet now, he tells them where this clue has led him. About god, and Earth, and etc.

Dekabase has, atop the head, an observatory. Technicians monitor space traffic. And now Swan is in on it. The Dekaranger hover over those monitoring, for now they must also search. Jasmine gasps when her search turns up an artificial object. There it is. A humanoid shape floating in space. Female, white, golden and red. Spines from the lower legs. Like a floating queen. And so in Swat Mode they board their machines. Not the regular ones, the secondary set that are airborn... spacebound. Tetsu seems to be piloting Umeko's. They gather the machines together and form the rather finely designed Deka Wing Robo. Out into space they go. Jasmine says urgently, "Umeko, you wait. We'll get everyone's souls back!"

Out in space, MeevmAme is giggling happily at the controls of her robot. She holds a flask full of the souls of the girls. She is quite pleased and settles the flask in its place. For it seems the time has come to distill the best elements. She's about to push the button when Jasmine's voice echoes in her cockpit. "Iyulewanian MeevmAme!" Startled, she looks out and sees... "Earth Police!" "Freeze!" shaps Jasmine. For they've got her in their double-gunned sights. Stunned, MeevmAme asks, "How'd you figure out where I am?" and fires two missiles. Our heroes blow them out of space and fire on her. She is knocked down into the atmosphere, and they pursue her. Evacuating her ship with the goods, she makes a run for it. But they are hot on her heels and fire on her. Jasmine sees the bottle and snarls, "So that's everyone's souls?!" and she slides her badge out of its place on her shoulder. She's going to pass judgement, much to MeevmAme's dismay. Before she can be trapped in the judgement field, MeevmAme fires several little spark things which pierce the Dekarangers' throats. They writhe in agony as their suits shut down. She gloats as they collapse on the cement, for she has them trapped in her dream-world, now. But Jasmine fights the effects. "Umeko!" she whimpers before she falls. MeevmAme closes on her. "See you in your dreams," she mocks. Jasmines finally falls.

She comes to awareness in a dark place. She seems to be inside a theater, row upon row of plush, gray seats. No one around her at all. She looks about alertly. "Where am I?" But then the camera starts rolling. On the screen she sees a film of Ban in his armor, two guns out. "Ban?" she wonders. But then he turns and starts firing. The bullets are real and she dives for cover. He's still firing, and she flees the theater only to find herself at the edge of a cliff. She freezes. And then MeevmAme looms out of the deep crevasse noting, "So you're an esper?" and that this could make things all the more fun. For her eyes flash and fireballs blossom around Jasmine. Water forms into a crystal chain which grabs her and yanks her to her feet. She is bound to a bus stop sign, and a bus is coming straight at her. MeevmAme sits atop it and mocks her that her friends are in the same position. And she is sending Jasmine straight to Hell. The bus bears down. Unable to get free, Jasmine cringes and closes her eyes. "Goodbye!" mocks MeevmAme. But Jasmine straightens up and smirks, "Why do you say that?" For now she simply pops the chains off, steps forward and punches the front of the bus. It is brought to a sudden halt and MeevmAme, not expecting this, continues on through the air falling to the ground. The bus explodes, and Jasmine turns coolly around to face her enemy. "You're the one who's going to Hell," she says firmly. Stunned, MeevmAme whines that this is her control. But Jasmine picks her up, stronger in this place. "This is my world," she tells MeevmAme and shoves her back. MeevmAme finds herself facing the jaws of Murphy in his cannon form. "Stop," she wails. "Fool," counters Jasmine, and fires.

This time it is MeevmAme who finds herself waking from horror on cement. Confused, she wheels to find the five Dekaranger watching her calmly. Jasmine lifts the bottle, now empty, and waggles it mockingly. As MeevmAme is a bit slow to really grasp what has happened, Ban points out that the souls of the hundred people she'd hit are back where they belong. And Umeko pops up at that point, excited and happy to be back. MeevmAme is totally flummoxed, and so Jasmine explains what happened. When she'd fired the Judgement field it hadn't been the normal field. They'd knocked MeevmAme out. Hoji mocks her shock as cute. And her seeing them tormented in her dreams had all been... well, her dream. Umeko snaps, "Don't you get what we are yet?" MeevmAme shrieks slightly, outraged. "You are - " she starts, but Umeko cuts her off. And Jasmine encourages her, the pair go into their amor, and into Swat Mode. Twin Angel Swat Mode. The boys are left behind to their hurt as the girls go on the attack, together handing MeevmAme the end of her activities. This time they catch her in the true Judgement field, and she is to be deleted. Together, they fire. The boys watch in admiration as she goes up in flame, and the girls renew their promise.

Ah, they've gone together for triple-scooped icecream. Two cones, one on top and one on the bottom. "Is it good?" Jasmine asks. Umeko is in ice cream heaven. The boys watch from the distance, happy and delighted for the two. Umeko has finished her top cone and two scoops while Jasmine has done the cone and one scoop. Full of mischief, Umeko points so that Jasmine looks, and gets a bite of Jasmine's top scoop in that moment. Laughing, Jasmine chases her. The boys watch in a mixture of envy and awe this happy companionship. Sen comments that this is like true love, these two. Tetsu admires their fun. Hoji agrees with him. Ban is pleased that the two are so totally great. Settled down, Jasmine is just about getting back to her cone, when Umeko cheerfully crows that now they can go on a shopping spree! She throws her arms wide and there is a sound of impact. Horror struck, she looks up and finds she has slammed her melting ice cream into Jasmine's right cheek. The pair are frozen for a moment, then Jasmine pushes Umeko's hand down. Dismayed, Umeko squeaks, "Oh, Jasmine I'm sorry!" and hops to her feet to help clean up. She is wiping the ice cream off Jasmine's cheek with a stray cloth before either of them quite catch on to the fact that the cloth in question is, in fact, the corner of Jasmine's coat. Umeko weakly lets the cloth fall and laughs as delicately as possible. However, a furious Jasmine shrieks "UMEKO!!" and lunges after her. No fool she, Umeko bolts. The boys race over to try to head off a strangulation at the pass, and only end up becoming both barrier and help to the two women.

The boys put their hands together in firm alliance. Ban cheerfully says, "We're really strong, right?" Hoji agrees calmly with him. Sen points out that they're an excellent team, which sets Ban wriggling like a puppy. Suddenly Tetsu lets out a small wail. Startled, they look askance at him. He's been distracted by a pair of passing legs, "Oh, she's lovely!" he gasps. Ban straightens up quickly, "Just gimme a moment," he says and makes a beeline for the girl. Hoji cuts him off with, "I think I'd better handle this." Sen grabs for his arm and makes hair-brushing gestures. Ban points wildly in the opposite direction. Hoji looks and Ban bolts after the girl. A slightly bewildered Tetsuya takes all this in with mouth hanging open.

Episode. 40 Gold Badge Education
Arrival of the shimmer white and blue Deka Bright. "Shining Officer, Deka Bright," as she identifies herself. A beautiful young woman who seems as cold as ice. Tetsu is floored by her. Especially when she decks him. She's after an enemy of deadly power. Tetsu is, it seems, going to learn a bit this episode. He and Ban will tackle the enemy side-by-side in their armor, but still be failing at least until the others join them. Deka Bright will not appear during those scenes from that particular fight.

And you could be one of 20 to win a couple of Dekaranger thingies.

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40. Gold Badge Education

Night, and under the greenish light of a halogen lamp we hear someone shouting almost melodiously. Ban's voice, of course. Following some tradition, he wears a short jacket and walks the streets this evening with a couple of sticks whose ends are connected by wound rope hanging over the back of his neck, he periodically beats together. Tetsu trails behind him, carrying a small lamp with a message about fire, and hunched up against the evening chill. It seems they're calling about fire, as volunteers. Tetsu can't stand much more of this, and suddenly dives around in front of Ban to beg, "Senior, why don't we return to Dekabase now?" He is really cold! Ban replies that they can't do that yet and cheerfully starts calling again, something about tomorrow. Tetsu stares incredulously at him as he continues on. Then stares incredulously at something else and cries, "Fire!" Ban, amused, turns and agrees that's it's about fire. Frantic, Tetsu dashes over to him. "Not that!" He turns and stares upwards. "A real fire, Senior!" "Eh?" Ban follows Tetsu's gaze and utters a cry of shock. Beyond the house across the way the sky is red, smoke billowing upwards. The boys bolt towards it.

The hood of a car a mass of flames. Tetsu and Ban arrive near it and gape up at the apartment complex beyond. "What IS this?" gasps Ban. For the fire behaves like a living thing, leaping up and climbing wires with no regard to wind, or even to flammable materials. And they hear a strange voice singing in the air, "Happy birthday to me, heheh!" The flame roars down another wire and along a railing as the voice continues to bubble. Stream along cement, then up a cement pole. The boys gape and then Tetsu suggests in a shaky voice, "It might be an Alienizer?" Ban notes they'd better get into armor then. "Roger!" cries Tetsu, and they transform. Tetsu calls for "Impulse Fist!" and starts putting out bolts of force from his gloves hand that extinguish some of the blazes. The car in front of them goes out. Ban slaps a hand and utters a praise which Tetsu nods thanks for. But their enemy is not happy. It shouts angrily and a bolt of fire sheers towards them. They dive and roll from its path. Out from in front of the car strides a tall creature, named Korachekku. The suit looks heavy and massive, and somewhere in there perhaps is an alien face. "You put out my fires!" he snarls. "Alienizer!" gasps Tetsu. Ban snarls, "This is your idea of fun?!" The boys charge into battle. They try to pin him, but he wrenches free and throws them away from him. The others arrive on the scene in their armor and Umeko snaps that this sort of behaviour is not socially acceptable. Jasmine adds that this kind of thing is only acceptable during summer. "Summer?" confirms a startled Sen. She nods with an affirming sound. But Korachekku shouts at them to shut up and exclaims that he won't forgive them for interrupting his fun. He leaps at them and punches, bashes and beats them down. Ban holds him for a very brief instant before getting thrown on top of the still-steaming car. As he clambers to his feets he realizes there is a man in the passenger seat, in pain and suffering from smoke inhalation. Before Ban can do anything, Korachekku is upon him, pulling him away from the vehicle. Pinned, Ban cries out to Tetsu to help the man. Tetsu manages to pull the somewhat warped door open and, asking the man if he's all right, practically has to carry him out of the car while Ban fights. But Ban is hit hard in the chest and thrown by that blow to his companions' feet. In the clean air, the civilian is starting to recover his wits enough that he can make it out on his own at Tetsu's urgent bidding. They turn to face the enemy again. But before either can attack, a strange voice shouts. A flare of light drops down right on top of Korachekku.

He screams in shock and the Dekaranger gasp. But then that same flare of light falls again to the road and dims down to a uniform of startlingly reflective white. Gloves, boots, both an extraordinary blue banded with gold. A bracelet like Tetsu's on the left wrist. She stands straight and tall, arms aggressively posed, a case of slim perfection. It would appear M is indeed her symbol, the greek symbol for 1000. Korachekku is still recovering from her attack. The Dekaranger are still recovering from her arrival. "That's - " stutters Ban. "A Gold Badge - " continues Hoji. "So this is - " starts Sen. "Another specialist?" asks Jasmine. At a loss, Umeko utters "Eh?" But the new arrival is too busy. She goes into her challenging speel with a snap of her fingers. "Shining Officer, Deka Bright!" she introduces herself. "Chief!" yelps Tetsu. The others react with shock. Korachekku has had plenty of time with all this posturing to complete his recovery. On his feet again, he charges her. She leaps high, with perfect agility describes an arch over his spiked head. Lands on her feet, spins and evades his fists. A few well-placed kicks put him off balance. She calls for the Thunder Fist and hits him with blue lightning (in Japanese, lightning and thunder have one word). He is hit pretty hard and falls on his back, sparks crackling from his armor. But again she waits for him to get back up. Peeved, he decides discretion is the better part of valor and postures a signal. Flames erupt around him as he laughs, and when they die down he is nowhere to be seen. Deka Bright closes her fist in frustration. Hoji stutters, "He's gone." But she ignores that, commenting only on the date she has about Korachekku and that of course he's come to Earth. She hits the buttons on her changer and the suit scatters into light bits around her, leaving her in regular... um, police uniform. This is less extraordinary, and very similar to Tetsu's. He hair is waved, feathered down just past her shoulders. Her expression is cold and unwavering. Ban, who somehow took no notice of either her voice of breasts in the armor, hangs on Hoji's shoulders and gasps, "She's a woman!" Hoji breathes an appreciative, "Beautiful." Both turn their heads accusingly towards Tetsu. He startles slightly and then says firmly, "That's my boss." "That person?" gasps Umeko. Jasmine, turned to jelly by this, hangs on Umeko's shoulders and says something about a change of occupation (doubtful translation). The woman finally turns to look at them. She is perhaps close to thirty, though I wouldn't commit to saying which side of it. Though her skin is fine, she has an expression which shows she's learned to live with hard decisions.

Dekabase, the next day. She presents herself to Doggie Kruger as リサ・ティーゲル. Lisa Teagle. He stands honorably and tells her his name, which doesn't get the response it did from Tetsu because she's quite his equal. She gets straight down to business, moving like a knife between the staring team and giving them a briefing on Korachekku. He's a firestarter. Well, this all doesn't faze Ban, who is as exited as ever. He bounces over to her shoulder to exclaim they'll arrest him quickly. She ignores the puppy, for she has less interest in enduring their presence even than Tetsu did, and she heads to Kruger to let him know that. He restlessly doesn't answer that, but all of the Dekaranger bite their lips hard. But she does want one person. "Tekkan, come," she orders and walks out of the room. "Roger!" he yelps and follows her without a second thought. Sen folds his arms sadly. Umeko folds hers too and pouts, "But not us." She says something about just a little brightness and Hoji chuckles at her. "No," he says amusedly. "She's just perfect." A little disappointed by that assessment, the girls shrug their shoulders. "Oh, no!" says Jasmine. Sen is also amused and tells them not to let it bother them. After all, she is the expert. Umeko accepts this with forced cheer, for as she points out "That's how Tetsu started out!" Ban nods happy agreement. "We'll just have to show her what we can do!" Heartened, they nod happily. "She'll understand soon."

I think they don't really have a grasp of the situation. For as a factor of not understanding now, she's giving Tetsu the what-for. Pretty much without warning, she smacks him in the face and he tumbles, twisting quickly to keep from hurting himself. Voice flat she asks him, "Tekkan, what was that last night?" From the floor he favors his smacked cheek and asks her "That what?" She seems to want to know what an expert is doing taking orders from ordinary er... space cops. Either that or she's threatening to demote him to normal badge. He tries to reason that this isn't such a bad thing. She doesn't agree. She lectures him about them being above the others, facing the things these normal cops couldn't possibly cope with. He wants to say something to that, then realizes he can't. She's come to see what he's doing here. He suddenly gets frantic, telling her he's doing nothing wrong and to please, please leave him stationed here. She seems rather surprised by his pleading and by hearing this sort of thing from his lips. Has he forgotten everything he's learned. Scared and a bit angry, he closes his hands into fists and avoids her uncompromising gaze. Holding up a clenched fist he tells her than since he came here he's learned to use his feelings. The tiniest of smiles flicks the corner of her mouth, but not happily. "Feelings?" she asks. Something about that meaning nothing. Tetsu looks utterly dismayed. She points out that the likes of them can't have feelings. She starts to walk away, then stops. "After we've defeated Korachekku, you will return to your true duties." His mouth drops open as he struggles for words to protest. She turns and adds firmly, "You will be restored to normal." But he's learned that kind of normal not to be enough at times, though in the face of her powerful personality, he's not so sure again. She walks off. He stands and stares numbly at his feet.

So Tetsu heads for the roof. He huddles around his knees, gazing bleakly out at the city. "Chief, seriously..." he grasps, but can't even speak to his own self. So he rolls back, hands cushioning his head from the hard roof and hands his right foot against his left knee, staring up at the sky. "But the Earth is just such a place...." The blue sky shows between cotton-candy white clouds. And suddenly, Ban's face looms over his. "What's up, Junior?" he says cheerfully. Tetsu manages to keep from jumping out of his skin and curls back up while Ban obligingly twists out of the way, crawling over to eagerly chat with Tetsu. But what Tetsu says to him is puzzling. "I didn't understand."

In the Deka Room, Officer Teagle is at work, fingers flying over the keyboard as she calls up data. A cart rolls up against the console beside her, tea cup and all the trimmings set up. Distracted, she stares at it blankly and then her gaze shifts up to the bringer, Swan. "It's herb tea," Swan says warmly. "You should take a little break." Teagle acknowledges this courtesy with a nod of thanks. However, "I'm sorry, but I have no time for a break." She turns back to the computer console and Swan watches her with warm compassion. She pours the tea and comments, "You could leave some of this to Tetsu." To which she replies that she can't. Ordinary police can't possibly arrest Korachekku." Kruger, passing bay outside, takes note and pauses to listen. Startled by this icy comment and a little peeved, Swan says somewhat firmly, "Tetsu will keep trying!" This is enough to startle Teagle from the computer. "Keep trying?" She turns and stares in some astonishment at Swan. "Emotions and keep trying... are you the one who's been putting these worthless ideas into Tekkan's head?" She continues, not seeming to notice Swan's put-upon sigh, "These vague words are no good for him. There's no way he can stand on his own with that." She goes on about it until Swan utters a feeble, "But - " which Teagle overrides. "I make the decisions about Tekkan." She gets back to the computer. Outside, Kruger ponders this grimly.

Tetsu and Ban sit side-by-side, staring out at the city. Tetsu is still hunched over, trying to explain about Teagle. She'd trained him, you see. Watching over him as he drilled and practiced and learned physical combat. How she'd taught him that, in order to fight, he must throw out his emotions. Ban ponders this and notes, "So that's why you said that before." "Yeah, but..." and Tetsu looks up at Ban, "I saw you seniors fighting, and how important your emotions are to fight." Ban grins widely "Yup, that's so true!" which makes Tetsu chuckle sadly. He adds, "But it's important to be in total control, too!" Ban folds his arms and considers that. After a moment he says, "Well, total control is not the most important thing. And neither are emotions." This last startles Tetsu half to death, and he gapes at Ban. "That's JUSTICE!" Ban crows. Tetsu stares blankly and utters an inquiring noise. Ban hops to his feet and tells the sky, "The most important thing is justice!" Then he adds, throwing his fists to the sky, "Therefore justice is absolutely necessary!" Tetsu is nearly pushed into giggles as Ban pantomimes transformation yelping "Dekared!" "There's that nonsense," he says wryly, which gets Ban's attention immediately. "What'd you say?" Before they can get into it, Tetsu's badge summons him. He answers quickly and Teagle says "Tekkan, Korachekku is back."

Indeed he is, cackling with joy as a crowd of day-shoppers runs for their lives. An apartment complex afire, the orange and red flames roaring high into the sky. In the crowd, one girl runs with her left hand in her mother's, and a pink bunny rabbit clutched in her right. In the rush she loses her grip on it and the bunny falls. She is frantic to get it back, but her mother is not letting go and drags her on with the crowd. Tetsu and Teagle arrive, cutting through the terrified civilians and pinpointing their target. Together they change into their armor, Deka Bright and Deka Brake. The annoying posturing. But oh well. They start with their blasts to put out the flames, which only annoys Korachekku who shouts from the blaze. The little girl manages to give her mother the slip and heads back for her doll, "Nattchan!" A blast of flame passing in front of her temporarily halts her in her tracks. She turns her head and sees the flames rushing, and the suited alien standing. She blinks and stares thoughtfully.

The apartment smokes and steams, but the two officers have succeeded in extinguishing the flames. Bright tells Brake they have to find Korachekku now. Well, that turns out to be very easy for he's coming after them. "HEY!" he shouts. They whirl into defensive positions. "You're getting in the way of my party!" he snarls and more. Tetsu responds quickly, calling for his Grenade Fist. The blast only annoys Korachekku, who gets ready to strike back. But before this can go on, the five Dekaranger tumble into battle. Ban fires quickly with his two guns, staggering Korachekku. He fires again and Tetsu cries out, "Seniors!" Rage stealing into her voice, Teagle snaps, "What are you doing?" The kids, though, transfer into Swat Mode following Ban's lead. I like the Swat Mode, it's not too bulky. They fire, but find that is to no effect. The flames die down quickly and Korachekku only laughs at them. He attacks them with his Jet Flame, and they cry out as they are hit. Though their uniforms remain on, they are certainly hot in there. "Seniors!" Tetsu cries out anxiously and dashes over to them. "Guys, are you all right?" he worriedly touches Ban's shoulders. Korachekku is not resting during this moment, though. He attacks, a blast of fire hurtling at them. But though Tetsu is unprepared and the kids are down, they do have one more person there. Deka Bright leaps between enemy and meddlesome twits, using her Barrier Fist to block the attack. She utters a command to Tekkan and he's on his feet. But the frustrated Korachekku takes off. "Tekkan, we pursue!" Bright snaps, and goes. Tetsu is loathe to leave the others, but in the end he must follow her.

The little girl has found her bunny. Grinning with victory, she gathers it up in her arms. "Oh, I'm so relieved!" she says, burying her face in its warm fuzz. But a shriek catches her attention and she looks up. Korachekku is charging towards her and he yells, "Out of my way!" He aims at her and Tetsu shouts, "Look out!" leaping forward. He manages to hit Korachekku's back and knock the main force of the blast away, but the girl falls with a small shriek of pain. Tetsu leaps to her side, "You okay?" "It hurts," she whimpers, clutching her stuffed bunny for dear life. He looks her over and finds she's been scorched just above her left ankle. "Tekkan!" Bright snaps. Broken from his focus on the girl he turns to find Bright in hand-to-hand with Korachekku. "What are you doing?" she asks as they struggle. "I - !" Tetsu gasps, turning frantically to the child he's holding onto reassuringly by instinct, "I've got to get this child to the hospital!" Irritated, but not letting that distract her from her fight, Bright snaps, "That's not your job!" Korachekku breaks away and runs. Frustrated, Bright glares after him, then says coldly, "You should have a normal badge. When you get back to DekaBase, you're headed back to your true work." She charges off after Korachekku, dismissing any thought of reliance on Tetsu to watch her back. He wavers.

Bright pursues Korachekku into a warehouse, where she finds herself facing him standing evilly, flames roaring behind him. He cackles at her but does not move. She quickly revs up her bracelet. "Highest Hammer!" she shouts, and strikes. Powerful white-blue light, elegant and beautiful, streams at him. It hits and he falls on his back to lie motionless. The flames behind him die down. She realizes this isn't kosher and startles forward, searching suspiciously. And suddenly the flames roar up behind her! She whirls, but is too late to defend herself from being engulfed by the wave. She can hear him laughing, see him beyond the roaring blaze as temperatures inside her suit soar.

Flashing lights of an ambulance. Tetsu hovers as the paramedics carefully lift the little girl onto a stretcher. "You'll be all right now," he tells her reassuringly. She agrees and tightens her grip on his fingers. He is touched by that and smiles at her, but she regards him with all the seriousness a child can muster when she really wants an adult to listen. "Isn't that bad person the burn?" she asks him. "Eh?" he puzzles. She tells him solemnly, "The fire went inside those clothes." Tetsu ponders her words and then flashes to realization. He whirls around anxiously.

He has much to be anxious about. The fire finally leaves Deka Bright, and her body goes lax. Her suit shuts down into the bracelet and she just sort of falls over. Tetsu arrives in his armor to see her limp. "Chief!" he cries, and dashes to her. He carefully turns her over. She is conscious, breathing painfully through her mouth. "Te-kan," she groans. But beyond is Korachekku, flames roaring high behind him. er.... "Chief," Tetsu says firmly, "I'll capture Korachekku." He strides confidently past her and she is too worn and hurt to control her fear for him. "Don't, Korachekku...!" she gasps out. "No more running away for you," Tetsu says, striding towards him. "Oh you think you can capture ME?!" Korachekku mocks him. Tetsu snorts. "How do you think?" he counters. "What?" wonders Korachekku. Tetsu stands, bracing himself, raises his arm in bold challenge. He prepares to rev up and Bright shakes her head, gasping painfully. The flames die down and follow a quick path along the floor. Tetsu revs up, seemingly unaware of the wall of fire behind him, and Bright shuts her eyes on what she justifiably expects to happen. Tetsu says calmly, "But your real self is HERE!" even as he speaks he's whirling around, and his counter blast takes Korachekku by surprise. Bright watches in astonishment as Korachekku screams and flees from Tetsu's attack, back into the armor. The faceplate closes and his suit staggers as the shaken alien takes control of it again. "How?!" he shrieks, falling to one kee. "Korachekku," Tetsu answers him coolly, "You're a Pyrian. Your body is fire. That suit allows you to move too freely on Earth!" "How'd you figure that out?!" shrieks Korachekku. "The little girl you burned told me!" Tetsu snaps confidently. Deka Bright blinks in surprise and stares. But Tetsu turns his shoulder and tells her gravely, "Chief, I do know you can't let criminals get away. I didn't really get it before I became a Specialist. But it doesn't matter what color my badge is. I just want to protect people." He clenches his fist firmly, and his commander listens to his every word. He turns to her again and finishes his statement, "I'm a police officer. Because I helped that little girl, I could see the truth of this case, you know?" and there is victory in his tone, he knows he is justified, and she stares at him in astonishment. "Tekkan..!" she breathes.

All this has, of course, given Korachekku plenty of time to recover his equalibrium and he is quite peeved. He snarls with fury and taps his chest, sending out a signal of bright green light. They are staggered as the building shudders around them and Tetsu moves back to make sure nothing falls on his commander. A giant mecha very much like Korachekku's current outfit rises out from beneath the city streets. Agent Aburera has brought it, a special suit for the Pyrian. Double Large size. How his cape defies gravity, I don't know. "Wipe out the Space Police!" he cheers on Korachekku, who is quite willing to do his best and boards his new suit. Tetsu is hurrying half-carrying Teagle out of danger when the Dekaranger arrive in their secondary flying mecha and wearing their Swat Mode. Deka Wing Robo to fight the over-sized Pyrian machine. They punch him down, and he hits back with a powerful flamethrower. Tetsu gasps in horror. Flames begin to fill their cockpit and they can't help but take notice of the rising temperatures. "Die!" Teagle comments unsteadily on what will happen if the flames get on them, almost driving Tetsu into a panic. But Ban calls the others, and they get the Dekawing moving. For he points out that they have their own fire, the fire of Justice! Hearing him, Teagle is surprised but then she can see as they drive Korachekku back. And she smiles smugly, beginning to straighten up, still clutched to Tetsu's side. He is sighing with relief. "So that's their feelings," she comments firmly, then turns her gaze on him and allows, "And that's not a bad thing." Startled, he whips his gaze to hers. "It's a good thing," she tells him with a slight smile. Turned into a puppy by her reluctant approval, he agres. But the battle isn't over yet. Our heroes take Korachekku out into space, where they form the Deka Wing Cannon and Ban calls for judgement while he's in free-fall and can't control his machine. Sure enough, he gets the delete code, and they fire on him. and this destroys him utterly. The flame that is his real self is extinguished in the cold of space.

Teagle is packing up her few belongings and getting ready to go. She turns in her report to Kruger. She's pretty pleased with what she's seen here. Both of them bow to her and she bows to them. She turns to leave, but then hesitates and turns back, searching Swan's gaze. "What Tekkan said... about being a police officer before being a specialist... did you teach him that?" Swan fights back a laugh that turns into a chuckle. "No," she says, and looks smilingly to Kruger. He explains warmly, "No one taught him that. Tetsu came to this understanding by himself." She has to accept that, though the concept is alien to her. Behind her, the doors open and the Tetsu comes in with the other Dekaranger on their best behaviour behind him. Teagle says, "Is that so." She turns and meets Tetsu's gaze, and he gives it back to her solemnly, expression closed. He daren't hope and looks away. She steps down and regards him, and them, across the surface of the table. "Everyone," she says coolly, "I'm asking you to watch out for Tekkan from here on." They are all so startled they gasp, and Tetsu stutters, "Chief?" The girls laugh with relief. Not daring to believe now, Tetsu has to hear it boldly. "Does that mean... it's all right if I stay here?!" She has to smile though tightly at that, and nods. He grins and starts to nod back when Ban half-tackles him, eyes alight to Teagle. "Yeah, leave him to us!" He goes on with happy babbling about how they'll defeat all the evil that threatens them. Sen nods agreement with Ban's wild words. Then when Teagle nods to them, Ban lets Tetsu go and shoves a mop, bucket and cloths at him. "Now you gotta clean the robots!" Sen gets in on it, "And massage my shoulders." Jasmine has bags she wants him to carry for her. Hoji has things he wants repaired. Jasmine wants to have him clean the bathroom. "Nonsense!" he yelps and forces them back from him. "I'm not doing all this stuff!" he puts the bucket into Sen's hands and then Ban playfully tackles him again. Teagle watches this familial display and finds herself on the verge of laughin. She turns a questioning gaze back at her two contemporaries. Kruger nods. He turns to Swan, who raises her eyebrows in a "What can you do?" expression and they watch the playful youngsters babble.

Tetsu explains about his boss, Deka Bright, Lisa Teagle. We watch her transform. "She is so strong!" he praises, the others all gathered around him watching. Then whispering he pulls them close, "C'mere, c'mere." When they are all pressed in he tells them confidentially, "She's a terrifying teacher!" He doesn't know that she's sitting in Kruger's chair behind them, and she pulls her glove down and gets ready to give him a licking.

Episode. 41 Trick Room
A deep, dark, dry well. Sen in Swat-mod confront a red alien. She - or is it a he? - beats him down. The otehrs confront her - him later. Sen is trapped in a room where the walls are closing on him. He gives in to terror, reliving a childhood horror when he fell to the bottom of a very deep, narrow well. Curled up in terror so that Ban has to scream at him from a lit room, "You idiot!" Sen stands in blackness, a room seems to be building around him with no walls. He stands, determined. The others fight the alien. And it is not easy. Sen is in tears where he is trapped, and Ban seems to be searching for him.

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