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21. Mad Brothers

Another fine morning at the Deka Base, and Swan kindly brings everyone coffee, for which they are most thankful. Ban praises her happily, "Swan's coffee is the tastiest!" When he touches his cup he utters a protesting squawk of "Hot!" but then makes for it again. Each cup has its owner's signature. I sense a marketing strategy, here. One cup remains on the plate and Swan, surprised, asks where Jasmine is. "She's off-duty today," Hoji says as he strides by. "Oh, really?" "Yup," he confirms. But then something very strange happens. For no reason anyone could tell, Jasmine's cup suddenly breaks, part of it with a bit of the letter J lying in the resulting small puddle of coffee. "Oh! Jasmine's cup!" along with puzzlement as to why this has happened.

A free day. A day to walk in the park, breathe in the early summer air, listen to the birds. A time to wear a light white shirt, a black one over it. Jasmine sighs happily and sits down on a bench overlooking the well-manicured bushes and a path down to the water's edge. Around the park in the distance rise the city skyscrapers, dusted with pollution. Yet here one can pretend there isn't any. Jasmine has closed her eyes to enjoy the place and opens them. Then a woman says softly, "It's lovely, isn't it?" "Eh?" wonders Jasmine. She looks down and realizes there's a woman standing on the path near the water. An artist dressed in lilac and white with a light easel set up. The woman continues, "The sky, too." Strangely pensive she adds, "The green... the city also. This place." Jasmine has gotten to her feet and stares down curiously. At last the strange woman looks directly at her. "Everyone is happy." Jasmine comes down, agreeing with her. "Would you show me your picture?" With a soft sound of amusement the woman indicates sure. Jasmine, however, is not prepared for what she sees. Flames. A skyscraper twisted, the buildings with bits torn out and all the windows gone, desolate in a burning wind. In that wind is a face of flame, and a distant vortex in the sky. Only the park seems fine, turned golden and yellow by the firelight. Jasmine bites her lip and stares at the artist, who says vaguely that it's beatiful, and without fear. Then she comments, "Just like you. Really beautiful." She stares into Jasmine's eyes. Then she says something that sounds vaguely like "You look good enough to eat", and reaches out to brush the backs of her fingers along Jasmine's cheek. Jasmine looks mesmerized, until their bare skins touch and her mind is filled with a vision of explosion and fire, and something in the flames, a woman in armor, and screams so many people screaming perhaps Umeko's voice among them. Gasping with shock, she pulls herself away from the strange woman, colliding with the easel which falls to the path, the terrifying painting so very visible. Jasmine gasps and lifts her gaze, but the woman is gone. Shaken, Jasmine stares around. "That woman... is an Alienizer," she says numbly. And then a crow calls loudly. Jasmine whirls and looks up to find the sky is rolling with black clouds.

A skyscraper explodes! "Poyong!" hollars a very happy someone. A green and brown blur is bouncing its way through the city, careless of the destruction left in its wake. It crushes a car it bounces off just before that explodes, small damage when other impacts destroy buildings. Eventually it lands among the black columns of a park, and the other four Dekaranger catch up with it at last. They call on it to stop and Umeko yells it's under arrest. He, for this one is male, turns to face them. Yellow and orange eyes, green skin banded with silver, heavy red dreadlocks. It is a massive creature. "What's with you?" he asks innocently. "I'm just out lookin' for my li'l sister!" He is Bongoburin of Riparshia Star. "Then you'd better come to Deka Base!" Ban shouts. But Bongoburin leaps into the sky and lands back in front of them. Angrily, they fire only to have him catch their shots and reflect those back at them. The four fall in explosions.

Jasmine searches the wooded park for the mysterious woman. She tracks her into an area when the leaves of the trees create a fine canopy above,and finds a young man lying on the ground. She tries to wake him, but he is so still and fear grips her. Then she realizes he is only the first. The forest floor beyond is littered with bodies. Are they dead? I don't know yet. And then someone falls behind her and she whips around. The woman, the Alienizer, walks calmly between the trees. She doesn't look at Jasmine until our woman leaps to her feet and demands, "What have you done to all these people?!" Now the woman does look at her, face quiet. "I'm Space-police! Answer me!" Jasmine snaps, pulling out her badge. At that, the woman smiles. The air around her shifts with violet mist and light. In a moment, her clothing transforms into light armor, silver black and lilac. Her face is accented by a blood-red mark outlined in blue-black. Not that she didn't already have an idea, but Jasmine is still startled and lowers her badge. The woman is Succubus (Sakyubasu) of Riparshia Star. "Tell me your name," she says. Or it could be "give me your life." She licks her lips with a long, coppery forked tongue courtesy of CG. Jasmine's eyes blaze. "You shouldn't eat so much, you'll get fat," she snaps. She changes into her armor, which does not impress Succubus. Actually, it seems to amuse her. In response, Succubus manifests a helmet and the two charge to battle. Jasmine finds herself overmatched, though the other woman does flinch when she fires on her. But then Succubus flies in at Jasmine, cutting her down. Up a tree she goes and laughs for joy at the fallen human. Jasmine fires again and Succubus leaps down at her, evading the shot. Jasmine gets kicked around, though not so badly as to stop her fighting. At least until Succubus aims a blast of violet energy pooled from the armor on both shoulders at her. This blast knocks Jasmine from her uniform and she cries out in pain as she hits the leafy ground. In her civvies and sufficiently frightened, she finds Succubus approaching with a gliding stride. Jasmine's face is bruised, the skin scraped and when Succubus grabs her throat she can only struggle, clutching at the alien woman's gloved hand. Succubus amuses herself by quick-walking Jasmine into a tree and puts her blade to our girl's throat. But Jasmine recovers and tells her defiantly, "If you're going to eat me and cut me up, then auntie hear my last words." Amused by her defiance, Succubus says she doesn't want to wipe out Jasmine. She shuts down her helmet and we see that her eyes are wide with a clear lack of any sanity. "I want you to come with me." "What, as your carry-out lunch?" Jasmine accuses. "Oh, no. Not at all. I want us to be friends." She leans in with interest. Jasmine keeps still and replies, "Only one problem with that. I'm a cop. I arrest those who commit crimes. Don't you know that?" She remains defiant, and that seems to only increase Succubus' interest. The alien woman draws back to look at her. "That's good." Jasmine brushes her hair back into place, badly shaken and angry. "That's if you survive." Then she slams out her hand, covering Jasmine's mouth and nose but then her hand slips slightly down, allowing our girl to breath. "You're an esper. That's how you knew about me." Succubus' madness flows and swirls. "Can you see? I've been to 79 stars... always destroyed." Jasmine can see, all right, her mind filling with flames. Succubus making kill after kill in the fires of Hell. Laughing for the sheer joy of it. Jasmine is frozen with terror, fire overwhelming her thoughts but still Succubus' voice wanders through the screams. "So why is it I've come to want you?" A world, caught like a jewel in space, explode violently. Surely Earth. "Perhaps if you're my companion, I won't destory this world." The visions fade and only these two women see each other. "I'll give you a little time to answer me," Succubus says, and with the mood change of the mad, throws Jasmine down and turns expressionlessly away. Jasmine takes a second to recover, look around in wide-eyed panic, but Succubus is gone. The forest seems to have lightened a bit with her absence. Jasmine starts to stand, then sinks down again, weak with shock and panting.

The others are still engaged in battle with Bongoburin, who is one tough customer. He has powerful fists and he punches his way through them, ultimately disrupting their armor and laying them out helpless on the cement. Their bruises are a match for Jasmine's and, like her, they are for the moment unable to get to their feet. "You can't stop me!" he tells them cheerfully, then bends his knees for another massive leap. Or is it? Wincing in agony, they stare at him. The buckle on his belt glimmers with light. Just as he is about to take off, the belt puts out a square hologram in which is Succubus' image. "Where are you, big bro'?" she asks him impatiently. She scolds him for playing around, they've got work to do. "Right, I'm coming now!" he says after her image is gone. He bids them later with a remark to the effect that they are alive, and whirls to bounce away. This time he does not destroy as he bounces, for he has a destination in mind. "Where's he going?" gasps Hoji. "Who was that who called him?" wonders Umeko. Sen grates out, "We can't stop him, he's too strong." But Ban, teeth bared, snarls "We'll see what happens next time!" He manages to get to his feet, though he's swaying pretty wildly. He calls his determination and the others take heart from him.

Deka Base. Jasmine sits with the others, clasping her hands in a gesture revealing her pain and alarm. Kruger is explaining about their enemies. "The male is Bongoburin, the female is Succubus. There are three of them, he is the middle and she is the youngest." What he says next makes Ban hopeful, but that turns out to be a mistake he's made by mininterpreting. Hoji scolds him and clarifies the danger. Sen clarifies about the pursuit of these unusually dangerous Alienizer, that the Elite teams have been responsible. Ban asks Kruger who says they are "The Hell's Three-siblings." And they have a long trail of dead worlds behind them. They've destroyed 79 worlds. Something about them searching for something. Jasmine suddenly gasps in horrified memory. The words she's heard through the flames in her mind. Succubus saying "If you're my companion, I won't destroy this world. I'll give you a little time to answer me." Trembling, Jasmine bites her lip. "Hold on," Ban says urgently to Kruger, "Three siblings? You mean there's one more?" Kruger confirms that there's still Blitz, who is the most powerful of the trio. "Eh?" the others yelp. He explains a little about what Succubus does and how it relates to Blitz and fireworks. "So has he come?" Umeko asks. I guess they don't have any pictures of him, since he usually arrives when it's too late for anyone to film.... Kruger sends them off.

They go dashing down the stairs, Ban at the fore. Jasmine trails behind and then says, "Wait." Startled, they halt and turn to her. Looking agonized she says, "We don't have the power to judge them." "WHAT are you talking about, Jasmine?" Umeko counters in confusion. Jasmine says painfully, "Earth is going to burn...." They stare at her in dismay and she adds, "There's only one way to stop it. I have to go join Succubus." She swallows before continuing, "Then Earth will be spared." Hoji protests that this is hardly the proper reaction to criminals, Jasmine! Sen adds quietly that this is unreasonable. "You promised to protect!" "Yeah!" adds Umeko anxiously. Jasmine won't look at them. Ban bolts up a few steps. "What's up? This isn't like you!" he snaps anxiously. She turns to them with frustration. "You all can't see what she's really like!" She turns away from them. "I saw. She's killed so many people. She's destroyed stars. She'll destroy this world!" and Jasmine clutches her head, still remembering the horror of Succubus' mind. And her words are alarming the others, Umeko's shoulders start to sag. Ban, seeing them becoming disheartened, moves anxiously to counter that. "Hey, no don't worry!" he leaps up the stairs to Jasmine. "We'll beat them!" he slaps his hand encouragingly against her shoulders. She pulls her head from her hands and looks back at him, mustering a pained smile. But it's clear she doesn't really believe it.

Succubus is looking quietly thoughtful when Bongoburin arrives with a joyful cry. He bounces off a tall tower and lands beside her. "Hi!" he greets her. She leans her weight on her left leg, arm bent against her hip. "Big bro, you're late!" she scolds him. "Hey, I was looking for you!" he protests, then turns to look at the tall building. "Oooh, is this the tower you found? It's a good one!" he praises her. "Let me have a taste!" he turns to go at it, but she wags a finger at him and says "Don't you dare." Pacing a bit, she says that they have to wait a bit for their back(up?). But some of their work can start right now. She holds up a remote device. "God Pounder," she summons. And a huge mech drops from the sky. Red, with clawed toes, a fanged mouth designed into its chest. Immense fists and blue power centers on both shoulders and chest. It is one powerful looking machine.

Kruger quickly relays its coordinates to the team and sends out the Deka Machines. The Dekabase also appears to be rumbling that direction. Our heroes get out of their regular cars in order to board. Jasmine goes more slowly than the others, still biting her lip.

Bongoburin is very excited. Soon they can call in their big brother. But for now, Succubus has boarded God Pounder. The mighty machine walks to a point just before two skyscrapers and looks down. Pulling levers, Succubus starts a function. The blue power-centers on its shoulders glow and send out beams of light that assemble into a strange, clawed machine as tall as the tower she's chosen. She is unaware that they are being observed. Agent Aburera recognizes the mecha as that of the Hell's Three Siblings. "Well! If the three of them are here, this world's going to be destroyed. I guess my work here is over..." he says with considerable satisfaction. He heads away.

Our heroes are also there, hiding behind a tall building in the Dekarobo, observing the lay of the land. God Pounder takes a step back from the strange object it's created. Jasmine utters a small whimper of horror, understanding what the thing is for. It will start the fireworks. Hoji announces a plan of attack, and the others nod their heads except for Jasmine, who suddenly gasps and starts hitting buttons, levers and switches in her cockpit. Before the others know what's happening, Deka Robo is on the move in response to her commands. "Jasmine?!" yelps Umeko. But Jasmine only has eyes, ears and awareness for Succubus, shouting that she won't let them destroy Earth. She comes in firing. God Pounder doesn't seem to really be affected by the impact of the bullets, but Succubus moves it to protect the machine they've made. Jasmine tries to run God Pounder down. The others struggle to get control but fail. When God Pounder starts firing, Jasmine makes Dekarobo dive and roll, firing back. She screams in rage when the shots are simply blocked, so she sends Dekarobo into an attacking leap and strikes down with the Judgement Sword. God Pounder catches the blade in both fists and uses it to control Dekarobo's balance, which stuns Jasmine. A hard punch to Dekarobo's chest knocks them down, the impact causing a shock. Succubus comments with mild amusement and Jasmine snarls "Not yet!" She sends power through the chest plate which glows bright red, and fires the Signal Canon. God Pounder knocks the shots aside and back to them. Succubus calls to her brother to set the Fireworks on and contact their eldest brother. "Right, Succubus!" Bongoburin agrees with a salute. "I'm not letting you do that!" snarls Jasmine. Ban and the others are screaming into her ears, trying to get some input into the proceedings. Their shouts finally reach her and she whimpers an apology, realizing what she's been doing. This allows them to help at last, and work with her to get Dekarobo back to its feet. But Bongoburin has bounced to the top of the machine his sister had set up. He pounds his fists together in delight. He holds some sort of trigger device. "Hold it!" shouts Ban, and they head Dekarobo for the device, Judgement Sword out. God Pounder moves to intercept. They strike and she counters, forcing them back with punch after punch to the robot's chest. Bongoburin prepares to hit the trigger. "Three... two... o -- hold on!" he suddenly realizes his position is really a bad one for this. He could be destroyed when the machine activates. "Boyooong!" he cries, bouncing to the nearby tower his sister had chosen. He lands, turns and starts the countdown again. "Three, two, one!" he crows. Umeko hears and cries "Oh no!" and something else which may or may not have anything to do with Bongoburin losing his train of thought. "Um... I forgot," he puzzles, what is he to do next? "STOP!" shouts Jasmine. But thank heavens, before Bongoburin can hit the switch, a black and blue blur hits him. The trigger is knocked to the ground far below. Kruger has arrived in his Deka Master armor. "Boss!" gasps Jasmine in relief. "Leave this one to me," he tells them. Bongoburin is annoyed. "What're you?" Well, he is number 100, Deka Master, the Watchdog of Hell. "Huh?" asks Bongoburin. Deka Master draws his blade, Bongoburin pounds his chest, and they charge at each other. But for once, Kruger is up against a match for him. What Bongoburin lacks in intellect is made up for by sheer physical power. Kruger's blade doesn't scratch his hide because he seems to be made of rubber. Kruger's strikes simply bounce off of him. Dismayed, Kruger is at a loss. Desperate, he tries a straightforward slash at Bongoburin's head. Bongoburin tries to catch the blade between his fists but misses. That doesn't really matter, though. His head is so thick the blade only stings. A lot. "Hey! That hurt!" protests the annoyed alien. And he starts punching. His raw power gets through Kruger's guard. Chest punches, jabbing with shoulder blades. Kruger's falls painfully and rolls. The Dekaranger don't have time to worry about him, though. God Pounder knocks the Judgement Blade from their hands. They flinch back at it leaps at them, diving for their feet and yanking, sending the Dekarobo crashing again onto its back. The kids are jolted painfully. But that isn't the end for, like her brother, Succubus goes for the chest, punching and punching. Hoji frantically tries to use the Gyro Blaster, but she takes that out with the next punch and hits even harder on the chest. The repeated blows are having devastating effect, sending electrical feedback and causing explosions in the cockpits. Our heroes are blasted from their armor, battered and scorched. Jasmine shields her eyes and realizes in agony that they can't beat Succubus. She can hear her teammates screaming as each punch causes electric shocks to hit them. They don't even have time to unbuckle their belts and flee. "Stop!" Jasmine screams. She braves the pain to reach for the clasps. Succubus is pulling back to deliver the final blow when she finds Jasmine standing there with arms spread wide, right where she would hit. She stops. "Oh. It's you," she says with interest. "I remember what you said," Jasmine tries painfully, lowering her hands. "Are you going to be my companion?" Succubus asks. Jasmine nods and starts to step forward. The others tear up onto the flashing light, Hoji gets to her first. "Don't do it, Jasmine!" he cries. The light bath their faces in red. She tells him, them, "There's no there choice. I have to." Hoji nearly whimpers and looks down. Sen opens his mouth, then closes it not knowing what to say. They all gaze down. She starts forward again only to find Ban blocking her way. Lower lip stubbornly out he says earnestly, "This won't bring peace." When she looks pained he shouts that she can't give up her life like this. "Ban..!" she starts to counter, but he won't shut up. He believes in her, he grabs her arms and shakes her, trying to stop her from giving up. The others, bolstered by his unflaggin determination, brighten and take steps towards her, for they believe in her, too. They nod, eyes shining. She lifts her gaze to meet Ban's, eyes full of pain. But there is a brilliant flare of light from God Pounder's eyes above them. They whirl and cover their eyes, but the light overwhelms them.

Yellow blurs blackness blurs to white. Seeing double, most awful when what you're seeing is the enemy. Jasmine lies limp, still very dazed. Her eyes are glazed. Succubus reaches down to caress her cheek. Coming to her senses, Jasmine gasps and flinches in terror. "What a good girl you are," Succubus says softly. "You understand, now?" and she stands, Jasmine automatically lifting her head to follow. Now we see the others lie sprawled a few meters away, unmoving. "There is no way to resist us." Jasmine sits up, then whirls to see her friends. Sen is flat on his face. Ban lies on his back. Umeko is half-curled but largely on her face, and Hoji is on his face beside her. For the moment she cannot see if they are breathing. "Well... come." Jasmine turns to find Succubus holding out a hand for her to take. As much as it hurts, she lowers her head and then forces herself to reach up. Succubus pulls her to her feet with a pleased smile. And Ban regains consciousness in time to see this. He struggles to get up even as the others start to wake, too. They react with horror as they see Succubus leading Jasmine away. She passes a pleased smile in their direction. But before they've gone more than two steps, Jasmine balks. Succubus looks back at her with an inquiring sound, but Jasmine's eyes are hard with determination. She pulls her hand free and whirls around bringing that very hand to give the other woman a sharp smack. The surprise mostly, I think, staggers Succubus. The other Dekaranger start to scramble to their feet. "What are you doing?" Succubus snarls. Half-hysterical, Jasmine makes a statement about who she is and what she does and her belief that they can stop the Hell's Trio. This only makes Succubus raise her head and glower. The others, Sen in the lead, announce that they, too, believe. They charge to Jasmine's side, much to her relief. "Idiots. Idiots!" says Succubus. "If you aren't my friend, then you get no mercy." Jasmine replies, "That's what I want." Ban at her side snarls that they will show their power, and Jasmine nods firm agreement. She calls for them to go into their armor. The five transform and Jasmine leads the attack. Succubus snorts with contempt, closes her helmet over her face and leaps. She mocks that she's too strong, heading straight for the skies. But above her Ban sneers back. The other four were prepared for this while her attention was on Jasmine. They fire down at her, blowing her out of the sky and straight to where Jasmine is waiting to leap up and strike. Succubus lands painfully, but she is still under attack. Jasmine hits her with a string of bombs. The five land bravely.

Up atop a building, the fight is still on between Bongoburin and Deka Master. Like the others, Kruger is starting to have an effect and Bongoburin is rather surprised. "Why are you still fighting me?" he protests. Kruger points out that they aren't going to let him burn the world, and uses a ferocious attack, the Tornado Slash, which Bongoburin runs straight into. The attack knocks him flying, to land on the cement near his sister who calls out to him. Now all six Dekaranger are there to fight. "What do you think or our power?" Jasmine challenges them. Bongoburin holds position slightly in front of Succubus, but the pair are frightened now and stick close together. Succubus steps back and her heel kicks something. She looks down to find that fortune has put the trigger at her feet. She snatchs it up. "Big Brother!" she says as she presses the trigger. They have no time to stop her. They gasps and Jasmine reaches out a preventative hand, but it is too late. The great canon (for that is what it is) fires a brilliant burst of light into space. Fireworks fill the emptiness beyond Earth's atmosphere. "Oh no!" gasp the boys. Jasmine hangs her head in despair, but Kruger sets a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "We can still pass Judgement on these two," he points out. That certainly brightens her up. She gets the fond duty, identifying them and holding them in her Judgement field. There really is no question, it falls on the red X, and she calls in Murphy. The bazooka comes into their hand and Jasmine calls the commands to fire. As the powerful double bolt bears down on them, Bongoburin and Succubus cringe back. The world flares white around them. But then Jasmine gasps, for this light holds far longer than normal. For the blast has been caught and controlled by the newcomer. He clenches the power in his fist and wipes it out. He is massive, heavily armored. Powerful. The Dekaranger scatter a bit and stare at him in shock. Red eyes, red lightning marks on his face. A heavy-metal theme for him. "Big Brother!" gasps Succubus, to be echoed by Bongoburin. He stands between his younger siblings and the Dekaranger six. "I am the Space-Death, Blitz. I have come to bring terror and darkness to this world." His siblings step to his back. The Dekaranger regard him with small gasps of terror. He sweeps out his weapon and sends a tremendous blast at them. They fall and some even bounce. When they get back to their feet, staggering, He aims a blaster of some kind. And then he fires again, repeating shots which tear them down in agony.

With the team out of commission, it is Swan who must give us the final word this episode. "Well! Isn't this with Succubus pretty awful?" She rolls her head at us and asks "What is with this Blitz, anyway?" Marching across the room she says, "But it's all right. The Dekaranger won't be beaten. It's about justice!"

Episode. 22 Fullthrottle Elite
The heroes are gathered at their table, but I don't see Kruger. Ban is heading this meeting, driven by rage and pain. They face someone with Murphy-Bazooka, and Ban shouts a protest about something into his badge. My guess is they've taken out Bongoburin. But Blitz and Succubus have their own enemy to contend with. The arrival of the man in white and blue with yellow trimming. Dekabreak, who has a funky way of talking. We know at some point our heroes will be fighting Bongoburin and getting punched around. Ban will fire with his double-guns. The girls will battle Succubus. Doggie Kruger in the Deka Master armor will go up against Blitz. And Dekbrake will also fight Blitz at high speeds. The Dekarobo will go up against a giant-sized Bongoburin. And you, too, can send in a postcard to win a kids outfit for Dekaranger.

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22. Full Throttle

In our last episode: Red flares of flame like fireworks, a woman (Succubus) shouts for joy in the midst of the blaze. Unseen people scream in terror. The ground leaps and ripples with red lava, and Earth suddenly becomes an enormous fireball hanging in space. Buildings are blasted to pieces, startling against the blue sky. Another building shatters under the impact of a flying green vaguely humanoid figure that cries "Byong!" happily. A car is crushed when he bounces off the hood and it explodes. He lands amidst the Dekaranger sending them flying willy-nilly. Jasmine in her armor fights a graceful woman in black and violet red body suit with a cool black helmet. Deka Master pulls out his most powerful flaming attack against the green enemy, Bongoburin, and the team fires their Murphy-bazooka upon the two enemies, trying to wipe them out in one shot. But the blast is blocked by a figure which suddenly materializes in front of them. The powerful, heavy metal brother, Blitz, who stands cool and in control, immense sword resting on his shoulder. The Dekaranger six straighten up to geta good look, lifting Murphy. "I am the Space God of Death, Blitz Hellsing," he tells them. "I've come to hear this world's cries of terror." He has a cannon of his own, or just an enormous triple-barrelled gun, which he aims at them calmly. He squeezes the trigger with a contemptuous snort and the bullets fly. Our six heroes are hit hard and cry out as they fall. Succubus steps forward to his side and, with a sneer in her tone for the fallen, she says "Big Brother, let's shut these fools up about the all-importance of justice." Bongoburin punches his fists together and says, "Yeah!" "Justice?" echoes Blitz, amused, and he chuckles. "I only know two things about this justice," he continues in a low and menacing voice. "Shut up!" Ban chokes out, struggling to get to his feet with a hand to his pained chest. Blitz reacts by moving fast towards them, his blade out to strike and he swings it down to behead the helpless Ban. But someone intercepts the deadly steel. Kruger has managed to block him, but just barely. Blitz turns his attention to the officer dressed in black with red trim and blue-gray metal helmet and suchlike, begins to beat him back. A hard kick to Kruger's chest, a strike with the blade and another! Kruger is forced back, but with a roar charges Blitz, who is doing the same. He is able to match the enemy's heavier, lightning-patternd blade for a few moments, but Blitz soon breaks through his guard and gets several strikes in. Kruger falls rolling, but is able to block Blitz's next killing strike. The Dekaranger make it shakily back to their feet and watch the battle with wide-eyed dismay (presumably, as they're in armor). They cry "Boss!" and stagger a step forward, wanting to help. However, Jasmine is distracted by their own, more immediate problems. Succubus takes a rolling leap over the group. They find themselves trapped between her and Bongoburin, who tells the heroes that they are his. Well, and Succubus'. The boys, still not quite straightened up, swing to face him. Jasmine and Umeko are up against their fellow female. And the monstrous woman says "I can't wait to see the terror on your face." "That!!" gasps Jasmine. She and Umeko draw their blades as one. This only amuses Succubus. "This is so thrilling!" she delights. "I'll make you show that," her eyes gleam. The girls charge at her with cries of rage. They leap to strike as one, but she is ready for them and blocks with her own blades. She pushes them back and starts swinging. Jasmine ducks under the strikes, but Umeko is not so lucky, she manages to block but then gets kicked back and falls, rolling. She's on her feet with a gasping snarl. Succubus utters a ladylike snort and activates her helmet, which encases her exposed skin thoroughly. There is nothing to hit when the two Earth-born women come in to attack again, not that they were doing any better when her helmet was down. She slashes, kicks and bashes them.

The boys aren't fairing well either, for Bongoburin's deadly silver fists rain pain upon them. He punches Sen and Hoji back, sending them rolling with the wind knocked out of them. Ban leaps protectively in front of the pair and starts firing with both of his guns. Bongoburin closes his arms in front of his chest and face. The bullets impact harmlessly. Ban spins and keeps firing, but the situation doesn't improve. Sen and Hoji are back on their feet behind him as the smoke rises from his spent weapons. Bongoburin parts his arms and the bullets fall like rain to the ground at his feet. Hoji utters a gasp of dismay to accompany Sen's shock. "Did you forget? You can't hurt me!" Bongoburin laughs. Then he charges forward - er... well, his feet slip in the pool of bullets and he falls on his right shoulder with a yelp of pain. He gets up complaining that they put those little balls all over, and an angry Hoji snarls back, "YOU did it!" Annoyed, Bongoburin bounces high and comes down hard right in front of them (they stood and watched, so really it was their own fault). He starts punching at Sen and Hoji, as Ban is behind him. Ban kicks, but already Bongoburin is turning and smashes him down.

Kruger is sent rolling speedily across the cement. The exhaustion is starting to show as he tries to get back up. Blitz is relentless, heavy blade swinging. Kruger barely parries one strike but is vulnerable to the next. When he tries to get in a blow, Blitz spins under his swing and hits him in the chest again.

Succubus catches Jasmine's neck and pulls her in. "You can't have any effect however you try," she says amusedly. "Since you didn't want to be my friend, there's nothing you can do." "Jasmine!" Umeko yelps and leaps to attack, but Succubus cuts her down with barely a glance and kicks Jasmine in the ribs. A strike sends our yellow-clad officer tumbling. "Jasmine!" calls Kruger. But the three enemies, though in seperate places, are as one. All three put out powerful, final strikes. Succubus' is a violet X of light which engulfs the girls. Blitz's is a blue-white streak of power which hits Kruger's upper chest. Bongoburin's are powerful, sparking explosions which take down the three boys. Everyone goes flying in flaming blasts. They land painfully in close proximity with each other, and their three enemies stand together. Blitz announces that this star is going to become a paradise of terror. Then with amusement he adds, "We will teach the ignorant masses what it means to be useless and eaten (maybe)." He turns and starts to walk away. Startled, Bongoburin asks, "Big Bro, aren't you going to finish them off?" "Oh, I want the terror to build up slowly," Blitz replies. "It'll be all the sweeter when I eat it." He licks his fingertips in an all-too nasty rapacious gesture. Bonguburin does a little bounce, "Right! You're clever, big bro!" Succubus, who has shut down her helmet, laughs affectionately. She tosses a final remark about eating over her shoulder, and follows her brothers away. After a few steps, they ripple and vanish. And our six battered heroes slowly begin to pull themselves to their feet. Kruger says grimly something about where they've gone and that they're very, very powerful. The others make soft little dismayed noises, and Ban more shrilly utters a snarl and punches the cement beneath him.

They haven't gone that far, actually. Bongoburin is repeatedly singing "Boyong!" as they approach the tower Succubus likes. "Bro, over here!" Bongo calls. "Here?" Blitz asks thoughtfully. "Isn't it a nice place?" Succubus sort of shrugs at their surroundings. He doesn't answer, but instead lifts the jagged blade. A bright light flares at the tip, framed neatly by the tall tower. He starts moving his hand slowly in front of him and speaks in tongues (hahah) like a wizard intoning a spell. In fact that might very well be what he is doing. "Armufenargenton!" he repeats again and again. Succubus reaches out her hand to join his actions, and so does Bongoburin. When their voices join his, a strange symbol appears around them, not quite under their feet is is blue light. They are at the center of a magic circle, eldritch symbols appear. A triangle, the pointed end towards the tower. Two balls of blue against each angle. The light flares violet and roars up from, largely, the tip of his blade. It coils out and engulfs the tower's top, changing it to a new form. A great eye, the pupil like a massive red and white target. Four turrets and a central tower, and sweetly elegant in a menacing way. With a pleased snort, Blitz strides towards it, his siblings trailing after him. Strange symbols decorate the interior, golden shapes like gears sit atop at least eight white pillars. The eye also in what seems to be a gear, designed into a triangle sitting behind a throne. The room inside has black walls. As per tradition, the floor is obscured by rolling, white mist. Blitz confidently settles into the throne. And then who comes walking through the mist but a large group of Anaroids. Puzzled, Bongoburin and Succubus look at the intruders, who stop at attention and seem to salute. The two in the lead are carrying metal briefcases. Blitz says amusedly, "It's Aburera." The Anaroids seem to utter an affirmative noise. His creations having broke the ground for him, he steps forward and they part like a wave. "I've come as you asked," Aburera says. The two lead Anaroids kneel and open their cases. Blitz seems to say he thinks Aburera was too afraid not to come. Aburera neither confirms nor denies. There is business to get down to. Succubus comes over to one case and takes out a blue ball with a concentric ring, that which becomes a Battsuroid. She considers it with a pleased sigh and turns her sparkling gaze to her eldest brother. Blitz turns his to Aburera. "I'm not paying for this." Aburera snorts and looks to his Anaroids. "You really think nothing of the Space Police," he says amusedly. "Oh, not nothing," counters Blitz. "I'm just playing it cool." Aburera turns away and says, "I'll certainly be happy to see the end of this." Blitz leans forward slightly and says something in a teasing tone, which causes Aburera to turn back and utter a laughing snort, then salute him jauntily before sweeping his cape around and leaving the building. The Anaroid close ranks behind him, staying where they've been assigned. Blitz gets to his feet and roars, "Now, we shall turn this world into a world of HELL!" The Anaroids obediantly cheer. "The terror of these people will provide us with the greatest energy!" crows Blitz, and they again cheer him. Again the bit about the world and terror. An army of yes-men must be addicting. Succubus smirks. Blitz calls on his little brother, who is off to carry out his part of the plan.

Swan wears computer goggles, we see the reverse side of the data that is coming through to her. She parts the goggles and sighs, looking down on the battered, scorched machine in the repair bay. Ban's vehicle. The machines are pulling off shells to get at the more delicate insides.

Kruger is with the others in the main office, talking about Blitz and the other two. The horrors of their being here. "Every star they've ever attacked has been destroyed. More than a hundred Special Police have died trying to stop them." Hoji, face ashen, looks down. "And now they've come here." Sen utters a pained, "We have zero percent chance of beating them." Hoji stares at him with wide eyes and he adds a soft, "I think." Umeko ducks her chin into her palms and Jasmine looks utterly bereft as the other girl says, "Even with the Boss beside us, we couldn't stop them." Ban looks around at each of them, and bites the insides of his cheeks stubbornly. Then he pushes himself up. "Don't you all fall into despair!" he tells them sternly. He adds a bit about justice and its fierce punch, swinging his arms with determination. They respond to his passionate encouragement, a smile breaking like light across Jasmine's face. She stands to join him. "I second Ban! Let's go!" she say cheerfully. Hoji pulls out of his funk, pushing to stand up, too. "Justice will win!" Sen says, on his feet and smiling too. Umeko grins and agrees with them, "We'll go and punch 'em out!" Ban nods and smiles in relief. Kruger, too, nods proudly at them. And then there is the beeping from his badge. Someone tells Kruger that there's a signal and he turns to see as it blooms on the viewscreen. They see a red and white eagle-type alien in a uniform as proud, if not more heavily decorated, as Kruger's. "Admiral!" Kruger gasps, on his feet and saluting in an instant. Hoji and the others follow suit quick as they can. His is Numa 0, of Horus Star. The Commander-in-Chief of the Space Police. "It's been a long time, Kruger," he says respectfully. Kruger replies with a salutatious bow. Getting straight down to business, Numa 0's call is about the Hell's Three. It seems, he explains, that they've been gathering data for years on the three, and have been training specialists for just this purpose. They've got one, and they're sending him to Earth. Kruger and the others utter small gasps of relief. And Ban can imagine row of men and women in white with black trim, training hard. Some are non-humans. Training hard in martial arts, Shourinji Kempo. "He's been in training for fifteen years," Numa 0 continues, "He's originally from Earth." And he's putting this man in Kruger's hands. He ends the communication and they salute. Hoji turns to the others with relief. "He's a fifteen year veteran," he comments happily. Umeko is overjoyed. So is Sen. And then Kruger's badge signals again. "What's happened?" he answers it. The man on the other end gives the coordinates of a building at a certain point, except that it's being eaten up by one of the aliens. They all go wide-eyed and Kruger whirls to send them off.

Bongoburin all right, and there's not much left of the building. He's munching a wall down to the bones. "One building down!" he crows when he's finished. Our heroes are rapidly approaching when they receive a signal from someone with a strangely young voice. "All you Dekaranger," he starts right away. Jasmine and Ban glance at each other with surprise. "Tell me where you are." There is only sound, and a startled Jasmine signals back, "Who are you?" "I'm the specialist," he replies. They grin broadly and Ban says "Yeah we just heard about you!" "Eh?" asks the other, surprised. Ban continues, "But we're all right. We can handle just one of them no problem. Justice will prevail!" Jasmine utters a pleased agreeing sound. The man on the other end repeats the words in bewilderment, "Justice... will prevail?" A bit puzzled by his tone they look at the speaker and Ban asks, "What's the matter?" He answers, "Oh, nothing. But I'll be there soon. Wait a bit, please." "Roger!" Ban says cheerfully. Our team continues on its way.

Bongoburin is at a wharf, deciding happily what to attack next. There the Dekaranger confront him, yelling at him to stop. "Ooh, you've come again!" he laughs. "We can beat you ourselves!" Ban snaps at him, and the others are only too happy to follow his lead. Together they charge forward. When he swings, each in turn ducks and tumbles under his strikes. Sen kicks him and he kicks back, he gets in a punch at Jasmine. Hoji and Ban kick from behind but Bongo's already turned around. He strikes at them and they dive around but he whirls and hits them the next time. Umeko gets in a punch only to get caught between his fists. He grasps her head, whirls her and then tosses her over his head. She lands on her back, only slightly winded as the others gather around her. "You fools!" he mocks them. "Have you forgotten that you can't hurt me?" "We aren't going to attack the same way," Hoji says confidently. They are pulling out their guns and all five start firing, Hoji first. Bongo simply leaps out of the path of their bullets. He kicks Ban in the head, sending our boy tumbling. Hoji tries but gets punched around, Sen gets his legs knocked out from under him, then Bongo slams him in the chest with both enormous fists before he gets up only to be punched away. Hoji comes in to get punched back next. He lands rolling and is back on his feet with a gasp. Bongo pounds his chest, enjoying himself thoroughly. Then he lowers his head and charges, butting into Hoji and sending him flying into the water. Jasmine and Umeko try to strike as one with their rapiers, he pins the blades under his arms and spins them before letting go so they tumble to the cement. Umeko comes back in to get knocked down, with Jasmine rapidly following. He punches them both at once and they go flying. Hoji comes back out of the water with a vengeance. Bongo utters a startled noise at his appearance and is hit by several shots. He's actually hurt and waves his arms. Hoji lands amidst the girls and Ban. They assemble together and Ban is about to lead another attack when he notices that Sen is missing. Sen had paused in mid-battle to upturn himself against a stack of recycled metal blocks and process what he's seen. He's figured something out that way! On his feet again he tells the others "Guys, in the mouth!!" "Mouth?" repeats Jasmine. "In?" adds Umeko. Nodding, Sen charges over to them and explains that he figures the mouth must be a soft point, though Bongo's hide seems impervious. "Ooh!" says Umeko, and Ban yelps a delighted "That's right!" "Oh?" says Bongo. "Well you aren't getting anything in my mouth." He closes his fists in front of his face. Umeko minces cheerfully forward. "Hi, Bongoburin!" she calls cheerfully and waves at him. Automatically he opens his arms to wave back calling, "Hi!" and opening his mouth wide. Jasmine takes that opportunity, hauling out tow black rings between her fingers and throwing them quickly into his mouth. He closes it automatically and seems to swallow. A moment later they explode, staggering him. Flames and smoke are visible between his teeth. He falls on his back, kicking at the sharp pain. Ban quickly calls, "Murphy! Keybone!" and has that out for their robot dog. Murphy leaps for it, reconfigures into bazooka mode. They get ready to fire. Bongo is back on his feet, doing a little outraged dance because of his sore mouth. On the stairs of a nearby building are Blitz and Succubus, enjoying all this. She says amusedly, "They're going to be all the more afraid." Blitz gives a pleased snort. "Target lock!" Ban announces. Then his badge gives an urgent beeping and he answers it aggravatedly. "I'm in this city," says that voice firmly. "In Tokyo?" asks Ban, then remembering business says happily, "We're about to finish off Bongoburin!" "But I told you to wait!" scolds the other man. Startled, they all turn to look at Ban's badge. "In order to protect, don't fire." They are all stunned, standing up. Furious, Ban yells "What do you mean by that?!" Bongo, hearing the conversation, starts to charge them saying, "Hold on there!" "There's no time to explain," the other man is saying. "Bongoburin - " "Can't talk now!" shouts Ban, for Bongo has reached them and they have to dodge his punches. He beats them back. Ban manages to recover his feet and swings the bazooka around to fire into Bongoburin's fanged face. "Finish you!" snarls Ban, and fires. The bolt turns Bongoburin's head into a ball of flame, recoil and impact sending both of them in opposite directions. The flame soon disappears into Bongo's mouth, and he fetches up against the clamping jaws of a construction machine. Above, Succubus grins. "Aaaaaaah, they did it. Stupid idiots." Blitz laughs. Ban is on his feet and pleased. But Bongoburin is on his feets too and utters a roar. Blue-white lightning crackles along his chest. "Look what you've done!" he growls at them. Stunned at his communication and standing up after that bolt, Ban gasps. Something about his throat and becoming giant. Uh huh, for now he rapidfire expands in green light. And when this is over, at his feet the stunned Dekaranger gather and stare up. Bongo seems to be angry about having been made giant, though it's kind of hard to tell. At that moment they are signalled again by the other man who continues where he left off, "He'll get giant, you see." "HE DID!" Ban shouts back. "You should have told us!" "I tried but you cut me off," the other calmly points out. Ban snarls with frustration and glares up at Bongo. Fortunately this allows him to see Bongo's enormous foot coming down at them. They dive and roll out of its path. Ban is spitting with fury, but still has his badge out and open. Hoji closes his hand around it and calls Swan to send the Deka Machines. "But I'm not finished with the repairs yet!" Swan answers him in dismay. They all cry out in despair. Bongo chooses this moment to slam his great fists down on an aged building which shatters under the impact. The Dekaranger stumble to avoid the falling debris, and Ban ends up knocked over by some. With a furious snarl, he sits up again and starts firing wildly. Fortunately, Bongo is an awfully big target now. Blitz and Succubus still watching, and she's getting a little bored at the stupidity of these Special Police. Bongo responds to the annoying blasts by sending out bolts of green flame from his mouth. Blitz is equally amused, he turns away with his sister, ignoring the uneven struggle behind them. Laughing, they start to walk away. Bracing himself, Bongo puts an enormous blast down at the Dekaranger. They are sent flying and land hard on their backs. Kruger calls Swan to get the base in order. She starts the sequence immediately. It rolls along, and Kruger changes into his armor and calls the others. He starts the transformation sequence to make Dekabase Robo. The base shifts into standing postion and the other join him in the cockpit. Powered up, the cover rolls back to reveal its head. Bongo is not impressed by the robot towering over him. He leaps and bounces off it, shaking the whole thing. He lands behind them, which they notice but not fast enough to stop him from blasting them with green bolts of power. They're getting badly staggered, they just don't have the speed or mobility to deal with him. "What can we do?!" cries Umeko as the base lurches. "I don't know!" Jasmine yells back. Ban shouts out that "Justice will win!" and hears the answering voice becoming familiar, "There you go again. Could you stop saying that?" "WHAT?!" snarls Ban. "And get that robot out of my way!" the voice says more urgently. There is a machine tearing towards them, an enormous motorbike, fine white and blue. "It's him again, what's with you?" Ban snaps into the communicator. But then he hears the sirens blaring and lifts his gaze. Bongo looks around, too. "You're in the way!" the voice repeats. Kruger suddenly shouts, "Down!" and the Dekabase Robo bends its head. The motorcycle leaps over them, by a very narrow clearance. It goes high and lands solidly, tearing down the road. They straighten up and stare. And this new arrival catches Blitz and Succubus' rather startled attention. "What's that?" she asks. It is the Dekabike. It is actually one fine, slender machine. Giant machine. And now it reconfigures into a humanoid mode. This machine is fast, extremely reactive and flexible. The pilot calls "Build up, Dekabike Robo!" Blue, with white and red. Hoji stutters its name and Ban begins to realize this machine isn't run of the mill. Bongo hasn't really caught on, though, and says "You think you can beat me?" He leaps to the attack. He punches at the robot's chest and its light go bright red as he is repelled. He bounces back, startled, falling. He gets back to his feet protesting, "What's that body made of, it's hard!" But the pilot responds by putting a sharp blade out of the right hand, and another from the left. He starts forward at Bongo. The double-blades out, he charges. A slash to the shoulder, then the arm, the Bikerobo spins. "Sonic Boom!" calls the pilot and sweeps the blades up. He means that, for the air ripples with invisible energy that hits and lifts Bongo off of his feet, spinning him before he falls to the road. The Bikerobo looks down at him, while the Dekabase Robo stares down at it. Ban utters a stunned, "That's great!" Dekabikerobo crosses its blades now, "Visor on!" and a red visor comes down in front of its face. "Lightning form (maybe lightning). The wheel on the chest starts to whirl, its legs come together so that the other wheel becomes whole and spins, too. The arms go wide with the blades out (is there really that much space between the sides of the road? I guess so) and the Bikerobo lifts off the ground then down, tearing forward on those wheels, the brush of metal raising yellow sparks all around, the CG so cleverly done it's hard to be really, really sure. It rolls straight at Bongo and then takes to the air, driver calling "Full charge!" spinning the machine which drops down on Bongo. Something-Tornado, and energy strips slice and dice Bongo. He is unable to defend himself. The Bikerobo lands and reconverts to regular robot form, ready for another attack. Its visor goes up, and the blades are crossed in front of it. "Get you!" says the pilot/driver. Yes, he has, for Bongo is going up in a stream of white sparks and smoke. He finally falls on his face and explodes. Succubus utters a stunned gasp, taking a step forward. "Big brother!" she cries. Blitz clenches his fist and growls in fury. Then he gasps. For the pilot of the Deka Bike Robot is coming out to greet them with a cry. He lands a few meters in front of them and they glower fiercely at him. The Dekaranger come to get a close look at the battle, and at him.

On his wrist is a strange, blue and silver device with a black handle folded against its side. His uniform base color is white, with blue all over and golden lining. Aesthetics-wise, the design leads to an extremely stream-lined impression, even the helmet is sweet. Like most of them these days, he is a man with no obvious meat on his bones, or muscles visible under the skin-tight uniform. *mournful sob*

An outraged Succubus, voice tight with tears, demands to know what he is. He answers in tones that are rather bizarre, explaining that he's here to stop the terror and darkness. He is Dekabreak. "Dekabreak," murmers Ban in amazing. But Blitz takes a step forward, "Ah, that golden badge. It's a special license." "That's what I am," replies Break. Blitz snorts contemptuously. "Not good enough." He turns suddenly and starts firing his triple-barrel gun. Break reaches for the device on his wrist as the smoke begins to rise. He is engulfed in a growing cloud and the Dekaranger gasp their dismay. Succubus and Blitz snort smug pleasure. They are ahead of themselves, though. For he simply walks out of the disappating smoke, left hand up and both closed into fists. "WHAT?!" startles Blitz. Break opens his right fist and the bullets Blitz had fired fall like rain to his feet. He utters his own snort at their shock, and the narrator rewinds to show us what had happened. He had stood there and caught each bullet in that left hand. For when Blitz started firing, he'd quickly pulled out the handle on his device and gotten it started. It charged up instantly, super energy feeding into the channels built into his glove. He'd closed the handle and... well, you know. Hoji shakes his head and says quietly, "Incredible." Sen utters and admiring, "He's just too good." Blitz and Succubus glare and snarl in fury. Break challenges Blitz, who obligingly tries to fire again. But Break is too fast and bolts in, grabbing the gun and kicking Blitz in the gut. He manages a kick to the back of the knee, forcing Blitz down, but either lets go or the enemy somehow gets up and swings wildly. Break punches him back and he falls on the stairs. "Big brother!" cries Succubus, leaping to his side to make certain he's all right. Break uses the bracelet again, this time in Electro Fist mode. Blitz is up and snarling, but it is already too late, for a wave of white energy heads for him and his sister. They are hit badly and fall painfully. "He did it!" crows Umeko. Jasmine is impressed by the er... punch. But before he can continue the attack, a furious Blitz yells that this world will soon go to Hell. He and his sister teleport away. "Wait!" Ban yells and leads the others in a charge. But Dekabreak puts out his hand to stop them, and they stumble to a halt. He turns his head to look at them and says sternly, "It'd be useless for you to go." Satisfied that they're stopped, he lowers his hand. "WHAT?!" snarls Ban. But Dekabreak does not answer him and starts to walk away. "Hold it, you!" Ban snarls and starts to charge after him. Sen and Umeko grab hold of his arms to calm him down. "Just wait," Umeko says softly. Dekabreak walks towards the bridge for cars to cross over another road. He stops and looks around, then presses a button on his wrist device. His armor shuts down in a blaze of light. The man revealed is a slim youngster, and if he's been training for fifteen years, he must have been about five when he started. He wears a white uniform with blue bars and markings. SPD is written in gold letters along his left thigh. Eyes squinting against the bright sunlight, he seems somewhat amazed. "So this is Earth," he says warmly. Then a shrieked "HEY!" from Ban charging towards him makes him turn his head. The others have dropped their armor, too. The others trail behind a practically spitting Ban, who is not pleased with Break's having "gotten in OUR way!" It is all too obvious we have a difference of perspective here, for to him they were in his way. Ban seems to think he has to spell out the obvious snarling, "I'm mad!" In English the other replies, "Nonsense," flooring Ban and then reverting to his somewhat odd Japanese while Ban stutters. "Aren't you embarrassed about saying 'Justice will triumph' like that?" Ban gives an exasperated sigh and looks away. Break thinks he's made his point, but this only last half a second when Ban blows up and lunges at him growling, "What do you mean by that?!" Umeko and Sen are just in time to keep Ban from punching the newcomer. It seems that he's managed to annoy more than just Ban, for Jasmine is glowering at him and says, "That's a speech." Hoji takes a deep breath and steps forward. "You're the expert," he wants some clarification. With a friendly smile Break replies, "I'm Tekkan Aira. Just call me Tetsu." He looks over at where Sen and Umeko are clinging to the still-struggling Ban. Ban stops and straightens up, eyes blazing. Umeko stares and murmers, "He's so young." So young, but very confident as he tells them that they'll have to leave the Hell's Three to him from here on. "I want you to sit this one out so you don't get in my way." He seems to direct that comment particularly to Ban, but even Hoji is starting to lose his temper. Ban, however, goes off like a small bomb and Sen and Umeko struggle to hold onto the writhing man. He manages to shove them off and launches himself at Tekkan, winding his fists into the young man's lapels and driving him back. A bit slow on the mark, Hoji and Jasmine leap to pull him off. They manage to wrench him back, and Tekkan manages to keep his feet though he hadn't once resorted to any physical action against Ban. While the other four have to pin Ban, Tekkan wipes his collar off and straightens his uniform. Ban kicks and struggles in his teammates' arms. And the remaining two of the Hell's Three have gone to their base, with fury for the man who had destroyed Bongoburin. Tekkan, hair mussed out of place by Ban's fury, finishes patting his uniform down. Ban will probably never regain control of his temper....

Kruger is explaining about the scenes in which we saw all those people in special martial arts training. The training that produced Tekkan Aira, and yet made him without any visible muscles. He's calm in his seat, with Hoji at his side, who is not too happy because he doesn't have a gold badge.

Episode. 23 Brave Emotion
Jogging through the base, and Ban seems to have given up trying to throttle Tekkan for trying to out-jog him. The whole team wants to be let in on this battle, and having all five of them continually in his face seems to begin to rattle him. Tetsu finally tells them to disband. They are shocked and outraged. But you can't stop them from going into their armor and fighting, even if Blitz trashes them cruelly. Ban protests this strike to his feelings, something Tetsu seems to have trouble grasping. He has his own motorbike to ride into battle.He arrives and changes into armor with a cry of "Emergency, Dekabreak!" He stands in front of the rest of them, everyone in armor, presumably confronting their enemies. It seems they'll come together, likely about midway through the episode. Dekarobo will ride the Dekabike. Tetsu will fight a crown of Anaroid, which he is liable to make short work of at his speeds. Pretty soon the rest of the team, a bit battered, will stand protectively between him and the enemy.

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23. Brave Emotion

In our last episode: The Hell's Three Siblings stand beneath the tower they have magically transformed into their base. They beat the crap out of our Dekaranger, until the arrival of a new robot piloted by a stranger pulls their fat out of the fryer. He destroys Bongoburin. With a device on his wrist which allows him to move at super speeds, this new man also manages to drive off Blitz and Succubus. He is Dekabreak.

The five Dekaranger stand sullenly in front of Kruger's deks. Ban especially glowers at the new boy. Umeko considers him with lips pouting. Jasmine keeps hers in a thin line. Hoji's expression is more resentful than anything else. Sen's eyebrows climb his forehead. They're pretty united in the end opinion. Sen rolls his eyes and sighs to himself as the new boy speaks. He is introducing himself to Kruger, tall and straight and oh SO thin. He is enthused, but keeping it under control. When Kruger stands up and offers him his hand, introducing himself, the boy's mouth drops open and he very nearly bounces. "You're Commander Kruger?! I've heard all about you! You're Hell's Watchdog!!" He is shaking Kruger's hand reverently. Conveniently forgetting their reaction to that news, the Dekaranger all roll their eyes. Remembering himself, the boy, Tekkan, stands at attention again. "I'll only be here a short time (taking care of the Hell's Three remaining two). I'm honored to meet you." He bows deeply. Ban has reached the end of his patience, though. "Hey, specialist," he grates through bared teeth. The new boy turns a glance towards him with veiled irritation. "What's wrong with saying justice will triumph?" He suddenly stalks over. "We've always beat the bad guys!" With a tried smile, Tekkan replies, "It's a relief not to be needed, then." "No way!" snarls Ban. He continues to snarl impatiently, then Tekkan counters with a calm, "I did tell you to wait." Unable to come up with a good reply to that, Ban shifts from foot to foot. Then the other adds that he doesn't need the Special Police. Before Ban can leap on him, Umeko shoves him aside and turns indignant fury to "Boss!! Is this guy REALLY the specialist?" Jasmine puts in her two cents, "The Space Police said he'd been in training for fifteen years but, I mean from the looks of him..." she trails off. Not bothered at all, Kruger answers, "Yes, he's about the same age as all of you." "Eh?" they all exclaim and turn startled gazes to the subject of their conversation. Pacing around the patiently standing Tekkan, Kruger explains, "His parents were murdered by Alienizer when he was very small," and goes on to say that the Space Police raised him. They are considering what to say to this when he is signalled again. It is Numa 0. He addresses Kruger immediately about the situation and says he wants Tekkan to captain the mission. The Dekaranger react predictably. Hoji starts to protest, but Numa 0 simply says to do what he says, and cuts off contact. Ban, in a fury, punches the table. Feeling just as put out, Hoji sits down on the edge, arms folded across his chest so he can sulk. Sen, with great self control, clears his throat, steps up onto the dias and asks "Well, Tetsu, what do you want us to do?" Pleased with the question, Tetsu responds, "Yes, actually it'd be good if you did nothing." When they all stare at him incredulously he ponders, "How do you say it frankly in Earth-talk? Um..." swats a fist into his palm in realization, "You'll get in the way." Hoji stiffens and glares. Sen's lips twist and he gives the boy a quiet stare. Jasmine and Umeko bite back responses, but Ban blows up. He springs to attack when firm "Stop this!" from Kruger halts him in his tracks. He wavers a moment, glaring, but gives a frustrated snarl. Tekkan, thinking he can make it easier on them, reassures them that it'll only be for a little while and they should enjoy the vacation. They don't look pleased at all.

The remaining two Hell's Siblings are hanging in their tower. Blitz seems to be deep in thought, sitting on his throne. Succubus has gotten bored. "What now, brother?" she asks, pacing. Then it occurs to her that he has perhaps been frightened, and she teases him mischievously about it. This startles him out of his thoughts and he gapes at her angrily. She looks contrite. He does not attack, instead gets to his feet and starts away. Startled, she asks where he is going. He replies that he is going out to the place again, to face that fellow.

The Deka Bike specs are on the screen, and slender fingers are typing away. They are Swan's. Tekkan is near her, watching with pleased delight and he thanks her for doing the maintenance on his bike. She smiles and shakes her head, dismissing it. "No trouble. I've already finished repairing Deka Robo." She wanders off from her desk, while he stands there a moment, mouth hanging open. Finally he says in awe, "You're really good at your work!" When she goes to sit at another console, he moves after her, praising the perfection of her work. Glancing around her office, he wonders if she isn't uncomfortable working in such tight confines. Suddenly he clasps his hands together and offers hopefully, "Why don't you come join my mechanic staff?" She doesn't look at him, but grins and chuckles lightly. "Oh, that's sweet, but I really like working in a small office." Her eyes twinkle as she works the controls in front of her. Startled, he lowers his hands and asks tentatively, "Really?" "Really truly!" she answers cheerfully. His puzzled expression becomes a wince as we hear a grunting noise, then he looks down. Murphy is gnawing on his ankle and growling. Tekkan kneels down slowly and gently strokes the mechanical dog's nose and jaw. Murphy whines in surprised pleasure. Tekkan asks over his shoulder, "Do you think Earth's Dekaranger are really... fit?" "Hmm? Why do you ask?" Swan counters. He gathers himself to his feet importantly and folding his arms explains, "They believe that what they say will help them fight. It's not like that's useful, after all!" he glances over his shoulder, fully expecting a professional like her to agree with him. She turns from her work at last and regards him with gentle kindness. "They do, don't they? But..." and her but surprises him, so he listens intently. She chooses her words with a thoughtful hum. "Have you ever loved someone?" Flummoxed, he gapes at her. She clarifies, "It's like magic, you see. When you think about the person you love, you are all the stronger." Tekkan, confused but trying to grasp what she's telling him, considers it intently. She turns back to her work with an added, "It's the same thing." But then the base alarms go off and someone announces that the enemy is back. Tekkan charges off, Swan watching him go. As he races down the hall, Ban overtakes him. Tekkan firmly says to stay out of it. Ban doesn't look at him but growls that his feelings should be taken into account. Tekkan comes to a quick halt. "You can't let your emotions be involved," he says. "That's wrong!" Ban pouts back, swinging to confront him. Tekkan lectures, things he's probably been told all of his life. That your emotions can't be let interfere in a battle. Ban, a bundle of emotion if ever there was one, can't stand that. Becoming slightly exasperated, says something like he's not going to talk about that. But the delay has allowed the other Dekaranger to catch up to them. "You think that, too?" Tekkan asks sternly. They nod at him. Ban glares, vindicated by their support. This is not something Tekkan is impressed be. Finally he says coldly, "As of this moment, the Dekaranger are dissolved." "Dissolved?!" squawks Ban, but he is talking to the air, for Tekkan has bolted on to do his job, gets to his mecha. He hits the power button and it whines as its energy builds. The gate opens in front of him. Helmet on, sirens blaring, he kicks the starter pedal and the stand swings up in front of the big wheel. "Machine Boxer, go!" he shouts. Now we get to the annoying thing. Since the Machine Boxer is a) not real b) not possible and c) the actor probably couldn't ride one if it was we enter the realm of game graphics, where nothing is quite natural and often very unlpleasant when mixed in with true things. The single-wheeled vehicle tears out of the garage into the sunlight. It overtakes a minivan, and the child in the passenger seat is truly impressed by the imaginary vehicle. We switch to real images for a second, just his head and his hand on a handle. Back to pathetic computer interfacing as it rounds a corner. It goes down a long, bare road with cars parked along the side, looking too big for the canvas it's been set upon. In the distance, a fair-sized block of the city is on fire.

It's Blitz, of course, blasting office buildings to flaming pieces with her tri-barrelled weapon. Terrified people, a rather small group considering but they don't have enough extras, run right into Succubus. They skid to a halt at the lovely woman in front of them, and she smiles cruelly. Her eyes fill with dazzling yellow fire as winds blow her hair willy-nilly. Their life-energy is sucked form them, and every person crumples. Very happy, Succubus licks her lips with that purple, forked CG tongue. Nearby, Blitz laughs with delight. Succubus comes over to him and comments with drunken pleasure, "Terror makes life energy exceptionally tasty!" Enjoying her pleasure, Blitz cheerfully says he'll destroy everything, and she giggles. But then a police siren splits the air. They look up, Succubus' smile vanishing, as the CG man and funny motorcycle leap down into the parking lot, spin to a rapid halt without leaving a trace of mark on the cement, and park. Back to real people, to the scrawny boy. "This is as far as you go," he tells them, taking off his glasses. Blitz amusedly replies, "Ah, the Specialist. Have you come to die?" Tekkan dismounts and puts aside his helmet. "Who'll do it?" Tekkan answers coldy. When Succubus tries to taunt him about something to do with terror, he snorts and wags a finger at them. "Nonsense," he replies. "I have never felt fear in a battle." Succubus smirks and points out that he's never faced them before. He counters that fear is for the criminals. And he raises his wrist and cries, "Emergency, Dekabreak!" etc armor, blahblah. He's Dekabreak and he's here to stop the terror. In come a small army of Zen - er, Anaroids. He turns and says something about Accel Pro, and beats his way through them while Blitz and Succubus watch with interest. He uses the Fire Fist function and destroys the remaining Anaroids, only to find a trio of Battsuroids firing on him. He dives and rolls. This means their blasts hit the base of a tall chimney which falls towards him. Seeing this, he calls on the "Power Fist," which gives him the strength to brace himself against the impact of the falling chimney, and heave it into the air to smash the Battsuroids. This pretty well demolishes the chimney, too. He's pleased his calculations worked out so well. He turns around just in time to get a chestful of Succubus' foot. The impact sends him flying. He collides wonderfully with a building's concrete wall, which caves under the impact. Succubus is just congratulating herself when she sees him leap out of the hole. He rolls and breakdances his way to a manly smug pose *snore* to the shock of Blitz and Succubus. "How - " startles Blitz. But Succubus tears by him to fight. Without getting up, Dekabreak kicks her back, He manages to hold her off for a moment with just his booted feet, an exercise in arrogance. He kicks her rolling back to her brother's feet. Break charges forward, but Blitz is ready for him. He's fast, though. He punches Blitz back and is able to face Succubus in almost the same moment. He's sounding slightly breathy as he counters her and gets a bit of space to use his handy weapon again. This attack he calls the "Lightning Fist" and revs up the engine. Then he's punching at high speeds and she in unable to counter him. She starts to fall, and he switches modes to "Electro Fist." He punches the ground and sends a powerful electric shock at the two. They are hit pretty badly and fall. But they get up again pretty quickly. Succubus charges in to fight and Break punches her hard in the gut. And while they're so close together, Blitz raises his hand to the skies and calls up the power. Suddenly, the two are caught within a magical symbol forming on the ground. Succubus is terrified. "Wait, brother!" she screams. He isn't waiting. He calls down the thunder upon them. She screams as the magical symbol glows golden, and lightning bolts rain down upon their heads. Dekabreak cries out too as he is caught in the blast.

They are sent flying and land heavily on their backs. Dekabreak gets to his feet and turns, only to find his opponent is in a bad way. Succubus' helmet is gone, her weapon lies under her wrist, and blue lightning crackles along the back of her head. Her head falls and she lies motionless. Stunned, Break starts to straighten up. But before he quite gets there, Blitz attacks. This time, he gets through for Break's guard has been broken. Tekkan manages to hold Blitz' blade braced on his glove for a moment and hisses, "You blasted your little sister?" Blitz snorts and replies that their family can take it. He strikes again and kicks, knocking Break down. And now he will deliver the final blow, while the boy is unable to defend himself. A whimper escapes Tekkan as the blow whistles down, but then a red blur collides with him, pulling him from its path. Together, he and Red tumble along the cement. Yes, Ban has pulled Tekkan's fat out of the fryer this time. Blitz only has time for a startled noise before Umeko, Jasmine, Sen and Hoji flip in to fight. They land at Ban's side, all gathered protectively in front of Tekkan, who isn't quite able to get up. Ban slams a fist into his hand and looks down at the stunned boy. "Of course we came!" he answers a question only thought. Hoji adds, "We'll show you what 'Justice will triumph' means." Umeko adds that they'll make it happen. Jasmine snaps, "We are the protectors of this star!!" Halfway to his feet, the confused Tekkan says sternly, "You are unreasonable!" Sen replies with equal sternness, "We'll show you how unreasonable we are, little Specialist." Tekkan can only watch from one knee in shock as the five prepare to fight. "Let's go, guys!" calls Ban, and the five charge screaming into Blitz' fire. Sen and Hoji leap first to kick Blitz, who tosses them off. They land calmly on their feet, not worried at all. Umeko and Jasmine are next, leaping off of Sen and Hoji's shoulders. They strike with their blades, which he blocks and attacks them, but they dodge and roll to avoid his strikes. Ban leaps in next, avoiding getting hit, and despite himself he has to be impressed by the balance of their team-fighting. "But they're still unreasable!" he gasps, "just not strong enough!" For Blitz gets a good kick in to Ban's gut just then, and manages to slash him away. The team keeps circling him, and all of his blows are glancing because they are just fast enough most of the time, but he does manage to force them tumbling away from him, Ban leaping to guard them while they're down. Back on their feet together, and he fires a blast from his hand at them. They are hit pretty hard and fall. He laughs as they writhe. Tekkan struggles the rest of the way to his feet. He has to fight, somehow. But they are also straightening up, and he hasn't quite recovered enough to join them. Ban howls happily that Justice will definitely triumph. Startled by him saying that again, Tekkan gasps. Blitz is suitably unimpressed. "You fools," he says, "I'll finish you off now." And he raises his hand. He calls down the energy and the five are caught within the magical field. They look around in surprise at the golden rain of light surrounding them. Tekkan frantically yells at them to get out of it. Blitz calls the lightning too quickly, though, and the bolts hit home on the five. They scream as the circle becomes a fireball. The backlash of the flames sends Tekkan tumbling. He lands rolling to a halt. Getting halfway up, he has the shock of his life. Caught in the circle, golden lightning still striking inside, the five are on their feet and still struggling, snarling. Ban starts it, shouting, "We aren't defeated!" The others echo him, a pair at a time. Tekkan can't believe what he's seeing. "Those suits, how can they stand up to that kind of punishment?" He remembers, then, some of what Swan had said about how love can make you capable beyond your normal bounds.

Inside the circle, the Dekaranger brace and center themselves with enraged cries. He watches and touches his bracelet in wonder, understanding at last that what they have most of is fighting spirit. And suddenly they throw their arms wide, shattering the circle that had held them. "Folly!" gasps a stunned Blitz. But they move aggressively into fighting positions, he being the sole focus of their rage. And perhaps, just once, it is Blitz who is afraid. They charge at him, but he is still fast and strong. He counters, but soon they get past his guard. Ban manages to wrench his blade away and send it flying. He punches hard into Blitz' gut, hurting him. Sen and Hoji tear forward and cut with their blades. Blitz is staggered. Tekkan has forgotten his previous assessment and is cheering in the background. "Fantastic!" he yelps. "You're wonderful!" He is totally in awe. The five leap as one, rolling in the air. They kick Blitz in the chest and he is knocked away, rolling. "You did it!" Tekkan cries and races over to them to gush in his astonishment. He starts to plead to join them, but Ban doesn't need him to say it. He is welcome. But Blitz is not pleased. Getting back to his feet, smoke rising from his heavy body, he intends to keep fighting. Ban quickly urges Tekkan to judge him. "Roger!" Tekkan says, and moves forward. A quick list of murder, and a multitude of stars destroyed, and Tekkan opens the judgement field. Delete, of course, and Ban will fire the Hybrid Magnum in conjunction with Tekkan's Big Hammer to deliver the final blow. Blitz is caught in the gun's blast, held immobile for Tekkan's fisted strike. The impact destroys him. "DID IT!" cry the Dekaranger. They charge forward. Ban pretty much leaps onto Tekkan to tousle and rough him up affectionately, hogging the chance to play. Umeko whaps him with her hip. Jasmine points out that, indeed, justice has triumphed. But a strange sound behind her gets her attention. Succubus is back on her feet, holding an injured arm and looking at them with death in her eyes. She can barely stand, but that doesn't stop her malevolence. She gasps out, "You'll be destroyed." Then she opens her mouth and out goes a bolt of red fire. They brace for impact, but it streaks around them a few times before going on to the scorched cement marking where Blitz was killed. It forms a flaming, red magical circle. Succubus sinks to her knees, fading. "Big brother," she says wetly, "I give you all of my life energy, so you can destroy these people" and something else before she burns to dust in purple fire, laughing with insanity. Some people sure don't take losing well, eh?

But her work is done, for the fire coalesces and Blitz stands there again, hale and strong. Not to mention pissed off. Umeko wails, "How did this happen?" to which he replies that they should remember he'd sworn to destroy this world. He opens his arms and the ground behind him erupts, releasing the enormous mecha his sister used to pilot. He leaps up and boards it, and then it hurtles over them, jetting into the city. "He's getting away!" one protests. Ban calls Swan for the Dekamachines. Tekkan quickly calls and asks her for his machine, too. With a cheerful smile, she sends them out. Our heroes form the Dekarobo and race after the escaping enemy. Tekkan pulls up beside them, getting a startled gasp from Ban, and apologetically expects to get there first. Ban, however, is quicker than Tekkan expects. He makes a quick grab, and Tekkan is stunned to find the Dekarobo boarding his mecha. They are on and seated before he catches on. "What are you doing?!" he cries in outraged confusion. Ban calls back, "We're going with you!" They rev the engine, and speed out. "Biking Dekaranger Robo!" cheers Ban. Getting into the spirit of things, Tekkan says that this is a bit messy. Jasmine agrees and Umeko apologizes. Sen eventually says someone had to give up. Ban is happy and enjoying piloting the enormous combination. They are closing on the enemy. Blitz is rather startled to see them. Umeko calls through the speakers for him to stop and he sneers. Jasmine comments that it's as though he thinks one doesn't need police. But Ben revs the engine again and gets them in front of the other, yelling at him to stop. He knocks them by and tears into the middles of several office buildings, which he shoots down to make a barrier. But he's misjudged, for the barrier has an enormous hole where the skyscrapers lean against each other. It also allows him to fire straight at them. Tekkan is nervous, but Ban sends the bike straight through the hole, and they tear up a considerable amount of the road skidding to a halt and spinning, taking the mecha down. But Blitz gets it back up quickly and starts firing. They weave through the shots, charging up their energy to full power. And as he blasts them, they bear down on him, returning blast for blast until they pass, and the mighty red mecha goes up in flames. And it's over.

Tekkan calls them his seniors and thanks them warmly for fighting with him. Ban is amazed to hear that from him. He continues to praise them, and they are rather sheepish and half-humble about it. Then he apologizes for earlier and Ban says it's all forgotten. "Mission complete!" he crows. Tekkan adds that they've saved the Megalopolis of Japan (?) and Ban stutters, "Hey, don't you know - " standing up and clonking his head on the roof of his cockpit. Tekkan claps a hand over his mouth to keep from bursting out laughing, but only can hold it an instant as Ban's "OUCH!" sets the others off.

Swan and Kruger have their heads together over some specs. Hoji wanders over to the others to ask if Tetsu's gone back already. "I guess so," Umeko says. Sen spins his pen in his fingers and comments, "Well, a specialist has got to be busy, you know." Hoji makes a soft agreeing sound. Ban sticks his lower lip out and says pensively, "You know, I think I miss him a little." A tray of mugs goes past his head. "Here's coffee for you," says a young voice. Ban accepts his with hearty thanks. The boys reach without really looking, and thus don't notice that the person who brought their coffee is none other than Tetsu, until his uniform registers in their distraction and they all look up with startled noises from mouths full of coffee. Ban is so shocked he spits his coffee on the floor. Hoji chokes on his and ends up with it in his nose and Sen barely manages to avoid a similar fate. "Tetsu!" shrieks Ban. "Yes?" Tetsu asks innocently from in front of the girls. Umeko gasps, "You didn't go back?" in delight. Kruger and Swan, who knew all along, are all smiles (presumably for Kruger, anyway). When Tetsu smiles and nods, Jasmine comments, "What a surprise," but welcoming. Kruger calmly explains, "Tetsu's going to stay on Earth for a while." "Eh?!" the other gasp. "Oh, see," says Tetsu, handing off the coffee to Jasmine and heading over to the two, "It's just I didn't want to leave Miss Swan." He makes a play to put his arm around her shoulder, and she ducks smoothly to avoid it. She tells them the truth, he's been assigned by the commander to Earth to learn more about being a police officer. She stays close to Kruger, making her alliance clear. "Oh really, is that so?" Ban asks, trotting forward. "Yes, senior!" Tetsu says happily, coming to stand in front of him. "I want to learn all kinds of things. Please teach me about this world!" Ban is very happy to take on this role. "So I'll always be your senior," he says smugly. "Oh, that's nonsense," Tetsu replies with an ear-splitting smile. Ban plays that his feet have been knocked out from under him. As the group gathers at the table, Swan laughs and says "This looks fun, eh Doogie?" and comments that the five of them will be good for that boy. He makes an agreeing noise. Ban is getting tempermental again, the others are ignoring it, and Tetsu is again telling him it's nonsense. When he holds out a small, square white towel, Ban grabs him, pulls him down to the main floor with the others and twines their feet and arms to immobilize him. Tetsu manages to balance against him and prevent getting thrown on the floor, but Ban cheats and digs his fingers playfully into Tetsu's ribs. Tetsu turns out to be extremely ticklish but won't give up, calling "That's nonsense!" We finally see what the dispute is about as Sen patiently ignores the struggling pair and uses the white towel to clean up the coffee Ban had spat on the floor.

We are introduced by Tetsu himself to his equipment. The BraceThrottle, which allows him to transform, pass Judgement, and the Throttle Master gives him all manner of extra power. While he is posing, Ban leaps up from behind him and tackles him. This time Tetsu is ready and manages to spin him away with a shout of "Nonsense! Why are you always so energetic, senior?" then turns and runs as Ban charges after him.

Episode. 24 Cutey Negotiator
Kill me now. Er, never mind that. Tetsu gets himself taken hostage by an alien who lookis like a .. um.. well. Kind of like a tiki. Umeko ends up being the negotiator, coming in all very childlike. Whatever she said causes Tetsu to yelp with shock. The mad alien has a bomb. "You are weak!" he accuses from above. Umeko holds a bomb, Tetsu sitting on the floor behind her and she complains at whatever the enemy has asked her to do. The group is together, and Umeko looks very pleased with herself. They fight Anaroids, Umkeo showing herself quite well. And you can purchase their original CD or be one of thirty who could win it.

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24. Cutey Negotiator

Fine toes covered in bubbles drum to the beat of music (Girls in Trouble) playing in the bathroom. A body stretched out long in the tub. The trio of squeaking rubber duckies. A rather broad hand also taps the beat beside a burning pink candle. I want a DVD player like that for my bathroom. Ah, it's only get all musty and break. Then the music is interrupted by someone pounding on the door. The hand reaches out, stops the music, and we find this is Tetsu, very content and indulging himself. He calls out, "Come on in!" We see a very annoyed Umeko outside the door, hair tied back and a bag full of bath stuff in her arms. "That's Tetsu's voice!" she snaps. She starts pounding on the door. "Hurry up and get out!!" and a few more unsavory words. Tetsu is saying she can just come on in if she wants. Giving up on the pounding she grumbles furiously, "I've got first dibs on the bath in the morning!" As she continues protesting, he's started to look annoyed. "Umeko-san, you've got to learn to negotiate. I'm certainly not going to move with you being so rude." Furious she snarls, "Bug off!" and slaps the door again. But then the alarms start going off. Umeko whirls, startled, and doesn't hear the splash behind her. An instant later the door swings upon and Tetsu, stark-naked (presumably) peers out and asks her with wide eyes, "Is something happening?" Umeko turns to answer him, takes one look, utters a shriek and slaps her hands over her eyes. Tetsu, completely confused, has no idea what's set her off.

In the main room, Kruger shows the other four what they're picking up. A strange alien leading a crew of Anaroids down a road. As he's speaking, Umeko comes in, off balance and upset. Hoji scolds, "You're late, Umeko." "I'm sorry," she whines, "But Tetsu - " she breaks off and covers her blushing cheeks with her hands while Sen, who puffs out a breath at her excuse, puzzles, "I haven't seen Tetsu yet today." At that moment a signal comes through and Tetsu, all business, is telling them he's eaded for the scene of the crime. Umeko fumes angrily, but Jasmine calmly notes he certainly is a specialist. We get the same scenes as before with him computer-riding the improbable motor-unicycle, passing the same van. Past the Morinaga building and he leaves the bike, sneaks through a park to get a look at the situation. There he sees the crowd of Anaroids using assorted tools to back and break things. He uses his Brace-Throttle to take a reading. The alien of the weak seems to be dressed in buckskins. Tan, with blue and red trimming. His head is large and heavy, a bit like a mask. Which it is, but lets pretend it's really an alien. Of Barisu Star, and his name is Attika Arupachi. Tetsu reads the data and tilts his head, puzzled. "Barisian, Arupachi. Hmm, never heard of him." He considers the alien thoughtfully. "He's never been a criminal before." Well, Tetsu heads out into the action. "Barisian!" he calls. Arupachi, who's headed up some stairs, wheels to look at him and so do the Anaroids. Now that he's got their attention, he changes into his armor. "Emergency, Dekabreak!" His speach about stopping evil, a bit of grandstanding, and he kicks into battle with the Anaroids. He gets above them and uses the Fire Fist to destroy many, jumps back down and uses Tornado Fist to discombobulate others. Lovely wind it calls up. And then the annoyed alien calls to him. Startled, he wheels and looks up. The angry alien utters a snarl and pulls out a round, gray balls with many blunt spines. Tetsu takes one look and identifies it with fright, "A Graviton Bomb!!" The alien snarls, "Don't obey me! I won't set off this bomb!!" "Eh?" asks a confused Tetsu. With a snicker, Arupachi the alien sends out a tentacle which wraps around Tetsu. Then he hits him with a powerful electric shock. His armor is disrupted and shuts down while he cries out in startled pain. With him helpless, Arupachi reels him in and gets a good hold on him. "Tetsu!" we hear a cry. It is Ban, he and the others have arrived. Tetsu tries to call out to them, but Arupachi is already dragging him off into the building. They race in pursuit. They have him cornered and start to change into their armor when Tetsu says with respectful urgency, "Wait a moment, seniors!" they obey instantly and blink at him. Hooking his thumb over his shoulder he says, "This guy's got a terrible bomb!" To make sure they understand, Arupachi snickers again and holds up the bomb, pointing at it. "What?!" snarls Ban. The alien indicats Tetsu and says, "I'm not going to guarantee this guy's life!" triumphantly. His point made, he turns around and opens the door behind him, dragging Tetsu along into the next room. "Wait!" shrieks Ban, and leads the others in a charge as the door closes. He slams into it and struggles with the nob, but it won't turn.

Back at base, Swan reports on the bomb. Yup, it is a big one, all right. And it has a timer, too. Alarmed by the data she's given him, Kruger signals the others and tells them they'll have to send in a negotiator. Hoji's starts to say that he's going when Umeko declares, "I'll go." They react quite understandably. "EH?" and Ban says scoldingly, "Umeko, can you really do it?" Umeko is happily telling him sure she can, about bargaining and negotiating and seems quite pleased with herself. Jasmine expresses a certain lack of confidence in her abilities in this field. Hoji sighs and leans against the walkway barrier. He asks a pouting Umeko what is the first rule of negotiating for a hostage's life. She confidently tells him she can be a negotiator. The others all are pretty much of one mind in that they don't feel she can do it. Kruger suddenly pipes in through the communicator. "Umeko, you do it." "EEEH?!" squawks Ban. Umeko grins and pumps her fist in victory.

In the meantime, Swan has the Deka Base in Crawler formation and is announcing the danger through the loudspeakers. People are evactuating, boarding Deka Base. Pretty soon, this entire part of the town is devoid of life. A wind blows a tumbleweed across an empty walkway. Wait, that's not a real tumbleweed! It's Agent Aburera in disguise! "Doradoian Gorudomu, can you hear me?" he says calmly. "As planned, the humans are gone from the city." "It was a promise. And now I want that suitcase and all the Anaroids." He gives the coordinates in that speech, then laughs.

Tetsu struggles against the firm hold of Arupachi's tentacle, when his Brace Throttle speaks to him. It's Hoji, stating confidently that a hostage negotiator is headed in. "Hostage negotiator?" Tetsu repeats nervously. And then we see Umeko riding in on a cart of some kind. She calls out, "Excuse me!" Instead of using her nickname she announces, "Hostage negotiator Koume Kodou is here. She hops off the cart at the end of its tracks and grins happily. Tetsu reacts with a sort of exasperated frustration. "Umeko-san!" Arupachi responds by whipping out another tentacle, grabbing her up and holding her in mid-air. "Oh stop it stop it stop it!" she protests. Tetsu tries to override her saying, "Don't say stop it, that's not how you negotiate!" Arupachi lets her drop and she lands painfully on her hip. But she pulls herself together and looks at Arupachi. "This isn't what it looks like," she says. Tetsu's mouth drops open and he stares at the alien. Startled, Arupachi shuffles again. He says almost to himself, "She's sweet. This might help." Umeko is on her feet and strides over to the pile of boxes between them. "Mr Criminal, we have to talk," she says kindly. He starts twitching and we realize he's doing a kind of American Indian-like dance. A bit annoyed, Umeko says, "What's the matter?" then adds. "Don't say anything." He comes to a halt, hand anxiously over his mouth, and turns to look at her. She asks in confusion, "This Alienizer doesn't want to hurt the Earth?" Tetsu, still quite confused, says he can't seem to get through to the alien but that he thinks there's one more here. Suddenly, the poor alien's stomach makes a loud growling, and he nervously pats it. Umeko chuckles, "Ah, you've an empty stomach." He turns sheepishly away from her and answers, "No, it's not empty." The growling starts again and Umeko chuckles, "That's really strong. That I can tell." And she pulls a goodie out of her pocket. Arupachi wheels and stares, then stares a lot more. Umeko is reaching all about her uniform, pulling treats from several hidden pockets. He gasps as the pile gets bigger and bigger. Cookies, chocolate... other things. She's got quite the stash, even pulling one out from a hidden pocket behind her neck. "Well," she says confidently, "you don't have to hold back. Eat, eat!" and offers him some of the candy. He stares longingly, but hangs back. When she makes the offer again, he hesitantly reaches out and then withdraws his hand. A bit exasperated she says, "Okay, if you're not going to eat it, I will." She starts tearing the wrapping off of one treat. He very hesitantly sends out one tentacle for a goodie. Umeko swats it and says, "Stop that!" He hesitantly shuffles closer, tentacle wavering until she finally grabs it firmly. "I said stop it," she scolds him. "I'm not giving any to you." Suddenly with relief he says, "I'm not taking any!" and he gives her a slight shock through the tentacle, then snatches up one of the cookies. He eats it and then says ecstatically, "This tastes horrible! It's really horrible!" Annoyed, Umeko says "If it tastes all that horrible, why are you eating it?" as he takes bites. And then her eyes widen in realization. She thinks aloud, "You're on an empty stomach, but you say you're not... it's delicious, you say horrible... ah!" and she stares with bright eyes as he wipes the crumbs from his mouth. "Horrible!" he rhapsodizes. "I've got it!" she whispers, turning away. Tetsu is watching her anxiously and asks, "What's the matter? Umeko-san?" She lifts her gaze and says, "I think I've figured it out." She turns back to Arupachi and asks him gently, "You don't have a problem?" He raises his head and demands, "Don't you give me my son back!!" Her eyes widen and she asks, "Your child?" He elaborates angrily, "My child... was not taken by the Earth police! But I don't want him back!!" Umeko crows, "That's it!" to the stunned Tetsu. "His people say things the opposite way!" Tetsu responds uncertainly, "Reverse-speaking-er?" Umeko is trying to explain something to Arupachi, having a little trouble figuring out how to phrase things that mean the opposite. She's trying to make certain she understands and he replies, "That's not it!" which further confuses Tetsu, who looks helplessly to Umeko. She smiles reassuringly at him. So she signals the others. Sen, Ban and Jasmine hover over Hoji's shoulders as he listens to her report. "His son's name is Barusian Arupachi Junior." "You did it, Umeko!" cheers Ban. Kruger says they'll find him in the Alienizer database right away. "You need to make sure that bomb is safely secure." Umeko looks at the thing in Arupachi's hands and nods agreement. She asks Arupachi tentatively "What has your son done to get arrested - er - not arrested?" He turns from her and says gravely, "My child is not gentle. He's not a really good child." She flips it back to the true meaning for an Earth person. "You son is gentle. He's a really good boy." Arupachi says gruffly, "Why he hasn't been arrested, I just...." Umeko says firmly, "But what if they can't find your son?" Then she tries, "Arupachi, look at me!" Of course he turns and faces away from her, closing and covering her eyes. Catching herself she says, "Oh, not that. I mean..." but the opportunity has presented itself. She tugs boxes out of the way and goes into the small shelter he's made himself. "Umeko-san!" Tetsu yelps in worry. She ignores him and strides over to stand right behind Arupachi. "Don't look at me," she demands. When he doesn't respond, she sets her hand on his shoulder and turns him around. She waits until he hesitantly lowers his hand and opens his eyes. She gazes deep into his eyes and says, "Arupachi, I am a person you can't believe in. I'm not going to get your son back to you. I do not promise!" He gasps when she says this, and begs "You're lying?!" She replies firmly, "Yes, I'm lying! Now, don't give me the bomb." Relieved, he nods. Trusting in her, he takes the bomb and holds it between them to give to her. She accepts it and they nod to each other. "Okay, so where's the activating switch?" she whispers, moving away from him. He tells her, "Push there," indicating the red button at the top of the bomb. "Okay!" she says, what she's learned already slipping her mind instantly. She firmly presses the button, activating the bomb. "AAAH!" shrieks Tetsu. "AAAAAAH!" Arupachi also shrieks. And the bomb announces, to Umeko's horror, that they have sixty minutes. Umeko stutters, "But you said push!" Tetsu, now understandably rattled, screams, "No he said don't touch it!!!" Arupachi is in a panic himself. "This is not bad! That is NOT A BOMB!!" Umeko whimpers, "Oh right! It's the opposite!" She takes a good look at the readout. "Oh man, the bomb'll go off in fifty-nine minutes!!" Now she starts running about whimpering, "What do I do? How can I shut it off?!" while Tetsu desperately struggles in the tentacle still wrapped around him. "Can't you stop it?" she begs Arupachi. But he's got himself together and lost a considerable amount of faith in her. "I don't need the key to turn it off!" he cries. She uncertainly grasp, "Don't need?" He clarifies, "My son doesn't have the key!" She quickly opens her badge and calls home. "Boss, you gotta hurry and get Arupachi Junior!" Kruger calmly tells her, "He hasn't been detained on Earth." And then Swan shakes her head at him and he sighs. "We've contacted other Space Police, but he isn't registered as an Alienizer." Umeko stares at her badge in disbelief. "What the - " she slaps it closed and turns to Arupachi. "You're son wasn't arrested by Earth police!" realizing her mistake, she quickly rephrases. "Um, it doesn't seem to be!" Furious he snaps back, "You are telling the truth!" Just in case she hasn't caught on, a wide-eyed Tetsu clarifies, "He says that's a lie." Arupachi angrily slaps Umeko with his electric tentacle and catches the falling bomb in his hands. He turns his back on her angrily. She frantically comes to him, "It's true, believe - oh no. DON'T believe me! Don't let us have the bomb!" He growls, "I won't give up the bomb until I don't get my son back. Until then, I'm definitely giving it!" Tetsu swiftly translates "I'll give up the bomb when I get my son back. I'm keeping it until then." Sypathetic but strained, Umeko says "Arupachi," softly. Fifty-five minutes left. She is signaled on her badge. Ban is calling her and shouts, "There's no time, you've got to get away from the bomb!" "No!" she shouts back.

When the other four race into the area they go into change-mode right away, but Umeko races up and shoves, first at Hoji yelling, "Stop!!" "Let go, Umeko!" he shouts back. Practically in tears she sobs, "No! You can't!" The distress brings them to a halt, they will listen to her as she clings to Hoji's arm just in case he starts trying to change again. She tells them they have to fight to help Arupachi Junior. They eye the bereft father suspiciously. "His life is in danger!" she tells them urgently. Ban snarls, "And there's nothing we can do! His son has NOT been arrested by Earth police!" Hoji firmly tells her that there is no choice. She closes her eyes and then gazes up at him pleadingly. "But I promised. As the hostage negotiator. I promised we'd get his son back to him." (or something like that) Tetsu anxiously breaks in, "Wait a minute, everyone!" They all look at him. He explains that Umeko found the heart of this Alienizer for his sake. They have to do this for Umeko. "Tetsu?" she says his name uncertainly. And then turns back to the others. "We have to find Arupachi's son and save his life!" Sen sighs and puts his hands on his hips. The others can't really argue with her, though they are clearly troubled. Arupachi holds onto the bomb for dear life. Then a strange sound echoes in the room and Sen turns alertly. The boxes are trembling. Curious, Ban asks, "What's up, Sen-chan?" "Shhh!" Sen hushes him. "Everyone be quiet. Something strange is going on." He frowns, hands still on his hips. "Something underground... nearby." They all look down curiously. He continues to think aloud, "Why? What's the significance of these coordinates? Why make sure no one was here?" Frustrated, he heads for the wall and upends himself. He lets his gaze wander. One of the candy bars Umeko has put atop a box slips off the side, light reflecting golden off of it as it falls. "That's it!" crows Sen.

He signals base and asks Swan about what building is at this point. Swan calls up the data at once and in a moment is able to tell him that very near where they are is "Bank of Earth." Sen calmly tells the others that all this was to clear out the area so as to allow the bank to get robbed. Hoji realizes and says it, "Arupachi was just a distraction to keep us from noticing." Jasmine agrees. And Umeko is furious. "A criminal who uses the bond between parent and child to further his dirty deeds! That's unforgivable!" "Right, let's go!" Hoji orders. Off they charge. "Hey!" yelps Tetsu. He wants to dash after them, but Arupachi reels him back in and says coldy, wagging a finger, "You... I'm letting go." Tetsu grumbles, "That means you're not," and glowers.

Sure enough, under the Bank of Earth, a drill has punched through the wall of the vault. Anaroids are charging about a vast room full of golden bars, which they are loading up to cart away on forklifts into wheelbarrows which they then head for, I don't know, where ever. We hear an evil cackle and see Arupachi Junior. He has been tied up against a support ang gagged. He tries to free himself, as his captor howls with laughter in front of him. "Your father sure made my work easy!" he chortles. And hanging around Arupachi Junior's neck is the all-important key. He's planning on doing this again sometime. But the Dekaranger are upon them. Umeko shouts, "Don't give that child back!" Arupachi Junior gasps. "Huh?" asks the amused Gorudomu. Jasmine calmly says, "This guy's a Doradoian. They don't speak in reverse." "Oh, right," Umeko accepts that. "You give that child back!!" she shouts. She continues with a little speach about Arupachi. Gorudomu stands with hands akimbo and is amused. He sends the Anaroids to attack. Our heroes at last can change into their armor. They start firing, and speak their all important lines as they do so. Though surrounded, they are confident and easily take down the Anaroids. Umeko fences! Gorudomu is dismayed to find them already in front of him, and no more Anaroids to hold them back. Umeko takes command and calls for formation F-4. They obey happily, flipping into action. Jasmine and Ban strike first, kicking Gorudomu back. Sen and Hoji are next, they punch him back. Then the four join hands making a base for Umeko to launch herself off. She gets him a good one, sending him tumbling and goes to the tall alien boys. "It's all right - not anymore," she says, reassuring him as she pulls his bonds off. The team assembles protectively around them. Gorudomu is rather annoyed, and he pulls out a remote, hitting a button quickly. The drill above them starts spinning viciously and they back up. "Later!" he mocks them and runs off. "Hold on!" screams Ban. They start to charge in pursuit when something comes between them. Falling rubble from the foundation walls. "This way everyone!" calls Umeko, dragging Arupachi Junior with her. They make it out of the building into the sunlit day. The crashing continues, as Terrible Terror 2 smashes its way up into the city streets. But before it can attack the group a siren splits the air. The Deka Bike rolls in and knocks Terrible Terror off its feet. Umeko opens her badge. "Tetsu?" she asks. He explains that he'd learned from watching Umeko, and had managed to communicate with Arupachi. He changes his mecha to Deka Bike Robo mode. Out come the deadly blades and he faces Terrible Terror's whirling drills. They fight. Umeko turns to Arupachi Junior and tells him to hide and keep down. Unfortunately she's in the wrong mode and, misunderstanding her, he starts to frolic. Quickly catching herself, Umeko shouts a command he understands that gets him to stand as still as possible, and she calls the others to follow her. They are ready, and now she summons the Deka Machines. They board and form the Dekaranger Robo. Dekabike is getting a bit friend, but when they arrive Gorudomu is overconfident and charges them, only to find the two robots fighting in tandem are no easy mark. Umeko passes judgement on him for kidnapping, extortion, and who knows what eles. But he's got the delete mark, and she and Tetsu acknowledge it. Tetsu using the Tornado attack, which destroys Terrible Terror. The end. For him, anyway. Tetsu says cheerfully, "And it's mission complete!" Umeko stretches lithely, delighted that next she can get in the tub.

So, Umeko and Tetsu bring Arupachi out into the light of day. "We're not getting your son back to you," she reassures him cheerfully. He is balking and she has to shove him along. He clutches the bomb anxiously and stops, then turns and upon seeing you-know-who utters a cry of joy. The other four Dekaranger are with Junior, and present him to his father dramatically. He seems very happy. Both of them are dancing for joy, the Dekaranger watching with relief. Arupache turns to Umeko, "No thank you very much!" he crows, and races to meet his son, tossing the bomb flying without care. "Stupid son!" he yells. "Horrible Father!" the boy yells back with joy. "I wasn't worried about you!" "I really, really hate you Father!" Laughing so hard they almost sound like they're weeping, they let their tentacles wriggle and touch, exchangign electric shocks of joy. They hug each other tight, yelling awful things which of course are the opposite. The Dekaranger slap hands in celebration. Ban laughs, "They're so happy and have such happy faces but it's hard to understand them!" "I'm so glad," says Umeko. And then someone's mechanical voice announces, "There's one minute to detonation." With squawks of terror they turn and see the bomb lying there, reading 58 seconds!! Tetsu yelps, "I forgot about that!" They tear over to the bomb in a panic, Umeko snatches it up and they urge her to hurry. They dash over to the reuinited father and son, struggling to get them to untagle their tentacles and shut down the bomb. This gets Sen, Hoji and Ban each shocked before they manage to get the problem across and Jasmine drags Junior over to shut off the bomb.

"Girls in trouble, Dekaranger!" But instead of going straight into the song, they introduce the Deka Bike. Tetsu speaks, explaining how his seniors board and they become the "Riding Dekaranger Robo." And gosh aren't they fast? And the Bike also has a Robot mode. He is contentedly explaining this from the sanctuary of the bubble bath. "Ah, this is so refreshing," he says contentedly. Someone else is much less content. Umeko pounds on the door again. "Hey!!! After work I'm the first one who gets the bath!!" she shouts.

Episode. 25 Witness Grandma
In the woods, the Dekaranger have to deal with a little, wizened pink alien woman with enormous eyes. She wears an dull colored kimono. A young girl, possibly a nurse, twines her arms around Sen's waist and tells him he can't go. He laughs in the outdoors. The girl hugging him steps out of the camera range and the little old lady alien steps in to hug him, to his dismay. Or are they one person? Sen stnads next to Testru, who stands next to a fallen human-seeming body. Umeko is behind Tetsu, Ban behind her, and Hoji is whispering in Jasmine's ear behind Sen. The fierce little old lady alien is watching events from h9iding, a ruby where the third eye traditionally is. The Dekaranger are in a cave where two pale candles are burning and Sen explains something to them. He tries to protect the little old lady and get her out of the line of fire. He pilots his mecha. He fights Anaroids out of armor.

An ad for the movie. The man playing a human face for the villains is, by the way, the man who played the skeleton demon from Kakuranger.

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25. Witness Grandma

An enormous ship is coming in for a landing on Earth. Oh, but not a mere ship. The SPD have picked it up coming in and plotted its destination point. Kruger whirls and sends the six kids off. What lands is a giant robot. The Mecha's name is Hunter Jet. It's a pretty fine design, too, all iron black and silver lining. They are there to meet it in the Deka Robo and Deka Bike Robo. Hoji speaks warning to it, and it walks towards them. Ban utters a wry comment, and Tetsu gets on the com to say "Seniors, shall we?" "Yeah, let's show 'im!" replies Ban happily. They move into fighting positions. But instead of fighting, Hunter Jet stops, arms hanging limp at its sides. Then it sinks down, slowly ending up sprawled on its front. With a surprised yelp, Ban moves them in closer. Tetsu leans his mecha down and pokes cautiously at one of the spines on the alien mecha's head. No response. "It's totally off," he mutters. Intelligently, they chain it up to enormous pitons they've driven into the ground and twined yellow caution tape around its body. They enter the cockpit and find it empty. "Well this is strange!" wonders Ban. "No one's here!" Hoji adds to that, "Yet we saw no one leave the cockpit." Sen nods agreement with him. Tetsu finds something in the command chair. "What's this?" he asks, pointing. They turn and gather close to see. It is a silver cannister sitting wide open. Umeko squats down and considers it, then suggests, "It's a thermos... maybe he was drinking coffee?" Tetsu bends down and uses his bracelet to snap a picture. Hoji calmly commands, "The Alienizer must be nearby. We'd better keep an eye out." They all salute agreement and jog out.

The woods are lovely, thick with green at this time of year. There is a young girl picking her way through them. She wears blue coveralls and a white tea shirt. She has a book open and suddenly utters a delighted "Ah!" She bends down to carefully touch a spray of pale purple flowers. She smiles with mature warmth as she compares them with the illustration in her book. Suddenly she hears a male voice crying out in bewildered pain. Alertly she stands, and we see she also carries a woven basket. Across the clearing there is a small day-cottage. A man is staggering down the short stairs, writhing in pain. He falls to his knees and we hear a faint, distant deep laughter under his sounds. The girl hides behind the ineffectual shelter of a young tree, watching wide-eyed. She stiffens up with a small sound and suddenly her face changes. Her eyes become enormous, irises tiny their color green, heavily wrinkled purple skin surrounds the eyes. She can see a sparlking, blue and purple energy trying to get into the man. It is the Spiritian, Byooi. As she watches, it suddenly dives into his mouth. He drops like a puppet, and the alien's laugh echoes. The girl, her face looking normal and human again, gasps in distress. "That's - " she stutters, and the shound was a mistake. For the man hears her and turns quickly. He looks straight at her. Sanely, she flees. "Saw you," he growls and coils to his feet. He takes off after her, running so fast his body blurs.

Sen, crossing a footbridge over the river with his gun held cautiously at ready, hears the girl's scream of fright. He races to answer it. Past a small house and onto a field where the girl nearly runs into him. "Help me!" she cries. She dives behind him and clings to his waist. Before he can ask anything, her pursuer comes leaping at Sen, arms spread wide. He hits and the girl has already leapt away herself, as the two men roll on the green grass. Focused on Sen, the man leaps and gets him in a head lock, but there is less plan than mayhem in his fighting. Sen pulls loose relatively easily, then the man tries to throttle him. A cry gets his attention, though. Tetsu is springing into the fray feet first. He kicks the man off of Sen. "This guy's the Alienizer?" he asks uncertainly, staring at the fellow who's back on his feet, clutching the arm Tetsu had kicked and looking murderous. "Oh, it's the Space Police," he growls, then bolts away, diving down. "Wait!" shouts Tetsu. He and Sen charge after the man. Well, he does. Sen remembers the girl and leaves it to Tetsu, swinging around, holstering his gun and jogging over to wher she huddles behind the brush. "Are you all right?" he asks gently, bending down beside her. She nods, uttering a soft confirming noise, her face a picture of distress. Tetsu is jogging back to them. "Ah, he's escaped!" he grumbles. Sen's badge goes off, and he stands up straight to answer it. Umeko calls shrilly, "Guys, come quickly! There's a man down!" Surprised, they look at each other.

It is indeed the man they'd been fighting. He lies too still. Umeko kneels beside him, staring at his face. Hoji gets there first and asks "What happened?" "He came and just collapsed," she answers. She lifts her gaze to his as Jasmine, Sen and Tetsu get there and says, "I think something's strange's happened to his life!" Hoji stands up and turns to "Jasmine, can you get through to this guy?" She nods professionally. Removing her right glove, she kneels down and places her bare hand on his torso. There is a moment where everything turns monochrome then a bright flash, and she falls backwards with a sound of pain. Sen catches her quickly. "What's wrong?" he asks anxiously. Someone, I think Hoji, says her name anxiously. She pulls herself back together and says shakily, "It's like weakness killed him. But there's nothing to read. Nothing on the Alienizer. Very disturbed, they look around. They'll have to try another day. A rustling in the brush catches their attention and they whirl, hands going to their guns. It is only Ban. He grumbles that he couldn't find the monster, it hasn't been a giant. He looks down at the body in surprise and asks, "What happened?" looking to Hoji for answers. However, the answers are going to come from somewhere else. From the girl. She pops out from behind a tree and asks them how long they'll be searching. They all turn and stare at her in surprise. "Who are you?" Ban asks. She smiles and her face changes, to be followed rapidly by her body. The image of the girl gives way to a heavily wrinkled, pink skinned alien with enormous eyes. White hair is thick like cotton around a crest on her head. She weares white cloth with golden-brown lining and leans on a cane. They react automatically, all of them have their guns trained on her. "What's this, what's this?" she says scoldingly, and makes her way towards them. "I thought Earth people were kind and considerate to little old ladies!" She swats Sen's hand with her cane scoldingly and he lowers his weapon, wincing and shaking out the sharp pain. He holsters his gun asking, "Why is this man dead?" She makes a considering noise and moves past them to get a look at the body. She kneels down and exlpains, "I saw this man's body get taken by a Spritian." The others have also holstered their weapons and watch curiously. Umeko asks, "Spiritian?" The old woman nods gravely. "Earth people's eyes can't see it," she explains. Then she looks up into Umeko's gaze, "But I can see." Sen takes a step closer to her and asks tentatively, "So, you can help us find the Spritian?" She shakes her head and says, "No." Levering herself to her feet, she moves away as they watch her, standing close together. "I can only see when he's entering or leaving the body." Then she introduces herself, "I am a Shinoian, my name is Hakutaku. I'm a Doctor of Herbal Medicine." The Dekaranger glance uncertainly at each other, and then Sen asks softly, "Ms. Hakutaku, could you work with us, please?" Surprised, she turns around and assumes again her guise as a young girl. "So, you can keep me safe while I assist you?" She grins broadly at them, looking adorable, and Sen can't help but chuckle in response, though his shoulders sag.

Back at base, the team is assembled in ops. Swan is explaining about the cannister in the alien ship. "This is the Spritian's cockpit. They need this, because they are a lifeform of pure gas." The hologram winks out. Kruger takes up the explanation. "This Spiritian is Byooi. Spritians don't normally enter human bodies. He's the only one who does it, allowing him to commit crimes with impunity." The hologram has been replaced with one of a Spiritian, a mass of blue and white gas, with two red points that are highlighted as organs. Umeko leans forward anxiously, "Ms. Hakutaku said she has a methos of detecting him." Ban leaps on it, eyes bright and looks to Sen, "What's that method?" Kruger also turns to Sen, wanting him to find that out. "Roger!" Sen replies brightly.

A door slides back in its red frame. The label on the wall outside says "Protection Room." Sen comes in to where Hakutaku is lyign on her back, reading her book and sometimes rubbing her knee. He goes over to her and asks, "Ms. Hakutaku, I've come to ask, could you please tell us how to detect Byooi?" She slaps her book closed, turns to him and presumably makes a funny face "Beeh!" she says, then rolls away from him. "I'm not teeeellling," she mocks. Annoyed, he asks her "Why not?" She makes a remark about them being too something and gets out of the bed. He stands up and backs as she aggressively approaches and scolds him that they spend too much time inside, they don't get out and work in the world. Just for pointers, she punches him in the gut. Doubled over and getting rather frustrated, he finds she's switched back to the human-girl illusion. "Get on out there, and I'll teach you. She elbows him, but this time he's ready and only winces. She's already whirled back into her true form. Presses against him telling him aliens get this, and continues meandering the room. Sen is gritting his teeth when he sees something flash outside behind the smoked window. "Look out!" he screams even as he grabs her and dives for the floor. Just in time, too, for the window shatters under a shot meant to kill her. "What was that?" she gasps. Keeping his body protectively over hers, Sen sits up. "Just maybe - " but we don't hear him complete the sentence. For what he's done is bundle her into his police car and is driving away from Deka Base at high speeds. As he drives he explains that the Deka Base isn't safe, for Byooi is clearly inside one of his friends. Hakutaku nervously clutches her cane. "But who..?" he wonders. He thinks back to when the possessed man dove away from them. Tetsu had dashed in pursuit and been lost to sight, it could be him. But Umeko had been beside the body by herself, so it could be her. Umeko had touched the body, Byooi could have gone into her then. And of course Ban had arrived on the scene last of all, out of sight for quite some time so he was also a possibility. Then of course there'd been that time when another alien had switched bodies with Hoji, and he had also been alone... "I just don't know," murmurs Sen. He suddenly hits the Breaks. There is something on the side of the car... but that may have no significance.

A computer in the base, and a message being sent in an alien language. It appears on the inside of Aburera's helmet and he reads with interest. He's being asked to go after the Shinnoian. He's quite willing. It seems Sen is taking her back where they found her, the wooded park. He drives the car, still fretting. She listens patiently to what he says and then tells him, "The place I'm hiding is near here. No one knows abou - " she's cut off when there is an explosion in front of them. Sen cries out and starts weaving the car to avoid the explosions going off. Eventually they are forced to a halt and Sen rolls out, turning to call her. Then he sees to his horror that there is something on the left lower side of the car. A tracking device! He wrenches it off. "Oh, that explains it," he hisses. Hakutaku hobbles over and looks over his shoulder. "What's that?" He doesn't get a chance to answer her, for a crowd of Anaroids come leaping into the area to fight. He tells her quickly to go and hide. She has no problem with that. "I'll leave it to you!" The Anaroids charge him, while Hakutaku hides behind a caterpillar machine. He doesn't switch into armor, no, but he does his best to stop them hitting him. A Battsuroid joins the battle, firing on him. He cries out in pain and falls. It turns out there are two more, and Sen scrambles back to his feet, furious. Now he changes into his armor to fight. He flies, cutting through them, bouncing off hills and cutting. But his back is turned to the next level, and Iigaroid is also on the scene and strikes his back. He gets up, and it fires on him, sending him flying over a cliff. He lands all right, and the two leap at each other, slashing. They fight, fast and furious giving tit for tat. At last they lunge at each other viciously. The Iigaroids blade digs into Sens left ribs. Sen's blade stabs through the Iigaroid's body. They both are hit by explosions. They stagger back from each other. For a long moment they stand, panting and wavering slightly. Then Sen's armor shuts down. His face is a mass of bruises and he collapses. The Iigaroid doesn't have time to feel smug about it, for it has suffered grevious damage, too, and explodes. Hakutaku looks down in distress at the fallen Sen from atop the cliff. "Sen-chan!" she cries.

Sunset over the forest, the air rich and sweet. Golden, red, clouds filters the light. There is a cavern let by that golden light. In it are clothes hung to dry on a stand made of dead branches from the woods. It's like stepping into another time in this cave. "Oh, these are bad gouges," Hakutaku comments. Her patient, Sen, lies unconscious on a pallet with a woolen blanket over him. His skin is marked by bruises and deep, bloody scratches. Hakutaku has a lit candle beside him for when the sun finishes setting. She mutters absently to herself about the dangers of him dying and wanders off. He begins to stir and asks weakly, "Where..?" A pot sits over a fire. She doesn't exactly answer his question, but says gently that she's going to get him to a doctor. "No, you can't, Hak - " he starts, trying to sit up but the stab of deep pain makes it hard for him to talk. Still, he struggles to get through. "You contact anyone and they'll find out where you are. Byooi will - " She asks him anxiously about his physical condition, but he frantically shakes his head. "I'm fine. Ms. Hakutaku is more - " but he runs out of steam and falls back, losing consciousness again. Her eyes widen, and then narrow slightly with determination.

Back at Deka Base, Ban paces the room and they are all waiting both bored and worried. Hoji sighs and grumbles, "Why did Sen-chan take off like that?" Jasmine rubs her chin thoughtfully and says, "He's trying to protect the witness." Ban has settled in the doorway across the room. Then Umeko wonders, "What if Sen is possessed by Byooi?" "Hey!" protests Ban, "Have some faith in your friend!" Tetsu turns to Kruger, "What should we do?" he asks. But Kruger believes they have to leave in in Sen's capable hands.

The next day... Sen regains consciousness to the dubious comfort of a hovering Hakutaku's face. There is a thick white cloth across his forehead and she tells him happily that he'd had a terrible fever. When he asks her, she assures him that it's still safe here. No one's come and she's looking out for him. Then she picks up her cane and starts away. He asks anxiously, "Where are you going, Ms. Hakutaku?" She explains calmly that, just as she's said, there is a way to detect the Spiritian. It's right here on Earth. She brings him her book, opens it and shows him a picture of a plant. The entire book is written in that alien language they seem to have invented for this series, I wonder if Sen can read it? "You found that?" Sen asks her in wonder. "No, I haven't yet." She closes the book. But I'm told it grows somewhere around here." She closes the book and sets it on the small table behind Sen, then gets ready to go again. He pushes the cloth off his head and sits up, "You mustn't go alone, I'm coming with you." Pushing the very weak man back down, she informs him that he can't go anywhere yet. She picks up a small bottle and tells him firmly, "Drink this medicine, sleep." Off she goes. Exhausted, he falls back on the pallet and wonders to himself, "Which of them is Byooi in?" Determined, he sits up which only causes him extreme pain. He clenches over his bandaged ribs and grits his teeth. Tossing the blanket off, he gets to his feet, faces the curved wall and braces himself. A moment later and he's upended, in agony because this position is stressing his injuries. He grits his teeth and forces his eyes open. He glances about the room for something to jog his thought processes, and his eyes light upon the medicine Hakutaku left for him. "Medicine?" he wonders aloud, for his own subconscious is a mystery at times. But then he realizes what it's telling him. "That's it, that's the way!"

Tetsu leads the others into Hakutaku's cave calling anxiously, "Sen-san?" Umeko echoes him. There is no one there, it is neat and tidy. His clothes are no longer hanging up. "Over here," he answers them. Surprised, they turn. He's in an area with some tables, a case with many small drawers, and two candles he is lighting on the small table in front of him. He holds something shiny in his hand. They immediately jog over to him. Jasmine asks him anxiously about why they're here. He's told them, Umeko points out, that he knows how to detect Byooi. "Well, it's not me," he calmly says. He says it's in one of them. "What?!" yelps Ban. Jasmine unhappily agrees that's possible. Umeko says sadly, "I guess it's Hoji again." "Hey! Why?!" he snaps indignantly. Tetsu, eyes wide with worry, asks "So what do we do?" then suggests Sen wants them to stick their finger in the candle flames. Immediately they all lift their right index fingers except Hoji, who looks annoyed. "No, no that's not necessary," Sen stops them, fighting not to laugh. "There's an easier way." He turns to the shelf of droors and draws one open. He tells them Hakutaku had told him what to do. He draws out a bowl covered in a white cloth. "This medicine will prove which one of us it is." "Really?" begs Tetsu. "Yup." He sets the bowl on the table. Slipping the cloth off, he reveals it is piled high with brown pills. They look a bit like chocolate cereal. He tells them, "You take this medicine, and it'll make you sneeze a lot. Of course, it isn't a problem for a Shinoian. However, the one who Byooi is in won't sneeze." They blink and consider this. So he calmly settles in front of them and says, "Everyone, take the medicine, please." They exchange uncertain, suspicious glances and do nothing. "Of course," Sen says wryly, eyes dancing. He picks one up and shows it to them. "Okay, I'll take it." He pops it in his mouth and chews, then swallows. They all stare at him, tilting their heads wonderingly. After a moment, he starts to shudder, pant, and then with a deep inhale he starts sneezing violently. Ban stares wide-eyed and then says, "Okay so you drink and then you know." He turns and takes one of the pills. He considers it for a moment before popping it in his mouth and chewing hesitantly. The others exchange glances again. Then they each reach down and take a pill while Sen sneezes in the background. Hoji simply starts chewing his. Umeko looks at her unhappily and then puts it in her mouth. Jasmine grimly chews hers. Tetsu rapidly downs his and chews fast. He starts to look rather puzzled. The others are confused, too. Ban watches them quizzically, then he starts to inhale shudderingly and the sneezes start. Except that his are a little less natural sounding than Sen's. The others gape at him. Between sneezes he stares wide-eyed and accuses that they're not sneezing. And Sen abruptly stops sneezing. The others are sort of gaping in wonder, and Sen comes around to explain with a little smile, "The person possessed by Byooi is Ban." Ban straightens up abruptly and glares at him. "What do you mean?" gasps a startled Hoji. Tetsu is trying to follow this, too, thinking in his own more standard pose. Sen steps over to the table and picks up the bowl of medicine balls. "These are only regular vitamins," he explains mildly. Eyes twinkling, he puts his hands on his hips and says firmly, "They don't make anyone sneeze." Tetsu has grasped it and delights, "I see! Sen, you're so smart!" Ban, or rather I should say Byooi, snarls in fury and leaps at them. He smashes over the table, putting out the candles, and all of them lunge and grab his arms. He struggles free. Tetsu gets ahold of his arm again, but Byooi-Ban flips him. Sen tries to stop him, only the enemy slams Sen is his chest, causing agony as he impacts on the hidden wounds. He shoves him hard against the wall of the cave, and Sen is starting to black out from the pain. Then a stick of wood comes flying through the air and hits Byooi-Ban's back. "Hey, it's me you want!" Hakutaku has returned, and she turns and hobbles away as fast as she can. Byooi-Ban drops Sen, eyes blazing with madness, and tears after her.

Out in the woods he flies at her, catching her and slamming her up against a tree. He starts to try to srangle her, but the others have transferred into their amor and they get him free. Jasmine tries to protect her while Hoji yells "Stop, Ban!" a pointless excercise as Ban isn't in control anyway. Sen takes charge of Hakutaku while the others try to tackle the wildly fighting Ban. Enhanced by possession, he bashes his way through them but Sen won't let him by. Hakutaku panics on his behalf as Byooi-Ban tries to throttle him again. "Hey, I'm over here!" she calls, and races away bracing a hand against her back. "Ms. Hakutaku!" gasps Sen. Byooi-Ban bashes him down and charges after her. He chases her under a walking bridge. Sen catches up with him and they struggle. Byooi-Ban throws Sen down, spins to duck under Jasmine's lunge, ends up caught between Hoji and Tetsu but who's caught who, for he spins them, kicks Jasmine back, and manages to throw the two men off of him. They land in the river and water flies everywhere. Hakutaku skids to a halt on the gravel beach and turns to find the screaming man charging at her. He leaps high and lands, grabbing her collar. He intends to break her neck. But the Dekaranger have caught up again and he snarls at them from behind the shelter of her body. "Sen-chan!" she grates, and waves wildly to her right, "Fire on those smelly flowers!" There, beside a heavy boulder, are delicate violet blooms on pale green stalks. Sen recognizes them from her book and moves quickly to obey. Byooi-Ban laughs and mocks, "You missed!" but his smugness is short lived. He winces, clenching, eyes wide with shock. Suddenly they are engulfed in a cloud of steam. "What is this?!" he gasps and turns to look. He sees the smoke rising from around the stalks that still stand and realizes... he wrenches free of Hakutaku but it's already too late. He writhes in the cloud and falls to his knees. Sen leaps quickly to Hakutaku's side to make certain she is all right. The others gather around as he says, "Ms. Hakutaku, you found them!" She pants, "The Spiritian will soon come out of him." And she is right, for Ban screams and a mass of melting vilot gas streams from his mouth. Hacking and coughing itself, it heads away and we see the red points like eyes glower down at them before it becomes invisible. The Dekaranger leap to Ban, now, Hoji carefully pulling him up. "You all right?" Ban hasn't got control of his limbs back quite yet and his head lolls but he whimpers, "I'm sorry, buddy." Exasperated, Hoji snaps "Don't call me buddy!" Voice hoarse, Ban gasps, "I'm scorched." But he's starting to recover and levers himself up with Hoji's help, snarling that he wants to get that guy. Hakutaku hobbles towards them and snaps, "Then what are you doing? He's going to escape!"

Indeed, he's made it back to his giant robot and funnels into the cannister that is his real cockpit. The robot power up and stands, pulling loose of the chains they'd put on it. Sen calls Swan, and she sends out the Deka Machines and the Deka Bike right away. Tetsu boards his bike and fires on the Hunter Jet. The others get theirs assembled and start firing, too. Annoyed, Byooi sneers and launches his mecha into flight. They pursue, Deka Robo leaping aboard Deka Bike. Ovewr the city he flies, and fires back at them. They weave to avoid the shots. My aren't those city streets wide. He lands the Hunter Jet and turns to face them. They fire, and the feedback opens his cannister. He is knocked about, a blue of red-eyed blue gas. Tetsu reforms the Deka Bike to Robo form. Out come his blades and he attacks at Deka Robo's side. The attack knocks Hunter Jet down, and Sen calls in judgement for numerous crimes. Byooi is terrified as he's caught in the field. And the judgement falls on delete, also known as execution. Tetsu puts on his visor, rolls in with the Tornado attack and slices the Hunter Jet to pieces. It is destroyed. They are all quite pleased and Sen gives a final speech about there being no more puzzle.

Sunlight shining on the rippling river. Hakutaku in human face stands beside it, looking deeply thoughtful. Sen leads the othrews over to her. "Ms. Hakutaku, I'm truly thankful," he tells her, bowing sincerely. She does not look at him as she says quietly that she is leaving, out into space to research on medicinal plants. Then she turns at last to him and says, "You know, someone risking their life to protect me... Sen-chan you're the first." He asks hesitantly, "So you're going back to space..?" "Yes," she replies softly. "I must continue my mission to discover medicinal plants." But then she offers him a heart-shaped golden box. Surprised, he asks if it's all right if he opens it now. She genially allows that. He opens it and there's a poof of smoke. Suddenly, Sen is a wizened old man with white hair, a mustache and goatee. They did a good job with the makeup, too. "Oooh?" he gasps, feeling the change. The others all jump and gape with little yelps. He turns his head slightly towards them, then considers the box. He touches his face, feeling the hairs, the wrinkles, in surprise. Back slightly hunched, he hobbles over to the riverside and peers at his reflection. His mouth drops open in shock. Hakutaku grins, then there is a pop of smoke and she assumes her true appearance. Laughing she says, "I did it!" She hobbles over to him. Hooking her arm through his and pulling him away from his reflection she cheerfully announces that now they look like an appropriate couple. She starts to lead him away, but he balks and shakes his head, unable to straighten up. "Um, return me, return me please?" he begs, sinking down. The others are giggling as they run over to the pair. They chuckle and try to get a really good look at him.

Hakutaku has returned home, and the seemingly seventy-years old Sen sighs as he picks up his cup of hot tea. He murmurs sadly that he isn't going back to normal. He sits in Swan's office with her and Tetsu also drinking tea. Swan unhelpfully says, "Oh, but it's nice! A gray-romance!" He lowers his cup and squints indignantly at her. But then there is a giggle sounding suspiciously like Hakutaku, and in a puff of smoke, Sen is restored to his normal appearance. "Oh, you're back!" Tetsu exlaims, leaning in to get a good look. Sen cautiously brushes his fingers across his face to find it true. He grins in relief. "I liked you better the other way," says Swan sadly, causing him to glower fiercely at her.

Episode. 26 Cool Passion
A Fight Club episode! A powerful, red-skinned alien with silver body armor. A close look reveals he is fighting Hoji, dressed in a maroon and black shirt. They are in what appearts to be a bar, surrounded by both normal humans and the possibly occasional alien patron. Tetsu had come to the club with Hoji, this boy wearing a white suit, with a yellow and black checkered tie. "I' have the gold badge, I'll fight!" he says. Hoji is not pleased with this. Later, back at base, we see Hoji heavily bandaged and covered is scrapes and bruises. Tetsu is scolding him fiercely. "Nonsense!" Tetsu says to Hoji's protests. "You can't go do it again!" For we see Hoji fighting the alien, reduced to a torn, white undershirt. Wearing heavy gloves, the way-too thin scrawny pretty actor fights and now the crowd seems to consist mostly of predator-type aliens. He rips the remains of his undershirt of his flat, sweaty, bloody chest. (note the flat, lean, flat, lack of mass scrawny kid) and with only black leather jeans on, pounds into the chest of the seemingly unaffected alien. But Hoji keeps trying, eyes wild. Looks like the Deka Robo and Deka Bike Robo will combine next week.Good mass, except I'd swear the suit actor can barely keep upright.

Looks like the enemy in the movie is using some kind of virus. Viruses are on the Japanese mind these days, what with SARS and so forth.

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26. Cool Passion

A target, looking like a giant, round eyeball with red pupil on a black background, flips up. Hoji takes aim calmly and fires dead center. Sen and Ban are also firing at their own targets. Instead of holes there are only flashes, while the machines rack up their scores. Jasmine, Tetsu and Umeko are also firing. Umeko's shots tend to miss the target entirely. They have two hundred points possible. 187, reads Ban's. 176 reads Sen's. They both glance at their scores and hem, not satisfied but accepting. 171 reads Jasmine's, and Umeko praises her. With a cheerful smile, she fires one last blast that possibly hits the edge of the target. Tetsu beside her seems non-plussed. "What's wrong, Umeko-san? Are you off - " he is cut off as she looks at her score and crows with delight. "It's the best!" He does a double take and looks at her score to make sure he didn't read wrong. It sits at a blazing 67. "Eh?" he wonders. Jasmine grins at Umeko and says happily, "You always got around thirty or forty." Umeko is bouncing for joy. Sen peers over his shoulder and praises her. She is really delighted with her improvement. Tetsu finds it all very bewildering. He mutters a resentful "Nonsense," and turns the other way, pouting. Hoji is still calmly firing. Every shot a bullseye. 200 of 200. Perfect. He looks thoughtfully at his score until his attention is distracted by Tetsu's awed whistle. As Tetsu tells him what a fantastic sniper he is, the others wander off. Not that pleased with himself, Hoji says, "That's what I always get." Tetsu goes all wide-eyed in surprise. "You always get a perfect score?!" Shyly, he edges around and speaks for Hoji's ears only telling him something that sounds like he's only gotten a perfect score four times. He wants some of this perfection to seep off on him, I guess. Or rather, he wants Hoji to teach him to be better. Hoji answers him indifferently, "Skilled is skilled, unskilled is unskilled. That's all." Tetsu resents this, too, and strides away pouting and complaining only to run into Ban, who leans amusedly on him. "My buddy is a one-man show," he says cheerfully. "Don't feel bad, junior." Shifting away Tetsu grumbles, "I don't feel bad...." Hoji moves past them then and says sternly, "It's time to patrol." Almost yelping, Tetsu perks up. "I'm going, too!" Off they run. Ban watches them go proudly and waves. Hoji tears down the streets on his normal-shaped motorcycle and CG Tetsu catches up to him. In the unfortunate needs of the time, we are then treated to the two men sitting on machines either in front of or pasted into a background of a road which, unfortunately, they don't quite fit in. Tetsu is trying to continue his conversation. He hesitantly asks a question worrying if Hoji dislikes him, perhaps. "Why?" Hoji asks indifferently. Tetsu suggests perhaps because he has a golden badge. Hoji glances around, then suddenly hits the Breaks. He points out they'll have to get to that later. There seems to be a green Alienizer terrorizing a group of frightened pedestrians. It is heavy, armored with thick, thick muscles on its body. It picks up a bicycle and throws it, then more bikes. Hoji and Tetsu race in to apprehend it. Hoji announces he's making the arrest and shows his badge. The Alienizer, a Beesuian named Beering, shouts that he's the strongest and throws a punch at Hoji, who dives under the enormous fist. Tetsu also manages to avoid it, and as a pair they punch at him. Their bare fists are ineffective and he punches again, tossing them far back. They land painfully in a scenic park. Beering babbles on about his strength, and Tetsu suddenly straightens up, eyes bright with understanding. He says a few things that end with "You drank Megastori (I can't make out exactly what he calls it)." Hoji wants to know what that is, and Tetsu explains calmly. "The champion is me!" shrieks Beering and charges at them. The boys switch into their armor. Though given more speed and better armor, Hoji is smashed against a wall and while he lies stunned, Tetsu calls up his Fist Armor to protect his fallen comrade. He punches Beering back and then he and Hoji both pin the alien against a strut. Tetsu demands to know where Beering got the stuff. Hysterical, the alien tells them.

And so the boys go to investigate. Hoji wears black leathers, a silk shirt. Tetsu has chosen a blinding white business suit with a yellow and black checkered tie. They stroll along innocently together until they find where they're going. Hoji nods slightly, and they close in. What looks like a storage closet beside some overturned yellow recycling bins. Tetsu nocks arrogantly on the door. A small panel flicks up, revealing human eyes. Possibly the man asks the password. Tetsu calmly gives something which satisfies him. The man inside utters a snort of amusement and closes the panel. Behind them, the wall opens up. Suddenly they can hear the sound of cheering, and in they go.

Beyond is a secret, dark room full of aliens and seeming people of Earth. In the center of the room a wrestling match is going on between two aliens. The narrator explains that this is an illegal match. Moving back to the movie Fight Club, even as Time Ranger did... hmph, they think the kiddies won't notice. Okay, so most of the kiddies won't. The biggest fighter is a Bandarean named Jiiba. He is red skinned, with silver horns and enormous fangs. Right now he fights a brown-black alien. A few hearty punches shakes the opponent and makes the crowd even wilder. Tetsu, lips curled back from his teeth, comments that they're after the promoter of the fights. Hoji listens intently to everything he says, and it's clear Tetsu has learned to share his knowledge with the others by now. "I didn't know it was happening on Earth," he finishes softly. He taps the back of an enthusiastic spectator/worker? and settles down at the table with the alien, who has long dreadlocks and big, yellow eyes. The alien explains the terms of the match and gets back to watching happily. Jiiba gets his opponent down and puts a heavy foot on his chest. He pounds his chest, enthusing that he's the greatest. We learn that Tetsu is after Darden, a Tairaaian, who is the fellow in charge, promoter of these matches. Darden is watching, true. He wears a blue tuxedo and red cape. Except for the alien-ness of him, he looks like any sleezy fight promoter. He watches four images of the battle area, and his eyes light with interest on the one showing a young Earthman wearing white stepping onto the mat. "Ooh?" he utters thoughtfully. The camera zooms in, recording the man's face. "This fellow... hey!" he snaps, turning around to where a man and a woman sit in front of a computer. "Yes," says the woman. She gets to work and a moment later S.S.P.D Tekkan Aira, picture and all, appears on the screen. Busted! "As I thought, a Specialist," Darden says calmly. Two human-appearing security guards come to him immediately. "What shall we do?" the taller asks calmly. "It would be fun to watch him duke it out with Jiiba," he says wistfully. "Mr. Darden," the security guard reproves him. "I know," he sighs. "Send him home."

"Let's do it!" snarls Tetsu in challenge. He has doffed his shirt and stands there in pale skin and undeveloped chest. His opponent seems to be ignoring him. "Hey!" he says sharply, and flicks his fingers challengingly in a 'come at me' gesture. He stands a head taller than Jiiba and holds a towel in his righ fist. They stand, scrawny body to built up alien. Hoji, looking quite alarmed, is practically dancing on his toes when the security men come in, and one touches his shoulder "'Scuse me," in passing before bearing down on the two fighters. The man goes straight to Tetsu, stepping between him and Jiiba. "I'm terribly sorry, client," he says coolly. "We don't allow Space Police to enter these matches." Tetsu fights to hide his dismay, looking a bit like he's swallowed a lemon. "Time for you to go home, boy," the man says with an almost friendly tone, and gestures the way he wants Tetsu to go. Hoji dashes up and touches the man's shoulder. "Hey, hold on!" Tetsu tries to telepath a frantic "Don't! It'll be dangerous if they know you're with me!" But that's not what's on Hoji's mind at all. He gives Tetsu a few mocking little slaps with his fingertips, makes an accusation and scrunches his poor partner's cheeks together. A few choice words about having played him for a patsy, and Hoji punches hard, tumbling the unprepared Tetsu. Hoji then arrogantly orders the security guys to take Tetsu away, and starts towards Jiiba, who's been watching all this with surprised interest. "Next'll be me," Hoji challenges aggressively. Being ushered to the door, Tetsu casts a frantic, worried glance back.

The bell rings. Hoji has not dumped his shirt. He puts up his fists and Jiiba snickers at him. A few mocking comments, but Hoji says nothing, only starts in, but is unable to connect. Jiiba finds he can't hit the weaving Earthman either at first. Or is he just playing? One heavy fist gets a glancing blow to Hoji's shoulder and sets him spinning with a grunt of pain. Hoji comes back, but this time Jiiba kicks him in the ribs, doubling him over. A hard fist between the shoulderblades flips Hoji over to land hard. Then a kick to his upper thigh rolls him before he can recover. He rolls to the feet of the alien Tetsu had spoken to earlier, and another human appearing one helps get him back on his feet. The one with dreadlocks comments on Earth people, and Hoji speaks not but shoves him hard into his seat. Staggering, he nevertheless avoids Jiiba's next kick and a couple of swings before getting a punch of two in himself, but he is only a fragile human. In a moment he gets a knee in the ribs, then a glancing blow to his face which nonetheless flips him wildly. He lands painfully and this time is having a harder time getting back up. "Finished so soon?" Jiiba mocks and punches his fists together. Well, not quite but he might as well be. Looking a bit like a twisted twig, Hoji manages to get back to his feet. He seems to point out something about not buying some medicine, so will win with his own hands. Offended by what sounds like a slur against him, Jiiba charges and starts throwing punches. Hoji rolls under, but is caught in the chest by a follow-up kick, then a punch to his hip, then an uppercut that sends him hard against a pillar. And this time when he lands he rolls onto his back, twisted in agony. Jiiba closes, then for the fun of it stomps on Hoji's outstretched right hand. Hoji screams, then screams again as Jiiba grinds his heel.

Dekabase, later. Hoji lies in a quiet room swatched in bandages. There are two drip bags hanging at his bedside. In the main room, the others are gathered. Umeko says in distress, "Hoji's going to be out for three weeks!" Jasmine seems to say he'll have to stay at home, which Sen seems to think will be a relief. Tetsu paces anxiously back and forth, then charges over to Kruger. "Boss! I know where they are! Let me go there again!" Kruger vetoes that idea and Tetsu utters a frustrated snarl. "But - " "That's all right," Ban interrupts calmly. He turns and strides over to the desk. "I'll go next." He leans on the desk, stubborn lip out, "For the sake of my buddy." "Don't call me buddy!" protests a voice weakly from the doorway as we hear it sliding around. They straighten up and turn. Hoji, his arm in a sling, staggers through the entry hall into the room. They gasp at the sight. He pants something about fighting, but Ban and Testu tear over to him, Ban worrying, "Buddy, you shouldn't be up yet!" Tetsu hovers over his shoulder and says sternly, "That's right! You have to leave this to us!" (that worked so well the last few times he tried it) Hoji staggers his way between them, a frantic hand gripping Ban's arm to stay up. He manages to straighten and pants, "They don't know my true identity. Please let me go again." Kruger considers him quietly. Tetsu decides to put a stop to this. "Nonsense!" he says sternly. "You can't go back there again." Hoji ignores him and turns his gaze to Kruger. "I understand the fight," he says as strongly as he can. He knows what to do to face Jiiba. He can do what he has to. Kruger stands up decisively. "I understand. Do it, Hoji."

Recovery and conditioning must come first. Hoji does situps in the fitness center while his scrapes and bruises fade. He does weightlifting. Arm crunches, all that stuff. One-handed pushups because his right hand takes longer to heal. Boxing with a trainer. A punching bag. Tetsu and Hoji watch him train out on a dirt road. Ban watches with affectionate pride. Tetsu folds his arms and pouts. "I don't get him," he complains. He seems to think this behaviour doesn't seem like Hoji. Ban listens, ear cocked over his shoulder. He decides this doesn't deserve any response and goes back to admiring Hoji's grace and determination. Tetsu continues, "It'll be just like before only... I mean doesn't anyone think this is wrong?" He edges around to see Ban's face. "He should stop!" he tries. Ban breaks into a broad grin. "My buddy's a stubborn one all right," he says warmly. He adds something utterly confident, raising his voice so that Hoji, who's punching moves have brought him relatively near, might hear. "Hey!" calls a voice from down the hill. Sen runs up to them as fast as he can. "We knows where the next match'll be," he says when he gets to their side. Ban immediately moves forward to meet Hoji, who is jogging over. With a conspiritorial smile Ban asks, "Ready to go, buddy?" Hoji brushes damp hair off of his shining face, nods and says firmly, "Of course."

People are laying down bets, taking the cards with the odds. Bundles of paper money as well as clear markers have been prepared. Alien hands juggle the clear discs. On the floor is a red-skinned alien, up against some other gray-skinned one with horns. They seem to be dressed in Karate outfits. Which they are. It seems they fight this battle karate. The red alien is the winner. Some people in the audience cackle like hyenas. The reigning champion sits in a large, cushy red chair. Jiiba. A security guard leans over and tells him quietly that Hoji has come. "Hmm?" he wonders. Interested, he straightens up anhd looks over at the other side of the club. Hoji strides inside wearing a white shirt, a sweet pendant around his neck, and again the black leathers. His eyes burn into Jiiba's. In the audience is a quartet of familiar faces. They've dressed themselves as overeager college students with some inclination to the dark side. Sen, hair spiked ridiculously up, has a megaphone. Umeko has painted symbols on her cheeks. Ban is eager and overjoyed. "You can do it, buddy!" he squeaks. "My heart is pounding!" Jasmine tells him wildly. And someone with five-mile long legs walks in, wearing a red dress and carrying a small, pink, fuzzy purse. Someone whose curves are slight, and whose surprisingly masculine face is set in an expression of determination. Her arms are peculiarly thin. A little alien puts the moves on her, and though her first impulse looks suspiciously like a hard punch, she just wags her fingers and tells him later, with a poke to the nose to get him off. She comes to stand beside the four and flips her hair back. They all stare her up and down. Sen bites off a comment, but Umeko doesn't for she's noticed that the "woman" is carrying HER bag and her necklace. She scolds that one for overdoing it and pouts, Jasmine agreeing with her. The lady in red is of course Tetsu, who whispers a soft protest about his eyes being just fine. Sen, who seems to be in shock, holds a hand over the wrong side of his chest. Ban eyes Tetsu doubtfully. "Are you all right?" A careful step in the high heels and Tetsu says something that may be just fine. They all follow the motion of his hand down and he slides the skirt up to reveal he's got his gun in a thigh-holster. This man has fine, feminine legs and my, he's shaved them clean... presumably.

The fight announcer stands in the spotlight and tells the audience the Main Event has arrived. The Champion, Jiiban in this corner. The big red alien makes great poses for the cheering crowd. And the announcer then present the return of whazzisname Hoji. Our boy has on some gloves to protect his hands this time around. He's left behind the jacket and stands in his white undershirt and black leather pants. He considers his clenched fist, then raises a blazing gaze to his opponent. To the extreme joy of the excited crowd, the two meet in the middle. Jiiban seems to find Hoji's return amusing. He points out that what the boy had asked about last time could be delivered today. Hoji asks coolly, "So has Darden come?" Jiiban confirms it with a noise. "Is that so... then I can do it." Then aggressively he gets in Jiiban's face. "Let's get started."

The bell rings. Hoji does a few shadow-punches. Jiiban pounds his fists together, then they start circling each other, bouncing on the balls of their feet. Jiiban throws a punch, Hoji swoops under it, blocks the next punch and weaves away from a kick. Hoji throws a few punches that connect and jar Jiiban. Ban, eyes alight with joy, cheers beside a happy Jasmine. Hoji's off to quite a good start, and Tetsu is getting into it, too, wriggling for joy in his seat. Hoji manages to knock a rather surprised Jiiban back, Umeko and Sen, who are actually dressed alike, are overjoyed with the cup full of Pokky between them. Hoji mocks that he can do this just with his own power, implying again that Jiiban might be using. Furious, Jiiban leaps to attack. Hoji evades and gets in more punches. Darden is watching from the back room, actually finding this impressive. Four cameras, only one not on the club interior. That one where he watches potential customers. Hoji's one-two-three uppercut sends Jiiban falling onto a table, sending everything in quite a mess to the floor. Jasmine and Ban smack hands for joy shrieking, "Yes!" The little alien who thinks he's got a date with Tetsu wants to slap hands with the er... girl, and only ends up falling on his face as "she" turns back to the fight. Sen and Umeko cheer wildly, not remembering to use their megaphones. Pissed off no end, Jiiban hauls out a handful of red and yellow pills and swallows them. Even Tetsu is startled by this sudden action. NerageStream? The pills have instant effects. Jiiban starts to transform a bit. Deadly spikes grow on his forearms, lower legs and um... collar. Heavy armor from his shoulders. While the crowd shouts encouragement, Hoji stares in horror at the now smugly growling alien. It is now more imperative than ever that he avoid getting hit. But Jiiban is much faster now, and cruel punches send Hoji spinning. Ban and Jasmine cry out. Tetsu winces as a cuff tumbles Hoji to the floor, but our boy gets back up again. He ducks one punch, but is hit again afterwards. He spins and lands hard on his back, sending a empathic shudder through Sen and Umeko. Terrible red mars his face. His shirt and chest was torn by one of Jiiban's spikes and he's favoring his left ribs, coughing painfully as he gets back to his feet. He is frightened, but still determined and braces himself as Jiiban charges. He dives under the lightning punch and the next, punches back. Ban winces in sympathy but calls encouragement. Hoji is hit again and again, while in the jaded crowd a female voice calls that Jiiban is so cool. A punch that lifts Hoji off his feet also sends him rolling to the feet of his three teammates (this being Tetsu, Ban and a very anxious Jasmine. Sen and Umeko calls his name worriedly. They must hold themselves back, though, from helping. And Jiiban is coming slowly at him, laughing. Hoji gets hazedly back to his feet. Jiiban catches our boy's head between his palms and starts jerking him around, then tosses him aside. Hoji lands very badly and Tetsu cries out his name, then focuses on Jiiban with rage. He starts forwards and Ban moves quickly, a firm hand on a bare shoulder to keep Tetsu from interfering. "If we don't help now Hoji will - " Tetsu starts desperately. "It'll be all right," Ban tells him firmly, holding his gaze. "My buddy is full of guts. He can do this." Tetsu does not feel convinced. They look to Hoji, lying on the floor in agony, shirt torn in yet anohyter place and blood smeared thinly on his pale skin. Despite all that, he is putting his hands underneath himself and pushing back to his feet. Those keep slipping out from under him. His muscles are surely vibrating. Without taking his eyes off what's happening, Ban sticks his hands deep in his pockets and tells Tetsu quietly what the Boss had said about Hoji. That no matter how tired, hungry, or even how sick he's feeling, he'd practice every day. And we are treated to scenes from Hoji's recovery time, firing even through the pain at the targets in the Shooting Field. Ban had come and watched him, stood respectfully. Smiled with empathic pride when Hoji'd keep firing, even as he was about to topple over from exhaustion. "He really exerts himself." "Exerts..." mumbles Tetsu uncertainly. Ban glances at him and grins. "'Sall right. My buddy can do anything." He turns back to the fight, eyes gleaming. Tetus looks at him, and accepts it with a nod. He also focuses his attention.

Hoji seems recovered, but Jiiban is no less dangerous for that. They face off again. This time Hoji ducks the punch and slams a fist under Jiiban's arm, which hurts him. Gets in an uppercut which staggers him back. In response to his opponent's surprise, Hoji rips the remains of his shirt off. Annoyed, Jiiban charges but Hoji avoids the vicious fists. Now Hoji finally gets the upper hand back. Several times and many punches to the grunting Jiiban's gut. Finally he decks Jiiban, much to the ecstatic crowd's delight (fickle, aren't they? Such is the life of a prize-fighter). The team's voices are powerful in the count. "One! Two! Three! Four!" All the way to ten, and the bell starts ringing. Hoji throws his fist high. Then both fists and utters a victory roar, which his team echoes happily. Tetsu breathes, "Effort, horizon (gift, natural, whatever)." But it's not exactly over.

The security guys weave their way through the crowd. They bow to Hoji's back and the leader tells him that Darden will see him now. Hoji turns around to face them, slightly glazed. "Yeah." And off he goes to meet Darden. The slick alien introduces himself to this fragile, battered human with the burning eyes. They shake hands in the back room, while thoughtful human-seeming people study data on their computers. Darden is happily telling Hoji all the things he could have as the lead fighter on Earth. The fame, the fans, the money... And my, the fighters who would love to challenge him. Why, their names are showing up on the computers. I think.
E. Vanderle - JILVA whose Unity is 3.2 and plural is 5.4. E.Emelia - FEDORA, unity 5.1 plural 6.6 E. Shilt - SEMMY, unity 6.3 plural 6.8. E. Jack - RANPAGE unity 10.1 plural 7.2. E. Sakuba - K - ZOO Unity 15.1 Plural 12.3. I have NO idea what that all means. But then there's a Power Analyzer on thoese, and what appears to be a listing of their... um, I don't know. It says things I'm guessing fighing style. "Power-fist. Fire-fist. Accel blow. Lighting-fist." And Darden asks him how he'd like to go to work for him. Hoji snorts and turns away, asking if he gets to take the Megastory. Then calls Darden a demon. Darden whips around, startled. "What?!" And Hoji produces his badge out of thin air (those pants are skin-tight) and transfers into armor. He punches out the attacking security guards. The workers flee shrieking and are ignored by the charging Dekaranger, Tetsu yelling that Darden can't get away. Darden notes what they are, swoops his cape around him and the air fills with stinging smoke, which apparently can get through their uniforms as they wince back and cough. Darden is GONE! Hoji leads the others charging out.

Where has he gone? Well, he has one of them enormous robots waiting. Arutimettobiru. Ultimate Beer? Build? Ya never really know. The Dekaranger form Dekaranger Robo, Tetsu brings in the Dekabike Robo. They charge in to fight, but he keeps evading them. This machine is super-fast, and he hits them. He mocks they can't possibly beat his. Tetsu tries the Tornado attack, but Ultimate is faster than his machine. He gets hit badly. Ban calls for one attack. They leap and try to jump Ultimate simultaneously. He just gets out of the way and they crash into each other. "Senior!" Tetsu protests, "don't get in the way!" "Same here!" Ban shouts back and they each blame the other. An annoyed Hoji brings them back to the point of the fight. Tetsu reforms his machine into Deka Bike and the Robo boards under Hoji's direction. They bear down and fire the Signal Cannon, which Darden evades and laughs at them. He blasts at them, but they are able to evade, too. Sen and Jasmine fret about how they can stop this guy at his speeds. However, Swan gets on the line. She wants them to do a particularly powerful formation. They have no idea what she's talking about and question it. But Ban calls them and they all command the transformation, briging together the two mighty robots. Super Dekaranger Robo. Jasmine praises Swan, who tells them they are now 400% faster. "Hyper Booster on!" calls Hoji. They literally disappear at those speeds, and Darden finds himself outclassed. Hoji passes judgement on the trapped Darden. Terrified in the field, it falls to his surprise on Delete. With the Gatling Punch, they hit repeatedly and destroy his mecha, him inside. Hoji and Tetsu happen at the same time to smugly say "Super Cool Me!" and then start to argue.

Kruger tells them later they've arrested forty people involved in the illegal matches. Happy with the results, Ban affectionately starts play-punching Hoji's right shoulder, which gets some grunts. Ban stops and asks "Eh, does that hurt?" Hoji faces himself and says, "Oh no, doesn't hurt." Ban grins with delight. Sen comments, "Hoji beat Jiiban." Jasmine agrees, pointing out that he's got a lot of power. Umeko delights that he's so great. Tetsu sheepishly apologizes for doubting him and Hoji humbly accepts. "Don't worry about it," he says reassuringly. Ban and Hoji's thoughts go the same way, and they both start play-punching Hoji's arms, Umeko his back. Jasmine fakes a head-lock. Sen trads positions with Tetsu, and Hoji, being pummeled from all sides, decides to plop his head down on the table in mock-defeat, which his teammates happily accept and cheer.

In the near-abandoned fight club are our heroes. Ban in white calls "Dekaranger Robo and - " Tetsu, long black wig, sheer red dress and Umeko's necklace "And the Dekabike Robo - " Hoji pops up behind them and puts his hand on their shoulders, "have a mighty combination!" They look over at him in surprise. A quick introduction to the Super Dekaranger Robo. Sen in his outfit says "And the power also super!" The robot punchs. Umeko appears next in her outfit, "And the speed is also super!" The robot speeding on jets. Jasmine in hers appears and she says, "And super is a good thing."

Episode. 27 Funky Prisoner
A bird-headed alien dressed in prison stripes. Appears to be travelling with Jasmine and Tetsu, and together they watch the laundry spin in a bunch of dryers until he's too dizzy to stand. Jasmine is getting exasperated with his silliness and they are driving him around. Tetsu and Jasmine are in his machine, looking amused. At a sno-cone stand, an annoyed Jasmine shuts the bird up by stuffing cups over his beak. "That isn't the kind of person you are," she tells someone determinedly. Maybe him, we see her looking a little worn confronting someone in prison colors. Interesting formations coming up.

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27. Funky Prisoner

Exterior shot of a low building. Out front are assorted statues of human figures. It seems to be an exhibit of 21st Century Art. Hahah. The Museum is presently closed. Inside a young security guard wanders, torch on. It is a museum. There is a Buddhist statue. A precious ancient necklace, a red lacquer vase, an iron horse... the security guard wanders on when suddenly he is attacked form behind! His attacker is sure strange looking, too. An enormous eye inside a shell-like head. The guard's hat falls, his hair is fuzzy and mussed as he struggles with his alien attacker to no avail. That one throws him down, he rolls against one stand and is motionless. The attackes is Miribaru, of Barige Star. Little hooks inside his face plating are lined with hanging bracelets and necklaces which jingle as he moves. He starts his funnel spinning "Demon Typhoon!" he calls it. In seconds he is invisable within the tornado he's become, a funnel of dust. The force of it blows the roof off of the museum and sends precious artifacts flying into the sky. Debris everywhere, dust clouds still settling. A couple suitcases full of jewels, pottery and etc lying open on the ground. Miribaru wanders the grounds, picking up whatever catches his eye and snickering. He sets statuettes inside one suitcase. Jewelry by the hunk. A precious plate that somehow escaped being shattered. When he's gotten all he can carry, he picks up both cases and gets ready to leave. However, someone fires a laserblast at him. Tetsu has arrived on his Machine Boxer, in mid leap doffing his helmet and hopping down to land in front of Miribaru. "This is as far as you get, Alienizer!" he shouts. Miribaru is startled, but before he can really react, the other five Dekaranger have arrived on the scene. They assemble at Tetsu's side.

Miribaru is a bit annoyed and sets his cases down in a huff. "Well, of course!" he snarls. "You're this star's Dekaranger!" Hoji leads the change into uniform. Ban calls Tetsu to attack at his side and the pair charge, They attack with kicks and get punched in return, Miribaru manages to toss them back to their friends' feet. Hoji leaps protectively in front of them while Umeko sets a reassuring hand on each of their shoulders. Hoji pulls out his Sniper and fires, but Miribaru's cuff spins, creating a glowing white whirlwind the ricochets Hoji's bullets back at our hero, who falls painfully to the shock of the others. Then Miribaru sends out a blast of red-gold fire. Ban takes the main impact with a cry but they are all hit and fall. Miribaru is quite smug about taking them down so easily. And now he strikes with the Twister Attack, becoming a whirling red demon among them. He's laughing as he returns to his cases and preparing to finish them off with a Typhoon attack, only to find he's over-used his power. And the Dekaranger are recovering. He reaches for his cases when Hoji fires. One of his shining necklaces is blown from its hook and lands near Jasmine. Mildly annoyed, Miribaru gives them a final word before becoming a whirlwind and vanishing in the distant sky. Jasmine quickly snatches up the fallen necklace. It's rather lovely in her gloved hands. Silver, black translucent gems... sweet thing. She wonders if this is what he came to Earth for.

Dekabase, and conference. The five at their seats, Kruger and Swan standing watching while Jasmine gives her friends the rundown on their enemy. "Barigen, Miribaru" who generates tornadoes. And he's a killer. Swan explains how powerful those tornadoes can be, and Hoji says grimly, "Dangerous." Then Kruger tells them that they may have a lead. Miribaru has a brother, more or less. It seems they have thirty hours. How can they catch him in time? wonders Sen. Jasmine determines she will see. And she stands, slipping the glove off of her right hand. Tetsu is startled, but he has heard about her Esper abilities. This is his first time to see her in action. She very carefully takes the necklace out of the case it's in with her gloved left hand and lays her right over it. "Ooh!" gasps Tetsu and leans in to talk to Sen, who hushes him quickly. Sheepish, he apologizes. And Jasmine's mind receives images.

An alien bar. Miribaru in conversation with a companion, another type of alien with bird's beak and shining yellow eyes. Jewelry on the countertop. More importantly, jewelry in his hand. This very one that Jasmine holds now. A gift from the best friend, essentially a brother. "Thanks, big bro!" Miribaru had crowed. "I saw it," Jasmine says when she opens her eyes. They look him up. A WuANDELIAN, name of niWuandez. A known thief, currently in prison. Jasmine stands and says firmly that this guy must know Miribaru's modus operandi. He can give them clues. She turns urgently to Kruger, asking to be sent off. Kruger is willing, assigning Tetsu to take Jasmine in the Space-ready Dekabike.

So off they fly, to the shining green prison planet Arukapo. The warden, or perhaps a guard, leads them down halls, remarking this fellow is in Block 377. They head into one generally lit area. Cells glow with green light, some with orange. They glance around. Suddenly a tentacle lashes out to bar their way, making them jump. Tetsu karate-chops it down and the alien whose appendage it is utters a protesting squawk of pain. They reach the cell they're searching for and find its occupant is a gangly fellow busying himself with the pushups. Jasmine quietly identifies herself, "I am an officer from Earth, Marika Reimon. Do you know the Barigan Miribaru?" He freezes in mid push-up, then gets back to it. Tetsu's patience is lacking. "Hey, answer her!" he snaps. Jasmine slaps a hand on his shoulder to keep him quiet. She continues a soft explanation of what's going on. The alien finishes his pushups in a rapid countdown. He bounces joyfully to his feet. "Thanks for waiting, and so your name is Marika-chan?" he enthuses. Niwande is how his name is said. "Aren't you just so cute! I want out of here so I can give you a kiss!" He presses up against the bars eagerly and Tetsu sticks a hand between his face and Jasmine's, and shoves him back. "Stop fooling around!" he snarls. To her he says, "I'm afraid this is what he's like. Try your Esper powers." She agrees and slips her glove off. "Just give me a moment," she tells Niwande, and lays her bare hand on his. He happily clasps her wrist in his hand while she closes her eyes, and babbles on about her. Then he starts licking her fingers with a thick, red tongue, which sets Tetsu off. "Why you - !" he starts forward. Jasmine snaps, "Wait!" halting him in his tracks. She opens her eyes looking rather amazed. "Weird." "What's the matter?" Tetsu asks her anxiously. She slips her hands from Niwande's and steps back. "This fellow... I can't read his emotions." "Eh?" puzzled Tetsu. Niwande eagerly begs for a kiss. She thumps him on the beak and scolds him for this slightly perverse wish. Tetsu calmly says, "Well, if you can't read him we can't get answers. Let's go, then. We'll have to find him another way." Jasmine utters an agreeing sound, and the pair start to turn away. "Now hold on there!" whines Niwande, sticking out his hand. They turn and look at him. "Take me out of here, take me to Earth!" he begs eagerly. "Why would we do that?" Tetsu huffs. "Well, if I'm there with you, I can help you figure out where he's hiding!" Jasmine folds her arms under her bosom. "So you're willing to cooperate with us." "Oh, yes yes yes. Anything to spend time together with Mariko-chan!" He goes on, washing his beak clean of slobber. Tetsu, annoyed, snaps at him to shut up. He's starting to give a speech about how the cops won't make a deal with a criminal, when Jasmine interrupts with a calm, "It's all right." "EH?" Tetsu nearly yelps. "All RIGHT!" crows Niwande, jumping for joy. When Jasmine confirms she's serious, Tetsu sighs with exasperation. Niwande is already packing up his few belongings. And they head back to Earth in the Dekabike.

Niwande rides the passenger seat of the Machine Doberman, which Jasmine drives. "Not forgetting the seatbelt," Niwande says cheerfully as they both buckle in. Tetsu slides into the back seat. Seeing him there, Niwande protests loudly. "I thought it would just be you and me!" he pleads with Jasmine. She completely ignores him, though Tetsu can't help but get into it with him. Off they go onto the city streets. One the pouting Niwande has fallen silent, Jasmine finally asks where Miribaru might be. "But we can't go looking for him until we've done some things on our date!" he protests miserably. Tetsu starts to throw a hissy-fit again, especially egged on by Niwande's professed intention of going to a hot spring. "This is my most important day ever!" Niwande goes on, looking desperately to Jasmine, who seems to pay him no mind until she suddenly hits the Breaks and he is thrown forward agains the windshield. She gets out of the car and walks straight ahead. Protesting frantically, Niwande rolls down his window. "Hold on, hold on a mo'!" He sticks his head out and calls plaintatively, "Where are you going, Marika-chan?" She continues on a few steps, then stops and open her badge. There is a reading of 50m on it. "Restriction Range," says the heading. And then the collar about Niwande's neck starts sending him agonizing shocks. "WHAT the - " he cries out, writhing. Finally it stops and he splutters and hangs a quarter way out of the window. Tetsu coldly explains that if he gets more than fifty meters away from Jasmine, the collar will go into shock mode. "Horrors! Make it a lie!" Niwande whimpers, his hands going protectively to his neck. Jasmine calmly gets back into the driver's seat. She looks at him and says camly, "One more time. Stop fooling around." "Please stop, Marika-chan!" he begs. Wisely impervious she tells him, "Take us to where he might be." He agrees eagerly, saluting her.

As they drive, he's gained sunglasses which make him looking entertainingly silly. He explains that Miribaru loves spinning things. "Now that I'm a cop, we'll find him." Tetsu splutters, "WHO'S a cop?!" But Niwande doesn't seem to notice pointing eagerly, "Oh! Over there!" Calmly, Jasmine turns the car and heads into the parking area under a building with the word, Sushiro on the outside. Ah, it is a restaurant. And Sushi is the menu. Mind, this is not the appallingly expensive sushi. This is good stuff, though, put out on a conveyer belt and the plates go around and around. Customers take what they want. The dishes are color-coded. That is to say, you are charged by the dish when you finish your meal. Different color equals different price. Niwande slides into a booth, Tetsu and Jasmine striding behind him. "Oh, circling, circling," he says eagerly, staring at the dishes going by. Jasmine seems rather surprised by the place. Niwande is already snatching what he wants to eat off the conveyer belt. He shortly has an impressive stack of yellow and white dishes in front of him. Gets a blue one at one point and finishes with a green cup. Tetsu reaches the end of his patience. "HEY! Where is he?" Startled, Niwande straightens up and looks around the room. Then he chuckles and says, "Well, he's not here!" and starts to get out of the booth. "That's just too bad," he tells them cheerfully. Jasmine is starting to reach the end of her patience, too, and nearly explodes.

Next he stops them at a cotton candy stand, where they can watch the seller catching up the web of flying sugar and Niwande is practically hypnotizing himself until his erstwhile companions swat him. To a seller making ice frappes, and the spinning action of the machine that shaves the blocks of ice down. Again they have to jerk him away from the spinning. Jasmine shoves a bunch of paper cups on his beak in irritation and walks away. To a laundry mat, and he really enjoys himself weaving with the spinning of the clothes in dryers. Jasmine and Tetsu get caught up in it, too, making themselves dizzy, but it is he who falls to the floor first.

They find a tall windmill, and Niwande gawks up at it. "It's huge! This is scary! Let's go!" he exclaims. But he doesn't get stuck here and off they go. Now he gets out of the car at a place. Tetsu glares up, too, then grumbles to Jasmine. Niwande says frantically, "Oh, this is very bad. But Marika-chan, please believe me!" "Well, we're near the entrance," she says calmly, and heads that way. Niwande wails protest from his knees then "Wait for me, Marika-chan!" and charges after her. Tetsu rolls his eyes, shrugs helplessly and trails behind them. For where are they, in fact, but an amusement park. Yes, Korakuen again. Specifically near the big ferris wheel and the enormous, lovely speedy roller coaster that's only a couple years old now (built after Hurricanger aired but in the planning stage at that time). They are inside now, and Niwande is eagerly pointing out rides. The very small roller coaster, illusion of childishness but it's a pretty fast, sharp ride. And Niwande really would like to go on it. There is one car going with a loan male rider who is giggling and saying, "Around, around!" happily. Niwande says, "Now this is definitely it!" Jasmine has reached the end of her tolerance, though, and turns away. A pair of high school girls passing nearby and one notes, "Boy, that guy's riding again!" The other says, "That is kind of freaky, isn't it?" and they agree. And Niwande realizes that they've not merely found where Miribaru would want to be... they've found him. He turns and looks at the man in question. He is loaded down with shiny jewlry. He is pleading with the attendant to be let go around again. She looks rather distressed. "But... but it's finished." He pulls the bar down on his lap and demands, "One more time!" She's trying to get him to come out when he glances up, cheeks wet with tears, and sees Niwande standing below. His expression becomes one of quick horror. "Big Bro!" he squawks, and makes a frantic bid for escape. Niwande tears after him. Jasmine and Tetsu, having noticed his absence, return to the rather surprising scene. Human-disguised Miribaru is in full flight, with Niwande hot on his heels and startled customers point after the alien, moving in the path of the pursuing police pair. Miribaru hops a barrier, Niwande moves it out of the way and continues to charge. Down into a surprisingly empty parking garage and Miribaru trips over his own feet, rolling and uttering, "Big bro!" again and again. "He's out, he's out!" Panting, eyes rolling in terror, he scrambles back to his feet. He finally gets out of the building and is starting to calm down, but still protesting aloud, "What's he DOING here?!" when it proves he hasn't got away after all. Niwande had gotten ahead of him and is there. Gone is the cheerful, chaotic bird-brain behavior. He whips the glasses off and his eyes are narrow with fury. "Miribaru!" he snaps. "Why are you trying to get away from me?!" Miribaru trembles and looks around for escape. Niwande continues, "You know the police are after you!" Bravely, but unable to face the other Miribaru says, "Oh yeah, well. It's that way when you're a murderer," he laughs weakly. A little startled, Niwande comes to a halt. "You... is it true?" The word used is not the you of anger, but of worry. Flushing guiltily, in defense Miribaru assumes his true appearance and accuses Niwande, who counters that Miribaru is the one who threw it all away. The argument might have continued, but Miribaru goes on the attack, firing a bolt of red-gold power. Niwande throws up a shining, golden shield. Miribaru's power doesn't seem to even scratch it. Furious, Miribaru changes tacks and uses a whirlwind funnel. This works, sending Niwande flying back against a wall painfully. Miribaru stalks forward with a mad cackle, when someone fires shots near his feet, driving him back. Tetsu and Jasmine have caught up, moving to protect Niwande. "Getting in my way!" hisses Miribaru angrily, but he takes off. Tetsu snarls his name, tells Jasmine to leave it to him and switches into armor to pursue. They watch him go and Niwande swiftly switches his attention to her and his attitude on. "Oh, Marika-chan!" he greets her. But she cradles his hand between her, where a hole has been burnt into his palm. Anxiously she asks, "Are you all right?" And in the face of her genuine concern, he cannot continue. He drops his gaze and then lifts it again. "I'm all done with the drama," he says wearily. Startled, she stares at him.

They sit together in a small art park near the river. She has tended his wound and listens as he quietly explains a little bit, and she asks questions for more clarification. He explains about a long time ago, when they were young, and out in space there were... well... it wasn't a great time. The two of them used to bring food to homeless aliens starving on the streets, trying to keep warm in front of makeshift fires. And Miribaru had started breaking safes to get the money they needed. Niwande would put up his barrier to keep the SPD men from stopping them. But then something became evident. Miribaru beat an officer and kicked him again and again, and then killed the man in front of Niwande. "Why did you do that?! This wasn't part of the plan!" Niwande had yelled, grabbing him by the collar and shaking him. The corpse lay nearby, and police air-borne vehicles were clustering. They'd started to argue, then been caught in the beam from above. "Let's get out of here!" cried Miribaru, only to come up against the wall of Niwande's flesh. "No! We'll be arrested together!" and Niwande had held him there, as the cops closed in.

But Miribaru had escaped, and that little world of theirs no longer existed. Jasmine gets a signal and opens her badge. Kruger is telling her that Tetsu needs backup, and the others are already on their way. "Roger!" she says. Then she looks up and starts touching a code in on her pad. She walks calmly to Niwande. "I've shut off the electric collar," she tells him, and his hand automatically reaches towards it. "Will you wait here?" He firmly tells her he needs to help them. She says she understands how he feels, and he huffily moves his gaze to the skies. "Aren't you afraid I'll run away." Voice shaky with empathy she replies, "That's not the kind of person you are." Startled, he stares at her with wide, green rimmed eyes. Knowing he understands her, she nods and turns, summoning her armor. Off she runs, and he stares after her, uninjured hand cradling the one she'd bandaged.

Yes, they do need some help. Battsuroids here, Battsuroids there... a sea of Battsuroids! Oh, all right, only the usual couple of dozen. But they fight in support of Miribaru, who struggles with Tetsu. Tetsu calls for his Cycling Fist and rapid punches, doing quite a bit of damage to Miribaru. Jasmine arrives as he's fallen and apologizes for being late. Tetsu tells her it's all right, the battle is almost over anyway. However, he's gotten ahead of himself. Drunkenly, Miribaru is back on his feet and sneering about promises. "Twister attack!" he crows, and becomes the red-light whirlwind, a flash of chaos among them. Shortly they are all down, racked with pain. But they are them, and back on their feet they get. His power is intimidating. "Demolition Typhoon!" he crows now. And an enormous wind is generated. The Dekaranger are hit hard again, crying out as their armor crackles. They are knocked over the edge of the um... where they are and fall. Their armor has shut down by the time they land rather painfully. And getting up this time is not as easy as their painful previous. Hoji gasps out the obvious absence of their suits, hand clutched around his pained gut. "We aren't defeated yet," gasps Jasmine. But she twists around and utters a horrified other gasp, for Miribaru is bearing down on them. He's all set to finish them off with a Thailand Hurricane blast, when golden yellow light bathes him. The Dekaranger are cringing in anticipation of an attack which does not come, and Tetsu twists his head up to find that is because Niwande is there beside him, creating a barrier to protect them. "He can't get out of it for now," the bird pants. "Niwande..?" gasps Tetsu. Jasmine stares. Niwande turns his gaze down and then gently leans over and reaches for Tetsu's waist, which starts Jasmine getting frantic. For Niwande stands up grimly, and Miribaru gasps with terror inside the small barrier. "Don't!" cries Jasmine, wriggling towards the bird. Niwande has Tetsu's gun, and is taking aim at Miribaru. He fires. But Jasmine has managed to get to her feet, and to everyone's horror, leaps between and gets shot in the shoulder for it. She stands through it, and Niwande gasps, "Marika!" But that instant was all they had before the agony of the impact overcomes her and she starts to fall. "Ah! Jasmine-san!" cries Tetsu, managing to get up. The others are also frantic. Niwande shakes his head as she recovers and snaps, "What are you doing?! Get out of the way!" he aims again and Jasmine makes herself as big as she can to prevent him from firing. "Don't do it," she tells him. "If you destroy him, you'll kill yourself!" Startled, he looks down, "How did you know?" For it seems his barrier is part of himself. She'd figured that out, because he'd shown her what kind of being he really is. "Marika," he protests wearily. Seeing the crisis has passed, she lowers her hands and takes weary steps towards him. "You really are a good person. You have a gentle heart." On about such things, as she staggers towards him. He asks her to stay away, but she gets to him, and gently takes the gun from his hand. The hand she'd bandaged. And he falls to his knees, weeping, and apologizes to her. But in the meanwhile, Miribaru has been building up his power to break through Niwande's barrier. They all turn in horror as he cries out, "You're not strong enough, brother!" He finally destroys the barrier, but he is also becoming a giant in the process. And his whirlwinds are deadly. They all gaze up at his enormous eye. He makes an effort to stomp on Niwande, who dives with Jasmine out of the way of that foot. Jasmine signals the base. "Swan-san, the Dekamachines!" "Roger!" says Swan, and out come all six vehicles. No time is wasted in the tranformation. Miribaru seems impressed by the bike, but out to destroy it. Niwande cries a protest, but they aren't down yet. Jasmine calls to fire the Signal Cannon and then to form Super Dekaranger Robo. The speedy formation is quite effective against Miribaru, and Jasmine hauls out her badge to pass judgement. His crimes are weighed... and he is to be destroyed. At least, I assume that's what Delete means. They use the Gatling Punch. He is destroyed, utterly. With a lot of explosions, of course, just so's we know. And it's over.

From below, Niwande watches and says gravely, "Thank you, Marika."

The kids report in about Niwande to Kruger. Tetsu speaks first about the Dekabike. And Kruger turns to Jasmine to ask what happened to her arm. It's been heavily bandaged, after all. She stutters around the answer ("Gee, well, um, Niwande shot me. He was trying for Miribaru, really...."). None of them want to tell him the truth and they all shuffle their feet and hem and haw. Jasmine chooses a form of the truth. "It was an accidental gun discharge," she tells him baldly. "Accidental gun discharge?" he repeats doubtfully. She swallows and meets his gaze with wide yes. Tetsu tries his best to look bland. Sen and Ban close their eyes, Hoji averts his gaze and Umeko clasps her hands and looks pleading. Kruger, who understands them better than he will admit, utters a soft growl deep in his throat and meets Jasmine's gaze and finally tells them, "So it is." He turns and paces, calmly explaining that Niwande's proven himself honest. For that, he's been released from prison. As a group, all six Dekaranger gasps in delight and relief. So, released from stress and worry, Umeko bounds to ask about what running around with Niwande was like. Jasmine goes into a whirling of her torso, mimicing the incident in the laundromat. Ban and Sen whirl with her, then Tetsu and the others get into it, laughing.

Later, Jasmine comes over to Kruger and, hands at her back, tells him, "Boss, for today I thank... you?" she ends on a question, for the others are bounding over. "Hey, it's all right Jasmine! You don't wanna say too much!" Ban tells her, shoving her back. Hoji quite agrees. Ban wants to talk to Kruger, and the group (less Tetsu) all wave goodbye to us. For some reason Hoji chases Jasmine, shoving past Umeko, and Tetsu appears as they mob the camera.

Episode. 28 Alienizer Returns
Tetsu explains for us first while scenes flash by, "Deleted Alienizer are returning." An unfamiliar voice says something sinister.
A Tetsu adventure. Some old and not-so-old familiar faces return. Sheik, the mad bomber from episodes 9 and 10. Karsasu from episode 6. Dagoneeru from episodes 7 and 8. Beirudon from episode 5. Kebakiia from episodes 3 and 4. Blitz Hells from the 21-23 story arc. A dark and sinister alien with red glowing eyes and heavy blue and violet armor. Kruger's voice explains that this is the criminal who murdered Tetsu's parents. Tetsu in heavy, dark glasses. A car exploding in violent flame. A woman, blood trickling down her face, smiles brave and lovingly. The other Dekaranger whirl, Tetsu walks stiffly away as doors slide closed behind him. Tetsu in his cockpit, looking shaken and eyes red with unshed tears. The group fighting side by side. Tetsu tagging along with a hunting Ban. Umeko amazed. Jasmine grim. Sen shocked. Ban frantic. The group in armor gathers around Jasmine. Ban bounces off their linked arms. They do the five-pyramid. Charge through blasts and fire.

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28. Alienizer Returns

An empty office. Computer screens full of static until they clear briefly and unevenly. A voice only familiar if you know it well cackles briefly. People's faces appear briefly, they pound on the screens crying for help. A wind in the room sucks loose paper towards the machines.

Dekabase, and Kruger utters a shocked, "What?!" He stands and gives the six Dekaranger the coordinates of the office. He tells them humans have been sucked into the digital machines. The group gasps and Ban stutters, "But I've heard of this before!" Hoji remembers, though. "That's Kebakiia's M.O.!" Kruger agrees it's all-too familiar. Umeko double checks, "But we deleted Kebakiia!" Sen intelligently suggest it may be another of his kind. Hoji decides they can check that easily enough on the Net. To the computer! While he's doing the search, Ban and Tetsu are sent to check the area of disturbance. "It's around here somewhere," Ban frets. Then a woman screams from somewhere above them. She has every reason to. Kebakiia is dragging her into her home computer. "HELP ME!" she screams as he pushes her in past him, cackling. Ban and Tetsu tear into the room in time to see him turn and look at them, before ducking himself into the digital world. "Mama!" cries a little boy, lunging after her. Ban grabs him and pulls him out of range as Kebakiia makes a snatch for him. Cackling, the alien disappears into the computer screen, leaving behind only the image of the terrified, pleading mother. Tetsu gasps. A memory flicks across his vision, a woman's face, lips moving, and then blazing flames hiding it mercifully. "Hurry, help!" says the captive mother. Kebakiia springs through the screen again, reaching for Tetsu who utters a cry of horror and grabs, fingers digging viciously into the alien's outstretched arm. He struggles, but an electric discharge forces him off. With a snarl of fury he whips out his gun to fire. Ban tackles that arm quickly to stop him. "DON'T FIRE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Tetsu comes to his senses, face white and skin shining with sweat. There is only static on the screen now, and a child crying with choking gasps. Ban, sure Tetsu isn't going to do something monumentally stupid that might kill the child's mother, moves to comfort. He sets his hands on the fragile shoulders and says earnestly, "It's all right. We Dekaranger will get your mama back." The tiny boy lifts an anxious, tear-stained face with enormous eyes and asks, "Really?" "Yeah. You just wait and believe." The child is willing to accept this. Tetsu watches the little scene play out, expression turned to cold stone.

The pair heads back to the Machine Doberman. As he gets into the driver's seat Ban asks softly, "What happened back there? That wasn't like you." Tetsu getting in replies numbly, "I'm sorry. It's just when I saw that boy's mother... it made me remember my own mother's face." "Oh, I see. Your parents were murdered by an Alienizer." Tetsu breathes in silently and adds, "Because I was just a child, I don't remember any of it really. But sometimes there's a fire... I can only remember my mother's face." Troubled for him, Ban leans against the steering wheel. "Is that so," he murmurs uncertainly.

Hoji, with Umeko, Sen and Jasmine jogging after him, is tracking down another mysterious incident. Suddenly they hear something fire. A horn like a missile whistles through the air. A building goes up in violent flames and the four gasp in shock. They get ready for attack from four corners, but a familiar alien comes out of the woodwork. A rhinocerous-like one. Umeko whirls and utters a shocked gasp. "Beirudon!" He roars at them, then turns and makes a run for it. They start firing, but he is gone around a corner already. They charge after him. They meet up with Tetsu and Ban who asks, "You said it was Beirudon?" "Yes," confirms Hoji. Before they quite catch their breath a leafy, green arms sends out a spray of water. Sen shouts a frantic warning. The water is so concentrated that it cuts a swatch through the concrete where they'd just been standing. Jasmine, Tetsu and Ban roll to their feet on one side. Sen, Umeko and Hoji on the other. Far above them they see the vegetable alien female, Karsasu, who chuckles mockingly at them before disppearing. "Karsasu!" hisses Sen. "Kebakiia, Beirudon and now Karsasu..?" Umeko wonders, then in a fury demands, "What IS going on here?" Ban snarls that they got these guys once. And he leads the change into armor. Up to the roof of a building, where Ban wonders furiously where the enemies have gone. Jasmine utters a sudden gasp. A doll lies at their feet. A very human-looking doll in black coat, blue jeans and shoes. Old home week, for this is Dagoneeru's type of handiwork. And there the bizarre alien is, popping out from behind pillars and making a run for it. They snarl and charge after him. Down a flight of stairs, they move cautiously. A warning to be careful of the people he may have taken, from Ban maybe, before Hoji summons them after him and down they go. Dagoneeru's room. No, a room. A room with a small table and there are four chairs. At one seat are tied a bunch of balloons. In front of another seat is a small computer. Ban covers the room with both guns. Hoji takes Sen with him, Jasmine takes Umeko. Tetsu stays with Ban. On the table in front of the third chair is the vial of liquid Beirudon had used to turn human beings into liquid. At the last place is a defrosted bag of Pilaf. It is all very eerie. They cautiously gather around the table and Jasmine says shakily, "There's no one here." "Nor here," Hoji reports. They shut down their armor and lean down to study the things on the table. Sen picks up the Pilaf bag, recognizing its point to his old adventure. "There things mark those four people?" he wonders. Ueko holds the evil vial. Hoji, gloves on, types on the small computer. Nothing. He shakes his head to Ban, who looks wry and sympathetic at the same time. Tetsu glances around and suddenly goes into shock. For the wall beyond them is papered with alien newspaper articles about the arrest of a particular alien. Notebooks on the table are full of scraps gleaned from assorted news services. And, on the computer, there is a video to play of this alien's arrest. Ban heads over and the others follow. "Wow, this one is only of this guy." Behind them, Tetsu is starting to shake almost violently. Somehow this attracts Ban's attention (who's the psychic here, honestly) Seeing the other's expression he asks, "Hey, do you know anything about this guy?" Tetsu pulls himself together. "Yes. That's the Supeckian Jennuan. Two years ago I arrested this Alienizer." He joins them now, staring fixedly at the articles all over this small wall. They exhange puzzled, worried glances.

Back at Dekabase, and Kruger has called up the files on this alien. JeaneiO and guess where he's incarcerated? Arukapo. The big prison planet where Niwande had been. Umeko asks stubbornly, "What did he do?" Hmm, little bit unclear. But anyway, he traps people inside of mirrors, like their portrait snapped? And they don't come back. Jasmine asks urgently, "So why hasn't he been deleted?!" It all ties in with the space police. Tetsu sits at the table, gaze stubbornly fixed on the clean surface. Ah, Hoji clears things up. "If they delete Jennu, they won't be able to save the people he's taken." "Right." Sen brings up the other important question. "How's this tie in with those four resurrected Alienizer?" Dunno quite what the answer Kruger gives is, but they all sigh unhappily. Ban decides to go and praise Tetsu for having apprehended such a terrible Alienizer. Tetsu swings a haunted gaze up and utters a strangled, "Nonsense." He gets up, shoving Ban's hand off his shoulder, and heads stiffly towards the door. "What's with him?" Ban asks Kruger innocently. Kruger answers, "Jennua is the Alienizer who murdered his parents." They all react with shock to that information. Ban wheels to look at Tetsu, but he's already out in the hall, with the doors sliding shut.

Outside in the night air. Tetsu stands, staring out a the lit bridge. His expression is desolate. All he can remember is the burst of flame. His mother's face as she speaks, and yet he cannot find any sound there. He does not know what she said to him. So absorbed is he, he doesn't hear the slight click of Ban's heels. "Tetsu..." Ban says softly, approaching with caution. Tetsu twitches slightly in surprise, but holds himself. And Ban continues, "We heard about it from the Boss. What I said was bad." Too much cheer against a grim reality. "Senior," Tetsu says firmly, then continues with pain, "I think of Jennua as my big brother." "Eh?" startles Ban. Tetsu turns and explains that because of Jennua, he became Space Police. There were so many Alienizer. "And yet I was only in there after this one." Something Ban says about parents and their requests. But for Tetsu, the situation of the mother getting dragged into her computer screen in front of her son, and Ban's reassurance of the trusting child, was too close to his own story. "I thought that child was just like me." "Oh, I see," murmurs Ban. "Well, then I'm asking you, Tetsu."

Asking him to travel to Arukapo again. And while on his way there, Tetsu wonders for the billionth time what his mother had said to him in that blinding time before she died. So Tetsu walks the halls, into the depths of Arukapo. To a place where he must show his wrist-badge to be let through by sensors. Enourmous, heavy doors swing inwards. The guard who greets him looks human, though the left side of his face is marred by dark patterns. He greets Tetsu with a friendly smile, then steps out and starts a listing of "things you do not get to bring in front of Jennua," which Tetsu cuts short with a firm, "I know." "Right. Then let's get started neutralizing anything that might shine." He holds out a plate. Tetsu has to give up his bracelet. His gun. The guard puts dull, black tape over the golden SPD emblem. Over the zippers. Even over the patch. The buckles on his uniform. There are even special glasses he must wear to cover his eyes. Tetsu puts them on and brushes his hair out of his face, where it falls right back. In he walks, and the immense doors shut behind him. Down the corridors, to a place where he has to type in a code before the next gate will open. Finally, he stops before the cell. "Jennua," he says coolly.

The response is a soft, deep chuckle. Jennua's cell is dull and dark. He remarks that he's got such a rare visitor. Tetsu explains "I need to ask you about something." Seeming to ignore Jennua's comments, he clarifies, "Four deleted Alienizer have returned. They're commiting crimes." And that there seems to be an obsession with Jennua about it. This seems to catch the dark alien's interest, and he unfolds his hands. "Do you know anything?" Jennua lifts his head, shining gold and red eyes consider Tetsu for a long moment. Tetsu finds himself swallowing uneasily under that heavy gaze. "I'll answer your question, but I've a question I want you to answer before that." Startled, Tetsu twitches and gruffs out, "What?" "Do you remember 15 years ago, the end of your parents?" Tetsu is almost paralysed. He has to fight to breathe. After a long moment, Jennau says calmly, "If you can't answer that, then I can't answer." He lowers his head back into the cradle of his hands. Tetsu takes a bit to answer, but then finally says he hasn't forgotten, but that all he can remember is his mother's face behind the flames. He doesn't know what she'd said to him. "So you could answer a question you hated," Jennua says with gruff approval. He stands, picking up a stack of paper-like things in his hands. He walks to the gate and holds them for Tetsu's inspection. "These are my fan letters." He considers them and continues, "I attract quite a lot of those murder-obsessed people. They tell me how they'd want to be just like me." He turns a steady gaze to Tetsu. "The one you want is among them." He pulls the top missive from the pile. "Pouchi Seijin Burapen. He is able to transform himself to look like other criminals." Tetsu is a little puzzled about how he would know of the final events of these other Alienizer's lives. Sounding amused, Jennua turns from him and comments that this would need perfect knowledge.

And where would he get that perfect knowledge, except from the very individual who knew them in their final days? Agent Aburera is dozing, but he opens his three shining eyes wide. He turns, for behind him is the oddly featureless visitor. "Here's the information on those Alienizer you requested," Aburera says calmly, and offers a clear plastic sheet with black, alien script printed onto it. An interesting seal on the bottom corner means what? I don't know. Something to do with this being the last. He gives a basic set of instructions and his customer nods excitedly.

Jennua points out that, though these Alienizer are dead, the information about them has not been deleted from the Space Police files. And all a traveller would have to do is be able to access it. Alarmed, Tetsu begs the question, "So which alien will he copy next?!" Jennua comes over to him. "Well, you'll have to find the answer to that one yourself... boy." Tetsu flinches, half sways and drops his gaze. Jennua chuckles at that. But he's dropped it into thought and suddenly raises his chin again with a gasp of realization. He shifts to the blackened intercom and hits a button. "Please connect me with the Earth police!" he cries. Jennua continues to chuckle.

Kruger's badge chatters an incoming call. Kruger snatches it up and answers, "It's me." Tetsu's voice comes urgently. "Boss, I understand!" and he continues with a quick explanation about Borapeno, and what he can do. "A Copycat?" Kruger runs back at him, to make certain he'd understood. "Yes." And that he's been hacking the database. "Find out who's on the next page, and you'll know who he's copying." Kruger checks quickly. The page is open on Dagonell, and so next is Shake. Quickly he signals the kids out in the field. Or rather, on the streets. In Ban and Jasmine's car, they receive his message, and Ban knows where Borapeno will go. The mansion. Jasmine is making a calm comment when she is thrown against the window. Ban's making a speedy u-turn.

Jennua is quite amused and approving of Tetsu's speedy conclusion. But as the boy wordlessly turns and starts walking away, Jennua says cheerfully, "Oh, now yes! You said you can't remember what your mother said." Tetsu halts in his tracks and turns uncertainly around. "Don't you want to know, boy?" Jennua asks affectionately. "Your mother's last?" Tetsu gasps and turns completely to face him.

Ban and Jasmine arrives, sirens whining, at the mansion. Ban is worried about the girl, Maeda. This all cross-references episode 10, folks. Umeko inquires about his continued interest in that girl. Extremely sheepish he looks at his toes and mutters, "No, she's my friend you see." Umeko won't look at him. Jasmine looks amused, Hoji puzzled and Sen stifling a giggle. Jasmine says teasingly, "He's just sweet on her," which gets her fiercely glared at by an indignant Ban. At that moment the attack begins and they dive for cover as green lightning grounds on their car. Shake (or rather, fake-Shake) leaps over where they are and Ban yelps his name, whipping around. Before he lands they've yanked their badges out and called "Emergency!" When he turns at Ban's cry, the rainbow is already attacking. They've gotten in front of him and Ban snarls, "Hey you copy! We know what you really are!" He snorts and draws his weapon, but Ban shoots it from his hand. Startled, he is unable to block the girls' attack, then of course Sen and Hoji hit next. Which he is reeling from the shock, the four form a base for Ban to bounce off leaping over in a roll he fires down on fake-Shake's head. He falls and they surround him. Ban shouts a demand for him to assume his true form. "All right!" he growls. Then his voice switches to a nasal, annoying shriek. "I'll show you!" On his feet he proudly identifies this form. Then he becomes rippling silver-black liquid to assume Dagonell's form. Then Karsazu. Then Beirudon (and each ranger flinches as their particular nemesis appears). Dagoner is next, making Hoji twitch. You don't want that when a man's hand is on the trigger, really. Ban yells, "I don't want to see all your false faces!" He leaps at the cackling alien and tries to strike, but Burapen turns into that silver-black flowing liquid and melts away before Ban can connect. Away under Ban's feet he flows and resumes humanoid form. This time, though, it's his real form. An essentially featureless black body, a strip of red mouth, with six silver bubbles in rows of three on his chest and stomach, one for each ear, two on each thigh and one on the back of each hand. And a silver band on his left bicep. Pouchian Borapeyno. The surprised Dekaranger holster their guns and gather together. Bemused, Jasmine comments, "Why, you don't have a face!" Umeko asks, "Is that why you copy?" He gleefully cackles that he wants to be the greatest murderer ever! Ban takes exception to that, but Borapeyno mocks that the Earth Police couldn't catch him. And his beloved Jennua would enjoy all this. Jumping for joy Borapeyno goes on the attack. The kids dive and roll around him. Even as himself, he's not an easy mark. He is capable of holding them off. But Ban kicks him down and the group charges, slashing and kicking. He notes they are strong, but then decides to change to the most powerful Alienizer they've faced. Blitz. But he finds they get up, so he traps them in the lightning field. But they learned from their past, and disrupt the lightning field with their weapons. They make short work of the faker, who is soon driven back into his real form. He can't understand how they could beat him so easily. Sen allows that he is a good copycat, but the thing is they are better. They did defeat these Alienizer, after all. So he jumps over them and comes in with a robot that is like the one Succubus had commanded. Sen is surprised into a complimenting the copycat, and Ban scolds him for that. "Oh yes." Ban calls Swan for the Dekamachines, and with Murphy whining at her side, she sends them in. They form the Dekaranger Robo. challeng God Pounder, get punched a few times. Ban catches the flying fist, throws the enemy over their heads, makes a point, leaps over the God Pounder Tackle, tosses it around a bit. Pins him in the Justice Hold until the God Pounder breaks down under the pressure. And then calls for Judgement. Oh dear, he's earned the Delete, much to his dismay. He can't stop them from firing, and he is destroyed inside the God Pounder. With that accomplished, all the kidnapped people are returned. The boy Kenta leaps into his mother's arms. They hug each other tight. Swan reports that all is well, and Ban crows "We did it, Tetsu!"

Tetsu, though, still stands outside Jennua's cell. Jennua talks about that time he'd come to Earth searching for another alien. How he'd run afoul of the Earth police. He'd been trying to escape. He'd run out into the street and been blinded by headlights of an approaching car. The breaks squealed in the night. A man driving, a woman in the passenger seat who clutched frantically at her child. Jennua had reacted quickly to get them from his path, blasting the car. The woman curled over her son protectively even as the vehicle went wildly out of control. Over on its side then to its back in a shower of sparks. Tetsu gasps softly, unable to stop himself. "The car with the boy, poppa and momma riding inside." The father, dead instantly in the crash, blood thick on his head and trickled from his ashen lips. The mother, urging her son out the open window as smoke started to fill the air. "Hurry!" she says. The child pausing in mid-crawl to stare up at the leather-clad alien, who stared down at them. The woman speaking urgently to him, pleading, and he reaching forward without thought for the child and picking him up, pulling him away from the car. "She asked me to help her boy." And the underside of the car, torn, bursts into open flame. He'd had no chance, even if he'd wanted to, to reach for the woman. He'd held the child, quiet in shock, while the mother spoke urgently as flames built around her. "Mother," the child said in confusion. Half mesmerized by her beautiful eyes Jennua had stood there. And the woman smiled at her son through the flames. Realizing what was going to happen, Jennua had backed up. And the car exploded, a fireball. The boy gasped, eyes wide, skin heated by the blaze. Jennua set him on his feet and left him there. The child hadn't even noticed him go. "Mother! Father!" he'd cried. Jennua finished, "And that is all I know."

Tetsu, legs wobbly, staggers back against the stressed metal behind him. He hits hard, almost cracking his skull, and clutches at his forehead. "I remember!" For he does remember what she'd said to him in that last moment, before the flames claimed her. "Thank you, Tekkan. You being born was the happiest thing in my whole life. I love you. I will forever." *whimper* "Mother..!" Tetsu gasps. A tear escapes his eye and runs shining down his cheek, to drip and fall where Jennua can see it. His reflection shines in it for a bare moment and he chuckles. The tear hits the floor. When Tetsu raises his gaze again, he utters a gasp of horror. Jennua's cell is empty. Tetsu rips the glasses off and cries, "He's gone!" He looks frantically into the cell, but that changes nothing. He can hear Jennua lauging otherworldly. "I'm out, boy!" Jennua chortles. Tetsu grinds his teeth in fury and slams the glasses on the floor. What will they do?

Today's problem, presented by the lovely Swan with Murphy at her side and the five primary Dekaranger gathered at their consoles behind her. "How many Alienizer did Burapen copy?" Umeko is at a loss. Ban starts counting off on his fingers with "Tomoeda ack! Not Tomoeda!" Sen is also counting on his fingers. Jasmine looks amused, but Hoji hits the answer button. He lists them with his fingers, "Kebakiia, Beirudon, Karsasu, Dagonell, Sheik, Blitz are six!" "Pinpon!" crows Swan. "Oh that's no fair!" accuses Umeko. Ban wanders over to ask how his buddy knew.

Episode. 29 Mirror Revenger
Tetsu looks pretty badly shaken. Umeko and Sen in the Machine Bull have a shock. Jennua appears in the reflection in the window. Jasmine and Hoji have an encounter in an elevator. It looks like they lose. Ban confronts and tries to shake sense into a very upset Tetsu, who blames himself for people getting killed, but Ban believes in Tetsu. There will be a fight with a gold and white possibly mecha. Tetsu will look horrified from his bike, and Ban will fight alone. Then they'll all fight, and Tetsu's going to have a lot of trouble with Jennua.

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29. Mirror Revenger

In our last episode: Tetsu got info on their assailant from Jennua, the Alienizer who'd murdered his parents. This allowed the Dekaranger to delete Barupen. But the pain risen by Jennua's account of his parent's death drove tears from his eyes, and Jennua escapes via the reflection in a drop. Tetsu has returned to Earth. He wanders the halls of Deka Base, into the bathroom where he runs water into a sink and stands, legs braced and head hanging. A ghostly voice echoes through the room. "Boy!" oddly affectionate, but Tetsu's eyes go wide. He raises his head and sees Jennua behind him in the mirror. He whirls to find he's been decieved. Jennua is in the mirror, standing next to his reflection. Jennua has things to say about his arrest, either in the past of the future, by Tetsu. Ah, the promise made when Jennua had let Tetsu take him in. They had faced each other in the desolate night of an alien world. Jennua had pointed out to Tetsu that the Space Police didn't dare delete him. "Why?" Tetsu had snarled. "I'll tell you when next we meet. Something about giving it all to him. It probably had to do with the situation now, for Jennua rides in Tetsu's shadow, perhaps. Tetsu stares at Jennua in confusion and listens, "So you've finally started to gather things you love. Then it's time for me to begin." Laughing, Jennua fades from view. Tetsu slams his hands on the mirror. "Wait! What are you talking about?!" But no answer comes and he trembles, staring into the sink.

The Machine Bull rolls on, Sen driving and casting an amused glance at Umeko, who seems to be trying to get her hair under control. She's flustered, and explains indignantly that Jennua can peep into mirrors. Sen points out that Jennua's certainly bitter about Tetsu bringing him in. "Yeah but he's a natural major criminal," she counters, pouting. They are heading down into an underground road. "So what's he going to do?" And when the light from outside it cut off and their reflections are thrown back at them, there is a third between them. Umeko lets out a gasp of horror, slamming her fingers over her face. Jennua. Sen utters a startled gasp when he registers it and they look quickly to the empty seat behind them. When they turn back, he is laughing at them. A brilliant flare of light, then the Machine Bull comes out of the underground tunnel. In the absence of a driver it's going on autopilot. It soon pulls itself over, out of traffic. Empty.

Kruger calls, "Sen, answer me, Sen!" Hoji, Ban and Jasmine hover anxiously, even as Tetsu enters the room. Kurger continues calling, "Umeko? What's happened? Umeko?!" Tetsu utters a frightened, "Boss! What's with those two?" The others look at him with schooled calm. Kruger explains carefully that the two were out on patrol, and they've lost contact. Tetsu thinks about it for an instant and says, "That was it!" He scrambles to the desk. "That's what Jennua's happy about! He's got them!" Kruger puzzles, "What makes you think that?" Tetsu says firmly, "Jennua appeared in the mirror. He was really enjoying his work. I think he's taken them into his mirror world!" The others react with shock to his statement. "Why?" Kruger starts, but Tetsu is already spinning about. "I'm going!" Ban starts after him, but Kruger stops him to tell him to stop Tetsu because he'll be trying to arrest Jennua by himself blahblah. Off Ban goes with these orders. Kruger wants Hoji and Jasmine to investigate Sen and Umeko's disappearance. "Roger!" they salute.

My, Tetsu and Ban can book on those long legs. Ban manages to overtake the other, calling him to wait. He finally gets hold of Tetsu's shoulder and the two start tussling. "Let me go please! Leave this to me!" Tetsu practically wails. "No you don't, these are Boss's orders! Are you going to disobey him?!" Tetsu shudders and wavers under Ban's hands.

Jasmine and Hoji ride in the very shiny elevator. A full-length mirror is behind them and Hoji discusses this mirror thing amusedly. "He can get through any kind of security." Jasmine wonders where in the world he could be. They do not know he is standing behind their reflections in the mirror at their backs. Jasmine happens to glance behind her and gasps. Brightly, they turn to look where he would be... Of course he's not there because he's behind them. He laughs and vanishes from the reflection. They are gaping at it, unaware of him physically present now behind them until his laughter clues them in.

Tetsu slumps onto a bench beside the window. Ban is trying to cheer him up. "Hey, S'all right! Jennua's scared of the Earth police!" he pounds his fist into his palm. He turns, putting his hands on his hips, searching for agreement from Tetsu who only says bitterly, "Senior, you don't understand a thing." He looks up gravely and adds, "About Jennua." He gets to his feet and walks away wearily. "Tetsu..!" Ban says with soft uncertainty. He sighs and chews the inside of his cheek. Light flares brightly behind the elevator doors. When they open, there is no one inside.

"Here you are," Swan says as she sets a hot cup of tea beside Tetsu. He sits, all leg in the roller chair, a picture of dejection. Deciding she can't really do more for him, she brings a copy to Ban, who is rather annoyed. He wants to know how they can catch Jennua. She doesn't really know, either. But she brings up the point, aiming her voice at the leggy-man across the room. "Tetsu arrested him once before." Tetsu says it was because of the planet they were on. Ah, she explains that there is no reflected light on that world. And Jennua can't escape except into that kind of light. "Yeah." She seems to reckon that if he can go in and out like that, so can he bring his victims. She explains more about it. However, an alarm sounds and Kruger's voice points out that the Machine Bull is empty, and Hoji and Jasmine are gone. Tetsu is on his feet and rather dazed as he digests this. Ban watches him sympathetically, until other alarms start sounding. Naturally, there's a giant mecha attacking the city at these coordinates.

And a lovely thing it is, too. Female in shape, with energy fairy wings. It lands in the middle of the city and starts blowing up buildings. It is Megaroria. As Tetsu starts out, Ban is quick to stop him. In the halls they stand. "What's your plan, buster?" Despire Tetsu's frustration, Ban has no inention of being brushed off. Tetsu points out that Jennua killed his parents fifteen years ago. And now he's taking Tetsu's friends. And now there's the addition of the giant enemy to fight. "This isn't about me," Tetsu says firmly. "It's about all the people around me. It's about causing me pain." Ban swallows around the lump in his throat and chokes out, "Tetsu...." "I have to go, or he'll kill all the more people." Something else and he whirls to face Ban, "I can't stand by and watch more people die because of me!" Ban disagrees with some of Tetsu's assessment. It's not only Tetsu suffering. He's going, too. Tetsu is not happy about that. But Ban seems to plan to be the stalking goat. When Jennua goes after him, Tetsu must see what happens. How it happens. "What are you saying?" yelps Tetsu. "You could be killed!" "It's okay if it helps you!" Ban counters firmly, setting his hands on Tetsu's shoulders. "You have to find out the secret, so you can get us back." Tetsu stares at him numbly, and he adds, "I believe in you, Tetsu!" A a lurking courage finds its way back into Tetsu's eyes. "Senior!" he finally allows with a hint of a smile. Ban lets him go then and stares earnestly into his eyes. "I can't combine the Deka Robo by myself. I'm going to use your Deka Bike Robo." He claps Tetsu on the shoulder and then dashes off.

Off in the Deka Bike. Kruger, seeing it go opens his badge. "Tetsu's gone out there?!" he rages. Swan anxiously answers, "Ban's riding in there." Ban is, indeed. "That's as far as you go, honking big machine!" he yells. Megaroria turns to confront him. He runs full tilt into her, knocking her flying, then pulls the machien up into humanoid form. She attacks with her spear, he defends with his sword, and Tetsu bears down on the battle on his smaller bike, to be sure to see what happens when Jennua comes out. Ban takes a reading and finds the pilot is one of the black droids. He isn't impressed. He charges, and they fight. He's doing very well, uses the Sonic Boom attack, but is hit back hard and falls. Tetsu, approaching the battle, searches anxiously for a sign. "Where? Where are you?" Megaroria is about to finish the Deka Bike Robo off, but Ban gleefully gets it back on its feet. He turns the battle again, heading into double-strike mode. "Sword Tornado!" He has destroyed the other machine. He sighs happily. And in the windows of the building beside him, Jennua appears, watching. Tetsu sees him. Jennua leaps out of the reflection and lands on the roof of a building across the way. Tetsu gasps as Jennua peels out his chest plates to reveal light and glimmer. "Raw Illusion!" and shimmering light pours out. Ban gasps as the light engults the Deka Bike Robo like a wave, hits the glass beyond and bounces back towards Jennua. A stream of extending reflections and Ban gasps as his cockpit and himself both distort. He screams and struggles. He and the mighty robot he's inside fall back into the reflections, which engulfs them. "That's it," whispers Tetsu. And on the roof above, Jennua closes his chest-plates and laughs.

But Tetsu has seen, knows now how the multiple reflections shunt whatever Jennua's targeted into his mirror world. The mirror's in his chest! So Tetsu revs his engine and rides his bike straight up the side of the building (okay, that's impressive). "Jennua!" he shouts. Eventually he makes it over the wall and lands across from Jennua, who turns to face him. "So you've come, boy." Tetsu dismounts, removing his helmet. "Jennua! You're the only one to blame!" and he transfers into his armor. Jennua laughs. Standard Dekabreak posturing. Jennua asks if he wants his five cohorts to be murdered. "Shut up!" Tetsu orders, and another small speach about figuring to stop Jennua, he must destroy the mirrors in his chest. "Think you can do it?" Jennua mocks him. And Tetsu charges forward. Jennua is ready with a rod/blade. Tetsu can't get through his guard and is sent spinning, but despite the laughter of his enemy, comes back for more. He fights at first without weapon, and so is getting pretty battered. Jennua fires on him, the impact knocking him over the side of the building to land painfully on the sidewalk far below. Jennua lands nearby and wonders at him. Tetsu revs up the Electro Fist to attack, but as the electric bolts travel across the cement, Jennua becomes light and moves into the nearby reflecting window. Tetsu charges over there, where Jennua laughs at him before vanishing from the window. But his laughter still echoes distantly. Tetsu looks frantically about. "You can't escape, Jennua!" Tetsu bellows, and some more about being a man. So Jennua reappers in the reflection, still highly amused. "Then look at this." And he vanishes, to be replaced by the distant images of Tetsu's five companions. They are on their knees, gasping and clutching at their chests. It seems air is a concern. Ban, as the most recent addition, is a little stronger than the others. They look to Tetsu, but can't find air to speak, gasping. Hoji is trying to be stoic. Ban gasps, "Tetsu..!" "Senior!" Tetsu wails, reaching for all of them. Jennua reappears. He's challenging Tetsu, choose him or the five friends. Letting Tetsu hear their agony. "You give them back to me!" Tetsu screams. But Jennua appears in the reflection in Tetsu's helmet, then shifts out right in front of him. He whirls and grabs Tetsu by the throat before he can react. A knee to the gut and then pinning him in a wrestler's hold. Choking him. Tetsu's struggles seem to grow weaker. Perhaps a reassurance that he won't miss his friends for long. Tetsu starts to go limp. But Hoji shouts from the reflecting world, "Jennua!" Startled to be addressed by them, Jennua looks. They are forcing themselves to their unsteady feet, and Hoji yells that he's done too much. "Why?" an amused Jennua asks. Jasmine puts her two sents in that he's got an overblown ego, criminal that he is. Umeko snarls her contempt. Pissed, he snaps back at them, and Sen counters that this Earth has 6 of them. And Ban shouts that they aren't giving Tetsu up, or something. Still feeble in Jennua's grasp, Testu utters a dazed "Seniors..." But Jennua is pissed off at them. "Filthy little - " he starts. However, Tetsu has gotten his spirit back and grabs Jennua's arm, forcing it away from his throat with a furious heave, and an elbow back that hurts pretty good. The two start going at it again, fists and feet, and Jennua starts beating Tetsu down, finally defeating him with several terrible blows to the chest. Tetsu can't get up, and sags limply in front of the shiny windows of a tall building. Jennua laughs and says this is as far as it goes. He gets to join his friends. And he opens his chest plates to reveal the mirrors within. "Now!" gasps Tetsu. Possum-boy is on his feet in a flash, leaping calling for Hammer and slams his fist into the center of the mirrors. They shatter violently. The power feedback erupts around Jennua as he staggers back. When it fades, the nearby windows shimmer brightly, and eject their foreign contents. The five Dekaranger fall to the cement, gasping in breaths of air. The DekaWing Robo also puts in an appearance, falling to the streets below. "Tetsu!" cries Ban, and the recovered group dashes to their armored friend. Ban squeezes Tetsu's shoulder in reassurance. "Guys, are you all right?" They all nod firmly, with small smiles. "Told you I believe in you, junior!" Ban tells him with blazing eyes. "Yes, Senior!" Tetsu returns.

Jennua, however, is starting to recover from his shock. The mirrors do not repair themselves, of course. "Damn you!" he snarls, climbing to his feet. They whirl on him. "You're in for it now," he gasps, closing his chest plates. Ban responds by calling the others into their armor. Tetsu stands and watches contentedly, then joins them. Together they attack. Ban shoots, Tetsu flips in over him and chops Jennua in the head. And Swan tells Kruger that the people Jennua had imprisoned in reflections have been reappearing all over the place. *sigh* Well, that's annoying. Um, sort of. Kruger can happily tell the kids there's no more holding back. Hoji relates, and Ban screams across the battle area, "Judge him, Junior!" Tetsu is happy to, listing his crimes. He presses for Judgement. Not that there was any question, it ends on delete. This somehow doesn't seem to trouble Jennua, who chuckles and tells Tetsu that even though he's broken these mirrors (indicates chest) he hasn't taken all of Jennua's power. Because Jennua can still move at the speed of light. And he charges, a blur of white light roaring down on Tetsu. He hasn't counted on Tetsu's own speed. Our boy calls for the Super Lightning Fist. And he smashes Jennua back, and charges in to catch the falling Alienizer. "Nonsense!" he barks. And something about him being faster than light. His next punch sends Jennua into orbit, and destroys him. "Mission complete."

Back at Dekabase, Tetsu stands on the roof and speaks in his thoughts to his father and mother. "I was able to delete Jennua." He is on the verge of tears, staring skywards. "HEY!" comes Ban's shout. Tetsu utters a startled gasp and turns to find all five of them bearing down on him. "So this is where you went, Tetsu!" "Oh, yes," he answers with a warm smile, as the breeze blows his bangs into his eyes. Hoji tells him they have to go report on the case. Umeko suggest hopefully that when they've done that, they go do somethimg else. Sen points out that it's been a while since Tetsu's done something, and Jasmine says the quantity's gone down. It seems they're aiming to Tetsu throw a party, and they bounce and cheer as Ban suggests it. They all charge off and the confused young man reaches after them calling, "Now wait a moment please!" Then he grins and says, "That's nonsense!" But they leap and cheer still. He sighs affectionately, when a hand comes down on his shoulder. It is Doggie Kruger come up behind him. "Boss!" he exclaims in surprise. Kruger tells him warmly, "Thank you for all your efforts." Tetsu responds solemnly about what all he fought for up til now. But their faith in him has made so much difference. Kruger agrees. But the others have come back to collect him, Ban grabbing Tetsu's shoulders and Umeko catching Kruger's arm. Tetsu invites Kruger to join them in their party, and after a moment's surprise, he agrees, and they put their arms around his shoulders and head off with him.

Tetsu in armor explains about the Accel Blow. We see him, the others watching, as he pulls his left elbow back, fist a blur of light, and punches the ground. His Electo-fist attack blasting out to hit Succubus and Boyonburi or whatever his name was. "Shocking!" says Sen. Another time, when Tetsu uses it in green light to punch a falling tower off of him. "Power Fist!" (and Umeko comments on that) The Fire Fist! A roar of flames engulfing the enemy "That's HOT!" says Jasmine. The Lightning Fist, a blur of motion as he plucks bullets from the air "FAST!" exclaims Hoji. And today the Super Lightning Fist. Ban hangs on Tetsu's shoulders and asks, "What'd you do?" But instead of striking, Tetsu laughs teasingly and looks away.

Episode. 30 Girl Hazard
An orange haired cushy alien girl with a few pounds of makeup on her face, and green curling horns on her head. She and Ban are tussling ove a table, while Jasmine is checking a computer screen. Kruger has to rescue three Dekaranger who've been trapped in their chute, something to do with the power of the girl. She mocks them, a rebellious teenage alien. Agent Aburera is there, and an Iigaroid has the girl hostage and is dragging her off, while she cries in terror. Ban charges to the rescue. He has to get to her, protect her, and she weeps and gains considerable beauty somehow in that expression. For a moment she is without resentment and teenage bluster, to stare at Ban in his armor with shocked amazement. They fight a mecha that skips.

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30. Girl Hazard

Another day, another alien problem. The alarms going off at Deka Base bring our young heroes to the Deka Room. A bleeding big mecha has landed. Off they go to find it. Into armor, into mecha, but Umeko asks where is Tetsu? Jasmine says he was called away by the other experts. Ban says it's the five of them now, and off they go. There is a mecha running through the low woods. Running indeed, for something with an anchor chain is after it. The mecha is, oddly, a Devil Capture 5. The Mecha catching it is called Night Chaser. It reels the Capture in. However, the Deka Base Robo has arrived and has it in a glare of lights, ordering this to stop. They don't respond and Umeko says peevishly, "They didn't hear me." Sen is a bit surprised, "Aren't they on the same side? The dark one looks like it's running away." Umeko is yelling to get their attention, but that doesn't work. The Night Chaser sends a powerful shock of energy at the Devil Capture, which falls to the ground. The Dekaranger decide to investigate and step in the way to stop it, Hoji demanding over the loudspeaker. The Night Chaser hits them with another of its anchors trying to get them out of the way. Ban gets pissed and swipes at it with the Judgement Sword. It eventually uses a flare of light to blind them and retreats while they can't see. Hoji orders a check on the other mecha's pilot. Jasmine complies. Her readout tells her it's a Humanoid Type Alien, Sex Classification Woman. "This alien looks like a girl," she says. "A girl?" yelps Ban. "Leave it to me!" he's unbuckling, but Hoji is just as fast. Sen is amused. Umeko sighs and wonders, Jasmine figures it's the age. Hoji finds his way into the cockpit cautiously. The alien is fallen over unconscious and he's all "You all right, baby?" brushing his perfect hair back. The girl is curved away from him, orange hair across her face. "I'm here, you're safe, now." He pulls her around and gets a look at eyes racoon-black with makeup, lips thick with bright pink lipstick, and the girl herself is on the chubby side. She also snores. Hoji nearly jumps back across the cockpit in disgust. Ban gets in and snaps, "That's cheating, buddy!" Hoji looks at him and smirks. "Okay, I'll leave her to you." He lets the girl slump into Ban's hands, fighting not to burst out laughing. "Eh?" Ban looks down and sees what he's been handed. His reaction is as bad as Hoji's. At that moment, the girl wakes up. Ban's the first thing she sees, and though he cocks his head quizzically at her, she shrieks in surprise. She's out of the chair in an instant screeching, "No way I can't believe this who are you guys what are you doing?!" Hoji points wildly at Ban, and she charges to the cue, ignoring Ban's equally frantic pointing at him, "Buddy!" "Don't call me buddy!" is buried under her frightened demands. And she puts her knee right THERE in poor Ban's well, you know. Our boy is reduced to a whimpering mess.

So the five bring her back to the base. Swan and Kruger are going over some readouts when they look up in surprise. "Eh, what's happened?" Swan asks. Hoji sits with one pink set of bandages on his left cheek, and a yellow bandage on his right jaw. "Oh, problem, why nothing," he says, rubbing the bruise. Umeko is next, a green bandage on her left cheek. "That girl wont do anything she's asked," she pants. Behind her, Hoji slumps, exausted. Sen arrives with a blue bandage across the bridge of his nose and a red one on his chin. They can't get her to talk, he says. Umeko is draped in her chair next to a sleeping Hoji. They sit up as Sen winces into his. Swan and Kruger exchange puzzled glances and sigh in exasperation. Ban and the alien girl are locked hand to hand across a table, trying to outpush each other. A perfect match in temperment, hahah. Jasmine is working on the computer, ignoring them. Ban growls out he's changing the questions and what'll she tell him. But she's not willing. "Then you answer the earlier question!" he snarls back. They're still struggling, and Ban half-clambers up on the table. Jasmine calmly spins away with the computer, keeping it out of danger. The two are bracing their foreheads together, trying to outpush each other. Jasmine's got the readout from the SPD Crime File. The girl is named Faraway. Aisho Fara. Distracted by Jasmine's comments, Fara pulls away from Ban which means his poor head slams into the table beneath him. "What?" she asks. Ban is furious. "Answer the question!!" She slams her palms on the table and yells back about explanations. But he reasons that's important and she whines, "Oh how serious! I didn't believe it!" But it turns out she's only mocking him. While she mocks and he snarls, Jasmine calmly touches Fara's shoulder with her bare right hand. Fara stiffens and glares, "What are you up to?" But Jasmine only calmly closes her eyes.

Fara, hanging with another girl much like her, mocking the boys going by. They lean against a wall lined with papers and posters. They laugh together. But then someone in a dark cloak comes up to them. "What?" Fara asks belligerently. Later, there is a black box in her hand and she says, "Really? You're kidding! That's all you want? Sure, sure I'll do it! Oh, what? Sure, I get it!" And so she'd come, piloting Devil Capture 5, to Earth. Curious, she'd opened the box and within found a sweet, enormous jewel. "Oooh, little crystal! You look expensive!" and then she'd decided, and changed course.

Jasmine calmly relates what she's learned. "Some man she doesn't know paid her to deliver a crystal somewhere underground." Fara looks seriously embarrassed as she is assessed as someone who doesn't do what she's asked. Ban is less than impressed. "How come you know that?" she pouts, pushing Jasmine's hand off of her arm. "Because Jasmine is an esper. If she touches you, she can tell what you're feeling." Fara's lip curls in a sneer. "I don't believe it! That's totally rude!" she sits, pouting. "You are a pain!" snarls a furious Ban. "What'd you do with that crystal?!" Jasmine points out, "You didn't have it when we did the body-check." While Fara's practicing "Why gosh you don't think I know?" Jasmine points out some unpleasant facts. When she says she just stopped here on the way somewhere, Ban snorts, "You're lying." Thoroughly indignant she snaps, "Why do you say that?!" "Because you're the kind of girl who lies!" he snarls back. At that she seems shocked and genuinely hurt, staring down at the floor. Surprised, he stares at her. She peeks out from under her hair and mutters, "The police always say that." She starts to sniffle, and they watch her with wide eyes. She goes on about how they always accuse her of lying, and sobs into her hands. Ban straightens up, feeling like an ogre. Taking advantage of his distraction, she grins and aims a quick, vicious kick to his groin (poor Ban!). Jasmine utters a startled squeak of understanding as he bounces and falls over. Fara sneers down, calls him an idiot and mocks him about crying, and off she trots. She sets her hand on the door security lock, and a burst of green energy disrupts the systems. Out she runs. Ban charges after her, but the door won't open. "Why?" he yelps. Well, Jasmine explains that this is what Fara's people can do. Fara's path as she searches for the exit can be traced by the systems she disrupts along the way throughout Deka Base. The Main Generator, the Converter Unit, the Transfer Machine... Swan is in a panic trying to shore up the systems failures. But Fara seems to have reached the machine bay. For someone has powered up the Devil Capture. "What's happening?!" Well, Fara is in there all right, marching the machien out and laughing victoriously. She opens a small hatch in the side of her chair and brings out the box with the jewel in it. She smiles with joy.

Jasmine and Ban are still stuck in the interrogation room. Ban opens his badge and hears Kruger report on troubles. He's sending the others into the Deka Machines. Swan tells him not to do that, but it's already too late. The three of them are stuck together in the entrance to the slides. Kruger rushes to pull them back out. Umeko's angry voice is loudest, and Ban stares in surprise at his badge. There is another signal. Tetsu from space asks what is going on with the Deka Base, as he can't seem get an answer through regular channels. "Testsu, where are you?" Ban begs. Well, he's on his way home. Ban gives him a quick rundown on what's happened. Ban sets Tetsu to go after the girl. "Roger!" The Deka Bike Robo comes in for a landing.

The incongruous sight of a Devil Capture skipping through the city greets us. Fara is in the pilot seat, and she is dialing up someone else. "Hey hey, Pino-chin!" she greets. "I'm sorry! The police arrested me!" She moues for the person she's talking to and says happily, "Oh, but I'm okay. Just wait a bit long - " She's cut off when her mecha runs smack dab into the Deka Bike Robo. She looks up, and sees its head above her machine. "You stop here!" Tetsu says through the loudspeakers. She shrieks in shock, staggers back, and tries a blast at him which he evades. "Nonsense," he scolds. He grabs the Devil Capture's nose and throws it over his shoulders. Fara is stunned. And then he uses the Catch Rope to bind the thing. He grabs it to bring it back to the Deka Base, but as soon as he gets it standing, it falls over. Why? Because she's gone. Annoyed, he growls.

Gone all right, and waddling along the city streets feeling full of herself. She holds up the box with the jewel, gloating. Ecstatic, she runs on. Of course. There is a boy, a male of her species, waiting for her in the park. He is the reason she's here. He is delicate to her, a pretty child with no more brains than she seems to have. He wears a heart pendant around his neck. They run to each other, crying each other's names, laughing, they cuddle up. She shows him the great crystal she's found, and he's impressed, "It looks expensive!" And it's all to share with him. "You're the greatest!" and on about her. She basks in his simple praises. And their reunion is interrupted by the approach of an orange and black stranger. I gotta say, those Iigaroids are a fine design. The boy thinks he looks like some sort of monster. And he is, of course, here for the gem. "Give it back." She has no intention. Her mocking lecture tremendously impresses her boyfriend, who thinks she's awsome. "You face up to bad guys!" "Oh yeah," well... until they blast you. The pair leap into each others' arms. The Iigaroid stalks towards them, terrifying. The two scream as one and flee. They flee together through a scenic park, straight into the waiting Dekaranger. "Stop running," Ban tells the startled pair. And Hoji demands the crystal. Frantic, Faraway trembles and frets, "What do I do, what do I do?" Her boyfriend panics, fluttering around, as the Iigaroid approaches from behind them. "Give that back," it says. The Dekaranger are rather surprised to see him there. Her boyfriend hiding behind her, she comes to a decision on the jewel. She takes it from the case, gives it a wincing look, and swallows it.

Everyone stares and utters noises of surprise, even the Iigaroid. She finally gets it down, while her boy flutters more. "Well, now you can't get it at all!" she sneers at both pursuers. But then there is a loud sound and a mocking voice. Ban snaps, "Who's that?!" A flutter of wings and a group of bats coalesce into Agent Aburera. They gasps when they see him. "What are you?" whimpers the alien boy. Fara recognizes him as the one who'd hired her to deliver the crystal in the first place. He's not interested in the Dekaranger for once. He's here because of the girl. She is surprised, but he takes the opportunity to introduce himself to the kids. He's the one who's been giving them a lot of trouble. "My name is Agent Aburera." And more about his interest in obliterating this world. And this little girl here, she was bringing a homing beacon for a bomb. The Dekaranger begin to catch on. He confirms so there's no misunderstanding. "That thing you ate was no crystal, little girl. It's the homing beacon for a star-destroying missile." Stunned, Fara touches her belly with a shaking hand. "Hah?" she timidly gasps. "When you took the gem out of its box, the missile was activated." She gapes at the box, then at him. "No way!" The Dekaranger note the world's in peril again. Aburera agrees, with the additional point that the missile will reach Earth in thirty minutes. He is amused by the irony of it. But while the girl and her boy stare at each other in shock, the Iigaroid comes up and knocks him out, grabbing the girl. She begs them not to be serious, but the Iigaroid tells her gravely it is. Aburera has no intention of letting them stop the bomb. Ban fires wildly on him, but he is only amused, and sends out his droids to fight. Our heroes change into armor, and the struggle begins. Time will run out. Aburera takes off. They have no time for him, but the Iigaroid is starting to drag off Fara. She cries to her boyfriend for help. He stares at her in horrified shock, but then in rage he skuttles back. "Shut up you idiot!" he shouts at her. She is stunned and stares wide-eyed. "Pirogi?" she asks his name uncertainly. "Shut up!" he squeals this time, shaking, and then adds, "I'm not gonna blow up with you! That wasn't a real crystal!" And he scrambles to his feet and runs away. Whimpering his name, she broken-heartedly struggles with the Iigaroid. She wails as it drags her off, "I didn't know!" Ban sees the situation and dashes to the rescue. He blasts the Iigaroid away from her. She falls and he lands protectively in front of her, "Fara, you've got to get out of here," he tells her. "Run away? You'll just arrest me..." she sniffles. Little confused, isn't she? The Iigaroid gets on its feet and mocks Ban, pointing out that one can't believe anything the fool girl says. "Shut up!" Ban snaps back. "If you think you can help her, what about when that missile strikes Earth?" the Iigaroid points out. "I've already thought of an answer!" Ban snaps back. His opponent calmly tells him, "I'm not like the other Iigaroids you've fought in the past."

Episode. 31

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