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Fireball Newcomer!

The sound of a thin siren crying, a red vehicle with many rows of wheels hurtles at high speeds. In the car a man in red leathers (spandex) grips the steering wheel tight. The guages read 699 (and climbing) skw/hpc, the radar says ongo. On the hood of the vehicle is the number 1, and S.P.D The driver calls enthusiastically, we see he is pursuing another vehicle, clearly of video-game imaging. Then a closeup on the real model, a slim-nosed racing car. Inside, the driver is non-human, sporting fans and pointed edges, scaled armor. We see they are racing down a road on another world. It is night, a nebula colors the sky and a great, golden, brown and orange planet is setting or rising along the horizon. 第28銀河・系惑チャンベーナ We are in Galaxy 28, System Chanbayna. Maybe. The bad guy's vehicle is black and yellow with wide, heavy wheels. The pursuer is in the Patrol Striker. He overtakes the bad guy and tries to drive him off of the road. The enemy responds by getting ahead of him and firing all cannons. Against shouted advice from someone else, the young man continues into the barrage, and his vehicle gets blown into the sky.

In an effort to make someone uncertain (didn't work on me), next we see an enormous golden cross with looks like painted pencils stuck to it. A white dove flies up. Oh, of course. This is a wedding ceremony. The attendees appear to be cat-people. "You may kiss the bride," says the preacher. The male and his family tend to brown and white. The female and hers to orange and white. He leans in to kiss her when suddenly the wall of the church is smashed in. The attendees flee for their lives. It is the Patrol Striker, and the driver hollars "Sorry about that!" But the signal from base is "Mission Delete" which doesn't sit well with him. He drives out of the church. The dismayed preacher crosses himself and prays, while newly-wed husband and wife reassure each other and the rest of the wedding party ranges between shock and fury.

Ignoring his orders, the young man is back on the road, looking for his enemy. He finds him, and the other driver is impressed. The boy hits the turbo and crashes into the other car, sending it flipping and spinning out of control. But our young would-be hero finds himself also in dire straights. The other vehicle crashes and explodes, we hear the driver scream. Yelping with delight, it takes our boy an instant to realize he's coming up on a barrier in the midst of the road. The block set up to warn folks of the impndingend of the road, unfortunately fails to stop him. "No way!" he cries as he barrels into it. He hits a button in a frantic attempt to halt his momentum. Huge grappling hooks unfold from the back top of his car and clutch at the sides of the road sending sparks flying. Miraculously the car halts just before the end of the road, and a very, very long drop to a canyon below. The driver sighs in relief as he powers down. Just a boy, with hair spiking up like one of those little troll dolls. His face sets grimly, and now he pulls out a slim hand to look at the medallion he holds. Green and silver, with four black stones set around a circle in which there is the Star of David symbol. "I did it," he says softly to the medallion. It once belonged to someone else, someone who may have died. A child dressed in white lying limp with eyes closed, body battered. The boy closes his hand around the medallion now. And then a furious scream shocks him out of his melancholy.

A holographic projection of what, I'm sure, is his captain in front of him. The fellow, whatever he is, is jumping with rage. Yelling fit to burst he finally turns his back and tells Banban that he's fired from the Special Police. "EEEH?!!" protests the boy. And the captain is replaced by his marching orders, both in English and in er... well, technically English, but they've tried to make it look alien. Dekared, Special Police Dekaranger. Banban Akaza. A full listing of his weapons with Hybrid spelled wrong. Oh, they're assigning him to Earth. His reaction, when he realizes what he's reading, is a scream of joy. He leaps to his feet, whapping his poor head on the roof of the car. The old bridge beneath his vehicle settles down slightly at that moment. And we reach the beginning credits.

Super Sentai Series... speedy roll down a street lined by office buildings, every window green-lit. The five heroes, our Earth. Blah blah. The base, each hero. Good music. "One - Emergency! Two - Dekaranger..! 3 - Action! 4 - Perfect! 5 - Get ON!" Driving the police vehicles. Fighting the minions. Good action. Interesting alien monster, it's picked up a long bus and there are terrified civilians inside. Green, kind of neat. The commanding officer, he of the blue and white fur, calling orders to them. A girl in white and black, a swan-theme going on here. 白鳥スワン Yes, her name is Swan Shiratori. I'm guessing scientific support staff. The giant vehicles, shiny and new. I think the toys are going to have lots and lots of flashing lights, folks. And now the show begins.

The big blue marble, a world hanging sweetly in the depths of space. Earth. A string of police cars, sirens blaring. A worried elderly officer speaks urgently. They are collecting in a bare parking lot. Several police cars and a whole bus. The reason? A bus full of civilians who cry for help, adults and children pounding on the windows. A young officer urgently relaying information about the situation while SWAT teams disembark. The older officer arrives to the scene. Their enemy seems like a very active insect, or some deep sea creature. Green and silver, with two segmented arms, what appears to be one leg. It holds a city bus above its head and makes demands, but not in Japanese or English, hahah. It gives the bus a slight shake, and the passengers and driver fall painfully. It is getting enraged, venting steam from its nostrils. Looking constipated, the older officer tells the younger to call on the Dekaranger.

The PatSigner is coming, as wide as any four cars it trundles up the road, driver speaking through a loudspeaker to clear folks out of her way. Cars stop and people obediently pull in to the center of the road. The big vehicle passes over them. The PatRailer is also coming, and of course the PatArmor and PatGyrer. The four enormous vehicles converge on where the alien is, and the regular police are pretty darned glad to see them. Out come the drivers in their armor, they bring out their small weapons and prepare to fight, while Blue calls up data on their enemy. This isn't going to be quite so simple, he realizes. Yellow wants to fire, Green doesn't seem to agree. Then he reallizes Umeko, Pink, is gone and looks around for her. "Umeko, where are you?" he signals her. Well, she's gone aboard the bus. "HUH?" they all react. Ayup, sure enough while they were discussing it, she'd gone up there. She pushes open the door, it seems so that she can speak more clearly to them. They listen to what she's asking of them, and agree, but the enemy shakes the bus again, and then fires golden beams from its eyes. Utterly furious, it makes its demands again. The older officer comes over to see why the three of them are just standing there. Blue is being perfectly calm.

Umeko, though worried, is soothing the people aboard the bus. She tells them just to wait a little longer, and maybe they should sing. This gets a predictable reaction from at least one woman. But when Umeko starts singing an encouraging song about how everyone's going to live, though most of them stare at her as if she's out of her mind, the youngest child aboard start to sing with her. The noise attracts the attention of the alien, who shakes the bus violently. Blue's come up with a strategy and shares it with the others. Then he leads them in. Umeko tells everyone to get to the back of the bus, and changes into her armor. Blue gets the others started. Suddenly their three vehicles surge forward and the bus is taken even as energy bonds from the other vehicles have twined around the alien. The bus is set safely down in front of the police cars before the passengers even know what's happened. The startled police are quite impressed. It happened too fast for anyone to really see.

Because the four are professionals. Because they can work as one and follow orders. Because they have a good remote command device. Yellow had used a flashing light to blind the monster. Pink had fired at his foot, making him jump, Green had fired a golden energy lasso to bind his arms making him lose his grip on the bus, and Blue had just plucked the falling vehicle out of the air with an enormous magnet and set it down.

Pink helps everyone get moving and disembark. The little girl thanks her, and out she dashes to board her vehicle, calling out to Kouji, who happily drops the enormous handcuffs, binding the alien against a large building. Mission Complete, he says smugly. And the alien, wilting, weeps enormous tears. The police are quite relieved.

Someone else is not. A man stands, wearing dark blasses, there is a tri-diamond design on the back of his right hand. He rubs his chin thoughtfully, then heads away. The mecha return to Deka Base as the sun sets.

The five are lined up. Their bay has a translucent floor, through which one can vaguely see motion below. Technicians are there. Our heroes are home and transfer out of their armor, and we get a brief bio of each. Blue, Hoji, thinks the four of them are the best team ever. Very confident man. Green thanks him for his praise. Jasmine (Yellow) says they don't need a fifth person. Oh, I see.... Umeko not with them, they head for the command office. Their captain's ears twitch as he hears Hoji saying stubbornly that they're in perfect balance as just the four of them and don't need a Red. The captain growls softly. The three enter his presence and salute, announcing their return. He uncrosses his legs, takes off his glasses and turns around to face them. The narrator tells us a little about him. He comes out from behind his desk to welcome them back, then asks with some surprise where Umeko is. I see a theme developing here, as they look around behind them. Hoji theorizes, but where she is... well, she's in a bubble bath. A VERY long, pale pink tub thick with bubbles on the surface. A string of little rubber ducks. She is singing happily to herself about the bus. And then her commander's voice sternly comes through the speakers, apologising but telling her to get her buns in as soon as possible. The trouble's not over yet. Chagrined, she tells him yes, and tells her string of ducks to wait for her.

The four sit together with their captain at a six sided table with one glaringly empty seat. They open papers he's handed them. There is a strange, golden and red thing on display in the middle of the table. Jasmine takes a photo of it. This is from the prisoner they'd caught. Umeko snaps a shot, too. There is a plot afoot, and they must uncover it as soon as they can. He moves away from the table to call up some data, lecturing as he goes. A translation of what their enemy had been up to, talking to someone about a promise. Now he sends them off, and they board their regular vehicles. Out of the SPD bays go the three, out into the night. Their boss growls restlessly and turns to study their new artifact with some concern.

The strange, sinister man again. He holds what looks like a weapon. Two security guards have noticed him and come over to ask, flashlights on. They see what looks like a weapon in his hands and hurtle forward to confront him. He smirks and fires, injuring one man. The other fires back and he takes off, while the officer checks his partner. The man is alive but in considerable agony, and so the other one pursues the mysterious enemy while hollering for backup. A patrol car arrives, gets stopped by the man's shots. He runs out into the road and gets hit by a truck, smashed back several feet, landing on his back. The officers gather around him. He looks dead, the glasses off... but something also seems unnatural about him. Plastic. He was a robot?

Work is proceeding on other, slender blue and white vehicles. A young woman wears computer glasses on which she views what she needs to know. The captain comes to her office. These vehicles are more support for the Dekaranger. Not the big ones, either. She tells the Boss without looking around that she's still working on it. We get her data. She is from the planet Chinyo, a humanoid race and of the Bird Tribe. She hangs out in the Dekahanger. hahah. Now she takes her computer-glasses off and smiles warmly at him. Asks him what he wants and calls him "Doogie." Well, he's very worried. We see the five vehicles sitting all shiny in their hanger. How to face what is bigger. Will they have a fifth, she asks him. Well, they will. Even if they regret it.

For he is coming, his vehicle speeding in as he sings to himself. "Akaza Banban is coming back to Earth!" he crows. And he hits a space barrier before he can go down and yelps a protest. "Hey, you're supposed to know I'm coming!" he tries to break through, but also appears to be caught. The Dekaranger, unaware of him, are at work. Checking leads, using holographic images of the thing and asking if anyone's seen anything like it. One lady has a dog, who takes on an alien face to tell them he knows nothing about it. Other people are also aliens, living disguised as normal humans. They all know nothing. And then we reach a man with a junk shop. Upon seeing the projection he starts to panic, horrified. He is just opening up for the day, it is Umeko and Sen confronting him, demanding he tell them what he knows. Sen is more reassuring, a touch to the alien man's shoulder, earnest gaze. He starts to tell them reluctantly, but someone doesn't want it know. The shot comes from above. He falls dead in their arms. His assailant is already gone and now his human illusion drops, and his body becomes smoke. A frantic honking alerts them. They see a man racing away suspiciously. Off they go, Umeko signals the boss, who calls the others. They pursue the man and finally corner him, he is trapped, and the four close on him, but then he leaps a LOOOONG way up. "Well, that's no human being," comments Jasmine. Sen quickly uses his Police Badge/camera to get a view of what they're pursuing. "It's a Mechaman!" he says, as the reading shows what's under the coat. It jumps away, flying almost. "He's gone!" protests Umiko. But Hoji is on the ball. He fires, and the enemy falls into a warehouse. They race inside to confront him, and he tears off his coat to reveal a blue and black body, red eyes and mouth plates. They hold their weapons, prepared to fire, but as he attacks they change into their armor. Signal sent to the base, they are ready, and annouce themselves. He is unimpressed. He smashes them around a bit, though they get in a shot or two, using teamwork. "This is as far as you!" yells Jasmine. Oh, but it's not over yet. The enemy pulls out what looks like a hand grenade and throws it. It lands beyond them and four holes open up, putting out four streams of silvery substance. The streams each coalesces into eight creatures much like the one they already fight, except for round, silver heads instead of blue. They are machine, and they lurch into action. There are many more than eight,and our heroes are surrounded. The lead machine man makes a break for it, with a weapon on his hand. Only he is confronted by a new enemy. Banban has arrived at last, and smashes the enemy back. The others see him run into the fight with a mixture of surprise and some annoyance. Hoji tries to shout advice to the new arrival, who changes into armor and leaps to challenge. "I'm Dekared!" he shouts happily. But the enemy has another grenade full of minions, and he sends them out. He fires on the overconfident Red, but the boy is good and fires his way through the enemy, using two guns he cuts them down. The other four get out to watch the battle, staying out for the moment as the primary one keeps firing on Red, who goes atop and then runs down a building, his return fire taking out the minions and kicking into the main one. Sen wants to join the battle, but Hoji holds him back for now. Then Hoji calls a frantic warning. They yelp and turn. The new guy has put his weapons together to fire his Hybrid Magnum. "WAIT!" Hoji hollars frantically. Too late. "Shoot!" and the enemy is destroyed. Fallen into little bitty parts. As one the other four snarl, "You weren't supposed to DO that!!" and run over to him. Blissfully unaware of their anger, he apologizes for taking so long to get there. Hoji is so angry he's shaking. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!" he yells, and shoves Red back. Blindly confused, Banban explains how he'd put his two weapons together for maximum firepower. Umiko says "That's not what we mean!" "Eh?" he logically asks. However, Hoji has reached his limit and punches the new guy furiously. Certainly not less confused and now getting angry himself, Red leaps up and punches Hoji back. They start exchanging punches. Jasmine finally starts trying to shove the two apart. However, it takes Sen's interest in the remains of the machine man to distract them. He is studying the steaming wreckage, ignoring their silliness, wondering.

And in another place... inside a tall research building is a room. In the room a man lies, face exposed, white sheet covering his body. What looks like an alter is beind him. *tsk* Silly me, he is in the morgue. He opens his eyes. His face is strangely pale and it is the face of the man/machine which had been hit by the truck. He sits straight up now, and under his skin shades the imprint of another face, red and strange. It disappears. Now the man steps off of the table. He walks out.

Ban's police badge is signaling, and he opens it. The screen reads "Ad>Unknown-wave DANGER" and is in Search mode. The others are seeing the same thing. And back at Deka Base, the screens begin to go black. The hum of power dies. Their captain worries and checks in. The Barrier System has been breached! "But how?!" Breached indeed. Three ships are coming in, and a hole has opened to let them through. In fact... the entire barrier goes down. The ships land. Or do they fall? One on the Tokyo Tower, it seems to hang. One in front of the JR Tokyo Station. One lands haphazardly on the wires of the great bridge. And the now-five Dekaranger race to investigate.

For the sake of amusement, we get a little tour of the base. Red and Blue announce that this is the police department special for protecting the world. Green introduces the Dekaroom, where the Boss hangs. Yellow shows us Swan's office. Pink, who's hanging in her bathtub, tells us this is her favorite spot. I think it'll take me a while to get used to the music. Nice bass beat. Okay, it's the dancing heroes again. They're just preparing us for Blade's opening, I can tell. The singing group are aliens. Well, it's cute.

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Robo Impact

In our last episodes... A giant, green alien held a busload of innocent people hostage until he was captured by the four Dekaranger and wept. The teamretrieved a gold and red artifact, which's origins they are attempting to trace. They pursued a hitman who'd killed one of their alien informants, found it to be a Mecha-man, and fought it in their armor. The both fortunate and unfortunate arrival of a fifth member for their team, the boy in red, ended the battle because he destroyed the Mecha-man. Now...

The police are frantic at their big mainframe computer. Those who know how are programming madly. Everyone else is tearing down the halls. Despite all this excitement, elsewhere two officers check in the morgue, one carries a lit flashlight. The body of the man who'd gotten hit by a truck the other night while officers were pursuing him still lies innocently on its gurney. The taller officer asks what's with this, and the one with the flashlight replies. "It's Alienizer. Something's going down at the Dekabase." They are leaving, and close the door behind them. The corpse with the faintly plastic sheen smirks.

The Dekaranger are out in force, tearing through the streets in their huge mecha. Well, except Hoji (Blue) because he's flying the Gyrer. There is Tokyo Tower, and the UFO hanging on it, a mystery. Hoji wonders what this is about. Ban (Red) wonders if the pilot meant to do this. Hoji, exasperated, demands the others sound off. Sen-chan (Green) answers first. "This is your green guy, and it's the same here." He and Jasmine (Yellow) have arrived on opposite sides of the orange and gray UFO crashlanded in front of the Tokyo JR Station. Jasmine decides to try ramming the ship. She hits it a few times, then decides that's not working. Umeko (Pink) has arrived under the bridge where the third UFO hangs. Her machine can hydroplane. Like the other UFOs, this one is orange and gray. Looking it closely, it seems like part of a whole. It is shifting, as though trying to free itself from the bridge-cables. Umeko utters an anxious gasp. The one in front of Tokyo Station suddenly starts spinning, kicking up a cloud of dust. The worried Sen-chan and Jasmine back their vehicles away from it. The one hanging on Tokyo Tower gets loose and drops down, ah! They are burrowing under the city! The Dekaranger are flummoxed.

When they return to Dekabase tempers are running high. Hoji furiously grabs Ban by the collar, accusing him of fooling around. This leads to a bit of shouting back and forth and accusations of taking things too personally. Hoji protests this, recalling how this interloper had arrived and not listened to them. The other three nod and glower stubbornly. Ban responds, "Yeah, that was bad and I'm sorry!" "Sorry isn't going to cut it!" snarls Hoji. "Enough," cuts in their captain. Hoji releases Ban and comes over to complain more, but Captain Doggie isn't interested. He gets up and moves over to clap a hand on Ban's shoulder. "From this day on you have a Red, Number one. Let me introduce you. This is Banban Akaza. From the left is Hoji, Umeko, Jasmine and Sen-chan." They come together and eye him, Sen-chan rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Ban sighs, grins and bows low to them. "I'm very pleased to meet you." When they only continue to glower, he cocks his head and utters an inquiring sound. Captain Doggie is not finished, and turns to him. "Ban-ban is a bit long, so we'll just say one Ban." Ban is quite willing to accept that. The boss continues explaining that he chose Ban for the group himself. They need him. Hoji protests loudly, he already knows he can't stand Ban. The boss gently shuts him down. They continue to eye Ban as he gazes around happily, excited to be based on Earth.

The police are bringing in the non-corpse for, I suppose, an autopsy. They wheel it into an examination room.

The Dekaranger have pulled themselves together and are now analyzing the footage and data they collected from their battle with the Mecha-man. Hoji probably continues to make snide comments, provoking a gradually more and more indignant Ban. Finally Sen-chan tells them to knock it off. The captain brings up footage of how Ban destroyed it, for this is also important data. How the Dekabase systems had gone down, opening the barrier protecting Earth. This is Case File 82976. And of course, with the barrier down, three strange ships landed. Sen suggests maybe it's a giant enemy. Umeko suggests a bomb. Jasmine suggests something like a combination of both. And their mysterious artifact still holds position at the center of the table. Then an alarm goes off, but it is a smaller one, and they turn quizzically while Boss goes to answer the page. It is about the Alienizer. The man/robot hit by the truck before. What they are learning from examining the body. When the camera zooms in on his face, Ban suddenly cries, "Of course!" and tears out of the command room. Hoji races after him, wanting to know what's up and calling him. He can keep up but not overtake, racing downstairs after Ban. "Hold up! What are you up to?!" He finally manages to get alongside and Ban answer "The timing is just too perfect!" "What?" But before he can really explain, they get to the Autopsy Room... and it is empty. A gasp of shock. They look around nervously, and suddenly someone turns on the bright lights. A tap against the window behind them and it slides shut, they whirl, guns already out and straight in the face of their enemy. He stands, seemingly indifferent to the weapons. He holds no weapon and only points at each of them in turn. "So, you are this star's Dekaranger." They don't let their guard down at all, Hoji demands to know who he is. Just then the others and Captain Doggie arrive. Sen-chan has a pair of handcuff and moves in to cuff the stranger. He seems to allow himself to be lead away peacefully enough, with a smirk. Hoji and Ban stay to the back, weapons trained on him. Captain Doggie, tugs Ban back and tells the startled young man to come with him a moment. He leads him into Swan's workspace. Looking perturbed, Ban accuses him of being unfair to take only Ban away. But unfair is not the captain's intent. He knows about Ban, had accepted the facets of his character when choosing him. Perhaps asks something. "Of course!" Ban responds to a question. "Is that all? Oh, man!!" he grumbles and tears off like any ten-year old interrupted at play. Swan comes up next to the captain and says "Well, a bit of a brat, isn't he? But interesting." She looks amused. Being a fuzzy mask, the captain only looks as always. He nods agreement with her.

They took the prisoner to an interrogation room. Sen-chan is doing the questioning, with Jasmine hovering nearby. Umeko and Hoji stand outside the room, guns at ready and eyes trained on their suspicious guest. He plays the recording they'd made about a promise, two male voices. "The second voice is yours," he calmly notes. The man replies, "It's a good voice."

Ban arrives, shoving to press his nose against the window. Irritably, Umeko and Hoji shove him back, out of their way. Like them, he pulls out his gun and keeps watch.

Sen-chan brings out the sweet artifact. It's a pretty thing, I tell you. The man smirks and lifts his cuffed hands, seeming to be moving them towards the object. Jasmine watches him alertly. She takes the glove off of her right hand and puts her palm down on the table, very close to his, while the interrogation continues. We see that behind her is a two-way mirror. At least we assume it's two-way, since we know Ban, Umeko and Hoji are watching from the other side. Jasmine calmly tells him that they've figured out he's using precious stones, and he is startled from his confident complacency. For you see, Jasmine is an Esper! (well, actually that IS a surprise) Their prisoner realizes at her smirk, and pulls his hands away from her bare one. He makes what may be a threat to the young woman, who re-gloves her hand and brings her weapon to bear on him. What she relates of the things on his mind causes Sen-chan to grab the artifact and hide it behind him, and the others frantically tear in. "Well," the enemy muses, "I'll give you this." And he lightly warns them about the machine Sen-chan is holding. The guns of all five are trained on him, but he is unimpressed. The things he says about another star and Jasmine's responding question about the machine... of all of them, she is the only one who unsettles him. But he answers her honestly, then glows blue and shmmers. changing to what may be his true face. He is an alien, and bears a resemblance to the one who was driving the car Ban pursued on the alien planet. He is of Diamante Star, and his name is Don Moyaida. He is silver and orange, like the three ships that landed. "YOU!" yelps Ban, recognizing him. But he'd thought the man was dead. Well, that was the plan. And now Don Moyaida blows the cuffs off his wrists and blasts at them. Ban shouts a warning. He is thrown against one wall with Umeko and Hoji. Sen-chan and Jasmine hit the other, and then Don Moyaida holds out a hand crackling with energy and pulls his machine from Sen-chan's hold with it. The case shatters and the thing, a weapon, flies into its masters hands where it fits perfectly. Sen-cham and Jasmine start firing an instant before the others, but the Don has already made a shield to block their shots. Now he presses a gem on the weapon. There is a ding, the ground shakes. The three ships have come out of the ground and are flying to each other. The Dekaranger are staggered. Don snorts, then busts his way out of the base, amused by their shouted protests. And before they can pursue, their captain signals them through Ban's badge to say that the three ships have popped up.

On the streets, the people are wisely running for it. Amidst the chaos is the Don. He homes in on his machines. Hitting the buttons on his control device causes the three to form togehter in electric crackles. The heavy-duty machine they form is called Fancrusher! There is, needless to say, a fan-theme going on. The Don quickly boards his machine and put the control device into place. All of the panels light up, powered by this tool of his. The fan blades start spinning, spines also start spinning. He hits the accelerator and the Fancrusher surges forward. It goes in starts and stops, too big for the city. He rides in the cockpit, the device now functioning as a steering wheel. He thinks as he moves that this is a remote world, and there are these precious stones. The Fancrusher bears down on a building and frantic office workers scream, racing for the exits. The building is literally torn apart by its whirling spikes. While people flee, the Fancrusher starts gobbling up the debris and spitting it out in smaller forms. Like shrapnel the heavy pieces fall everywhere, smashing the windows of cars, and very likely getting several people. A girl falls on the road. One block of - possibly part of a wall - halts on her foot and she cries out in pain and terror.

Captain Doggie races into Swan's workspace. They aren't ready yet, he's anxious for them to be ready. But what can they do? Well, the Dekaranger are arriving on the scene. Above them the enormous mecha is destroying, raising clouds of black smoke and fire. The streets are choked with debris, some cars have literally had their hoods crushed under larger pieces. Ban is in with shouted, "Hold on!!" The others are right with him. He furiously shouts his identity, then notices the woman pinned on the street, whimpering with pain. He races over to her, asking if she's all right and telling her she's cute when she nods. He starts heaving debris up, trying to free her. He's moving pretty quickly, and Hoji steps in to help get her out of danger and flirt, taking advantage of Ban's work to put his arm around the girl, voice a carress as he gets her on her feet, putting in a mild bid for a date. She's too startled to answer and Ban is most annoyed with Hoji horning in on his action. "I saw her first!" Their three teammates look more than slightly irritated with this. While the other two are arguing, an annoyed Sen-chan pulls out a kerchief, moves on and uses it to cover the painful gash in her leg, where her nylons have been torn. "You'll be allright," he tells her calmly, and she nods in relief. "We'll get you to safety," he adds, takes her arm and walks away with her, while Hoji and Ban don't even notice, they're so busy arguing. Finally the girls push between the two morons and Jasmine says "Enough of this!" Umeko adds, "Let's go!" and the boys follow them, having completely forgotten about the poor girl. But she's safe already, and thus all five are together to haul out their badges and change into their armor. The Dekametal is beamed on from the base (hello, Jetman!) and brain-dead Ban calls the Dekamachines. At the base, a young male voice announces "Start up the main engine. PatGyrer. PatRailer. PatArmor. PatSignal. *somethingsomething* Open the gate." Yes, only Ban's machine is left behind. The side of the base opens up, and out come the machines, answering the call. Ban is startled and confused when his doesn't arrive and protests. The captain tells him his isn't ready yet. He is in Swan's work area, and now he signals the other four. "Roger!" they respond as one. Umeko uses PatSignal's sign board to flash an angry face and calls for the Fancrusher to stop. She gets very nervous as it bears down on her. A smart woman, she wheels her machine back and out of the path of destruction. "Well that didn't work!" she complains. The PatRailer rolls in for a try. Sen-chan sets the Signal Cannon to work. Firing his Catch Rope, to his dismay the spinning spines only rip it apart. The Don is amused and contemptuous. Ban groans, furious that he alone cannot join the battle. He races off for the base. "My turn!" snaps Jasmine. She speeds into the fray. Don sees her coming. She rams the side of his machine, but it's so much larger than hers, the recoil sends her vehicle tumbling. Hoji starts firing, but the Don only laughs.

Ban tears into Swan's office, yells he's taking his machine, then tears out. They shout after him to hold on, but he's already got the boarding tube coming down. Swan says anxiously that they cannot combine yet. He leaps and slides down, hearing what she'ssaying, but indifferent. He gets his vehicle moving as the base announcer tells of its progress. They are both annoyed and impressed with him. Thus he arrives, calling them to combine with him. They don't really know what to do, but he puts out his Striker arms, grabs the girl's vehicles and links them with him. The Don fires, and the others try to hold him off. They begin the combination sequence, the girls rather disoriented to be suddenly horizontal. And in rapid orde they're up, and the Signal Cannon springs into their hands. "Interesting," comments the Don. Yes, but not so happy. The Deka Robo is fast, and with the strength and flexibility of its drivers, well! Hoji commands it into a roll when the Fancrusher starts firing at them. They fire back as they leap out of the way. They land easily, gracefully for such an enormous machine. Umeko leads them in a roll the opposite direction avoiding more fire. They roll behind skyscrapers. Their return shots have raised smoke and fire, and the Don finds, when it clears, that he cannot see them anywhere. They have ducked behind some buildings and are tracking his motion, ready to attack again. They suddenly pop up behind him with the giant cuffs at ready, Umeko shouting an order that he hold his machine still. He puches a button on his control device, and they get a faceful of debris out of its exhaust pipes. The Fancrusher turns around, and Sen-chan calls out the Judgement Sword quickly. Jasmine supports this action, getting the Robo to its feet. They use the sword trying to cut apart the Fancrusher, and finally a very annoyed Don makes his escape, leaving his machine to be destroyed by repeated blasts from the Signal Cannon. They happily holster the weapon, but are aware that the Don is out, and hissing the the cops of Earth are not going to beat him! They come in their armor to face him. They each have a little speech, one point for each finger. I'll find out later what comes before self-identification. And Ban raises the point of his medallion, the one from a child, possibly killed by the Don. A child whose blood was black. Amused to realize that is the reason Ban is so set on getting him, the Don mocks him. Ban loses it and charges him, screaming. Umeko is happy to support him this time. The others soon agree and charge in with him enthusiastically. One after the other they attack as a team, and the Don is really getting the worst of it. Ban calls on his badge for "Judgement Time." Trapped in a field, a clock-field. Don is being judged and imprisoned. Ban fires the Hybrid Magnum, and Don is destroyed. With a flourish, Ban holsters his weapons.

Ah, but it is not as over as it looks. Somewhere, there is someone with three enormous eyes. Someone who breathes liquid, and is hidden down a deep, dark shaft. Someone batlike, living with bats who now fly out of their home. Out and up, into the skies, him with them.

Swan and Captain Doggie are settling down. "I'm sure glad that's over," Swan says. "I'm afraid not, it's just begun," the captain tells her. "Ah, really?" she wonders. And the kids arrives. Umeko is first, and strangely she's dressed in a light pink robe. Jasmine arrives just with her, but in normal clothes. A bit uncertain, the captain asks where the men are. "Oh, they're changing," says Jasmine. "Changing?" he repeats, confused. Just then, Hoji walks in. He is wearing a civilian suit, with sunglasses and a wide open shirt. On his tail is the excited Ban, wearing jeans and a shiny, black shirt. He has a date. Both have come to say they're off. Hoji is deeply annoyed, and starts arguing with Ban. He aims a punch, but Ban is ready and catches the flying fist. "Thank you," he says cheerfully. The girl will be grateful to him. He throws a punch, too, but both punches are light, and Hoji catches Ban's return. Jasmine steps in wth a couple of cups, I think for her and Umeko. She is amused by their posturing. Hoji is sneering and Ban grabs his suit and they start hissing at each other, though the captain tries to break it up. The girls are sipping their drinks and watching all of this posturing like it's a movie for their entertainment. While they argue, Sen-chan arrives and talks to the boss. He is in a tuxedo, and gentle and very responsible. He is pleased with the addition of Ban. "But why are you wearing a tuxedo?" the captain asks. Sheepishly Sen-chan pulls out a bouquet of flowers and tells the captain that the young woman who they'd rescued earlier had asked him out. Ban and Hoji hear this and whirl in shock. "I'll just see you all later," Sen tells the captain. Smiling shyly, he turns and heads out the door. Hoji and Ban pull it together to protest and start dashing after him. The girls sigh in amusement. Their boss growls, slighty discomfitted, and Swan is amused.

Today they introduce their machines. Ban tells us (and Jasmine joins for the last word) "Jasmine and I ride in the Machine Doberman!" Sen-chan tells us (Umeko joining for last word) "Umeko and I ride in the Machine Bull." Hoji says, "And I drive the Machine Husky." Jasmine asks us which we ride in. And the ending song starts.

Episode. 03 Perfect Blue
Well, we seem to have a kidnapping. A very irritable alien wants to exchange a girl for a very impressive ruby-red gemstone. The girl's family is in, and everyone is very serious. The girl is trapped in a glass pyramid atop a building. Hoji is intent to get her out. Surprise surprise, he and Ban argue. Again. Always. "We are professionals!" Hoji snarls to Ban's protests. There appear to be three different aliens showing up in this one. One is giant.

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Perfect Blue

A barren area, white shapes like buildings, snow piled on the ground. Closing in we find Ban walking forward into this maze-like area. The others stand nearby watching him critically. We soon realize this is a testing ground. Suddenly makeshift aliens flash around the barriers. Ban whirls, leaps flying into the air and lands firing, first the alien on the left, then the one on the right goes down. Two more pop up behind him he leaps and fires at them. Umeko seems impressed. "He did it!" she says cheerily, while Hoji is typing in comments on a clipboard he holds in his hands. Behind Umeko, Sen-chan looks bemused. Jasmine stands tall beside him, arms folded, and she is amused. Figures popping up around him, Ban seems to panic and leaps, rolling in the air, firing. He lands on his feet and finds to his dismay that one of the figures he shot is a civilian, a hapless man in a business suit. Sen comments, "Well, he got a normal person." Hoji heads over to critique as Ban kneels beside the stricken wooden board-man and apologizes. But Hoji scolds him furiously. "What did you think you were doing? You fired too many bullets!" Ban cheerfully gets to his feet and assures Hoji, "If this were real, I'd do fine. Don't worry, buddy!" He lays his hand on Hoji's shoulder, triggering a pretty predictable reaction. "I'm not your buddy!" and Hoji slaps the offending hand away. But Ban cheerfully takes the clipboard from Hoji's hands saying to show him how it's done, trots over to the others, shoves the board into Umeko's hands and, lower lip stubbornly out, watches as Hoji walks between the patches of snow and cement barriers. Four figures pop out and Hoji is already firing. Alien figure after alien figure feels the burn and falls. A schoolgirl appears, Hoji doesn't fire on her. Another alien up top and he hits that. Ban forgets his annoyance in admiration. But then another human figure appears and Hoji fires on this one without hesitation. The others yelp in surprise. A delighted Ban bounds down to criticise, while Hoji is pocketing his weapon. The figure of the woman stands, a gun across her waist. "You fired on the normal auntie!" Ban says smugly. "Take a closer look," Hoji says snidely. Only now does Ban notice the painted gun. Cool as ice, Hoji reaches out and takes off the face to reveal the alien beneath. Totally impressed, Ban grabs Hoji's shoulders to praise him, calling him Aibo again (which means something to the effect of "sidekick" but equates with "buddy" better) and again a furious Hoji cuts him down. Hoji snaps that he's part of the Special Police and unlike Ban, he never misses. Ban counters that he's as human as anyone else and can miss. Hoji arrogantly replies, "I'm a pro, and I've never missed once." Ban is astounded, but willing to believe it. "You're not even close to me!" Hoji continues furiously.

Night, and a hall of some sort. Lovely women in very expensive dresses. One coming down the stairs is in sweet, shining gray velvet. Her friend calls her "Erika!" and when she happily comes over, comments on how lovely the dress is. The friend is in what appears to be white satin. A third friend joins them as Erika praises her friend's dress, too. "Are you going to play the violin today?" Erika is shyly begging off, when they notice something strange. The table next to them is shaking. In fact, the whole building is shifting and there is a distant sound, like the trumpet of an elephant. Or like the building being torn from its moorings. The frightened young women cling together and to assorted solid objects. Erika runs out the door to see what's up. The sound is neither elephant nor building, but a gigantic alien walking their way in the night. "Is it a robot?" wonders Erika. Hmm. Well, it's name is Kaijuuki 怪重機 Devil Capture. Definitely a machine.... Its arm swings down and smashes an office building in front of it. The girls, logically, all race out of the building they are in and scream at the sight. Erika stands and stares, seeming too frightened to move.

At the Dekabase, alarms sound and Captain Doggie jumps up at the news. Jasmine is lifting weights in the gym. She starts up at the alarms. Sen-chan is in a room full of computers, working with someone else. He comes, too. I haven't the faintest idea where Hoji is, but he's been working with someone in a white room. Ban races up stairs. Umeko, of course, leaves a tub chock full of bubbles. All dressed and ready, they arrive in the control room. When he tells them to head off, they change into their amor, "Emergency, Dekaranger! Transform!" They dive into their tunnels and land in their machines. "Go into the action," says the voice of whoever gets to speak as they leave the base.

The attacking mecha fires blue lightning, choosing random destruction of just about everything around as his calling card. Inside the cockpit, the pilot cackles happily. He is a strange, ropey-bodied being. He watches the terrified humans running away from the scene. He is Hellheaven, from Gurowza Star. And he is signalled by a rather annoyed compatriot, the golden and white Kebakiia, of Ricomo Star. He wasn't supposed to attract all this attention! "The Dekaranger are coming!" "Well that's what I want, you know I was bored," Hellheaven replies sheepishly. Having a hissy fit, Kebakiia screams, "Just STOP it!" and urges him to remember the assignment. "Get Erika!!" Obedient, he stops firing and looks down at the running people. His sensors single out one girl, Erika of course, in the crowd. She is golden. He says "I found you!" and probably calls her name. She stops and turns to stare. A bearm of blue light comes from the cockpit of the mecha, engulfs her and takes her away.

The five Dekaranger vehicles are on their way, through a wide enough area that the four ground-vehicles can travel abreast. "It took that girl!" gasps Umeko. Ban is happy to have her rescue left to him, but Hoji strongly tells him they have to combine their machines. Ban is not happy, but Sen-chan tells him that Hoji is an Elite, and knows what he's about. Ban obeys the order, and soon they form the Dekaranger Robo, the Signal gun popping into it's hand. They yell at the enemy to freeze, which of course he does not. Umeko tells them the weak point on their enemy (the neck), Hoji intends to use the sword, and in the fight, even Hoji is too busy to complain when Ban calls him "Aibo" again. They have the Judgement Sword out, and Hellheaven moves his mecha fast enough to block their strike. The arm is damaged, though. But the battle is not to continue, for Kebakiia calls Hellheaven in, reminding him firmly that this is not the job, however much fun he is having. Just as they are about to fire on him and finish him off, Hellheaven smirks (we must imagine that) and says, "Later days," pushing a button that teleports his mecha away is a flare of white light so bright they are temporarily blinded. Ban complains furiously that their enemy is gone.

Down, down, a tumbling scattered landscape, digitalized until she appears, kneeling, in a white room. The walls are lined with white, square tiles. Erika gets to her feet, puzzled by her new surroundings. A viewscreen shows waves tumbling against a shore. The room has doors on opposite walls, and she steps hesistantly. "Where am I?" The view changes from the waves to a sky thick with clouds. She reaches hesitantly towards the screen, when she hears someone laughing, little gulping, high-pitched chuckles. She gasps and steps back. The screen ripples out, exposing a room beyond just like the one she's in, except containing the alien Kebakiia, who comes up, and then pops halfway through the screen to cackle at her. His head is enormous, like some deep-sea fish's mouth is his. He comes all the way in, shrinking to a human-appearing size, arms folded, and welcomes the princess to his world. She frantically backs and runs away from him, opening the door to flee she finds she only comes out the door on the other side of the room. There is nowhere to go. She tries going the other way, but that doesn't help. Each time she does it, though, his body flickers like a shifting holographic image. Laughing, he tells her she can't run away from him, and hits a button on his arm. She staggers back and is forced down, imprisoned in a glass pyramid, and her clothing has been changed, red, white and silver clothing befitting a captured princess. He hairs now has two thick white lengths on either side. She demands to know what he thinks he's doing. Laughing insanely he leans on the walls and peers in at her. "You'll know soon!"

Sirens blaring, the Dekaranger smaller vehicles go through the now black night. They've gone to Erika's family home, and Hoji leads the group in presenting themselves to her parents, to explain what's happened. "I am Earth Police office Tomasu," he says, flashing them his ID. "My daughter?" asks the anxious father. "You have to help her, please!" The wife, standing behind her husband bravely, breaks down. "Please, she's our only child! Our precious daughter!" Umeko asks what the kidnapper wants. Miserably, the father says they haven't been contacted yet. But you have a feeling he might already know. In fact, the kidnapper contacts them now. A beam of light comes from their computer screen out onto the desk. We see an image of the cackling Hellheaven standing next to Erika in her glass pyramid. She sees her parents and gasps at them. They see her and call her name. While Hellheaven mocks them, Jasmine has her badge out and is taking a reading on the mage. Their computer is full of green garbaldy-good, but no one sees. Ban snarls what does he want. Jasmine reads what her machine has told her. Hellheaven is a multiple-murderer, at least twenty-nine people. Hellheaven isn't interested in them, though. He tells the girl's parents, "If you want your daughter back, you have to give me the Wellness Stone. The parents go utterly still at that. Then he tells them to meet him at the "Baisto Stadium" in the morning, and only one may come. Then he whaps on the pyramid and emphases or they'll never see their daughter alive again. She frantically tells them not to come. Ban, having had enough of this, leaps forward and takes a punch at the cackling hologram. It fades away as the mother calls her daughter's name and leaps forward, too. "Why? Why this?" she sobs, and huddles into her husband's comforting arms. Hoji decides they can't wait, though. He steps forward and says, somewhat softly, "What is the Wellness Stone?" Stirred from his grief, the husband lifts his gaze and stares at the young man. He looks more than a little bewildered, but his wife wipes the tears from her eyes and straightens up. They consider, then nod agreement together. The husband/father moves to the lovely white and golden globe upon the table. He turns it and we see that it is mostly in English, the countries of the world color-coded. Maybe it's one of those globes made with slivers or precious or semi-precious gems. He turns it again and we hear a click. The cabinet behind the desk slides aside, to the Dekaranger's surprise. There is a safe in the wall behind it. A quick turn of the combination lock and out the man brings a gray box. He sets it on the table and opens it. They crowd around to see what's inside. A red gem cut like a star, with a fire-bird embossed on the surface. The man goes to stand beside his wife. They both look grim as he explains that this is the Wellness Stone. Sen-chan hesitantly asks for further explanation, for perhaps they said the name of another world. They look at each other and again decide together. They stand tall, and a shimmer of bright, red light engulfs them. When it dies, they are clad in white with red sashes, and fine shanks of white streak their hair. The man steps aside, explaining their origins. They are from the 88th Galaxy, Fragrant Star. Their world, a great, green globe. A war in space, viscious and cruel. Ships on fire. And then, from one enormous vessel, a beam of light piercing their planet. On the surface, under skies turned red with fire, frightened people screamed as their world burned around them. People tried to drag the injured to safety, but there was no safety. He and his family had escaped just in time, for their planet was destroyed. And they had come to Earth.

At the Dekabase, the five and their commander are in a room with Swan. This room proves to be mobile, not precisely an elevator. Ban wonders what they're doing and Swan will show them. She goes into the room they've arrived in front of. She has Sen-chan's weapon, and sets it in a stand. "This is the normal power of your weapon," she tells them, giving them a serious glance. Obedient to her cues, Umeko presses a red button. The weapon fires on a silver ball placed across the room. It does little else than make it glow for a moment. "Now, this is what happens when you filter this energy through the Wellness Stone." The stone is question comes up now, on a stand between weapon and target. Swan goes back into the other room and sits down. She presses the Power button. Again, Sen-chan's gun fires. The thin green beam hits the Wellness Stone, comes out a thick, orange blaze. And the silver globe is utterly destroyed. All that remains is smoke rising from the stand. The Dekaranger flinch back. "That's why they want this stone," Swan points out tensely. "It's too much power," half-gasps Umeko. And the stone sits, suddenly ominous in its innocense.

Now the Dekaranger are in their office, listening to a speech from their boss. Sen-chan and Jasmine worry calmly. Umeko is louder in her concerns. To give this stone to a known murderer? Ban points out calmly that they have to save Erika, and wanders over to confirm that the Boss is with them in this. He is, except... Hoji is quite vocal in his objections to giving the stone to the enemy. Ban is immediately upset. "You'll just stand by and let that girl die?!" Hoji snarls, "Who said that?" "You just did!" pouts Ban. Exasperated, Hoji calls him an idiot and glances around at his team. "We're pros. Naturally we'll save her." Captain Kruger says warmly, "Then you have a plan, Hoji." The young man nods confidently.

Night has fallen, and Hellheaven sits in an empty bar, besidetables colored black and purple. He is drinking some alien brew. The computer on the table beyond suddenly turns on. "Hey!" Kebakiia calls, and then calls again and again until Hellheaven comes out of his alcohol haze enough to notice and complain about having his time interrupted. Kebakiia lectures him about keeping it together for tomorrow, maybe, getting a snide snort from the other alien. The comments Hellheaven makes induces Kebakiia to threaten to come out. Hellheaven stumbles backwards as the screen bulges and Kebakiia's torso starts to form is green and blue light. "What's with you?" he complains. Kebakiia warns him that the Dekaranger are up to something.

Morning, and Erika's father is on his way to where he's been demanded, walking beside an artificial river, between rows of winter-bare trees. In his white and red he walks into the stadium. We find Ban and Hoji together on a ledge above him. Hoji hits a button, transmitting an image of the situation to where Sen-chan and Jasmine are watching inside their car. The father stands, looking around thoughtfully. And now we hear that screeching sound, and Hellheaven's mecha rises above the stadium. It was inside. The father takes a deep breath. Hellheaven leaps from his cockpit to confront the man. The four Dekaranger all take quick breaths and hold their positions. "Show me what you got," Hellheaven demands. The man counters with a demand to see his daughter. With an amused snort, Hellheaven hauls out a device. He turns around and turns a nob on it. From his cockpit comes a beam of blue light, hitting the ground near him and depositing the pyramid with Erika inside. She and her father exchange gasps names. Well, she says "Father!" at any rate. Hellheaven keeps between them. Hoji, above, is tapping commands into his badge. Its sensors focus on the pyramid and Ban admires this, "Hey buddy, good work! You making sure it's really her?" "Don't talk," Hoji says quietly.

Below, Hellheaven demands to be shown the Wellness Stone. The man opens the case he carries to reveal the large gem. Hellheaven has a device and he peers through it at the stone. Above, Hoji's screan is still in Search mode. It flickers with static for an instant and then clears. Hoji frowns deeply. Ban asks "Hey, wasn't that a little weird, buddy?" "Don't call me buddy," Hoji says distractedly. Ban asks, "Well, shouldn't we do it again?" "We have no time." BE IDENTIFIED flashes the screen. "She's the real thing," Hoji says firmly. He signals the others, telling them the girl is real. Jasmine and Sen-chan quickly call in their armor. Hoji transfers into his. Ban, still uneasy, forces himself to shrug it off and changes into his. Hoji's got his gun in sniper mode. He gets ready to fire. Hellheaven is pleased that the stone is also the real thing. This leads to a bit of "You give me mine first," "No, you give me MINE first!" Hellheaven hauls out a card which is the key to the pyramid. "You give me that, and I'll let you have it." Getting a little annoyed with the father's hesitation, he stamps his foot viciously on the ground. The father bites his lips, trying to decide. Finally, he starts towards Hellheaven. Hoji gets ready to fire. It all moves so very slowly. Everyone is watching intently. And when the father arrives, he holds out the briefcase. Hellheaven reaches for it. Hoji's finger tightens on the trigger. And then he fires at the pyramid. Hellheaven is startled. The shot was perfect. The lock is disrupted and one wall falls open. Erika is free! "What?" startles Hellheaven. The police car suddenly smashes through the wall nearby and bears down on them. It knocks Hellheven back, and Jasmine reaches out, grabs Erika's arm and pulls her inside, telling her to hurry. They are gone before Hellheaven can do anything. Furious, he whirls on the man behind him. "Give me the Wellness Stone!" And the man answers, but from that mouth comes Umeko's voice. "I don't think so." The man leaps over Hellheaven, kicks off him, lands and whirls, tossing away costume to reveal what we realized the moment she spoke. It was Umeko all along. She shoots at him, puffs a breath on the end of her gun and cheerfully identifies herself as a member of Earth's police Dekaranger team. She whirls around, develops a mustache for fun, which she then pulls off, teasing him. Furious, he goes to attack, but Ban and Hoji leap into the fray to keep her safe. "Nice," Hoji praises her. She is quite smug. Hellheaven, on the other hand, is furious. And Umeko transfers into armor. Hoji runs off with the suitcase to where the car is, hands off the stone to Erika in obediance to her request after making sure the very calm girl is all right. He tells her to stay here and she nods and confirms. He heads back with the others to join the struggle between Umeko, Ban and Hellheaven. The team assembles, with the standing countdown of each person's specific points. I suppose it is the average length team-introduction. Hellheaven calls out the droids. They haul out their weapons and go into battle against the black and silver robots. They are swift and strong, confident. They take down the troopers at speed. Hellheaven is annoyed, so he calls in his Devil Capture. Ban tells Sen-chan and Jasmine to call in their machines. No problem. Ban uses the Striker arm, to grapple something handed off from Jasmine's cruiser which they assemble into a long blade he bonds to the left side of his vehicle. He uses the long blade to cut at Devil Capture's ankles, making the big machine stumble. It fires on Ban, but he rides through the blasts. He puts his car on the two right wheels, rolling in with the long blade to seriously cut up the mecha, which falls. "Got you!" crows Ban. And Devil Capture blows up. In the distance, Erika gasps as rubble rains down near the car. Hellheaven is furious. "My Devil Capture!" But the team comes to fight him, as a group they tear into him, and Hoji then pulls out his badge in Judgement mode. He is trapped, caught, and the badge says he's worthy of death. They combine their weapons and finish him off. Hoji smugly declares the mission complete and that he is super cool.

Out of their armor now, they jog back to the car to find that Erika is gone! Hoji calls her name and they dash out. They find her sifting thoughtfully through the rubble of Devil Capture. She is toying with what looks vaguely like a muffler. She seems a bit depressed. Or maybe not. They jog over to her, calling her name anxiously. She turns and looks at them with a warm smile. "Thank you so very much," she tells them. They are all relieved, and Umeko says cheerfully, "Well, we're a bit surprised." (by her disappearing on them) She turns back and picks up the thing she was toying with confidently, and we recognize that it is the took which Hellheaven had used to first capture Erika, and then to bring her out. Er... sort of. "This is safe," she comments happily. "I'm so very relieved." They wonder about that. But now she stands, briefcase containing the Wellness Stone in one hand, the strange machine in the other. She turns to them and suddenly her voice is overladen and supplanted by Kebakiia's. "Because if I don't have this," and her whole form ripples and reshapes to reveal his. "I can't return to my world." They are stunnded, and he laughs at them. "I've known about your Search since yesterday, fools." Hoji remembers the strange flash when he'd been scanning, and realizes... but Ban takes a few steps forward. "You horrible being! Where is the real Ericka?!" he shouts. Kebakiia laughs and tells him, "She's in my world." And now he uses the tool, beaming it on himself. He is gone, and the tool falls to the ground, in pieces before it even hits. Four of the Dekaranger dash forward. Hoji follows them more slowly. Sen-chan breathes, "They were partners." Jasmine says with frustration, "Now he has Erika AND the Wellness Stone!" Hoji comes in closest, he's beginning to look very pale. "Stupid," he breathes. Then he falls to his knees and gazes blindly. "That was stupid." The others stand, looking at him worriedly.

Today they introduce us to the functions of the badge. Sen-chan starts off, telling us the SP License has three modes. Umeko is next to say, "The Change mode!" and opens it, changing into her armor. Jasmine is next to tell us the Phone Mode, then Hoji to tell us about the Judgement Mode. Ban pops up, knocking him back to tell us it's for arresting the bad guys. An annoyed Hoji has to push his way in to join them in gesturing.

Episode. 04 Cyber Dive
Hoji is taking it hard. He is determined, though. Kebakiia holds Erika prisoner, she is wrapped in white chains in his strange room visible on a computer screen. Hoji sits despondant in the main room of Deka Base. Sen-chan has found the bar and fights robots in his armor. Ban races into battle outside. Captain Doggie tells Swan that he believes in Hoji. Hoji is lost and panting on the steps of the office (possibly he got punched for being a stubborn twit). He clenches his fist, looking wildly determined. Umeko battles the black and silver robots. Jasmine may be using her psychic powers. They all found the bar, I think. Hoji in armor is alone up against Kebakiia. No, not alone. Ban has come to help. They will fight with the combined formation against Devil Capture. Yes, again.

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Cyber Dive

In our last episode: Swan's demonstration of how the Wellness Stone enhances power filtered through it to enormous destructive potential. The moment when Hoji's shot freed the supposed-Erika from her pyramid prison and Hellheaven's fury. Hellheaven's death at the firepower of the Dekaranger. The moment when Erika proved to be not the real one, but Kebakiia in disguise. When Kebakiia turned a beam on himself and disappeared, cackling, with the Wellness Stone. Now: Hoji walks slowly down a hallway, each step heavier than the last. He keeps thinking back to the moment when he was taking his readings, remembering how the screen had flickered with static, surprising him. An inner flinch at the memory of how, when Ban suggested he do it again, he had said there was no time. That she was the real thing. His thoughts turn to the consequences of that decision: Kebakiia mocking them. The alien had known of their plans ever since yesterday. For a time, Hoji cannot take another step. He swallows, shuddering.

The viewscreen in the white room shows Erika's face, not as it is but as remembered. In blue and shadows. She sits, immobilized in there and sighs, wondering why she is still alive. Then laughter ripples the air. Kebakiia is there, with the Wellness Stone cradled in his palms. As though reading her thoughts he tells her it's not safe yet, using the stone, I think. He's taken it, but needs a safe way to carry it. She puzzles over his use of the word "carry". The viewscreen behind her loses her face to become a black and green pattern, and we draw back, to see the room through a computer screen. The computer sits open on the table in that bar. We hear Kebakiia telling her more about his home, and about the difficulties of getting in and out of it. He punches something into the control device on his left wrist, and a mailbox opens on the computer screen. An allien alphabet made primarily of black and white slanted triangles is being sent. It appears on the helmet of our mysterious bat-alien. He reads the message, is pleased with its contents and closes the screen. He is hanging beneath some buildings in the gray day, and now unfurls his wings and stretches them as though preparing to fly again.

The Deka Base, and our heroes have called up data on their enemy, the Rikmolirn, Kevakiean (yes, that's how it's officially spelled, though I'm not sure about Rikmolirn, the letters are a bit blurry. Sen-chan is informiing the other four how he has his own digital world. But it seems the catch is he can only stay there for twenty hours at a time, and he has his own host computer. Again, I am probably mixing things up. Ban gets up, quite delighted as he comes to the conclusion that they can arrest Kevakiean if they can find that computer and get inside! Umeko agrees happily, then counters how would they possibly get inside? Beyond them, Hoji is looking down at the table. At that moment the lovely Swan arrives. "This is how you can get in," she replies. They bound over, all excited (except Hoji, who still contemplates the table) as she explains to them the function of the machine whose remains she's got on a tray in her hands. Once it's working, Umeko confirms, they can get into the digital world. But it's not quite fixed yet, Swan tells them. She heads out, and the four applaud. Captain Kruger gives them orders, one for Jasmine, one for Ban, Sen and Umeko to find the host computer. And he intends for Hoji to get a focus on that net-world. But Hoji does not respond to the order. Worried, the captain asks if he's all right. Hoji says woodenly, "I can't do it alone." "HUH?" Ban and the others stutter. Jasmine frowns and folds her arms, coming a few steps over. "Say that again?" "What's with you, buddy?" Ban cheerfuly whaps him on the shoulder. "You aren't alone!" Umeko adds her own smile, "Yeah! We'll all be working together with you!" Hoji swallows and forces out, "I was wrong, that time. You can't rely on me." Ban's mouth drops open, and now he gets angry. "Don't be stupid! So you were wrong! You want to be scolded?!" They glower at him sternly, but he only gets to his feet and walks miserably out of the room. Ban starts to go after him, but Captain Kruger catches his shoulder and pulls him back. "Wait, Ban. We have to belive in him. But you'Ve got work to do."

They drive the police cars out to the stadium. Here is the place where Kevakiean had escaped them. The rubble has all been cleare away as though no battle ever took place here. But it doesn't matter, for Jasmine can remember the moment and relive it, and she steps forward into the shadowed world of her power. She stands where Kevakiean stood and takes the glove off of her right hand. She holds it out, and Umeko sets one of the pieces of the machine into her palm. They wait, watching her, as she closes her eyes and concentrates.

She sees a black and white digitized world. A ring of light at the center. "A dome," she says. It shifts from ring to more of an eye shape and she turns to go into it. "A starry sky," she tells them. The scene shifts. A rent in the static like a doorway into blackness. Thick liquid like mud or chocolate replaces the blackness. "Water," she identifies it, for now the sun shines upon it and no longer does it seem thick and alien. She sees the static form into numbers, 1and 0. Her reading is finished, and she slowly begins to topple. Umeko catches her and steadies her. Jasmine pulls herself back together and says hoarsely, "I'm sorry, that's all I could get." But Sen-chan is pleased. These hints should be enough to get them pointed in the right direction. Umeko nods and Jasmine looks pleased. Now Umeko thinks about what Jasmine had said. "A starry sky, a dome..." Ban interrupts her with sudden enthusiasm. "I got it!" he crows. He says something about a park. Umeko shoots down his suggestion because it doesn't fit the clues. He looks disappointed. Sen-chan stares at his badge thoughtfully. Then a smile slides onto his features. "You know, it sounds like a Planetarium." Ban, delighted, agrees and the girls grin at him. "There is one nearby," Umeko points out. Ban knows there's a pool over there, too. Sen leads them off.

Hoji, despite his deep uncertainty in himself, is getting to work. He settles down at one station and starts to enter commands through the keyboard. Immediately an error message flashes on the screen. It tells him to enter the correct password and flashes at him. Uncertain as he is, he thinks he'd entered it wrong. At that moment, Swan comes over to tease and counsel him. What she says makes him bite his lips and hang his head. She turns with some sympathy for the young man. When he looks at her, desolated, she gently pats him on the back and tells him not to give up. She leaves him to his own devices, now, and heads into the hall where Captain Kruger is waiting anxiously. "How is he?" She sighs in response to the question. "Well, he's taken a serious blow." She folds her arms and considers her opinion. "Up to now he's always been an elite, the best at everything." Kruger contemplates this and says, "But now he's hesitant." He turns and looks towards the room. "I believe in him," he says firmly.

Following Jasmine's hints, she and Ban have arrived at one Planetarium. There is the dome, there is the tower. They are very pleased. But when they look over they find only a children's playground. "There's no pool..." Jasmine says numbly. "Oh no!" yelps Ban. "It's a park!" Jasmine's shoulders droop. They were so certain! But Sen-chan and Umeko have arrived at another. The huge dome of the planetarium, and beside it a rocket, like the tower... in fact, this is surely the place! The two race in. Stopping, Umeko points out that some of the clues just don't seem to fit. "Hold on a moment," Sen-chan tells her. He trots over to a pillar and stands on his hands, bracing his feet against the solid beam. It seems he does this whenever he wants to think (I don't know, with all the blood rushing to his brain....). Suddenly he opens his eyes and looks around. A great silver ball. the covered path to the entrance. "That's it!" he suddenly cries, and curls forward onto his feet. Off he dashes, and Umeko charges after, calling him to wait. He takes her to the roof and says to look. Down below is the black and white grid-like pattern, cut by the white of the covered walkway's roof and beside it the silver globe. "Don't you see it, Umeko?" he asks. And yes, she does. This is definitely the place. He pulls out his badge to call the others. But then he gives a startled gasp. Below them there are three figures walking. Each has a heavy jacket with the hood pulled over their heads. Sen immediately uses his badge to take a reading. The three figures are not human. Umeko states firmly that they are probably there to retrieve Kevakiean's computer. The two head in. They've signaled Kruger, it seems, for he relays the message to Ban and Jasmine. Ban puts on the siren and asks how his "buddy" is doing. But when Kruger replies not well, Ban gets angry. "You gotta be kidding me, Boss!" "I don't kid," Kruger answers the accusation. Jasmine comments worriedly that they've always been able to rely on him in the past. "Well, damn him!" growls Ban, and he hits the brakes. The car screeches to a halt. "Jasmine, sorry!" he says, unbuckling and leaping from the car. "But - what - Ban?!" she yelps. He is racing away at best speed, leaving her to deal.

The three hooded figures go inside the Planetarium, to the room which is not, after all, a bar. There they find the computer and close it, lifting it from the table. They are two of the black and silver robots, led by one of the blue, black and silver ones. But before they can make off with the computer, the lights turn on heralding the arrival of the very angry Umeko and Sen-chan. "You can't have that computer!" she yells, and the battle is joined. At Sen's call, they change into armor and kick down the two lesser robots. The third darts away and they pursue him.

Speaking of pursuit, a furious Ban has made it back to Deka Base and charges into the control room. There he stumbles to a halt, for even now the sight of Hoji sitting so dejected in front of the computer screen drains his anger a bit. But he calls it back to step forward and confront the other man. "What are you doing, buddy?" Hoji, worn down, says simply, "I'm sorry." Blowing his top, Ban shouts, "Don't be SORRY!!" In an utter fury, he leaps up and kicks both feet out, connecting firmly with Hoji and sending the poor man tumbling out of his chair. Hoji rolls and shakes himself, glaring at Ban who moves in and grabs him by the lapels, shaking him to punctuate each furious sentence, "I'm calling you buddy! That's because you're great! So you missed, people miss!" The shaking is beginning to aggravate Hoji's thin nerves, and he snaps back, "What do YOU know?!" "I don't kn - " Ban releases him and straightens up, suddenly quiet and says gravely, "I know what it's like to feel like a failure all the time. But I don't know what it's like to give up!" And now he stomps to Hoji's computer terminal. He starts typing. Hoji, rather shocked, snarls "What are you doing?" "I'm here," Ban replies grimly. Then he snarls, "I thought you were better than me!" He gets that error message, but also there is a mail message and he snarls to himself in frustration, continuing to try. A new message comes up. "ERROR Unable to finish capture" and Ban growls furiously. He scratches his head and Hoji stares stunned as he starts again. He's got the program going and is typing in commands, clearly not really knowing what to do. And a new fury awakes in Hoji. He leaps to his feet and snarls, hand clenching into a fist, that this is HIS station. And he slams a good left-hook into Ban's jaw, throwing him out of the chair. Ban lands on his back and sits up while Hoji spits and fumes for one second. And a smile of warm appreciation spreads on his lips when the indignant man leaps into his chair to get to work. Expert and knowledgable, he starts the program running again. Detect File No ASP251X3Z, 252, 253, 254 Discover! the program says. Ban bounces over to see with joy that the search has born fruit! Input pass code www.***** and they've found it. And on their screen opens a picture of Kevakiean pacing his white room, with Erika bound in chains to a chair, looking like she's fallen asleep in exhaustion. "Erika-chan!" gasps Hoji. And then Swan speaks, "We did it." She comes in with a station set up, Kruger on her heels. She's made the restoration system. "Let me use it," Hoji demands firmly. Ban, beside him, is practically jumping for joy. "I'm going, too!" Hoji snarls back, "You're not coming," and they get into one of their usual tiffs. Swan puts her hands on her hips and sighs in exasperation. She picks up the restoration gun and fires it on both of them. The two stare at her, stunned, as they are digitized and sent into the data world.

They appear facing each other in the white room. Kevakiean utters a cry of shock at the sight of them and tries to hide behind Erika. "How'd you get here?" he yelps, peeking out. The two young men move agressively towards him. He is not slow, though, and pulls out a gun threatening Erika's life if they get any closer. Ban reacts with fury and charges a step forward, while Hoji puts out an anxious hand to stop him. But it isn't necessary. Ban's snarled insults have the effect of provoking Kevakiean into charging forward to fire at him. Once he's clear of Erika, Hoji is quick and leaps, firing at him. He shoots Kevakiean's weapon from his hand and lands tumbling. Ban charges in to collide with Kevakiean, Hoji following to grab the alien and throw him to the floor. They both roll back to their feet, Ban coming in for a right-footed kick to Kevakiean's jaw. The two men then leap to the girl. Hoji shoots the chains holding her and Ban pulls them off, helping the startled girl to her feet. He has a happy speech about how her older-brother type will get her back home. Hoji counters something about it not being over yet, but Ban says warmly, "I believe in my buddy." Then they toss Erika behind them, for Kevakiean is shaking his jaw back into place, and is furious with them. "Let's do it, buddy!" Ban says cheerfully. "Do what, exactly?" Hoji inquires. Well, they're going to change into their armor, after a brief "I'm doing it, no I'm doing it!" Deka Red and Deka Blue. Erika has disappeared from the room behind them, but that I think is just careless filming. Funny, he does better against them in their armor than out. But they are strong and kick him back, enthusiastic, Hoji demands the Wellness Stone back. They do not know the significance of how he holds up his right arm. When thet leap at him, he pushes a blue gem on it. And now the room is empty, the viewscreen beyond shows a blue and white world suspended in space.

Ban finds himself flying through the air and catches the edge of a rusty barrier. "What the heck?" for he is hanging above an busy highway. And the building he is hanging from has other people atop it. Kevakiean battles Hoji with a stave. Hoji, as he strikes, shouts "One," left elbow to Kevakiean's chest, then spinning "Two," right closed fist connecting with head, spinning Kevakiean around "Three!" A high kick with right leg to the shoulder and the enemy falls back. Hoji leaps quickly to where Ban hangs and starts trying to pull him up. He yanks, and Ban goes flying, coming down he aims himself at Kevakiean and starts a cannonball. A strong kick knocks their enemy back. Again he faces the enthusiastic pair. All are unaware that their battle has witnesses. In the real world, Swan and Captain Kruger watch anxiously. Swan, however, is worrying for the screen keeps going static. Danger, reads the lower corner as their people fight. The machine she'd repaired and used to send them in suddenly crackles with power and the system explodes in a shower of sparks. They can no longer see what's happening. They're gone. They may be in his computer. Kruger quickly signals the others, but they are still fighting the Battsuroid, and Umeko is worried, for he's beating them. He has Kevakiean's computer in hand and makes mocking noises at the three officers fighting him. Then come a plethora of Anaroids, to their dismay, and they have to fight their way through them. Still the battle in the computer world goes on. Losing again, Kevakiean hits the button on his wrist transferring them to a new venue. The two men find themselves in the path of a train. They are hit, but fortunately this is not the real world. Inside the train is Kevakiean, snickering. But to his shock, the two come charging through the doors. They battle in the train car, he's more than a bit dismayed, snarling "What is it with you guys?" He transfers them again, this time to the roof of a big truck on the highway. The changes are putting them off balance, and he is starting to get the better of them. They end up hanging from the roof, in great danger. But this repeated trouble has given them a clue and Ban says, "Hey buddy! We gotta get at that device on his wrist!" Hoji knows what he means, and suggests he work on that. For Hoji fires, then Ban, and the controller is damanged. They all land in the white room (where IS Erika?), where the background screen shows crackling white lightning in space. Kevakiean is furious, but Hoji hauls out his badge, and passes Judgement on him. Together they fire and their enemy is destroyed. The screen reflects an empty room, now, and Erika has reappeared. Hoji draws her over to them, and Ban cheerfully asks if she's all right. She says yes. Then she stares in astonishment. They follow her gaze. A bright, white light is growing at the other end of the room. It is the Wellness Stone! It slowly drops to the floor. Hoji picks it up carefully and then gives it to Erika. She smiles warmly at the two men in turn. Ban says, "So, let's go back!" But then the room around them shakes. The ceiling starts to break down into green and black bits! As the whole room starts to disintegrate, Hoji and Ban pull Erika protectively close.

Swan calls into Captain Kruger's badge that they must get Kevakiean's computer quickly. The other three heores fight they way, and Sen manages a shot that nets him the computer. They finally destroy the Battsuroid and remaining Anaroids, then quickly settle down and open up the machine. The screen lights up, sening out a bright, blue beam in which solidify their errant team-members and the girl, Erika. They are very relieved. Ban is more so, stretching and telling the others cheerfully that his buddy is back to his normal, scathing self. He drapes himself over Hoji's shoulder, until the irritated man shrugs him angrily off. Laughing, Ban is gleeful that their mission is complete. But oh no, it isn't yet. For the ground shakes! Well! This is Devil Capture 2! They charge off to fight. Swan and Captain Kruger stare at this development, and a cackling laughter fills the air. Kevakiean is inside Devil Capture 2. Cackling madly, he starts firing on the Dekaranger. They fall. He is inside the systems, and his virtual death has driven him insane (assuming he was sane before). He controls it by remote. The Dekaranger get up, and Hoji calls in the Dekamachines. They all board their vehicles and at once form the Dekarobo. They are ready to fight, but so is Kevakiean. He runs at them, slaching and kicking madly. He is able to knock them down and grabs the robot's head. Hoji calls in the Judgement Sword and they start slashing at each other. And this time they use the Signal cannon at full charge. "Judgement Blaster!" they scream. And the blast destroys Devil Capture 2, and presumably what remained of Kevakiean. The team starts congratulating themselves on this finally completed mission.

They are unaware that far below them is a mysterious enemy hanging from beneth some sort of connection between buildings. He is quite annoyed with their success. "Once again you've ruined my work," he says thoughtfully. He lets go and flaps away into the gray sky.

Erika gives the Wellness Stone in its case to the Dekaranger, into Hoji's hands. Her parents stand behind her, all three dressed in normal Earth clothing for now. Ban wanders past the others and pushes Hoji back to talk to Erika. "So, now that you're safe, y'wanna go have Yakiniku?" For her, this comes totally out of the blue and she gapes at him. He nods his seriousness at her then turns and pats his hands on Hoji's shoulders, "With my buddy here." Hoji is quick to shove Ban's hands off, but also thrown. "YOU!!" "What'cha saying?" pouts Ban, a gleam of mischief in his eyes. The girls are starting to snicker. Ban says something that sounds like do you want noodles instead and Hoji snaps, "That's not the problem!" The two start arguing and Ban body-slams Hoji back. "Oh yeah!" snaps Hoji, but he's starting to grin. Ban snarls playfully and charges at him, Hoji dances back and the two bounce on their heels, challenging each other. Hoji kicks, but not with actual intent to hurt. Erika and her parents watch all of this, completely perplexed though Erika's mother's expression is more knowing. Their three team-mates sigh and watch the playful, dancing battle. Erika's mother invites the three to join her family for lunch, to which Emeko replies with happy enthusiasm. Off they go, leaving the feuding pair to their semi-battle. Erika pauses to look back, still wondering at the two strange, young men who roughhouse in the garden. She laughs, realizing they are totally unaware of anything but each other.

Today they explain about the Alienizaer they've fought so far. Ban leads the talk, then Hoji. It moves to Umeko and a picture of what looks like a man, but is actually oneof the aliens in human guise. Jasmine says mysteriously something about real human beings. Sen-chan wonders about her.

Episode. 05 Buddy Murphy
Yes, you could win a cd of the songs if you send in a postcard to this address by March 15th! Episode 5 has Swan getting a new piece of equipment housed in a red and silver case labeled Murphy A-9. Umeko is assigned Murphy, a robot dog. She has to wrestle the confused non-animal to the ground. There is a man under guard. Umeko charges off. Now she digs with a shovel for something (Murphy?) while Sen and Hoji hold on to the strange, handcuffed man and Jasmine watches. Maybe not Murphy. The dog hangs his head, while Umeko digs even as it rains. A new alien will arrive, more battling with Anaroids. There is a Rhinocerous-type alien. Murphy becomes a mighty canon for them to fire.

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Buddy Murphy

A clear, blue, late winter sky above the city. A happy young woman in a fuzzy light jacket runs along the road, pauses in front of a shop to look at the hats, scarves and other things in the window, and we see it is Umeko. The Narrator tells us that Umeko has commandeered Ban for a shopping expidition. He trails behind her, hands weighed down with bags full of goods and seemingly over-exaggerating their weight. He's carrying about seven different bags. They're in their civvies today, Ban is wearing lots of black leather. Umeko wears a red and pink striped shirt over blue shorts and brown boots, under her white coat. When he stops to get a breather and sets the bags down, she scowls and comes back to grab his arm. "Hey, hey Ban, you are so slow!" He straightens up, almost twice her height and, pouting, asks why he has to do this with her. She drags him on, pointing out that she's his senior here and she's going to teach him about all the local shops. His face indicates clothing shops were hardly what he had in mind. Suddenly, the sounds of familiar sirens catch their attention. Eagerly they dash to the top of a flight of stairs and see their cohorts going by, Hoji on his motorcycle and the other two in each of the cars. They turn to each other, nod agreement, and charge off to join them.

The others arrive next to a tall apartment complex. Hoji removes his helmet, hops gracefully off his bike and stands, staring up at the building. Jasmine dashes out of the car behind, and Sen from the other car. Just then, Umeko and Ban catch up with them, Ban calling, "Hey!" and Umeko saying, "Sen-chan, Jasmine!" Weighed down with bags, Ban asks Hoji, "Hey buddy, what's up all of a sudden?" Hoji spares him an irritated glare. "Don't call me 'buddy'. He indicates the apartement complex and explains that someone in the building had put out a call for help, reporting Alienizer activity. They are going "Ooh," when a man jogs out of the building. He wears a pale, purple shirt, a bowtie and a paisley vest over blue slacks and black shoes. "You're late, Dekaranger!" he scolds them tiredly. They come to him and Hoji asks, "You are Miyaki-san?" The man has sharp, knowing eyes behind oval glasses which he adjusts on his nose. "So I am," and he glances craftily behind him. "And he's coming nearby." Umeko steps forward with a blinding grin. "It's perfectly safe. I'm the leader, and now that I'm here he's not going to be able to lay a finger on you." (this is a very iffy translation) Miyaki reacts quite honestly to her confidence. He looks her up and down, his lip curling in disbelief. "Leader? You guys okay with this little girl?" he looks at the others over her shoulders. Hoji is startled by his question. "Eh?" Umeko, however, is stung. She steps into his face. "Little girl? Hey, you shouldn't judge someone by their appearance." Just then they hear the sound of something whistling towards them. Small missiles in the air and they dive for cover, Umeko throwing herself over Miyaki and propelling them both to the sidewalk. The others are up quickly, and they find they are facing an Alienizer with long, orange horns protruding from his face. He is a rhinocerous-type. Beirudon of Anri Star. His body is covered in heavy, gray armor, his skin where we see his face is a kind of slime-green. When they challenge him and he snarls back, Miyaki from under Umeka whimpers his name. They cast him startled glances. He starts struggling, "Hey, you're heavy! Get off, little girl!" "What did you call me?" she glares at him. But Hoji, just then, calls for transformation. She leaps up to join the others. But when she reaches out her hand beside theirs, it is empty. "WHAT?!" she gasps, looking at both hands in surprise. The others haven't noticed. While she is going through her pockets, they are going into tranformation sequence. "Emergency!" they cry. "Dekaranger!" The four trasnfer into armor and face the snarling Beirudon. Ban goes into his, "First: Detest people's evil deeds!" Hoji says "Second: Pursue mysterious cases!" Sen says "Third: Investigate with Futuristic Technology!" Jasmine says "Fourth: Awful space-evil get..." and Umeko wants to finish, "Fifth..." she is rapid-fire going through all of her pockets. "Oh, where is my license?!" The others turn to her and squawk in dismay. Beirudon laughs his head off, while Miyaki pokes his nose out from behind a bush and adjusts his glasses nervously. Umeko even checks the hood of her coat, finally giving up and wailing to the sky, "Why isn't it HERE?!"

At a loss to do anything else, Umeko has to race off to find her license. She backtracks, whining, "Where'd it go?!" checking in garbage cans, under benches along the shopping square, up in the flags of pillars. "It's not here either!" She finally races into Cosa-Nostra, a clothing shop. She tears through every shelf and finally grabs the arms of a startled saleswoman. "Excuse me," she pleads, "Have you seen my license?" The woman makes an uncertain negative reply.

The others are a-battle with Anaroids, hauling out their weapons, Red's D-Magnum, Blue's D-Rod (barrel of his gun), Green's D-Knuckle (handle of his gun) and Yellow's D-Stick (barrel of her gun). They charge into battle, smashing their way through the robots. But it's taking them time, and Beirudon has cornered Miyaki against a wall and demands he give something up. Miyaki looks like he's about to wet himself and seems to be refusing, but Beirudon isn't taking no for an answer. He suddenly grabs Miyaki by the throat and starts choking him, sliding him up the wall until he's dangling. "Mr. Miyaki!" Hoji calls, and starts towards the scene. As Miyaki struggles, his face shifts and changes. He isa red and silver alien. As quickly, his face looks human again. The truth, however, is out. "Alien?!" shouts Ban with outrage. Miyaki chokes a "Stop..!" and reaches into his vest inner-pocket. He draws out a small vial of red liquid and holds it in front of Beirudon's eyes. Beirudon smugly takes it from him and lets him fall the the ground, unconscious. Ban and the others finally get past the Anaroids and charge at Beirudon, demanding to know what's in the vial. Of course he's not going to answer. They tear in, but with a wave of his hand he sets his missiles at them. They dive and the deadly weapons sail over them then swing back. Ban shoots all four down. The missiles are boomerangs. Beirudon is not impressed, but he doesn't have to be, for Ban now starts shooting at him. Pissed off about it, he charges the red boy. Ban, a little slow to realize his shots had no real affect on the enemy, does not get out of the way. He is now the one with a huge hand squeezing his throat. But Beirudon pushes him back and knocks him away, then slashes at Sen, also slamming with his horn. He drives Jasmine off, too. Hoji hits him with the D-Rod, but Beirudon grabs the blue-clad arm and gets a good punch in. Hoji ends up rolling away, and the others leap to him to stop the roll and make sure he's well, Ban standing between him and Beirudon. Their enemy mocks that they don't know what he can do with the liquid in that vial, and off he races. There is only Miyaki lying unconscious next to the building for them to question.

And Umeko falls to her knees in the store, still wailing for her license. Her noise attracts the attention of the other customers, who all turn and stare at the small, young woman. Suddenly Umeko gasps, "Oh!" and leaps whirling to her feet. She charges to the dressing rooms, out of which one woman has just come. She tears open one door, and the very startled, half-naked lady inside starts shrieking. Umeko doesn't even notice. She looks all around the floor and sure enough, soon spots her license close to the wall. She snatches it up in profound relief and trots out the door, wrapping her hands around it. "Got it!" she sighs. The poor woman in the dressing room stars after her in astonishment.

Back at Deka Base, Umeko gets a well-deserved dressing down by the furious Doggy Kruger. "Of all the idiotic things to do!" (actually, he just says stupid but that's what he means) Umeko hangs her head in shame as he scolds her. "The SPD License is the life of the Dekaranger!" He goes on a bit, and she nearly crawls away in shame. Later, in the tub, she sighs and sinks beneath the bubbles. Her trio of rubber ducks quack conversationally (is the real or her imagination?). She pops back up, scowling with determination. "I'll put my all into it!" she makes foam-covered fists, bubbles all over her head. "I'm good, I'm strong, I never give up, I look deep inside myself and I'll keep going!" She punches at the air, and happily picks up her rubber ducks. "Right?" she asks them. They quack back at her.

Business goes on. In an interrogation room is Miyaki, sitting unrepentant opposite the thoughtful Sen, with Ban trying to menace him on the right. Miyaki is suitably unimpressed, watching them with the air of a person who thinks they could never possibly be a threat to him. Sen has called up the data on Miyaki's true identity. His is Manomarku, of Doretoku (maybe) Star. He's been working on some kind of special project. But why is he feeling the heat now, Sen wonders, threading long fingers together and watching Manomarku speculatively. Manomarku snorts and answers, "I wanted to research what I wanted, and get paid for it, you know?" He glances up, and in his mind remembers, himself in a lab full of little vials, with a beaker distilling potent liquids. Pouring a red solution into a vial... Speaking of which, Sen asks "What is the nature of that red liquid?" Manomarku closes his eyes. Ban leans in and demans, almost hissing, that he explain. "What horrible thing is that guy gonna DO with it?!" he snarls. Sen reaches out a puts a quelling hand again Ban's chest. Unhappily, Ban pulls back and Sen returns to his quiet, steady staring and Manomarku's face. The alien has seemed to ignore it all, eyes closed and turning his head slightly.

Beirudon is in a dark, hidden place. He pours the red liquid from it's vial into a small vat of boiling, clear liquid. He then gets the re-mixed liquid out into a tiny bottle which he then puts inside some hidden place. He laughs happily.

Doggie Kruger is with his group and discusses the data they have on Beirudon, holograms of him above the table. He is deeply concerned about why this deadly alien would come to Earth. They have to find him as soon as possible and arrest him. "But how can we?" Umeko asks worriedly. He reaches out and closeshis hands on the clear box holding one of Beirudon's boomerang-bombs. "With his scent on this." "His scent?" echoes Ban. Grinning, he starts, "So you've got some specially trained dog, right?" Doggie Kruger nods somewhat unhappily. "Actually, that's the problem." "Eh?" they wonder. Just then the doors slide apart and in comes Swan, looking quite pleased with herself. Behind her are men pushing a large, silver box with red and blue markings. MURPHY K-9 the outside reads. There is a curved metal thing coming out of a hole in the box. The Dekaranger are all on their feet behind Kruger and stuttering with excitement that this thing is a robot dog. Swan nods that their understanding is correct. She tells them his is Murphy K-9, and he's the highest level one they've got. The thing sticking out of the box proves to be a tail, and starts wagging. "Oh that's great!" Umeko delights. Swan looks wryly amused. "Yes, it's great but..." she turns to the box. "Murphy, come on," she calls gently. The tail wags again but there is no other reaction. "Naturally," Swan sighs. "I'll call him," Doggie says. "Murphy! Come on!" he calls and snaps his fingers. The tail wags wildly, pulls in the hole allowing the box to open at last. A red screen is Murphy's view. "Call Boss" says the message. The Dekaranger are ahead and each is scanned, shape checked. Each is identified while they crow with delight at him. He starts forward, and various words appear on his screen as he scans their legs and settles on Kruger's left foot. SCAN becomes BOSS becomes PISS becomes LOCK returns to PISS then LOCK then BOSS then PISS LOCK PISS LOCK I KCOC EAZA HAZA KAZA EAZA LOCK SCAN BOSS PISS LOCK PISS LOCK BOSS PISS LOCK PISS LOCK aaaaaaaat any rate, he marches up to the boss, looks up, whines, and as he turns and raises his leg, Swan sighs and the others gasp in shock as he pees on poor Kruger's left foot. While they all yelp and leap back, Kruger sighs and puts his hands on hips. "Here we go again." Murphy finishes, looks up at him, barks which makes Swan laugh. "Don't worry," she chuckles. "It's a neutral liquid." "A what?" asks Ban. "Oh, thank goodness," laughs Umeko. Murphy whines again, then moves, a speeding blur, around the room before sitting on the table. Furious, Umeko leaps forward. "Hey! You get down from there!" He barks at her. Swan chuckles and comes over. "His sense of smell and his speed are at maximum efficiency. He's perfect." She strokes his head and he whines happily. Ban sneers and folds his arms. "No way is that thing perfect." Jasmine is also critical about what Murphy could do. Kruger has more certainty. He wants Umeko to take Murphy. "EH?" comes her immediate protest. She goes over to him and glares up. "Why does it have to be me?" He answers her calmly, "My intuition tells me you're the best for this." She closes her eyes and mutters, "But..." then turns around and glares Murphy's way, "that's a really stupid dog." Murphy takes offense and barks at her. His ears go flat on his head and he leaps, bouncing off her head as he passes over to the other side of the room. "Oooooouch!" she protests angrily and glares. "What are you doing?" His robot mouth curls in a grin and he growls at her. Then he whirls and races away. A furious Umeko charges after him, the others staring as she passes. Ban sighs and sets a hand on Hoji's shoulder, is quickly shaken off while Kruger rubs his own chin thoughtfully. "Are you sure about this, Woofy?" Swan asks him. "Yes, actually. I'm just going to watch." He folds his arms and nods.

Later in the day, one of the SPD cars pulls up to park. Umeko is driving. She unbuckles her seatbelt and gets out, marches around the car. The back window is already rolling down. "Hey, Murphy! Come out!" she orders and reaches in through the window to drag the protesting dog. She's got him by the leash and heaves on it. "Out, NOW!" she demands. Finally he growls and the rope goes slack, sending her tumbling back. She lands hard on the wooden planks of the walk beside them. "Ouch!" she whimpers. The back of her head took a rather decent hit. While she rolls in pain, Murphy observes her and his program runs through some rather opinionated and insulting words. PICK says the target scanner locked on her, and below is says AHOH, then the above word becomes AUTO then WANT and below KOCH then PISS (ooh, she'd tear him apart!) switches to GAIN CALL then to HITS then a rapidfire switch actually they keep changing words so quickly it's pretty hard to catch them, but some key ones: BABY FOOL which he keeps looking around and seems to think several things fall into that category. At last her name pops up UMEKO while FOOL is still being considered for the leash and other things, then BAKA? eventually becomes BABYL DOWNJ CAPSH SCANE FINDC OROKA HOJIK OMANU UMEKO (above it says ZOOM UP and focuses in on her head) asks BAKA? on the top of the screen appears the word... um, MANUKE maybe, hard to see through the time-stamp, and on the side appears the letters at a time Z NI ICK HOH while the top vanishes and the middle says ZONU both side and bottom ask BAKA? side switches to OROKA (which seems to mean look weak and disgusting) bottom says UMEKO then DOWNJ SCANE eventually changes to DAMEKO while the word AHOH apears digitalized in the upper right and BAKA? in the lower right again. Top right changes to KOCH, then CALL, then BABY and the bottom says KOCHAN I think he's making all kinds of connections, and he shifts to UMEKO on the top left, BAKA? on the bottom right, KOCHAN on the bottomand FIND in the middle top with UMEKO or DAMEKO above. We get the word FOOL in two places, HOLD shows up eventually. DAME, BABY,MANUK eventually the word WANTKI... boy, these two get along just famously.... Umeko recovers from her fall, and she is in a fury. Murphy whines in the window. She stomps over. "You little..!" She slams her hands on the window under his head and glares. "If you've got such a great sense of smell, show me!" She pulls a pink patch off her her sleeve that turns out to be a rubber glove. She reaches into the glass case for the boomerang and pulls it out. She grabs Murphy's head and shoves the boomerang at his nose where he can't miss it. He whines protestingly and she snaps, "Well?" Finally, he pulls his head loose, growls deep in his throat and leaps out of the window. He races along the road, barking. "Oh that's good!" she delights, then her eyes narrow in confusion. "Wha - " there is the sound of glass shattering and with a cry, she races after him. Murphy has gone into a store and knocked most of the cans of oil off the shelf. He is drinking from a can of high-quality oil when she finds him. The store owner arrives just behind her. "Now STOP IT!" Umeko orders and pulls the can off of Murphy's head. The manager stands, gaping at the mess. Unhappy, he complains how this is the best oil in the store and Umeko sheepishly apologizes. She offers him the oil can and asks how much. Exasperated, he says "60,000 yen." "EEEEEEH?!" Murphy, snout flecked with oil, utters a soft burp.

Night has fallen. At the base, Sen and Hoji are still trying to get information out of their prisoner. And he has given them some information, to which Hoji reacts with stunned disbelief. But he tells them not to worry, for the formula in Beirudon's hands is not going to pose a serious problem. "Why?" asks Sen. Hoji, more tempermental, grabs the man and shakes him, "What do you mean by that?!" He drags him to his feet and repeats the question at a higher volume.

A small, roving Ramen stand. Two evening customers, man and women, leave. Someone approaches the stall. The proprieter is cleaning up the dishes when a clawed hand parts his curtains. Beirudon has come to test the formula. The startled man cries out when he sees what's at his stand. "Gonna let you melt," Beirudon tells him. The man makes a run for it, but Beirudon is big and fast. He sends out a cloud of the red solution which engulfs the poor fellow. True enough, the man cries out as his body turns into green sludge, a pool on the cement. Beirudon chuckles and reaches down to scoop up a small sample. "Ah, you're become great Space Gasoline!" he laughs. And strangely, the man's voice comes from the sludge, liquid and thick. "No! Help me, please!" Beirudon is going to take this goo to space. To his surprise, however, the goo suddenly begins to reshape and again the man is standing there. He has an instant to get his bearings, realize he's not goo anymore, then tears off, screaming. Beirudon had not expected this at all, and is most confused. Then he thinks back to the vial he'd taken from the other and realizes what's happened.

Speaking of Manomarku, he's starting to look a little worse for the wear. Handcuffed and held for hours by the glowering young officers, he's getting rather tired. Wearily, he tells them that there is a second solution, a blue liquid in another vial he'd hidden away in a silver case. "Wasn't giving it to him 'til I got my cash, you know?" he sneers. Hoji slams his hand down on the table. "So where IS it?" he demands. Manomarku mockingly replies that he'll tell them after they let him go. Hoji snaps and grabs his collar, twisting it and glaring into Manomarku's eyes. "Don't play with us!" "Oh, really? Because he's searching for it too, you know," Manomarku tells him with a smirk. Eyes wide, Hoji lets him go and backs up. Sen swallows and bites his lip. Manomarku glances at him and smiles smugly.

So the next day begins. The Dekaranger, less Umeko for now, are sent off to see if they can find where Manomarku's hidden the other vial. He rides in the car Ban drives, the others with them, Sen on his right and Hoji on his left. He is confident. They can't possibly find it. "So, you don't trust the little girl and that stupid dog? Bringing me along as insurance, are you?" "Shut up," Hoji snarls. Sen smiles and says, "Umeko's fine. I know she can do it." Suddenly Ban's eyes light up and he pulls over. He gets out of the car and grins. On a hillside covered in winter-dead tan grass he sees Umeko and Murphy. She seems to be chasing the dog. Ban watches with delight. Jasmine gets out to look and notes they're playing together. "I knew she could do it!" crows Ban. He starts jogging over to the pair. As he gets close, Umeko suddenly gets a head-lock on the barking mechanical dog and throws it down. Ban stops in dismay. In fact, Umeko has wrapped her body around Murphy and is holding him while he kicks and whines. "Do you give up?" she asks happily. Ban nearly stumbles, "Oh, they're fighting!" Manomarku starts laughing. "The little girl and the stupid dog, what a perfect match!" Umeko hears him and her eyes beneath her bangs narrow to furious slits. She is on her feet in an instant, Murphy rolling over in surprise. "What do you know, mister?" she snaps at Manomarku. Murphy comes to her heel and snarls at him. Manomarku mockingly says that all of them can't possibly figure his scheme out. "So, what'll you give me to tell you where the blue one is?" he gazes around at them slyly. Umeko's eyes blaze and she stalks up to him. "What'd you say? You think we can't find it?" "A little girl and a stupid dog?" he laughs. "He's not a stupid dog!!" she snaps so loudly that Hoji takes a step back to preserve his ears. "He can find any poison, you don't know a thing!" Murphy growls happily. As though talking to a child Manomarku bends and says, "Is that so?" She eyes him coolly and says, "Then let's have a contest." When he raises his brow at her she calmly tells him, "If we can't find it, we'll let you go." He smirks victoriously and leans in. "Of course. And you'll lose." She trots over to Murphy and tells him they'll show him, won't they. He barks enthusiastically. Jasmine brings over a sample of the blue liquid to smell. He takes a deep whiff, His eyes glow brightly, and Umeko tells him to go. She runs after him as he bolts off.

Murphy goes down the roads in great, ground-covering leaps. He's found the place where the smell originates. It is a field near a medical facility of some sort. He slides to a halt on the winter ground. It is here, somewhere beneath him. Umeko catches up with him and he barks firmly at her. She pulls out a folding shovel and starts digging. Murphy sits, waiting expectantly. The others arrive in the car. Ban takes a look in the field where Umeko's already gotten quite a bit of dirt moved. "They've found it!" he crows. The others get out, Manomarku held firmly between Sen and Koji. Manomarku sees where Umeko is digging and tenses, but when they glance at him, he schools his face to neutrality. Umeko is a might fast digger, and Murphy is starting to whine softly. Nothing, so far. The others come and study the hole as she pauses to take a breath. "Why?" she wonders. "Sheesh, I'm hot." Manomarku smiles smugly at that. "Oh, giving up so soon!" he mocks. "It's all useless." She turns briefly and glares. "That's totally not true!" she snaps, then gets back to digging. Ban goes around the to Murphy and eyes him critically. "Hey, is it really here?" he asks doubtfully. Murphy utters a confirming bark. And then adds an uncertain whine. He looks at Umeko, who is still digging and it seems to him she's been doing this for an eternity. And suddenly he isn't sure that his readings are correct. Whimpering,he creeps away. "Murphy?" she asks as he goes past her. His tail coils down between his legs and he utters some soft yelps. Manomarku laughs cruelly. "Yup, I knew that was a stupid dog! I win!" he says, looking at the very angry men. They drag him off, refusing to look at him. Jasmine trails them. Ban pats Umeko's shoulder sympathetically and follows. Umeko looks only to where the dog has gone. "Murphy," she says softly. "I believe in you."

The morning passes. Rain wets the windshield of the car, drenches Deka Base. Murphy has returned to his case and refuses to come out, tail hanging down. Swan worries about his spirit. "This was your first time in actioin," she says. He whimpers in response. "It really can't be helped," she says musedly. The other four report to Doggie Kruger, worried about what Beirudon might accomplish. Hoji points out that he's pretty harmless as long as he only has the red solution. Kruger asks what that fellow can do.

Umeko is still digging. The hole she's made is deep enough that her hips are in it. The rain continues to fall, turning the dirt she's dug up into a slightly muddy pile. Water is puddling around her feet, but she keeps going. She thinks as she digs, "I know it. Murphy's not a stupid dog. That time (yesterday in the store) he found the highest quality oil there! I know he can do it." She is sopping wet. She must be freezing! But she keeps going. And then the shovel clinks on something. Quickly, Umeko gets down and digs with her bare hands through the mud. Very soon she's got a case out, She opens it, and there inside the not-watertight box is the precious vial of blue liquid. "Got it!" she pants, and climbs out of the hole. At that very moment the rain lets up. Umeko pays it no more attention that she had when she was digging. She's too happy about finding the vial. "We did it, Murphy!" she says softly. "Oh yes, and I thank you for that," says a gruff voice. Yes, Beirudon has been watching and waiting while she did all the dirty work. Creep. He blasts at her and the case goes flying into his hands. Very smug, he is. "Just what I've been waiting for," he laughs. She gets back up, though. When he blast the shorter of his horns at her, she is ready and transfers into her armor. He wasn't expecting her to be so quick. She leaps out of the explosion and gets the case back from him. She jumps over him, tells him he can't have it, and they start to battle. In strength she is quite out-matched, and when she tries to call the others, her license is knocked from her hands. He gets her with an explosion that sends her flying and she cries out in pain.

The cry, too faint and far for humans, reaches the ears of one designed for it and attuned to her. Murphy's ear prick up. His tail vanishes from the hole allowing his case to open and he tears out. Swan turns in surprise as Murphy leaves at speeds approaching sonic. She quickly alerts Kruger to the situation.

Umeko lands painfully on the winter ground. Beirudon is very willing to wipe her off the face of the planet, but she's not impressed. Her focus is on Murphy, the robot-dog she'd come so quickly to adore. She is going to defend his honor. She pulls out her weapon and charges Beirudon. He blasts at her, but can't keep up with her speed to get her. She stabs him in the forehead, knocking him back and leaps up, getting several good slashes in. He recovers and punches her away from him. This time he intends to get hold of her and tear her apart with his bare hands. Not quite recovered from his punch, she's having trouble getting back to her feet. Before he can reach her, though, Murphy arrives. A gray and black blur hits Beirudon hard before landing firmly in front of Umeko. "Murphy!" she delights. He barks in response, eyes trained on the enemy. When Beirudon gets up to blasts them again, Murphy tears forward and sinks his jaws into the alien's left hand. It is a struggle, as Beirudon heaves and hos to get the length of grey and black steel to let him go. Umeko sing-songs, "Murphy, release now!" and the dog immediately obeys her. She's put her gun into D-shot mode and fires on Beirudon. He staggers and then fires back with his smaller horn. A ball of golden fire expands from where she was standing, but she rides the blast at him. She flies around the startled alien, firing on him again and again. Then she comes in and cuts off his horn! Ooooooh! The long one. Oh, the pain is awful! Heheh. She's taken him down by herself, and at this point the others finally arrive. Umeko goes to pat and praise Murphy, who whines happily. Jasmine notes, "Murphy heard her." Hoji glances around, then dashes to where Umeko's license lies in a small, muddy puddle. He picks it up and notes thoughtfully that she couldn't contact them cut off from it. And he looks over at the struggling Beirudon, trying to recover from Umeko's attack. The alien gets to his feet, snarling incoherently. Umeko has to stop petting Murphy and get back to the battle. The others assemble around her. She pulls out her weapon to fire again, but Ban puts a hand out and calls her to stop. "We get to use this!" he says happily. It is a strange, white and black thing in his hand that looks like a small barbell. "Huh?" she asks. Ban calls, "Murphy, the Keybone!" and he tosses it high into the air. Murphy instantly focuses on it and leaps to catch it in his mouth. At once he reconfigures to become a cannon in their hands. The D-Bazooka. Umeko is delighted and says he's fantastic. So, it is to Umeko which falls the happy duty of using the Judgement function on the unfortunate Beirudon. And the judgement is final, to his horror. Together they lock and fire, killing him. And Umeko is justifiably pleased when he goes up in flames. Next she can go take a nice bath! Murphy whimpers and she turns, releasing her armor to run to him. "Thank you, Murphy!" she tells him and puts her hands on his shoulders. "You wanna take a bath with me?" and he barks a happy assent.

Back at the base, Swan smile from her position beside tall Doggie Kruger. Wise parental figures for this young group they are. Kruger comments that sometimes all that's needes is for someone to believe in them. And Umeko's quite good. Swan nods with a warm smile and says, "Yes, it's an excellent combination."

A rather unhappy Manomarkuis being walked along the hallway between Ban and Hoji. "Well, how to you feel? It wasn't you after all. We won," Hoji says conversationally. Manomarku snorts and says confidently, "It was just beginner's luck." Ban is all excited, though. "You keep whining. You've been arrested by the police." Umeko comes up the corridor the other way and grins, greeting them with, "It's the little girl here!" she flashes the v-sign. Manomarku goes expressionless for a moment, then forces a smirk and looks away. Umeko indicates her companion on her left. "And here's the stupid dog!" Murphy barks once. Folding her hands behind her back, she practically dances up to Manomarku. "You said you would beat us," she reminds him playfully. Losing his cool he casts a quick glare at her. "Noisy girl," he grumbles. Hoji grins. Umeko smiles widely and points out that maybe he's all wet now. Confused, he looks straight at her. "What?" Murphy barks, lifts his leg, a compartment slides open and... he pisses all over Manomarku's left leg and shoe. "Eyuch!" protests the alien man. "Nice, Murphy!" laughs Umeko and pats her dog on the head. Off she goes, and he follows with a happy bark. Manomarku gives a defeated sigh. Hoji thumbs-ups her and Ban slaps palms with her as she passes him. Jasmine and Sen, leaning against the wall, smile widely and Sen flashes her the victory sign, which she returns the favor. She and Murphy run off together, jumping with joy.

Today they introduce Murphy, with Doggie Kruger stroking the dog's head, Swan and Jasmine behind him equally proud. Swan has the Keybone to explain to us how it causes Murphy's body to reverse all around into the form of a cannon. Umeko, smirking, wonders which is better? The Keybone or a real bone?" She has one in her hands to offer to Murphy but when she sticks it out, accidently puts it into Doggie Kruger's mouth. With great dignity he says around it, "Umeko, not me."

Episode. 06 Green Mystery
A murder has been committed. A body lies under a gray sheet. Police have cordoned off the area and search. A fierce alien slices a car in half, while four frantic people (one may not be Japanese) flee in terror. Sen, suffering from pains in his head, puts something cool against it in a supermarket. He's unable to think, and Ban is getting highly frustrated, yanking what Sen's wearing off and throwing it violently on the floor where they are all meeting. The body under the gray blanket is a plant-alien. There is a young woman who, upon sight of the body, screams and falls to her knees, for this was someone near and dear to her. Sen, smirking slightly, seems to mock Ban. But the smirk fades for serious tense worry. He's going to be smashed into a wall (in his armor). The alien is a mantis-type, and Ban tangles with him in armor. Umeko, Jasmine and Hoji help him. They have to call out the big formation again. Sen finally rejoins the others, probably to head the arrest.

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06. Green Mystery

Hoji's cycle leads the race along city roads. The problem? A green alien, mantis-like, is attacking a car. The terrified driver is trying to escape. The Dekaranger roll in, sirens wailing. The driver and his three companions make it out of the vehicle, the alien on the opposite side. Long spikes grow out from his forearms, and the Dekaranger arrive just in time to see what happens when he swipes at the car with his right arm. The metal, all of it above the hood and trunk, is sliced through. The top of the car slides straight off. The Dekaranger get close, and Sen has a white cloth folded a-sitting atop his head. Though the terrified civilians run into their midst and he nods and sends one on his way, the cloth stays firmly in place. The alien is now on top of the car, savagely swiping down at it, rending it. Sen gasps softly. Ban reacts with more fury. All five pull out their small guns and Hoji calls "Stop, Alienizer!" Their target hops off the car, snarling. "Oh, you come out? That's good." With an additional remark, he fires a crescent of laser light at the group. They change into their armor and roll out of the blast. He is rather surprised. They quickly identify their colors and group. Hoji tells him he's under arrest and why is he doing this, and he informs them in response that he hates cars. "Is that the only reason?" Umeko demands. "Loudmouth!" he snarls back, and charges at them. They race to meet him, avoiding most of his strikes at first but he gets both girls. Sen and Hoji pin his arms for a moment but he pulls loose, turns and tosses them aside. He cuts through the team and soon cuts down a charging Ban. But he's lost interest and runs off, the fight left abandoned. Ban is all right, gets back to his feet protesting their enemy's running off, and then snarls furiously.

The data on the enemy is up, and Hoji reads off, informing everyone that he is of Juuza Star. Doggie Kruger digest that data thoughtfully. They are not known, apparently, for an inclination towards criminality. "So why's he doing this?" Umeko wonders, right fist curled against her cheek. Sen, the cloth still on his head, responds "Well, he did say he hates cars...." "So he's going to attack cars some more," grumbles Ban. He abruptly gets to his feet to demand something of his boss, and Sen, looking amused, tolerantly pushes him back into his seat. "Take it easy, Ban." Glaring indignantly, Ban grumps, "Sen-chan, you're TOO laid-back! And what's THIS?" He snatches the white cloth off of Sen's head and shakes it at him. Sen stares at it in complete suprise. "That?" As Sen reaches to get a good look at the cloth, Ban complains, "You've been wearing it the WHOLE time!" Sen takes it back from him, straightens it out, lets it hang loose, all the while making little, thoughtful noises. After a moment he turns around, concentrating and says, "Well, I suppose..." In the morning he was wiping down the tables in the office with a cloth all by himself. He'd trotted over to do Kruger's desk. He'd padded the control panel behind it, sat in the boss' chair... which was really, really comfortable and he'd dozed off... and dreamed he'd gone to a hot spring. And in that dream he'd put his towel on his head (which people often do).... "And that's probably what happened with the dust-cloth," he finishes, putting it calmly back in its place atop his head. Ban stares at him for an instant longer, then says "Well of course." He gets up, grabbing the dust cloth and throwing it violently on the floor. He stalks around to the boss' side and rants, while Sen calmly picks the cloth back up and sets it on the table by his hand. Whatever Ban has ranted about, Kruger replies that this is because of Sen. Startled, Ban turns to look. Sen is calmly wiping something with the cloth. Ban returns to furious argument, protesting that Sen is the one who's deciding all this but Kruger is not obliging his rant, being perfectly calm about it. Jasmine calmly comes over and counters that they always leave that sort of thing to Sen's sensibilities. "Huh?" asks Ban. Sen is over on his end, blushing shyly and rubbing at his head self-consciously. Suddenly, Kruger's license rings in telephone signal. "It's me. What? Understood!" And he is quickly on his feet and tells them, "There's been another incident just like that one." They gasp and sit up alertly. "A young woman's car was sliced apart." I think he said something a little more than that, for their expressions are ones of appalled shock.

A drive lined with bushes, trees whose branches hang over nearby houses. A dozen or so police officers have the are cordones off with orange tape. A sheet covers a body that lies between the majority of the car and its sliced-off top. One officer salutes the Dekaranger, who've arrived at a run. They skid to a stop together and look at the car. Umeko declares, "This car is just like the one from before!" Sliced neatly and cleanly, straight across. Ban's brow furls in dismay and rage, "This is because we let him get away from us!" The two officers next to the covered body salute as Hoji comes to them and asks for a report. The man with shorter hair looks to his notebook. "This is the girl before," he tells them. He holds out her licence She was born in year 59 of something, July. Tokyo address, and her licenes had to be renewed in about three years, year 19, July 20th. "Before?" Hoji wonders. Pale, the man nods and explains that she'd, well, changed. Hoji passes the license to Jasmine and bends down. The size of the lumpy body under the gray sheet should have already been a clue. He draws the sheet back to find an alien body underneath. There's a sweet kind of elegance to it, streamlined with a vegetable pattern. Pink spines with red tips come out the back of the head like hair. "An alien," Jasmine says thoughtfully, sinking down to touch the body. Behind them they hear a shrill cry, "Karmia!" They turn. There is a girl, whose nerveless fingers have let a bag of groceries fall. She runs, pushing under the orange barrier tape. The two officers lunge to stop her from contaminating the crime scene. She struggles in their grip. "Let me go! Let me go!" she protests. The Dekaranger stare, but Hoji steps forward, a touch to ask the officer to do so. They do, and straighten their uniforms but stay close. "I'm sorry," Hoji tells the girl firmly, "but who are you?" Bravely she says, "I'm her big sister." Her name is, I think, Kaaza. For a moment, she lessons her human-guise so they can see the green leaves and red eyes. At least, she thinks the body must be her sister. They let her hurry between them to the body. Voice choked with tears she explains, "We came to this star together. We just wanted to live quietly." She sinks to her sister's side and cries her name, breaking into sobs. Ban's face twists in sympathetic rage. "That damned mantis!" he snarls. Swinging around he slams his closed, gloved fist on the side of the car. "AH!" he hisses and draws his hand to his chest in pain. Umeko leaps around the others. "You all right?" "Ouch!" he complains loudly. He pulls his glove off to reveal that he's sliced the pinky side of his right hand a pretty decent one. The girl notices and gets up quickly saying, "You shouldn't expose that." She holds up her hands, cups them, and as the startled Dekaranger watch, water simply seeps up into her palms. "Put your hand out," she tells Ban gently. He is sucking on the wound. Startled, but obedient, he holds out his hand. She tips her hands and lets the water run over his injury, explaining that plant aliens secrete healing liquid from their stalks to heal themselves, but can also help others. She is finished. Ban gratefully flexes his now-healed hand. "Thank you!" he booms at her happily. With great calm, she nods her head and smiles. Sen is staring at her expressionlessly and she notices it, turning to meet his gaze. He turns away and heads for the groceries she'd dropped. The others pay no attention, but he lifts a plastic bag of food from the small pile and considers it where it lays limp in his hands. It is a Pilaf, the bag contains a mix of vegetables and rice. The bag is damp, moisture rolls down it. "It isn't..." he whispers softly. Then Umeko walks the girl past him, but he doesn't seem to notice.

At Deka Base, they've called up information on the girls and their homeworld and are considering what they see. It is a lovely world, laden with green plants and clean water. But there is something about green lights leaving a planet turned red and dusty. They are refugees from that, Hoji notes. But Ban is furious, blaming the Mantis-alien. "We'll bring in Murphy's power to find him!" Sen, though, still sits thoughtfully. He hums and sits way back until his chair flops over and he's laying on the floor. Startled, Ban turns and asks, "What's with you, Sen-chan?" "Dunno..." Sen replies, still off in another frame of mind. "Well are you listening to me?" Sen says quietly, "Something just doesn't fit...." Umeko turns her chair and asks, "What, what?" Sen answers softly, "He said he hated cars... that doesn't really lead to him being a murderer...." Ban bends down angrily, "Well actually he did! What are you saying? That Mantis did do it!" Sen remains in his own head, answering quietly, "No, there was no reason. So, why?" Furious, Ban snarls "What makes you think that?" Sen answers absently, "The pilaf." "Huh?" "It wasn't. The pilaf." Exasperated and unable to make sense of Sen's thought-processes, Ban puffs out a sigh and gets back up. "Boss! We've gotta do something!" Sen curls off of his fallen chair and stands quickly beside Ban. "Sorry, give me the authority to okay the code." "SEN-CHAN!" Ban snarls, turning on him. But Doggie Kruger knows his people and stands, calmly saying that in the event it happens, it will be up to Sen. Ban practically screams a protest, while Sen salutes and heads out of the room. Ban glares after him, but Kruger is telling them to use Murphy to track their Juuza-alien. They all salute him.

They board their vehicles. Murphy is happy, he gets to ride with Umeko, who is now his handler. Jasmine is buckling in beside Ban, who is complaining about Sen being no good. "No good?" she asks, staring at him. But he is just annoyed and unable to really say what he wants. Amused, she looks ahead and says "And you're a fool, Ban-chan." Finding this utterly without reason, he looks askance at her. But the gates open, and out rides the team.

Sen has not gone with them. Instead, he's gone to a small market. Sawagami. He walks inside and finds the same type of Pilaf in the frozen foods section. He whops it against his head experimentally. It makes nice, solid, frozen thumpy noises. "Hm," he nods and puts it in his shopping basket. He picks up another and heads away.

The house at the end of the lane where the girl was murdered. The doorbell rings. The older sister opens the door cautiously and looks at her visitor. She stares gravely at Sen, who bows low to her. He smiles and greets her. Outside in the small garden, he wanders while she watches him. "This big mansion is quite convenient," he says conversationally. "Close to the supermarket." He lifts the bag he carries, then turns to her. "Here, your sister liked these, did she?" Out he holds the frozen Pilaf, still dusted with ice crystals, not the least bit softened visibly. Surprised, the girl quietly agrees, "A bit, yes." "I'm glad," he says gravely, and gives them to her for, I think, her sister's memorial. Uncertainly, she accepts with a nod, keeping her gaze from his. Shoving his hands into his back pockets, he continues to sort of meander about, complimenting the area she's living in. Something about how nice her home world was. She is quite surprised to hear him talk about this and he comments idly on all the things one can do with water. "Eh?" she asks logically. Sen's wandering logic confuses more people than Ban, it seems. "For example," he turns to look her square in the eyes, "you can cut metal or other hard object with water." She stiffens almost imperceptably and swallows. "You think I can do that?" Seeming startled from his thoughts, he grings sheepishly at her. "Oh, sorry. Just human business." He rubs the back of his head and bows. She bows back, then turns and waters the garden flowers from her own palms. Returning to him, a casual strut to her walk, she asks if they've made an arrest in her sister's murder. He sheepishly says they haven't yet, they're still investigating. He apologizes for disturbing her andwalks off. She stares after him grimly.

Murphy travels at high speeds, great jumps propelling him along the streets. The Dekaranger trail him, sirens wailing. Suddenly he jets off, for he's found their quarry. Ban gasps and follows. He's cornered the very frightened green alien. The four Dekaranger join Murphy, who stands barking. "Murphy, stop!" Umeko orders. He gives a final bark and settles down. Ban snarls, "There's nowhere for you to run!" and they all change into their armor. Ban pulls out a pair of large handcuffs. "We're here to arrest a murderer!!" Startled, the alien asks, "Murderer? What are you talking about?" They know when they're being snowed. Hoji tells him not to try to play those games and he responds, very confused, "You're the ones playing around! I never done anything like that!" Ban starts to snarl, stepping forward, "You hate cars! And so you cut into a girl driving one!! You've left her poor sister to mourn her alone!" He has his gun out and is ready to fire. But the alien is stunned. "Hey, hey I didn't do it!" He continues protesting, gesturing frantically his innocence. His hatred of cars stems from traffic endangering children - a startled Umeko lowers her gun - and how that had made him cut up that one car because the driver was careless. The others are lowering their guns and thinking about this, but Ban doesn't believe a word of it. He charges at the dismayed alien, who has to defend himself from Ban's kicks and strikes. And yet none of the alien's strikes are made with a will to devastate, not like with the car. When the others gather around the fallen Ban, the alien wails "Why don't you believe me?!" and throws out an energy arc which, unfortunately, tears up a nearby building. "Look out!" cries Ban, and they all dive away from the path of the falling debris. When they get clear, the alien is gone. They look around and Ban snarls again with fury.

Sen informs the others that the Juuza alien was not lying to them. This doesn't sit well with Ban, who demands an explanation and a culprit. Sen sighs thoughtfully and paces. They are at the top of a flight of stairs outdoors on a hill. Finally, Sen looks at them and says he thinks it's the girl. "Eh?" says Hoji. In fact, they all do, though Ban's reaction is stronger and sneering. He almost breaks out laughing, but asks for more to explain the paths of Sen's thoughts. He's getting outraged, and Sen tells him sternly to calm himself. "I don't like to be flashy," he says. "I have to do this methodically. So believe, okay?" He looks Ban very gravely in the eye and asks him to please, even though he isn't able to offer anything concrete, believe in him. "Believe?" Ban asks weakly. "I haven't got enough evidence yet," Sen says calmly. Ban blows again, "She couldn't cut a car like that!!" That is something, yes. Sen thoughtfully puts his hands in his back pockets and paces slowly. "It does seem so, doesn't it?" he agrees with a smile.

Kaaza is on the phone with... "Agent Aburera?" she says coyly. Oh, no innocent all right. "Do this for me." He can see her on a vewscreen inside his helmet, and he listens. He cuts the connection. "Understood," he says.

Sen has gone to consult with a troubled Swan. She has found something mighty suspicious indeed. She has pictures of the two vehicles, the first one Case File 3064, the second 3107. She's analyzed the slices, and they were not done by the same instrument. But it's darned close, and she wants to know what he thinks could have done this. Folding his arms and hmming, suddenly he startles her by brightening up and asking, "S'all right if I stand on my head?" Startled, but obliging she gives him the go ahead. She watches with bewilderment as he goes over to the wall, puts his palms flat on the floor and kicks up to rest his heels far above his head. In his "Thinking Pose", his jacket scrunching slightly around his chin and his face darkening as the blood rushes to his head, he stays for a long moment. He opens his eyes, gaze shifting to the coffee pot filling from some rapid drips. And his mouth hangs open, for something had occurred to him. The dripping of water. The power of this simple liquid to slowly wear holes in stone.... "That's it!" he gasps, and returns to an upright position, eyes on fire.

What is it he's understood? Sen heads for a factory where there are huge metal colums sliced evenly through, perfect. He watches water pouring over metal as machines move. He films with his license. He lifts a sheet of metal and runs his fingers appreciatively along the inch-thick smooth metal edge. Some water remains upon it, and Sen nods. "I'm not mistaken," he says softly.

Out there is an innocent alien, panting as he's been driven into another corner. He pants and sinks down in front of a door, trying to catch his breath. A dog whines and yelps. He turns his head. It is a real dog, a sweet fellow with long, soft fur, pale gold and white. It comes over to him to investigate his feet, and he appreciates the animal's friendliness. He laughs and strokes its hair while it licks his leg. What he doesn't know is that there is a malignant being hanging far above him. Agent Aburera opens all three eyes wide and glowing. Off flies a bat at his command. It lands on the alien's shoulder and bites deep, clearly injecting some kind of poison into him! His eyes go wide and he utters a shrill scream. The dog flees quickly. Agent Aburera utters an amused snort.

Ban is running along the streets, searching for his favorite suspect. Suddenly he puts on a burst of speed. We find that Umeko, Jasmine and Hoji are also searching the streets. Hoji meets Jasmine and asks how it's gone. She says she's seen no sign. Together they jog on to the place they meet Umeko and Ban. It's getting late in the afternoon. Just as they are confirming they couldn't find him, in the far distance he looms over the city, for Aburera has made him giant and mad. With a shriek, he smashes at one office building. Startled, the four stagger when the ground shakes. "Of course!" snarls Ban. But then Sen arrives and calls to them. Ban shouts over the noise accusingly does he still think this isn't the culprit, but Sen only says that they have to stop him. Hoji hauls out his license and calls for the Deka Machines. Out roll the enormous vehicles, and our heroes board in their armor, forming together as Deka Robo at once. Out they have the signal cannon. The alien charges them and they fire, but he deflects their blasts and they have to leap out of the way of their own bullets. He does not speak, but continues to scream. Far below is Kaaza, watching and deeply appreciative of this scapegoat. The Deka Robo flips and lands gracefullly. Their enemy attacks. Ban demands that Sen allow them to call for the Judgement Sword. Sen refuses. He says they have to pin the guy. "WHY!?" protests Ban. But the others have no trouble. Their faith is in Sen. Thus Jasmine commands the robo to fire bright, yellow coils of police tape. Relieved, Ban hauls out his license and orders Judgement. It begins, running through the data, and then when it judges it gives the green circle. He is clear. "EEEEEEEEEEEH?!" reacts Ban in shock. The machine could not be swayed by Sen's opinion, he surely wonders. While Ban is still sputtering and Sen is pleased, the alien begins to recover from the venom put in his body. Way below, Kaaza utters a startled, "What is going on?" But Sen tells them calmly that they have to send the alien to the Deka Base holding cells. He asks Hoji to do it. Still a bit startled himself, Hoji obeys. He puts out the Whapper onto the very confused alien. In a moment, he is gone. Sen sighs smugly and starts to unbuckle his harness.

Below, Kaaza is wondering what's going on. "Aren't you going to exectute him?" she snaps. "No," suddenly says a voice that's become familiar and alarming to her. Sen has popped out behind her in his armor. He says calmly, "He isn't a murderer." She turns slowly and coldly asks, "Why do you say that?" He walks towards her, releasing his armor and staring steadily. "The murderer," he begins, then pauses points, "is you." "What?" she wonders, then snaps angrily, "Stop messing around." He certainly has. He says almost sadly, "We were all very impressed with the way you healed Ban's cut." But that had triggered suspicion in him, for she was fresh off seeing her little sister's corpse. He'd thought then it was just a little bit strange that she could switch emotional displays so quickly. And then when he'd picked up her groceries and found the pilaf all soft. He'd gone to the same supermarket (for its name was on her grocery bag) and brought the same pilaf, and talked with her for a time... and it was still frozen. "You were there a lot earlier," he now says with angry determination. She glares and her lips tighten as memory takes her back to that day. Her sister was walking away from the mansion. "Yoshimi!" she'd called, herself in black slacks and white long-sleeved shirt, her sister in off-white shirt and coppery-orange knee-length skirt. "Wait!" and she'd grabbed her sister and shaken her, trying to explain. "You murdered you sister because - " sorry, don't know exactly, but probably for refusing to join in/cover up criminal behavior. She had seen the attack by the other alien, thought to use it as a cover for her own evil act. So she'd gone home and waited, trying to frame the Juuza alien for her sister's murder. "Am I wrong?" he asks. The others have gathered nearby and are watching with quiet shock even now. She smirks at him a little. "That's all very interesting, but have you forgotten? She paces confidently along. "I don't have the power to do that." Ban, who is clinging desperately to his earlier assumptions, steps forward and yells, "Yeah, Sen-chan! That girl's no way strong enough!" "Really?" Sen asks her coldly. She looks at him across the three meters between them. "What, that isn't natural?" she asks. He turns and walks towards a nearby parked car, a hand touching and triggering his transformation into armor. "Okay," he says, and bends down, putting his hands under the car. With considerable effort, he lifts the vehicle up and holds it unsteadily balanced over his head as he turns around. "That what about this?" he yells. He heaves the car into the air and it is headed straight for a stunned Kaaza. It'll squash her unless... while Ban is screaming about the idiocity of Sen, the car falls towards Kaaza. There is no time for her to move. The others are bolting towards her but could never get there in time. Her eyes glow bright red, now. She drops the human guise completely and raises her arm. From her fingers jets water in a stream so powerful it slices the car in half. The two halves fall safely clear of her. Ban and the others stagger to a stunned halt. Sen watches calmly. Kaaza herself is less calm, only now realizing how she exposed herself. "Water can do that," Sen says quietly. He pulls out his license to show what he'd filmed earlier. Huge blocks of metal being cut up by powerful water pressure. And that was how the second car had been destroyed.

Kaaza bursts into somewhat less than sane laughter. She can admit it now, there is no point to lying any longer. They had fled their homeworld. They came to Earth. They were hiding out from the police. But somewhere along the line of a plot to - what? Steal Earth's water? Contaminate it? - her sister had a change of heart and refused to do it. She liked Earth. Kaaza had been stunned. And so, when her little sister returned home, all unsuspecting of just how deep darkness had rooted in her, she stood on the drive in human guise and used her power to slice apart the car and kill. Emotionless, dead. Indifferent.

She has a few things to say, possibly about human arrogance and all that. In the way that the insane sometimes do, she's trying to justify whatever evil act she was going to commit. These excuses don't hold water with an extremely pissed Sen, who charges her with the murder of her sister. She throws a water blast at him, but his suit is proof against it and he rolls back to his feet while his teammates are still worrying. She pulls out a rod/blade and slashes him with it, kicks him over. He's getting pretty hurt, and she leaps with a rolling kick that sends him flying into, and smashing through, a nearby plas - er, cement wall. She laughs, then is amazed when he pulls himself from the rubble, panting and strong withhis rage. Now he's fighting back, and she is the one getting knowcked and tumbled. He leaps high to kick her and she tries a water-jet blast, but the waters just rolls off his spinning body and she gasps and stops, allowing him to drop and kick her hard. She falls, the others gather around him and Ban praises him. Now he brings out his license and lists her crimes, calling for judgement. She is caught, her sins balanced... the judgement is final and Sen tosses the Keybone for Murphy. They fire. Kaaza is destroyed. Now Sen turns and walks away, pleased and pained to have solved this mystery.

Reporting in that night, the medical staff have cleared the car-hating tempermental alien. He's back to normal, Umeko happily explains to Kruger. Hoji listens to her explanation until finished and adds his own points. Ban is very happy to say what he knows, too, and Kruger thanks them all. They salute. Ban turns faster than the others, for he wants to go an apologize to Sen, who is sitting at the table. He also wants to express his admiration for Sen's abilities. He sticks out a hand, promising to be good from now on, but gets no shake. For Sen, exhausted, has fallen asleep sitting up. This wasn't obvious despite the enormous fake eyes he'd stuck on his eyelids. The others chuckle and sit down, while Ban grumbling asks why Sen had known that alien was no murderer. Jasmine utters an explanation, and Ban is impressed, even as Sen's body slides bonelessly into a more comfortable position on the chair. He dreams and smiles slightly in his sleep.

Sen flicks the switch for the tube leading to Patstriker. He explains happily that you flick the switch to get to your own Deka Machine. Ban suddenly dashes over and leaps feet-first into the chute. "Chuter-in!" he crows as he vanishes down it. Sen watches, a small smirk on his face. There is a red flash as Ban changes into his armor while he slides down. Then Sen raises his gaze to us and his smirk becomes broad. He turns off the Patstriker switch and on the Patgyrer. Much to two young men's surprise, Ban lands in Hoji's lap. "Hey! Where am I?" he yelps while an indignant Koji snaps "What are you doing?!" and Sen snickers into his fist up in the office. Hoji headbutts Ban.

Episode. 07 Silent Telephathy
A boatyard, someone in gray running out onto a moored, long boat. The Deka Robo fights another robot of somewhat bizarre design. and there is a child, small, who reaches up and seems to control the strange machine. "It's not an Alienizer?!" yelps Ban. Innocent boy in the dark, grim, perfect face. An alien with glowing eyes... Jasmine knowing something different than what they believe is going on. Fighting an alien. And there is the boy, hiding in the dark. Jasmine tries to reach him but the doors close in her face. The boy is under some sort of cap... Jasmine opens her eyes suddenly. The alien she and Ban are battling manages to grab her and hold her hostage to keep Ban from firing on him.

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Silent Telepathy

Night. Junk all around, debris and unwanted items tossed into the metal-heap. A teddy bear peeks around a corner. It is watching a young boy who sits inside an open machine. The boy sits listlessly, staring down past his knees. He wears dark clothing. A long-sleeved flannel shirt, black slacks or jeans. The bear considers him thoughtfully, then leaps towards him. It speaks to him, voice as innocent as any small child's but for what it says. "Give the enemy to me?" He raises his gaze and looks at it. It asks him, happy innocent laughter in its tone. It giggles and the boy swings his gaze away. Back into painful memory. Other boys, about his same age, sneering at him in the daylight, bullying and taunting him. His gaze sharpens with contained rage. A sound passes his lips as he gets up quickly, moving past the giggling teddy bear. He breaks into a run and it watches him go.

Day, presumably, for we are inside Deka Base in the meeting room, where Umeko is affectionately petting Buddy Murphy, who sits very proudly for her touch. Sen is seated at the table, Ban standing with arms folded on his left. Jasmine is one his right, and Hoji is across the way with Captain Kruger. There are large cards spread out on the table. Jasmine points to the one furthest on her left. "Star." Ban turns it over and sure enough it is. The next is a triangle. Next a square. She looks pleased and declares the final one wavy lines. One hundred percent! "You are so great, Jasmine!" gasps Ban, grinning his ears off. "Do you want to try?" she asks. "Yeah!" he crows. Umeko is instantly at the table. But Hoji, the wet rag, strides over and says "Stop it." He sits and points out that they're (specifically Ban) too weak to read Esper Cards. Insulted, Ban starts to snarl but Jasmine says mischieviously, "Hoji, you try and do it, too." "Eh?" So she sets down one card, smiling, and says, "So what is it?" Hoji considers, left hand fingers to his forehead, then says firmly, "It's a square." Sen, who never looks up from the papers he's working on, raises his pen and says "I think star." Umeko grins and says, "I say wavy lines!" Ban, eyes full of bright play, says "I say triangle!" "Are you all sure?" Jasmine asks, giving them time. Umeko and Ban nod enthusiastically, while Hoji waits impatiently. "Well, too bad!" Jasmine says. She reaches down and turns over the card. "It's Umeko in the bath." Sure enough, it is a playful sketch of Umeko with her three duckies (only not attached together) and sorry folks, nothing below the armpits is visible. The others all break into brief giggles and a laughing Ban scolds Jasmine for tricking them like that. Kruger joins the group, also laughing. She'd gotten this ready earlier. He picks up the card, turns it and says "You could draw for a manga." She laughs. But then the warning sirens blare and they all turn alertly to see what's happening. There's a monster in the city, so Kruger sends them out to face it. They salute and go into their armor, then leap feet first into the tubes to their big vehicles. License in place to start the vehicles, and out they roll.

Their opponent is a large robot, orange and red, with broadcast dishes on head and chest. It looks a bit like a child's toy. Enbarnzu is its designation. It bends down and looks inside an office building. The people scream and flee for the stairs. The robot straightens, turns and bends slightly again. Its eyes flash like some sort of code. The Dekamachines are coming quickly. As they approach they see a kind of strong ripple in the air, pouring into the three dishes on the front of the robot, the ones on the arms glow, too. The robot turns around again. From the big dish on its head there is a flash, and then the entire office building just fades away. "The building!" yelps Ban. But an enraged Umeko uses her signaller to tell whatever's inside there it's going to be locked up. Jasmine uses the Light Flash to blind the enemy. The robot seems to flinch back. Hoji starts firing, enormous shells go up in the air (let's not worry about the issue of where they land, eh?). The robot raises an arm to protect itself. Sen fires the Catch Rope, which twines all around the robot. Ban calls to Jasmin and Sen to work with him. Using his vehicle's grappling arms, he uses parts of their vehicles to become the long blade on the side of his. He hurtles in at the robot, car tilted and the blade high. The robot takes a step back, shifts to look right and down. Its eyes flash. Jasmine suddenly utters a puzzled gasp. She follows the robot's gaze to the open ground and sees a small figure in dark clothes standing there. "A child?" she wonders. The boy's gaze swings towards the approaching vehicles. He seems to look straight at her and she gasps. Perpahs a pathway opens between them, for her thoughts leap back to her childhood. Alone inside a climbing construction while other kids swing and run around. Hands demurely in her lap, gaze down. So alone. And she comes out of the memory, hearing Ban's enthusiastic scream as he bears down on the robot. Before he can get there, it looks his way and the great dish on its head flashes again. It fades away. "Baaah! Stop, stop stop!" Ban shouts. He manages to halt his vehicle without damaging anything. "It's gone!" he gasps. The others halt their vehicles, too. Umeko complains, "It teleported away! We can't fight it!" Sen rubs his chin thoughtfully. "But where did it teleport that building to?" Jasmine, however, when her vehicle stops, unbuckles her restraints and leaps out, ignoring Hoji's questioning. He lands the Gyro. Jasmine runs to where she'd seen the boy, but there is nothing and she has to say that to them through her license. "I'm sorry," she adds.

The Deka Machines back in storage, our heroes are out in their smaller vehicles for hours trying to find out what happened to the vanished building. Ban complains about the cloudy day. A signal from base, Doggie Kruger calls to say they've found the building. It's in Nagano. "Nagano?" wonders Jasmine. Yes, they've pinpointed its location. N 36 46 12 E 128 35 11 H 1324 To those coordinates they go, under the full moon. Wandering through the woods with flashlights, Ban is the first to spot the building. It is an oddball sight among the trees. There is no light. "What's it doing here?" grumps Ban. "We'll find out," Hoji says firmly. He leads them inside. They wander the dark halls. Hoji frets, "There's no one here." Ban worries, "Where did everyone go?" Umeko says nervously, "This place is so eerie..!" Her foot hits something on the floor. She stops and turns her flashlight beam on it, bending down. When she picks it up she sees "A doll?" A doll with black hair,dark eyes, wearing a business suit that is way too big for the doll itself. "It's a figurine," Sen comments. The find distinction between realistic dolls in Japan and regular ones. Ban's found one, too, this of an office lady. "What is this?" he wonders. For such dolls don't have a place in your average office building. "You found one, too?" asks Umeko. They gather together in an empty office. Jasmine suddenly calmly strips her gloves off and takes the lady doll from a confused Ban. She stares at it, steels herself and opens her mind. A strange instrument, some cries "Hah!" and a flash of red light in the dark building. A man engulfed in that light screams, writhes and his body shrinks down, down... down to become a figurine much like the one Umeko had found. A tentacled alien with enormous, glowing red eyes eagerly gathered it up. When she screamed, it turned and came after her. She fled, but it cornered her in this office. The instrument flashed again and she screamed.... The lady figurine has long black hair and short bangs. Jasmine stares at it in horror. "That's it." Hoji steps over to her. "What's going on, Jasmine?" "I saw..." she says and turns away, her gaze fixed on what she holds. "I think... I think this figurine's memory." Ban peers closer. "A figurine's memory?" But Jasmine talks to the doll in her hand. "What happened? I need more details!" She concentrates. Hoji and possibly the others watch her uncertainly. "What are you talking about?" he asks. She finally answers him, "This alienizer has the power to turn people into these figurines." Sen gasps. Umeko looks closely at the one she holds and asks, "So, these are really human beings?" Jasmine nods firmly. They all peer at the dolls in amazement and horror.

The boy walks back to his quiet place in the junkyard. And then the teddy bear is there, giggling. He thanks the boy for making the plan work just right. "I've completed my collection!" He's really pleased and they'll go to the stars together. The boy lifts his gaze to the night sky. The distant shine of Orion's belt (boy, no pollution. I guess they've really cleaned up the atmosphere in this alternate Earth). His eyes shine with hope in his still face.

The next day, bright and shiny, clouds across the sky. In the Deka Base, Hoji tells Kruger that they are still investigating the figurines. There were over a hundred people in that building.... And Kruger, like them all, wonders why they found only two figurines. Umeko and Sen are flipping through folders containing photos and basic data on the people who've gone missing. They have yet to figure out either which man and woman these two figurines are. Ban, over-stressed from wanting and being unable to figure out what's going on, lopes across the room complaining about not understanding what this criminal is up to. Jasmine sits at the table, fingers twined, deep in thought. Kruger notes her pensive expression and asks what's the matter. Troubled, she answers "There was a grade-school kid there...." Ban has settled beside her, and they all look at her. Kruger seeks clarification. "A grade-school child? There were a lot of people escaping the area..?" "But the monster was looking at him." Sen and Hoji head over to her as she continues, "And then when the monster disappeared, so did he." Furious, Hoji snaps "Why didn't you say anything?" "Yeah!" chimes in Ban. "He's gotta be the Alienizer!!" She responds firmly, "I think he's not." "Huh?" startles Ban. Then he tells her angrily, "You're being unreasonable!" She turns to meet his gaze. "But I think he's not!" she says more firmly. "And why's that?" Ban snaps back. She turns away again, for she cannot directly answer him, she does not know. "I just think he's not." He's really upset because it isn't good enough for him that she can't explain. And then the sirens go off. Another attack has begun. Kruger sends them on their way.

A school building, probably Junior or High school, suddenly shudders as we hear a loud "thoomph". Kids in the classroom, where class isn't at this moment in session, turn around in surprise. Those sitting on their desks (yes, on) jump off to look out the windows with the others. The building shakes again with the noise. Walking towards the school is that familair orange and red robot. Wisely, the students bolt out of their classrooms into the halls and make for the stairs. As the robot closes upon the building it stops and turns. Down the wide main road roll the Dekaranger vehicles (except for the one which flies) and Ban screams "HOLD IT!" He states their objective, protect the school, and calls to the others. They will form Deka Robo. This is accomplished quickly. They aim the signal cannon and prepare to fire. Before they can, the robot fires electric bolts at them. They leap right and roll, firing. They land on their feet and continue firing, staggering the robot. Hoji calls to intern it at Dekabase, and they bring out the enormous cuffs. Before they can use it, the robot flashes a light at it. The cuffs fade quickly. The heroes look around for them when they reappear... on Dekarobo's own wrists, efffectively immobilizing the heroes. Umeko calls, "No way! Hoji, abort!" Down in the left foot, Hoji answers her. Sen adds "We have to be careful!" For their enemy is still mobile. Now the robot fires its eletric burst at Dekarobo again, and they can't evade. "What're we gonna do?!" cries Ban through the feedback. But then the robot turns away from them. Its eyes flash. Jasmine recognizes the significance and looks down quickly. There is the boy. His clothes almost blend in with the dark sand of the school playground, and he holds up his left hand, palm forward. The air ripples between him and the robot. Its dishes glow white. "He's here!" Jasmine says. She unbuckles her harness and leaps out of Deka Robo. "Jasmine!" cries Ban. But he does not have the luxury of going after her. She lands in her street clothes, running towards the boy. "Hey you!" she calls. Stunned by her arrival, he drops his hand and casts her a glance full of fright. He bolts, scrambling under a light mesh fence to get out of the school yard. "Wait!" she cries, and races after him. Hoji, meanwhile, calls for "Scramble Release!" and pushes the button that digitizes or whatever the cuffs. They quicky holster the Signal Cannon and draw the Judgement Sword. The robot, seeing them free and out for oil, throws up its hands in dismay and runs for it. Or rather, burrows. It goes underground. "Oh we just needed a second more!" wails Umeko.

A green cargo train passes by. Here is a still inlet where wide, flat boats are moored for their need. A panting, frightened boy clad is dark grays and black races onto one. He looks behind him, but there is no sign of the girl pursuing him so he sits down to catch his breath. He doesn't know Jasmine has caught up. But she doesn't approach him, choosing instead at first to keep her distance and see what he does. She knows him, not in the meaning of actually having met him, but she sees him and sees herself as a child again, sitting alone on the playground. Suddenly a hissing, childish voice startles her. A teddy bear has put in an appearance, and it is really angry at the Dekaranger. Indignantly it complains, "They're really getting in the way, aren't they!?" The boy turns his head and stares incredulously at the bear. It say cheerfully, "But we won't give up! We'll approach this again - " a bullet impacts with the bear, who falls over backwards out of sight. The boy gasps and turns his head, eyes wide with terror. Jasmine looks at him, troubled, and holsters her gun before approaching the skittish child who is now on his feet. "It's all right," she tells him. "I'm your friend." The fright shifts to sullen resentment, and the boy starts to make a run for it again. "Wait!" Jasmine cries. He does pause in his flight, a bare hand resting on a metal railing of the boat. "Wait, hear me out," she pleads. But what can she say. She takes note of where his hand is resting. Her lips curl ever so slightly and now she takes the glove off of her right hand with determination and closes her palm around the part of the railing closest to her. For she is an esper, and can see into the human heart.

It is black here, in the distance between minds. But Jasmine's soul glows. She steps forward to find she is in front of an enormous cement wall. Two heavy doors are open ahead of her, and the boy stands beyond, them, back to her. As she watches, the doors begin to swing closed. She gasps and races forward, but she is not fast enough and they shut before she can reach them. She stands outside the fortress, and carefully reaches her bare hands to touch the metal. She says quietly, "You're lonely, too, aren't you?" Hearing her voice inside him like this is startling. His lips part slightly, and curiosity gets the better of him. The doors her fingers touch swing slowly in, just enough for her to see him in there, staring at her with suspicion. With the opening of the doors she's picked up information. "You're Hikaru-kun, aren't you?" He lowers his gaze and looks away from her.

She's reached him, and takes her hand from the railing to speak with words. "You hate humans. You hate it here on this star..." she says as she puts her glove back on. "And so you've been listening to that doll." Her knowing this stuns him. He blinks uncertainly and draws in a deep breath. "It's promised you that if you help it with your teleporting power, it'll take you away to another world." Hikaru turns finally to stare at her intently. She says calmly, "I'm just like you. An esper." They lock gazes and the moment stretches, until it is broken by Ban's sharp voice. "Jasmine!" He is leading the rush, the others close on his heels. Hikaru's gaze narrows and he looks at her resentfully. He says sharply "If that's so, then why do you have friends?!" His question shocks her. The other four gather behind her, looking at this small boy with bewilderment. "Is this like you?!" he snarls, and gestures with his right hand. Nearby barrels fade quickly away and he turns, gesturing at the air above their heads, where the barrels reappear and drop down at them. They duck. He had no strong intent to hurt them, so fortunately the barrels bounce off the roof of the boat but it is close. Jasmine watches him run away as fast as he can, while Ban snarls angrily about him. But Jasmine then gets up quickly and goes over to where the bear fell. It lies there, still smoking from her shot. She kneels down and can see intricate mechanical parts through the hole in its chest. It hisses at her an angry complaint for her getting in its way. Then a ripple of light and it is gone. The others gather around her and she stands up. "We need to find out who that is," she says, voice shaking with anger. "He's using the power that boy has."

The who in question is writing a message in the alien computer script. His eyes are white, irises blue. He is very, very angry about their interference.

Jasmine and Ban start asking around, looking for someone who might know about the boy, Hikaru. At the Dekabase, Kruger waits for reports. Hoji is on the computers looking for an alien criminal likely to use a child. Umeko continues going through the brief profiles on the people who are missing, trying to find some useful clue. She's getting very tired. Kruger then notices they're missing someone. "Where is Sen?" he asks Umeko. She and Hoji both raise their gazes. They hadn't noticed he was gone. "Well, maybe he's..." Umeko starts, but just then they hear the hall doors open. Sen has returned with a bag of goods. "Where'd you go, Sen-chan?" Hoji asks. "Mmm? Oh, for this!" and he pulls a blue ball out of his bag. It is a hollow ball with something inside, and when he pulls it apart, the something proves to be a cute, red toy of some sort. Umeko plucks it up and smiles in delight. It's a little post office frog. I think it's a stamp. "It's so cute!" delights Umeko. Sen opens a second ball only to be dismayed. The toy inside is exactly the same. He doesn't want to have identical ones, he pouts. "Oh!" says Umeko happily. "Well can I have them, then? I collect them, too!" Hoji's got his hands on his waist and has reached the end of his tether. He starts yelling at them that this is not helping any. Sen suddenly cries out in realization, loudly enough to make both Umeko and Hoji jump. He puts the two hollow balls in Hoji's hands and races to the wall where he proceeds to stand on his hands. He stays there a moment, eyes closed, thinking. Then he opens his eyes wide, they gleam with satisfaction. "Hoji, can you access the database?" Knowing him well enough, Hoji seets the balls down and dashes to the computer. For Sen says he is to look for twins. And sure enough, there were twin sisters and twin brothers in the building. Twenty-nine year olds Taro and Jiro Yamada. Twenty-four year olds Miho and Shinobu (maybe) Nakagawa. Photos of the twins together come up on the screen. "That's the answer," Sen says, nodding to a somewhat confused Hoji. He grabs the two little toys from Umeko and shows them to Kruger, explaining that they're double. Kruger glances back and forth, mystified but willing to hear. "Look," says Sen, indicating the computer screen. "There were two sets of twins." He sets the red frogs on the table and then puts five other frogs, green, light green, white, blue and yellow, around them. "That criminal is collecting figurines," he explains. They stare and realize what he's saying as he gathers up the little frogs. "He's making a collection of Earth human figurines." Sen's eyes glitter with rage. Swan in her lab has the two figurines on a pad so she can take readings on them. She scans each one carefully. Kruger knows that Sen's found the answer, and they're all enraged. With this as a guide, though, Hoji thinks they can probably narrow down the search through the crime files. The three Dekaranger get to the computer screens. Kruger leaves it to them, a growl vibrating in his throat.

Jasmine and Ban, unable to find anyone who knows the boy, have returned to the boat. Jasmine has her bare hand where he'd had his, and is trying to find clues to his whereabout from the images left behind. A light sheen of perspiration is on her face. After a moment, that sheen becomes beads of sweat. With a sigh, she suddenly crumples. Ban is there, though, calling her name and catching her. She breathes, "I'm all right," and gets shakily back to her feet to continue trying to read them railing. "Just a little more...." Finally an image crosses her thoughts. Heavy equipment. Garbage. A wrecking yard, metal scrunched together into cubes. Her eyes open and she spins around, dashing off. Ban cries her name and dashes to accompany her.

Finally the search throws up a likely suspect. Dazgonelr (pronounced Dagoneeru) a Cuwartlian. A creature with tentacles and sucker-like eges, and enormous saucer eyes. "This is him!" says Hoji determinedly. He presses the enter button and they all turn to see the file contents displayed holographically for them above Kruger's desk. He's an alien who makes contact mostly through children. He collects figurines from planets. Suddenly, a very upset Swan rushes into the room. "Doogie!" He turns to her and she explains quickly, "I've finished my examination of the two figurines. If we don't hurry, it won't be possible to return them to normal." "WHY?" gasps Kruger. She explains that after five more hours there'll be no going back for them. The three Dekaranger all gasp with horror. She points out that it'll be the same for all of the people who were in that building. Sen winces. Kruger growls. They all look fairly desperate.

An alien alphabet becoming vaguely familiar strings across Agent Aburera's helmet. "What do you want, Dazgonelr? Ah, you want power." Seeming either bemused or irritated, he holds up a spiked orange, black and white block in his taloned hand.

Dazgonelr certainly has accumulated quite a collection. There are even some suspiciously American-looking dolls on display. He has a case FULL of alien money, I'm guessing from his home world because the face displayed reminds me of his. Now that I see him clearly, he looks like a deformed baby bird. He's sure the Dekaranger can't get in his way again. The place he stays is a room full of brightly colored balloons.

Hikaru sits in his private place, looking up at first, and then down into memory. A day when, after school, three bullies had hit him with a ball. When he'd fallen, they got ready to throw it again, egging each other on. Instinct had taken over, he'd reached out a hand and the flying ball had vanished, to reappear going the opposite direction. It hit the boy who'd thrown it, shocking all three of them. "Makoto!" the others had called, going to help him up. And the three faces looked at him no longer with sneers, but with terror. The boys had run away from him, screaming, leaving their ball behind. He had gotten to his feet, and instead of feeling relieved he'd felt desolate.

He swallows around the painful memory, now. "Hikaru-kun!" He nearly jumps out of his skin at the woman calling his name. Climbing down from his seat he asks roughly, "How'd you know I was here?" "I told you," Jasmine replies calmly, Ban at her side. "I'm also an esper." She steps forward, telling him urgently "That Alienizer is just using you! You can't use your powers that way!" Hikaru glares at her and snaps, "You have friends! You can't possibly understand!" "Yes I can. You must listen to me." He stares at her defiantly, but he is listening. She steps closer to him, but before she can speak, they are hit by a blast. They turn to find a stunning new mecha-man. An Iigaroid. It probably has a different title. Black, with silver stripes that have orange trim. It's head is spiked, orange and silver reminescent of the spiny block Agent Aburera was holding. It utters a sneer at the sight of the two Dekaranger as they get back up to face it. "You are?!" accuses Ban. It raises the orange blade in its right hand to point at them. It is a powerful and beautiful piece of work. And the guy wearing the suit has FINE legs. Jasmine and Ban quickly pull out their guns and fire at it, but it deflects their shots. It comes at them and Jasmine calls to Hikaru, "Run!" "No!" he yells back. He runs, yes, but over to the Iigaroid to hide behind it, clinging to its arm. "He's come to protect me!" he yells at them. "Eh?" stutters Ban. But Jasmine worriedly says the boy's name. She puts away her gun and calls for her armor, changing quickly. She attacks with her rod, and struggles to get past the Iigaroid's guard. Hikaru runs from the battle to hide behind a pillar and watch worriedly. Jasmine duels the Iigaroid, gets hit, hits back. It is strong, fast and clearly more intelligent than the other machien men they've fought. It gets in several good hits, causing her to cry out in pain. It drives her up against a fence, where she has to do some creative dodging to keep from getting struck directly. It stabs its blade between the links of the fence and uses that as a medium to send a cruel, electric charge at her. She is hit badly and spins, falling. The Iigaroid moves to finish her, but Ban has caught up. Calling her name, he fires, forcing the Iigaroid to stop long enough for him to change into his armor. He leaps in, firing, but this enemy is fast and blocks the deadly bullets with an upraised left arm. Though Ban tries, the Iigaroid is able to block his strikes. It masses more than he does, and it is a machine, not a mere suit enhancing natural skill. But Ban gets his gun and might have managed a good shot, if the Iigaroid hadn't sneakily grabbed Jasmine and placed her directly between them. Both guns out, and Ban is paralyzed as he cannot fire. He utters a frustrated snarl, and the Iigaroid snorts at him. Jasmine, however, is distracted. She sees Hikaru, staring out from behind the dubious protection of a girder with wide-eyed horror. Glassy-eyed, he starts towards them and his legs brush some heavy pipes leaning against the girder. They fall, and the sound startles the Iigaroid, giving Jasmine a chance to pull free and fight loose of it. Once she's clear, Ban is able to fire and though the enemy blocks the shots with his arm, this was very close range and it is damaged. "Go!" cries Ban. Jasmine obeys quickly. Ban fights the Iigaroid, ducking under its blade to grab it around the waist. It picks him up and throws him spinning. Caught up in the battle, Hikaru doesn't react until Jasmine is right there, asking him to come with her. He wakes up quickly, though, and runs from her yelling possibly to bug off. She would have gone after him, but Ban is thrown against the metal fence, which collapses under the impact. Hikaru has again found a hidden place to watch the battle from. Ban pulls out his license and shouts "Boss!" into it. Kruger answers, sending the other three out to join the battle. Jasmine and Ban struggle against the Iiganoid together, until it blasts them with a shot it calls "Cross Patch" something. They are hit badly and fall hard. It nods and chuckles to itself at the results of its attack. In pain and rather worn, they struggle to get back up while Hikaru watches, fingers twining anxiously in the metal wreckage under his hands. Jasmine knows he is there, and will not let this machine man take her down. "I'm not defeated," she says firmly. She gets to her feet, "NEVER!" she says sharply, now, fist clenched.

This time Ban introduces us to the Pat Striker, the fastest machine and it has the Striker Arm.

Episode. 08 Rainbow Vision
Jasmine is being driven back to painful memories of her school days, not that long ago. While the enemies they face are able to do considerable damage, the Iiganoid tells the Dekaranger that they are not his enemy. Hikaru wrestles with who he can possibly put his trust in, Jasmine or.... Jasmine is sorely injured. Memories of being a high school student, and a powerful man probably trying to get her to use her esper gifts to help him with nefarious dealings. It looks like she shares these painful memories with Ban. Dressed in high school clothes, they are in a building and have their weapons out. For they are meeting Dazgonelr, and a rather astonished Hikaru. They will be fighting Battsuroids again.

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Rainbow Vision

badly and scream in agony.

Jasmine keeps fighting, they both do of course. But the Iigaroid strikes repeatedly, slashing down and tearing at her. Hikaru draws in a sympathetic breath as she is hit in the chest and tumbles to the cement. "You're running out of power," the Iigaroid comments calmly. It turns, for Ban is leaping in with gun out to fire. The Iigaroid leaps to meet him and Ban gets the worst of it. He lands heavily on his behind. Jasmine moves to his side to make certain he's all right. Hikaru, watching, wonders "Can I believe her?" His gaze moves in, then out again. "Can I believe anyone?" The Iigaroid turns around from it's strike against Ban and starts to remark on how weak they are. But before it can attack again, it is blasted. The other three Dekaranger have arrived as the calvary. They roll in front of their friends. Umeko puts an anxious hand on Ban's arm, "Jasmine, Ban!" she calls them worriedly. Hoji, however, snaps over his shoulder, "What are you doing, Ban?! Wasting time?" Ban replies somewhat hysterically, "We're fighting, buddy! But this one's really strong!" Hoji gets a chance to see, for the Iigaroid uses again its Cross-Burst attack, and the fire zigzags in at them. The five are hit square-on and fall painfully to the cement. The Iigaroid passes judgement with a calm, "At this time, you are not my foes." Hikaru suddenly dashes to its side as it clarifies, "You're not good enough." The boy gestures, his hand towards himself and the Iigaroid. They fade away. Jasmine runs painfully over to where they stood. She's holding her left arm close, and suddenly twitches with a gasp of agony. Her armor shuts down and she crumples to her knees, groaning. Sen and Umeko leap to her side. "Jasmine!" Sen calls. Hoji and Ban continue past, trying to make some clue appear as to where the boy and mecha-man went. All of them are still staggered. Ban snarls, "It's like I told you! He was a match for us!" (I highly doubt the accuracy of that translation of mine) Hoji gets to what concerns him, "But whey did that kid run away with him?" Jasmine looks up from her position between her anxious friends, a bit of blood escaping the left corner of her mouth. But before she can say anything, the agony overwhelms her. With a strangled gasp she falls over into Sen's arms, unconscious. He and Umeko anxiously cry her name.

A funny hand folds something blue, cloth or rubber, over a figuring made from a man wearing blue jeans and sneakers uner a coat. He giggles and moves to fold a yellow one over a figuring made from an office lady in grey suit and skirt. The birdlike alien says gleefully, "Just a little more and my figure collection from this world will be complete!" The design on his belt buckle flares brightly. The two swaths of color flare in response, and become yellow and blue balloons. They float up on strings held in his hand. He bounds around to admire the others in his collection. Though a special class he peers at some of the other balloons. One red holds a blonde woman with white blouse and dark dress. Another holds a copper-haired little girl with white jacket and red and white sweater. A white holds a broad-faced man in black and white zip-up jacket. Dazgonelr chortles happily about gathering them. "I'll be famous!" he skips happily, not noticing someone approaching. "Dazgonelr," says the Iigaroid in its very nice voice, "I've brought him." It looks back and down to Hikaru, whose face is still. "AH, my friend!" Dazgonelr cheers in English, going down on one knee. "Thank you, Iigaroid!" he adds to the other. Hikaru glances down at that.

Jasmine fights her way to consciousness and sits up with a gasp. She's in a dimly lit room in the Dekabase, on a hospital bed. Her jacket and things are folded on a small shelf near her, there is a blanket covering her and her arm has been put in a sling. It still hurts and she is startled enough to favor it with a gasp. Her power is of the mind, and she's seldom been physically injured. She determines that this pain is not that bad and throws off both the sling and blankets in one move. She hops off the bed to get her things. Off she runs.

In the main room, the others are gathered. Swan sits where Jasmine normally would and explains the sheets of paper she's handed out to each of them. "There are only about three hours left before the figurines can't be turned back into people," she says anxiously. Kruger says firmly that they have to find them before then. He turns his attention to Sen, as a hope that he'll have a clue. "Where do you think they'll strike next?" Sen concentrates on the problem, rubbing his chin, when the doors open and they turn their heads to see Jasmine rushing in. "Boss, I have to go," she says, and whirls around to head out. "Jasmine!" Kruger cries. Swan stands up and calls, "Where are you going in that condition?" Jasmine pauses in mid-step and says quietly, "I'm a little weak, but recovered." She turns her head not enough to see them but to aim her voice back, "That boy's heart is crying. I have to help him." She dashes out, Umeko and the others calling her name anxiously. But Ban looks for a moment as if a thought strikes him. With a gasp he leaps up and races after her. "BAN!" shouts the surprised Kruger.

And Dazgonelr talks to Hikaru. "I've got a great idea! Next, instead of pulling out a building, let's just teleport the people inside!" he says excitedly. Hikaru, as though a light has switched on, spins and says hopefully, "And then we'll go to space?" "Oooh YEAH! We'll say 'bye-bye' to this horrid world!" agrees Dazgonelr. He puts his hands on Hikaru's arms. "Won't that be great?" And Hikaru's face remains almost expressionless, but he swallows.

"Jasmine!" Ban has caught up with her on the stairs. "I said, Jasmine!" he repeats, getting around in front of her and forcing her to halt or crash into him. He looks up into her face and says earnestly, "You have to take it easy! Your injury will take about three days to heal!" She forces a smile to her face and says, "It's all right," but that smile vanishes as swiftly as she goes around him. Exasperated, he continues after her. "Do you really think you're going to be able to catch that kid?!" he calls. She stops, lips tightening. He takes the chance to get in front of her again and demand of her explanation. But when he sees her expression, still over a deep, abiding pain, he says her name softly, anxiously. Finally she says, "Because he's just like I was, long ago." "Eh?" Ban does a double-take, eyes begging for more information. "Until just a little while before this... my eyes were just the same." When he'd turned and looked at her, expression dead, eyes devoid of hope. She continues quietly, "I had this strange power and I couldn't tell anyone about it. I could hear everyone's voices...."

A high school student, she's stood frozen in the middle of a staircase at school. Boys passing her going up the stairs, pretending not to notice, their inner voices coming at her in waves. "What a weirdo!" they thought about her. "I don't get the freak." A pair of girls passing in conversation not looking at her but thinking, "There she is again. She gives me the creeps!" A pair of laughing boys coming down the stairs as she twitches and looks frantically for relief, don't look at her as they think, "Whoop, again! What is with her?" She frantically covers her ears trying to shut out the voices and cringes against the wall, shaking her head. "It was always like that, even when I was a child." On the playground, maybe seven years old, hiding in a climbing thing. Her hands covering her ears and shaking her head, unable to stop the voices roaring into her. "I couldn't control my power." Older and younger children playing, their thoughts innocent for the most part but still overwhelming until she screams a frantic, "Stop!" From childhood to high school, she writhes against the wall crying out again, "Stop!" Another girl runs to her from up the stairs. "Marika, what's the matter?" and touches her in an effort to comfort. "You okay?" she asks softly, bending her head to try to get Marika (Jasmine's real name) to meet her eyes. She sighs in relief when Marika does, but her thoughts are all too plain. "Here she goes again. Why does she do this? I'm so tired of being with her." The thoughts people have but would never say. Marika hears this and is torn to the bottom of her heart. Her one friend.... And she says miserably, "I thought you were the only one who was different, Nori-chan." She flees down the stairs while Nori gapes in confusion.

Outside it is raining, the sky a river. Marika never bothered with an umbrella leaving school, and indeed does not feel or care about the rain. She wanders with heavy step. Her telepathy has quieted down for now. She stops, motionless, swallowing. And then there is a scream from her right. She turns her head. A red umbrella falls. Beyond it she sees a woman being held against a wall by an imposing figure. The man's eyes glow fiercely red. The woman's do the same for a brief moment. And then... then she falls to the soaking wet ground. Her body goes up in flames and is gone in an instant. The rain drives its ashes away. Marika stares, horrified out of her apathy. Then she stares at the perpetrator. (this is a familiar face, the fellow who was suit-actor for Changerion, Ryuuki's Oja and sometimes Odin amongst others) He sees her, too. She asks weakly, "Are you... an Alienizer?" He stalks towards her, powerful with menace. He snarls that he's going to kill her, too. When he grabs her collar, she scrunches her eyes tightly closed and gasps. He slams her back against stuff along the alley wall, but though she cries out in pain, she keeps her eyes closed. Furious, he commands, "Open your eyes." When she doesn't, he yells it, "OPEN YOUR EYES!" She won't, but then she thinks, "If I open my eyes I'll die... maybe that's good. Everyone hates me. I don't have any friends." And a sort of peace comes upon her. She starts to open her eyes thinking, "It'd be good to die." But just as she thinks that and looks for this salvation, there is a strange report. The man grunts in startled agony. She watches in shock as he releases her, staggers back a step and then crumples to the ground. Behind him stands a more obvious alien. A dog-like blue, white and black behing wearing a Black, red and white-marked heavy coat. A gun is in its hands. As she lets out a shuddering breath, he shifts towards her. Between them, the corpse shimmers with white-green light and totally vanishes. They are walking towards each other, she and the alien, but her steps falter and she falls right. He looks down at her. "Are you all right?" he asks. She lifts her gaze to his and asks with uncertainty, "Are you also an Alienizer?" He gestures mildly and replies, "I am Doggie Kruger, with the Space Police Force." He's put his gun away inside his coat, and reaches down to help her up. She turns away from the proferred hand. "I would have been happier if you hand't helped me," she sobs. He lowers his hand and asks, "Is that because you're an esper?" Shocked, she looks up at him. How he knew, he does not say. But he does tell her, "Power that makes you different from others can be painful." When she swallows and looks down, tears indistinguishable from the rain. He scrunches down to talk to her. "But it doesn't have to be like that. You can learn to like your power." A thousand screams in her head boil down to one shaken "But - !" "If you hate yourself, then all you'll hear is the hateful things no one wants." "No one!" she wails back, getting to her feet. "I'm alone!" He stands, towering over her. Then he reaches out and pulls her against his chest, lightly wrapping both arms around her. "I'll be your guardian," he tells her. "You're not alone anymore. And you'll stop hating yourself." Pressed against him, her half-loose telepathy sputtering, she whimpers half a protest. "Why? Why is it so warm?" And she sobs softly. The rain soon stops. Up in the sky, a strong rainbow stretches overhead. Doggie Kruger, who's held her all this time, lowers an arm and turns to look up. She hesitantly eyes him until he says, "Ah, a rainbow!" in a very pleased tone. Then she looks up a it, too. The sheer beauty of it makes her gasp, and lifts the weight of years from her.

Jasmine has finished her story while driving. Ban, in the passenger seat, had hung on every word. "So that's it," he finally says softly. She tells him, "That's what I want to do, for that child." "Jasmine," he whispers, understanding her. They drive on.

Hikaru stands in the strange room full of balloons representing so many people. He is grave and stiff. Dazgonelr asks, "What's the matter?" Stays near Hikaru, gesturing emphatically, "Just a little more and then we can say goodbye to this world! Now go, hurry up and make with the teleport!" Hikaru moves away from him, startling Dazgonelr. The boy is conflicted. He can't forget her, the lovely woman who looked into his heart and said "I am just like you, an esper, so I understand." His lips part and he ponders. Dazgonelr asks softly, "Why are you hesitating?" When the boy seems to ignore him, he starts to concentrate, reminding Hikaru how normal people react to espers. How they hate people who are different. Hikaru mutters, "But..." and thinks back to the girl again and her urgent statement that the Alienizer was just using him and she'd said he couldn't allow his power to be used that way. He closes his eyes uncertainly. Dazgonelr meanders through the balloons, pokes his head around and asks, "Why would you want to go to humans? If you do that then soon they'll be mean to you!" He bends close and says laughingly, "It looks like you've forgotten that." Hikaru's shoulders shake and his face scrunches. He imagines the three boys who used to bully him, holding again their basketball and laughing, calling him names. The youngest poking a stick at him. The rage returns and, face set, he breaks into a run from the room. "Come back soon!" calls Dazgonelr, waving.

Jasmine suddenly hits the brakes, startling a wide-eyed Ban. "I hear him clearly!" she says, turning wildly bright eyes on him.

Sen is in his "thinking pose", letting the blood rush to his head. "That's it!" he suddenly crows and returns to an upright position. "That's the answer!" Hoji and Umeko whirl as Kruger leans forward and asks anxiously, "You've figured out his next move?" A grinning Sen says, "Yes!"

The bells ring the hour. The high school from the previous episode sits, all innocent of danger. Innocent of the threat posed by the little boy walking onto the playground. There is a soccer ball lying abandoned near the goal. The wind blows a longely whistle. Water drips from faucets. Hikaru enters the building, a bit surprised. He peers into one empty, dark science classroom. Then another room full of students' desks. The rooms are spotless. He straightens up, puzzled. Then he hears footsteps and looks around. There is a ghostly blur, some boy in a school uniform crosses the hall. Hikaru stands, then starts forward when more footsteps sound behind him. But when he whirls, the source is already out of sight. As he steps towards the sound, another passes through the dark science classroom. Blinking, nervous, Hikaru starts towards the room. However, Dazgonelr pops in, extremely agitated. He bounds over to Hikaru demanding that he hurry up and teleport the people. Hikaru is blinking at him, neither notice the hand with a SPD gun that is put carefully through a slightly open door and aimed, then fired. The startled Dazgonelr is hit in the back, but the blast was not intended to really hurt him. He whirls around and cries, "Who did that?!" Then the doors slide all the way open. Out step two young men and a young woman dressed in high school uniforms. Hoji, who has the gun trained on Dazgonelr. Umeko, who announces that they're the team of police, folding her arms firmly. Sen, smug at her side. Dazgonelr squawks, "You're the Dekaranger?!" Hoji snarls back, "You understand that? We arranged things with the school. We've been waiting for you!" He will not miss when he shoots. Sen points out that Dazgonelr was after this school, so they just figured he'd come again. Umeko adds with a smug adjustment of her lapels that he is going down this time. Then she and they tear off their disguises to reveal the uniforms beneath. They train their weapons on him and he shrieks, "Damn you!" and dives for Hikaru, pulling him away. They can't fire on the child, so they race after the two. "WAIT!" shouts Hoji. Dazgonelr runs out onto the playground with Hikaru, only to come pinwheeling to a halt. The boy's mouth drops open in surprise. Jasmine stands beside a very smug Ban. She is not interested in Dazgonelr, only in Hikaru and speaks quickly to him. "I came because I heard your heart's cry." Floored, he gasps a protesting, "That's a lie!" Dazgonelr pulls him aside while the Dekaranger gather together. "Teleport them, teleport them!" Dazgonelr begs him. And he raises his hand, face white, and steps forward to do so. He walks steadily at them, but Jasmine sees him inside and out. "It's all right," she says, and goes forward to meet him. "If you teleport me." He stops, confused and terrified. She walks slowly towards him. His fingers tremble. He is on the brink of attack, but also the brink of tears. He looks down and Dazgonelr screams, "What are you doing?! We're gonna say goodbye to this world!" Pushed, Hikaru raises his gaze, steadies himself. The other Dekaranger are in a quandry, but Jasmine is almost to the boy. Dazgonelr urges Hikaru to teleport them. She is there, almost touching his fingers. She says softly, "But believe me. You are not alone." "You're not teleporting!" squawks Dazgonelr. Jasmine smiles into Hikaru's stunned gaze and steps past his hand. She reaches out and takes him in her arms as he stands frozen. And there are only the two of them, surrounded by sweet yellow flowers and warm light. His hand slowly drops. "You don't have to hate yourself," Jasmine says, almost in tears. He is shaking against her. He speaks, voice breaking, echoing herself not so long ago. "Why? Why is there such warmth?" He hangs onto her, the loving contact so long denied him. Huge tears roll down his cheeks and he sobs. This does not suit Dazgonelr at all. He hops forward and shrieks, "I'll make you all into figurines!!" He holds up his staff. Jasmine gasps, but Hikaru whirls from her arms and snakes his arm out with a cry. The staff vanishes from Dazgonelr's hand to reappear in Hikaru's. "What are you going to do?!! Give it back!" He has no intention of that. He raises it and tosses it hard to the ground. Dazgonelr practically wails a protest. But Hikaru isn't finished, for he instinctively knows this wasn't enough. With a furious shout, he raises his right leg and brings his full weight down upon the staff. Dazgonelr screams as it breaks apart, the delicate wires and circuitry inside exposed and torn loose. It crackles with energy, then disintegrates leaving only an impression the in the playground sand. Ban cheers, he and the others bound forward to gather around Jasmine and the now smiling boy. Jasmine takes his shoulders, "Hikaru-kun," she says warmly. But before they can say more, Dazgonelr erupts in snarling fury. "You broke my precious stick! I'll get you for that!" Ban shouts back, "We'll show you!" Jasmine urges Hikaru to find a safe place to hide. He dashes off with an affirming noise. And she turns "Change, standby!!" They obediently follow her lead. The team changes into their armor.

Posturing, standard speech. Blahblah. Who is who because no one can possibly figure that out. Dazgonelr is understandably unimpressed. He screams, "Iigaroid, come on out!" No problem. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. You know, I bet he's played by that guy! "I thought you'd be calling," he says. Dazgonelr bounces for joy. Then he dashes from the field. At their challenge, the Iiganoid tosses out a blue ball with a halo anda black ball. A Battsuroid and Anaroids rise from them. Fight, kick, Battsuroid hits and goes through wall, Ban dives after and they fight in a warehouse. So does everyone else, only they fight the Anaroids. It's very good fighting, Jasmine traps a bunchy of hers in the Mirage Dimension, raining all sorts of elements on thm until they are so disoriented they are destroyed with the snap of a button. Ban fires a bullet, Battsuroid fires, the bullets meet and Ban eventually breaks through. The team faces the Iigaroid outside, and he hits them with the Cross Burst again, thinks he can finish them off, but they get back up, for after two times they're a little more prepared for this. "What can you do?" he mocks them. Well, Umeko calls in Murphy, Ban tosses up the KeyBone, and the Iigaroid laughs at them as they prepare to fire on him. He hits back with the cross burst, and it's touch and go, but they wind, the Iigaroid is destroyed. However, it's not over yet for Dazgonelr has his robot and wants to destroy them for cruelly ruining his collection. Swan sends out the Dekamachines at their call, they form the Robo, and now it starts to rain. They will fight in the falling water. Jasmine throws the robot into its dive and roll routine avoiding Dazgonelr's shots. He tries a whole magnum of bullets at them, but they get him. And Jasmine pulls out the License to pass judgement on him. X!!! They're going to kill him. We'll have to discuss this later. They start firing, and firing and finally the enemy robot goes up in a big boom. Jasmine announces that the mission is complete, and it's stopped raining, too.

In the chamber, the balloons start popping and confused, relieved people find themselve returned to normal. The two dolls in Swan's diagnosis room glow, lift up, and grow into their human selves. A very relieved pair stair at their finally movable hands in relief. "We're back!" they gasp in hysterical joy. Swan turns and grins.

Someone else is not happy at all. "IIGAROID!!" Agent Aburera, whose eyes were full of fire. "The cursed Dekaranger! What power will they show next?!"

At the bottom of Dekabase are very tired, happy Dekaranger and Hikaru, who is more than a little at loose ends now. He asks if it's all right to be here. If they're not afraid of espers. Ban is happy to announce, practically singing, that he isn't afraid. Espers make great team members. Umeko bounds over to her fellow female and points out that Jasmine is just like Jasmine, which makes them both giggle. Hoji pats Hikaru's shoulder firmly and tells him it doesn't matter how many there are. That espers help them get through, that it's wonderful. The team gathers to Jasmine, now. He adds that Jasmine is always with the four of them, though she has to wear gloves. Hikaru blinks at that and looks. She lifts her hands so he can see the black leather gloves she wears. Sen adds that it's up to him, Hikaru, what he does now. Jasmine comes forward to him to tell him he doesn't have a normal power. She puts her hands on his shoulders and tells him earnestly that he must decide for himself. He nods agreement. Then he lowers his head and says quietly, "I want to be far away from Earth." They all utter protesting "Ehh?" sounds but then he raises his head and says happily, "I want to join the Special Police out in space!" And Jasmine smiles and says his name in profound understanding. The team is all relieved smiles. Hikaru has not been forever soured! Then Jasmine looks up at the skey and exclaims, "A rainbow!" They all follow her gaze and gasp in delight. Together they stare up at the lovely natural phenomenon.

Hoji is at his station, introducing us to the Pat-Gyrer. "This is my favorite machine," he tells us with a crook of his thumb. The Spark (guns blazing), the Gyrer Falcon (magnetic grappler) Catchda! (scenes from when he'd picked up the school bus) Magna Wire. Rings curling out from below: Gyro Wapper (the cuffs) and the type is... It's perfect. (he uses lots of English)" He brushes his hair back, clearly implying that he thinks he is perfect, too.

Episode. 09 Stakeout Trouble
Ban's adventure. An incident in a bathroom where he gets a face full of water. A stunning young woman wearing red who smiles tenderly at him (can you say "She's probably an Alienizer?" I knew you could. Of course I may be wrong). She says, "Ban-ban-san, will you please keep my secret?" She slides into his arms, whole body contact and we watch the boy turn to jello. We see Umeko waving urgently at him from a room across the way. Ban pulls his lid down and sticks out his tongue at someone we don't see. The Alienizer has huge eyes, a heavily armored body... Operates a powerful mecha to fight the Deka Robo. The same window across the way, only now Hoji, Jasmine and Sen are waving urgently at Ban to come. Ban's been on stakeout, a camera at his side, peering through slats. Supplied with several boxes full of buns. Ban is with the girl. She's in red again but it's a different red outfit, and it looks like he'd getting ready to fight. Agent Aburera is called out of the woodwork, but do the Dekaranger see him? I don't know. Hoji fights in armor on a beach against Anaroids. Oh, they are all on this rocky beach. Umeko is taking a bath. This time in a blue bathtub. Must be the stakeout place. Ban looks grim, before steeling himself. Love is hard.

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Stakeout Trouble

Ships fly past a fair-sized asteroid orbiting a gray world with a blue-white ring. Small ships patrol, flashing red lights indicating they are police cruisers. On the asteroid stand tall, heavily built towers. And in one tower a prison break is afoot. Anaroids plant bombs all over one cell-door. A Battsuroid directs them and they all run clear. A clawed hand hits a button. The bombs blast the door to shreds! And what steps out of the ruptured wall but a male creature with brightly glowing eyes and a thick, red mane. He laughs mockingly as he steps out, body armored in gold and silver. "I'm out of Hell!" he gloats. He is Sheiku, of Zamuza Star. He says farewell to this prison and leaves in a ship. But that wasn't enough for him. The whole asteroid blows up in golden fire.

He proves to be a subject of much concern on Earth. Doggie Kruger is lecturing the others about him. He is an explosives and munitions expert. Zamzarlian, Shaikeel. He escaped from prison two weeks ago. Ban steams and demands things. Fretful, Hoji wants to know if this criminal is able to make bombs. Swan confirms numbers and records that yes, he certainly is. She settles next to Sen, who rubs his chin thoughtfully. "So he's one of those mad scientists." Kruger tells them, "He has reason to come to Earth." "What would that be?" Jasmine asks, brow furrowed. Umeko yelps, "He's going to blow up Earth!" "No," Kruger says calmrly. When they all crane their heads to look askance he paces and says, "His lover is here."

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