A lovely watch with golden face beneath the hands goes flying into the clear water of a swimming pool. There are dismayed cries both from Satoru, who wears a white t-shirt and red long-shorts, and from Natsuki, who wears a yellow pattered bikini. Sakura sits at a chair behind them on their left, wearing a soft pink pullover and shorts. Masumi and Souta are behind them on their right, sitting in lounge chairs and Masumi seems amused. just so that we can figure out who is which color, Souta is wearing blue-patterned swimming shorts and Masumi is wearing black and gray. Chagrined, Natsuki turns to Satoru and sniffles, "I'm sorry, Chief!" as Sakura comes over to them and Satoru is pulling his shirt off. Sakura utters a scolding for Natsuki, and Satoru says "Oh, it's all right." Sakura holds out her hand for his shirt, which he passes to her before slipping out of his flip-flops and diving into the pool after his watch. Souta, who got up just as Satoru's feet left the cement, is far enough away to avoid the small splash that makes Natsuki giggle and Sakura duck with a grin. "Guess that watch is important," he says, amused, coming back to his seat. Masumi counters, "Akashi even on vacation has a pool adventure." Akashi, meanwhile, is swimming towards his watch, which is being pulled by the currents of the pool. It is a sweet watch, with 1 through 12 in Roman numerals, while over those numerals are the numbers 13 through 24. Akashi grits his teeth and bears down upon it. As the second-hand ticks we hear the sound, and are treated to brief images. Masumi and Souta joking. The watch hitting the metal drain which seems to be in the side of the pool. Natsuki hopping playfully into a laughing Sakura's lap. A strip of metal in the drain-cover breaks, and the watch is sucked into the drain. Bubbles stream from Satoru's mouth as he cries a protest.

We get a full and fairly clear view of the watch's face, and it fades into the face of another watch, measuring time on a far greater scale. Within the gears we see what might be the world. Lights play, the room brightens. There are mother-boards across a round table. A shimmer appears and with each tick of the clock becomes stronger until it resolves into a female form spinning just above the gears in this great, dark chamber. Large tubes possibly filled with electrical cords plug the great world clock into a floor colored in blue, white and red... much like it might be a model of Earth at a time when the continents were in far different places. So perhaps those cords go down into the Earth. The female's eyes are open wide. She wears white, with odd round, red bulbs up too high on her chest. Her hair is white, and there is a gem at the third eye. She says よやくまた、あらたのいのちはみちだ。 With Take's supreme assistance perhaps "Finally, the world is brimming with new life." (the world part has to be inferred) The gears stop completely and, from the machine above a pulse of blinding light goes out. At the pool, everyone cries out as the ground begins to shake violently. Masumi, who's taken off his shirt possibly to swim, too, trips and falls backwards into the pool. Sidewalks and buildings crumble, people flee, screaming as gaps open beneath their feet. And then the girl from on top of the world clock, her image starts appearing on TV screens everywhere. She says, "You strong ones, creatures of this world, I have a message." A street collapses and cars fall. "I am Muse." And from underneath the city, a mountain rises. It punches up like a spike into the sky. A furious Satoru leaps out of the pool to stand at the center of his team-mates. Other anxious patrons are all staring at the surprise mountain as Muse continues speaking. She is issuing a challenge to bring their best gifts, their best strength. Gaja listens. They all listen. The Dark Shadow trio. Ryuoon. Is she offering them a Precious? Whoever gets there first, perhaps. The Boukenger all take anxious breaths. Muse appears on the lip of the mountain. "You strong ones. I am waiting." The crowds of people, now that the ground has stopped shaking, are gathering with great curiosity, parents pointing for their children and all with the same question in mind and sometimes on lips. "What is it? What's going on?" But for some this is interrupted by the appearance of a small horde of Kaasu led by Gaja, who is focused on the mountain and pays nothing else any heed. He walks forward through the frightened people, who flee in all directions. A little boy ends up in the middle of the Kaasu and falls on his behind, dropping a fine model of an airplane. A Kaasu steps on it and it smashes to pieces. His yelp of dismay actually distracts the Kaasu, and it turns and bears down on him. The boy backpedals but, before it can attack, the end of a whip twines around its ankle. The man who did this is on an overpass above them, and he leaps down with his whip, the balance pulling the startled Kaasu up. The man flicks the whip loose and the Kaasu falls, to smash to pieces when it hits the cement below. The man has already pulled the boy out of danger. Gaja is closing on the affected area of the city. What looks like a stadium is ahead of him on his left. He and the Kaasu stand atop a rockery and he snarls about bringing the Gowdomu culture into this. He wants the ancient treasure Muse has promised. "Gaja!" someone else snarls and he turns. Of course it is Ryuoon with a crowd of Jaryu. He's annoyed to find Gaja here in his way. He starts to pull his sword, but another sound makes him turn. A blue blur flies at him. He's briefly attacked by Yaiba, who becomes a blur again to be joined by Shizuka as Gaja leans back to avoid being hit. Ryuoon and his on the left, Gaja and his at the center, the Dark Shadow on the right. "The Dark Shadow are taking the Precious," says Yaiba. And Shizuka calls on their leader. Gekkou sends out to them a crowd of mystic papers which take the form of several of their monsters who've fought in the past. I recognise Kawazugami, Jougami(in fact he's there twice) Nendogami, Kanadegami and Takumigami, behind them are about four others unfamiliar to me from Boukenger but they seem familiar from other sentai.
The monsters cackle happily and the Jaryu shout challenges at them. Above them, the man who'd rescued the boy earlier watches with cynical interest. "Eye color changes when searching for treasure," he comments and adds a "Hmph." But then a small thunder of feet makes Gaja whip his gaze down alertly. The Boukenger charge unto the plaza ground beneath them. They turn to face their enemies, and the man watching narrows his eyes upon seeing Satoru's face. Masumi greets the Negative Syndicate with sneering amusement and his personal enemy, Yaiba, is focused on. Souta has a comment that makes Shizuka pout and turn away from him. Natsuki angrily says bad people aren't getting the Precious, which makes Gaja's lip curl. Sakura finalises it with, "We're going to keep it safe." That for Ryuoon. Akashi adds, "We'll defeat the Negative and get the Precious." Well, the minions aren't ones to let a challenge go unanswered. All three groups leap high at the Boukenger, who respond by changing into their battle armor. As the battle begins, our view sweeps out to show the world, and becomes the opening credits.

Saikyo no Precious

Which basically starts with showing us our heroes and we get to watch them fight their current battle. It's fun, the action is good. Black swings in on a rope and three Kaasu meet him the same way. He cuts them down, lands among a bunch and continues fighting. Yaiba watches with interest until the Kaasu are cleared before charging in and they fight. Blue fights Kaasu and Jaryu atop a steel walkway until Gaja blasts at him, and he leaps in a controlled fall. He lands safely on the ground and charges on. He leaps up to meet Gaja who leaps down to meet him and they strike each other in passing. Yellow throws herself down from a trio of silo-like constructions, firing on Kaasu who stand in defiance of gravity on the sides. Jaryu and Kaasu part to reveal an angry Shizuka, who tilts her head, smiles and waves a challenge. Yellow agreeably charges and Shizuka sends both groups of minions at her. While Yellow deals with them, Shizuka is able to blast her viciously. She tumbles, blasts and leaps kicking towards... But we switch to the depths of black water, where Pink is dealing with some Jaryu. Mind you, it's clear this was not filmed in water but in a studio with a green screen, but that doesn't matter when the audience is only four years old. Defeating the ones under, she pops up and starts blasting the ones on the dock. Red pulls out the Survive Blade and tears through his opponents. He makes short work of them, and even gets in a good shot at an unprepared Ryuoon. The four enemies congeal together, furious. Our heroes join each other and put their Survive Busters in Sniper Mode. The blast hits the four enemies, who are blasted from the scene with hisses of outrage and sneering comments. Akashi says, "Let's hurry to Muse. Attack!" *snap*.

Off they charge, but they don't get more than a few meters before they're blasted so hard they lose their armor. They have to avoid being stepped on by a mighty mecha. Yes, it's the Quester in a robot they call 砲 Hou, or Cannon. Gai sneeringly chuckles, "Out, out, you're in the way!" Rei snorts with amusement. From below, Souta gasps "Quester!" Yes, and they're headed for the mountain. Before they get more than a few steps closer, they are blasted. They turn to find a familiar trio of machines bearing down on them. Silver greets the others. Natsuki seems surprised. "Ei-chan!" Masumi snarls something, but Silver calls for his combination, and the smaller vehicles leap next to the larger. Almost instantly the Siren Builder is assembled to fight. Silver calls, "You leave this to me, I can handle them alone. You guys go find the Precious!" Akashi calls a respectful answer and very soon we're treated to the battle of the titans in the background, while our other five heroes scale the mountain. You know, the girls should not be wearing skirts for this and they should have gloves and everything. *scowl* A sound below startles Masumi into looking down. He is even more startled when the end of a whip goes flying past his face to twine around Satoru's ankle. Satoru cries out as he is jerked down but Sakura yelps "Chief!" and catches his wrist keeping him up with her. Furious, Satoru scowls and shouts down "Who?!" Well, we already know it's the older man with the whip. And he speaks as he catches up with them. "Hey, you punk, you shouldn't be going first." Satoru snarls, "Who're you calling a punk?!" But the man who scales next to him and meets his eyes asks softly, "Am I wrong?" and Satoru's anger dissolves momentarily into shock. Sakura gasps, "What're you doing here?" and Masumi snarls, "You're after the Precious, too!" The man is puzzled. "Precious?" he asks. Then he looks at the frozen Satoru. "You're STILL looking for those things?" Satoru breaks out of his shock and says angrily, "Yes, that is my adventure. And I will until..." he stops again. The man continues for him with a sharp gaze, "Until you've found whatever it is that's most precious to you." He steps hard on Satoru's shoulder as he climbs ahead of them. A shower of loose rocks spatters Satoru's face and he winces, closing his eyes in defence. Souta and Sakura stare after the older man in surprise. Souta says, "What he just said - " and Natsuki finishes, " - is what Chief always says." But Sotaru breaks out of his freeze to climb angrily after the man. It makes no sense that only the girls are using their scope-shots for climbing. Do the boys not have a brain in their heads? *cough*

The battle of the robots goes on, Silver using cannons to blast water and force Cannon away, but back at the Sargess Museum, Professor Makino has been studying the mountain. He wears a brown, knit-wool cap and a short-sleeved white and brown shirt. "Where have I seen the likes of this big mountain before?" he wonders aloud. He hops up and checks his bookshelf, pulling out this one. Flipping through the pages, he quickly finds what he's looking for. There is a picture of a mountain suspiciously like this one, surrounded by dinosaurs converging on it. With horror he gasps, "They can't go there!" The book seems to be titled: "白亜紀後期における恐竜の生態系 ―恐竜を滅ぼした謎の最強生物― 明石 虹一" or rather "Dinosaur Ecosystem at the End of the Cretaceous Period - The Enigma of the Strongest Creature that Destroyed the Dinosaurs - by Koichi Akashi."

Satoru reaches the plateau ahead of the others and turns to look at the view, sweat dripping down his face. A commentary from the man who'd gone ahead of them turns him around. "So you still haven't found what you're looking for, it helps if you know what it is, punk." He munches on something he carries in a small leather bag where he sits on a boulder. Satoru glares at him. The others gather up and come forward, Natsuki commenting with some annoyance, "Punk, punk. Why do you keep saying that, old man?" Souta asks, "Won't you please introduce yourself?" Satoru saves him the trouble. "He's my father," he says bitterly. They all whirl, Natsuki gasps, "Eh?" Masumi, "Father?!" Sakura, "Your father?" Souta "You mean it?" With a mocking twitch of his shoulder, Satoru's father says snidely that it seems his son's never seen fit to tell them about him. Satoru's almost at the end of his rope. "We're Boukenger! We aren't punks!" he snarls, bearing down on his father and the two glare fiercely at each other. His father, ah, who's been eating peanuts, sneers back, "Never told them you were a crybaby punk?" Satoru is confused, "What?" But the confrontation is interrupted by the arrival of their enemies, thank heavens for them. Kaasu and Jaryu have reached the summit and come lurching at our heroes. We hear Masumi shout a challenge while we watch Satoru's father purse his lips critically, but before anything can happen, Muse appears and addresses them. Basically, you strong ones bring what's Precious to you and I'll give you... whatever she's promising. She smiles. The Kaasu and Jaryu charge. The Boukenger move to get to her first, when a circle of light appears and engulfs the startled groups. Muse smirks as the ground beneath them vanishes and they fall into a black, storming sky. Lightning crashes. One Jaryu and Kaasu end up wrapped around each other and clinging for dear life as they fall. All of them, including Satoru's father, cry out and then they land in cold, cold water.

They break the surface, Masumi complaining bitterly and Sakura points out they're in an ocean. "Which sea?!" he cries along with some other stuff. They were careless filming here, for they neglected to have Masumi speaking while we hear his voice. The sea tosses and turns, they tread water frantically. "Look!" one of the boys cries. For there is a whirlpool and it is pulling Kaasu and Jaryu down. Satoru shouts, "SWIM!" They do, as fast and hard as they can. By the time they reach a rock-strewn, sandy beach, it's day. They stagger out of the water and fall in the wet sand. Satoru sprawls on his back, Souta on his belly. Natsuki and Sakura sort of curl sitting up, leaning on their right hips. Masumi sits on his butt. The girls look back at the water. Natsuki forces herself to her feet anxiously, "The old man - no, Chief's father...?" she worries. Satoru pants, "He'd never die so easily." He pushes himself up to a sitting position and says, "He's Koichi Akashi." Understanding crosses Sakura's face. "The legendary UMA hunter (yuma)." "UMA?" asks Natsuki. Masumi explains about UMA hunters, and how they're on the search for new and special beasts. Souta adds, "And they're called UMA hunters." Natsuki asks, "So they're just like treasure hunters?" Satoru blows again, "Completely different!" Seeing her innocent, confused expression, he realises he's over-reacting and pulls himself together. "Let's go!" he tells them all and starts off inland. There is a large tree trunk, bleached by sun and worn by sand on the beach ahead of them.

In the city, the Quester use their Cannon to force Siren Builder back against some sky-scrapers. "Is it over already?" cheers Gai. "This is goodbye," Rei says firmly and punches a control. Their round sawblade hand starts spinning and they aim to cut open Siren Builder's head, grinding Eiji to a pulp in the process. He sees it coming and is getting ready to respond with a hiss when Doctor Makino's face appears on his screen. "Takaoka, it's terrible, terrible!" He answers frantically, "What? I'm BUSY!" Makino hops into his seat with the book in his left hand, finger inside to hold his place. "But the others are in danger! There's some horrible monster in there!" He continues a quick explanation of what he's read in the book. "Huh?" asks Eiji. "What is that? Oh, I don't get it, but" something, and he pushes a lever. A water spout from one of his cannons forces the sawblade and the robot back from him. The Quester curse him as their saw loses 1/4th of its blade. "Triple Liquid Bomber!" cries Eiji, and fires from all three cannons repeating bursts that shake, rattle and roll Cannon. When he finishes, the enemy mecha is riddled with round holes and it blows up. Siren Builder turns with a victorious punch.

The wind has blown the sand into little crests. There was some dull, green scrub holding some of the sand down, but they've walked past that. The air ripples with heat, the sun beats down upon their exposed heads. Masumi has taken off his jacket and complains about the heat. Natsuki, just behind him, whines "Masumi... give me water? My throat's parched." She shakes her empty canteen. He pauses in mid-step and says if she wins the word-chain game (Shiritori) he will, and shakes his canteen. Geez, those things are pocket-sized. Natsuki utters a soft sigh. Masumi grates softly, "Give up," in English and continues on. Natsuki panics, "Pu? (pu being the last syllable of give-up in Japanese pronounciation) Pu?! What begins with PU?!" Souta turns around, his eyes twinkling, canteen in hand. "Natsuki-chan, a present!" he says and tosses it to her. She catches it happily. "Ah, thank you!" Masumi sighs and walks to Souta. "You're way too kind," he comments. Souta answers with a smiling, "You gotta be nice to girls." Natsuki contentedly gulps down the water. Sakura pays all this no mind, and neither does "Chief!" she says and he turns to her. She's holding up her Accellular and notes that it isn't working. "What kind of place is this?" he wonders softly and pulls out his Scope-Shot. Souta joins them. "Chief," he starts, "Chief, do you hate your father?" He turns a gaze of thoughtful interest on Satoru. With a physical sort of sigh, Satoru tells them, "Because humans are idiots. That's his catch-phrase." 「人間がおるから。それがあいつの口癖だ。そのおるから人間の作ったプレシアス何か、かちがないと言うって。」In Search-mode he scans the sand ahead of him. There is some green, but only scrub. "Because idiotic humans made Preciouses, it all means nothing, he says." Souta starts to say, "Like you he's an adventu-" Satoru shouts, "He's different!" Yet again, he looks ashamed of himself for over-reacting. He tilts his gaze down and says shakily, blinking back tears, "I like humans." Something something. "Precious are relics of human ingenuity. He and I are on different roads." He swallows around a lump in his throat and marches off ahead of them. They watch with compassion. Sakura hurries after him first.

Natsuki is the last in the group. In the depressions left by her feet after she's passed, flames bloom. Masumi complains, "Just how far does this go?" The flames have built up. Akashi turns to make sure how his people are, and thus he is the first to see when a wall of flame roars over the horizon. "DANGER!" he screams and bolts. The others glance back and bolt after him with cries of fright. The flames bear down. Souta's canteen falls from Natsuki, water spilling onto the sand. She cries out and goes back for it. Souta whirls after her. "Natsuki-chan, stop!" he screams. He grabs her, intending to pull her with him but the flames roar towards them. The other three whirl and watch in horror as they are engulfed. And then the flames suck themselves into thin air. Souta and Natsuki are gone with them. The desert is innocently featureless. Masumi cries, "Natsuki, Souta!" and darts forward, Sakura with him. Satoru grits his teeth, gaze determined. He hears a faint crystalline sound and turns to see Muse appearing behind him, wavering like a mirage. "Muse?" he asks. She smiles at him and vanishes again. The others are still behind him, calling for their missing companions. Furious, Masumi throws his jacket onto the sand. Satoru turns thoughtfully and calls, "Let's go!" Startled, they stare at him. When he turns away and walks on, Masumi calls his name. "Akashi!"

Natsuki and Souta appear in the roaring flames. "Hot!" Natsuki whimpers. And then, giant to them, Muse appears as well. "You," she says with a smile. "What?" yelps Natsuki and Souta gapes in the flames. And then something which she ends by letting the roaring flames really get them. They seem to be obliterated.

The desert has given way to forest. There are a variety of plants all around the three Boukenger. We hear a crow caw. Masumi shouts, "Muse! Where are you? M-" he cuts off with a squeak when Satoru raises his hand. Just ahead and on their left is Satoru's father, sitting down with his whip raised. Sakura, on seeing him, utters a startled "Father!" (mind, this doesn't mean she considers him HER father) With an air of annoyance Satoru says, "So you're still alive?" This causes his father to twitch quite obviously. Sakura, however, is looking rather freaked out. "What is THAT?" she whimpers, pointing but clutching her hand close to her. At that moment, Koichi Akashi lashes out with his whip. It twines around a startled, insect-like creature. It has multiple eyes and perhaps eight legs, a greenish black shell and copper colored points. Making whirring noises of alarm, it struggles to get loose but he bucks the whip and captures it in his heavy, leather bag. He is quite proud of the catch and turns to show it to them, but his son suddenly moves into a battle-stance, gazing fixedly past him, and Sakura is whimpering. A very big and VERY annoyed creature has come to rescue the probable baby Koichi Akashi has just stolen. Akashi manages to use a tree branch to stop the creature's lunge at his father, but there is another beyond them. The other goes after Sakura and Masumi, who bolt. Satoru still has the first locked onto his branch. "What are these things?" he shouts. His father explains they are creatures from the age of the dinosaurs. "WHAT?" gasps Sotaru. More exchange, for his father is proud of having found the ancient beasts. Satoru shouts, "So what is Muse?" "I don't know," his father replies indifferently. She looks human, that's all to him. Masumi and Sakura flee through the woods. Insects are her weak point. Masumi dives behind a slender tree. Sakura pushes him away and takes his place, yelping, he ends up in front of the tree as the insect approaches. He panics himself and goes straight up the tree, scaling the trunk at speed. Sakura whimpers and, as the bug approaches, cringes back. "Stay away, stay away!" The creature slices through the tree trunk to get at her. A tactical misjudgement, it appears, for the tree falls on top of it and smashes its shell. Masumi lands safely. The monster manages to shake loose of the branch Sotaru is using, knocking him down and coming at him. But his father uses his whip and leaps onto its back. As it writhes and tries to buck him off, he calls to Satoru "Help out here!" Satoru leaps up and starts smashing at it with the branch. He smashes off its cutting claws, rolls and smashes off its feet, so the poor insect soon topples onto its back. Satoru breathes a sigh of relief. His father gets up and gives him a look dancing with fiery delight. "Chief!" they hear Sakura cry. Masumi right behind her, they've made it back. Sakura asks Koichi Akashi if he's all right. He says he is, and he's got this little insect, too. Then he says firmly, "You all go back." Masumi folds his arms, and Satoru steps forward and says, "I can't go back until I've met Muse." His father seems to snap taller and steps forward. "Punk, you go BACK," he says firmly. Satoru steps forward to meet him, a battle of wills inevitable. "Not going!" His father grabs him by the nape of his neck and they glare still more fiercely. "What?" Masumi coughs slightly and says to himself, but also Sakura, "I don't have any parents, so don't know what it's like but..." he rubs the back of his neck sympathetically, "Between parents and their kids - " he cries out as, in mid-sentence, a whip of fuzzy white twines around him and pulls him away. They whirl and find to their shock they've been surrounded by many, many of the insect-creatures. Sakura turns and sees something which causes her to yell out "Danger!" and shove Koichi Akashi away. Another whip of white webbing catches her and she is pulled into the crowd of monsters. Satoru and his father stand back-to-back. "Punk - " his father starts. Satoru pulls his Scope Shot out of his pocket and fires the Shot-Anchor up into the trees. "Grab on," he says as he leaves the ground and his father does. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, his father grabbed his belt and his pants slip down. Satoru shrieks, "Don't hold on there! Leggo!" There seem to be hundreds of the insects on the forest floor beneath them. "I can't let go!" his frightened father cries back.

Back in the city, Mr. Voice and Eiji have listened to Doctor Makino's explanation of Satoru's father's book. That some terrible creature had wiped out all the dinosaurs. Makino says, "Yes. And I think it's hibernating there in the top of the mountain." Eiji utters a furious sound and charges.

Swinging through the trees in the forest, Satoru allows them to land heavily now that they've cleared the danger-zone. His father seems to complain, rubbing his sore butt. But he'd landed so that his bag wasn't under him and the poor insect inside is probably safe. Satoru, knowing his father is fine, has his own mission to accomplish. His attention focuses sharply on an opening partially cut into the mountain. His father notes his intention and remarks that it's dangerous. Satoru looks down at the man who's turned his back and says calmly, "You go back. I'm going to meet Muse." He starts towards the cave and his father gets up quickly. "Hey, why?" He has remarks about missing friends, and the search for treasure. He's part snide and trying to make a point here, about people. Satoru listens to him for a little bit, but it's nothing he hasn't heard before. He heads into the cave after a resentful glance at his father. Koichi Akashi yells after him that, damnit, there are more important things than the treasures made by fools. Satoru continues in, using his Scope Shot as a flashlight. His father continues grumping. "People are idiots."
And Satoru finds a great, sealed door. He puts away his Scope Shot, but to his surprise there is the sound of gears turning inside the door. It rolls back, and there is Muse atop the world clock, spinning. Her voice sounds in the room. "Welcome, strongest one." Satoru girds himself and steps into the room. The door closes behind him. "I've been waiting for you," Muse says. "What is this place?" Satoru asks coolly. "And what are you?" She explains that she came from the stars to eat.... er.... She wanted to find the strongest animal. Anyway, she goes on, then stops spinning and tilts her head back to look at him. To make the greatest being in all of space? Oooh. She wants him to be the father of her children. Startled by what she'd said, he comes down the stairs. "You destroyed the dinosaurs? So... what IS your Precious?" She spins out of the clock and onto her feet to face it. "I've waited such a long time for a mighty beast to be born. And now I've found it." Satoru carefully walks around to look at her face. She lifts her gaze and stares at him. "You are the Precious." "What?" he asks in surprise. But he rolls with the punches. "Ah, of course that's it." He paces around to her opposite side of the table. "This was all a game to find the strongest one." Then he glares and askes fiercely, "What've you done with my people?!" She smiles and touches the center of the clock. Lights go on in the walls around and we see to his left that Masumi and Sakura are bound and unconscious. Behind him hang a Jaryu and a Kaasu. To the right are Souta and Natsuki. And she tells him they are to be munchies after she has become one with him. Before he can respond, she grabs him and pins him to the clock. "Now we shall become one! Become the greatest Precious!" She leans down as though to kiss him or suck his blood, or whatever. He snarls "It's no good because my Precious are my friends!" This is a concept that is new for her. "What?" Another voice also says "What?" Satoru's father is in the room. "So you do understand." And now he cuts at the bonds holding Sakura and Masumi. Before Muse can react, Satoru shoves her against the upper face of the clock. She staggers back, blue light arcing about her body. His father shakes the two. "Hey, how long are you gonna sleep?" Satoru lets his gaze drift to that before it is pulled to Muse. Shaken, she is assuming her true form. Well, the previous one was pretty. This one, well it's frightening.

Satoru shrinks back as it approaches. His father watches and whispers softly, "And what I've found is this fool?" Satoru's back hits a pipe and he freezes, but his father acts, whip slashing to catch the Muse-monster. He pulls it towards him. Sakura and Masumi are recovering. "Satoru!" his father calls. He responds, catching Muse with his own whip from the Scope Shot. "Father!" he calls. Together they jerk on their whips and send the monster flying into the arms of the Kaasu and Jaryu, whom we must ignore that they catch it. Sparks fly and energy crackles. Together now and all awake, the six humans flee the chamber. They run through the tunnel and as they run, images ripple around them of the places they've been. It'd all just been mirages. But the monster catches up with them and sends them tumbling. He's after the greatest genes. Satoru starts to freeze up again. There is a sound above them and he looks up. It is Eiji, dropping down through a hole above. He blasts the startled monster back against the wall and lands with the others. "Ei-chan!" cries Natsuki. He greets them with a confident, "Well, that looked dangerous. That thing's true form." As he holsters his weapon, Satoru's father explains, "That's the tremendous beast that slaughtered the dinosaurs." Eiji stares at him in surprise and asks, "Who are you?" His communicator beeps and Makino answers his question. "Oh, that's Koichi Akashi." Taking hold of a startled Eiji's wrist, Satoru's father greets and acknowledges the man as "Professor Makino!" He mentions something about Akashi and one year ago. Makino chuckles and waves it sheepishly away. Starting to answer and sit, he misses the seat and loses his balance, falling painfully on his back on the table. But it is Sakura who tells everyone "Our Accellulars work now!" The monster has recovered and is ready to fight. "Do you oppose me?" Masumi starts the response. "Oh, we certainly do!" Souta adds a comment about cute girls. Natsuki voices her annoyance with being fried. Sakura snarls that they won't forgive. Eiji is interested in fighting this mightiest of beasts. Satoru adds, "And we'll show you the true power of human beings!" His father is impressed. Together the six change into their battle armor. Standard this is who I am. Their flaring light startles the monster, and they fire but it stands up. It blasts them hard, and they fall into darkness and fog. Satoru's father is not with them. And they find meteors raining down upon them. But the monster comes at them, too. Confident though they are, the monster is no pushover. And it's still after Satoru. They set it afire but it turns to flame and blazes through them. Shedding the flame it levitates and then starts blasting, it takes them down. But they aren't staying down. Satoru uses his whip, his father with him in spirit, and they bring the monster down. Calling in the Accel Tector, they fire the Drill Head with the Sniper Shot at the monster. It's one powerful blast. Have they won? The Tector vanishes, and so does the illusion. Satoru's father hurries to him, delighting that he's become so strong. "That's a Boukenger for you," Sotaru replies. But the mountain shakes, and they've got to get out of there. Satoru takes charge of his father (yes, still in armor). They land in the shaking city. The top of the mountain bursts open to release a mighty, winged creature we know to be the one they've been fighting, and its true form is much larger than they knew. It is a beautiful, deadly thing. It starts firing horrible blasts down upon the city from the red gems in its wings. The monster has decided to clean the slate again and go after the greatest gene some other time. The mountain proves to be just a shell around its long, worm-like body. It's enormous.
Sakura takes a reading and gasps, "Its hazard level is infinite!" Souta says "That's too dangerous!" Natsuki comments about space, Masumi says that another star is just the same. So they mean to stop the monster from leaving. Satoru gives Silver an order to help the city, and he dashes off. They call in their vehicles. The monster blasts them, but they are unharmed, and form Ultimate Daibouken. They attack and the monster bursts apart. "Is it gone?" They hover and look, only to find it appearing behind them, and really, really angry. It's destroying the Ultimate Daibouken, so Akashi orders a change of strategy and parts half the vehicles. Akashi says he's going to do Bouken Formation 2, which gets a startled reaction from the others still in the cockpit together. Makino rushes into his office to warn they haven't perfected Formation 2 yet. Silver is putting out the fires in the city and hears all this. They all worry. In his jet, Akashi says softly, "Father, this is my adventure." And he assembles Daitanken to fight on the back of the monster. The others applaud. He is able to stop the blasts and sends the drill to Daibouken. They cut themselves loose and fall (because they don't have the jet), but Akashi catches them and swings them up to stand beside Daitanken on the monster's back. Now it has to deal with both. Finally they are able to fight together (though mostly it's just him and them applauding) then they step forward and give some solid hits and then Satoru uses the Bouken Crash. Next, Big Red Bomber. The cockpit of the jet flies out and they've burst the monster and blown it to pieces! And Silver salutes them as they swoop down, having reassembled all together. The people of the city wave and cry out in salute. Makino spins happily. Koichi Akashi sits down on a blasted wall, proud of his son. Turning his head, he notices something catching the sunlight. He picks it up. When he knows what it is, he smiles in fond delight.

And the world has settled down again. The Boukenger also settle, relaxing beside a river. Natsuki says, "So the old man is gone." Sakura notes this is too bad, as she sits on a long bench where also sits Masumi though not close. Satoru's not interested in searching for him either. Souta takes an opportunity to tease which gets Satoru charging him, but Sakura calls out, "Chief!" He pauses and looks back at her. "Huh?" She points. "On your back." "My back?" Sure enough, there's a white piece of paper stuck there, a corner torn, a message written. Sakura reads it aloud. Basically an "Satoru, I'm looking for special things, you just keep on looking...." Satoru flinches and snarls "What kind of an answer is that?!" But Sakura and Natsuki happily translate for the overly emotional man. "He's saying don't give up!" Souta smiles and says "Isn't that great?" Natsuki and Masumi agree. Sakura adds, "What's most Precious to your father is you." And we see that the paper is actually an old photo. It is of Satoru's father many years ago, and a little boy with a scraped knee, crying, as his amused father pats his head. Eiji is the only one in a position to see it and he immediately asks, "What's that?" Sakura turns the photo over and they all peer eagerly at it. "Is this the Chief?" wonders Natsuki already knowing the answer. "Why, he's crying!" She starts to giggle. Masumi takes the photo as a startled Satoru whirls around. "So this is Akashi! He's so CUTE!" Natsuki echoes, and they are all grinning as Satoru starts to panic. "Hey, show that to me!" He rushes over to them. They fail to notice a garbage scow going by with Satoru's father sitting on the back. He's fiddling with something on his wrist. He's marvelling at the fact that Satoru still had... this. The watch lost in the swimming pool now sits next to his newer watch with a larger face. Stout thing. Both show the correct time, which appears to be 4:21PM. Koichi Akashi smiles warmly and pulls his bag of peanuts out to eat as he passes the tussling Boukenger on the shore. Masumi hands the photo to Natsuki in a game of keep-away, she to Souta whom he finally catches up with. He gets the photo, but just as he looks at it, it slips between his fingers and is pulled away by a powerful breeze. He leaps frantically for it, but it seems to be gone. "Hey!" he cries. And the screen fades to black, so we see that picture and the writing, "Bouken Dreams on" in glowing letters.

Bouken Dreams on


Up and coming, for the 30th they've done another movie, Boukenger VS Super Sentai!

They are fighting a Chronos (Chronogel, perhaps?) and he will capture our primary five and stick them in a lovely room. Silver will have to retrieve them. To do that, he assembles a team made of former soldiers. They include Hurricane Blue, Magishine, Magiyellow, Abare Black, Dekabreak and a mystery man in red.

Guess who?

That's Triple X there (30)