Doctor Makino makes all these for our heroes, tries to perfect their operation and incorporates knowledge and tech from retrieved Preciouses for the purpose. He certainly made the Scope Shot and the changers!

Accellular Scopeshot Bouken Silver's Changer The Accel Tector
So, the five primary Boukenger have Accellulars. They double as cellphones and can be used to do all sorts of lovely tricks like scanning Hazard levels.

The first five vehicles are 1) Dump 2) Formula 3) Gyro 4) Dozer 5) Marine. They assemble into Daibouken. Now, the Formula can carry the Gyro and tow the Dump, in which case they call that the Trailer. Go-go Trailer. Daibouken is already equipped with a Picker and Scooper, which combine to form the Go-goken (big blade). They have an attack called Adventure Drive.

First Five Vehicles

They soon accumulated five more. The Drill, Shovel, Mixer, Crane and Jet. These can form Daitanken. Usually they are used as alternate attachment arms for Daibouken. With the Drill as their right arm, they have an attack called "Maximum Penetration." The Shovel on the left arm's attack is called "Shovel Knuckle". They can put them on as both arms and do the "Rising Penetration". Mixer goes on left, providing the "Wall Shoot". Add Drill and you get "Bind-Break". Put Crane with Drill and it's "Lift-up Strike".

Then, of course, there is Super Daibouken. That takes nine of the vehicles. They don't use the Jet. That provides for at least two attacks: "Cannon Ball Head" and "Double Arm Crash". But that's not all! No. Include Jet and you have the Ultimate Daibouken. That provides for such attacks as... um, "Variable Typhoon" and "Ultimate Blaster".

Back of Ultimate Daibouken

But I must not forget Bouken Silver's trio. Yes, he got three lovely vehicles. The main is Fire. It combines with Aider and Police to form the Siren Builder. These vehicles are designated 11, 12 and 13.

Siren Builder in process

In a move towards a militant mindset, they have five more vehicles and these combine to form Dai Voyager. Number 14 is the Commander, which is Red's. 15 is the Carrier, Black's. 16 is the Fighter, Blue's. 17 is the Attacker, Yellow's. 18 is the Loader/Roader? which is Pink's. This is just to be fair, so they all have three vehicles.

Dai Voyager
Commander, Fighter and AttackerCarrier and Roader