高橋光臣 - Mitsuomi Takahashi, 斎藤ヤスカ - Yasuka Saito, 三上真史 - Masashi Mikami, 中村知世 - Chise Nakamura, 末永遥 - Haruka Suenaga, 出会正幸 - Masayuki Deai

Swift Adventurer - Bouken Black!

Black, sledding with dogs!  The whip somehow fits him.伊能真墨 - Masumi Inou was a treasure-hunter out for his own gain, who joined the team with Natsuki to further his ambitions only to find out that the Satoru and Sakura had known about the two Masumi as a childof them all along. His ambition was to challenge and outdo 不滅の牙 Fumetsu no Kiba, The Immortal Fang. He's all of 21 years old (and blood type B, since they see fit to tell us that in the first book). As a child he'd been the gofer for a group of treasure hunters who ran afoul of Yaiba of Dark Shadow, who killed them all. Yaiba was amused by the little boy who used a man as a shield and let Masumi live, sure he would grow up to be evil. Two years ago in relation to the beginning of the series, Masumi was exploring caves and came upon an unconscious, naked girl with a bracelet on her wrist. That girl became Natsuki. He took care of her, taught her and sort of became her big brother. When you come down to it, throughout the whole series we never see that Masumi has any kind of life outside the Boukenger since he joined them. The only association he has, he brought with him. No wonder he loves her so.
With the end of the series, Masumi becomes the leader of the Boukenger.

Strong Adventurer - Bouken Yellow!

Yellow, riding a camel in a train across the desert sands.Natsuki Mamiya, considered to be about 19, joined the Boukenger with Masumi because he did, and stayed as a way of finding out who she really is. Found two years before the series starts by Masumi, the only thing she had to hint at her true identity was the bracelet on her wrist. Well, she also demonstrates premonition once. She has the emotional maturity of a six-year old (which really annoyed me until we found out that she is, effectively, three-years old) but is of normal intelligence. She's sweet, kind and adores her friends. She's quite sociable, happy to meet people be they child or adult. The Dark Shadow once attempted to take advantage of her. One of their monsters pretended to be her sister and brainwashed her into thinking she was used and abused by mean, cruel Masumi. Fortunately his adoration broke her Cinder-kiout of that. She also imagined herself as Cinderella, placing Akashi's face as the evil stepmother with Masumi and Souta as the stepsisters but Eiji lucky enough to be the prince's man. The prince, of course, was Sakura. I'd joke that you have to wonder, but the real reason is the writers just thought it'd be funny. It turns out she is also the last Lemurian princess, hidden as a baby 5,000 years ago by her parents to survive the fall of their civilization. Her name was Riria, I think. This connects her with Zuban, a living sword that has become Akashi's. Natsuki befriended an older woman, Kazuko, who seems to own an antiquities shop and engages in the adventure trade. It was this woman who provided the statue that led to Natsuki finding out her true heritage, for it was depicted wearing the same bracelet she did (and holding Zuban!).

Fiery Adventurer - Bouken Red!

Red, leading a team of mountaineers.Satoru Akashi is the leader of the team. 24 years old, He has a warm and open heart, and an unhesitating belief in Santa Claus. When he needs to, he can be as cold as ice. He bullied Masumi into staying with the team, willing to let him die if he didn't. He let Natsuki believe he'd burnt Kazuko's precious doll so that the enemies would believe it. When he went with Souta and Natsuki to apply for the Adventure School, he dressed the part of nerdy student, and that was cute. Before he became a Boukenger, he was a treasure hunter, member of a team of three. They were slated to become Boukenger together. His team-mates were Kyoko and Shiro Masaki. Akashi had the moniker Fumetsu no Kiba and was already legend as the treasure hunter who could find anything he went after. Kyoko and Shiro both died in a trap set to keep a Precious from being taken. Akashi barely escaped, and never recovered from losing them. He has nightmares. When he is afflicted with the worse luck in the world by one of Ryuoon's creatures using a Precious, his friends load him up with all manner of good luck items they can think of, leading to a bolt in rather amusing paraphrenalia.
With the end of the series, Satoru boards the Voyager and heads off into space (goodness gracious the thing can fly). Sakura goes with him, though I don't think he had a clue why.

明石虹一 - Kouichi AkashiIn the Boukenger movie we met Soutaru's father, Kouichi Akashi, who is Indiana Jones. An UMA (?) hunter. His speciality is in the preservation of undiscovered species. Satoru tries very hard to distinguish himself from his father, but they are much alike.

Pink, on a great masted ship with her spyglass, finding the way and warning of danger ahead.

Deep Adventurer - Bouken Pink!

Prince(ss) CharmingSakura Nishihori is 22 years old and designated Sub-chief of the Boukenger. She's very intelligent, very serious, and has quite a struggle to learn to smile. She was a soldier before Akashi recruited her, talking the young, indifferent woman into finding out what she really wanted, into finding her own treasure. Children are a weak point of hers, but she's learned to connect with them. She had an adventure where she had to, to gain the trust of a boy who carried a Precious and thought she was the villain. Fortunately, Shizuka was in pursuit and made it clear which of them was the baddie. Natsuki imagines Prince Charming and sees Sakura as the most logical person to play the part. When a monster tried to put Sakura into the part of Cinderella, it proved the only way possible is if she is controlled. Sakura's comment on whether or not there really is a prince out there for her? "Of course there is. But I'm not waiting around for him. I'll catch him myself." She can handle a machine gun with precision, she is completely cool in almost any situation. We know little about her personal history, though she seems to be quite attached to Akashi. She did tell Eiji she was an only child of a very famous family. They were so famous he recognised the name, just hadn't connected it with her. Sakura was tormented once by having to go undercover to get an explosive Precious and defuse it. First she was the trainee gopher for a famous TV star who was a self-centered twit, then she was asked to dress up like a Goth-Lolita to interview the very same man. She pushed herself into the part by saying repeatedly, "Think Natsuki, think Natsuki... vapid...."
In fact, she is attached enough to Akashi to go off into space with him. I'm hoping they'll do something with that when/if they do a crossover with Gekiranger.
Her pretty watch

Blue, surveying the world from above in a hot air balloon.

High Adventurer - Bouken Blue!

Souta Mogami is 23 years old, and used to be an international spy. "Secret agent man...." He loves the adventure, thoroughly enjoys action, and adores girls. We don't get his will of steel demonstrated overtly often. Ever a Souta and Mewgentleman, he does not believe in going dutch, but he also has no trouble with women in authority, believing they've earned it. He flirts with every girl he meets, pretty much. He has a shock when a lovely girl shows up claiming to be his sister, calling herself Miu (Mew). When she tells them that, in reality, she's a girl he'd kissed and invited her to live with him, he's busy trying to assure the others that this is not the case when Sakura and Akashi let him know Miu seems to be a Precious (she has a hazard level reading). Miu turns out to be a stray white calico he'd found injured and bandaged up one night. The Precious reading was generated by a scrap of cloth fallen from a Precious Shizuka had stolen. Miu is a cat forever, and happy at that because Souta does indeed take her home to live with him. When he was kidnapped by a former colleague, 鳥羽裕二 Toba Yuuji, in order for the enemy to find out where Sargess keeps the gathered Preciouses, we learned that he fled the spy-business after a little girl, a princess, was... actually, I don't know what became of the princess, but her memory is enough to disrupt his self-control for it was a raw and open wound to him.

Silver, crossing a bridge across a dark chasm.

Effulgent* Adventurer - Bouken Silver!

Bouken Silver's ChangerEiji Takaoka arrived on the scene, a young man dressed in black wearing white tennis shoes and carrying a traditional magical staff for binding supernatural beings. It turned out that Eiji had come in to fight the Ashu. Possibly off of アシュラ, Ashura, a type of fighting demon. Eiji got stoned!Eiji's father, Karata Takaoka, had done the same. Except that an Ashu named Kei had fallen in love with him and she turned against her own kind. Kei and Karata married and she bore Eiji, so our boy is a half-breed. The Ashu wanted revenge for Kei's betrayal, they wanted Karata dead, and they wanted Eiji. Gai woke Eiji's demon side, and Karata was mortally injured protecting his son. Eiji grew up to be a demon-binder like his father, using the staff to help bind his demon-side until it was destroyed. But Akashi taught him that he could control himself, and also eventually adopted him as the sixth Boukenger. He was turned to stone once by the Ashu Ooga. Since they go into his past a few times, we've got some pictures of him at different times of his life. They put the actors in black clothes, white belt and shoes just so we don't get mixed up over who they're playing.
The youngest Out of Dad's way To Ashu or not to Ashu
*When "effulgent" came up in the dictionary as one of the meanings for Mabayui, I just had to use it.

高丘漢人And a tender smile for his sonEiji's mother

Fierce in the fight and loving to his son, Karato Takaoka was just another Ashu-fighter... a very powerful one... until somehow he became involved with Kei. He made two failures in the raising of their child. One, he neglected to tell Eiji the truth about his mother, exposing him to a wounding when Gai spilled it. Also exposing himself to a lethal attack. Two, he did not teach Eiji to control the raging power in his blood himself, but to rely on his father's binding staff. For many years Eiji was convinced that his mother had tricked his father. It was with Natsuki's help and his mother's glass tear that he learned she had utterly loved her human husband and that he was the result of that love. And that, spirit though she now is, she loves him still.

牧野森男 - Morio Makino - 斉木しげる
They have a dedicated mechanic on their side, too. Doctor Morio Makino. He ranges from a Charley's Angel's Bosley to a James Bond's Q. He does the work on all the Go-go Vehicles. While he almost never goes out in the field, he will work himself into exhaustion and they made a point of it one episode to hold him down and put a sleeping mask over his eyes, which promptly conked him out. He loves the kids, and is fond of a bit of pomp. Once he has to pretend to be Akashi, while Akashi pretends to be him. The actors did a fine job with their body-language.
Voiced by 田中信夫 - Mr. Tanaka Hello, Mr. Voice!

They have a Charlie. "Mr. Voice." Someday has come. Mister Voice is this lovely young woman who doesn't ever let our heroes know what she is to them. For that matter, who she is. On Page 96 of the Boukenger Chouzenshuu second book, her history is briefly given. The people who know her real identity call her Leona. Her real name is Leon Giordana, and 500 years ago, she found the "Soul's Reincarnation"魂の転生. SO she is not biologically 500 years old, get it? She is, or was 500 years ago when she was a man, the person whose sketchbook was picked up in episode 11. The one Gaja used to develop the Gordom Engines. Two lifetimes back she entered the 20th Century and joined SGS. This is her eleventh life and she is, during the course of the show, physically about thirteen years old.

Our kids work for Sargess Museum. サージェスムーシアム.

Sargess Museum flag

A Lemurian artifact himself, Zuban seems intelligent, though he doesn't have much to say. He loves children. Those who've met him can, in fact, feel his presence and hear his voice. Zuban spends much of his time as a lovely sword. Satoru pulled him from a stone despite energy-blasts calculated to discourage the faint-of-heart. The Boukenger's internal bickering and Satoru's aggravation dispirited Zuban and made him punch his way past them to get some fresh air. They eventually learned to treat him as a person with feelings despite a limited ability to communicate. Satoru gave up and endured the occasional humiliation such as when Zuban decided to feed him.