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Task.1 魔神の心臓
Majin no Shinzou - The Devil's Heart

The opening goes at speed! Super Sentai Series appears over the backdrop of galaxy's heart, the thirtieth anniversery ring whips up behind it and a bright flare of light a silver 30 appears in the top half of the ring over the words, moving through space lit with multi-colored stars a few flaring brightest in red, green, yellow, blue and pink. The logo gets covered by a world-map which rolls out, ancient in implications, symbols here and there. The Americas, Africa and the countries above. Yellow flames burn holes in the map. Behind it is blackness, filled with photos of starge places, carvings, British sailing vessels, explorers of old. Men in an early plane (the Wright Brothers, perhaps?). A man with a team of huskies and a flag possibly at the North Pole. Hot air balloons. The Sphinx. The world of treasures and magnificent curiosities. A compass with madly spinning indicator. The narrator tells us something to the effect of "In every era there are people who seek out the unknown and something, and those people are called 'Adventurers!'" He's introducing us to the group in this era, who've been gathered together and work for SGS. License plate SGS BK-5050. Whether it's the big blue vehicle, or the red one being towed behind it (or the combination thereof called Go-go Trailer), I don't know. In a cockpit with the number 2 behind the seat rides a man in black armor, hand calmly on the steering wheel. Another cockpit with the number three, and a woman in pink armor intent on something in her dashboard. Another cockpit where we don't see the number but it's probably 4, with a toggle rather than a wheel, the man in blue armor stretches lithely. Next cockpit, likely 5, a woman in yellow armor has her hands against the canopy and is staring out, body language all bright curiosity. She waves eagerly and it's safe to assume from later at the other woman. And in Cockpit 1, a man in shining red armor sits confidently, arms folded across his chest.

The vehicles halt on a beach near a rock formation. Out from a pad where the words "On Hold" shine white, comes a little pad and the red man puts his Accellular onto it open in Command Mode, presses the button in the center. His dashboard reconfigures to give him a steering wheel, too. The two large vehicles separate. The one in front is numbered 2 and is actually black, silver and gold, named Go-go Formula. Atop it sits the blue, silver and white vehicle #3 Go-go Gyro. Now the Gyro takes to the air in a whisper of engine power and the Formula folds out. The red and silver Go-go Dump unfolds, too, back lifting so that the two, slim smaller vehicles docked there can roll smoothly out onto the beach. The white, silver and pink Go-go Marine goes into the water, the yellow and silver Go-go Dozer with the Formula flanks Dump, and Gyro coasts above them. We see all five Boukenger. Their images flip into their Accellulars, and soon fold out to show us the Gogo Sentai Boukenger logo! I like this one.

進めボウケンジャー Advance Boukenger.... The vehicles are enormous, as to be expected, and whip through the city at high speeds. A white flat, black symbol like a G flanked by blue S symbols as the edge of black pyramids. First up, Red, with his staff weapon open in Boukenjaberin-style backed by flame! Second up Black, in the woods, his enormous Radial Hammer out. Third, Blue whipping through the woods in the air, using his Blow-Knuckle! Yellow in the woods using her Bucket-Scoopers to smash rocks away! Pink standing on water, firing her Hydro-Shooter as explosions rock her position!

Intersect an image of explorers on a frozen mountain ridge with pickaxes, packs huge on their backs. A close-in on one drawing of a man determined to keep trecking and the image fades into the face of Satoru Akashi (明石暁), Bouken Red, so we see him clearly. A vast waste of snow. A long line of sled-dogs pulling sleds, their master whipping them on (grr) fierce of face and will. This image morphs into Masumi Inou (伊能真墨), Bouken Black. Close in on a hot-air balloon of people, one a man in white with blond hair. This image becomes a smiling Souta Mogami (最上蒼太), Bouken Blue. The desert, a camel-train threading amongst the dunes. A woman rides shrouded against the dry wind. Her face becomes the cheerful Natsuki Mamiya (間宮菜月), Bouken Yellow. A great, masted boat out in the tossing sea. Presumably a woman stands high against one mast, telescope in hand, blonde hair whipping back, a pale pink headband on. That face becomes Sakura Nishihori (西堀さくら), Bouken Pink, who smiles warmly.

The Marine deep in the ocean becomes an image of a candle-flame inside the face of a Kaasu. Four of them with torches flaming around their master, Great Shinto Priest Gaja, where they were entombed. Under the white cowl he smiles slightly, two white streaks down his face passing over his eyes. In darkness, metal pipes stretch up and dragon-like humanoids with thick, red hides, members of the Negative Syndicate, the Jaryu follow their commander who has beady, yellow eyes.

Other vehicles for the Boukenger, a blue with grabbing arms, a green mixer, another blue with great, digging scoop and an orange with a drill. A bouncing computer cone-face with pointy moustache whom we learn later is Mr. Voice. Like Charlie in Charlie's Angels.... Companion and technical support, a middle-aged man who wears soft, fluffy sweaters. We will be seeing the other vehicles out with the first five. Our heroes stand bravely amongst explosions, Red fights Jaryu on a walking bridge, Blue and Pink fight on rocks over ocean water. Black and Yellow battle Kaasu near the waters, and the first five vehicles combine into Daibouken, which has an enormous blade/shovel, etc. They use their Accellulars in battle, perhaps, and their symbol is not always a compass but the hands on a speedometer.

And so the first episode begins. Go-go Marine, deep in the ocean beyond the reach of light. Yellow peers out the canopy and says it wonder, "It's totally black!" The great searchlight under the cockpit illuminates the ocean floor. Something suspiciously odd in shape is just beyond that illumination. Black asks doubtfully, "Is it really here, Sakura-neechan?" whapping her lightly on the shoulder. "Lemme drive!" he reaches for the wheel and she slaps his hands away. She says icily, "Stop it and pay attention." Pouting, he says what might be "scary," and subsides. She reminds him of the codenames. He is Black. And she is operating the arms of the Marine, for their target is clear in sight. Amused, the other woman leans on his shoulder and says cheerfully, "That's right, and Natsuki (herself) is Yellow!" He doesn't seem to want to be called by a color. The thing in their sights has a face, and is embedded in the boulders on the sea-floor at an angle. An excited Yellow says "Wow, what's that?" Pointing, she leans down to see better and Pink has to shove her head out of the way. Red appears on their screen and answers about a legend involving a deal with the sea-gods. Blue cuts in to tell more and Yellow eagerly asks Black, "Did you know, did you know?" He pushes her head down in mild irritation. "So what about the legend?" Red, in his Dump out on the beach, explain that according to legend, they're looking at the Nazo Civilization's Gowdomu. And something like calling the heart of the Gowdomu from the sea (it controls the sea). Hmm. But up to now, no one's found it. Yellow bounces eagerly. "So that's the phantasm Gowdomu Culture thingy?" Black leans down and says thoughtfully that the Precious must be Gowdomu's heart. Red goes on to say what he knows about it, the powerful system it is said to be, as Pink clears fallen boulders away from the great artifact. "Bouken Black, Bouken Yellow, go search for the heart! Attack!" And they are gone from Pink's cockpit. She watches the pair swim towards the entrance to Gowdomu and sighs. "Chief," she asks softly, "are those two really good for this?" Sounding startled he counters, "Why? Should we keep testing them?" or something like that. We see the pair are carrying things with them. Blue notes that he's a bit worried about the (dangers of the) Precious (and these two's ignorance). Red replies happily, "I know they have the spirit of adventure."

There is air inside Gowdomu. Yellow and Blue come up panting, which is silly but oh well. Supposedly they are in pitch darkness, though we as the audience are allowed to see. They step out and set the heavy, yellow things they carry down. Black touches his helmet and lights flare so they can see. Yellow does the same and looks around curiously. Stone, stone, stone. They leave the two yellow things behind and go ahead. They seem to come up against a wall of rubble, and disturb a colony of bats (cough) who fly at them. Black startles backwards and the back of his hand hits a symbol on the wall behind him that flares. The wall opens up into a chamber lit gold. The bats do not follow. The pair get up and stare around in surprise. "Where are we?" wonders Yellow aloud. They are in a room. Giant hands are on the right and left. In the center is a dias with a small monument of sorts. Black wonders if the Heart is here. Yellow trots up to the monument, wondering what it is. Before Black can stop her, she sees something she thinks is a switch and turns it. Flames burst from openings in the side of the monument and both of them dive frantically to avoid getting burned. Black whips out his Sabai (survive?) Buster in Juu-mode and fires at the top of the monument. It is blasted apart and things settle down. Yellow hops to her feet and bounces over to look, moving some of the pieces aside. "Hey, c'mere, found something!" she waves him over as he holsters his weapon. "It's a puzzle!" she delights. A small block, 8 squares in a nine-square grid, needing to be arranged to form a coherent image. He agrees with her assessment. She pulls out her Accellular and uses it in Search Mode, the top turned sideways, to analyse the puzzle and make sure what it is? But the machine shows 0, and she rubs her chin in consternation (it's not the Precious). Black is blase about it. While she is fretting, Black decides to solve the puzzle himself (and find out where the Precious is). He has it done in a few seconds, and the symbol created glows brightly. "Oooh!" Yellow marvels. But then the room they're in shakes violently and they cry out, trying to keep their footing. The enormous hands on either side of the chamber move, and grab them! Water starts pouring into the chamber. Outside, Gowdomu begins to shake, and the sand settled on it over the years puffs up. Red gasps, for the shaking reaches even them. Blue sounds amused ("They sure did something!"), Pink worried as she clears out of there away from it.

Elsewhere in Gowdomu, water drains from a dark chamber. Something like a lock shatters, and the cover of a sarcophogas slides open. Inside is a stone body. Gowdomu rises from the sea-bed to peek out of the surface of the ocean. Pink is trying urgently to get out of the water ahead of it when the Marine jerks. But it is only Blue, picking her up with the tow lines of his Gyro. "Yo!" he calls cheerfully. Red gets into gear now, the Dump rolling out on the road that appears above the surface with Gowdomu's rise. He drives up, perhaps knowing that Yellow and Black are trapped in a chamber filling with water. Perhaps not knowing that in another chamber, stone is turning to flesh and cloth. Eyes are opening, and grey beings are stepping out of the stone walls, creatures with hollow heads in which candleflames burn. The man in the sarcophagus grips its edge and pulls himself up. "We are reborn," he creaks, the beings around him hold torches.

Red drives the Dump at the stone mouth Yellow and Black had earlier swum into. The entrance tunnel is just big enough for the Dump to roll through. He checks his heat sensors and sees the pair, warm against cold stone hands, trapped. The tunnel is wide enough for him to spin the Dump around and back speedily. The Dump has its own hand and he uses them to reach into the chamber and force apart the hands holding his two charges. They fall free, land hard, and he uses the hands now to grab them, "Came to pick you up!" he calls, tossing the frightened pair into the safety of the dirt on the back of Dump. He speeds out of there. And I'm sure he does not know about the priest in white, leading a precession of stone-hollow beings and creaking, "In this time we move again."

Red gets his charges out to safety. He raises the back of Dump, letting the accumulated dirt fall out. Pink and Blue come rushing over. A pile of fine dust bursts into clouds as the sputtering Yellow and Black dig out. From above, Red calls "Black, Yellow! What a great adventure that was!" They stare at him as he jumps down to join them. Black snarls, as he helps Yellow out of the dirt, "Stop calling me a color!" Blue picks up a stone and says musedly something about them (tripping a trap and is that Black's former thieving skills at work?). Yellow slips in the sand and tumbles down, Red helpfully steadies her and soothes her nerves. Black, though, is irritated. "I'm no thief!" He hops down in front of blue, hooks a thumb at his own head and says firmly, "I'm a treasure-hunter. Got it?" He deliberately shoves past blue to look down at the sea. He has comments to make about finding the Precious in the Sea. (Like a cat, "Honestly, we did that on purpose to make it easier to get the Precious."). Whatever he says gets Yellow scrambling over and whispering in his ear something to the effect of "They don't suspect it was an accident." He hushes her and she giggles, hiding her mouth with her hand. Red points out that the Precious is inside a sacred chamber. He turns and looks up at the top of Gowdomu that they see beyond the hills. Pink speaks to Red of what their next step is. (That the Precious has to be very dangerous, and perhaps the newbies should stay behind). Black and Yellow stand together away from the others, exchange glances and delightfully charge through the others. Black calls, "I'm going to find the Precious!" "No, Natsuki (Yellow naming herself) is!" Blue and Pink look anxiously to Red, but he doesn't seem troubled by events. He leads them afer the others.

Black and Yellow charge happily together. Their three companions race along equally enthusiastic. And Gaja sees them passing through his grounds. Eyes flaring with anger he growls, "Even in this time, there are those in pursuit of Gowdomu's Heart." Yellow and Black have found a point where the ceiling is a bit low and they are uncertain, but continue. Yellow finds what she thinks looks useful while Black is complaining. She uses her Accellular again and the readout tells her there is a chamber beyond. "Leave it to me," Black says. Out with his gun again. He sticks it into a small, rectangular hole between blocks and twists it like a key. The wall opens downwards. Yellow is impressed and with a chuckle from Black, they head on. When they find the chamber, Black stops with a surprised gasp. "Hurry up!" Yellow says and shoves him ahead. They are in a chamber... a vast area. Red lighting comes up from below. Yellow gasps and looks about in amazement. Black gets back to his feet. Ahead of them is a stone bridge. Under the bridge... Yellow notes, "That's magma down there." Black diverts her attention to what is on the other side of the bridge. A glowing artifact set in a special chamber. The Precious. "Let's go!" he tells her. She makes a happy agreeing sound and they charge. But the bridge suddenly gives way under Black's feet. Yellow grabs his arm before he can plunge into the magma below, but she doesn't have the leverage to pull him up. "It's a trap-bridge!" he notes. So, to their shock, the other three arrive and bolt happily past them. Blue pauses to tease, "Too slow!" They bolt as fast as they can, the bridge collapsing just behind their steps. Red shouts over his shoulder, "What'd you doing, move it!" so Black and Yellow get it together and leap to catch up. The five barely make it to the other side ahead of the collapsing stone. The two foolish ones look down at the red-orange magma, where pieces of the bridge are melting. Red comments, "This is the Precious shrine." Pink asks him softly, "It's the Gowdomu's Heart? The unknown energy system?" Blue is using his Accellular in Search Mode to confirm. A Precious, all right. The reading is 86. It's meaning? Blue clarifies, "It has a hazard level over 80. Pretty dangerous." He shakes his head and considers it. He starts to reach for the Precious, which glows suddenly and flies past him. They duck, and it goes over the magma and splits suddenly. Perhaps less than thirty of them now hang in the air. But only one would be real.... Yellow gasps in delight, "This is great! Now there are so many!" Blue is trying to figure out which one it is. He settles his attention on the closest one and reaches to touch it. Yellow turns and sees a vision in gray-scale, when he touches it, he is obliterated. She gasps and leaps "Not that one!" yanking him aside and saving his life as the thing explodes. Gasping, he says "Thank you!" as they get up. Pink leaps to help Yellow, asking "How did you know?" Yellow has no clue how. She just knew. Black is intrigued. He knows only one is it, and the others will probably explode to kill thieves. "What do we do?" he challenges Red. Red steps forward, considering the situation, then shoves one of the hovering things hard as Black shrieks warning (the real one will be destroyed!). The things collide with each other and explode. The others dive for cover, but realize they're not in danger. While the explosions are going off, Red shuts down his armor (noting that the real one was sunk beneath the ocean because it couldn't be destroyed, and these little explosions wouldn't harm it). Soon, only the real Precious floats in the distance over the magma. Blue and Pink release their armor. Pink, or Sakura out of armor... says, "We've completed the mission!" Blue grins in joy and turns to Black, again calling him a (former) thief. "This is the Boukenger way." Black responds by decking him, grabbing the startled Yellow and leaping out over the magma. The other gasp and gape down. Yellow clings to Black as they fall, but he's used some device they carry (it must be the Scope Shot) and fires out a life-saving hook that pierces the wall. "Grab it!" he tells Yellow, who pulls it together just enough to oblige as they swing past the Precious which flares light. Even as they land, they shut down their armor. "Well, we've been had," grumbles Blue. Yellow, Natsuki, lands a bit roughly, protesting as her elbow is jarred and holding the Precious tight. "That's cruel," she complains. "Sorry," he counters, reaching for their prize. "Masumi?" she asks when he takes it from her. He shows it off to the three on the other side of the magma. He has points to make about him being Masumi Inou and nyah nyah he's got the Precious, and they should understand him not needing them for treasure hunting, Satoru Akashi (Red)! Red watches sternly as Masumi says something about him being the Indestructible Fang. ("Immortal Fang") Pink and Blue repeat the word with gasps and look to their leader. "Said he was the world's greatest treasure hunter!" (He's obviously been dying to tell them this. That everyone knew about the Indestructible Fang, that he could get any treasure once he's sunk his fangs into it.) Pink is really getting angry and wants to know about the tests ("This is why you pushed Chief Akashi to test you?") He sneers and pulls his Accellular out of the case on his arm, mocks her ("That's the way of it,") and tosses it across the distance with a "So you can have this BACK!" Yellow watches, her expression sad. It is a good throw, Satoru doesn't have to even move to catch it, practically falls into his hand. "You're more than I expected, Masumi Inou," he says with calm strength. Masumi is going to find a buyer for the Precious and spend the rest of his life in luxury. And he starts off with a mocking wave. "Let's go," he says to Natsuki as he passes he. She gets to her feet and asks softly, "You're going to be a treasure hunter again?" Startled, he stops and turns. "Why?" Then he realizes and raw hurt colors his tone "You mean y-" he starts and then the pain licks further, "You like them better'n me?" She shuffles uncertainly and twiddles her fingers, unable to meet his wounded gaze. But before she can answer, a creaky voice we, the audience, know, speaks. "Gowdomu's Heart." The two nearly jump out of their skin. Wheeling, they see him and his minions standing above them. And he wants the Precious. "It's not meant for you (humans)." Masumi clutches the Precious and Natsuki whimpers as more of the minions appear. On the other side, Satoru looks like he is quite interested in this (that active remnants of the ancient civilization were sealed away here, too). "What will you do, Masumi?" he asks gently. Well, with stone creatures carrying flying torches leaping down at him, he'll have to fight. The two humans dive and duck, while the three across from them also fire their scope shots towards the distant wall. One of the gray beings snatches the Precious from Masumi's hands and knocks him off of the bridge. They aren't interested in anything else and run off, while Natsuki cries, "Masumi!" and scrambles to the edge.

Gaja has the Precious. He considers it, utters a satisfied grunt and leaves. The other three reach this side of the magma and move to Natsuki's side. Souta (Blue) kneels beside her to soothe her, but she frantically points down. By some miracle of luck, Masumi is hanging by his arms from an outcrop below them, safely above the magma for the moment. Satoru wants Souta and Sakura to go after the other guy. "But Chief..!" Sakura protests. He counters he has something else he has to do, get their other member. Souta is exasperated and gets up to point out that this guy never wanted to be an adventurer, "You're not going to HELP him, are you?!" Satoru pulls rank on them, reminding them who they are who who he is and these are his orders, and tells Natsuki to go with them. As she stares at him with wide eyes he says, "Leave this to me." Without hesitation, he hops off the edge. "Chief!" gasps Sakura. Falling, he puts out a tiny parachute that nevertheless (cough) slows him down to easily manageable speeds. He lands on the outcrop in front of the snarling Masumi ("Have you come to laugh at me? Bugger o-") and scares him half to death by knocking his precarious hold loose and grabbing his collar as if to push him off. "Stop being such a fool!" he says passionately and then adds firmly, "You can choose again!" He holds up the Accelullar and says, "You can accept this Accelullar! Or you can burn in the magma!" Masumi gasps out, "Why?" "You said it yourself. There are no spoils I can't sink my teeth into. Now the spoil is you." There is a moment, then Masumi sounds defeated. "You knew all along. That I was a traitor." "I knew." Satoru recognizes the win and pulls Masumi up onto the outcrop, carefully bracing him against the wall. "You did a fine job of escaping, though. If you couldn't, you'd be no use to me (as my subordinate)." A sweaty and shaking Masumi's eyes are wide, furious he utters a wounded hiss of defeat, looking down at the magma below.

Outside, cool ocean water hits the stone, and Gaja leads three of his minions to a place with four low columns. There is a stone on the ground with a loose part and two red markings. Gaja lines them up. A dias rises from the ground. He watches it, and we get a close-up of his gray eyes. "So the time has finally come." There is a red casing full of clear water. Gaja moves forward. The other three Boukenger watch and Souta whispers to Sakura, "What's he doing?" She hasn't a clue. Gaja carefully places the Precious over the water, his voice soft about rebirth. He speaks ancient words that possibly aren't meant to be understood. The water pulls the Precious down and roils thickly around it, gets sucked in. The Precious turns red and starts to beat like the heart legend said it was. Natsuki is startled, "Why's it shining?" and steps forward. But she slips on a stone and cries out, which brings Gaja around to face them. He smirks slightly and says to one of his soldiers, "Kaasu. Keep them out of the way." The torch in the Kaasu's hand transforms into a scythe. The Precious sinks down a long shaft, and Gowdomu comes to life.

Staring down at the magma, Satoru continues to make his points and Masumi continues to try to fight it. "Want to try, see if you can survive the fire? It'll be a fun adventure, eh?" His eyes twinkle even now. Masumi glares. "One day I will succeed you! I'll show you I'm the world's greatest treasure-hunter! Until then.." he snaps and grabs for Satoru's hand over the Accellular, cracking for acceptance, shaking hand frantic. Satoru nods his understanding. He helps the gasping Masumi to his feet and for a brief instant they simply stare at each other. Then the chamber shakes violently and Satoru pinwheels his arms also moving to keep the other man from pitching fowards. He loses his footing and falls, panicking Masumi who screams, "Akashi!" But Satoru Akashi is calm even now, quickly using his Accellular "Start up!" and there is a flare of light as he hits the magma. Masaru utters a strangled sound. The armor evidently protects Satoru, giving him time to get the heck out and fly up to the top of the bridge. He glances down briefly and heads off. Masaru is too stunned at first to react. But then he pulls out his own Accelullar and transforms.

Above, the other three are at battle in their armor. They are getting trashed at first, but still fighting. Fighting is NOT Yellow's strong point. Blue punches one of the Kaasu. Its hide cracks, then repairs itself. Blue's hand doesn't do the same and he bites out a "Hard!" rubbing his poor fingers. Yellow spends most of her time evading the scythes. Fallen, she whimpers "Oh please don't!" "Sabai Buster!" Red shouts out and fires just before the cringing Yellow can be hit. "Chief!" Pink gasps in relief. "Red!" Blue says in the same tone. Gaja is actually intrigued by these unusual people. "You who defy the god Gowdomu, what are you?" With Red there, they pull it together. He uses his blaster to destroy one of the Kaasu. Yellow uses her Sabai-blade with which she knocks one Kaasu flying back, into Black's range. "Masumi!" she gasps. He calls out "Bouken Black!" and slashes the Kaasu to dust. Blue notes in amazement, "He's alive." Pink is floored by something she considers more amazing. "He said 'Black'." Red already was expecting him, so isn't wasting time in staring. He changes his weapon to blade-mode and destroys another Kaasu. Gaja looks disgruntled at that. Red wheels and calls out, "We are the Go-go Sentai" all together "Boukenger!" and pose!

With savage rage Gaja responds, "You're too late! Gowdomu has been revived!" "What?" asks Red. Behind him, Gowdomu is beginning to pull itself out of the ground. Gaja is explaining that he was sealed away to stop this happening. And now they'll be, well, fighting again and they will rule the world. Gowdomu is huge, and Gaja boards him, sends him walking. Red says they've got to get the Gowdomu Heart back, and he calls for the Go-go Vehicles? While the group does that, Gowdomu is approaching seaside resort hotels, curiously empty. Gaja laughs maniacally, but then is startled. Someone is shooting at them. Yes, our heroes are approaching in their mecha and firing. Black talks about the legendary energy of the Gowdomu's Heart (powering a deadly weapon). Yellow asks "Is that the Precious' power?" Blue responds, "The Precious does have tremendous power, but" something about the Earth. Pink adds that this is why they're here, to protect Earth from the abuse of that power. I see a theme here carried over from Magiranger. Red adds this is why there is the Boukenger. Yellow drives her Dozer at Gowdomu's feet and flips it over. Black converts his Formula into cannon mode and starts firing missiles. Gaja is losing his footing and Gowdomu is still not quite at the seaside buildings. It falls again and Gaja falls too, from its shoulder. He is not a happy camper. Red calls for combination, which makes Pink anxiously protect to which he counters "But it's an adventure!" Black is happy to oblige, Yellow nearly panics, not certain what she has to do. But the machines are programmed, and they combine smoothly, beautifully. Black is the head and Blue forms the helmet. They appear together in the main cockpit and put their steering mechanisms into place. There stands Daibouken, with the Go Picker in its left hand and the Go Scooper in its right. Gaja is stunned. Red uses the Picker first, and the success of it delights Black and Yellow. But they are ahead of themselves. Gowdomu strides in and they tangle. They are able to force Gowdomu back, dig the ground out from under it, and combine their two tools into the Gogo-ken. Gowdomu falls to their attack and is destroyed. Black and Yellow congratulate each other. The team in their regular clothes races to the beach to find the Precious half buried in the sand. When Natsuki reaches for it, Sakura shoves her back. "Don't touch!" Sakura takes out a small metal square, golden in the setting sun, and sets it beside the Precious while Souta wipes sand clear. The square folds out to become a rectangular base, a green light shines. Sakura plucks the Precious from the sand and sets it in the center of the square. The square then reconfigures into a box around the Precious. She hands the box to Satoru with a relieved, "We got it back." Black says in a friendly tone, "The mission's complete, right?" He pats Souta on the back, and the other man brushes him off hostilely. Satoru is half-amused by the tension and starts off with the box, but someone needs to get in the last word. A very angry Gaja blasts them with golden lightning. They cry out and dive for cover. "There isn't only one Gowdomu's something," he creaks at them. "What?" gasps Satoru. Gaja introduces himself angrily, so they know who they're fighting. He intends to resurrect Gowdomu er... again. But as he speaks, an enormous, leathery red head pops out of the surf. Startled by the noise, Gaja wheels to see great jaws bearing down on him. They swallow him up and pull him under the surface. The Boukenger gape in surprise.

Ending credits, the sweet beauty of this world, the first lines. "Round and round, Bouken Dreamer! Dokomade hashirerundaro." Our heroes driving assorted normal vehicles. Blue flies a small plane. Pink pilots a boat. They gather in the woods with the man we know designs their mecha and race past him, to his amusement. Satoru scales a cliff-face and finds a red stone, smug and happy. Masumi finds one for him in the depths of the woods. Souta rides a hook across a chasm and snaps his from the air. Natsuki rides a sled down a sandy hill and picks hers up in passing. Sakura swims in the deep water, brings hers up. They come together, Satoru offering Sakura a hand up the rocks. Souta brings the other with him. They fit their pieces of stone into a globe, which becomes the Earth. The glowing Earth writes the words "Bouken Dreams" in the air ahead of them.

Task.2 竜の略奪者
Ryu no Ryakudatsusha - The Dragon's Pillagers

Out go the vehicles again, and our heroes are at the Saajesu Museum, whose symbol is on that flag in the beginning credits. Sakura has to drag Natsuki away from the exhibits. They are greeted by Mr. Voice, and have news Satoru, troubled, gives. "He said there wasn't only one Precious." We'll see their engineer for the first time. Natsuki will find herself on the business end of a red blade held by an angry Sakura. Reptillian enemies (Negative Syndicate) will send out a monster called Dorudo to fight the Boukenger. Natsuki will damage someone's project purely by accident. The engineer will give our heroes something for their next mission and wave them off.

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Task.2 竜の略奪者
Ryu no Ryakudatsusha - The Dragon's Pillagers

In our last episode: A bleeding great sea-monster bursts out of the water and swallows up Gaja. The startled Boukenger watch it return beneath the waves Masumi asks Satoru anxiously, "What was that dinosaur thing? It took Gaja!" "Maybe," Sakura replies cautiously, "it's the Negative Syndicate." "Nega... tive?" asks the confused Natsuki. Souta is quick to explain that those, also, are on the hunt for the Preciouses. He steps up beside Satoru who clarifies with a grin, "We aren't the only folks out here looking for Preciouses."

Indeed they aren't. Down in the depths of the ocean is the being who took Gaja, a great, bio-mechanical creation. Two dog-faced Jaryu hold their swords in front of a rather annoyed Gaja while another being in heavy red armor controls the monster. I believe the being sitting on the red throne is the one speaking. And he is most interested in Gaddamu's Heart to use for their Super-science system. Gaja glares, pretending to ignore the blades in front of him as the seeming leader strolls by, and makes a very snide comment. In a high-pitched sycophant's voice, the Jaryu on his left tells Gaja to choose his words with care. It seems this man is their Creator, Ryu-on. "No, wait," their creator says. "I heard you say there isn't only one Gowdomu's power." Gaja is clearly upset that this is known, utters a tiny grunt of calculating dismay. Beneath them, the great creation steps across the ocean floor.

A glass table, on it are a couple of books, some pens, possibly a snack-tray. Huge, lovely Egyptian vases behind it. Beatiful green potted plants. And a man who is watering them, humming to himself. He wears a house-sweater, over blue sirt and possibly red scarf. The doors behind him ping, blue lights flash as they open to reveal Satoru and the box with Gowdomu's Heart. "Doctor Makino!" he greets, heading straight across the room as the rather startled doctor swings to follow him. "We found one!" he clears a spot on a cluttered table to put the box down. "Send it to Headquarters, would you?" He pushes something, which causes the box to dis-assemble, revealing the again-white Heart. Doctor Makino hurries over and picks up something like a magnifier of sorts to peer at the Heart. "This... this is real!?" He is practically wriggling with delight and scoops up the Heart. He sets it on a device which immediately bathes it in violet light. Data is already appearing in his computer screen as he types in. "This disappeared 40,000 years ago." Behind the computer is another screen, displaying the various vehicles our heroes will be using. "The Energy System of the *something* Culture! And it's in perfect condition!" Satoru smiles proudly as he leans and watches the reading. Makino radiates smug joy, too. "Mr. Voice will also be delighted!" As he says that, Satoru's smile fades and he straightens up thoughtfully. "But that fellow Gaja aid that this wasn't the only secret artifact." Makino glances at him and nods. "Quite likely." He stands up to aid in thinking aloud. "As legend has it, there were two." Then a strange noises makes him wheel. In the scanner, the Gowdomu's Heart is pulsing with power. They both eye it with interest. Doctor Makino says, "And it's true. There's another signal."

Sargess Museum (it is likely to come from Search Guard Successor Sar-ge-su) and a slightly overcast day. People are wandering up and down the stairs outside. Outside the white flag flutters in the wind, black triangles whose bases are blue S with a black G between them. Inside, children dash past the information station, chattering excitedly about what they want to see.. A father, mother and daughter are there, being helped by one of the two ladies manning the station. We hear a delighted child say "This is great!" as we see the area where there are elevators, and viewing decks, and a broad, lovely floor with what may be a design of Earth done in great tiles. Where IS this? I want to go! Assembled skeletons of enormous sea beasts are suspended from the ceiling, jaws filled with fangs. People are peering at the exhibits. One person is not. Sakura, in uniform of course, is also obviously upset and looking for something. She sees what she's looking for with exasperated relief. "Natsuki-san!" Ah, of course. Natsuki is admiring one of the exhibits and seems startled to meet Sakura. "Would you please not wander off by yourself!" Natsuki replies as she looks at the exhibits of ancient sea dinosaurs, "But this is really interesting!" Exasperated, Sakura grabs her arm and drags the protesting girl away. "You're not a child! Let's go back!"

Sakura touches what seems to be the belly-button of a red figure of a squatting man, hair-style makes me think Egyptian. Lights go on, and the wall of small figures slides back to reveal a room beyond. The room is red, white trimming. Art in a variety of familiar background colors lines the wall with cubes on them (I see a pattern here, hahah). Sakura turns and tells the other girl firmly, "You just stay here, please!" and moves away around her. On the next level we can see someone in black clothing. Ahead of Natsuki are statues, possibly carved from ivory and making me think of Hindu demons. Natsuki stares around. Behind her a green plant climbs the walls, red blossoms plentiful. She grins when she spots who is sitting on the higher level, next to a bookshelf on a rather artsy chair. "Masumi! What are you doing?" she asks happily, bouncing over to him. Whatever he's doing, he isn't pleased with the interruption and tells her she's loud. "Just wait!" We see he's digging anxiously through his bag, pulling out maps and muttering under his breath, "Not this one." On the floor is an hourglass, a paper rolled up with a rubber-band holding it shut, and some other objects he's clearly pulled from the bag. He continues babbling on about "I saw it. Animals... dinosaurs... legends of using clones. Precious-seeking Negative..." he is occupied, so Natsuki wanders away towards where Sakura is. Sakura happens to move off at that moment, too. She heads over to where Souta is sprawled out on a couch. "How's it going?" she asks him. He answers eagerly, "It's right here. Jyaryu-zoku." Hearing that, Masumi looks over. Souta's got some sort of small screen, and he's using it to search their database, I guess. With his pointy-pen, he's called up the information on the Jaryuu. There is a drawing of the leader, the beings who called him their creator, and the great bio-beast they're riding around in. He goes on to tell her what it says, with an additional remark that it sounds like they're pretty stupid.

A delicate hand holds a red pointer with a long cord and pokes innocently at some strange object sitting in from of something labelled Battery Carrier, with the Boukenger symbol on either side. Naturally it is Natsuki, who yelps and cringes in dismay as her poking sets off electrical shots and fries the circuits of a dismayed Sakura's project. "Hey, Natsuki what are you DOING!? Don't touch anything!" she says as she races over to do damage control. Masumi is headed for Souta, curious about the data. "Hey, show me that." Souta coolly blanks the screen. "Nah, s'bad. This is the data we've collected 'round the world on the Negative," he says and sips from his cup. Masumi moves away, pouting and indignant that he's not allowed. He settle at the three-butted yellow table as their commander comes through the doors, looking very thoughtful. He pauses and asks Souta, "What'd you find?" "Oh, it was the Jaryu Clan." "Of course," Satoru says calmly. And something else before he takes note of the quietly steaming Masumi and asks, "What's the matter?" Masumi snorts, but before he can respond the middle of the three screens behind him changes images. A silver cone with green eyes and a black, pointed moustache appears against a watery blue background. "Good morning, Boukenger!" it announces in a voice with the barest hint of a French accent. *chuckle* "Mr. Voice," responds Satoru. The girls hurry over. It seems this is a first for Natsuki, who goes eagerly to the screen and utters delighted noises as Mr Voice continues, waving stick arms, in his delight about the Precious. The other two screens shift image to what appears to be a pyramid as Mr Voice says that there is another Precious. Masumi turns to Satoru and notes that this must be why the Jaryu took Gaja. Satoru agrees with a firm nod. Sakura says, "It has to be." The screen on Mr Voice's left shows the readout on the Gowdomu's heart they've already retrieved. Satoru tells them all that the Heart is sending out a signal. The reading under the word Precious is 86. While Natsuki is trying to study his image from ever angle, Mr Voice "touches" the screen on his right, changing the image to a map of Japan and showing the pulse of the signal. Souta complains. Mr Voice's eyes follow Natsuki and she enjoys that, moving from side to side. Mr Voice does not want the Negative Syndicate to get the Preciouses, his symbol turning red, ends to sharp points in stern anger and then exploding, sending a startled Natsuki stumbling back to fall on her behind. Satoru watches mildly then turns his gaze to Souta. "The map." "Hoy!" answers Souta. He pulls out a white device with green ends and touches the table with it. The surface of the table changes, to become a map of the world showing where the signal is going. It spreads out, heading across the sea and bathing North America. This all seems to be new to Natsuki, who bounces up to stare with the rest of them. I feel as though I should have Google Earth open. Satoru pinpoints where the signal is getting an answer. Looks like west of the Great Lakes. Sakura notes that this is detailed, to what might have been Masumi's remark on the area. Satoru announces that the Boukenger have to roll out. Natsuki grins with delight, and Masumi thumb-ups her. Together the pair head for the door. "I'm gonna find it again," Masumi says confidently. She replies happily, "No way! This time Natsuki's going to find it!" As the door slides shut behind them, Sakura asks sternly if he doesn't think it's dangerous to put Natuki in direct contact with the Negative again. (again?) Souta adds, leaning in close, "We still know too little about her." Even with Masumi's diagnostics they don't understand. Satoru almost rolls his eyes but says calmly, "Interesting, didn't I say?" and off he heads. Sakura takes a step as if to address him again, then realizes the uselessness of it. She and Souta exchange grudging sighs and shrug. They follow.

An elevator takes them down to an underground chamber carved out of the rock, lit by enormous floodlights. There are all ten vehicles. The five secondary are on a higher level. Natuski utters a delighted gasp as they go down. Their first stop is Dr Makino's lab. He sternly reminds them they're gathering Preciouses for the sake of mankind as he sets a steering wheel control box in Natsuki's eager hands. "I understand, uncle!" she replies with delight. "UNCLE?!" he stutters sharply. Before he can quite make up his mind that this is not insulting, Masumi is pulling his off of the shelf rather than waiting. Dr Makino snatches it back and they enter into a brief tug-of-war, this issue being that the doctor prefers to hand them the devices with ceremony. He pouts as Masumi tries to drag it from his hand. Satoru really does roll his eyes this time, exchanging glances with his senior fellows. "Hey," he says, "let's go!" patting Masumi as he dashes past. Dr Makino is still outraged, but he has to let the controller go into Masumi's hands as the five youngsters dash out of the lab.

Satoru presses a button on his Accellullar. "Gogo Dump!" We see him about to board. Masumi is aboard his putting the control panel into place. "Let's go, Gogo Formula." Each greets his machine as the engine's rev up. "On our way, Gogo Gyro." Natsuki pats her dash, "Kind regards, Gogo Dozer!" "I need you, Gogo Marine," says Sakura as her onboard system responds to her. They are in their armor, and the five immense machines head out. Gyro in flight, Dump, Dozer and Formula on roads, Marine via water. The Dozer pulls out of an enormous construction site. The Formula appears, a giant beast on a race track amongst zooming cars. The Gyro flies past the Tokyo Tower. The Dozer punches its way out of another construction zone, with "real" bulldozers and other such machines waiting. The Marine smoothly cuts through the water under a great bridge. Together they go.

The Gyro flies amongst mountains thick with everygreen trees, high enough to trap curling clouds in the dips. Somewhere below are the Jaryu, forcing Gaja on a march through the woods. We hear distand protesting birds. The Jaryu leader pauses in mid-step. "Hold up." He turns and looks up, and we hear the Gyro's engines cutting the sky. It passes over them. Gaja smiles and says viciously, "They are here before you!" The commander looks at him and growls, "They are the Boukenger." He calls out his sea-monster, which shoves its way between tall trees and starts firing. The blasts do not seem to trouble the approaching Dump any. BoukenRed spins the Dump and uses its two arms to grab the monster's arms, and they struggle like that for a moment. The monster manages to push the Dump ahead of it. Red changes mode and releases the monster suddenly, causing it to fall, and its own systems are jarred and explode. "Now!" calls red. "Gogo combine!" The others call their readiness and Red hits the combine button (left of the 0), then 1 2 3 4 5 and sets the symbol on the bottom spinning. The systems respond, a voice trying to keep up with the speed "Transform-" and the names of each vehicle truncated "Bouken Formation!" Dozer the left arm, Marine the right, Forumula riding up Dumps back as it raises the formation to form chest-plate and head. Red pulls out his controller and his seat sinks down, Gyro forms the helmet. The five Boukenger appear in the group-cockpit, presumably in the head but no promises. Neat little panels into which they each set their controllers and then their Accellullars. "Daibouken, Formation complete!" calls Red. Daibouken stands between two cliffs, axe and shovel in hand. Pissed off no end, the Jaryuu hiss and growl from where they watch. Their great fortress-monster is back on its feet and starts firing missiles. These are no more effective than before, but Pink says "Look!" They can see into the enemy cockpit. Three Jaryu are inside. Blue sounds quite amused as he says, "Of course, the Jaryu disguised themselves." Natsuki asks in surprise, "The Negative Syndicate people?" Red calls for the Scooper, and they start shovelling tons of dirt until the monster is half-buries, struggling (environmental impact!!!). They then combine axe and shovel into a blade-like shape, and use it to bisect the monster. The Negative Syndicate is now down one creation (and three Jaryu), something Gaja has no hesitation in pointing out to his captor, smirking. "Not yet," coolly responds the leader. He pushes a button in his blade. Something in to broken monster responds, and it gets back up again. The Boukenger, carelessly thinking it was over, are not prepared when it graps their weapon-arm and knocks it loose. Inside the enemy cockpit, the three Jaryu cover their faces, for they know what's going to happen. Pink sees it, too. "They're trying to blow us up!" Blue startles, but Red controls the battle and kicks them loose of the monster. With the right foot, they catch its neck and together toss it head over heels away from them. It blows up harmlessly. Remember, only you can prevent forest-fires. You think they'll have any trouble with the EPA? The shockwave dies down, though the Jaryu duck as it approaches them. "Well, that's over," comments the leader coolly. He tells one of his men, "Go confirm they've been finished." Off it charges.

The monster's remains are scatterd and burning all over a gorge. The head in one place, neck or tail another. The Boukenger stand amongst the flaming wreckage. "It's dead," says Natsuki. She is picking at the body of one Jaryu with a stick, Sakura beside her. The men are looking around nearby. Sakuya tosses one broken piece and turns to them. "Evidence suggests the bomb was set off by a remote control device." Souta hooks his hands in his pockets and says softly, "They killed their own trying to stop us." Masumi twitches and suggests these were not special members? Natsuki turns at that and asks, "You mean there are others in the forest?" Satoru is the one who responds, though not to her as such. He is nearly shaking without outrage. For the Negative murdered its own, to get treasure into their own hands. "Unforgivable!" he snarls, and throws a stone with such violence it shatters against the boulders in the river. Sakura's eyes are wide. "Chief..!" she gasps. He goes straight to business, wanting the team to split up. "Black, you're coming with me." He claps Masumi on the back, and the other man rolls his eyes, hinting something about favoring. But Satoru pays him no heed and whirls away, "Boukenger, mission-start!" He bolts off, Masumi following in his wake. Souta and Sakura watch them go, blinking. Sakura says softly, "Well, we'd better get going." Souta happily salutes her. "By your command, sub-chief!" They turn around and he says, "Let's go - " only to realise that Natsuki has vanished. They exchange startled glances and start looking around.

The Jaryu sent on assignment by his creator bolts at high speeds through the woods. He pauses and releases from his arm a mini-clone. A bold, red lizard. No, not just from his arm. They crawl off from all over his back, thighs and shoulders. Off to help in the search.

Satoru uses some sort of suction-cup devide, with a strong grip (this cannot be real, it doesn't look remotely safe) to scale a cliff-face. He pauses and talks into his Accellullar. "I understand. But we have to put priority on the Precious. If you find Yellow, use the Signal-shot." He is talking to Pink, and she is not pleased. She asks about the Jaryu. He seems to dismiss or not mind it, and shuts off his Accellullar, pocketing it. Masumi is catching up to him and Satoru calls cheerfully, "You're a bit late. Say, tell me about Yellow." Masumi pants and holds on precariously to the rocks. "Nothing to tell," he gasps out. "Really?" asks Red, and then continues climbing with his tool. Masumi works it with his bare hands, and he is not having fun. Heh. It's a long way down.

Speaking of Natsuki, she is down by a waterfall. She rolls up her sleeves and squats down scoops up the cold water in her hands to take a drink. Water slides down her wrist over her delicate bracelet. She doesn't know Sakura and Souta are wandering along, talking about her. Sakura asks, "What do you think Yellow is?" He doesn't know, the tests have been inconclusive? All he knows is that she is Black's partner. The whys and wherefores, no clue. He pulls out his Scope Shot. It is also a spyglass. "Mode Select Search" the screen says. Sakura stops him from stepping off the edge of a boulder with her arm. The water below them flows in pure beauty down, down, it is a fairly good-sized waterfall. "Let's go!" she announces happily. "You're not serious!" he protests, but she is already jumping and he grabs his nose protectively, following after her. Down into the freezing water they drop. They pop up, soaking wet, some distance from the waterfall.

Masumi swings through the air and stumbles upon landing on the thick tree-branch next to Satoru, who catches his arm and manages to pull him safely the rest of the way on. "What are you doing?" Satoru scolds. Indignant, Masumi yanks his arm from Satoru's grasp. Satoru stands up and looks down. Finally, Masumi says reluctantly, "I found her two years ago." Under a full moon, on a clouded night. Tracking legends in dark caves. There was broken pottery lit up by his torch. Amongst the broken things the light had fallen on a pair of thin, bare legs. This being totally unexpected, he'd gasped and dashed forwards. A girl, lying under junk, bare to the world except for a delicate, silver bracelet on her wrist. "Hey! You okay?" He'd placed his hands on her hair and shaken her. "Hey! Open your eyes!" and she had. Innocent, confused eyes. Distant yellow green flowers. This is the tale Sakura is relaying to Souta, too. "She didn't know who she was, what she was doing there. She didn't remember anything at all." They walk a few more steps and Sakura adds, "But what if that was all a lie?" Souta has perhaps thought of this himself. "The way we're all separated, lots of trees and the weather. You think maybe she's a spy for the Negative Syndicate?" He looks at her wryly and she is wide-eyed, but reluctantly drops her gaze. They go on.

Poor Masumi is at a decided disadvantage here. Gasping, he catches up with Satoru, who is peering through his device. As Masumi leans hard on a tree, Satoru gets going again, not even winded. Exhausted and a bit angry, Masumi stamps on a fallen branch or root as he follows. Sakura follows along behind Souta, then suddenly whispers, "Blue!" he turns immediately at her call and they both look down at something she's seen. They prove to be walking along a path very near the edge of a drop down to a riverbed. Below them is an all-too familiar figure in yellow, and barely two meters from her a similarly familiar hulking red creature. Souta wonders, "Why are they talking?" He leans back and carelessly brushes the shrub beside them. The sound catches Natsuki's attention and she looks up curiously. The Jaryu whips his attention upwards, along with his powerful blade flying towards the pair. Natsuki gasps in horror, but in the narrow instant the blade reaches them, Souta pulls out his device and manages to deflect it. The blade falls down past the blur of the Jaryu rushing up the cliff at them. They barely manage to slide out of his way and he passes them, hurtling into the forest. Natsuki utters a startled yelp and hops back as his blade falls near her feet. Souta says he's going to let Red know, and sends up a signal flare from the handy device they all carry (suction cups for rock-climbing, a telescope). Pink uses hers in parachute mode, leaping down to the rocky riverbed. Natsuki is utterly delighted and greets her, "Sakura-san!" starting forwards. Eyes cold, Pink says firmly "During a mission we have code-names." She moves lithely forward, scooping up the Jaryu's weapon. "Yellow, what were you talking about with the Negative-member?" Before Natsuki can answer her, she sweeps the blade at the girl's throat. Startled, Natsuki stumbles backwards and falls on her behind, too confused to respond when the woman in pink demands again, with sharp weapon to emphasize, "Answer me!"

Out of the woods for the moment, Gaja in their custody, the Jaryu leader and his minions are still moving. They growl threateningly as he leads them. Travelling on all fours, the one he'd sent out earlier rejoins their party. "Ryo-onsama! The Boukenger are still alive!" he reports. In this light, it appears as though their lord is missing his left eye. No, it's just in shadow. He seems somewhat put out that they weren't destroyed, and turns to look at Gaja, who certainly has no sympathy. But he seems a little interested in helping the Jaryu out, it appears. Gaja sets his clawed hand firmly on the crumbling rock beside him. Flames rumble from his fingertips. He intones a spell, and the stone shifts, releasing a Kaasu with flaming torch and flaming candle inside it's hollow head. Not merely one, but several hop out of the stone. I'm a little uncertain, but Gaja seems to say that he has a grudge against the Boukenger, and I get the implication that he's not above adding to their troubles. "Then go," the Jaryu lord says firmly.

In the distant sky they see the flare of their symbol, and Satoru makes note of it. Masumi flicks a knife-blade out of their all purpose tool, seems to be interested in Satoru, who catches the movement just before Masumi lunges. But the target is not Satoru, it is a red lizard which cries out in startlingly human tones as it disintegrates against the tree trunk. Masumi is smug about this, but Satoru takes out a sort of disc and with a warm smile flicks it towards Masumi. Like the other, his target is really a lizard dangerously close.

The troupe of Kaasu and three Jaryu rush through the woods together. And, near the rushing water of the river, near the delicate flowers that are meant to symbolize poor Natsuki, Souta joins the two and freezes briefly at the rather alarming sight. Sakura snarls, "If you've joined the Boukenger as a spy for the Jaryu, I shan't forgive you!" Souta decides he'd better move carefully, and that trying to take the blade from Sakura probably isn't the brightest idea. So he leans down and asks Natsuki gently to explain about the Jaryu. In her habit of referring to herself in the third person, she replies that it was about her bracelet, holding up her wrist so they can see the delicate metal. Hoping for a little more information, Souta asks "That?" "I had it when Masumi helped me. It's the only thing I had. The Negative people might know what it is... I think...." Sitting in the river-waves, she's got to be freezing her buns off. Sakura lowers the weapon and Souta knows it's safe to help Natsuki to her feet. I think he is trying to reprove her for confronting a Negative on her own. She's uncertain and wondering, wading in the ankle-deep water and patently not noticing the cold. Talking about how she's trying everyone. Because someone might know "Natsuki's real name. That's why!" She casts them a distress-filled glance. Looking somewhat stricken, Sakura lets the Jaryu's blade fall. "So, that's why you joined the Boukenger." She turns her gaze to Souta. He seems also to feel guilty, but Natsuki comes over to them and bows low. "I'm sorry!" she tells them, and starts past them in tears. They whirl, but Masumi has arrive with Satoru. She is brought up short as he says to her gently, "Natsuki?" He gives her a question in his eyes. Biting her lip she winces from his gaze and answers uncertainly, "Masumi...." Nearly sniffling, she pulls her Accellullar from its case on her sleeve. "Natsuki qualified to be a Boukenger...!" She pushes it into his chest and he takes it in some confusion. "But to Natsuki, there's something more important than Precious." She moves between the two men. Satoru looks downcast, then he turns to her. "To everyone there's always some special treasure." Startled, she looks at him, but he has turned his grave gaze away and moves to join Souta and Sakura. "That's why we've gathered this team, to find those things precious to everyone." The only rule was that we should all have names beginning with 'S', but we liked you two. "It doesn't have to be someone's treasure. It can be your own." He turns to his primary team-mates. "Am I wrong?" Sakura considers his words, "My own treasure." Souta sort of chuckles and says "I'd be too shy to say." Masumi utters a snort, "Totally." He meanders over to join the others. Natsuki is digesting this. She turns away for a moment. "Then, Natsuki..." her face breaks into a happy smile and bounces over to them, "can call herself Yellow, right?" Satoru answers her with his own ear-splitting grin. "You're one of our group!" Souta utters a happy noise of agreement. Sakura welcomes her with "Bouken Yellow!" Masumi warmly returns her Accellullar. She takes it with happy delight. Their moment is cut short by the arrival of dozens of flame-red CG lizards. No, perhaps even hundreds! They are surrounded. On the cliff above them stand the Jaryu and Kaasu. The heroes are without fear. Our yellow says firmly "Until Natsuki knows who she is, Natsuki will fight!" Satoru follows her lead and calls, "Let's go!"

Far away in walking terms, though their minions are working together, their leaders are still enemies. The Jaryu creator walks behind, his blade at Gaja's back. "It's here," Gaja says suddenly, startling the reptile. Gaja seems almost giddy, for him, stepping to the edge of an outrop overlooking disand mountains, clouds misting around their dips. "The one other secret treasure! Gowdomu's Brain is here!" But when he kneels down, instead of touching a more obvious symbol carved in stone, he moves his hand over ordinary rock. His fingers are wreathed in fire as he intones a spell. Other, deeper voices echo him. And before Ryou-sama catches on, stone glowing red climbs his legs up to his shoulders, he loses his weapon and calls out to Gaja in fury. "Damn you!" Gaja says indifferently, "There's nothing to be done about it," and turns a stone embedded in another stone, as turning a combination. And he is all too smug as a column rises out of the ground.

The Boukenger are under seige. Even as the massed lizards leap at them, they use their Accellullars to start the transformation sequence. "Boukenger, start-up!" The process sends out a wave of heat that incinerates the near lizards. "The hot Boukenger, Bouken Red!" "The speedy Boukenger, Bouken Black!" "The just Boukenger, Bouken Blue!" "The strong Boukenger, Bouken Yellow!" "The determined Boukenger, Bouken Pink!" (I offer no promises that this is right) Ah, the spirit of adventure! The Jaryu are not impressed. They and the Kaasu leap down upon the five. Red catches a Kaasu with his staff, throws it against the cliffside where it bursts into dust. He changes the staff to blade-mode. Black calls out his Accel Hammer against a group of them, who are near what appear to be ancient ruins. He sends the hammer spinning into their midst, stunning them and when it comes back to him, charges them with it. Blue uses his tool to launch himself into the air, then its wind to set Kaasu spinning. He flips happily through them. Yellow uses her Scoopes to smash a Kaasu, then smashes down a cliffside to toss at them. Pink uses her Hydro-shooter and takes out a bunch in the water. An irritated Jaryu smashes one Red has already killed, then the three Jaryu together try to blast him. He comes down in their group and destroys all the Kaasu, but the Jaryu are all right for the moment, until he uses the Red Zone Crash on them, image of Gogo Dump runs into two of the Jaryu, and they are destroyed. The remaining charges him and they fight. The others are accounting for themselves well against the Kaasu, and finally finish those off in moves the five accomplish together all the enemies are destroyed. Pink calls, "Chief!" and the four gather to Red. "You did it," says Black to Yellow. "All together," agrees Pink warmly as Yellow giggles. Red cuts in to point out, "The mission hasn't been accomplished yet! The Precious." He snaps his fingers and bolts away.

Well he might. Gaja is cackling with smug joy as he leans down to gather up the Gowdomu's Brain. Ryou-sama struggles in the now hard stone encasing his body. He finally manages to burst it off of him, startling Gaja. He grabs his blade and leaps at the elderly sorcerer. But Gaja intones a spell, and black power gathers, assuming a blade-form in his hand. The blades meet, but Ryou-sama has the advantage and gets in a good strike across Gaja's torso. As Gaja staggers away, Ryou-sama shouts smugly that he's getting the Brain. He will master Gowdomu. Ah, but he's gotten ahead of himself. Blasts strike around him, forcing him away from the Heart. "Boukenger!" he snarls, as Red leaps and lands. "Jaryu Householder, how do you feel? Is finding the Precious an adventure?" Not interested in this philosophy, Ryou-sama prefers to go at it with swords. Shouting is also involved, a discussion of why who is after the Precious. The others catch up and watch anxiously as the two fight. Red points out that Ryou-sama can't defeat him, because he has friends and that power he has. Red breaks their blade-lock, changes his gun to blade mode and manages to force an opening. He gets a good shot into Ryou-sama's stomach. The startled creature loses his footing and falls down, down into the clouds below, observed by the injured Gaja who proclaims painfully, "Gowdomu is not destroyed! You'll see, Boukenger!" He, too, slips on the broken stone beneath his feet, but we don't know if he falls.

Out of their armor, Blue calls "Chief!" as they join Satoru. "We did it!" delights Sakura. Souta trains his Accellullar on the Brain, and it gives him a reading of 130. "Hazard level 130," he announces proudly. Natsuki comes over where she can get a better look. Masumi watches smiling from a distance. Souta turns to Satoru. "It's a Precious!" Satoru intends Sakura to take it, but she has another idea. She offers the box-wafer to Natsuki who is surprised. "It's okay?" she asks. Sakura answers with bright warmth, "I'm sorry about before." Natsuki grins in delight. Souta adds, "Natsuki is definitely a Boukenger." the platform opens in Natsuki's hand, and Satoru watches gravely as Masumi wanders over to his side. He's come to make a point that he isn't forgotten. He reaches down, picks up the Brain and sets it on the platform. The box assembles and closes around it. Grinning, Satoru pronounces, "One and one. But both the same Boukenger! Let's go! A new adventure awaits!" Together they gaze at the mountains, the distant clouds.

Task.3 覇者の剣 Hasha no Tsurugi The Surpreme Ruler's Sword

Bouken Blue is getting his butt kicked by a blue ninja woman. He can't help but comment that she's gorgeous in the midst of their battle. She, however, is all business and takes advantage of his distraction to kick him away. There is a man with a wooden, ancient scroll. Souta and Satoru look darned fine in tuxedos. Masumi and Natsuki are respectively in waiter and waitress outfits, while Sakura wears a lovely black dress with a froth-gray shawl. Their enemy is Dark Shadow, a blue ninja warrior, possibly one of the Negative. Seems to be a bird-type. Souta laughs in delight at the adventure.

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Task.3 覇者の剣
Hasha no Tsurugi
The Surpreme Ruler's Sword

The wind blows through the leaves of tall, green trees. A sky bright blue above. Crows call in the air. We pan down to see a cement torii, shimenawa festooned with o-shide (or other words that mean close to that) hanging across it. (Shimenawa is the rope, shide are the white folded paper hanging from it) A stone lantern is visible, and we have a brief look at the buildings on the ground before we move inside. The Precious they find in the temple is a scroll of bamboo bound with a black thread.

Task.4 失われたビークル Ushinawareta Biikuru The Lost Vehicles

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Task.4 失われたビークル
Ushinawareta Biikuru
The Lost Vehicles

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Task.5 帝国の真珠
Teikoku no Shinju
Pearl of the Empire

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Task.6 呪いの霧
Noroi no Kiri
Curse of the Fog

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Task.7 火竜のウロコ
Saramandaa no Uroko
Scales of the Salamander

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Task.8 アトランティスの秘宝
Atorantisu no Hihou
Treasure of Atlantis

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Task.9 折鶴の忍者
Orizuru no Ninja
Chance Crane of The Ninja

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Task.10 消えたボウケンレッド
Kieta Boukenred
Vanished Boukenred

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