Welcome to the edges of the NeverMind

Also, to the beauty of my very simple pages, and the interviews I've conducted.

Interview with John Mosby, writer of "The Essential Guide to All Things Highlander"

Highlander: Dark Places Interview with Andrew Modeen

Highlander: The Watcher Interview with Jeremy Orr

I am pleased and delighted to have had the opportunity to meet this lively, intelligent, creative gentleman.

And to podcasts I've made pages for.

Fandom Podcast's F. Braun McAsh Cast

The Highlander Rewatched Podcasts

My Gen Highlander fics

Audiobook I've read

Links to pages on things I've really liked

The problem being, here, that the websites I link to keep disappearing. So it also needs to be completely updated.

Blake's 7 Homepage!

Some sites it leads to have vanished, but since this is what I made, it's migrating with me.

Sapphire & Steel Site

YES, yes!

A tiny bit of Pokemon

I ran a BBS in the early 90's

Here are just a wee bit of what we typed on there. G'head, call me a poser. Is that still in?

My Kamen Rider Ryuuki site may be found off of there. I love that series, still.